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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Law enforcement heralded by Bali government is just like a toothless tiger. The island relying on the tourism sector is not only facing the problem of spatial violations, illegal foreign workers, illegal accommodations like villas and travel agencies but also illegal tour guides that overwhelm the Island of the Gods.


‘Lady Blue Eyes’ Sinatra’s wife tells it her way PAGE 12


Law enforcement turns lax Bali flooded by illegal businesses Bali Post

DENPASAR - Law enforcement heralded by Bali government is just like a toothless tiger. The island relying on the tourism sector is not only facing the problem of spatial violations, illegal foreign workers, illegal accommodations like villas and travel agencies but also illegal tour guides that overwhelm the Island of the Gods.




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The circle of tourism perpetrators assess that law enforcement against violators seeming lax has triggered the rampant infringement. The rising number of unlicensed tourism businesses has

damaged the image of Bali tourism. Considering, these tourism facilities tend to provide poor services. Chairman of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association

(PHRI) of Badung Chapter, IGN Rai Suryawijaya, said it happened because of weak supervision of government in enforcing the rules. Such infringement, both violations in spatial and accommodation like

hotels and villas, occurred nearly in all regencies or city. “Regional Regulation (Perda) and other rules related to sustainability of Bali seem powerless. It is caused by government putting more emphasis on the discourse rather than taking concrete action. Therefore, government should more focus on enforcing the rules for the sake of Bali’s future,” said Rai Suryawijaya. Continued on page 6

Memorial Day comes as troops fight in Afghanistan Associated Press Writer

KABUL – U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan paused Monday to remember the fallen in Memorial Day services, as a war nearly a decade old trudges on. Some prayed and held flagraising ceremonies at dawn to recognize the more than 1,400 killed in combat here since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks that triggered the war. “We reflect on those who have gone before us. We reflect on their

service and their sacrifice on behalf of our great nation,” said Brig. Gen. Lewis A. Craparotta, who commands a Marine division in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province. “We should also remember those serving today who embody that same commitment of service and sacrifice. They are committed to something greater than themselves and they muster the physical and moral courage to accomplish extraordinary feats in battle.” In Iraq, an estimated 46,000

U.S. troops remain stationed there though officials say combat operations are over in a nation that saw more than 4,400 American troops die in combat. Under an agreement between Washington and Baghdad, the troops still in Iraq must leave by Dec. 31. Black Hawk helicopters churned through the night sky Sunday as a strong wind coming over Kabul’s surrounding mountains blew against the flickering candles that cast an orange glow on those gathered for a remem-

brance ceremony at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ headquarters. Earlier in the day, those working there enjoyed one of their five days off a year from building police stations, dams and other projects in a nation torn by decades of war. Col. Thomas Magness, 47, of Los Angeles, California urged the more than 100 corps employees and U.S. troops gathered there to remember the meaning of Memorial Day — advice that could carry home to America. Continued on page 6



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bali News

Illegal cosmetic still sold Bali Post

DENPASAR - After founding food snacks containing dangerous substance such as Rhodamine, this year 2011 many cosmetics were also found so which many were consumed despite knowing its danger. “This indicates many of the public did not know its danger. For those events such as supervision, socialisation and checks will keep happening,” Head of Bali Food and Medicine Supervision Board (BBPOM), Dra. Corry Pandjaitan, Apt., stated to Bali Post a while ago. Even so checks have been done to the smallest places, it doesn’t close possibilities they are still selling it as they are in small packages and don’t have to open a store or cosmetic counter. “After a research to find if there are danger substances on those cosmetics, sometimes it’s hard to raid them again as they don’t stay in one place,” she explained. Almost every year Central BPOM produced public warnings on cosmetic products in three different categories: face and eye cosmetic, skin care cosmetic and bathing cosmetic. The dangerous products could contain mercury, hydroquinone, retinoic acid, red substance K.3 (CI 15585), red K.10 (Rhodamine B), and orange K.1 (CI 12075) where retinoic acid can cause dry skin and burning sensation while teratogenic


Cosmetic showing on the display wardrobe. can cause disability on womb, red K.10 also K.3 are synthesis which used for paper, ink and textile colour where it can cause liver illness as it contains carcinogenic and high concentration. “Make sure to buy and

use cosmetic that is usual to the market and not an imported one also it is always better to have consultation with beauty experts or doctors if having problems with skin,” she concluded. (bit)

Thousands helped out at Ulun Danu Temple TABANAN - Thousands of prayers helped out in Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Baturiti last Sunday (29/5) with 18 groups coming mostly women and from Beratan itself.

Bali Post

DENPASAR - Not only just threatening people with a play toy gun, Hisyam (30) and Ayub Khan (33) did also took a foreigner’s bag owned by Louise Marie France (59) as revealed by Kuta Police Head, APC I Gede Ganefo, SH, MH, last Sunday (29/5) while developing the case. It was stated the bag with laptop and iPhone 3 was taken at Manik Salon, Legian Street Kuta at May 2011 around 2 pm local time which was reported straight away. Previous event accused was also threatening three victims who were on a Suzuki Karimun car and pick pocketing. As told before, the two accused were captured in their flats after a threatening action with a play toy gun at Kuti Street, Kuta. Accused manage to get victim’s items such as mobile phone. Both accused now held in Kuta Police for further investigation. (kmb21)

Badung Arts Festival Officially Opened

Panca Bali Krama Bali Post

Foreigner’s Bag Robbed

Without commando they all prepared things according to Head of Ceremony Committee I Made Susila Putra. This ceremony is to pray for the world’s prosperity especially Beratan Lake that becomes the source of the Badung, Denpasar and


Tourists visit Ulun Danu Temple. Thousands of prayers helped out in Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Baturiti last Sunday (29/5) with 18 groups coming mostly women and from Beratan itself.

Tabanan subak (irrigation) so it’s still well and holy. The preparation was not only general public but also students, helping making penjor and decorating the shrines plus making temporary shrines. This activity really attracted Beratan Lake crowded visitors. Besides that, there were also pakelem activities such as creating floating boats from water drums and bamboo which will be used during the ceremony. This ceremony happens every 30 years and will end 2nd August. This ceremony is similar to the one in Besakih a while ago and it is planned 31 priests from every corner of Bali which has its peak 15-16 June. There will be Tawur Agung and melasti (cleansing ceremonies) at Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu, Badung and tawur agung Panca Bali Krama on 21st June. In the peak of the ceremony whole Bali head of regions will be invited and this will also be a way of promoting Pura Ulun Danu. (udi)

Gde Agung: Keep Up the Art Spirit The 33rd Arts Festival for Badung Regency has been officially opened by A.A. Gde Agung, SH outside the Pura Lingga Bhuwana temple at Badung Central Government, Mangupraja Mandala, last Friday (27/5). The Regent stated there should be an increase in art spirit as this will grow unity and brotherhood. To Gde Agung, he saw that every year the Festival becomes better and better which shows Bali is able to develop and preserve its ancestors’ heritage. It is also hoped that there will be younger artists generations as in every banjar there are already communities of dancers, kids and adults gamelan players’ even housewives. Yet it is hoped the development is not forgetting its dresta and sesana. Meanwhile Head of Badung Culture Agency, Drs. IB Anom Bhasma, MSi, also head of Badung Arts Festival committee stated this year’s theme is “Desa Kala Patra” adaptation of self in multi culture. There were competitions for women section such as flower decorating with palm leaves, culinary and fashion. There’s also a practice of Badung representative Gong Kebyar from Sekaa Gong Kebyar Wanita Dharma Kanti, from Sobangan Village, Mengwi and for Bali Arts Festival parade there will be adult gong kebyar from Sekaa Gong Adnyana Sari Umahanyar, Tegal Village, Darmasaba and kids gong kebyar from Sekaa Gong Kumara Bhakti Budaya, Jimbaran Village. In the end of the opening Regent accompanied by Head of Badung House of Representatives and Head of Badung Housewives Group Mrs. Ratna Gde Agung, gave prizes to the winners of women section competitions where they will represent for Badung in the Women Section Competition at the coming 33rd Bali Arts Festival in June 2011. (ded)


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Bali News


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


To control Beach World project

Provincial Government asked not to bluff only Bali Post

NUSA DUA - Commitment of Bali government to discipline the Beach World project in Nusa Dua obviously violating the provision of shoreline was positively responded by Deputy Head of Commission IV of Bali House, Ketut Kariyasa Adnyana. Moreover, Bali government also had urged to revoke the permit issued by Badung Regency. Nevertheless, this representative from Buleleng requested that commitment of Bali government was not merely a bluff, but should be proved by real action. “If it really breaks the law, of course it should be disciplined,” affirmed Kariyasa Adnyana, Sunday (May 29). Kariyasa Adnyana added that his party strongly supported the Bali government in order the building permit (IMB) issued by Badung Regency was revoked. It was said the measure posed one of the serious efforts of Bali government in upholding the regional regulation No. 16/ 2009 on Bali Spatial Planning and Territory (RTRWP). Furthermore, the measure should be accompanied with real action in the form of control so that violations would not continue. “Once again, I do hope it will not be merely a bluff,” he asserted. According to him, the attitude of Bali government requesting Badung to revoke the building permit should be guarded. Then, the process of disciplining the construction of Beach World should also be carried out immediately considering that Bali gov-

ernment had officially sent the first and second reprimand and it was only required to send the third reprimand and followed by demolition. “All procedures have already been made by Bali government. If it continues to persist, then the enforcement efforts against the violations occurred must be conducted,” he said. He reminded that Law No. 26/ 2007 on National Spatial Planning mandated that sanction was not only imposed to permit applicant. However, the agencies issuing the permit that violated the existing rules could also be imposed with adequately severe sanction. “Therefore, the parties that have authority to issue the permit must also be careful if they do not want to deal with legal issues,” he reminded. (kmb13)

Bali Post/Doc

Beach World Project at Nusa Dua.

