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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obama and Hu share intimate dinner at White House Associated Press Writer

Fish consumption in Bali reach 28 kg per capita PAGE 8

Fresh ‘Shaolin Temple’ goes for drama over kung fu PAGE 12




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WASHINGTON – Eager to soothe tensions, President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao shared an unusual and intimate dinner Tuesday night to discuss the strains and common goals that define the complicated relations between the two rival powers. The private dinner, in the Old Family Dining Room in the White House residence, came amid disputes over China’s currency, trade and human rights policies and a search for cooperation on national security. It preceded a planned pomp-filled gala for Hu on Wednesday night and illustrated Obama’s careful mix of warmth and firmness for the leader of a nation that is at once the largest U.S. competitor and most important potential partner. Also at the dinner were national security adviser Tom Donilon and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hu brought along two top Chinese officials. Underscoring the desire for candor, the White House said there were no official note-takers at the dinner and offered no readout of the discussions. For Hu, Wednesday’s pageantry would be an accomplishment in itself. The U.S. has stiffened its stance against China after initial entreaties from the Obama administration, and any images of a friendly welcome in the U.S. could serve to polish Hu’s image at home and abroad and to soften the American public’s suspicions about China. Hu received red carpet treatment upon landing Tuesday afternoon at a wet Andrews Air Force Base, where he was greeted by Vice President Joe Biden and a military color guard. For Obama, the visit represents an opportunity to carry out the engagement he promised would be a trademark of his foreign policy. But Obama is also under pressure to show resolve as a range of interest groups — from business leaders to human rights advocates — press the administration to stand up to Beijing. The White House on Tuesday stressed that Obama did not intend to avoid difficult subjects. Continued on page 6


Chinese President Hu Jintao (C)stands alongside US Vice President Joe (R) Biden during the National Anthem upon arrival at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, January 18, 2011. US President Barack Obama is hosting Hu on a full state visit, including an arrival ceremony and State Dinner at the White House on Wednesday.

Qantas flight from Australia diverts to Fiji Agence France Presse



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(FILES) This file photo taken on November 15, 2005 shows an Airbus A380 with the Qantas logo taxiing past the control tower after touching down at Brisbane International Airport.

SYDNEY – A Qantas passenger jet bound for New York made an unscheduled stop in Fiji after it developed a problem with one of its engines, the Australian airline said Wednesday. Qantas said flight QF107, a Boeing 747, carrying 375 passengers from Sydney to New York via Los Angeles, touched down in Nadi on Tuesday for repairs to a fuel valve supplying one of its engines. “Just past Nadi the flight crew got a message to say there was a

fault with a fuel valve so they returned to Nadi to correct it,” a Qantas spokeswoman told AFP. “They could have flown on, it was just a precautionary measure.” The passengers were given hotel accommodation for the night and the flight continued early Wednesday, she added. The hitch comes just days after another Qantas Boeing 747, QF11 to Los Angeles, experienced a contained engine failure on the runway of Sydney airport due to a turbine blade defect. Continued on page 6



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bali News Price of Pertamax soars again Denpasar (Bali Post)—

The non-subsidized fuels went through the price hikes again. After briefly jumped up at the beginning of 2011, Saturday (Jan 15) the price of non-subsidized fuels experienced a surge again. Pertamax and Bio Pertamax gasoline rose from IDR 7950 to IDR 8250 per liter. Meanwhile, Pertamax Plus rose from IDR 8200 to IDR 8700. Sales Area Manager of Pertamina for Bali and Nusa Tenggara, Jekson Simanjuntak, said that all categories of non-subsidized fuels increased sharply whether the type of Pertamax Plus, Bio Pertamax, Pertamax or Pertamax Dex. “Non-subsidized fuel prices are verified regularly by Pertamina every two weeks. However, due to hikes in fuel prices, then the state oil and gas company inevitably raised again its non-subsidized fuel prices,” said Jekson, Tuesday (Jan 18). According to him, Pertamina referred to the Mid Oil Platt’s Singapore (MOPS). When the prices fell, Pertamina would verify to reduce them. On the contrary, when the prices increased it would also raise in accordance with the economic price. Despite the increase, Jekson pleaded not to worry about the market share of non-subsidized fuel which was feared to be eroded sharply. He argued that consumers of non-subsidized fuel had its own market segmentation and fanaticism. “When the prices rise at the beginning of this year, there was no decline in the market. Therefore, we are optimistic that within these two weeks there will be no decrease in the market share in Bali,” he said. An owner of spare parts shop, Made Artana, recognized the impact of fuel price hikes was quite burdensome to business world as well as vehicle owners. Spare parts denoting vital components of the vehicle and should be fulfilled. As consequence, their price would inevitably rise, too. When asked to what extent was the effect of the rising fuel prices against the prices of spare parts, Artana said the impact was about five percent. The increase in fuel prices triggered a pro-con reaction in the community. Several circles assessed that domino effect would occur in the society, both economically and socio-politically. Economically, the increase resulted in the rising prices of goods or services (inflation); even the increase might be uncontrollable following the fuel price hikes. The increase in the rate of inflation would be reflected in the rising prices of some components of the basic needs and services. For information, the consumers of non-subsidized fuel in Bali today only reached two per cent of the total fuel users. For non-subsidized fuel, the daily supply of Pertamina amounted to 40 tons, while Premium gasoline acquired the supply of 2,000 tons. (par)


A car is pumping petrol to a gas station


Tanjung Benoa

To resolve rubbish problem

Sanitation Services meet marine entrepreneurs in Tanjung Benoa Mangupura (Bali Post)—

Rubbish problem in the area of Tanjung Benoa kindles some complaints submitted by marine tourism entrepreneurs and surrounding community leaders. Ultimately, the problem was addressed by the Badung Sanitation and Landscaping Services (DKP). Head of DKP Badung, I Putu Eka Merthawan, recently stated that his party would facilitate a meeting to discuss about the handling of waste problem within this week. “Our party will invite all relevant components in Tanjung Benoa such as the Customary Village Chief of Tanjung Benoa and Tengkulung, Administrative Village Head, community empowerment agency (LPM), water sports entrepreneurs and the Subdistrict Head of South Kuta,” he said. The meeting aimed to find the best solutions for dealing with waste problem recently complained by many business people and residents of Tanjung Benoa. So far, the rubbish in Tanjung Benoa was managed by private party. “That’s why we do not want to take over the role of this private party. However, we’d like to jointly make the Tanjung Benoa area clean and beautiful,” he stated. He did expect all parties not to blame one another, but he required them to sit together in the effort to find out the best solution for all. Meanwhile, his apparatus had expressed their readiness to make an effort in order the area of Tanjung Benoa, both the road and the beach,

could be cleaned up and made free from the littering garbage. “We will immediately respond to complaints submitted by employers of the water sports coalescing into the Indonesian Marine Tourism Association (Gahawisri) as a form of our great concerns with the environment at that location,” he said. In the meantime, referring to the relatively extreme climate anomalies in recent times, his party had made anticipation by cutting down trees that had growing high and alerted a special unit being ready to move when a disaster such as falling trees or others occurred. According to Eka, the recent winds indeed kindled an increase in total waste volume of about 25 percent. As a result, his party should be working extra hard to clean up the area even though the volume of waste mainly foliages never diminished. Chairman of the Gahawisri Badung, Made Tromat, who is also a water sport businessman in Tanjung Benoa, positively wel-

comed the meeting plan. Even, he insisted in order the meeting could be held as soon as possible so the solutions of waste management could be yielded soon. Moreover, according to him, the piles of rubbish lately had been getting more and more and due to facing a problem related to the damaged freight truck, the rubbish was finally dumped into the swamps. “This matter should be addressed promptly because some rubbishes were already discarded into the swamp that consequently made the environment get viler,” he said. Meanwhile, Chief of Tanjung Benoa Customary Village, I Nyoman Wana Putra, said that customary village would take over the handling of garbage in the area of Tanjung Benoa. Even, his party had established a Village Sanitation Agency (BKD), where according to him, it had been ready to manage and his party just waited for the handover from the village authority and the community empowerment agency or LPM. (par)

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Bali News


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Proven Fraud, 18 Months Jail for Englishman Denpasar (Bali Post) –

Accused Dennis Arthur New, from England, suspected to have fraud John Clifford Conway IDR 2,1 billion was prosecuted 1 year 6 months (18 months) jail on his trial at Denpasar District Court last Tuesday (18/1). The First Director of Awatara Villa stated to have violated section 378 of the Criminal Code on its first accusation by Public Prosecutor Deny Iswanto.


The condition of the Dipta Stadium which will be used by Bali Devata football club.

Bali Devata Match Use Dipta Stadium Gianyar (Bali Post)

The home match between Bali Devata with Manado United in Indonesian Premiere League (LPI) planned this 23rd January will use the Dipta Stadium. On Tuesday (18/1), Bali Devata management met Gianyar Government asking permission to use the Stadium. The Management represented by A.A. Sunjaya and Gepeng was received by Head of Gianyar KONI, Ida Bagus Gaga Adi Saputra on behalf ot Gianyar Secrtary at Gianyar Regent Office. The stadium management also attended the meeting such as Construction Section, Regional Development Board and Public Works. In the meeting, Gianyar Government agreed and gave permission to Bali Devata to use Dipta Stadium for the LPI match. According to IB Gaga, the request was granted remembering the stadium is free on that day. This permission will be for two matches, which are at 23rd January and 3rd March 2011. The 50.000 capacity stadium will be Bali Devata’s temporary home base and hoped the usage won’t be out of what’s stated, “This match is hoped to liven up again and treat the missing feeling of football for the Gianyar and Balinese people.” Besides that, the use of this stadium will give an economy support to the surrounding people. The match committee will also involve local people that had the experience in holding a match in the era of Persegi and Bali FC. For the request of using Dipta Stadium for one season of LPI hasn’t got its respond and just for the two coming matches so far. For the next ones it will be discussed again while waiting the official schedule from LPI. (kmb16)

