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Ex-Fiji minister seeks asylum in Australia: report













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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A rescue officer and miners walk their way up to the area where the landslides occur. A weekend landslide buried a key road access tunnel to FreeportMcMoRan Copper & Gold Inc’s Grasberg mine in Papua, Indonesia


Chine move to second place On the list of tourists visit to Bali PAGE 8


Depp’s ‘Rango’ corrals $38M opening at box office PAGE 12

Landslide leaves thousands stranded at Indonesia mine Reuters

TIMIKA – A weekend landslide buried a key road access tunnel to Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc’s Grasberg mine in Papua, Indonesia, leaving thousands of workers stranded, but a company spokesman said operations were continuing as normal. Freeport is the world’s largest publicly traded copper miner, while Grasberg has the world’s


largest recoverable reserves of copper and the largest gold reserves. Saturday’s landslide prevented

thousands of workers from reaching the mine, situated in the highlands of eastern Papua province, but a helicopter was seen ferrying some staff before cloud and mist descended. About 60 buses used to transport workers were parked in the lowlands, below the blocked tunnel. “There was ground failure at Hannekam Tunnel on March 5.



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LONDON – British ministers will downgrade Prince Andrew’s role as a trade ambassador over his association with a convicted paedophile, the Telegraph newspaper reported Monday. Ministers will carry out a review into Andrew’s position, which could result in the queen’s second son losing his role completely, government sources told the British newspaper. The prince came under increased fire after it emerged that US businessman Jeffrey Epstein — who served 18 months in jail for child sex offences — had paid off debts accrued by the Duchess of York, Andrew’s former wife. Andrew has been a guest at Epstein’s Florida mansion where underage girls were abused but there has been no suggestion that the fourth-inline to the British throne had ever been guilty of




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Prince to have British trade role downgraded: report



The tunnel is currently closed while work is completed to address the failure,” spokesman PT Freeport Indonesia spokesman Ramdani Sirait said in an emailed statement. “This ground failure occurred outside PT Freeport Indonesia’s mining area and production continues normally,” he added.


Prince Andrew

any wrongdoing. Diplomatic cables released by the WikiLeaks website last year showed how US officials were shocked by the “rude” prince’s “astonishing display of candour” during a business trip to Kyrgyzstan. A senior Conservative minister told the Telegraph that Andrew’s position was fast becoming untenable due to his track record of poor judgement. “There appears to be no discernible mental activity,” the minister said. “I feel sorry for him. He has no friends and so is surrounded by these vile people.” Another government source told the paper: “We won?t be giving a full-throated defence of him. There won?t be many tears shed if he resigns.” Foreign Secretary William Hague earlier defended the prince, claiming he had done “a lot of good for the UK.”



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bali News

Residents overwhelm Lovina Beach on Ngembak Geni Singaraja (Bali Post)—

Hilarious atmosphere on Lovina Beach on Ngembak Geni, Sunday (Mar 6) looked different from usual days. If the beach was habitually enlivened by foreign tourists, last Sunday it was even overwhelmed by local residents of Buleleng and those from outside Buleleng. More interestingly, a number of merchants lined up along the coast to sell food and drinks to visitors. On the other hand, foreign tourists were also continuing to visit the beach while seeing the activities carried out by local residents on the beach. As consequence, atmosphere of the beach was suddenly like a night market because a variety of traditional entertainments were also staged there. Similar spectacles could also be encountered on Penimbangan Beach. From the morning, thousands of visitors had crowded the beach. The narrow roads even caused the traffic flows to slow

down. Motorcycles and cars preferred to park on that narrow road body. This opportunity made dozens of traders of grilled corn on the toast to reap an instant luck. Not until late afternoon their goods had sold out. Most visitors preferred to purchase grilled corn or toast. Meanwhile, to quench their thirst, visitors chose to buy cold drink or fresh fruit juice. Aside from having a sit on the beachside, some visitors were also interested to take a bath while renting canoe or tire. Most visitors were family groups who chose to bathe on the beach to fill in their holiday this year. (kmb15)


The crowded of Lovina Beach during Ngembak Geni, a day after Nyepi.

Post-Nyepi tradition at Banjar Customary Village,Residents cook on the street


The residents of Banjar Customary Village cook on the street as the unique tradition after Nyepi.

A number of villages in Buleleng Regency have a unique tradition before or after Nyepi. One of the traditions can be encountered at Banjar Customary Village, Banjar Subdistrict. After completing the Catur Bratha Penyepian or four abstinences, Sunday (Mar 6) dawn, a crowd of local villagers cooked on the street right in front of their respective house. Since 03:00 a.m. Local Time, hundreds of villagers had come out of their homes. They brought along with their cooking utensils such as cormorant, pots, pans and steam. After igniting the fire on a simple furnace, people were starting to cook rice and side dishes. Atmosphere of the village street turned crowded but still solemn because they had not turned on their lightings. Residents also greeted each other, borrowed cooking equipment each other and mutually asked food ingredients amicably. It is usually called nyakan diwang (cooking in front of the house). Some residents said the tradition had been implemented through generations. Having completed the Nyepi abstinences, residents cooked together in front of their home. It was intended to keep quiet their kitchen in the house and courtyard environment. “This tradition is indeed longawaited by local residents. When cooking we can see and greet each other,” said Ida Ayu Rohini, one of the local residents. Not only the woman who looked busy in the

cooking attractions. Men were helping their wife carry out the tradition with a great affection. Gusti Labe, another local villager and a member of pecalang (customary security taskforce) at the village also got involved in the activity. According to him, he was very glad to help his wife. He claimed to be proud of carrying on the nyakan diwang tradition. Except for posing an ancestral heritage, through the activity villagers could feel the intimacy and sense of belonging among the family members, neighbors and residents at the village. “Maybe our forefathers entrusted the tradition to maintain the unity in our village,” he said. Meanwhile, Chief of Banjar Customary Village, Dewa Suputra, said that cooking tradition on the street in front of the house was a continued procession in the implementation of Nyepi from generation to generation. He did not know exactly when the tradition was started in the village of Banjar. According to him, the tradition had existed when he was born. “Frankly speaking, we are very proud to see our community performing the cooking tradition hilariously,” he said. He claimed that he never required every resident to follow such a cooking tradition. However, all residents consciously carried it out. “We are in the customary village never force the public to implement this nyakan diwang tradition. But, it is the awareness of our community to maintain their social relationship at the village,” he said. (ole)

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Bali News



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crowded backflows after Nyepi Day Negara, DenPost—

Before Nyepi the Bali Strait crossing service was flooded by homecomers or ‘refugees’, while on the day after a myriad of backflows overwhelmed the harbor as soon as it was opened. As consequence, the Gilimanuk Harbor underwent dense traffic of backflows coming back from Java to Bali. Once it was opened precisely at 06:00 a.m. Local Time, the first ship berthing on the Gilimanuk Harbor was the landing craft tank (LCT) or the Safinah Labitra freighter. Then, it was followed by Gilimanuk 1 and Gilimanuk 2 passenger vessel. Chief of Gilimanuk Harbor Police, Made Prihanjagat, said his party had anticipated as soon as the ships unloaded their freights and passengers his officers directly conducted examination in Post 2. In the meantime, identity card examination was conducted by pecalang or security taskforce of Gilimanuk Customary Village temporarily assigned to replace the public order officers (Satpol PP) and officers of the Jembrana Regency. Operations Manager of Gilimanuk Harbor Administration, Ospar Silaban, when

asked for his confirmation justified that congestion once occurred in Ketapang Harbor (East Java). According to him, the traffic congestion ensuing in Ketapang mainly consisted of passenger vehicles. “But armed with several ships in operation, we had great confidence they could entirely be conveyed in relatively short time. Most importantly, it can run smoothly if the weather permits,” he said. Meanwhile, earlier on Thursday night (Mar 3) until Friday afternoon (Mar 4) the homecomers or refugees were stuck in traffic congestion. It was caused by explosion in the number of vehicles, trucks, buses and motorcycles that would cross to Java. Their amount was almost equal to the traffic flows during the period of Lebaran homecoming. (120)


The condition on Ketapang Harbor in Java where hundreds of cars queueing to enter Bali.

Ngembak Geni

Boat explodes at Padangbai, three crews caught on fire Amlapura (Bali Post)—

A speed boat named New Renon, Sunday (Mar 6) morning coinciding with Ngembak Geni, exploded and burned in the eastern of lifeboat pier, Padangbai, Karangasem. The speed boat totally burned out, while three crews comprising Amak, Fred and another unknown victim had serious burns. Explosion of the boat on the Ngembak Geni was very terrible until breaking the silent morning. On hearing the explosion, local residents of Padangbai turned to commotion. They hurriedly came out and rushed to the beach for checking what was happening. The fire on the boat owned by Komang Supriya, 44, an entrepreneur of diving transportation services on the Padangbai Beach, according to the witness who is also the younger brother of Supriadi, Ketut Edi, 40, was alleged to have been caused by short circuit and then grabbed the fuel tank. At that time, according to sources at the scene, the three crews were cleaning the boat at 08:00 a.m. Local Time at the location of about 25 meters from the beach or exactly 60 meters east of the boat dock. The three unlucky crews on the boat cleaned the boat and drained the stagnant rainwater after it was left on the beach during the Day of Silence or Nyepi. After cleaning and draining the water inside, the three crews tried to turn on the engine. After trying to start the engine for several times, it could not work at all. The crews suspected if the engine was wet caused by water and then opened the engine for repair. Unluckily, when the three

crews attempted to turn on the engine after fixing, a short circuit happened on the batteries. The sparks of fire grabbed the fuel tank and it led to terrible explosion. The fire was raging along with soaring thick smokes. The three crews frantically trying to extinguish the fire were bounced due to the blast and they suffered from burns. Promptly, they were evacuated and then rushed to emergency room of Sanglah Hospital. A captain and a number of crews of other boats near the scene immediately approached them to give help. The three victims were evacuated to the land with difficulty. Few minutes later, hundreds of Padangbai residents helped pull the boat to be taken ashore. They attempted to extinguish the fire on the beach with makeshift equip-

ment including flushing it by seawater. However, their efforts looked in vain. As the body of boat was made of flammable fiber, the entire body ultimately burned out. Edi said the New Renon boat was rarely used as it was old enough. Besides, his elder brother had had four bigger boats. “As planned, the burned boat would be sold to a buyer from Sumbawa after this Nyepi. Unfortunately, when it was going to be repaired and cleaned, even it caught on fire first,” said Edi. Based on observation on Sunday at Padangbai, the boat explosion did not disturb the main activities of crossing services of the ferry pier of Padangbai-Lembar on the first day of Caka New Year 1933. Location of the explosion was far enough in the north


