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Thursday, September 15, 2011




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New global killers: heart, lung disease and cancer AP Photo

In this 2002 photo provided by the family, Wondu Bekele sits with his son Mathiwos outside the the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He died eight months later because of cancer in September 2003 at the age of four.

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What’s killing us? For decades, global health leaders have focused on diseases that can spread — AIDS, tuberculosis, new flu bugs. They pushed for vaccines, better treatments and other ways to control germs that were only a plane ride away from seeding outbreaks anywhere in the world. Now they are turning to a new set of culprits causing what United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls “a public health emergency in slow motion.” This time, germs aren’t the target: We are, along with our bad habits like smoking, overeating and too little exercise. Next week, the U.N. General Assembly will hold its first summit on chronic diseases — cancer, diabetes and heart and lung disease. Those account for nearly two-thirds of deaths worldwide, or about 36 million. In the United States, they kill nearly 9 out of 10 people. They have common risk factors, such as smoking and sedentary lifestyles, and many are preventable. It’s hard to fathom the suffering these maladies are causing in

some parts of the world. For example, until a few years ago Ethiopia had one cancer specialist, Dr. Bogale Solomon, for more than 80 million people. “Now three more oncologists have joined,” he said, and these four doctors struggle to treat patients in a country where cancer drugs and even painkillers are in short supply. Wondu Bekele took his 2-yearold son, Mathiwos, to that lone cancer center in Addis Ababa when the boy developed leukemia. The desperate father got advice from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the United States, procured chemotherapy drugs from India, and against all odds, got his son treated. Yet the little boy died because the hospital had no separate ward to protect

him from catching disease from other patients. The father founded a cancer society in his son’s name and will represent cancer groups at the U.N. meeting. “Practically all cancer-related medicines are either nonexistent or beyond the reach of ordinary Ethiopians,” he said. “We are struggling to make a difference here.” Advocates may be struggling to make a difference at the U.N., too. Key officials have been unable to agree before the meeting on specific goals — reducing certain diseases or risk factors such as smoking by a specific amount and date. With the global economy in turmoil, finding money to meet any goals could be an even bigger hurdle. “The timing is difficult with the economy the way it is, but it should not prevent us from setting goals,” said Dr. Sidney Smith, who heads the World Heart Federation, an umbrella group of more than 200 organizations focused on heart disease. “Many of the things we’re proposing cost very little” and

some, such as smoking cessation, even save money, said Smith, a cardiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “We’re not talking about trying to find a new magic bullet. We’re just talking about behavior and costeffective medicines” like aspirin and generic blood pressure drugs that lower the risk of multiple diseases, he said. This is only the second time the U.N. has taken up a health issue. The previous one in 2001 led to creation of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, with billions from governments and private groups such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Now even rich nations are cashstrapped, and it’s unclear whether private groups will step in. Asked whether the U.N. meeting would alter its focus, the Gates Foundation indicated it would not. “Unfortunately, there is a lack of comparable investment in infectious diseases, which disproportionately affect the world’s poorest,” said a statement from the foundation. Continued on page 6



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bali News Second Vaccination Reforestation Finished September Denpasar (Bali Post)The second mass rabies vacciQDWLRQZLOOÂżQLVKWK6HSWHPEHU ZLWK  EDQMDU LQ *LDQ\DU DQG 3 banjar in Tabanan according to Bali Livestock Agency. On the latest data, the vaccination have approached 4,351 villages from 4,370 villages there DUH LQ %DOL UHDFKLQJ  dogs from estimated population of 302,042 dogs. Until 5th September, 21,929 dogs in 431 'HQSDVDUÂśVYLOODJHVGRJV DW%DGXQJÂśVYLOODJHV dogs at 534 villages in Gianyar,  GRJV LQ  YLOODJHV DW

Klungkung, 20,245 dogs in 581 villages at Karangasem, 32,042 dogs in 342 villages at Bangli DQGGRJVLQYLOODJHV at Buleleng, 21,257 dogs at 248 villages in Jembrana and 28,742 dogs in 810 villages at Tabanan, got vaccination. Head of the Agency, Ir Putu Sumantra, when contacted by Bali Post last Tuesday (13/9) stated the vaccination has been done door to door and the people’s respond also awareness to rabies have increased as many dog owners never let their dogs walkabout anymore and brought the dogs

to a rabies post to be vaccinated. “In October we will do combing where we will vaccinate dogs that haven’t been located including new born puppies as well,� Sumantra explained. He hoped that the public will perform maximally in vaccinating their dogs to prevent and removing rabies completely also by caging, not letting the dogs go on their own, maintain them as well. “This is the best way to handle it especially vaccination on rabies animal carriers,� Sumantra concluded. (bit)

Ancient Human Museum, Roof Collapsing Gilimanuk (Bali Post) –

The Ancient Human Museum in Gilimanuk got more damaged yearly as a number of unused outside buildings seen on the west side of the area. The museum that used to be a place to research on fossils is now used for breeding cows instead as seen last Tuesday (13/9) on the east side of the area. These buildings were built eleven years ago by the government for the museum’s

development area. Locals think that the damages on the roofs, wood condition, fences surrounding the area and shattering glasses were not only because of its age but also the sea wind. Locks on fences were also gone as many people went in there including breeding cows by having fences around them. According to locals the building that was planned to be an

office was not often used let alone functioned. Head of Education, Sports, Tourism and Culture, I Nengah Alit, stated couldn’t give any statement yet as he is still in Jakarta. Meanwhile Tourism Section Head, N I Ketut Citrawati, stated for museum her side is only the part in promoting it as tourist object while the facilities and building is not WKHWRXULVPœVULJKW NPE

in Klungkung, Depending on Central’s Fund

Bali Province Clean and Green program seemed hard to get its support from regencies as most of them have limited funding including in greenery as what happened in Klungkung, the Regent, Wayan Candra, has to debt Central Government Investment almost IDR 1 trillion in maintaining the ongoing fast growing development program here. “We are totally supporting clean and green program but the budget we can only depend on from the central such as special allocation because Klungkung Budget still can’t handle it,â€? Head of $JULFXOWXUH3ODQWDWLRQDQG)RUHVWU\$JHQF\:D\DQ0XOLDUWDODXJKHG ZKLOHH[SODLQLQJZKHQDVNHGIRUFRQÂżUPDWLRQODVW7XHVGD\   The program that is ongoing such as critical and management and developing forestry plantation or people’s forest land (at Nusa Penida) also semi critical land management at four sub districts. For critical land, Klungkung got special allocation budget IDR 700 million which could handle 400 hectares from 10,000 hectares where trembesi, intaran, gamelina and more were planted. While for semi critical lands in year 2010 there was 10,000 mango, durian and much more trees

planted here. “For the maintenance, we handover it to the farmers and as it is economically valued, we also ask farmers to maintain well. From the program around 70 percent of the plants grew,â€? Muliarta continued. Muliarta admitted the forest’s composition with the housing at Klungkung is not reaching its ideal number yet where 30 percent forests and 70 percent housing where at most 20 percent are forests, open green zone and rice ÂżHOGV EDO

)DUPHUV‍ۋ‏QGGLI‍ۋ‏FXOW\ in marketing products


The collapse roof on the Ancient Human Museum in Gilimanuk.

ulses, farmers would not ask for more seeds because when the outcome of crop harvest was sold the price was QRWSURÂżWDEOH2WKHUWKDQVXEVLG\KH said, farmers should also optimize their agricultural products and no longer be oriented in the planting process to get various commodities with limited amount of results. “This cropping pattern should be changed so that farmers FDQHDUQPRUHSURÂżWV´KHDGYLVHG Farmers should no longer produce more with various types of commodities, but they gave fewer results. Instead, this would be troublesome and OHVV SURÂżWDEOH Âł7KH EHVW ZD\ WRGD\ is farming correctly by focusing on a single product but has a promising selling point,â€? he said. This pattern was better because the volume of pro-

duction would be maximal rather than having many kinds of products but in a small quantity. Essentially, it was meant to protect the agricultural sector. Suparsa then added that the agriculture-related programs should be evaluated to provide maximal results. When met separately, Chairman of the Idonesian Farmers Association (HKTI) of Bali Chapter, Prof. Nyoman Suparta, said that speaking about improving the standard living of farmers, there should be a major focus in developing the agriculture in Bali. It could be carried out by mapping the centers of production for some existing commodities. This would be better rather than building the agricultural sector with many types of commodities, but did not focus and then the result would not be good.(bit)

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Trend of Bali’s woodcraft export down Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Trends in the export of wooden handicraft products from Bali in recent years continue to show off declines. This is indicated by the export value of wooden handicraft UHDFKLQJ86'LQWKH ÂżUVWVHPHVWHURIRUGHFUHDVHG 32.28 percent over the same period last year. Decline trend is also discernible from the volume of exports UHDFKLQJSHUFHQWRYHU +HDGRI%DOL,QGXVWU\DQG7UDGH $JHQF\*HGH'DUPDMDUDWHGWKDW sluggishness of woodcraft market was inseparable from the implementation of strict rules related to the legality up to the process of material. Similarly, it was the impact of JOREDOÂżQDQFLDOFULVLVLQVRPHPDMRU PDUNHWV(QIRUFHPHQWRIVWULFWUXOHV in some countries against the legality of the timber of origin became an obstacle to the marketing of Bali’s products. Âł6RDVLGHIURPÂżQDQFLDOFULVLV our craftsmen are indeed faced with strict rules in a number of FRXQWULHV,QGHHGVRPHSURGXFHUV do not know or understand about it because they purchase the timber from a store or distributor and then sell their work to wholesalers,â€? he said. %DOL,QGXVWU\DQG7UDGH$JHQF\ had sought after the solution with UHODWHGSDUWLHV$VSODQQHGLWZRXOG set up a timber stall becoming a selling agency of the remaining timbers from Kalimantan or other regions. Later, this small shop would help trace the origin of the timber. “Most raw materials of wood craft in Bali are still relying on the supplies from outside Bali. With the strict legality rule of timber, its

availability in the market is wearing thin. On the other hand, producers can no longer sell their work arbitrarily. Therefore, it is really in dilemma,â€? explained Darmaja while adding that his party supported the preparatory efforts of craftsmen to implement the timber legality veriÂżFDWLRQV\VWHP 69/.  Previously, Deputy Director for ,QGXVWULDO3HUIRUPDQFH$VVHVVPHQW and Forest Product Marketing, Ministry of Forestry, Maidiward, said that Bali was the window to WKHZRUOGIRU,QGRQHVLD2WKHUWKDQ visited by millions of tourists, it was also well known for various kinds of wooden handicrafts exported. “So, implementation of standard and legality of products as demanded by the market becomes very important. Moreover, it is in harmony with the sustainable forest management program,â€? he explained. Based on the annual export realization rate, decline in wooden handicraft had happened since  ,Q  WKH UHDOL]DWLRQ DPRXQWHGWR86'RU GHFUHDVHGSHUFHQWIURP ,QWKHIROORZLQJ\HDUDJUHDWHU UHGXFWLRQ UHDFKHG  SHUFHQW because it only recorded the export YDOXH ZRUWK 86'  Weakening of these export products UHRFFXUUHGGXULQJDPRXQWLQJ WRSHUFHQWZKHUHWKHUHDOL]DWLRQ ZDV86' Based on the Ministry of Forestry, the national export value of timber and processed products continued WR GHFOLQH GXULQJ WKH  SHULRG$OOHJHGO\ WKH ,QGRQHVLDQ wooden handicraft products were suspected to have been made from LOOHJDOWLPEHU SDU


