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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A farmer giving fertilizer to his rice field. The agricultural sector is increasingly marginalized amid the rise of tourism sector. Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Bali recorded that economic growth in 2011 reached 6.49 percent or grew from the achievement of 5.83 percent in the previous year.


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Agricultural sector increasingly marginalized Bali Post




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DENPASAR - The agricultural sector is increasingly marginalized amid the rise of tourism sector. Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Bali recorded that economic growth in 2011 reached 6.49 percent or grew from the achievement of 5.83 percent in the previous year. Such growth was contributed by all the existing business sectors, where the agricultural sector

only contributed the lowest growth of 2.23 percent. Nevertheless, the Head of BPS

Bali, Gede Suarsa, said that averagely all the economic sectors showed an increase with the highest growth in mining and quarrying of 10.51 percent. Except for significant growth in mining and quarrying sector, the other sectors in 2011 also indicated substantial growth such as the service sector growing by 9.97 percent; trade, hotels and restaurants by 8.65 percent; construction sector by 7.88



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Former intern reveals 18-month affair with JFK Reuters


percent; electricity, gas and water supply by 7.35 percent; finance, leasing and business services by 6.22 percent; and transportation and communication by 5.97 percent. “The remaining sectors just grew under 5 percent with the lowest growth occurred in the agricultural sector,” said Gede Suarsa in Denpasar.

REUTERS/JFK Presidential Library and Museum/Handout

President John F. Kennedy in an undated photograph courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

A former White House intern is speaking out about an 18-month affair she had with President John F. Kennedy while he was in office, revealing intimate details in a new book to be published on Wednesday. Mimi Alford, who was 19 when she started her internship at the White House in 1962, discussed her secret sexual affair with the president in her book “Once Upon

a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy.” She told NBC’s Meredith Vieira that she decided to write the book to stop her secret becoming “deadly.” “It’s not so much that I feel that I’m exposing myself, it’s that I’m really unburdening myself - it was a very difficult thing for me to do,” Alford said in an interview to be broadcast on Wednesday. Continued on page 6


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Bali News ing one of

ID card services in Badung reap complaints

handicraft in

Mangupura (Bali Post)—

A silver craftsman is mak-

his workshop in Klungkung Regency.


Price of raw material goes down

Silversmith can set to feel relieved Semarapura (Bali Post)—

Silversmiths, who have been strangled by the soaring price of raw material, now set to feel relieved. It is something rarely happening where currently the price of silver raw material goes down compared to previous condition. Previously, the price of silver was IDR 14.5 million per kilogram, but currently drops to IDR 10 million per kilogram. “The demand increases and it makes us regain our spirit,� said a silversmith at Sangging hamlet, Kamasan, Klungkung, Nyoman Suyasa, when met at his workshop, Monday (Feb 6). Nyoman Suyasa, so far was a silversmith to accompany his father, Mangku Ketut Sukerta, who had been elderly. They produced various silverworks in the form of various ritual paraphernalia such as worshipping bowls and various accessories, especially for women, like earrings, brooches, rings, bracelets and many more. According to Nyoman Suyasa accompanying his father, the current price of raw silver was IDR 10 million per kilogram. It had dropped from the previous price in the range of IDR 14 million to IDR 14.5 million per kilogram. Such price decline had occurred since three months ago. He claimed not to know exactly about the cause of price decline in the silver raw material. Clearly, he claimed to get raw materials from Denpasar. In the past, he also admitted to have a few orders. However,

lately his orders continued to increase, especially before holidays. His orders were in the form of bowl for worship and accessories. “Indeed, our customers are local residents. We have not sold products overseas yet,� he admitted. In harmony with decline in the price of raw material, he said, the price of handicraft products also decreased. Previously, the price of a bowl made of 500 gram of silver was IDR 7 million, now had dropped to IDR 6 million. Within a month, Suyasa and his father Mangku Sukerta could only accomplished a single bowl. To meet the demand, they employed a number of local people, where Suyasa gave them raw materials and sample. “They are working in their own home. Currently, we work with about 4-6 people,� said Suyasa who had a home gallery to display his works since 1955.

