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Japan expands nuclear evacuation zone as new quake hits













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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


‘Infernal Affairs’ director tries hand at romance PAGE 12

Seventy-one plant pest experts have been assigned to probe and study the caterpillar infestation in Bali, an official said. IBP/Yudi Karnaedi

Seventy one experts assigned to prone caterpillar infestation Antara

DENPASAR - Seventy-one plant pest experts have been assigned to probe and study the caterpillar infestation in Bali, an official said. “We have assigned seventy-one specialists to investigate the problem in the field over the last two days. Their task is to observe and study the caterpillar attack which hit Bali recently,” Head of Agri-




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culture and Food Crops Office of Bali Made Putra Suryawan said here Monday. The result of the study on the caterpillar attack would be sent to the laboratory of Udayana Univer-

sity, Denpasar, to identify the species, the spread and reproduction mechanism, as well as the management of the infestation, Suryawan said. The caterpillars seemed tp be different from those attacking some regions in Java, Suryawan said, adding that the difference would be apparent when the caterpillars metamorphosed into butterflies. The difference could be spotted

by identifying the eating pattern of the caterpillars, he said. Those attacking Buleleng District, however, eat the parasite plants that grow on mango trees, while the trees themselves were not consumed by the caterpillars, he said. The Agriculture and Food Crops Office also give 10 spraying device to each of district and municipalities in Bali. Continued on page 6

Australian drug smuggler weds in Indonesian jail Agence France-Presse

BADUNG – An Australian drug smuggler serving a life sentence married his Indonesian sweetheart on Monday in prison on the holiday island of Bali, and again proclaimed his innocence. Martin Stephens and Christine Winarni Puspayanti, both 34, said their vows in a church on the grounds of the Kerobokan Prison, attended by family and friends, including members of the socalled Bali Nine drug ring.

Dressed in traditional Javanese wedding costumes, the couple danced to romantic music before Stephens scooped his bride up in his arms and carried her to cut a three-tiered cake during the reception, to cheers and wolf-whistles. “I feel so happy,” Stephens told reporters, adding that he was planning to seek a presidential pardon. “Of course, I’m sure it will come true,” he said of his chances. Puspayanti, a mother-of-one, said they met six years ago when she visited a friend in prison. Continued on page 6


Australian drug smuggler Martin Eric Stephens (2R) stands next to his bride Winarni Puspayanti alias Christine (R) as they listen to a priest during their wedding ceremony at Kerobokan prison in Denpasar, on Bali island on April 11, 2011.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bali News

Residents restless, caterpillars overrun Buleleng Singaraja (Bali Post)—

IBP/Gung Dar

A truck is stuck in middle of a flood. Heavy rainfall make some areas in Gianyar flooded.

Truck Stuck on Flood, Bedulu Street Filled Up Gianyar (Bali Post) –

Bedulu main street, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, got flooded up to the knee every pouring rain causing a truck stuck last Sunday (10/4). Many vehicles then turned around to avoid it yet caused 1 kilometer traffic for the rest. Those who were brave to go through got their vehicles off and had to push it through the flood yet this truck with plate DK 9388 GJ couldn’t do anything causing other trucks have

to wait too. Head of Bedulu Village, Wayan Patera, stated the condition has been going on time to time as besides it’s a low located road, the damaged road also

made the situation worse. This has been reported to the Klungkung Government yet there hasn’t been any response and so this becomes rain time scenery for the surrounding residents. (kmb16)

Not Finished Danvamtari Hospital Open Soon Bangli (Bali Post)

The moving of Bangli Hospital to its new location at Gunamanta’s former land to become Danvamtari Hospital seemed forced as it’s hospitalize rooms and other installations are not done yet. It is worried if it will cause any problems for still hospitalized patients. Bangli Hospital First Director dr. I Wayan Sudiana last Sunday (10/4)

stated that in the new hospital there are many equipments and rooms that can be used already although not 100 percent yet. In the Mahotama room all facilities are ready with 8 rooms for this one. For first class 11 beds, for surgery patients 16 beds and IBS has its lights up also polyclinics are ready to be operated. It is planned on 17th April it can be functioned with cleansing ceremony in the morning and all

services moved in the afternoon except 3rd class non surgery patients will still be in the old hospital. It is hoped with the new hospital the services will be better to those who needs it and with two locations not far from each other will give a way better services to the people so for that suggestions and critics are needed. “On 14th April we will hold a discussion on this,” Sudiana stated. (kmb17)

Left Empty, House Burnt Down Semarapura (Bali Post) –

Wayan Susana (40) a government civil worker at Klungkung Animal Livestock, Fishery and Sea Agency found his house all burnt out last Sunday (10/4) located at Banjar Losan, Takmung, Banjarangkan, Klungkung. It is still unknown what have caused it and predicted experiencing hundreds of rupiah loss. According to information received, the fire was known by a family member around 7.30 am local

time. That time the house is empty as they left to wash clothes on the river located 300 meters to the west of the house. During the incident a kulkul was hit (to tell people there is danger).Three units of fire trucks came to location with other residents helping and managed to stop the fire by 9.30 am. Head of the Banjar, Ketut Sutama, admitted to have not known what have caused it as he was in his paddy field. According to Susana’s sister, Ni

Wayan Sudiartini, the stove was off and no incense was turned on. Fire Brigade Commando, Ketut Astawa, when met in location as permitted by Head of Klungkung Public Workers Agency IB Adnyana stated that he also didn’t know what the causer of the fire yet, “Many thinks it’s a short circuit. But we have to investigate this further.” He also admitted during the incident there was a big crowd causing the truck couldn’t get through even though the siren was on. (kmb20)

Caterpillar attack overrunning East Java seemed to have spread to Buleleng region as well. Although it was not as serious as that in East Java, the attack of caterpillars made local farmers at several villages in North Bali begin to fret. Based on observation on Sunday (Apr 10), the caterpillars attack occurred at a number of subdistricts unevenly, as in the Gerokgak, Buleleng and Sawan Subdistrict. Those caterpillars attacked the mango, guava and other fruit crops. Though they only attacked the plants, residents still worried if those caterpillars would be getting more and more and attacking people’s homes. In Buleleng Subdistrict, the attacks of caterpillars occurred in Tukadmungga, Baktiseraga and Penglatan Village. In Sawan Subdistrict, the caterpillars were found attacking the crops in the village of Sangsit, while in the Gerokgak Subdistrict those caterpillars attacked the mango and guava trees at Penyabangan and Patas Village. Nyoman Madra, one of the residents of Tukadmungga Village said the caterpillars had been known to attack his mango crops near rice fields since last week. Those caterpillars adhered to almost all branches and lower stems of the mango. They were grey with fine fur texture. As a result of the caterpillar attack, his mango leaves turned curl and fell off. “Those caterpillars have been there for a week and the entire leaves had been eaten,” he said. At Patas Village, precisely at Yeh Biu Hamlet, those caterpillars were first discovered by a resident named Mrs. Nur. This woman found the caterpillars adhering on the mango tree behind her house on Wednesday (Apr 6). Even, the caterpillars had caused her children and several children of other neighbors to itch on their body. Moreover, those caterpillars had begun to adhere onto the walls of residents’ house. Caterpillar attacks in the same pattern also occurred at Sema and Abasan Hamlet, Sangsit Village. Hundreds of those caterpillars adhered on the mango tree and the chinaberry tree. More than that, the caterpillars also adhered on the wall of an empty stall owned by local resident. Meanwhile, the Head of Buleleng Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Services (Kadistanak),

Putu Mertha Jiwa accompanied by Division Head of Horticulture said in Buleleng that the caterpillars attack was still considered as a normal phenomenon. According to him, the caterpillars could multiply rapidly as the soil was moist. To eradicate them, the officers of the Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Service had sprayed and burned them. Meanwhile, Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika accompanied by a number of Bali provincial officials paid a visit to location attacked by caterpillars in Buleleng last Sunday. Governor made an inspection to the house of resident on Jalan Sersan Mayor Karma, Baktiseraga Village, Buleleng Subdistrict. In the house compound, there were some old-aged mango trees. Those caterpillars were known to have attacked the plants by the owner on Friday (Apr 8). Since the discovery, the homeowner Made Aris reported the incident and the Buleleng Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Services had sprayed it for two times. Even, the officers of the food and horticultural plant protection agency (BPTPH) of Bali Province had taken the sample of caterpillars to be tested. In the meantime, Governor Mangku Pastika said though the attack was unlike those happening outside Bali, the attack itself should be dealt with quickly. Governor assessed the spraying conducted by the officials had been correct. However, the governor asked the officials to keep on monitoring the conditions in the field so that if it was found any signs of another attack could be addressed more quickly. “I have provided sprayers. Simply use them and please do not let them get wrapped and stored in the warehouse,” he explained. (kmb15/kmb)


