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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tourist Icon Infrastructure and permit control in Lembongan apprehensive PAGE 8


Balinese dances and two other Indonesian cultural features have been proposed as UNESCO’s Best Practices in Indigenous Knowledge 2011 after Batik for that category in 2010.

Murder mystery stars at Hong Kong Film Awards PAGE 12

Balinese dances to be proposed as Unesco’s Best Practice Antara

JAKARTA - Balinese dances and two other Indonesian cultural features have been proposed as UNESCO’s Best Practices in Indigenous Knowledge 2011 after Batik for that category in 2010. The proposal of Balinese dances, Papua’s Noken and the Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature




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Park (TMII) for inclusion in UNESCO’s Best Practices on Indigenous Knowledge 2011 was an-

nounced by TMII Director of Operation Ade Meliala during the Pesona Budaya Indonesia 2011 at TMII, East Jakarta, on Sunday (April 17). The Pesona Budaya Indonesia (Indonesian Fascinating Culture) 2011 was attended by Badung Regent Anak Agung Gde Agung, Badung Regency Secretary Kompyang R. Swandika and some

other officials and members of Badung Regional Legislative Assembly (DPRD). Some Indonesian representatives of UNCESO also attended the cultural event which highlighted some Balinese dances, such as Sekar Jepun, Oleg Tamulilingan and opera-like dance Jayantaka Pratidnya. Continued on page 6

Cirebon suicide bomber identified as Muhammad Syarif Antara

JAKARTA - The suicide bomber at Cirebon police station’s mosque in West Java on Friday, April 15 has been identified as Muhammad Syarif. “DNA test result has indicated 100 percent that Muhammad Syarif, a 32 year old man was the bomber,” National Police spokesman Anton Bahrul Alam said in a press conference here on Monday. Anton said the National Police forensic team has taken the DNA sample from Syarif father, Abdul Gofur (66) and his mother Srimulat (60) and the result matched the DNA of the suicide bomber.

Previously, police had also taken DNA sample from the bomber. The police have issued the photograph of the suspected male suicide bomber, aged between 2530 years, 180 cm tall, weighing 70 kg, blood type O, fair-skinned, and Mongoloid looking. Continued on page 6

National Police spokesman Anton Bahrul Alam (middle) said the suicide bomber at Cirebon police station’s mosque in West Java on Friday, April 15 has been identified as Muhammad Syarif.

FOTO ANTARA/Rosa Panggabean



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bali News IBP/File

The students of a senior high school in Denpasar doing their exams.

Participants of national exam join prayers en masse NATIONAL Exam (UN) of senior and vocational high school (SMA/SMK) held simultaneously throughout Indonesia starting on Monday (Apr 18) seemed to make the participants slightly anxious. In order to neutralize the anxiety, the majority of national exam participants in Denpasar coherently said prayers en masse at their respective school and in the Jagatnatha Temple, Denpasar. Moreover, Sunday (Apr 17) coincided with the full moon of the eleventh month in Balinese calendar. Based on the observation of Bali Post, the number of students from various schools held prayers en masse in Jagatnatha Temple. From morning until noon, students of several schools located in the surrounding of Denpasar and Badung came and went. “I specifically come to pray for God in Jagatnatha Temple so that I could be graced with salvation and blessing in answering the questions of national exam,” said Dewa Rai, one of the national exam participants from SMKN 1 Denpasar vocational high school. According to Rai, he came with

schoolmates who were also registered for the national exam. He admitted if the praying en masse was not instructed by their teachers. However, it was purely their initiative. “There are also teachers joining to accompany our prayers. However, it is not an instruction from the school because it held a praying on last Saturday (Apr16),” he said. Despite claiming on their own initiative, Dewa said his school had appealed ceaselessly for class XII students to hold another prayer after praying together at school. “Teachers are indeed calling us to pray to temples before the national exam. Auspiciously, today coincides with the full moon festivity,” he said. Comparable opinion was revealed by Sri Eka Wulandari together with her classmates from SMKN 4 Denpasar vocational high school. According to her, she felt calmer and well prepared for the national exam after saying prayers. “National exam is not just the matter of answering questions. However, it has also something to do with the power of God. Now, I feel quieter and more confident to face the national exam and to pass it,” she said. (ian)

Sacred Lands Should be Tax Free DENPASAR - A broad-based coalition of individuals and organizations supporting the implementation of the 2009 Bali Zoning Law (RTRW) has called on the government to exempt lands falling with the sacred “no-build” zone surrounding major religious sites to be exempted from property taxes. As reported by Bisnis Bali, those making the call include the rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. dr. I Made Bakta; the chairman of the Bali Forum of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions Prof. Dr. dr. Wayan Wita; the chairman of the Asso-

ciation of Private Schools of Higher Education (APTISI) Prof. Dr. I Gde Sri Dharma; the head of Main Assembly of Traditional Villages (MUDP) Jro Mangku Gde Suwena Putus Upadesa; and the chairman for the enforcement of Bhisama from the Hindu High Council of Bali (PHDI) Drs. I Ketut Wiana. The influential grouping is asking the government to reduce what they see as an unfair tax burden resulting from the implementation of the RTRW on landowners who are restricted in the commercial use of their lands.

In Bali, 42,709 SMA/ SMK students attend national exam Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Registered 42,709 students of SMA/MA senior high school and SMK vocational high school or the equivalent in Bali simultaneously attended the national examination (UN) at their respective school starting on Monday (Apr 18). In details, they consisted of 24,367 students of senior high school attending the national exam for six subjects through Thursday (Apr 21) and 24 students of senior high school for the disable (SMALB) attending the national exam for three subjects until Wednesday (Apr 20). Meanwhile, the national exam for vocational high school testing three subjects was attended by 18,318 students and would last until Wednesday (Apr 20). When contacted on Sunday (Apr 17), the Head of Bali Education Agency (Disdikpora), Ida Bagus Anom, said that Bali Province had been very ready to carry out the national exam for senior and vocational high school. It was affirmed the exam materials of senior and vocational high school had been completely distributed to all regencies/ city across Bali, Saturday (Apr 16). Pursuant to security procedures, during the national exam the exam materials were stored at police station and others in the office of Disdikpora guarded by police around the clock. “Exam materials of the national exam will be distributed to schools on the implementation day with strict

police escort,” he said. In order to counteract the occurrence of fraudulent practices and abuses at the national exam, Anom asked the overseers to optimize the quality of supervision. It included the strict prohibition to national exam participants to bring mobile phone in the school bags and other equipment that had nothing to do with the exam to the exam room. “I’ve instructed the respective Head of Regency Education Agency across Bali to optimize the quality of supervision as set out in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the national exam,” he said. Anom asserted, all participants in the national exam were only allowed

to bring their writing equipment into the room. School bags and other equipment should be placed outside the room. Indeed, the bags of the national exam participants were worth suspecting as they might contain cheating sheet materials, cellular phone and other items which could provoke them to cheat during the exams. If there were students showing off suspicious movement, the exam overseer alerted in the room should not hesitate to warn them. “Participants of the senior and vocational high school who are unable to attend the main national exam with a specific reason can attend a deferred exam held starting on Monday (Apr 25),” he said. (kmb13)

Tens ”Outsourcing” of Jembrana Hospital Asked for Wage NEGARA - Tens “outsorcing” workers or freelance personnel of Negara Hospital, Jembrana Regency, Bali who are working based on contract with labor company PT Kuningan Mas, are complaint their wages as they had not got it since January 2011. Some labors of Negara Hospital who recruited by PT Kuningan Mas since 2010 also confessed if they had not yet received the lack of wages for working period in 2010. These freelance personnel of Negara Hospital were confused because other institutions like puskesmas (local health center), district office, and Jembrana Government Secretariat office with same status have got paid. Negara Hospital Director dr. Nyoman Susila when confirmed said 29 “outsourcing” workers actually had ended their contract since end of December 2010. Due to they signed contract with PT Kuningan

Mas as the partner of Negara Hospital for labor provision, Susila confessed the wages finishing could not handle by them. He confessed in 2011 there is a new contract for “outsourcing” personnel but the fixing process is still in tender process. “These freelance workers were still working though their contract had done with a hope they can get new contract through the tender winner companies. They hoped we can help them with recommend letter,” said Susila. The “outsourcing” workers remains in some institutions of Jembrana government, according to Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha needed rearrangement to avoid problems. “Recently it has been emerged problems about the freelance personnel. Their existence is behind the partner company authority but when wages problem happened, there is an impression government should respon-

sible,” said him. Artha stated the “outsourcing” workers are the responsibility of the labor company which contracted them. “In the future we will repair this sector so the same problem will not repeat,” said him. The “outsorcing” workers also were getting attention from Vice Deputy of DPRD Jembrana Wayan Wardana. He confessed he was also heard information about the complaint of freelance workers of Negara Hospital. “We will check it first. It should not happened because the budget had allocated for each SKPD (Region Work Force),” said him. While the Head of DPRD Jembrana Ketut Sugiasa asked the Director of Negara Hospital Nyoman Susila to respond it soon so it will not appear bad image of the government. “We were worried it will affect the service in Negara Hospital,” said him.

z Founder : K.Nadha, z General Manager :Palgunadi Chief Editor: Diah Dewi Juniarti z Editors: Gugiek Savindra,Alit Susrini, Alit Sumertha, Daniel Fajry, Mawa, Sri Hartini, Suana, Sueca, Sugiartha, Wirya, Yudi Winanto zDenpasar: Dira Arsana, Giriana Saputra, Subagiadnya, Subrata, Suentra, Sumatika, Asmara Putra. Bangli: Pujawan, Buleleng: Adnyana, Gianyar: Agung Dharmada, Karangasem: Budana, Klungkung: Bali Putra Ariawan. Jakarta: Nikson, Hardianto, Ade Irawan. NTB: Agus Talino, Syamsudin Karim, Izzul Khairi, Raka Akriyani. Surabaya: Bambang Wilianto. z Development: Alit Purnata, Mas Ruscitadewi. z Office: Jalan Kepundung 67 A Denpasar 80232. Telephone (0361)225764, Facsimile: 227418, P.O.Box: 3010 Denpasar 80001. Bali Post Jakarta, Advertizing: Jl.Palmerah Barat 21F. Telp 021-5357602, Facsimile: 021-5357605 Jakarta Pusat. NTB: Jalam Bangau No. 15 Cakranegara Telp. (0370) 639543, Facsimile: (0370) 628257. Publisher: PT Bali Post

Bali News



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In harvest season, price of grain down Semarapura (Bali Post)—