Mass vaccination of second stage Successfully diminishes dog bite cases Having potential, Mekar Bhuana not included in tourism village Bali Post

DENPASAR - Rabies mass vaccination of the second stage began last May 25 targeted three regencies namely Bangli, Klungkung and Jembrana. It has considered to have successfully reduced the number of dog bite cases in Bali to 50 percent. If in 2009 the number of bite cases reached approximately 300 cases per day, in 2010 diminished to 170 cases per day, while this year was only about 125 cases per day. According to the Head of Bali Animal Husbandry, I Putu Sumantra, other than mass vaccination, the activities were also focused on the rapid response to public report on rabies, persistent socialization and 24-hour hotline services to respond and provide information to public regarding to rabies in Bali. He said the activities carried out starting from September 2010 until March 2011 had a good impact on the decrease of rabies cases in dogs and dog bite cases occurred in 269 villages in Bali. Based on monitoring results, 103 villages did not deal with rabies cases for more than a year, 70 villages were not afflicted by rabies cases for 9-12 months and 50 villages did not experience the case for 6-9 months.

Nevertheless, the rabies in Bali still had to be alerted and preventive efforts should be continued to control and eradicate in the effort heading for Bali that was free from rabies cases in 2012. The success of mass vaccination program was also indicated by the number of dog cases in Bali whose figure had decreased dramatically reaching 50 percent. Head of Bali Health Services, Nyoman Sutedja, not long ago said that decline in the bite cases occurred recently was also followed by a decrease in the case suspect. From January to May 2011, it was only recorded 7 cases of suspected rabies. “We saw that positive case has decreased and so has the mortality case. Until the past few months from January, there were only 7 cases. Moreover, they were the rest of bite cases of September-November last year. Until now, they are still suspects, but have a record to have been bitten by dog,” he said. Sutedja optimistically saw the decreasing number of bite cases. Hopefully, Bali could realize the rabies case-free in 2012 and rabies-free in 2015. Based on the data of Bali Health Services from November 2008 until now, it had been recorded that about 128 people died in Bali after being bitten by dog. (bit)

Bali Post

MANGUPURA - Potential of Mekarbhuana Village to be developed into a tourism village is actually quite large. Even, at one of the hamlets, namely Bindu Hamlet, the eco-culture-based tourism management has developed quite long. Model of the tourism developed in the region is even considered worthy to become one of the tourism villages. Unfortunately, the potential almost lacks of attention from the government. This matter was revealed by a legislator of Badung House, I Putu Alit Yandinata, accompanied by senior figures of Sedang Royal Palace IGN Anom Baja Wintara and IGN Oka Anom Ardana recently. According to Alit Yandinata, potential of nature and the art at Bindu Hamlet had been worked on long enough to be a tourist attraction. Local community had established a partnership with an investor namely Furama Villas and

Spa. Though there was intervention of investor, the community remained a determinant of policy in the tourism management. Alit said that local community was restricting the moving space of the development carried out by investor, including directed the investment to participate in the preservation of nature and culture. “The development of tourism facility is restricted. Then, the villa management is invited to join the membership of the local subak organization. Meanwhile, visiting tourists are involved in the activities performed by communities such as learning to dance or play gamelan music, or grow rice in the field. This tourism model has been developed for long time. And now, a number of houses in the area are ready to be transformed into tourist accommodation. Even, there are homes of resident used to be a place to eat for tourists,” he said. In line with this opinion, Oka Ardana revealed that tourism potential in the region was big enough and had been long cultivated

by society. However, it was not accompanied by readiness of infrastructure provided by government. For example, the road conditions surrounding the area were not feasible to represent a tourism village. Related to this matter, he argued, the Badung Regency still too much focused on developing the Southern Badung so there was impression on inequality of development. And to be honest, the tourism development in Southern Badung had been almost overloaded. “On the contrary, the Central Badung hardly gets attention from the government,” he said. It was said, there had been a Regulation of Badung Regent No. 47/2010 concerning with the establishment of tourism villages. However, among the tourism villages included in the regulation, no single village had been going well. On that account, he asked for the Badung Government to re-assess the feasibility of Bindu Hamlet so that it could be made one of the tourism villages in Badung. (par)


Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Cambodia’s king seen as a ‘prisoner’ in his palace Associated Press Writer

PHNOM PENH – As the sun sets and the last tourist departs his vast, fairy-tale palace, the gentle, dignified man is left almost alone with memories of happier times, before he became the reluctant king of Cambodia — and perhaps its last. King Norodom Sihamoni may be heir to a royal line trailing back some 2,000 years, but he always seemed more suited to the arts scene in Europe, where he was a ballet dancer, than the rough and tumble politics of his homeland. Now, close aides and experts say, he has become figuratively, and more, a prisoner in his own palace. The chief warden: Prime Minister Hun Sen, who rose from a poor rural background to become a brilliant and crafty, some say ruthless, politician. Hun Sen consolidated power in a 1997 coup as Cambodia slowly emerged from being dragged into the Vietnam War and its own civil war. While the country is nominally democratic, he uses all the machinery of government to lock up critics and ensure his re-election. Human rights groups allege that he and his


King Norodom Sihamoni

business friends are enriching themselves, while most of the population remains mired in poverty. His control extends over the palace. The king is surrounded by the government’s watchdogs, overseen by Minister of Royal Affairs Kong Som Ol, an official close to Hun Sen. Sihamoni is closely chaperoned on his few trips outside palace walls, with the media kept away. Although the constitution endows him with considerable powers, these have never been granted. “I think we can use the words ‘puppet king.’ His power has been reduced to nothing,” says Son Chhay, an opposition member of Parliament and one of the government’s few outspoken critics. “The king must please the prime minister as much as possible in order to survive. It is sad to see.” It wasn’t always so. Sihamoni’s flamboyant and charismatic father, Norodom Sihanouk, bestrode the country like a colossus for decades. Many regarded him as a god-king, and thousands flocked to the plaza fronting the Royal Palace for fireworks and other lavish celebrations on his birthday. Sihanouk abruptly abdicated in 2004 following confrontations with Hun Sen. Son Chhay and others say Sihamoni accepted the crown under pressure from parents hoping to ensure the survival of the monarchy. Seven years later, “sad, lonely, abandoned” are words sympathetic Cambodians often use when describing Sihamoni. The 58-year-old monarch spends much of each day signing documents, receiving guests and handling other routine business, then retires mostly to dine alone and read, says Prince Sisowath Thomico, Sihanouk’s private secretary and an adviser to his son. Unlike his father, who had six wives and numerous lovers, Sihamoni is a lifelong bachelor and unlikely to leave an heir.


Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan

Japan voters want PM to go as no-confidence vote looms Reuters

TOKYO – Seventy percent of Japanese voters want to get rid of Prime Minister Naoto Kan, a survey showed Monday, marking more bad news for the unpopular government chief likely to face a noconfidence vote as early as this week. Kan is under fire for his handling of the humanitarian aid to victims of an earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan’s northeast on March 11 and the world’s worst nuclear crisis in 25 years triggered by the disaster. Japan’s biggest opposition Liberal Democratic Party said last week it would submit a no-confidence motion to parliament to force Kan to resign or call a snap election. The motion could be submitted as early as this week, a senior LDP lawmaker said Sunday and all opposition parties, except for tiny Social Demo-

cratic Party, have said they will back it. Political analysts say, however, Kan stands a good chance of surviving the vote as it remains doubtful whether the LDP could win over enough disaffected members of Kan’s own Democratic Party for the motion to pass. More than 70 out of more than 300 Democrats would have to defect to secure passage. “I doubt it will pass,” said Sophia University professor Koichi Nakano. “It is not meant to be a final blow against Kan, but an attempt to drive a wedge in the DPJ deeper and hope

that will lead to something.” The survey by Nikkei business daily suggested the public would not be too disappointed if Kan survived the challenge. While nearly three quarters of those polled said the government had done a poor job of tackling the crisis at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, nearly half thought this was not the right time for a change at the top and Kan should remain through the initial stage of dealing with the crisis. That could mean that Kan staying into next year, given doubts over whether Tokyo Electric Power, the plant’s operator, can stabilize the facility by January as planned. Kyodo news agency quoted a senior official at the utility as saying there could be a major delay in work.

Clashes erupt in Belgrade to protest Mladic arrest Associated Press Writer

BELGRADE – Protesters throwing stones and bottles clashed with baton-wielding riot police Sunday in Belgrade after several thousand Serbian nationalist supporters of jailed warcrimes suspect Ratko Mladic rallied outside the parliament building to demand his release. By the time the crowds broke up by late evening, about 100 people were arrested and 16 minor injuries were reported. That amounted to a victory for the pro-Western government, which arrested Mladic on Thursday, risking the wrath of the

nationalist old guard in a country with a history of much larger and more virulent protests. Rioters overturned garbage containers, broke traffic lights and set off firecrackers as they rampaged through downtown. Cordons of riot police blocked their advances, and skirmishes took place in several locations in the center of the capital. Doctors said six police officers were among the 16 people brought to a hospital with minor injuries. Police remained on the streets as the crowds broke up. The clashes began after a rally that drew at least 7,000 demonstrators, many singing nationalist songs and car-

rying banners honoring Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb military commander. Some chanted right-wing slogans and a few gave Nazi salutes. Supporters of the extreme nationalist Serbian Radical Party were bused in to attend the rally. Rightwing extremists and hooligan groups also urged followers to appear in large numbers, creating the biggest test of Serbian sentiment and the government’s resolve since Mladic’s arrest. The demonstrators, who consider Mladic a hero, said Serbia should not hand him over to the U.N. war crimes court in The Hague, Netherlands.


Bosnian Serb people holding photos of former Gen. Ratko Mladic during a protest in Kalinovik, Bosnia.

