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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Turkey: 2 Brazilians killed in balloon crash

Barca close on 100 points, lift La Liga trophy

North Korea fires sixth missile in three days

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Indonesia minorities slam president’s interfaith award Agence France-Presse

JAKARTA - Indonesian religious minorities Monday slammed a decision by a US interfaith group to honour President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at a time when attacks against minority faiths are on the increase. The Appeal of Conscience Foundation, which campaigns against crimes committed in the name of religion, has named Yudhoyono its “World

Statesman” of 2013, and he is due to collect the award at a ceremony later this month in New York. But attacks against minorities in

the world’s most populous Muslimmajority country have been rising in recent years, and Yudhoyono has been repeatedly criticised for failing to take action. Minority Muslim groups, such as Ahmadiyah and Shiites, and Christians, have been targeted by Muslim radicals in the Sunni-majority country, with places of worship attacked and in some cases worshippers even

killed. Ahmadiyah cleric Rahmat Rahmadijaya, who has been locked inside a mosque near the capital Jakarta since April with a group of other sect members after it was sealed by hardliners, said he was “disappointed” at the award. “He only listens to the voice of the majority and allows the discriminatory acts against us to continue,” he told AFP. “If he accepts the

award, he must be shameless.” Ahmadis, unlike mainstream Muslims, do not believe Mohammed was the last prophet. Palti Panjaitan, a Christian cleric whose congregation on the outskirts of Jakarta has been locked out of its church by Muslim hardliners, accused the president of “turning a blind eye” and failing to act. Continued Contin Con tinued ued on page page 6

Indonesian religious minorities Monday slammed a decision by a US interfaith group to honour President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at a time when attacks against minority faiths are on the increase.

FOTO ANTARA/Zabur Karuru



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bali News A gang of mobile phone thief arrested Denpasar (Bali Post)—


The condition of Mumbul Market after the fire happen in the area last April

Traders have renovation of Mumbul Market accelerated Singaraja (Bali Post)—

Traders usually selling at Mumbul Market or better known as Mumbul Market on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Singaraja, urged the management of PD Pasar to speed up the renovation of the market area on fire last April 2012. The renovation was expected because they have been forced to occupy the non-representative market area for a year. As information collected in the field on Sunday (May 19), despite the market area was no longer feasible, the trader activity was relatively crowded. They were displaying their merchandise at temporary shacks built after the fire. Bird and poultry traders occupied the first floor of the market so that their merchandise was not affected by rain. Meanwhile, traders of motorcycle part preferred to occupy semi-permanent shacks. Their merchandise was motorcycle tire stacked on the porch of the market, while the other parts were suspended in front of their shack. Meanwhile, no body occupied the stalls on the second floor because they were totally on fire and never cleaned up. Only the first floor was still actively used though a lot of iron debris still scattered and had not been cleaned up.

A trader named Gusti Ngurah said he was forced to build a semi-permanent shack for his selling activity. Thankfully, his customers were still crowded coming to his shack, though the location was not very feasible. Amidst such businesses location, Ngurah and the other traders still waited when the management of PD Pasar would renovate the market. Originally, the management promised the renovation after the regent election. In fact, almost a year after the regent election the management had not realized the promise. Responding to this condition, Ngurah admitted to resign and could not do much. He preferred to remain silent and wait until the management of PD Pasar renovated the market. “We have asked for many times but there is no explanation. Now, let’s wait and it does not matter when it will be renovated. Most importantly,

our customers remain to come despite selling at the shack like this,” he said disappointedly. Managing Director of PD Pasar Buleleng, Putu Gede Satwika Yadnya, said the renovation to Mumbul Market was ascertained to be done. It responded to the Buleleng County government as shareholder that had injected additional capital to the PD Pasar. Such capital injection would be used to renovate the market. At the moment, the process was still in the preparation of the detail engineering design (DED). After the completion, his party would make a tender and the renovation project would begin. “After completing the DED, we will put it into tender and the renovation will be immediately carried out. To that end, we hope the traders to wait and be patient because the stages of a project must be passed through,” he said. (kmb)

A gang of mobile phone thief was caught stealing in the Asa Villa project located on Jalan Yudistira, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Sunday (May 19). The four suspects consisting of Muhammad Taufik, 19, Sugiono, 18, Rian, 17 and Supri Raharjo, 19, were arrested shortly after committing the theft at the scene and immediately handed over to Kuta Police. Chief of Kuta Police, Agus Tri Waluyo, said the four suspects from Dempet, Demak, had been detained in Kuta Police. Aside from the four suspects, his party also seized evidences in the form of three units of mobile phone. “We are still investigating the case further,” said the officer who just served as Chief of Kuta Police for a day last Sunday.

He explained the theft was committed by the culprits while the victims were still asleep in the project. At 04:00 a.m., three witnesses consisting of Hidayat, Ahmad Marzuki and Eka Putra Maulana just woke up. They saw a stranger coming into their room. They were shocked and directly called out if there was thief coming in. The witnesses called out because the thieves took out their mobile phone on the bed. Then, the witness and his friends pursued and managed to arrest the four suspects. The four suspects and evidences were then submitted to Kuta Police station. “The mobile phones taken consisted of a Mito and Nexian brand. The losses were estimated to reach IDR 2.5 million,” he said. (kmb21)

Collapsed bridge planted with banana tree A village at risk of being isolated Tabanan (Bali Post)—

Activity of the residents at Riang Gede, Penebel subdistrict, was disturbed, Sunday (May 19). The bridge connecting the road of loc al village collapsed as getting eroded by flood. As a result, the village located on the edge of the Tabanan town was at risk of being isolated. Being disappointed with the slow handling by local government, residents were desperate to plant banana tree at the site on Sunday morning. Based on information of residents, the collapse of bridge at Delod Sema hamlet, Riang Gede village occurred about three months ago. Initially, the bridge of more than 40 years old only had a small pothole. As being flushed by persistent rain, the pothole of bridge widened. Moreover, it was passed through by heavy vehicles each day. Not to mention, when it rained, the water under the bridge overflowed and eroded the verge of bridge made from brick piles. As consequence, nearly half of the bridge body collapsed as eroded by the river water. “This bridge has been old enough. When it rains, the water easily overflows and causes it to collapse,” said one of the residents at the site declining to be named last Sunday. The most serious collapse of the bridge of 4 meters width happened a month ago. Due to overflowing river,

the bridge material could not sustain it and then totally collapsed. Each day, the bridge hole continued to widen. Even, the remaining intact road was only about one meter. The collapsed pothole was still gaping with a depth of about one meter. Though being hazardous, residents were forced to cross the bridge because it was the only village access to Tabanan town. Such condition worsened the bridge condition. To avoid casualties, residents finally planted banana tree on the edge of the collapsed bridge. Headman of Riang Gede, Dewa Putu Arya, justified the collapse of the bridge. The official said to have reported the damage for several times. Even, it had been proposed in the subdistrict development plan meeting some time ago. “Unfortunately, until the bridge collapsed, there was no information when it would be repaired,” he said. According to him, he got information from county government if the bridge would be funded through regional budget amendment 2013 and it was still in tender process. Related to the planting of banana tree on the bridge, said Arya, his party did not know who did it. He alleged it was an action triggered by the disappointment due to slow handling by county government. The damaged bridge belonged to the responsibility of Tabanan County. (kmb30)

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Bali News

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Free sex boosts potential to be exposed to cervical cancer Bali Post

IBP/Budi Wiriyanto

Recapitulation of the gubernatorial election vote in Tabanan got special attention from security authorities. To anticipate any unrest, a combined rank consisting of military and police personnel held a raid against thugs at the eastern entrance into Tabanan town, Sunday morning (May 19).

Alert before recapitulation of gubernatorial election vote Bali Post

TABANAN - Recapitulation of the gubernatorial election vote in Tabanan got special attention from security authorities. To anticipate any unrest, a combined rank consisting of military and police personnel held a raid against thugs at the eastern entrance into Tabanan town, Sunday morning (May 19). The officers targeted all motorists passing by and bringing along any weapon, drug and other hazardous goods. Such raid could be said a massive one. A total of 80 personnel were deployed, consisting of mobile brigade, the 1619/ Tabanan Military District Command and Tabanan Police. Differently, the rank of Armed Forces and Mobile Brigade personnel were equipped with rifle during the raid. “This raid aims at creating conducive condition on entering the recapitulation of the gubernatorial election vote. The main target is thuggish movement alleged to have been moving into Tabanan,” said the Tabanan Police Chief, Dekananto Eko Purwono, accompanied by the Commander of the 1619/ Tabanan Military District Command, Rudi Hermawan, amidst his bustles to lead the raid. He described that during the vote recapitulation, Tabanan security became the main attention because during the stage was prone to friction. On that account, said the Tabanan Police Chief, his party with military ranks would hold a massive

operation. The operation began on Saturday (May 18) at 11:30 p.m. and ended at 2:00 a.m. Hundreds of motorcyclists and drivers of private car were stopped. Carefully, the officers checked every single corner of the vehicles, including the baggage of riders. “In addition to sharp weapon, we are also targeting motorists who possibly carry drugs,” affirmed the Police Chief. The raid started by targeting the biker community around the town market of Tabanan and was then resumed to protocol road near Memorial Park. Ultimately, the raid ended on the road section at Abiantuwung, Kediri, becoming the eastern entrance into Tabanan town. What are the results? After few hours targeting motorists, the officers did not find any indication of suspicious people. No vehicles examined were found to carry sharp weapon or other hazardous items. However, in protocol road, the officers captured dozens of motorists

without necessary vehicle documents and safety helmet. Allegedly, they belonged to a youth gang that would hold an illegal race. “Especially in the protocol road, we captured dozens of suspected bikers that would be speeding,” said Police Chief. To account for their deeds, those teenage motorcyclists were arrested to Tabanan Police station. According to Police Chief, a similar raid would continue to be held from one place to another aimed at anticipating thuggery and sharp weapon trafficking. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Tabanan Electoral Commission, Ida Bagus Kresna Dana, said the 10 existing subdistricts agreed to hold the recapitulation plenary peacefully. As a result, there was no change in the number of votes to the previous plenary made by each village. “Results of the simultaneous plenary today (Sunday—Ed) are still being recapped in the Electoral Commission,” he affirmed via telephone. (km30)

