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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rubbish had overflowed from Sunday (Jul 17) morning in places where people put rubbish in Amlapura City. This could happen because the office of Karangasem Government had imposed elective working day since Friday (Jul 15), while Saturday (Jul 16) was Kuningan and on the following day was Umanis Kuningan.


Bindu Village, a Cultural Oasis in Central Badung IBP/Budana


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Holidays, rubbish overflows in Amlapura Bali Post

AMLAPURA - Rubbish had overflowed from Sunday (Jul 17) morning in places where people put rubbish in Amlapura City. This could happen because the office of Karangasem Government had imposed elective working day since Friday (Jul 15), while Saturday (Jul 16) was Kuningan and on the following day was Umanis Kuningan. Many attendants of clean-up services of Amlapura, especially the officers of rubbish truck, did not work. Pile and overflowing of rubbish could almost be encountered near full trash cans as on Jalan Ksatrian, Jalan Untung Surapati and


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against the overflowing rubbish on certain days, like on the Hindu religious holiday. In general, production of rubbish would increase during those periods. He said the attendants should be prepared, for example, it could be calculated by implementing picket system or over-

US to assist development of SMEs in ASEAN Antara


Telaga Mas T-Junction. Moreover, the production of rubbish in holiday season was generally increasing. Chairman of Karangasem House, I Gede Dana, expected the Karangasem Sanitation and Landscaping Services (DKP) did anticipation

NUSA DUA - The United States is planning to help develop ASEAN‘s Small and Medium Enterprises, Indonesian Permanent Representative for ASEAN Ngurah Swajaya said here on Sunday. “The US commitment will be carried in an action plan expected to be signed by Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa and his US counterpart Hillary Clinton during their bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the 44th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting and 18th ASEAN Re-

gional Forum in Bali on July 1823, 2011,” Ngurah said. He said the cooperation in SMEs between Indonesia and the US would cover the 2011-2015 period with emphasis on developing ASEAN‘s SMEs as well as for closer contact between American SME entrepreneurs and their Indonesian counterparts. Ngurah said the new cooperation with the US would be beneficial to Indonesia for it had some success stories that can be shared with Indonesian entrepreneurs. Asked about the concrete form of the US commitment, he said it is still being discussed.

He added that the upcoming Action Plan on the future cooperation between Indonesia and the US would also include planning develop cooperation in the economy, health, security and environment. “In the security sector, both countries agree to improve cooperation in eradicating terrorism and transnational crime as well as to promote democracy and protection of human rights. Both countries also agree to cooperate in handling the negative effects of climate change, transnational diseases and disaster management,” said Ngurah.

time. It should not until trigger the overflowing of rubbish up to two or three days as it could damage the image of Bali in general and Karangasem in particular, especially before the eyes of tourists passing by. “We all know that foreign tourists truly dislike seeing clutter and rubbish spills. Later on, there may be domestic tourists suddenly thinking if the rubbish spills happen every day. Then, if the rubbish spill is informed to residents in their home country, of course our image will increasingly bad,” he said. With the existing budget, he hoped the officers in DKP institution could find a solution wisely. “Within the feast day season, local residents would also like to celebrate and enjoy holidays without burdening the officers who were also celebrating their religious feast day,” he said. A legislator of Karangasem House, I Nyoman Sadra, said that rubbish especially organic one like the remnants of canang oblations only made from young coconut or palm leaves could be used to produce organic fertilizer. The rubbish sorting could be carried out at home, while the plastic rubbish should be disposed. By that way, the volume of rubbish was expected not to soar high on holidays so that made the officers overwhelmed. Continued on page 6



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bali News

Unknown Herb Drink, Pecatu Residents Poisoned Mangupura (Bali Post)

IBP/Bali Putra

A kindergarden is flooded after heavy rain fall in Gunaksa.

Raining heavily, Gunaksa engulfed again by flooding Semarapura (Bali Post)—

Having been engulfed by flooding a few months ago, Gunaksa Village, Dawan, Klungkung, was hit again by flooding on Sunday (Jul 17). Dozens of households had to work hard to clean up their homes after submerged by the flooding. It occurred after heavy rains flushing Gunaksa and surrounding areas since Saturday (Jul 16) afternoon until Sunday (Jul 17) afternoon. The rain had made the water of Gunaksa River overflow as being unable to accommodate the volume of water. Other than sourcing from rain water, the river also received water from a number of surrounding rivers. Similarly, a pile of rubbish blocked the river basin under the bridge crossing the river. “Yes, the underneath part of the bridge was in the form of culvert. Hence, most of the rubbish washed away by the river water stuck in the culvert and shut the waterway,” said some of the local residents. Of the dozens of homes submerged in water, most of them were located at Patus Hamlet. Among them, they were the house of Wayan Ariana, Mangku Suana, Nengah Murja, Kunta, Pan Rempen and others. Besides, a number of clan temples, village office, building of kindergarten and other public facilities were also submerged. It made people jump out of the house for alertness and they also heard the sound of kulkul being beaten continually. However, the recent flooding was smaller than the previous one that was until breaking down some house wall

and compound wall of local residents. This time, the flooding only brought along mud and junk rubbish to home of residents. “Residents asked government to immediately repair the bridge connecting to Gunaksa. The current bridge is not suitable as it uses culvert. When it rains, local residents wary of flooding,” said Chief of Patus Hamlet, Nengah Randa. Meanwhile, a number of related agency heads directly came down to location. Among them, there were the Head of Department of Public Works, IB Adnyana, Social Services and Head of National Unity and Community Protection (Kesbanglinmas), Gede Jaya Kesuma, as well the Head of Klungkung House, A.A. Anom, together with legislator from Gunaksa, Nengah Arianta. “We ask residents to send a letter to relevant agencies related to bridge repairs. By doing so, we and the regent have a reference in making policy by directing bridge repair through direct appointment process,” said the Head of Public Works, IB. Adnyana. If relying on the auction process, the new bridge repairs could just be

done in September 2011 along with other physical projects because currently the officials of commitment maker had just issued its own forecast prices as the basis for the budget plan of all physical projects. “The official is newly appointed, so that his rules are new, too. As consequence, all should remain to learn,” he said. Later on, the bridge repairs would be using a plate. However, it was also feared to threaten the agricultural land of residents located at downstream area because when there were no objects clogging the water would flow directly to the paddy field of residents. “However, we will make our best to handle it properly,” said IB. Adnyana. In the meantime, the Head of Klungkung House, Agung Anom, said the fund of bridge repair had been allocated through the Regional Budget 2011 amounting to IDR 250 million. He also hoped that implementation of bridge repair would use a system of direct appointment as it was very urgent. “Otherwise, people will psychologically feel threatened because flooding can come any time,” he said. (kmb20)

After a number of poisoned residents cases at Pecatu Village and its surroundings the past week, Medicine and Food Management Board and Health Agency has been asked to check the situation as expected unknown herb drink or medicine has been sold lately on the roadsides. Badung House of Representatives member from Pecatu, I Made Sumerta, last Sunday (17/7) confirmed at least five victims are poisoned after consuming of this certain herb as they got the same symptoms of weak and unconscious. “There was one fell from riding its motorcycle, another one doesn’t remember its house, and until now all is still unconscious,” he explained through mobile phone. To avoid the next victim, Sumerta asked responsible institute to be more intense in controlling foods and drinks distributed around the people and straight away observe what has been happening. “This is very dangerous as it is attacking the nerves of the human,” he clarified. He stated similar events were also happening at Kutuh Village. (kmb26)

Pupil Robbed, Bag Taken Denpasar (Bali Post) –

Even police have operated a patrol for pickpockets, robbery and other rimes, yet it don’t stop crime actors as there’s another victim from Monang Maning, Denpasar, Aprilya Anastasia (17), a pupil who was waiting for her friend around Tukad Balian Street, Renon, South Denpasar around last Saturday (16/7) early morning. As revealed on Sunday (17/7) by a Police source, a bag of hers was taken away by an unknown man where victim admitted to have experienced loss IDR 500,000 as her bag consists of IDR 130,000 cash, ATM cards, cosmetic equipment and a cell phone. According to victim’s report, it was happening around 2 a.m. local time when she was sitting on her motorcycle waiting for her friend. All of a sudden an unknown man just came, took forcedly her bag and escaped by motorcycle. Victim did shout for help yet the area was empty and so she report it to the police station. The case is still investigated further and a chase to the robber has taken place. (kmb21)

International Standard School Management Still by City Government Denpasar (Bali Post) –

Even though most of funding is still being demanded from the Province Government by proposals meaning Regency and City Governments still unprepared of Intenational Standard School (RSBI) schools funding, until now the responsibility of the majority of these schools in Bali is still on the hands of Regency and City governments and unwilling to hand it over to the Province Government except Klungkung and Bangli. “This is the reality of it. Then they all demanded and shouted will manage these RSBI schools in their own area as they feel they have the right in this priority. Sadly RSBI needs a budget for its education needs

and facilities which the majority asked help from the Province including unfinished building repair causing the involved school’s grade could go down,” Bali House of Representatives Commission IV Vice Head, Ketut Kariyasa Adnyana, criticises last Sunday (17/7). Adnyana admitted did not know how much the Province are budgeting for this yet he hoped those regencies/city governments that are not ready in funding the RSBI management to hand it over to Bali Province government as done by Bangli and Klungkung. He also hoped there will be no longer tug wars about this, also reminded if it is the province’s right to take care of it then hand over. (kmb13)