People try to put out the fire on the boat.

of the main pier. Nevertheless, the incident sufficiently made a commotion on the local residents and attracted the attention of tourists in Padangbai. Meanwhile, the crossing and unloading services went flourishingly. The first ship anchoring in the harbor of Padangbai-Lembar looked pretty se-

cure and tranquil. In the meantime, the Padangbai Harbor Police officers were still investigating the cause of explosion destroying the entire boat and burned the three crews. As a result of the case, the victim Supriadi suffered a loss of about IDR 500 million. (013)

Three residents arrested on Nyepi Semarapura (Bali Post)—

Three residents living at Uma Dauh Hamlet, Bitera, Gianyar, were arrested at Jumpai Kanginan, Klungkung, Saturday (Mar 5). They were captured because of passing through when the Hindus celebrated the Nyepi Day. They were also subject to sanctions in the form of fines worth 75 pieces of perforated coins pursuant to prevailing rules at the local customary village. Information on the scene mentioned, the three residents were Rohimat, 54, Kamal Nugraha, 28, and Tardiadi, 25. They were from Ciawi, Tasikmalaya, West Java. But, at the moment they lived at Bitera. They were arrested around 10:00 a.m. by pecalang because they were found fishing around the coast at Jumpai Kanginan. By pecalang, the three residents were then led to the local village hall. Since the village apparatus had no right to arrest people, the three men were then handed over to Klungkung City Police. “Yes, the three people indeed had

been secured for a day in the headquarters of Klungkung City Police because it remained in the atmosphere of Nyepi. But, they have been released this morning (Sunday— Ed),” said Chief of Klungkung City Police, Dewa Gede Putra Sugawa, Sunday (Mar 6). However, the police chief said the case handling had been resolved by hamlet chief together with pecalang as well as the security and public order coach (Babinkamtibmas) with hamlet apparatus. The three residents were respectively imposed with a fine of 75 pieces of perforated coins in accordance with the rules at the customary village. “They (Rohimat, Kamal Nugraha and Tardiadi—Ed) were ready to pay the fine and exchange it with cash worth IDR 75 thousand,” added the police chief while mentioning the three residents were fishing from Friday (Mar 4). They claimed not to know if on Saturday (Mar 5—Ed) the Hindus celebrated Nyepi. Therefore, they spent the night and would return home at Bitera on Nyepi. (kmb20)



Tuesday, March 8, 2011


French ex-president to go on trial for corruption Agence France Presse

PARIS – The unprecedented corruption trial of France’s former president Jacques Chirac opens Monday, with lawyers seeking to postpone it on procedural grounds.


Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara bows his head as he announces his resignation at his office in Tokyo on March 6, 2011.

Japan foreign minister quits over illegal donation Associated Press Writer

TOKYO – Japanese diplomacy won’t be affected by the overnight resignation of the country’s foreign minister for accepting an illegal political donation from a foreigner, Japan’s embattled prime minister said Monday. The resignation of Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara Sunday night is a blow to Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s already shaky government. It also highlights the high turnover rate that has plagued government officials in recent years and is likely to further erode public confidence in Kan, whose public approval rating has fallen below 20 percent. Kan is the country’s fifth leader in four years, and the 48-year-old Maehara had been seen as a leading candidate to replace him if it was decided a change was the best way to keep their ruling Democratic Party of Japan in power. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano will temporarily double as foreign minister, and Kan said the change would not affect the country’s international relations. “Diplomacy is extremely important. We will remain firm,” Kan said during a parliamentary session Monday. The change comes as Japan, a key U.S. ally in the Pacific, grows increasingly wary of China’s increased assertiveness in the region, highlighted by a territorial spat last fall over disputed islands that both countries claim. Japan also faces

threats from nearby North Korea. Maehara, who was foreign minister for just six months, acknowledged receiving a total of 250,000 yen ($3,000) over the past several years from a 72-year-old Korean woman who has lived most of her life in Japan. He said they had been friends since his childhood. An opposition politician raised the allegation late last week and Maehara stepped down late Sunday. Japanese law prohibits lawmakers from accepting donations from any foreigners, even those born in Japan. It very hard for foreigners to become Japanese citizens, even if their families have lived in the country for generations. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Koreans, many descended from laborers brought forcibly to Japan during World War II, live in the country legally but without citizenship. Maehara’s admission undermines Kan’s pledge to root out “money politics” after a veteran power broker in their party, Ichiro Ozawa, was ensnared in a political funding scandal. Ozawa says he is innocent, but the party has recommended revoking his membership. “I apologize to the people that I ended up resigning after just six months on the job, and for causing distrust due to a politics-andmoney problem despite my pledge to seek clean politics,” Maehara said Sunday during a televised news conference. “It’s truly regrettable that I caused such a problem because of my own mistake.”

Chirac, 78, is one of France’s most popular political figures despite becoming the first former president of the French Republic to go on trial, accused of using public money to pay people working for his party while he was mayor of Paris between 1977 and 1995. He enjoyed immunity from prosecution as president from 1995 to 2007, but the case, which has already seen current Foreign Minister Alain Juppe convicted, has finally caught up with the avuncular former head of state. The case could promptly grind to a halt, however, if a lawyer working for one of Chirac’s co-defendants succeeds in getting a procedural matter referred upwards to France’s constitutional court. Chirac, best known internationally for his opposition to the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, has denied any knowledge of corrupt payments and his lawyers accuse magistrates of harbouring a hidden political agenda. He has been linked to a series corruption scandals but has never been convicted. If convicted, Chirac faces up to 10 years in jail and a fine of 150,000 euros ($210,000) on charges including embezzlement and breach of trust. In the opening hearing due to start at 1:30 pm (1330 GMT) Monday, presiding judge Dominique Pauthe is due to deal with procedural questions. Chirac’s first appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, when he is due to answer the judge’s questions, the court said. The hearings in Paris are the result of the merging of two separate cases — one begun by magistrates in the Paris suburb of Nanterre in 1995, and another in the capital itself dating to 1998. The case involves seven alleged ghost jobs for which Chirac is charged with conflict of interest and 21 other jobs for which Chirac is accused of embezzlement and abuse of trust. Nine other people are going on trial alongside Chirac, accused either of having ghost jobs or benefiting from those of town hall employees. Chirac denies that the people employed in the jobs were used to prepare for the 1995 presidential election, which he went on to win, insisting they were all legitimate posts in the service of Paris. JeanYves La Borgne, a lawyer working for one of Chirac’s former chiefs of staff, said he will argue that under the constitution the accusations in the former case can no longer be heard since they date back too far in time.

Rebels claim to have seized Ivory Coast town Associated Press Writer

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast – Rebels in Ivory Coast claim to have seized a town after a fierce battle in the country’s volatile west near the border with Liberia, panicking tens of thousands of refugees who already had fled violence over a deepening political crisis. The New Forces rebels said in a statement on their website that they seized Toulepleu on Sunday. The statement said: “The large town of Toulepleu in the west of Ivory Coast is now in the hands of the army of the New Forces (rebels) since Sunday at noon following an intense combat.” The town near Liberia’s border was the scene of heavy fighting on Sunday between forces backing the political rivals who both claim to be Ivory Coast’s president. The rebels are backed by the U.N.-recognized president, Alassane Ouattara. Government forces are allied with former president Laurent Gbagbo, who is refusing to leave office. Saah Nyuma, the deputy director of the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission, said

he heard the sounds of explosions coming from Ivory Coast. At least one mortar shell fell on the Liberian side of the border on Sunday. Analysts fear that Ivory Coast’s political crisis following a disputed presidential election will spill over into full-blown civil war. Nearly 400 people have been

killed since the Nov. 28 vote, according to a U.N. and an AP tally of bodies. The U.N. refugee body says more than 200,000 people have fled fighting in the main city of Abidjan in the last week, and more than 70,000 have crossed the border into Liberia to avoid fighting in the country’s west.


Residents burn tyres and block the street where security forces loyal to Ivory Coast’s strongman, Laurent Gbagbo, opened fire on demonstrators, killing at least six women, on March 3, 2011 in Abobo, a working class neighbourhood of Abidjan.



Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Aston International discontinues management of Bhavana Private Villas Seminyak IBP

SEMINYAK - Aston International announced that the group has discontinued providing management services for Bhavana Private Villas Seminyak, Bali. Bhavana which was formerly known as Sesari Villas was taken under the care taking of the Aston group three years ago and has since then developed to a popular and successful mid range villa resort obtaining several accolades and awards such as best selling villa resort for Garuda Orient Holidays Australia and a constant top rating on Trip Advisor. Aston International’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Norbert Vas said ”we had fantastic and very successful years at Bhavana but are now focusing on growing our Villa brands “Kamuela” and “Royal Kamuela”. Kamuela Seminyak recently expanded and now features several new villas with private roof top sun decks. Aston Legend Villas in Sanur was rebranded to Kamuela Villas & Suites Sanur after the completion of extensive renovation works and we will open our first five star plus “Royal Kamuela” in Ubud on March 17th. Further Kamuelas and Royal Kamualas are under development in Nusa Dua and Langkawi, Malaysia.”

