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Monday, July 25, 2011

Clinton: South China Sea disputes need urgent work Associated Press Writer

NUSA DUA — Increasing and sometimes violent encounters between China and its neighbors with competing claims in the South China Sea are driving up shipping costs and risk getting “out of control,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned on Sunday, underscoring the urgency of peacefully resolving disputes over resources and territory in the strategic waters.

Fans and friends shocked over Amy Winehouse death PAGE 12


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) listens as Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa (R) speaks during a press conference on the 2nd Joint Commission Meeting between the two countries in Nusa dua on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali on July 24, 2011.




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Speaking in Bali, Indonesia, where China and the Association of Southeast Asian nations took a first step toward establishing a binding code of conduct for the South China Sea last week, Clinton said that dangerous incidents were on the rise. She said the international community has a vested interest in ending them because they threaten the stability, economic growth and prosperity of the entire Asia-Pacific. Continued on page 6

Winehouse among music talents gone too soon Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK — Amy Winehouse released only two albums in her life, one of which sold more than a million copies, won five Grammys and sparked a retro soul movement that hasn’t yet stopped. The small output, in inverse relation to her outsized talent, made her death Saturday in London all the more tragic. Fans will only be able to imagine the unrecorded singles, the never-to-be concerts and the comeback album that didn’t come. It’s a sadly familiar script in pop music, the history of which is checkered with greats and would-be greats snuffed out too early in life. Almost as soon as news of Winehouse’s death broke and spread across social media, fans were inducting her into the unfortunate pantheon of music talents gone too soon. Many noted that Winehouse, 27, shared the

same age at death as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison. The British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg, though, realized that a meaningful commonality was being mistaken for coincidence. “It’s not age that Hendrix, Jones, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain & Amy have in common,” wrote Bragg on Twitter. “It’s drug abuse, sadly.” Those names were touted on the Web as the 27 Club, a ghoulish glamourizing of rock star death that makes it sound as though even in death VIPs remain behind a seductive velvet rope. Continued on page 6

Flowers and messages are left near the house in north London where the body of English pop star Amy Winehouse was found earlier on July 23, 2011.




Monday, July 25, 2011

Bali News SMAN 1 Karangasem Student Still Not Found


The coconut trees which are developed by farmers throughout Bali.

Unstable Price, Coconut Trees Still Kept Semarapura (Bali Post) -

The trend of unstable prices not only happened to the nine essentials, fluctuatedion price also happened to coconuts depending on the market and the season. Even so, people still keep their coconut trees especially by those in the village despite low profit, as admitted by one Dawan Kaler resident at Klungkung, Wayan Buda last Friday (22/7). According to Buda the coconut prices always depend on the supplier’s price yet if it’s sold per piece it could be IDR 1,000-2,000. Although not all those who have the trees sell the fruits only, there were also who have made it to cooking oil/ tandusan. “We can’t depend profit from the fruits only yet besides being sold the elements of the tree itself is needed for religious events from the

leaves, bungkak of the fruit, even for traditional brown sugar,” he explained. In Klungkung the trees were most potential on the flat land and brown sugar production will be maximal during rainy season and tend to get overloaded by orders especially in Dawan and Besan Village. The area of these coconut trees could reach up to 140.83 hectares reaching 1,873.51

quintal products. Sadly until now the potential hasn’t been managed maximally causing limitation on the people’s skills in producing from it also its incomplete equipments where they still depend on the traditional way such as finding tuak aren from the base of the coconut which became the base to sugars until its way of burning still using fire woods, all still using home industrial way. (kmb20)

Denpasar Achieves “Child Friendly City” Award Denpasar - Denpasar Government again records national achievement on Child Friendly City(KLA) Award. The Head of Family Planning Institution (KB) and Women Empowering (PP) Denpasar, I Gst Agung Laksmi Dharmayanti delivered this statement in Denpasar on Thursday. “The success of achieving this national award regards to Denpasar Government ability in fulfilling child’s right in this city,” said her. Further she said if child’s rights had fulfilled by Denpasar Govern-

ment, they can grow and protected well. It is being an implementation of “Convention on the Rights of the Child” (CRC) and “World Fit for Children” (WFC) as it contains the protection of child’s right. “The success of Denpasar Government had achieved Child Friendly City 2011 from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono while it will hand over on Saturday (23/7) in Jakarta,” said Laksmi Dharmayanti. This award achieved by Denpasar Government after this city is able to fulfill five re-

quirements. The major five requirements divide into 28 items and it had accessed by central team. She said Denpasar Government even did innovative event and it is not only caring about normal child but also ones who needed special treatment by building schools for them. The special school existence is being the only schools in Indonesia and it built by APBD supply. “It is being our commitment for Indonesia children so they can learn well including special kids,” said her.

Sunk victim after celebrating the end of his orientation (MOS), I Gede Yuda Winarta, nicknamed Dede (16) still not found until Saturday (23/7). Tens of his friends who is also the Head of the Student Organization (OSIS) at High School SMAN 1 Karangasem still waits on the beach shore of Mendira Beach, Sengkidu Village nearby Candidasa tourist Object in Manggis, Karangasem, the location where victim was swimming last Friday (22/7) and sank. As told before Dede was asleep at his home before picked up by his friends from OSIS and MOS committee of 29 people. They went around 3 pm local time to the well known strong wave beach. After swimming a while, Dede took rest at a crib above the waves breaker yet he saw his friend Yuda Setiawan and I Made Bayu Dwi Indrawan (16) waving their hands as they were dragged by the waves and sank. With his feeling of responsibility, Dede dove in to help where later its found Yuda is save yet Bayu was found dead while Dede is still unknown of his condition however predicted to have died. The sea in Karangasem has been known to has strong current and many people have been victimized. Not only those who can’t swim, even fishermen , locals and foreigners who fluently swims could be victimized. Dede’s mother, Midwife Ni Wayan Sulastri (44) met at Pembantu Kecicang Health Community Center, Bebandem, seemed to have given up with her child’s destiny as after her and her mother asked to a smart person (balian) it was stated Dede has gone and his body is squashed between corals. The person who also stated Dede is a chosen one and for that he is liked by his friends and so his colleagues waited him to come back on the walls of hotels and sitting on the sand. Sulastri mentioned her son was about to go to Denpasar to join the Flag Troop for Independence day and he is known friendly, responsible and well educated especially by his father, I Wayan Tista from Banjar Tanah Ampo, Jungutan Village, Bebandem who works as confiscator at Amlapura District Court. He does like to swim either in the sea or at Tirtagangga pool since he was a little boy. Every time he goes somewhere he usually took his mother’s hand on the head and asked for her pray so he would be save. Yet on that afternoon as she was asleep, he didn’t do it. His grandmother stated he has been having nightmares lately including losing his tooth. Meanwhile Search and Rescue Team (SAR) are still on its duty to find the body and three fishermen of the beach stated there are a number of riverbed or pools and one of them is on the east of a shrine located on the middle of the ocean. It is suspected Dede is stuck on a really narrow pool causing him couldn’t go up to the surface yet the search team couldn’t go in yet as the current is really strong and sometimes pulls you down. In other hand Bayu’s body has been placed in Karangasem Hospital corpse room then sent home to his parents at Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida. The father of Bayu, Wayan Sukarelawan, who’s also Vice Head of Facilities Section at the school seemed resilient of his second son’s death. (bud)

Dead, Fell From Third Floor Head of Sanglah Hospital Forensic Installation, dr. Dudu Rustyadi, SpF. Revealed a tourist from Australia, Alan Raymond East (57) died after falling from his staying place’s third floor last Saturday (23/7) around 1.40 am local time. The body has only been checked from the outside and it’s found Alan’s nose and ears have gone out expected due to a strong hit on the head. “Bruises and cuts were found worse on the arms and other moving parts of the body,” he explained. It was explained only by autopsy then it will be known what’s the cause of the death. The body is now still being placed at Sanglah Hospital Corpse Room. (san)

z Founder : K.Nadha, z General Manager :Palgunadi Chief Editor: Diah Dewi Juniarti z Editors: Gugiek Savindra,Alit Susrini, Alit Sumertha, Daniel Fajry, Mawa, Sri Hartini, Suana, Sueca, Sugiartha, Wirya, Yudi Winanto zDenpasar: Dira Arsana, Giriana Saputra, Subagiadnya, Subrata, Suentra, Sumatika, Asmara Putra. Bangli: Pujawan, Buleleng: Adnyana, Gianyar: Agung Dharmada, Karangasem: Budana, Klungkung: Bali Putra Ariawan. Jakarta: Nikson, Hardianto, Ade Irawan. NTB: Agus Talino, Syamsudin Karim, Izzul Khairi, Raka Akriyani. Surabaya: Bambang Wilianto. z Development: Alit Purnata, Mas Ruscitadewi. z Office: Jalan Kepundung 67 A Denpasar 80232. Telephone (0361)225764, Facsimile: 227418, P.O.Box: 3010 Denpasar 80001. Bali Post Jakarta, Advertizing: Jl.Palmerah Barat 21F. Telp 021-5357602, Facsimile: 0215357605 Jakarta Pusat. NTB: Jalam Bangau No. 15 Cakranegara Telp. (0370) 639543, Facsimile: (0370) 628257. Publisher: PT Bali Post

Bali News


Monday, July 25, 2011


Two Kawan residents enacted suspects Bangli (Bali Post)—

Having arrested three attackers from Songan Kintamani in blooded clashes on Tuesday night, Bangli Police also enacted two suspects from Kawan Hamlet, Bangli. Of the 13 witnesses examined, KM A alias PG, 40, and Ketut AW, 37, from Kawan Hamlet, Bangli, were arrested by police on Friday (Jul 22). Spokesperson of Bangli Police, Ida I Dewa Nyoman Rai, with permission from Bangli Police Chief explained that in the clash between urban residents and Songan residents his party had identified five suspects. Three previous suspects were from Songan, while two others from Kawan Hamlet, Bangli. From perpetrators coming from Kawan Hamlet had been secured two pieces of sword, one drum cover along with some other evidences such as clothing of the perpetrators. Both had been secured in Bangli Police Headquarters for further investigation process. They were snared with article 170, paragraph 2 to 3 of Criminal Code with a subsidiary of the Emergency Act No. 12/1951 with maximal penalty of 12 years in prison. The clash case downtown Bangli killing a victim and injuring dozens of people was still being developed. So far, his party had just been examining about 13 witnesses. Possibly, examination of witnesses would continue to grow.