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Bali News


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Entering dry season

Farmers to rely the fate of plants on artesian well FARMERS of irrigated and non-irrigated land in Buleleng Regency are now experiencing hard times. Having lived through crop failure due to long rain of some two years without stopping, farmers are now faced with dry season. In dry season, the irrigated land farmers are feared to find water difficulty because the water discharge in the river begins to decline so they are now just relying on the water from artesian well. A number of farmers in Subak Uma Panji, Sunday (Jul 17), said the dry season taking place for several months had an impact on the crops in the rice field. In the rainy season, the water discharge was sufficient to irrigate their fields. However, at the beginning of dry season their rice fields turned dry. Even, the subak members had arranged the water use by turns. By and large, rotation of water use was performed within a few days. Each group was given the opportunity to irrigate their paddy field for one night only. After that, the paddy field would dry up to a week and should wait for the next turn to get the water. “When it does not rain for few months the water discharge has run smaller. Probably, the water will no longer flow within next few months. If there is no water we do not know whether the rice can be harvested or not,” said a farmer of Panji Village, Sukasada Subdistrict. Numerous farmers in Subak Dharma Sari Buana at Sema Hamlet, Bungkulan Village, Sawan Subdistrict, had to depend the fate of their estates on pump well. Previously, the estates in the area were really unable to be cultivated as it had been dry. Today, they had to take advantage of pump well. Aside from irrigating their plantations, it was also used to meet their household needs. Ketut Sadru, a member of local subak, said the residents on the upper area of Sema Hamlet had been unable to enjoy water since many years ago. Residents had to go down the river by passing through a steep cliff over a kilometer long. The water could only be used for drinking and cooking. Meanwhile, they could not afford to take water to river for watering their estates. During dry season like these days, their estates were only overgrown by shrubs or trees and other hard trees such as java plum and jujube. Fortunately, they could build an artesian well. From the well, the water was flowed into reservoir and from here the water was

channeled through pipes into people’s houses. In addition, the estates of local residents were no longer dry. Subak members of non-irrigated or estates were unable to plant theirs with peppers, bananas and other types of crops. Head of Buleleng Agricultural and Livestock Services (Kadistanak), Putu Mertha Jiwa, said to anticipate the drought farmers were encouraged to use the water from pump well. From his field observation, a number of subak groups have started to utilize irrigation by pump wells. Irrigation of Subak Yeh Taluh, Buleleng Subdistrict, for instance, in this planting season was aided by pump well that had been built. “Yes, in accordance with condition in the field and when the water discharge decreases, the well pump will be automatically functioned,” he said. According to Mertha Jiwa, almost all subak groups in Buleleng, especially in the lowlands, had a pump well to help irrigation during the dry season. At the beginning of this dry season, the pump well had been utilized by farmers. Utilization of pump well was also quite optimal to prevent the threat of drought. “Indeed, rice fields in the lowlands have already had a well pump and it is functioned every dry season. By doing so, it does not lead to drought,” he explained. On the other hand, Mertha Jiwa said that based on experience in the previous years there were a number of areas declared to be prone to drought. They were subak groups at the village of Poh Bergong, Jinang Dalem, Padang Keling (Buleleng Subdistrict), and subak in Gerokgak Subdistrict with the area of about 600 hectares. Among those subak groups being prone to drought, if forced to plant rice for three times successively, they were ascertained to face drought. To prevent the drought, his party had called for farmers to apply proper cropping pattern of rice-ricepulses (twice rice crops and onetime pulses—Ed). (kmb/ole)


Baluk Rening beach is packed with visitors.

Manis Kuningan:

Residents throng Baluk Rening Beach Negara (Bali Post)—

Last moment coincided with Umanis Kuningan on Sunday (Jul 17) was used by a number of residents to spend holiday to some places. Tourist attractions in Jembrana were thronged by residents as seen on Perancak and Baluk Rening Beach, Negara. Since Sunday morning, the Baluk Rening Beach had been crowded by visitors, where most of them were families with children. They made use of the calm sea water for swimming or playing water sports around the coast. Unfortunately, along the beach was still littered by food leftovers and twigs of trees. Nevertheless, such condition did not discourage some residents to spend their holiday. In addition, a number of vendors hawking a variety of foods also lined up on the beach. In general, they were residents of Rening Hamlet peddling their goods. According to one of the hawk-

ers, Lasti, her goods had been selling well since last holiday. During the Galungan and Kuningan holidays, numerous visitors thronged the beach almost every day, especially in the afternoon. “They were mostly families bringing along their children to play around the beach. Moreover, today is Umanis Kuningan and Sunday,” she explained. She said the waves on previous day were not too large if compared to the high tides in the previous month. Earlier, aside from high tides reaching the height of several meters from the beach, it was also accompanied by large waves. As a result, it triggered abrasion at a number of points. The seawater tending to calm was taken advantage by visitors for bathing and canoeing. Operator of the tourist attraction provided canoe rental services at IDR Rp 5,000 for several hours. Meanwhile, the rubbish scattered, according to the operator, had been repeatedly attempted to be cleaned up. However,

the awareness of visitors to throw rubbish into the place was apparently somewhat low. Moreover, every high tide, a number of junk rubbish also made the sea water turbid. Other than beaches, a number of culinary locations such as Pebuahan Hamlet, Negara, was also crowded by visitors. Unfortunately, the road access to location being famous for its grilled fish was still substandard. Road body of the village was much damaged and potholed. Local government through Department of Public Works had planned an improvement in the budget amendment 2011. “We have allocated additional budget for road repairs. Priority will be put on road access to tourist attractions such as Pebuahan and Gilimanuk,” explained the Head of Department of Public Works, I Ketut Swijana, recently. (kmb26)



Tuesday, July 19, 2011


MP, top Karzai aide feared killed: police official Reuters

KABUL - Gunmen killed a top advisor to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and a member of the country’s parliament in a residential district of Kabul on Sunday, just days after the president’s brother was gunned down at home, officials said.

AP Photo/Abdeljalil Bounhar

Polices officers confront a pro-government demonstrator as they attack democracy activists protesting for constitutional reforms recently unveiled by a referendum during a rally organized by the 20th February, the Moroccan Arab Spring movement in Rabat, Morocco, Sunday July 10, 2011, in a mass popular call to bring more democracy into this North African kingdom.

Thousands rally in Morocco over reform plan

The spokesman for Kabul’s police chief said two or three armed men started a gun battle around 8 o’clock at the house of Jan Mohammad Khan, a former governor of southern Uruzgan province and close aide to the president. “The battle between gunmen and security forces is still going on,” spokesman Hashmat Stanekzai said, adding that the attack began around 8.00 pm local time (11:30 a.m. ET). Lawmaker Hashim Watanwal was also killed, said Stanekzai and Obaidullah Barekzai, a member of

parliament from Uruzgan province who had seen the bodies of both men being brought out. Hours after the attack began, gunfire could still be heard in western Karte Seh district, home to the country’s parliament, many Afghan politicians and media and some embassies. There was a heavy presence of security troops in the area and the streets leading to Khan’s home were cordoned off. The attack came on the day that Afghanistan began a longpromised transition to control

of its own security, but the process kicked off in the relatively peaceful central province of Bamiyan, half a day’s drive from Kabul. A surge of U.S. troops has helped improve security in the south of the country over the last year, but there has been spreading insecurity in once peaceful northern areas, fiercer fighting in the east and record civilian casualties. The first half of this year was the deadliest six months for civilians in the last decade of conflict, with nearly 1,500 killed, the United Nations said in a recent report.


RABAT - Thousands of supporters and opponents of constitutional changes offered by Morocco’s king protested Sunday, indicating debate over the country’s future sparked by the “Arab Spring” uprisings has not ended. Protests took place in three cities and passed off without any clashes. The biggest show of strength by the opposition was in the northern city of Tangier where witnesses said about 12,000 marched to press the 47-year-old king for deeper reforms. King Mohammed, a staunch ally of the West, is expected to hand over some of his powers to elected officials under a new constitution, which was approved in a referendum earlier this month. But he will retain a say over strategic decisions. The move by the Arab world’s longest-serving dynasty is viewed in other Arab monarchies as a test case on whether reform can hold back the wave of uprisings sweeping the region. A local elected official in Casablanca, the country’s commercial hub and biggest city, said rallies there gathered about 5,000 opponents and 1,000 backers of the reform. The official MAP news agency said about 20,000 people marched in Casablanca in favor of the reforms. It did not mention protests by the opposition. The government, and its Western allies, say the reforms are a landmark moment in Morocco’s move toward greater democracy and were endorsed by the vast majority of voters in the July 1 referendum. Opponents say the king should relinquish more power and clean up government graft. They say the size of the “Yes” vote in the referendum was artificially inflated. In the capital, Rabat, rallies for and against the reforms gathered close to 1,000 people from each side. Led by dozens of Muslim clerics and students of Islamic schools clad in white traditional robes and reciting Koranic verses and psalms, the backers of the reform chanted “We have one king, Mohammed VI!” Two of the students said they were bussed to Rabat from the southern Souss region especially for the protest. “We are here to help those who support the king. We support the king,” said Abdelkabir Belto, 19. “The local authorities brought buses for all the pupils of religious schools in Souss,” he said. Opponents of the reform chanted slogans including “Majesty is for God only,” “Long live the people” and “Enough with corruption, you brought the country disgrace.”


Afghanistan’s security forces walk at the side of a suicide attack where attackers murdered a senior adviser to Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul on July 18, 2011.

Milan court rejects request to move Berlusconi trial Reuters

MILAN - A Milan court on Monday rejected a defense request to move a sex trial against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to a special tribunal for ministers in Rome. Berlusconi’s lawyers say the Milan judges are biased against him. His critics say he is trying to escape ordinary justice and would get a more favorable hearing in the tribunal. The final decision is due to be made by Italy’s constitutional court.

