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Monday, November 21, 2011

Participants of walk event that held by Bali Post starting their 9


kilometers walked from Renon on Sunday, November 20, 2011. This event was held to commomerate Puputan Margarana and celebrating 63th Bali Post anniversary.

Obama, Chinese premier discuss economic topics PAGE 8

IBP/Eka Adhiyasa

Red and White Bali Post walk “Breaking Dawn” draws $30 million at midnight PAGE 12

103.000 participants walk for 9 Kilometer Bali Post

Denpasar – More than 100,000 participants took part in the walk to commemorate the 63rd Anniversary of Bali Post. The start was on Renon Field and finished on Lumintang Field. The event was held on Sunday, November 20, 2011.




21 - 30


24 - 32


17 - 25


19 - 31


19 - 31




HOTLINE For placing advertisment, please contact: Eka Wahyuni


The 9 kilometer walk didn’t make the participant tired and they directly enjoy the entertainment after they reached the finish line. Bali Post provided 225 prizes so it attracted participants not only from Bali but also from Java

such as Jember and Klaten and also from Mataram, East Nusa Tenggara. The CEO of Bali Post Media Group ABG Satria Naradha, along with the Vice Governor of Bali, AAN Puspayoga, officially opened the event in

Renon. He stated that the event was held to honor the hores who already passed away. While the Vice Governor stated that a big nation is the one which is always honor their heroes, for that reason, everyone

must take part in developing Bali. “Developing Bali cannot remove the root of culture which already existed since long time ago,” Puspayoga added. According to him, the culture of Bali is essential in the life of the people in the island. Tourists will not come to Bali and the heroes would also mad to everyone. “They will cry in the afterlife because they have fought to protect Bali,” he said.

Satria Naradha explained that the purpose of the event is also to interact the press and the society. It is also to increase the spirit of the people to honor and continue the struggle of the heroes, one of them is I Gusti Ngurah Rai. The event also filled with the donation of biopori equipments to several schools such as SMK 2 Denpasar, SMP PGRI 2 Denpasar, and Udayana University. (nel/wah)

Barack Obama Leaves the Island of the Gods I’m delighted to visit Bali Bali Post

DENPASAR - President Barack Obama finally left Bali with the U.S. Force One aircraft at exactly 4:30 p.m. Local Time. Departure of the number one man in the U.S. on Saturday (Nov 19) was followed

by leaders of ASEAN countries and partners. They departed from the Island of the Gods after attending a series of sessions in the 19th ASEAN Summit and Related Summits. Meanwhile, the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, departed at around 1:45 p.m.

President Obama at a press conference with President Yudhoyono after the RI-US bilateral meeting on Friday evening also touched on his last visit to Bali 18 years ago. At that time, there was no development here. So, this condition indicated a

tremendous development in the region. “I am delighted to come back to Bali. I always feel happy to be here and get a chance to dialog with my old friend, President Yudhoyono,” he said. Continued on page 6


Monday, November 21, 2011


Bali News Woman slaughtered to death Denpasar (Bali Post)-

7KH SHRSOH DURXQG %DWXNDUX 6WUHHW VSHFL¿FDOO\ *DQJ III at Monang Maning, Denpasar, was shocked over a VODXJKWHULQJWKDWFDXVHGDZRPDQ1L0DGH*LQDUWL   GLHG WUDJLFDOO\ RQ WKH QR ÀDW ODVW )ULGD\   VXVpected strongly done by another boyfriend of hers, Wayan 6XZDQGL3XWUD  ZKROLYHVDW%DWXNDUX6WUHHW*DQJ Padang, Denpasar. Now the accused have been secured by West Denpasar Police after handing himself in several moments after the incident. It is still unknown what the motif behind it although information on crime scene stated the two are in an affair. It was known the incident took place around 7.15 pm local time where before accused was going to bring victim for a night out yet victim was scared her husband, Sudarsono, will come back from his home village at Banyuwangi that night. The decline caused a ¿JKWEHWZHHQWKHWZRDQGYLFWLP slapped accused.

The rage caused accused to take a knife and stabbed victim several times, hurt, then got out and fell off on the garden of WKH ÀDWV 6HHLQJ WKLV DFFXVHG escaped and handed himself to the Police. Head of West Denpasar Police, PC Dewa Made Adnyana and Head of Criminal Research Denpasar Tourism Police, PC Arif Sugiarto also RI¿FHUVZHQWGRZQWRORFDWLRQ to investigate. So far it was found that there are six stabbed wounds on the stomach, below A man is receving health treatment from a doctor. the breasts and on the hand. The body was sent to Sanglah Hospital for autopsy. (kmb21)

ID checking post

Tens of non residents sent back Negara (Bali Post) –

The join operation of Indonesia Police, Indonesia Army and Police Civil Service held at Gilimanuk ID Checking Post last Thursday (17/11) evening resulted around 25 non residents, not only passengers but also drivers, without National ID Cards sent back home after three hours of raiding. The operation was held after still many non residents found with no national ID Cards in Bali. This time without any compromise told them to go back although some who are from Lombok of Flores were

let through and given warning to get theirs as soon as possible. Usually many non residents are shocked about this operation coming in to Bali as usually they have no problems by showing just the Temporary Resident Permit from their work places. Besides ID Cards, goods checking were also held and tighten on 2nd Post while Head of Gilimanuk Water Police, APC Made Prihenjagat, stated there have been an increased of personnel for Police and Army for better security including from Brimob also Intelligent. (kmb26)


Bali health services still unbalanced Denpasar (Bali Post) –

The good health service in Bali seems still unbalanced to be given in every part of the province as there is still a gap between the Province and Regencies as until now a number of regencies are still shortage in health workers also budget that is far from its ideal amount. During the 16th – 18th November 2011 1st International Symposium on Health and Research Development Press Conference at Sanur, Denpasar, Head of Health Agency, dr I Nyoman Sutedja stated the regencies that have fulfilled the standards are Gianyar, Denpasar and Tabanan which was seen from its health workers and budget amount also good illness prevention programs which causes even though Bali has been marked

well for health services, there are still five regencies has minimum access on it. This symposium was attended by 1000 researchers and practitioners of public health from dozens of country such as Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and ASEAN countries. It was stated Bangli, Klungkung, Jembrana, Karangasem, and Badung are still more focus on services in its physical development rather than prevention and research which so causes contagion illness to have high numbers such as epidemic rabies in Badung and bird flu at Bangli also Jembrana. According to Health Department Basic Health Research 2010, Bali is on the second position after Yogyakarta for good health status seen from its delivery assistance (D) by health worker for

0-11 month babies, survey of infant mortality rate (IMR) per 1000, percentage of inhabitants age below 15 years with comprehensive knowledge (HIV/AIDS), TB Lungs new cases detection rate of lung TB, and period prevalence of malaria in last one month. The results for Bali are with D as much as 97%, IMR 34%, HIV/AIDS 19%, TB Lungs 63%, and Malaria 4,6%. While two lowest were Gorontalo and West Sulawesi Provinces. According to dr. Trihono, Health Ministry General Director of Research and Development, this health gap also happened in other ASEAN countries while health research budget for Indonesia is still low although it has been increased 1.5 % from the whole health budget total. “The ideal is 4%,� Trihono stated. (san)

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Bali News



Monday, November 21, 2011

Sanur Village Festival

Jazzed up by attraction of Bali’s surfers Denpasar (Bali Post)—

A total of 25 junior and senior surfers of Bali enlivened the Sanur VilODJH)HVWLYDO 69) LQWKHVXUÂżQJFRPSHWLWLRQVLQFRQMXQFWLRQZLWKWKH implementation of National Flori Flora Week (PF2N) on Sunrise Beach. Coordinator of the competition, Nyoman Suita, said the it was held on 1RYHPEHUIDOOLQJLQWRWZRFDWHJRULHVQDPHO\ZLQGVXUÂżQJDQG NLWHVXUÂżQJ ,Q WKDW KDSSHQLQJ WKH SDUWLFLSDQWV competed in marathon speed on the FDWHJRU\RIZLQGVXUÂżQJ0HDQZKLOHLQ WKHFDWHJRU\RINLWHVXUÂżQJDGGHG6XLWD the competition was then divided again in terms of speed and freestyle taking advantage of the wind. )RU ZLQG VXUÂżQJ FDWHJRU\ DOO SDUticipants were divided into three classes, namely senior, age of 16 and 14. Participants of this category amounted to nine people. He said the largest number fall on NLWHVXUÂżQJQDPHO\FRPLQJWRSDUWLFL-

pants. “The contest is not only intended to enliven the grandiose event, but also to prepare the athletes for the upcoming National Games (PON) in Riau,� he said. Likewise, he hoped the competition could be an attraction for foreign and domestic tourists making a visit to the area. ,QFRUSRUDWLRQRIERWKHYHQWVQDPHO\ the PF2N and SVF posed an attempt to synergize the horticultural potential, art and culture as well as tourism to boost the creative economy of various regions. (kmb)

Minister of Forestry:


Tourists enjoy their time in Kuta Beach. The ASEAN Summit has affected the number of tourists come to Bali.