The farmers are harvesting their crops. High rainfall since early 2011 has made farmers in Buleleng face a great loss.

Impact of adverse weather early this year

Make grain production come down Singaraja (Bali Post)—


Chairman of Buleleng Rice MillLQJ$VVRFLDWLRQ 3HUSDGL  0DGH 1DULDVDVDLGRQ7XHVGD\ 6HS  that farmers faced crop failure in the planting season three months ago. He added that based on his obVHUYDWLRQWKHULFHÂżHOGIDFLQJFURS failures in the past three months ZDV DW -LQHQJ 'DOHP 9LOODJH said Headmaster of SDN 2 Benoa, %XOHOHQJ 6XEGLVWULFW$ WRWDO  Mangupura (Bali Post)— Since about two months, SDN Ketut Kadiasa, to reporter by phone KHFWDUHVRIULFHÂżHOGDWWKHYLOODJH encountered a crop failure. Such 2 Benoa primary school located at RQ7XHVGD\ 6HS  With a total of 225 students, condition was also experienced by 6DZDQJDQ+DPOHW%HQRD9LOODJH South Kuta Subdistrict, have not got his party found difficulty when farmers at Petandakan, Pegadungan clean water services. For the toilet the school children would like to DQG$ODVDQJNHU9LOODJH %XOHOHQJ needs, the school was forced to buy urinate and defecate. “To resolve 6XEGLVWULFW  DV ZHOO DV D QXPEHU water. Meanwhile, to water plants this problem, we are forced to buy RIRWKHUYLOODJHVÂł$WWKDWWLPH RUĂ€RZHUVLQWKHVFKRROJDUGHQWKH ZDWHU DW ,'5  SHU WDQN´ percent of farmers faced crop failteacher had asked each student to he said. On that account, Kadiasa XUH(YHQWKHUHZHUHVRPHIDUPHUV bring a bottle of water from their expected relevant agencies paid who replaced their plants for many attention to the school condition. times but the result was the same. house. “Since two months, the wa- Âł+RSHIXOO\3'$0FDQSD\DWWHQ- 8OWLPDWHO\WKH\VXIIHUHGDORVVDV ter of Municipality Waterworks tion the problem so it will not harm well,â€? he said. $FFRUGLQJWR1DULDVDWKHRQO\ 3'$0 KDVQRWEHHQĂ€RZLQJLQWR small community like us. Moreover, our school. Similar condition also our students are in large number,â€? one trigger of the crop failure early this year was the adverse weather occurred to the surrounding com- said Kadiasa. Meanwhile, General Manager condition. High rainfall caused munity. Sometimes they got water, sometimes not. More frequently, of PT TB handling the clean water the pests and diseases to proliferthey did not get the water. Surpris- service in South Badung, Daniel ate quickly. One of the malignant ingly, the hotels at the surrounding - )RQQ\ VDLG WKDW OLPLWHG VXSSO\ SODQWGLVHDVHVGLIÂżFXOWWRHUDGLFDWH area never lacked of water. More of clean water to Sawangan region ZDV WXQJUR YLUXV$V D UHVXOW WKH surprisingly, this area belongs to was caused by a leakage in the pipe grain production came down. He the category that does not lack of located in the south of Dewa Ruci pointed out that farmland area of 5,000 square meters could only water, but in fact we really do,â€? 6WDWXH 

1RWâ€ŤŰŒâ€ŹRZLQJVFKRRO forced to buy water

SURGXFH  NJ RI GU\ JUDLQ ,Q normal weather, the same area could produce up to 2 tons of dry JUDLQ$VLGHIURPIDFLQJGHFOLQHLQ production, farmers were also hard to sell their grain. Meanwhile, the rice harvest group did not dare to purchase their grain because they were mostly attacked by diseases as the impact of bad weather. “Three months ago, farmers had to harvest their own rice because the grain brokers were not willing to buy as they were damaged due to bad weather,â€? he explained. Corresponding opinion was disclosed by a rice milling entrepreQHXUIURP$PEHQJDQ9LOODJH6Xkasada Subdistrict, Made Nyiriasa. He also confessed that many farmers faced crop failure at his village three months ago on account of high rainfall. Not only farmers, grain brokers also suffered adequately great losses as the grain they purchased did not give optimal output. Âł$W WKDW WLPH IDUPHUV LQFXUUHG great losses and so did businessman because the output of milled grain really declined,â€? he said. $FFRUGLQJ WR 1\LULDVD LQ WKH planting season three months ago, one hectare of rice field could SURGXFHWRQVRIGU\JUDLQ,IWKH

weather was normal, the same area FRXOGSURGXFHWRQVRIGU\JUDLQ Both dry grain and rice production equally declined drastically in the last harvest season. Previously,  NJ RI GU\ JUDLQ PLOOHG LQWR rice would produce 70 kg of rice, EXW QRZ RQO\ SURGXFHG  NJ´,W was the production in the harvest season three months ago. But, in this planting season, no farmers KDYHKDUYHVWHGDW$PEHQJDQZKLOH in urban areas have set to harvest,â€? added Nyiriasa. $IWHUIDFLQJFURSIDLOXUHIDUPers in Northern Bali seemed to JHW SURÂżW LQ WKLV SODQWLQJ VHDVRQ Based on observation at a number of locations, some subak areas had KDUYHVWHGWKHLUULFH$FFRUGLQJWRD farmer, the current harvest was quite SURÂżWDEOH,WZDVLQVHSDUDEOHIURP the current price of grain ranging IURP,'5WR,'5 SHU  VTXDUH PHWHUV :LWK WKDW selling price, the farmer claimed to JHWDJRRGSURÂżWFRPSDUHGWRWKH previous harvest season. MeanZKLOHWKHSURGXFWLRQRIHYHU\ square meters of farmland in this harvest season was around 70-75 kg. “Now, the harvest is good and JLYHVXVPXFKPRUHSURÂżWVWKDQWKH last harvest. Previously, maximal



Thursday, September 15, 2011


Gadhafi’s son, 3 generals in Niger ask for asylum Associated Press Writer

NIAMEY, Niger — A son of Moammar Gadhafi and three of his generals were trying to gain political asylum Wednesday in this poor, landlocked nation at Libya’s feet, after a more than 1,000-mile (1,600-kilometer) drive across the vast desert that separates the two countries for what could be their only shot at refuge. The generals are trying to pave the way for other Gadhafi supporters to follow, but one regime loyalist doubted that Gadhafi himself ever will, saying he would be comfortable enough living in the Sahara to stay there indefinitely. “I know the Guide well, and what people don’t realize is that he could last in the desert for years,” Aghaly Alambo said, referring to Gadhafi. “He didn’t need to create a hiding place. He likes the simple life, under a tent, sitting on the sand, drinking camel’s milk. His

advantage is that this was already his preferred lifestyle.” He added, “He is guarded by a special mobile unit made up of members of his family. Those are the only people he trusts.” Convoys carrying regime loyalists began arriving in Niger last week. The three generals, including the head of Gadhafi’s air force and two of his regional commanders, reached Niamey, the capital, overnight Monday. They were joined Tuesday by al-Saadi Gadhafi, government spokesman Marou Amadou confirmed shortly after midnight on Wednesday. Alambo, a rebel leader from Niger who fought for Gadhafi and who led the first convoy across the desert, said the commanders were pushed to leave Libya after a total breakdown in communication with the ex-ruler. Gadhafi was last in contact with his military leaders 3½ weeks ago and his whereabouts are not known, he said.

AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq

An Afghan military helicopter fires on a building which is occupied by Taliban insurgents during a coordinated assault in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011.

Fighting drags on near US Embassy Associated Press Writer KABUL, Afghanistan — Teams of insurgents firing rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons struck at the U.S. Embassy, NATO headquarters and other buildings in the heart of Afghanistan’s capital. Fighting raged through dawn on Wednesday, raising fresh doubts about the Afghans’ ability to secure their nation as U.S. and other foreign troops begin to withdraw.

AP Photo/Sunday Alamba

Tuareg rebel chief and Gadhafi insider, Aghaly Alambo speaks to Associated Press during an interview in Niamey, Niger, Tuesday, Sept, 13. 2011.

Seven Afghans were killed and 15 wounded in the coordinated daylight attack, which sent foreigners dashing for cover and terrified the city from midday well into the night as U.S. helicopters buzzed overhead. No embassy or NATO staff members were hurt. At daybreak Wednesday, shooting could still be heard and at least one U.S. Army helicopter was firing at the top floors of a building from

which militants had attacked the heavily fortified embassy. Afghan police said at least one insurgent was believed to still be holed up in the building. Shooting and explosions were heard overnight from the building. The militants’ seeming ability to strike at will in the most heavily defended part of Kabul suggested that they may have had help from rogue elements in the Afghan

security forces. The attacks also coincided with suicide bombings elsewhere in the capital — the first time insurgents have organized such a complex assault against multiple targets in separate parts of the city. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, though Kabul’s deputy police chief said he thought an affiliated organization, the Haqqani network, carried it out. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed in an emailed statement that the Islamist insurgents were in telephone contact with the gunmen and called on residents near the building to stay at home. He said the attackers would keep firing at the embassy and security personnel.