Moving the case would force prosecutors to start again from scratch, voiding a large part of their work on the case so far. Berlusconi, 74, denies charges that he paid for sex with Moroccan teenager Karima El Mahroug, a nightclub dancer known by her stage name Ruby. He went on trial in April on charges he gave her cash and jewels in exchange for sex when she was 17. He is also accused of abusing his powers to cover

up the affair. The media magnate admits a fondness for young women but denies having sex with Ruby and dismisses accusations of wild sex parties at his residence. The constitutional court ruled earlier this month that it could consider an appeal by the center-right controlled lower house of parliament, arguing that the ministerial tribunal in Rome should hear charges against Berlusconi of abuse of power, which are part of the prostitution case. The Rome court is expected to decide by the end of the year.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The Edge Spa at the Edge Bali Pevonia Botanica Treatments IBP

The Edge Spa, the stunning sea cliff spa at The Edge Bali, now offers the world’s leading professional, face, body and spa brand, Pevonia Botanica. Resting above the azure blue ocean, the spa offers De-aging at The Edge Ritual, a treatment combining three of the worlds most rewarding and innovative ingredient discoveries: Myoxy Caviar, Pearl Extract and Escutox™ Rejuvenating and reversing the age of skin, this unique face and body treatment combines active marine and tropical elixirs of life. Quintessential spa experience at The Edge Spa is inspired by the four basic elements of a simple Balinese temple offering: sacred flowers, blessed water, life-giving rice, and sincere devotion, all fused to deliver a sublime taste of life. Another exquisite and skin regenerating ritual is the Asiatic Water Lily Aroma to balance and revive the skin. The white Asiatic water

lily produces a bright and refreshed complexion, the perfect remedy for skin affected by fast city-living, pollution, long haul travel, fatigue, stress or sun and climatic exposure. “Together with Pevonia, we will create an inspirational spa experience and indulging all senses by reducing stress levels and promote longevity,” claims Melida Weber, General Manager of The Edge,

“Pevonia as a result-based skincare brand will certainly create stellar treatment results.” The home products designed to extend the Pevonia spa experience is also available at The Edge Spa. Guest can purchase these products to preserve positive results on the skin with treatment at home. Clinging to the rock face of a stunning sea cliff, the Edge Spa defies conventions and gravity. De-

signed to fuse with its surrounding, the spa skims above the azure blue sea. With liquid floor, wall-less rooms and sensuous curves, its lightness of being seduces and liberates the senses, coaxing them to suspend disbelief. Awarded by Asia Spa Magazine as 2010’s Most Innovative Spa of the Year. The Edge Bali, managed by Restyle International, is a dramatic villa property determined to offer its guests a sublime taste of life on the edge. Available in more than 70 countries worldwide, Pevonia Botanica offers a complete line of spa care products formulated with only the most natural and finest botanical and marine ingredients incorpo-

rated within technologically advanced formulas and treatments. With its belief that protecting and preserving the planet is a global responsibility, Pevonia Botanica maintains a harmonious balance with nature and its precious resources by offering natural, cruelty-free formulations (no animal testing) within eco-packaging (fully recyclable and biodegradable). Pevonia’s range of skin and body care encompasses all the key components a product line needs in order to cater for today’s socially and environmentally aware consumers.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for July 9 through August 6, 2011 09 Jul Pura Catur Buana Sanding, Tampaksiring - Gianyar 10 Jul Pura Peninjoan

26 Jul Pura Puseh, Pura Desa Batua, Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Pasek Bendesa Kekeran Mengwi - badung Pura Manik Mas Besakih - Karangasem

Besakih - Karangasem

16 Jul Pura pasek Gelgel Kukuh,Marga - Tabanan Pasek Gelgel Dukuh Selemadeg - Tabanan Pasek Gelgel Mambang Selemadeg - Tabanan Pura Puseh, Pura Desa Guwang, Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Dalem Setra Batununggul Sewana,Nusa Penida Klungkung Pura Dadia Agung Pasek Gelgel Ketewel - Gianyar 17 Jul Aci-aci Penaung Taluh di Penataran Besakih Karangasem Pura Gunung Kuripan Lombok Pura Tirta Besakih - Karangasem Pura Purnama Camenggaon,Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Amerta Jati Komplek ALRI, Cinere - Jakarta Sel. Pura Jagatnatha Singaraja Pura Dang Hyang Tulus Dewa Apuan,Susut - Bangli Pura Jagathitha Selong - Lombok Timur Pura Agung Pasek Gelgel Gobleg Gobleg,Banjar - Buleleng Pura Desa, Pura Puseh Batur, Kitamani - Bangli Pura Asah (Alas Arum) Batur,Kintamani - Bangli Pura Dalem Kedewatan Celuk,Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Agung Mandara Giri Gunung Semeru - Lumajang, Jatim Pura Pengubengan Besakih - Karangasem Penataran Agung Sukawati - Gianyar Pura Bukit Mentik Gunung Lebah,Batur,Kintamani Bangli Merajan A. Puser Jagat Meranting Batukandik,Nusa Penida - Klungkung 23 Jul Merajan Pasek Gaduh Kayubihi - Bangli

30 Jul Pura Kepisah Sumerta - Denpasar Pura Pasek Gelgel Gerih, Abiansemal - Badung Pura Puncaksari Penarukan, Peninjoan- Bangli Pura Anteg Sari Br Dangin Pangkung, Kediri-Tabanan Pura Bangun Sakti Besakih - Karangasem Pura Pesimpangan Batur Pande Dangin Pangkung, Kediri Tabanan 01 Aug Odalan Ida Ratu Geng PenataranBesakih - Karangasem Ida Ratu Raja Puraus Mr. Saloding Besakih - Karangasem 03 Aug Pura Panti Pasek Gelgel Gobleg Kayuputih,Banjar Buleleng 05 Aug Pura Tirtaharum Tegalwangi - Bangli Pura Beratan Baturiti - Tabanan Pura Batu Klotok Lepang - Klungkung Pura Pasek Tohjiwa Wanasari - Tabanan Pura Pasek Tangguntiti Jakatebel - Tabanan Pura Pasek Bendesa Sangsit,Sawan - Buleleng Pura Dalem Waturenggong Tarokaja,Tegallalang - Gianyar Pura Ibu (Pura Kaja) Wanagiri Selemadeg - Tabanan Pura Pasek Gelgel Tulikup - Gianyar Pura Mnik Bingin Ds Dukuh,Sidemen - Karangasem 06 Aug Pura Penataran Gana Bebalang - Bangli Pura Dalem Gede Banjar Pande - Bangli Pura Puncak Sari Abiansemal - Badung Pasek Dadia A. Sanak Sapta Resi Peteluan,Sidan - Gianyar Pura Puseh Penegil Darma Kubutambahan - Buleleng Pura Dalem Maya Br Teruna,Blahbatuh - Gianyar

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

News 21 dead from bootleg alcohol in Ecuador town Associated Press Writer

QUITO, ECUADOR — Authorities in Ecuador have banned the sale of alcohol in a community where 21 people have died after drinking bootleg liquor. Public Health Minister David Chiriboga says 103 others have been treated for intoxication from adulterated alcohol in the coastal municipality of Urdaneta in Los Rios province, where eight were initially reported dead. Chiriboga says police have seized 28 containers each with 55 gallons of alcohol contaminated with methanol. Methyl alcohol is a toxic substance sometimes used to illegally produce cheap liquor. The health minister said Sunday that a law prohibiting the sale or consumption of alcohol has been in effect since Saturday in the area. The owner of the alcohol is being sought by police.

Australian hospital in baby switch error Agence France Presse

AP Photo/Red Huber, Pool

Casey Anthony, front right, walks out of the Orange County Jail with her attorney Jose Baez, left, during her release in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday, July 17, 2011. Anthony was acquitted last week of murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

Amid security, Anthony released from Florida jail

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ORLANDO, Fla - Amid tight security, Casey Anthony, a Florida woman found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, walked out of a Florida jail early on Sunday. Witnesses saw Anthony, who had been acquitted on July 5 of culpability in Caylee’s death, exit escorted by guards wearing bulletproof vests and carrying rifles, and stepped into a black SUV a few minutes after midnight. The Orange County Jail later confirmed her release. A crowd of 300 had been waiting since midafternoon Saturday for Anthony’s release, and many rushed into the street to follow the vehicle as she was driven away, briefly blocking the eastbound lanes of a six-lane road before police cleared

Two Australian mothers were mistakenly given the wrong newborns in a mix up which saw the infants breastfed and cared for by the wrong woman for some eight hours, the hospital said Monday. The St John of God Hospital in Geelong, west of Melbourne, blamed human error for the swap which was eventually detected by a family member. “Protocols are in place to ensure mothers are given their own baby, but it seems that in this instance human error was involved,” the hospital said in a statement. “Unfortunately, it seems the babies’ identification bracelets were not checked against the identification bracelets on their mothers.” The hospital is investigating the mistake which saw each baby spend around eight-and-a-half hours with the wrong mother after they were taken from the special care nursery where they had spent the night. The women and babies are being tested for any infections they may have contracted as a result of the error which occurred on Friday. Hospital chief executive Stephen Roberts said it was a “just a terrible tragedy”. “Our protocols and processes broke down and we’re deeply apologetic and regretful for the pain and concern that we’ve caused these families,” he told radio station 3AW.

them away. Many carried signs for and against Casey Anthony, and some chanted Caylee’s name. A large police presence included the sheriff’s mobile command center, five horse-mounted officers and at least 20 uniformed officers on foot, many wearing bullet-proof vests. Three news helicopters hovered overhead. Since her acquittal, Anthony’s future after three years in jail has been the subject of much speculation, but with no publicly known facts beyond her jail departure date. Pool reporters inside the jail saw

Anthony and her attorney Jose Baez whiz by them in the lobby and exit swiftly through the front door. “She was just tunnel vision on that door,” said Tony Zumbado, an NBC News cameraman. Anthony’s only words were “Thank you” to a jail sergeant, he said. A second pool reporter, Matt Sedensky of the Associated Press, quoted jail officials as saying Anthony — wearing the tight hair bun seen during her trial, a bright pink shirt, jeans and bright blue sneakers — left with the $537.68 remaining in her inmate account.