In the trial led by Judge Sigit Sutanto, Iswanto stated all the acts done by the accused. All witnesses attending had given statements connected to each other added by the accused confession. So it is clear what has been done by accused. Even though accused through his legal counselor M. Husein brought a witness to decrease punishment, it can’t be tolerated. With witness Made Mudiana explana-

tion, it is proven accused never invests in Jimbaran Hill Resort. Before stating prosecutes, Iswanto also stated reasons why accused have to be jailed such as disadvantaging other people, enjoying his acts and not admitting his acts. Meanwhile what could lessen it is that accused was never punished. This case started during a bargain stated to the witness of a Villa 506 located at Jimbaran Hill Re-

sort. Accused admitted to have owned the villa and guaranteed it doesn’t hae any problems. Witness got interested and then gave some money. After that accused was not able to show proof of owning the Villa and still saved neatly at notary Evi Susanti’s office. Besides that, the villa has a prolem of owners between David Vincent Hanley and made Muda na where now it is stated the villa is owned by Made Mudana. (015)

Land Buried in Rocks, Kembang Merta Farmers Suffer Losses Tabanan, DenPost

Heavy rain hitting Tabanan region lately causes disasters in several places. Banjar Kembang Merta, Candi Kuning Village, Bedugul, Baturiti farmers are giving up as their 2,5 hectare vegetable field was seriously damaged by strong wind and heavy rain. At least around 20 hundred square meters of land was covered by rocks from the top of the hills. Ironically the disaster happened on harvest time. The Banjar’s Official, Dewa Putu Adnyana, stated the incident been happening since beginning of this January. It was sad the rocks were caused by the

rain waters drifting the rocks towards the river. When river waters overflowed, the rocks then came down to the fields as it is next to it. Adnyana stated, since the disaster farmers did brought a loader to dig the rocks. With this condition, the banjar is hoping agency connected to look over it at least by giving fences on the lake and hills borders as it is worried once a vegetable field could change to rocks field, “At least make a drainage so the rocks from the hills won’t get to the vegetable fields.” Adnyana still does not know how much loss are experienced by the farmers. Not only that, a green house

owned by local resident, Nyoman Sukita, also experienced the same. The 25 hundred square meters of vegetable, kitchen herbs and medicine plants was also damaged when actually these were a hotel order, “If it’s like this, it can’t be sold.” Meanwhile, Head of Agriculture Agency for Tabanan, Gede Made Sukawijaya, admitted have coordinated with involved institutes. He also has instructed Head of the Village there to dig the remaining rocks. It was said this incident happen due to the climate change, “The problem will be taken care and coordination will be done.” (122)

Nusa Penida Rabies Case Boomed Government Demanded Additional Budget Allocated for Tackling Semarapura (Bali Post) –

The once free rabies island is now hit by its pandemic. The many stray dogs caused it more potential to be spread also from monkeys and so Klungkung Government’s being asked to be more active including allocating additional budget to tackle Rabies through the 2011 Budget and Expenses. “This case (rabies) is not a game. Government has to take quick steps,” House of Representatives member from Nusa Penida, Wayan Baru, stated last Tuesday (18/1). Baru asked the Government to be willing as they always say reasons of limited budget which causes number of programs did not go well. For this, Baru demanded not to play games as rabies has been taking lives, “Government has to allocate special budget. All this time I see the government always late. For sure, Nusa Penida that was free rabies now becomes serious problem.” Moreover, monkeys that have rabies are mostly in Nusa Penida which all this time are close to the people, “Close by meaning these monkeys tend to disturb or even bite people around. So if it’s not taken care soon, rabies from monkeys can spread to people who got their bites.” These monkeys are located at Sahat, Batu Kandik, Bunga Mekar and more. When asked for confirmation, Head of Klungkung Regional Development (Bappeda) A.A. Ngurah Agung clarified Klungkung Government will make the tackling rabies program in Nusa Penida a priority for year 2011. Klungkung Government will make sure to allocate additional budget for it, “About limited budget, that can’t be denied. But there will be efforts done by the government. One of them is by cutting a number of Work Unit Area (SKPD) budgets.” (kmb20)


This is the condition of the farm of Nyoman Sukita in Candi Kuning Village, Bedugul.


Thursday, January 20, 2011



Irish PM Cowen survives leadership challenge Agence France Presse

DUBLIN – Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen insisted his party was ready to fight a looming general election after he saw off a leadership challenge from his foreign minister. A majority of the 71 lawmakers from the ruling Fianna Fail party backed Cowen in a secret confidence vote on Tuesday, which the prime minister had called in the wake of a divisive EU-IMF bailout. Foreign Minister Micheal Martin, who had called for a new party leader and criticised Cowen over his handling of the economic crisis, quit after his failed challenge but claimed the premier still had his backing. Cowen said he felt vindicated after the result of the vote on his leadership and insisted Fianna Fail was ready to fight a general election expected in March, despite its low level of support in polls following the bailout. “The party is very determined to face into the electoral contest,” said the 51-year-old, adding that Fianna Fail’s plans to help the crisis-hit Irish economy would convince voters. “We have been fighting for this country... for its very survival, for its sustainability against one of the greatest economic and financial crises we have seen in over 80 years,” he added. Martin said that Fianna Fail would not be damaged by the power struggle and said it was going into the election “as a united party behind our leader.” “The Taoiseach [prime minister] continues to have my full support as head of govern-

ment,” he said. The result followed a three-hour party meeting which included speeches from Cowen and Martin. Fianna Fail chief whip John Curran refused to reveal how many lawmakers had backed the prime minister. “Clearly this brings an end to this issue. The party is united behind Brian Cowen as leader,” he said. Cowen called the confidence vote at the weekend amid mounting criticism of his leadership following Ireland’s acceptance of an international bailout in November after its economy was hit hard by the global financial crisis. Ireland became the second eurozone country after Greece to require assistance when it was forced to accept a package to which the IMF and the EU will contribute 67 billion euros (90 billion dollars). Cowen earlier dismissed criticism that the centrist Fianna Fail party was unprepared for a general election in the wake of a chaotic few months and amid new allegations that he is too close to the disgraced boss of Anglo Irish Bank. Anglo Irish had to be nationalised to pre-


Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen speaks during a press conference at the Alexander Hotel in Dublin, on January 16, 2011. Cowen defied today pressure to resign as head of his Fianna Fail party but called on the party to back him in a motion of confidence this week.

vent its collapse, and has become a symbol of the bad debts amassed by the banks which ravaged an economy once so vibrant it was dubbed the “Celtic Tiger”. Fianna Fail, the main party in a ruling coalition with the Green party, has dominated Irish politics for decades but faces the prospect

Duvalier faces possible trial in Haiti Associated Press Writer

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Haitian authorities moved toward trying Jean-Claude Duvalier for alleged corruption and embezzlement during his brutal 15-year rule, opening an investigation against the former dictator whose unexpected return from exile took an already tense nation by surprise. The former strongman known as

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

Haiti’s former dictator JeanClaude Duvalier, center, and his longtime companion Veronique Roy leave court in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday Jan. 18, 2011.

“Baby Doc” was questioned by judges for hours behind closed doors in a court in Haiti’s capital Tuesday, defense attorney Gervais Charles said. The case is now in the hands of a judge of instruction who will decide whether there is enough evidence to go to trial, Charles said. The process that can take up to three months. Haiti’s system allows for pretrial detention, but Duvalier was allowed to remain free and returned to his hotel room under police escort following the questioning. He cannot leave the country, however. His longtime companion Veronique Roy had earlier said Duvalier expected his trip from France, where he has lived in exile, would last three days. “If he has to leave (the country), he will ask and he will leave,” Charles said. “As of now, he doesn’t even have a passport.” Several hundred Duvalier supporters gathered outside the court, burning tires, chanting slogans and calling for the arrest of President Rene Preval, then cheering as Duvalier left the courthouse. Earlier, some supporters had tried to block streets with overturned trash bins and rocks to keep police from taking Duvalier from his hotel to the courthouse. There are no signs of widespread support for Duvalier, however. Demonstrations on his behalf have been relatively small by Haiti standards.

More than half the nation’s people are too young to have lived through his government. Duvalier has been accused in the past in Haiti of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars in public money and overseeing the torture and killing of political enemies. He was not in handcuffs as he arrived at the courthouse Tuesday, nor was he handcuffed when he left. His arrival Sunday was a surprise for a long-impoverished country, and comes as Haiti struggles to work through a dire political crisis following the problematic Nov. 28 first-round presidential election, as well as a cholera epidemic and a troubled recovery from the devastating earthquake of a year ago. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others have urged the Haitian government to arrest Duvalier for widespread abuses. Amnesty International issued a statement praising what it called “the arrest” of Duvalier but said it was just a start. “If true justice is to be done in Haiti, the Haitian authorities need to open a criminal investigation into Duvalier’s responsibility for the multitude of human rights abuses that were committed under his rule including torture, arbitrary detentions, rape, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions,” the group said.

of being removed from power at the election by a coalition of the Labour and Fine Gael parties. Ahead of the vote on Tuesday, Martin, 50, said that Cowen’s handling of the Irish bailout had been the “watershed moment” when he decided to launch the challenge. “The management of the IMF (In-

ternational Monetary Fund), the presentation of the IMF coming into the country, that to me was a watershed moment,” Martin told RTE radio. “I think the way that was managed and communicated and ministers came out, from my information, without the full knowledge of what actually was going on at that time.”

Mutilated bodies found near Mexico’s richest city Reuters

MONTERREY, Mexico – Police found five mutilated bodies outside the wealthy city of Monterrey on Tuesday, part of a series of attacks that killed 23 people and dragged the region deeper into Mexico’s drug war. Gunmen dumped the five dead men, their arms and legs chopped off, on a street in the town of Montemorelos south of Monterrey just before dawn, police and witnesses said, in a escalation of killings since the New Year blamed on drug cartels and alarming locals and businesses. [nN12146154] The unprecedented spate of killings over the past 24 hours in and around Monterrey also included the drive-by shooting of three brothers while they were eating tacos, and an attack by gunmen on five men in a working class neighborhood. One woman died of a heart attack after witnessing that multiple homicide, and nine were killed in other shootings, police said. “In this toll of 23 deaths ... it is clear this violence is being

unleashed by warring criminals,” said Jorge Domene, security spokesman for the Nuevo Leon state government. Monterrey is the state’s capital.

AP Photo/Carlos Jasso

Forensic investigators work a crime scene near downtown Monterrey, Mexico, Monday Jan. 17, 2011. According to police, five men were shot dead outside a local shop by a group of unknown assassins.