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for March 8 through March 19, 2011 8 March Anggar Kasih Perangbakat „ Bukit Buluh Gunaksa - Klungkung „ Tirta Sudamala Bebalang - Bangli „ Paibon Pasek Bendesa Sangsit - sawan Buleleng „ Pasek Gelgel Pangi Dawan - Klungkung „ Gunung Tengsong Lombok - NTB „ Dalem Benawah Benawah - Gianyar „ Dalem Bitra Bitra - Gianyar „ Dalem Banyuning Banyuning Timur Buleleng „ Dalem Pauman Batan Getas Titih Denpasar „ Tengah Padang Tegalalang - Gianyar „ Merajan Pasek Gelgel Desa Sande - Pupuan Tabanan „ Kawitan Tangkas Kori Agung Desa Adat Pagan Denpasar „ Hyangaluh/Jenggala Besakih - Gianyar „ Merajan Pasek Lurah Tutuan Gunaksa Klungkung „ Merajan Pasek Gelgel SelulungSelulung „ Merajan Pasek Subrata Medahan „ Merajan Pasek Munggu Munggu „ Pura Tengkulak Tulikup - Gianyar „ Penataran Badung Ogang Village Sidemen Karangasem 9 March Buda Umanis Perangbakat „ Puri Agung Dalem Tarukan Tarukan Pejeng Tampak Siring-Gianyar „ Rambut Siwi Jembrana „ Batu Bolong Canggu - Kuta „ Pasek Marga Klaci Klaci - Tabanan „ Agung Pasek Dauh Waru Jembrana „ Ratu Pasek Sangsit Sawan - Buleleng „ Pasek Tangkas Darma Reyanggede Tabanan „ Banyuning Village Temple Banyuning Buleleng „ Srijon Tabanan „ Pasek Gelgel Lebah Pangkung Petemon

„ Tirta Anom Padang Sigi Sading - Tampak Siring „ Dadi Agung Pasek Bendesa Dukuh Manuaba Tegalalang „ Pedarmaan Batursari Ngilis Jegu Penebel Tabanan „ Puncak Mundi Nusa Penida 19 March Purnama Kedasa „ Odalan Betara Turun Kabeh Besakih Karangasem „ Ngusaba in Bukit Jati Temple Bangli „ Batur Kalanganyar Bangli „ Masceti Pejeng Aji Tegalalang - Gianyar „ Dalem Tangsub Sukawati - Gianyar „ Penambangan Badung Denpasar City „ Ngusaba in Lempuyab Madia Temple Karangasem „ Ngusaba in Batur Temple Bangli „ Village Temple Singakerta Ubud „ Pasek Gelgel Tagtag Kukuh Marga Tabanan „ Gaduh Ketapian Sumerta Denpasar „ Pasek Bendesa Batur Tuak Ilang Tabanan „ Pasek Agung Tagtag Kelod Peguyangan Denpasar „ Agung Pasek Bendesa Tonja Tonja - Denpasar „ Pasek Gelgel Angsri Baturiti - Tabanan „ Pasek Gelgel Bale Agung Subamia Beraban „ Dukuh Sari Belatung Bengkel Timpag Kerambitan „ Pusat Dukuh Sari Belatung Rendang Karangasem „ Pita Maha Palangkaraya Kalteng „ Canda Peraba Komplek Polri Jelambar Jakarta Barat „ Agung Jagat Natha Denpasar „ Pemerajan Agung Puri Petak Gianyar „ Dadia Agung Tangkas Kori Agung Abiansemal Badung

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbul-umbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

News Lava spews 65 feet high after crater collapse Associated Press Writer


Samisoni Speight Tikoinasau

Ex-Fiji minister seeks asylum in Australia: report

VOLCANO, Hawaii – A new vent has opened at one of the world’s most active volcanoes, sending lava shooting up to 65 feet high, scientists at Kilauea volcano said Sunday. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said the fissure eruption was spotted shortly after the floor at the Pu’u O’o crater collapsed around 5 p.m. Saturday. It occurred along the middle of Kilauea’s east rift zone, about 2 miles west of Pu’u O’o. “As a volcanogist, this is what we do. These are the moments we wait for,” volcanogist Janet Babb told KHON2. “It is exciting to see an eruption begin particularly if you can see it from the very start.” Kilauea has been in constant eruption since Jan. 3, 1983. At the summit, lava receded rapidly late Saturday but seemed

to slow Sunday. There were also about 150 small earthquakes were recorded within Kilauea in the past 24 hours. Scientists said areas near the vent could erupt or collapse without warning, posing a threat to visitors or hikers to the area. Also potentially lethal concentrations of sulfer dioxide gas could be present within about a half-mile downwind of vent areas. Because of the latest activity, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has closed Chain of Craters Road and all east rift zone and coastal trails. Kulanaokuaiki campground was also closed until further notice. Babb told the Hawaii Tribune-Herald that the fissure has expanded to about 535 yards long and that scientists were hiking into the remote area to observe the fissure and take readings. No homes are under threat.

Agence France Presse

SYDNEY – A former Fijian minister plans to seek political asylum in Australia after he was arrested and allegedly beaten by soldiers in a crackdown on anti-regime activists, a report has said. Samisoni Speight Tikoinasau, who served in the cabinet under the previous government ousted in 2006, fled military-ruled Fiji after being allegedly interrogated for three days in the capital Suva, The Australian newspaper said. The older brother of 2000-coup leader George Speight, who is serving a life sentence in Suva, Tikoinasau was arrested and detained for distributing an anti-regime DVD to villagers in his former electorate, according to the report. He was treated at a Brisbane hospital after he entered the country on a tourist visa and said he planned to apply for asylum. “I will be talking to Australian authorities about seeking political asylum; others from my country have had to do it,” he was quoted as saying in The Australian. “I will return to Fiji once democracy is restored.” Last week, leading rights group Amnesty International warned that Fijians de-

manding human rights reform were facing a crackdown at the hands of the military, which is headed by strongman Voreqe Bainimarama. “Human rights activists in Fiji have given us harrowing accounts of how politicians, trade unionists and government critics have been taken to military barracks, beaten and detained for days without being charged,” said Amnesty’s New Zealand branch. Tikoinasau said the Fijian regime was facing growing opposition at home, where activists were relying on the Internet to spread their message and circumvent media censorship. “It is similar to what is happening in the Middle East in that people are getting the

message out about Bainimarama and to restore democracy,” he was quoted as saying. “People are suffering, the economy is in a bad way, there is corruption and they have had enough.” A spokeswoman for the Australian department of immigration and citizenship said that, for privacy reasons, they could not comment on individual cases. Bainimarama, who seized power from an elected government in the bloodless coup of 2006, has pledged to hold elections in 2014, when he says reforms to pave the way for democracy will be complete. But international critics, particularly Australia and New Zealand, continue to push for an earlier poll.

Magnitude-6.2 earthquake shakes northern Chile Associated Press Writer

SANTIAGO, Chile – A magnitude-6.2 earthquake has shaken a northern region of Chile, but no injuries or major damages have been reported. The U.S. Geological Survey in

Colorado says the quake was centered in Putre, about 40 miles (60 kilometers) from the port of Arica near the border with Peru. The quake happened about 9:30 a.m. local time (7:30 a.m. EST; 1231 GMT) and had a depth of about 70 miles (110 kilometers).

Chile’s national emergency agency says the quake caused some alarm among the population, but that it has had no reports of injuries or damages. On Feb. 27, 2010, a magnitude8.8 quake in central Chile killed 524 people and left 31 missing.

AP Photo/Tim Wright

Scientists fly in a helicopter above the Pu’u O’o vent on Kilauea Volcano on Sunday, March 6, 2011 in Hawaii. Scientists say the Pu’u O’o crater floor has collapsed and an eruption occurred along the middle of Kilauea Volcano’s east rift zone.

Landslide... From page 1 Freeport expects to sell 1.0 billion pounds of copper and 1.3 million ounces of gold for this year, down from the 2010 sales of 1.2 billion pounds of copper and 1.8 million ounces of gold, as the Indonesia unit is expected to mine lower grade ore at the Grasberg pit, the firm said in its

website. Freeport owns 90.64 percent of PT Freeport Indonesia, which operates the huge Grasberg copper and gold mine in Papua province, while the Indonesian government owns the remainder. Grasberg mine is about 3,350 km (2,080 miles) east of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta.


Indonesia Today

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


US calls for religious tolerance in Indonesia Agence France-Presse


Supporters of Abu Bakar Baasyir from Mujahidin Indonesia held posters that said ‘’Free Ustadz Abu Bakar Baasyir’’ during Abu Bakar Baasyir’s trial on Monday, March 7 at Jakarta Selatan.

JAKARTA – The United States on Friday called for religious tolerance in Indonesia after several provincial governments banned followers of a minority Islamic sect from practising in public. Some provincial administrations in the world’s most populous Muslim country issued a local decree which also banned Ahmadiyah members from showing signs identifying their mosques and schools. The provincial regulations came after Islamist fanatics brutally murdered last month three Ahmadiyah adherents. Two days later another mob of enraged Muslims rampaged through the streets and set fire to churches. “Recent violence against minority communities and new local regulations restricting religious freedom are damaging Indonesia?s international reputation as a democracy with a tradition of tolerance,” a US embassy statement said. “As a friend of Indonesia, and as a partner in the G20 and other inter-

national organisations, we support the overwhelming majority of Indonesians who abhor religious violence and support tolerance,” it said. “Laws should protect citizens from violence rather than restrict their rights.” Police failed to intervene to protect the Ahmadiyah, who have been subjected to regular abuse and persecution since their sect was slapped with restrictions at the urging of mainstream Muslims in 2008. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono condemned last month’s attacks but defended a 2008 law banning the Ahmadiyah sect from spreading their faith, which is used by hardliners to justify attacks on the sect. Human rights activists say the exgeneral has repeatedly failed to tackle sources of intolerance in the country of 240 million people, 80 percent of whom are Muslims. Indonesia’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion but rights groups say violence against minorities including Christians and Ahmadis has been escalating since 2008.

Cabinet reshuffle to serve as political maneuver only Antara

JAKARTA - The cabinet reshuffle discourse only serves as the government‘s political maneuver which could not ensure the effectiveness of the government, a legislator said. “After all, the cabinet reshuffle discourse has been raised only based on the anger of a political party towards certain members of the government coalition,” Bambang Soesatyo of the Golkar Party faction of the House of Representatives (DPR), said here on Sunday. He said that with such a condition the government would face difficulties in regaining the people‘s trust. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, he said, should therefore improve and increase the effectiveness of his leadership in the cabinet and in the coalition after the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) had confirmed its determination to stay away the government.