“Utilization of organic waste for fertilizer gives so many benefits to garden plants such as banana trees or other plants could grow fertilely and bear more fruits without having to spend much money to buy inorganic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer costing more expensive. Meanwhile, residents can also take part actively in keeping the environmental sanitation,” he said. To familiarize the public awareness of sanitation and environmental safety of plastic pollution, continued Sadra, it required a patience as well as tireless and endless socialization. It should be promoted and

given example on the making of compost fertilizer from organic domestic waste. In the meantime, the Head of Karangasem Sanitation and Landscaping Services, Made Suama, not long ago said that plastic waste of snack wrappers remained to be a problem. So far, no one was willing to take such a plastic wrap, including the aluminum foil. His party expected there was company or factory that could be partially responsible for recycling the plastic. “Other plastic such as bottles or clear plastic of beverage packaging had been taken by a company from Surabaya to be recycled,” he said. (013)


Indonesia Today

Number of threatened bird species in Indonesia increases Antara

BOGOR - The number of threatened bird species in Indonesia has increased from 122 in 2010 to 123 in 2011, according to an NGO activist. Of the 123 threatened bird species, 18 were categorized as critically endangered, 31 endangered, and 74 vulnerable, Ria Saryanthi, the manager for conservation and development of Burung Indonesia, said here on Sunday. “All of them are included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),” Ria stated. Burung Indonesia is a non-government organization (NGO) engaged in wild bird preservation in Indonesia and has forced partnership with the UK-based Bird life International. The status of Gosong Sula or Sula Megapode bird (megapodius bernsteinii) has worsened from (near threatened) to vulnerable, she said. The bird population has decreased due to the degradation of their natural habitat, she added. More than a half of the 18 critically endangered species are found in lowland rain forests on small islands such as Sangihe, Siau, Buru, Banggai (Sulawesi Island), Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores (Nusa Tenggara Islands), and Bali.

“Except Bali, all the small islands are in Wallacea area,” Ria said. Among the critically endangered species are Sariwang sangihe or Caerulean paradise-flycatcher (Eutrichomyias rowleyi), kacamata sangihe or Sangihe White-eye (Zosterops nehrkorni), anis-betet sangihe or Sangihe Shrike-thrush (Colluricincla sanghirensis), celepuk siau or Siau Scops Owl (Otus siaoensis) and tokhtor sumatera or Sumatran Ground Cuckoo (Carpococcyx viridis). According to Ria, the bird population has declined significantly and their natural habitats have been damaged. The lowland rain forest coverage and quality in Indonesia have affected the survival of birds, she said. Over a half of Indonesia‘s endangered bird species live in the forests. The current problem is that not all Bird Important Regions (DPB) are within conservation areas, as some of them are found in production forests, she explained. “Protection must be made by giving priority to DPB for birds,” Ria said. Indonesia is a mega bird diversity country. Of the world‘s total 10,000 bird species, 1,594 are found in Indonesia, including 353 endemic species.

Indonesia appoints auditors for green palm oil body Reuters

JAKARTA - Indonesia is forging ahead with its own green palm oil body to regulate and punish firms that do not adhere to environmental standards. About a dozen independent auditors for the Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) standard have been appointed, Gamal Nasir, DirectorGeneral of Plantation at the Agriculture Ministry, said on Monday. The auditors will examine the entire operations of palm oil firms as part of the ISPO certification. Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil that is used in cosmetics, cookies and ice cream but is a major cause of deforestation as demand for the edible oil increases. The industry has come under increasing pressure to improve practices and halt deforestation blamed for speeding up climate change, ruining watersheds and destroying wildlife. “They (auditors) could start the certification process now because we have appointed them and we also have asked them to do the certification. So, they can do it as soon as possible,” Gamal told reporters on the sidelines

of a parliamentary meeting. He said the ministry had also sent a letter of invitation to related government institutions to take part in the ISPO group.But in a possible sign the initiative could be slow to take off, Gamal said there had been no response from the institutions so far. “We have decided that although we have not gotten a permanent ISPO Commission, ISPO secretariat and ISPO appraisal team, the auditors still can start the ISPO certification process right now, or early next month, at the latest,” he said. “ISPO certification process will take only 1-2 months.” The planned ISPO commission would consist of officials from government institutions and ministries, palm oil associations and NGOs, Gamal had said previously. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), comprising planters, green groups and consumers, is the only other major organisation to have set up green standards for the whole industry. But unlike RSPO, which does not impose sanctions on members who violate its voluntary standards, those found to be breaking ISPO rules will be punished by law,.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


President calls for energy efficiency Antara

JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called on Energy Minister Darwin Zahedy Saleh to prepare taking measures to save energy, including efficiency in the use of subsidized fuel oil. Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa said at Halim Perdanakusuma airport the president made the call for energy efficiency at a limited cabinet meeting on Monday morning. “President Yudhoyono will soon issue a presidential decision on energy efficiency, and therefore we have to do the subsidized fuel savings movement by involving regional governments to maintain the quota,” Hatta said after the limited cabinet meeting, chaired by President Yudhoyono. He said the energy saving mechanism and procedures were currently being devised by the Enegry and Mineral Resources

Ministry and the results would soon be submitted to the head of state to be issued as a presidential decree. “The technique will be explained by the energy and mineral resources minister. If in the past, we were able to achieve 7-10 percent energy efficiency, we can also do the same now,” Hatta said. He said , the energy efficiency program would first be implemented by government institutions and later by the people. “The energy and mineral resources minister will formulate the ways to save energy at government institutions. Soon after the ministry has formulated the presidential

instruction, it will be signed by the president and take effect immediately” Hatta said. Present at the limited meeting were among others Economic Minister Hatta Rajasa, Energy Minister Darwin Zahedy Saleh, Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro, Agriculture Minister Suswono, Minister/State Secretary Sudi Silalahi, and a number of other government officials. Soon after the limited cabinet meeting, President Yudhoyono and his entourage left Halim Perdanakusuma airport for Ngurah Rai airport in Bali where he would open several ministerial-level ASEAN meetings.

Indonesia’s Mount Lokon volcano erupts twice Associated Press Writer

TOMOHON — A volatile volcano in central Indonesia has erupted again, spewing ash almost 2,000 feet (600 meters) into the air. Monitoring official Farid Ruskanda says Mount Lokon on

Sulawesi island erupted twice within a half-hour Monday afternoon. Mount Lokon has been dormant for years but rumbled back to life late last week. On Sunday, it unleashed its most powerful eruption yet, spitting hot ash as high as 11,400 feet (3,474

meters). Some 5,000 people near the mountain have been relocated to safer areas. Indonesia is prone to earthquakes and volcanoes because it sits along the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a horseshoe-shaped string of faults that lines the Pacific Ocean.


The Mount Lokon volcano (back C) spews thick smoke and ash into the air as seen from the town of Tomohon on the northeastern part of Indonesia’s Sulawesi island on July 17, 2011. The volcano saw it biggest eruption in weeks on July 17, sending huge clouds of ash 3,500 metres (11,500 feet) into the sky, an official said.



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Bali Today Tirta Kuning Temple Believed to Erase Pests Bali Post

SINGARAJA - Besides a very great nature scenery visited by tourists and becoming a tracking area with the hills, a number of waterfalls and rivers it has, the area of Banjar Asah Panji Kelod, Wanagiri Village, Sukasada actually also has a unique pura (Balinese Hindu temple) called Pura Tirta Kuning who has five colours water believed to erase “gering” or pests in farming areas and also becomes a factor to its spiritual causing Wanagiri residents want to develop this area as a spiritual tourism area. Not many Balinese knows about this Pura that is located inside a cave at the middle of Asah Panji forest and written on the ancient lontar (papyrus leaf ancient writing) Bhuwana Bangsul. In the

lontar it is explained the waters were from Beratan Lake named tirta Bima, from Terate Bang and Gunung Silangsana in a form of holy fountain, then another appearing in the west of Terate Bang

called tirta wahyu forming as water pond and panca lingga fountain as stated by the guardian of the Pura, Jero Nyoman Witana. In the Panca Lingga Fountain it come out as five colours where

in the east comes out yellow water, in the west white water, in the south black water, in the north red water and in the middle all the four colours combined (panca warna) yet if we see it its dominantly white and yellow. “As microcosmic (niskala) it has five colours,” Witana explained. The waters in this Pura is also called tirta amerta wisya and prayers or visitors are not allowed to take a bath in this fountain as it is a place for the Gods and Goddesses holy place also not allowed to be drank as it

contains poison which so only used to take out pests in the farming areas and village as stated in the lontar. “The holy water can be used for shrine which is called tirta sudamala,” he stated. Prayers usually come on Kuningan day from far places like Tabanan and Denpasar where they admit to have received a wangsit to come there. Before and after going to this Pura Tirta Kuning visitors and prayers have to ask for permission first at the rocks shrines temple, Pura Batumadeg. (kmb/ole)