Activities Maya Ubud Wins Best Luxury Spa Award



UBUD - Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is pleased to announce that its riverside Spa at Maya has been recognized by The World Luxury Spa Awards and awarded their “Best Luxury Resort & Spa” Bali. The World Luxury Spa Awards recognize exceptional service that sets benchmarks in the industry. The independent judging process was based on spa guest votes and the feedback and votes from a selected global panel of spa industry professional. “The World Luxury Spa Awards is the highest accolade spa can ever hope to receive. For participants World Luxury Spa Awards challenge service excellence and highlight the importance of constant improvement,” Marinique Truter, Executive Manager World Luxury Spa Awards said here on Sunday. Paul Blake, General Manager of Maya

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ubub Resort & Spa said he was delighted to receive recognition for the Spa at Maya. “To receive the ‘Best Luxury Resort Spa’ award is a well-deserved reward for dedicated spa team who worked tirelessly in their commitment to create memorable spa experiences for our guest,” Paul Blake, said. Competition in these awards has never been more intense and the awards themselves grow in stature every year, so it is a real privilege to receive such recognition, he added. All therapists in the Spa at Maya hold certification Cohespa, an organization dedicated to developing professionalism in the spa industry and ensuring therapists are fully conversant with international spa standard practices. Cohespa is an accredited professional association on cosmetology, health and esthetic and spa. The Spa at Maya is riverside haven of peace and tranquility providing exotic, sensory journeys and rejuvenating spa treatments.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for May 25 through July 8, 2011 25 May Buda Pon Tolu Catur Temple Buwana Sanding Tampaksiring 26 May Wraspati Wage Tolu Peninjoan Temple Besakih - Karangasem 1 Jun Buda Keliwon Gumbreg Pasek Gelgel Kukuh Marga Tabanan Pasek Gelgel Dukuh Selemadeg Tabanan Puseh Guwang Village Sukawati Merajan Pasek Ketewel Ketewel Merajan Pangeran Tangkas Kuro Agung Jeroan Sading Dalem Setra Batu Nunggul Swana Nusa Penida 8 Jun Buda Paing Wariga Merajan Pasek Gaduh Kayubihi Bangli 11 Jun Tumpek Uduh/Pengatag Puseh / Village Temple Batuan Sukawati Pasek Bendesa Kekeran Mengwi Manik Mas Besakih - Karangasem 15 Jun Buda Wage Warigadean Kepisah Sumerta Denpasar Pasek Gelgel Gerih Abiansemal Badung Puncaksari Penarukan Peninjoan Bangli Bangun Sakti Besakih - Karangasem Antegsari Kaba-Kaba Kediri Tabanan Pesimpangan Batur Pande Kaba-Kaba Kediri Tabanan 17 Jun Sukra Umanis Warigadean Odalan Ida Ratu di Penataran Agung Besakih - Karangasem Odalan Ida Ratu Puraus Merajan Salonding Besakih 19 Jun Redite Pon Julungwangi Panti Pasek Gelgel Gobleg Banjar - Singaraja 21 Jun Anggar Kasih Julungwangi Tirtaharum Tegalwangi Bangli Pasek Tohjiwa Wanasari Tabanan Pasek Tangguntiti Jakatebel Tabanan Pasek Bendesa Sangsit Sangsit Buleleng Dalem Waturenggong Taro Tegalalang

Ibu (Pura Kaja) Wanasari Selemadeg Tabanan Pasek Gelgel Tulikup - Gianyar Manik Bingin Sidemen - Karangasem 22 Jun Buda Umanis Julungwangi Penetaran Gana Bebalang Bangli Dalem Gede Banjar Pande Bangli Puncaksari Sangeh Abiansemal - Badung Dadia Agung Pasek Sanak Sapta Resi Gianyar Merajan Pasek Tohjiwa Tohjiwa Jakatebel Merajan Pasek Prateka Batusesa Mr. Jeroan Dauh Cemenggon Puseh Penegil Darma Kubutambahan Singaraja 30 Jun Wraspati Wage Sungsang Kawitan Tangkas Kori Agung Desa Tangkas Klungkung Siang Kangin Tampuagan Tembuku Bangli Odalan Ida Ratu Mas Penataran Agung Besakih Merajan Pasek Gelgel Petemon Odalan Ida Bhatara Bang Tulus Dewa Besakih - Karangasem 6 Jul Buda Keliwon Dunggulan Wakika Temple Kupang, NTT Agung Girinatha Temple Sumbawa Besar NTB Dukuh Sakti Temple Dukuh Kediri-Tabanan Atambuananta Temple Kutamba NTT Webananta Temple Kupang, NTT Giripati Mulawarman Temple Pontianak Mustika Dharma Temple Cijantung I Jakarta Timur Mustika Dharma Kompleks Kopassus Cijantung Jakarta Timur 7 Jul Wraspati Umanis Dunggulan Watukaru Temple Tabanan Lempuyang Luhur Temple Karangasem Kentel Gumi Temple Klungkung Pasek Gaduh Temple Umadesa Kediri Tabanan Pasek Kubayan Temple Wangaya Gede Penebel Tabanan Merajan Pasek Temple Tohjiwa Tiyingan - Klungkung Merajan Pasek Gaduh Temple Umadesa 8 Jul Sukra Paing Dunggulan Ulun Suwi Temple Jimbaran - Badung Luhur Temple Cemenggon, Sukawati - Gianyar Pasek Ubung Temple Ubung - Denpasar

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

News From page 1

Law enforcement... Rai Suryawijaya was also judging the widespread accommodation businesses operating illegally, especially villas, had caused the low occupancy rates of hotels in Bali. He added that government should not be deceived by investors due to its weak supervision of in enforcing the rules. Meanwhile, Secretary of PHRI Bali Ferry Markus also admitted that tourism businesses operating illegally had triggered the decline in hotel occupancy

rate in Bali. Even, they were vulnerable to acts of criminality as happened lately. Government and stakeholders were expected to dare to take a firm stance by closing the operation of those illegal tourism facilities. Even if required, government should dare to dismantle those illegal villas, bungalows or cottages. “Now, it depends on the government because it has the authority whether just to discipline or dismantle them,” he concluded. (par)

From page 1

Memorial AFP – File photo of civil service junior minister Georges Tron at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

France rocked by new sex harassment scandal Agence France-Presse

PARIS – A minister has resigned from the government to fight allegations of sexual harassment, two weeks after ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s sensational New York arrest on sex crime charges. Civil service minister Georges Tron, accused of sexually harassing two women who worked for him at the town hall where he is mayor, said in his letter of resignation to President Nicolas Sarkozy that he would prove his innocence. He stepped down after prosecutors said Wednesday they had opened a preliminary investigation into accusations of sexual aggression and rape against him. His lawyer has described his accusers as “inveterate liars.” The 53-year-old minister said in his resignation letter he would disprove the “vindictive” accusations by the former municipal employees, one of whom he said was sacked for fraud and the other for “undignified behaviour.” The two women, aged 34 and 36, claimed in the complaints they lodged with the public prosecutor that Tron had assaulted them when they worked in the town hall of the south Paris suburb Draveil, where Tron is mayor. The alleged incidents took place between 2007 and 2010. One of the women said she was encouraged to speak up after the arrest of another French political heavyweight, former socialist minister Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

“When I see that a chambermaid was capable of taking on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I tell myself I don?t have the right to stay silent,” the woman, who was not identified by name, told Le Parisien newspaper. “Other women may be suffering what I suffered. I have to help them. We must break this code of silence,” she said. Strauss-Kahn has stepped down from his post at the head of the International Monetary Fund to devote himself to fighting charges that he tried to rape a chambermaid in his New York hotel suite. Tron’s resignation was announced in a statement by Prime Minister Francois Fillon, who praised Tron for his “courage” in taking a decision which was in the “general interest”. Tron has linked the case to a feud with relatives of right-wing National Front leader Marine Le Pen living in Draveil, which prompted Le Pen to announce that she was suing him for defamation. He has alleged that his political rivals were trying to gain momentum from the arrest of Strauss-Kahn. “I am not naive. They are try-

ing to echo what’s happening on the other side of the Atlantic,” he told AFP on Tuesday. Le Pen, who has dismissed the allegation, said Thursday she would sue Tron for libel. She had been calling for his resignation since Friday. After examining the evidence, prosecutors can decide to shelve the case against the ex-minister, refer it to an examining magistrate or send it straight for trial. Tron is a member of the rightwing UMP party led by Sarkozy, who is widely expected to seek re-election in next year’s presidential vote in France. Strauss-Kahn had been seen as a leading presidential hopeful for the opposition Socialists, but his arrest in New York has likely scuppered his chances. Strauss-Kahn was released on bail this week after spending nearly a week behind bars following his dramatic arrest just hours after the alleged assault, as he was about to take off on an Air France plane for Paris. He is due back in court on June 6, when he is expected to enter a formal plea of not guilty. If so, the case would move to trial later this year.

“While we were playing volleyball today, no doubt some soldier gave the ultimate sacrifice,” the corps commander said. Memorial Day, instituted to honor America’s war dead, will be observed Monday with a public holiday. This Memorial Day comes before the 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, which ultimately brought U.S. troops into Afghanistan to unseat the Taliban government and hunt terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. “Our country got attacked, and we’re here to fight the war on it,” said Roger Nowicki of the corps. While Navy SEALs shot and killed bin Laden earlier this month in neighboring Pakistan, the U.S.-led war here continues. President Barack Obama plans to draw down U.S. troops beginning in July, while NATO has committed to handing over control of security in the country to Afghans by 2014. In the meantime, the war grinds on toward its 10th year. The sharp pangs of loss are visible on some attending the event, like Maj. Erica Iverson, 33, of Vermillion, South Dakota. She spoke of serving as a casualty assistance officer after the 2010 death of Staff Sgt. Adam Dickmyer of WinstonSalem, North Carolina, who once served as a sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery.

Iverson’s voice choked as she recounted how Dickmyer ’s mother fell off her chair in grief when her son’s body returned to the U.S. His widow chased after the casket, screaming: “Don’t leave me!” “His wife has an empty house,” Iverson said. “His entire unit came home today, and he didn’t come with them.” Iverson said speechwriters for Obama called her in recent days, saying the president may honor Dickmyer in remarks on Memorial Day. Increasingly skeptical American and Afghan publics question why U.S. and NATO forces remain there. The Taliban recently begun its spring offensive, as suicide bombings, roadside explosions and attacks in remote posts have returned with a frightening regularity. “You don’t get used to it because you’re in a war zone,” said civilian corps worker George S. Triggs, 54, of Louisville, Kentucky. “You learn to tolerate it and do the best you can.” Yet the worst stress, some acknowledged, is that of family members waiting at home for their loved ones to return. Lt. Col. Jon Chytka, 44, of Tabor, South Dakota recounted having to explain to his 5-year-old daughter why he had to leave. He gave this answer: “I told her that before she was born, there were 19 people who killed 3,000.”