Since early April 2011, farmers in Klungkung Regency have entered harvest season. The result was much better than the harvest season in 2010. Farmers are now faced with crop failure due to excessive rain. Additionally, their crops were attacked endlessly by pest, especially rats. As a result, the harvest season this time did not bring any joy to farmers because the market price of grain suddenly dropped. Even, it was under the standard price set by government. A number of farmers in Klungkung Regency mentioned the market price of grain was IDR 2,600 per kilogram. In reality, the basic price established by the ministry was IDR 2,800 per kilogram. “It’s a commonplace like this. Each harvest time, the price of grain will go down,” said a farmer at Tohpati region, Banjarangkan, Sunday (Apr 17). They admitted the rice harvest had begun since the beginning of April 2011. Up to these days, it was still in progress and expected to last until the end of April 2011. Ironically, they said the prices always dropped every harvest season. On the contrary, the price of agricultural production facilities such as fertilizer and pesticide continued to rise. “Thankfully, the yields are now much better than previous harvest season (in 2010). Now, per 100 square meters of land, we are able to get four sacks of grain. Previously, it was fewer,” said the farmer while being unable to mention the equivalent kilogram to the four sacks. Obviously, every one hectare of rice field

could produce about 6 tons of grain. When asked for his confirmation, the Head of Klungkung Agricultural, Plantation and Forestry Services, Wayan Muliarta, admitted the price fluctuations in agricultural output could not be avoided during the harvest season. On that account, he advised farmers not to sell their crops to the public, especially to middlemen. “Farmers have to sell theirs to the rural economic enterprise agency (LUEP). This agency will not dare purchase the grain of farmers at lower price than the basic one,” he said. However, he said that so far farmers tended to sell their products by preharvest sale system. According to Muliartha, this system was far more detrimental to farmers than selling per kilogram to LUEP. “Thankfully, the production of farmers increased in this harvest season compared to 2010. Last year, the rice was harmed by excessive rain. Meanwhile, in this harvest time, the rain lasts with interludes,” said Muliarta. (kmb20)

IBP/Bali Putra

Farmers are harvesting their crops. The harvest season this time did not bring any joy to farmers because the market price of grain suddenly dropped.

Segara Rupek Temple:

Looking at ‘overseas’ from the holiest point Exploring a rocky road in the shady woods is not indeed an easy journey. However, if the passage is enjoyed as a series of a pilgrimage, the rocks on the road under the heat of sun light will be perceived like long gates heading for a blissful beauty, both the tangible and intangible beauty in the most profound inner niche. It is the way to Segara Rupek Temple located on the coastal end of Bali Island, right at the area of Sumberklampok Village, Gerokgak, Buleleng. FULL moon in the Jiyestha or the eleventh month of Balinese calendar, last Sunday (Apr 17), an anniversary was held at the Segara Rupek Temple. Hindu devotees saying prayers at the temple were not only from the Gerokgak Subdistrict but also from various villages throughout Bali. Physically, the road access to temple is not easy, but spiritually it is remarkably delightful. On the Singaraja-Gilimanuk road section, right at Sumberklampok Village follows a road northward passing through the forest area of West Bali National Park (TNBB). Since it is in the forest area, the road indeed cannot be asphalted but only paved by stone. When exploring the rocky road, devotees will observe lush forest scenery at both roadsides. After passing the road a few kilometers, devotees should walk along the beach with waterfront views

filled with shrubs. Pleasure will be more complete because there are occasionally a horde of deer crossing the road. Indeed, the rocky road deserves to be called a spiritual path. Moreover, before arriving at Segara Rupek Temple on the edge of Bali Island, there are a number of other temples in the jungle. One of them is the Prapat Agung Temple. When looking up a map, location of the Segara Rupek area is right in the north-westernmost tip of the Bali Island. As a matter of fact, this is the closest point to Java Island. If standing on this Segara Rupek area, people will see quite clearly a number of residents’ activities on the Java Island such as vehicles passing through the Banyuwangi-Surabaya main road section in the north of Ketapang. According to the Chief of Supporting Devotees of Segara Rupek Temple, Putu Sedana, the temple anniversary fell on a full moon of the eleventh month in Balinese calendar. For this full moon, the anniversary was held more grandiosely along with nyatur ceremony. The series of ceremony had been carried out since Thursday (Apr 14) with negem dewasa and then resumed with Melasti procession on Saturday (Apr 16), while on Sunday was the peak and the closing ceremony was conducted on April 27 at 05:00 p.m. Local Time.

Segara Rupek Temple is the abode of the Lord Shiva Varuna Agni. Existence of this temple is inseparable from the pilgrimage of Dang Hyang Siddhi Mantra to Bali. Dang Hyang Siddhi Mantra had a single son named Ida Dang Hyang Bang Manik Angkeran. When his son settled at Besakih, Dang Hyang Siddhi Mantra walked westward to Java Island. On the way, he arrived at the region called Gading Wani, a narrow passage on the path from Bali to Java. At that time, Dang Hyang Siddhi Mantra remembered about the existence of communities of Java Island that were possessed by anger, arrogance, tendency to play gambling as well as hostility of Kediri Kingdom to Pasuruan Kingdom. At the same time, Dang Hyang Siddhi Mantra also remembered about his son who was left at Besakih with the task to maintain the sanctity and to arrange the sanitation of Besakih sanctum. To that end, Dang Hyang Siddhi Mantra had intention to hold meditation. It was intended to pray and plead in order the people of Java Island and Bali Island were always in patience, mutual affection and unity. For his meditation, he changed location for three times. Ultimately, he meditated on the narrowest point between Java and Bali. When Dang Hyang Siddhi Mantra heard a voice of the Lord Varuna Agni,

it was said that his meditation had caused the Java Island to have a taksu or power of divine inspiration, authority, superior strength against the enemy as well as control against the archipelago and the sacred Bali Island as the abode of gods. Dang Hyang Siddhi Mantra was asked to inscribe his stick for three times onto the ground, right on the nar-

rowest point between Java and Bali. As a result of the scratches, the sea water was shaken and the mainland of Bali was separated from the land of Java which was originally fused together. The sea is now called the Strait of Bali. By doing so, the Segara Rupek could be called a sacred spot or a sanctum to look ‘overseas’ both in physical and spiritual perspective. (ole)


Segara Rupek Temple



Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Jonathan on course to win Nigerian presidential vote Agence France Presse

ABUJA – Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was on course to win the country’s elections on Monday, as official results showed him with a huge lead, but sporadic riots broke out in the north over rigging fears. Millions of voters turned out for Saturday’s election as Africa’s most populous nation bid to put years of rigging and badly flawed ballots behind it and hold the cleanest polls for head of state in nearly two decades. Observers gave the polls an initial thumbs up, but concerns were raised late Sunday over extraordinarily high totals favouring Jonathan in parts of his native south. Riots broke out in parts of the north over allegations of rigging. Official results from Akwa Ibom state, for example, gave Jonathan 95 percent, while Anambra state figures showed him with 99 percent. His home state of Bayelsa gave him nearly a clean sweep — 99.63 percent. “Figures of 95 percent and above for one party suggest that these are fabricated figures and, personally, they worry me because they pose serious questions on the credibility of the election,” said Jibrin Ibrahim of the Centre for Democracy and Development. Jonathan’s main challenger, ex-military ruler Muhammadu Buhari, won by significant margins in parts of the north, but nothing approaching such high figures in selected states for the incumbent. Buhari had alleged reports of fraud on election day. The results also suggested that regional divisions had deepened, a scenario many analysts had hoped to avoid in a country as fractious as Nigeria, roughly split between Christians and Muslims. “There’s good news in this

Nigerian presidential election: we’re counting actual votes and people are interested in the count,” said Chidi Odinkalu of the Open Society Justice Initiative NGO. “And quite bad news: the country is badly divided, north vs. south.” The electoral commission officially announced results from 28 states plus the Federal Capital Territory, which includes Abuja and the surrounding area, before breaking for the night on Sunday. Eight states were left. Totals so far gave Jonathan some 17.6 million votes compared to Buhari’s 8.7 million. Of the states officially announced in Abuja, Jonathan had won 20 plus the capital and Buhari had seven. The former head of the antigraft agency, Nuhu Ribadu, had one state. Results obtained at the state level indicated Jonathan could end up with some 23, while Buhari was likely to win at least 11 states. A candidate must do more than carry the most votes to be declared the winner, with the constitution requiring at least one-quarter of the ballots in at least two-thirds of the states plus the capital to avoid a runoff. Jonathan had achieved that threshold.

A Libyan rebel canon fires artillery shells at forces loyal to Libya’s strongman Moamer Kadhafi, on April 17, 2011, in the eastern town of Ajdabiya. AFP PHOTO/MARWAN NAAMANI

Gaddafi presses Libyan rebels, West says no troops Reuters

AJDABIYAH, Libya – Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi kept up an offensive on the rebels’ eastern frontline outpost of Ajdabiyah, while the West again ruled out sending ground troops to help the rebel cause. One witness said he saw around a dozen rockets land near the western entrance to Ajdabiyah, which rebels wanted to use as a staging post to retake the oil port of Brega. Many fled on Sunday as loud explosions boomed across the town. “There are still some guys out there at the western gate but the situation isn’t very good,” said Wassim el-Agouri, a 25-year-old rebel volunteer waiting at Ajdabiyah’s eastern gate. “We want weapons, modern weapons,” said rebel Ayman Aswey, 21. “If we had those, we could advance against them.” Sunday marked a month since the U.N.

Security Council passed a resolution authorising force to protect civilians in Libya, leading to an international air campaign. But despite NATO air strikes against Gaddafi’s armor, rebels have been unable to hold gains in weeks of back-and-forth fighting over the coastal towns in eastern Libya. With NATO troops bogged down in Afghanistan, Western countries have ruled out sending ground troops, a position reinforced by the British prime minister on Sunday. “What we’ve said is there is no question of invasion or an occupation — this is not about Britain putting boots on the ground,” David Cameron told Sky News in an interview. He said outside powers would help in every other way to stop Gaddafi “unleashing this hell on people in Misrata” and other towns up and down the Libyan coast, including providing “non-lethal equipment” to the rebels.

AP Photo/Godwin Omoigui

Nigerian incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan cast his ballot in Otuoke, Nigeria, Saturday, April 16, 2011. Nigerians chose their president in an election Saturday many hoped would show how Africa’s most populous nation could hold a credible vote without the violence and rigging that marred previous ones, though children cast ballots and party officials helped others press their inked fingers to paper.