Japan weighs request of rare NKorean defectors Associated Press Writer

TOKYO — Japanese authorities questioned nine suspected North Korea defectors Wednesday, and are considering their request to be sent to South Korea after they were found in a small wooden boat off Japan’s western coast. Tokyo is expected to issue a temporary landing permit for the group — three men, three women and three boys — as it weighs how to proceed with the rare defection from North Korea to Japan. Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura hinted that his government was leaning toward honoring the group’s desire to be sent to South Korea. “By considering precedent, we would like to handle the

situation appropriately,” Fujimura told reporters, referring to a 2007 case involving a family of four North Korean defectors. In that incident, a couple and two adult sons traveled in an open boat for six days to reach northern Japan. They were the first defectors from the country to arrive by boat in Japan in 20 years. The four said they were trying to escape extreme poverty and asked for asylum in South Korea, where they were eventually sent. The group found Tuesday was first spotted by a local fisherman, who contacted authorities about an unfamiliar vessel in waters near the Noto peninsula, which juts into the Sea of Japan. A senior diplomat at the South

Korean Embassy in Tokyo said Seoul will try to “smoothly handle the issue from the perspective of humanitarianism and based on their free will.” He would not elaborate and declined to be identified because officials were still working on the case. According to the coast guard, the nine said they departed North Korea last Thursday. Although the boat’s engine was functioning when found, the group had run low on rations. The coast guard found a small amount of rice, some pickled vegetables and snacks. The group had run out of drinking water. The coast guard towed the boat to the port in Kanazawa, about 180 miles (290 kilometers) west of Tokyo. The nine stayed overnight on a coast guard patrol vessel.

AP Photo/Kyodo News

Japan coast guardsmen escort people who were ferried by helicopter to a coast guard ship in waters off Kanazawa, northern Japan, on Tuesday Sept. 13, 2011 after they were found in a wooden boat in the Sea of Japan off Wajima, on the coast of the Noto peninsula, northern Japan.



Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ayana Resort Launch New Cosmetic Treatments IBP

Jimbaran - Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, which was recently listed on the World’s Hottest Celebrity Spas by, has launched three new cosmetic treatments for guests wanting natural, non-surgical face lifts and slimming procedures. The new treatments use 100 persen natural slimming and antiaging technology by LPG, the world leader in cellular stimulation, with patented scientificallyproven technologies available in over 110 countries worldwide. Ayana’s Spa Director, Michi Sonoda, said demand for such treatments has increased as guests seek more responsible and efficient ways to preserve beauty and enhance health. “LPG’s products are renowned worldwide for their success in clarifying complexion, replenish-

ing wrinkles and firming skin, all without invasive surgery,” Michi said. We have partnered with them for many years and are pleased to expand the range of treatments using LPG’s latest and most innovative products, administered by professional therapists. Reduce signs of ageing with this intensive facial, starting with cleansing, toning, peel, steam and mask to exfoliate dead skin cells, open pores and nourish your skin, before a 35-minute LPG6 facial massage designed to restart collagen and elastin production and release expression lines in the face, neck and décolleté. A seaweed and caffeine slimming wrap will cleanse and soften your skin before your therapist applies a cellu contouring serum to fatty tissue and a cellu smoothing gel to toned areas to aid the fat-burning process and

improve circulation. A 45-minute session with the LPG Cellu M6 ST Endermologie machine will reactivate deep dormant cellular activity by mechanically stimulating the skin (mechanostimulation) which is painless and noninvasive, to reactivate the removal of stored fat. Flatten and firm your stomach for an overall slimmer and smoother appearance. Your therapist will lead you through breathing exercises before a fruit and flower petal scrub to eliminate dead skin cells and a wrap made from glycerin, seaweed, extract of caffeine and mineral elements to smooth your epidermis and stimulate metabolism. Enjoy a relaxing foot massage while the mask is setting, and afterwards a massage to firm and shape your stomach using a Body Bust Vitality Cream or Body-lift Contouring Serum.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for August 31 through October 5, 2011 31 Aug Buda Umanis Tambir Sari Bankar Titih Temple Kapal 12 Sep Purnama Ketiga Gunung Sari Temple Lombok Pauman Bhujangga Tonja Denpasar Kawitan Arya Gajah Para Tianyar Karangasem Pedarman Arya Telabah Besakih Bukit Mentik Temple Gunung Lebah Batur Kintamani 14 Sep Buda Keliwon Matal Village Temple Sukawati Merajan Agung Batuyang - batubulan Pasek Gelgel Bebetin Temple Sawan - buleleng Maspahit Temple Sesetan - Denpasar Selatan Pasek Bendesa Manik Mas Dukuh Kendran - Tegalalang Panti Pasek Gaduh Temple Sesetan Merajan Pasek Kubayan Wangaya Gede Pedarman Arya Kanuruhan Besakih 24 Sep Tumpek Kandang Puseh Temple Gianyar Luhur Dalem Sagening Kediri - Tabanan Merajan Pasek Gelgel Tegal Gede Badung 27 Sep Tilem Ketiga Ulun Kulkul Temple Ulun Kulkul Besakih 28 Sep Buda Wage Menail Tarukan Temple Cemenggaon Sukawati Mr. Pasek Dangke Bambang - Bangli Penataran Dalem Ketut Pejeng Kaja - Gianyar Puseh Menakaji Temple Peninjoan - Bangli Merajan Agung Temple Blangsinga - Blahbatuh Kawitan Gusti Agung Blangsinga Blahbatuh Gianyar Kawitan Gusti Celuk Kapal Mengwi

4 Ock Anggar Kasih Perangbakat Bukit Buluh Temple Gunaksa - Klungkung Tirta Sudamala Temple Bebalang - Bangli Paibon Pasek Bendesa Sangsit - sawan - Buleleng Pasek Gelgel Temple Pangi Dawan - Klungkung Gunung Tengsong Lombok Dalem Benawah Temple Benawah - Gianyar Dalem Temple Bitra - Gianyar Dalem Temple Banyuning Timur - Buleleng Dalem Pauman Batan Getas Pauman Batan Getas Titih Denpasar Tengah Padang Tegalalang Merajan Pasek Gelgel Desa Sande - Pupuan Tabanan Kawitan Tangkas Kori Agung Desa Adat Pagan Denpasar Hyangaluh/Jenggala Besakih Merajan Pasek Lurah Tutuan Gunaksa Mr. Pasek Gelgel Selulung Merajan Pasek Subrata Medahan Merajan Pasek Munggu Munggu Tengkulak Temple Tulikup - Gianyar Penataran Badung Ogang Sidemen 5 Ock Buda Umanis Perangbakat Puri Agung Dalem Tarukan Pejeng Tampak Siring Rambut Siwi Temple Jembrana Batu Bolong Temple Canggu - Kuta Pasek Marga Klaci Temple Tabanan Agung Pasek Temple Dauh Waru Jembrana Ratu Pasek Temple Sangsit Sawan - Buleleng Pasek Tangkas Darma R. Tabanan Village Temple Banyuning Buleleng Srijon Temple Tabanan Mr. Pasek Gelgel Lebah Pangkung Merajan Pasek Gelgel Patemon Tirta Anom Padang Sigi Sading - Tampak Siring Dadi Agung Pasek Bendesa Dukuh Manuaba Tegalalang Pedarmaan Batursari Ngilis Jegu Penebel Tabanan Puncak Mundi Nusa Penida

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


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International View of a crash between two passenger trains and a bus in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011. At least seven people were killed and over 162 injured in a rushhour crash involving two trains and a bus whose driver drove around barriers in an attempt to beat them across the tracks, Argentine authorities said.

AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano

Bus-train crash kills 11, injures 212 in Argentina lift the barriers and cross despite Ă€DVKLQJZDUQLQJVLJQDOV´ “ t’s a cultural problem. There B ENOS A RES Argentina A us driver gam led and tried to rush across railroad trac s 7XHVGD\GHVSLWHDEDUULHUEHOOVDQGĂ€DVKLQJOLJKWVVHWWLQJRIIDFKDLQUHDFWLRQFROOLVLRQZLWK are many people who are accusWRPHG WR EHDWLQJ WKH WUDLQ´ KH WZRWUDLQVWKDWNLOOHGSHRSOHDQGLQMXUHGKXQGUHGVLQ$UJHQWLQDÂśVFDSLWDO said. mergency officials were The shocking accident, captured and into another locomotive that The engineer in the train that hit still trying to extricate bodies on video, came as little surprise to was leaving the station in the other the bus was trapped in the crumpled from under the wreckage hours many in Buenos ires, where 0 direction. metal, and rescuers had to break his after the crash.The collision happeople and 5 vehicles were hit The bus driver was among those leg to get him out. He also broke pened at : 5 a.m. during the by trains last year, causing a total killed, and 2 2 were injured, in- a hip and his chest was crushed, busy morning rush hour in the of 2 deaths. cluding about 20 people in critical though he is expected to survive, capital’s densely populated Flores n the latest accident, the bus condition, said lberto Crescenti, union leader Omar Maturano told neighborhood, when many parents JRW KDOIZD\ DFURVV WKH ÂżUVW WUDFN director-general of rgentina’s The ssociated Press. The other use public transportation to take before an oncoming passenger train emergency medical system. Nine train’s engineer was operated on their children to school. Children were among the injured, accordcrushed it against a concrete station people died at the scene, police said, for a foot injury. platform. The collision forced the and two others in hospitals, accordMaturano blamed “how we are ing to rgentine Transportation WUDLQÂśV ÂżUVW WZR FDUV RII WKH UDLOV ing to the city’s health ministry. as rgentines, that we immediately Secretary .P. Schiavi. Associated Press Writer