Thursday, January 20, 2011


Swiss-Belhotel Cares for Disaster IBP

JAKARTA - Swiss-Belhotel International Indonesia generated a charity program “SWISS-BELHOTEL INTERNATIONAL CARES for WASIOR, MERAPI and MENTAWAI” to support the people who have been affected by flash floods in Wasior – West Papua, Merapi’s eruption in Central Java and tsunami in Mentawai - West. Apart from the donation, each hotel, organised fund-raising from staff, guests and management for the period of 8 November to 30 November 2010. The total amount collected was Rp 59.715.000, which was handed over from Harshanty Kaloko, Regional Public Relations and Promotion Manager to M. Anwar Sani, Direktur Al-Azhar Care on 8 December 2010 at Kompleks Masjid Agung Al-Azhar Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. The following Swiss-Belhotel International Indonesia Hotels and Resorts proudly participated in this charity fund : Grand Swiss-Belhotel Medan, Swiss-Inn Batam, Swiss-Belhotel Batam, Hotel Ciputra Jakarta, Swiss-Belhotel Mangga Besar Jakarta, Arion Swiss-Belhotel Bandung, Hotel Ciputra Semarang, Ciputra Golf, Hotel and Club Surabaya, Swiss-Belhotel Bay View - Nusa Dua, Swiss-Belhotel Borneo Banjarmasin, Swiss-Belhotel Borneo Samarinda, SwissBelhotel Tarakan, Swiss-Belhotel Maleosan Manado, Swiss-Belhotel Silae Palu, Swiss-Belhotel Manokwari dan Swiss-Belhotel Papua – Jayapura. Representatives of Swiss-Belhotel Indonesia who attended the charity fund distribution was Prasetyo Wasono, Regional Human Resources Director, Harshanty Kaloko – Regional Public Relations and Promotion Manager, Juliawati – Regional Public Relations Officer. Hotel Ciputra Jakarta represented by Yudi S. Triyudiana – Human Resources Director and Febrina Herlambang – Public Relations Executive.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event forJanuary 3 through January 26, 2011 04 January Special Event at Tenganan Pegringsingan Usaba Sadha Main ritual of twelfth month commanced with temple annyversary celebration of Pura Accompanied by Gambang orchestra at 18.00 pm. Temple anniversary celebration at Pura Dalem Puri,Pura Ulun Kulkul, Pura Kiduling Kreteg, Pura Benua Kawan,Besakih complex,districk of Rendang,Karangasem regency 05 January Special Event at Tenganan Pegringsingan Usaba Sadha Main Ceremony held at Pura Jero when the whole temple adherents go praying to the temple in their finest traditional dress while Gambang orchestra cheeras the atmosphere at 17.00 pm. 06 January Special Event at Tenganan Pegringsingan Usaba Sadha Last ritual held at Pura Jero ended with procession of Deities back to Subak Pemaksan (the agricultural temple) at 18.00 pm. Followed by special event held for the elderly people of the village. 12 January Temple anniversary celebration at: * Pura Luhur Pucak Padang Dawa, Bangli village,distict of Baturiti, Tabanan Regency * Pura Silayukti,Padangbai village, district of manggis,Karangasem Regency * Pura Air Jeruk,South Beach of Sukawati Village,Gianyar Regency * Pura Dangin Pasar,Batuan Village, District of Sukawati.Gianyar regensy

* Pura Desa Lembeng,Ketewel village, District of Sukawati.Gianyar regency * Pura Penataran,Batuyang Village, District of Sukawati.Gianyar regency * Pura Budha Kliwon,Penatih Village, east of denpasar 19 January Temple anniversary celebrations at: * Pura Ratu Pasek Besakih (the mother temple) complex,distric of Rendang, Karangasem Regency * Pura Dalem Batur Village, distric of kintamani,Bangli regency 22 January Temple anniversary celebrations at: * Pura Dalem Tarukan,Bebalang village, South oe the town of bangli. * Pura Benua Kangin,Besakih (the mother temple complex)Karngasem Regensy * Pura Dalem,Pemuteran,Jelantik tojan Village,Klungkung regensy * Pura Pucak Sari,Gunung Sari Village,district of Penebel,Tabanan Regency. 26 January Temple anniversary celebrations at: * Pura Bandesa Mas Kepisah,Pedungan village, south of denpasar * Pura Pasar agung,Kaba-kaba village, district of kediri,Tabanan regency * Pura Dalem Petinget, Kerobokan village, district of kuta,Badung regency * Pura Dalem Pulasari,samprangan village, district of blahbatuh,Gianyar regency * Pura Natih,Banjar kalan,Batuan Village, District of Sukawati,Gianyar regency

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbul-umbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Death toll from Philippine floods hits 57 Associated Press Writer

MANILA, Philippines – Flash floods caused by unusually heavy rainfall have drowned four more people, raising the 3-week-old death toll in a third of the Philippines to 57 with 32 others missing, officials said Wednesday. A 13-year-old girl was among the latest fatalities in southern Davao del Sur province, where 10 people were injured. Among the missing were eight fishermen. Two others were rescued when their boat overturned in eastern Quezon province while more than 30 fishermen paddled to safety Tuesday near southwestern Palawan Island, where rains flooded at least six low-lying coastal villages. Coast guard chief Rear Adm. Wildredo Tamayo said small fishing boats were barred from sailing in critical areas. A barge with four crew members broke loose off Semirara Island and has been drifting since Monday, but the coast guard established radio contact with the crew and was attempting to reach them, Tamayo said. Above-average rainfall during what is supposed to be the middle of the dry season has drenched about 25 out of the archipelago’s 80 provinces, affecting about 1.6 million people. About half a million have received emergency assistance, most of them in the northern and central Philippines. The head of the government weather bureau, Graciano Yumul, said the rains are caused by a cold front that has been aggravated by

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the La Nina weather phenomenon, which refers to cooler-than-normal surface temperatures over parts of the Pacific Ocean. He said that 33 out of 52 rainfall monitoring stations reported above-normal readings in the Philippines from Jan. 1 to 17. The highest rainfall recorded was on Pagasa, an island occupied by Philippine troops in the disputed Spratly chain, which recorded 16.16 inches (410 millimeters) compared with the average .38 inches (9.7 mm). President Benigno Aquino III said last week he was considering a ban on logging in the country after blaming the floods on denuded forests that experts say have triggered erosion and mudslides. Illegal logging is a recurring problem in the Philippines made possible by weak law enforcement and corruption. Aquino’s predecessor imposed a similar nationwide ban in 2004 after hundreds were killed in landslides, but it was lifted a year later. The logging ban that has been in place in six southern provinces for the past four years also failed to stop the lucrative business, Aquino said.


(FILES) This file photo taken on October 10, 2009 shows a resident tending his cows on a flooded rice field next to a submerged house at the mouth of Agno river in the town of Lingayen, in the northern Philippine province of Pangasinan.


“Whether we’re dealing with economic discussions, whether we’re dealing with those in the security realm, or whether we’re doing those with human rights, I think this is an argument that we have and we’ll continue to make to the Chinese and push them to do better,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said. A key moment will come Wednesday when Obama and Hu appear at a brief news conference. The two will take four questions — two from U.S. journalists and two from Chinese reporters. The White House insisted that the two leaders face reporters. In China, Hu’s public appearances are always under controlled circumstances that don’t lend themselves to spontaneity. Hu did take questions at a 2005 news conference with President George W. Bush in Beijing, but he refused to do so when Obama visited in 2009. Obama plans to host a meeting Wednesday afternoon for Hu and U.S. and Chinese business leaders to promote increased U.S. exports to China and greater Chinese investment in the United States. Among those scheduled to attend are CEOs Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Jeff Immelt of General Electric, Greg Brown of Motorola, Jim McNerney of Boeing and nine other U.S. executives. U.S. companies have been longtime critics of Chinese policies that kept its currency low relative to the dollar. A low-priced yuan makes Chinese products cheaper in the U.S. and U.S. products more expensive in China. Two senators, Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Republican Olympia Snowe of Maine, sent a letter Tuesday to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner informing him that they plan to introduce legislation that would penalize China if it continues to manipulate its currency. But with the yuan rising 3.5 percent against the dollar since June, the currency dispute has in part given way to U.S. complaints about theft of intellectual property and barriers to Chinese contracts for U.S. firms. In a letter to Obama on Tuesday, a coalition of

financial organizations urged the president to prod the Chinese to open up its financial services sector to greater competition. U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue said the business community wants to make sure the U.S. continues a trend to expand exports to China and added that he worries China is showing favoritism to domestic industries. “We’re going to press to make sure that we have a fair opportunity for American exports which will create jobs,” Donohue said. On security, Hu’s visit comes in the aftermath of a four-day visit to China by Defense Secretary Robert Gates aimed at healing rifts between the two militaries. U.S. officials have complained about China’s secrecy in its pursuit of conventional weapons. The Chinese had earlier pulled out of military talks and withheld an earlier invitation to Gates in protest of a nearly $6.4 billion arms sale to China’s rival, Taiwan. The U.S. considers China a vital player in attempts to contain North Korean aggression against South Korea and its development of a nuclear weapon. The U.S. also needs Chinese support to increase pressure on Iran, as China is a U.N. Security Council member. Among the security issues that remain unresolved between the two countries are Chinese objections to the U.S. view that it has the right to sail its ships in waters that China claims as restricted. Perhaps the most confrontational aspect of the relationship is the U.S. view that China engages in human rights violations. Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bluntly called for the release of jailed Chinese dissidents, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who was prevented from attending the Dec. 10 prize ceremony in the Norwegian capital. The White House on Tuesday seemed eager to dispel any suggestion that Obama would not press Hu on human rights. “That is a topic of some significance that the two leaders will talk about,” Gibbs said. “We will continue to have difficult conversations . that had to be had with China.”