Indonesia Today


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Government prepares US$5 Million to preserve coral reefs Antara

WANGI-WANGI - The Indonesian government prepares US$5 million funds for sustainable preservation and management of coral reefs at the world coral triangle in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi. “The Indonesian government through President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono provides five million dollars for sustainable preservation and management of coral reefs in six countries of the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI),” CTI spokesman Imran said in Wakatobi on Sunday. Speaking at a meeting of the Association of District Administrations (APKASI) Imran said there there were two reasons Indonesia wanted to play a major role in preserving coral reefs in the six CTI member countries. He said the first was that Indonesia has wider coral reefs than those of the other five other countries and was prepared to turn 20 million hectares of mining areas into national marine parks. And the second, Indonesian waters have the most diversity of coral reefs namely 70 species of the world‘s 850 species. FOTO ANTARA/Nyoman Budhiana “The Caribbean sea has only 50 coral A fisherman holding coral reefs on Tanjung Cenik, Serangan beach, Bali Island. The Indonesian government prepares US$5 million funds for sustainable preservation and management reefs and the Red Sea only 300,” Imran said. He added that besides having a very rich of coral reefs at the world coral triangle in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi.

variety of coral reefs, Indonesian waters, especially in Wakatobi district, have various natural resource potentials for millions even billions of people. Therefore, coral reefs in Wakatobi must be protected from damage to make them to remain sustainable for a certain period of time. “The management and utilization of natural resources in Wakatobi waters at the center of world coral triangle should consider the principles of sustainable use,” Imran said. He said that to support the management and utilization of natural resources in Wakatobi waters, the government of Indonesia through the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry would soon establish a Coral Reefs Conservation School in Wakatbi. The first school in ASEAN and even in the world was scheduled to be inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in conjunction with the opening of Sail Wakatobi-Balitung 2011 later.

Trans Papua roads scheduled for completion in 5 years Antara

TIMIKA - Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu hoped two Trans Papua roads linking Timika and Enarotali Paniai and Merauke - Tanah Merah - Waropko could be completed in 5 years. “If the fund allocation is increased and sped up, we hope the two Trans Papua roads can be completed in the next five years,” Governor Suebu said

here on Sunday. The governor said the funds for the construction of the two roads came from the state budget and infrastructure funds from the special autonomy budget. According to him the construction of 369 kilometers road linking TimikaEnarotali Paniai cost around Rp900 billion while the 511-kilometer road linking Merauke-Tanah MerahWaropko would cost Rp2.2 trillion.

When completed, the TimikaEnarotali Pania road is expected to be the first Trans Papua road to connect the south coast and north coast of Papua. Suebu also hoped that when the north and south coast’s had been connected, it would support the economic development of the people living in Pegunungan Tengah region. While the Merauke - Tanah Merah - Waropko trans road is planned to be extended through a number of districts

RI embassy awaiting funds for evacuating Indonesians from Yemen Antara

CAIRO - Indonesian ambassador to Yemen Nurul Aulia said the embassy in Sanaa is waiting for funds for the further evacuation of Indonesians in view of the worsening security situation in the chaotic country. “The money is still being prepared, hopefully it would be available soon,” the ambassador said here Friday night. In the last two weeks the Indonesian embassy had evacuated the third of the four batches of 57 people, mostly students, to Indonesia. He hoped the 57 Indonesians in the third and fourth batches could be evacuated by the procurement of tickets pro-

vided by the Protection of Indonesians and Indonesian Legal Entities Directorate of the Directorate General Secretariat of Protocol and Consular Affairs at the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta. A press release of the Indonesian embassy in Sanaa has earlier said that a number of Indonesians, mostly students, are currently given accommodation at the embassy pending their further evacuation process. The Indonesians are evacuated by buying tickets by the embassy for regular commercial planes of Yemen Airlines and Emirates Airlines. In the meantime, several mass media in the Middle East reported the worsening situation in Yemen force foreigners to leave the country.

An Indonesian activist parades an effigy with cigarettes protruding from its body during a protest in Surabaya city in East Java province on May 29, 2011 ahead of the World No Tobacco Day that falls on May 31, 2011. Cigarette consumption in the Southeast Asian archipelago of some 240 million people soared 47 percent in the 1990s and has one of the highest smoking rates in the world according to the World Health Organization.

bordering Papua New Guinea to Jayapura, and when completed it will be the longest and 1,000 kilometers road in Papua. Therefore the governor asked all district governments in the province to focus on the construction of the Trans Papua roads that would connect the provincial capital city of Jayapura with other towns and villages. “We really need the participation of all the district governments in the con-

struction of the trans roads so that they can be completed on time,” Governor Suebu said. According to the governor, the ultimate goal of various development programs including the construction of the Trans Papua roads was to raise the welfare of the local people. “Please keep in mind that the goal of economic development in Papua is to improve the local people`s welfare,” Governor Suebu said.




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Bali Today Balinese Wedding

IBP/Adnyana Ole

Some of stone pot crafts made by craftsmen from Julah Village, Tejakula Subdistrict.

Small capital, minimal production

Stone pot craftsmen at Julah unable to meet orders Bali Post

SINGARAJA - Stone pot crafts at Julah Village, Tejakula Subdistrict, within the past few months were unable to meet the orders increasingly a lot. The reason, the pot crafters at the village did not have adequate capital to produce the pots in larger quantities. Putu Ida, one of the stone pot artisans at the village of Julah, Tejakula Subdistrict, Sunday (May 29), said the orders she received last month was never empty. Most of them came from wholesalers in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Bali and some buyers from overseas. The types of stone pots ordered were quite diverse and almost all types of the pot produced were sold out in the market. “Within the past few days, we’ve been overwhelmed because lacking of stock while our orders continued to come. We have no choice but ask them to wait as our pot production is limited,” she said. According to this mother of three children, the stone pots handiwork she produced had advantages if compared to stone pots manufactured by craftsmen from other regions. The advantage lay in the use of diverse kinds of stone, such as black stone and stones looking like quail eggs. Both types of stones were specially brought in from

Sumatra. In addition, her party also used stones from Lombok (NTB) because the color of stone varied such as white, green and red. No lagging, she also used local stones purchased from residents at her village. Aside from the use of quite diverse stones, the design of stone pots made by the woman from Jember, East Java also varied in accordance with buyer’s demand. The designs in great demand were in the form of triangle, wave, or straight line. “I myself prepare the design and sometimes there are buyers asking for a special design,” she explained. Ida added the stone pots were made by preparing a frame denoting a mixture of sand and cement. Inside part of the framework selected was then filled in with small stones in such a way. To affix the stones, she used a mixture of sand and cement. Having accomplished the inner wall section by affixing small stones, the next step was to make edging from a mixture

of cement and sand as well so the arrangement of those stones would not loose. “For small size, I can produce some 7 pieces of stone pot in a day, but for bigger size I am only able to accomplish 2 pieces,” she said. The types of pot produced by Ida were quite diverse and they would very much depend on the demand of customers. In terms of design, the types of jars, barrels, bowls and bucket were highly in demand. A piece of pot with jar design was sold at IDR 100,000, barrel at IDR 300.000, small bowl at IDR 70,000 and the large size at IDR 600,000. Meanwhile, the bucket-shaped pot was only at IDR 50,000 each. “Most of the products are displayed at hotel or villa and private house. A piece of pot gives me a good profit, namely IDR 60,000,” she added while saying the net profits of the business was worth IDR15 million after deduction of the cost of raw material and labor. (kmb/ole)

The pawiwahan (marriage, weddings of a Hindu couple) is a very important part of Balinese social life. The ritual generally takes place in the home of the groom, a further confirmation of the typical patriarchal inclinations of Balinese culture, and is per- formed by a priest. The newlyweds to be, dressed in very colorful and refined garments, worn only for the day of the wed- ding, will withdraw in prayer in the family temple. This is followed by the presentation of offerings in the pelinggih and by a series of ritual gestures. A very typical moment in the ceremony occurs when the bride offers the groom several different beverages: a conventional way to reiterate that the woman. as a wife, commits herself to obeying her husband and to lovingly care for him for the rest of their lives. Many Balinese marriages are still prearranged or negotiated, though young men may also “kidnap” their wives, and mixed-caste marriages are increasingly common. Marriage customs differ from caste to caste and village to village, but all Balinese marriage practices share fundamental similarities. There are basically two ways to get married on Bali, ‘ngerorod’ and ‘mapadik’. Ngerorod

This is marriage by elopement, in which the prearranged honeymoon precedes the wedding ceremony. Since it’s otherwise quite expensive to marry on Bali, ‘ngerorod’ is becoming more and more popular. It has particular appeal to the Balinese sense of theater. Balinese love a spectacular kidnapping in which friends of the suitor capture a woman in the fields, on the road, or down by the river. Theatrics are paramount: she is expected to bite and kick her abductors in mock self-defense. These days it’s more stylish and fashionable for the woman to be whisked away in a hired sedan, and more often than not she goes willingly. The couple then repairs to a friend’s house stocked with provisions, offerings, and the bride’s wardrobe. The woman’s infuriated father sounds the alarm demanding to know what has become of his daughter. A search party is organized which eventually returns unsuccessful and exhausted. Meanwhile, the couple is consummating the marriage before special offerings (sesayut tabuh rah) have the time to wilt. These offerings alone make the marriage binding by customary law. Emissaries of the groom visit the bride’s father to argue the advantages of the union. Begrudgingly, the girl’s father gives in, after a suitable bride price has been agreed upon. The groom’s father must finance and conduct the marriage ceremony, welcom-

ing the bride as a new daughter into the family. The actual public wedding, within 42 days of the staged kidnapping, is only an official confirmation of their union. They are already married in the eyes of the gods. Mepadik

This is marriage by consent, in which an upper-class couple conducts a formal courtship. Since daughters were once regarded as property useful for attaining a family’s social and political goals, high-caste families tried to wed a son to the daughter of a friend or relative so a blood bond would unite the resources of both families. Under no circumstances may a woman “marry down,” i.e., take a commoner. The preferred marriage is through a parallel patri-cousin, the father’s brother’s daughter. It has been noted that Triwangsa couples often get along so well because they are all first cousins. Traditionally, the man or his father journeys three times to the bride’s house with food and ‘sirih’. When the bride’s family visits, the groom’s father is obliged to give them food, ‘sirih’ is chewed (an ancient, ritualistic means of coming to agreement), and presents are exchanged. The groom then regularly visits the home of his prospective bride, presenting gifts and performing services for his future father-in-law. The groom’s family arranges and pays for the wedding; the date set well in advance on a propitious day. Wedding guests are often entertained by professional storytellers and musicians. Enormously detailed rules govern dining and seating arrangements. Sometimes the bride’s family is not even invited. The actual ceremony varies. It could be very simple and short, presided over by a common temple ‘pemangku’, or it may be elaborate, expensive, and go on all day. Both the bride and groom dress in bright ‘songket’, with brocades of gold thread, and the woman’s hair is decorated with glittering gold flowers. Usually the bride and groom offer food to one another, then simulate such domestic duties such as washing, cooking rice, and cutting bamboo. Prayers are intoned, and then the couple eats together in public, feeding each other. This is an important symbolic act, as in former times only married men and women were allowed to eat food together in public. The priest then performs a ritual purification and blesses the couple. Neither rice nor flowers are thrown. Today there could very well be a Western-style buffet reception held afterward where speeches are offered by members of the two families. (IBP/Doc)