Reject timber laundry ASEAN Summit encourages Bali’s tourism and economy from Indonesia Mangupura (Bali Post)—

0LQLVWHURI)RUHVWU\RIWKH5,=XONLĂ€L Hasan urged the members of ASEAN to refuse the entry of illegal timber from ,QGRQHVLD WUDGHG OHJDOO\ WKURXJK RWKHU countries (timber laundry). Large amount RI LOOHJDO WLPEHUV IURP ,QGRQHVLD ZHUH WUDIÂżFNHGWKURXJKRWKHUFRXQWULHVVXFKDV the merbau timber traded via China. Âł,WLVWHUULEO\XQIDLUWRLPSRVHYHULÂżFDWLRQWRWLPEHUOHJDOLW\RI,QGRQHVLDLQDQ effort to reduce illegal logging, but the other countries still receive timber launGU\IURP,QGRQHVLD´VDLG=XONLĂ€L+DVDQ after signing the joint establishment of the ASEAN-Korea Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) in a series of the 19th ASEAN Summit in Nusa Dua, Friday (Nov 18). ,QGRQHVLDDOVRXUJHGWKH$6($1SDUWner countries to reject the timber laundry IURP ,QGRQHVLD 6R IDU WKHUH ZHUH VWLOO FRXQWULHVUHFHLYLQJWLPEHUIURP,QGRQHsia that are traded through another country. “Thankfully, almost all countries such as America, Australia, Japan, Korea and VRIRUWKKDYHDJUHHG,QGHHGRQO\RQH or two countries have not, but in the near future we will negotiate it,â€? he said. South Korea’s Minister of Forestry, Lee Don Koo stated that Korea would always maintain the commitment to ASEAN related to forestry issues and

would follow up such commitments with joint cooperation institution. ³, KHUHE\ ZRXOG OLNH WR UHDI¿UP WKH commitment and contribution of the ReSXEOLFRI.RUHDWRWKH¿UVWFRRSHUDWLRQ ZLWK$6($1 ,WœV WKH FRRSHUDWLRQ WKDW makes our dreams come true through the establishment of cooperation,� he revealed. He said that AFoCO was implemented by a Governing Council as the highest decision-maker and assisted by the SecreWDULDW&RXQFLOFRQVLVWLQJRI6HQLRU2I¿FLDOV Council of Forestry from each ASEAN country and the Republic of Korea. The Secretariat would be chaired by DQ([HFXWLYH'LUHFWRUDSSRLQWHGE\WKH Council and domiciled in the Republic of Korea. Ninety percent of the secretariat RSHUDWLRQ ZRXOG EH ¿QDQFHG E\ .RUHD and remaining 10 percent would be divided equally among the 10 ASEAN member countries. Meanwhile, the forestry sector activities would be fully funded by Korea. Programs and activities implemented by the AFoCO would be undertaken with the approval mechanism of the ASEAN countries through the ASEAN Senior Of¿FHURQ)RUHVWU\ $62) DVWKHPHPEHUV of the ASEAN Council so the sovereignty of the ASEAN countries would be well preserved. (par)

Denpasar (Bali Post)—

,PSOHPHQWDWLRQ RI WKH $6($1 6XPPLW and Related Summits attended by a number of heads of ASEAN countries and ASEAN partner countries as well as the accompanying delegates in Nusa Dua, Bali, is considered to be capable of providing a positive impact on Bali tourism and economic sector. “Seamless implementation of the international event in Bali indicated that Bali is safe to visit,� said an observer who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Undiknas University, 3URI,%5DND6XDUGDQDLQ'HQSDVDURQ)ULday (Nov 18). Described, with the presence of safe image, tourists from various countries would FHUWDLQO\EHFRPLQJEDFNWR%DOL,%5DND6Xardana pointed out that implementation of the ASEAN Summit and East Asia Summit would be able to see the most update condition of %DOLERWKLQWHUPVRIJRRGVHUYLFHH[WHQGHGE\ hotels and restaurants. Probably, the delegates also purchased some products of Bali. Agricultural products, handicraft products and other products sold in Bali would be a lot. Restaurants and food stalls would evolve because of the large amount of food orders during the implementation of the summit. “ASEAN Summit and East Asia Summit will gradually develop the Bali’s economy,� he said. Unfortunately, the impact of the summit implementation could just be perceived by first class hotels in Nusa Dua, while local

communities could not have fully enjoyed the impact. “So far, the positive impact of the implementation of international event could just be enjoyed by major hotels. Even, it’s noteworthy that after the event is over and when tourists come back to Bali, they will tend to stay in the hotel having a network with their country of origin. For instance, European tourists will prefer to stay in the European chain hotel. As we know so far, most of the major hotels are not owned by %DOLQHVHSHRSOH´KHH[SODLQHG Supposing that each international event could absorb the local fruit production, like vegetables and meat through the hosting hotels, Suardana had confidence if local farmers would also get the impact of those activities and the economy of Bali would evolve in their entirety. “Bali has a variety of potential agricultural commodities such as fruits, vegHWDEOHVDQGPHDW,IWKHUHLVUHJXODWLRQVHWWLQJ a particular percentage of the local supply should be absorbed by hotels, of course our IDUPHUV ZLOO EH PRUH H[FLWHG ,Q UHDOLW\ VR far, the supply of vegetables, fruit and meat of big hotels are still brought in from outside Bali,� he said. Nevertheless, he still acknowledged that implementation of the ASEAN Summit in Nusa Dua Bali had indeed brought in a positive impact, not only for the imaging of Bali as a world-class tourist destination but also for the future economy of Bali. (bit)


Monday, November 21, 2011



Police, protesters clash for 2nd day in Egypt Associated Press Writer

CAIRO — Firing tear gas and rubber bullets, Egyptian riot police on Sunday clashed for a second day with thousands of rock-throwing protesters demanding that the ruling military quickly announce a date to hand over power to an elected government. The police battled an estimated 5,000 protesters in and around central Cairo’s Tahrir Square, birthplace of the 18-day uprising that toppled authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak in February. Tear gas filled the air as protesters, many chanting “freedom, freedom,” pelted the police with rocks. Sunday’s clashes, which come a day after two people were killed and hundreds wounded in similar violence in the capital and other cities, are stoking tensions eight days before the start of the country’s first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections. Public anger has risen over the slow pace of reforms and apparent attempts by Egypt’s ruling generals to retain power over a future civilian government. “We have a single demand: The marshal must step down and be replaced by a civilian council,” said protester Ahmed Hani, referring Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Egypt’s military ruler and Mubarak’s longtime defense minister. “The violence yesterday showed us that Mubarak is still in power,” said Hani, who was wounded in the forehead by a rubber bullet. He spoke over chants of “freedom, freedom” by

hundreds of protesters around him. Rocks, shattered glass and trash covered most of the ground in and around Tahrir early Sunday, while a cloud of white smoke caused by the use of dozens of tear gas shells hung in the air. Several hundred protesters were camping out on the lawn of the square’s traffic island, and protesters manning barricades into the square checked the IDs of anyone entering the plaza. The windows of the main campus of the American University in Cairo, which overlooks the square, were shattered and stores were shuttered. “The marshal is Mubarak’s dog,” said one of a fresh crop of graffiti in the square. Yahya el-Sawi, a 21-year-old university student, said he was enraged by the sight of riot police beating up protesters already hurt in an earlier attack by the security forces. “I did not support the sit-in at the beginning, but when I saw this brutality I had to come back to be with my brothers,” he said. Many of the protesters had red eyes and coughed incessantly. Some wore surgical masks to fend off against the tear gas. A few fainted, overwhelmed by the gas.

AP Photo/Ahmed Ali

Protesters clash with Egyptian riot police in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011. Firing tear gas and rubber bullets, Egyptian riot police on Sunday clashed for a second day with thousands of rock-throwing protesters demanding that the ruling military quickly announce a date to hand over power to an elected government.

