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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bali bomb suspect sent to Indonesia Agence France-Presse

JAKARTA - An alleged mastermind of the 2002 Bali bombings was extradited from Pakistan to Indonesia on Thursday, after his arrest in the town where Osama bin Laden was killed, a security official said. Indonesia’s counter-terrorism agency chief Ansyaad Mbai confirmed that Umar Patek had arrived under tight security after an overnight flight from Pakistan, and ahead of an expected trial on terrorismrelated charges. “He’s been detained at a detention facility... He’s a very important suspect. It’s hard to rank him but you can say he’s a big fish,” Mbai told AFP. Patek is expected to face trial over attacks including the Bali bombings that killed 202 people and Christmas Eve church bombings that killed 19 people in 2000, the counter-terrorism chief said. “We still have to investigate further but it’s likely he will be charged over the Christmas bombings and the Bali bombings, as well as others,” Mbai said, adding that Patek had confessed to involvement in both attacks. The fatalities in the bombings of tourist bars and nightclubs on the resort island of Bali, which thrust Muslim-majority Indonesia into the front lines of the “war on terror”, included 88 Australian holidaymakers. Police say Patek, 41, worked closely

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with the attack’s mastermind, Indonesian extremist Dulmatin, and built the massive bombs that flattened several buildings along the Kuta beach tourist strip. Officials said murder could be the most serious crime he is charged with, as his alleged crimes were committed before the Southeast Asian archipelago passed its tough anti-terrorism law. Even so, he could still face the death penalty. Indonesian police killed Dulmatin last year and three of his Bali accomplices were executed by firing squad in 2008. Until his arrest Patek was the last “big fish” still at large over the Bali bombings. Continued on page 6

Merseyside Police officers help clean up a burnt out caravan in the Toxteth area of Liverpool, England Wednesday Aug. 10, 2011 following rioting in the area Tuesday night. Thousands of extra police officers flooded into London in a bid to end Britain’s worst rioting in a generation.

AP Photo/Peter Byrne/PA

Entrance to Bali promptly installed with X-ray PACIFICATION of two Bali’s main entrances, namely Gilimanuk and Padangbai Harbor should be carried out extra strictly so that Bali will not be missed again as in the case of the first and second Bali bombing. Strict custody at the entrances to Bali should not only be done by humans, but should also be supported by sophisticated equipment. For that purpose, Bali Government is preparing to install sophisticated X-ray equipment at both entrances to Bali. So far, the Gilimanuk and Padangbai Harbor have been closely guarded. However, according to the Head of Bali Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), Cokorda Ngurah

Pemayun, the equipment used to detect goods brought into Bali was not adequate. On that account, Bali Government allocated a budget to purchase sophisticated equipment in the form of X-ray detector to be installed at both crossing harbors. “Indeed, there has been such a plan,” said Cokorda Ngurah Pemayun. In the Regional Budget 2012, he said, it would be budgeted the purchase of two units of X-ray detector to be installed at the Gilimanuk and Padangbai Harbor. A unit of the equipment cost approximately IDR 30 billion, so the total budget that should be prepared would be IDR 60 billion. Such budget draft had been agreed in the meeting between the Bud-

get Agency of Bali House and Budget Team of Bali Government on Tuesday (Aug 9). “Unit price of the X-ray equipment is expensive. In the world, only three countries that can provide such X-ray equipment namely Germany, Britain and Australia,” he said. Furthermore, he admitted to worry if any time the unit price of X-ray equipment would increase. If that happened, then what was budgeted in the regional budget 2012 would not be enough to buy it. “Hopefully, there will be no price hike,” he said. A member of Budget Agency in the Bali House, Nengah Tamba, admitted that he responded positively the plan to purchase the Xray equipment. According to this

Chairman of Democratic Faction, such sophisticated equipment was greatly required at Gilimanuk and Padangbai Harbor. So far, the detection devices used for Bali pacification was still very limited. “Padangbai and Gilimanuk Harbor should be closely guarded. Both checkpoints determine the fate of Bali. Remember, condition of Gilimanuk Harbor also determines the economic life of Bali,” he reminded. Therefore, Tamba sincerely hoped that procurement of X-ray equipment could be realized. By operating the X-ray equipment, all goods entering to Bali can be clearly detected. “Indeed, it is time for Bali to operate the equipment,” he said. (kmb13)



Friday, August 12, 2011

Bali News


The sellers of food during vasting month.

BBPOM found dangerous substances in vasting snacks Denpasar (Bali Post) –

The supervision and routine raid from Bali Food and Medicine Supervisor Board (BBPOM) on the beginning of fasting month has yet again found snacks with non food substance, proved from 25 snacks samples of banana soup (kolak), fruit ice drinks, fish snacks (siomay), snake fruit (salak), fish pepes, and serabi taken from a number of the sellers on Ahmad Yani Street and Sudirman Street, two of them are positive to have contained Rhodamin B (sumba) or a textile dying substance as stated by Head of the Baord, Drs. I Wayan Eka Ratnata, Apt., when met last Wednesday (10/8). “From the lab tests, we found it on the kolak and a patulo (putu mayang) snack where the brown sugar was using colour not the real brown sugar (gula aren),” Ratnata explained. Now BBPOM is waiting the microbiology test of these samples. Retnata explained the team will go to the sellers of this non food substance contained snacks to give guidance to them not to use such dangerous sub-

stance again. Rhodamin B can be distributed but only for textiles. Other substances BBPOM feared to be on these fasting break snacks are borax, formalin and more. “For these fasting times we al-

ways do raids twice. This is the first with Rhodamin B still found and later we will do another raid. We do this base to we kept finding lots of Rhodamin B contained snacks on last year’s fasting month,” Retnata stated. (bit)

Pura Guardian Protest Building in Batubelig Mangupura (Bali Post) –

Guardians of Pura Dalem Pulo Nyeti Puncakan Segara Madu at Batubelig area, Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta, protested over a restaurant building being built on above the Batubelig beach demarcation line and in front of the Pura Segara (Sea Temple) which is marked will affect and disturb ceremonies in this location. Family of Satria Dalem Tangkeban, Kerobokan Kelod who are the guardians have reported this building by letter to Badung Regent also Bali House of Representatives

and Bali Governor on 8th June and 30th July signed by I Made Alit Wiartana on behalf of the family, stating how disturbing this building is and ask the government to avoid this to actually happen and become a very bad example to the residents. Yet until now, neither reply nor reaction has been given by Badung Government. When contacted last Wednesday (10/8) Alit Wiartana stated the building was suspected to have been owned by a Spanish investor using a local Balinese person in running it. It is sus-

pected strongly the building was not completed with any kind of permits as it clearly violating. “How is it permitted, the building was clearly above the sands. We really hope government will do something yet until now they’re not doing anything,” he clarified. Meanwhile Head of Police Management and Operational Section, IGAK Suryanegara admitted not long ago did check the place and found that the building is not permanent. Badung Police Civil Service also have called the building owner yet the call is still not fulfilled. (kmb25)

Lombok Crime Group Captured, 1 Month 14 Crime Scenes Denpasar (Bali Post) –

Bali Police General Criminal Research Directorate successfully revealed a case recently. A gang of 3 crime committers, Roni Riyadi, Adi Surayawan (Wawan) and Suhardi (Aris), from Lombok was caught last Saturday (6/8) as stated by Head of the Sub Directorate Section I, Police Commissioner Gede Bambang Wirawan, last Wednesday (10/8). The gang has operated in 14 rime scenes around Kerobokan and West Teuku Umar Street, Denpasar, targeting laptops and cell phones. “The modus was robbing houses on midnight,” Wirawan stated. The revealing of this case started with information from residents seeing Aris and Wawan odd movements. Police then observed and caught them around 3 pm where a cell phone was found from them, admitted to have got it from their crime act. A development was then undertaken and in Aris living place at West Teuku Umar No. 442, Denpasar, police found more evidences of 3 cell phones. “Aris then admitted there’s another person in this group besides them two,” Wirawan continued. The other one was Roni Riyadi and Aris stated he’s on his way to Lombok. For that police chased Roni and around 1 am he was captured at Padangbai Harbour. In his bag a laptop was found expected strongly also a result of their crime acts. Roni was the mastermind and found to have been in Kerobokan Jail before where he got out three years ago. Since a month ago, some of the goods have been sold in Lombok such as 10 cell phones, a laptop, modem and flash disks. The five buyers from them were then selling it again. “The case is still further investigated and it’s possible there is new accused form this case,” Wirawan concluded. (kmb21)