DENPASAR - Cervical cancer was a threat to women especially those who had sexual intercourse. Data of the Indonesia Cancer Foundation (YKI) showed that 100 women of 100,000 populations in Indonesia got cervical cancer. For Bali, 150 women per 100,000 populations suffered from cancer. Then, for the ASEAN region, Indonesia was ranked first in the cervical cancer cases, where in 2012 it was found 15,050 new cases and 7,566 died. It was revealed by Made Surya Kumara, an obstetrics and gynecology doctor, when giving a seminar on cervical cancer on Saturday (May 18) at Siloam Hospital Bali. According to him, Bali was one of the regions in Indonesia recording many incidents of cervical cancer. It happened due to free sex lifestyle in Bali was higher than the other regions. Risk factor for cervical cancer itself was through sexual intercourse. The earlier sexual intercourse, especially with multiple partners, then the greater of potential for cervical cancer would be. Kumara added that cervical cancer attacked the mouth of the woman’s cervix. It was caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Aside from sexual intercourse, the risk factor of cervical cancer was due to low immunity such as in HIV and tuberculosis patient, smoker and giving birth to more than three times. “Childbirth of more than three times causes a change in cervical cells that are susceptible to HPV virus,” said Kumara. On that account, family planning program suggesting having two children was actually quite a good program to follow in terms of minimizing the potential of being exposed to cervical cancer. Unfortunately, high rate of cervical cancer was not accompanied with public awareness in terms of prevention and early treatment. Most of the people of Indonesia, especially in Bali, came for treatment when they had been in advanced stage. According to Kumara, it happened due to shame habit to see a doctor and fear to get treatment. Actually, the treatment at early stage cost less than coming at advanced stage. To that end, Kumara recommended making early prevention where cervical cancer was one of the cancers that could be detected early and its vaccine had been available. Early detection of cervical cancer could be done by pap smears and visual inspection technique with acetic acid. Pap smear was recommended for women that had ever had sexual intercourse and childbirth. As the requirement, before the examination they should not be having sex, in menstruation period and not applying any vaginal cleaning medication. “This is to avoid any confusion during the cellular examination,” said Kumara. Prevention against the cervical cancer could also be done with a vaccination recommended for women that had intercourse. By taking preventive measure and early treatment, of course, the high cases of cervical cancer in Bali could be suppressed. (san)


Bali News

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Cetho Temple culture reserve

A sanctum to free one’s self from a curse Semarapura (Bali Post)— World community knows Borobudur and Prambanan Temple as a historic relic in Indonesia. Inevitably, both heritages are visited by many tourists and they are amazed to see the splendor of both temples. Similarly, the Cetho Temple known as one of the cultural heritages is also known to be very historic and a sanctum for self-purification or releasing one’s self from a curse. Cetho Temple is located on the western slope of Mount Lawu, precisely at Cetho/Gumeng village, Jenawi subdistrict, Karanganyar, Central Java. From the notice board around the site, the heritage was founded in Caka 1397 or 1475 AD. It can be seen from the inscription on the gate wall of terrace VII written in ancient Javanese script which can be interpreted as the establishment of the site. It measures 190 meters long and 30 meters wide spreading at an altitude of 1,496 meters above sea level. The temple was first known from the research report of Van der Vlis in 1842. Afterword, the Dutch archaeologists such as, W.F. Stutterheim, K.C. Crucq and A.J. Bernet Kempers continued the research. In 1928, the Antiquities Office made a research for a reconstruction. The study was then completed by Riboet Darmosoetopo et al, before Sudjono Humardani did restoration to the Cetho Temple in 1975 to 1976. It has Hindu religious background and applies stepped pyramid courtyard with 13 elevated patio structures toward the peak. The building resembles a pre-historic stepped pyramid. Among the terraces, the terrace VII has neatly arranged stone statues depicting phallus or lingam (male genital) coming into contact with vagina

or yoni-shaped statue incorporated by the Garuda-shaped statue. The lingam-yoni and Garuda statue also serve as representations of the Samudramanthana and Garudeya story. A book written by Ki Renggo Prahono entitled Candi Cetho: Sabda Palon Nagih Janji or literally ‘Cetho Temple: Sabda Palon Asks for Promise’ explains that Garuda statue is closely related to the Samudramanthana and Garudeya story. The Samudramanthana tells the story about a bet between the two wives of Kasyapa, Goddes Kadru and Goddess Winata regarding the spinning of the ocean milk to find out the water of life. Kadru guesses the tail of the horse carrying the water of life coming out of the ocean milk will be black, while Winata guesses it a white horse. In fact, the horse tail is white. Afraid of being defeated, Kadru sends her children in the form of snakes and dragons to give off venom onto the horse tail. Thus, the horse tail is turning black. Kadru finally wins the bet and enslaves Winata. Before the betting happens, Kadru and Winata are told not to have children. Then, they both complain to Rishi Kesyapa. Rishi Kesyapa gives 1,000 eggs to Kadru, while Winata is given two eggs. The 1,000 eggs of Kadru hatch into serpents and dragons. Meanwhile, one of the two eggs of Winata hatches abnormally because Kadru cannot wait patiently to have children. One of the eggs is broken prematurely so that it only has the upper part of the body. Due to the act of Winata, she is condemned by her own son to be a slave of Kadru and later his younger brother will help release his mother from the curse. Another egg hatches a child named Garudeya or Garuda. (kmb31)


The Kendran villagers are making their own water system to fulfill their need.

Kendran builds clean water independently worth IDR 1.6 billion Gianyar (Bali Post)—

A case of theft at Negara Hospital occurred again. Even, the theft occurred in VIP room, Puri Rahayu. One of the patient attendants, Putu Panca, 30, a resident from Pangkung Buluh, Kaliakah village, Negara, Sunday (May 19) reported a theft case to Negara Police. The victim with his wife waiting for his baby of nine months old, Enjelita, admitted to have lost a mobile phone, tablet computer and money. Panca said their baby was previously

treated in Room C for three days because of shortness of breath and during in the room was safe. However, starting from Saturday night (May 18) his baby was moved to Puri Rahayu VIP room, precisely in room number 1, a number of his belongings lost. The time of incidence was estimated at around 2:00 a.m. when he was falling asleep. Panca was sleeping in living room, while four people were sleeping in patient room, including his wife. At that time, his mobile phone and money were placed in patient room’s table

million. Panca then immediately reported the incident to Negara Police. He suspected the man sitting in the front of the room around 01:00 a.m. was the culprit. While sleeping, the bedroom door was closed but not locked. “I think he was also an attendant to next patient,” he explained. Receiving the report, a number of police officers from Negara Police and Jembrana Police looked to make crime scene examination. Director of Negara Hospital, Made Dwipayana, said there was indeed potential of theft because condition of the hospital having many hallways and they were interconnected. To anticipate theft,

every night the officer announced in order visitors should have left the hospital at 10:00 p.m. and appealed to patient attendant to put their valuables in a safe place. He recognized that security personnel at hospital was still lacking. At the moment, the hospital had a total of eight security guards divided into four shifts. In other words, only two officers secured the entire area of the Negara Hospital in every shift. Ideally, such an area required four personnel in every shift. He said that his party had proposed to county government for additional security personnel because the hospital management was unable to hire them. (kmb26)

Disappointment of Kendran villagers, Tegallalang due to water taking from Subak Bendungan by Gianyar Municipality Waterworks (PDAM) eventually resulted in a denial to the use of clean water of the company. Kendran residents consisting of 10 hamlets assessed the decision was detrimental to the public in terms of rice field irrigation and other agriculture. To that end, local residents attempted to build clean water installation independently. To build the independent water installation, they spent nearly IDR 1.6 billion. It consisted of self-financing by resident worth IDR 1.3 billion, while the remaining amount was got from the PPIP Bali. Execution of the installation work had been running since February 2013. Currently, the self-financed clean water installation as the substitute to the services of PDAM had already completed as much as 80 percent as revealed by

Negara Hospital prone to theft Negara (Bali Post)—

the Project Committee Chairman, I Made Ruta, Sunday (May 19). With the 80 percent of work completion, it had reached nine of the ten hamlets at Kendran village that already enjoyed the clean water. Then, it just needed to connect the installation to Dlod Blungbang. Utilization of the clean water had reached 850 families of the total 1,115 existing families. Meanwhile, the water source was located at Calo

hamlet, Calo village. Self-management of the clean water was based on the agreement of local village where its finance would be managed through a cooperative. In terms of technical matter, local residents had established a management agency whose personnel were recruited from each hamlet. Subscription fee agreed was based on the usage where the consumption of 0-10 cubic meters would be charged at IDR 14,000, while every overage of 1 cubic meter would be charged at IDR 1,000. Imposition of the charges would be used for maintenance and employee wages as much as 60 percent, administrative village (10 percent), customary village (10 percent) as well as social activities and education aids for the poor (20 percent). (kmb16)

and some people were sleeping there. “Surprisingly, a laptop and mobile phone in the living room’s table did not lose, while the mobile phone and money in his bag lost,” he said. The incident was just known on Sunday morning, after he was woken up by his wife. His cash worth IDR 250,000 put in a bag under the patient attendant’s bed lost. Similarly, the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note II he purchased recently and Nexian mobile phone placed on the table next to bed vanished, too. Total value of the stolen goods was estimated to reach IDR 11

Bali News


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Balinese Characters:

From Palm-leaf to Keyboards Probably, you have watched or are going to watch arja operetta or Ramayana Ballet during the visit in Bali. It would be more convenient if it is enjoyed while having dinner of Balinese cuisine. At the same time, you watch the beauty of culture and taste the delicacy of local culinary. You may hear the language spoken by players or puppeteer was not understandable. Of course, it is Balinese language. As Japanese and Chinese, Balinese language also has its own characters. They consist of some 18 main characters and 10 vowel sounds. Ordinarily, Balinese characters are used to write palm-leaf manuscript or lontar. Such characters are incised with sharp knife or stylus. When the writing works have completed, they should be rubbed with a blend of oil and lamp shoot to blacken them. So they are visible easily. Since the works were performed manually, the copying of a manuscript took a long time. At a glance, Balinese characters look like Old Javanese, Tamil (India). It is inseparable from historical aspect where they had similarity of genealogical lines. Today, Balinese characters still have restricted use, namely at school for local subject from elementary school to senior high school. It is becoming the responsibility of local government to preserve and develop Balinese

language in order it could survive in the midst of the growth of other languages like Bahasa Indonesia and foreign languages. Balinese language poses a medium and spirit of Balinese culture. To preserve Balinese culture should also simultaneously maintain and use of Balinese language in daily life. In other words, speaking Balinese language also characterizes one of the identities as a Balinese. Among the use of other languages, Balinese language should remain to give a space to grow and develop. Other than speaking and teaching it at schools, it should also accommodate the need of modern community or use in wider functions of language. Balinese community receives abundant heritages of lontar or palm-leaf manuscripts from the predecessors retained by individuals and museums. They carry many aspects of knowledge, ranging from

philosophy, local healing, literature, architecture, agriculture, herbal practice, astrology and so forth. Therefore, if they could be interpreted and presented in popular language, they could become attractive information for young generation and saleable books for commercial needs. Today, there is also a trend of poising the tradition with modern science namely by re-interpreting the indigenous wisdoms that are relevant to the current time. People will get balanced inputs from the past and current orientation. Of course, such treasures will be beneficial for the conservation and future development of Balinese culture because it stays in touch with its original roots. Young generation should be introduced to these roots at early stage. Later, they will not lose their identity and even could feel proud of it. Moreover, it could give them inspiration in making their creativities, either in fine arts,

IBP/File Photo

performance, traditional architecture or herbal healings. Thanks to modern technology, the writing of Balinese characters now can be made easy by Bali Simbar font. It is the innovative thinking of I Made Suatjana (1986) lies behind the composing of this font. His work has helped the writ-

ing of Balinese characters in word processing application like Microsoft Word. Hopefully, there would be more creative software helping the development and learning of Balinese language so it would not come into extinction or be far left behind with the modern life. (BTN/ punia)

Groms from all over Indonesia are preparing for the cobblestone point break waves of Medewi on Bali’s North West Coast to compete in the Ultimate Grom Contest Series next weekend in Medewi, Bali.

GromSearch heads to Madewi IBP/Courtesy of Rip Curl

IBP JEMBRANA - Groms from all over Indonesia are preparing for the cobblestone point break waves of Medewi on Bali’s North West Coast to compete in the Ultimate Grom Contest Series next weekend in Medewi, Bali. With 6 stages already complete taking place all over Indonesia, It’s the small coastal village of Medewi which tales centre-stage for the next stop to find Indonesia’s best Groms. Coming fresh off the last stop in Lakey Peak Sumbawa on the 12th May where the Groms faced heavy

barrels, Groms are now preparing for the mellow long rippable walls of Medewi. Competition was very tight in both divisions during the Lakey Peak leg of the series. With first place in the under 14’s finally attributed to the powerful Ompu who steamrolled his way to victory with 11.5 points, followed by Arpad (10.4 points), Daniel (8.1 points), Irfan (7.3 points) Bronson (6.8 points) and Idris (5 points). The four first winners were rewarded with Rip Curl goodie bags, Stickers and Sticky Bumps wax. In the Final of the “Under 16” di-

vision, around 20 Groms competed for the coveted prize of a spot in the National finals to be held in Bali in September. The day was not short of drama - During round 1 Dedi Supriadin charged one of the biggest sets of the day resulting in a heavy fall, broken leash and lost board. After being pounded by the remainder of the set, Dedi finally made it to the channel where he was reunited with his board. One bonus was his beating won him the best wipe out of the day and some free goodies! Riman from Lombok took first place in the main Under 16’s di-

vision (13.5 points) thanks to a combination of perfect turns and tube rides. Close behind Riman was Andre Anwar from Lakey Peak (11.6 points), Max De-Santis of Hawaii (9.8 points) and Febri from Java (8 points). Given that Riman already won a ticket to National Finals at previous GromSearch event earlier in the series, the official winners who join National Finals are Andre Anwar, Febby and Finda from Lakey Peak and Febri from Java. As far as the expression sessions were concerned, it is Gazalin from Lakey Peak who won the Best

Wave thanks to a lengthy and wellmaneuvered wave. Halik, also from Lakey Peak differentiated from others by an outstanding figure which brought him to win the best trick of the day. In addition to the exciting performances in the water, Groms voluntarily cleaned up the beach fulfilling their commitment to environment helping preserve nature and make a great example to other locals and surfers in the area. The Grommets also enjoyed playing games such as a running competition and “the last chair standing” game in a very friendly atmosphere.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013




Large earthquake strikes off coast of Chile Associated Press Writer

SANTIAGO, Chile — The U.S. Geological Survey says an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 has struck off the coast of Chile. The quake was recorded at 5:49 a.m. local time (EDT; 0949 GMT) Monday, at a shallow depth of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), some 600 kilometers (370 miles) from the city of Puerto Quellon. No tsunami warning was issued. Chile is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries. A devastating 8.8-magnitude quake and the tsunami it unleashed in 2010 killed 551 people, destroyed 220,000 homes and washed away docks, riverfronts and seaside resorts. It was so strong it changed time, shortening the Earth’s day slightly by changing the planet’s rotation. The strongest earthquake ever recorded also happened in Chile, a magnitude-9.5 in 1960 that killed more than 5,000 people.

Car bombs target Iraqi Shi’ites, killing at least 43 Reuters AP Photo/E. Wayne Ross

This image from video provided by E. Wayne Ross shows an Anatolian Balloons Company hot air balloon crashing near Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia in central Turkey, Monday May 20 2013.

Turkey: 2 Brazilians killed in balloon crash Associated Press Writer

ANKARA, Turkey — A hot air balloon collided with another balloon mid-air during a sightseeing tour of volcanic rock formations in Turkey and crashed to the ground on Monday, killing two Brazilian tourists and injuring 23 other people on board, officials said. The accident occurred above central Turkey’s Cappadocia region, when an ascending balloon struck another balloon’s wicker basket above it, causing a tear in the balloon’s fabric and sending it plunging to the ground. The accident — the second fatal one in Cappadocia since operations began more than a decade ago — has put the spotlight on balloon safety and Turkey’s civil aviation agency said it had launched an inquiry into the accident. As the tours become increasingly popular, there are questions as to whether too many balloons may be launching over Cappadocia at the same time. In 2009, a British tourist was killed and nine other people were injured when two balloons also collided. The passengers on board the balloon that crashed were mostly tourists from Brazil, Argentina and Spain, according to Abdurrahman Savas, the governor of Nevsehir province. Many had fractured bones and were be-

ing treated in hospital around Nevsehir. A Canada-based American tourist who witnessed the accident from another balloon, said and the crash occurred some 45 minutes after as many as 100 balloons had taken off for the early morning tour. “We could hear the radio chatter and we knew something was happening. There was a frantic urgent transmission: ‘Release your parachute! Release your parachute!” said Ross, whose balloon was some 200 meters (yards) away from the vessel that crashed. “It was probably some 300 meters in the air and it descended increasingly rapidly to the ground,” he said in a telephone interview. “There was a large tear in the fabric, probably some 10 to 15 meters long.” As his balloon flew directly over the crash site, Ross said he saw one person lying on the ground while other passengers were still inside the basket. Sev-

eral ambulances and trucks were converging on to the scene. Ross, a professor at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, said that he and his wife had commented before the accident that some of the balloons were travelling “quite close to each other.” Halil Uluer, owner of Anatolian Balloons which operated the tour, told the state-run Anadolu Agency that it appeared that one of the tourists had died of a heart attack. Savas, the governor, said the second person died in hospital. They were aged 71 and 65, Anadolu said. The balloons were flying above scenic canyons and volcanic cones of the Cappadocia region, a popular tourist destination some 300 kilometers (190 miles) from the capital, Ankara. Cappadocia is famed for its “fairy chimney” volcanic cones and its subterranean cities carved out of soft stone. In February, a balloon caught fire and crashed in Egypt, killing 19 tourists.

BAGHDAD - At least 43 people were killed in car bomb explosions targeting Shi’ite Muslims in the Iraqi capital and the southern oil hub of Basra on Monday, police and medics said. About 150 people have been killed in sectarian violence over the past week and tensions between Shi’ites, who now lead Iraq, and minority Sunni Muslims have reached their highest level since U.S. troops pulled out in December 2011. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks. Iraq is home to a number of Sunni Islamist insurgent groups, including the al Qaedaaffiliated Islamic State of Iraq, which has previously targeted Shi’ites in a bid to provoke a wider sectarian confrontation. Nine people were killed in one of two car bomb explosions in Basra, a predominantly Shi’ite city 20 km (260 miles) southeast of Baghdad, police and medics said. “I was on duty when a powerful blast shook the ground,” said a police officer near the site of that attack in the Hayaniya neighborhood. “The blast hit a group of day laborers gathering near a sandwich kiosk,” he told Reuters, describing corpses littering the ground. “One of the dead bodies was still grabbing a blood-soaked sandwich in his hand.” Five other people were killed in a second blast inside a bus terminal in Saad Square, also in Basra, police and medics said.

REUTERS/Atef Hassan

Residents gather at the site of a bomb attack in Basra, 420 km (260 miles) southeast of Baghdad, May 20, 2013.