Support for Japan PM rebounds after disaster: poll Agence France Presse

28 percent showing support for its handling of the crisis, the Mainichi poll showed. Seventy-eight percent said Kan had not shown leadership in tackling the aftermath of the disaster, it showed. The 9.0-magnitude quake and resulting tsunami slammed into Japan’s northeast coast on March 11, killing at least 13,705 people, with more than 14,000 more still missing. The monster wave also crippled the nuclear power plant, with radiation from the overheating reactors making its way into the air, land and sea, leading the government to impose exclusion zones around the plant.

TOKYO – Public support for Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s cabinet rebounded following the March 11 disaster, but a majority of voters criticised its response to the nuclear crisis, a poll showed Monday. The Nikkei business daily said in its latest opinion poll that the approval rating for the cabinet rose to 27 percent from 22 percent in its previous survey in late February, while the disapproval rate remained unchanged at 67 percent. The telephone survey was carried out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, covering 1,603 voters across the nation of whom 61 percent gave valid responses. Seventy percent of the respondents said they gave little credit to the government response to the accident at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, while just 19 percent praised its action. Another opinion poll carried out by the Mainichi Shimbun showed that public support for the cabinet rose to 22 percent from 19 percent in February, while the disapproval rate fell to 54 percent from 60 percent. Sixty-eight percent of reAP Photo/Yomiuri Shimbun, Miho Ikeya spondents did not praise the Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan, left, shakes hands with government’s response to a boy as he visits Ishinomaki devastated by last month’s the nuclear accident against tsunami Sunday, April 10, 2011.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Salon Culinaire 2011

Bali brings home gold IBP

DENPASAR - Competing against chefs from Indonesia and ASEAN is thrilling. Winning is even better. In a memorable victory, Bali’s team for Salon Culinaire 2011 swept first place wins in the categories of Bocuse d’Or Asia Selection Indonesia, Asian Pastry Cup - National Selection, ASEAN Junior Culinary Challenge and MLA Black Box finals Indonesia during the Salon Culinaire 2011 from 6-9 April at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, in conjunction with the Food & Hotel Indonesia 2011 Exhibition. The first day of the challenges began with Bocuse d’Or on Wednesday 6 April. The champion from Bali was represented by the team from ST Regis Bali Resort with chef I Gusti Agung Gede Agung assisted by I Gede Leo Adi Sukma accompanied by Oscar Perez as Director of Kitchen Complexes. The team is eligible to advance to the Bocuse d’Or Asian Selection. In

the following day competition, Bali again won The Asian Junior Chefs Challenge. Bali team consisting of students Cornelius Eggy Andreas (STP Bali), Riyan Adi Permana (STP Bali), and Gerry Girianza Ekaputra (STP Bandung) from Young Chefs Club – Bali Chapter lead by Kristiawan Hendro Ciputro as team leader beat teams from other regions. Bali’s team fared well against the more experienced competition from Dubai and Singapore. Eggy is currently doing training at Four Seasons Resort Bali, Gerry has a full time job as a restaurant consultant in Sanur and Riyan is part time chef at Max Café Uluwatu. The last day competition witnessed the final victory of Bali teams. The Asian Pastry Cup team from Starwood Properties brings home the gold trophy and once again gain the Indonesian selection to compete in The Asian Pastry Cup in Singapore next year with a opportunity to progress to the World pastry Cup, in Lyon, France.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for March 21 through April 23, 2011 21 Mar „ Betara Turun Kabeh Ceremony Besakih - Karangasem „ Bukit Jati Temple Bangli „ Batur Temple Kalanganyar - Bangli „ Masceti Pejengaji Temple Tegallalang - Gianyar „ Dalem Temple Tangsud,Sukawati - Gianyar „ Penambangan Badung Temple Denpasar „ Lempuyang Madia Temple Karangasem „ Batur Temple Bangli „ Desa Temple Singakerta,Ubud - Gianyar „ Pasek Gelgel Temple Marga - Tabanan „ Gaduh Temple Ketapian, Sumerta - Denpasar „ Pasek Bendesa Temple Tuakilang - Tabanan „ Pasek Agung Temple Tatag Kelod,Peguyangan Denpasar „ Agung Pasek Bendesa Temple Tonja - Denpasar „ Pasek Gegel Angsri Temple Baturiti - Tabanan „ Pasek Gelgel Baleagung Temple Braban - Tabanan „ Dukuh Sakti Belatung Temple Timpag,KerambitanTabanan „ Puseh Dukuh Sakti Belatung Rendang - Karangasem „ Pitamaha Temple Palangkaraya - Kalimantan Tengah „ Candra Praba Temple Komplek Polri,JelambarJakarta Barat „ Agung Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar „ Pemerajan Agung Temple Puri Petak - Gianyar „ Dadya Agung Bendesa Tangkas Abiansemal - Badung „ Puseh Temple Sidemen - Karangasem „ Agung Giri Natha Temple Semarang - Center of Java 2 April „ Puseh Temple , Village Temple Sukawati Gianyar „ Pasek Gelgel-Bebetin Temple Sawan Buleleng „ Maspahit Temple Sesetan Denpasar „ Pasek Bendesa Manik Mas Tegallalang Gianyar „ Panti Pasek Gaduh Temple Sesetan - Denpasar „ Pedarman Arya Kanuruhan Temple Besakih Karangasem 5 April „ Kahyangan Tiga Temple Batur Kintamani - Bangli „ Batur Temple Camenggaon, Sukawati Gianyar

„ Luhur Bhujangga Temple Canggu,Kuta Badung „ Kawitan Kayu Selem Temple Batur, Kintamani Bangli 12 April „ Puseh Temple , Desa Temple Gianyar „ Luhur Dalem Segening Temple Kediri Tabanan „ Sanghyang Tegal Temple Taro,Tegallalang Gianyar 16 April „ Dalem Tarukan Temple Cemenggon, Sukawati-Gianyar „ Penataran Dalem Ketut Temple Pejeng Kaja Gianyar „ Puseh Manakaji Temple Peninjoan - Bangli „ Kawitan Gusti Celuk Temple Mengwi Badung 20 April „ Segara Temple Lombok Island „ Dwijawarsa Temple Malang East Java „ Puncak Tinggah Temple Baturiti Tabanan „ Kawitan Batur Pande Tonja Temple Tonja - Denpasar „ Penyungsungan Pasek Tohjiwa Wanagiri,Selemadeg Tabanan „ Penataran Agung Temple Sidemen Karangasem „ Samuan Tiga Temple Bedulu Gianyar „ Kawitan Jati Luwih Bhujangga Jatiluwih Tabanan 21 April „ Dalem Taman Temple Peguyangan Denpasar 23 April „ Puri Agung Dalem Tarukan Pejeng,Tampaksiring Gianyar „ Rambut Siwi Temple Jembrana „ Batu Bolong Temple Canggu,Kuta Badung „ Pasek Temple Klaci,Tabanan „ Agung Pasek Temple Dauh Waru - Jembrana „ Ratu Pasek Temple Sangsit Buleleng „ Pasek Tangkas Temple Gede Tabanan „ Pedharman Batur Sari Ngiis Temple Jegu,Penebel Tabanan „ Desa Temple Banyuning Buleleng „ Srijong Temple Tabanan „ Puncak Mundi Temple Klumpu,Nusa PenidaKlungkung

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

News New Zealand backs change to royal succession Agence France Presse

AP Photo/Antonio Calanni

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi sings “Nustalgia de Milan”, a song in Milanese dialect about homesickness, during a rally in downtown Milan, Italy, Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Dominant Berlusconi unbowed by trials Reuters

ROME – For a politician on trial over charges ranging from tax fraud to paying for sex with a minor, Silvio Berlusconi is notably free of self doubt. “I think it’s positive that I’m here to represent Italy and lead the center-right,” the Italian prime minister said last week in comments at an off-the-record dinner with foreign press that were leaked to Italian newspapers. “As long as there’s no one to replace me, I’ll stay for some time longer.” That confidence has been a vital asset in Berlusconi’s career, from his early days as a cruise ship entertainer to his success as the head of a vast property and media empire, and his 17-year spell at the top of Italian politics. Berlusconi’s legal problems have once again put his outsize personality in the spotlight, providing plenty of ammunition for his many critics but in certain ways also highlighting his dominance of the Italian political system. “Berlusconi is a very unusual person,” said one senior foreign of-

ficial who has had extensive contact with the 74-year-old prime minister. “He’s very generous, he’s also very forceful. He overwhelms people, even physically,” he said. It is difficult to imagine any other western leader surviving the kinds of allegations Berlusconi faces. He is accused of trying to avoid paying millions of euros in tax, of bribing his lawyer to give false evidence in court and of paying for sex with a 17-year-old and then pressuring police officials in a bid to cover the story up. But with no credible alternative on the right and a weak and divided opposition on the left, he has variously

laughed off the charges or launched vitriolic counter-attacks on the “subversive” magistrates he accuses of trying to destroy Italian democracy. He also appears completely unembarrassed by quasi-pornographic newspaper accounts of “bunga bunga” sex parties at his palatial house near Milan where magistrates say he entertained a veritable harem of young women. “My compliments, you are so good you make me want to invite you to bunga bunga,” he told two young women as he presented them with awards at a ceremony for young business leaders at Rome University earlier this month.

of the Indonesian government to propose Balinese dances to UNESCO for the status of the world body’s Best Practices on Indigenous Knowledge 2011. Balinese dances deserve the status because of their exquisite and unique artistic values, said Anak Agung Gde Agung. He hoped that UNESCO would grant the status of Best Practice on Indigenous Knowledge. Located in East Jakarta, the

250-hectare TMII is a culturebased recreational park and is a synopsis of Indonesian culture, with virtually all aspects of daily life in Indonesia’s 34 provinces encapsulated in separate pavilions with the collection of architecture, clothing, dances and traditions. Noken is a very versatile bag in a form of nets made from tree skin and used by Papuans to keep their belongings when they go out hunting, gardening or shopping.