“Most of the people are no longer enthusiastic with following the cabinet reshuffle discourse as it has been raised for months,” he said. He said that various societal elements were not convinced that a reshuffle would increase the effectiveness of the government activities. Bambang said that the pressure by a certain political party for a cabinet reshuffle was a result of its anger over the tax mafia inquiry motion which was finally rejected in a DPR plenary on February 22, 2011. “This political party was angry because there were two political parties in the government coalition which were consistent in their stance to maintain their critical stance,” he said.

He said that this political party should actually make introspection because it had failed to manage the coalition in the parliament. Bambang, who is also a member of the House‘s Commission III on legal affairs, said that the people now did not see any strategic significance for the nation and state in the cabinet reshuffle discourse, apart from only to satisfy the anger of a certain political party. Depends on PDIP

The decision about the coalition restructuring and cabinet reshuffle highly depends on the attitude of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), a Democrat Party politician said. “Democrat Party is still giving two-week time allotment to PDIP to make up its mind to join the coalition and the government,” the party`s politician Ulil Abshar Abdalla said

in a dialog aired by a private TV station here on Monday. Other speakers in the dialog were PDIP politician Ganjar Pranowo and Golkar Party central executive board official Indra J Pilliang. Ulil said political communication between Democrat Party and PDIP has been running well but it was only a matter of “fine tuning.” He added that if the “fine tuning” from PDIP was fast, and then the process of coalition restructuring and the cabinet reshuffle would as well run fast. “But if PDIP does not respond to an offer from the Democrat Party, the Golkar Party will be maintained in the coalition,” Ulil said. Meanwhile, PDIP politician Ganjar Pranowo suggested that Democrat Party immediately decide to restructure the coalition and propose the reshuffle of ministers in the cabinet. According to Ganjar, the

discourse of cabinet reshuffle coalition restructuring has been heralded since a few months ago. “It has been floating too long without any follow-up,” Ganjar said, adding that the people had been fed up with the discourse about coalition rearrangement and cabinet reshuffle. Ganjar said the discourse about coalition restructuring and cabinet reshuffle was not the desire or aspiration of PDIP but of the ruling party. According to him, it was difficult for PDIP to accept the offer from Democrat Party to join the coalition. And Golkar Politician Indra J Pilliang said Golkar Party was in the coalition at its own desire but at the request of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. “But why Golkar is going to be kicked out from the coalition after joining it to guard the government,” Indra asked.

Customs halts drug smuggler from Hong Kong Antara

TANGERANG - Customs personnel at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport have managed to halt the smuggling of methyl amphetamine from Hong Kong by tightening the screening of incoming passengers at the arrival terminal. Head of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport‘s Customs law enforcement and investigation division Gatot Sugeng Wibowo said here Sunday that the efforts were made to anticipate trans-national drug traf-

ficking. “Every passenger who arrived from Hong Kong is thoroughly checked as part of efforts to stop trans-national drug trafficking,” he said. Last week, the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport‘s customs officers foiled a passenger from Hong Kong to smuggle 1,044 grams of methyl amphetamine, he said. The suspect only identified as YC, 42, was a Taiwanese who came to Jakarta by Cathay Pacific, flight CX-777, he said.

The suspect told immigration personnel that the sabu package would be delivered to somebody at a West Jakarta hotel, he said. The airport‘s customs officers found the contraband that the suspect hid in a bag that could easily be detected by X-ray, he said. Gatot Sugeng Wibowo said if his men failed to foil the smuggling, it would be sold to the Indonesian market at Rp1.1 billion. The suspect may face 15 years in jail plus a fine of Rp1.5 billion. Indonesia is Asian countries be-

ing seriously threatened by drug smuggling syndicates. According to the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), there were 3.6 million drug users in Indonesia in 2008. They came from various social and professional backgrounds, including artists, musicians, students, politicians, and even policemen. In protecting young Indonesians from the threat of drugs, the police keep monitoring and foiled the drug smugglers‘ activities. In connection with the BNN‘s

efforts to combat trans-national drug dealers, its agents caught a Nigerian man for drug trafficking on January 28, 2011. The suspect was only identified as P alias Pr. The BNN agents also detained five Indonesians in a raid on January 28, BNN‘s Deputy for Combating Drugs Tomi Sagiman said recently. The Indonesians were identified as RA, E, DW, AM and J, he said, adding that the suspects were allegedly involved in smuggling mathyl amphetanine.



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bali Today Chine move to second place On the list of tourists visit Bali Antara

Denpasar – The number of tourists from China increasing rapidly in the last few years. Even, the Chinese tourist has moved to second place ahead of the number of tourists from Japan. The head of Bali Statistics Department, Gede Suarsa, said “Japan was on the second place after Australia on the list of the most tourists visited Bali.” He said that the unique art and culture and the beautiful nature of Bali attracted the tourists from China. The number of tourists from the Asian country came to Bali in January 2011 was 17,102 people. The number increase 53% compare to the previous month which was only 11,106 tourists. However, if we compare to the tourists visitation in January 2010, the number of tourists from China decreased 7%. Suarsa added that China contributed 8% from the total number of foreign tourists visited Bali in January 2011 which was 209,093 tourists. The number increased 16% compare to the same month last year which was 179,273 tourists.

Most of the tourists from China were coming through Ngurah Rai Airport, only four of them came using cruise ship. Surasa hope that the development in the economic condition of China will keep increasing the number of tourists from the country to Bali. Bali and China actually has emotional connection because the cooperation had been done since the XII century and the evidence of it can be seen from the architectures in some old buildings and houses. The use of Chinese traditional money (pis bolong) in the ceremony of the Hindus is still preserved until now. “The connection could attract more tourists from China in the future,” Suarsa said.

Chinese tourists shop in art market on Bali island.

Traditional Games:

A Hidden Treasure of Children Heritage Today, children have unlimited choices of games. They have been pampered by modern games, ranging from Turtle Ninja, Kung Fu, war games and many more. These can make them stay for hours in front of television or computer. Yet, behind this ease and enjoyment, they lose some values like creativity and do not know they have traditional games. It is said so because there is a trend where children, both in urban and rural areas, begin to leave their traditional

games. Many game options have been available in the form of CD, DVD, Internet and cartoon in television. Just by CD rental or buying the cheapest one and sitting down sweetly, they could enjoy the games they like best. If the games contain competition, they will compete against machine or some times against friends. Without realized, this may result in sight disorder where children should gaze the monitor and finally require thick glasses at earlier age. Advancement is not always bad.

Children playing Engrang, one of traditional games that still exist in Bali.

However, parents should control them to what extent those games could drive good impact. Before the presence of these modern games, there were many traditional games. They are no less interesting than the modern ones. Many children even find it attractive and make them creative. Art parade of Bali Arts Festival 2009 has shown the treasure of traditional games. This event is just like a kaleidoscope highlighting a variety of traditional games that ever existed within the life of Balinese children. To play one of the games, children should first search for its materials by themselves at backyard or garden. Actually, it is here where the challenge of the games begins. Sometimes, they got injury because they are unable to use a knife properly. It did not matter as intriguing power has superseded it. Among the parade, there was a space intended for children world where they displayed some bizarre games like coconut shell clog, walking on stilts, pulling friend by the sheath of areca nut, pulling rope in-group and two-wheeled toy where its stick carried on shoulder. Meanwhile, the heavier one was gallivanting show by barong effigy.

To play the coconut shell clog, for instance, they should keep their balance well. Standing on the tips of coconut shell is not easy. Moreover, they have to maintain the harmony of steps with the pulling of rope connected to each coconut shell. When the pull and steps can go harmoniously, the player can walk faster. Balance is also entailed in walking on stilts or tajog or egrang. This game is even riskier because the position of pedal is higher from the ground. However, when a player can operate these stilts properly it is more challenging and pleasant. The higher the pedal the more challenging it is. Walking on stilts looks like a walking long-legged heron. It would be more interesting when passing through a muddy or kneedeep watery road. These games are often put into competition related to traditional sports. Another game requiring cooperation is pulling the sheath of areca nut. If the bean of areca nut is used by grandfathers or grandmothers for ingredient of chewing betel, the sheath of it is used by their grandchildren to make ‘a pulling vehicle’. Yellow leaf signifies it has been mature. It is time for children to take it. They just need to leave out the

ribs of leaf. The main rib is not cut as it will be used to pull. One child serves as passenger while another as driver who pulls the sheath. This role is exchanged so both can have an opportunity to enjoy the ‘comfort’ of this vehicle game. Children also put an interest in dancing barong gallivanting show. For them, it has been designed a smaller-sized barong. Therefore, before growing adult they have been introduced to art world of adult people. By performing gallivanting show like this, they will obtain experience and earn money. However, the emphasis here is not on the money, but on the experience and fun. Actually, there are more traditional games that once lived in midst of Balinese community. I hope that Bali Arts Festival have revealed them one by one so young generation can know their traditional heritages. Maybe, having watched or played modern games they could combine with the traditional ones they have. At least, the traditional can become an alternative, as all raw materials have been available at their surroundings. (BTN/punia)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Balinese Culture Danish, French arrested on drug charges in Bali Denpasar - Colonel Mulyadi said Monday that the 37-year-old Dane was taken to the hospital last week soon after arriving at the Bali airport. He said doctors found 218

grams of hashish in 23 capsules in her stomach. Mulyadi said the woman led them to the second suspect he identified as a Frenchwoman who allegedly

carried 2.01 grams of hashish. The predominantly Muslim nation of 237 million people has extremely strict drug laws and traffickers are regularly sentenced to death