Regarding to security guard involving the Mass Control Unit of Bangli, Klungkung, Gianyar and Karangasem Police was still being undertaken. Similarly, the Mobile Brigade unit of Bali Police together with barracuda police tactical vehicle was still alerted to anticipate any inconveniences. Meanwhile, the Head of Bangli House, IB Raka Mudarma, expected that no party would take advantage of the situation and blame each other on the incident. Both regency government and security authorities had done their maximal efforts. The best measure at the moment was that both parties embraced each other and went back to normal activities for maintaining the interfaith harmony and fellow community of Bangli. Such an incident should be made a lesson for all parties. Otherwise, all parties would suffer and incur losses. The community was also appealed not to easily trust various provocative issues or text messaging (SMS) or other news because there was a lot of

information circulating in the community after the incident. Possibly, it was aimed at making uneasy the whole community, including both parties in disputes. To that end, the community of Bangli was expected to be calm while jointly creating and maintaining the security and stability in Bangli. Mediation initiated by government to resolve the problem should be promptly undertaken. By doing so, the name of Bangli would not be disgraceful in the eyes of international community. Moreover, due to the case the name of Bangli could turn negative until drawing the attention of the president. “Dear Bangli residents, let’s think positively and do not criticize one other. It’s a pity because of the case all people turn afraid, especially school children did not dare to go to school and traders are haunted by fear. It had an incredible impact on the economic viability and the education of children in Bangli,” he said. (kmb17)

Quality of subsidized seed and fertilizer not tested yet Farmers made like an object of research’s result Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Government policies only allocating two percent budget of the total Regional Budget for agricultural sector are hard to bring Bali to rice selfsufficiency. Moreover, in the whole, more budgets are allocated for regular activities of regional apparatus unit (SKPD) than for the needs of farmers in the field. “So far, more budgets for agricultural field were earmarked for labor cost than directly for the needs of community. On that account, at least if Bali Government wants to pay serious attention to agricultural sector, the budget should be increased minimally 7 to 10 percent of the Regional Budget,” said Chairman of KTNA Bali, Made Suparsa, when contacted by Bali Post on Friday (Jul 22). According to him, so far there seemed no balance among the local governments in respective regency of Bali, especially in terms of budget allocated for agricultural sector. “So far, the reality in the field indicated if there was funding assistance from central

government, the agricultural budget of regency and provincial government automatically faltered,” he said. Aside from the problems of low agricultural budget obtained by farmers in person, Made Suparsa also highlighted that a number of efforts made by Department of Agriculture were not maximal, especially in realizing the food self-sufficiency of Bali. In addition, the challenges faced by agriculture of Bali were like anomalies of recent erratic weather, pests (mice and leafhoppers) resulting in the decline in agricultural products as well as skyrocketing prices of agricultural goods. Furthermore, he said, Bali currently had the potential of rice field amounting to 85,000 hectares only, and it was considered unable to give major contribution to agricultural development. In reality, during the harvest season this year, farmers complained about their crops that only reached the range of 3.5 to 4 tons per hectare. “We acknowledge the efforts of agricultural agencies to overcome

the pest attack carried out by mass hunting system, free pest eradication and ritual approach, but all pest controls did not work properly. As consequence, Bali will remain shortage of food, especially rice,” he said. On the other hand, Made Suparsa also judged if farmers seemed to have been made like an object of research’s results and were slightly forced. “Government often provides subsidies in the form of seed and fertilizer for farmers. However, their quality and resistance to disease have not been tested considering the topography of respective regency is different,” he said. In addition, his party expected government particularly the agricultural agency and the field technical personnel to continuously provide guidance, one of which was about cropping pattern. “No matter how great the seed and fertilizer applied in the field, if the pest eradication efforts have not been completely successful, then Bali will stay to live through shortages of foodstuff,” he said. (bit)


The flooded Legian Street will be rranged by the Government immediatly.

Immediately assessed Arrangement of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak Beach Mangupura (Bali Post)—

Badung Livestock, Fisheries and Maritime Agency (Disnakanlut) is waiting for the instruction of Badung Regent to make coordinative meeting with relevant agencies in relation to the coastal arrangement of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. According to the plan, arrangement of the three coastal territories will be submitted to society as implemented on the three other beaches. This matter was disclosed by the Head of Badung Livestock, Fishery and Maritime Agency, I Made Badra, Friday (Jul 22). He said that based on the Law No. 27/2010 concerning with the management of coastal territory and small islands and then followed by Presidential Instruction, the coastal territories could be empowered for public welfare. In Badung, according to the Regent’s Decree, Badra was appointed Chairman in coordination with relevant agencies. According to him, up to these days, there had been Kedonganan, Jimbaran and Kelan Beach whose arrangement was entrusted to local community. In the future, all beaches in Badung would be treated equally. “The accomplished arrangement was made on Kedonganan, Jimbaran and Kelan Beach. Meanwhile, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak Beach are waiting for the time of leadership for coordinative meeting,” he said. Regarding to the risk of infringement against Regional Regulation due to arrangement of coastal territory, Badra quibbled there had been special rules in Government Regulation. He gave an example about the matter of coastal boundary lines. According to him, it did not only stipulate to make the region free of buildings. However, there were particular exceptions to what extent was allowed and in this regard government would make coordination with the community. “For the arrangement of coastal territory made tourism icon should get priority handling. Do not let the beaches be left unorganized because their potential was actually very high for tourism promotion, increasing income and employment opportunities for the community,” he added. (kmb25)



Monday, July 25, 2011


Norway attacks shock, disgust Europe Asssociated Press Writer

BERLIN — The deadly twin attacks in Norway were greeted with an outpouring of sympathy and disgust across Europe and beyond on Saturday, and generated calls to counter the far-right intolerance that may have motivated the assailant. A massive bombing Friday in the heart of Oslo was followed by a horrific shooting spree on an island hosting a youth retreat for the prime minister’s center-left party. The same man, a Norwegian with reported Christian fundamentalist, anti-Muslim views, was suspected in both attacks. While the background isn’t yet entirely clear, “it is said that hatred was a motive,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters in Berlin. “Hatred of others, hatred of those who look different, of the supposedly foreign — this hatred is our common enemy.” “All of us who believe in freedom, respect and peaceful coexistence, we all must confront this hatred,” she said. Neighboring Sweden’s prime minister said Norwegian society “now faces a tough challenge. But the questions will also reach us here in Sweden.” “Remember that what an extremist does can very often be used by other extremists. Our task is to show another way,” Fredrik Reinfeldt said in Stockholm. “We all have to stand up together and show what is important: to respect each other, to take

care of each other, to stand up for democracy, openness and show respect for all people, not the least young people who have chosen to engage themselves politically.” President Obama called Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to express personally and on behalf of the American people his deepest condolences for the dozens of innocent Norwegians killed and injured in what he called the “senseless attacks” in Oslo and Utoya Island, the White House said Saturday. The U.N. Security Council members also issued a statement in which they “condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist incidents in Norway, calling “terrorism in all its forms and manifestations ... one of the most serious threats to international peace and security.” Germany’s top Jewish leader also highlighted the need to fight extremism. “As a group that itself is always threatened by hatred, fanaticism and terrorism, we can identify particularly with the terrible loss of Norwegian society,” Dieter Graumann said, German news agency dapd reported.


The Utoeya island, 40km south west of Oslo is seen in the background as flowers and candles are seen on July 23, 2011 in memory of the victims of July 22 shooting spree on the island.

Norway gunman deems Latvians sack their Parliament in historic vote killings “atrocious,”necessary” Associated Press Writer

extending his custody. “He has said that he believed the SUNDVOLLEN, Norway - A actions were atrocious, but that in Norwegian right-wing fanatic who his head they were necessary,” lawkilled at least 92 people believes yer Geir Lippestad told indepenhis acts were atrocious but neces- dent TV2 news, adding that his clisary, his lawyer said, as the nation ent admitted to both the shootings mourned victims of its worst at- and the bombing. Police said Breivik gave himself tacks since World War Two. Police were investigating on up to armed officers when they arSunday whether a possible second rived on the small island of Utoeya in a lake about 42 km (26 miles) gunman took part in the shootnorthwest of Oslo where at ing massacre and bomb attack least 85 people were on Friday that traumatized a gunned down. Most were normally peaceful Nordic teenagers and young adults country. attending a summer camp of But they also defended the the youth wing of Norway’s speed of their response to the ruling Labor Party. second stage of the attack About 650 people when the gunman was were on the isable to shoot unchalland when the lenged for a progunman, wearlonged period on an ing a police island outside Oslo, uniform acshortly after the cording to withuge bomb went off nesses, opened in the capital. fire. Police said In his first comit took them ment via a lawyer one hour to stop since he was arthe massacre rested, 32-year-old from when they Anders Behring first received inBreivik expressed formation about willingness to exthe shootings, the plain himself in worst by a single court at a hearing Anders Behring gunman in modern likely to be held Breivik times. on Monday about Reuters

RIGA, Latvia — Latvians voted to sack their Parliament in a historic referendum Saturday as the recessionweary country attempts to dismantle a culture of graft existing between politics and business. With some 73 percent of ballots counted, 94.7 percent of voters supported the legislature’s dissolution, according to Central Election Commission data early Sunday, setting the stage for a snap parliamentary election in September. It was the first such referendum since the Baltic country of 2.2 million people broke away from the Soviet Union 20 years ago. The dissolution is a victory for Valdis Zatlers, the man who risked his presidency — and lost it — when he called for the referendum in May after lawmakers blocked an anti-corruption probe involving lawmaker, Ainars Slesers, who is known for his cozy relations with businessmen. The following week lawmakers struck back by rejecting Zatlers’ re-election bid and instead installed challenger Andris Berzins to the presidency. Zatlers could be vindicated again in the upcoming election, since the party he just formed — Zatlers’ Reform Party — is poised for a strong showing in the upcoming election. The party, which held its inaugural congress Saturday, is tied for first place in opinion polls with the center-left Harmony Party Many Latvians share Zatlers’ concerns that wealthy businessmen-politicians — known as oligarchs — have too much influence on lawmaking and the courts in the tiny country of 2.2 million people. Inara Slucka, who was headed to a voting station Saturday, said she would vote for sacking legislators. “It’s a new opportunity to change the situation, to do something about corruption, which is problem number one in Latvia,” she said. Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis said he voted to boot Parliament, the Saeima, since a new election would be an “opportunity to ensure that forces supporting the rule-of-law would have a majority” in a new legislature.