Hotel owners fined for refusing gay couple a room Associated Press Writer

LONDON – A Christian couple were fined Tuesday for refusing to allow a gay couple the use of a double room at their hotel in southern England, capping a case that has drawn national attention and which the judge himself described as very difficult. There was a media uproar after Martyn Hall and his partner Steven Preddy were turned away from Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion, in southwestern England, in 2008. Husband and wife Peter and Hazelmary Bull — both devout Christians — had refused on religious grounds to let the two men share a room. In a written judgment handed down at Bristol Country Court, judge Andrew Rutherford ruled that the Bulls’ behavior had been illegal and awarded the gay couple 1,800 pounds (about $2,900) each in damages. Hall and Preddy said they were satisfied with the ruling, noting that they had asked whether they could bring their dog — but that it had never occurred to them to check whether they themselves would be welcome. The Bulls had argued that their intent was not to discriminate against homosexuals, saying they did not allow unmarried heterosexuals to share a double room either. It was also argued that, because they lived on the ground floor of their hotel, they had a right to have their home life respected.

Qantas... From page 1 Media reports on that incident said that passengers heard “a loud bang” and saw black smoke pour from the affected engine, with the captain reportedly telling those on board that the engine had “cooked itself” over the plane’s intercom. The incidents follow a dramatic few months for the Australian airline which in November temporarily suspended flights of its Airbus A380 superjumbos after an engine on one exploded after taking off from Singapore, damaging the plane. Nobody was hurt in the incident and the plane returned safely to Singapore but the blast caused pieces of the engine to rain down on an Indonesian island. Australian safety investigators have said that an oil leak in one of the A380’s Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines may have caused the explosion, and that they are satisfied with the actions taken to prevent it happening again.


Indonesia Today A vendor cleans a shop window in Jakarta on January 18, 2010. Indonesian central bank governor Darmin Nasution said on January 14 that the time was approaching when monetary policy would have to tighten to tackle rising inflation in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy.


Entrepreneur quality needs improvement Antara

JAKARTA - A joint effort and program are needed to improve the quality and quantity of national entrepreneurs, Vice President Boediono said here on Wednesday. “The problem we are facing at present is how to improve the quality and quantity of our national entrepreneurs,” the vice president said in his directives at the second plenary session and special national conference of Young Indonesian Businessmen Association (Hipmi) at his office here on Wednesday. Present at the conference were among others Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi, Youth and Sports Affairs Minister Andi Malarangeng, State Minister for Cooperatives and

Small and Medium Enterprises Syarifuddin Hasan, National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas) Governor Muladi, and Hipmi Central Executive Board chairman Erwin Aksa. According to the vice president, many parties sometimes thought that to become an entrepreneur was a natural process, but in reality it was not so. “In my opinion, becoming an entrepreneur is not a natural process,” the vice president said, adding that the number of national entrepreneurs in Indonesia lagged be-

hind compared with other countries. To improve the quality and quantity of national entrepreneurs, the vice president said, tangible effort and program should be made. “Therefore, the government, business world, Hipmi, and the people should try to find a way to improve quickly the quality and quantity of domestic entrepreneurs,” Boediono said. He said the improvement of the quality and quantity of the entrepreneurs was a very strategic long-term program that had to be supported. “Lest we waste our energy for something which is not very important but instead, we have to direct it to solve this strategic issue,” the vice president said.

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Two-thirds of world economic growth fueled by Asean Antara

JAKARTA - Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu said two-thirds of the world’s economic growth was fueled by the economies of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries. “Two-thirds of the world’s economic growth is being supported by the economies of ASEAN member countries and this only shows the importance of ASEAN and East Asia in the global context,” the minister said at a press conference about Indonesia’s ASEAN chairmanship in 2011 here Tuesday. Mari said East Asia’s gross domestic product (GDP) was equal to Europe’s and the United States’ which was 14.6 trillion US dollars. She also said Indonesia needed to utilize the opportunity as the chairman of the ASEAN Summit 2011 and face historical challenges to place the association in the world economy growth. “Since the central world trade is in Asia, Indonesia is expected to be able to make use the chance as the chairman of ASEAN Summit 2011 as well as it is the biggest country among ASEAN member countries,” she said.

ASEAN was now in the world’s limelight amid regional economic integration in Asia which meant ASEAN and its dialogue partner countries, and other areas, she said. Therefore, she added, Indonesia should be able to maintain ASEAN’s credibility and relevance in the developed world, as well as highlight the important role of ASEAN in the development of the world community. In internal substance, she said, ASEAN partnership had played significant part for its member countries, while the intra-ASEAN trade represented about 25 percent of the ASEAN trade total. Mari also said that ASEAN was the main foreign tourists’ resource for its member countries, reaching 30.851 tourists in 2009. In the conference for several mass media, the Minister explained three main pillars which were used to increase the economic partnership of ASEAN; they are to strengthen internal partnership within ASEAN, to increase agreement utilization of comprehensive economic partnership achieved by ASEAN and its dialogue partner countries and to focus on equilibrium development related to medium business (UKM).

Bad weather hinders tourists to leave Karimunjawa Antara

JEPARA - The numbers of domestic and foreign tourists stuck in Karimunjawa Island due to bad weather, since Monday (10/1), left the island for Jepara district as the weather has turned to normal. Nuryanto, headman of Karimunjawa, said the departure of the tourists along with normal passengers at took place 08.00 am by Muria motor ship, he said here Wednesday. Actually 83 tourists were held in Karimunjawa Island and 75 of them had left with the other 165 ordinary passengers, he said.

“While, the rest of the tourists may leave for Jepara by another boat,” he added. He expected the trip of Muria boat might be safe until the destination, so the tourists could return home. Moreover, he urged the tourist agents to inform the condition of Jepara waters to the tourists. “Such weather usually occurred in December, January and February,” he said. Based on the information received, he added, tens of tourists who would like to have a vacation in Karimunjawa Island because they had made a down payment of local hotels.

Local investors preferred in Garuda’s IPO Antara

JAKARTA - Local investors are preferred for buying the shares of state-owned airline Garuda Indonesia which is to go public this year, according to State Enterprises Minister Mustafa Abubakar on Tuesday. “The portion of local retail or individual investors (are preferred) so that (there will be a feeling of possessing a state-owned company,” Minister Abubakar said at his office. He envisaged local investors would take in between 70 and 80 percent of the shares should there

only be low interest from foreign investors. “The government would like to educate the people so that they will have a sense of duty to buy the shares of a state-owned company,” the minister said, adding that the government would also like the public to know that the sale of Garuda’s shares was a solution to keep up its performance. In light of the public offering of its shares, Garuda Indonesia had recently conducted a roadshow in Singapore, the United States and London. “We’ve seen high interest among foreign investors (for Garuda

shares),” he added. Minister Abubakar also said the pattern for the shares of SOEs to the public as implemented with Garuda, where local investors are preferred, will also be implemented to other state enterprises which have also taken similar steps. The initial public offering of Garuda will begin on February 11, 2011 with the first bulk of shares to be sold amounting to 36.48 percent, or equivalent to 9.36 billion shares. It is predicted each share will be sold for about 750-1,100 rupiahs. Garuda hopes to raise Rp10 trillion from the IPO.


Technical Director of Garuda Indonesia, Hadinoto Soedigno (middle), Senior GM PT Garuda Indonesia East Indonesia Area, Suranto (left) and Director Investment Banking PT Bahana Securities, Sunu Widyatmoko showing the replica of Boeing 747-400.



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bali Today Balinese women: In devotional services through the arts Beauty can stop everyone’s eyes flickering. Beauty of the kid song can lullaby a baby. Similarly, beauty also can toss the imagination, soothe the mind and draw people to get near. Bali has many sources of that beauty offering the charm of nature, culture or adventure. By maintaining traditions inspired by Hinduism, Balinese people go on running in harmony with the time. In other words, they do not feel inferior because of inheriting those traditions. Beauty in the form of various dance movements has been introduced since early ages. On seeing a dance staged, a toddler may watch it attentively or its fingers move and move as if imitating the movement of the dance. Virtually all customary villages in Bali have gamelan troupe. This troupe plays important role in expressing their entertainment arts and accompanying every ritual activity. This existence gives opportunity to villagers from child to adult to express their artistic talent especially in dance, drama and gamelan arts. Young girls under twelve or elementary school age have a chance to participate in performing Rejang Dance. By wearing white and yellow costumes and floral decoration on head, they dance beautifully accompanied by gamelan music. Rejang Dance is one of the sacred dances performed in relation to the organization of temple anniversary or odalan. Other than putting a basic love to their tradition, they also show devotional service or ngatur ayah through the arts. When they grow older, right on entering secondary school, they join customary village youth club or Sekaa Taruna. Here, with their male friends and their brothers and sisters start to learn about organization. Many things can be learned through this organization. Since it has affiliation to customary village, they can learn about the making of some simple oblation under guidance of senior oblation maker and various traditional arts. In Bali, this youth club actually play important role in preparing young generation to maintain their valuable cultural heritages or to prepare themselves for inheriting customary responsibility. With their male counterpart, here the young girls also learn to play drama or more complex traditional arts. Popular genres of performance showed are pure entertainment and the one in combination with sacred dance. The latter usually features Calonarang. This magical drama involves a combination of male and female players. In essence, this

Calonarang drama highlights the endless fight between truth and untruth symbolizing by sanctified effigies or tapakan like Rangda and Barong. By and large, it is also associated with ritual events at local temple. In the following stage, when woman gets married she will enter the new organization, namely customary village. Having learned much about ritual works, it is now the time to practice them in wider social life. They should attend some socio-religious activities when the events engage the members of customary village. At this stage, household mother can remain to show her devotional service through the arts other than social works. Through the arts, they may join the drama or individual psalmodic singing or pasantian. How is about their private life? It is normal as others. They also have opportunity to build career in their profession. In modern life with heterogeneous professions as today, woman also works as men do. Traditions do not impede them to reach outstanding achievement in self-employee or office job. If they work at daytime, some social works will be held at the evening. Tradition is not something obsolete. Even, it retains abundant inspirations to create something new and creative that is advantageous for modern life. However, traditions should also be reviewed and adjust to the current condition without leaving behind its core. Tradition does not hinder women to get their career achievement. Even, it stays to give them a channel to express their spiritual sense through devotional services. (BTN/punia)

Fish consumption in Bali reach 28 kg per capita Antara

DENPASAR – Fish consumption in Bali on average only reach 28 kg per capita. It is hoped to be increase to 30.62 kg per people on 2014. Head of Bali’s Fisheries and Marine Department I Gusti Putu Nuriartha stated that. According to Nuriartha the target can be reached in line with the growth of fisheries production around 353 percent until five years to come. ‘’The increase of fish consumption will help to improve the market. Besides fulfilling the need of tourists consumption, fisheries products also a good export commodity for Bali,” he said. I Gusti Putu Nuriatha explained that the increase demand on fisheries product in local people will help to increase the fisheries production, around 3.23 percent every year. It is estimated that on 2010, Balinese consumed around 103,422.5 ton of fishes. All the products are supply by local products because on 2010 the Bali’s fisheries production reached 324,000 ton. The productions consist of catch fish around 167.000 ton, agricultural fish 7,000 ton and seaweed 150,000 ton.