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Bali News


Friday, August 12, 2011


To clear up water crisis

GIPI urges the realization of Sarbagitaku Mangupura (Bali Post)—

The Indonesia’s Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) of Bali urged the government to realize promptly the joint clean water supply management system by the five regencies and city in Bali named Sarbagitaku to clear up the water crisis in Bali. The program involving the Badung, Gianyar, Tabanan, Denpasar and Klungkung Regency has become a discourse of government, but it is not realized until now. “The program should be realized as a solution to overcome the water crisis. We believe the Sarbagitaku program will address the problem of clean water complained by tourism perpetrators, particularly among the hoteliers,” said Chairman of GIPI Bali, Ngurah Wijaya, in Denpasar, Wednesday (Aug 10). According to him, the raw water treatment of Sarbagitaku would utilize the abundant river water flow. So, the water taken advantage had been in the river downstream and ready to get wasted into the ocean. On that account, it would not interfere with the use of river water for irrigation and so on. “To overcome the restrictedness of clean water, it should not necessarily be carried out by drilling to get the underground water. By taking advantage of the surface water such as by processing the river water or wastewater into clean water will be able to resolve the restrictedness of clean water,” he explained. Meanwhile, the Head of Bali Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), Cokorda Ngurah Pemayun, recently said that population density and the progressively restricted carrying capacity due to massive land conversion had been resulting in the water crisis in Bali. Based on the data in the Bali Development Planning Agency, the scarcity of clean water has happened to Southern Bali area and elsewhere in keeping with the rapid growth of population. As a consequence, the water

demand is also increasing. It was described the water crisis was triggered by the increasing burden of high density, which was not supported by natural resources. The Badung Regency and Denpasar Municipality would face serious problems as an impact of the water crisis in the future if there were no earnest endeavors to address the problem as well as public awareness of maintaining and not exploiting the natural resources. “If the condition persists, the threat of water crisis will become a serious problem faced by other Balinese residents. To that end, there should be an effort to look for alternative solutions such as by setting up water infrastructure in the form of dam or management of long rivers existing in Bali,” he explained. He said the increase in human population led to deforestation and tree logging. As a result, the condition would reduce the soil absorbability against the water and this ultimately became a crucial issue encountered by Bali. Meanwhile, based on data of the Minister of Public Works, Indonesia is said to be the fifth country in the world that is rich in water because of having over 1,250 dams along with reservoir that can accommodate 12.5 billion m3 of water. In the meantime, the large dams complying with the international standards amounts to 132 units and those meeting the criteria of Government Regulation No. 37/2010 currently reach 284 units. On that account, it is required a management effort for the utilization of existing water sources like the large and long rivers. Additionally, the effort includes the search of rainwater reserve which can be accommodated in the dams or reservoirs. Five measures taken to address the water crisis are undertaken through conservation, empowerment, repair to damaged springs, people’s involvement in preserving the water source and provision of adequate information system for the community. (par)


A man is looking at the air measurement device which was placed in Denpasar.

Air pollution in Denpasar examined Denpasar (Bali Post)—

High growth rate of vehicles in Bali triggers the occurrence of air pollution. Since the vehicle exhaust emission is above the threshold, it tends to pollute the air quality. To ensure the air quality in Denpasar, the Denpasar Environment Agency (BLH) in cooperation with the Udayana University research center is now investigating the air quality in Denpasar. The research is related to the pollution caused by fumes of poorly maintained vehicles. Head of the Denpasar Environment Agency (BLH), AA Bagus Sudharsana, when contacted on Wednesday (Aug 10) said that after the emission test two weeks ago against hundreds of vehicle his party was currently undertaking a study on the degree of air pollution in Denpasar. “To diminish pollution, some measures have been taken. Other than emissions test, his party also undertook a study on the quality of air,” he said when accompanied by Spokesperson of Denpasar Municipality, Dewa Gede Rai. He said the research was undertaken in cooperation with the research center of Udayana University and the Ministry of Environmental Affairs. “Right now, the research is in progress and we conduct it to know the air qual-

ity,” he added. However, he said the results were not known yet because the process was still going on. The study posed a part of endeavor to minimize the air pollution in Denpasar area. According to him, so far the largest air pollution was contributed by vehicles that were not well maintained. “The pollution is largely caused by cars, while motorcycles cause relatively small portion,” he added. To reduce the air pollution, there had appeared a discourse on the restriction of old vehicles. Unfortunately, he was unwilling to give comment about the discourse of old vehicle restrictions on the grounds it was not his authority. “That authority lies in the transportation agency,” he said. When confirmed at separate place, the Head of Denpasar Transportation

Agency, Gede Astika, was unable to give more comments because the matter of limiting the vehicle was the authority of Bali Transportation Agency. “It’s the authority of provincial government like the restriction of tourist transport policy not long ago. Therefore, it’s beyond our authority,” he explained. Previously, a sampling test against hundreds of vehicles had been undertaken two weeks ago. Such examination was carried out at busy traffic area such as at Ubung area, Jalan Diponegoro, Jalan Imam Bonjol, Jalan Teuku Umar, Jalan Hayam Wuruk and around Sesetan area. The exhaust emission test against hundreds of vehicles stayed to encounter vehicles whose gas emission was above the threshold. (kmb12)

Transaction of foreign exchange in Bali reaches IDR 4.8 trillion Denpasar (Bali Post)—


The water crisis make a woman must walk to find water source

Foreign exchange transaction in Bali ranks second after Jakarta in Indonesia. This Paradise Island for tourists has become one of the regions with the largest foreign exchange transaction reaching IDR 4.8 trillion up to the second quarter. Such figure increased to IDR 4.7 trillion from the previous quarter. Directorate of Monetary Management of Bank Indonesia, Sri Yulistiani, said in Denpasar on Wednesday (Aug 10) that high

transactions of foreign exchange traders (PVA) made Bali susceptible to be used as location for money laundering as the proceeds of crime. “We ask all members of PVA in Bali to report every transaction to Bank Indonesia properly and correctly. All PVA members should be familiar with their customers or clients,” she said. According to her, Bali had become the second largest transaction locality that had great potential to be used as a locality of money laundering. Large amount of foreign ex-

change transactions by international community starting from the time when stepping foot on the island to meet their needs in Bali gave major contribution to promote the growth of people’s economic activities. In the meantime, a senior associate economic researcher, Ronald L. Toroun, explained that online reporting would make PVA easier to report every transaction. By doing so, PVA no longer needed to come to Bank Indonesia but by sending over the Internet had been enough. (par)



Friday, August 12, 2011


Cameron vows ‘fightback’ as Birmingham seethes Associated Press Writer

LONDON — Thousands of extra police officers flooded the streets of London on Wednesday to deter rioters, and Prime Minister David Cameron warned that the government will take any necessary action to restore order and confidence to Britain’s streets. Even as Cameron promised not to let a “culture of fear” take hold, tensions flared in Birmingham, where a murder probe was opened after three men were killed in a hitand-run drive as they took to the streets to defend shops from looting. “We needed a fightback and a fightback is under way,” Cameron said in a somber televised statement outside his Downing Street office after a meeting of the nation’s crisis committee. As if to indicate his resolve, he underlined “nothing is off the table” — including water cannon, commonly used in Northern Ireland but never deployed in Britain. The number of arrests in London alone climbed to 820, with courts staffing around the clock to process alleged looters, vandals and thieves — including one as young as 11. Cameron has recalled Parliament from its summer recess for an emergency debate on the riots Thursday. An eerie calm prevailed over most of London as night fell Wednesday, with a highlyvisible police presence throughout the city. Metropolitan Police said objects had been thrown at officers in south London’s Eltham neighborhood but that the incident had been

“dealt with” and a group was dispersed. Outside the capital, in England’s second largest city of Birmingham, police launched a murder investigation into the deaths of three men hit by a car. Residents said the dead men, aged 21 to 31, were members of Birmingham’s South Asian communities who had been patrolling their neighborhood to keep it safe from looters. “They lost their lives for other people, doing the job of the police,” said witness Mohammed Shakiel, 34. “They weren’t standing outside a mosque, a temple, a synagogue or a church — they were standing outside shops where everybody goes. They were protecting the community.” Tariq Jahan, whose 21-year-old son Haroon was killed, stood in a Birmingham street and pleaded with the South Asian community not to seek revenge against the car’s occupants, reported to be black. “Today we stand here to plead with all the youth to remain calm, for our community to stand united,” he said. “This is not a race issue. The family has received messages of sympathy and support from all parts of the community — all races, all faiths and backgrounds.”

AP Photo/LIbyan TV

AP Photo/Tim Hales

Looters take electrical goods after breaking into a store during the second night of civil disturbances in central Birmingham, England, Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011.

This video image broadcast Wednesday Aug. 10, 2011 by Libyan TV purports to shows Moammar Gadhafi’s youngest son Khamis Gadhafi, left, who commands one of the best trained and equipped units in the Libyan military, visiting an injured man in a hospital in Tripoli, Libya on Tuesday Aug. 9, 2011.

Gadhafi son, reported killed, appears on Libyan TV Associated Press Writer

BENGHAZI, Libya — Libyan state television broadcast images Wednesday of a man it said was Moammar Gadhafi’s youngest son in an attempt to refute rebel claims that he had been killed in a NATO airstrike. Rebels claimed on Friday that 27-yearold Khamis Gadhafi, who commands one of the best trained and equipped units in the Libyan military, was killed in the western front-line town of Zlitan. The regime dismissed the claim and said the rebels were only trying to deflect attention from the killing last week of the opposition’s military commander, possibly by other rebels. The images on television showed the son at

a Tripoli hospital visiting people wounded in a NATO airstrike and said it was on Tuesday. If genuine, it would be the first time he has been seen in public since the reports of his death. The Libyan revolt that began in February has sunk into a deep stalemate in the past few months, with the rebels holding on to most of the eastern half of the country that they captured early on and Gadhafi’s regime controlling most of the west. Neither side has been able to tip the balance into an outright victory, even with months of NATO airstrikes pounding regime targets. State television also showed funerals for dozens of civilians it said had died in another NATO airstrike on Tuesday in Zlitan, a main front for the rebels fighting Gadhafi’s troops. It is about 90 miles (140 kilometers) southeast of Tripoli.