Latvia is emerging from a deep recession that in three years cut nearly one-fourth of economic output. In December 2008 the European Union and the International Monetary Fund stepped in to rescue the country from bankruptcy with a euro7.5 billion bailout program, but the aid did little to alleviate widespread discontent as the government slashed spending and raised taxes. Unemployment eventually reached nearly 25 percent, and tens of thousands of people left the country to find work in Sweden, Britain and Ireland.

AP Photo/Roman Koksarov

Latvians cast their ballot at a polling station during referendum to dissolve Parliament in Riga, Latvia, Saturday, July 23, 2011. It is the first such referendum since the Baltic country of 2.2 million people broke away from the Soviet Union 20 years ago, and if successful, will result in snap parliamentary elections in September.

Activities ‘Sweet Sixteen Unplugged’ at Rock Bar

Monday, July 25, 2011



JIMBARAN - ‘Sweet’ is not a word normally used to describe Indonesia’s biggest punk rock stars, but it will be a Sweet Sixteen birthday performance like you’ve never seen before when Superman Is Dead show their softer side at Rock Bar on 18 August. Only 400 tickets will be sold for this exclusive unplugged gig to celebrate the 16th anniversary since the band was formed by three attitude-heavy Kuta boys: Bobby Kool (lead vocal, guitar, and dog lover), Eka Rock (bass, backing vocal, and family man) and JRX (pronounced Jerinx, a princecharming drummer and hairwax junkie). Recording most of their songs in English, SID are undoubtedly Indonesia’s most successful punk rock band. They have been signed with Sony-BMG since 2003, have toured the USA, Australia and Indonesia, and at the time of writing were ranked 21 on American Billboard – making them the first band in Indonesia to be charted. Drawn together in 1995 by a common love of Green Day, NOFX and Living End (the latter two of which they have since shared a stage with), SID


are renowned for their raw energy and Balinese attitude, highlighted in singles such as Kuta Rock City, a tribute to their local ‘hood. But they will show their softer side for this special performance at Rock Bar. Expect to be mesmerized by an unplugged performance matching the gentle beauty of their natural environment, surrounded by towering cliffs and the background harmony of crashing waves just meters below. “In 16 years together, we saw a lot, did a lot of what was right AND wrong. Now for our special gig at Rock Bar, we’ll show you the wrong thing, the right way,” said JRX. Their ‘Sweet Sixteen’ gig is expected to sellout fast. Priced at Rp250,000 pre-sale or Rp350,000 at-the-door, tickets go on sale 1 August and will be strictly on a first-in first-serve basis; once sold, the venue will be a lock-out. Ayana hotel and villa guests will receive complimentary entry. The Rock Bar will be open as usual for sunset from 4pm but will close at 8pm. Doors will re-open at 9pm, with the gig scheduled to start at 10pm. Rp50,000 from each ticket sale will go to Sanatana Dharma Orphanage in North Bali, home to 35 children whose education and livelihood is funded by Ayana’s employees.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for July 9 through August 6, 2011 09 Jul Pura Catur Buana Sanding, Tampaksiring - Gianyar 10 Jul Pura Peninjoan

26 Jul Pura Puseh, Pura Desa Batua, Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Pasek Bendesa Kekeran Mengwi - badung Pura Manik Mas Besakih - Karangasem

Besakih - Karangasem

16 Jul Pura pasek Gelgel Kukuh,Marga - Tabanan Pasek Gelgel Dukuh Selemadeg - Tabanan Pasek Gelgel Mambang Selemadeg - Tabanan Pura Puseh, Pura Desa Guwang, Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Dalem Setra Batununggul Sewana,Nusa Penida Klungkung Pura Dadia Agung Pasek Gelgel Ketewel - Gianyar 17 Jul Aci-aci Penaung Taluh di Penataran Besakih Karangasem Pura Gunung Kuripan Lombok Pura Tirta Besakih - Karangasem Pura Purnama Camenggaon,Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Amerta Jati Komplek ALRI, Cinere - Jakarta Sel. Pura Jagatnatha Singaraja Pura Dang Hyang Tulus Dewa Apuan,Susut - Bangli Pura Jagathitha Selong - Lombok Timur Pura Agung Pasek Gelgel Gobleg Gobleg,Banjar - Buleleng Pura Desa, Pura Puseh Batur, Kitamani - Bangli Pura Asah (Alas Arum) Batur,Kintamani - Bangli Pura Dalem Kedewatan Celuk,Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Agung Mandara Giri Gunung Semeru - Lumajang, Jatim Pura Pengubengan Besakih - Karangasem Penataran Agung Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Bukit Mentik Gunung Lebah,Batur,Kintamani Bangli Merajan A. Puser Jagat Meranting Batukandik,Nusa Penida - Klungkung 23 Jul Merajan Pasek Gaduh Kayubihi - Bangli

30 Jul Pura Kepisah Sumerta - Denpasar Pura Pasek Gelgel Gerih, Abiansemal - Badung Pura Puncaksari Penarukan, Peninjoan- Bangli Pura Anteg Sari Br Dangin Pangkung, Kediri-Tabanan Pura Bangun Sakti Besakih - Karangasem Pura Pesimpangan Batur Pande Dangin Pangkung, Kediri Tabanan 01 Aug Odalan Ida Ratu Geng PenataranBesakih - Karangasem Ida Ratu Raja Puraus Mr. Saloding Besakih - Karangasem 03 Aug Pura Panti Pasek Gelgel Gobleg Kayuputih,Banjar Buleleng 05 Aug Pura Tirtaharum Tegalwangi - Bangli Pura Beratan Baturiti - Tabanan Pura Batu Klotok Lepang - Klungkung Pura Pasek Tohjiwa Wanasari - Tabanan Pura Pasek Tangguntiti Jakatebel - Tabanan Pura Pasek Bendesa Sangsit,Sawan - Buleleng Pura Dalem Waturenggong Tarokaja,Tegallalang - Gianyar Pura Ibu (Pura Kaja) Wanagiri Selemadeg - Tabanan Pura Pasek Gelgel Tulikup - Gianyar Pura Mnik Bingin Ds Dukuh,Sidemen - Karangasem 06 Aug Pura Penataran Gana Bebalang - Bangli Pura Dalem Gede Banjar Pande - Bangli Pura Puncak Sari Abiansemal - Badung Pasek Dadia A. Sanak Sapta Resi Peteluan,Sidan - Gianyar Pura Puseh Penegil Darma Kubutambahan - Buleleng Pura Dalem Maya Br Teruna,Blahbatuh - Gianyar

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Monday, July 25, 2011

News Clinton... From page 1 “The rest of the world needs to weigh in because all of us have a stake in ensuring that these disputes don’t get out of control,” Clinton told reporters at a joint news conference with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa. “We ... urge that ASEAN move quickly, I would even add urgently, to adopt a code of conduct that will avoid any problems in the vital sea lanes and territorial waters of the South China Sea.” Clinton said increasing incidents of intimidation — such as the ramming of boats and cutting of vessels’ cables — were ratcheting up tensions and raising the “cost of doing business for everyone who travels through the South China Sea.” “It is important for us to support freedom of navigation, unimpeded commerce, so there is no question as to the rights of every nation for its ships, its goods, to pass through the South China Sea,” she said. Clinton was in Bali to attend Asia’s largest security conference ahead of which China and ASEAN reached agreement on a declaration intended to pave the way for a code of conduct. But achieving that goal is fraught with difficulty as China has for years rejected such a formal mechanism, preferring to deal with individual countries where its sheer size and strength gives it an advantage. As she did at the conference on Saturday, Clinton urged all parties to show restraint and to comply with international law. She said all claimants should submit documentation establishing their claims consistent with the UN Convention of the Law of the Seas.

Winehouse... From page 1 IBP/afp

Workers and rescuers look on as excavators dig through the wreckage after a high speed train crashed into a stalled train in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province

Workers search for survivors after China high-speed train crash Reuters

WENZHOU, China - Rescue workers dug through the tangled wreckage on Sunday after a high-speed train smashed into a stalled train in eastern China, killing at least 34 and seriously injuring 12 in China’s deadliest train disaster since 2008. The crash happened on Saturday after one train lost power due to a lightning strike, and the bullet train behind crashed into it, state media said, raising new questions about the safety of the fast-growing rail network. Authorities moved quickly to try and assuage public anger, sacking the head of the Shanghai railway bureau, the China Daily said on its website. The government revised down by one the death toll, to 34, but said almost 200 remained in hospital, 12 of whom were in critical condition. Two foreigners also died in the accident, which took place on a bridge near the city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang province, some 860 miles south of Beijing, state news agency Xinhua said on Sunday. China News Service, a semi-official news agency, said one of them was a woman in her 20s. Dozens of rescue workers and firefighters used excavators to move the wreckage of the two trains as they believed more bod-

ies were in one of the carriages that was dangling beside the bridge. It was unclear how many people were on the trains at the time of the accident. In a small piece of good news, state television said rescuers had pulled a 4-year-old boy alive from the wreckage. “The task for us now is to clear the debris and also to check for survivors in those areas that we have not gone to,” said 35-year-old rescue worker Wang Jun. “Also, we are trying to get the railway line to be operational again.” Rail remains the most popular method of long-distance transport in China and trains are usually extremely crowded, with long-distance trains carrying as many as 1,000 passengers. The reliability of

China’s railways has been called into question recently after the flagship Beijing-Shanghai highspeed rail line suffered a series of power outages since it opened to great fanfare a month ago. Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang arrived on the scene to help with the relief work and investigation, state television reported. Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao also called for all-out efforts to rescue passengers and ordered to make rescue work a priority, a government statement said. China’s rail network has also been hit by a series of scandals. Three railway officials have been investigated for corruption this year, according to local media reports.