Fresh fisheries product that sold at traditional market. Fish consumption in Bali on average only reach 28 kg per capita. It is hoped to be increase to 30.62 kg per people on 2014.

Damaged wooden bridge causes Jungsri-Besakih route to break off Amlapura (Bali Post)—

Alternative road section of Padangkerta or Jungsri—Besakih, Karangasem, has broken off since last week. Such condition was caused by decayed and broken wooden floor of the bridge located at Jungsri Hamlet, Bebandem. Chief of Bebandem Village, I Gede Partadana, and Hamlet Chief of Jungsri, Wayan Suartika, Tuesday (Jan 18), in Bebandem said their party already sent a report to the Head of Karangasem Public Works, Regent of Karangasem, I Wayan Geredeg, and Karangasem House about the destruction of such wooden bridge. However, up to these days there had been no follow up or even security and repairs to the bridge. “The official of Karangasem Public Works just made inspection to location of the bridge, but there was no further effort made for the traffic safety,” said Partadana. The local Hamlet Chief, Suartika, said the bridge was destroyed and nearly broken off due to the condition of wood floor had been porous. The bridge was built a dozen years ago. Now, the wood had decayed and since two months ago one of the eight pieces of wooden floor had broken. Recently, the condi-

tion was getting worse and floor hole had been reaching about 70 square centimeters.He said condition of the bridge was truly dangerous, so people put a no-entrance signpost. Unfortunately, there was always a car or motorist remaining determined to pass because they were lazy to choose other pathway such as the safer route through Budakeling or Amlapura City. Some motorists should get down and push their motorcycle. Meanwhile, others preferred to choose another route. Due to such broken bridge, the route seemed to face congestion last Tuesday because many riders pushed their motorcycle to pass, some hesitated or took safer route by turning back to another road. Suartika said there was always traffic accident everyday where people plummeted at the bridge. On the last Kuningan festivity, at least five cases of traffic accidents occurred at the scene. Partadana and Suartika hoped that Karangasem Regency Government, namely the Karangasem Public Works, could immediately repair the connecting bridge. In addition, the road was quite busy because it was a shortcut of residents from Kubu or Padangkerta route to Bebandem, Selat, and even the pilgrimage’s route to Besakih Temple. (013)


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Balinese Culture

Budiana top publish biography in three languages Antara

Denpasar – A famous Balinese artist, I Ketut Budiana will publish his biography in three languages which are Japanese, England, and Indonesia. Budiana has exhibited his works in countries throughout the world. “The book is currently still in progress and they are made by Agus Darmawan and Jean Couteau, a French art observer who already stayed in Bali for several years,” Budiana said. He added that he will cooperate with one of his friend in Japan in order to make the Japanese version of the book. Budiana explained “the materials are being compiled by the small writers group and there is great hope that the book will be published in 2012.” The book will be about the process of learning and creating art works since Budiana was in elementary school. The book is arranged neatly and will use the best paper so it can compete with other books in the market. Budiana’s paintings are collected by art collectors, galleries, and museum all over the world. He said “the book will be 300 pages long and there is great hope that it will give extra values to my works.” The artist who is originally come from Padangtegal, Ubud, Gianyar, is coming from art family. His grandfather and parent are

multitalented artists, all of them can dance, play Balinese instruments and carving. During his 50 years working in the art world, Budiana establish himself as a painter who represents the eastern value. Dr Jean Couteau, an art observer who already stay in Bali for 22 years, said that the works of Budiana mostly inspired by Balinese tradition and has surpass the boundaries so it become the modern philosophy which hope-

fully can preserve the religious tradition of Bali. Budiana also can make statues and the tools for Balinese cremation ceremony such as bade, lembu, and others. Budiana said that in the process of creating the works, he need some time to meditate then continue with the process of painting. He also use a unique media which is banana leaf but in the hand of talented artist like Budiana is can become graet art work.

Sate Lilit (Minced Seafood Satay) OVERVIEW: This probably the most delicious satay you will ever encounter. The delicate flavors of the shrimp and fish are greatly improved if you can find spears of fresh lemongrass to use as skewers, and if you can cook them over a fire of coconut husks rather than charcoal. Nonetheless, even with wooden skewers and a standard charcoal grill, you will have people coming back more. INGREDIENTS: 600 gr skinned boneless snapper fillet 1 cup freshly grated coconut or 1½ cups moistened desiccated coconut ½ cup seafood spice paste 5 fragrant lime leaves, chopped 1 tsp black peppercorns, finely crushed 1 tsp salt 3-5 bird’s eye chilies, very finely chopped 2 tbsp palm sugar Lemon grass or satay skewers


Tourists walk in Kuta, Bali on January 18, 2010. Indonesia is investigating reports of an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease on the resort island of Bali, an official said after ten visiting Australians returned home with the disease. Bali has also been battling a rabies outbreak that has killed more than 100 people since November 2008.

PREPARATION: 1. Mince fish fillet very finely in a food processor or with a chopper. 2. Add all other ingredients & mix well. 3. Mould a heaped tablespoon full of this mixture around a wooden skewer or over trimmed stalks of lemon grass and grill over charcoal until golden brown. Note: This recipe won’t work with frozen fish. (

Base (Spice Pastes) OVERVIEW: Balinese food gets its characteristic flavor from a blend of spices, herbs, roots and other savory ingredients, which are prepared in different ways. The basic seasonings (known as base – pronounced barseh – are sometimes finely chopped or sliced, other times pounded to a fine paste. Some spice pastes are made from raw ingredients, while for others, the ingredients are either steamed or roasted before pounding. These spice pastes can be prepared in advanced and stored in a refrigerator for up to one week. They can also be divided into smaller quantities and deep-frozen. If you are using a mortar and pestle, grind the dry spices such as pepper and coriander first; then add the hardest ingredients, the roots such as laos and kencur. When these are finely ground, add the shallots and chilies, then finally soft ingredients such as shrimp paste. If using a food processor, blend the dry spices first then add all other ingredients, except the oil. Spice pastes keep refrigerated for up to two weeks, or spread finished spice paste in ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen paste will keep easy up to 6 months. ( C.045 ibp



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Trunyan IBP

The village of Trunyan is squeezed tightly between the lake and the outer crater rim of Batur, an almighty volcano in Kintamani. This is a Bali Aga village, inhabited by descendants of the original Balinese, the people who predate the arrival of the Hindu Majapahit kingdom in the 16th century. It is famous for the Pura Pancering Jagat temple, but unfortunately visitors are not allowed inside. There are also a couple of traditional Bali Aga-style dwellings, and a large banyan tree, which is said to be more than 1,100 years old. At Kuban sub-village close to Trunyan is a mysterious cemetery that is separated by the lake and accessible only by boat - there is no path along the steep walls of the crater rim. The village of Trunyan itself is situated at the edge of Batur Lake. This location is inaccessible except by boat, and it takes around half an hour across the calm waters. Getting to Lake Batur takes around two

hours drive to the northeast of Denpasar along the main road to Buleleng and through Bangli Regency. Unlike the Balinese people, the people of Trunyan do not cremate or bury their dead, but just lay them out in bamboo cages to decompose, although strangely there is no stench. A macabre collection of skulls and bones lies on the stone platform and the surrounding areas. The dead bodies don’t produce bad smells because of the perfumed scents from a huge Taru Menyan tree growing nearby. Taru means ‘tree’ and Menyan means ‘nice smell’. The name of Terunyan was also derived from these two words. The women from Trunyan are prohibited from going to the cemetery when a dead body is carried there. This follows the deeply rooted belief that if a woman comes to the cemetery while a corpse is being carried there, there will be a disaster in the village, for example a landslide or a volcanic eruption. Such events have been frequent in the village’s history, but whether women

had anything to do with it is a matter of opinion... You can visit both the village of Trunyan and the Kuban cemetery by

International Bali Post Classifieds BALI CENTRAL CANOPY


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BUSINESS Arab leaders meet on economy, poverty Agence France-Presse

SHARM EL-SHEIKH – Arab leaders gather in Egypt on Wednesday to discuss trade and development as the region feels the aftershocks of a popular uprising in Tunisia that emboldened dissidents in the Arab world. It is the first meeting of Arab heads of state since Tunisian leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced out of the country on Friday after weeks of protests sparked by the self immolation of an unemployed man. The death has sparked a rash of copycat attempted suicides in Algeria and Egypt, where two men set themselves on fire on Monday as foreign ministers met in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheik to prepare

for the summit. One of the Egyptians succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday. Addressing the meeting, Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Mohammad alSabah reminded his counterparts of the challenges the region faces. “Countries disintegrate, people conduct uprisings ... and the Arab citizen asks: ‘Can the current Arab regime meet these challenges dynamically?’” He questioned: “Can the regime

address the humanitarian suffering of the Arab citizen?” The government of Egypt, where roughly half of the population lives on two dollars a day and dissidents complain of similar grievances to Tunisia’s protesters, has denied any similarity with Tunisia. Foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said the Tunisian uprising was peculiar to that country and Egypt allowed its citizens more

freedoms. The summit will also take place as early results indicate most southern Sudanese voted for independence in a referendum this month that is expected to partition Africa’s largest country. Sudanese President Omar alBashir arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh on Tuesday to attend the summit. The meeting is expected to implement the resolutions of its predecessor, which was held in Kuwait in 2009, and which included setting up a $2 billion fund to finance small and medium sized businesses. In a region where rulers often assume power through coups or inheritance, the Tunisian uprising was

unusual in that a highly autocratic ruler was forced out by mass protests. Tunisian Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane, who briefed his counterparts in Sharm el-Sheikh on developments in his country, told reporters at a press conference that the protests were fuelled by political and economic grievances. Delegates from one of the countries complained to AFP that they expected the summit’s pledges to lead to nowhere, as previous promises had. But the economic aspect of the Tunisian revolt, which is mirrored in other countries in the region, may add to the urgency of taking measures to alleviate poverty in the region.