Ex-Philippine leader ‘will not receive fair trial’ Agence France Presse


Former Philippine president Gloria Arroyo arrives at the Manila International Airport on Novermber 15. Sitting up in bed wearing a hospital gown and a neck brace, Arroyo had her mug shot and fingerprints taken just a day after her arrest for rigging Philippine elections

Former Philippine president Gloria Arroyo is being “persecuted” and will not receive a fair trial after she was arrested for allegedly rigging elections, a lawyer for her family said on Sunday. Ferdinand Topacio dismissed assurances from President Benigno Aquino that the ailing Arroyo will be treated fairly, saying the government was determined to victimise the ex-president. “There is a pall of gloom about her because of what has happened. She is being persecuted and it is taking a toll on (her) health,” Topacio told ABS-CBN television. Topacio said the case against Arroyo was “railroaded” and the former president’s rights were being violated. “They will now pull all stops to prevent our client from getting a fair trial,” he said. Arroyo, who is confined to a suburban hospital with a rare bone disease, has lost her appetite and is suffering an intestinal infection, he said, adding: “Her condition is not improving at all.” Arroyo was arrested in her hospital bed on Friday

on non-bailable charges of tampering with senatorial elections in 2007 to help a political ally. If convicted, she could face life in jail. The former president sought to travel abroad last week for medical treatment but the Aquino government blocked her departure, saying she might flee charges of vote fraud and corruption. The Supreme Court had ruled on Tuesday that Arroyo could leave the country for treatment but government personnel blocked the wheelchair-bound former leader at the airport. Justice department and election officials then speedily prepared the criminal charge which was used to keep her from travelling. Other corruption charges against her are being prepared but have not yet been filed in court. Aquino, who returned from an international summit in Indonesia late Saturday, hailed the arrest, saying it was just the first step in a wider campaign against corruption. “This is just the start of the process,” Aquino said. “No one should be spared in the search for the truth and in punishing the guilty.”




Monday, November 21, 2011

BSMP Receives Indonesia Leading Amusement Park Award IBP

GIANYAR - Bali Safari and Marine Park (BSMP) once again win the Indonesia Leasing Amusement Park award from Indonesian Travel and Tourism Awards 2011/2012 (ITTA). BSMP receives the Grand Award for its awareness campaigns and quality of service provided to the travel and tourism industry, especially in the conservation and wildlife education sector. The judging and selection process was carried out by online voting and The Board of Advisors. The General Manager of Bali Safari & Marine Park, Hans Manansang, stated “This is the second time we have been honoured with the title of Indonesia’s Leading Amusement Park and we are not only accepting this award as a great compliment, but also as an encouragement to continue improving, particularly in our conservation and education programs. We hope this great responsibility to protect the wildlife of Indonesia will serve to inspire visitors, especially children, to always care for Indonesian wildlife. I’d like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere gratitude and give thanks the voters and the Board of Advisors.” As an amusement park at the forefront of Indonesia’s tourism industry, this recognition has proved Bali Safari & Marine Park to be one of Bali’s most fascinating and world class attractions. Through our wildlife and Balinese cultural exhibits, Bali Safari & Marine Park always embark on our conservation campaigns in fun and exciting ways. For example, on the 5th of November 2011 Bali Safari & Marine Park opened a ‘Safari Poo Paper Factory’, the first factory in Indonesia that recycles animal dung into a unique and odour-free paper. This effort emphasises the theme of Bali Safari & Marine Park’s ‘Green Safari’, as it substitutes the dung of animals for wood as the main ingredient of paper. The other awards that Bali Safari & Marine Park has gratefully received are ‘The Best Conservation Institution 2011’, from the Indonesian Minister of Forestry, and ‘The Cleanest Toilet in Tourism Destinations 2011’, from the Indonesian Minister of Travel and Tourism. (iah)


Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for November 2 through 21, 2011 2 Nov Buda Wage Kelawu Penataran Agung Teluk Padang Karangasem Melanting temple Camenggaon Sukawati Penataran Ped temple Nusa Penida Pasek Gelgel temple Pangembungan Bongkase Abiansemal Pasek Bendesa temple Reyang Gede Penebel Tabanan Pasek Gelgel temple Br. Jawa Tengah Buleleng Gaduhan Jagat temple Singakerta Ubud Masceti Tegeh Mancawarna Sanding Tampaksiring Penataran Batu Lepang Kamasan Klungkung Paibon Pasek Gelgel Gobleg Desa Kedonganan Kuta Goa di Besakih, Basukian Besakih Odalan Ida Ratu Pucak Pameneh/Bukit Kiwa Tengen Penataran Agung Besakih Merajan Pasek Gelgel Pejeng Merajan Pasek Gelgel Songan Merajan Pasek Prateka Pekandelan Sidemen Merajan Pasek Prateka Taman Sari Sukasada Dadia Pasek Gelgel temple Sidemen Karangase Merajan Pasek Gelgel Tampuagan Tembuku, Bangli 8 Nov Anggar Kasih Dukut Dalem temple Batuyang Batubulan Pasek Gelgel Mengening Kediri Tabanan Pr Pasek Undagi Timpag Kerambitan Tabanan Desa/ Pucak Banjar Taman Bedulu Gianyar Merajan Pasek Tangkas Kori Agung Sulahan Merajan Pasek Padang Rata Padang Puser Jagat Dalem Dukut Nusa Penida 9 Nov Buda Umanis Dukut Agung Pasek Gelgel Sibang Kaja Abiansemal Dalem Samplangan Gianyar 10 Nov Purnama Kelima Batumadeg temple Besakih Kentel Gumi temple Batur Baangli Pedarman Agung Satria Denpasar Pemerajan Agung Pemecutan Denpasar

Ngusaba di Kehen Bangli Desa Pemenang Lombok Agung Pasek Gelgel Sumerta Denpasar Pasek Gobleg Kekeran Mengwi Suranadi temple Lombok Puncak Bukit Tampak Siring Dalem Puri Agung Kintamani Dalem Agung Nongan Karangasem Dalem Ubung-Kupang Dukuh Penebel-Tabanan Dalem temple Balingkang Kintamani Pr. Tampurhyang Pusat Songan Kintamani Dalem Pulasari Bantas Sudaji Buleleng Merajan Pasek Gelgel Lebih Merajan Pasek Gelgel Tulamben Penyusungan Pasek Tohjiwa Selemadeg Tabanan Pasar Agung Besakih Sebudi Karangasem Merajan Pasek Gelgel Tengkulak Kaja Suci Desa Tianyar temple Kubu Karangasem Bukit Mentik ring Gunung Lebah Batur Kintamani Narmada temple Lombok Segara temple Ampenan Lombok Ularan temple Seririt Buleleng 19 Nov Saraswati Pasek Tangkas Gempinis dalang Tabanan Pasek Gelgel sayan Bongkase Abiansemal Watugunung temple Bima Agung Jagatkarana Surabaya Aditya Jaya temple Rawamangun Jakarta Timur Pemaksan temple Banyuning Timur Buleleng Agung Wira Lokha Natha Cimahi Jawa Barat Dadia Agung Bendesa Tangkas Kori Agung Pusat Gerih Desa Gerih Abiansemal Badung Giri Jaya Natha temple Balikpapan Agung Santi Bhuana Brugelette Belgia 21 Nov Some Ribek Jati temple Jembrana Kawitan Batugaing Bangli Tirta Wening Tambak Sari Surabaya

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Monday, November 21, 2011



At British hearing, stars turn tables on tabloids Associated Press Writer

/21'21²7KH\ÂśYHEHHQKDFNHGDQGOLEHOHGVWDONHGDQGVODQGHUHG1RZWKHSXEOLFÂżJXUHVZKRVHSHUVRQDOOLYHVKDYHORQJRIIHUHGJULVWIRU%ULWDLQÂśVQHZVPLOOKDYHEHHQJLYHQDUDUH FKDQFHWRFRQIURQWWKHLUWDEORLGWRUPHQWRUV Film star Hugh Grant, “Harry Potterâ€? author J.K. Rowling, and the father of missing girl Madeleine McCann are among those due to testify over the ne t week at the U.K. inquiry into media ethics a judicial body that could recommend sweeping changes to the way Britons get their news. The nationally televised inquiry would give many of those in the public eye an unprecedented chance to challenge those who write about them, said Cary Cooper, a professor at northern England’s Lancaster University and the author of “Public Faces, Private Lives.â€? “This is the first time the celebrities have been able to strike back,â€? Cooper said. “ think it will have an impact, and the media might for a while at least pull away.â€? Speaking ahead of the testimony, victims’ lawyer David Sherborne told the inquiry multiple tales of shattered privacy, broken lives and even suicides stemming from relentless media intrusion. “When people talk of public interest in e posing the private lives of well-known people or those close to them, this is the real, brutally real impact which this kind of journalism has,â€? Sherborne said. Britain’s media ethics probe was set up in the wake of the scandal over phone hacking at Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World, which was shut in July after it became clear that the tabloid had systematically broken the law. Most horrific was the news that the tabloid had broken into the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler in its search for scoops. Cooper acknowledged that celebrities like Grant or actress Sienna Miller another star due to give evidence have struggled to get much in the way of public sympathy even when it was shown that their privacy had been invaded. But he said their appearance alongside crime victims such as Bob and Sally

AP Photo/Altaf Qadri

Thai volunteers carry a bucket full of mud as they clean an intersection during a cleaning drive after oodwaters receded in Bangkok, Thailand, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011.