Bindu Village, a Cultural Oasis in Central Badung As a matter of fact, Bindu Village is not promoted to be a tourism village by the Badung Regency Government. Nevertheless, the village located in Central Badung is thronged by tourists because of its unique nature and charm of the beautiful village. There are always tourists having a promenade to see the activities of local community, traditional houses and get involved in farming activity every day. This village is like a cultural oasis in the region of Central Badung Geographically, the village is adjacent to Ubud area and retains many famous artists, so it never lacks of the art performances. In the field of drama gong (traditional theater), it has some famous artists like I Wayan Lodra (as viceroy) and Gangsar or known as Mungkreg serving as the amusing clownservant. Meanwhile, other arts consist of also cak a cappella, palegongan and mask dance. With such a great potential, Bindu Village is now developing into a new destination better known as tourism village. The Sedang Royal Palace in the village remains to preserve its natural splendor. On that account, it could draw several tourists to visit the village. “The Sedang Royal Palace has now become a tourist destination in the Central Badung, which of course has a mission to maintain the cultural tradi-

tions at the village,” said Ngurah Oka Ardana, one of the family members of Sedang Royal Palace. Furthermore, said Oka, the royal palace had been re-focused on the uniqueness at hand. Authenticity of the architectural style remained to be preserved. Even, it was highly favored by tourists. In addition, the existing arts and culture were well maintained, too. “Please have a look at, we have re-arranged several art shows, such as cak a cappella, legong, including teaching Balinese dance to children of Bindu Village,” explained the owner of Furama Villas & Spa. Oka added that every tourist who had meals in the royal palace would get exceptional experience. Within the envelopment of ethnic atmosphere, the strains of traditional music instruments, such as rindik, were always presented. “We strive to awaken and promote the artistic spirits at the village which has engendered a number of creative artists,” he observed. Oka admitted that he had been designing the Bindu Village into a tourism village since eight years ago. The idea was very simple namely wishing to maintain the sublime cultural traditions of the village. It was undertaken by providing space for tourist destinations that could be developed at the village. (BTN/015)


Rindik Maestro playing the instrument that famous in Bindu Village.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Balinese Culture Purple Yam Syrup:

Needs Expanding, Marine Tourism Destination in Bali Marine tourism especially in Bali has excellent prospects to be a world destination. Secretary of the Indonesian Marine Tourism Association (Gahawisri) of Bali Chapter, IB. Agung Partha, said to become a leading destination was required additional attractions, especially in the areas of marine tourism in Bali, including marine tourism areas in Eastern Indonesia. He said the entrepreneurs of marine tourism as in Bali expected that all tourists could utilize the entire marine tourism services. However, the offer of marine tourism in Bali including in East Indonesia might not damage the natural beauty of the sea. Entrepreneur of marine tourism in Bali, including in Indonesia in general should suppress the negative impact of marine tourism, including the damage of underwater environment. Described, other than minimizing the damage of marine nature, marine tourism businesspeople with the government should attempt to create a new attraction in the areas of marine tourism in Indonesia. At the moment, a marine tourism destination popularly visited by many tourists in Indonesia comprised the Komodo Island, Tulamben, and other marine tourism object. The waters having potency to become marine tourist destination needed increasing by new attractions. For example, government or tourism


Tourists learning to dive. Marine tourism especially in Bali has excellent prospects to be a world destination. businesspeople could sink a ship. This ship would become a site of development of marine biota including coral reefs. The ship sunk on seabed would become a new tourist attraction. Earlier in the 1940s had sunk the USS Liberty shipwreck at Tulamben. The ship was sunk in the colonial era. Up to these days, such sunk ship remains to become the main attraction at Tulamben marine tourism. He hoped the old ships at Tanjung Priok could be drowned in Bali or East Indonesia region. This is done to create a new attraction in the area of marine tourism in Bali, including in Eastern Indonesia. He assured, if the central govern-

ment could sink old ships in the area of marine tourism in Bali and East Indonesia they would become an attraction for tourists. Diving participants from abroad would be challenged to enter into the space of ship that had been sunk on the seabed. Up to this day, Agung Partha admitted that Bali indeed remained to have marine tourist attractions. However, they needed adding with a new attraction. Moreover, if Bali Provincial Government could lobby the central government to sink old ships at the area of Bali marine tourism. Automatically, the treasures of marine tourism of Bali will be getting richer and more interesting. (BTN/BP)

C.045 ibp

Good to Help Rejuvenation

Purple yam is not only delicious to eat, but also interesting to be made into a beverage in the form of syrup. Aside from being fresh, this purple syrup also contains an anti-oxidant substance helping rejuvenate the bodily cells, so that you will look younger. The fruit which is also high in potassium has B6, vitamin C, and fiber, so the yam is very good for you. There are two types of purple yam: the Filipino “ube” or “ubi”, which has darker, rougher-looking skin. It grows on a vine above the ground, so is quite different from regular yams. This vegetable is a major crop and food source in the Philippines. It is also made into a powder which is then used in Filipino desserts. The Purple Okinawan Sweet Potato is grown underground and is similar to Western sweet potatoes and yams. From the outside the purple yam / sweet potato looks the same, but cut one open and you’ll know the difference! These yams are wonderful boiled, steamed, or baked alongside regular yams and sweet potatoes. The great advantages gained from the plant is deriving the people to produce to product from the purple yam. One of them is purple yam juice crated in the western part of Bali. This traditional drink is usually consumed by the people of Jembrana, and often served for guests of Jembrana Regency Government. Indeed, this kind of syrup is produced by housewives group coalesced into PKK from Penyaringan Village, Mendoyo, Jembrana. “At least, there are five groups making syrup of purple yam in Jembrana,” said Dwik Irawati, one of the syrup makers when met in the arena of Bali Arts Festival 2011 who participated in the culinary festival at the Art Center Denpasar on Sunday (Jun 12). According to Dwik, the purple yam syrup had obtained license and trade mark, so it was widely sold in stalls and supermarkets. The syrup made without preservatives could last up to 14 days in cold temperatures. Meanwhile, ingredients used to make the purple yam syrup consisted of yam, sugar, salt, water and lemon juice. Then, the tools required for the preparation were blender, pans, strainer, spatula, stove and sterile bottle. For preparation, first of all, cleanse finely the purple yam and peel it off. Then, chop, add water and blend it. Furthermore, strain and add sugar, salt, and cook the batter in a saucepan. Stir it until slightly thickening. After that, chill and put it into sterilized bottle. Now, it is ready to be served. To make it more delicious, you can optionally add lime and ice cubes. The drink can become other option for those who like healthy and refreshing drink. (BTN/015)



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Kehen Temple IBP

Kehen Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple located in foothills, south part of Bangli Regency and it is about 45 Km from Denpasar town. Inside of this temple are, there is Panyimpenan Temple building keep 3 inscriptions which is relating to its contents and temple existence. It is strategically located in the high land, so we can see the beautiful view. It is a famous temple in Bali and many visitors from foreign country has visited it. The existence of the inscription at Kehen execution and construction is delivered to loTemple can be explained as follows: cal countryside custom * Kehen Temple Inscription ‘A’ is men* As a sanctum which is used as a altar tioning the existence of 3 sanctums those are (oath) for empire functionary who disloyal to Hyang Api, Hyang Tanda, and Hyang his obligation will incur the Sapata or very Karimama horrible anathema. The function of Kehen * Kehen Temple Inscription ‘B’ from 11 Temple as sanctum in execution of oath cercentury is mentioning the empire functionary emony is supported by the existence of a that is the Senapati Kuturan pu Kandara and circumlocutory canister by 4 dragon tails it elaborate with the anathema words in oath which is called canister Sarpantaka. Nowa* The Inscription from 13 century (year days, the canister is placed in a building in 1204 M) is mentioning Hyang Kehen and form of Gedong Hyang Wukir. At the moment Hyang Kehen * Worshiping supremacy Siwa God in is equal to Kehen Temple and Hyang Wukir the form of Eka Dasa Rudra utilizes to request is Puncak Bukit Bangli Temple. the godsend to the good human life and uni* It is one of Monarchic Temple, The verse for blessing of fertile life, secure, prostemple under the aegis of king while ceremony perous and peaceful.

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BUSINESS Fitch expects more China corporate fraud probes Associated Press Writer

HONG KONG — Chinese companies will continue to be hit by corporate fraud accusations and investigations as the country struggles to improve corporate governance standards, Fitch Ratings said on Monday. The credit rating agency said that Chinese companies have an above average risk of facing fraud allegations, though not all will be legitimate. Fitch said last week it was reviewing the 35 Chinese companies that it assigns credit ratings to after a spate of allegations of corporate fraud at other China companies. The report highlights recent worries over accounting irregularities at Chinese companies that were sparked by claims of fraud at some that are listed in the U.S. U.S. and Chinese finance officials met last week to try to resolve differences over how to oversee the auditing of U.S.-listed Chinese companies. Possible accounting problems at such companies have overshadowed fundraising efforts

both in the U.S. and in China. Short-sellers have been targeting some U.S.-traded Chinese companies, driving their share prices sharply lower amid doubts about the accuracy of financial statements filed with regulators. In some cases, the companies have fought back, complaining that the accusations of accounting fraud or other problems were unfounded. But in others, regulators have suspended or delisted the companies or started investigations. Also, last week, Moody’s released a report that issued “red flags” to Chinese companies based on their governance or accounting risks. “Fitch does not expect the flow of accusation and investigations to slow down in the near term, particu-

larly if short-selling is involved,” the report said. Short-sellers profit by borrowing stock to sell and then buying it back when the price drops so they can return it to the lender and pocket the difference. “Some of the accusations will be legitimate, some will be erroneous; many will be a mixture. All will have the potential to present liquidity problems for an individual issuer and its closest peers,” the report said. Such accusations are “part of a long road to stronger market governance already taken by Latin America,” it said. Fitch said its ratings of Chinese companies are at the right level and account for possible problems of transparency, concentrated ownership and accounting standards.