For accessory handicrafts, Suyasa sold them at the price range of hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiahs. It highly depended on the amount of materials spent and ornament used in the accessories. Tight competition

Silversmith, said Suyasa, was not without competi tion. Currently, he admitted to compete against the crafters of worship bowl or other tools using silver coating material on the outer layer, while the inner layer used other materials. As a result, the price offered to consumers was relatively cheaper. “A bowl using silver on the outer layer only can cost less than one million rupiahs. Therefore, many people prefer to buy such a bowl,� he said while adding that consumers purchasing bowl to him automatically those who had more money. (kmb20)

Population administration services, especially the making of identity card in Badung faltered. Since about a month ago, the stock of identity card form in the subdistrict head’s RIÂżFH KDV QHYHU VXIÂżFHG DQG HYHQ frequently runs out. Unavoidably, the problem kindles a public complaint. One of the residents of Taman village, Abiansemal subdistrict, said on Monday (Feb 6) when he submitted the identity card the subdistrict RIÂżFHUVDOZD\VTXLEEOHGWRKDYHUXQ out of registration form. It was not only experienced by him, but also by a number of other residents. Even, the depletion of form stock had been ongoing since last month. “Identity card is very important, right? Due to depletion of form stock, people lose the opportunities, for example, when identity card is required WRÂżQGDMRE´VDLGWKHUHVLGHQW A similar complaint was revealed when a legislator of Badung House, I Putu Alit Yandinata, held a recess at Keraman hamlet, Abiansemal, recently. Some local residents complained about the unavailability of identity card form so that they were unable to submit such important population administration.

When asked for confirmation about the issue, the Subdistrict Head of Abiansemal, IGN Saputra, acknowledged the form of population administration system indeed had run out earlier this month. Not only in Abiansemal, according to him, had the form unavailability also happened across the Badung Regency. Due to the empty form, many residents were forced to go back and forth to subdisWULFWKHDGÂśVRIÂżFHMXVWWRVXEPLWWKH identity card. He explained, for the people who urgently needed the identity card like for the purpose of medical treatment or changed addresses, they would be UHIHUUHGGLUHFWO\WRWKHRIÂżFHRIWKH Badung Population and Civil Registry because the concerned agency surely had the stock of blank form. Meanwhile, the Head of Badung Population and Civil Registry, I Gede Wijaya, said that such condition happened because the form procurement in 2011 only left a few. On that account, his party could only serve the urgent needs. Procurement of the form in 2012 was in the process of auction. At the latest, in the second or third week of February, the form would be available in adequate amount. (kmb25)

Body of an old PDQIRXQGâ€ŤŰŒâ€ŹRDWLQJ Gianyar (Bali Post)—

An old man’s body was found ÀRDWLQJ LQ 3HWDQX 5LYHU SUHFLVHO\ east of the Tengah Padang Temple, Cebok hamlet, Kedisan village, Tegallalang subdistrict, Gianyar, on Monday (Feb 6). The body was found around 09:00 a.m. local time. 7KH ERG\ IRXQG ÀRDWLQJ LQ WKH ZDWHUZDVWKHQLGHQWL¿HGDVRQHRI the residents of Pejeng Aji, Tegallalang village, who had lost the day before. The old man was I Wayan Karda, 90. Chief of Tegallalang Police Made Uder with permission of the Chief of Gianyar Police said the victim previously disappeared from home last Sunday around 3:00 p.m. Until late night, the victim who had been in daze and forgetful did not come home. Finally, his family with neighbors was searching to some places. But around 7:00 p.m., the victim’s family

got information from I Wayan Daweg that he had seen the victim on the bridge to Tengah Padang Temple. Later on, the search was performed around the location. In that location, the victim was not found. The search only encountered a pair of sandals and they were ascertained to be the victim’s property. Since it was night, the search was finally resumed on the following day. Ultimately the victim was found floating nakedly in the middle of the river. The family was shocked. Then, the body was evacuated and taken home. Chief of Tegallalang Police con¿UPHGWKHYLFWLPœVH[WHUQDOERG\KDG been examined and no elements of violence were found. His death was purely an accident and there was no indication of criminal element. Additionally, the family had accepted the death of victim sincerely. (kmb16)

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Bali News


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Government asked to promptly repair damaged roads Denpasar (Bali Post)—