New global killers From page 1

highest rates of stroke and high blood pressure in the world, lwan said. “Our priority will continue to be n Ghana, 23 million people are investing in cost-effective treatments served by two oncology centers the WKDWOHDGWRPD[LPXPLPSDFWDQGÂżOO country has four cancer doctors and in a gap where other resources are no specialist cancer nurses, said Dr. QRWLQYHVWHG´ llen Lichter, C O of the merican However, advocates say there are Society of Clinical Oncology, an ordisparities in chronic diseases, too. ganization of cancer specialists. The “The common belief that cancer society has trained more than 2,000 is a problem of rich countries is a doctors in developing countries on PLVFRQFHSWLRQ´ VDLG 'U (GXDUGR cancer care and plans to do more. Cazap, president of the nion For frica also remains the only renternational Cancer Control. gion in the world where infectious Dr. la lwan, assistant director- diseases, maternal-infant health general of the World Health Organi- problems and poor nutrition still kill zation, agreed. more people than noncommunicable “Most countries in frica are diseases do. currently overwhelmed with their Worldwide, stroke and heart-relatLQFUHDVLQJ GHPDQG´ IURP FDQFHU ed diseases account for nearly half of patients, and the region also has the all noninfectious disease deaths 7

million in 2008 alone, WHO says. Next is cancer 7. million deaths , followed by respiratory diseases such as emphysema .2 million . Diabetes caused .3 million deaths in 2008, but that’s misleading most diabetics die of cardiovascular causes. The .N. chose to focus on those four diseases and their common risk factors: tobacco use, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diets, physical inactivity and environmental carcinogens. ohn Seffrin, C O of the merican Cancer Society, said the .N. VHVVLRQ PXVW OHDG WR VSHFLÂżF JRDOV and more money, or a chance to make a difference with these diseases may be lost for decades. Âł7KLVLVRXUPRPHQWLQWKHVXQ´ he said. “ resolution alone is insufÂżFLHQW´

There are hundreds of street-level train crossings in the rgentine capital, and their danger increases at rush hour, particularly next to stations, where trains can arrive every four minutes so frequently that the crossing barriers remain down most of the time. While a train is pausing for passengers at a station, there is no way for a driver or pedestrian to know whether the adjacent barrier LVEORFNLQJVWUHHWWUDI¿FEHFDXVHRI that train, or because another train is rushing in from the opposition direction. Buildings line the tracks, making it impossible to see what’s coming.

Paris appeals court acquits ex-PM in slander case Agence France Presse

P RS Paris appeals court has acquitted former Prime Minister Dominique de illepin of charges he took part in a smear campaign against his rival, President Nicolas Sarkozy, a fellow conservative. illepin was acquitted last year of charges of complicity in slander in the so-called Clearstream affair. The prosecutor appealed, leading to the proceedings that concluded with Wednesday’s acquittal. Prosecutors had been seeking a 5-month suspended sentence against illepin. The six-year-long scandal is widely seen as having hurt illepin’s political fortunes ahead of next year’s presidential election. illepin is perhaps best known abroad for a forceful 2003 .N. speech urging the nited States not to invade raq.

Indonesia Today


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Time to lower BI rate Antara

SEMARANG - The recent strengthening of the rupiah against the US dollar is considered timely for Bank Indonesia (Central Bank) to lower its interest rate (BI rate), an economist said here Tuesday. “Without determining the current high BI rate that had reached 6.75 percent, the rupiah is still strengthening. At least the central bank can lower the interest benchmark rate 50 points to 6.25 percent,” an economist of the Diponegoro University, Semarang, Nugroho SBM said here Tuesday. The financial crisis that caused

European and the U.S. economic slowdown has made capital flowing into Asia, including Indonesia. Nugroho also said that the setting of a high interest rate would only encourage the flow of foreign capital into short-term investments, such as in capital markets and deposits which are more secure, and promising high profits.

“In Europe and Japan, the deposit rate could reach almost zero percent, but in Indonesia, banks provide an average of 4-5 percent per year. Higher interests with tens of billions of dollars in balance accounts,” he said. Nugroho was concerned about the capital flow into Indonesia in short term investments, such as stock markets or deposits, whereas the country requires large direct investments for the real sector to spur growth. The real sector can grow rapidly with the support of adequate infrastructure, efficient bureaucracy, and clean governance, he said.

“One more thing, low-interest loans can also promote business competitiveness,” he said. However, Indonesia is still struggling with a chaotic infrastructure, inefficient bureaucracy, and corruption in many sectors. These factors are considered to affect Indonesia`s competitiveness in the business world, and worsen with a high interest rate, he said. State banks should act as pioneers to lower interest on loans if the central bank reduce its Bank certificates, based on previous experience, many state-owned banks are

reluctant to cut interest rates even though BI has lowered its rates. “State-owned banks are targeted to deposit profits in the state treasury (state budget). As long as they can still sell high-interest credits, they did not always follow reduced BI rates. They (state-owned banks) as business entities also demanded higher profits,” he said. However, the lower central bank`s benchmark rate would at least force the banks to review their current loan rates, which is about 13-14 percent per year (effective rate).

President reminds people against forgetting self identity Antara

Indonesia, Toyota`s priority in developing countries FOTO ANTARA/Widodo S. Jusuf

Akio Toyoda met with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Antara

JAKARTA - Indonesia has been Toyota`s priority for automotive investment and business development in the developing countries in view of its growth and market potentials. “Indonesia has been our main priority. Among the developing countries Indonesia has been positioned as a market growth leader and our hope is big,” Toyota Motor Corporation president director Akio Toyoda said at a press conference here on Tuesday. The third generation of Toyoda family said Indonesia has contributed a lot to TMC especially at the time of automotive market slump in the US and Europe. “We have been vigor and energy (by the automotive market growth in Indonesia). This is a huge contribution,” he said. In view of that he said he would develop cars that match with road conditions in the country. The cars would go beyond customers` and the world`s expectations, he said. With regard to Toyota car production in Indonesia he said it would not only be aimed at domestic but also export markets, he said. The president director of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN), Masahiro Nonami, meanwhile said the company plans to build a second plant in Karawang, West Java, with a capacity of 70,000 cars a year, which is expected to be finished in 2013. “Combined with present TMMIN capacity reaching 110,000 cars a year total production capacity in 2013 would

reach 180,000 cars a year,” he said. To develop the second plant the company would invest Rp2.9 trillion, he said. “We will continue increasing local contents and develop human resources,” he said. He estimated the new plant would create new jobs for around 15,000 people including the chain effects of parts industry development and sales network. Toyota at present is the market leader in Indonesia controlling 15 percent market share. The President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Johny Darmawan, said the production capacity could still be increased by 20 to 25 percent through overtime work. “The 180,000 capacity is under normal conditions. It may be higher if overtime work is carried out,” he said. The chief of the ATM which is also the sole distributor of Toyota said TMC`s planned investment in Indonesia has been seriously considered based upon the country`s domestic market growth which is very high. “The market is huge in terms of its potential. Our market is bigger than Thailand`s because the Indonesian population is larger,” he said. Therefore he hoped infrastructure in Indonesia could be continuously improved so that Toyota`s investment would continue to increase. Johnny said Akio Toyoda visited Indonesia in connection with the 40th anniversary of Toyota`s presence in the country. During the visit he also met with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono.

JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has reminded all levels of the society against forgetting their self identity and the nation`s cultural heritage by making noise, riots, and violence. The president made the statement at the so-called Ani Yudhoyono Halal Bihalal friendship gathering with the United Indonesia Cabinet Wives Solidarity at the State Palace on Tuesday. Indonesia, according to President Yudhoyono, is moving towards a nation that has freedom with a flourishing democracy. But he added that the freedom should not necessarily mean that the people are free to make noise, intolerant acts, violence, and conflicts among various group of people in the community. “If it happened, we would forget our identity of unity and hospitality, and be rooted out form the cultural heritages and values of our predecessors,” the president said. President Yudhoyono said a developed and democratic country with a mastery of science and technology should be able to maintain a balance between freedom, responsibility and obligations. Related with the last condition in the city of Ambon, Security Minister Djoko Suyanto said the security situation has slowly returned to normal. Djoko reiterated that the people in Ambon should not easily be provoked by misleading information that would lead to wider conflict in the city. “With the appeal from religious leaders and community and youth leaders for the local people not be easily provoked, we hope the security situation in Ambon will permanently conducive,” Djoko said. Religious leaders of Maluku have called on the local community, especially in Ambon city, not be easily provoked by misleading issues which could lead to communal conflicts. The written call, signed by Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist leaders and the chairman of Religious Harmony Forum of Maluku, was read out here on Tuesday by Maluku Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religion head Mohammad Atamimi. According to the call, the people in Ambon, capital of Maluku province, should not be provoked too easily by baseless information from irresponsible people, but try to refrain from the adverse effects of provocation.



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Bali Today Tourism improving, foreign currency trade increasing IBP

enpasar The condition of tourism in Bali is recovering and is also affecting the foreign currency trade. The num er of trade is increasing greatly and it is dominated y European and Taiwan tourists. The statement was said y the CEO of Mandiri Ban area Benny ustanto accompanied y the ice resident eputy Regional Manager awandri o riwardono on ednesday Septem er 1 2011. ccording to Benny, the foreign currency trade is dominated by bank note followed by export and import transaction. n Mandiri Bank alone, the trade is increasing WLPHVFRPSDUHGWRWKHÂżUVWRSHQing of the bank area in 200 . t that time, the foreign trade in Mandiri Bank was only 800,000 a day but now, the number up to 7 million. Benny said that for the transaction, uro is the highest followed by Taiwan dollar, Russian currency and Renmimbi which is Chinese currency. “The trigger of this condition is

the increasing number of tourists to Bali,� he added. Benny also said that the high number of export and import also play important role. Meanwhile, the Business Development Manager area in Mandiri Bank, ke Laura Krisna said that the economic in Bali is very unique. t is because tourism is the main source to develop the economy. This make the economic condition depend on the tourism so if the tourism is developing so the economy is also improving. “Bali is different to other region due t o this unique condition,� she added. Kmb 8

IBP/Eka Adhiyasa

Tourists spending their holiday on Kuta beach.