It’s a term, sometimes called the Forever 27 Club, that has spawned a Wikipedia entry, an independent 2008 movie (“The 27 Club”), numerous websites and at least one book (“The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll”). The causes of death vary. Jones, the Rolling Stones guitarist, was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool in 1969 and was ruled dead “by misadventure.” Hendrix, having mixed sleeping pills and wine, died in 1970 in a London hotel room. Joplin, also in 1970, died in her Porsche in Los Angeles, with heroin suspected as the culprit. Morrison died of heart failure in 1971 in the bathtub of his Paris apartment. Cobain killed himself in 1994. Some have claimed Cobain was aware of the so-called 27 Club. After his death, his mother, Wendy O’Connor, was understandably fed up with the concept, saying: “I told him not to join that stupid club.” The cause of Winehouse’s death is not yet known. She long struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. Last month, she canceled her European comeback tour after she swayed and slurred her way through barely recognizable songs in her first show in the Serbian capital, Belgrade. She flew home, and her management said she would take time off to recover. What’s particular about Winehouse’s style of rock ‘n’ roll excess is that it was chronicled thoroughly by the tabloids and news media and was eagerly consumed by readers. High-quality photographs captured her poor health, the scabs on her face and marks on her arms. Videos of her landed on the Internet, like one that showed her and Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty playing with newborn mice. Another showed her singing a racist ditty to the tune of a children’s song. One, published by a tabloid newspaper, appeared to show her smoking crack cocaine. Her run-ins with the law — she was cautioned by the police in 2008 for assault and in 2010 pleaded guilty to assaulting a theater manager who asked her to leave a family Christmas show because she’d had too much to drink — found headlines. So did her romances, such as her brief marriage in 2007 to music industry hanger-on Blake Fielder-Civil. Rarely, though, were Winehouse’s troubles romantic or appealing. Though a thoroughly captivating presence — all beehive and tattoos and candor — Winehouse always cut a desperate figure. Her struggles with substances and bipolar disorder (she said she declined to take medication for it) were painfully evident. In death, her famous boast of “no, no, no” to rehab only sounds empty. The hard truths of addiction don’t fit neatly into pop tunes — or morbid 27 Clubs — but play out over years of toil. Early death typically mythologizes pop stars, inflating their reputation. Pop culture writer Chuck Klosterman, in his book “Killing Yourself to Live,” wondered why “the greatest career move any musician can make is to stop breathing.” The posthumous releases from Winehouse will surely follow, and her legacy will grow. But hopefully mythologizing will be resisted. Winehouse’s death, an unfortunate but unsurprising end to a long, public decline, might be best remembered not just as another tragic loss but as a modern portrait of how untrue those rock myths really are.

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Google ‘to open Indonesia office before 2012’

FOTO ANTARA/Ismar Patrizki

Chairman Executive Google Inc Eric Schmidt said Google plans to open an office in Indonesia soon as it looks to tap the country’s huge growth in Internet users.

JAKARTA - Google plans to open an office in Indonesia soon as it looks to tap the country’s huge growth in Internet users, the office of the country’s vice president said Friday. The announcement came after talks between Eric Schmidt, chairman of the US Internet giant, met Vice President Boediono in Jakarta, a spokesman said. “The Vice President and Google’s chairman held a meeting where Google expressed their interest to invest here and open a local office before 2012,” the spokesman Yopie Hidayat told Dow Jones Newswires. However, he did not give an exact time frame for opening. Of Indonesia’s population of more than 230 million, just 40 million were connected to the Internet, making the country an attractive market for web firms. A study by Google rival Yahoo! found

that Indonesia is the largest and fastest growing online market in Southeast Asia, with online usage growth of 48 percent in 2010, compared to 22 percent in 2009. The country is also ranked third with the most registered Facebook users — after the US and Britain — with more than 22 million users. “You already have large Facebook and Twitter communities. You have very high Google use already,” he told reporters after the meeting. “There are 50 million small businesses in Indonesia, I had no idea it was that large. Those (small businesses) will be the engine of growth for the future economy,” he added. Google Asia Business Development director Emmanuel Sauquet said last year that Indonesia was “the right place for us to come” due to its fastest economy growth.

Clinton urges Indonesia to reduce trade barriers AFP/AP

NUSA DUA - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday urged Indonesia to cut tariffs, saying trade between the two countries lagged behind others in Southeast Asia. She said the country of 240 million people was the biggest economy in the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) but its trade with the United States was well short of where it could be. “While Indonesia is the largest economy in ASEAN, trade between our two countries lags behind others in the region,” she said during a meeting with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa and other officials. “Last year America?s trade with Indonesia surpassed $20 billion, but it hit $40 billion with Malaysia. So

we want to collaborate on ways to reduce tariffs and other barriers.” Clinton on Saturday attended a gathering of Southeast Asian entrepreneurs alongside Indonesian Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu, at the end of a hectic week of regional diplomacy on the resort island of Bali. She said Indonesia was a “natural choice” for a summit of young entrepreneurs, as a major democracy in a “dynamic region that is increasingly at the heart of global commerce and growth”. But she said its potential was being tied down by red tape and legal

uncertainty. “The United States wants to work with you to bring down these barriers,” she said. “That means reducing the time it takes to open a business here in this region... Improving the business climate by protecting intellectual property rights.” She cited rampant copyright piracy as a clear deterrent to innovation in Indonesia, a member of the G20 group of rich and developing nations. “If you come up with a good idea, it should be protected so that you can then make the most of it and spin it off into who knows where it might go,” she said. At her meeting with Natalegawa, she noted Indonesian commitments to reduce its carbon emissions and said the United States wanted to work with

Gunmen kill Indonesia soldier in Papua Associated Press Writer

JAYAPURA — Unidentified gunmen ambushed Indonesian soldiers and killed one of them Thursday in the easternmost province of Papua, a military officer said. Maj. Gen. Erfi Triassunu, the army chief in Papua, said the attackers ambushed a group of soldiers outside a village in the hilly district of Puncak Jaya. The soldiers were attacked while taking their food supplies near the district capital of Mulia, Triassunu said, adding that soldiers are still chasing the gunmen. He identified the victim as a first private who died instantly after being hit by a gunshot to his head, No information was available on the other soldiers. Papua, a former Dutch colony on the western part of New Guinea, was incorporated into Indonesia in

1969 after a U.N.-sponsored ballot. However, a small, poorly armed separatist group, known as Free Papua Movement, or OPM, has battled for independence ever since. The attack was the third this month against the army and came one day after a military tribunal indicted three soldiers for killing a civilian in Puncak Jaya last year. The sergeant and two privates facing trial in Papua’s capital, Jayapura, are accused of beating and shooting to death a man near a military checkpoint in March. On July 5, unidentified gunmen attacked an army patrol in the district, injuring a soldier. Another attack later the same day targeted the army reinforcements, injured two others. Last month, also in Puncak Jaya, a police officer was shot by the suspected members of the OPM.

Jakarta to “spur sustainable growth”. She also looked ahead to President Barack Obama’s visit to Indonesia — his childhood home for four years in the late 1960s — for the East Asia Summit in November. Washington and Jakarta could use the summit to advance their “most important shared concerns” such as maritime security, disaster readiness and nonproliferation, “including working toward a denuclearised Korean peninsula”. Clinton arrived in Bali on Thursday to attend a series of meetings culminating in the ASEAN Regional Forum security dialogue on Saturday. She leaves for Hong Kong later Sunday. Democratic role model

Clinton is urging Indonesia to promote democracy in Myanmar and

countries in the Middle East and North Africa in the throes of upheaval. She says its successful transition from dictatorship and status as a vibrant Muslim-majority democracy make it an ideal role model for both Myanmar and the Arab world. In meetings with senior Indonesian officials on Sunday in Bali, Clinton said the country’s recent history “provides an example for a transition to civilian rule and building strong democratic institutions.” She said Indonesia has made significant strides toward democracy and shown that Islam and democracy can co-exist. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation and emerged from decades of authoritarian rule just over 10 years ago.

Visitors take a look at new vehicle models, including a Mini Cooper (C), at the Indonesian Motor Show 2011 exhibition in Jakarta on July 23, 2011. The 19th Indonesian Motor Show is taking place from July 22 to 31 with a sustainable green technology theme. AFP PHOTO / Bay ISMOYO



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Bali Today US Helps RI Prevent Infectious Diseases Antara

MENGWI - The United States Government is making every effort to help Indonesia prevent infectious diseases, a US official said here on Friday.


The United States Government is making every effort to help Indonesia prevent infectious diseases, a US official said here on Friday.