The caterpillars storming a manggo tree.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Successor Sacred gambuh of Betara Bagus Panji endangered The existence of Betara Bagus Panji gambuh dance is supported by Pasek Tangkas Kori Agung clan and Pasek Gelgel clan of Pesedahan Customary Village. This gambuh dance is now at risk to extinction. There are no successors from the circle of younger generation. Now, the Gambuh dancers have been left by the older generation. Younger generation is reluctant to practice, become a dancer or join the gambuh troupe. They prefer to wonder about to look for job opportunities outside the village like Denpasar or attend higher education. If they stay at home village of Pesedahan, they are busy working in tourism sector or in a chicken farm. Village Chief of Tegak, Pasek Nyoman Wage, said at Pesedahan Village on Sunday (Apr 10) that the gambuh dance almost came into extinction because it had no successor artists since the past three years. The gambuh was considered sacred because it symbolized Raden Panji knight venerated as Ida Betara Bagus Panji. When it was not performed within over ten years, local residents had a belief it would result in a catastrophe among the supporting devotees. According to priest of the local clan temple, Jro Mangku I Komang Suaryana, accompanied by Jro Mangku Pasek Ketut Swendri and Clan Chief I Nengah Astika on the inauguration to 26 sets of gambuh headdress few days ago, his party could have successfully repaired 16 severely damaged headdresses. They were funded independently by local residents spending approximately IDR 11 million. The members of Pasek Tangkas and Pasek Gelgel clan coalescing in one temple at Gede Pasek Tangkas Kori Agung and Pasek Gelgel Temple venerated Betara Bagus Panji in the form of mask and headdress of gambuh

dance. They had existed since the Caka Year 1621 (1699 AD) in conjunction with history on the existence of local village established from the representation of Ida Dalem Puri Pasuruan in Klungkung Royal Palace as the Kingdom of Bali. The sacred Gambuh Dance once reached its golden period in 1950s and even it until made a performance to East Java and several locations across Bali and royal palaces. Now, since the past five years it lacked of artists and sustainability. On that account, it only made a makeshift show every year right on Buda (Wednesday) Wage Kelawu in the middle courtyard of the local temple as a form of tribute presented to Ida Betara Bagus Panji worshipped in the local temple. Some artists previously trained by autodidact artists from the local village died, while some others grew old. Meanwhile, local apparatus and residents no longer remembered the stories and the dances learned. Even, the remaining sets of its gamelan instrument were in damaged condition. To restore the sacred arts, the Clan Chief I Nengah Astika admitted to have no capability of doing renovation and procurement of the gambuh costumes and a set of gamelan. As consequence, they just could give offerings for the mask and headdress every piodalan or temple anniversary as they were sanctified. To that end, he expected a helping hand from the government in order the heritage could be saved from extinction and avoid invisible (niskala) risk

as they could not be staged. There were 16 units of headdresses that could be saved, renovated and ritually inaugurated. They consisted of headdress of Panji (1 unit), Arya (2), Demung and Tomonggong (2), Pepatih (2), Condong (5), Bayan (1), King (1), Mendaru (1) and Rishi (1). Now, to revive the sacred Gambuh Dance along with complete improvement to the headdresses as well as training cost of the dance would be required a fund of no less than IDR 30 million. The clan group was waiting for the assistance of government, considering that local clan devotees were no longer able to perform the maintenance. The Pasek Tangkas Kori Agung and Pasek Gelgel Temple supported by 296 families or 888 devotees have three courtyards (outer, middle and innermost) with shrines such as fivetiered meru, Bathara Kentel Gumi shrine, three-tiered meru, Bathara Ratu Pasek shrine, Bathara Ratu Tangkas and Ratu Gelgel shrine, Penyarikan shrine, Basukian shrine, Anantabhoga shrine, Bathara Bagus Panji, Taksu and Ngurah Agung shrine. In 2008, the supporting devotees could establish food processing (pebat) pavilion worth IDR 130 million where IDR 20 million of them was the aid of Karangasem Regency Government. In the future, it plans for the construction of Piasan pavilion and Ida Hyang temple shrine worth IDR 50 million that will be financed independently and expect the help of gov-


The traditional Gambuh Dance which is being perfomed during the Bali Art Festival (BAF). ernment. On the recent temple anni- was accompanied by some sacred versary falling on Buda Wage Kelawu dances such as Rejang Lilit, Pendet was held a procession and officiated and Sramanan and then concluded by Ida Pedanda Made Dauh from with saying prayers en masse and eat Geria Carik Manggis. The procession in communal way (megibung). (bud)

Fun Bike Pinguin FM reach 10,000 people Denpasar (Bali Post) –


The Vice Mayor of Denpasar, AA Puspayoga, officially open Pinguin FM fun bike.

Fantastic is the proper word to describe the number of participants took part in the Fun Bike Pinguin FM which was held on Sunday, April 10, 2011 in Renon. The event was held by Pinguin FM to commemorate its 23rd birthday. The fun bike which was officially started by the Vice Mayor of Denpasar AA. Puspayoga, was followed by 10,000 participants coming from all around Bali and even Java. Actually, the participants could be more but the limited number of ticket made few people could not join the event. Some even could not get the tickets two days before the fun bike was held. The high number of participants was because the prize given by Pinguin FM is a house. After the flag was raised, thousands of participants moved according to the route. However, because the great number of participants, most of them could not even move. Some people chose to carry

their bicycle and went through the sidewalk. The route of the fun bike was Puputan Street, Dewi Sartika, Diponogoro, Hasanudin, Udayana, Veteran,Patimura, WR. Supratman, Sedap Malam, Hang Tuah, and then went back to Puputan Street. There was no traffic jam during the event because it was held early in the morning so the traffic was not congested. The head of REI Ir. AAM. Sukadhana Wendha, said that he is very proud of the event held by Pinguin FM. The event showed that bicycle is suitable for the society while for REI, the fun bike could become the forum to fulfill the need for housing in Bali. The committee gave away various prices such as hand phone, i-pad, tour package to Singapore, and others. The grand price which was the house fell to Mohamad Taha from Serangan. The employee of a private hospital admitted that he was excited to receive the prize. (015)



Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Egypt’s Mubarak to be questioned over crackdown Agence France Presse

CAIRO – Egypt’s public prosecutor ordered ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his sons to be questioned over violence against protesters and alleged corruption, MENA state news agency reported. The announcement came after the broadcast of an audio tape in which the former president defended his reputation and after weeks of mounting protests calling for him to be put on trial. “The public prosecutor Abdel Magid Mahmud decided today to ask for the questioning of former president Hosni Mubarak and his sons Gamal and Alaa,” the official news agency reported. Mubarak and his sons will be questioned about allegations and legal complaints that they were “connected to the crimes of assault against protesters, leading to deaths and injuries,” MENA said. He would also be quizzed on allegations of graft, it added. An estimated 800 people were killed in clashes with police and the former president’s supporters during weeks of protests that led to Mubarak’s resignation on February 11. Sunday’s announcement came hours after panArab television network Al-Arabiya aired Mubarak’s first comments since he stepped down following weeks of anti-regime protests. In the audio message, the 82-year-old complained he was the victim of a smear campaign. He pledged his assistance in a probe of his family’s foreign assets, but his defiance in threatening lawsuits against the media angered Egyptians who have been pressing for his trial. MENA reported that the interior ministry has been asked

to undertake the necessary security measures so Mubarak and his sons can be summoned. After he resigned, Mubarak and his family moved to a residence in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, and although he faced a travel ban, his relative freedom remained a thorn in the side of the military rulers. Weekly protests demanding Mubarak’s trial have attracted tens of thousands and eventually led to a deadly clash with soldiers early on Saturday morning after they tried to clear an overnight demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Defiant protesters, who accused the military of complicity with the former president, remain in the square although the military had pledged to disperse them, raising fears of further clashes. The protesters, who blocked the square with a charred army truck, barbed wire and beams, chanted slogans against military chief Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, who has been in charge since Mubarak’s ouster. “The people demand the toppling of the field marshal,” they chanted, after spending a nervous night waiting for the army to follow through with its threat to enforce a three-hour pre-dawn curfew.

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File

FILE - In this Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010 file photo, Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak listens as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu, unseen, speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington. Ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak denied abuse of authority in his first speech since ouster Sunday.

Israeli FM says cease-fire with Hamas is a mistake Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM – Israel’s foreign minister says that working toward a cease fire with Hamas is a “grave mistake” and that his country should try to topple the militant Gaza rul-


ers instead. Avigdor Lieberman’s remarks come as international mediators try to halt new fighting between Israel and Hamas that escalated dramatically last week to the most intense confrontation between the two since

A Hamas policeman shouts as their training camp was destroyed in Beit Lahia on April 7, 2011 after Israeli troops shelled two separate areas in Gaza, killing one person and wounded at least 10.

Israel’s war in the Palestinian territory in late December 2008. After a lull overnight, Lieberman told Israel Radio on Monday that Hamas exploits calm to build its fighting force and smuggle in weapons to use against Israel. The military says Palestinians have fired more than 130 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel since Thursday. Israeli reprisals have killed 19 Palestinians.

Gordon Brown admits ‘big mistake’ over banks Agence France Presse

LONDON – Ex-prime minister Gordon Brown admitted that he made a “big mistake” in not seeking tighter regulations on banks in the lead up to the financial crisis. The former leader told a conference in the US that he had not fully appreciated how “entangled” the global financial system had become when establishing the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the country’s regulatory body. “We set up the FSA believing the

problem would come from the failure of an individual institution,” Brown said. “That was the big mistake. We didn’t understand just how entangled things were. “I have to accept my responsibility.” New Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has announced plans to break up the FSA and hand more regulatory power to the Bank of England. Brown said he believed the will to tighten regulation was weakening in the face of lobbying by the financial sector.

“I do believe we’re going back to a race to the bottom,” he warned. “There should be an international agreement, otherwise you’ll just have banks threatening to move from one country to another,” continued Brown. “Britain was under relentless pressure from the City (Britain’s financial centre) that we were overregulating. All through the 10 to 15 years, the battle was not that we regulated too little, but that we regulated too much,” he added.

AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, right, speaks during a session ‘Keeping the G20 en Vogue’ at a German Marshall Fund event in Brussels on Saturday, March 26, 2011.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Aston Open First Quest Hotel in Bali IBP

KUTA - Aston International continues to grow its three star lifestyle Quest Hotels and is set to open the groups first Quest in Bali, the “Quest Hotel Kuta Central Park”, by May this year. “The Quest Kuta Central Park is a cleverly designed, enjoyable and affordable hotel with 226 capacious and contemporary rooms, studios and family suites and a wide array of recreational facilities,” Aston International’s Vice President for Sales & Marketing, Norbert Vas, said in Denpasar, Wednesday. Norbert explains, the modish hotel combines the value of a premium budget hotel with unique and inspiring design and uncompromising service standards making it ideal for vacationers seeking a stylish but unpretentious environment. Located in the midst of Kuta’s Central Park shopping and entertainment district, the new hotel is right on the pulse of all good things Bali. “Quest hotels are unique as they

are moderately priced select service hotels but target travelers who possess a certain savoir vivre and appreciate invigorating designs and attention to detail. Bali and Quest is a match made in heaven and we are very confident that the Quest Kuta Central Park will enrich Kuta and help change the way people look at budget hotels,” Norbert Vas said. Bali will see more of Quest as further Quests are currently in an early stage of development in Tuban and near Jalan Double Six. Quest also expands rapidly though other parts of Indonesia and has ongoing projects in Jakarta, Makassar and Surabaya. Aston entered the Indonesian market in the late nineties and has since then become the leading hospitality management company in the Indonesian archipelago offering a fast growing network of hotels, condotels, resorts, serviced apartments and villas. Aston Hotels and Resorts currently operate under the 5 star Grand Aston, 4 Star Aston, 3 star Aston City and Quest and 2 star

favehotel brands but the company also offers luxury villa resorts under the Royal Kamuela and Kamuela labels as well as an eclectic selection

of non standardized and unique boutique properties. With a proven track record of success, Aston has a very definitive vi-

sion of the future - to be universally recognized as the preferred hospitality management company in Asia Pacific.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for March 21 through April 23, 2011 21 Mar „ Betara Turun Kabeh Ceremony Besakih - Karangasem „ Bukit Jati Temple Bangli „ Batur Temple Kalanganyar - Bangli „ Masceti Pejengaji Temple Tegallalang - Gianyar „ Dalem Temple Tangsud,Sukawati - Gianyar „ Penambangan Badung Temple Denpasar „ Lempuyang Madia Temple Karangasem „ Batur Temple Bangli „ Desa Temple Singakerta,Ubud - Gianyar „ Pasek Gelgel Temple Marga - Tabanan „ Gaduh Temple Ketapian, Sumerta - Denpasar „ Pasek Bendesa Temple Tuakilang - Tabanan „ Pasek Agung Temple Tatag Kelod,Peguyangan Denpasar „ Agung Pasek Bendesa Temple Tonja - Denpasar „ Pasek Gegel Angsri Temple Baturiti - Tabanan „ Pasek Gelgel Baleagung Temple Braban - Tabanan „ Dukuh Sakti Belatung Temple Timpag,KerambitanTabanan „ Puseh Dukuh Sakti Belatung Rendang - Karangasem „ Pitamaha Temple Palangkaraya - Kalimantan Tengah „ Candra Praba Temple Komplek Polri,JelambarJakarta Barat „ Agung Jagatnatha Temple Denpasar „ Pemerajan Agung Temple Puri Petak - Gianyar „ Dadya Agung Bendesa Tangkas Abiansemal - Badung „ Puseh Temple Sidemen - Karangasem „ Agung Giri Natha Temple Semarang - Center of Java 2 April „ Puseh Temple , Village Temple Sukawati Gianyar „ Pasek Gelgel-Bebetin Temple Sawan Buleleng „ Maspahit Temple Sesetan Denpasar „ Pasek Bendesa Manik Mas Tegallalang Gianyar „ Panti Pasek Gaduh Temple Sesetan - Denpasar „ Pedarman Arya Kanuruhan Temple Besakih Karangasem 5 April „ Kahyangan Tiga Temple Batur Kintamani - Bangli „ Batur Temple Camenggaon, Sukawati Gianyar

„ Luhur Bhujangga Temple Canggu,Kuta Badung „ Kawitan Kayu Selem Temple Batur, Kintamani Bangli 12 April „ Puseh Temple , Desa Temple Gianyar „ Luhur Dalem Segening Temple Kediri Tabanan „ Sanghyang Tegal Temple Taro,Tegallalang Gianyar 16 April „ Dalem Tarukan Temple Cemenggon, Sukawati-Gianyar „ Penataran Dalem Ketut Temple Pejeng Kaja Gianyar „ Puseh Manakaji Temple Peninjoan - Bangli „ Kawitan Gusti Celuk Temple Mengwi Badung 20 April „ Segara Temple Lombok Island „ Dwijawarsa Temple Malang East Java „ Puncak Tinggah Temple Baturiti Tabanan „ Kawitan Batur Pande Tonja Temple Tonja - Denpasar „ Penyungsungan Pasek Tohjiwa Wanagiri,Selemadeg Tabanan „ Penataran Agung Temple Sidemen Karangasem „ Samuan Tiga Temple Bedulu Gianyar „ Kawitan Jati Luwih Bhujangga Jatiluwih Tabanan 21 April „ Dalem Taman Temple Peguyangan Denpasar 23 April „ Puri Agung Dalem Tarukan Pejeng,Tampaksiring Gianyar „ Rambut Siwi Temple Jembrana „ Batu Bolong Temple Canggu,Kuta Badung „ Pasek Temple Klaci,Tabanan „ Agung Pasek Temple Dauh Waru - Jembrana „ Ratu Pasek Temple Sangsit Buleleng „ Pasek Tangkas Temple Gede Tabanan „ Pedharman Batur Sari Ngiis Temple Jegu,Penebel Tabanan „ Desa Temple Banyuning Buleleng „ Srijong Temple Tabanan „ Puncak Mundi Temple Klumpu,Nusa PenidaKlungkung

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Japan expands nuclear evacuation zone as new quake hits Reuters

TOKYO – Japan on Monday expanded the evacuation zone around its crippled nuclear plant because of high levels of accumulated radiation, as a strong aftershock rattled the area one month after a quake and tsunami sparked the worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl. A magnitude 7.1 tremor shook buildings in Tokyo and a wide swathe of eastern Japan on Monday evening, triggering a small tsunami alert. NHK state television said it caused the off-site power supply for two damaged reactors to shut down. The U.S. Geological Survey said the aftershock struck 38 km (24 miles) west of the city of Iwaki, at a depth of 13 km (8 miles). Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), which operates the plant, said workers had stopped pouring cooling water on reactors No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 at Fukushima. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said villages and towns outside the 20 km (12 mile) evacuation zone that have had more accumulated radiation would be evacuated. Children, pregnant women, and hospitalized patients should stay out of some areas 20-30 km from the Fukushima nuclear complex, he

added. The decision to widen the evacuation band around the Fukushima plant was “based on data analysis of accumulated radiation exposure information”, Edano told a news conference. “These new evacuation plans are meant to ensure safety against risks of living there for half a year or one year,” he said. There was no need to evacuate immediately, he added. Japan had resisted extending the zone despite international concerns over radiation spreading from the six damaged reactors at Fukushima, which engineers are still struggling to bring under control after they were wrecked by the 15-meter tsunami. Residents of one village, Iitate, which is 40 km from the Fukushima Daiichi plant, have been told to prepare for evacuation because of prolonged exposure to radiation, a local official told Reuters by phone. It has

a population of 5,000. The International Atomic Energy Agency has urged Japan to extend the zone and some countries, including the United States, have advised their citizens to stay 80 km away from the plant. TEPCO President Masataka Shimizu visited the area on Monday for the first time the March 11 disaster. He had all but vanished from public view apart from a brief apology shortly after the crisis began and has spent some of the time since in hospital. “I would like to deeply apologize again for causing physical and psychological hardships to people of Fukushima prefecture and near the nuclear plant,” said a grim-faced Shimizu. Dressed in a blue work jacket, he bowed his head for a moment of silence with other TEPCO officials at 2:46 p.m. (0546 GMT), exactly a month after the earthquake hit.

S. Korea slams N. Korea’s cross-border tour threat Agence France Presse

SEOUL – South Korea Monday criticised North Korea’s threat to strip a Seoul firm of its exclusive right to run tours to a mountain resort in the communist state, calling the move illegal and unacceptable. The North said Saturday it may deprive Hyundai Asan of its monopoly over tours to scenic Mount Kumgang, where the firm has invested millions of dollars and has a 50-year agreement reached in 2000. “The North’s claim... is in violation of agreements made at business and government levels as well as international customs,” said Chun HaeSung, a spokesman for the South’s unification ministry that handles crossborder affairs. “The decision is absolutely illegal, illegitimate and unacceptable and should be withdrawn immediately,” Chun said. The North, in an apparent bid to press the South to soften its overall stance on relations, warned it may reach a deal with an unspecified “overseas businessman” to replace Hyundai Asan. The tours by South Koreans, once a significant source of hard currency for the impoverished state, began in 1998. They ground to a halt in 2008

after a North Korean soldier shot dead a Seoul housewife who had strayed into a restricted military zone. The South has said it will not resume the tours until the North allows an on-site investigation into the shooting and gives firm safety guarantees — a demand Pyongyang refuses to accept. The North in its statement Saturday

said the South was unconcerned about safety and was blocking the tour as part of economic sanctions. Cross-border relations have been icy since the South accused the North of torpedoing a warship in March 2010 with the loss of 46 lives Pyongyang denies the charge but went on to shell a South Korean island last November, killing four people.

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

A broken clock sits in the debris a month after a massive earthquake struck the area in Kamaishi, Iwate prefecture, Japan, Monday, April 11, 2011.

Seventy one... From page 1 “The sprayer could be used to exterminate the plant pests as well as the caterpillar which attacking the region,” Suryawan said. Some medicine and pesticides were also given by the authority to fight the infestation. The authority have been conducting some treatment to fight the infestation such as by burning the caterpillars, spraying pesticides, and injecting chemical substance

into the tree to make the tree leaves taste bad for the caterpillar and makes them die after consuming the leaves. The infestation might be caused by extreme weather that upset the habitat of the caterpillar or butterfly that they migrated to Bali, Suryaman said. However, there is no fact showing the infestation as explosive plague in Bali, Suryaman said.

Australian... From page 1

AP Photo/Yonhap, Lee Jong-gun

Gates of South and North Korea Transit are closed near the demilitarized zone in Goseong, South Korea, Sunday, April 10, 2011. North Korea has threatened to strip a South Korean conglomerate of its monopoly to conduct tours to a mountain resort over what it says is South Korea’s strategy of isolating its rival through international sanctions.