Balinese... From page 1 Meliala said that the Indonesian cultural features, notably Balinese dances, deserve the appreciation from global communities for their excellence as indigenous cultural heritages. “Let the world know how TMII has been functioning as an institution to preserve the Indonesian culture,” she said. Anak Agung Gde Agung, who represented the Bali governor in the event, welcomed the initiative

WELLINGTON – New Zealand on Monday supported changing royal succession rules to allow Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first born to become monarch regardless of its gender. Prime Minister John Key said New Zealand backed a proposal to scrap the principle of male primogeniture, which means that the first born son would be next in line to the throne, even if he had an older sister. “New Zealand supports that view (but) I don’t know whether those changes will happen anytime soon,” he told TVNZ. Key, who will travel to Britain for William and Kate’s April 29 wedding at London’s Westminster Abbey, said he doubted Queen Elizabeth II would raise the issue during a scheduled lunch at Windsor Castle. He said she was more likely to seek information about the impact of a February 22 earthquake which killed more than 180 people in Christchurch and a disaster at the Pike River colliery last year in which 29 miners died. Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister

Nick Clegg, who is responsible for constitutional reform, has raised the issue of changing succession rules, describing the current system as “old fashioned”. New Zealand, a former British colony, still recognises the queen as the country’s head of state. The chairman of the country’s Republican Movement, Lewis Holden, said most New Zealanders would be “aghast” that such a sexist succession rule was used to appoint their head of state. He also said the succession changes Clegg had proposed failed to end discrimination against nonAnglicans who married into the royal family. “The changes will keep the position of New Zealand’s head of state in the hands of a British aristocratic family on the other side of the world,” he said, calling for a referendum to decide the country’s head of state. He said republicans in New Zealand were not planning protests during the royal wedding, adding “we’ll just go to the pub instead”. “Look, it’s a wedding and weddings are fun,” he said. “We just think that it has no constitutional relevance to New Zealand in the 21st century.”

Death toll at 43 as tornadoes and storms rake South Reuters

RALEIGH, North Carolina – Three days of severe storms and tornadoes in the southern United States have killed at least 43 people while downing power lines and wrecking hundreds of buildings, officials said on Sunday. North Carolina accounted for the bulk of casualties and property losses, with 22 people killed and about 130 others injured. Significant damage was reported in at least 26 counties and power outages affected more than 200,000 people. “Despite all the damage, the thing we heard the most today was how grateful people are to be alive,” North Carolina governor Beverly Perdue told reporters after touring storm-damaged areas on Sunday. She spoke with President Obama, who pledged “whatever it takes to rebuild North Carolina,” Perdue said. In Virginia, there were four confirmed deaths and reports of three unconfirmed deaths, accord-

ing to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Virginia emergency officials said that 177 structures had been damaged by the severe weather. It appeared to be the deadliest U.S. storm since February 2008, when 57 people died in two days from tornadoes in the South and Ohio Valley, said meteorologist Andy Mussoline, who said the death toll may change. Dominion Virginia Power said the two nuclear reactors at its Surry Power Station in southeastern Virginia shut down automatically on Saturday when an apparent tornado touched down and cut off an electrical feed to the station. Backup generators operated normally and both units “are in safe and stable condition,” the utility said in a statement. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Roger Hannah said on Sunday no radiation was released during the storm and shutdown. “Everything worked the way it should,” he said.

Cirebon... From page 1 The forensic team also noticed a scar on the left forehead of the suspect. Firday’s suicide bombing occurred when the people were about to perform Friday prayer at Adz

Zikro mosque at Cirebon police station compound at 12.30 pm local time. Muhammad Syafir was killed in the explosion which wounded at least 20 others.


Indonesia Today

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Unqualified students not to force to pass national exams Antara

JAKARTA - National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh has called on all parties not to force unqualified students to pass the national exams which takes place starting today until April 20. AFP PHOTO / STR

Rescuers search for victims under debris following a landslide that killed nine people and another seven injured in Klangon village in Indonesia’s East Java province on April 17, 2011. The men were taking a lunch break after searching for firewood at the foot of a hill in Malang district when a steep part of the hill collapsed on them, district police chief Rinto Djatmono told AFP.

Landslide kills 10 gathering firewood in Indonesia Associated Press Writer

JAKARTA – Police say a landslide on Indonesia’s main island killed 10 people over the weekend. Heavy rains sent rocks and dirt cascading down a 260-foot- (80meter-) cliff in Malang district in

central Java Island. Police Capt. Prayitno said nine men died instantly while they were gathering firewood near a river Sunday. He said Monday that the 10th victim died in a hospital later. Prayitno uses only one name, like many Indonesians.

Tropical Indonesia is particularly prone to landslides and flooding. The disasters come in part because of logging and slash-andburn farming has destroyed many native forests that used to prevent erosion in its more than 17,000 islands.

Indonesia to pick up hostages from Somali pirates Agence France-Presse

JAKARTA – Indonesia has deployed troops to the seas off Somalia to pick up its 20 sailors held hostage by pirates once the negotiations for their release are finalised, according to an official. “The Indonesian military has sent troops to Somalia on March 23 to pick up our people and bring them home if necessary,” Coordinating Ministry of Political, Security and Legal Affairs spokesman Sagom Tamboen told AFP. “The carrier can still be hijacked

once they are released,” he said. Tamboen said Jakarta sent two frigates with about 400 marines and army personnel to waters off the east coast of Africa. “The government is facilitating the company responsible for the crew members for its final negotiation. The company is still trying to figure out the mechanism to pay the $3-million ransom,” he said. An unusually large group of 30 to 50 Somali pirates in March seized an Indonesian flagged and owned ship about 320 nautical miles northeast of the Yemeni island of Socotra and used it in a failed bid to hijack a second

ship. The bulk carrier Sinar Kudus was on its way to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from Indonesian island of Sulawesi when it was hijacked. Tamboen said the frigates would also monitor an Indonesian stateowned vessel coming to waters off the east of Africa from Saudi Arabia soon. “The vessel has about 3,000 Indonesians on board who have overstayed in Saudi Arabia,” he said. Despite the increased international military presence off Somalia’s coastline — the longest on the African continent — pirates have raked in huge ransoms.

“Of course we all want them to pass. But it must be based on the regulations and honesty,” the minister said after visiting State High School 70 in Jakarta to see the preparations before the implementation of national exams today. The minister said the government called on the students to do their best to pass the exams. Even if some students failed the test, he

said, they could follow a re-test program or repeat of the national exams next year. The result of the national exams is one of the factor that contribute to the decision of whether or not a student can further their study to a higher school or not. Another factor that determines a student’s graduation from school is the grade he or she obtained during his or her study.

Health Minister visits Cirebon bomb victims Antara

CIREBON - Minister of Health Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih had visited the suicide bombing victims at a hospital in Cirebon on Sunday. The minister arrived on a helicopter at Cakrabuana Penggung airport, Cirebon, at 11:10 local time. In the company of West Java police chief Inspector General Suparni Parto, she symbolically handed over relief aid for the victims, received by the hospital’s director Hadi Haryono. “All medical expenses will be paid by the government and to be derived from the state budget for natural disasters,” Endang said.

Her visit to Cirebon, she added, was also to see the latest condition of the victims. Right now ten patients were still being treated at the Pelabuhan hospital, one at Gunung Jati hospital, and another at Waled hospital, still another at Pertamina hospital in Cirebon, and another at Pertamina Central Hospital, and one at the Kramat Jati hospital, the minister said. One of the victims had been transferred to Waled hospital because it has the more sophisticated equipment to remove the metal pieces still in the body of the victim,” she said. In the meantime, she added, a number of other victims of the bombing will also be transferred to other hospitals for the same reasons.

Kebumen incident must be settled based on law: Military Chief Antara

JAKARTA - Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) chief Admiral Agus Suhartono instructed his subordinates to settle the Kebumen shooting incident democratically based on the law in force. His spokesman Rear Admiral Iskandar Sitompul said here on Sunday that the TNI chief also expressed his deep regret over the outbreak of the clash between military personnel and local residents in Kebumen, Central Java on Saturday (April 16).

Regarding the incident where 13 suffered serious injuries and four were shot, Agus Suhartono expressed hope that such an incident would not be repeated in the future. “Therefore, dispute should be settled democratically and based on the law in force,” he said. The TNI headquarters said that the handling of the demonstrators had been carried out based on the standing procedures and were followed by persuasive steps. The clash should have not happened because planned military ex-

ercise and heavy equipment test in the location has been canceled and moved to Lumajang, East Java. The land in Ambal village, Kebumen, Central Java had been under the management of the Army since the Dutch colonial era and it has been used as a shooting range since in 1949. The Diponegoro District Command Chief Maj. Gen. said meanwhile that his side has set up a team to settle the incident. It would also take firm actions against soldiers who are proven to have committed crime.

FOTO ANTARA/ Ujang Zaelani

Two workers staring at the lubricant products that will be exported by Lubricant Production Unit Jakarta. PT. Pertamina through Lubricant Production Unit Jakarta export lubricant to Nepal.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bali Today Hotel occupancy rate in Kuta still high Antara

Kuta – Even garbage filled Kuta Beach but the hotel occupancy rate in the area is still very high, up to 90%. The kata Marketing Communication Executive Grand Istana Rama Hotel, Bianca Rosetta, said “our hotel doesn’t affect neither by the dirty condition of Kuta Beach nor the article from Time Magazine. The occupancy rate is still quite high.” The hotel which has 149 rooms always filled with guests and the occupancy rate could be up to 90%. Almost 60% of the guests are coming from Australia and the rest varied from Asian and countries in Europe. “The guests in our hotel hardly complain about the garbage on the beach. They are still very happy in enjoying holiday in Bali,” she added. Bianca explained that the guests often complain about the attitude of the seller on they beach. Sometimes the seller can be too pushy and force the guests to buy their goods. Not to mention the price is very expensive. “I hope that the problem will not continue to happen because

it could give bad effect on our tourism,” she said. Bianca explained that the garbage not only give problem but also excellent idea for the hotel. Because of the article from Time, the employees of the hotel started a clean up activity every Saturday. The main goal of the activity is to clean Kuta Beach. There is also “Galang Bulan” or full moon festival which is held to entertainment then guests. “The entertainment is a kecak dance telling the story about Rama and Sinta. While enjoying wonderful dinner, the guests could watch the exotic dance,” Bianca said. The special attraction make many tourists want to stay in the hotel.

Tourism site officer must give better information Antara

DENPASAR – The human resources in tourism sites in Bali need improvement because they must give service to the tourists. The Head of Human Resource Development in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism I Gede Pitana, said “the officer must give service such as information about the tourism site.” During the Training about Culture and Tourism for Society held by the ministry, he said that the officer placed in the tourism site must know and understand everything about the place. “For that reason, we will educate the officers in all tourism destinations in Indonesia including Bali,” he added. There is great hope that the education and train-

ing event will give better understanding and knowledge to the officers so it will give good effect on tourism in general. Pitana said that the weakness of the officers in the tourism site is that they don’t want to increase their knowledge. In the digital era, they are very easy to gain more knowledge. “Each tourist is different and they have different need so the officers must understand and have broad knowledge so they can assist the guests in many ways. Nowadays, the officer can learn from internet and other media,” he added. Meanwhile, the head of the committee of the event, Riwud Mujirahayu, said that 40 particpants take part in the event and they are coming from various tourism sites in Bali.