“Indonesia became the focus of our program in the prevention of infectious disease and other ailments caused by climate change and biodiversity issues,” US Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Kerry-Ann Jones, said. Jones said the US Government has set a focus to suppress the spread of rabies and avian influenza (H5N1) in Indonesia. According to Jones, the prevention of infectious diseases such as rabies and bird flu should involve two health sectors namely human and animal health. He was of the opinion that mitigation and prevention in the form of mass vaccination against rabies in Bali by the local government were of great importance. Jones said mass vaccination in the island resort of Bali in reality was effective enough to reduce the spread

of rabies to 50 percent. “With such an activity we can arrange another long term programs to suppress and control infectious diseases in Indonesia,” Jones said. On the occasion, the US assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs announced the delivery of aid funds amounting to US$500,000 from the US government to Indonesia for rabies prevention “The assistance will be provided through the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to help Bali to remain free from rabies,” Jones said. Jones is currently in Bali to obtain first hand information about rabies vaccination at Gulingan village in Badung district. His visit to Bali is to ascertain and observe the USAID assistance program in the response to rabies in the province. Participate in IIMS 2011 ASEAN Chief Praises North-South Korean Officials’ Launched ‘’Gudang Rezeki’’ and Ramadhan TVC IBP Antara

NUSA DUA - ASEAN chief Surin Pitsuwan has praised a meeting that took place on Friday between highlevel representatives of North Korea and South Korea on the sidelines of meetings between ASEAN foreign ministers and their counterparts in Nusa Dua. “It is a momentum towards the resumption of the six party talks. ASEAN is very pleased to know that we have been able to contribute to a new momentum towards a peaceful resolution (of the conflict on the Korean peninsula),” ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsuwan said here after a meeting with North Korean Foreign Affairs Minister Pak U’i-ch’un. According to Minister Pak, he said, the meeting between North Korean and South Korean officials went well, and the first party expressed satisfaction after attending the meeting. Asked

about the topic of discussion between the two Koreas, Surin said Minister Pak did not specifically mention it to him. “We don’t know what happened inside the meeting room. But the most important thing is that they (North Korea) believe there is new progress and new development towards the resumption of the six party talks as everybody has been hoping for,” Surin said. It was earlier reported, the nuclear envoys of South and North Korea were expected to meet on the sidelines of an Asian forum in Bali on Friday in the first high level contact since tensions spiked on the Korean peninsula last year. Wi Sung-lac, South Korea’s nuclear envoy, and Ri Yong-ho, North Korea’s vice foreign minister who handles nuclear diplomacy, would meet for unofficial talks on the sidelines of the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting, Yonhap news agency said.

DENPASAR - The e-commerce site participated in the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2011. According to Director of, reason to participate in this event is to get in touch with automotive lovers and get them to know more about ‘’We have good rating on automotive canal during 2010 and until July 2011. So participate in this big event will be a good tool to introduce to automotive lovers,’’ Arnold explained. Arnold added that Tokobagus also participate in many big events around Indonesia to increase the sales of its members who put their ads in Tokobagus for free. During the big event, Arnold also explained that Tokobagus launched its special program called Gudang Rezeki and introduce its special Ramadhan TV commercial (TVC). According to Arnold, Gudang Rezeki is made for people who want to get extra cash that can be use during Lebaran Day. ‘’We try to help people that want to earn extra money to celebrate Lebaran Day as Indonesian people use to do it every year,’’ he stated. He said following the program is very easy be-

IBP/Courtesy of Tokobagus

cause members only have to sale used things that they have by taking the pictures and posting it at Tokobagus. Offcourse the used things have to be in good condition and still needed by others. Besides earning extra cash, this program also get a chance to win MacBook Air,Camera Digital Sony Nex 5, iPad 2, Blackberry and others good stuffs. ‘’The program will be held from July 24 to August 29, 2011. We will publish the winner on September 16 via Facebook and Twitter’’. (kmb18)


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Balinese Culture Motorized vehicles in Bali more than half the population Bali Post

DENPASAR - The number of motorized vehicle in Bali is in keeping with the rate of population growth. Until the first semester of 2011, the Island of the Gods holds approximately 2,217,217 units of motorized vehicles including motorcycles that reached 2,016,301 units. The number is more than half of the population estimated to reach 4 million people. Assistant I of Bali Regional Secretary, I Gusti Made Sunendra, said so in inaugurating an automotive outlet in Sanur recently. If associated with the area of Bali Province, the number of motorized vehicles had been quite a lot, even had led to a negative impact. “The number of motorized vehicle in Bali is quite a lot. It is feared to result in negative impact on the environment which in turn will affect human health. However, this can be minimized by provision of maximal after sales service to consumers and environmental protection programs,” he said. According to him, Bali had launched Green Province program comprising three basic strategies, namely Green Culture,

Green Economic as well as Clean and Green Bali. This program had received positive responses from various parties including central government. It had been realized through some activities such as reforestation, arrangement of green open spaces, making biopore, waste management, control against pollution and greenhouse effect as well as other measures. “We request active participation of the automotive entrepreneurs and dealers to real support various programs of Bali Green Province a in the rescue and preservation of the environment in Bali,” he said. It was said the role of automotive business would have a broad impact not only on the people of Bali, but also on tourism industry. Meanwhile, the economic development of Bali region in 2011 was directed to three main sectors namely tourism, agriculture in its broadest sense as well as small industries and handicrafts. “The development of Bali’s economy based on the three sectors will run properly as long as supported by adequate infrastructure such as roads, airports, ports, environment and a decent number of vehicles in terms of

quality and quantity,” he said. Meanwhile, the Head of Bali Transportation, Communication and Informatics, I Made Santha, previously stated that within the past five years, the number of motorized vehicles in Bali rose sharply to nearly two-fold. Such a rapid increase virtually happened to all types of vehicles, but the most prominent accretion was in the number of motorcycle. “The number of vehicles operating in Bali, especially private cars and motorcycles, causes the traffic in this region very crowded, even making traffic congestion at rush hours,” he explained. His party was working hard to restructure the mass transportation system, in the hope it could diminish the number of motorcycles and private cars on public roads. The arrangement was undertaken by designing the smooth public transportation system in four regencies/city namely in city of Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Tabanan Regency. “It requires the awareness and support of all components of community because so far all public transportation systems are less desirable by community and they mostly use private vehicles, either motorcycle or car,” he added. (par)

UDANG PANTUNG KUNING (Lobster in Yellow Sauce)

OVERVIEW: A real gourmet treat from Bali, this could also be made with huge prawns. In Bali, coconut chunks are roasted directly on charcoal, then the charred skin scrapped off and the flesh grated for making the coconut milk. INGREDIENTS: 4 sml lobsters, weighing about 500 gr each or 1 kg large prawns 5 cups water 2 lemongrass, bruised 2 fragrant lime leaves 4 cups coconut milk few drops white vinegar fried shallots to garnish SPICE PASTE: 5 red chilies, seeded and chopped 3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 7 shallots, peeled and chopped 5 cm fresh turmeric, peeled and chopped 5 cm ginger, peeled and chopped 4 candlenuts 1 ½ tsp coriander ½ tsp dried shrimp paste toasted 1 sml tomato, peeled and seeded 2 tbsp oil 1 ½ tbsp tamarind pulp 1 salam leaf 1 lemon grass, bruised PREPARATION: Prepare spice paste by grinding or blending all ingredients except oil, tamarind, salam leaf and lemongrass. Heat oil, add spice paste and all other ingredients. Cook over moderate heat for about 5 minutes, then cool. Wash lobsters and leave whole. Bring water to the boil, add lobsters and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove lobsters, plunge in iced water for 1 minutes, then drain and remove meat. Return shells to the pot of water, keeping lobster meat aside. Add spice paste, lemongrass, lime leaves and vinegar to the water with the shells and simmer until 4 cups of stock remain. Add coconut milk and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain stock and return to pan. Add lobster and simmer for 1 minute. Serve garnished with fried shallots and accompanied by white rice. Helpful hints: if using prawns instead of lobster, peel the raw prawns and put prawns shells 4 cups of water. Simmer for 5 minutes, then combine this stock with coconut milk, prawns and all other ingredients, simmering until cooked. (

C.045 ibp



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Ubud Monkey Forest IBP

Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rain forest dwelt by some group of monkeys and other tropical animals. It is strategically located in the hearth of Ubud Village, precisely located in the region of Padang Tegal Village, Ubud Sub district and Gianyar Regency. Monkey Forests in Balinese language called Wanara Wana are spread out in the island and Ubud Monkey Forest itself own very important function of the continuity the monkey habitat in Bali. Meanwhile the local community own important role to keep this forest naturally in order to all wild animals able to live smoothly. Ubud Monkey Forest is dwelt by 200 monkeys, pertained to long tail inclusive macaques or macaca fascicularis group which owns the wide disseminating area. Among the amount monkeys living in this forest, there are 23 adult male, 79 adult female and 98 still babies. All the

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monkeys in this forest consisted of three groups, dwell certain area and use the certain place and certain time. However, it also happened that entire group can use the forest and whenever two groups exist at same place and time, they will fight each other. These monkeys are believed as Gods Guard of Dalem Agung Temple, The Hindu Temple exist in the middle of forest. There are three Holy Temples in this monkey forest and those are existing surround the forest and it is estimated built in the middle of 14 century, in the early governance of Gelgel dynasty. Dalem Agung Temple is located in northwest from the forest represent the existence of most important temples. Beside of two others, that are Permandian Temple, in Westside from this forest and Prajapati Temple which is located in southeast side where the place of Dewa Siwa (Siwa God), one of the Khayangan Temple in Padang Tegal Village.

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BUSINESS Leaders seek debt deal before Asian markets open Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON — Congressional leaders planned to work on a fiercely hot Sunday in Washington to try to reach a bipartisan accord to avert a debt-ceiling crisis on Aug. 2. Aides will be darting in and out of meetings in the usually empty Capitol. Top leaders of the House and Senate will be conferring as well. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said he wants to announce the outlines of a plan by 4 p.m. EDT Sunday, to assure investors of the nation’s financial and political stability before Asian stock markets open Monday. Boehner met Saturday with President Barack Obama to try again to find a balance of major spending cuts and revenue increases that could win passage in the GOP-controlled House and Democratic-controlled Senate. Also at the meeting were Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, Sen-

ate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House budget director Jack Lew. The four lawmakers met later in the Capitol, without Obama or his aides. Boehner is seeking as much as $4 trillion in cuts over a decade as a condition for raising the nation’s debt limit. Reid accuses GOP leaders of intransigence, suggesting the two sides still have sharp differences. Despite the looming deadline, White House and congressional officials said several proposals were still being discussed. A “grand bargain” would cut spend-

ing by up to $4 trillion over a decade and raise up to $1.2 trillion in new revenues. Other plans envision smaller revenue increases and spending cuts of $1.2 trillion or so. All the proposals face a basic obstacle. Many House Republicans refuse to vote for higher tax revenues; most congressional Democrats consider higher revenues essential if government spending is to be cut so deeply. Obama, Reid and Pelosi have said they will not support a proposal that does not solve the debt-ceiling problem at least through 2012. Both parties scheduled top officials to appear on the Sunday TV news shows.