The damage of provincial road reaches 20 percent of the total road length amounting to 860.53 kilometers spreading throughout the regency/city in Bali. Such condition surpasses the standard of the Act on Standard Road where the damage of road does not exceed 10 percent. Various reactions arise from the public indicating their disappointment. An observer of transportation from the Udayana University, Putu Alit Suthanaya, on Monday (Feb 6) assessed the handling and anticipation of damaged road was still very slow so that the damage was getting more serious. Alit Suthanaya said that pursuant to the Act on standard road, the ideal URDGGDPDJHZDVRQO\SHUFHQWRI WKHLGHDOFRQGLWLRQZKHUHWHFKQLFDOly the road pavement construction KDGEHHQDGHTXDWHDQGWKHUHZDVD planning to anticipate the environmental aspects. According to him, in the current condition, the roads in Bali had not been ideal in terms of technical and environmental aspect. He explained that technically the OD\HUHGÀH[LEOHSDYHPHQWVWUXFWXUH UHTXLUHG PDWHULDOV ZLWK DGHTXDWH quality. In reality, the materials XVHGZHUHWDNHQIURPWKHYROFDQLF materials of Mount Agung assessed to have not adequately met the standard quality of road pavement and LWQHHGHGUHYLHZLQJDJDLQ Other technical aspects, he conWLQXHG WKH SURYLQFLDO URDGV ZHUH JHQHUDOO\ PDGH ZLWK WKH KHDYLHVW payload resources (MST) of 8 tons EXW LQ UHDOLW\ WKH\ ZHUH WUDYHUVHG E\ YHKLFOHV ZLWK 067 RI RYHU  tons. As consequence, those roads ZHUHHDVLO\GDPDJHG%HVLGHVWKH\ ZHUH QRW GHVLJQHG ZLWK RSWLPDO environmental aspects, especially in anticipation against rainfall. AcFRUGLQJ WR KLP WKH ÀH[LEOH SDYHPHQWURDGVZHUHYHU\VXVFHSWLEOHWR UDLQ0DQ\URDGVZHUHEXLOWZLWKRXW paying attention to good drainage. :KHQ LW UDLQHG WKH ÀRZ RI ZDWHU eroded the road body because there ZDV QR GUDLQDJH ³7KLV FRQGLWLRQ often damages the road structure. Then, if the road is passed through E\KHDY\YHKLFOHVLWZRXOGEHEURken,� he said. This Secretary of the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) of Bali Chapter added that if the ability of government to make the road ZLWK067RIWRQVVRWKHPD[LPDO freight conveyed by vehicles should be 8 tons. Similarly, the government should observe the aspect of drainage along the road and be more responsive to road damage no PDWWHUKRZVPDOOLWZDVWRSUHYHQW further damage. According to him, so far the response of government to damDJHGURDGVUHPDLQHGVORZ³:KHQ there are potholes on the road, they