Death toll from 7KDLODQG¡Vâ€ŤŰŒâ€ŹRRGV tops 600 Associated Press Writer

BAN K K  7KH GHDWK WROO IURP 7KDLODQGœV ZRUVW ÀRRGLQJLQPRUHWKDQKDOIDFHQWXU\KDVSDVVHG7KHÀRRGVEHJDQ in late July, fed by heavy monsoon rains and a series of tropical VWRUPV7KHÀRRGZDWHUVVZDPSHGHQWLUHWRZQVDVWKH\PRYHGVRXWK through the country’s central heartland to Bangkok and the Gulf of Thailand. More than two-thirds of the country’s 77 provinces have been affected. The government said Sunday that the death toll has reached 602, the majority from drowning. t said the number of affected provinces is currently 17. The situation has improved dramatically in recent days and cleanup has begun in many areas, though some still face weeks more under water.

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AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis, File

FILE - In this Monday, May 9, 2011 ďŹ le photo of British actor Hugh Grant, as he poses with fans as he arrives for the European premiere of the ‘Fire in Babylon’ ďŹ lm at a cinema in London. Dowler or Gerry McCann could mark a shift in attitudes. “They’re going to get hit worse by the Milly Dowler family and witnesses of that ilk,â€? he said. Sherborne, in a two-and-halfhour-long presentation Wednesday, promised to make journalists squirm. Most powerful among his accusations was the suggestion that media coverage had driven

some celebrities’ family members to the brink of suicide or beyond. Sherborne said that former Formula One racing boss Ma Mosley believed that the suicide of his 39-year-old son Ale ander could also be at least in part attributed to “the very public humiliation� dealt to his father by the News of the World’s e pose of his se ual shenanigans.

The U.S. President whose childhood was spent in Jakarta would like to e press his sincere gratitude to President udhoyono who had invited him back to ndonesia, especially Bali. “Similarly, thank you for Balinese hospitality as the host of the two important summits�, Obama said. Obama hoped the creation of agreement between the two countries would be able to bring positive impacts related to safety and welfare of the community. “Hopefully, in the future there will be a positive development for regional security and prosperity for all of us,� he observe. Based on observation in the field, departure of Obama from the area of Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC), Nusa Dua, also received safeguarding from combined apparatus. Along the road to Ngurah Rai Airport had been sterilized before departure of the U.S. entourage from the venue of ASEAN Summit. Meanwhile, the flight activity of Ngurah Rai Airport prior to their departure set to decrease. Personnel of the ndonesian Air Force (TN AU) were seen spreading along the apron from the passenger terminal to the cargo area. As on the Obama’s arrival, the crews of media from various print and electronic media were only allowed to cover from the truck which had been prepared in the airport parking lot. The journalists were strictly forbidden to roam around and supervised by the officers of the United States. Obama security team aided by Security Task Force of the Ngurah Rai Air Base seemed alert around the large-bodied Boeing 747 aircraft. Obama returned directly to his country after nearly three days attended the ASEAN Summit, ASEAN Plus and East Asian Summit ending on Saturday. (par)


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Monday, November 21, 2011


U.S. President Barack Obama applauds as Boeing Senior Vice President Ray Conner, seated right, and Lion Air CEO Rusdi Kirana, seated left, announce a commercial deal at a signing ceremony in Nusa Dua, on the island of Bali, Indonesia, Friday, Nov. 18, 2011.

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Indonesia’s Lion Air rises from obscurity Associated Press

NUSA DUA — A decade ago, Rusdi Kirana sat on the grass at an air show in Britain, eating burgers with his wife. “I didn’t know anybody,” he says, “and nobody knew me.” That will change now that his company, Lion Air, has announced the biggest order ever from Boeing. The once little-known Indonesian airline says it is planning to buy 230 planes from Boeing Co. The bill — with a list price of $21.7 billion — is to be paid over 12 years though bank financing. Dozens of airlines have emerged in Indonesia since it deregulated its aviation industry in the 1990s, making air travel affordable for the first time for many across the sprawling island nation of 240 million, and luring passengers away from ferries and trains. Kirana — a travel agent before he and his brother, Kusnan, pooled $850,000 to start Lion Air in 1999 — saw the opportunity and jumped. “Last year we had 21 million passengers, this year I think I can carry 27 million,” said the 48year-old CEO, adding that with plans for an open-sky arrangement in Asia by 2015, a massive Boeing purchase “is not much of a gamble.” Kirana said his company’s first plane was a leased Boeing 737-

200, which flew from Jakarta to the tiny airport of Pontianak on jungle-clad Borneo island. “I didn’t have any money after that, because it all went to pay for the deposit on the aircraft,” he said. Though the name Lion Air doesn’t resonate internationally, it’s hardly an unknown, said Peter Harbison, executive chairman of the Sydney-based Center for Asia Pacific Aviation. “It’s operating 67 aircraft at the moment and had 125 on order before this deal,” he said, adding with new routes to Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan, it’s clear it wants to be a real player in the region as well. “It’s a bet on Asia,” Harbison said of the proposal to buy the 230 planes — most of which are 737 Max, a new version of Boeing’s most popular plane with more fuel-efficient engines. The biggest market for now is home. The number of air passengers in Indonesia jumped 22 percent from 43 million in 2009 to 53

million in 2010, according to Indonesia’s statistics agency. That trend has continued in 2011. But the country also has had its share of accidents, raising concerns that the supply of trained aviation professionals, regulatory oversight and ground infrastructure can’t keep up with growth. In 2007, the European Union banned all of Indonesia’s 50 airlines from landing on its runways for two years, and Lion Air has not gone unscathed. In 2004, a Lion Air MD-82 crash-landed at the airport in Surakarta, killing 25 people in its only fatal accident. There also have been scores of other incidents, including hard landings and overshooting runways, some causing injuries or damage to planes. “Yes, we’ve had some problems,” said Kirana, adding that planes now have equipment that warns pilots when they are flying too high or too fast. “But we’re improving.” With 50,000 passengers a day, his bet, he says, is on the future.

7XQD‫ۋ‬VKLQJ‫ۋ‬UPV asked to develop SURFHVVLQJ industries Antara

JAKARTA - Marine Resources and Fisheries Minister Sharif Cicip Sutardjo has asked the Indonesian Longline Tuna Association (ATLI) to concentrate on setting up fish processing industries to make the country`s fisheries more competitive. “Businessmen should be able to concentrate on developing fish processing industries which will create added value for fishermen,” the minister said on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit in Bali on Friday. He said creating added value for fishermen was in line with the mission of the marine resources and fisheries ministry in helping fishermen increase their incomes and improve their welfare. “Production increases must be balanced with improvements in quality so that national fishery products will be able to compete in world markets,” the minister said. ATLI had 201 members engaged in different types of fisheries-related businesses among others fish catching (42 firms and 144 individuals); 14 processing firms and one fishing-boat dockyard services. In the meantime, the number of fishing boats owned by ATLI members totaled 848 whose routine operation areas were located in the Indiam Ocean, western/southern Pacific, Banda Sea, Arafura Sea and the open seas.



Monday, November 21, 2011

Obama, Chinese premier discuss economic topics Associated Press

N SA D A President Barack bama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao conferred Saturday in a surprise meeting on the sidelines of a major Asian summit, focusing on the economic matters that have prompted disputes between the two major world powers.

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit in Nusa Dua, on the island of Bali, Indonesia, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011.

The session was not a formally planned moment of diplomacy but rather a late add-on to let the two men continue their conversation from a group dinner the night before. “We have a very complicated and quite substantial relationship with China across the board,â€?White House National SecurityAdvisor Tom Donilon told reporters after the session. “We do have economic issues, they are around the proper contribution that the Chinese make to global growth and that goes to currency and other policies,â€? he added. He said Obama stressed the importance of China adjusting the value of its currency, which the United States contends is deeply undervalued. He said Obama and Wen also briefly discussed territorial disputes in the South China Sea toward the end of their meeting. But Donilon also downplayed tensions between the two powers, saying the two countries also have found vast areas of agreement. The meeting came on the last leg RI2EDPDÂśVQLQHGD\$VLD3DFLÂżFWULS in which he has focused on bulking up America’s presence in the region, including setting up a Marine task force in Australia, in moves largely seen as hedges against China’s rise. The last-minute meeting underVFRUHG WKH VLJQLÂżFDQFH RI &KLQD LQ

the U.S. eyes, however. Obama met with met with Chinese President Hu Jintao just last weekend in Hawaii for DQ$VLD3DFLÂżFHFRQRPLFVXPPLW Only photographers and a videographer were allowed in at the start of the meeting with Wen, where the two men e changed small talk. $FRPPHQWDU\UXQE\WKHRIÂżFLDO Xinhua News Agency on Saturday suggested China was uneasy but not alarmed over the renewed U.S. focus on Asia. “Actually, China as well as other Asian nations never considered the 8QLWHG6WDWHVKDGOHIWWKH$VLD3DFLÂżF and had never tried to squeeze it out of the region,â€? said the piece, which carried the headline “U.S. return to Asia raises more questions than can answer.â€? The commentary noted that the U.S. was trying to court some Asian countries, a clear nod to recent U.S. overtures toward Myanmar, and was interfering in long-standing regional disputes, an apparent reference to U.S. military support for the Philippines as it confronts China in increasingly tense disputes in the South China Sea. “ f the United States sticks to its Cold War mentality and continues to engage with Asian nations in a selfassertive way, it is doomed to incur repulsion in the region,â€? it said. China has been angered by the U.S.

stand that it has a stake in security and unhampered international commerce in the disputed territorial waters of the South China Sea. Wen had told a meeting of SoutheastAsian nations on Friday that “e ternal forces should not use any e cuse to interfereâ€? in territorial disputes in the sea. China claims all of the sea, while several SoutheastAsian nations claim parts. Donilon said the United States, as a maritime power, wants territorial disputes resolved peacefully. “We do believe they should be resolved in accordance with international norms and international law,â€? he said. :HQÂśVSRUWIROLRWKRXJKLVFKLHĂ€\ economic, and that is where his conversation with Obama focused, Donilon said. The United States and China have been tussling over China’s currency, and over intellectual property. Obama has been challenging China to operate with a greater sense of international rules. Donilon rejected suggestions that the nine-day mission in the Asia3DFLÂżFZDVGHVLJQHGWRWKZDUWDULVLQJ China. The U.S. policy, Donilon said, was about rebalancing U.S. interests and focusing once more on the AsiaSDFLÂżFUHJLRQ “This has nothing to do with isolating or containing anybody,â€? he said.