Best Western Hotel Kuta Accused of Tax Avoidance Denpost

DENPASAR - The beleaguered Best Western Hotel Kuta which was constructed without zoning permission in an area of Kuta where hotels and multiple residence structures are specifically prohibited, is now also coming under added scrutiny for a failure to meet its tax obligations. A report in DenPost claims a number of tax-related issues have raised the suspicions of Commission C of the Badung regency House of Representatives (DPRD-Badung), the regency’s revenue agency (Dispenda), the regencies tourism office (Disparda) and local law enforcement officials. When questioned about his failure to obtain the required building permits, the hotel’s owner has consistently pointed to his quarterly payment of taxes as proof of his good faith towards the local government. These quarterly payments of Rp. 45

million (US$5,000), which should represent 11% of the hotels total sales revenues, are now being highlighted by legislators as proof that the hotel owner is attempting to avoid his true tax obligation. The chairman of Commission C for the DPRD-Badung, I Nyoman Satria, has pointedly calculated that a 110-room hotel with an average rate of Rp. 450,000 (US$50) would only be achieving an average occupancy of 10% if, in fact, the Rp. 45 million tax payment is a correct assessment of tax liability. Satria complained: “It’s completely impossible that their occupancy is only 10%, especially when managed under a ‘Best Western’ brand. To break even the minimum occupancy of such a hotel would have to be 35%. If we take that minimum occupancy alone, the tax payment over three months should be more than Rp. 200 million.” Satria questioned the regency’s tourist office, asking the actual occupancy figures for the hotel in order to obtain a truer picture of what contribution Best Western Hotel

Kuta should be making to the regency’s tax coffers. In response, the head of the facilities and infrastructure division of the Badung Tourism Office, Nyoman Suardana, said his office has never enquired after the average occupancy of the Best Western Hotel Kuta. In defense of the lack of occupancy data from the hotel, Suardana said it was problematic for his office to check on any aspect of a hotel for which they have never issued a single operating permit. The head of the Dispenda for Badung, I Wayan Adi Arnawa, told legislators that, in fact, the hotel has been paying a tax figure at least 3.5 time higher than that published in the press. Adding, “however, I can disclose the exact amount because according to law that is secret data.” Following the meeting with lawmakers, Arnawa admitted to the press that there were indications of tax avoidance by the Best Western Hotel Kuta that were still being looked into by his office.

Unique Beverages in Bali Cendol: Jello-like consistency, green pieces of tapioka, mixed with water and santan or coconut milk, and sweetened by a liquified gula jawa or brown sugar.

Es campur (Mixed drink): Somewhat similar to cendol, but it contains a variety of things. In addition to different kinds of tapioka products, sometimes people different kinds of fruits like avocado, nangka or jackfruit, etc.

Air kelapa muda (Young coconut juice) Fruit juice: you can find various kinds of fruit juice drinks, from papaya to markisah (passion fruit) to sirsak (Dutch durian). For alcoholic beverages, there are two primary drinks:

Brem (Rice wine): As described above, brem is a by-product of tape. The wine comes out of the rice because of fermentation.

Arak: Arak is a kind of hard liquor. It is fermented from the sap of a special kind of palm tree. Additionally, there are variants of non-alcoholic beverages above that have met Balinese creativity and outside influence, resulting in various kinds of interesting drinks. Air kelapa muda (young coconut juice) with various kinds of liquors like rum or tequila can be found in many restaurants, presented attractively in the coconut fruit itself. And what can be more interesting than a Pina-Colada like drink served inside a freshly cut C.045 ibp

out pineapple. (



Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Taman Sukasada Ujung Karangasem IBP

Taman Sukasada or Sukasada Park is a beautiful park with big fish pond surrounds the old Karangasem Empire heritage building which is used by the Karangasem’s King for day relaxation or meeting place in their era. It is located in Ujung Countryside about 5 Km from Amlapura town. This park is originally met one pool only which is very Ghostlike and very secret called by Di Dirah and this pool at the period of I Gusti Gede Putu King (1849-1893) governance with his brother of Gde Oka (1849-1890) that the around of this pool is functioned as place of exile for the man who alleged to run the black magic (leak). At the period of I Gusti Bagus Jelantik governance which start to lead the Karangasem Kingdom in the year 1909, this pool area is extended and developed by some pools and also luxury building Bale Gili

International Bali Post Classifieds BALI CENTRAL CANOPY


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Jln. Buluh Indah No. 23 Denpasar Telp. (0361) 2764411-088802911054 C.492248-elk


King of Karangasem I Gusti Bagus Jelantik who is known as Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem is a Statesman, Man of letters as well as an architect. He has created a lot of building not even in the form of park but he also done some building which are exist in Puri Agung Karangasem (Karangasem Palace) like gateway which is looking like pagoda. Location It is located in Ujung Countryside, south part of Karangasem regency or about 2, hours from Bali’s International Airport. From Denpasar Town, we have to take the highway of Ida Bagus Matra’s Street and go to the east part of Bali until arrive at Karangasem town. The journey will take about 2 hours and turn right to the south part of Karangasem town. Taman Sukasada is right located in the costal side with beautiful old building and the right place to visit during your vacation in Bali.

... gets maximum benefits with minimum charge Denpasar : +62 361 22-5764 Jakarta : +62 21 535-6271

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with European style (modern style), later then it is given the name called Taman Sukasada/ Sukasada Park Ujung Karangasem, that is estimate made in the year of twentieth. This park is strategically located in the coastal side, south part of Karangasem town and founding a lot of wellspring around the area. If seen from the history aspect, most of all omissions from Karangasem Empire both for Lombok Island and also exist in Bali, altogether area consisted by the pool and Gili building which is exist in the middle of pool like Mayura and Narmada Park which are existing in west part of Lombok Island. We can say that this Sukasada Park as a mascot of tourist destinations in east part of Bali because Sukasada Park has been recognized until foreign countries since twenty’s year and more famous again in the year of thirtieth when all foreign tourist start to pay a visit to Bali.

Jl. Kepundung 67 A, e-mail: Jl. Palmerah Barat 21 F

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BUSINESS British budget must have ‘relentless focus’ on growth Agence France-Presse

LONDON – The British government’s annual budget, due in just over two weeks, must have a “relentless focus” on economic growth and job creation, the Confederation of British Industry said on Monday. The nation’s biggest employers’ organisation said it had written to finance minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, ahead of his annual budget due March 23, to request measures that help strengthen the recovery. “The CBI today (Monday) called on

the chancellor to focus his March budget on areas that do most to boost economic growth and job creation,” it said in a statement. The powerful lobby group “is calling on the government to focus on three critical areas: boosting export perfor-

mance, unleashing domestic investment spending, and removing barriers for high-growth firms”. The CBI represents about 240,000 companies, which together employ about one third of the workforce in the private sector.

“This budget must demonstrate a relentless focus on growth to help get the UK working again. We need an all-action budget which boosts exports, investment and jobs,” added new CBI Director-General John Cridland. The CBI also repeated its backing for the British coalition government’s plans to slash public expenditure. “The government has been right to stay the course on its fiscal consolidation plans to bring the current budget deficit back to balance by 2015,” said

chief economic adviser Ian McCafferty. “As spending cuts put household spending under ever greater pressure, the budget must create the right conditions for businesses to invest and grow.” He added that the government’s UK Trade and Industry (UKTI) department would play a “crucial” role in helping lift exports. The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, is seeking to slash a record public deficit which it inherited from the previous Labour government.

U.S. could tap oil reserves as gasoline price surges Reuters WASHINGTON/SINGAPORE – The U.S. government reiterated that it could tap its strategic oil reserves in order to safeguard economic growth as surging gasoline prices increase pressure for action. While longstanding U.S. policy is to release reserves only in the event of a significant and immediate supply shortage, some analysts say the Obama administration may feel compelled to try to tamp down prices that are being fueled both by outages in Libya and concern unrest could spread in the Middle East. Reflecting market worries over unrest, crude futures prices were trading in Asia on Monday around their highest levels in more than two years. Echoing comments made by a number of Obama officials over the past week, White House Chief of Staff William Daley told NBC television’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday: “We are looking at the options. The issue of the reserves is one we are considering.” “It is something that only is done — has been done — in very rare occasions. There’s a bunch of factors that have to be looked at and it is just not the price,” he added. “All matters have to be on the table when you go through — when you see the difficulty coming out of this economic crisis we’re in and the fragility of it.” He spoke just before a survey showed the second-largest two-week rise in gasoline pump prices ever. The national average for a gallon of selfserve, regular gas was $3.50 on March 4, according to the influential Lundberg Survey of about 2,500 gas stations, up 32.7 cents from the February 18. Congress has pressured the Obama administration to look to the emergency oil supplies as an option to ease consumers’ fears over rising U.S. gasoline prices, which are nearing the all-time high of $4.1124 per gallon hit on July 11, 2008, according to the Lundberg

Survey. Higher oil prices could undermine the fragile U.S. economic recovery and damage President Barack Obama politically as he moves toward a 2012 reelection bid. The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve holds 727 million barrels of oil, or about 38 days of consumption, and has only been tapped a handful of times since it was created in the mid-1970s after the Arab oil embargo. It was last used in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina. Thus far the International Energy Agency (IEA) — which coordinates reserves policy among the world’s major energy consuming countries — has made clear it will rely first on OPEC to fill the void left by the violence in Libya, which has cut off an estimated 1 million barrels per day (bpd) of output. IEA members South Korea and Japan, among the world’s top 5 crude oil importers, have no immediate plans to tap into strategic reserves, sources said. “There is no concern at all over supply shortages,” said an official with Japan’s Trade Ministry, which is in charge of the country’s strategic oil reserves. The official declined to be identified because he is not authorized to be quoted by the media. OPEC powerhouse Saudi Arabia has stepped up production significantly, but oil prices remain high. The risk for markets is that the wave of North African and Middle East protests could spread to major Gulf oil producers, cutting off supplies that would be impossible to make up from other producers. Despite longstanding U.S. policy on the SPR, there are reasons to believe the reserves could be used more liberally now. Unlike in 2008, when oil prices shot to nearly $150 a barrel in a demandled rally, the rise this year is driven by a loss of supply — a distinction that

could give Obama more latitude to tap the reserves, even though Libya ships only a fraction of its oil to the United States. In addition, the global economy is in a more precarious state than was generally believed at the start of 2008, prior to the financial crisis. “Sovereign debt issues need time and growth to resolve. High oil prices threaten that outcome. No leader will want to preside over a recession that they had the tools to avert,” said Lawrence Eagles, head of oil research at JP Morgan. His outlook calls for a possible SPR release if Brent crude pushes materially above $120 a barrel. It traded above $117 a barrel on Monday, up more than 14 percent in

the last two weeks. Last week, the price hit its highest level since 2008. U.S. crude futures rose to more than $106 a barrel on Monday, also their highest level since 2008. U.S. federal law allows the government to tap the reserve during a national energy supply shortage that raises petroleum prices and could damage the economy. The president has the authority to determine such an emergency. While the reserves could help make up for lost supplies, it is unclear how effective they would be in tempering fears that unrest could spread to other, bigger producers including Saudi Arabia, where security forces have detained at least 22 minority Shi’ites following protests last

week. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner last week played down risks to oil supply, but also reminded lawmakers of the emergency stockpile. “If necessary, those reserves could be mobilized to help mitigate the effect of a severe, sustained supply disruption,” Geithner told the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But there has been growing support among Senate Democrats for tapping America’s emergency oil supply. U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Wednesday had ruled out releasing oil from the reserve, saying rampedup oil production in Saudi Arabia should lower the crude price. “We’re hoping market forces will take care of this,” he added.