“I’m really happy today. God has united us... Who knows, if God wills it, he may be able to leave (prison),” she said. Stephens was arrested in 2005 at Denpasar airport on Bali with 2.9 kilograms (6.4 pounds) of heroin strapped to his legs and stomach. He was one of the Bali Nine gang of Australians found guilty of trying to smuggle drugs from Indonesia to their homeland. Stephens sought a judicial review last year after higher courts in Indonesia had upheld his con-

viction and life sentence. But the Supreme Court in January rejected his final appeal for a lighter sentence, saying the initial ruling remained valid. Three other members of the Bali Nine ring lodged final appeals last year against death sentences and are awaiting the Supreme Court’s verdict. Besides Stephens, four others are serving life sentences. Renae Lawrence, the only woman in the group, received 20 years but has had her sentence reduced by almost two years for good behaviour.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Mangrove forest conservation needed to overcome climate change Antara

JAKARTA - Indonesia should prioritize mangrove forest conservation as a way to overcome climate change, a researcher has said.

Indonesia should prioritize mangrove forest conservation as a way to overcome climate change, a researcher has said.

“Mangrove forest conservation should be involved in the discussion on the important role of tropical wetland and climate change,” senior researcher of the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Daniel Murdiyarso said in a seminar on wetland in Denpasar, Bali, on Monday. Daniel said the result of a scientific research from CIFOR and the U.S. Forest Service showed that mangroves store exceptionally more carbon than most tropical forests, but they are being destroyed from coastlines at a rapid rate causing significant emissions of greenhouse gases. The outcome of the research has written in a paper titled “Carbonrich tropical mangroves and climate change mitigation in a time of rising seas” published by the Nature

GeoScience. Daniel said that according to a new study in Nature GeoScience, mangroves might be the world‘s most carbon rich forests to store up to four times as much carbon as other tropical forests including rain forests. Therefore he called on Indonesian government to pay as much attention to mangrove forests as to peat forests and develop even better policies to protect the mangrove forests. Daniel suggested that the government make a policy, applying an international initiative know as REDD+ (reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) which was considered one of the most cost-effective ways to slow the rate of climate change.

Two prehistoric burial sites found in Papua Four Cipinang jail prisoners escape Antara

JAYAPURA - The Jayapura Archeology Service has found two prehistoric burial sites in Papua province‘s Pegunungan Bintang district. One of the burial sites was located at Kabiding Hamlet, Oksibil subdistrict and the other one at Wanbakok Hamlet, Serambakon subdistrict. “The finds are very interesting. The the two burial sites show that prehistoric people living in mountain areas had different raditions,” a researcher of the Jayapura Archeology Service, Rini Maryone, said here Monday. According to Rini, the tribes in Pegunungan Bintang District had a prehisroric cave burial tradition, different from those residing in Pegunungan Tengah District. For example, the Dani tribe who live in Wamena and Tolikara, have a tradition of cre-

mating their dead instead of entombing them ad in caves, Rini said. Some artifacts such as splinter stones, square stone axes, were found inside and outside the burial cave sites. The artifacts indicated that prehistoric humans in the region had a hunting and gathering tradition, Rini said. Besides the two burial sites, The Jayapura Archeology Agency also found a prehistoric cave related to the worship ritual conducted in Okmakok Hamlet, Oksibil District. Therefore, Rini asked the local authority to develop the prehistoric sites as potential tourism spots as well as to generate new knowledge from the prehistoric sites. “The sites definitely have great cultural values,” Rini said, adding that the local people should also preserve the prehistoric sites.


JAKARTA - Four prisoners of Cipinang jail, East Jakarta, escaped on Monday at round 3 am, Sihabudin, head of the Jakarta Law and Human Rights Agency said here Monday. “They ran away from their cell through gate four, where no guards were on duty,” he told ANTARA by telephone here Monday. The four escapees were Anang Syahputra, Herman Syahputra, M. Iqbal and Wahidin. Sihabudin said Anang Syahputra was serving eight years for violating Law no. 3/2002 on children protection, Herman Syahputra, also known as Jono, is serving three years for violating Article 363

of the Criminal Code (KUHP) on theft, and is also serving a 12-year sentence for trying to escape from the Palembang jail. Meanwhile, M. Iqbal was making an appeal of his 17-year jail term for violating Article 370 of KUHP on premeditated murder. Wahidin was sentenced to 12 years in jail for breaking Article 338 of KUHP on a murder. Moreover, Sihabudin added, the escaping prisoners should be in B-1 shelter. He could not yet explain the chronological process of the escape, but they allegedly jumped over an unguarded wall. He said the wardens of the jail would be investigated to find out whether or not they had any part in the escape.

ASEAN members urged to show solidarity with Japan Antara

JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in his capacity as the current chair of ASEAN has urged ASEAN member states to show their solidarity with Japan by assisting the country in its post-tsunami reconstruction efforts. “I hope we could cooperate. (ASEAN member) states which have supporting facilities can offer assistance to Japan,” Yudhoyono said in his opening address to a special ASEANJapan ministerial meeting on Saturday. Also present at the meeting held in response to the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan on March 11 were ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsuwan, Japanese Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto and his ASEAN counterparts, the ASEAN Secretariat said in a press statement issued on Sunday. President Yudhoyono said ASEAN had know how and broad experience in handling natural disasters. The president‘s call received strong support from the ASEAN secretary general who said several ASEAN member states were also vulnerable to natural disasters.

“With close cooperation and coordination, ASEAN and Japan can cooperate in the field of mitigation and prevention as well as disaster relief operations,” he said. On the occasion, Minister Matsumoto shared his country‘s experience with ASEAN member states in handling the nuclear crisis in Fukushima Prefecture where a nuclear power plant was damaged in its cooling system because of the March 11 quake and ensuing tsunami. Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said earlier in the day ASEAN member countries were committed to coordinating donations for Japan. “All ASEAN member countries have of course distributed donations to Japan but this meeting is aimed at finding a better coordination within ASEAN to ensure a regional donation,” he said. Japan has been a close and reliable partner of ASEAN that has consistently assisted ASEAN member states affected by natural disasters. Japan is ASEAN‘s most important trade partner, with trade value reaching more than US$160 billion per year. It is also one of the main investors in the Southeast Asian region, with investment value close to US$6 billion.


This handout photo released by on April 9, 2011 shows Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (R) shaking hands with Japan’s Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto (L),



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bali Today Cultural Parade of Gianyar City’s anniversary Not included in tourism promotion calendar Gianyar (Bali Post)—

Cultural parade in conjunction with the anniversary of Gianyar City held annually by the Gianyar Regency has not been included in the calendar of Gianyar tourism promotion. Such cultural activities are more focused on the provision of entertainment for the local community.

The beauty of undersea vista with a rich diversity of biota invites admiration of divers from around the world. In fact, the life of coral reefs and various kinds of ornamental fish living at some points of waters is considered undersea heaven.

Foreign Divers Admire Marine Life of East Bali The beauty of undersea vista with a rich diversity of biota invites admiration of divers from around the world. In fact, the life of coral reefs and various kinds of ornamental fish living at some points of waters is considered undersea heaven. According to some tourists, biodiversity living under the sea around Bali in fact has a natural charm that is very compelling. Even, they are almost the same as the charm offered by Bunaken (Manado, North Sulawesi), which has been known throughout the world. Jemeluk waters for example. According to some tourists, the tourist resort at Purwakerti Beach has peculiarities that could not be found in waters anywhere in the world. Coral reefs in this tourist resort make tourists to drop their option for diving in this area. Diverse endangered coral reefs belonged to aquapora species and a number of new ones could only be found at Jemeluk Beach. In terms of its form, they vary. Some species resemble to a form of table or flowers. In addition, there is also a rare fish species such as unibrand, stingrays, tuna, sharks, and green turtles. I Gede Suta as one of the tourism businesspeople in this region revealed that at Jemeluk could be found a Japanese shipwreck of World War II with the size

of 14 x 10 meters. The ship had been overgrown by beautiful coral reefs and widely favored because of its beauty. When glancing at the sea from the cliffs, it will be seen a beautiful scenery with Mount Agung as the background and a vast expanse of sea. According to story developing in the local community, the name Jemeluk comes from the word ‘nyeluk’ standing for the bay. Therefore, Jemeluk poses a beautiful bay with calm and not bumpy waves. “Since the water is crystal clear, visitors can see the beauty of coral reefs and marine biota living in it from the top of the cliff,” said Gede Suta. In the midst of rapid development of marine tourism, the issue on the damage to coral reef is indeed frightening specter for the circle of marine tourism entrepreneurs. According to Suta, the damage of existing coral reefs at Jemeluk was not solely caused by human activities. The existing damage was due to residual stray of bomb during the World War II. Nevertheless, such damage starts diminishing because of the growth of new coral reef. Meanwhile, various efforts had been made to preserve it. One of them was by developing cubical artificial reef resembling a pyramid that had been cultivated since several years ago. (bisnisbali)

Recently, the Head of Gianyar Government Tourism Office, AA Ari Brahmanta, did not deny if the activity of Gianyar Regency’s anniversary had not been registered in the calendar of tourism promotion. It did not necessarily mean if the anniversary events organized by the Gianyar City would present minimal art and cultural performances. Instead, the non-inclusion of such anniversary event in the calendar happened because his party remained to re-arrange the events included in the calendar of Gianyar tourism promotion. His party would propose the anniversary activity of Gianyar City (Gianyar Festival) to be included in the calendar of tourism promotion in 2012. “We will still consider the appropriate events to be included as there are many events,” he ex-

plained. At the moment, some new activities included in the calendar of tourism promotion consisted of the Ubud Festival, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, and Bali Spirit. Lately, there was a proposal to include the Ubud Inter Music. “There are many excellent events held in Gianyar. However, they are being arranged to be included in the tourism promotion,” he said. By the non-inclusion of such an event in the calendar of Gianyar tourism promotion the Gianyar Government Tourism Office had not dared to ensure the tourist visit in the implementation of Cultural Parade related to the anniversary of Gianyar City. His party was currently doing his best to do promotional activities presenting the cultural parade from respective subdistricts. (kmb16)

Traditional Sports:

Get the Experience as the Locals Do Aside from sightseeing to nature, leisure experience can also be obtained by enjoying some intriguing local traditions. There are light daily activities, hobbies, traditional sports and so forth. Many people do this just for getting the experience, not for the end result. Balinese community has several traditional sports and games. Probably, the only one display of those sports and games can be found in the annual implementation of Bali Arts Festival (BAF). It poses one of the media used to preserve and promote the treasure of cultural heritages together with other cultural elements. Such an endeavor is required to be introduced to modern generation. If they never know about those sports they will never appreciate theirs. Moreover, they now tend to be attracted by modern games that sometimes make their parents worried on account of characters played in the video games or the like. They may turn less patient or when having no money to play the games it kindles them to commit crime. No matter small it is, it remains hazardous. However, it does not necessarily mean that modern games must be rejected. The key is that children should be persistently under parental control to minimize the negative impact because it also contains educational value. Meanwhile, traditional games will teach them how to get in touch with nature, prepare the tools, cooperate with others and tolerate friends. Here, their patience is required until the toys can be completed. In addition, their relationship will establish togetherness in the level of their understanding. Since most traditional games are played outside the house, so they can know better their surrounding environment and friends. These values enable them to enrich their outlook.