North Korea disputes South Korea’s artillery claim Associated Press Writer

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Thursday denied firing shells near a disputed maritime line, saying a frightened South Korea needlessly retaliated after mistaking normal blasting from a construction project for artillery. South Korea, which fired several shells in what it said were two artillery exchanges with North Korea on Wednesday, dismissed the North’s claim as a typical “hackneyed” argument from a country that rarely acknowledges its provocations and instead blames Seoul for hostilities between the sides. Relations between the Koreas have recently improved, but the different versions of what happened highlight the knife-edge tensions always present between the

Koreas, especially in the Yellow Sea waters that both countries claim as their own. “It was preposterous in the age of science when latest detecting and intelligence means are available that they mistook the blasting for shelling,” an unnamed North Korean representative to inter-Korean military talks said in a statement released by the official Korean Central News Agency. “It was a tragicomedy that they indiscriminately reacted to what happened with counter-shelling even without confirming the truth about the case in the sensitive waters,” the official said. South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said three North Korean shells originally fired near the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea prompted the South to fire three shells back.

A boy rides his bicycle near the banners wishing for reunification of the two Koreas on the wire fence at the Imjingak Pavilion near the border village of Panmunjom, on the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that separates the two Koreas since the Korean War, in Paju, South Korea, Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011. AP Photo/Lee Jin-man



Friday, August 12, 2011


Favehotel Opened in Jakarta IBP

JAKARTA – In accordance with Aston’s commitment to expand its trendy select service favehotel brand, Aston International announced the opening of the first favehotel in Jakarta – the Favehotel Wahid Hasyim. The Favehotel Wahid Hasyim is a two star hotel offering 70 functional, comfy and trendy guest rooms and several appointed meeting rooms. While room rates are set to be very competitive, hotel guests will enjoy standards and services usually associated with hotels of a higher price category such as top notch beddings, high quality cotton linen, complimentary hi speed Wi-Fi, in room massage and laundry services. The new favehotels main draw will be its superb location right in the heart of Jakarta just off Jalan M. H. Thamrin around the corner from the United Nations building and the Japanese Embassy. Other Jakarta landmarks such as Plaza Indonesia and Jakarta’s most famous Expatriate hang out, the ever so popular Jaya Pub, are within easy walking distance. Aston Internationals Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Norbert Vas, said: “With

favehotels we aim to redefine the way travelers think about budget hotels. Values for money hotels like our faves are “in” and can be trendy. Good design, service from the heart and uncompromising standards for safety and cleanliness do not have to be expensive. The favehotel Wahid Hasyim is a stellar example for this philosophy“. The favehotel Wahid Hasyim joins the already widely popular favehotels in Denpasar and Surabaya and will soon be followed by favehotel openings in Bali’s fashionable districts of Seminyak, Umalas and Legian and on Malaysia’s resort Island Langkawi. Favehotel is a new select service brand established by Aston International, Indonesia’s largest Hotel Group, aiming to offer inexpensive, fresh, attractive and contemporary 2 star hotels to smart budget minded travelers. Since its inception in July 2009 favehotel has been on the forefront of the budget hotel sector redefining the industry’s standards for select service hotels thru imaginary design, mid market features such as high quality beddings, complimentary high speed internet access and LCD televisions and have a small environmental footprint.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for August 7 through August 30, 2011 7 Aug Redite Paing Pahang Pasek Toh Jiwa Kekeran - Mengwi -Badung Pasek Sadra Peguyangan - Badung

15 Aug Soma Keliwon Krulut Pasel Gelgel Kekeran Temple Mngwi Badung Merajan Pasek Subadra Temple Kramas-Gianyar

9 Aug Anggara Wage Pahang Batu Madeg (Meru Tumpang Sanga) Besakih Hyang Tibha Batuan Sakah

20 Aug Tumpek Krurut Pasek Gelgel Temple Br Tengah Buleleng Dalem Pemuteran Temple Jelantik Tojan - Klungkung Pedarmaan Bhujangga W. Temple Besakih Taman Sari Temple Gunungsari Penebel - Tabanan Dalem Tarukan Temple Bebalang Bangli Benua Kangin Temple Besakih Merajan Kanginan Temple Besakih

10 aug Buda Keliwon Pahang Luhur Puncak Padang Dawa Baturiti Tabanan Silayukti Temple Padangbai-Karangasem Aer Jeruk Sukawati Dangin Pasar Batuan-Sukawati Penataran Temple Batuyang-Batubulan Desa Lembeng Ketewel-Sukawati Pasek Bendesa Dukuh-Kediri-Tabanan Kawitan Dalem Sukawati Gianyar Kresek Banyuning-Buleleng Puseh Temple Bebandem-Karangasem Merajan Pasek Kubayan-Gaji Merajan pasek Gelgel Jeroan Abang-Songan Merajan Pasek Subrata Temaga Merajan Pasek Gelgel Bungbungan Sad Kahyangan Batu Medahu. S Nusa Penida Buda Kliwon Penatih-Denpasar Penataran Dukuh Nagasari Bebandem Karangasem Pasek Bendesa Temple Tagtag Paguyangan Pulasari Temple Sibang Gede Abiansemal Batur Sari Temple Ubud Penataran Agung Temple Sukawati 13 Aug Purnama Karo Gelap Temple Besakih Dangkahyangan Temple Pengukur-ukur Pejeng Merajan Gerya Temple Kebon Tabanan Candi Goro Temple Tianyar-Kubu Karangasem Ponjok Batu Temple Tejakula-Buleleng

21 Aug Redite Umanis Merakih Parangan Tengah Temple Ceningan Kangin - Lembongan Dalem Temple Celuk Sukawati - Gianyar 24 Aug Buda Wage Merakih Bendesa Mas Kepisah Temple Pedungan - Denpasar Selatan Natih Temple Banjar Kalah - Batubulan Puseh. Temple Silakarang - Singapadu dalem Petitenget Temple Kerobokan - Kuta Dalem Pulasari Temple Samplangan - Gianyar Kubayan - Kepisah Temple Pedungan - Denpasar - Selatan Pasek gelgel Temple Banjar Tanahpegat - Tabanan Paibon Banjar Bengkel Sumerta - Denpasar Pasek Temple Lumintang - Denpasar Panti Penyarikan Medahan Sanding - Tampaksiring Pasar Agung Temple Kaba-kaba - Tabanan 30 Aug Anggar Kasih Tambir Dalem Puri Batuan Temple Sukawati Dalem Kediri Temple Silakarang - Singapadu Dalem Temple Sukawati Dalem Temple Singakerta - Ubud dalem Lembeng Temple Ketewel - Sukawati Paibon Pasek Tangkas Temple Peliatan - Ubud

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.



Friday, August 12, 2011

Spanish duchess taps fortune for OK to wed at 85 Agence France Presse

MADRID — It’s the stuff of a soap opera starring European nobles: at age 85, one of Spain’s richest and most title-laden women wants to wed a civil servant young enough to be her son. To placate her six wary children, she’s signed over to them palatial chunks of her wealth. She’s a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill and you have to take a deep breath just to pronounce her name: Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva. The twice-married matriarch’s supreme title is Duchess of Alba, but she has more than 40 others. Her 60-year-old beau is a man named Alfonso Diez, who works for the Spanish social security administration. They first met decades ago because her then husband — No. 2 — was friends with Diez’s

brother, an antiques dealer, and after running into each at a movie theater about three years ago the duchess and Diez eventually started dating. The Duchess of Alba said in a rare radio interview early this year that she wanted to marry Diez but her children — five men and a woman — were against it. She denied any suggestion Diez was a gold-digger. “Alfonso does not want anything. He has renounced everything,” she told COPE radio. “All he wants is me.” Last month the duchess and her children went to a notary in

Florida fugitive siblings caught in Colorado

Madrid and she registered them to be owners of palaces, castles and other property around Spain upon her death, according to widespread Spanish press reports. For now, though, she will retain control of the fortune of the more than 500-year-old House of Alba.

In this photo taken June 16, 2010, the Duchess of Alba arrives for a movie preview in Seville, Spain.

Woman bomber, roadside N.Z. school bomb kill seven in NW Pakistan discovers real skeleton in closet



DENVER - Three fugitive siblings wanted in connection with crimes in Florida and Georgia last week were taken into custody in Colorado after shots were fired and a high-speed chase ended in a crash, police said on Wednesday. A citizen tip paved the way for their capture, with the Colorado State Patrol learning at about 9 a.m. local time that the siblings’ white car had been spotted at a campground near Colorado City.Authorities had been searching since August 2 for Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21, Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26, and Lee Grace E. Dougherty, 29, who are accused of shooting at a Florida police officer and robbing a bank in Georgia on the same day.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan - A burqaclad woman suicide bomber struck in the heart of Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar on Thursday, killing another woman hours after a bomb blast killed five policemen in the same area. The bombings occurred near a police check post in the city, where al Qaeda and Taliban militants often stage attacks. Police said the attacks could have been coordinated. Female suicide bombers are rare in Pakistan, and women often pass through checkpoints without being searched in this conservative country. The suicide bomber, which police said was around 25 years old, was wearing an explosive-laden vest. She threw a hand grenade before blow-

Bali bomb suspect... From page 1 The Bali attack was the work of Al-Qaeda-linked regional extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah, and Indonesian officials are hoping Patek will give valuable information on JI and other Southeast Asian terror networks. “From the very beginning his links were with Jemaah Islamiyah, which we know is linked to AlQaeda,” Mbai said, adding that Patek was being “cooperative”. Patek is also believed to be indirectly associated with Indonesian terror suspect Hambali, who is in US custody at Guantanamo Bay, and radical Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, who was recently convicted on terror charges. Defence Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro said previously there was information that Patek had been trying to meet bin Laden in Abbottabad before his arrest on January 25, but this has not been confirmed.