should be quickly addressed. When SHQHWUDWHG E\ ZDWHU WKH\ ZLOO EH quickly broken. But in reality, the DQWLFLSDWLRQ LV YHU\ VORZ :H FDQ VHHVRPHVXIÂżFLHQWO\ZLGHSRWKROHV on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk road section. If neglected for a long time, the damages can be getting more serious and fatal,â€? concluded the Chairman of the Transportation Postgraduate Studies, Civil Engineering, Udayana University. 0HDQZKLOH WKH +HDG RI %DOL Public WorksAgency, I KetutArtika, said the budget allocated for the road LPSURYHPHQWLQZDV,'5 ELOOLRQ 6XFK DPRXQW ZRXOG FRYHU IBP/File the road improvement of 22.84 kilo- One of the damage road in Muncan, Karangasem Regency PHWHUDQGEULGJHRIPHWHUV ,'5 70.66 billion), regular maintenance of road and bridge of 22.76 kilometer ,'5ELOOLRQ UHJXODUPDLQWHQDQFHRIURDG ,'5ELOOLRQ  and strengthening of cliffs and drainDJH ,'5ELOOLRQ  According to him, the length RI SURYLQFLDO URDG ZDV  kilometers spreading throughout PHQW1\RPDQ6XDUQD0RQGD\ )HE  Denpasar (Bali Post)— all regencies/city in Bali. Of such 0HDQZKLOH WKH LPSOHPHQWDWLRQ RI WKLV \HDUÂśV Tryout exam coordinated by the Bali Education amount, 20 percent belonged to $JHQF\IRUWKHSUHSDUDWLRQRIQDWLRQDOÂżQDOH[DP ÂżQDOH[DPWU\RXWZDVIXQGHGZLWK,'5ELOOLRQ damaged roads from light to se 818$6%1 FRPPHQFHVRQ)HEUXDU\ 3ULQWLQJRUFRS\LQJRIWKHWU\RXWH[DPVFULSWVZDV vere category. He said that some for senior high school (SMA/MA) and vocational ZRQE\DSULQWLQJKRXVHLQ%DOLWKURXJKWKHWHQGHU damaged road sections located on VFKRRO 60.  ZKLOH MXQLRU KLJK VFKRRO 603 Âł6FULSWVRIWKHÂżQDOH[DPWU\RXWDUHFXUUHQWO\LQ WKH URXWH RI 6XEDJDQ5HQGDQJ 07V  FRPPHQFHV RQ )HEUXDU\  DQG HOHPHQ- SULQWLQJKRXVH$VVFKHGXOHGWKHH[DPVFULSWVZLOO Klungkung-Besakih, Pakse BaliWDU\VFKRRO 6'0, FRPPHQFHVRQ)HEUXDU\ be sent to the regency/city after next Kuningan Selat, Denpasar-Petang, Singapadu([DP VFULSWV ZLOO EH KHDYLO\ JXDUGHG IURP WKH )HE ´KHVDLG .HGHZDWDQ3D\DQJDQ%DWXU$Q\DU +HVDLGWKHWU\RXWH[DPZDVLQWHQGHGWRSUHcopying process in the printing house through its Mambal-Pengetan, Wanagiri-Mundistribution to respective regency/city to avoid SDUH WKH VWXGHQWV WR IDFH WKH ÂżQDO H[DP Âł:LWK duk-Mayong, Antosari-Pupuan and WKLVWU\RXWZHZRXOGOLNHWRPDSRXWWKHVWXGHQWÂśV the leakage. Penelokan-Kubutambahan. The 5HIHUULQJWRWKHLPSOHPHQWDWLRQRIÂżQDOH[DP DELOLW\)URPWKHH[DPZHFDQÂżQGRXWLQZKDW most severe damage, according WKLVWU\RXWZLOODSSO\ÂżYHSDFNDJHVRIH[DP VXEMHFWVWKHVWXGHQWVDUHVWLOOZHDNDQGWKLVZLOO WRKLPZDVDW3DNVH%DOL6HODWDV VFULSWV7KHXSFRPLQJWU\RXWH[DPZLOOEHIROORZHG further make the enrichment easier. Besides, they passed through by heavy vehicles by approximately 69,089 participants of elementary ZLOOEHPRUHSUHSDUHGWRIDFHWKHUHDOÂżQDOH[DP transporting sand and then exacerschool, 59,276 participants of junior high school, next April and can achieve maximal results,â€? said bated by continuous rain.  SDUWLFLSDQWV RI VHQLRU KLJK VFKRRO DQG AA Sujaya, the former Division Head of SecondHe added that along the 45.6 ary Education. SDUWLFLSDQWVRIYRFDWLRQDOVFKRRO NLORPHWHUV URDGV ZHUH KDQGOHG :LWK D JRRG SUHSDUDWLRQ WR IDFH ÂżQDO H[DP “Implementation of the tryout is designed to rethrough regular maintenance by WKHSDUWLFLSDQWVZHUHH[SHFWHGDWOHDVWWREH VHPEOHWKHUHDOÂżQDOH[DP6XSHUYLVLRQZLOODOVREH UHVXUIDFLQJ ZLWK KRW PL[ DVSKDOW able to maintain the achievements of Bali Province tightened through cross-system—namely, teachers URDG XSJUDGLQJ DQG URDG ZLGHQRIVFKRRO$ZLOOVXSHUYLVHWKHLPSOHPHQWDWLRQRI LQWKHODVW\HDUÂśVÂżQDOH[DP,ISRVVLEOHLWVKRXOG ing. “Beyond the measures, the ÂżQDOH[DPLQVFKRRO%DQGVRRQ6FULSWVRIWKHWU\- be improved. URDGV DUH KDQGOHG ZLWK UHJXODU ,QWKHPHDQWLPHWKHÂżQDOH[DPWU\RXWRIVHout are heavily guarded by involving the elements PDLQWHQDQFHSDWFKZRUNDQGUHSDLU of police and a team of Bali Education Agency. QLRUKLJKVFKRROZLOOEHKHOGRQ)HEUXDU\ ZLWKVDQG7KHDYDODQFKHGURDGLV Thus, the tryout implementation is ‘treated’ like the 7KHQWKHWU\RXWRIYRFDWLRQDOVFKRROWDNHV KDQGOHGZLWK'33,QHVVHQFHZH UHDOÂżQDOH[DP´VDLGWKH+HDGRI%DOL(GXFDWLRQ SODFH RQ )HEUXDU\  MXQLRU KLJK VFKRRO RQ ZLOOFRQVLVWHQWO\VSHHGXSWKHURDG Agency, AA Ngurah Gde Sujaya, accompanied by )HEUXDU\DQGHOHPHQWDU\VFKRRORQ)HEUXLPSURYHPHQW ZLWK WKH H[LVWLQJ the Division Head of Assessment and Develop- ary 27-29. (08) budget,â€? he said. (kmb29)