There are a variety of traditional sports and games such as stilts, sack race, coconut-shell clog, tug-of-war, pulling areca-sheath and many others. When managed well, these traditional can create a good business. Craftsmen, for instance, can make the tools and their replica that may be taken advantage for souvenir by tourists. Moreover, if they are designed with the touch of Balinese ornamental styles they are going to give added value. In addition, the games like stilts (tajog) can become an optional attraction for tourists. Getting involved in the games of course will drive a pleasure of its own. Try change the orientation. If the games or sports usually played by the locals, let’s share them with our guests. Then, if the games usually played at smooth or even land can be played with a slight challenge such as by crossing shallow-watered river or even on the beach, near the edges of waves. With different condition and background along this challenge, it certainly becomes an attractive and unique adventure. Without doubt, there are more traditional games and sports that need exploring and discovering. These traditions actually are potential products becoming attractive games offered to visitors. While preserving, we can also offer something different from modern games offered by other destinations. If Bali will ‘go green’ with its organic agriculture, its tradition can also offer ‘eco-friendly’ attraction where it is unnecessary to exploit the nature excessively but it even can go hand in hand with the preservation of local tradition. One day, the treasures of traditional games and sports could be coalesced into a ‘traditional games park.’ Ultimately, let’s share the fun of our traditions by involving visitors in the experience as the locals do. (BTN/punia)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Balinese Culture

Badung Government confident garbage problem can be solved Antara

DENPASAR - The garbage problem happen in the beach shores of Kuta since last December has been a focused issue by the Badung Government the past few months and starting to annoy even more tourists. The government is certain that the problem can be handled immediately. The garbage were neither because of surrounding residents’ behavior nor the ignorance of government and cleanliness agency according to Badung Vice Regent, Drs. I Ketut Sudikerta, stated last Thursday (7/4) during his visitation to the area.

Apparently it’s caused by nature phenomenon there the winds from the west caused sea wastes brought to the Kuta shores which usually only happens in December but due to the unpredictable weather it kept going on until now. According to Head of the Kuta Shores Workers, I Gusti Ngurah Tresna, that the rubbishes in Kuta lately has reached 60 ton per day from plastics, animal corpses and big tree trunks. Head of Badung Cleanliness and Grounds Agency, Drs. I Putu Eka Merthawan, MSi, stated that his agency has been doing everything they can to keep the shores clean by directing Fast Reaction Unit (URC) from the agency also Kuta

Shores Workers, residents around, and sellers on the beach. They also sent 26 trucks also louder to pick up the rubbishes. “I’m asking everyone to think rationally, giving information to the tourists about this phenomena and that it is not easy work to handle it so. We need join works and understanding from all sides,” Sudikerta stated. In the end of his visitation, he and his colleagues invited Hotel and Restaurant owners in Badung to think and plan together in tackling the situation, “Bali will always be beautiful, the heaven of tourism if we all want to take care of it, guard it and preserve it together.”

A foreign tourist (R) walks past debris and rubbish washed ashore by the tide along the popular Kuta beach near Denpasar on the resort island of Bali on April 7, 2011.

Jukut Urab

(Mixed Vegetables With Grated Coconut) INGREDIENTS: 100 gr (3 ½ oz) blanched cabbage 100 gr (3 ½ oz) spinach, blanched 100 gr (3 ½ oz) long beans cut in 32,5 cm (line) pieces, blanched 100 gr (3 ½ oz) bean sprouts, blanched 1 large red chili, sliced 1 tbsp grated coconut 2 tbsp fried shallots DRESSINGS: 2 tbsp fried shallots 2 tbsp sliced garlic clove 1 large red chili, seeded and sliced 2 tsp fried chili (Sambal Sereh Tabia) 3 fragrant lime leaves, very finely sliced 4 cm (1½ in) kencur, peeled & chopped ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon crushed black pepper ½ teaspoon white sugar 1 tablespoon oil


PREPARATION: 1. Cut cabbage into pieces about 2,5 cm by 1 cm (1 in by ½ in). 2. Combine all vegetables, chili, grated coconut and fried shallots in salad bowl and mix well. For the dressing: Combine all ingredients and mix well in separate bowl. Mix the dressing thoroughly with the vegetables; season to taste with salt, pepper and limejuice. Serve at room temperature. ( C.045 ibp



Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Pemuteran Beach IBP

Pemuteran Bali is as far as you can get from all the hustle and bustle in the south of the island. Located north-west of Bali this village is probably the less visited of the Bali destinations and travelers who do come here often stay for just a day to do one thing: diving. But after staying in Pemuteran for a couple of nights I think it’s a really relaxing place which is often not included in the itinerary of many travelers. Pemuteran is about a 30-minutes drive from Lovina and if you are coming from this direction you have almost arrived at Pemuteran and you’ll be greeted first with stunning green mountain slopes (during the rainy season) which dominate the village. Pemuteran village consists mainly of one main road with mountains on one side, the beach and most big resorts are on the other. Surprisingly though, between these resorts there are still little dirt roads that take you to the houses

where the locals live. That’s when you realize that tourism in Pemuteran is still very much underdeveloped and that the local people here are relatively poor compared to other parts of the island. Little houses surrounded by a garden and a cow munching next to the front door are a very common scene here. So when you head to this area expect fewer facilities then at other Bali villages. For one internet access it not widely found, maybe at big resorts only. There are no shops selling colorful Balinese souvenirs to take home with you, instead you’ll only find those that sell food, drinks and other household utilities. And one important thing you should know when you plan to stay in Pemuteran is that there are no ATM machines. The nearest is probably Lovina. So bring a credit card to pay at the resort and some extra cash. The main attraction of this village is Bali scuba diving and snorkeling. Most travelers don’t even stop at Pemuteran when they go on a diving

tour as the best diving is about 20 minutes drive towards the west around Menjangan island. However besides Menjangan being one of the best places for diving, just off the coast of Pemuteran you can do some snorkeling as well. Most of the resorts have their own scuba diving center while in the village along the main road there are diving shops like Easy Divers and Yos Dive that offer Padi courses too. The beaches in Pemuteran are also far nicer than the ones in the south of Bali. From what we have experienced there are beautiful stretches of beach in front of Taman Salini and Taman Sari hotel. When you want to do something cultural then there’s Pura Tirta Pulaki. With the mountain wall looming behind the complex, this recently restored temple is a pretty mystical sight. But while you admire the temple, beware of the naughty monkeys. Like in other places in Bali they can get pretty aggressive so watch out that they don’t snatch away your sunglasses or bottles of water.

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BUSINESS As worry list grows, G20 gets wonky Reuters

WASHINGTON – While the world watches revolutions in the Arab world and a nuclear crisis in Japan, the Group of 20 is engrossed in an esoteric debate over something called indicative guidelines. The club of rich and emerging economies banded together at the height of the financial crisis and earned praise for swiftly putting in place policies that helped prevent a repeat of the Great Depression. But as a new list of potential economic dangers grows, the G20 seems to have few immediate answers. Instead, finance leaders meeting in Washington this week are likely to tout progress on establishing guidelines to measure imbalances between major exporters and importers. Andrew Kenningham, senior international economist at Capital Economics in London, said the G20 had “gone done a cul de sac” that distracted it from the global economic stability issues it was meant to address. “It will be increasingly difficult to disguise the fact that there is no agreement on macroeconomic coordination at a global level,” he said. “The G20 is struggling to find a useful role for itself, no matter how frequently it meets.” The G20 lost its crisis-forged cohesion last year as different countries recovered at different rates, generating different policy priorities. That has made it difficult for leaders to follow through on a promise they made back in 2009 to work together to smooth out imbalances. The idea was

that consumer-driven economies such as the United States would save and invest more, while export powerhouses like China would develop domestic demand. When it came time to set specifics, however, the G20 unity broke down. When they could not agree on any numerical targets, they set their sights on “indicative guidelines” instead, and even those have become a source of friction. Kenningham said the G20 will have to show some progress this week that puts it on track to deliver something that leaders can sign at a November summit. That means finance ministers will probably find some way to set aside their differences and establish broad guidelines, but leave agreement on the details for a later discussion. With oil at its highest level since 2008’s record-setting run, finance leaders will no doubt acknowledge economic risks in a statement released at the conclusion of the G20 meeting on Friday. The International Monetary Fund, which holds its twice-yearly meeting on the weekend, is scheduled to release its economic outlook on Monday. The Fund warned last week of long-term oil scarcity that could lead to persis-

tently higher prices. At $126 per barrel, oil prices are high enough to threaten world economic growth, and some economists predict they will continue to creep higher. If oil prices average $150 per barrel over the next three months, it would erase three-quarters of a percentage point from global growth, Barclays Capital estimated. A slew of data this week will offer some clues on how hard the oil price spike has hit economies. Wednesday brings U.S. retail sales for March, which may provide the first hint that steep gasoline prices are cutting into consumer spending. Economists polled by Reuters are looking for a gain of 0.5 percent, which would be half the growth rate recorded in February, and much of the gain may come from rising prices rather than demand. China releases a report on its firstquarter gross domestic product on Friday, and it is expected to show growth eased a tad to a still-lofty 9.5 percent. China has clamped down on credit conditions to try to cool inflation, which will likely constrain growth. “Policymakers may have to choose between higher inflation and lower growth,” said Luca Ricci, a Barclays analyst in New York.