Most economists say Fed easing is helping Reuters

WASHINGTON – Most economists believe the Federal Reserve’s bond-purchase program is helping to support U.S. growth, though many remain skeptical, a survey released on Monday found. The survey from the National Association for Business Economics found 62.4 percent of the economists polled think the central bank’s $600 billion stimulus plan is working. Another 21.8 percent see the policy, which has come under fire from some conservative politicians and a number of emerging market policy makers, having no impact. Another 15.8 percent said the program was actively harmful. In response to the deepest recession in generations, in addition to slashing interest rates to zero, the Fed bought over $2 trillion in government and mortgage bonds in an effort to keep long-term borrowing costs down.

With inflation fears suddenly emerging after months of worries about deflation, analysts are beginning to ponder the possibility that the Fed may have to tighten policy over the next year. “While more than half of the survey respondents indicate that current monetary policy is about right, there is also a sense that overall monetary policy will become more restrictive,” NABE said. The discord deepened when the 263 NABE members were asked whether the current level of monetary accommodation is appropriate. Just over half said policy is just right where it is, while 40.9 percent felt it was “too simulative.” With the U.S. expansion apparently picking up steam in recent weeks, some of the more vocal inflation hawks at the Fed have said the central bank should consider whether to cut short the latest $600 billion bond-buying plan. However, most policy makers, including Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, appear inclined to com-

plete the planned purchases by the scheduled June deadline. Asked about the likely trajectory of prices in the U.S. economy over the next three years, 40 percent of respondents said the risk of inflation was greater than the risk of deflation. Eighteen percent saw deflation as the bigger danger, while 36 percent said neither outcome was very probable. The survey was conducted between January 28 and February 14, before a wave of prodemocracy protests and political unrest overtook parts of North Africa and the Middle East, pushing oil prices above $100 a barrel. Recent data has shown the U.S. economy strengthening. A report on Friday showed unemployment fell to a nearly twoyear low of 8.9 percent in February as hiring hit the fastest pace in nine months. Still, the level of unemployment is historically high and most Fed officials feel the economy is still in need of support.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Def Leppard has eye on legacy with live album and tour Reuters

NEW YORK – British rockers Def Leppard are hitting the road this summer to support their first ever live album which aims to cement the band’s reputation as one of rock’s top touring acts 34 years into its career. “It’s the first time we’ve taken stock of what we’ve done and delivered the live album fans have been asking for, for years,” lead singer Joe Elliott told Reuters. Best known for 1980’s smash hits like “Photograph” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” Def Leppard chose the tracks for its new “Mirrorball” from among 45 shows on its 2008-09 tour to support recent studio album, “Songs from the Sparkle Lounge.” Def Leppard, whose upcoming tour begins June 7 in Belfast and includes at least 42 U.S. dates, said the record shows how much tighter they’ve become since joining the ranks of rock superstars in 1983 with the diamond certified “Pyromania.” “We couldn’t sing back then,” guitarist Phil Collen said. The band is known for its obsessive perfectionism and long recording process in the studio — it took 3

1-2 years to make 1987’s “Hysteria.” Yet, for “Mirrorball” the members decided to include songs that had some imperfections to keep a feeling of “live” authenticity. While it is billed as a live album, “Mirrorball” slips in three new studio songs: “Undefeated,” which Elliott called a “classic arena rock anthem,” “It’s All About Believin’” and “Kings of the World.” The new album’s release date has yet to be determined, but will be available before the tour starts. “Mirrorball” also will be sold on iTunes even though Def Leppard has yet to agree with the influential music website over most of the rest of its catalog, including the top-selling “Hysteria” and “Pyromania.” “If they give us a poster the same size as the Beatles got, then yeah,” Elliott joked, referring to a several stories-high poster of the Fab Four on a midtown Manhattan building after that band reached a deal with iTunes parent company, Apple. Elliott said that on the upcoming tour, the band’s fans could expect more elaborate staging than in recent live shows, saying the new stage act has some “Cirque du Soleil”-like elements and elaborate lighting.


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Depp’s ‘Rango’ corrals $38M opening at box office Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – “Rango” has lassoed the top spot at the box office. The animated Paramount film featuring Johnny Depp as the voice of a Wild West chameleon sheriff rode into town with a $38 million debut, according to studio estimates released Sunday. “Rango,” which was directed by “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise maestro Gore Verbinski, is the first animated feature from Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects studio founded by George Lucas in 1975. “The draw for audiences was certainly Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski, but when you look at the reviews, it was 88 percent positive on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a level that Pixar operates at,” said Don Harris, Paramount’s executive vice president for distribution. “This is a film that has a shot at being nominated for Academy Awards this time next year.” Universal’s mind-bending thriller

“The Adjustment Bureau,” starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, debuted in the No. 2 spot with $20.9 million. CBS Films’ fantasy tale “Beastly” with Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens opened at No. 3 with $10.1 million, rounding out the weekend’s top three films. It was another down weekend for Hollywood, with grosses coming in less than the corresponding weekend last year. “Comparisons to a year ago are tough considering that’s when ‘Alice in Wonderland’ opened with $116.1 million,” said analyst Paul Dergarabedian, referring to the Tim Burton film. “We’re not even in that realm this year, so this is our second down weekend in a

row. We’ve only had one up weekend at the box office versus a year ago. There’s this malaise overtaking the marketplace.” The raunchy Warner Bros. comedy “Hall Pass” stayed committed in its second weekend in the No. 4 position with $9 million. The 3-D animated Walt Disney romance “Gnomeo and Juliet” also kept that loving feeling going in its fourth weekend with $6.9 million in the No. 5 spot, despite an animated showdown against “Rango,” which was not released in 3-D. “The King’s Speech,” the royal chronicle from the Weinstein Co. that ruled last week’s Academy Awards with 12 wins, maintained the No. 7 place this weekend with $6.5 million. Dergarabedian noted that audiences who wanted to see the Oscar front-runner starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush likely rushed to see the film before the Academy Awards telecast.

British paper says Kate chooses McQueen designer Associated Press Writer

LONDON – A leading British newspaper reported Sunday that Sarah Burton, creative director of the Alexander McQueen fashion house, has been chosen to design Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. But both Burton and the company’s chief executive deny the claim. The Sunday Times story said Burton has received the plum assignment, then quotes her and McQueen CEO Jonathan Akeroyd saying this is not the case. Both flatly denied the McQueen house is involved. The paper did not name any sources, suggesting the information had reached the newspaper after Akeroyd told a colleague about receiving the royal gig.

A Paris-based publicist for the McQueen house dismissed the report in an e-mail to The Associated Press, saying “We can confirm this story is untrue.” The contradictory story, which buzzed throughout Facebook and Twitter, did not clarify one of the central mysteries surrounding the April 29 wedding of Middleton and Prince William: Who will actually design the gown she wears for her transformation from commoner to princess? The emphatic denials from the top people at McQueen would seem to indicate that the story is not true, but the circumstances surrounding the fashion assignment of the year (or perhaps the decade) make the situation somewhat cloudy. Just two weeks ago, British Fash-

ion Council chief executive Caroline Rush told The Associated Press that whoever had been chosen would be bound by the terms of the agreement to do everything possible to keep their role secret until Middleton walks down the aisle before the eyes of 1,900 invited guests and a vast global television audience. “Whoever has the honor will be sure not to leak it, that’s the agreement,” she said as London Fashion Week closed without the identity of the designer being made public. If word of the assignment has in fact leaked out, the designer would be in the awkward position of either breaking the terms of his or her contract by confirming their role or misleading the media and denying it in an effort to squelch the story.

AP Photo/Christophe Ena

In this Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010 file picture British fashion designer Sarah Burton waves after her spring-summer 2011 ready to wear collection for Alexander McQueen, presented in Paris, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010.