Automakers wary as economy stuck in slow gear Reuters

DETROIT - Each month, a dozen executives of General Motors Co gather on the 39th floor of their Detroit headquarters to survey the auto industry, the U.S. economy and how they will meet demand from customers. Recently, the view has not been impressive. With the economy still struggling to regain momentum after the financial crisis of 2007-09 and 14 million Americans out of work, the planners at GM and a host of corporations across America are in no rush to make big new investments to ramp up output and hiring. The world’s second-biggest automaker has not reopened its idled plants or built new ones as Americans rein in spending. Like many U.S. manufacturers, it is squeezing more from existing factories and using time-honored

efficiency boosts such as adding to overtime and eliminating plant bottlenecks. “Our manufacturing folks have been tremendous at squeaking out extra units through improving line rates, adding on extra shifts,” GM’s U.S. sales chief Don Johnson said. The caution among many top U.S. corporations echoes that of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and other policymakers, who are scaling back their expectations of economic growth. With unemployment stuck above 9 percent and surveys of manufacturers showing, at best, modest optimism for the months ahead, Bernanke has sounded less sure about when the expected pickup in the pace of recovery will kick in. Reflecting the downturn, heavy machinery maker Caterpillar Inc on Friday announced results that fell short of expectations. Much of

the higher demand it expects in the rest of 2011 is likely to come from outside the United States. The largest U.S. conglomerate, General Electric Co , said its core U.S. revenues fell 2 percent in the second quarter of 2011, and Ingersoll Rand Plc said this week that U.S. consumers bought fewer home air conditioners and locks. With a deadline looming to avoid a default, questions about whether Congress can raise the country’s debt ceiling also are fueling concerns. For automakers and dealers, high gasoline prices are also a constant factor. “People are so sensitive to the price of fuel, if it spikes like it did earlier this year, it can have quite an effect on either keeping people out of the market or causing them shift their preferences on product,” said John McEleney, a Clinton, Iowa, GM and Toyota dealer.


Airlines are taking savings from expired taxes Associated Press Writer

DALLAS — Airlines are tossing consumers aside and grabbing the benefit of lower federal taxes on travel tickets. By Saturday night, nearly all the major U.S. airlines had raised fares to offset taxes that expired the night before. That means instead of passing along the savings, the airlines are pocketing the money while customers pay the same amount as before. American, United, Continental, Delta, US Airways, Southwest, AirTran and JetBlue all raised fares, although details sometimes differed. Most of the increases were around 7.5 percent. For consumers who wanted to shop around, only a few airlines were still passing the tax break on to passengers Saturday night, including Virgin America, Frontier Airlines and Alaska Airlines. The expiring taxes can total $25 or more on a typical $300 round-trip ticket. They died after midnight Friday night when Congress failed to pass legislation to keep the Federal Aviation Administration running. That gave airlines a choice: They could do nothing — and pass the savings to customers — or grab some of the money themselves. “We adjusted prices so the bottom-line price of a ticket remains the same as it was before ... expiration of federal excise taxes,” said American spokesman Tim Smith. US Airways spokesman John McDonald said much the same thing — passengers will pay the same amount for a ticket as they did before the taxes expired. They declined to say whether the increases would be rescinded if Congress revives the travel taxes. Tom Parsons, who runs the travel website, said consumers should get the tax break. “Why would the airlines deserve it?” he said. “They already hit us with enough fees. Now they’re keeping the government fees too.” The Transportation Department says it will lose $200 million a week until Congress restores the taxes. J.P. Morgan analyst Jamie Baker said airlines could take in an extra $25 million a day by raising fares during the tax holiday. That’s a tempting sum for airlines that have struggled against high jet fuel costs for most of the last three years. Some airlines that didn’t raise fares sought to turn the controversy to their advantage. Spirit Airlines said it would pass tax savings on to consumers while rivals “have not been so generous.” It warned travelers that Congress could end the tax holiday at any time, so book a flight quickly. Virgin America hawked tickets with the slogan, “Evade taxes. Take flight.” For a September trip between Dallas and San Francisco, Virgin America was $7 to $24 cheaper than United, Continental and American. Southwest Airlines and its AirTran subsidiary raised prices by $8 per round trip, said spokeswoman Marilee McInnis. Southwest’s price hike gave valuable cover to other airlines. Southwest carries more U.S. passengers than anyone, and it effectively sets rates on many routes. Southwest torpedoed attempts by other airlines to raise prices in the last two weeks. Earlier this year, Southwest went along as airlines raised ticket prices a half-dozen times. That, along with money from fees on checked bags and other items, helped boost United Continental Holdings Inc., the world’s largest airline company, to a $538 million second-quarter profit. Several federal airline-ticket taxes expired when Congress adjourned for the weekend without passing FAA legislation. Lawmakers couldn’t break a stalemate over a Republican proposal to make it harder for airline and railroad workers to unionize. Air traffic controllers stayed on the job, but thousands of other FAA employees were likely to be furloughed. Airlines stopped collecting a 7.5 percent ticket tax, a separate excise tax of $3.70 per takeoff and landing, and other taxes. Those add up to about $32 on a round-trip itinerary with base fare of $240 and one stop in each direction. Other government fees for security and local airport projects are still being collected. They boost the final cost of that $240 base-fare ticket to $300. Passengers who bought tickets before this weekend but travel during the FAA shutdown could be entitled to a refund of the taxes that they paid, said Treasury Department spokeswoman Sandra Salstrom. She said it’s unclear whether the government can keep taxes for travel at a time when it doesn’t have authority to collect the money.


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Stewart suits up for battle in ‘Snow White’ Associated Press Writer

SAN DIEGO — Kristen Stewart dons armor and wields a huge sword and shield for her next movie. Rest assured, it will not be your mother and father’s Snow White. Stewart joined other cast and crew Saturday at the Comic-Con fan convention for a preview of next year’s “Snow White and the Huntsman,” an actionpacked twist on the fairy tale. The “Twilight” star told a Comic-Con crowd that doing a sweet, traditional Snow White was not something “I was jumping at.” What attracted her was that this Snow White was a bold leader with her feet firmly on the ground. “Also, I get to have a sword and stuff,” Stewart said. “Really cool weapons.” The movie is due out next June and is one of two “Snow White” movies Hollywood has coming. The other, due out next March, features Julia Roberts as the evil queen. The cast of Stewart’s “Snow White” includes Charlize Theron as the wicked queen, Chris Hemsworth as a rugged huntsman and Sam Claflin as a prince. The movie starts shooting in a few weeks. Director Rupert Sanders showed off photos of the stars in costume, among them Stewart in her fighting outfit and Theron in a sleek black gown with savagely high and sharp collars. How evil is Theron’s queen? “She’s a serial killer,” Theron said. “I’m pretty much preparing to play a serial killer.” Sanders also showed a photo of the dwarves that accompany Snow White in this version, all standing in a row looking scruffier than a gang in a police lineup. The actors playing them include Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost and Toby Jones. There are eight dwarves rather than the usual seven. Sanders said “there are eight because there are a few great lines when one of them gets killed.”


FILE - In this Oct. 25, 2007 file photo, British singer Amy Winehouse performs during her concert at the Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland. Winehouse was found dead Saturday, July 23, 2011, by ambulance crews who were called to her home in north London’s Camden area. She was 27.

AP Photo/Keystone, Steffen Schmidt, File

Fans and friends shocked over Amy Winehouse death Agence France Presse

Fans and friends paid tribute to troubled British singer Amy Winehouse, as police refused to comment on the death of the singer amid reports of a drug overdose. Police said it was inappropriate to speculate on the circumstances of the 27-year-old soul singer’s death, which is being treated as unexplained. Winehouse was found dead at her home in Camden, north London, on Saturday. Fans soon began to gather and lay flowers candles and teddy bears at the police cordon outside, while friends and fellow stars voiced their shock and sadness. “On arrival, officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene. Next of kin have been informed, and I can confirm that the deceased is Amy Winehouse,” Superintendent Raj Kohli told reporters at the cordon. “Enquiries continue into the

circumstances of her death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained and there have been no arrests in connection with the incident. “I am aware of reports suggesting this death is the result of a suspected drugs overdose, but I would like to re-emphasise that no post-mortem examination has yet taken place and it would be inappropriate to speculate on the cause of death.” US singer Carole King told BBC television the star’s death was “really tragic”. She said she was “very grateful” Winehouse had put her “wonderful

talent” into recording a version of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, a song co-written by King and Gerry Goffin. “She did such a beautiful performance on it. I’m just grateful she gave that gift to Gerry and me and to the world. I just really hope that she’s found peace now wherever she is,” she said. Her stage school principal said Winehouse was a “wild spirit” who followed her own path in life. Winehouse attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, earning a half-scholarship before leaving at the age of 15. “She was a wild spirit, she was her own person, she would follow what she wanted to do, there was no question about that,” Young told BBC television. “She was extremely bright and wrote brilliantly and that is why her lyrics are so clever and meaningful, apart from the fabulous voice.” Young said that everyone at the school was “devastated”.

Coppola to take interactive ‘Twixt’ film on tour Associated Press Writer

SAN DIEGO — Francis Ford Coppola is turning big-screen movies into a live experience. The filmmaker showed an audience at the Comic-Con fan convention Saturday portions of his upcoming creepy tale “Twixt,” a film whose theatrical release he hopes to precede by a national tour in which Coppola will oversee a different version each night. Coppola says digital technology allows him to add scenes, lengthen or shorten sequences, shuffle the action around, alter music and make other tweaks depending on how that night’s audience is re-

sponding to the film. “If the audience is the mood to go off on a little bit of a tangent, then you’d be able to go off on a tangent, but if the audience seems to want to cut to the chase, you could cut to the chase,” Coppola said in an interview after his presentation. Filmmakers often have the experience in test screenings where they sense viewers’ interest lagging and the “audience is not so into it, so you go, ‘Oh, I wish the good part would come sooner, I wish the good part would come sooner,’” Coppola said. “With this, you can do that.” “Twixt” stars Val Kilmer as a writer on a book tour in a strange town where he’s caught up in the

mystery of savage killings and has ghostly encounters with a young girl (Elle Fanning) and the specter of Edgar Allan Poe (Ben Chaplin). The idea actually originated from a dream Coppola had two years ago about a mysterious girl and in which Poe appeared as sort of a spirit guide. The film also will include a blend of 2-D and 3-D. Coppola is a fan of 3-D but does not necessarily like wearing the special glasses needed for the whole length of a film. He said he watched most of “Avatar” with the glasses off and put them on only for big effects and action scenes when the 3-D was most prevalent.