Indonesia... From page 1 “He blows his own trumpet at international conferences to paint a picture that all is well in Indonesia but in reality, that’s not the case,” he told AFP. But presidential spokesman Teuku Faizasyah defended the award as a recognition of Yudhoyono’s accomplishments in many areas, including the economy, democracy and human rights. “The cases of intolerance should not be a yardstick against which to measure Indonesia,” he said. The Appeal of Conscience Foundation did not respond to a request for comment.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Nadal and Williams win easily in Rome Reuters ROME - Rafa Nadal made short work of his great rival Roger Federer to win the Italian Open, his sixth trophy of the year, 6-1 6-3 on Sunday. The crowd sitting in the sunshine at Rome’s Foro Italico watched Nadal race to victory in 69 minutes on the red clay. The Spaniard, back in his best form after last year’s long injury layoff, spent less time on court than Serena Williams who won her fourth consecutive tour title when she thrashed former world number one Victoria Azarenka 6-1 6-3 to take the women’s title earlier on Sunday. Nadal, seeded fifth, dominated the first set, winning 20 of 25 points at one stage, as the Swiss second seed produced a string of unforced errors. Federer raised his game in the second set, breaking a nine-game losing streak to go 1-3, but Nadal was in no mood to slow down. Despite being broken as he served for the match at 5-1, Nadal went on to complete his 36th win in 38 matches this year. “It’s a very important day, a very happy day for me after a difficult year last year,” Nadal, speaking in Italian, told the crowd after the trophy presentation. “It is really emotional for me to win a tournament with such a long history as Rome. See you next year.” Nadal, 11 times a grand-slam winner, was sidelined for seven months with a knee problem and said he was delighted to be back in form. “I am just enjoying the moment and valuing it more than ever because I know

where we were just a few months ago,” he said. “Being here a few months later with all I have achieved is really more than a dream.” American Williams, who has not lost a match since Azarenka defeated her in the Doha final in February, completely overpowered the Belarussian in the women’s final. The top-seeded Williams, 31, hit nine aces and 41 winners in the two sets, taking 93 minutes for victory. Her win, 11 years after she won her only previous Rome title, follows successes in Miami, Charleston and Madrid and will give her confidence for the French Open which starts next weekend. “It wasn’t easy, nothing is ever easy,” Williams said. “Last year I was feeling excellent on clay but didn’t do that great at Roland Garros; this year I’m cautious and I want to work hard and stay focused and win every point I play, and not slack at all.” Williams admitted that she would, however, allow herself one deviation from her usually strict training diet - an Italian ice cream. “This is what I was waiting for,” she said. “I’ll have pistachio - it’s the only one I get.”

AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

Spain’s Rafael Nadal bites the trophy as he poses for photographers after defeating Switzerland’s Roger Federer at the final match of the Italian Open tennis tournament in Rome, Sunday, May 19, 2013. Nadal won 6-1, 6-3.

Pedrosa dominates eventful race DANI Pedrosa dominated an event- Turn 6 but the Italian tucked underneath move yet again, at the same corner, after ful French Grand Prix to take over the him as the Honda ran wide, though Ped- another mistake had allowed Dovizioso top spot in the MotoGP championship rosa made the move stick shortly after. back in front. standings. Pedrosa was well clear of Cal He started to extend his lead, and was Lorenzo was struggling at this point Crutchlow, second aboard the Tech 3 Ya- almost two seconds clear when a mistake and dropped to the back of the six-bike maha despite riding with a shin fracture at Turn 4 dropped him back behind Doviz- train before slipping to eighth by the end from his practice crash. ioso once again. of the race. Crutchlow moved into third The win moved Pedrosa six points He reclaimed the lead at Turn 6 on lap on lap 14, powering past Rossi on the exit clear of team-mate Marc Marquez, who 11 and three laps later had to repeat the of the Dunlop chicane. recovered to third on the second As the race began to calm Honda after a poor start, and 17 down, Rossi crashed on lap 18, ahead of Jorge Lorenzo, whose dropping his bike on the entry Yamaha was only seventh. to the chicane as he defended Andrea Dovizioso’s Ducati from Hayden, rejoining in seized the early initiative on a 12th. A mistake from Doviztentative first lap during which ioso five laps from the finish Marquez dropped to the rear of allowed Crutchlow to pass the top 10. the Ducati on the run down Lorenzo and Pedrosa filto Turn 4, with Marquez, who tered into second and third had caught and passed Hayden, while Valentino Rossi moved demoting Dovizioso to third on into fourth on the second lap the penultimate lap. and on the following tour The two Ducatis therefore Pedrosa moved into second, came home in fourth and fifth, passing Lorenzo and quickly while the various incidents reeling in the Ducati out front. had allowed Alvaro Bautista Crutchlow dispatched Nicky to creep almost unnoticed into Hayden and then Stefan Bradl sixth, keeping Lorenzo at arm’s in successive laps to move into length after passing him during fifth, before hauling his satelAP Photo/David Vincent the Spaniard’s early drop down lite Yamaha on to the tail of the MotoGP rider Dani Pedrosa of Spain powers his Honda the order. Aleix Espargaro was two factory bikes. during the French Grand Prix, in Le Mans, western France, the top CRT rider in 13th, just Pedrosa passed Dovizioso at Sunday, May 19, 2013, on his way to victory. behind the recovering Rossi.

Sauber confident of more progress with rear-end problems SAUBER is confident it has made progress with solving the rear-end instability problem that held it back early in the season. The Swiss squad tried a new rear wing in last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, which was found to be a step forward. Chief designer Matt Morris believes that the team now has the foundation for continued improvements. “Yes, we feel so,” he told AUTOSPORT when asked if the rear-end stability had improved. “It shows in our data and also in the drive comments, so that is positive. “It’s always good when you target things, then you bring them and they do what you expect. “It’s a small step but we need to make a further one.” Although Sauber pairing Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Gutierrez managed only 15th and 16th in qualifying in Spain, Morris is optimistic about the pace of the Sauber C32. In the race, the car was stronger, with Gutierrez finishing just three tenths of a second off the points and Hulkenberg losing a strong chance of points when he clipped the rear of Jean-Eric Vergne’s Scuderia Toro Rosso after what was deemed an unsafe release from a pitstop.



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Sp rt

Barca close on 100 points, lift La Liga trophy

AP Photo/Manu Fernandez

FC Barcelona’s players celebrate winning the Spanish League after their La Liga soccer match between against Valladolid at Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Sunday, May 19, 2013. Reuters

MADRID - Champions Barcelona moved a step closer to matching Real Madrid’s La Liga record of 100 points with a 2-1 win over Real Valladolid, that was the prelude to a title party at the Nou Camp on Sunday. Tito Vilanova’s side wrapped up their fourth league crown in five years last weekend, but still have the chance to equal the mark set by Jose Mourinho’s victorious side last season. A 21st-minute strike from Pedro a n d a n o w n - g o a l f r o m Va l ladolid’s Marc Valiente before halftime sealed a drab victory in unseasonably chilly and wet conditions in a two-thirds full stadium. Valladolid pulled one back from the penalty spot through Victor Perez at the end. Barca climbed on to 94 points with two games left to play, away to city rivals Espanyol next weekend and at home to Malaga on June 1st. “We are pleased with the win. We are playing with the motiva-

tion of trying to reach 100 points which would be something important,” Pedro told Spanish broadcaster Canal Plus. Goalkeeper Victor Valdes, who has said he wants to leave the Nou Camp, was back in the side after a foot injury and made his 500th official appearance for the club. The Spain international is the fourth Barca player to reach the mark behind record holder Xavi, who has made 675 appearances, Carles Puyol and Migueli, and he had a quiet evening against a mid-table side with nothing left to play for. Xavi intercepted a pass and fed Pedro who scored with a shot that went underneath a slow-to-react Jaime Jimenez and Valiente gave Barca a helping hand for the sec-

ond as he lifted Xavi’s corner into his own goal off his thigh. Barca were utterly dominant until Martin Montoya brought down Manucho for a penalty in the 89th minute and Perez sent Valdes the wrong way from the spot. TITO AND ABI

Captain Puyol collected the La Liga tophy on the pitch after the game, but gave it to France defender Eric Abidal and Vilanova to jointly lift and present to the fans, while they were showered with red and blue pieces of paper. “It’s been a hard year. We’ve won La Liga but the most important thing is that Tito and Abi are with us,” Puyol told fans speak-

ing through a microphone on the ve pitch. Vilanova and Abidal have nst both been fighting battles against cancer over the last year. Rayo Vallecano stayed in ue the hunt for a Europa League nte place with a 3-2 win at Levante that put them eighth with 49 points. Captain Piti scored twice, his second from the penalty spot, to take his tally for the season to gs, 17. At the foot of the standings, eir Deportivo Coruna boosted their on hopes of avoiding relegation pawith a 2-0 win at home to Espanyol that dragged them out of the bottom three into 17th. om A fizzing long-range shot from Bruno Gama flew in off the far post ost after 50 minutes, and his Portutuguese compatriot Nelson Oliveira ira lobbed a second on a breakaway way at the end. Deportivo climbed on to 35 points with two games leftt to play, one ahead of Real Zaragoza, za, who dropped down to 18th, after fter a 2-1 defeat at home to Athletic tic

Bilbao. Portugal striker Helder Postiga had given Zaragoza an early lead with a looping header, but after spurning a host of chances they conceded twice in the last 10 minutes. Fernando Llorente scrambled an equaliser and in added time Ibai Gomez netted with a clever backheel finish. Zaragoza slipped into the danger zone with 34 points and Celta Vigo are 19th with 31. Basement side Real Mallorca, with 29 points, play their game in hand at Real Betis on Monday, and need at least a draw to avoid the drop as they have an inferior head-to-head record with Deportivo.


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Corinthians holds Santos to win Sao Paulo title United’s Ferguson bows out on a high of sorts

Associated Press Writer

SAO PAULO — Corinthians won the Sao Paulo state championship for the 27th time and kept Santos from lifting the trophy for the fourth straight year after a 1-1 draw in the second leg on Sunday. Corinthians won 3-2 on aggregate to claim its first title since 2009. Led by young Brazil striker Neymar, Santos needed a victory at its Vila Belmiro Stadium to have a chance of retaining the title. Cicero opened the scoring for Santos in the 26th minute, but Corinthians playmaker Danilo equalized two minutes later to leave his team in position to celebrate winning the title. Corinthians is the most successful club in Sao Paulo state and now it has five more titles than Palmeiras and Sao Paulo, which have 22 each. Santos was trying to win the trophy for the 21st time. It has made the final in every tournament since Neymar started playing regularly in the senior squad in 2009. The title comes as consolation for Corinthians, which was coming off a disappointing home loss to Argentina’s Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores, a competition it won last year. “Whether we were going to win or lose here, we knew that we had to come out playing with the same determination


AP Photo/Andre Penner

Corinthians’ players celebrate with the trophy at end of the final match of the Sao Paulo State soccer league against Santos, in Santos, Brazil, Sunday, May 19, 2013. Corinthians won 3-2 on aggregate. as before,” Corinthians coach Tite said. “We were still motivated and it showed.” Needing to win, Santos came out attacking and midfielder Cicero scored with a volley from the penalty spot after the ball was headed across the area by Santos defender Durval following a free kick. Corinthians equalized through Danilo’s closerange shot after goalkeeper Rafael had made a great save off midfielder Paulinho’s shot in front of goal. The ball rebounded to Danilo, who found the open net.