China economy shrugs off moves to cap inflation Associated Press Writer

SHANGHAI – By the usual measures, the world’s second largest economy is doing just fine: China’s growth this year looks likely to slow only slightly. Prices appear to be moderating and shops are packed as families stock up on food and clothes for Lunar New Year festivities. But despite the upbeat holiday mood, China is struggling to clamp down on excess lending by its staterun banks, which are pumping huge sums of money into the economy, hindering moves to bring politically risky inflation under control. “Clearly the risk is on the upside for overall credit growth and inflation in 2011,” says UBS economist Wang Tao in a report estimating 2010 total bank lending, including trusts and other forms, at 10.9 trillion yuan ($1.65 trillion) — way above the 7.5 trillion yuan government-set quota for the year. Given the massive liquidity sloshing through the economy, raising interest rates is imperative, she says. From India and Vietnam to South Korea and Australia, countries across Asia are moving to rein in inflation as the global recovery spurs demand for oil and other commodities, accentuating pressures from rising food prices. But China’s challenge is on a scale all its own. Figures due for release Thursday are expected to show China’s economy grew just over 10 percent last year, slowing from a post-crisis high of nearly 12 percent in the first quarter of 2011. State media reports put inflation in December at about 4.5 percent, down from a 28-month high of 5.1 percent in November. By that measure, Beijing’s cam-

paign to douse sizzling prices seems to be making progress. But the figure is distorted by a relatively high base effect in December 2009. “There’s a sense this might be temporary. It might well go above 5 percent again, and that is cause for concern,” said David Cohen, an economist with Action Economics in Singapore. While Shanghai’s markets are jammed with shoppers gearing up for what is China’s biggest holiday, the Feb. 3 Lunar New Year, surging prices are putting a damper on some celebrations and prompting many Chinese to cut back on spending. “I used to spend 10 yuan ($1.52) on lunch, but recently the price of some lunch boxes has risen almost 30 percent, so I’m buying cheaper ones,” said Ye Jiansheng, a 31-yearold swimming coach. “My swim training business has been seriously affected. Many people don’t have spare money for swimming classes now,” he said. For pensioners and others living on low incomes, the price increases — mainly attributed to higher costs for food but also due to rising housing, utility and other bills — are a real hardship. Acutely aware of the turmoil spun from past bouts of inflation, China’s communist leaders have made curbing inflation a top priority. They have hiked interest rates twice in the past four months and repeatedly tightened investment curbs to keep inflation from spreading throughout the economy. Following news earlier this week that the country’s biggest state-run commercial banks splashed out nearly 240 billion yuan ($36.4 billion) in new loans in the first 10 days of the new year, the banking regulator again ordered banks to tighten risk controls.

Premier Wen Jiabao told the State Council, or Cabinet, on Tuesday that the government will focus on controlling food and housing costs, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. Authorities are also considering ways to penalize banks for flouting orders to cut back. Borrowing for real estate development and other projects is the lifeblood for the sales by local governments of land use rights that provide a huge share of their revenues. Such sales rose 70 percent in 2010, helping push property prices 6.4 percent higher compared with a year earlier, further inflating what many view as a massive bubble. A huge pool of non-bank financing nearly doubled the amount of money available for investment last year, Wang of UBS estimates. Many loans are “off balance sheet,” meaning the total amount is unknown. “Because of the property bubble, risk exists almost everywhere in China’s fragile financial system,” says Yi Xianrong, an economist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Finance Research Center. While most analysts agree that public demand for better housing will support China’s broader residential property market in the long run, the banks are gambling on a construction frenzy for shopping malls, luxury housing and various other projects unlikely to ever be paid back. “The government must do more to squeeze the bubble out of the property sector to curb the obvious huge risk to the economy,” says Yi. “Just think of it: every regional government is deep in property investment, involving huge amounts of loans. Once the property market collapses, it will surely be an eco-

nomic disaster.” The asset price bubble has so far bypassed China’s stock market, where investors remain wary of interest rate hikes and other moves to curb credit. Insulated from global speculative flows by regulations limiting investments by foreigners, it has languished more than halfway below the peak it hit in 2007. Not all concur with Yi’s bleak assessment. Ultimately, the banks will do what the government orders them to do, says CLSA analyst Andy Rothman. Given the Chinese government’s dominant role, he views interest rate hikes and increases in reserve requirements as mainly symbolic tools. Chinese economists appear divided over strategy, with some calling for further rate hikes while oth-

ers argue the government needs to pull back further on its own spending to cool demand for construction materials and other commodities. “Tight policies won’t solve these problems,” Li Yining, an economist at Beijing’s prestigious Peking University, told the Communist Party newspaper People’s Daily. China’s leaders will likely continue to move cautiously to cool overheated property investments, wary of overshooting targets and putting a damper on growth. Politically, all the choices are difficult, since from villages to the highest levels of government, powerful interests are vested in keeping the property boom on track. “China seems inclined toward gradualism, as long as inflation is not out of hand,” said Cohen.


This picture taken on January 18, 2011 shows customers shoping for vegetables from a stall at the central vegetable market in down town Kuala Lumpur. According to the Central Bank Malaysian economy is expected to register a growth in the region of 7 percent this year.



Thursday, January 20, 2011


Daniel Craig Back for 23rd ‘Bond’ Film;

Worst ‘007’ Movie Featured His Predecessor THE Washington Post reports Daniel Craig will reprise his role for the next “James Bond” film. Due out in theaters Nov. 9, 2012, there is no word yet on who will be the next “Bond” girl. Brit Sam Mendes will still direct as announced last year. The “James Bond” series of films continues to its 23rd installment. The last two have featured Craig as the iconic British secret agent. With so many films, it is sometimes difficult to find a best film or worst film. Most of the films are campy with not much in the way of depth. They are certainly great for action and explosions per minute. Even so, one “Bond” flick stands out in my mind as being one of the worst James Bond films set to the big screen. “Tomorrow Never Dies”

When Pierce Brosnan took over the role of James Bond, I was pleasantly surprised by first outing in “Goldeneye.” It had suspense, more than one bad guy, a double agent and tons of international intrigue. However, Brosnan’s second movie was “Tomorrow Never Dies” and was one of the most horrible plots ever for a modern “Bond” film. The plot was all about headlines — Elliot Carver, played by

Jonathan Pryce, is perhaps the lamest Bond villain ever. He sets up a World War III scenario with his stealth boat which sinks a British naval ship and blames it on China. Even when Brosnan teams up with a Chinese agent (played by Michelle Yeoh) it still doesn’t solve the film’s problems. All Carver wants is headlines so he can make money on the war. He doesn’t even sell weapons or has a nuclear device — it’s all about making money with the news. “Tomorrow Never Dies” made me long for the days of a satellite which captures Soviet and American spaceships. Even a madman destroying the human population of the earth with spores raining down from orbit sounds better. Thankfully, this movie had the fortune of coming out the same time as “Titanic” in 1997. With so many moviegoers swooning over the love story on a doomed luxury liner, one of the worst “James Bond” movies in history was buried under the weight of a sunken ship. Finding other campy or bad movies in the “James Bond” series isn’t hard. When such a tame thing as headlines is a threat to world peace, script writers have problems. I’m still trying to figure out how and why they thought this script would work for a storied franchise.


Daniel Craig

AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin

Hong Kong actor Andy Lau in his latest movie “Shaolin”.

Fresh ‘Shaolin Temple’ goes for drama over kung fu Associated Press Writer

HONG KONG – It’s the kung fu classic that launched the career of a then little-known 17-year-old Chinese martial arts champion called Jet Li. Nearly three decades later, “The Shaolin Temple” has received a blockbuster update, with the backing of the famous center of fighting monks of the title and the setting of the 1982 release. Veteran Hong Kong action director Benny Chan has written a new story and cast some of the biggest names in Chinese cinema — Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse and Fan Bingbing. It is the latest screen portrayal of the 1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple in central China, whose kung fu monks have been featured in many TV series and movies. But the 2011 version is only the second to be authorized by temple officials. Benny Chan, who directed Jackie Chan in some of his recent Hong Kong action thrillers including “Who Am I?,” “New Police Story”

and “Rob-B-Hood,” is unabashed about being a crowd-pleaser. “I am a commercial director. I am not an art-house director. I don’t know how to create very artistic shots. I don’t know how to shoot slowly,” the Hong Kong filmmaker told The Associated Press in a recent interview. But fans who are expecting an action-packed extravaganza must think twice. Unlike the 1982 original, which featured trademark Shaolin-style moves, Chan’s focus is drama — not kung fu. And Chan says he asked choreographer Corey Yuen to imbue the flashy action sequences the film does have with what he calls the spirit of “Zen fighting” — a composed style that stresses personal development over violence. “The Shaolin Temple” is a re-

venge story — Li plays a young boy adopted and trained by Shaolin monks who tries to avenge his father’s death. For the 135-minute update, simply called “Shaolin,” Benny Chan crafted an ambitious story arch. Set in China’s warlord era shortly after the downfall of imperial rule in the early 20th century, Lau plays a local military ruler paranoid about being betrayed by an ally. He devised an assassination plot, only to be doublecrossed by his second-in-command (Tse). Lau’s character then seeks refuge in the Shaolin Temple and becomes a monk who repents his terrorizing ways of the past. “Everyone knows the first movie mainly features the Shaolin-style of kung fu, especially given its star, Jet Li, was a five-time national champion at the time. That’s a big selling point. But I won’t use a martial arts champion as a selling point. Andy Lau is an actor,” Chan said. The veteran Hong Kong leading man is widely respected for his talent as much as his heartthrob looks.

TLC plans week of royal wedding specials, coverage Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – The TLC channel is giving the royal treatment to the wedding of Britain’s Prince William. TLC says the channel will air specials featuring archived and other footage, interviews and a round-table discussion with experts on royalty in the five days leading up to the April 29 nuptials of William and Kate

Middleton. The U.K.-themed week, in partnership with ITV Studios, also will include a show focusing on British and U.S. hoarders and “extreme” collectors of royal memorabilia.

The channel plans live coverage of the wedding at London’s Westminster Abbey, with a condensed version of the event to air on the following weekend, April 30May 1.