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Balinese Culture SATE LILIT

(Minced Seafood Satay)

Balinese Characters:

From Palm-leaf to Keyboards Probably, you have watched or are going to watch arja operetta or Ramayana Ballet during the visit in Bali. It would be more convenient if it is enjoyed while having dinner of Balinese cuisine. At the same time, you watch the beauty of culture and taste the delicacy of local culinary. You may hear the language spoken by players or puppeteer was not understandable. Of course, it is Balinese language. As Japanese and Chinese, Balinese language also has its own characters. They consist of some 18 main characters and 10 vowel sounds. Ordinarily, Balinese characters are used to write palm-leaf manuscript or lontar. Such characters are incised with sharp knife or stylus. When the writing works have completed, they should be rubbed with a blend of oil and lamp shoot to blacken them. So they are visible easily. Since the works were performed manually, the copying of a manuscript took a long time. At a glance, Balinese characters look like Old Javanese, Tamil (India). It is inseparable from historical aspect where they had similarity of genealogical lines. Today, Balinese characters still have restricted use, namely at school for local subject from elementary school to senior high

school. It is becoming the responsibility of local government to preserve and develop Balinese language in order it could survive in the midst of the growth of other languages like Bahasa Indonesia and foreign languages. Balinese language poses a medium and spirit of Balinese culture. To preserve Balinese culture should also simultaneously maintain and use of Balinese language in daily life. In other words, speaking Balinese language also characterizes one of the identities as a Balinese. Among the use of other languages, Balinese language should remain to give a space to grow and develop. Other than speaking and teaching it at schools, it should also accommodate the need of modern community or use in wider functions of language. Balinese community receives abundant heritages of lontar or palm-leaf manuscripts from the predecessors retained by individuals and museums. They carry many aspects of knowledge, ranging from philosophy, local healing, literature, architecture, agriculture, herbal practice, astrology and so forth. Therefore, if they could be interpreted and presented in popular language, they could become attractive information for young generation and saleable

books for commercial needs. Today, there is also a trend of poising the tradition with modern science namely by re-interpreting the indigenous wisdoms that are relevant to the current time. People will get balanced inputs from the past and current orientation. Of course, such treasures will be beneficial for the conservation and future development of Balinese culture because it stays in touch with its original roots. Young generation should be introduced to these roots at early stage. Later, they will not lose their identity and even could feel proud of it. Moreover, it could give them inspiration in making their creativities, either in fine arts, performance, traditional architecture or herbal healings. Thanks to modern technology, the writing of Balinese characters now can be made easy by Bali Simbar font. It is the innovative thinking of I Made Suatjana (1986) lies behind the composing of this font. His work has helped the writing of Balinese characters in word processing application like Microsoft Word. Hopefully, there would be more creative software helping the development and learning of Balinese language so it would not come into extinction or be far left behind with the modern life. (BTN/punia)

OVERVIEW: This probably the most delicious satay you will ever encounter. The delicate flavors of the shrimp and fish are greatly improved if you can find spears of fresh lemongrass to use as skewers, and if you can cook them over a fire of coconut husks rather than charcoal. Nonetheless, even with wooden skewers and a standard charcoal grill, you will have people coming back more. INGREDIENTS: 600 gr skinned boneless snapper fillet 1 cup freshly grated coconut or 1½ cups moistened desiccated coconut ½ cup seafood spice paste 5 fragrant lime leaves, chopped 1 tsp black peppercorns, finely crushed 1 tsp salt 3-5 bird’s eye chilies, very finely chopped 2 tbsp palm sugar Lemon grass or satay skewers PREPARATION: 1. Mince fish fillet very finely in a food processor or with a chopper. 2. Add all other ingredients & mix well. 3. Mould a heaped tablespoon full of this mixture around a wooden skewer or over trimmed stalks of lemon grass and grill over charcoal until golden brown. Note: This recipe won’t work with frozen fish. (


(Shredded Chicken with Chilies & Lime) OVERVIEW: You can use any type of leftover chicken (roast, steamed or fried) for this delightfully tangy chicken salad INGREDIENTS : 1 whole chicken, weighing about 1.2 kg (2 ½ lb) 1 cup chicken spice paste ½ cup tomato sambal 3 tbsp freshly squeezed limejuice

C.045 ibp

PREPARATION: 1. Rub the chicken outside and inside with the spice paste, and season with salt and crushed black pepper. 2. Place on wire rack in oven and roast first at 220 Celsius (420 F) for 20 min, then reduce heat to 180 Celsius (350 F) and roast until done. Frequently baste chicken with a mixture of coconut oil and chicken spice paste. 3. When cool, remove and discard the skin. Remove meat from bones and shred by hand into fine strips. 4. Combine chicken stripes with remaining ingredients. Mix well and season to taste. Serve at room temperature with steamed rice. ( balifood)



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Bedugul Botanical Garden IBP

For those of you who like to see and know more about plantation, especially the tropical types, you can visit Bedugul Botanical Garden which located in Bedugul, plateau area in Bali. The garden is situated in the cool atmosphere with rain forest and hill surrounds. This botanical garden is opened on 1959 and owns 154.5 ha land located Tabanan regency, northwest part of Bali. It is close to the beautiful lake which is called Beratan Lake and Ulun Danu Temple. It has inhabitants more than 1187 plant types and multifarious of floras. In this area, there is orchid garden with the collection of 320 orchid types from Bali, Java, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Sulawesi and also Irian Jaya. We can also meet the rose garden with the collection of various rose from rust

colored until green chromatic. Bedugul Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Eka Karya is also completed by 524 birches which are still in its original forest. In this place we can meet the collection from America, South America, China, Japan, Australia, Africa and also Netherlands. Cyathea Garden is one of the specific gardens owning the various collections of Paku-pakuan (tropical vegetable) which can be eaten as vegetable by Balinese and some of them are used for decoration. The tree from this nail Cyatheas are often exploited as growth media of various orchid types. Cactus collections are consisted of 104 types. This cactus is obtained from Africa, America, Germany, Switzerland and also Indonesia. The crop season at botanical garden is taken 94 types plants that are the collection from the exploitation for Balinese life ceremony, temple cer-

emony, devoting/offering and others purpose. It also owns the collection of drug crop with 84 types/species. Beside of the crop collections, Bedugul Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Eka Karya also owns the traditional Balinese houses and it function as guest house for scientist who is doing observation. It is also opened for public including tourists and to be one of favorite tourist destinations in Bali especially for domestic tourists. Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bedugul or The Bedugul Botanical Garden is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bali, exactly in Tabanan Regency. The Bedugul Botanical Garden is located at 1,250-1,450 meters above sea level. That is why Bali’s tropical climate doesn’t reach this area. During the daytime the temperature is around 17-25° C, and as the evening falls, the temperature can drop to 1015° C. What is interesting from a The

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Bedugul Botanical Gardens is the natural beauty of the unspoiled mountains; high place which always makes this area is always foggy and cold air. The weather in this area is unpredictable. Hence, arm yourself with some warmth clothes, umbrella and raincoat. Around this tourist attraction there is a very famous tourist attraction of Lake Beratan. Starting from the idea of Prof. Ir.

Kusnoto Setyodiwiryo as director of nature study center who want a branch establishment of botanic gardens outside Java especially Bali as a nature conservancy area for the plant, then in 15 July 1959 Eka Karya Botanical Garden was officially established. The name of Eka Karya means the first botanical garden which is the result of hard work after an independent of Indonesia.

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Jl. Kepundung 67 A, e-mail: Jl. Palmerah Barat 21 F

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BUSINESS Japan to finance quake-hit car parts makers Agence France-Presse

TOKYO – Japan’s government-owned bank is planning to set up a 50 billion yen ($617 million dollar) fund to support auto parts makers hit by the March 11 quake and tsunami, an official said Monday. The Development Bank of Japan will launch the fund in June, asking major commercial banks for investment, the bank official said. “The East Japan Great Disaster seriously damaged supply chains of auto parts makers, and we have been discussing possible financial support for them,” said the official, who declined to be named.

“Our negotiation is in the final stage,” the official said. “The size is likely to be as big as 50 billion yen,” he said, adding that the bank is scheduled to make an official announcement soon. Under the plan, the bank will offer the investment to the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, which will then provide cash for its mem-

ber firms as well as their subcontractors. Japan has 800 major auto parts manufacturers supplying interior equipment and parts such as air conditioners to the nation’s automakers. Under these major auto parts makers, there are some 4,000 subcontractors and 20,000 sub-subcontractors, according to local media.

Japanese auto giants Toyota and Honda saw global production halved in April as the disaster ravaged supply chains, the companies said Friday. The quake and the resulting tsunami shattered component supply chains and crippled electricity-generating facilities, including a nuclear power plant at the centre of an ongoing atomic emergency. Amid power and parts shortages, Toyota had announced production disruptions domestically and in the United States, Europe, China and Australia because of the crisis, tem-

porarily slowing output or shutting plants. Many component manufacturers that are key to auto production are based in the worst-hit regions of Japan, their facilities damaged by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake or inundated by the giant wave that followed. While most plants resumed production by mid-April, operations remain well below capacity and analysts warn parts shortages could go on for months, with the threat of summer power shortages also casting a shadow over the economy.