Santos continued to attack but it was Corinthians which had some of the most significant chances the rest of the match, hitting the goal-frame three times. Neymar, reportedly sought after some of Europe’s top clubs, had a lackluster performance in the first leg and couldn’t do enough to help his team overcome the deficit on Sunday. “It’s nice to celebrate a title for the first time since returning to Brazilian football,” said striker Alexandre Pato, who joined Corinthians from AC Milan in the beginning of the year.

Cruz Azul, America to meet mee in Clausura final Associated Press Writer Associate

MEXICO CITY — MexMEXIC rivals Cruz Azul and ico City riv will meet in the final America wi of Mexico’s first division Clausura tournament tournamen after victories in weekend semifinals. semifi Javier Orozco scored twice in the minutes as Cruz Azul deopening 25 minut feated Santos 2-1 on Sunday for a 5-1 victory, while America’s aggregate victor Monterrey on Saturday 2-1 win over Mo gave them a 4-3 aggregate win. America would wo equal Chivas as Mexico’s most mo successful team

AP Photo/Christian Palma

Cruz Azul´s Javier J Orozco, celebrates after scoring a against Santos during a San semifinal match of the m Mexican soccer league in so Mexico Cit City, Sunday, May 19, 2013.

on 11 titles if it wins the Clausura final. Cruz Azul — also one of Mexico’s “big four” clubs — is aiming for its first league win since 1997. Cruz Azul dominated against Santos Laguna, opening the scoring in the 8th minute when Orozco controlled the ball on the right side of the penalty area and shot past ‘keeper Oswaldo Sanchez. Orozco scored again in the 25th when he converted from a right wing cross. Colombian Andres Renteria cut the margin in the 37th after he latched onto a through ball and finished from inside the penalty area. Santos’ Darwin Quintero was sent off for pushing the ball into the net with his hand in the 51st and Panamanian Felipe Baloy followed him seven minutes later after receiving his second yellow card for an elbow. In Saturday’s match, America took the lead in the 63rd when Raul Jimenez converted from the penalty spot after Rubens Sambueza had been brought down in the area. Christian Benitez added America’s second from close range eight minutes from the end, before Aldo de Nigris tapped in a consolation goal for Monterrey in injury time. Monterrey needed to win to advance after drawing Wednesday’s first leg 2-2. The dates for the two stage final have not yet been set, but the first game is likely to be played Thursday, with the return on Sunday.

Alex Ferguson bowed out of management on Sunday with a smile, a wave and a bucketful of goals in his 1,500th Manchester United game but without the victory he had so wanted. The 71-year-old Scot entered retirement having watched his Premier League champions draw 5-5 at West Bromwich Albion on the final day of the season having led 5-2 with 11 minutes to go. Before the game he had spoken of his desire to go out on a high after more than 26 years in the job but he was not really referring to the type of score. “The gaffer is certainly going to remember his last match in charge! He is going to remember this game. It’s probably the first time United have been 5-2 ahead and not won,” striker Javier Hernandez told the BBC. United had raced to a three-goal lead in the first half hour thanks to Shinji Kagawa, a Jonas Olsson own goal and Alexander Buttner but West Brom pulled one back through James Morrison just before the break. The hosts got another five minutes into the second half courtesy of Romelu Lukaku before United re-established their three-goal lead with goals from Robin van Persie and Hernandez. But West Brom were not done and struck three times in quick succession towards the end of the game, with Lukaku completing his hat-trick and Youssouf Mulumbu also scoring, to pull off the unlikely scoreline. “5-5 .... what a mad result! Let’s be honest the boss was never going out with a boring 0-0!!” United defender Rio Ferdinand wrote on Twitter. Ferguson, who was greeted by a guard of honour from both teams before kickoff, chose not to conduct any post-match interviews but before leaving the pitch raised his arms to fans and took a bow. “The gaffer has put the club on the top and we’re going to miss him,” Hernandez said on a day when United were also bidding farewell to midfielder Paul Scholes who was hanging up his boots. “I can’t remember playing in a match with 10 goals. We’re a little bit frustrated because we wanted to win it for the gaffer and Scholesy.” MOVE ON

United were not the only club saying their goodbyes as Ferguson’s successor David Moyes took charge of his final game at Everton. Like Ferguson, he did not end his time on a winning note, losing 2-1 at Chelsea, and like Ferguson he will be sorely missed by a club he has been a long servant of. “It’s emotional because it’s the last time I walk away from the players but part of the job is you move on,” Moyes said. “It’s rare to stay in a job for 11 years so I’m thankful for getting that opportunity and hopeful they’re in a strong position to push on. It’s really not sunk in.” His opposite number in Sunday’s game, Rafa Benitez, was also at the helm of his club for the final time although he will not be missed quite so much by fans despite leading them to a third-place finish and victory in the Europa League. An unpopular figure since replacing Roberto Di Matteo in November, the Spaniard has enjoyed a slight mellowing in fans’ attitudes of late and there were even some banners declaring “Thanks Rafa” and “We forgive you”. Banners were the order of the day at the Etihad Stadium too where fans held up messages of thanks to Roberto Mancini, who was sacked as manager on Monday. “It’s been an emotional week with the events at the club,” caretaker manager Brian Kidd said after City’s 3-2 defeat by Norwich City. “I understand the cheers for the boss - he would have been disappointed if there wasn’t for what he did here.” Emotions also ran high at Anfield, where defender Jamie Carragher was making his final appearance before retirement. “I’m not the type to get too emotional but it is emotional,” Carragher, who received a deafening ovation when substituted late on in their 1-0 win over Queens Park Rangers. “I’ve got my friends and family in the stands but I just wanted to concentrate on the game. We got the win that we wanted and I can go and enjoy myself now.” His former Liverpool team mate Michael Owen also played the last match of his career in Stoke City’s 1-1 draw with Southampton.



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Ponjok Batu Temple IBP Ponjok Batu Temple is a stone temple where all temple buildings are made from stone. It is located Banjar Alasari, Pacung countryside, Tejakula sub district and Singaraja regency about 24 km eastside of Singaraja town or north part of Bali. This temple area own the wide area about 35 acre in form of black stones bank. The position of this temple is rather sticking out to the sea as a foreland or Ponjok. Base on the position and condition then this place is named by Ponjok Batu so that the temple is standing above foreland petrify and it is referred as Ponjok Batu Temple. In papyrus of Dwijendra Tattwa elaborate that Danghyang Nirartha (who one spread out the Hinduism in Bali) besides executing Tirtha Yatra (visit the holy places) in Bali area, he also do at Lombok and Sumbawa Island . When he does the tirta yatra in Lombok and Sumbawa Island , he leave in Bali passing the north area of Bali and then it is named by Denbukit. Hereinafter narrated that Danghyang Nirartha found the lodging that is located in coastal periphery with its stone bank and steep rather sordid to sea in the form of a foreland which is called Ponjok. After omitting a few moments in the lodging then he go to Lombok and Sumbawa Island to conduct the Tirtha Yatra. At the end, the Pesraman/lodging of Danghyang Nirartha is built an altar named with Ponjok Batu Temple which has been existing since 16 century. It is founded together with the execution of Danghyang Nirartha journey in north part of Bali. Function of Ponjok Batu Temple as follows: * According to the archaeology omission at Ponjok Batu Temple , there is an Arca statue) with four hands as a fundamental of Ponjok Batu Temple building. The attribute (icon) of this Arca have timeworn, so that any kind of object brought is ignorable and the God Arca it self can not be identiďŹ ed. Besides of the God Statue (Arca), in Ponjok Batu Temple is also found a Lembu Nandi Arca (a cow statue) is meaning from Siwa God. If the both Arcas are interacting hence the God Arca with 4 hands in this temple is Arca of Siwa God. * According to Papyrus of Dwijendra Tattwa, the history elaboration can be said that the function of Ponjok Batu Temple is for worship the supremacy of Danghyang Nirartha as a Teacher in settling Hinduism teaching, especially Siwaism. The function strengthened with the existence of special temple building in Ponjok Batu Temple is called Danghyang Nirartha Temple.



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Seventeen still buried in Freeport tunnel Antara

JAYAPURA - PT Freeport Indonesia Official (PTFI) predicted there were seventeen persons still buried in Big Gossan Tunnel after landslide occurred in the training centre on Tuesday (May 14). “The Emergency Response Group (ERG) has evacuated two more victims who died after Big Gosan tunnel was collapsed,” said Vice President Corporate Communications of PTFI Daisy Primayanti here, Monday. Daisy said several persons who were found dead were Retno Arung Bone, Artinus Magal and Hengky Ronald Hendambo. She said the rescue team has found at least 11 dead victims of the collapsed tunnel. “We predicted that there are 17 more victims who still buried in the debris,” Daisy said. PT Freeport, said Daisy, will inform the newest data related to the Big Gossan tunnel collapsed to the public. The Big Gossan tunnel collapsed has buried at least 38 employees of PT Freeeport Indonesia. In order to rescue the victims, PTFI has deployed joint rescue team from ERG, police and contractors to measure the safety level for rescue effort. The Police previously said the incident site is lacked of oxygen and hard terrain condition hampered the rescue effort. However, at least six employees include Yapinus Tabuni, Yoni, Edowai, Petrus, Mathius and David Gobai were discovered survived inside the debris on Tuesday. AFP PHOTO / ADEK BERRY

Indonesian newly appointed Finance Minister Chatib Basri, currently head of Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), sits at his desk as he poses for a photograph in his office in Jakarta on May 20, 2013.