Balinese Characters: From Palm-leaf to Keyboards Probably, you have watched or are going to watch arja operetta or Ramayana Ballet during the visit in Bali. t would be more convenient if it is enjoyed while having dinner of Balinese cuisine. t the same time, you watch the beauty of culture and taste the delicacy of local culinary. You may hear the language spoken by players or puppeteer was not understandable. Of course, it is Balinese language. s apanese and Chinese, Balinese language also has its own characters. They consist of some 8 main characters and 0 vowel sounds. Ordinarily, Balinese characters are used to write palm-leaf manuscript or lontar. Such characters are incised with sharp knife or stylus. When the writing works have completed, they should be rubbed with a blend of oil and lamp shoot to blacken them. So they are visible easily. Since the works were performed manually, the copying of a manuscript took a long time.

t a glance, Balinese characters look like Old avanese, Tamil ndia . t is inseparable from historical aspect where they had similarity of genealogical lines. Today, Balinese characters still have restricted use, namely at school for local subject from elementary school to senior high school. t is becoming the responsibility of local government to preserve and develop Balinese language in order it could survive in the midst of the growth of other languages like Bahasa ndonesia and foreign languages. Balinese language poses a medium and spirit of Balinese culture. To preserve Balinese culture should also simultaneously maintain and use of Balinese language in daily life. n other words, speaking Balinese language also characterizes one of the identities as a Balinese. mong the use of other languages, Balinese language should remain to give a space to grow and develop. Other

than speaking and teaching it at schools, it should also accommodate the need of modern community or use in wider functions of language. Balinese community receives abundant heritages of lontar or palm-leaf manuscripts from the predecessors retained by individuals and museums. They carry many aspects of knowledge, ranging from philosophy, local healing, literature, architecture, agriculture, herbal practice, astrology and so forth. Therefore, if they could be interpreted and presented in popular language, they could become attractive information for young generation and saleable books for commercial needs. Today, there is also a trend of poising the tradition with modern science namely by re-interpreting the indigenous wisdoms that are relevant to the current time. People will get balanced inputs from the past and current orientation. Of course, such treasures will EH EHQHÂżFLDO IRU WKH FRQVHUYD-

tion and future development of Balinese culture because it stays in touch with its original roots. Young generation should be introduced to these roots at early stage. Later, they will not lose their identity and even could feel proud of it. Moreover, it could give them inspiration in making WKHLU FUHDWLYLWLHV HLWKHU LQ ÂżQH arts, performance, traditional architecture or herbal healings. Thanks to modern technology, the writing of Balinese characters now can be made easy by Bali Simbar font. t is the innovative thinking of Made Suatjana 8 lies behind the composing of this font. His work has helped the writing of Balinese characters in word processing application like Microsoft Word. Hopefully, there would be more creative software helping the development and learning of Balinese language so it would not come into extinction or be far left behind with the modern life. BTN punia

Gianyar Planned for ‘Water Boom’ Building Antara

The Head of Tourism Division Gianyar, nak gung Brahmanta said his side had formed a team to continue development plan of “water boom� with Balinese nuance in recreation area, ati Hill. “We had formed a team. They are working to continue development project of water boom’,� said the Head of Tourism Division Gianyar nak gung Brahmanta, in Gianyar on Monday. He said this water recreation will build on former swimming pool location. “We wished this water tourism able to attract both foreigners and domestic visitors,� said him. He is not yet convinced about the project start. “Our team is still communicating with investor,� said him. The Head of ati Hill Tourism Object, da Bagus Rai predicted this Balinese “water boom� will finish on 20 2.


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Balinese Culture

Spiritual Farming: From One Green to Some other Greens Advancement of science of technology does not answer all pro lems encountered y human life. n agriculture for instance modern farmers can now have oosted the uantity of production even in multiple amounts. On the one hand it’s a great success ut on the other hand it still leaves a pro lem on the decline of environmental and human health uality. Green revolution occurred between 1943 and 1970s through the implementation of chemical fertilizer and good irrigation system has conjured up the rice production. In VKRUWWHUPLWEHFDPHDQHI¿FDFLRXV medicine to resolve the famine in tropical countries. Few decades later, it had an impact on the reduction of environmental quality, like pollution in water, land and others. part from the impact on the environment, it was also had an impact on human health like the rise of some new cancers. Realizing these facts, now Bali has an initiative to become a green province and implement the integrated farming system Simantri . Hopefully, implementation of the system could realize the Bali Organic plan and consequently minimize the environmental destruction.

Green province campaign includes some aspects, namely green culture, green economy and Bali green and clean. Green culture is intended to change the societal behavior in managing their waste management and environment. Green economy hints that all economic activities should be in the eco-friendly orientation. These two aspects will empty out into the initiative of Bali Organic. One of the aspects is applied in the agricultural field. Socialization has been intensified while establishing farmer groups. Through breeding local cows, for instance, farmers are expected to get maximal benefits. Other than increasing the number of cows, they will be able to take advantage the cow dung and urine for organic fertilizers. n

the long run, it will reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Of course, this endeavor will reduce the production cost that should be spent by farmers and at the same time increase the quality of rice as well as improve the environmental quality. s a matter of fact, simple practice of this concept could have been seen around 70s. Farmers using cows to cultivate their land could also take advantage of their cow dung. t was spread out onto WKHULFHÂżHOGDQGLWVHIÂżFDF\FRXOG last for at least for two planting VHDVRQV ,Q WHUUDFHG ULFH ÂżHOG LW could uniquely be managed by establishing a cowshed in the upper stream. Later on, the collected dry cow dung was channeled to ULFHÂżHOGWKURXJKWKHZDWHUJXWWHU BTN punia

Tambusan Be Pasih (Diced Fish Roasted in Banana Leaf) OVERVIEW: The spicy ďŹ sh dish is excellent for barbeques. INGREDIENTS: 600 gr (1Âź 1lb) boned mackerel ďŹ llets, skin removed and cut in 2.5 cm (1in) cubes ½ cup basic marinade 1 heaped tbsp tamarind pulp, soaked in Âź cup warm water and juice extracted 1 tsp black peppercorns, crushed 1 ½ tsp salt 3 lemon leaves, cut in hair like shreds 3 tbsp oil 2 salam leaves 2 square of banana leaf 30x30cm (10x10 in) PREPARATION: In deep bowl combine mackerel cubes, spice paste, tamarind juice, crushed black pepper, salt, lime leaf and oil, and mix very well in order to coat ďŹ sh evenly. Cover and marinate in cool place for 2 hours. Place one salam leaf in center of each piece of banana leaf. Top with half of seafood mix and fold the same way as for Tum Bebek. Place parcels directly onto moderately hot charcoal and roast very slowly for one hour. Alternatively, bake on rack in a moderate oven or under a grill for about 30 minutes. Serve with Sambal Matah, Sambel Tomat, wedges of lime and steamed rice. (

Base Gede (Basic Spice Paste) INGREDIENTS: 300 gr large red chili halved, seeded and chopped 100 gr garlic, peeled and chopped 75 gr ginger, peeled and chopped 500 gr shallot, peeled and chopped 75 gr laos, peeled and chopped 100 gr kencur root, peeled and chopped 175 gr fresh turmeric, peeled and chopped 2½ tbsp dried shrimp paste, roasted 2½ tbsp coriander seed crushed 75 gr candlenut 1Ÿ tbsp black pepper corn crushed 2½ pinch nutmeg, freshly grated 8 cloves 150 ml coconut oil 250 water ž tbsp salt PREPARATION: Combine all ingredients except water in food processor and grind coarsely. Place in heavy sauce pan, add all remaining ingredients and cook over medium heat for approximately 60 minutes or until all water is evaporated and marinade changes to golden color.




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Bedulu Museum IBP

This Museum of Statue is a ďŹ eld archeological museum. It has been built since 1960 under the supervision of Bali’s Archeological Regional Office and was opened for public in 1974.

In this building there is a collection of archeological remains dated back at preHistory of Bali. This Museum is located between Pejeng and Bedulu village, by the side of the road to Tampak Siring. The distance from Penataran

Sasih temple to the Museum is about 400 m. There are a lot of domestic and foreign tourists visiting this museum. They visit this place in order to look at the archeological remains or for doing a research. Among the collection of pre-Historical remains, there are also some stuff made of stones, bones and so forth, the most attractive sight is some sarcophaguses originating from several places in Bali. In general the sarcophagus as are in the form of turtle, having bulges at its sides and decorated with a mask showing a big overlooking eyes, open mouth or joking with its tongue coming out. Other collection, among other things is some bronze statues, etc.


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BUSINESS Fed set to give economy therapy Reuters

:$6+,1*7217KH)HGHUDO5HVHUYHIDFLQJULVLQJJOREDOÂżQDQFLDOVWUDLQVDQGUHFHVVLRQ IHDUVLVSRLVHGWRLQFUHDVHGRZQZDUGSUHVVXUHRQORQJHUWHUPLQWHUHVWUDWHVQH[WZHHNLQDELG WRDFFHOHUDWHDVSXWWHULQJ86UHFRYHU\ With one eye on escalating debt turmoil in urope and another on a stubbornly high . percent .S. unemployment rate, the Fed, whose policy panel meets next Tuesday and Wednesday, looks set to begin shifting the composition of its balance sheet to weight it more heavily with longer-term securities. Having taken short-term interest rates to near zero and bloated its balance sheet with bond purchases that topped 2 trillion, analysts say the .S. central bank is looking for smaller-bore ways to increase its support, such as shifting its holdings away from shorter-term debt. “That sends a signal the Fed is VWLOODFWLYHLQVXSSRUWLQJJURZWK´ said Michelle Meyer, an economist for Bank of merica Merrill Lynch. torrent of weak .S. economic data has dashed hopes for a robust second half of the year after a disappointingly weak start, casting a shadow over the meeting.