US backs ‘green prosperity’ with Indonesia aid Agence France-Presse

NUSA DUA - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced 600 million in aid for ndonesia Saturday, most of it for “green prosperityâ€? in the world’s third-biggest greenhouse gas emitter. The money will be funnelled through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a US government aid agency, which said that while ndonesia is rich in natural resources, many of its rural people GRQRWEHQHÂżW “This will help provide viable renewable energy alternatives and helps

support natural resource management,� Clinton said on the ndonesian island of Bali where she is attending the East Asia Summit with President Barack Obama. “We see this as an end in itself. We think that rural people will be able to raise their incomes while reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and on logging.� ndonesia is the world’s 18thlargest economy but the third-biggest producer of greenhouses gases, with an estimated 85 percent of emissions coming from deforestation and other destructive land uses. More than 300 million of the

US funds will go towards renewable energy and natural resource projects to raise incomes and reduce emissions. But ndonesia is regularly rated by watchdogs as one of the world’s most corrupt countries and previous attempts to protect forests have run into problems. Amoratorium on logging promised by Jakarta in connection with a 1 billion programme funded by Norway ZDVGHOD\HGIRU¿YHPRQWKV :KHQLWZDV¿QDOO\VLJQHGE\3UHVident Susilo Bambang udhoyono in May this year environmentalists condemned the ban on logging in primary forests and peatlands as containing

“gaping loopholesâ€?. Climate Advisers, a Washingtonbased environmental consultancy, praised the US deal as “a cause for hopeâ€? and a “step forward in modernising US foreign aid programmesâ€?. But in a paper for the Brookings nstitution think-tank it said “For a long time ndonesia’s forest economy KDVEHHQQRWRULRXVO\LQHIÂżFLHQWDQG FRUUXSWZLWKSURÂżWHHULQJDQGUHVRXUFH e ploitation often trampling the rights of the rural poor. “Mismanagement and corruption are deeply embedded in ndonesia’s land-use sectors, and entrenched LQWHUHVWVZLOOÂżJKWDJDLQVWHIIRUWVWR

increase transparency and rationalise natural resource decisions.â€? t warned that ndonesia would need to “sustain the political will to overcome these challenges at all levels of governmentâ€? for the agreement to work. ,QGRQHVLDÂśVÂżQDQFHPLQLVWHU$JXV Martowardojo said some of the funding would go towards hydropower and solar energy, and that the country was FRPPLWWHGWRÂżJKWLQJFRUUXSWLRQ “Everybody is watching this, we will have a surveillance organisation to make sure all the implementation of this fund will be according to good governance,â€? he said.


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ASEAN+3 leaders emphasize need to cooperate in tackling crisis Jiabao who attended the meeting said ASEAN 3 countries need to NUSADUA-ASEAN Plus Three take stronger measures to enhance (China, Japan and South Korea) cooperation, increase internal growth leaders at a meeting here on Friday momentum and deepen cooperation emphasized the need to enhance co- to improve the region s ways to deRSHUDWLRQLQWDFNOLQJJOREDOÂżQDQFLDO feat global crisis. During the Friday meeting led by crisis. “Many things have happened President udhoyono, Premier Wen during the past years starting from suggested that ASEAN 3 countries VHFXULW\ LQVWDELOLW\ WR JOREDO ÂżQDQ- accelerate the liberalization of trade cial crisis. The dynamic situation in EHWZHHQWKHPEULQJWKHÂżQDQFLDODQG the world nowadays should make monetary cooperation in the region to us aware that we need to strengthen higher level. Wen also emphasized the need for cooperation and turn challenges into opportunities,â€? ndonesian President ASEAN 3 countries to carry out reSusilo Bambang udhoyono said search in new areas settlement of new here on Friday at the opening cere- regional trade in local currency and mony of the 14thASEAN 3 Meeting seek better way to reduce time and in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center cost of trade and mitigate the impact RIÂżQDQFLDOFULVLVLQWKHUHJLRQ (BNDCC). “We must also actively promote Meanwhile, China s Premier Wen Antara


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

Time for ASEAN to go global Antara

N SA D A - Visiting United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Kimoon said it is time for ASEAN to play a greater role in the global community. “As the economy of ASEAN continues to grow in recent years, think it is time for you to develop a global world. The UN is ready to work closely with ASEAN in facing global challenges such as climate change, food and energy security and human rights protection,� Ban said on a press conference after attending the 4th ASEAN-UN Summit earlier in the morning. On his speech, Ban also e pressed optimism that ASEAN could realize its mission of a single community in 2015. “With strong relations among member states, strong political will and adequate resources, think there is a chance that ASEAN can realize its target of becoming a single community by 2015,� he said. Earlier in the day, Ban Ki Moon at a ceremony in the Bali nternational Convention Center (B CC) in Nusa Dua, Bali presented an award for ndonesia called “Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction� The award was given to President Susilo Bambang udhoyono on behalf of the ndonesian people. President udhoyono said the Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction award was a recognition of the determination and hard work of all ndonesians in responding to the challenges of natural disasters. According to the president, ndonesia was the most vulnerable country in natural disasters, and therefore coping with disasters has become deeply implanted in the national mindset. After receiving the award from the UN chief, President udhoyono asserted that ndonesia would continually strive to minimize the impact of any disaster. The president e pressed hope that ndonesia would continue to do its best and develop cooperation with the United Nations. The ceremony was attended by among others Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto, Coordinating Minister for People s Welfare Agung Laksono, and Coordinating Minister for Economy Hatta Rajasa, Ban Ki-Moon said President udhoyono deserved the Global Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction award because of his outstanding leadership.

US President Barack Obama (L) and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (C) wearing Indonesian traditional clothes attend the gala dinner during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and East Asia Summit in Nusa Dua in Indonesia’s resort island of Bali on November 18, 2011.

the building of regional financial safety net and improve East Asia FDSDFLW\ WR JXDUG DJDLQVW ÂżQDQFLDO risk,â€? he added. Meanwhile, the South Korea s President Lee Myung Bak on his speech at the Friday meeting e pressed concern that the crisis happening in some European countries and the United States might give negative impacts to the ASEAN 3 countries. “ t is important that we take VWHSVWRVWUHQJWKHQÂżQDQFLDOVDIHW\ net. hope the cooperation under the Chiangmai nitiative will be stregthened in the future,â€? he said, adding that an ASEAN Plus Three macro-economic research office had been set up in Singapore to monitor the economic situation in member states.



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Ubud Traditional Art Market IBP Ubud Traditional Art Market where the existence is not far different from other markets available in the tourism area. This market as a society economics center of Ubud and it is apposite to the existence of Ubud Empire that is called Puri Saren. The market is unfolding from west to easterly divided become two group with different purpose. There are two markets available at the same area those are one block at the Westside is for a traditional artistic market and another block located in the east as an everyday traditional fundamental market requirement. This market is opened every day about at 08:00 until 18:00, even some from them still open until nighttime. While the traditional market for the fundamental requirement is opened everyday at 06:00 - even before that there is morning market started at 04:00 morning. The art crafting are sold in this art market consisted of various crafting, from traditional until contemporary crafting which its price is relatively cheap. You can do the transaction directly to the merchant which generally can be bargained. All the crafting sold in this place you can bring home as souvenir.