President names new Finance Minister Antara

JAKARTA - President has named a new finance minister following the former minister’s appointment as the next central bank governor recently. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announced here on Monday that he has already named Chatib Basri, currently head of the Investment Coordinating Board as the new finance minister. He said in a press conference that based on various aspects Chatib Basri was considered fit for the post. “After considering various aspects I decided to trust and assign Dr Muhammad Chatib Basri to be the new finance minister,” he said. He said “based on his experience and dedication I view that Dr Chatib is fit and capable to be Indonesia’s finance minister.” “God willing I will install him tomorrow so that he could start carrying out his duty right away,” he said. Chatib Basri said after following a fit and proper test at the presidential office earlier that day that President Yudhoyono had as-

signed him to manage the fiscal policy carefully because it was important for the sustainability of the budget. “I was summoned to meet the President and during the meeting the President had given me several assignments,” he said. He said he had been asked to manage the fiscal policy, deficit and macro-economic growth well. Chatib Basri said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has asked him to manage the fiscal policy. “I was asked to meet the President and there were several things that the President had conveyed to me with regard to my assignment,” he said following a fit and proper test at the presidential palace ahead of his being named as the new finance minister. He said he was first asked to maintain the fiscal policy, deficit and stability of macro-economic

growth that has been set at 6.2 percent. The President had also asked him to formulate a fiscal policy or a fiscal incentive which could meet investment demand so that the growth of investment could remain high, he said. The President said investment must be directed to labor-intensive sectors or creation of jobs, he added. “The urgent task is finishing the draft revised budget. I think it has been done,” he said. When asked if he has recommended a person to replace him as head of the Investment Coordinating Board, Basri declined to answer. President Yudhoyono named coordinating minister for economic affairs Hatta Rajasa as the acting minister of finance after former finance minister Agus Martowardojo was appointed as the next central bank governor.

Indonesia detains five illegal foreign fishing boats Antara

JAKARTA - Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) again detained five foreign fishing boats, illegally entering the Indonesian waters for illegal fishing earlier in May 2013. The MMAF’s head of statistic and information center, Indra Sakti, said in a written statement on Monday that the ministry had again proven its commitment in eradicating the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing activity by simultaneously and regularly conducting the monitoring operation, both in the western part and eastern part of Indonesia. He said the illegal fishing and the destructive fishing have to be considered the manifestations of the extraordinary crime as it vividly causes the destruction of the maritime and fishery resource. Meanwhile, Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sharif C. Sutardjo asserted that the IUU fishing activity was not only detrimental to the Indonesian fishermen, but also threatened the continuity of the maritime and fishery resource management. “I really appreciate the performance of the field monitoring officers who have again detained three Vietnamese-flagged and one Malaysian-flagged fishing boats in the western flank as well as one Philippine-flagged fishing boat in the eastern flank,” Sharif said. The minster explained that this operational achievement done by MMAF showed that the illegal fishing conducted by the foreign fishing boats was still high. According to the General Director of MFRM, Syahrin Abdurrahman, the detainment of five illegal foreign fishing boats was another success of the routine operation of the Directorate General of MFRM. The result, the eastern flank’s MB Hiu 003 caught one Malaysian-flagged fishing boat with the hull code of PKFA 7787 (50 GT) on May 16, 2013 in the waters of Malaka Channel. Furthermore, the fishing boat was escorted to the MFRM Station, Belawan to face the legal process. Prior to the eastern flank’s operation, the western flank operation conducted by MB Hiu 009 detained three illegal Vietnamese-flagged fishing boats in Natuna waters, Riau Islands as they had no legal permit document. On May 11, two KG 94023 TS (100 GT) and KG 90616 TS (80GT) hull-coded Vietnamese-flagged fishing boats were arrested and escorted to the Batam MFRM Adhoc Task Force. While the last fishing boat with the hull code of BTH 98655 TS (16 GT) was caught on the following day and escorted to Natuna MFRM Adhoc Task Force. “Last month, the succeed was also shown well in the monitoring operation in the eastern part of Indonesia where MB Hiu Macan 03 detained one Philippine-flagged illegal foreign fishing boat with the hull code of FB TOT-3 and was escorted to Bitung,” Syahrin explained.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BUSINESS Bird flu costs China industry $6.5 billion Agence France-Presse BEIJING - China’s human H7N9 bird flu outbreak has cost the country’s poultry industry more than 40 billion yuan ($6.5 billion) as consumers shun chicken, government officials said according to state media Monday.

The sector has been losing an average of one billion yuan a day since the end of March, the Beijing Times said, citing Li Xirong, head of the National Animal Husbandry Service. H7N9 avian influenza has infected 130 people in China, killing 35, since it was found in humans for the first time, according to latest official data.

Poultry sales have tumbled and prices plunged, Li said, causing major financial problems and job losses as a result. Another agriculture ministry official, Wang Zongli, said government agencies should set a good example for the public by treating “poultry products in a correct way”, the report added. In a stunt to boost confidence, officials

In this Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013 file photo, a United Airlines Boeing 787 is parked at Narita international airport in Narita, east of Tokyo.

and poultry business leaders in the eastern province of Shandong held a widely reported all-chicken lunch last week, according to Chinese media. China has seen several food safety scares in recent years, including one in which the industrial chemical melamine was added to dairy products in 2008, killing at least six babies and making 300,000 ill.

Goldman Sachs to invest in Japan green energy Agence France-Presse

AP Photo/Kyodo News, File

United Airlines restart 787 flights Associated Press The planes are returning after being grounded for four months by the federal government because of smoldering batteries on 787s owned by other airlines. The incidents included an emergency landing of one plane, and a fire on another. The incidents never caused any serious injuries. But the January grounding embarrassed Boeing, which makes the 787, and disrupted schedules at the eight airlines that were flying the planes. The company had delivered 50 of the planes worldwide. The grounding forced United to delay planned international flights and hurt its first-quarter earnings by $11 million. Others, including Japan Airlines and South America’s LATAM Airlines Group, also said profits were reduced. LATAM said

it still had to make payments on the plane and pay for crews and maintenance. It expects to resume flying soon. United’s first 787 flight was scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday from Houston to Chicago. Passengers didn’t appear to be too worried. “We saw strong demand for the flight from the first weekend it opened for sale,” United spokeswoman Christen David said. United is planning to use 787s on shorter domestic flights before resuming international flights on June 10 with new Denver-to-Tokyo service as well as temporary Houston-toLondon flights. It’s adding flights to Tokyo, Shanghai, and Lagos, Nigeria, in August. Those long international flights are the main reason the 787 exists. Its medium size and fuel efficiency are a good fit for long routes. Starting with shorter domestic flights “will give us

a period to ramp up full 787 operations,” David said. United Continental Holdings Inc. was the first U.S. airline to get the 787 and now has six. United has said it expects to have four fixed by Monday, with the other two getting their batteries modified in coming days. The 787 uses more electricity than any other jet. And it makes more use of lithium-ion batteries than any other jet, because it needs to be able to provide power for things like flight controls and a backup generator when its engines are shut down. Each 787 has two of the batteries. Boeing Co. never did figure out the root cause of the battery incidents. Instead, it redesigned the battery and its charger. The idea was to eliminate all of the possible causes, 787 chief engineer Mike Sinnett said in an online chat on Thursday where he and a Boeing test pilot took questions about the plane.

TOKYO - US investment banking giant Goldman Sachs said Monday it will start investing in Japanese renewable energy projects, with a reported $2.9 billion outlay over the next five years. The injection comes after Japan’s government stepped into the green power market to set minimum prices in a bid to encourage the sector as the country seeks to rebalance its post-Fukushima energy mix. A wholly owned unit in Tokyo said it will invest in a solar power generation project in Ibaraki prefecture on the outskirts of Tokyo, which is due to start operation in January 2015. The firm, Japan Renewable Energy, will put some 13 billion yen into the project, its first, which will have power generation capacity of 40 megawatt, a company spokesman said. The Ibaraki project is just one of a number of ventures involving wind or solar that Japan Renewable Energy is part of in Japan, it said, with the business daily Nikkei saying it would pour up to 300 billion yen ($2.9 billion) into the sector over coming years. Electricity generated at the Ibaraki facility will be supplied to major utility Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) -- the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant -- over an expected span of about 20 years, it said. Goldman Sachs has already invested in renewable energy firms in the United States and India. Last year the government introduced a scheme that guaranteed generating companies a premium for the electricity produced from renewable sources and forced the country’s power monopolies to buy whatever was on sale over 20 years. The move was part of a plan to dramatically increase the amount of electricity from renewables, up from its current less-than 2 percent, and reduce Japan’s reliance on expensive imported fossil fuels. Until the tsunami-sparked disaster at Fukushima, more than 50 atomic reactors produced around a third of Japan’s electricity, but public nervousness about nuclear power has left all but two units offline. The premium for firms producing energy from solar, wind, hydro-electric and bio-gas is part-funded by a 100 yen ($0.98) monthly levy on consumers’ bills. In recent years, Japanese firms from a range of industries -- including mobile phone operator Softbank, a joint venture led by Mitsui Chemicals, and ship- and plant-building firm IHI, have entered the renewable energy business. In the last fiscal year to March, at least 1.39 million kilowatt of renewable energy generation capacity was created in Japan, most of it solar power generation, according to the industry ministry.




A mock Scud-B missile of North Korea, center, and other South Korean missiles are displayed at the Korea War Memorial Museum in Seoul, South Korea, Monday, May 20, 2013.