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said last week that Indonesia did not want Patek’s trial to turn into a circus. “We do not want to create selffulfilling... attention to a person who doesn’t deserve publicity,” he said. Australia has warned that Patek’s arrest could spark revenge attacks against Westerners in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority state. National Police spokesman Anton Bachrul Alam said security had been stepped up after Patek’s extradition. “We have prepared tight security because Umar Patek is a terrorist leader. He’s highly rated so we’re always on the alert and ready to ensure security,” he told reporters. Patek is also wanted in the Philippines, where he allegedly plotted attacks with militants after fleeing Indonesia.

AP Photo/Paul White

ing herself near the checkpoint, police official Tariq Omar told Reuters. Witness Yasir Ali said the woman’s vest did not fully detonate, which limited the number of casualties to one passer-by. “She was on foot,” said Ali, a lorry driver, said. Hospital officials said a child was killed and 16 people were wounded in the earlier attack on the police lorry, which was hit by a remote-controlled bomb concealed in a push-cart. Taliban militants have waged a campaign of suicide bombings across Pakistan, killing hundreds of people in recent years. In December, a burqa-clad bomber killed more than 40 people in an attack on a food distribution center in Bajaur tribal region near the Afghan border.

REUTERS/Khuram Parvez

Police are framed through the torn canvas of a vehicle, which was transporting police officials, after it was hit by a bomb in Peshawar August 11, 2011.

Agence France Presse

Teachers at a New Zealand school received a macabre surprise when they realised a supposedly plastic skeleton to be used in anatomy lessons was actually a real set of human bones, a report said Thursday. Totara North School principal Bastienne Kruger had removed the skeleton from storage and was about to use it in class when on close examination she saw that the teaching aid was not plastic as she had assumed.Kruger said no one knew how long the skeleton had been at the school, which opened in 1852, the Northern Advocate newspaper reported.“When we realised it was real, we wanted to do right by this poor person, but we didn’t know how, so we phoned the hospital and they suggested we bring it to the police,” she told the newspaper. Police approached the Historic Places Trust, a heritage agency whose regional manager Stuart Park concluded that the remains — a skull and bones from one side of the body — belonged to a slightly-built adult male.


Indonesia Today

Friday, August 12, 2011


Row as Australia, Indonesia cattle trade resumes Agence France-Presse

An Indonesian abattoir worker was paid to kick a cow in the head to provide the footage of animal cruelty that helped stop the live animal trade with Australia in June, a politician said on Wednesday.

AP Photo/Heri Juanda

In this Friday, Aug. 5, 2011, photo, Acehnese browse Internet using free Wi-Fi access at a park in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, Indonesia. Venture capitalists from Silicon Valley to New York all have the same question about Indonesia’s come-from-nowhere tech frenzy: Are the young entrepreneurs that have piqued their interest, smart bets or just surfing a hype that will soon burn out.

Indonesian tech frenzy tantalizes venture capital Associated Press Writer

JAKARTA — Venture capitalists from Silicon Valley to New York all have the same question about Indonesia’s come-from-nowhere tech frenzy: Are the young entrepreneurs that have piqued their interest smart bets or just surfing a hype that will soon burn out. A few years ago, Internet connections were so slow in Indonesia that trying to download a clip off YouTube could take 20 minutes on a good day. Now the Muslim majority nation of 240 million people — despite the tangled balls of telephone wire that dangle precariously over dusty, potholed roads — boasts the world’s second largest number of Facebook users and is third for Twitter. It’s also seen an explosion of Web startups, with 200 popping up so far this year alone, said Natali Ardianto, owner of StartupLokal, which offers a place for founders, developers and potential investors to meet. At the moment most of Indonesia’s tech newbies aren’t distinguished by their creativity. Many are clones of well-established foreign companies like Craig’s List or TripAdvisor, or Groupon, offering discount coupons and deals. But with a little nurturing and eventually funds to advertise and strategize, venture capitalists and small-scale investors hope one day to make some money and — maybe, along the way — help discover Indonesia’s answer to Mark Zuckerberg. “It’s still early and there isn’t

much structure on the ground,” said Faysal Sohail, managing director of CMEA Capital, one of the leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, after a whirlwind trip to Indonesia. “But from a growth point of view, India and China has been predominantly done at this stage, there are a lot of investors there already,” he said. “So now the question is, what the markets beyond that are.” That’s partially why I came,” he said, “to look for some new, world class entrepreneurs.” He’s ready to invest some money, he said, but personally, not yet through a fund. Most of the founders of new startups are young, recent college grads working from their living rooms or garages with two to six people, using cash scraped together from their parents, friends and professors. In the majority of cases, the operations are considered too small to be able to handle infusions of more than $500,000 to $2 million. And business plans are still pretty rudimentary. But there are several promising young entrepreneurs out there, Sohail and others said. Twenty-six-year-old Eduardus Christmas, who hit the scene two years ago, is considered one of the early birds. Inspired by his literature-loving girlfriend, he started Evolitera, an online publishing house offering thousands of free novels, textbooks and scientific papers. “I saw a need and was trying to fill it,” Christmas said, lighting up cigarette at an outdoor cafe. “I was

also genuinely interested in digital publishing.” “A lot of the newcomers in digital media seem to be attracted by the hype, they see how fast things are growing and want to jump in,” he said. “You’ve seen that especially in the last year, year and a half.” These days, Christmas is thinking more seriously about ways to make money — one of the biggest challenges he and others face, because with only 3 percent of the population holding a credit card, there is almost no e-commerce. There’s also little in the way of adverting dollars. Pulling an iPad from his bag, Christmas shows one of his latest projects, interactive books, starting with Indonesian classical pianist Ananda Sukarlan. His newest company, Enervolution, is a registered Apple developer, and will allow users to browse content for free and then pay for and download Sukarlan’s music with the help of an iTunes app. He’s hoping, in this way, to tap into a premium market. At this early stage, there have only been a few big success stories, most notably the forum and classifieds portal Kaskus, which got a $100 million commitment from a local investor, and the location-based social network Koprol that Yahoo! recently acquired. But plenty of others are gaining traction, thanks in large part to high penetration of BlackBerry, iPhone and other smartphones — some of them knockoffs — which have allowed Indonesians, despite poor infrastructure, to shoot straight into cyber space.

Animal rights activists rejected the allegation, which was made as a shipment of cattle prepared to leave port for Indonesia for the first time since the graphic images were shown in late May. Liberal Senator Chris Back, who worked as a veterinary surgeon for 40 years, said in a Senate hearing in Canberra that a worker accepted money to brutalise the cow. Back said a reliable source who had visited the abattoir in Sumatra told him a foreign man and woman and a driver had come to the abattoir and offered the worker 150,000 rupiah (US$17.50) to kick the beast. “He kicked it a number of times and then stopped. They asked him to keep going and he did,” he said. Australia suspended the live animal trade to Indonesia after footage of the cruelty was broadcast on state television. Back said the worker was beaten and his wife raped in retribution for the loss of work. But Lyn White from Animals Australia, which obtained the footage, dismissed the allegations as “very offensive”. “The story you told about pay-

ment for deliberate cruelty is just so outrageous that the further suggestions that he’s been ostracised, beaten and his wife raped should be taken in the same sense,” White told the hearing. “It simply did not occur.” Back later said he accepted that White had no knowledge of any payments but told reporters he understood the driver paid money to slaughtermen in at least two abattoirs “so that the footage would be obtained”. The first shipment of cattle approved under a strict new licensing scheme was due to leave the northern port of Darwin in Australia for the Asian nation Wednesday. Indonesia last month indicated it would import 180,000 cattle from Australia in the third quarter after Canberra lifted its live cattle export ban, and promised to audit and improve conditions at all its abattoirs. Live exports, which also include sheep, were worth Aus$1.14 billion (US$1.18 billion) to the Australian economy in 2010 according to the most recent figures. Indonesia accounted for Aus$320 million, making it the biggest market.

AP Photo/Tatan Syuflana

A vendor sells cucumber melon, locally known as “timun suri,” a type of fruit popular during the fasting month of Ramadan to be served as sweet drink, on a roadside stall in Jakarta, Indonesia, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011. Muslims around the world are observing Ramadan, the holiest month in Islamic calendar, where they refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and sex from dawn to dusk.



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Bali Today One of the traditional sport that is carried out by the youth in Bali. Balinese community has several traditional sports and games. Probably, the only one display of those sports and games can be found in the annual implementation of Bali Arts Festival (BAF).