Villas and hotels are seen on the edge of a cliff in Nusa Lembongan. The development on the island is not well managed so it threatens the beauty of Nusa Lembongan.

Tourist Icon Infrastructure and permit control in Lembongan apprehensive Bali Post

SEMARAPURA - Klungkung Regency has Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida as a tourist icon. The number of domestic and foreign tourist visit to the island with a population of about 4,000 is no less than 10,000 each month. As attraction on offer, travelers can enjoy beautiful panorama of the sea, beach and village atmosphere. Unfortunately, condition of the local infrastructure stays apprehensive. Criticism of some legislators from Nusa Penida, Klungkung, arises thereof. One of them was from Wayan Baru (a member of Commission B). “Over ten years, Lembongan was untouched by improvement projects or infrastructural development from the government,” explained Wayan Baru, recently. Condition of inadequate infrastructure, said Baru, had disturbed the comfort of tourists who came to Lembongan, especially those wishing to enjoy the atmosphere of daily life of local residents in the rural ar-

eas. Therefore, he requested the government (Klungkung Regency and Bali Province) in order to devote more attentions to improve the infrastructure in the region that had clearly given contribution to regionally generated revenue (PAD) to Klungkung Regency. Otherwise, he was worried the recent promotional effort for Lembongan as a tourist destination over the years would be in vain. “Government is always buzzing the Lembongan as tourist icon of Klungkung Regency. It should be realized by giving more attention. In reality, government did nothing and it was indifferent to the existing circumstance of the infrastructure,” he said while adding that infrastructure and licensing data collection in the region were also unorganized. Many missed. In other words, many accommodation businesses such as bungalow or cottage did not have permit. “It’s a big problem that should be addressed immediately. Asides from infrastructure, the problem of data collection of licensing is also complicated,” he

added. Similar opinion was exposed by Deputy Head of Klungkung House, Putu Tika Winawan. He put great hopes on the tourism of Nusa Penida as a whole, moreover after the declaration of the Aquatic Conservation Area (KKP) on Nusa Penida a few months ago. “Declaration of the Aquatic Conservation Area was ensured to affect the increase of tourist visits. It should be balanced with the improvement of infrastructure,” he said while claiming to have repeatedly criticized the problems (infrastructure and supervision of licensing—Ed). Especially for LembonganCeningan, Tika Winawan urged the Klungkung Regency or Bali Provincial Government to promptly realize the Lembongan-Ceningan Bridge. Condition of the existing bridge (yellow bridge—Ed) could only be passed through by a motorcycle. In addition, it had been damaged. “In the future, we do expect the bridge construction can be passed through by four-wheeled vehicles,” he said. (kmb20)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Balinese Culture Ngelawar :

From Togetherness with Love to Flavor Each region in Indonesia has different delicacy pursuant to surrounding environment providing the ingredients and tradition maintained. Bali, for instance, has lawar. It has been renowned and tasted by the tongue of foreign tourists. Hot spices supported by a variety of tubers and thinlychopped vegetables like the young coconut shell, string bean, grated coconut or young papaya will kindle the appetite from the beginning until the end. Then, chopped meat such as pork, beef, chicken, duck or others are used as the main ingredient, and it gives the name of the lawar itself. This lawar delicacy is over and over again introduced in every occasion of traditional culinary event. At villages, the ngelawar (preparation of lawar) tradition is begun by togetherness. Villagers usually slaughter a pig or the like and prepare the dishes collectively for special occasions such as personal life-cycle rituals or temple anniversary. From early in the morning, they have been ready to go by bringing along with a sharp knife. Few moments later, the chopping boards turn crowded sounding tek...tek…tek…tek and goes on. Some prepare spices and vegetables, while the others slice thinly the meat in use. In essence, the pebat or kitchen department is very busy. Meanwhile, when celebrating the Galungan and Kuningan festivity, Balinese people (Hindu) may join the collective slaughter known as mepatung while food preparation is undertaken individually. This has something to do with slightly different tastes and interests. The food is prepared for filling some oblations other than for consumption. Their food

habitually consist of lawar, satay, komoh (clear soup), urutan (sausage), skin crackers, tum (chopped meat mix with spices and then steamed) and so forth. Other tradition remains to be maintained is ngejot or presenting food gift to neighbor and relatives. Though they equally have the same delicacy, it is intended to maintain social relationship and exchange the food as theirs may have different tastes. Similarly, family members will also visit relatives where parent or grandparent comes from. To share the happiness with the ancestral souls, at least family will also bring along sagi offering and be presented to them in the home platform shrine at bale dangin or eastern pavilion. Today, probably many people are

very busy as they must be in charge to work. However, there are always people offering their services by providing ready-to-serve lawar. It is variedly packed in nice bamboo basket containing particular number of satay, lawar and serapah (grated coconut with meat). On that account, people will not be busy to prepare it in case of organizing an event or socioreligious activity. When making a visit to Bali, it also a good opportunity for you try these delicacies. At least, try the lawar as it has been identical to Balinese cuisine. Seemingly, your visit to Bali would be incomplete without ‘pampering’ your tongue by this delicacy. Of course, it will enrich your culinary adventure, too! (BTN/punia)

UDANG PANTUNG KUNING (Lobster in Yellow Sauce)

OVERVIEW: A real gourmet treat from Bali, this could also be made with huge prawns. In Bali, coconut chunks are roasted directly on charcoal, then the charred skin scrapped off and the flesh grated for making the coconut milk. INGREDIENTS: 4 sml lobsters, weighing about 500 gr each or 1 kg large prawns 5 cups water 2 lemongrass, bruised 2 fragrant lime leaves 4 cups coconut milk few drops white vinegar fried shallots to garnish


The Hindus work together to make the traditional cuisine “lawar”

SPICE PASTE: 5 red chilies, seeded and chopped 3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 7 shallots, peeled and chopped 5 cm fresh turmeric, peeled and chopped 5 cm ginger, peeled and chopped 4 candlenuts 1 ½ tsp coriander ½ tsp dried shrimp paste toasted 1 sml tomato, peeled and seeded 2 tbsp oil 1 ½ tbsp tamarind pulp 1 salam leaf 1 lemon grass, bruised PREPARATION: Prepare spice paste by grinding or blending all ingredients except oil, tamarind, salam leaf and lemongrass. Heat oil, add spice paste and all other ingredients. Cook over moderate heat for about 5 minutes, then cool. Wash lobsters and leave whole. Bring water to the boil, add lobsters and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove lobsters, plunge in iced water for 1 minutes, then drain and remove meat. Return shells to the pot of water, keeping lobster meat aside. Add spice paste, lemongrass, lime leaves and vinegar to the water with the shells and simmer until 4 cups of stock remain. Add coconut milk and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain stock and return to pan. Add lobster and simmer for 1 minute. Serve garnished with fried shallots and accompanied by white rice.

Helpful hints: if using prawns instead of lobster, peel the raw prawns and put prawns shells 4 cups of water. Simmer for 5 minutes, then combine this stock with coconut milk, prawns and all other ingredients, simmering until cooked. ( C.045 ibp




Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tenganan Village IBP

Tenganan Village is one of the oldest Balinese Traditional located in Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali. This village is much referred by cultural literature science of Tenganan Pegringsingan, which is very famous in the island. It own very unique local community life pattern which is one example of Bali Aga Village cultures (Hindu Prehistoric) and different with other countryside in plain of Bali. Nowadays, this village has been appointed as a place for tourist destination which can present the attractive and unique matters which able to add the variation of object and fascination for tourist to come. Tenganan village is geographically situated among the hill in west and east part of this village. This village is located in Manggis sub district and Karangasem Regency or about 1 hour drive from Denpasar Town. It is a small village consisted of three Banjars (group of local community) those are Banjar Kauh, Banjar Tengah and Banjar Pande. The regional of this village is con-

sisted of three complexes those are resident, plantation and rice field complex. The history of Tenganan village is expressed in a few versions. The first version is mentioned that the resident of Tenganan village are come from Paneges Village, a village is located near with Bedahulu Village that is located Gianyar Regency. The second version is expressed that word of Tenganan recognized in one of Bali inscription that was written by the word of Tranganan. The third version is expressed that the Tenganan Village Resident prays to the Bukit Lempuyang Temple. The word of Tenganan is ascribed by a Tengah root word which can mean to aim to middle of Pegringsingan, the fasten cloth type weave that is typically produce by Tenganan village resident. The structure of resident in Tenganan village is built in linear consisted of six rays. Each of ray consisted of some lawn broadly, the building form where the local community use it to present the handicraft for tourists. All the tradition existences of the human being are harmoniously with the God, human and environment as according to Tri Hita Karana concept. The

Tourism Destination of Tenganan remains to draw during the time, goodness as tourism cultural object, tourism nature and agriculture tourism. It is a very famous village

International Bali Post Classifieds BALI CENTRAL CANOPY


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BUSINESS Toyota resumes production at all Japan plants Associated Press Writer

TOKYO – Toyota Motor Corp. resumed car production at all of its plants in Japan Monday for the first time since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, but said the factories will run at half capacity due to parts shortages. The world’s No. 1 automaker said it was still struggling to secure around 150 types of auto parts. The magnitude-9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami destroyed parts factories in northeastern Japan, causing severe shortages of components. The twin disasters forced Toyota to shut down all output in Japan except at three plants, which have been running at limited capacity since late March and early April to produce hot-selling Prius, Lexus and Corolla cars. The 900 workers at Toyota’s auto plant in Miyagi, one of the worst-hit areas in the disasters, observed a minute’s silence for tsunami victims before starting work Monday. The quake and tsunami left nearly 28,000 people dead or missing. In Miyagi alone, police said over 8,400 people have been

killed. Toru Kuzuhara, president of Toyota subsidiary Central Motor Co. Ltd., which operates the Miyagi plant, said he hoped the resumption of auto production would help spur reconstruction efforts in the tsunami-battered region. “We will make top-quality cars and deliver them to many customers as early as possible. I believe this will lead to broader reconstruction efforts in Miyagi,” he said. Yasuhiro Tadokoro, an official at the Miyagi plant, said he felt relieved that the factory was again running. “Finally, we can operate our plant. I am so relieved that we can get back to work for the first time since the tsunami,” he said. The Miyagi plant — Toyota’s newest auto factory in Japan — began operations in January. The plant

suffered minor damage due to the quake, Tadokoro said. Toyota makes Yaris compact sedans at the Miyagi factory for export to North America. Toyota will keep production at all its Japanese plants at half capacity until April 27, and then halt output from April 28 to May 9, a period that includes Golden Week holidays when factories would normally close. The company will resume production in Japan from May 10 to June 3 at half of normal levels. Toyota has said it will make a decision in coming weeks about production plans beyond that period. It remains unclear when Toyota will return to full production in Japan, Toyota spokeswoman Shiori Hashimoto said. Last month’s disasters have caused Toyota a production loss of 260,000 cars, she said.