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

North Korea fires sixth missile in three days Reuters SEOUL - North Korea fired two short-range missiles on Monday, making six launches in three days, and it condemned South Korea for criticizing what it said were its legitimate military drills. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said North Korea had fired one missile on Monday morning and a second one in the afternoon. Both were fired into the sea off North Korea’s east coast, a ministry official said. The launches come hard on the heels of more than two months of threats from North Korea that it would wage a nuclear war against South Korea and the United States if it were attacked. The North condemned joint U.S.

and South Korean military exercises, that ended in late April, as a rehearsal for an attack on its territory. “We are conducting intense military exercises to strengthen our defense capacity,” North Korea’s KCNA news agency quoted the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, the body that handles inter-Korean issues, as saying on Monday. “Our military is conducting these exercises in order to cope with the mounting war measures from the U.S.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

and South Korea, which is the legitimate right of any sovereign country.” North Korea frequently fires short-range missiles, although the current spate of launches has drawn criticism from South Korea and the United States after the recent threats from the North. Seoul on Monday condemned the launches for stoking tension in the region while Beijing, the North’s sole major ally, called for restraint. “These launches are its tactic of signaling to the world that the regime is willing to negotiate now, while at the same time saving face,” Kim Yeon-su, a professor at Korea National Defense University in Seoul, which is part of the Defense Ministry, said of North Korea.


Chinese, Indian leaders call for cooperation Associated Press Writer NEW DELHI — The leaders of India and China played down their recent border dispute and other tensions Monday, pledging to work together for regional stability and the economic growth of the world’s two most populous nations. Friction has been building between the Asian giants in recent years as they vie for regional influence and access to fuel needed to feed their growing economies. Li Keqiang’s trip to India, his first visit abroad since becoming Chinese premier, seems intended to minimize those tensions. The three-day visit is part of an outreach mission by the new Chinese leadership to large emerging economies aimed at balancing Beijing’s fraught ties with the United States. In that vein, Li — and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh — sought Monday to focus on the opportunities for cooperation between their nations. “Both the prime minister and I believe that there are far more shared interests between China and India than the differences we have,” Li said at a joint news conference. “Without the common development of China and India, Asia won’t become strong and the world won’t become a better place,” he said. The summit was far heavier on symbolism than substance. The two sides signed eight minor agreements. But both leaders insisted the cooperation was

important, and they promised to build on it, announcing that Singh would make a visit to China later in the year. “I shared with Premier Li my view that the rise of China and India is good for the world and that the world has enough space to accommodate the growth aspirations of both our peoples. To make this a reality, it is important to build understanding between our two peoples,” Singh said. “We agreed that both sides must work to strengthen greater trust and confidence, which, in turn, will permit much larger cooperation,” he added. But the two nations have deep disputes, including China’s unwavering support of India’s archrival, Pakistan. The presence in India of Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and the self-declared Tibetan government-in-exile are a constant irritant to China. China already sees itself as Asia’s great power, while India hopes its increasing economic and military might — though still far below its neighbor’s — will eventually put it in the same league. While China has worked to shore up relationships with Nepal and Sri Lanka in India’s traditional South Asian sphere of influence, India has been venturing into partnerships with Southeast Asian nations. Even their $61.5 billion in trade last year was a source of tension because it was heavily skewed in favor of China. Singh said he spoke to Li about getting greater access to Chinese markets for Indian goods.

Don’t wear socks, hot Pakistanis told amid power crisis Reuters ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has told civil servants not to wear socks as the country turns off airconditioners amid a chronic power crisis and soaring temperatures. The government has turned off all air-conditioning in its offices as the country endures blackouts of up to 20 hours a day in some places. “There shall be no more use of airconditioners in public offices till such time that substantial improvement in the energy situation takes place,” a cabinet directive said. As part of a new dress code, moccasins or sandals must be worn without socks. The power shortages have

sparked violent protests and crippled key industries, costing hundreds of thousands of jobs in a country already beset by high unemployment, a failing economy, widespread poverty and a Taliban insurgency. The “load-shedding” means many families cannot pump water, let alone run air-conditioners, with a disastrous knock-on effect on health and domestic life. Frustration over the power cuts contributed to the former ruling party’s poor showing in a May 11 general election. Two ministers in charge of water and power explained what can be done to end power cuts in parts of the country enduring temperatures

of 40 degrees Celsius and above absolutely nothing, it seems, except raise prices. Ministers Musadiq Malik and Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui “expressed their inability to overcome the crisis”, the Daily Times quoted them as telling a news conference in Lahore, where the temperature was 40 C (104 degrees Fahrenheit) on Monday. “They have termed financial constraints as a major, and incompetence as a minor, hurdle in resolving the issue,” the newspaper said. “Presenting the realistic picture, the ministers announced that they were going to increase the price of electricity and gas for all sectors.”

AP Photo/Saurabh Das

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang waves to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, right, as he leaves the Indian Presidential Palace after his ceremonial reception in New Delhi, India, Monday, May 20, 2013.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Expectations high for next Xbox Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES — It’s almost time for a new Xbox. Eight years have passed since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox 360, double the amount of time between the original Xbox debut in 2001 and its high-definition successor’s launch in 2005. With the next-generation Xbox expected to be revealed Tuesday, anticipation for the entertainment console’s latest evolution is running high.

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File

FILE - In this June 18, 2012 photo, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer comments on Microsoft Xbox before unveiling its new Surface, a tablet computer to compete with Apple’s iPad at Hollywood’s Milk Studios in Los Angeles.

“People get excited about new consoles because consoles represent the future,” said Stephen Totilo, editor of gaming site “When you buy a new console, you’re essentially investing in five years of your future in the hopes that this box won’t just be cool the day you buy it, but in five years from now, it will be even cooler.” The platform has been the exclusive home to such popular gaming franchises as science-fiction shoot’em-up “Gears of War,” racing simulator “Forza” and first-person shooter “Halo,” starring super-soldier Master Chief. In recent years, Microsoft expanded the console’s scope beyond just games, adding streaming media apps and the family-friendly Kinect system. The next generation of gaming already got off to a rocky start last November when Nintendo launched the Wii U, the successor to the popular Wii system featuring an innovative tablet-like controller yet graphics on par with the Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Nintendo said it sold just 3.45 million units by the end of March, well below expectations. Microsoft will likely take aim at Sony during Tuesday’s next-generation Xbox unveiling at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington state. Sony was first to showcase plans for its upcoming PlayStation

4 — but not the actual box — at an event in New York last February. The reaction to that console, which featured richer graphics and more social features, was mixed. Totilo said to wow gamers with the next Xbox, Microsoft must show off great games for it that players will crave, as well as technology that feels futuristic. He said there’s concern from Xbox fans that Microsoft has lost interest in hardcore gamers with their recent efforts to attract casual gamers with the Kinect, its camera-based system that detects motion. There will be at least one hardcore game showcased at Microsoft’s event: “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” the next chapter in the popular military shooter franchise from “Modern Warfare” developer Infinity Ward. Activison-Blizzard Inc. previously announced that “Ghosts” would be on display Tuesday and will be available for both current and nextgeneration consoles. “They wanted ‘Call of Duty’ on their stage to show off what next gen is capable of,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “We’re excited about the approach that both Microsoft and Sony are taking to the next generation. Our business, of course, depends on them launching this new hardware, so we want to do everything we can to help.”

Silicon Valley-area hub becomes factory town Associated Press Writer

FREMONT, California — In a busy factory, machinists move sheets of aluminum roll in the back door to be molded, stamped, twisted and notched into high-tech electric cars that sell for more than $60,000 each. Down the road in another plant, crews slice solar cells, place them under glass sheets and create panels that ship by the boxful to Europe. Elsewhere in this town, industrial workshops and laboratories buzz with workers building everything from robots to microprocessors. Welcome to Fremont, California, a nondescript suburb of 217,000 tucked in the high-tech region between San Francisco and Silicon Valley where something unique is happening: manufacturing. From Tesla Motors, making cutting-edge cars, to Solaria, making solar panels, manufacturers are drawn to Fremont by incentives including a five-year waiver on business taxes, an expedited regulatory process, proximity to Silicon Valley firms and a skilled labor force. Those were key factors for Sanjiv Malhotra, president of Fremont-based fuel cell maker Oorja Protonics, which looked at several U.S. cities before

choosing the California city in 2006. This year he’s ramping up his factory and doubling his crew to 35 workers, who are paid between $14 and $18 an hour. All work is done onsite. “One time, we tried outsourcing components to China, and that came back to bite us,” he said. “It was going to save us lots of money, but the quality was so poor it ended up costing us deeply.” Parminder Dhaliwal moved to Fremont from a village near Ludhiana, India, three years ago. He works as a manufacturing engineer at Sonic Manufacturing, where about 350 workers assemble printed circuit boards, earning about $15 an hour. He said their location draws business, because many of their customers, Silicon Valley innovators, want to pop in regularly to see how their orders are being built. The manufacturing industry, along with an Afghan refugee resettlement program, has made Fremont one of California’s most culturally diverse cities, with 50 percent of its residents from Asia, and 14 percent Hispanic. “People come here from all over for these jobs,” Dhaliwal said. “Fremont is that melting pot people speak of. I felt very comfortable going into this community. Everything is open to

me. It really does feel like the land of opportunity here.” Today the city boasts more than 110 manufacturing businesses, including 30 working in clean technologies. During a recent visit, U.S. Rep. Mike Honda, whose district includes Silicon Valley, lauded companies like Apple, Google and Intel for worldchanging innovations, but he said it’s frustrating to see their products made overseas. “All of these incredible things have been thought of here, created here and then are manufactured overseas. We want that manufacturing to come back to this country,” he said. “We can’t allow the next generation of gamechanging technologies to be made out of this country.” In a recent survey of Silicon Valley CEOs, fewer than 1 in 5 said they were in manufacturing, while more than half were in technology-related fields ranging from social media to venture capital. Part of the problem, say local leaders, is that California is one of only a few states that taxes manufacturing equipment. “It is imperative that the state alter this practice to encourage innovation and job creation,” said Dennis Cima, senior vice president of the Silicon Valley Leadership

Group. Fremont has a history of being a factory town, largely due to a General Motors plant that opened there 50 years ago. The plant was shuttered in 1982, but it reopened two years later as a joint venture for GM with Toyota under the name New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. When it closed in 2010, 4,600 workers lost jobs, many of whom have now been hired back by Tesla.

Climbing out of the recession, city officials orchestrated this rebound, luring new businesses to corporate parks and still-to-be developed land, selling Fremont’s location in one of the world’s major hubs of innovation, right off several major freeways, and close to several ports. Fremont is also developing a new train station to ease commuting throughout the Bay Area, and plans a $26 million downtown upgrade.