Traditional Sports:

Get the Experience as the Locals Do Aside from sightseeing to nature, leisure experience can also be obtained by enjoying some intriguing local traditions. There are light daily activities, hobbies, traditional sports and so forth. Many people do this just for getting the experience, not for the end result. Balinese community has several traditional sports and games. Probably, the only one display of those sports and games can be found in the annual implementation of Bali Arts Festival (BAF). It poses one of the media used to preserve and promote the treasure of cultural heritages together with other cultural elements. Such an endeavor is required to be introduced to modern generation. If they never know about those

sports they will never appreciate theirs. Moreover, they now tend to be attracted by modern games that sometimes make their parents worried on account of characters played in the video games or the like. They may turn less patient or when having no money to play the games it kindles them to commit crime. No matter small it is, it remains hazardous. However, it does not necessarily mean that modern games must be rejected. The key is that children should be persistently un-

der parental control to minimize the negative impact because it also contains educational value. Meanwhile, traditional games will teach them how to get in touch with nature, prepare the tools, cooperate with others and tolerate friends. Here, their patience is required until the toys can be completed. In addition, their relationship will establish togetherness in the level of their understanding. Since most traditional games are played outside the house, so they

can know better their surrounding environment and friends. These values enable them to enrich their outlook. There are a variety of traditional sports and games such as stilts, sack race, coconut-shell clog, tug-ofwar, pulling areca-sheath and many others. When managed well, these traditional can create a good business. Craftsmen, for instance, can make the tools and their replica that may be taken advantage for souvenir by tourists. Moreover, if they are designed with the touch of Balinese ornamental styles they are going to give added value. In addition, the games like stilts

Bali’s exports to Asia Pacific valued at US$111 million Antara

DENPASAR - Bali’s exports of various products such as handicraft, fisheries and agricultural produce to Asia Pacific in the January - May 2011 period stood at US$111.2 million, Antara news agency reported quoting a regional trade official as saying. The values of Bali’s exports to the Asia Pacific region almost always increased every month during the first five months of 2011,

Export Section Head of Bali’s Industry and Trade Service, Putu Bagiada said here on Thursday. Putu said that most importers of Bali’s products in the Asia Pacific region came from the United States, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong. The trade official said that Bali’s exports to the United States were relatively stable this year, and constituted the leading foreign exchange earning contributor from the non oil/non gas commodities. Their values were US$41 million. Japan was the second biggest

importer, with an import value accounting for US$38.6 million, followed by Australia with US$10.7 million, Canada and Hong Kong US$5 million and US$3.2 million respectively. The United States, Japan and Hong Kong were biggest buyers for fishery products such as fresh and frozen tuna, tongkol (a kind of tuna), crab and krapu fish, besides garment and accessories. Bagiada said that about 12 Asia Pacific countries were importers of Bali’s non oil/non gas commodities.

Bali’s handicraft exports to Taiwan also increased with a value of US$2.5 million. Hong Kong, one of the world trade cities, also imported various handicraft products from Bali which it resold to tourists visiting Hong Kong. Countries in Asean like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand also are increasingly interested in Bali’s arts products. The values of each of these countries’ imports from Bali were above US$1 million dollars.

(tajog) can become an optional attraction for tourists. Getting involved in the games of course will drive a pleasure of its own. Try change the orientation. If the games or sports usually played by the locals, let’s share them with our guests. Then, if the games usually played at smooth or even land can be played with a slight challenge such as by crossing shallow-watered river or even on the beach, near the edges of waves. With different condition and background along this challenge, it certainly becomes an attractive and unique adventure. Without doubt, there are more traditional games and sports that need exploring and discovering. These traditions actually are potential products becoming attractive games offered to visitors. While preserving, we can also offer something different from modern games offered by other destinations. If Bali will ‘go green’ with its organic agriculture, its tradition can also offer ‘ecofriendly’ attraction where it is unnecessary to exploit the nature excessively but it even can go hand in hand with the preservation of local tradition. One day, the treasures of traditional games and sports could be coalesced into a ‘traditional games park.’ Ultimately, let’s share the fun of our traditions by involving visitors in the experience as the locals do. (BTN/punia)


Friday, August 12, 2011

Balinese Culture

Bali’s Exports To Central America 3.8 Million Dollars Antara

DENPASAR - Bali’s exports of handicraft goods and some other nonoil/gas commodities to Central America and South America had reached 3.8 million US dollars in the JanuaryMay 2011 period, an increase compared to the only 2.3 million US dollars in last year’s same period. “This means Bali’s exporters had expanded its coverage and earned more foreign exchange revenue,” head of the export division of the Bali industrial and trade agency Putu Bagiada said here on Wednesday. While the US is Bali’s traditional market, but for Central America and South America it is a new development, as handicraft goods have an artistic value besides other nonoil/ gas commodities, he said. The businessmen and exporters of this area need to promote the export market to other countries, like Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East, which had not been covered intensively.

The market share of those countries are potential like Central America and South America, Bagiada said adding that Bali’s exports to Puerto Rico, South America, had reached 1.5 million US dollars in the January-May 2011 period. This is a relatively big number considering the country is so far away, after Costa Rica bought Bali’s nonoil/gas commodities worth Rp 649 thousand US dollars, and five other countries only a couple of only a hundred thousands US dollars. In the meantime in Central America there are more nonoil/ gas export commodities from Bali in seven countries including Bahama, Panama and Costa Rica imported commodities worth

only 2.2 million US dollars. While the consumers in the United States are the biggest buyers of Bali’s handicraft goods, early in 2011 alone 41 million US dollars worth of foreign exchange revenue had been received from the super power. The handicraft goods which had entered the US in a great deal included garments, silver jewelry with peals, and wooden handicraft goods and fresh tuna. The foreign exchange revenue from the trade to Central America and South America could still be increased, but all depends on the efforts of the exporters in the areas in utilizing the opportunity.

GULING CELENG (Suckling Pig) OVERVIEW: If there’s just one dish that people remember after a visit to Bali, it’s this famous delicacy, usually known by its Indonesian name, Babi Guling. INGREDIENTS: 1 suckling pig, weighing about 6-8kg 1½ tbsp salt 200 shallots, peeled and sliced 100 gr cloves garlic, peeled and sliced 50 gr ginger, peeled & chopped 300 gr candlenuts, chopped 350 gr fresh turmeric, peeled &chopped 3 tbsp coriander seeds, crushed 80 gr laos, finely chopped 120 gr bird’s-eye chilies, sliced 10 stalks lemon grass, finely sliced 1 tbsp black peppercorns, crushed 1 tsp dried shrimp paste, roasted 5 fragrant lime leaves, finely shredded 2 salam leaves 2½ tbsp oil 4 tbsp turmeric water PREPARATION: Ensure inside of suckling pig is completely cleaned out. Season inside and outside with salt. Combine all other ingredients, except turmeric water, and mix thoroughly. Fill inside of suckling with mixture, close belly with string or thin satay skewer. Rub the outside of the pig with turmeric water until the skin is shiny yellow. Place suckling pig on roasting rack and roast in hot oven (220°C / 425°F) for approximately 1 hour. Rest for 10 minutes in warm place before serving. When serving, first remove the crisp skin with a strong carving knife, then loosen meat from the bones and cut into even dice or slices. Place a heaped tablespoon of stuffing on each serving plate, and then top with meat and skin. Traditionally this dish is eaten with Jukut Nangka Mekuah and steamed rice. Helpful hint: If you have a large barbeque with rotisserie or constantly turning spit, you can cook the pig over charcoal for an authentic Balinese flavor. (

C.045 ibp




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Trunyan IBP

The village of Trunyan is squeezed tightly between the lake and the outer crater rim of Batur, an almighty volcano in Kintamani. This is a Bali Aga village, inhabited by descendants of the original Balinese, the people who predate the arrival of the Hindu Majapahit kingdom in the 16th century. It is famous for the Pura Pancering Jagat temple, but unfortunately visitors are not allowed inside. There are also a couple of traditional Bali Aga-style dwellings, and a large banyan tree, which is said to be more than 1,100 years old. At Kuban sub-village close to Trunyan is a mysterious cemetery that is separated by the lake and accessible only by boat there is no path along the steep walls of the crater rim. The village of Trunyan itself is situated at the edge of Batur Lake. This location is inaccessible except by boat, and it takes around half an hour across the calm waters. Getting to Lake Batur takes around two hours drive to the northeast of Denpasar along the main road to Buleleng and through Bangli Regency. Unlike the Balinese people, the people of Trunyan do not cremate or bury their dead, but

just lay them out in bamboo cages to decompose, although strangely there is no stench. A macabre collection of skulls and bones lies on the stone platform and the surrounding areas. The dead bodies don’t produce bad smells because of the perfumed scents from a huge Taru Menyan tree growing nearby. Taru means ‘tree’ and Menyan means ‘nice smell’. The name of Terunyan was also derived from these two words. The women from Trunyan are prohibited from going to the cemetery when a dead body is carried there. This follows the deeply rooted belief that if a woman comes to the cemetery while a corpse is being carried there, there will be a disaster in the village, for example a landslide or a volcanic eruption. Such events have been frequent in the village’s history, but whether women had anything to do with it is a matter of opinion... You can visit both the village of Trunyan and the Kuban cemetery by chartered boat from Kedisan. Sadly, nowadays the boat trips are now blatant tourist traps, as touts and guides strongly urge you to donate your cash to the temple project or leave a donation for the dead. These touts ruin an otherwise fascinating experience.