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New video games expand vast ‘Pokemon’ empire Associated Press Writer


Alaska salmon is migrating

Bountiful Alaska salmon harvest forecast for 2011 Reuters

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The 2011 Alaska commercial salmon harvest is forecast to be one of the largest since statehood — but that doesn’t mean prices will be coming down any time soon, a state fish and game official said on Sunday. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game forecasts that 203 million fish will be caught this year, the fifth largest haul since statehood, thanks to a combination of good environmental conditions over the past few years as well as careful management by the state. The harvest of pink salmon, the cheapest and most plentiful of the five varieties of Alaska salmon, will be especially large, totaling 133.7 million fish, according to the forecast. The commercial pink salmon catch is expected to be 25 percent higher than the 2010 total. The commercial catch of high-

priced sockeye salmon, also called red salmon, is expected to total 45 million fish, an 11 percent increase over the 2010 sockeye harvest, according to the forecast. “Probably the biggest influence of all is general conditions in the ocean for providing food, and those seem to have been favorable,” Geron Bruce, deputy director of commercial fisheries for the department, told Reuters. But an abundance of Alaska salmon does not necessarily translate to lower prices, Bruce said. Prices depend on international market forces, including general economic conditions and production

from competing salmon suppliers, he said. He noted that the 2010 Alaska salmon harvest was large and, at the same time, fetched high prices. “Cheap prices, I don’t know about that. The salmon market’s pretty strong,” he said. Overall, Bruce said he’s expecting another good year again for Alaska fishermen. The 2011 forecast does not include complete projections for catches of high-priced Chinook salmon, also referred to as kings. Information needed to complete those projections depends on terms yet to be set by the international Pacific Salmon Commission. The total Alaska commercial Chinook salmon catch statewide in 2010 was 378,000 fish, according to the department. The record commercial salmon catch was in 2005, with 221.9 million salmon harvested commercially, according to Alaska Department of Fish and Game records.

NEW YORK – “Pokemon” has been around almost as long as Justin Bieber has been alive. Among a certain demographic, the fierce little “pocket monsters” generate the type of obsessive fandom reserved for the biggest entertainment icons, be they the hottest new toys or dreamiest teen crooners. The vast “Pokemon” empire is about to get even bigger with Sunday’s launch of two new video games for the handheld Nintendo DS. Simply called “Pokemon Black Version” and “Pokemon White Version,” they sell for $35 each. The “Pokemon” video games center on catching, battling and trading the hundreds of colorful characters that go by the same name. As usual, the two new games are slightly different so that players can buy one and trade Pokemon characters with others to strive toward collecting them all. The new games add more than 150 creatures to bring the total to more than 640, ranging from the purple cat creature Purrloin to dinosaur-inspired Haxorus. The latest games let players battle not just people they know, as with previous versions, but strangers through random matches using the DS’s WiFi connection. “Black Version” and “White Version” are the latest for the kidcentric empire that has managed to outlive video game icons such as “Guitar Hero” and outsell big shots such as “Call of Duty.” The

games are rated “E” for everyone and have a broad appeal that goes well beyond grade school kids. “I like the community feel,” said Tiffany Stanley, 17, who competes in “Pokemon” tournaments along with her brother, Trey, 11. “The people who play ‘Pokemon’ are the nicest and most intelligent people I have ever met.” Playing the game, she added, requires creativity and originality, as well as math and strategy skills to do well. The “Pokemon” franchise is the second-biggest video game property for Nintendo Co. and in the world, not far behind the iconic “Mario Bros.” games. Worldwide, the game has sold about 215 million copies, compared with Mario’s 250 million, Nintendo says. But “Pokemon” did so in 15 years. Mario took a decade longer. It helps that the primary system to play “Pokemon” games is the handheld Nintendo DS, the world’s best-selling video game machine. Through the end of December 2010, Nintendo sold nearly 145 million DS systems in various iterations, compared with 85 million units of the Wii console.

Strange life signs found on meteorites: NASA scientist Reuters

Riccardo Guerrero / Richard B. Hoover / Journal of Cosmology

A photograph taken through a scanning electron microscope of a CI1 meteorite (right) is similar in size and overall structure to the giant bacterium Titanospirillum velox (left), an organism found here on planet Earth, a NASA scientist said.

WASHINGTON – A NASA scientist reports detecting tiny fossilized bacteria on three meteorites, and maintains these microscopic life forms are not native to Earth. If confirmed, this research would suggest life in the universe is widespread and life on Earth may have come from elsewhere in the solar system, riding to our planet on space rocks like comets, moons and other astral bodies. The study, published online late Friday in The Journal of Cosmology, is considered so contro-

versial it is accompanied by a statement from the journal’s editor seeking other scientific comment, which is to be published starting on Monday. The central claim of the study by astrobiologist Richard Hoover is that there is evidence of microfossils similar to cyanobacteria — blue-green algae, also known as pond scum — on the freshly fractured inner surfaces of three meteorites. These microscopic structures had lots of carbon, a marker for Earth-type life, and almost no nitrogen, Hoover said in a telephone interview on Sun-

day. Nitrogen can also be a sign of Earthly life, but the lack of it only means that whatever nitrogen was in these structures has decomposed out into a gaseous form long ago, Hoover said. “We have known for a long time that there were very interesting biomarkers in carbonaceous meteorites and the detection of structures that are very similar ... to known terrestrial cyanobacteria is interesting in that it indicates that life is not restricted to the planet Earth,” Hoover said.


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Real close gap as in-form Benzema downs Racing Agence France Presse


Liverpool’s Dutch forward Dirk Kuyt (L) celebrates after scoring his third goal during the English Premier League football match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield, Liverpool, northwest England, on March 6, 2011.

Dalglish wants Liverpool to build on Man. United win

MADRID – French international Karim Benzema made it four goals in his last two league matches with a brace as Real Madrid moved back to within seven points of league leaders Barcelona with a 3-1 win at Racing Santander on Sunday. Even without the injured Cristiano Ronaldo, Real were far too strong for Racing and Madrid responded with their eighth league away win of the campaign to close in on Barcelona, who had defeated Real Zaragoza 1-0 on Saturday. Real manager Jose Mourinho said he didn’t expect rivals Barcelona to drop points and said the champions had benefited from fortunate refereeing decisions in the recent wins over Valencia and Zaragoza. “I don’t expect Barcelona to slip up,” said Mourinho. “We know that we win if we do what we have to and when we are superior to our rivals. “Barcelona win when they do things well, but they also win when they find themselves in trouble because ‘things’ happen. It happened in Valencia when they could have lost and again against Zaragoza when they could have played a lot of the game with one man less.” Real had crushed Malaga 7-0 on Thursday and it could have been a similar scoreline in a dominant first half against Racing as they dominated from the get-go. Xabi Alonso hit the crossbar in the 12th minute with what seemed to be an overhit

cross and two minutes later Brazilian Marcelo missed a sitter. Marcelo’s late run into the box was picked out and the left back rounded the goalkeeper, but somehow sliced wide of goal when he had done all the hard work. Benzema then thumped the crossbar with a fierce drive before Real produced a fantastic team goal on 23 minutes with some slick one-touch passing. Alonso fed German international Ozil who began an exchange of quick passes with Togo forward Emmanuel Adebayor and Benzema, before putting the ball on a plate for Adebayor to roll home his second league goal of the campaign. Three minutes later Ozil found Benzema with a brilliant pass and the Frenchman took the ball in his stride before slotting home. Racing had a chance to get a foothold in the match when Alonso conceded a penalty six minutes after the interval, but Pablo Pinillos took an awful penalty that goalkeeper Iker Casillas held comfortably. Real went off the boil in the second half and Racing pulled a goal back in the 69th minute with Swedish midfielder Kennedy Bakircioglu making a clever run to steal a yard on the defence and then finish past Casillas. Real were in for a nervy final 20 minutes but Benzema ensured that didn’t happen by scoring his second three minutes later after a fine pass from Angel di Maria. With Ronaldo missing, Adebayor was entrusted with taking a late penalty and failed miserably with a poor spot-kick to rival that of Pinillos.

Agence France Presse

LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom – Kenny Dalglish has urged Liverpool to use the momentum from their impressive 3-1 win over Manchester United to spark a successful end to the season. Dalglish was able to savour the best result of his second spell in charge at Anfield on Sunday as Dirk Kuyt’s hat-trick put United to the sword in convincing fashion. After a dispiriting opening to the season, which cost Roy Hodgson his job and prompted Dalglish’s return, Liverpool are finally fulfilling their potential. Dalglish’s side are now sixth in the table and a late challenge for a top-four finish is not out of the question, while the Europa League provides a chance to end the campaign with some silerware. The Reds boss was delighted with the way Kuyt and strikepartner Luis Suarez tormented the Premier League leaders to secure their first win over United in four attempts. They beat United with the kind of passionate, dominating display that was routine during Dalglish’s previous reign and the Scot warned his players not to rest on their laurels.

“Everybody that supports Liverpool has had a great day. The performance of the players, their attitude, their commitment, the pride they took in the football club and their own performance, that was the reason they got the result,” Dalglish said. “Dirk got three goals, he’ll get the headlines, and Luis Suarez played fantastically well but the rest of them weren’t too far behind as well. “Everyone was really tuned in to what they wanted to do and they did it. “We know it’s a good victory for us. We know Manchester United are a great benchmark but our season is not finished. We want to keep going.” In contrast to Dalglish’s joy, his old rival Sir Alex Ferguson trudged out of Anfield without speaking to the media as the Scot stuck to his decision not to talk in the aftermath

of his controversial comments about referee Martin Atkinson following Tuesday’s defeat against Chelsea. Ferguson was charged by the FA after strongly criticising Atkinson’s performance at Stamford Bridge and he opted against doing any interviews after his side were comprehensively out-played. It is not the first time Ferguson has ignored the media and, although he will be aware his actions will be seen as sour grapes, the United boss has more significant problems to concern him. Having lost 2-1 at Chelsea in their previous game, it is the first time in two years that United have been beaten in back-to-back league games. United are three points clear at the summit with nine games remaining, but nearest challengers Arsenal now have a game in hand.


Real Madrid’s Argentinian midfielder Angel di Maria (R) vies with Racing Santander«s goalkeeper Fabio Coltorti (Down) during a Spanish league football match Racing Santander vs Real Madrid on March 6, 2011 at El Sardinero stadium in Santander.