Souvenir silver plated spoons for the royal wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton are pictured in a shop in central London, on January 18, 2011.

AFP PHOTO/Ben Stansall



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Old dog, new tricks: Study IDs 9,400-year-old mutt Associated Press Writer

PORTLAND, Maine – Nearly 10,000 years ago, man’s best friend provided protection and companionship — and an occasional meal. That’s what researchers are saying after finding a bone fragment from what they are calling the earliest confirmed domesticated dog in the Americas. University of Maine graduate student Samuel Belknap III came across the fragment while analyzing a dried-out sample of human waste unearthed in southwest Texas in the 1970s. A carbon-dating test put the age of the bone at 9,400 years, and a DNA analysis confirmed it came from a dog — not a wolf, coyote or fox, Belknap said. Because it was found deep inside a pile of human excrement and was the characteristic orange-brown color that bone turns when it has passed through the digestive tract, the fragment provides the earliest direct evidence that dogs — besides being used for company, security and hunting — were eaten by humans and may even have been bred as a food source, he said. Belknap wasn’t researching dogs when he found the bone. Rather, he was looking into the diet and nutrition of the people who lived in the Lower Pecos region of Texas between 1,000 and 10,000 years ago. “It just so happens this person who lived 9,400 years ago was eating dog,” Belknap said. Belknap and other researchers from the Univer-

sity of Maine and the University of Oklahoma’s molecular anthropology laboratories, where the DNA analysis was done, have written a paper on their findings. The paper has been scientifically reviewed and accepted, pending revisions, for publication in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology later this year, said editor in chief Christopher Ruff. He declined comment on the article until it has been published. Dogs have played an important role in human culture for thousands of years. There are archaeological records of dogs going back 31,000 years from a site in Belgium, 26,000 years in the Czech Republic and 15,000 years in Siberia, said Robert Wayne, a professor of evolutionary biology at UCLA and a dog evolution expert. But canine records in the New World aren’t as detailed or go back nearly as far. For his research, Belknap — who does not own a dog himself — had fecal samples shipped to him that had been unearthed in 1974 and 1975 from an archaeological site known as Hinds Cave and kept in storage at Texas A&M University.

AP Photo/Samuel Belknap III

This June 2009 photo provided by University of Maine researcher Samuel Belknap III shows the Hinds Cave in southwest Texas. Belknap found a bone fragment of what he says is the oldest-known domesticated dog in North America, while examining a waste matter recovered from the cave.

The fragment is about six-tenths of an inch long and three- to four-tenths of an inch wide, or about the size of a fingernail on a person’s pinkie. He and a fellow student identified the bone as a fragment from where

Space agencies challenge kids to ‘train like astronauts’ Agence France Presse

WASHINGTON – NASA and other global space agencies have challenged 3,700 students in 25 cities around the world to “train like an astronaut,” the US space agency said Tuesday. The six-week pilot project, called “Mission X: Train

Like an Astronaut” aims to teach healthy eating and exercise habits to children aged eight to 12, NASA said. Students will also compete for points in scientific reasoning and working as a team as they practice techniques for strength training, endurance, balance and coordina-

AFP/File/Karen Bleier

tion. “The exercises will involve the same types of skills astronauts learn during training for spaceflights,” NASA said in a statement. Among the countries hosting teams for the challenge are the United States, Britain, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Colombia. The US team consists of 800 students in fourth grade (age 9-10) in the College Station Independent School District in College Station, Texas. “A part of the human space exploration mission is to inspire our youth to stay in school and master professions in the sciences and engineering fields to carry on this important work well into the 21st century,” said NASA project manager Charles Lloyd. “We believe this starts with our youth in elementary school. We hope this international fitness challenge will assist them with that lifelong endeavor.”

View of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA and other global space agencies have challenged 3,700 students in 25 cities around the world to “train like an astronaut,” the US space agency said Tuesday.

the skull connects with the spine. He said it came from a dog that probably resembled the small, shortnosed, short-haired mutts that were common among the Indians of the Great Plains.

Judging by the size of the bone, Belknap figures the dog weighed about 25 to 30 pounds. He also found what he thinks was a bone from a dog foot, but the fragment was too small to be analyzed.

Mysterious Poe visitor doesn’t show for 2nd year Associated Press Writer

BALTIMORE – The mysterious visitor to Edgar Allan Poe’s grave has failed to show up for the second year in a row. Fans of the writer waited all night at the Baltimore cemetery where Poe is buried, hoping for a glimpse of the anonymous person who always left roses and cognac at Poe’s tombstone. The tradition went on for some

60 years until last year when the visitor failed to make an appearance. Around 5 a.m. Wednesday, the curator of the Poe museum declared the vigil over. A dozen people who remained entered the cemetery and left roses at Poe’s grave. Early in the vigil, four separate people dressed as the “Poe toaster” appeared at the cemetery but the curator says they all turned out to be impostors. Wednesday is the 202nd anniversary of Poe’s birth.

FILE - This is an undated file photo of Edgar Allen Poe. Fans of American author Edgar Allan Poe are heading to Baltimore again this year to try for a glimpse of the shadowy figure known only as the ‘Poe toaster’ — even though the mystery visitor was a no-show last year. AP Photo/File


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Manchester City dump Leicester out of FA Cup Agence France Presse

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom – Roberto Mancini has warned his Manchester City side that they have to tighten up defensively or risk throwing away their chances of silverware this season. City won through to the FA Cup fourth round with a 4-2 victory over Championship side Leicester in a third round replay at Eastlands on Tuesday. But the two goals they let in means they have conceded seven goals in just three matches. They drew 2-2 at Leicester, conceding from two crosses, and let in two late goals to set up a tense finish in a 4-3 win over Wolves at the weekend. Mancini claims City’s defence is putting too much pressure on their attack with the regularity they are allowing goals in. He insists that City have not had a chance to work on the problem because of the heavy schedule over the past few weeks. But he is sure that they have to iron out the defensive issues if they are to stay in contention for the Premier League, FA Cup and Europa League. Mancini said: “In the last 10 minutes we thought the game was finished and made some mistakes but it was important that we won this game. “I don’t like it, 4-3 or 4-2. It’s good for the media and good for the supporters but I like 4-1, 1-0 or 2-0. “If you don’t concede a lot of goals, you will win some-

thing at the end of the season. “If you concede goal, goal, goal in every game, you can’t keep scoring three or four goals because it’s impossible. “I think that we should improve this. I think that it’s only concentration but it’s better that we start to work out the game on the defensive phase. “In the last three or four weeks we have been playing constantly and we haven’t had the chance to work hard but we must start again.” Former Manchester City manager Sven-Goran Eriksson believes his Leicester team have shown that they can challenge for a spot in the Premier League over the course of their two matches against City. He said: “They are one of the teams who can win the league, I’m sure of that. I hope they win the FA Cup because it?s nice for us to go out against the team that win the FA Cup. “I said to the players 10 days ago that we are playing one of the best teams in this country and that means one of the best teams in Europe. “In the first game against

Van Nistelrooy to stay with Hamburg

Ronaldo says Kaka improving, not yet 100%

Hamburg striker Ruud van Nistelrooy won’t be leaving Germany this month, despite the interest of his former club Real Madrid. Van Nistelrooy, 34, has already expressed his interest in heading back to Spain, but the former PSV and Manchester United striker will not be moving clubs as Hamburg boss Armin Veh has made clear his intention to keep him. “There is a clear decision of our club: we are not going to let Ruud van Nistelrooy leave,’’ Veh told Deutsche Presseagentur.”I have respect for him and his point of view, I am aware he is very keen on residing in Madrid after the end of his career. ‘’I have a huge respect for his intensions and for him as a person, but he is under contract at our club. He is finally in great shape right now and him leaving is a clear no-go for us.” Van Nistelrooy has managed only three Bundesliga goals, as well as a hat-trick against Torgelower in the DFP Pokal in the opening game of the season, this term.

Agence France Presse

MADRID – Real Madrid’s Brazilian midfielder Kaka is improving after knee surgery but is not yet 100 percent fit, striker Cristiano Ronaldo said in an interview published Wednesday. “Kaka is getting better. He is still not 100 percent, he has to carry on improving, gradually playing more,” Ronaldo said in an interview with sports daily Marca. “He will get back to the competitive level he had before, with a bit more difficulty, the same as anyone who has had an operation and a serious injury,” he said. Kaka, 28, underwent surgery on his left knee on August 5 and only returned to training last month. Ronaldo said Kaka was working hard to get back. “I am sure he will triumph,” he added. “If he does not have any more injuries he will be very important for us because he is still a star.” Ronaldo rejected as unfair criticism that French striker Karim Benzema had failed to take advantage of the absence of his injured Argentine teammate Gonzalo Higuain, who could be out for four months. “My sincere opinion is that Benzema does not deserve the


Manchester City’s Carlosa Tevez (C) scores the opening goal past Leicester City’s Yuki Abe during their English FA Cup Third Round replay football match at The City of Manchester Stadium in Manchester, north-west England on January 18, 2011. them we were exactly as good as they were and in the two games it was twice into the last minute and we should be proud of that.” The Swede has also dismissed reports that he is trying to bring New York Red Bulls striker Thierry

things they are saying about him. If you analyse his last games you can see that he is making an effort, he is fighting. Sometimes things don’t work out, just like goals, but Karim has enormous footballing value.” Ronaldo also urged Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez to stump up more money to renew Portuguese international Pepe’s contract. “If I were Florentino it would already be renewed. Today. I would call him up: ‘Hi, Pepe, come on over, let’s renew now,” he said. “I think he is a phenomenal player who has to be with Real Madrid, not just because he is my friend but because he is a world class player,” he added. “It is a question of paying a bit more money and signing, that’s it.” Asked whether Pepe was asking for a considerable increase to renew his contract, which runs out in 2012, Ronaldo said: “No, that is what you think. He is asking for what he deserves.” On his own ambition, Ronaldo was asked if he still wanted to become the best footballer in history. “I am still working to be that, and at the end of my career is when people will be able to make a judgement,” he said. “In my head I believe I might or might not

Henry to the Foxes. Eriksson has signed Nigerian veteran striker Ayegbeni Yakubu on loan from Everton and has been linked with a series of other high-profile moves. He admits he discussed possible targets with his former colleague

achieve it, but I try to think positively and always play the best I can so that when I retire people

Hans Backe, who is the Red Bull coach, but is adamant he has not made an approach for former Arsenal striker Henry. Eriksson added: “Sometimes with rumours coming out there’s a little bit of truth in it.

can value me and I can have a solid career. Otherwise, I would not be doing anything in football.”