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BUSINESS Asia needs further steps amid euro zone crisis: Japan PM Reuters

186$'8$-DSDQHVH3ULPH0LQLVWHU<RVKLKLNR1RGD VDLGRQ6DWXUGD\$VLDQHHGVWRFRQVLGHUIXUWKHUVWHSVWR DYRLGD¿QDQFLDOFULVLVDVWKHHXUR]RQH¶VGHEWSUREOHPV FRXOGVSLOOLQWRWKHUHJLRQ While Asia has become more resilient due to its economic management since the region’s own financial crisis in 1997 98, it is not immune to Europe’s problems, Noda said. “ don’t think Asia is necessarily vulnerable to e ternal shocks (from Europe),” Noda told a news conference after the East Asia Summit on the ndonesian resort island of Bali. “Given efforts to conduct sound economic policy, the region generally enjoys a current account surplus and its foreign reserves are at high levels, so it has become more resilient to e ternal shocks.” “Having said that, there is no doubt that we could face adverse impact if we cannot build a firewall against the European crisis.” Policymakers around the world are worried that Europe’s inability to unify around a debt strategy could hurt their economies. Greece, reland and Portugal - all small, peripheral euro zone economies - have already been forced to accept EU MF bailouts as they can no longer afford to borrow commercially. Now taly’s borrowing costs have reached unsustainable levels, while Spain’s are nearing this point and the crisis is even starting to affect triple-A

rated France. While giving no details on what kind of further steps Asia should take, Noda said boosting regional financial cooperation is basically the way to go as Asia tries to prepare itself for possible meltdowns in Europe. Japan, China and South Korea lead a 120 billion emergency fund, under the so-called the Chiang Mai nitiative, with the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) - part of a move to strengthen ties and avert the repeat of the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis. n a move to beef up its foreign e change defenses in the wake of global uncertainties, South Korea last month signed an agreement with China to double the value of their bilateral currency swap pact after securing a similar deal with Japan. n addition to such efforts, Asia needs further crisis prevention measures, Noda said. “Japan is leading discussions on how to prevent crisis and on introducing further steps to avert crisis at a regional level. We need to quickly wrap up those and proposed that at the summit of ASEAN 3 (ASEAN plus China, Japan and South Korea).”

AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon

Protesters with placards bearing portraits of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak stage a rally to oppose ratification of the South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in front of the Seoul City Hall, South Korea, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011. The National Assembly has yet to pass the deal due to opposition parties’ strong objections, although the U.S. Congress recently approved it. The letters read: “Out, President Lee Myung-bak.”

EU agrees 2 percent budget rise for 2012 to 129 billion euros Reuters

BR SS LS - European Union negotiators agreed to a two percent rise in the bloc’s budget for ne t year to 129 billion euros ( 174 billion), following more than fifteen hours of talks which ended in the early hours of Saturday morning. The deal was seen as a victory for cash-strapped capitals grappling with Europe’s debt crisis, which had opposed demands by EU lawmakers to increase the budget by more than 5 percent. More than two thirds of the EU budget is spent on subsidies for farmers and regional aid funds, which finance road construction, environmental clean-ups and other projects. But some EU officials said limiting the budget rise to forecast inflation for ne t year could leave the bloc unable to pay its bills and threaten the EU budget’s AAA credit rating.

“This is clearly an austerity budget, as most member states are in the midst of a serious financial crisis,” said EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski, who had originally proposed a five percent rise in spending in 2012. “There is now a serious risk that the European Commission will run out of funds in the course of ne t year, and will therefore not be able to honor all its financial obligations toward beneficiaries of EU funds,” he said. That is because while agreeing to limit their contributions to the EU budget to 129 billion euros ne t year, governments gave in to the European Parliament’s demands to allow EU spending commitments ne t year to go up to 147 billion euros. “Today’s commitments become tomorrow’s payments, so they are playing a very dangerous game indeed,” said one EU official. But Britain, which campaigned hard to contain EU spending,

welcomed Saturday’s deal, with financial services minister Mark Hoban, saying austerity at EU level was vital when member state governments struggle to tighten their belts. “This is an e cellent deal for the UK. We have stopped the European Commission and parliament’s inflation-busting proposals and have delivered on the government’s promise to freeze the EU budget in real terms,” he said. “Throughout this process, we have argued that with member states facing tough decisions on spending at home, we could not afford these unrealistic demands.” Parliament won some concessions in the discussions, including an e tra 100 million euro in aid for the Palestinian territories in 2012. Talks on the EU’s spending in 2012 are seen as a prelude to a tougher fight on the bloc’s ne t long-term budget for 2014-2020.


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“Breaking Dawn” draws $30 million at midnight Reuters

LOS ANGELES - Vampire romance “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1” drew $30.25 million in box office blood at midnight screenings on Friday, eclipsing its predecessor and giving it a strong start to the weekend. The film, which is the first part of the final segment in the series of films about a young woman and her bloodsucking lover, is expected to bring in upward of $140 million at U.S. and Canadian box offices over its opening weekend. The series, which is based on the popular “Twilight” novels by Stephenie Meyer, is one of Hollywood’s most lucrative franchises. “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” debuted in June 2010, and raked in $30.1 million in midnight showings. It went on to suck nearly $700 million from worldwide box offices. The record for U.S. and Canadian ticket at midnight is held by the recent, final installment of the “Harry Potter” movies, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.” It debuted to $43.5 million at midnight and went on to claim another record: the best threeday weekend with $169.2 million in the United States and Canada. But producer and distribu-

tor Summit Entertainment has cautioned box office watchers not to compare the two movies too closely due to several differentiating factors, including that the “Twilight” films are aimed mostly at females while “Harry Potter” targets broader audiences. T h e “ Tw i l i g h t ” m ov i e s made stars of Kristen Stewart, who plays the lovestruck Bella Swan, as well as Robert Pattinson as vampire Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as werewolf Jacob Black, both of whom vie for the affection of Swan. Edward eventually wins Bella’s heart and in “Breaking Dawn - Part 1,” the pair are married. Their wedding and honeymoon are among the highlights of the new movie. “Breaking Dawn - Part 1”

also began its release in 54 markets outside North America on Friday, but early international ticket sales figures were not yet available. The movie cost $110 million to make after production budget remakes. “Breaking Dawn - Part II” will hit theaters in 2012.

British actor Robert Pattinson, right, and US actor Taylor Lautner attend a film premiere of ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1’ in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011.

AP Photo/Job Vermeulen

Natalie Wood detectives IDFHFRQ‫ی‬LFWLQJDFFRXQWV Associated Press Writer

AP Photo/Harrington, File

FILE - The 55-foot yacht “Splendour,” belonging to actor Robert Wagner and his wife, actress Natalie Wood, sits in the waters off Catalina Island in Santa Catalina, Calif., near the site where Harbor Patrol personnel and lifeguards discovered the body of Wood, an apparent drowning victim, Nov. 29, 1981.

LOS ANGELES — Natalie Wood’s drowning death nearly 30 years ago came after a night of dinner, drinking and arguments but the question remains — was it anything more than a tragic accident? Conflicting versions of what happened on the yacht shared by Wood, her actorhusband Robert Wagner and their friend, actor Christopher Walken, have contributed to the mystery of how the actress died on Thanksgiving weekend in 1981. Two sheriff ’s detectives are now diving into the mysterious events on the yacht Splendour, although whether they reach any different conclusions than their predecessors remains to be seen. They recently received new, seemingly credible information and heard from potential witnesses who weren’t included in the original investigation of Wood’s death, sheriff’s Lt. John Corina said Friday. But he said nothing has happened to change the official view that Wood’s death was originally

an accidental drowning. Wagner, the star of “Hart to Hart” is not considered a suspect, he added. Corina released few details about who investigators have contacted or plan to re-interview, but the inquiry will certainly lead them to speak with the three survivors of the trip — Wagner, Walken and skipper Dennis Davern. Wood’s sister, Lana, was not on the boat, but told CNN’s Piers Morgan on Friday that she has spoken with Davern many times and believes her sister did not fall off the boat. “I don’t think she fell, I don’t know if she was pushed, I don’t know whether there was an altercation and it happened accidentally but she shouldn’t have died and that does stay with me and hurt,” Lana Wood said. “I would prefer to always believe that RJ (Wagner) would never do anything to hurt Natalie and that he loved her dearly, which he did, and I don’t believe that whatever went on was deliberate. I’ve always cared about him. I always will care about him,” she said.



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Science panel: Get ready for extreme weather Associated Press Writer

d iWASHINGTON — Think of the Texas drought, floods in Thailand and Russia’s devastating heat waves as coming attractions in a warming world. That is the warning from top international climate scientists and disaster experts after meeting in Africa. The panel said the world needs to get ready for more dangerous and “unprecedented extreme weather” caused by global warming. These experts fear that without preparedness, crazy weather extremes may overwhelm some locations, making some places unlivable. The Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a special report on global warming and extreme weather Friday after meeting in Kampala, Uganda. This is the first time the group of scientists has focused on the dangers of extreme weather events such as heat waves, floods, droughts and storms. Those are more dangerous than gradual increases in the world’s average temperature. For example, the report predicts that heat waves that are now once-in-ageneration events will become hotter and happen once every five years by mid-century and every other year by the end of the century. And in some places, such as most of Latin America, Africa and a good chunk of Asia, they will likely become yearly bakings. And the very heavy rainstorms that usually happen once every 20 years will happen far more frequently, the report said. In most areas of the U.S. and Canada, they are likely to occur three times as often by the turn of the century, if fossil fuel use continues at current levels. In Southeast Asia, where flooding has been dramatic, it is likely to happen about four times as often as now, the report predicts. One scientist points to this year’s drought and string of 100 degree days (38 Celsius) in Texas and Oklahoma, which set an all-time record for hottest month for any U.S. state this summer. “I think of it as a wake-up call,” said one of the study’s authors, David Easterling, head of global climate applications for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “The likelihood of that occurring in the future is going to be much greater.” The report said world leaders have to prepare better for weather extremes.