UK banks told to boost capital, shield taxpayers LONDON – Britain’s top banks should shield their retail operations from riskier investment banking activities and hold more capital to protect taxpayers from any future financial crisis, a government-commissioned report said. Shake-up proposals outlined Monday appear harshest for Lloyds Banking Group, which may be forced to sell hundreds more branches in addition to the 600 already on the block in order to improve competition on the high street. The recommendations in a 208 page report are not as severe as many bankers had feared, as banks already hold close to the recommended core Tier 1 capital level of 10 percent. However ring-fencing their retail arms could force HSBC, Barclays and peers to hold billions of pounds more capital, increase funding costs and squeeze their profits. British finance minister George Osborne said he welcomed the “excel-

lent analysis” and findings of the report by the banking commission, which was led by former Bank of England interest rate setter John Vickers. The panel wants to make banks less risky, better able to absorb losses, and ensure that vital operations like payments systems and cash for ATMs are kept running if a lender nears collapse as RBS did three years ago. The banks are expected to lobby heavily before the commission’s final report is handed to Osborne and Business Secretary Vince Cable in September. HSBC and Barclays have threatened to quit London for New York or Hong Kong if regulation becomes too onerous. Barclays had been seen as most at risk if the panel proposed more formal separation of businesses, due to its reliance on investment banking. But by 0740 its shares were up 3.7 percent, while Royal Bank of Scotland rose 3 percent and the other UK banks were near flat.

“They’ve got away with it, apart from Lloyds which might have to sell off more assets, but it could have been harsher and it wasn’t,” said John Smith, senior fund manager at Brown Shipley. “It could have been harsher and there’s relief that it’s been in line with expectations.” Big banks in Britain and elsewhere have already moved their capital levels closer to 9-10 percent in preparation for new global regulations. Banking watchdogs around the world are working on extra safeguards for big banks and have signaled they are likely to include a capital buffer of about 3 percent on top of the new global minimum of 7 percent for all banks from 2013. The ICB took a hard line by requiring the extra 3 percent of capital to be in the form of pure equity as it doubts the effectiveness of hybrid debt known as contingent capital which is also being considered by global regulators.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images/AFP

Gas prices of more than $4.00 a gallon are displayed at a gas station on April 7, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. National gas prices jumped by 10 cents over a week. The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles increased 2 cents to $4.124, rising for the 16th consecutive day.

Oil near $113 amid Mideast turmoil, weak US dollar Associated Press

SINGAPORE – Oil prices hovered at a 30-month high near $113 a barrel Monday in Asia as traders eyed fresh Middle East tension and a wobbly U.S. dollar. Benchmark crude for May delivery was up 6 cents at $112.85 a barrel at midday Singapore time in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. On Friday, the contract jumped $2.49 to $112.79, the highest since September 2008. In London, Brent crude for May delivery was down 91 cents to $125.74 a barrel on the ICE Futures exchange. Oil prices have soared 33 percent since mid-February as traders worry political violence in the Middle East and North Africa could disrupt crude supplies. Violence escalated last week between Palestinians in Gaza and Israel. Since Thursday, Palestinians have fired more than 120 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel, prompting Israeli reprisals that have killed 19 Palestinians, the most intense fighting between Israel and Gaza militants since January 2009. Meanwhile, Egyptian soldiers Saturday attacked protesters calling for an investigation of former President Hosni Mubarak for embezzlement, killing at least one person and injuring 71 others. Several hundred protesters remained barricaded at Cairo’s

Tahrir Square. “Fresh headlines over the weekend could portend another difficult week for oil bears,” energy consultant The Schork Group said. “Gaza-Israel violence along with new protests in Tahrir Square against the military could incite another buying frenzy in the market.” Investors are also watching closely the currency markets as the U.S. dollar fell to a 15-month low against the euro last week. A weaker U.S. currency makes dollar-based commodities such as oil cheaper for investors with other currencies. The euro was down slightly at $1.4466 on Monday from $1.4483 late Friday. Analysts expect the surge in oil prices will undermine consumer demand, but some are optimistic higher fuel costs won’t derail the global economy recovery. “The rise in the price of oil in reaction to the spreading of unrest from Tunisia and Egypt to Libya and Bahrain remains below the threshold that is likely to have lasting impact of the global economy,” said Jeffrey Morrison of MFS Investment Management. “We expect the global economic recovery to be sustained.” In other Nymex trading in May contracts, heating oil fell 2.1 cents to $3.30 a gallon and gasoline dropped 1.4 cents to $3.25 a gallon. Natural gas futures were down 2.3 cents at $4.02 per 1,000 cubic feet.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011



‘Infernal Affairs’ director tries hand at romance Associated Press Writer

HONG KONG – He is best known in Chinese cinema and in the West for his sleekly shot gangster thrillers like the “Young and Dangerous” series and “Infernal Affairs” trilogy. But veteran Hong Kong director Andrew Lau says he has left his comfort zone with a brooding romance about the relationship between a Hong Kong woman and an ailing mainland Chinese police officer. “A Beautiful Life,” which will be released in China next month, represents a clear break from his fast-paced, visually dynamic work of the past, Lau told The Associated Press on Sunday. Since the huge success of the “Infernal Affairs” series — the first installment was remade by Martin Scorsese as the 2006 thriller “The Departed,” which earned the American filmmaker his first best director Oscar — Lau has largely stuck to the genre he made his name in. His recent credits include the street car thriller “Initial D,” the Korean-language romantic thriller “Daisy” and “The Flock,” his debut Hollywood crime story starring Richard Gere and Claire Danes. Last year, he released the kung fu picture “Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen,” a sequel of sorts to the 1972 Bruce Lee classic “Fist of Fury,” starring Donnie Yen. “A Beautiful Life” is a different animal, Lau said. “My visuals are typically very powerful. The rhythm is fast. The cuts are fast. This time I took a completely different approach. There are many lengthy shots,” he said, pointing in particular to a five-minute-plus scene featuring lead actors Shu Qi and Liu Ye. Shu’s character, a Hong Kong real-estate agent who suffers romantic and career setbacks

in Beijing, delivers a drunken monologue to Liu, who plays a police officer whose mental state is slowly deteriorated by a form of dementia. “You are basically watching the actors give their all. I wanted them to work at it until they found the right mood. I did not split it into different shots ... This is a conscious change on my part,” Lau said. It’s an approach that was much appreciated by Liu, one of China’s rising stars. Liu, who starred opposite Meryl Streep in Chen Shizheng’s 2007 drama “Dark Matter,” said he enjoyed how Lau allowed the actors to maintain their mood with extended takes. “This kind of story is built on accumulation. It is built on the slow evolution of the couple’s relationship. From one to 100 — you can’t miss a step. So it’s especially demanding on the continuity of an actor’s emotions,” Liu told the AP. “Director Lau just let us keep going and keep going. He might feel that he has slowed down, but I thought the rhythm was just right.” Lau also took the unusual step of letting Shu make an early edit of the movie so he could structure the story from a woman’s perspective. The veteran Taiwanese actress is now eyeing a directorial debut, so Lau thought the editing task was a good learning experience for her and was pleased with her effort.


(L-R) Co-director of TIFF Cameron Bailey and director Andrew Lau attend the “Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen” premiere during the 35th Toronto International Film Festival at The Elgin on September 9, 2010 in Toronto, Canada.

‘Glee,’ ‘Modern Family’ among GLAAD award winners Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – “Glee,” “Modern Family” and “Project Runway” are winners of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s 22nd annual Media Awards. Prizes for outstanding comedy series and reality program were among those presented at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles Sunday. Actor Sean Hayes presented entertainer Kristin Chenoweth with the Vanguard Award. Dolly Parton presented NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award. “Fort Worth Speech” on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” was recognized as the year’s outstanding TV journalism segment and “I Love You Phillip Morris” was honored as an outstanding film in limited release. The GLAAD Media Awards honor media for accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and the issues affecting their lives.

Michael Shannon to play villain in Superman movie Australia unveils royal wedding stamp Reuters

LOS ANGELES – Michael Shannon, who received an Oscar nomination for his supporting role as a mentally troubled man in “Revolutionary Road” two years ago, has been cast as the villain in the upcoming Superman film. He will play General Zod opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman in “Superman: Man of Steel.” Zod, like Superman, is from Krypton, where he commanded its armed forces. The character appeared in both 1978’s Superman and its 1980 sequel Superman II, where he was played by Terence Stamp. “Zod is not only one of

Agence France Presse

Superman’s most formidable enemies, but one of the most significant because he has insights into Superman that others don’t,” said Zach Snyder, the director of the new film. “Michael is a powerful actor who can project both the intelligence and the malice of the character, making him perfect for the role.” Shannon, seen more recently as a stern federal agent in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” joins a lineup that also includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Martha and Jonathan Kent, the adoptive parents of Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent.

SYDNEY – Australia launched a special stamp to commemorate Britain’s pending royal nuptials Monday, with a local and international issue featuring Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton. Australia Post said it was “delighted” to celebrate the April 29 wedding with a special edition stamp showing a portrait of the couple after their engagement was announced. “We trust this special stamp is-


Australia launched a special stamp to commemorate Britain’s pending royal nuptials Monday, with a local and international issue featuring Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton.

sue provides collectors and the public with a memento to mark this happy and historic event,” said Australia Post chief Ahmed Fahour. Formerly a British colony where Queen Elizabeth II is still head of state, Australia has already issued a special 50 cent coin to commemorate the royal wedding, designed by the Queen’s own goldsmith and jeweller. Collectors can also buy an official Royal Wedding coin with the couple’s engagement photo in colour against a detailed sketch of Westminster Abbey, where they will wed. The royal wedding will be keenly watched in Australia, where Prince William charmed thousands with a recent tour to floodaffected zones but which also harbours a keen republican sentiment.