Ireland may need more EU/IMF cash: minister Reuters

DUBLIN/ATHENS – Ireland may have to ask for another loan from the European Union and International Monetary Fund because it will struggle to return to debt markets to raise funds next year, a government minister said on Sunday. In comments to The Sunday Times newspaper, Transport Minister Leo Varadkar became the first cabinet member to cast doubt in public on Ireland’s ability to raise cash on the bond market because of punishing yields demanded by investors. “I think it’s very unlikely we’ll be able to go back next year. I think it might take a bit longer ... 2013 might be possible but who knows?” Varadkar was quoted as saying. “It would mean a second program (of loans from the EU/IMF),” he said. “Either an extension of the existing program or a second program. I think that would generally be most people’s view.” Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore told broadcaster RTE that fears of a domino effect from Greece’s problems were overblown. The possibility of a Greek default has sent bond yields rocketing for indebted Ireland, Portugal and Spain. “It’s not situations that if Greece defaults then there are immediately implications for Ireland,” Gilmore said. “If Greece defaults there are implications for the wider euro zone and obviously we are part of that.” “It is wrong to put Ireland in the same basket as Greece.” Greece’s hopes of averting default dimmed over the weekend

amid fears the country, whose debt burden stands at around 330 billion Euros, may have missed fiscal targets set by its creditors. The IMF has dismissed reports that an international inspection team had found that Greece had missed all its fiscal targets. But the current mission to Athens has stayed far longer than on previous occasions and is locked in talks with the government to get economic reforms on track. Athens’ creditors are increasingly focused on the possibility of raising more funds from privatizations and a poll on Sunday showed that an overwhelming majority of Greeks are in favor of selling and developing state assets to raise 50 billion Euros. The European Central Bank and the IMF, however, don’t believe the privatization program is ambitious enough. ECB board member Juergen Stark said Greece could raise six times more than the 50 billion Euros planned from asset sales, echoing earlier views from the IMF. A Greek paper reported on Sunday that the government was considering setting up a Spanish-style “bad bank” to clean up its lenders’ accounts from “toxic” Greek bonds and make them more attractive to potential buyers. Athens is in a race against time to secure political consensus on fiscal reforms before the EU and the IMF will free up more cash to plug funding gaps in the next two years. Ireland, meanwhile, wants to tap investors for funding in 2012 before its 85 billion Euros EUIMF bailout runs out the following year. But investors believe Ireland

AFP PHOTO / Chris Jackson / POOL

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (R) visits the English market in Cork, on the last day of her fourday visit to Ireland, on May 20, 2011. Ireland may have to ask for another loan from the European Union and International Monetary Fund because it will struggle to return to debt markets to raise funds next year, a government minister said on Sunday. will be unable to return to the market and instead will have to tap the European Union’s permanent rescue fund in 2013, which might require some restructuring of privately held sovereign debt. Reflecting this medium-term risk, Ireland’s two-year and fiveyear paper are yielding close to 12 percent, more than its 10-year bonds on the secondary market.

Some 50 billion Euros of the existing EU-IMF bailout has been earmarked for sovereign funding requirements with the remainder set aside to prop up the country’s ailing banks. Earlier this month, the IMF said whatever was left over after recapitalizing the banks could be channeled to the sovereign if there was a delay in returning to

markets. At the end of March, the Irish government said the banks needed 24 billion Euros to bulletproof their balance sheets but Dublin hopes some five billion Euros can be raised from imposing losses on junior bondholders and asset sales, meaning that 19 billion Euros of the 35 billion would be tapped.



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Sarah Palin: From ‘Mama Grizzly’ to motorcycle mama AFP

WASHINGTON – A HarleyDavidson-riding Sarah Palin, outfitted in black leather and heels, joined a massive annual motorcycle rally in a high-profile appearance amid speculation she will make a bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Palin was at the “Rolling Thunder” Memorial Day holiday weekend rally, in which tens of thousands of motorcyclists ride through the nation’s capital to honor US war veterans, at the launch of her “One Nation” tour up the east coast. “There’s no better way to see DC than on the back of a Harley!” Palin said after the ride, in a statement posted on her website. Her presence, however, was not met with universal approval. Rolling Thunder’s national legislative director Ted Shpak told the Washington Post he was unhappy with the commotion surrounding her appearance at what has been a traditionally non-political event. “I’m very not appreciative of the way she came in here,” he said. But some veterans said Palin was welcome, provided she was not attending the rally for political reasons. “That’s fine if she wants to come here and join in the festivities as a citizen of this country, not running for office or any political gain,” Sheldon Wagner, a 65-year-old Vietnam veteran, told AFP. The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate drew a crowd of photographers and well-wishers as she rode on the back of the Harley, amid a crush of motorbikes filling the streets of the US capital city. “Riding with these patriots today reinforced that we must do all we can to remind all Americans that we owe our freedom to our vets and to those missing and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to make

this the greatest country on earth,” Palin said. Her statement, which included a quote from 1960s civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, also noted that she met with families of soldiers killed in action. “My family may be used to snowmachines more so than motorcycles... but whether you’re riding the open road or the frozen tundra, you’re celebrating a free spirit. What could be more American than that?” she said. According to Palin’s website, the “One Nation” tour “is part of our new campaign to educate and energize Americans about our nation’s founding principles, in order to promote the Fundamental Restoration of America.” Asked during her appearance if her upcoming events would be as loud as the eardrum splitting Rolling Thunder rally, Palin responded: “It would be a blast if they were this loud — if they smelled this good. I love that smell of the emissions!” Vietnam War veterans began Rolling Thunder in 1987 to bring awareness to prisoners of war and soldiers who went missing in action. It has since evolved, its website said, into an event to show “respect for soldiers and veterans from all wars.” Middle-aged bikers, many carrying POW and US flags, gathered in the parking lot of the Pentagon and their route brings them to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. “These politicians need to find out what the American families and the veterans are all about. It’s a good thing for her to do,” said 62-year-old Ray King, a retired law enforcement officer from New Jersey who has joined the rally for the past 23 years. Palin, who was Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s surprise running mate in 2008, joined the rally as she launched her bus tour, which is being funded through contributions to her political action committee (PAC).


‘Lady Blue Eyes’

Sinatra’s wife tells it her way “Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank” (Crown Archetype), by Barbara Sinatra: In her memoir, the widow of Frank Sinatra tells it her way, adding a unique perspective to the history of one of entertainment’s greats. By now, the self-centered if often generous nature of Sinatra is as well-known as his unequaled voice. What’s fascinating about “Lady Blue Eyes” is how Barbara Sinatra turns to love, admiration and denial in explaining her place at Frank’s side. From her youth in the Midwest to her days as a model and showgirl, Barbara Blakeley longed for a well-heeled life of excitement. In her telling, it was Sinatra, then in his mid-50s, who initiated their affair. Soon, she was Frank’s companion — marriage would be years away — and her husband at the time the second unfaithful spouse she had left for a more successful man. Little love notes and rather large jewels were part of the good times with Sinatra. While she tends to excuse the darker moments in their three decades together, Barbara accepts that Frank’s inner demons came with the glitter and glamour. When Sinatra hurled a brass clock into a wall during a game of charades, she considered it part of his “dangerous” charm. He berated a female columnist who brought up their adultery — for good measure he stuffed two dollar bills in the woman’s glass — but Barbara saw his actions as exciting, and a loving defense of her. Friends waited by the phone to see if and when he desired their company, a routine she seems to shrug off. Her life revolved around his, and that was fine with her. At his behest she quit smoking — he thought


In this book cover image released by Crown, ‘Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank,’ by Barbara Sinatra

it unfeminine — but he never gave up his unfiltered Camels. She quickly learned what those close to him already knew: When Frank was drunk, which was not infrequent, it was best to disappear.

Her version of events, such as why Sinatra kept performing far beyond his prime, at times clashes with those of others. “Frankophiles” will debate whether she was as selfless and dutiful as she appears in these pages.

Top Cannes movies get box office boost


Former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin (L)

LOS ANGELES – Did winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival do the trick for “The Tree of Life,” a new drama starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn? The film grossed an estimated $352,000 during its opening weekend in a total of four theaters in New York and Los Angeles. Its perscreen average of about $88,000 is a record for a film released by Fox Searchlight, surpassing the $80,000 average for “Black Swan” last year. The critically acclaimed film’s performance was all the more impressive given its lengthy running time of 138 minutes, said Sheila DeLoache, the studio’s senior VP for distribution. And Fox Searchlight

relied almost entirely on publicity to generate interest in the drama, versus an expensive media campaign. “Winning the Palme d’Or really pushed it forward,” DeLoache said. The last American film to walk away with the festival’s top honor was Michael Moore’s documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” seven years ago. “Tree of Life” isn’t the only film feeling the Cannes glow. Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” the festival’s opening-night film, remained strong business in its second weekend. The Sony Pictures Classics release jumped six places to No. 7 with $1.9 million from 58 theaters; its 10-day total rose to a stellar $2.8

million. Last weekend, “Midnight” scored one of the best location averages of all time — $99,834 — when opening in six theaters. “Tree of Life” had a long and twisted journey to the big screen. The film’s producer, Bill Pohlad, originally intended to open the movie in late 2009, but notoriously perfectionistic director Terrence Malick wasn’t done in time. Nor was he ready for Cannes last year. DeLoache said evening shows were sold out in all four theaters. The studio is planning a slow rollout. This coming Friday, the film adds eight markets, playing in a total of 18 theaters. Come July 1, the film will be in a modest national release of 200 to 300 theaters.

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Man celebrates 85 years of living with diabetes A showroom employee displays a tablet computer from one of Taiwan’s top PC vendors, AsusTek Computer


Taiwan show to feature Apple tablet challengers Associated Press Writer

TAIPEI – Computer manufacturers of all sizes and descriptions have been pushing to get a piece of the ever-expanding tablet market created by the launch of Apple’s iPad in April 2010. The obsession with tablet computing will be on full display Tuesday as Computex, the world’s second-largest computer show, begins its annual five-day run in Taipei. The prominence of tablets underscores a dramatic shift under way in the personal computer industry — and keenly felt in Taiwan, which is home to some of the world’s biggest PC manufacturers — as many consumers opt to buy a tablet rather than a new PC. Computex will feature more than 50 tablet models, said organizer Taipei Computer Association, with big names including Lenovo

Group Ltd. and Toshiba Corp. having their products displayed. Researchers have predicted slower growth in PC sales this year because of the rising consumer interest in tablets. Gartner Research recently cut its sales growth forecast for global PC sales in 2011 from 15.9 percent to 10.5 percent. According to IHS iSuppli, world PC shipments declined 0.3 percent year-on-year to 8.1 million units in the first quarter of 2011, with sales by No. 3-ranked Acer plunging 20 percent. Many analysts say it may take two or three years before mobile device software from Google Inc. and

Microsoft Corp. can catch up with iPads, which have thousands of applications for consumers to choose from. That may mean a hard time for many PC makers in the short term. Research company CDC says Apple Inc. had a 73 percent share of the tablet market in the last quarter of 2010. South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. was a distant second with 17 percent. It said 2010 tablet sales totaled 18 million units. CDC expects Apple to account for 70-80 percent of 2011 tablet sales that it predicts will reach 50 million units. Besides tablets, Computex will also feature corporate and home servers and other cloud-based computing equipment and services, a sector Taiwanese firms have recently entered to make up for shortfalls in PC sales.

Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – When Bob Krause turned 90 last week, it was by virtue of an unflagging determination and a mentality of precision that kept his body humming after being diagnosed with diabetes as a boy. A leading diabetes research center named the San Diego resident the first American known to live 85 years with the disease, a life that has paralleled — and benefited from — the evolution in treatment. Krause’s wife of 56 years, his family and friends celebrated his longevity Sunday with a party and a medal from the Joslin Diabetes Center to commemorate his 85year milestone. “Bob has outlived the life expectation of a normal healthy person born in 1921,” said his physician, Dr. Patricia Wu, attributing Krause’s success to his strong character. “He knows that he has to deal with this and he sees this as a part of his life, he doesn’t let this get him down.” The trim, white-haired Krause puts it more succinctly: “I’m a stub-

born old man. I refuse to give up.” That trait certainly plays into how closely he has tracked his body’s chemistry and become expert in the life-saving math that has kept his diabetes under control. About 18.8 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and an estimated 7 million more live with the disease unwittingly. Krause’s form of diabetes, type 1, was once known more commonly as juvenile diabetes, and the more common form of diabetes often tied to obesity is type 2. About 3 million Americans live with type 1 diabetes, a chronic illness in which their bodies don’t make enough insulin, which is needed to convert blood sugar into energy. The exact cause is unknown, though genetics and autoimmune problems are thought to play a role. Life expectancy is diminished for many diabetics because they face a higher risk of serious health complications, including heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney damage and limb amputations. Many struggle to manage blood pressure.


Bob Krause talks about his life as America’s longest living Type 1 diabetic during his 90th birthday

Jewel ready to be a first-time, multi-tasking mom


In this Feb. 13, 2011 photo, Jewel, right, and her husband,Ty Murray

NASHVILLE – Jewel is gearing up for motherhood, and she’s already learned to multi-task. At age 37, the singer-songwriter expecting her first child — a boy — in July. She’s hosting and judging the new Bravo TV show, “Platinum Hit,” which premieres Monday, and she’s releasing a new children’s album in the fall. Jewel married world champion bull rider Ty Murray in August 2008 after dating for about 10 years. The couple initially said they wanted to start a family right away, but ended up waiting a while. “We were both real careful and kind of cautious about it. I think it sort of scared both of us,” Jewel told The Associated Press in a recent in-

terview. Jewel said they also wanted to make sure they both were at a point in their careers where they could step back and dedicate time to raising a child. “We feel like it’s great timing, even though we’re a little older,” said Jewel, who wrote and recorded a soothing album called “Lullaby” at her Stephenville, Texas, home while trying to get pregnant. Her pregnancy in turn has inspired her to produce another children’s album, “The Merry Goes `Round,” due out in the fall. “I wanted it to work on a lot of levels where infants would like it, and they could just bounce to the rhythm of a song, and then as they

get older they could get into the storytelling aspect, and hopefully have them be well-crafted pop songs that a parent would like,” she said. Jewel knows how to create musical gems; she shot to fame in 1996 with her self-penned breakout hit, “Who Will Save Your Soul,” and has had success in both the pop and country genres. Jewel will now impart her knowledge to budding songwriters with Bravo’s “Platinum Hit” along with head judge Kara DioGuardi. The show features 12 diverse up-andcomers who are forced to compose everything from dance tracks to love ballads in high-pressure challenges. The winner gets $100,000, a publishing deal and a major-label contract.

“They’re hit makers,” said Jewel. “It’s a very competitive field. One day they might be writing for Ke$ha. The next day they might be writing for Carrie Underwood. So you have to be able to be really versatile and really competitive on the radio format.” Jewel said the show, and its intensity, mimics real life, where writers often pair up to create songs for other artists. “You have an A&R agent that comes to you and says you have until tomorrow to write a song for Britney Spears, and they tell 20 of the top writers that. So you have about two hours with your co-writer to try and get that done,” she said.


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Barca victory borne out of faith in club’s principles

AP – FILE - In this June 23, 2006, file photo, streamers are shot from the American Airlines Arena in Miami

American Airlines wins either way in NBA finals DALLAS – If you’re a basketball fan, you’ll hear the name American Airlines a lot over the next couple weeks. American slapped its name on the arenas of both teams playing in the NBA finals back when stadium naming rights were a hot commodity — the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami and the American Airlines Center in Dallas. So whether the Miami Heat or the Dallas Mavericks win the title, American figures to get a lot of TV time. The same thing happened in 2006, when the Heat defeated the Mavericks in six games. American bought the naming rights to those arenas a decade ago. According to published reports at the time, which American wouldn’t confirm or deny, it agreed to pay $195 million over 30 years for the Dallas rights and $42 million over 20 years in Miami. Stadium-naming rights were trendy then, and they reached a fever pitch in 2006 when Citigroup agreed to pay $20 million a year to christen the New York Mets’ new baseball home Citi Field when it opened a couple of years ago. But sports sponsorships became harder to sell during the recession, and the business hasn’t fully recovered. The Texas Rangers baseball team hasn’t found a name sponsor since ending a deal with mortgage lender Ameriquest in 2007. Today, it’s still simply Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. New football stadiums in Dallas and outside New York still don’t have sponsorships. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might have missed his best

chance when his new stadium hosted the Super Bowl in February. Now, with an NFL lockout dragging on, there’s a chance of missing games this fall. Recent deals have been underwhelming. Miami did a 1-year deal to rename the home of the NFL Dolphins Land Shark Stadium after a beer promoted by singer Jimmy Buffett, then it cut a 5-year agreement with a Canadian company. It’s now Sun Life Stadium. In Jacksonville, Fla., the football stadium had no corporate name for two years after a deal ended with Alltel, a phone company acquired by Verizon. Finally, a local bank ponied up for EverBank Field. Andrew Zimbalist, a sports economist at Smith College, said the financial crisis and recession hurt the market for naming rights. As consumers cut back, he said, companies questioned ever-higher prices for sponsorships. “I don’t think that the market is collapsing, it’s just not as rich as it used to be,” Zimbalist said. He suspects that some teams, including the Cowboys, are turning down reasonable offers in hopes that sky-high prices come back. Marc Ganis, president of Chicagobased sports business consulting firm Sportscorp Ltd., said CEOs may be gun-shy about naming deals after Citigroup was criticized for paying the Mets while getting $45 billion in federal bailout money.

American Airlines considered giving up its Dallas and Miami arena rights in 2003, when it hovered near bankruptcy. Company officials said such a move has not been considered since. American’s parent company, AMR Corp., has lost nearly $12 billion in the last decade. It’s hard to determine the value of a company’s name on a stadium or arena, but that doesn’t stop marketing experts from trying. Front Row Marketing Services estimates that American Airlines will get more than $10 million per game in national advertising. That’s based on the number of times the company’s name appears on screen or is mentioned by broadcasters. But Front Row, which represents venues in naming-rights deals, assumes that a picture of LeBron James dunking is the same as a national advertising spot for American Airlines as long as there’s an American logo in the background. “We don’t know if that’s right,” American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said of the 8-figure estimate, “but there’s value in it, and we’re sure it’s a large amount.” American has big airport hubs in both Dallas and Miami, and many outof-towners going to the games will fly on its silver-skinned planes. “It’s great exposure, and it’s fun,” Smith said. “We’ve got home-court advantage every game.”

BARCELONA – Lionel Messi may have been the inspiration behind Barcelona’s 3-1 demolition of Manchester United in Saturday’s Champions League final, but the achievement of coach Pep Guardiola off the field cannot be understated. After a season with Barca?s youth side as his only real coaching experience he took on the demanding role of first team trainer in 2008 and has since won three league titles on the trot. It was not as though he arrived at a club that was running smoothly, in fact, far from it. In the summer of 2008 the club was in upheaval. After a successful run as coach, Frank Rijkaard lost control of the dressing room and had been dismissed. Ronaldinho, the talisman for a side that had toppled the hegemony of Real Madrid?s ?galacticos? in Spain and returned Barca to the top of the European game by winning the Champions League title in 2006, had gone off the rails. During the 2007-08 season he only attended a third of training sessions and stories were rife of his nightlife excesses. He was not the only one as Deco and Rafa Marquez were also heavily criticised by fans and the media for their lack of commitment as the team slumped and Real won their second successive league title in 2008. There were also problems in the board room as president Joan Laporta narrowly survived a vote of no confidence after those unhappy with his autocratic approach seized on the team?s poor performances to rally against him. The appointment of the inexperienced Guardiola appeared a gamble but it worked out perfectly as he was brought up on the club?s football philosophy of quick-passing football and also had the necessary discipline. He was the icon of Johan Cruyff’s revolutionary ?Dream Team? of the early 1990s. The Dutch tactician introduced a new style of attacking football with the emphasis on the movement of the team as a whole rather than individuals and they won four consecutive league titles and the European Cup at Wembley in 1992. Seeking a new challenge, Guardiola moved to Italy in 2001 and it was there in particular that he learned the importance of preparation and discipline, which would serve him well later as a coach. Despite the quality of the present side which has led many to wonder if it is the best of all time, Guardiola, thoughtful and modest as always, denies it will ever match up to the Dream Team. “They were pioneers and we cannot equal that no matter how many trophies that we win. They were a side that ended a long barren spell in the club?s history. Since then (Louis) Van Gaal, Rijkaard and I have all achieved things but this would not have been possible without them,” said Guardiola. The development of youth players at the now famous ?Masia? who could be integrated already knowing the system was another important element of Cruyff?s approach. Since then there has been a steady flow into the first team including Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez but under Rijkaard and now Guardiola it has become a priority. After his season as youth coach, Guardiola was well aware of the quality coming through and that they were ready. These players like Sergio Busquets and Pedro along with being well trained were also aware of the need to be disciplined. Guardiola has carried on the philosophy of Cruyff and was able to celebrate at Wembley where as a player he helped his mentor change the history of the club. He knows, though, that despite the commitment to youth he is in charge of a unique group of players led by Messi, the like of whom perhaps we have never seen an equal.