Real Madrid’s Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo (R) and Real Madrid’s Brazilian midfielder Kaka (L) celebrate a scoring during the Spanish league football match Real Madrid CF vs Villarreal CF on January 9, 2011 at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid.



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Wallace helps Bobcats hold off Bulls 83-82 Associated Press Writer

CHICAGO – D.J. Augustin scored 15 points, Gerald Wallace had 13 points and 16 rebounds and the Charlotte Bobcats held off the Chicago Bulls 83-82 on Tuesday night. Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson added 12 points apiece to help the Bobcats snap a three-game losing streak, with their last win coming at home against the Bulls last Wednesday.


Venus Williams of the US reacts to a point against Sandra Zahlavova of the Czech Republic during their round two women’s singles match on the third day of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on January 19, 2011. Williams won 7-6, 6-0, 6-4.

Venus in wonderland after comeback in Melbourne Agence France Presse

MELBOURNE – Venus Williams reached into the world of make-believe during her amazing comeback win over unheralded Czech Sandra Zahlavova in the second round of the Australian Open on Wednesday. Wearing a self-designed dress based on “Alice in Wonderland”, Williams lived out her own fantasy as she recovered from a painful groin injury to overcome the gallant Zahlavova 6-7 (6/8), 6-0, 6-4. Williams’ unusual outfit featured a yellow criss-cross pattern showing plenty of skin and a tiny patterned skirt, with flesh-coloured “nude” shorts underneath. “The outfit is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Don’t laugh,” she later said to guffaws. “It’s kind of about a surprise, because when Alice goes down the hole, the rabbit hole, she finds all these things that are so surprising.” Venus, who turned heads with an extra-short, shimmery blue number in her opening match, has been the centre of attention in the absence of her injured sister Serena, known for her outlandish attire. “This outfit is about having a surprise in tennis — a dress, and kind of, you know, showing some skin and then just having a print,” she said. “Prints don’t happen that often in tennis. So it’s called the Wonderland dress. It was fun.” “I put a lot of thought into my dresses,” she continued. “I love fantasy, and this was kind of a way to express who I am on the court.” And her dress garnered most of the attention as Williams raced away to an early 4-1 lead before Zahlavova launched a stirring comeback. With the tense first set deep into a tiebreak, Williams hit an overhead backhand on set point then screamed in pain as she strained a muscle in her groin. “I think this is probably the most acute one (injury) that I’ve ever had,” she said. “In recent time that I can remember pain, I think this was one of the toughest ones for sure. But I just wanted to stay on the court and try to survive and see if I could feel better another day.” She did more than survive, coming out after a medical time-out to blast 15 winners past a shellshocked Zahlavova and put herself firmly back in the match. She said she never considered not going on after the time-out.

Derrick Rose scored 33 points to lead Chicago, but missed a shot at the buzzer. Ronnie Brewer had 12 points and Luol Deng added 10 for the Bulls, who were playing without injured forward Carlos Boozer — second on the team in scoring (20.1 points per game) and rebounds (10.1). The Bulls got a chance for the win after an official’s review gave them ball at their own end. Initially, a deflected ball had been awarded to Charlotte, but the review showed that the ball went off Augustin’s fingertips. After Kyle Korver’s driving shot was blocked out of bounds, Chicago got the ball to Rose, who drove the middle of the floor and shot a fadeaway over Charlotte’s Gerald Henderson Jr., but missed off the front of the rim. Wallace was called for a technical foul for tripping Brewer and Kyle Korver made the subsequent free throw to give Chicago a 74-72 lead with three minutes to play. Wallace apparently hurt his ankle on the play, limping around and grimacing as Korver shot his free throw.

However, Wallace looked fine on a putback dunk that tied the score at 74.Rose answered with a doublepump drive and layup, putting Chicago back up by two. Wallace hit two free throws, but Rose answered again, hitting a pull-up jumper with 1:44 to play. Two possessions later, Wallace hit a driving layup in transition and was fouled. His free throw put the Bobcats up 79-78 with 1:13 to play. After a timeout, Rose scored on a putback to put Chicago up by a point. Jackson answered with a jumper, giving the Bobcats an 8180 lead with 47.5 seconds to play. Deng missed a jumper for Chicago and Jackson was fouled. His two free throws put Charlotte ahead by three. Rose drove and scored on a short runner, cutting the Bulls’ deficit to one with 25.2 seconds left.Rose’s 12 points sparked a third-quarter surge for Chicago. His 3-pointer highlighted a 10-2 run that put Chicago up 57-51. At the time of Rose’s 3, the Bulls were 4 for 4 from 3-point range. They finished 6 for 12 from beyond the arc, while Charlotte

missed all 13 of its 3-point shots. The Bobcats were able to hang close well into the fourth quarter thanks to a disparity in turnovers. Charlotte forced 14 Chicago turnovers while committing just nine, and enjoyed a 25-8 edge in points off miscues. Charlotte shot 60 percent from the floor in the opening quarter and 50 percent for the first half, leading 47-44 at the break. Augustin scored nine points to lead Charlotte in the opening half. Rose led Chicago with 13 points. Boozer sprained his left ankle in Chicago’s win over Miami on Saturday and is listed as day-to-day. The Bobcats took advantage of his absence, outscoring the Bulls 46-28 in the paint. Tyrus Thomas returned to action for Charlotte and had eight points and four rebounds against his former team. Thomas, who played his first 3 1/2 seasons with the Bulls before being traded to Charlotte last season, was suspended for the Bobcats’ game in Philadelphia on Monday for elbowing New Orleans’ Emeka Okafor in the head.

Charlotte Bobcats point guard D.J. Augustin, left, defends against a driving Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose during the second half of an NBA basketball game Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011, in Chicago. Augustin led the Bobcats with 15 points in their 83-82 win. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Armstrong says not worried by new doping claims Associated Press Writer

ADELAIDE, Australia – Lance Armstrong says he has nothing to worry about “on any level” over new doping allegations raised in a report

by Sports Illustrated. The seven-time Tour de France winner curtly brushed aside questions about the story before taking part in Wednesday’s second stage of the Tour Down Under.

In a report posted Tuesday on its website, Sports Illustrated magazine previewed a longer investigative piece that will appear in this week’s issue, available Wednesday, that challenges Armstrong’s statements

that he cut ties to an Italian doctor and training adviser who has long been accused of helping cyclists cheat. Armstrong repeatedly refused to comment on the report Wednesday

before saying he had perused it and “I have nothing to worry about on any level.” Johan Bruyneel, Armstrong’s mentor and the manager of this Radio Shack team, also refused to discuss the report.


Thursday, January 20, 2011



Hamilton will move on from 2010 trials Lewis Hamilton will return with fresh determination to succeed this year, having erased the memories of his 2010 title disappointment and the off-track troubles that clouded his campaign. That is the view of McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh, who says that he, the team and Hamilton have learned lessons from the difficulties they faced last season, and they are excited about their chances for the campaign ahead. “I think it is well publicised that Lewis had a number of issues,” Whitmarsh told AUTOSPORT in an exclusive interview. “He is still a very young man. I think he is finding his way as a motor racing driver and in his life, and I think he had some cause for distraction. “The team could have done a better job, and inevitably the drivers could have done a better job. We could all have done a better job. I could have done a better job too. “But overall I don’t think Lewis should be too dissatisfied with his performance. He had some fantastic races and we all know what a superstar he is, and how tough he will be on himself. Just as Jenson was tough on himself and disappointed about his end of the season, just as I am tough on myself and the performance of the team. “That is what drives us along, motivates us and makes us determined to win this year.” Hamilton admitted in a post-season interview with BBC Radio 1 that off-track issues - which in-

cluded a management split with father Anthony - had been difficult for him to cope with last year. Those problems left Whitmarsh in no doubt that Hamilton and teammate Jenson Button, who resumed team duties at a McLaren training camp at Bisham Abbey today, were given time off over the winter to clear their hands after the intensity of last year. “It is an incredibly long season now, and we face 20 races. We have got more races, they are spread over a longer period of the year and they are further away from Europe. There are all those factors to think about. “I think some people underestimate how much tougher it is. I worked with colleagues last year and told them, ‘let’s give our drivers 6 weeks where I am not going to ring them, and I don’t want anyone else to ring them either’. “I want them to have six weeks to chill, to train, to live life and to reflect and prepare. That is coming to an end for our drivers on Tuesday when they will be at a training camp

at Bisham Abbey with the racing team. That is about getting back together as a team to do a bit of team building, reappraise and benchmark their fitness and training.” Ahead of the launch of the new McLaren MP4-26 in Berlin on February 4, Whitmarsh is giving little away about the design of the car – but says the outfit has learned from the reasons why it did not beat Red Bull Racing to the crown last year. “I think the key lesson from last year is that you have to continue to develop the car,” he explained. “It was such a tight, fiercely fought, championship that you have to find performance every fortnight. From halfway through the year, it was going to be the team that found the most performance. I think it was as simple as that. Both of our drivers did a great job and I am confident that they will do that in the coming years. “What you would like is a serial production line of enhancements coming through the system and you aim for that – but sometimes it becomes a little bit drier. “Maybe we were not as racy in our interpretation of front wing heights as others, and that had notable effects. I was surprised by some of those things, but at the end of the day I am not complaining about what anyone else did. If the opportunity was there, you have to try and do it yourself.”

Shanghai track set for March inspection THE Shanghai International Circuit, host of the Chinese Grand Prix, will undergo an FIA inspection in March before it gets the green light for this year’s race. The event was listed as provisional on the 2011 calendar published by the

FIA in November, as some upgrades were needed to the track. Organisers of the race have assured the FIA that the necessary work will be completed for the March inspection. “The Shanghai International Circuit has confirmed that all work as re-

quested by the FIA will be carried out and should be completed by the end of February,” a spokeswoman for the FIA told Reuters. “Before a new licence can be issued, the FIA will carry out a final inspection in March.”


Shanghai International Circuit

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