Euro zone debt crisis gets new Finnish threat Reuters

LONDON – The euro fell on Monday and stocks were weaker as the rise of a euro-skeptic party in Finland added another potential hurdle to solving the euro zone’s debt problems. Equities were also weaker on disappointing European earnings and concerns about Japan’s coming reporting season. Gold and silver hit new record highs on inflation fears. MSCI’s all-country world stock index started what is in many places a holiday-shortened week trading down 0.3 percent. The FTSEurofirst 300 was off half a percent and threatening to fall into the red for the year. Japan’s Nikkei closed down 0.36 percent. Finnish voters handed the antieuro True Finns party a crucial role in parliament and possibly a path into government. The significance is that Finland’s parliament has the right to vote on European Union requests for bailout funds, meaning

it could hold up costly plans to shore up Portugal and bring stability to debt markets. Talk about Greek restructuring of its debt has also boiled up in recent weeks, including a Greek newspaper report on Monday that the government had asked the International Monetary Fund and European Union to start discussions on a restructuring. A Greek finance ministry source said the report was not true. Equities, however, were also being hurt by an increasing concern that the current earnings season is not going to be as good as recent quarters. “Company results haven’t been that great and there are concerns that margins for a lot of companies are not going to rise. The bias for the market is more on the downside. There are a lot of risks and you may get a serious knock,” said Koen De Leus, strategist at KBC Securities in Brussels. Dutch consumer electronics major Philips Electronics posted lower-than-expected first-quarter net profit and said it would divest

its struggling television business . Citigroup Inc is expected to report a drop in quarterly profit and revenue later, as an uncertain trading environment and weak consumer loan demand hinder its efforts to move past the financial crisis. The euro hit a 10-day low against the dollar on concerns about Greek restructuring and the Portuguese bailout. It fell 0.8 percent to $1.4319 “The focus is turning toward the Greek situation and is acting as a dampener on the euro - it would be the first restructuring and the market has no idea when or whether it will happen,” said Mic Ingenuus, currency strategist at Nordea in Copenhagen. Analysts were skeptical the Finnish vote could derail the Portuguese bailout but it added to already negative sentiment. The euro was down 0.8 percent at $1.4319. On bond markets, Portuguese, Spanish and other lower-rated euro zone government debt came under pressure.


Developments rise behind pedestrians crossing an overpass in Beijing on April 18, 2011. China’s central bank announced Sunday it will raise the amount of money that lenders must keep in reserve as official concerns persist over inflation and fast-pace lending.

China to raise bank reserve ratio requirement Agence France-Presse

BEIJING – China’s central bank announced Sunday it will raise the amount of money that lenders must keep in reserve as official concerns persist over inflation and fast-pace lending. The People’s Bank of China said it will raise its reserve ratio requirement by 0.50 percentage points, effective from Thursday. It is the fourth such move this year, and comes after government data showed on Friday that the consumer price index had reached 5.4 percent in March, a nearly three-year high. Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said Saturday that policymakers would use various measures to control inflation, which he described as high, but warned too many interest rate hikes would attract “hot money”, Caijing magazine reported. Zhou made the remarks on the sidelines of an international forum on the southern island of Hainan after Beijing released data showing that China’s consumer prices last month rose at their fastest pace since July 2008. The politically sensitive consumer price index for March was well above the government’s 2011 target of four percent and fuelled expectations of further interest rate hikes and lending restrictions. Beijing has made reining in prices a key task for this year. Ever fearful of inflation’s potential to trigger social unrest, leaders have hiked deposit and lending rates four times since October and issued numerous orders for banks to set aside more of their deposits as reserves. When the new reserve ratio requirement takes effect, China’s com-

mercial banks will be required to hold 20.5 percent of their deposits in reserve, based on earlier announcements made by the bank. The reserve rate hike, the 10th since the beginning of 2010, comes after the central bank announced last week that the nation’s banks lent 679.4 billion yuan ($104.5 billion) in March, up from 535.6 billion yuan in February and despite the efforts to curb lending. The March lending figure came in above the median forecast of 585 billion yuan by economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires. The reserve rate increase also comes as Beijing seeks to fend off international calls to allow its currency, the yuan, to trade more freely amid accusations it is being kept artificially weak to boost exports. A stronger yuan would help Beijing manage inflation by lowering the costs of imports into China, they say. Last week, the International Monetary Fund said the Chinese yuan is “substantially weaker” than it should be and warned inflation in the world’s second-largest economy would hit five percent in 2011. The Washington-based lender also noted growing concerns over the potential for “steep corrections” in Chinese property prices — a key worry for Beijing — and “boom-like” credit as banks undermine official efforts to curb lending. “The currency of China still appears substantially weaker than warranted by medium-term fundamentals,” the IMF said in its 2011 World Economic Outlook. A stronger currency and higher interest rates would help emerging economies such as China avoid overheating and ease global trade imbalances, which was “essential” to putting the global economic recovery on a stronger footing, the IMF said.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011


‘Rio’ soars to year’s best film debut Agence France Presse

LOS ANGELES – Audiences flocked to theaters to see tropical bird comedy “Rio,” knocking fellow kid-flick “Hop” off its perch to score the best debut weekend of the year, industry data showed Sunday. The 3-D cartoon, about pet macaw Blu — voiced by “Social Network” star Jesse Eisenberg — who bolts from chilly climes to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro with the bird of his dreams, raked in a cool $40 million in the Friday-to-Sunday period, according to box office tracker Exhibitor Relations. The film scared off the debut of “Scream 4,” the latest in director Wes Craven’s irony-drenched horror-comedy franchise, which took the second spot with $19.3 million. Easter romp “Hop,” the realaction-animation hybrid about the wayward son of the Easter Bunny and which had spent two weeks at the top, earned another $11.2 million at the weekend for a domestic total of $82.6 million. The weekend estimates showed “Soul Surfer,” starring AnnaSophia Robb as a churchgoing teenage surfer who returns to the ocean after losing an arm in a

shark attack, hanging ten in fourth spot with $7.4 million. “Hanna,” a thriller about a teenage assassin raised in the wilds of North Finland, and which debuted last week in second spot, slipped three place to fifth, where it earned $7.3 million. “Arthur,” the Russell Brand-starring remake of the 1981 Oscar-winning hit about an irresponsible but lovable billionaire, earned $6.9 million in sixth place. Horror flick “Insidious,” in which a family finds itself living in a haunted house, picked up $6.8 million for seventh place. Made for a paltry $1.5 million, the film has pulled in an impressive total of $36 million over three weeks. Jake Gyllenhaal’s critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller “Source Code,” about a government experiment to find the bomber of a commuter train, took eighth spot, with $6.3 million. Film icon Robert Redford’s latest film “The Conspirator,” a historical drama about the men behind Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, came in at just ninth place, in limited release with $3.9 million, although its average sales per theater were among the highest of the weekend.

AFP/Dale de la Rey

Carina Lau (L) and Nicholas Tse pose with their trophies after winning the Best Actress and Best Actor awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Veteran Hong Kong director Tsui Hark’s murder mystery “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” was the biggest winner at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday.

Murder mystery stars at Hong Kong Film Awards Agence France Presse

HONG KONG – Veteran Hong Kong director Tsui Hark’s murder mystery “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” was the biggest winner at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday. The Tangdynasty drama featuring famous Chinese detective Di Renjie scooped six awards, including best director, best actress, best art direction, best sound design, best visual effects and best costume and make-up design.

AP Photo/20th Century Fox

In this publicity image released by 20th Century Fox, animated characters, from left, Raphael, voiced by George Lopez, Blu, voiced by Jesse Eisenberg, and Jewel, voiced by Anne Hathaway, are shown in a scene from “Rio.” The 20th Century Fox animated family flick “Rio,” featuring the voices of Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg, led the weekend box office with a healthy $40 million debut, according to studio estimates Sunday, April 17, 2011.

“The whole team has worked really hard and put in a lot of effort to make this a spectacular production,” Tsui said after receiving the award. “This award is to be shared with everyone involved.” The moviemaker’s latest hit was nominated for the top Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival last year. Carina Lau, crowned best actress for her role as the powerful Chinese empress Wu Zetian in Tsui’s drama, said: “After being nominated so many times and not winning, I

didn’t think it would really happen to me.” She beat fellow contenders Miriam Yeung, Fiona Sit, Tang Wei, and Josie Ho, daughter of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho. “Gallants”, a rollicking homage to Hong Kong kung fu movies in the 1970s, was the dark horse of the night and the second biggest winner, scooping awards for best film, best supporting actor, best supporting actress and best original film score. Long-time actor-director-singer Teddy Robin bagged the honours

for best supporting actor for his role in the comedy. “Over the past 30 years, I’ve had a lot of nominations, but not wins. This time round, it’s finally my turn,” he told reporters. “This is an affirmation that I am a good actor too,” he added. Veteran actress Susan Shaw snatched the title of best supporting actress. Best actor went to singer-cum-actor Nicholas Tse for his role in the gritty action-packed cop drama “The Stool Pigeon”, beating early favourite and veteran actor Chow Yun-fat as the great Chinese thinker Confucius. Prolific filmmaker Pang Hocheung and Heiward Mak won the award for best screenplay for the light-hearted romantic film “Love In A Puff”, a movie about a cosmetics saleswoman who develops a romance with a fellow smoker.