.S. growth advanced by less than a percent annual rate in the ¿UVWKDOIRIDQG)HGRI¿FLDOV have acknowledged a need to downgrade their forecasts. s prospects for a robust recovery crumbled over the summer, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced in late ugust that policymakers would expand their September meeting from one day WRWZR2I¿FLDOVZLOOXVHWKHWLPHWR haggle over what, if any, action to take to prop up the recovery. n the nited States, a debt downgrade after a bruising political battle over raising the nation’s borrowing limit has chilled business DQGFRQVXPHUFRQ¿GHQFH(PSOR\ers added no jobs on net in ugust, a blow to hopes for an upswing in hiring. t the same time, urope’s debt FULVLVKDVLQWHQVL¿HGSUHVVXULQJ(Xropean banks and scaring investors away from risk around the world. .S. President Barack Obama on

Tuesday pressed the euro zone’s major countries to take firmer control of the situation, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced plans to attend a euro ]RQH¿QDQFHPLQLVWHUVœPHHWLQJLQ Wroclaw, Poland on Friday. Other central banks have had to shift their policy focus in response to the dimming outlook. The uropean Central Bank took no action last week after a series of rate hikes, while the central banks of Canada, South Korea and ndonesia, among others, opted against removing any policy stimulus. With storm clouds looming, Fed sentiment looks to have coalesced around some form of reshaping the Fed’s 2.8 trillion balance sheet to hold more longer-term securities. Officials hope the move will push down longer-term interest rates, helping encourage home UH¿QDQFLQJDQGEXVLQHVVVSHQGLQJ By lowering long-term yields on .S. debt, the Fed may also push

investors to seek higher returns by shifting to stocks or corporate bonds. Policymakers are likely to discuss some more extreme alternatives -- such as targeting desirable levels for employment or growth, or adopting a policy that would OHW WKHP RYHUVKRRW WKHLU LQÀDWLRQ target -- but those options would likely be reserved in case the economic situation turns even more dire. However, Fed officials are sharply divided over the need for more action. ny easing, including the smaller step of reweighing the portfolio, is likely to draw three dissents, as did the Fed’s ugust decision to say it expected to hold interest rates ultra-low at least until the middle of 20 3. While Bernanke would probably like to show the greatest possible Fed unity for any action, analysts do not see the prospect of dissents as an impediment to action. The move to buy longer-dated government debt has a history: Operation Twist, which ran from 0 to 5. That program was an effort to both tackle a recession DQGVKULQNDOLQJHULQJWUDGHGH¿FLW

but was not an effort to expand monetary policy. )HGRIÂżFLDOVZLOOKDYHWRGHFLGH how bold they will be with Twist . modest approach would be for the Fed to simply replace maturing securities with longer-term ones. n alternative approach would have the Fed actively selling short-term securities to buy longer-dated debt. Because the roll-off of assets from the Fed’s balance sheet is variable and depends on mortgage markets, some analysts think the Fed will opt for sales and purchases to provide regularity and predictability. “They would want to announce D VSHFLILF VFKHGXOH´ VDLG $ODQ Levenson, chief economist for T. Rowe Price. The more dramatic step of buying more bonds outright, while likely to be criticized for risking inflation, cannot be ruled out entirely either. “You wouldn’t want to do that until you’re so desperate you QHHGWRGRVRPHWKLQJELJ´VDLG ric Green of TD Securities. full-blown debt default crisis in urope might be just such a catalyst, he said.

ADB trims Asia growth outlook, warns RQLQâ€ŤŰŒâ€ŹDWLRQâ€ŤŰŒâ€ŹRZV Reuters

M N L - The sian Development Bank trimmed most of its 20 and 20 2 growth forecasts for the region while noting that sia’s emerging economies are showing resilience in the face of the darkening global environment. Fundamentals including sound budgets and high reserves offer a buffer for emerging economies, but there is no room for complacency, the Manila-based DB warned in the update of its sian Development Outlook on Wednesday. The update of the Development Outlook, which was released in $SULOLQFOXGHVLQFUHDVHVLQLQÀDWLRQ forecasts for this year. $QHDVLQJRILQÀDWLRQSUHVVXUHV could be temporary if global growth picks up, and authorities have to be ready to resume tightening monetary policy. olatility in capital ÀRZV ZLOO FRPSOLFDWH SROLF\PDNing, the DB said. Despite global woes, growth will remain healthy across the

region, the DB said. Developing sia -- made up of 5 countries in Central sia, ast sia, South sia, 6RXWKHDVW$VLDDQGWKH3DFLÂżFLV expected to grow 7.5 percent in 20 and 20 2. That is down from pril forecasts of 7.8 and 7.7 percent respectively, and growth of .0 percent in 20 0. DB President Haruhiko Kuroda noted the tentative recovery in major industrial economies earlier this year had been undermined by the ratings downgrade of the nited States, urope’s debt problems and apan’s triple disaster in March. “Yet developing sia’s economies are continuing their steady JURZWK´KHVDLG “ lthough led by the People’s Republic of China and ndia, momentum is felt across the whole UHJLRQ´ The DB said China is expected to grow .3 percent in 20 and . percent next year, compared with the pril forecasts of . and .2

respectively. ndia is now likely to grow 7. percent and 8.3 percent lower than forecasts made in pril of 8.2 percent for this year and 8.8 percent for 20 2. ,Q SDUWV RI$VLD LQĂ€DWLRQ FRQcerns have eased as commodity prices have come off their 20 peaks and worries about the global economy have grown. But the DB said the prices could spurt higher again. ,QĂ€DWLRQ DFURVV WKH UHJLRQ ZDV forecast at 5.8 percent this year, compared with the pril projection of 5.3 percent, while the outlook for 20 2 was unchanged at . percent. “ f commodity prices resume their climb and the current weakness in the global recovery turns out to be temporary, regional central banks will have to speed up the process of monetary tightening, HVSHFLDOO\ZKHUHLQĂ€DWLRQLVDOUHDG\ KLJK´WKH$'%VDLG Many of sia’s central banks have paused their rate-hiking cycles

as global uncertainties grow. China may put further tightening on hold DIWHULQĂ€DWLRQDEDWHGVRPHZKDWLQ ugust while some analysts say ndia is expected to hike rates only once more by year-end as output growth falters. The DB said allowing some exchange rate appreciation could help contain inflation by lowering import prices, and that could be combined with temporary capital controls designed to curb unwanted hot money flows which have been preventing some policymakers from raising rates in the inflation fight. “With real interest rates having turned negative in several countries, more monetary tightening is necessary to control inflation both over the next 2 years and the medium term, when the global economy will regain momenWXP´WKH$'%VDLG The outlook for capital flows was uncertain, according to the DB. t said that while sia’s

strong economies and higher interest rates attract capital, in times when risk aversion rises, investors tend to retreat to advanced economies, so policymakers needed to prepare for volatility. nflows to sia have moderated as concerns over the global economy have grown this year, the DB said. There were two main concerns about a surge in short-term flows. First, cash flowing in can complicate efforts to cool economies, and can weaken the effectiveness of monetary policy. Second, inflows can be followed by a destabilizing reversal of cash. “Regional policy makers may therefore find it appropriate to use well-targeted measures to improve their financial supervision and regulatory rules, as the recent short-term flows are dominated by those coming WKURXJK WKH EDQNLQJ FKDQQHOV´ the DB said.



Thursday, September 15, 2011


‘Two and a Half Men’ back with new cast, equation Associated Press Writer

BURBANK, Calif. — The stars of CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” are scrutinizing a publicity photo depicting them as a tuxedo-clad trio sharing a vintage microphone. Ashton Kutcher is in the center of the shot, flanked by Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones on the other. Charlie Sheen, of course, is out of the picture. “It’s nice,” offered Cryer, adding a query to Jones: “But that’s not your hand, is it? I believe they had too big a black spot there and they photoshopped in a hand.” “That’s not my head, is it?” said Kutcher. Oh, those kidders. But the silliness carries a message: The three actors are a comfortable fit with each other and for the revamped “Two and a Half Men,” which returns Sept. 19 at 9 p.m. EDT for its ninth season, minus the fired Sheen. Executive producer Chuck Lorre and the Warner Bros. studio clashed

bitterly with their erratic, hardpartying star before dumping him last March and cutting the season short. The task now is to salvage what has reigned as TV’s top-rated comedy. Kutcher, who carries the weight of replacing Sheen as newly introduced character Walden Schmidt, diligently ticks off reasons the sitcom can remain a hit. “The series has momentum. It has fans that are built in,” he said. “I think the great thing the writers have done is they haven’t lost the sensibility of the show. ... It’s going to offend people just

as much as every episode has offended people.” “Two and a Half Men” accomplished that by trafficking in sexual jokes and innuendo as it detailed the antics of fast-living womanizing cad Charlie Harper (Sheen). More fodder came from his roommates, Charlie’s neurotic, divorced brother Alan (Cryer) and young nephew Jake (Jones). The shake-up has given the show the chance to push the envelope in a new direction: laughing in the face of death, with Sheen’s character jettisoned in a fatal accident. Kutcher fills the vacuum playing an Internet genius who is wealthy but unlucky in love and who moves in with Alan and Jake, creating a new buddy triangle. Judy Greer plays the heartbroken Walter’s ex. Producers have been trying,

Hugh Jackman to return to Broadway with old songs

AP Photo/Boneau/ Bryan-Brown, Joan Marcus

AP Photo/CBS, Jeffrey R. Staab

FILE - In this May 18, 2011 file publicity image released by CBS, the cast of “Two and a Half Men,” from left, Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher, and Angus T. Jones are shown during their presentation at CBS’ Upfront at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Pearl Jam support for West Memphis Three continues

Associated Press Writer

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK — The title says it all — “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway.” The Tony Awardwinner plans to bring his one-man show to the Broadhurst Theatre on 44th Street from Oct. 25 to Jan. 1. Jackman will be accompanied by an 18piece orchestra and will perform his favorite musical numbers. He’s already fine-tuned the show in San Francisco and Toronto. Jackman was in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” at the National Theatre in London and made his Broadway debut portraying the 1970s singersongwriter Peter Allen in “The Boy From Oz,” for which he received the 2004 Tony. The actor, who plays Wolverine in the “X-Men” movie franchise, was last on Broadway in 2009 with Daniel Craig in “A Steady Rain.”