Moody’s suggests U.S. eliminates debt ceiling Reuters

NEW YORK - Ratings agency Moody’s on Monday suggested the United States should eliminate its statutory limit on government debt to reduce uncertainty among bond holders. The United States is one of the few countries where Congress sets a ceiling on government debt, which creates “periodic uncertainty” over the government’s ability to meet its obligations, Moody’s said in a report. “We would reduce our assessment of event risk if the government changed its framework for managing government debt to lessen or eliminate that uncertainty,” Moody’s analyst Steven Hess wrote in the report. The agency last week warned it would cut the United States’ AAA

credit rating if the government misses debt payments, increasing pressure on Republicans and the White House to come up with a budget agreement. Moody’s said it had always considered the risk of a U.S. debt default very low because Congress has regularly raised the debt ceiling during many decades, usually without controversy. However, the current wide divisions between the House of Representatives and the Obama administration over the debt limit creates a high level of uncertainty and causes us to raise our assessment of event risk,” Hess said. Stepping further into the heated political debate about U.S. debt problems, Moody’s suggested the government could look at other ways to limit debt.

It cited Chile, widely praised as Latin America’s most fiscally-sound country, as an example. “Elsewhere, the level of deficits is constrained by a ‘fiscal rule,’ which means the rise in debt is constrained though not technically limited,” Moody’s said, adding that such rule has been effective in Chile. It also cited the example of the Maastricht criteria in Europe, which determines that the ratio of government debt to GDP should not exceed 60 percent. It noted, however, that such a rule is often breached by the governments. In the United States, Moody’s said the debt limit had not effectively curbed the rise in government debt because lawmakers regularly raise it and because that limit is not related to the level of expenditures approved by Congress.

Pressure rises for Greek debt buy-back, swap Reuters

ATHENS/BERLIN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Sunday for private investors to make a major contribution to bailing out Greece, as pressure rose for radical action to cut the country’s debt burden. Officials proposed a range of schemes for Europe’s bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility, to finance a buy-back or a swap in which private owners of Greek government bonds — banks, insurers and other investors — would accept cuts in the face value of their holdings. European Central Bank Executive Board member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi suggested the EFSF be allowed to provide funds for a buy-back of bonds from the market, where prices have in some cases fallen 50 percent from levels at which the debt was issued. “This would allow the private sector to sell bonds at market prices, which are currently below nominal value. At the same time, the public sector could benefit monetarily,” Bini Smaghi told Sunday’s To Vima newspaper in an interview. Wolfgang Franz, head of Germany’s “wise men” economic advisers to the government, said the huge size of Greece’s 340 billion euro ($480 billion) debt pile meant it was “inevitable and justified” for the private sector to accept losses. “One possibility would be that the current EFSF euro rescue mechanism swaps — at a significant discount — Greek bonds into bonds it issues and guarantees,” Franz was quoted as telling Focus magazine at the weekend. Alarmed by the spread of market jitters over Greece to Italy and Spain, where bond yields have surged in the past 10 days, European governments are struggling to put together a second bailout of Greece that would supplement a 110 billion euro rescue launched in May last year. Germany is insisting private investors be involved in the second bailout, and Merkel indicated on Sunday that if they did not voluntarily agree to a major contribution now, they might eventually be forced into a more costly solution to the crisis. “The more we can involve private creditors now on a voluntary basis, the less likely it is that we will have to take next steps,” Merkel told public broadcaster ARD without elaborating on what those steps might be. Three weeks of talks between European officials and the private sector have failed to reach a deal on the second bailout of Greece, but the lobby group representing commercial banks said on Sunday that some progress had been made. “Progress has been made and the discussions are continuing,” the Institute of International Finance said in a brief statement. It said the talks were focusing on “several options related to Greece’s financing needs and longerterm debt sustainability. Last week, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy announced that euro zone leaders would hold a summit in Brussels on Thursday this week to discuss the rescue of Greece. But Merkel, while describing the summit as “urgently necessary,” said she would only attend if lower-ranking officials had already prepared a clear rescue plan. “I will only go there if there is a result,” she said. Other options on the table include an extension of the maturities of Greek bonds. But German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, citing finance ministry sources, reported at the weekend that a debt buy-back had become the option most likely to attract a consensus. Greece could cut its public debt by 20 billion euros if it bought back its sovereign bonds at market prices as part of a rescue deal, the magazine said. Legal and technical obstacles may lie in the way of any step to involve the private sector in helping Greece. Bini Smaghi acknowledged, for example, that current EFSF rules did not provide for it to buy bonds from the secondary market; changing the rules might require approval by national parliaments. Another potential obstacle is the ECB, since the central bank’s president Jean-Claude Trichet has opposed any measure that would cause credit rating agencies to declare Greece in default, even on a limited basis. But in an interview to be published on Monday, Trichet held out the possibility that a default could be managed smoothly. He said the ECB would stop accepting defaulted bonds as collateral in its money market operations — a blow to Greek banks which depend on the operations for funding — but suggested governments might provide other collateral.


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Director Alain Gomis films one man’s dying day What goes on inside the head of a man who knows he has only 24 hours to live? FrancoSenegalese director Alain Gomis takes viewers through this final day in his new movie “Aujourd’hui” (Today). American actor, singer and poet Saul Williams plays the lead role in the movie, which wrapped up filming at the end of June in the bustling suburb of Yembeul in Senegal’s capital Dakar. “It’s the kind of tale that takes place in an imaginary society in which death comes looking for someone. The film starts when he opens his eyes and ends when they close,” said Gomis, director of the highly acclaimed “L’Afrance” (2001) and “Andalucia” (2008). “The film is not set in Dakar, we never say where it is taking place,” says Williams who plays the role of Satche, the main character. The actor is best known for his role in the independent film “Slam” by Marc Levin in 1998.

According to Williams, Satche is a “man of great intelligence, with little ambition” who is not interested in the American dream and returns to his country after 15 years in the United States, to the unpleasant surprise of his family. Though known as a master of words, Williams has little dialogue in his role as Satche. “That was important because my French and my Wolof are bad,” he says in heavily-accented French. “Much of the story is told through the eyes of Satche. And I thought it was a beautiful story,” he says, saying he was taken from the first reading of the script, which he pored over with the aid of a dictionary. Thanks to this film, Williams has been able to live what he calls the African-American dream in Senegal. “The American dream is success, money. The AfricanAmerican dream is to make a connection between that which was lost and that which exists now,” he explains.

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Hundreds of moviegoers wait in line for the midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II” in Merrimack, N.H., Thursday, July 14, 2011. The film is expected to put up franchise-record numbers as it debuts just after midnight Friday.

“Harry Potter” rings up record $476 million globally Reuters

LOS ANGELES - The final “Harry Potter” film shattered box office records worldwide with a whopping $168.6 million in U.S. and Canadian ticket sales over the opening weekend and nearly $476 million globally.


Franco-Senegalese director Alain Gomis (L) confers with French first director’s assistant Delphine Daull during the shooting of “Aujourd’hui” (“Today”), his third fim, in a suburb of the Senegalese capital Dakar.

The staggering domestic total for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2” is the best threeday opening for a film ever, distributor Warner Bros said on Sunday. It beat the previous record of $158.4 million over the initial three days for the 2008 Batman movie, “The Dark Knight.” Internationally, the finale for “Harry Potter” captured $307 million in 59 countries since it opened last week, another record. That in-

cludes weekend sales plus Wednesday and Thursday for some markets. The prior record for an overseas opening belonged to “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” the fourth installment of the series released in May, which took in about $260 million outside North America in its debut. The eighth film in the “Harry Potter” series about a teenage wizard and his friends battling against evil also set records for the largest

Beckham baby debuts on Facebook Reuters

NEW YORK - David Beckham took to Facebook on Sunday to introduce to the world his new baby daughter, Harper Seven Beckham, the latest addition to his growing brood. Briton Beckham posted a blackand-white photo showing Harper and her mother, Victoria Beckham, dozing away while doting Dad snapped

the shot. He captioned it: “I took this picture of my two girls sleeping.” In another posted on Victoria’s Twitter account, footballer Beckham, 36, cradles his newborn in his hands and poses with her, nose-to-nose. “Daddy’s little girl,” the mom tweeted.Harper was born on July 10, to Beckham and former Spice Girl and fashion designer, Victoria. Their new daughter joins brothers, Brooklyn, 12 years-old, Romeo 8 and Cruz 6.

opening-day domestic sales total, largest midnight screenings and largest opening on giant IMAX screens. The movie took in an average $38,526 on more than 4,300 screens, according to Warner Bros, a unit of Time Warner Inc. It was the first “Potter” film also released in 3D. “Harry Potter,” already the highest-grossing film franchise ever with over $6.4 billion in global ticket sales, is based on the novels of British author J.K. Rowling. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and football star David Beckham attend the Consul General Reception at the Hancock Park home of the British Consulate General on July 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

POOL/AFP PHOTO/Chris Pizzello



Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A Conservation International photo of northern whitecheeked crested gibbons (Nomascus leucogenys), including an adult female with baby (R) and adult male (L) in an undisclosed location in Vietnam.