AP Photo/Kevin Frayer

In this picture taken Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011, foreign tourists walk in thick fog past the razor-wire of the Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla in the Nepal Himalayas.

Himalayan nations agree on climate adaptation plan

Associated Press Writer

NEW DELHI — Four Himalayan nations facing the threat of weather changes have agreed to collaborate on ways to adapt to climate change after a two-day summit in Bhutan. India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan were part of the Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas held in Bhutan’s capital Thimphu on Saturday. They agreed to cooperate on energy, water, food and biodiversity issues.

AP Photo/Keystone, Salvatore Di Nolfi, File

FILE - Maarten van Aalst, leading climate specialist for the Red Cross and Red Crescent, speaks about how climate change will affect people and assets during the presentation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report at a press conference at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, in this April 11, 2007 file photo.

“The success of our initiative will not only have direct and immediate benefits for our own people, but we could be setting a worthy precedent for other countries that share similar conditions,” Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley said according to a press statement released late Saturday. Pakistan, China and Afghanistan were absent from the summit but organizers downplayed that, saying that the summit was focused on securing ecosystems, endangered species,and food and water sources for only the Himalayas’ eastern part. The summit called for action amid the international community’s inability to agree on limiting greenhouse gas emissions blamed

for global climate change. The next round of U.N. climate talks begin in Durban, South Africa Nov. 28, but the expectations of any breakthrough there are limited. As part of the declaration the four nations agreed to work together to increase access to “affordable and reliable” clean energy resources and technology through a regional knowledge sharing mechanism, a press statement from the World Wildlife Fund said. The draft of the declaration was not immediately available Sunday. The most contentious part of the talks dealt with water security, according to the WWF release, but the four nations did agree to work together on ecosystem and disaster management, sharing

their knowledge in water use efficiency. Regional tensions have long prevented Himalayan cooperation, including basic research in the world’s largest block of glaciers outside the polar regions, and accounting for 40 percent of the world’s fresh water. There was also consensus on food security and securing livelihoods and the deal covers way to adapt and improve food production and help vulnerable communities get better access to nutritious food. “These kinds of regional initiatives are really needed,” said Liisa Rohweder, CEO of WWF Finland, adding the summit was a good lead to follow for the Durban meeting.


Monday, November 21, 2011



Fortune favours Inter, negative Lazio go top the hook when Milan midifelder Clarence Seedorf thought he had MILAN - ,QWHU 0LODQ ZRQ volleyed the opening goal in the only their third Serie A game of the 18th minute. ,Q FRPSOHWH FRQWUDVW WR WKH season when they beat Cagliari 2-1 on Saturday helped by a controver- IRUWXQH HQMR\HG E\ ,QWHU WKH sial Thiago Motta goal which left Dutchmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s effort was disallowed the Sardinians fuming. Debutant for offside when replays suggested Cagliari coach Davide Ballardini the goal should have stood. FODLPHG UHIHUHHV JDYH WKH EHQHÂżW of the doubt to the bigger clubs after LUCKY BREAK television replays showed Mottaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s &ODXGLR5DQLHULÂśV,QWHUJRWWKHLU goal was offside. Teenager Philippe Coutinho, lucky break in the 54th minute called into the team at the last when Ricardo Alvarezâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s freekick minute after playmaker Wesley ZDVĂ&#x20AC;LFNHGE\*LDPSDROR3D]]LQL Sneijder was injured in the warm to Motta, who scored from close XS VFRUHG ,QWHUÂśV VHFRQG EH- range. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Certain situations create fore Joaquin Larrivey pulled one doubt and in case of doubt the refback for the visitors. Saturdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ereeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision goes in favour of other games produced goalless the strongest,â&#x20AC;? said Balladini, Calstalemates as AC Milanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s run giariâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s third coach this season. Âł,WÂśV YHU\ GLIILFXOW WR JHW DQ RIÂżYHVXFFHVVLYHZLQVHQGHGDW Fiorentina and a negative, time- offside decision in your favour at wasting Lazio held out for a point San Siro.â&#x20AC;? Ranieri, who has complained at the number of penalties at Napoli. Lazioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s share of the spoils was awarded against his side, admitted enough to take them top of the ta- it was a lucky break but said that ble with 22 points from 11 games, his side were due one. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve told me it was offone ahead of Udinese, who visit Parma on Sunday (1400 GMT), side, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s our turn to enjoy some and Milan. Juventus, the only OXFNIRUDFKDQJH´KHVDLG,QWHU unbeaten team and three points WZLFHKLWWKHEDULQWKHÂżUVWKDOI behind Lazio in fourth place, host when Giampaolo Pazziniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s drive was tipped onto the woodwork by Palermo on Sunday (1400) Lazioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s match was a complete Michael Agazzi who did the same FRQWUDVWWRWKHFRUUHVSRQGLQJÂż[- to a Mauro Zarate free kick shortly ture last season when Napoli came afterwards. Halftime substitute Alvarez from two goals behind to win 4-3 with an Edinson Cavani hat-trick. was also involved in the second This time, Lazio made no attempt goal on the hour, winning possesto win the game while Napoli VLRQLQPLGÂżHOGDQGSURYLGLQJWKH ODFNHGDQ\UHDOELWHH[FHSWIRUD ÂżQDOSDVVWR&RXWLQKR The 19-year-old Brazilian cut lively spell early in the second half inside his marker and scored and Cavani was barely noticed. Ezequiel Lavezzi nearly with a low shot which crept in by snatched a stoppage time winner the near post for his second goal for the hosts but his volley was VLQFHMRLQLQJ,QWHUDWWKHVWDUWRI superbly turned away by Federico last season from Vasco da Gama. Marchetti. Fiorentina, where Delio ,QWHU ZKR VWDUWHG WKH JDPH LQ Rossi was making his debut as 17th place, have 11 points with coach after replacing the sacked Cagliari on 13 having played a Sinisa Mihajlovic, were let off game more. Reuters

AP Photo/Manu Fernandez

FC Barcelonaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Carles Pujol, left, scores against Zaragozaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goalkeeper Roberto Jimenez during a Spanish La Liga soccer match at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011.

Real, Barca move clear at La Liga summit Reuters

MADRID - Real Madrid and Barcelona pulled away at the top of La Liga when leaders Real edged third-placed Valencia 3-2 away in a thrilling but ill-tempered clash after Barca thumped visiting Real Zaragoza 4-0 on Saturday. Realâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s victory, courtesy of goals from Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo, maintained their three-point lead over great rivals Barcelona in second and lifted Jose Mourinhoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s side to 31 points from 12 matches. Spanish and European champions Barca widened their advantage over Valencia, the last club other than the big two to win the title back in 2004, to four points. La Liga top scorer Lionel Messi struck his 15th of the season at a damp Nou Camp, with Gerard Pique and substitute David Villa also netting against their former club and Piqueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s central defensive partner Carles Puyol scoring a rare goal. An aggressive Valencia put Real under early pressure at the Mestalla but a lapse in concentration allowed Benzema to open the scoring in the 20th minute. With the Valencia players still organising themselves, Xabi Alonso took a quick freekick and France striker Benzema brought the ball XQGHUFRQWUROZLWKKLVÂżUVWWRXFK and struck a rasping volley past goalkeeper Diego Alves with his second. Valencia dominated the second half as the yellow cards came thick and fast in response to some robust tackling before Ramos outjumped his markers to nod home a 72nd minute second. Home striker Roberto Soldado made it 2-1 three

an acrobatic header 15 minutes from time. ,Q DQ LQWHUYLHZ ZLWK 6SDQLVK television, Pique said Barca have a tough month ahead, including Wednesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Champions League JDPH DW$& 0LODQ DQG WKH ÂżUVW of two â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Clasicosâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; against Real on Dec. 10 before they head off to the &OXE:RUOG&XSLQ-DSDQÂł,WÂśVD GLIÂżFXOWPRQWKZLWKDORWRILPportant games,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Madrid is ahead in the league and we want WR ÂżQLVK WRS RI RXU JURXS LQ WKH Champions League but we have the quality to come through it.â&#x20AC;? , Q M X U \  U D Y D J H G  9L O O D U U H D O claimed their third victory of the campaign when Borja Valero caught Real Betis keeper Casto ACROBATIC HEADER off his line with a lobbed effort ,Q WKH HDUOLHU NLFNRII 3LTXH in the 21st minute that gave Juan nodded Barca in front from a Carlos Garridoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s side a 1-0 home Xavi free kick in the 18th minute win. Villarreal, who visit Bayern before Messi picked up a Cesc Munich in the Champions League Fabregas pass in the penalty area on Tuesday, climbed to 10th on shortly before halftime and sent a 14 points. Struggling Betis won their low, right-foot shot past Roberto. Captain Puyol followed up his own opening four matches of the saved effort to score a third some season but have taken only one 10 minutes after the break and point from the last eight and are Villa, who replaced Fabregas in 13th on 13 points, three ahead of the 66th, put Barca 4-0 ahead with Zaragoza in 16th. minutes later with a powerful drive before Ronaldo scored his 14th of the campaign in the 78th and Soldado poked in his second with eight minutes of regular time left WRVHWXSDWKULOOLQJÂżQLVK,QDOPRVW WKHÂżQDODFWLRQRIWKHJDPHGHHS into added time, the ball appeared to strike a Real defender near his arm as he lay on the ground by the goalline but the referee waved away Valenciaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s frantic appeals for a penalty. The irate home players surURXQGHG WKH RIÂżFLDOV DW WKH ÂżQDO whistle and Mourinho was pelted with objects as he quickly made his way down the tunnel.