TORONTO — Even though they’ve now been released, the three men known as the “West Memphis Three” are still getting support from Eddie Vedder and the rest of Pearl Jam. The three men were convicted in the slayings of three Cub scouts nearly two decades ago, but were recently released — after spending 18 years behind bars — after years of questions about the evidence in the case. “Now we are helping them regain their footing, and it’s fascinating to see them on the outside world. It’s a real joy,” Vedder told The Associated Press in a recent interview. Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin were convicted in 1993 for the murders of three 8-year-old boys found naked and hogtied in West Memphis, Ark. Steve Branch and Michael Moore drowned in a drainage ditch in about 2 feet of water; Christopher Byers bled to death, and his genitals were mutilated and partially removed. Misskelley confessed, but his lawyers said later he was coerced, and the men have proclaimed their innocence. Their story was told in the 1996 HBO documentary “Paradise Lost,” which brought attention to the trial and made a case that the guilty verdicts were unjust. Echols was sentenced to death, while the others got life sentences. Vedder says Pearl Jam’s efforts for their release began at least 15 years ago. He just decided to keep it “under the radar, because the last thing that they needed was a rock band supporting them.” He even visited them in prison. “It was really difficult to visit someone in prison, and then have to leave, and knowing how they were

In this theater image released by Boneau/BryanBrown, actor Hugh Jackman is shown. Jackman will return to the New York stage next month in “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway,” playing Oct. 25

still going to be there,” Vedder said. Vedder, along with other high profile entertainers who included Johnny Depp, the Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines, Peter Jackson, and Henry Rollins, advocated their release and raised money for their defense. Vedder says the idea of musicians and actors coming together to change the system intrigues him: He sees music as a source of power for good. “It can throw a monkey wrench into forms of tyranny we have around us,” he said.

AP Photo/Brian Chilson, file

FILE - In this Aug. 28, 2010 file photo, singer Eddie Vedder of the band Pearl Jam participates in a news conference before the Voices for Justice concert in support of the West Memphis Three in Little Rock, Ark.



Thursday, September 15, 2011


Do lazy mammals live longer? Agence France Presse

Small furry mammals partial to a daily dose of hibernation in winter are probably extending their lifespan at the same time, according to a study published Wednesday. Experiments with Djugarian hamsters native to Siberia showed that when the tiny rodents temporarily lower their metabolism and body temperaPrevious studies had hinted at a causal link between hibernation and longevity, but this is the first one to show the biological mechanism that may account for it. In the laboratory, researchers led by Christopher Turbill of the Institute for Wildlife Ecology in Vienna created an artificial environment for 25 adult virgin female hamsters, offering only eight hours of light per day. The faux-winter conditions were designed to trigger a hibernation response, according to the study, published Wednesday by the British Royal Society in the journal Biology Letters. For 180 days, half the rodents basked in a relatively balmy 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), while the others half lived in a chillier clime, about 9.0 C (48 F). Both groups enjoyed all-you-caneat buffet. In measuring the results, the researchers distinguished between shallow torpor, when body temperature dipped below 29 C (84 F), and deep torpor, when temperature dropped under 25 C (77 C),

nearly 10 C (18 F) below normal. They inserted micro-transponders under the animals’ skin to keep track of the changes. Turbill and colleagues suspected that the energy-saving, coma-like state had an impact on telomeres, which sit like tiny caps on the ends of chromosomes, protecting the precious strands of genetic code. Telomeres and telomerase, the enzyme that control them, are a key agent in ageing and longevity. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres get worn down a little bit. The enzyme’s job is to partially rebuild them. Eventually, when the telomeres are worn beyond repair, cell death is triggered.

Small furry mammals partial to a daily dose of hibernation in winter are probably extending their lifespan at the same time, according to a study published Wednesday IBP/afp

Hitachi engineer Takeshi Ogino dispays a portable ‘brain-machine’ interface’ equipped with an optical sensor in a headset to measure prefrontal bloodstream, at the company’s headquarters in Tokyo on September 14. IBP/afp

Hitachi unveils headset to study brain activity

Sugar and corn syrup makers in bitter clash Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES — The setting sun splashes warm hues across a ripening cornfield as a man and his daughter wander through rows of towering plants. Like any parent, the dad says in the television commercial, he was concerned about high fructose corn syrup. But medical and nutrition experts reassured him that in essence, it’s the same as cane sugar. “Your body can’t tell the difference,” he says. “Sugar is sugar.” That key claim, made last year by the corn industry as it tries to rebrand high fructose corn syrup as simply “corn sugar,” was weighed for the first time by a federal judge Tuesday after a group of sugar farmers and refiners sued corn processors and a lobbying group. Their lawsuit alleges the father-in-the-

cornfield advertisement and other national television, print and online commercials from the corn industry amount to false advertising because sugar is not the same as high fructose corn syrup, the sweetening agent now found in the bulk of sodas and many processed foods. Sugar makers say there are numerous differences between the white, granular product and the sticky liquid that is high fructose corn syrup. Attorney Adam Fox claimed the syrup industry has even acknowledged as much in the past. At a hearing on the corn industry’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Fox showed U.S. District Judge Consuelo Marshall the papers from a case in Mexico filed by the Corn Refiners Association that carefully outlined how sugar and high fructose corn syrup are different. That case in 1997 was related to the export of high fructose corn syrup to Mexico.

Agence France Presse

A Japanese research team on Wednesday unveiled a headset they say can measure activity in the brain and could be used to improve performance in the classroom or on the sports field. Engineers from Hitachi working with university scientists say the lightweight headset will accurately measure minute changes in the amount of blood in the brain -- a key indicator of how hard the organ is working. They said numerous wireless devices could be run simultaneously, with the data displayed on a screen in real time, allowing researchers to monitor the performance of up to 20 people, or a whole sporting team, at once. The Japanese electronics giant said it currently has no plans for a commercial launch of the equipment, which uses near-infrared light to detect the amount of blood in the brain. Scientists studying cognitive performance have previously had to use highly artificial environments, such as laying people in a dark tube and keeping their heads still, said Ryuta Kawashima, head of the research team. But the newly developed gear will allow them to take measurements in real-life situations where human brains are interacting in complicated social situations, said Kawashima, of Tohoku University.

AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File

FILE - This file photo taken Aug. 30, 2011, in Central Illinois shows farmer Jason Podany using a combine to harvest corn near Farmingdale, Ill. A bitter battle over whether high fructose corn syrup should simply be called “corn sugar” is headed for a federal courtroom in Los Angeles.



Thursday, September 15, 2011,


Milan snatch 2-2 draw at holders Barcelona


BARCELONA - Thiago Silva powered home a header in the second minute of stoppage time to steal a 2-2 draw for AC Milan at holders Barcelona in the heavyweight pair’s Champions League Group H opener on Tuesday. Barca had recovered Once ahead they quickly settled into a rhythm, enjoying almost 70 percent of possession, but failed to kill off the seven-times champions and surrendered the lead for a second consecutive game following Saturday’s 2-2 La Liga draw at Real Sociedad. Their disappointment was compounded by the news that midÂżHOGHU$QGUHV ,QLHVWD ZLOO EH RXW for around four weeks after tearing a leg muscle shortly before KDOIWLPHÂł,WZDVQÂśWHDV\WU\LQJWR penetrate the opponent’s penalty area crowded with eight defenders,â€? Barca coach Pep Guardiola told a news conference. “We tried but at the end they levelled from a corner. What Milan did has a lot of merit. They made it as far as our goal two and a half times and they came away with a point.â€?

stunned into near-silence seconds after the start when Brazil striker Pato left the home defence for dead DQGEHDWJRDONHHSHU9LFWRU9DOGHV with a low shot. With captain Carles 3X\RO RQO\ GHFODUHG ÂżW WKLV ZHHN after knee surgery and his partner in central defence Gerard Pique sidelined, Guardiola deployed midÂżHOGHUV6HUJLR%XVTXHWVDQG-DYLHU Mascherano at the back. The decision immediately apSHDUHGWRKDYHEDFNÂżUHGZKHQSDF\ Brazil striker Pato exposed their obvious lack of pace. Straightaway Barca created a slew of chances for an equaliser before World Player of the Year Lionel Messi, after striking a curling freekick against the post, once again came to the rescue. 7KH $UJHQWLQD IRUZDUG WRS scorer in the competition the past three seasons, danced through the Milan defence to the byline and squared for Pedro to rifle home 6$9,2850(66, ZLWK JRDONHHSHU &KULVWLDQ$EELDWL stranded. Barca had recovered their $URXQGKRPHIDQVSDFNHG customary poise and a goal had long into a sultry Nou Camp were EHHQFRPLQJZKHQ9LOODVWHSSHGXS

AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

AC Milan’s Pato from Brazil celebrates after scoring against FC Barcelon during his group H Champions League soccer match at the Camp Nou stadium, in Bar to crack the ball into the top corner from 30 metres. The home side were in total control without really threatening WRVFRUHDWKLUGXQWLOIXOOEDFN(ULF $ELGDOFRQFHGHGDVWRSSDJHWLPH