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks dust off oldies Reuters

LOS ANGELES – A warm, invigorating breeze traipsed through the Hollywood Bowl as the boomer-fantasy pairing of Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks played the first of two nights. And the coziness factor was ratcheted up as the co-headliners played hit after comfy hit for an appreciative veteran crowd that was out for a night of just that. The L.A. stop on RaspFest ’11, officially dubbed the Heart & Soul Tour, was a pleasing if occasionally uneven affair that juxtaposed Nicks’ straightforward quasi-mystery and Stewart’s broad-playing rock-star antics. She stood at the

microphone, strumming occasional air guitar and making graceful little gestures; he peacocked around the stage, preening and teasing. Ultimately, both were entertaining — for the young, young at heart and otherwise. And that’s what it was all about. Nicks opened with a 70-minute set that she seemed more into than during her 2009 arena tour with Fleetwood Mac, likely invigorated by a new album due May 3. “The best year of Stevie Nicks’ life just happened because of Dave Stewart,” she said of the man with whom she wrote much of “In Your Dreams,” her first studio record in a decade. Lead single “Secret Love,” a likable mid-upper-midtempo track she’d sung on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” three days before, drew a genu-

ine cheer from the sellout crowd. The rest of Nicks’ show mined her solo/Mac catalog, including three songs from her 2001 album “Trouble in Shangri-La.” Dressed in trademark dripping, glittery gown, Nicks, 62, began with a vocally rough “Stand Back” but settled in by the time her six-piece band locked into the laconic/iconic groove of “Dreams.” Her smoky vocal enveloped the 1977 hit. Sometimes raspy, sometimes reedy, Nicks was at her best during crowd favorites “Gold Dust Woman” and the still-lovely “Landslide.” During the latter, a video screen showed photos of her from infancy through stardom, many featuring her father.



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‘Royal star’ was a supernova, say astronomers Agence France Presse

REUTERS/Sergio Moraes/Files

A truck carries sugar cane on a road near Campos dos Goytacazes in Rio de Janeiro state November 10, 2010.

Sugarcane grown for fuel cools Brazil’s climate Reuters

WASHINGTON – Sugarcane grown to power Brazil’s cars and trucks as an alternative to climate-warming fossil fuels has a beneficial side effect: it also cools the local air temperature, scientists reported on Sunday. Researchers warned that this does not mean replacing Amazon forest or other natural vegetation with sugarcane fields. The benefit comes when sugarcane is introduced into existing agriculture, replacing pasture land or crops like soybeans. Sugarcane manages this win-win feat by its ability to reflect sunlight and to “sweat” out cooling moisture into the air, said lead researcher Scott Loarie of the Carnegie Institution for Science. Plants draw moisture from the soil and emit it into the air in the process of photosynthesis, Loarie said by telephone, and sugarcane is particularly efficient at making this transfer of cooling moisture. “We showed that with sugarcane, it was these evaporative cooling effects that were much more significant than the albedo (reflectivity),” he said, speaking of research published

online in Nature Climate Change. Sugarcane is used in biofuel that powers about a quarter of the motor vehicles in Brazil, and in that way, it helps to keep some of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, which affects global climate. CARBON PAYBACK

However, because of its efficiency at emitting cool moisture, it also can push down local temperatures by 1.67 degrees F (0.93 degrees C) compared to other crops or pasture. Planting sugarcane still does not cool down the air as much as other crops and pas-

ture warm it when they replace natural vegetation. The researchers found this local warming effect was 2.79 degrees F (1.55 degrees C). One advantage of sugarcane planting for biofuels in Brazil is that it shortens what is known as the carbon payback time. This is a way of calculating how long it will take to get excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere after it is emitted, Loarie said. “If we cut down a hectare of Amazon forest, how much carbon are we releasing into the atmosphere and how much time is it going to take before we take that carbon out of the atmosphere?” he said. “How long will it take us to make that back, to substitute fossil fuels with the renewable fuels we’re going to grow?” In places like the Amazon, he said, the carbon payback times can stretch to 60 years. But in much of Brazil, because sugarcane is such a productive form of energy, the carbon payback times are “only a couple of years,” he said.

LONDON – One of the abiding legends of Britain’s royal family is that a noon-day star appeared at the birth in 1630 of King Charles II, who was to restore the English monarchy after the execution of his father. “The Most Glorious Star... shining most brightly in a Miraculous manner in the Face of the Sun,” was how an English writer, Edward Matthew, described the supposed event in a 1661 pamphlet. “Never any Starre [had] appeared before at the birth of any (the Highest humane Hero) except our Saviour.” Accounts of the “royal star” have often been written off by historians as propaganda, coloured with Christ-like ornamentation, to cement Charles II’s claim to the throne after his father had been overthrown. But new evidence, to be put to a meeting of Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) on Monday, suggests that a new star did in fact attend the royal birth. The star could have been a supernova called Cassiopeia A, say Martin Lunn, former curator of astronomy at the Yorkshire Museum

in northern England, and Lila Rakoczy, a US-based independent scholar. Cassiopeia A was a massive star that eventually collapsed in upon itself and blew apart. Its dramatic flare of light took 11,000 years to cross the cosmos, finally reaching Earth in the 17th century, they say. Today, the former star is familiar to every radio-astronomer as a seething X-ray ember that is no longer visible to the naked eye. Numerous but sketchy sources point to a celestial sighting in the 17th century, according to the researchers. These observations, though, stretch over 30 years and cluster in the latter part of the century. Lunn and Rakoczy take a new look at the evidence and calculate that the supernova could indeed have been seen on May 29, 1630, the day when the future Charles II was born. “The number and variety of sources that refer to the new star strongly suggest that an astronomical event really did take place,” Lunn said. “Our work raises questions about the current method for dating supernovae, but leads to the exciting possibility of solving a decades-old astronomical puzzle.”


The noon-day star that, according to legend appeared at the birth in 1630 of King Charles II, could have been a supernova called Cassiopeia A, says Martin Lunn, former curator of astronomy at the Yorkshire Museum in northern England, and Lila Rakoczy, a USbased independent scholar.

Japan taps US robots for reactor cleanup help Associated Press Writer

TOKYO – In this country of break-dancing androids and artificially intelligent pets, nuclear cleanup crews on the tsunami-ravaged northern coast are depending on U.S.-made robots to enter damaged reactor units where it is still too dangerous for humans to tread. Utility workers seeking to regain control of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are deploying robots from Bedford, Mass.-based iRobot Corp. to measure radiation levels, temperatures and other conditions inside the reactors. With its tractor-like base and wiry frame topped by cameras

AP Photo/Tokyo Electric Power Co.

This undated photo released by Tokyo Electric Power Co. Monday, April 18, 2011 shows a Packbot, made by Bedford, Massachusetts company iRobot.

and sensors, the so-called PackBot robot vaguely resembles the metallic protagonist of the 1986 film “Short Circuit” — minus the wisecracks. An earlier version of the PackBot was used a decade ago in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Takeshi Makigami, an official with Tokyo Electric Power Co., which is the operator of the crippled nuclear plant, said humans must still do the sophisticated engineering needed to stem the radiation, but robots can go in first to monitor when it will be safe for people to enter. “We have to check where to go and what to do,” he said. TEPCO spokesman Shogo Fukuda said the company has only now begun using the robots because it took several weeks for crews to learn how to operate the complex devices. Although Japan has a sophisticated robotics capability, most of its development is in household applications rather than disaster recovery.


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Advantage AC Milan after Napoli lose to Udinese Agence France Presse

AP Photo/Sang Tan

Arsenal’s Gael Clichy, right, competes with Liverpool’s Andy Carroll during their English Premier League soccer match at Emirates Stadium, London, Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Arsenal will fight to the finish, vows Wenger

ROME – AC Milan moved ever closer to their first Serie A title since 2004 at the weekend after their closest rivals both suffered surprise losses. After Milan had steamrolled relegation-haunted Sampdoria 3-0 on Saturday, second-placed Napoli proceeded to go down 2-1 at home to Udinese on Sunday. Coupled with defending champions Inter Milan’s shock 2-0 reverse at struggling Parma on Saturday, Milan now have a six-point cushion over Napoli with only five matches remaining. Inter are two points further back and hanging on for dear life to the third automatic Champions League qualifying spot, with Lazio in line for the qualifying round slot three points adrift of the nerazzurri after an emphatic 4-1 win at Catania. Even better for Lazio fans, their city rivals Roma lost 3-2 at home to Palermo to leave the losers seven points off fourth place with little hope of seeing Champions League football next season.

Udinese are a solitary point behind Lazio after their fine win in Napoli, achieved in the absence of injured stars Antonio Di Natale and Alexis Sanchez. Gokhan Inler gave Udinese the lead with a superb strike in the 55th minute, with former Napoli forward German Denis doubling their lead on the counter-attack minutes later. Walter Mazzarri’s Neapolitans aided their own downfall with Edinson Cavani’s missed penalty on 88 minutes before Giuseppe Mascara notched a late consolation deep into injurytime. Lazio stayed in touch with Inter after Hernanes put them ahead on 40 minutes for his second goal in two games. Ezequiel Schelotto levelled straight after the break but further goals from Stefano Mauri, Sergio Floccari and Mauro Zarate — who also provided two assists — underlined the visitors’ superiority. Juventus are a point behind Roma in seventh after the Old Lady could only draw 0-0 at mid-table Fiorentina, ending a run of three straight victories.

Agence France Presse

LONDON – Arsene Wenger has asked his Arsenal players to fight until the end in the Premier League title race after suffering a huge blow to their hopes during a controversial 1-1 draw against Liverpool. Wenger’s team had to settle for a point as Dirk Kuyt’s penalty, with the last action of the game at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, cancelled out Robin van Persie’s stoppage-time spot-kick. It leaves Arsenal six points behind Manchester United with just six games to play this season and time running out to catch Sir Alex Ferguson’s league leaders. “We have to give everything until the last game of the season and see if it is our year or not,” Wenger said. “It’s about us winning our games. We are on a 15-game unbeaten run in the league but we have not taken enough points recently. The players are very disappointed. Who wouldn’t be? “We have to continue to play and fight until the last moment. We have players who are ambitious and want to do as well as they can. “We’ve had disappointments before and bounced back. That is what we have to do.” Wenger was furious with referee Andre Marriner for awarding a penalty 11 minutes into stoppage-time for Emmanuel Eboue’s clumsy barge on Lucas Leiva, who appeared to wait for contact before falling to the turf.