AP Photo/The Las Vegas Sun, Sam Morris

Some of the 15,000 solar panels that make up the City of Las Vegas new three-megawatt solar panel installation Thursday, April 18, 2013.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hotel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua conducted blood donation IBP

NUSA DUA - As part of our community care program, Hotel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua- Bali in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Sanglah unit conducted as blood donor program on 10 May 2013in the Siligita I meeting room of Hotel Santika Siligita Bali. The event lasted from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and was led by five employees from the Sanglah Red Cross’s blood transfusion unit, using one PMI vehicle. The event proved to be a light-hearted one, thanks to the enthusiasm of the donors, which included 30 staff from Hotel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua- Bali as well as a number of employees from neighbouring hotels and local business partners. Donors were asked to complete a 12 –question checklist prior to giving blood, before being tested for blood type and blood pressure. Thanks to the blood donation program, Hotel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua - Baliwas awarded a plaque from PMI for its voluntary contribution. The organizing committee expressed their hope that this

will become a regular event, considering that “One Drop of Your Blood Can Be Somone Else’s Life Saver” - a simple yet powerful sentiment. As well as being important for people in need of blood transfusions, the blood donation program was also beneficial for the donors themsleves, as a way of maintaining a healthy heart, increasing the production of red blood cells, contributing to weight loss and overall psychological well-being, and detecting serious illnesses. The program was warmly received by all who took part.

IBP/Courtesy of Hotel Santika Siligita

Calendar Event for May 1 through June 19, 2013 1 May Buda Kliwon Pahang Pura Luhur Puncak Padang Dawa Desa Bangli Baturiti Pura Silayukti Padang Bai Karangasem Pura Aer Jeruk Sukawati Pura Dangin Pasar Batuan Sukawati Pura Penataran - Batuyang Batubulan Pura Desa Lembeng Ketewel Sukawati Pura Pasek Bendesa Dukuh Kediri Tabanan Pura Kawitan Dalem Sukawati Gianyar Pura Kresek Banyuning Buleleng Pura Puseh Bebandem Karangasem Pura Sad Khayangan Batu Medahu Desa Swana Nusa Penida Pura Buda Kliwon Penatih Denpasar Pura Penataran Dukuh Nagasari Bebandem Karangasem Pura pasek Bendesa Tagtag Peguyangan Pure Pulesari - Bantas Kelod Desa Sibang Gede Abiansemal Pura Batur Sari Ubud Pura Penataran Agung Sukawati Pura Panti - Kucupin Ketewel Ketewel 6 May Kajeng Kliwon Uwudan Pura Pasek Gelgel Kekeran Dlod Yeh Mengwi Merajan Pasek Subadra Kramas Gianyar 9 May Tilem Sasih Jiyestha Pura Bujangga Waisnawa Gumbrih Jembrana Pura Dalem Desa celuk 11May Tumpek Klurut Pura Pasek Gelgel Banjar Tengah Buleleng Pura Dalem Pemuteran Desa Jelantik Tojan Klungkung Pura Pedarman bujangga Waisnawa Besakih Pura Taman Sari Desa Gunung Sari Penebel tabanan Pura Dalem Tarukan - Bebalang Bangli Pura Benua Kangin Besakih Pura Merajan Kangin (Ida Betara Empu Baradah) Besakih

12 May R edite Umanis Merakih Pura Parangan Tengah Ceningan Kangin Lembongan Nusa Penida Pura Desa Ubud 15 May Buda Wage Merakih Pura Bendesa Mas Kepisah Pedungan Pura Natih Banjar Kalah Batubulan Pura Desa lan Puseh Silakarang Singapadu Pura Dalem Petitenget Kerobokan Kuta Pura Dalem Pulasari Samplangan Gianyar Pura Kubayan - Kepisah Pedungan Denpasar Selatan Pura Pasek Gelgel - Tanah Pegat Tabanan Pura Paibon lan Pura Bengkel Sumerta Denpasar Pura Pasek Lumintang Denpasar Pura Panti Penyarikan Medahan Sanding Tampak Siring Pura Pasar Agung Banjar Dauh Peken Kaba Kaba Pura Dadia Buda Cemeng Pulasari Batuan Sukawati 21 May Anggar Kasih Tambir Pura Dalem Puri Batuan Sukawati Pura Dalem kediri Silakarang Singapadu Pura Dalem Sukawati Pura Dalem Lembeng Ketewel Sukawati Pura Paibon Pasek Tangkas Peliatan Ubud Pura Puseh Ngukuhin Kramas Gianyar Pura Pamerajan Agung Ki Telabah Tuakilang Tabanan Pura Karang Buncing Blahbatuh Pura Dalem Bubunan Seririt Buleleng Pura Desa Badung Kota Denpasar Pura Luhur Pedenganan Bedha Bongan Tabanan Pura Pucak Payogan - Lungsiakan Kedewatan Ubud Gianyar Pura Tanah Kilap “Griya Anyar” Suwung Kauh Denpasar Selatan

Pura Selukat Keramas Blahbatuh Gianyar Pura Dalem Tampuagan Peninjoan Tembuku Bangli Pura Waturenggong Desa Taro Pura Dalem Bentuyung Desa Ubud Pura Puseh Ubud Pura Dalem Puri Peliatan Ubud Pura Batur Hyang Bulan Muntig Karangasem 22 May Buda Umanis Tambir Pura Sari Banjar Titih Kapal Pura Gulamanikan Bendesa Manik Mas Serongga Gianyar 24 May Purnama Sasih Sadha Pura Amrta Sari Rempoa Jakarta Selatan Pura Maospahit Banjar Grenceng Denpasar 5 Jun Buda Kliwon Matal Pura Puseh lan Desa Sukawati Pura Pasek Gelgel Bebetin Sawan Buleleng Pura Maspahit Sesetan Denpasar Selatan Pura Pasek Bendesa Manik Mas Dukuh Kendran Tegallalang Pura Panti Pasek Gaduh Sesetan Pura Pedharaman Arya Kanuruhan Besakih 15 Jun Pura Puseh lan Desa Kota Gianyar Pura Luhur Dalem Segening Kediri Tabanan Pura Sang Hyang Tegal (TARO) Tegallalang 19 Jun Buda Cemeng Menail Pura Dalem Tarukan Cemenggaon Sukawati Pura Penataran Dalem Ketut Pejeng Kaja Gianyar Pura Puseh Manakaji Peninjoan Bangli Pura Kawitan Gusti Celuk Baler Pura Sada Pemebetan Kapal Mengwi Pemerajan Agung Ubud Pura Taman Limut Pengosekan Mas Ubud

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

‘Apple of my Eye’ star turns to first love: music Associated Press Writer

HONG KONG — Fans know her as the sweet schoolgirl in the 2011 blockbuster “You Are the Apple of My Eye.” Now, they can take a closer look at Michelle Chen through her first love: music. After she graduated from the University of Southern California and returned home to Taiwan, her initial attempts to break into the island’s music scene hit a brick wall. But trying acting at the advice of a talent manager, she landed a few film and television roles, then shot to stardom with “You Are the Apple of My Eye.” The 29-year-old actress said she poured her heart and soul into her first studio album, “Me Myself and I.” “It is really an album about me because I wrote most of the songs. I wrote the lyrics. And I wrote this album about my family and friends, my. maybe lovers,” Chen told The Associated Press in a recent interview. One song is written to her fans, and she says “I think the audience can really, really get to know who Michelle Chen is through the album.” Crediting the late Mandarin pop legend Teresa Teng as one of her major musical influences, Chen said that she wrote one of the songs on the album as a tribute to Teng and also to a close family member who introduced her to Teng’s music. “Uncle Grandpa’s Small City Story” is a tribute to the first pop song Chen listened to, Teng’s “Small Town Story’,” because it was a favorite of Chen’s uncle

grandpa. Chen sang part of “Small City Story” on her own song and says she was amazed while studying Teng’s live performances. “When I was trying how to sing that song, you will realize how much detail that she put into the song, like maybe in one sentence with three words, she has to make three different turns (vibrato three of four times),” Chen said. “No wonder she is like the diva of the century.” Some fans who were holding their breath to see how Chen would follow up her success on “You Are the Apple of My Eye” were surprised that she chose to switch gears and start fresh in music. Chen finds that both a burden and a blessing. “It’s very lucky because now people kind of know me already, so I get to have the chance to release my album and a lot of people will pay more attention to my album,” she said. But with every performance, “people seem to magnify everything I do.” She said she hopes to look for the bright side. “I just hope that every time I try to sing, more people will hear that I can do it.” She’s performing in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia to promote the album.

AP Photo/Kin Cheung, File

FILE - In this Wednesday, May 8, 2013 file photo, Taiwanese singer-actress Michelle Chen laughs at a promotional event for her new song album “Me Myself and I” in Hong Kong.

K-pop’s G Dragon eager for challenge of solo tour Asspciated Press Writer HONG KONG — The King of K-pop says reigning on a solo tour is a challenge but one he wouldn’t want to miss. G Dragon says he tries to separate his solo performances from how Big Bang performs. The band works as a team, and G Dragon says the concept is of artists collaborating. But “when I perform as a solo, I think a lot about what I always wanted to do but have not done yet,” He says he asks a lot of himself, which causes stress, but “now I’m getting used to it and able to enjoy myself. I think many

AP Photo

people see me in that way, too.” Big Bang is immensely popular throughout Asia, but G Dragon says he keeps himself grounded. He says he doesn’t assess himself that highly, and he and the other band members “can be humble when we think ourselves as a third party.” And since musicians and situations change so fast, he tries to remember where he started, “to live a life without regrets.” The singer spoke while in Hong Kong on his first solo concert tour, “One of a Kind.” He’s performing later in Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Singapore.

South Korean singer G-Dragon attends a news conference to promote his world concert tour “One of a Kind” in Hong Kong Friday, May 17, 2013. G-Dragon will hold his concert in May 17 and 18 here.

Edisi 21 Mei 2013 | International Bali Post  
Edisi 21 Mei 2013 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Indonesia minorities slam president's interfaith award