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BUSINESS ADB: Asia to pause inflation fighting policy Associated Press Writer

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

A screen displays the final numbers for the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, August 10, 2011.

iPads trump oil

Apple is most valuable US company Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - It doesn’t take a visit to the Genius Bar to figure out how Apple became the most valuable company in America. Its lineup of sleek phones, computers and iPods, irresistible to customers even in tough economic times, propelled it to the No. 1 position by market value Wednesday, surpassing Exxon Mobil. Apple’s stock on the open market is now worth more than any other company’s. Apple’s stock fell for the day, but Exxon’s fell more. Apple finished with a market value of $337 billion, beating Exxon’s $331 billion. A single share of Apple stock now costs $363. Apple occupies a rarefied spot once held by General Electric and Apple’s own rival Microsoft. Exxon had held the top spot since 2005. The power shift is a substantial milestone for Apple, which has enjoyed a triumphant comeback since the 1990s, when it struggled to stay afloat before its co-founder Steve Jobs returned to take the helm. But it’s not just the comeback. Gleacher & Co. analyst Brian Marshall saysApple is giving investors something that has never been seen before. Apple’s numbers are huge, with $30 billion in revenue in the latest quarter, for example. Yet Marshall said the 35-year-old company is “growing like a startup.” “Even in 2008 and 2009 Apple grew like a weed and the world was coming to an end,” Marshall said. Apple grew its net income 70 percent to $14 billion and its revenue 52 percent to $65 billion in the fiscal year that ended last September. A year earlier, even as other companies — though not Exxon — were reeling from the economic meltdown, Apple’s earnings grew 35 percent and its revenue 14 percent.

Apple wasn’t always a tech darling. The company, known as Apple Computer Inc. when it was founded in 1976, was on a steep decline before Jobs returned in 1997. With Jobs as CEO, Apple is known for dreaming up gadgets that people don’t think they need until they get their hands on them — or see friends and relatives with them. There were music players, smartphones and tablet computers before Apple introduced the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. But the Apple gadgets’ sleek, minimalist design and intuitive software have garnered them a loyal following among tech geeks and everyday consumers alike. “Never underestimate the power of Joe Sixpack relative to expenditures on consumer electronics,” Marshall said.People want their gadgets, especially those made by Apple, even in a recession and even as they watch their stock portfolios and retirement funds shrink. Still, Apple commands just a sliver of the overall smartphone and computer market. For that reason, Apple can grow at such a fast pace. “They have just a tremendous runway in front of them,” Marshall said. Exxon, which set a record in 2008 for the highest quarterly earnings by any company, will find it hard to compete with Apple’s growth because its prospects are tethered to oil prices and new oil discovery. Apple’s growth is limited only by innovation. Investors expect it to grow as long as it keeps making products that people want. So investors are betting on Apple’s stock even though it currently makes less money than Exxon.In its latest quarterly report, Apple said stronger iPhone and iPad sales helped more than double its net income to $7.3 billion and grow revenue by 82 percent to $29 billion.

SINGAPORE — The Asian Development Bank’s chief economist says the region’s central bankers will likely stop measures to contain inflation until global market turmoil subsides. Changyong Rhee said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press that policymakers will probably halt interest rate hikes and currency appreciation for the next few months amid growing concern the

U.S. could fall into recession. Rhee said falling energy and food costs should help ease inflation pressures. Rhee said emerging Asian economies grew more in the first half than the ADB had forecast, but prices

also rose faster than expected. Rhee said a sharp drop in export demand would most hurt the economies of South Korea, China and Taiwan while India and Indonesia would be less affected.

Japan sharpens verbal warning vs yen spike Reuters

TOKYO - Japan sharpened its warning to currency markets on Thursday in the wake of the yen’s rise near record highs against the dollar, keeping markets jittery about the possibility of a second round of intervention. Markets are also on guard after the Swiss National Bank said it would flood the market with even more francs to dampen demand for its currency, which like the yen is soaring on safe-haven demand. “We are keeping an extremely close watch on currency moves, while working closely with the global community,” Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda told parliament, issuing a stronger warning than his usual phrase that he is watching markets carefully. Prime Minister Naoto Kan also told parliament the government will consider what it can do to address what he saw as “somewhat onesided moves” in the yen, although he will probably not see through any such measures as he has signaled his intention to step down in the coming weeks. Japan has kept firing warnings to markets against pushing up the yen too much, but that has not kept the currency from rising past levels that triggered last week’s intervention. The yen soared within sight of its record high of 76.25 yen to the dollar, hit just after the March 11 earthquake, as investors sought refuge from risk amid heightening uncertainty over the global economic outlook. In a sign of how jittery markets are at the possibility of intervention,

the dollar briefly jumped above 77 yen in London trading hours after approaching its record low against the yen. Traders said they had not seen any yen-selling intervention by Japanese authorities and the dollar soon fell back to around 76.50 yen. A Japanese finance ministry official declined to comment on whether the government stepped into the market. Adding to the woes for Japan’s fragile economy, the Nikkei share average fell after U.S. stocks tumbled more than 4 percent as rumors about the health of French banks sparked concern the euro zone’s debt crisis could broaden. Last week Japan intervened in the currency market and the BOJ eased monetary policy to ease the pain on the export-reliant economy from sharp rises in the yen. But those steps have done little to stem the broad weakness in the dollar. Tokyo stands ready to step into the market again if yen rises persist, although market players say it may not be able to sell yen in huge amounts with its Group of Seven counterparts expressing displeasure over Japan’s intervention. Japanese policymakers say a G7 call for coordinated action to ensure market stability, made in a statement issued on Monday, was meant to signal the group’s readiness to jointly intervene in the market if currency moves become too volatile. But markets doubt the United States and European countries are ready for such a move as the G7 statement also says exchange rates should be determined by markets. Noda has said the G7 finance leaders, in their teleconference on

Monday, did not specifically discuss intervention policy, a sign that Japan may not have gained implicit consent to step into the market, let alone any assurance of joint intervention. Still, there is no guarantee Tokyo will not step in again. “Every country has its own problems to deal with so it’s hard to find common ground,” a source familiar with Japan’s currency policy said. “Under these circumstances you might have to do something even at the risk of being criticized.” In the event of another currency intervention, the BOJ is expected to maximize the yen-weakening effect by holding off on draining the extra yen that goes into the market, as it did for last week’s currency action. The central bank is also ready to pump huge amount of funds through its market operations on any signs of financial stress or rises in short-term borrowing costs. If the yen soars above its record high and triggers another sharp fall in equity prices, the BOJ may face pressure to ease monetary policy further even before its next rate review in September, analysts say, although the chances of this are slim. BOJ officials do not rule out the possibility of further monetary easing, with Governor Masaaki Shirakawa stressing that the central bank will take appropriate action if the economy’s recovery prospects come under threat. But he has also signaled that the BOJ has done what it can for now and hopes to spend more time examining the effect of last week’s monetary easing.


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Alec Baldwin eyes NYC mayor office, but after 2013 Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK — Alec Baldwin says he’s thinking of running for mayor of New York, but not until he learns more about the job. The “30 Rock” actor tells The New York Times, he’ll sit out the 2013 race but will consider running in a later election. In a wide-ranging interview, the 53-year-old says he’s talking with two universities about enrolling in a master’s program in politics and government. He says he wants to better understand what the fiscal imperatives of the mayor’s job are. He says running in 2013 is AP Photo/Susan Walsh In this April 6, 2011 photo, actor impossible because he’s obliAlec Baldwin speaks during a gated to complete the current news conference on Capitol Hill season of “30 Rock.” in Washington, to discuss the Baldwin says he plans to esFair Elections Now Act. tablish a permanent city residence before running. His legal residence is Amagansett, Long Island. He has owned a Manhattan apartment for two decades.

Producer says Jennifer Lopez will return to ‘Idol’ Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK — An executive producer of the hit musical reality TV show “American Idol” says celebrity judge Jennifer Lopez will return for another season. Lopez hasn’t said anything. But executive producer Nigel Lythgoe (LITH’-goh) was on the “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” program on Wednesday morning and made the announcement. He acknowledged it wasn’t official. But he added he was “delighted to say that all three judges” and the show’s “brilliant host” are back for the next season. Seacrest is the show’s host. Singer-actress Lopez debuted as a judge this past season. The other judges are Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and record producer Randy Jackson. “American Idol” is due to return to Fox television in January for its 11th season.

AP Photo/Matt Sayles, file

FILE - In this May 25, 2011 file photo, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez arrives at the American Idol Finale in Los Angeles.