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Texas battling wildfires fueled by heat, wind Associated Press Writer

Zimbabwe rhino conservationist wins top award Associated Press Writer

HARARE, Zimbabwe – The endangered African rhinoceros isn’t like a prehistoric dinosaur on the verge of extinction. It is robust in its natural habitat, it is disease resistant and breeds well when protected from poachers, says veteran Zimbabwean conservationist Raoul du Toit. “If you can keep the poachers away, rhinos can look after themselves extremely well,” he said. Du Toit was named Monday among six recipients of this year’s Goldman Environmental Prize, the most prestigious international award for environmental activists, citing them as “fearless emerging leaders working against all odds to protect the environment and their communities.” Du Toit heads a rhino conservation project in southern Zimbabwe that has helped rebuild and maintain the highest population of rhino in the southern African nation. Years of political and economic

turmoil and a breakdown in law and order has seen a surge in poaching not only of rhino but of all species of Zimbabwe’s wildlife. But in the massive southern district where du Toit’s Lowveldt Rhino Trust operates, headway is being made — 21 rhinos were killed for their horn there last year, compared to 71 in 2009. The powdered rhino horn is used in centuries-old healing remedies in China and elsewhere in Asia. The new worry, du Toit told the Associated Press, is rapidly increasing demand in Vietnam where it is now believed to be a cure for cancer.

“This has to be addressed. In Western medicine, tests have been done to show it has no medicinal properties,” he said. The horn is of the same compacted fibers found in human fingernails. In Vietnam it can fetch up to $40,000 a kilogram (2.2 pounds). Like fingernails, rhino horn regrows but dehorning programs and sales of horns taken from animals dying from natural causes have further fueled demand and spurred poaching. Du Toit said there have been recent experiments to inject poison into the horns of live rhino to deter poaching, but the act raises more ethical questions. “Rhinos have been given such a bad deal by the human race, but there are moral concerns about hitting back” with this method, he said. In any case, crushed rhino horn mixed with many other elements would not be fatal if the poison was diluted.

DALLAS – Out-of-control wildfires in Texas have scorched nearly 400 square miles and destroyed dozens of homes as hot, windy conditions fuel the blazes. One fast-moving wildfire in West Texas had spread to more than 60,000 acres Sunday in Jeff Davis County and destroyed about 40 homes in Fort Davis before it raged north and east. “It was unbelievable, just horrific. There were horses on fire, buildings on fire, houses on fire,” said Bob Dillard, a former Jeff Davis county judge and editor of the weekly Jeff Davis County Mountain Dispatch. Revis Daggett, co-owner of Wayside Inn B&B in Fort Davis, called the situation “gut-wrenching.” “It’s very personal and it’s quite surreal,” said Daggett, whose business was safe from the flames as of Sunday afternoon. “And you look around and you just keep thinking, `Well, you can’t control the fire, so what are the possibilities it comes back at you?’” Another West Texas fire burned 16,000 acres in Midland County and destroyed about 34 homes, said Alan Craft, a Texas Forest Service spokesman. Meanwhile, a 71,000-acre fire in Northern Texas hadn’t destroyed any homes because it was in a rural area of rolling plains, Craft said. That fire has been burning since Wednesday after it was started by a welder’s torch near the community of Swenson, about 175 miles west of Fort Worth. The Federal Emergency Management Agency was expected to respond to some of the state’s massive fires, assisting volunteer and other fire departments from across Texas and two dozen other states, Craft said. Sunday’s hot, windy conditions and low humidity, combined with withered shrubs and grasses caused by the drought, made for dangerous conditions, Craft said. Air tankers usually used to douse such massive fires could not be flown Sunday because of wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph, Craft said. In the Texas Panhandle, a 60,000-acre blaze raged through Potter and Moore counties. A 10,500acre fire in Garza County south of Lubbock had been mostly contained Sunday, fire officials said. Some small fires were reported Sunday in East Texas, including AP Photo/The Abilene Reporter-News, Victor Cristales a 129-acre Angelina A Texas Forest Service airplane drops fire County fire that was retardant on a wildfire in northern Texas’ Stonewall County, Friday, April 8, 2011. contained.

Study: Young children may make parents less fit Associated Press Writer

CHICAGO – Could kids be to blame for new parents’ bad health habits? A study found that mothers of young children were heavier and ate more calories, sugary drinks and fatty foods than childless women. Dads and moms in the study were less active than their peers without kids. Sheri Lee Schearer, 34, says the results reflect her life with a 5-monthold son. Before, when she worked as a paralegal, she had time to make a spinach salad or go out for one. Now, as a stay-at-home mom in southern New Jersey, she grabs whatever is

easiest and quickest. “I often find that his needs come before mine,” she said. “Do I get to the gym? No. Do I eat always healthy? No.” Quick, easily prepared foods are often high in fat and calories. Parents who choose these foods may end up serving them to their children, perpetuating a cycle of unhealthy eating, the study authors said. “This isn’t a study about blame,” said co-author Jerica Berge, a University of Minnesota researcher. “This is about identifying ... a very high-risk time period” for parents that doctors should be aware of so they can offer solutions, she said.

That may include diet advice, parent-child exercise classes, or just getting parents to take walks with their kids, the researchers said. The study involved 1,520 adults aged 25 on average, including parents with children younger than 5 years old. They were among more than 4,000 Minneapolis-area public school students enrolled in a study in their teens; the new study includes those who responded to two followup health surveys and answered questions about their diet and activity. Results are published online Monday in the journal Pediatrics.


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Lyon on the move as Ligue 1 leaders flounder Agence France Presse

PARIS – Former champions Lyon kept their French league title bid alive Sunday with a 3-0 win at home to struggling Lens as the leading trio Lille, Marseille and Rennes all floundered. A first half strike from South Korean forward Park Chu Young ensured Lille suffered just their fourth defeat of the season on Saturday as Monaco won 1-0 to move out of the drop zone. Champions Marseille threw away the chance to pile the pressure on the leaders as they were held 2-2 by Toulouse Sunday as Lyon’s win sees

them move into third at the expense of Rennes who lost 2-0 at midtable Brest. Lille have 58 points from 30 games with Marseille three points behind, while Lyon are now third on 53 and Rennes fourth with 51. “We have the mental ability to go after the title,” insisted Lyon midfielder Miralem Pjanic. “We’re happy this evening, we did a good job and are on the podium. Everything depends on ourselves now.” Despite labouring to victory the former seven-time champions got back to winning ways after draws against Rennes (1-1) and Nice (2-2).

AC Milan’s Ibrahimovic apologises for red card Agence France Presse


Valencia’s Portuguese defender Ricardo Costa (L) vies with Villarreal’s Brazilian forward Nilmar (R) during the Spanish league football match between Valencia CF and Villarreal CF on April 10,2011 at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia.

Valencia trounce Villarreal to move clear in third Agence France Presse

ROME – AC Milan’s Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has apologised after getting sent off for a foul-mouthed tirade at a linesman during his side’s 2-1 win at Fiorentina. Ibrahimovic had only just returned from a two-game ban for striking Bari’s Marco Rossi in the ribs. The 29-year-old was already facing a one-match ban having picked up a yellow card during the game, meaning he had earnt a suspension for an accumulation of cards over the season. But late on he aimed a rant lined with expletives at a linesman after a throw-in decision went against him. He was duly dismissed by the referee and walked off without protest. However, afterwards he apologised and even insisted that he had not sworn at the linesman. “I

was angry because I’d lost the ball, I said a swear word to myself, not at the referee or linesman,” he said. “I want to apologise, I walked off without creating a scene. I was looking at the linesman because he was in front of me but I wasn’t saying it to him. “My team-mates would be right to be angry with me because I (was sent-off) while Fiorentina were attacking us. “On top of that I was coming back from a suspension and it wasn’t the right time to get sent off. “But can’t I get angry with myself without getting a red card?” Ibrahimovic was dismissed with Milan holding onto a 2-1 lead and Fiorentina pushing forward for an equaliser. The Swede somewhat unusually came to the post-match press conference to offer his apology, suggesting Milan had already moved into damage-limitation mode.

MADRID – Valencia staked their claim for third place in La Liga with a stylish 5-0 win in Sunday’s head-to-head clash with local rivals Villarreal. Neither side tried to play down the importance of the match with both teams comfortably clear of the chasing pack, with the victory pushing Valencia six points ahead of Villarreal. Valencia had more time to prepare as Villarreal were in European action on Thursday night and it showed as they were far livelier and put plenty of pressure on the Villarreal players. If the visitors were in good spirits after their 5-1 win over Twente then they were brought back down to earth quickly as Roberto Soldado gave Valencia an early lead. Although they had further chances it was not until the second half that the floodgates opened against a tired looking Villarreal. Ever Banega scored in between two goals from Juan Mata and Soldado also got his second of the night. “We have found it difficult to be consistent and play well for 90 minutes but we have managed to do it in this match. It was an excellent performance,” said Valencia coach Unai Emery. “We also acknowledge the work and the great season Villarreal are

having to the extent they have made us adapt our game to them. The only thing we still need to do is be more effective in defence and improve the way we defend with five back.” Villarreal coach Juan Carlos Garrido admitted he was taken aback by the scale of the defeat. “The scoreline is painful for us because we knew that we could lose but not by such a margin,” he said. Earlier, Atletico Madrid moved onto the verges of the European places with a comprehensive victory over Real Sociedad who have now lost five games on the trot. After an inconsistent campaign Atletico are still in the fight for a place in the Europa League and have hit form at the right time. Back-to-back wins mean that Atletico are level with sixth-placed Athletic Bilbao who lost to Real Madrid 3-0 and a point behind Sevilla who drew 2-2 with Mallorca. Atletico were in charge against

Sociedad from the start with a deft back-heel from Diego Costa setting up Felipe Luis to put them ahead and then shortly before half time Mario Suarez added another after good work from Jose Antonio Reyes. Sociedad, now just five points above the relegation zone, are going through their worst run of the season and conceded a further goal from Sergio Aguero.”We were hoping for a weekend like this as it has gone very well for us,” said Quique Sanchez Flores. “We needed to close the gap but we have some important games ahead including the next one against Espanyol. We have done well in the last seven games, except for the (Real) Madrid result.” Espanyol’s poor form continued with a disappointing 0-0 draw away to Hercules. They have struggled badly since Christmas and had lost eight of the last ten games going into the match.