AFP/File – Barcelona’s coach Pep Guardiola (R), seen here talking with his Argentinian forward Lionel Messi



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China untouchable in Sudirman badminton triumph QINGDAO – The rest of the badminton world was left wondering Monday how they would ever catch up with China after the dominant force in the game romped to a fourth successive Sudirman Cup win. The hosts demolished Denmark, Europe’s best team, 3-0 in Sunday’s final in front of a raucous sell-out crowd in the seaside city of Qingdao. Hot pre-tournament favourites China were the outstanding side at the world mixed team championships and no other country came even remotely close to toppling them as they rampaged their way to yet another big title. With teams eyeing the Olympics in London next year, it was yet another awesome display of China’s domination. Lars Uhre, Denmark’s head coach, admitted his ageing side never came close. “We got swept away very quickly, we didn’t stand a chance,” he said. After the heavy defeat at a packed house of about 12,500, Den-

mark now contemplate a future without their world number five Peter Gade, who confirmed this would be his last Sudirman Cup. Tine Baun, the women’s number eight, is also reaching the twilight of her career. “We are very experienced but we believe you need experience in the big matches,” said Uhre. “Our best players are quite old and we are not as quick at getting them to this high level because we cannot train them from such a young age as you do here, so they peak later,” he told the post-match press conference. Gade, 34, admitted it was “almost impossible” to beat China on home turf and said they had frightening strength in depth compared with the rest of the world. “It’s not quite impossible but you

need a few things to get together before you can do it,” he said after he was comprehensively beaten by Lin Dan. “They have not been that much under pressure in the tournament and they have a lot left in the reserves. “Maybe we used up a bit more energy than them on the way and if we are to beat them we need that extra edge. “They have a fantastic team. We have to be honest, they could almost put out two teams which would be in the final against us.” Chief coach Li Yongbo, under whom China have enjoyed huge success, said he had been surprised by the ease with which his powerful side had defeated Denmark. “Denmark were strong. Most of their players are experienced and

AFP – Members of China’s national badminton team (C) listen to the national anthem on the podium quite old but it was difficult for them against us today,” he said. “Today’s performance was the best of the week. We recovered from some small difficulties in the

group stages to find the confidence to put on a good performance in the final.” “I didn’t expect it to be so smooth,” he admitted.

FIFA clear Blatter, suspend bin Hammam ZURICH – FIFA suspended executive committee members Mohamed bin Hammam and Jack Warner but cleared President Sepp Blatter of corruption on a dramatic day for football’s world governing body, FIFA’s ethics committee interviewed bin Hammam, Warner and Blatter on Sunday just hours after bin Hammam had pulled out of a bid to unseat Blatter in an election this week. Also suspended were Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester, both members of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU). They are alleged to have colluded with Qatari bin Hammam and Warner, of Trinidad and Tobago. And after the ethics committee chaired by Namibian Petrus Damaseb revealed its findings, FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said the presidential vote would go ahead as planned on Wednesday, with Blatter standing unopposed. “Both bin Hammam and Warner were provisionally banned from future activity in football while a full investigation is carried out,” Damaseb announced. Both men would eventually be afforded “the opportunity to defend themselves”, he added. “The FIFA Ethics Committee has reached its decisions,” said

AFP – The logo of the World Soccer Association FIFA is seen under the rain at its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Blatter in a statement. “I do not wish to comment in detail. But simply to say that I regret what has happened in the last few days and weeks. “FIFA’s image has suffered a great deal as a result,” added the 75-year-old Swiss. Warner hit back, alleging in a lengthy press release that Blatter had made a gift of $1 million to CONCACAF (the Central American confederation) “to spend as it deems fit.” The inference was that there

had been an attempt to buy CONCACAF votes for the Swiss. Asian Football Confederation president bin Hammam, 62, who was hugely influential in Qatar’s surprise victory in the battle to host the 2022 World Cup, joined Warner in condemning the suspension. “I have been referred to the Ethics Committee based on evidence which was strong enough in the views of the FIFA General Secretary for such procedure,” he said in a statement.

“However, the Ethics Committee in its meeting today did not find this evidence sufficient to convict me. “Consequently, I should have been given the benefit of doubt but instead, I have been banned from all football activities.” Hours earlier he had announced he was pulling out of the presidential race for the sake of FIFA’s reputation. He questioned the independence of the ethics committee, suggesting that Valcke had had the real say. “This is not how I understand fair play,” he added. Warner said his suspension “has come both as a shock and surprise to me”, complaining that he had been given less than 24 hours to submit a statement for consideration by the committee. The complaints against him and bin Hammam were “politically motivated”, he said. Bin Hammam, Warner and the two CFU officials, Minguell and Sylvester, were summoned to answer corruption allegations. The CFU pair failed to appear despite FIFA offering to fly them in. Bin Hammam and Warner were targeted after Chuck Blazer, general secretary of CONCACAF, reported possible misdeeds during a May 10 and 11 meeting in Trinidad. Bin Hammam and Warner were

accused of offering $40,000 (28,000 euros) in cash gifts to national associations at the Trinidad conference in return for pro-bin Hammam votes in the presidential election. It was Bin Hammam who called for Blatter to be questioned by the ethics commitee, saying the FIFA boss “was informed of, but did not oppose” payments made to Caribbean officials. But the ethics committee accepted Blatter’s version of events, said Damaseb. Blatter had said he had not been informed of what had occurred at the meeting, but that Warner had asked his advice ahead of it. Blatter replied that he should not hold such a meeting with the CFU. Damaseb judged that Blatter had not been obliged to report his encounter with Warner because no offence had at that time been committed. Despite the controversy, Valcke said there was no question of postponing the presidential election, which will see Blatter win his fourth and final term since he came to power in 1998. FIFA had embarked on a path of political change — as per Blatter’s last manifesto, Valcke said. This meant that “FIFA has never been stronger or as transparent as now,” he added.




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Vettel wins thrilling Monaco Grand Prix

AFP/Getty Images

Dan Wheldon of England

Wheldon wins Indy 500 after last-turn crash INDIANAPOLIS – England’s Dan Wheldon captured a dramatic centennial edition of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday after American rookie leader J.R. Hildebrand crashed on the final turn of the last lap. Wheldon, a 2005 Indy 500 winner now unable to find a full-season ride, was runner-up the past two years and appeared destined for another secondplace showing until 23-year-old Hildebrand slammed into the outer wall. The only lap Wheldon led was the only one that mattered. “It’s just an incredible day,” Wheldon said in Victory Lane. “I’m struggling being a part-timer right now. It’s a fantastic achievement being here.” Wheldon sped across the finish line first after 200 laps around the famed 2.5-mile (4km) Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval while Hildebrand, trying to manage a victory on a low-fuel tank, skidded across second in his wrecked car. “We were way at the end of the fuel stint,” said Hildebrand, who escaped injury. “I knew the guys behind me were coming hard. I went on the high side and as soon as I did I got into the marbles and went into the wall. “It is a helpless feeling.”

American Graham Rahal, a 22year-old American trying to become Indy’s youngest champion, was third followed by Brazil’s Tony Kanaan in fourth with New Zealand’s Scott Dixon in fifth and Spain’s Oriol Servia sixth. Wheldon became the first winner since Joe Dawson in 1912 — at the second Indy 500 — to win after leading only one lap. Hildebrand became only the second racer to lose the lead on the final lap, joining 2006 US rookie Marco Andretti. Defending champion Dario Franchitti went from the lead to the pits for fuel with 36 laps remaining, hoping to reach the finish without another stop. He instead finished 12th and could only ponder what might have been had he stayed with the lead. “I’m not going to second guess my guys,” said Franchitti, who led for 51 laps. “I am devastated. I don’t think that’s too strong a word. That’s as good as I can do it. We did a great job. It’s too bad we didn’t get the result.” “We had the car to win and we

didn’t get it done.” His departure left front-row starter Servia in front when racing resumed but Rahal, whose father Bobby won the race 25 years before, beat him to the first turn to grab the lead until New Zealand’s Scott Dixon passed him prior to the final pit stops for leaders. The leaders’ fuel stops put Danica Patrick, trying to become the first woman to win the Indy 500, ahead with 20 laps remaining. But the American needed a caution period to finish the last 41 laps without refueling in order to win. Belgian Bertrand Baguette, also low on fuel, passed Patrick for the lead with 12 laps remaining but went into the pits with three laps left for fuel as Hildebrand passed Franchitti and appeared set for victory. Then came a crash that created one the most dramatic finishes in the 100-year history of the US oval classic, leaving a stunned Wheldon screaming with joy as he took the checkered flag. “I was just trying to go as hard as I could. They said a lot of those guys were struggling on fuel,” Wheldon said. “I just felt a lot of relief. After being second for the past two years, it felt great.”

MONACO – Sebastian Vettel won the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday for his fifth victory in six races this season, beating Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button in a thriller that several drivers failed to finish. The most exciting race of the season featured almost as many twists and turns as Monaco’s famed street circuit. “It was unbelievable. The race today was pretty entertaining,” said Vettel, the defending Formula One champion. “The roulette button must have stopped last night and kept on spinning.” The German is strengthening his grip on the title with each race. He leads Lewis Hamilton by 58 points, Red Bull teammate Mark Webber by 64, Button by 67 and Alonso by 74. “We need to win three races and (Vettel) not to score,” Alonso said. “At the moment I don’t think it’s possible.” Vettel celebrated with team members by throwing himself into a swimming pool on top of Red Bull’s “Energy Station” — a meeting place for guests at the race. Other Red Bull staff did back flips into the pool as Vettel smiled. Vettel gambled by staying on the same set of soft tires, turning

the last 15 laps into a battle of wits, with Alonso and Button on his tail. It appeared the move was going to backfire before a crash on lap 72 resulted in a red flag that brought a suspension just as he was about to be caught. Vettel was able to change tires before the race resumed, making the last few laps a procession. “I saw the only chance to win this race was to try and stay out. I was nearly 20 laps under pressure with Fernando and Jenson behind, it was getting closer and closer,” said Vettel, whose only loss this year came when Hamilton beat him in China.


Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany

Edisi 31 Mei 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Law enforcement turns lax Bali flooded by illegal businesses

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