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Val Kilmer wears a 3D mask in the image of Edgar Allen Poe next to Francis Ford Coppola during the panel for the movie, “TWIXT,” at Comic Con Saturday, July 23, 2011, in San Diego.



Monday, July 25, 2011


HK scientists ‘show time travel is impossible’ Agenec France Presse

Hong Kong physicists say they have proved that a single photon obeys Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light — demonstrating that outside science fiction, time travel is impossible. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology research team led by Du Shengwang said they had proved that a single photon, or unit of light, “obeys the traffic law of the universe”. “Einstein claimed that the speed of light was the traffic law of the universe or in simple language, nothing can travel faster than light,” the university said on its website. “Professor Du’s study demonstrates that a single photon, the fundamental quanta of light, also obeys the traffic law of the universe just like classical EM (electromagnetic) waves.” The possibility of time travel was raised 10 years ago when scientists discovered superluminal — or faster-than-light — propagation of optical pulses in some specific medium, the team said. It was later found to be a visual effect, but researchers thought it might still be IBP/ist Photo illusatration shows a woman wearing a watch. Hong Kong physicists say they have possible for a single photon to exceed light speed. Du, however, believed Einstein was right proved that a single photon obeys Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the and determined to end the debate by measpeed of light - demonstrating that outside science fiction, time travel is impossible

From Cuba, Venezuela’s Chavez governs via Twitter Associated Press Writer

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is using Twitter as a tool to govern remotely while he undergoes cancer treatment in Cuba. In about 50 messages this week on his “chavezcandanga” account, he has approved money for a Caracas trash collection project, praised plans for a new

AP Photo/Ismael Francisco, Prensa Latina

FILE — IN a July 4, 2011 file photo Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez raises a fist as he holds a copy of a Venezuelan newspaper at the Maiquetia Airport near Caracas, Venezuela. Chavez is using Twitter as a tool to govern remotely while he undergoes cancer treatment in Cuba.

park and cheered on the national soccer team. Chavez hasn’t mentioned anything about his chemotherapy but has alluded to his personal battle time and again, as he did in one tweet to a supporter on Tuesday: “We’re moving along here, brother! With God and the Virgin!” Most of his messages have had the tone of a patriotic father figure connecting with his public. Chavez boasts more than 1.8 million followers, and his messages also regularly pop up on the screen on state television in Venezuela. A leader who knows well how to choose his sound bites, Chavez has used Twitter to remain in the news at home even as he is out of pocket and not making his usual appearances on television. He did just that Thursday morning in a flurry of messages when he complained about a referee’s call during Venezuela’s soccer match against Paraguay at the Copa America tournament in Argentina. Chavez said he had been watching alongside Fidel Castro, and they both agreed it was a bad call. “In my modest opinion... THEY ROBBED US OF THE VICTORY GOAL! And I hope that with this I’m not offending anybody!” one of the messages said. Chavez then turned to plans to create a park named after Simon Bolivar in a portion of a military airfield: “Bolivar Park is a true gift of the Bolivarian Revolution for our beautiful Caracas!!” Seven hours later, Chavez was back saying he had met with Fidel and Raul Castro, along with Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa. “What a beautiful meeting we’ve had this afternoon,” the message said, adding they finished by singing the Venezuelan song “Alma Llanera.”

suring the ultimate speed of a single photon, which had not been done before. “The study, which showed that single photons also obey the speed limit c, confirms Einstein’s causality; that is, an effect cannot occur before its cause,” the university said. “By showing that single photons cannot travel faster than the speed of light, our results bring a closure to the debate on the true speed of information carried by a single photon,” said Du, assistant professor of physics. “Our findings will also likely have potential applications by giving scientists a better picture on the transmission of quantum information.” The team’s study was published in the US peer-reviewed scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

Berron Hill is treated for heat-related complaints at Festival Hall in Racine, Wis. Thursday, July 21, 2011.

AP Photo/Journal Times, Mark Hertzberg

Hot nights can compound danger from heat waves Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON — The killer lurking in the shadows of the current heat wave may be hot nights. “Everybody kind of gets fixated on how hot it gets: ‘Did we break 100?’” observed Illinois state climatologist Jim Angel. “But the nighttime temperatures can be just as important.” For folks without air conditioning, a nighttime respite from the worst of the heat gives the body a vital chance to recover from the stresses of the day. But while the current heat wave has recorded 12 all-time daily highs so far this month, it also has registered 98 all-time overnight highs, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported at a briefing Thursday. And that’s just all-time highs. When it comes to a record high for a particular date, 1,279 locations have tied or broken daytime records this month while 3,128 night time highs have been tied or broken. For example,

on Wednesday Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Neb., had an overnight low of 82 degrees. That was a full 5 degrees warmer than the previous warmest overnight on that date, set in 2002. Litchfield, Minn., also posted an overnight low of 82, besting a warm nighttime record for that date of 74 degrees set in 1964, and the overnight low of 82 at Lambert Field in St. Louis edged out the 1998 mark by 1 degree. When temperatures overnight do not cool to levels that provide relief, it increases the stress on people without air conditioning, on livestock and on crops, said Deke Arndt, chief of the Climate Modeling Branch at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. In general, both daytime and nighttime temperature increases “are consistent with what we would expect in a greenhousewarmed world,” he added. High overnight readings also increase energy consumption as air conditioning units run deeper into the night and start earlier in the morning, he said.


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FIFA bans Bin Hammam for life Agence France Presse

AP Photo/Fernando Llano

Peru’s Paolo Guerrero, third from left, celebrates with teammates after scoring during the Copa America third-place soccer match Venezuela in La Plata, Argentina, Saturday, July 23, 2011. Peru won 4-1 with a hat trick by Guerrero.

Guerrero treble gives Peru third place at Copa Agence France Presse

Paolo Guerrero scored a second-half hat-trick as Peru took third place at the Copa America with a 4-1 win over Venezuela on Saturday. Hamburg striker Guerrero was involved in the opener as William Chiroque fired home three minutes from the break before ripping their opponents to pieces in the secondhalf, helped by the sending off of Venezuelan midfielder Tomas Rincon for fouling Carlos Lobaton. It was Rincon’s second red of the tournament and marked the beginning of the end for a tiring side. Guerrero drove in his second goal just after the hour mark and, after Juan Arango had briefly threatened a comeback by making it 2-1 in the 78th minute, Guerrero turned the screw with two further efforts in time added on. First he worked himself some space before driving across goal into the corner, then escaped his marker and poked under advancing keeper Renny Vega to round out the biggest win of the tournament. “We are happy to have clinched

third place. We all fought hard for this and we knew we had a match like this in us,” said Guerrero as Peru showed that under coach Sergio Markarian they have improved vastly from the side which ended the last World Cup qualifying tournament bottom of their group. Guerrero’s goals took him top of the scoring charts at the event with a total of five. But he said that personal achievement was secondary to a win which left Peru on the podium for the first time in 28 years. “I work for the team - they are the most important for me,” he said. “We were disappointed to lose to Uruguay (in the semi-finals) as we could have done better - but third place is something.” Markarian said that coming third would encourage Peruvians to forget their dreadful last World Cup qualifying campaign. “We have done some good work

but we have won nothing yet and we must be more competitive as the qualifiers are a very different kettle of fish,” Markarian, a Uruguayan, told reporters. Venezuela coach Cesar Farias was sanguine after his team finally ran out of puff having matched Brazil in the first phase and then put out fancied Chile to reach their first ever semi-final before a shootout loss to Paraguay. “We hoped to give a better account of ourselves,” Farias said. “Peru are a great side, but they had a day more to prepare for the game than us and today we made more mistakes than we had made in the whole of the rest of the Copa. “We didn’t really show what we were made of today. But I can’t criticise the guys. It was tough to focus on a game such as this,” he added, in reference to the bitter disappointment of not getting to the trophy match.

Asian football supremo Mohamed bin Hammam was banned from the game for life after being found guilty of corruption following a two-day hearing of FIFA’s ethics committee. The 62-year-old Qatari, the president of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), had been accused of trying to buy votes in the FIFA presidential election with $40,000 cash gifts to IBP/afp Caribbean football offi- Mohamed bin Hammam. cials. “The official Mr Bin Hammam is hereby banned from taking part in any kind of football-related activity at national or international level for life,” ethics committee deputy chairman Petrus Damaseb announced on Saturday. Bin Hammam did not attend the hearing, which took place behind closed doors at FIFA headquarters in Zurich, but he told AFP in a telephone conversation on Saturday evening that he intended to appeal. He specified that the first step would consist of making an appeal to FIFA, but he has previously declared that he is prepared to take his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and, if necessary, the civil courts. Bin Hammam, the most high-ranking FIFA figure to be convicted of corruption, also reacted to the decision on his blog by publishing a scanned copy of a personal letter sent to him by FIFA president Sepp Blatter in 2008. In the letter, which Blatter addressed to “My dear brother,” Bin Hammam highlighted a phrase in which the 75-year-old Swiss had written: “Without you, dear Mohamed, none of this would ever have been possible”. Below the letter were the words: “This is only the battle, not the war...” — suggesting that he holds Blatter at least partly responsible for his fate. The head of Bin Hammam’s legal team, Eugene Gulland, read out a statement from him after the verdict was announced. “Mr Bin Hammam rejects the findings of the FIFA ethics committee hearing and maintains his innocence,” said Gulland. “He will continue to fight his case through the legal routes that are open to him. “The FIFA ethics committee has apparently based its decision on socalled ‘circumstantial evidence’, which our case has clearly demonstrated was bogus and founded on lies told by senior FIFA officials.”