AC Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic controls a ball against Fiorentina during their Italian Serie A football match at Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence on April 10, 2011.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011


James’ 27 lift Miami past Boston, 100-77 Associated Press Writer

MIAMI – If this was an Eastern Conference semifinals preview, then the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics showed what to expect. Few pleasantries. Pushing and shoving. And maybe a Game 7 in Miami. LeBron James scored 27 points, Dwyane Wade added 14 and the Heat moved closer to the No. 2 seed in the East playoffs Sunday by beating the sliding Celtics 100-77. “It was a playoff-atmosphere type of game, from the fans to both teams’ approach to what the game meant,” Wade said. “It had that feel.” Miami moved a game ahead of Boston, trimming its magic number to clinch the second seed to two. The teams will finish second and third in some order behind Chicago in the East, slotted to play in the conference semifinals. “We’d like to play them, I can tell you that,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “And we may have to if we want to go somewhere.” Chris Bosh added 13 points and eight rebounds for Miami, which had been 0-3 against Boston this season, though Heat coach Erik Spoelstra cautioned against overstating the win’s importance. “We proved we can beat them tonight,” Spoelstra said. “That’s about it, in my mind.” Paul Pierce scored 24 points and Kevin Garnett added 21 for Boston, which lost for the 10th time in its last 19 games. The Celtics were outrebounded 42-26, and outscored 44-26 in the paint.

“What else do you expect? It’s Boston-Miami,” Garnett said. “Supposedly it’s two of, if not the top two, teams in the East. You have to expect that. You have to expect that coming in here you’re not going to get the call. You had to expect their passion — a team you have beaten three times.” The Heat finally solved the Boston hex, beating the Celtics for the third time in the last 21 meetings. Bosh had been 1-13 against Boston since March 2007, and the Celtics ended both the 2009-10 seasons for Wade (in the first round) and James (in the second round). Miami won for the 13th time in its last 16 games, and its bench — maligned for much of the season — outscored Boston’s 32-12. “What worked for us today is, offensively we played together,” Wade said. Ray Allen scored 13 points for the Celtics. Rajon Rondo was held to just seven points and five assists on 3 for 8 shooting. “Frustration is high on our team right now,” Rivers said.

AP Photo/Miami Herald, Al Diaz

Miami Heat’s LeBron James, right, remonstrates with Boston Celtics’ Jermaine O’Neal, left, after O’Neal fouled James during the second quarter of an NBA basketball game Sunday, April 10, 2011, in Miami.

Wild card Sweeting sinks Nishikori for clay title Agence France Presse

HOUSTON, Texas – American wild card Ryan Sweeting captured his first ATP Tour title — in his first final — by beating Kei Nishikori 6-4, 7-6 (7/3) at the US Clay Court Championships. “I think I’m most happy the way I performed under pressure in my first final,” Sweeting said. “I stayed calm and stayed focused. I didn’t let the moment get to me which in past performances I have.” Sweeting is the first wild card winner in this tournament since fellow American Mardy Fish did it five years ago. He is also the fifth first-time winner on the tour this season. “I feel in the past I’d see the finish line and I’d start thinking about that,” Sweeting said. “I didn’t think about the end result today. In the tiebreaker, I just tried to play each point.” Sweeting, who earned $80,000 in prize money, celebrated with a cannon ball leap ino the River Oaks Country Club swimming pool. The 21-year-old Nishikori of Japan didn’t go home empty handed as he collected $42,000. His late comeback just fell shot as Sweeting edged him in a second set tiebreaker. The 10th game of the second set went back and forth as the pair duelled through 26 points. Sweeting eventually held serve when sixth-seeded Nishikori’s lob sailed long. Sweeting hit a forehand volley winner in the tiebreaker to get it to match point. He sealed the win when Nishikori’s forehand went wide.

“I didn’t want a third set,” Sweeting said. Sweeting will see his world ranking go from 93 to 71 with this win and Nishikori’s will improve from 61st to 49th. Nishikori is trying to catch former Japanese star Shuzo Matsuoka who holds the Japanese world ranking record of 46. Nishikori has come a long way since undergoing elbow surgery two years ago which dropped him right out of the ATP ranking system. He was hoping a victory in Houston would provide some inspiration and hope to Japan in the wake of the earthquake-tsunami disas-

ter. “I wasn’t aggressive enough,” Nishikori said. “I really wanted to win but I think he deserved it today. He played well, better.” Nishikori is working with his fellow tennis players in setting up a website where people can bid on items to raise money for the Japan victims. A tennis shirt worn by Spain’s Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open has already surpassed the $5,200 mark. There is also a tennis racquet signed by former grand slam winner John McEnroe and one of Maria Sharapova’s tennis shoes.

AP Photo/Eric Kayne

Ryan Sweeting, of the United States, kisses the trophy after defeating Kei Nishikori, of Japan, in the final of the U.S Men’s Clay Court Championship tennis tournament Sunday, April 10, 2011, in Houston. Sweeting won 6-4, 7-6 (3).

US sports tycoon takes control of Arsenal Agence France Presse

LONDON – US sports tycoon Stan Kroenke has taken a controlling stake in Arsenal and has agreed terms to buy the remaining shares in the English Premier League club, both sides announced Monday. The deal values Arsenal at about £731 million (825 million euros, $1.195 billion), according to a statement issued to the London Stock Exchange. If Kroenke gains complete control of the club, it will mean the top four English clubs are foreignowned, reflecting the hugely lucrative status of the Premier League. Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE) has boosted its stake from 29.99 percent to 62.89 percent, and terms have also been agreed for KSE to buy up the remaining share capital at the cost of £11,750 a share. “We are excited about the opportunity to increase our involvement with and commitment to Arsenal,” Kroenke, 63, said in the

statement. “Arsenal is a fantastic club with a special history and tradition and a wonderful manager in Arsene Wenger. We intend to build on this rich heritage and take the club to new success.” Wenger also welcomed the deal, saying: “I have worked with Stan Kroenke at board meetings over the past couple of years and I believe he has the best interests of Arsenal at heart. “He understands the club’s heritage and traditions and our ambition to run the club in a way which protects our longterm future.” Last month Kroenke increased his stake in Arsenal to within 10 shares of the threshold that forces him to make a takeover bid, when he acquired seven more shares at a cost of £8,500 each. Kroenke, who first bought a stake of almost 10 percent in Arsenal in April 2007, also owns US Major League Soccer franchise Colorado Rapids, the NBA’s Denver Nuggets and the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011



No quick fix for Red Bull KERS issues Sepang - Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber have been warned that there may be no quick fix to the KERS issues that appear to be the only chink in Red Bull Racing’s armour at the moment. Although Vettel has won the first two races of the season, the German and team-mate Webber have battled with ongoing KERS issues - and neither driver had a fully functioning system throughout the whole Malaysian Grand Prix.

AFP PHOTO / Raymond Ho

Red Bull-Renault driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany (C) leads at the start of Formula One’s Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang on April 10, 2011. Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix with a dominant drive to take an early grip on the Formula One season.

Petrov: Marbles a factor in crash SEPANG - Vitaly Petrov thinks that rubber marbles on the track may have contributed towards his spectacular exit from the Malaysian Grand Prix. The Russian ran wide at Turn 8 near the end of the race - but as he tried to power back onto the track he hit a bump in the grass that launched him high into the air. The impact when he landed broke a steering column mount and Petrov was forced to retire on the spot. Petrov said he was not entirely sure what had caused the accident - but thinks that a chunk of rubber marble may have contributed.

“To be honest I still don’t understand what I did,” Petrov told AUTOSPORT. “The corner is difficult, but to be honest you try to not win so much on this corner. “There were two laps to go. I knew Lewis [Hamilton] was behind me, and I knew the tyres were quite good as I showed the fastest laps. “I think I picked up just a little bit of rubber, and as soon as you take one piece of rubber, you have a little bit of understeer. I think I had this little bit of understeer and then I went wider and wider. You should be able to come back to the track there, so I just kept

going – but then I hit the big bump.” Although Petrov’s launch into the air looked spectacular, the Renault driver insists he was not scared. “It is not scary. You know it will be a big shunt but it is scarier when you see a wall when you are crashing.” Petrov does believe, however, that the bump he hit should be looked at – because it could cause another accident in the future. “I know it is difficult, but it should be less bumpy – because can you imagine what would have happened if something happened differently. You could have quite a big crash.”

Lotus-Renault driver Vitaly Petrov of Russia of Russia powers his car during the qualifying session of of Formula One’s Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang on April 9, 2011.


And with just one week until the next race in China, which is another event where KERS is crucial for lap time, Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey has admitted that his outfit is still only beginning to get on top of the hybrid system. “The reality is that it is a system in its infancy,” said Newey. “We are not a manufacturer team so we are having to develop KERS ourselves, which has not been our area of expertise in the past. “We are also doing it on a limited resource, limited budget and with limited experience, so we are on a rapid learning curve. How long it takes us to get to the top of that learning curve remains to be seen.” When asked if the problems were such that they could take some time, Newey said: “The fact that we are still finding new problems implies that is the case.” Some of the problems that Red Bull Racing has suffered with its KERS have been related to the ultra-aggressive packaging that Newey has demanded for the RB7 – but he has insisted that the team has not been too on the edge with it. “I don’t think so,” he said. “If the problems we had were all related to the packaging then the answer would be yes, but they are not.” Webber did not run KERS at all in the Malaysian GP, after suffering a problem with it prior to the start, while Vettel was told not to use his in the second half of the race. “With Mark we had a problem off the line that meant he could not use it at all, during the race, including the start,” said Newey. “He had a problem on the lap to the startline – it was a fresh problem, not a problem we have had before. “With Seb – we had a problem that meant we could have continued to run it, but from a safety point of view we thought it best to turn it off and not take any risks.”

Edisi 12 April 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Seventy one experts assigned to prone caterpillar infestation