Community of rare gibbons found in Vietnam Agence France Presse

The lively morning calls of a rare species of gibbon has led to the discovery of the only known “viable” community of the talkative primates in remote Vietnamese forests, conservationists said Monday. A “substantial” population of 455 critically endangered northern white-cheeked crested gibbons were found living at high altitudes and far from human settlements on the border with Laos, Conservation International (CI) said. Researchers, who had previously found sparse groups in other areas, used the animals’

“loud, elaborate and prolonged” calls to locate the creatures in Pu Mat National Park in Nghe An

province, northern Vietnam. The community represents two thirds of the total number in Viet-

Vermont farmer experiments with cold-hardy rice Associated Press Writer

FERRISBURGH, Vt. — Erik Andrus considers himself a beer and bread man, but he’s had limited success growing high quality grains on his sometimes soggy swath of Vermont farmland. This spring, in an effort to turn a liability into an asset, he switched focus and began experimenting with rice. On one damp acre, he and a friend used an excavator to carve out two rice paddies, a reservoir and canals. Heavy spring rains filled the paddies, where Andrus has planted cold-hardy rice. A drain on one side allows him to regulate the water level in the paddies, and a pump pulls more water when needed from the reservoir.He’s hoping to harvest 4,000 pounds of rice this year, and if all goes well, he’ll expand in an effort that could be a model for New England farmers looking for new sources of revenue. “I have, like I guess you would say, a strong cultural allegiance to wheat and barley,” said Andrus, 39, of Ferrisburgh. “I love bread, and I love beer more than I love a plate of brown rice and a glass of sake — but if my inclination says bread, and the land says rice I have to listen to what the land says.”

Andrus’ effort comes as farmers in Vermont’s dairy country seek more options, and as New England states seek ways to boost local food production and make the region more selfsufficient should disasters ranging from massive snow storms to terrorist attacks make it difficult or even impossible to bring in food. There’s also been growing interest in locally grown food nationwide, and many states are looking at agriculture as a growth industry.

Andrus and his wife bought Boundbrook Farm in 2005 and added a bakery two years later. He’s still experimenting with grains but rice became the priority after he took a workshop in February on growing cold-hardy rice. He remains one of the few farmers in the region to actually attempt it.Anna McClung, research leader for the Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center in Arkansas, said the first couple to try it — Andrus’ teachers — were “really thinking out of the box.”

AP Photo/Toby Talbot

Erik Andrus is surrounded by ducklings at his rice paddy on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 in Ferrisburgh, Vt. Several New England farms are experimenting with growing rice, after a Vermont couple was awarded a grant to determine if rice production in the Northeast is possible and to create seeds for interested farmers.

nam and the “only confirmed viable population” of the variety worldwide. “This is an extraordinarily significant find, and underscores the immense importance of protected areas in providing the last refuges for the region?s decimated wildlife,” said CI president Dr Russell Mittermeier. Gibbons, which are threatened

across the world, are considered the “most romantic” of primates as they mate for life and serenade their partners with song. Habitat loss and hunting for the pet trade and the “assumed medicinal value of primate body parts” are among the major threats to the creatures in Vietnam, the CI statement said.

Fewer movies with tobacco, less teen smoking: study The number of US movies in which an actor lights up fell sharply between 2005 and 2010, and this could have contributed to the decline in smoking among US teens, a study released Thursday says. A majority of movies — 55 percent — that scored huge box office success in the United States in 2010 had no scenes that included tobacco use, compared with a third of top-grossing films in 2005, the study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says. In the same six-year period, the number of what are called “tobacco incidents” in top-grossing movies fell by 56 percent — but still clocked in at nearly 2,000 scenes where an actor used tobacco either openly, on screen, or implicitly, off-screen, the study says. “The percentages of 2010 top-grossing movies with no tobacco incidents were the highest observed in two decades,” the CDC says in the study published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. “The decreased presence of onscreen smoking might have contributed to the decline in cigarette use among middle school and high school students,” it says. A study released last year by the CDC found that the percentage of middle school students in the United States who smoked cigarettes fell from 11 percent to five percent between 2000 and 2009 and those who “experimented” with cigarettes fell from nearly 30 percent to 15 percent. Use of other tobacco products, such as cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco, was also down among middle schoolers, generally aged between 11 and 14.Among high school students, smoking was down, too, although less sharply, the 2010 study showed. Seventeen percent of high school students smoked cigarettes in 2009 compared with 28 percent in 2000, while three in 10 high schoolers tried smoking two years ago, compared with nearly four in 10 in 2000. An analysis of four studies linked 44 percent of teens who started smoking with seeing tobacco products being used in movies, the CDC says in the study released Thursday. Most people start to smoke or use smokeless tobacco products when they are teens, the CDC adds.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Brazil, Chile fall to shock Copa America defeats Reuters

AP Photo/Michael Probst

Japan players celebrate with the trophy after winning the final match between Japan and the United States at the Women’s Soccer World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany, Sunday, July 17, 2011. The Japanese women’s soccer team won their first World Cup Sunday after defeating USA in a penalty shoot-out.

Japan wins 1st World Cup title in penalty shootout Associated Press Writer

FRANKFURT, Germany — Their country’s misery was never far from their hearts. Thousands dead or missing. Villages erased. Homes destroyed. The players on Japan’s women’s World Cup team invoked the slow recovery from a devastating tsunami and earthquake time and again. Whatever they could do, they vowed, they would. True to their word, the gleaming World Cup trophy will ride back on the plane with them — a prize, they hope, that will lift the gloom, even if only for a short while. “Before we went to the match tonight we had some commentary on television and we heard comments on the situation in Japan,” coach Norio Sasaki said after Japan upset the Americans for the World Cup title in a riveting final Sunday night, 3-1 on penalty kicks, after coming from behind twice in a 2-2 tie. “We wanted to use this opportunity to thank the people back home for the support that has been given.” This was Japan’s first appearance in the final of a major tournament, and it hadn’t beaten the Americans in their first 25 meetings, including a pair of 2-0 losses in warm-up games a month before the World Cup. But the Nadeshiko pushed ahead, playing inspired soccer and hoping their success could provide even a small emotional lift to their nation, where nearly 23,000 people died or were reported missing

in the March 11 catastrophe. Following each of their games in Germany, the players made a solemn parade around the field with a banner that read, “To our Friends Around the World — Thank You for Your Support.” Before Japan upset Germany in the quarterfinals, Sasaki showed his players images of the destruction to remind them of their higher purpose. “They touched us deep in our souls,” star Aya Miyama said about the photos at the time. And they responded in kind. Joyous fans wearing Japan jerseys hugged and sang in Tokyo as they watched the players hold the trophy aloft, confetti swirling around them and flecking their hair with gold. Special newspaper editions were printed by the national papers and handed out to pedestrians in Tokyo on Monday morning, while scenes from the game were replayed constantly on television. It was the first World Cup title won by an Asian country. “If any other country was to win this, then I’m really happy and proud for Japan,” Carli

Lloyd said. “Deep down inside I really thought it was our destiny to win it. But maybe it was Japan’s.” As the Japanese players celebrated, the Americans watched in stunned silence. Through every comeback, to every last second, they believed they were meant to be World Cup champions after their rocky year — needing a playoff to qualify, a loss in group play to Sweden, the epic comeback against Brazil. They simply couldn’t pull off one last thriller. “The players were patient. They wanted to win this game,” Sasaki said. “I think it’s because of that the Americans scored only two goals.” The Americans squandered countless chances before Abby Wambach scored in the 104th minute of overtime to give the U.S. a 2-1 lead. But Homare Sawa, flicked in a corner kick in the 117th to tie it. It was the fifth goal of the tournament for Sawa, who led all scorers in her fifth World Cup. “We ran and ran,” Sawa said. “We were exhausted, but we kept running.”

LA PLATA - South America’s soccer hierarchy was hit by an Andean tremor as Venezuela stunned Chile 2-1 and Paraguay shocked holders Brazil by eliminating them from the Copa America on Sunday. Venezuela’s stunning 2-1 victory over fancied Chile was the only one of the quarter-finals not to go to extra time, while two ended in penalty shootouts, Brazil losing 2-0 to Paraguay after Argentina went out against old rivals Uruguay on Saturday. “It’s a historic achievement but our players aren’t satisfied with that, they want more, above all because we said we would beat Chile,” Venezuela coach Cesar Farias told reporters. “I’m surprised that after every match that Venezuela have played, every team that we’ve played against has said that we’ve played poorly or that we don’t deserve anything. Well, that’s fine. Let them continue to look down on us.” The semi-finals were left devoid of South America’s big two, Brazil and Argentina, who had meet in the two previous finals both won by the Brazilians, and also Colombia, who had emerged as title contenders until they were upset by Peru on Saturday. The semi-final line-up has Uruguay, on course for a record 15th title, facing Peru in La Plata on Tuesday and Paraguay against Venezuela in Mendoza. Peru have been one of the weaker teams in the region for decades, while Venezuela had never been this far before. Brazil, who drew 2-2 with Paraguay in the group phase, dominated their quarter-final in La Plata from start to finish. But the Brazilians, who scored six goals altogether, failed to put away their many chances while Paraguay clung on with dogged defence and a brilliant performance from goalkeeper and captain Justo Villar. “We worked hard, we were far superior (to Paraguay) and we didn’t score a goal which is the most important part of football,” Brazil coach Mano Menezes told the post-match news conference. MISSED PENALTIES

Brazil fluffed their lines badly in the shootout with three penalty misses and one saved by Villar, while Paraguay did enough converting two of the three they needed to take to go through. “Brazil should have won, probably in the 90 minutes,” Paraguay’s Argentine coach Gerardo Martino said. “We managed to clear two balls off the line and our goalkeeper other (chances). “We played a totally different match from what we would have liked... It would be great to be able to say we planned it like that but all we can say today is there was a lot of sacrifice, heart, a good percentage from the goalkeeper and lots of luck.” Neymar and Alexandre Pato, who scored two apiece in the 4-2 win over Ecuador, missed chances and Villar saved from defenders Maicon and Lucio and playmaker Paulo Henrique Ganso. Brazil’s Lucas Leiva and Antolin Alcaraz of Paraguay were sent off for fighting near the end of extra time. In San Juan, where Chile enjoyed virtual home advantage just across the Andean border from home, centre back Oswaldo Vizcarrondo put Venezuela ahead with a header from a Juan Arango free kick and Humberto Suazo equalised with 20 minutes left. Venezuela’s left back Gabriel Cichero scored the winning goal nine minutes from time, stabbing home after keeper Claudio Bravo parried another Arango free kick. “If we divide all the matches we have played into halves, we only played one one badly, today’s first half. All the rest was positive,” Chile’s Argentine coach Claudio Borghi said.