AP Photo/Antonio Calanni

Inter Milan midďŹ elder Thiago Motta celebrates after scoring during the Serie A soccer match between Inter Milan and Cagliari at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011. Inter Milan won 2-1.



Monday, November 21, 2011


Nadal returns in unfamiliar role of underdog Reuters

L ND N - Rafa Nadal returns to action at the A P World our Finals on Sunday hoping to issue a timely reminder of his powers. he Spaniard, out of action for a month, has had a lean year by his high standards and has not captured a title since winning the French pen for a si th time in June. His number one ranking has been snatched away by man-ofthe-year Novak Djokovic while all serious money for the London title is heading the way of in-form Swiss Roger Federer and home favourite Andy Murray. The 25-yearold, whose last competive match was a shock defeat by Germany’s Florian Mayer in Shanghai in October, was not fretting over his lower profile as he prepared for his Group B opener against American Mardy Fish. “ don’t feel like (the forgotten man),” Nadal told reporters when it was suggested to the world number two that he had had slid into the shadow of the other members of the top four. “Maybe you have this feeling, but don’t.” “ played in the final of the last three Grand Slams and ’ve had a good season. lost a few important matches this season, but won a few ones too. ’m happy about my year. “ didn’t have a perfect year, but ’ve had a very good year. ’ve been out of competition for a little while

and that’s probably why the focus is on others,” added the Mallorcan who ZLOOOHDG6SDLQLQWKH'DYLV&XS¿QDO ne t month against Argentina. Djokovic, despite his shoulder problems, will be the man to beat in London, having won three of the years four grand slams and the Masters Series events in Canada, Rome, Madrid, ndian Wells and Miami. But Nadal says he is not desperate to re-assert his authority over the Serb who until this year he had beaten in 16 of their 23 matches. “ t’s probably the highest level of tennis that ever saw,” Nadal said of Djokovic who has beaten him in si finals this year on three different surfaces. “But ’m not working every day thinking about Novak. ’m working and thinking about what need to do to keep improving, to be a better player. That’s what ’ve done all my career and what want to keep doing. “Novak had an unbelievable season. What he did is very dif-

ficult to repeat. His level of tennis was very, very high. He beat me and he was playing better than me. That’s why he was able to win almost every match during the season.” Nadal will face great rival Federer for the first time in round-robin play ne t week -- a repeat of last year’s final at the O2 won by the Swiss 16-times grand slam champion. Federer is seeking a record si th title at the season-ender, to move him clear of van Lendl and Pete Sampras. He opens play on Sunday against Joe-Wilfried Tsonga, but his clash with Nadal will be one of the highlights of the week. “ always enjoy playing against Rafa,” Federer said. “ t goes without saying that enjoyed that match (last year’s final) but also enjoyed the matches lost like the Wimbledon finals, the Rome finals. We’ve had some epic battles against each other and ’m happy that we have another one here.” Djokovic has a Monday start against Tomas Berdych.

REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal and girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello arrive for the ATP World Tour Gala at Battersea Power Station in London November 17, 2011.

Even without basketball, James and others will make millions Reuters

AP Photo/Don Ryan

NBA players, from right, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony stand on the sideline before the NCAA college football game between Oregon and Southern California in Eugene, Ore., Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011. The three and other NBA players were on hand to watch the game.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) season may be in danger of being wiped out by a bitter labor dispute already five months old but the big bucks will keep rolling in for LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and a select few of the game’s biggest stars. While some players might be left counting the cost of the lockout with their average annual salaries of 5 million on hold, at least 10 of the sport’s marquee players will be earning at least that much in off-court endorsements, regardless of whether they play or not, according to At the top of the rich list is James, the Miami Heat forward who will collect 33 million in endorsement money for the season, twice his annual salary, Forbes reported. Los Angeles Lakers guard Bryant, who was set to reel in the league’s highest salary this season at 25.2 million, would also fare well with estimated off-court endorsements of 28 million. James’ Miami Heat teammate Wade has also found success on and off the court. The guard should collect 12 million in endorsement money even without

his 15.5 million salary for the 2011-12 season. NUMEROUS SOURCES

Shoe and apparel companies, soft drinks, airlines and a variety of other entities help make the big paychecks possible while escrow money from the 2010-11 season that was withheld from NBA players’ paychecks will help boost the totals. Players will share more than 190 million in escrow money because team owners did not spend 57 percent of basketball related income, as required in the collective bargaining agreement that e pired June 30. For Bryant, that would mean an e tra 2 million, Forbes said. Other members of the 5 million endorsement club include Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard ( 11 million in deals) and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant ( 9 million). New ork Knicks forwards Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire are not far behind. Both have deals worth 8 million. New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul will earn 6 million and Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett and Washington Wizards guard John Wall will each collect 5 million off the court.




Monday, November 21, 2011

Upbeat Lewis Hamilton wants to win the Brazilian GP Lewis Hamilton says he has his sights set on another victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix to end the 2011 season on a high. The Briton bounced back from a series a difficult races to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in dominant fashion last weekend, securing his third victory of the campaign. McLaren driver Hamilton admitted it was a great feeling to return to the top step of the podium, and says that made him even more determined to try to repeat the feat at Interlagos. “Winning in Abu Dhabi last week was a fantastic feeling, and it’s made me even more determined to finish the 2011 season with a victory,” said Hamilton in a team preview. “It would be great to go into the winter off the back of another win, so that’ll be my aim next weekend. “Of course, for Jenson and myself, Interlagos is the circuit where we won the world championship, so it will always hold some happy memories for us. In fact, I’ve only been here once [in 2009] when I wasn’t in contention for the championship. “This year, with both titles already wrapped up,

I want to enjoy myself: and I think we have the car to once again make a difference - we’ll pick up where we left off in Abu Dhabi, I hope. “I think we’re all set for a great end to the 2011 championship: Interlagos is a fantastic circuit, one of the best on the calendar, and I think the combination of KERS Hybrid and DRS, plus the possibility of wet weather, mean we’re all set for a fascinati n g

race.” Team-mate Jenson Button believes McLaren’s showing in Abu Dhabi showed the team is still pushing as hard as possible despite the championships being over. And he too is aiming to finish the season on the top step of the podium next week. “I think we proved in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago that McLaren still wants to win races even though both championships are now settled,” Button said. “Certainly I’m determined to win my fourth grand prix of the year, even if it means fighting all the way to the last lap of the last race.”

McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain reacts after winning the Emirates Formula One Grand Prix at the Yas Marina racetrack, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Sunday, Nov.13, 2011.

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

Renault admits its 2011 concept was a ‘bold failure’ Renault technical director James Allison has admitted that the unsuccessful forward exhaust concept has rendered the R31 a ‘failed experiment’. The system looked like it might have been a masterstroke when Renault produced strong times early in winter testing, but it never delivered the performance gains expected and ultimately limited the team’s development ability this year. “I regard it as a bold, but ultimately failed experiment,” said Allison. “We were the only team to adopt a forward exhaust layout, and we did so with high hopes, buoyed by very strong windtunnel numbers.” He admitted that even in the promising early tests Renault had actually been disappointed with the car. “We came out of the blocks adequately well, although it was clear from the first test that the delivered downforce was not as high as we had expected,” he said.“The season which followed has been difficult for everyone at Enstone. The layout which had promised so much, and which, had it delivered, would have been almost impossible to copy, proved very tricky to develop and had a fundamental weakness in slow corners that has been an albatross around our neck all year. “We look forward to moving on in 2012 with all-new exhaust rules and a chance to wipe the slate clean.” Team boss Eric Boullier said it had been hard to keep the squad buoyant what subsequently turned into a frustrating year, but felt morale had not wavered too badly.

Edisi 21 November 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : 103.000 participants walk for 9 kilometer

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