‘Glee: The 3D Concert Movie’ not just about music Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES — Concert movies typically offer a peek into the private moments of a pop star’s life. “Michael Jackson: This Is It” revealed the entertainer’s perfectionist tendencies, and sly sense of humor. “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” showed the teen singer’s drive for success. But “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie,” opening Friday, is an 83-minute romp with the fictional characters who populate the Fox TV series. It’s multipurposing at its finest: Stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Heather Morris and the rest maintain their “Glee” personae while performing hits from the show during the concert tour that traveled the country earlier this summer. And that’s what sets it up for success, says director Kevin Tancharoen. “It would have been completely disconnected from what made (the show) extremely popular if it had turned into, ‘Oh, look at Lea Michele and Cory Monteith and Harry Shum Jr. be superstars and rehearse and do press and record and go on tour,’” Tancharoen said. “That’s why I think it’s different from those other concert films,” he continued. “Those are all rock stars and musicians, and these are characters who mean something different to everybody else. They are extremely talented and they all sing very well and perform very well, and that’s another big part of the show that was very popular, so we kind of wanted to mix all that stuff together to make this 3-D concert experience.” In addition to on-stage performances of songs such as “Teenage Dream” and “I’m a Slave 4 U,” the film also shows its stars giving backstage interviews in character. In one segment, Michele’s character, the spotlight-loving Rachel Berry, explains her pre-performance ritual of drinking “lukewarm hot water.” “I feel like I did a nice blend of Rachel and of Lea while I was onstage performing,” Michele said Saturday. “We are our characters, but at the same time when we walk on stage, we are ourselves.” Not so for Colfer: “I had to be in character because there was no way I could have done ‘Single Ladies’ every night,” he said. Fox says the film is aimed at fans of the “Glee” TV show, which regularly draws more than 10 million viewers a week. Fans are a part of the film, too. “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” introduces viewers to three young fans who share how the show’s characters and storylines boosted their own self confidence. Even folks who aren’t fans of “Glee” can connect with the film, since its music spans generations “and it’s all about storylines that you are learning right as you are watching the film,” the director said. And completing the multi-purposing thing, maybe those folks become series fans, too, says Fox Television Chairman Dana Walden. “For families or for parents trying to get a sense of what the phenomenon is about, (they’ll) be able to see songs from the parents’ generation that have been reinvented a little bit so the kids can feel like it’s relevant to them as well,” she said. “The feature has similar attributes: Great music, contemporary dance, and these characters that can be introduced to parents or grandparents.”

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Actress Lea Michele arrives at the premiere of the feature film “Glee The 3D Concert Movie” in Los Angeles on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011. The film opens in theaters on Aug. 12.




Friday, August 12, 2011

Britain’s rarest spider moves to new home Agence France Prese

The UK’s rarest spider is moving house today — in a plastic bottle supplied by conservation group the RSPB. The ladybird spider, so called for its bright red body covered in black spots, was on the brink of extinction in the mid 1990s when a single colony of just 56 individuals was left in the UK. Since then conservationists have been helping it to spread further afield — and today (Thursday) it is to be released into one of the most diverse insect and spider habitats in the country at the RSPB’s Arne reserve in Dorset, the organisation announced. Scientists have come up with an ingenious lowtech method of transferring the spiders. They are using empty plastic mineral water bottles which are an ideal shape and size for the spiders to make their nests in. The bottles were filled with heather and moss


The UK’s rarest spider is moving house today - in a plastic bottle supplied by conservation group the RSPB

Asia’s giants exposed to natural disasters - survey Agence France Presse

The United States and Japan have the highest bills to pay from natural disasters, but Asia’s emerging giants — China, India and Indonesia — are proportionately at greater risk from them, a survey said on Thursday. British risk assessors Maplecroft ranked 196 countries according to their economic exposure to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, landslides, floods, storms and wildfires. Four nations — the United States, ranked first, followed by Japan, China and Taiwan — were deemed at “extreme risk” in absolute terms, which means the overall cost in dollar terms from a natural disaster. Seven other countries (Mexico, India, the Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia, Italy and Canada) were rated as “high risk” in absolute terms. But a different picture emerged when countries were assessed for their social and economic ability to cope with a disaster. China,

India, the Philippines and Indonesia were all in the high risk category, while the United States and Japan were rated low risk. Seventeen countries, most of them African and headed by Somalia, were considered to be at extreme risk, according to the barometer of socio-economic resilience. The survey, the Natural Hazards Risk Atlas 2011, looks at 11 indicators derived from data for 2005-2010 compiled by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It does not include the effects of drought on national economies or the cost to agriculture from natural disaster. “Natural hazards have been more costly to the world economy so far than any other year on record,” Maplecroft observed. “The tsunami in Japan, tornadoes in the United States, the Christchurch earthquake (in New Zealand) and flooding in Australia have all contributed to a massive $265 billion total for the first six months of the year.”

A firefighter uses a rope to rescue a group of 36 Chinese villagers stranded on a section of road destroyed by a mudslide in China’s Sichuan province in July 2011.


and then captured spiders from the donor site were placed inside and monitored while they settled in and made a web. The bottles will be buried in holes in the ground at Arne so that the spiders can colonise the nearby area. The spiders will be another piece of the invertebrate jigsaw for the Arne reserve which is already home to a host of rare insect and spider species. The heathland site boasts 240 species of spider and hundreds of insect species including the threatened silver studded blue butterfly, the Purbeck mason wasp which is only found in Dorset and the Roesel?s bush cricket which was discovered on the site last year. Toby Branston, RSPB Arne warden, said: “Arne is an amazing place for bugs and this is the best time of year to see and hear them. To be introducing such a rare new species here is very exciting, and I hope we can help it to spread further.” The most striking thing about the ladybird spider is the unique colourful markings on the male which give it its name, but it also leads a fascinating lifestyle. They spend most of their time underground where they create silk canopies which they decorate with the remains of beetles, ants and other spiders they have eaten.

A doctor studies the biodiversity of the mangroves of French Guiana in 2010, where Yellowtail moths are mainly found.


Swarming ‘hairy moths’ triggers French Guiana curfew Agence France Presse

An invasion of Yellowtail moths that cause a form of dermatitis known as the Caripito itch has led the authorities in a region of French Guiana to impose a nighttime curfew. The affected region is Sinnamary, located 110 kilometres (68 miles) west of the French overseas territory’s capital Cayenne. Since the start of July, public lighting has been switched off at dusk, shops closed and residents told to stay indoors, in the dark and under mosquito nets, the authorities said. The Yellowtail moth — Hylesia Metabus — is found mainly in mangrove swamps but they swarm to lights in nearby towns between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. “The female moths release thousands of microscopic urticating hairs that cause severe itching,” the local health authority

said. The hairs used by the female moths to protect their eggs from predators can cause cutaneous conditions in humans. “The light produced by a television set is enough to draw the moths into homes,” Barbara Thomas, a local restaurant owner, told AFP. “I’ve been closed every evening for a month now,” she said, complaining that the infestation had hit French Guiana’s economy badly at the peak of the tourist season. At the nearby international space centre in Kourou, the base used to launch Russian Soyouz rockets has set up light traps to fight the swarming moths, local engineer Claude Berteaud said. Sinnamary residents staged a march on July 29 to demand the authorities eradicate the moths. A committee was formed to tackle the problem and consider measures such as spraying the swamps during the moths’ reproductive period.



Friday, August 12, 2011


Japan downplay win over S. Korea

A burned out building, which was destroyed during rioting and looting on the Tottenham High Road in north London over the weekend , is seen Monday Aug. 8 2011.

Agence France Presse

Japan downplayed their convincing 3-0 victory over longterm rivals South Korea as the team turned its attention Thursday to the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. Borussia Dortmund star Shinji Kagawa bagged a brace and World Cup hero Keisuke Honda scored another as the Asian champions claimed their first home win over South Korea in 13 years on Wednesday. “The Japanese men are strong, too,” read a headline in the Nikkan Sports daily after the one-sided home game in Sapporo, which followed glory for the women’s team in the World Cup in Germany last month. But Kagawa and Honda said they had work to do before the Blue Samurai launch their campaign next month to qualify for a fifth successive World Cup finals. “It was purely a friendly match. The qualifiers will be much tougher. So this result won’t get us anywhere,” Kagawa told local media. The midfielder spent four months on the sidelines after breaking a metatarsal in his right foot at the Asia Cup in Doha in January, where Japan clinched a record fourth continental title. “The South Koreans looked heavy-footed,” said the 22-yearold, who made a big impact after his move to Dortmund in July last year, scoring eight goals in 17 league games before the winter break. “When we passed the ball, it created space. When we moved, they didn’t chase us.” Honda, a CSKA Moscow midfielder and the driving force behind the team, said: “We were concerned about how we would play, let alone the result. I feel happy that we fought a good game.” But the 25-year-old, who says his ambition is to win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, added: “I want to refocus ourselves on the World Cup qualifiers. It’s not that we got something out of this.” Coach Alberto Zaccheroni was delighted with the win. The Blue Samurai are now unbeaten in 11 matches, with six wins and five draws since he took over following the World Cup. “It gave us a lot of confidence for the qualifying round,” the coach said. In the World Cup Asian qualifying round, Japan, in Group C, will host North Korea on September 2. The group also includes Uzbekistan and Syria. South Korea, in Group B, will face Lebanon on September 2, followed by Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

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Tottenham’s season opener off after riots in area Associated Press Writer

LONDON — Tottenham’s opening match of the Premier League season against Everton on Saturday has been postponed following disorder in the London neighborhood that sparked trouble across England. There are ongoing safety concerns in the area around the north London club’s White Hart Lane stadium, which has seen police resources stretched. “The police have done a fantastic job, but it’s been a crime scene all week and the council have not had enough time to do what they need,” Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said Thursday. Tottenham said the decision was taken because of “safety concerns relating to the infrastructure of the High Road and access to the stadium caused by last Saturday’s riots.” “We apologize for any inconvenience caused to supporters due to matters outside of the control of the club,” Spurs said. The violence first

broke out late Saturday in the lowincome district of Tottenham in north London after a protest against the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old father of four who was gunned down in disputed circumstances Thursday. The violence morphed into general lawlessness in London and several other cities over the following three nights, with police struggling to regain control. Tottenham captain Michael Dawson expressed his disappointment at his delayed start to the season, having already seen England’s friendly

against the Netherlands on Wednesday at Wembley Stadium called off. “We’ve worked for six weeks trying to get fit and now the first week’s not going to be happening for us,” the defender said. “But safety is the main thing, and the police wouldn’t have called it off lightly.” The league remains confident that the other nine matches on the opening weekend of the season will still go ahead. “At 6 p.m. tonight we will have a very clear picture,” Scudamore said. “The Tottenham game is a real shame but we support the police in what they are doing.”