Rafael breaks tie, United beats Fire 3-1 Associated Press Writer

CHICAGO — Once again, Manchester United used a second-half surge to overwhelm a Major League Soccer opponent. Trailing by a goal to the Chicago Fire at halftime, United got goals from Wayne Rooney, Rafael da Silva and Nani, rallying for a 3-1 victory in an exhibition match at Soldier Field on Saturday. Playing in sweltering heat and humidity, United manager Alex Ferguson liked the way his team responded when they went down by a goal. “It requires good patience, and we showed the patience,” Ferguson said. “We don’t panic being down, we just play our game.” A crowd of 61,308 saw the preseason debut for new United goalkeeper David de Gea, who allowed an early goal on a header by Chicago’s Cory Gibbs in the 13th minute. But De Gea recovered to make some nice saves in his first action with his new team. Ferguson said he initially thought De Gea was at fault on Chicago’s goal, but changed his mind after seeing a replay. “When I saw it again, he had absolutely no chance,” Ferguson said. United midfielder Ji-Sung Park said the heat was a challenge for players on both sides. “When it’s hot, it’s always difficult,” Park said. “But we played our style, and we won. It was a pretty good match.”



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Evans’ home state celebrates Tour de France win Associated Press Writer

MELBOURNE, Australia — Residents of Cadel Evans’ home state Victoria have been urged to wear yellow to work Monday to celebrate the Australian’s Tour de France victory. Premier Ted Baillieu said all Victorians would want to celebrate the achievement of Evans, who lives part of the year in the state’s coastal township of Barwon Heads. Baillieu said he was in discussion with Evans’ family and management about an appropriate official celebration of his tour victory, the first by an Australian. “He’s a man that causes a lot of fuss but he doesn’t, on a personal basis, make a lot of fuss,” Baillieu said. “We want to work with Cadel and his family and his management to do something that he can embrace when he returns to Victoria. “He’s certainly part of the fabric of Victoria and he now always will be. I’m sure Victorians will want to express their support for Cadel Evans and I invite Victorians tomorrow to all wear a bit of yellow.” The head of the Victorian Institute of Sport, Dave Sanders, said Evans’ tour win would rank as “the greatest individual achievement in Australian sporting history.” Sanders said the achievement could be compared with Australia winning football’s World Cup. “For this to happen, I’m making the statement it’s the greatest individual achievement in Australian sporting history and I challenge anybody to put up something against it,” he said. Victoria Sports Minister Hugh Delahunty urged employers to go easy on workers who had spent the past few nights watching Evans ride to victory. Evans led the Tour entering the final stage into Paris and many Australian were expected to stay up through the night to watch live television coverage of his victory. AP Photo/Eric Jamison

Amir Khan, of Bolton, England, knocks down Zab Judah during the fifth round of their IBF & WBA junior welterweight title boxing match, Saturday, July 23, 2011, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Khan won the fight moments later by TKO.

Khan stops Judah to add title Associated Press Writer

LAS VEGAS — England’s Amir Khan won a second piece of the 140-pound (63.5-kilogram) title Saturday, stopping American veteran Zab Judah with a body punch in the fifth round of a scheduled 12-round unification bout. He did it with a body shot that landed legally, though Judah claimed it was a low blow. No matter, said Khan, who was landing big blows even before the punch that put Judah down. “If it had gone another few rounds, I would have knocked him out with a clean shot,” Khan said. Khan was dominating the fight when he threw a right hand that landed just at the belt line of Judah, who went to the canvas. Judah stayed there on his knees as referee Vic Drakulich counted him out at 2:47 of the fifth round. Judah acted as though he was surprised to be counted out, but got up and went to his corner as Khan celebrated with his cornermen. Judah had earlier complained about being butted by Khan and was bleeding from his nose and cuts to his face. “It was a low blow. I was trying to get myself together,” Judah said. “That was self-defense right

there.” The win was an impressive one for Khan, the former Olympic silver medalist who likes to call himself the best pound-for-pound boxer in England. He came in as a 5-1 favorite, and had no trouble against the southpaw Judah, using his quickness to beat him to the punch in almost every exchange. Khan won the first four rounds on all three ringside scorecards. “I think my speed overwhelmed him, along with my power,” Khan said. “I thought I was hurting him and it was only a matter of time.” The end came when Khan landed a right hand that appeared to be legal, but just barely. Judah went down and stayed there with his back to Drakulich as the referee counted him out. Khan, who improved to 26-1 with 18 knockouts, was fighting in

the same ring where he engaged in a brutal slugfest last December with Marcos Maidana, a bout that was voted fight of the year by boxing writers. Khan won that fight narrowly, but was lackluster in his last title defense in April against Paul McCloskey in his hometown of Manchester. “We trained hard and I was in the best condition of my life,” Khan said. “Zab is a great fighter, but he was a little awkward. I knew he was getting hurt but he kept moving away and ducking.” Khan’s promoter said the British fighter would fight again Dec. 10 at 140 pounds before moving up to 147 pounds with a fight next spring that will likely be held in his hometown of Manchester. “Then we’ll go and get one of the big boys at 147'” said Richard Schaefer, referring to either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Cesar Cielo hits back with fastest 50m fly swim Dope-row sprinter Cesar Cielo clocked the quickest 50m butterfly as the world championships’ swimming action got under way Sunday — and then pleaded with his critics to leave him alone. The Brazilian, who touched in 23.26sec to top qualifying, insisted he was just “here to swim” as storm clouds grew over his all-clear for Shanghai despite failing a drugs test. “I don’t know what else they want from me,” Cielo said, after superstar Michael Phelps and Jason Lezak voiced disquiet at this week’s controversial decision. “I’m a swimmer, I’m here to swim. There’s nothing else I can do.” Lezak said many swimmers were unhappy after the Court of Arbitration for Sport let Cielo off with a warning for testing positive for a banned diuretic. The Brazilian has blamed a contaminated caffeine supplement for the result. The Olympic and double world champion freestyler admitted it felt “a little weird” to be back in the pool, but he insisted he did not “have to make anybody else happy”. “I’ve had many, many emotions in the last months so it’s kind of hard to just get everything together and just focus on swimming,” he said. “But I have a new page in my life and I’m going to try and do my best and get myself into position for the final.”

AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

Brazil’s Cesar Cielo looks at the scoreboard after completing a men’s 50m Butterfly heat, at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Shanghai, China, Sunday, July 24, 2011.




Monday, July 25, 2011

Timo Glock has re-signed with Virgin Timo Glock will remain with Virgin Racing until 2014 after the German signed a new three year deal with the team. The 29-year-old joined Virgin at the beginning of last season, following Toyota’s withdrawal from Formula 1 at the end of 2009. “I am very happy to confirm that Marussia Virgin Racing will be my home for the next few years of my F1 career,” said Glock. “I’m especially pleased to be able to announce this news ahead of my home grand prix in Germany today, where my career began.


“The past 18 months of racing have been quite tough, although this was always to be expected. As a driver I knew I would have to go back a few steps in order to move forward.” Glock expressed his frustration early in 2011 having felt the team had not made enough progress over the winter break. But a series of big changes, including Virgin Racing’s technical tie-up with McLaren and its purchase of the Wirth Racing Technologies business earlier this month, have shown the team has ambition to move forward. “Now we have tasted the difficult times together I can’t wait to be with the team when we start to enjoy the good times,” he said. “And I know they are coming. “I’ve seen tremendous belief from Marussia and hard work and commitment across the whole team. “With the additional steps we have taken the technical partnership with McLaren and bringing the whole team together - I believe we can achieve our goals together. This year we’ve

Virgin Racing’s German driver Timo Glock drives at the Nurburgring racetrack on July 23, 2011 in Nurburg during the qualifying session of the German Formula One Grand Prix.

Dani Pedrosa not content with bike yet LAGUNA SECA - Dani Pedrosa feels he still has to find more speed before Sunday’s United States Grand Prix if he is to challenge polesitter Jorge Lorenzo for victory. Although the Hondas of Casey Stoner and Pedrosa start on the front row alongside Lorenzo’s Yamaha, the reigning champion was comfortably fastest in qualifying and looked very strong on his longer runs. Pedrosa qualified third, and felt he had not managed to get the best from his bike yet. “We couldn’t improve as much as I’d like to in the final part of the practice, we tried some different settings and unfortunately we didn’t find a good one, but to start from the front row is always important and here we are again,” he said. “I felt more comfortable with the hard tyres, which it’s positive because they will be the ones used for the race, but we still need to make another step forward tomorrow and hopefully find a little more grip in the rear. “Lorenzo seems very stable and fast, so I hope to find something else with my mechanics tonight and to be able to fight for a great result tomorrow.” Pedrosa won at the Sachsenring a week ago, in a breakthrough result just two races after his return from an injury absence. Although he expects Laguna Seca to be a tougher test for his physical condition, he is optimistic about his prospects. “The race will be very fast, there are many laps here, so it will be important to be focus on every lap and stay strong until the end,” said Pedrosa. “I know the race distance will be hard for me physically, you have to work a lot in this track, there are a lot of bumps and you need to be very focused not to make any mistakes. But I will try my best and I hope to stay strong and consistent until the end.”

Dani Pedrosa, of Spain, leaves the garage during practice for the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix MotoGP world championship motorcycle race Saturday, July 23, 2011, at Laguna Seca raceway in Monterey, Calif.

AP Photo/Ben Margot

demonstrated that we know how to build a reliable car, and with the resources we now have we should be able to add to that a high-performing car. After that it’s all about gradual but significant steps forward.” Virgin Racing’s CEO Andy Webb added that securing Glock’s services for the longterm was important to the continued development of the team. “We are delighted to have agreed a new longterm contract with Timo, which represents another significant step in our plans for Marussia Virgin Racing,” he said. “Timo’s contribution to the team over the past 18 months has been immeasurable and he has certainly lived up to his commitment to help build a team from within. “It has been a tough climb at times, and for a driver of his unquestionable record it must have proved frustrating at times. “Both he and the team are fortunate to be faced with the opportunities we have now created for ourselves when we are still very much in our infancy.

Edisi 25 Juli 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Clinton : South China sea disputes need urgent work

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