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Lakers rout NBA-best Spurs for 7th straight win Associated Press Writer

SAN ANTONIO – Kobe Bryant agreed it might have been the Lakers’ best game so far. It technically wasn’t the worst for the San Antonio Spurs, though it often looked that way. The Lakers may not catch the NBA’s winningest team for the No. 1 seed in time for the playoffs, but they handed the Spurs a blunt reminder that the Western Conference is still theirs to surrender, beating San Antonio 99-83 in a blowout Sunday. Bryant, who finished with 26 points, didn’t make much of it. “I don’t think it’s that big of a message that we sent today,” he said. It was the seventh straight victory for the Lakers, who are playing as well as any point this season. Coach Phil Jackson concedes that San Antonio’s 6 1/2-game lead in the West may be too big to overcome with 18 games left. But the Lakers still made a few marks. One is emphatically ending San Antonio’s franchise-record home winning streak at 22 games. Another is beating the Spurs for the first time in three tries, including last month’s stunning loss in Los Angeles when Antonio McDyess tipped in the game-winner at the

buzzer. Bryant, for his part, didn’t show any excitement in winning this round. “Why should I be?” he said. Instead, Bryant sought to keep the lopsided win in perspective. “We know we’re capable of having games like this and San Antonio knows we’re capable of having games like this,” he said. “It just as easily could go the other way around.” Tony Parker led the Spurs with 14 points. He was their only starter in double figures; Tim Duncan scored two points and Manu Ginobili scored six. Two days after San Antonio humiliated LeBron James and Miami in a 30-point blowout, the Spurs took their own

lumps. The NBA’s sixth-highest scoring team mustered just 37 points in the first half — matching a season low — and shot 36 percent from the floor. And it could’ve been worse. The Lakers led by as many as 32 in third quarter before the Spurs threw in the towel and emptied their bench. “They hit us in the mouth from the beginning and by the time we realized it, it was the ninth round and we were down on the scorecard,” Spurs guard Gary Neal said. Pau Gasol scored 21 points and Andrew Bynum had 17 rebounds for the Lakers, who can match their longest win streak of the season with a victory at Atlanta on Tuesday.

AP Photo/Bahram Mark Sobhani

San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, center, of Argentina, passes the ball after driving between the Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol, of Spain, and Andrew Bynum during the first half of an NBA basketball game at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Sunday, March 6, 2011.

Holders Serbia, Germany and USA into Davis Cup quarter-finals Agence France Presse


Mikhail Kukushkin of Kazakhstan celebrates after he defeated Jan Hajek of the Czech Republic in the first round World group of Davis Cup match at the Ostrava’s Cez Arena on March 6, 2011, in North Moravia. Kukushkin defeated Hajek 6-4,6-7,7-6,6-0.

PARIS – Serbia fired the first shot in their bid to defend their Davis Cup title on Sunday as they advanced past India into the quarter-finals as newcomers Kazakhstan shocked the Czech Republic in their World Group first round tie. Last year’s runners-up France, Germany and the United States also sealed their spots in the last eight to join Spain, Argentina and Sweden who had already advanced on Saturday. Serbia booked a clash with Sweden after coming away 4-1 winners in Novi Sad over India, as Germany’s tie with Croatia went down to the wire in Zagreb before the visitors went through 3-2. They next meet France who were pushed hard before beating Austria 3-2 in Vienna. But Kazakhstan provided the biggest upset of the weekend in their first appearance in the World Group as they took to the court to beat the Czech Republic 3-2 in Ostrava just hours after finding their hotel rooms had been burgled. Andrey Golubev, ranked 43, shocked Tomas Berdych 7-5, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, in the day’s first reverse singles as the world number seven showed the strain of playing three days in a row. Mikhail Kukushkin, ranked 63, was then feted as a hero by dominating Jan Hajek 6-4, 6-7 (4/7), 7-6 (10/ 8), 6-0 to seal the decisive point. The Kazakhs next meet Argentina after the South Americans beat Romania 4-1 in Buenos Aires. Eduardo

Schwank eased past Victor Crivoi 76 (7/3), 6-2 with Adrian Ungur getting a point back for the visitors with a 6-4, 2-6, 6-3 win over Juan Monaco. Viktor Troicki, who became a national hero in Serbia after beating France’s Michael Llodra in De-

cember to win the Davis Cup title, lived up to his reputation and beat Somdev Devvarman 6-4, 6-2, 7-5 to give his side an unassailable 3-1 lead. Janko Tipsarevic then beat India’s Karan Rastogi 6-0, 6-1 in the final dead rubber.

W Klitschko, Haye agree to fight this summer Associated Press Writer

LONDON – IBF and WBO champion Wladimir Klitschko and WBA holder David Haye have finally agreed to fight, setting up an eagerly anticipated heavyweight title bout for this summer. After months of failed negotiations, both boxers confirmed Sunday the fight should take place on June 25 or July 2 at a venue in Germany that is yet to be confirmed. “I am really pleased that we have closed a deal on this fight,” the 34-year-old Klitschko told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper. Haye pulled out of a fight with Klitschko in 2009 with a back injury and talks between the two camps have collapsed several times since. “I always believed we’d one day fight and I’m glad we’ve cut through the nonsense and put together the most important fight in the heavyweight division,” said the 30-year-old Haye, who plans

to retire in October. “This is the match the boxing world has been calling for since I first decided to step into the heavyweight division, and I feel it is my destiny to fight and beat Wladimir Klitschko. We are the best two heavyweights in the world and it would have been a travesty for us to have never fought.” Haye’s camp said the deal, which will unify three of the four recognized belts in the division, was struck with Klitschko on Friday. “Klitschko is ready made for me. I eat tall, chinny Eastern European heavyweights for breakfast. Wladimir is a fighter that doesn’t like to fight,” said Haye, who won the WBA belt by defeating Russian giant Nikolay Valuev in November 2009 and since then has successfully defended his title twice. “The terms were right, it’s a fair deal — it’s a 50-50 split,” Haye said. “That’s what they wanted and that’s what I wanted.”


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Loeb clinches another Mexico victory Sebastien Loeb took the fifth Rally Mexico win of his career in ultimately dominant fashion once his rally-long rival Sebastien Ogier crashed out on the final leg. The event was dominated by the two works Citroens, with Ogier leading most of day one apart from a brief period when Loeb nosed ahead.

AFP PHOTO/Alfredo Estrella

French driver Sebastian Loeb (C) and co-pilot Daniel Elena from Monaco, of Citroen C4, with the third place Jari-Matti Latvala and Mikka Anttila (L), and second palce Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen (R), celebrate after winning the Mexican FIA World Rally Championship in Leon, Guanajuato state, Mexico on March 6, 2011.

Klien still vying for Hispania drive CHRISTIAN Klien says he is still pushing to secure the second Hispania seat alongside Narain Karthikeyan, despite Tonio Liuzzi appearing to be the leading contender for the drive after his recent test for the team. HRT openly admitted that Liuzzi’s test at Catalunya was a step towards a possible race deal for the ex-Force India driver, but Klien - who drove for Hispania in several grands prix last year - says he has not given up on staying with the team and beating Liuzzi to the final vacant seat in the 2011 Formula 1 line-up. “My manager Roman Rummenigge is in permanent contact with the team’s management,” said Klien in an interview for his personal website. “Needless to say I would love to drive for HRT.” He is confident that the new F111 which makes is scheduled to hit the track at Barcelona next week - will bring the team forward after spending 2010 firmly at the back of the field. “I am convinced the team will make good progress and surprise a few people,” said Klien. “In Geoff Willis and chief designer Paul White they have engineers who

know very well how to build competitive racing cars. I would love to develop it further. And they are masters of efficiency like no other team on the grid.” As the 2011 car has not yet made its debut, Klien does not think he is at any disadvantage from not testing over the winter. “All tests were done with the 2010 car, which I have raced on five weekends last season,” he said. “Together with the race engineers I did

a lot of set-up work on it to improve performance. At the end of the season we were able to close the gap to the other teams although there was not a single new part all year long. “Other drivers like Tonio or Giorgio Mondini have no experience in this car. From a team’s perspective it is only justified to get as much feedback as possible and test other drivers’ work.” The Austrian is also relaxed about the new car’s late debut.

Loeb then took charge on Saturday as Ogier lost a little - though not much - time running first on the road. But it turned around again when Loeb picked up a 50-second penalty for being late into SS15 having had to fix a gearshift issue before the stage start. This put Ogier back in front, although he could perhaps consider himself lucky to escape any penalty for accidentally driving into service before the rescheduled regroup on Friday lunchtime - an incident examined in two stewards’ meeting. Loeb was soon closing in once more, helped by Ogier suffering a temporary loss of power, and the champion emerged with a commanding lead when Ogier went off on Sunday’s first stage and damaged his Citroen too badly to continue. That left Loeb to cruise to the finish and get his 2011 title bid started with the 63rd win of his World Rally Championship career. “That was a very hard weekend, a terrible fight with Ogier until today,” said Loeb. “He was really, really pushing hard. “I think we’ve done nearly a perfect weekend, some small troubles but not many for a new car. I’m satisfied with the performance - the DS3 is very fast.” Ford ended a tough event with a double podium for Mikko Hirvonen and Jari-Matti Latvala. Hirvonen dropped back while running first on the road on Friday - and was very perturbed when he carried on losing time even when he had a better road position for leg two. But he retained the

championship lead and also grabbed the bonus points for winning the rally-ending power stage. Latvala was delayed by two punctures. The combination of rough stages, high altitudes and hot temperatures meant a high attrition rate for the stillnew 2011 WRC machines. Petter Solberg recovered to fourth despite losing seven minutes with an electrical glitch on his Solberg Citroen on Friday, Stobart Ford’s Mads Ostberg rebounded from a puncture to drive carefully to fifth and his team-mate Henning Solberg took sixth despite miscellaneous glitches. The other two Stobart entries retired when well-placed: Matthew Wilson losing a possible career-best finish to electrical failure when fourth, and Evgeny Novikov’s engine overheating due to radiator damage while fifth on his return to the championship. Dennis Kuipers rolled the Ferm Ford out of seventh on leg two, and Ken Block managed to retire the Monster Ford no fewer than three times, thanks to two electrical failures, and a minor accident. Remarkably he was still on course for 10th until yet another electrical glitch on the penultimate stage dropped him to 13th. The attrition rate was such that Federico Villagra came back to take a point in the Munchi’s Ford despite picking up a day’s worth of superally penalties when he took a wheel off the car on Friday’s first stage, struggling with brake problems on his return and then breaking a driveshaft on the final stage.

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Headline : Landslide leaves thousands stranded at Indonesia mine