Spain, Brazil to meet in U20 Cup quarterfinals Associated Press Writer

AP Photo/Kyodo News

Japan’s Shinji Kagawa, second from right, scores a goal past South Korea’s Ki Sung-yueng (16) in the first half of their international friendly soccer match at Sapporo Dome in Sapporo, northern Japan, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011. Japan won 3-0.

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia — Brazil and Spain advanced in the Under-20 World Cup on Wednesday, setting up a quarterfinal matchup between the title favorites. Brazil beat Saudi Arabia 3-0 in Barranquilla, while Spain escaped being upset by South Korea with a 7-6 penalty-shootout victory after a 0-0 draw in regulation and extra time in Manizales. Nigeria consolidated its status as one of the title contenders by beating England 1-0 in Armenia for its fourth straight victory, sending the English team home without having scored a goal in four matches. England had reached the second round with three consecutive scoreless draws in the group stage.

AP Photo/Fernando Llano

Brazil’s Gabriel Silva, center, is congratulated by teammates Danilo, left, and Willian after scoring during the U-20 World Cup round of 16 soccer match against Saudi Arabia in Barranquilla, Colombia, Wednesday Aug. 10, 2011.



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Wade: I will play ‘somewhere’ next season Agence France Presse

MIAMI — Dwyane Wade has decided he cannot take a year away from basketball. And if the NBA goes that route, Wade has decided to go somewhere else. Though he remains cautiously hopeful that a deal between owners and players can be struck to end the lockout and ultimately save the 2011-12 NBA season, Wade told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he will be playing somewhere this winter — whether that’s with the Miami Heat, as he’d obviously prefer, or an international club. “I’m going to play basketball this year,” Wade said from New York, where he’s taking some business meetings. “I don’t know where, but I love the game so much that I will play it. And we will figure that out.” Wade denied receiving any international offers yet, including a widely circulated report of a $2 million-per-month proposal from a Chinese team. He has said throughout the summer that he would review any offers that come his way, a stance he reiterated Tuesday, while noting that he was overwhelmed at times by the support he received from Chinese fans during a nine-day trip to their nation that ended last week. REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic celebrates a point during his game against Russia’s Nikolay Davydenko at the Rogers Cup in Montreal, August 10, 2011.

Djokovic begins reign as number one with wild win Reuters

MONTREAL - Novak Djokovic’s reign as world number one got off to a wild start as he scrambled to a 7-5 6-1 win over Russian Nikolai Davydenko at the Montreal Masters on Wednesday, improving his season record to a dazzling 49-1. Back in action for the first time since his Wimbledon victory over Rafa Nadal, Djokovic’s competitive debut as world number one looked in danger of ending in disaster.

REUTERS/Barry Huang

NBA basketball player Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat laughs as he watches a basketball game against Chinese youths during a promotional event at an outdoor basketball court in Beijing August 1, 2011.

In near invincible form this season winning eight titles, Djokovic appeared suddenly vulnerable after a four week holiday, as the 30th ranked Russian recorded two early breaks to grab a 4-1 lead on the sluggish Serb. But Davydenko would win only two more games as Djokovic shifted into top gear reeling off six straight service breaks to take the first set and jump out in front 4-0 in the second then hold serve to seal the victory as lightning crackled around the stadium. “I’m just trying to handle it (being number one) the best pos-

sible way but on the other side trying to keep my life very simple, the way it was before,” Djokovic told reporters. “Of course, the world is looking at me a bit differently. It carries a little bit more weight on your shoulders. “I don’t want to think about negatives and worry about things that might happen because I have become number one: Will I keep it long enough? Will it come to my head? Will I struggle with emotions? “I’ve become number one. I achieved my dreams. This is all that is going on in my head,

all I’m thinking of, just enjoying the moment.” Despite the early wobble, it was a promising start to the hard court campaign and the buildup to the U.S. Open for the big Serb, who has twice before reached the final at Flushing Meadows and will be favored to take the last step next month. The big question hanging over the final grand slam is who can stop the Serbian juggernaut? Roger Federer is the only man to beat Djokovic this season and has won at least one grand slam title every year since 2002.

Tour de France champion Evans arrives home Agence France Presse

Tour de France champion Cadel Evans arrived back in Australia for a victory parade after spending “the best part of his life” working for the historic cycling victory. The 34-year-old fulfilled his lifelong quest by securing the title last month, three decades after pioneering compatriot Phil Anderson paved the way for Australians by

becoming the first non-European to wear the yellow jersey. Evans’ win, the first by an Australian, was hailed here as one of the country’s finest ever sporting achievements, ranking alongside Rod Laver’s tennis exploits and their America’s Cup yachting triumph. “It’s always nice to come home and get a hug from your mum,” said Evans on arrival at Melbourne airport on Thursday.

“I don’t know if it’s the greatest but it’s been something that I’ve worked hard on for so long. “I’ve come very close before, but just for a little bit of bad luck or something, it didn’t quite come through. But that makes it so much more worthwhile on a personal level. “I’m just happy that everyone enjoyed following it and seeing it, and to come out on top finally on the Champs-

Elysees — it’s the culmination of many, many years of work for a lot of people.” Thousands of fans are expected to greet Evans on Friday in a parade through Melbourne city centre.His achievement has sparked calls for a bridge to be named after him at Barwon Heads in Victoria state, where he lives, while there are suggestions that a new cycling event could be created in his name. Evans said he

had been blown away by the response from Australians and inundated with messages of support. “When you ride in the Tour de France you’re concentrated on each day and each race and so on. Sometimes you forget that there are 20 million people at home cheering you on,” he said. “It’s been so appreciated by everyone. It’s an honour and a pleasure.”




Friday, August 12, 2011

Villeneuve says Raikkonen did not deserve F1 title KIMI Raikkonen did not deserve the title he won in 2007 and he only secured it because he was lucky, according to former world champion Jacques Villeneuve. Raikkonen took the 2007 title for Ferrari against all odds, after overcoming a 17-point gap in the final two races of the season. Villeneuve believes Raikkonen’s team-mate Felipe Massa deserved the title more. “If Kimi won the championship, he did it by luck, because he didn’t deserve it,” Villeneuve told Brazilian website TotalRace after the Canadian competed in the stock car race at Interlagos during the weekend. “Felipe deserved it a lot more. He was always more capable than Kimi and it was easy to beat him.” The 1997 world champion says he does not understand criticism aimed at Massa for his performances this year, the Brazilian having been overshadowed by team-mate Fernando Alonso. Villeneuve reckons

Massa is performing strongly at the Italian squad. “The problem is that Alonso arrived and, quickly, became powerful inside Ferrari,” he added. “When it happens, it creates an energy that people put inside you, in this case, in Alonso. It seems that, if the car wins, it will be with him. It creates a difficult situation for the other driver, who has a double task. “That’s what Felipe has to do. He has the speed. He is capable of driving strongly, working in the car. I don’t have any doubt about that. “But he needs to do even more, because it’s Alonso’s team, which is normal, given that he is a double world champion. That’s the logic. If your team-mate is a double world champion, it’s normal that the team will focus on him. “He [Massa] has won races and almost a championship, maybe two. He’s a great driver. Right now he is driving strongly for Ferrari. I don’t get people who criticise him.”

Refreshed Rossi seeks progress at Brno Valentino Rossi says he has been re-energised by the summer break, as he looks to Brno to help reestablish Ducati’s fight back against the established Moto GP order. The Italian has struggled with the Ducati bike this year, most recently finishing 30s down on race winner Casey Stoner despite setup improvements at Laguna Seca. With an official Monday test following the race weekend however, Brno will offer Rossi and his team a chance to continue progressing the 2012 bike as they bid to close the gap to Honda and Yamaha. “After Laguna I took a few days of vacation, enough to recharge the batteries following an intense period,” Rossi said. “Now we’ll spend a nice mid-August at Brno, and during both the race weekend and the Monday test we’ll continue concentrating on the bike’s setup, with the goal of reducing the gap to the lead group.” Rossi refrained from setting targets for the Czech Republic weekend, but did say he was looking forward to racing on a circuit which holds special memories for him. “I like the track not only because I’ve always gone well there, but also because it’s a special place for me since its where I earned my first pole, my first win and my first world championship. “It’s very nice, wide and fast and I’m always happy to go there.” Rossi’s team-mate Nicky Hayden said that everyone at the team was working to their maximum as he looked forward to getting a taste of Ducati’s 2012 challenger on the Monday test. “It’s clear that everyone at Ducati is doing the maximum so we’ll go there and try to get a good result,” the American said. “Obviously the test on Monday will be really important for us, and I’ll probably just ride the GP11 on the race weekend and then test the new bike on Monday. “We know it won’t be easy, but we’ve just got to keep chipping away.”

Valentino Rossi of Italy, races during practice for the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix MotoGP world championship motorcycle race Saturday, July 23, 2011, at Laguna Seca raceway in Monterey, Calif.

AP Photo/Ben Margot

Edisi 12 Agustus 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Bali bomb suspect sent to Indonesia

Edisi 12 Agustus 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Bali bomb suspect sent to Indonesia