Paraguayan players celebrate the team’s victory after Brazil missed its fourth penalty in the shoot-out during a 2011 Copa America quarter-final football match held at the Ciudad de La Plata stadium in La Plata, 59 Km south of Buenos Aires, on July 17, 2011.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Soderling wins Bastad tennis tournament Agence France Presse

Sweden’s Robin Soderling easily won the ATP Swedish Open on Sunday by beating Spain’s David Ferrer 6-2, 6-2. After rain delayed the start of the match by two hours, Soderling needed just 67 minutes to dispatch his opponent as he carried over the form he showed in crushing Czech


Sweden’s Robin Soderling returns a ball against Tomas Berdych of Czech Republic during their semi-final match of the Swedish Open ATP tennis tournament in Baastad on July 16, 2011. Soderling won 6-1, 6-0.

Tomas Berdych in Saturday’s semi-final. The win is Soderling’s fourth tournament triumph of the year following victories in Brisbane, Rotterdam and Marseille. It is also his second Swedish Open crown, having also won in 2009, and the tenth ATP title of his career. “It went well today. It’s absolutely fantastic to be here. I’m already looking forward to next year,” the smiling world number five said as he collected his prize. Ferrer con-

gratulated Soderling, admitting that he “didn’t have a chance”. “I’ll come back next year and try to win then. Robin has played incredibly well this week. It was a well-deserved victory,” the TT news agency quoted him as saying. Top seed Soderling crushed Ferrer to take the first set in only 30 minutes, and while the Spaniard, seeded two, showed some signs of life in the second set, this was a comfortable win for the home favourite.

Dwight Howard strongly No clear Tour favorite heading into Alps considering career overseas Associated Press Writer

Associated Press Writer

FAIRBURN, Ga — Dwight Howard’s frustration with the NBA lockout has caused the Orlando Magic star to strongly consider playing overseas. In an exclusive interview Sunday with The Associated Press, Howard said he would consider playing in China or Europe if the NBA lockout doesn’t end. Howard, a five-time All-Star who led Orlando to the NBA finals in 2009, stopped short of saying he’s in contract discussions with teams overseas. “I’m not at liberty to talk about it,” he said, “but there’s a huge possibility about me going to China or me going overseas to play basketball.” New Jersey guard Deron Williams said recently after signing with a team in Turkey that Howard could become a worldwide star if he played in China. Howard, who hosted a celebrity basketball game Sunday at Langston Hughes High School to raise money for his charity, didn’t disagree. “The big thing for me is not giving too much information away, but at the same time I still need to let people know what’s going on with me,” Howard said. “I don’t want to just sit over here and forget about basketball and waste, you know, opportunities for me to get better.” Howard wasn’t interested in discussing his potential free agency at the end of next season. Along with Williams and New Orleans guard Chris Paul, Howard is a marquee name for potential free agency in 2012. He saw no point in discussing the 2012-13 season when there’s no guarantee of an NBA season in 2011-12. That’s why an opportunity overseas could make sense soon. “If I decide to go overseas, the main thing is for me to continue to get better, not to do the things that I normally do, but do better at the things I’m not good at,” Howard said. “So I can use that talent to

AP Photo/Eric Gay

IN this Nov. 22, 2010, photo, Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard shoots during an NBA basketball game against the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio. go overseas, working on my skills and staying in great shape.” Howard recently hosted 400 kids at a youth basketball camp in Spain and was planning to host “a bunch of them in China, but the lockout messed everything up.” The former overall No. 1 NBA draft pick loves working with kids in his native Atlanta, but he’s also longing to spread his appeal in other parts of the world. “Being a role model lasts longer than being a basketball player,” he said. “Right now I have an opportunity to do a lot of great things. I’m blessed with a lot of talents, but one of my talents is being great with kids. Being a good role model, you just want to lead them in the right direction.”

MONTPELLIER, France — With the Tour de France heading toward its decisive stages, there is still no favorite in a wide open race that is fueling the passions of French fans who hope Thomas Voeckler holds his lead against all odds. When racing resumes Tuesday after a rest day, Voeckler will open the 16th stage nearly two minutes ahead of Frank Schleck — supposedly a weaker rider than his younger brother, Andy — and four minutes ahead of three-time champion Alberto Contador. Voeckler remains fiercely adamant he has a “zero percent chance” to become the first French Tour winner since Bernard Hinault in 1985, while doubts persist about Contador’s troublesome right knee. Even the Schleck brothers seem undecided who is No. 1 on their team, while two-time runner-up Cadel Evans is conspicuously staying out of the limelight. All of this means that it was increasingly hard to pick a favorite heading into the last week of the Tour. “It’s still a bit strange because I think

people still look at the Schleck brothers as favorites, but they’re two minutes down,” Evans said Sunday after British sprinter Mark Cavendish won the 15th stage. “So it’s still about Voeckler for now. We’ve got some more hills, some more racing and a time trial to go.” Evans is third overall, 2:06 behind Voeckler, 17 seconds behind second-place Frank Schleck, nine seconds ahead of Andy Schleck — the runner-up to Contador in the last two Tours — and 1:54 ahead of Contador. “Voeckler is in incredible form,” Contador said. “He has a big lead, it will be hard to make that up.” None of the Tour contenders managed to cut loose in the three Pyrenean mountain stages last week, and someone has to make a big move in three punishing Alpine stages that loom. “I don’t want to arrive in Paris with regrets,” Contador said after Cavendish raced to his fourth stage victory of the race — and 19th overall in the Tour — by beating American sprinter Tyler Farrar on a 119.6-mile stage from Limoux to Montpellier.

AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani

The pack with Thomas Voeckler of France, wearing the overall leader’s yellow jersey, climbs towards Aubisque pass during the 13th stage of the Tour de France cycling race over 152.2 kilometers (94.6 miles) starting in Pau and finishing in Lourdes, Pyrenees region, France, Friday July 15, 2011.




Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spanish rider Dani Pedrosa of RepsolHonda team holds the trophy as he celebrates on the podium after winning the Moto Grand Prix at the Sachsenring Circuit in HohensteinErnstthal on July 17, 2011.


Dani Pedrosa surprise at winning the German Grand Prix Dani Pedrosa admitted his surprise after taking a hard-fought victory at the German Grand Prix on only his third race back from injury. The Spaniard missed three races earlier this year after having surgery on his right collarbone and said after qualifying that he was still feeling weak on the bike. But after outdragging Jorge Lorenzo’s Yamaha to take the lead out of the last corner with nine laps to go, he was able to pull away to take his second win of 2011 and the 14th of his MotoGP career. “This is an unbelievable feeling,” he said. “To come back so soon and win so soon is unbelievable and I’m very happy. “Even with the front row yesterday I was so happy, but I didn’t expect this.”

Pedrosa said that he had felt progressively better on the bike as the race wore on and reiterated his post-qualifying point that the succession of lefthanders at the Sachsenring circuit had been less problematic for his collarbone than previous tracks. “I wasn’t feeling perfect with the bike but as the race went on I was feeling better and had a better rhythm,” he added. “I knew I would suffer less here than

Mugello because it’s more lefts but still I was suffering a lot physically by the end. I’m really satisfied with the victory and I want to thank everyone who’s been with me during this hard time.” Pedrosa’s win took him up from seventh in the championship to fifth - just four points behind Valentino Rossi.

Suzuki delighted with Alvaro Bautista’s race Suzuki team boss Paul Denning says Alvaro Bautista’s seventh place in Germany was an important step forward and shows that the squad is getting closer to the lead pace. Bautista defeated the two factory Ducatis to take the position, behind the four factory-specification Hondas and the two works Yamahas - defeat having been left battered by a heavy crash in the warm-up. “I think we showed this weekend at Sachsenring - a track that has traditionally been very tough for Suzuki - that both the GSV-R and the rider have made good steps in 2011 - de-

spite the bad luck and huge injury at the start of the season,” Denning said. “The high-speed crash that Alvaro suffered at the end of warm-up this morning was not ideal race preparation and it might have had a small effect on his ultimate pace, but nonetheless he dug deep and a rode a very entertaining and aggressive 30 laps.” Denning suggested that had Bautista not had to fight through traffic early on, he might have been able to get among the top six battle. “Maybe with a better qualifying position – which we have to keep work-

ing on – or with a luckier first couple of laps, he might have been able to tow along on the back of the fastest riders,” said the team boss. “We won’t know if that could have been the case until we get the opportunity again at Laguna Seca next week. “It was an incredibly competitive race today, all the top riders finished and we were beaten by only the four factory Hondas and the two factory Yamahas - this weekend has definitely been a step in the right direction.”

Edisi 19 Juli 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Holidays, rubbish overflows in Amlapura

Edisi 19 Juli 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Holidays, rubbish overflows in Amlapura