“We conceded a penalty after 11 minutes when the referee said there was eight minutes of injury time,” Wenger said. “I don’t see where those three minutes came from and it was no penalty. Lucas stopped in front of Eboue.” It led to a furious protest from Wenger, although Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish appeared to dismiss his complaints during a touchline confrontation. “I said to Dalglish it was not a penalty. That was all. You can check it on the TV,” Wenger said. “We have been badly done by in the two games here. Against Sunderland we scored a regular goal and were not given a penalty that was 100 percent. “Against Liverpool we got caught like that. It’s a period where we have not the biggest luck, that’s for sure.” Van Persie’s goal came after Martin Skrtel tripped Cesc Fabregas, although Dalglish felt defeat would have been harsh on his players. The result worked in the favour

of Liverpool’s bitter rivals at Old Trafford but Dalglish added: “We never handed anything to anyone. In fact, we beat them (United) 3-1 at Anfield so I don’t know how we handed them anything if we beat them. “We’ll look after ourselves and if anyone gets any advantage from our results then so be it. We can only look after ourselves and that’s what we always do.” United could overtake Liverpool’s shared record of 18 league titles this season, but Dalglish added: “In my eyes we’re still the best club in English football, if not world football. So I’m not very sad at that. “The surprise is that we have not won the title for a long time, that is the surprise but it’s not sadness. It’s just a fact of life. “They never acquired enough points in any season since then to win it. They came close a couple of years ago when Rafa (Benitez) went close, had a fantastic record against the socalled top four but just couldn’t get it over the line.”

AP Photo/Lapresse

Udinese’s Gokhan Inler, of Switzerland, hidden background center, is mobbed by teammates after scoring during a Serie A soccer match between Napoli and Udinese in Naples’ San Paolo stadium, Italy, Sunday, April 17, 2011.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Red hot Gilbert defends Amstel cycling title Agence France Presse

VALKENBURG, Netherlands – In-form Belgian rider Philippe Gilbert won the Amstel Gold race for the second successive year on Sunday to add to his win in the FlecheBrabanconne earlier this week. The 28-year-old came home well clear of Spaniard Joaquin Rodriguez while Australian Simon Gerrans was third in the 260km ride through the hilly Limburg region. “For me this is the most important week of the season,” said Gil-

bert, who after winning jumped a barrier and cuddled his child in his arms. “I had planned to be at 100 percent at this particular spell and it has proved to be the case. “Since Wednesday I have had the most wonderful sensations. “I am starting to have extraordinary experiences in the one day races, both in training and in the races themselves. “I also have a very strong team who helped me a lot, physically and mentally. “During the race I was always very calm, I allowed my team to do the work.”

Nadal wins seventh Monte Carlo Masters Agence France Presse

Elsa/Getty Images/AFP

Ray Allen #20 of the Boston Celtics shoots the game winning shot in the final seconds of the game against the New York Knicks in Game One of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals in the 2011 NBA Playoffs on April 17, 2011 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Celtics defeated the New York Knicks 87-85.

Celtics beat Knicks 87-85 on Allen’s 3-pointer

MONTE CARLO, Monaco – Rafael Nadal pronounced himself “a lucky guy” after sweeping to a seventh straight title at the Monte Carlo Masters by dispatching fellow Spaniard David Ferrer 6-4, 7-5 on Sunday. “It would have been impossible to imagine a few years ago winning seven titles here,” Nadal said after a victory in two hours and 16 minutes, his 12th of 16 against his good friend. “I’m a lucky guy to have done this by age 24.” Nadal faced a few minor challenges on court in postcard-perfect conditions with a sleek, discreet mega-yacht tethered just offshore at the Mediterranean playground. “I’m very emotional, it’s so fantastic to win again in Monte Carlo,” said Nadal, the only man to win six titles at the same event — let alone seven. “I feel the most emotions at the Masters events and

it’s so special here.” “I was nervous in the last game, especially on the second match point, but I’m happy with how I closed out the match,” added the champion, who has once again embarked on the road to Roland Garros next month in the best possible way. “I felt more tired on court than usual, but these are the kind of matches that help the physical and mental fitness for the rest of the clay season.” Nadal was playing his third straight final after losing to Novak Djokovic in title bids last month at Indian Wells and Miami. “I’ve played a lot of tennis but the last six weeks have been very positive, I have a lot of confidence.” Nadal was 24 hours removed from his three-hour struggle with an injured Andy Murray, who played their three-set epic with a right elbow injected with pain-killing cortisone.

Associated Press Writer

BOSTON – Ray Allen hit a go-ahead 3-pointer with 12 seconds left, Paul Pierce shut down Carmelo Anthony and the Boston Celtics rallied to beat the New York Knicks 87-85 in their playoff opener on Sunday night. New York led 85-84 before Anthony was called for an offensive foul for pushing Pierce with 21 seconds remaining. Allen, who led the Celtics with 24 points, sank the decisive basket from beyond the left arc. The Knicks then rushed downcourt and Anthony missed a long 3-point attempt with 2 seconds left. The superstar forward went 1 for 11 from the field in the second half. Amare Stoudemire had 28 points and 11 rebounds for New York, and Anthony finished with 15. Game 2 of the best-of-seven series is set for Tuesday night in Boston. Pierce scored 18 points and Kevin Garnett added 15 points and 13 rebounds for Boston. After Anthony’s critical offensive foul, Rajon Rondo lined up to inbound the ball but called timeout. The next time, Allen inbounded from just in front of the half-court line on the right side. He threw the ball to Pierce, then circled to the other side of

the court, caught Pierce’s pass and fired up the deciding basket. And when Anthony missed and the final seconds ticked away, Celtics coach Doc Rivers highfived fans as he headed to the locker room. Third-seeded Boston got a tough challenge from the Knicks, who allowed 105.7 points per game during the regular season, third-most in the league. Pierce was the defensive star for the Celtics, forcing Anthony to shoot with a hand in his face for much of the game. With the score tied at 82, Toney Douglas hit a 3-pointer to put the Knicks in front with 38 seconds to go. The Celtics called timeout and immediately scored when Rondo tossed an alley-oop to

Garnett on the inbounds pass. The Celtics, who won their NBA-high 17th championship in 2008, are aiming to return to the finals after losing in seven games last year to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Knicks, in the playoffs for the first time in seven years, have lost their last three postseason series and have gone 10 years without a win in a playoff game. Boston trailed 51-39 at halftime but rallied to take a 66-64 lead early in the fourth. Stoudemire then scored 12 of the Knicks’ next 18 points to power them to an 82-78 lead with 2:46 remaining. Pierce followed with a 15-foot fallaway and Jermaine O’Neal scored on a putback, tying it with 1:12 to play.

AP Photo/Claude Paris

Rafael Nadal of Spain reacts after defeating David Ferrer of Spain in their final match of the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters tournament in Monaco, Sunday, April 17, 2011.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Hamilton ‘overwhelmed’ by victory LEWIS Hamilton said he was “absolutely overwhelmed” after taking his first win of the year in China. The McLaren driver put on a superb performance to end Sebastian Vettel’s run of victories in Shanghai, the Briton grabbing his first win since last year’s Belgian Grand Prix. “I am absolutely overwhelmed,” said Hamilton. “It feels like a long time since I was sitting here. I am proud and grateful for all the hard work I have put in. “I will continue to push and looking forward to many more like this.” Hamilton admitted his decision to save a set of soft tyres for the race, compromising his qualifying strategy, had paid off. “I think today the strategy that we came up with going in to qualifying definitely helped,” he said. “Our new option tyres seemed to last a bit longer than the guys in front. “It was quite a few things that came

together. The pitstops were fantastic, the guys were pushing to improve, the car felt great. “I was trying to nurse my tyres and trying to pick up the pace. The guys in front of me had to do a lot of overtaking. Thumbs up to the guys back at factory, who put their heart into making the car what it is on the GP weekend. It feels amazing.” The British driver was lucky to be able to start from his grid slot, after a fuel leak forced his mechanics to work at full speed before the pitlane closed ahead of the start of the race. Hamilton left the pits with just seconds left, his car still missing some parts of the

bodywork. “I don’t think worried was coming into my thoughts. I’m not sure what went on, but we took a lot of of bodywork off. We knew there was six minutes to go and then with two minutes fortunately everything came together very quickly. “But of course for me it is important to stay as calm as possible as that reflects on the guys in the garage. They got the car out which is the most important thing.” And the former world champion insisted McLaren must keep pushing to close the gap on Red Bull in qualifying trim. “I think obviously we still have a long road ahead of us. We are working very hard to close the gap. In race pace we are quite similar, but in qualifying we still have a lot of work to do.”

Different approach pays off for Mercedes MERCEDES GP boss Ross Brawn has revealed that a pre-event rethink about the approach his team makes to grand prix weekends played a key part in delivering its best form of the season so far in the Chinese Grand Prix. After struggles in Australia and Malaysia, Nico Rosberg led in Shanghai and looked set for a podium finish before being forced to back off to conserve fuel after a miscalculation about how much would be needed to get him through the race. Although the team was disappointed about the fuel issue, the overall performance of the weekend

was better - and Brawn says that the biggest factor was finally being able to extract all the potential from its W02 package. “From our perspective, in Melbourne we had too many problems with the car and things going wrong, which meant we did not get a good run at it,” explained Brawn. “In Malaysia, we were still struggling with cooling, so that meant we compromised what we could do with the car and we spent a lot of time trying to improve that situation. Here, with the lower ambient, cooling is not the consideration, or not much, so we could just get on and

sort the car out. “We also approached it a little bit more differently this weekend. We did not rush back to the factory after the Malaysian Grand Prix, but I stayed here with the engineers and it gave us a good couple of days to think about things and we changed our approach a little bit, which I think helped. “The approach we had evolved was very much based around the tyres we had last year or the last few years, and perhaps with these tyres and these cars, we needed to rethink about how we approach things in terms of set-up.

Ferrari boss demands improvement

AP Photo/Raymond Ho

Ferrari Formula One driver Fernando Alonso of Spain drives during the qualifying session for the Chinese Formula One Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit in Shanghai, China, Saturday, April 16, 2011.

FERRARI president Luca di Montezemolo has demanded a fast improvement from his team following a slow start to the year. The Italian squad is yet to finish on the podium in the first three races of the season, having been unable to live up to the pre-season expectations. Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso finished in distant six and seventh places at the Chinese Grand Prix last Sunday. Di Montezemolo said on Monday it was a “very delicate” moment for the team, but urged the Maranello outfit to react immediately. “This cannot and must not be the team’s level,” said di Montezemolo on Ferrari’s website. “It’s a very delicate moment. “I expect our engineers to act with determination and know-how, unleashing the maximum of their capacity to improve the performance of the car in a short time. “I want Ferrari to be at the level that both we and our fans demand it should be.”


McLaren-Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain celebrates after winning the race of the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix at in Shanghai on April 17, 2011. Britain’s Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix, beating Germany’s reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel into second place.

Edisi 19 April 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Balinese dances to be proposed as Unesco's best practice

Edisi 19 April 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Balinese dances to be proposed as Unesco's best practice