Ballack enjoys bittersweet return to Stamford Bridge Reuters %(5/,1  %D\HU /HYHUNXVHQœV 0Lchael Ballack cheered when his team were drawn with his former club Chelsea LQ*URXS(RIWKH&KDPSLRQV/HDJXHWKLV season. His return to Stamford Bridge on Tuesday, however, left the former Germany captain with a bittersweet aftertaste. Ballack, who will be 35 later this month and had spent four seasons at ChelVHDZLQQLQJWKUHH)$&XSVDQGDOHDJXH title, was honoured by the London club prior to the game on Tuesday. But that was the last bit of good news he would have for the evening, missing a huge chance for the lead in the 57th minute and being taken off a little later, 37 seconds before his team conceded the ¿UVWJRDO7KH\ZHQWRQWRORVH ³, NHHS WKLQNLQJ DERXW WKDW PLVVHG FKDQFHEHFDXVHKDG,VFRUHGLWFRXOGKDYH been completely different for us,� the PLG¿HOGHUWROGUHSRUWHUVLQWKHHDUO\KRXUV RI:HGQHVGD\³8QIRUWXQDWHO\LWGLGQRW go in and nothing can change that.� Bal-

lack was a surprise inclusion in the squad after being mainly relegated to the bench this season. His experience and knowledge of Chelsea seemed to have worked in his favour when coach Robin Dutt compiled KLVVWDUWLQJOLQHXSIRU/HYHUNXVHQÂśVÂżUVW champions League game in more than six \HDUV,WDOPRVWSDLGRIIZKHQKHIRXQG himself inside the box on 57 minutes with the score 0-0 and only goalkeeper Peter Cech to beat. Ballack, whose long career includes losing a Bundesliga title on the last match GD\ ZLWK DQ RZQ JRDO ORVLQJ WKH (XUR  DQG WKH  :RUOG &XS ÂżQDO DV ZHOO DV WZR &KDPSLRQV /HDJXH ÂżQDOV with Leverkusen and Chelsea, failed to elude Cech and Chelsea went on to score twice and win the game. $VNHGZK\KHKDGWDNHQ%DOODFNRII despite a very good performance, Dutt said: “He was tired.â€? “No, not really,â€? %DOODFNUHVSRQGHGÂł,DFWXDOO\IHOWYHU\ good. But that is the coach’s decision and \RXKDYHWRUHVSHFWLW%XW,WKLQN,FDQ ODVWWKHIXOOPLQXWHV´

corner, although the France international claimed he had been IRXOHG'XWFKPLGÂżHOGHU&ODUHQFH Seedorf swung the ball over for Silva to claim an unlikely point. “When they score an equaliser

in the last minute you are left looking a bit stupid,� Barca’s %UD]LOIXOOEDFN'DQLHO$OYHVWROG Spanish television. “We have to pick ourselves up and keep working.�



Thursday, September 15, 2011,


Little tune-up time for Federer ahead of Davis Cup Reuters

S NE - Roger ederer has only two days to tune up for Swit erland’s id to rea into the avis Cup elite when they clash with Australia in their orld Group playoff starting on riday. The 1 -times grand slam champion whose last match was a ta ing ¿YHVHWORVVWR862SHQFKDPSLRQ1RYDN'MRNRYLFLQWKHVHPL¿QDOVDW)OXVKLQJ0HDGows arrived in Sydney on ednesday days after his team mates. Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka will be expected to carry Switzerland’s hopes in the singles at Royal Sydney Golf Club against ustralia’s former world number one Lleyton Hewitt and rising talent Bernard Tomic. Federer looked relaxed in a practice session on Wednesday on the grasscourts at the tie’s venue, the 30-year-old training in both singles and doubles against practice partners in a possible preview of his participation over the weekend. Wawrinka, who suffered a leg injury during the .S. Open, appeared in no discomfort during

his training session and is likely to be named along with Federer in the singles when the draw is released on Thursday. ustralia have their own injury concerns, with Lleyton Hewitt forced to withdraw from the .S. Open after failing to recover from an injured toe that has bothered him for months. “ wouldn’t be putting a lot of money that will be playing anything after this event,� Hewitt told reporters on Tuesday. “Right at the moment, ’m just focusing on getting through this tie.� ustralia, a former Davis Cup power with 28 titles, second only to the nited States’32, have lost

all three of their World Group playoffs in the past three years and face a mammoth task to beat the Federer-led Swiss. “Roger is the main guy in the tie and he’s the guy with the most form and the best form coming in,â€? said Hewitt, whose ranking has plummeted to th amid his injury struggles. “He’s not only a great singles player, he’s a great doubles player as well, so think he gives WKHLUWHDPDORWPRUHFRQÂżGHQFH “ think Stan Wawrinka sort of lifts a bit when Roger’s around as well, so it’s not going to be easy for all our guys.â€?


Ryo Ishikawa

Japan’s Ishikawa ‍ۋ‏QHGIRUQRVKRZV Reuters

72.<2-DSDQÂśVWRSJROIHU5\R,VKLNDZDKDVEHHQÂżQHGIRUSXOOing out of two tournaments in ugust and September, the GTO Tour said on Wednesday. The -year-old withdrew from the Kansai Open and last weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Toshin tournament, which he missed for the second year running, citing a sore shoulder. But apanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s GTO Tour took a dim view of shikawaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision to pull out DJDLQDQGVODSSHGKLPZLWKWKHÂżUVWVXFKÂżQHVIRUWKUHH\HDUVRQWKHPHQÂśVWRXU as punishment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rules are rules,â&#x20AC;? the tourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s executive director ndy Yamanaka told Reuters. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They are put in place to protect the tournaments. They are not rules only for Ryo.â&#x20AC;? Yamanaka insisted the apanese tour would not make any special concessions to shikawaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s enormous celebrity in apan, where his grinning face looks down from giant billboards and appears frequently on T commercials. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Yes heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a superstar but he is also one of 200 GTO members and everyone plays under one set of rules. You should not change rules for one person.â&#x20AC;? GTO chairman Tadashi Koizumi said the organisation would â&#x20AC;&#x153;get toughâ&#x20AC;? next year to tighten the rules and prevent players suddenly pulling out of tournaments. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We want the players to support the apanese tournaments,â&#x20AC;? said Yamanaka. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just pay money and take time off, so we want to amend the rulebook. â&#x20AC;&#x153; ven if shikawa goes off and plays on the merican PG Tour he will still have to abide by our rules.â&#x20AC;? shikawa apologised and produced a doctorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s note. â&#x20AC;&#x153;My left shoulder felt like it was about to dislocate,â&#x20AC;? apanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brightest hope for a future menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s major champion told the Nikkan Sports. Âł7KHGRFWRUWROGPHLI,SOD\HGRQLWZRXOGGHYHORSLQWRFKURQLFLQĂ&#x20AC;DPPDWLRQ so made the tough decision to withdraw. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Last year was playing in urope so had to pull out. tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bad timing.â&#x20AC;?


Roger Federer of Switzerland hits a ball during a practice session in Sydney

Argentina to host MotoGP race in 2013 Reuters

LONDON - rgentina will return to the MotoGP calendar from 20 3 with a race at the Termas de R o Hondo circuit in Santiago del stero province, series promoters Dorna said on

Tuesday. rgentina last hosted a motorcycle grand prix in Buenos ires in , with the top 500cc race won by merican Kenny Roberts junior. 7KHRIÂżFLDOPRWRJSFRPZHEsite said the three-year deal was

signed in Paris in the presence of rgentine president Cristina Fernandez and Dorna C O Carmelo zpeleta. The deal was subject to necessary renovations being carried out to bring the circuit up to safety standards.




Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sebastian Vettel says there is still “a long way to go” in the championship despite his huge gap in the standings. The Red Bull driver scored his eighth win of the season at Monza last weekend to increase his lead in the standings to 112 points over Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

AP Photo/Alessandro Trovati

Vettel could seal the title in the next race in Singapore if the results favour him. Despite that, the German insists he is not thinking about the points or the gap, but just about doing a good job there. “Looking at the championship obviously there is still some way to go,” said Vettel. “We are in a very strong position, which I think we deserve to be in because we’ve been working very hard with very few mistakes. We’ll see. “I don’t really think about the points and the gaps and the possibilities in the next race. As long as we come out with a bigger lead after the next race I think we have done a good job.” Team boss Christian Horner, whose team dominated the race at Monza, believes Singapore will be a very tough challenge for the team despite its current form. “Maybe we should run with no downforce, because it worked at Monza,” joked Horner. “It’s a completely different challenge, it’s the bumpiest, toughest track Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany celebrates in the paddock after winning the Italian Formula One Grand Prix at the Monza racetrack, in Monza, Italy, Sunday, Sept.11, 2011.

'H‫ۋ‬DQW$R\DPDXUJHVULGHUVWRFRPSHWHLQ-DSDQ HIROSHI Aoyama has urged his MotoGP compatriots to trust the reports that have declared the Japanese Grand Prix as a safe event to attend in order for them to ‘cheer up the people that are suffering inside’. As Japan’s only rider competing in the MotoGP class, Aoyama has been steadfast in supporting the Motegi event, which was rescheduled for October 2nd in the wake of the tsunami and earthquake that devastated the country in March. However, it is Motegi’s proximity to the Fukushima Nuclear plant, which was damaged in the disaster, that has raised concerns among riders, with many still uncertain as to whether it is safe to race in Japan as a result. Despite this, Aoyama has always maintained he will race on home soil regardless, the Gresini Honda rider insisting it is important to understand that life in Japan, and around the affected area, is continuing without worry. Even so, Aoyama says he understands the trepidation of his counterparts. “We were a very lucky country and I would say thanks to all the people who supported the Japanese people in Japan,” he said. “And what I can do now is still try to race and try to give my best in the race and show good news. And cheer up the people who are still suffering inside. And so because of this, I would say let’s go to Japan to make a MotoGP race.

“You know, we checked, the independent company (ARPA) checked the situation of Japan, so they said it’s OK, we can go. So now the race is going on. I’m very happy about that. But still some people are doubting or thinking - I fully understand the situation - but if they would go to Japan to race, I am very happy and I appreciate all the guys who go to Japan.” Touching on a document that was signed by every MotoGP rider – except for Aoyama - at Mugello asking for more information on the situation, the former 250GP champion says it is important for riders to trust what they are now being told. “I know everything is OK and we can go. And Japanese government said it’s OK. And afterward also Italy, Spain, America, they say you can travel to Japan. So that means it’s OK and I trust this. “ I t ’s a difficult situation for European people. I am Japanese, so anyway, I have a house there so I go home, even in a disaster situation. It’s a completely different situation. And if I’m in a different situation, like the other side, for sure I would think about it.

on the calendar coming up, physically demanding, hot, more corners than any circuit so its going to be a big challenge. “It’s high downforce. We finished a very close second to Fernando Alonso last year. It’s a race we haven’t won and one we would dearly love to. “The weather can be inclement there, we haven’t had a wet race there which has been remarkable. Ideally we would achieve the same result as Monza, but we will go there and attack the race.” He added: “The RB7 was so effective at Monza I think because of the amount of effort that was put into the low downforce configuration. “It’s a track that, when we were planning for the year, we decided ‘right lets put an awful lot of effort into Monza, come up with something bespoke for the venue. The aerodynamic group have done a phenomenal job. Of course we went highly aggressive in our set-up and our choice of gear ratios for the race itself.”

Edisi 15 September 2011 | International Bali Post  

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