Tryout exam scripts strictly guarded


Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Fidel Castro warns of bleak future, touts memoir Reuters

HAVANA - Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro painted a bleak picture of the future, saying the world was in its worst situation ever as Cuban television aired on Monday part of a six-hour event last week touting his newest memoir. The 85-year-old Castro, whose last known public appearance was at a Communist Party congress in April 2011, had to be helped to his chair, but was animated and engaged as summaries of the twovolume tome were read and questions were taken from an audience of admirers. The two-hour program was the first of three parts to be broadcast on state-run television this week

and, with its echoes of the lengthy speeches he once gave, appeared aimed in part at showing that the old comandante is in pretty good shape. Castro, who ruled Cuba for 49 years, was struck by an undisclosed intestinal illness that nearly killed him in July 2006. He resigned the presidency in February 2008, when younger brother Raul Castro replaced him. Castro still occasionally writes

opinion pieces for Cuban media and meets with visiting leaders, but he said he spends much of his time reading news stories and that what he reads is alarming. “What’s going to happen in Iran? What’s going to happen in the Near East? What’s going to happen in Syria?” he asked at the event, which took place on Friday. He said President Barack Obama no longer has power in the United States, that Cuba’s longtime ideological foe is being run by a “high command” and not even they can “contain the situation” of a possible nuclear war. Castro has been warning of impending nuclear war involving the

United States, Israel and Iran for some time. “The situation is difficult, more difficult than ever,” he said. Castro remarked on the campaign in the United States for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, saying there was little voter interest in the race and no good candidates. “The Republican candidate is the least intolerable of the intolerables, the least bad of the worst,” he said. Last month he wrote that the Republican race was a contest of “idiocy and ignorance.” Despite the difficulties facing the world, Castro said, humans

must never give up trying to save the world. “Our duty is to fight until the last minute,” he said. “If they tell us, ‘look, no more than 10 years are left,’ you have to fight those 10 years, for our country, for the others and for humanity.” The new book - “Fidel Castro Ruz: Guerrilla of Time” - covers his life from childhood to the days just before the revolution that he led and won against dictator Fulgencio Batista on Jan 1, 1959. It is based on conversations with Cuban journalist Katiuska Blanco, similar to the 2006 book “100 Hours with Fidel” by Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet.

Maldives president resigns after police mutiny Agence France-Presse

AP Photo

Residents rush to higher grounds following tsunami rumors due to a magnitude 6.9 earthquake which hit the island province of Cebu and other central Philippine provinces Monday, Feb. 6, 2012.

Rescuers search for missing after Philippine quake. 15 dead Reuters

TAYASAN - Philippine rescuers searched on Tuesday for 29 residents of a mountainside community feared dead after a landslide triggered by an earthquake engulfed their homes. A magnitude 6.7 quake struck near Tayasan town in the central Philippine island of Negros on Monday. Fifteen people are known to have been killed while several remote towns have been cut off because of damage to roads and bridges. Soil and rocks buried homes in a neighborhood in Guihulngan City near the quake’s epicenter, which had also seen heavy rain in the days before the earthquake, disaster officials said. “It looks like there is no more hope of finding the 29 missing alive,” Benito Ramos, head of a state disaster agency, said in a radio interview. The state disaster agency said it was

checking reports that 40 people were missing in another landslide in La Libertad town, also in Negros Oriental province. Aftershocks rattled the region with more than 700 of them in the 20 hours after the quake struck, a seismology institute said, and officials warned residents to have their houses checked if they had been damaged. “They should not panic and make sure they secure all items that may fall. Structures with minor damage should be first inspected if safe to use,” government seismologist Winchell Sevilla said in a radio interview. A Reuters witness saw huge cracks on main roads and concrete structures in Ayungon town adjacent to Tayasan, where mausoleums in cemeteries had also caved in. Roel Degamo, governor of Negros Oriental province, said in a radio interview residents were calming down on Tuesday despite the aftershocks and were starting to return to the homes they left immediately after the quake.

MALDIVES - The president of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed announced his resignation Tuesday during a televised press conference after a mutiny by the police and weeks of demonstrations. “It will be better for the country in the current situation if I resign. I don’t want to run the country with an iron fist. I am resigning,” Nasheed said. Mutinous police in the Maldives took over the state television broadcasing station on Tuesday, joining opposition protesters calling for Nasheed to step down. The move by the police marked a major escalation of three weeks of street demonstrations by anti-government activists. They have been demanding for Nasheed to step down after he ordered the arrest last month of Criminal Court Chief Justice Abdulla Mohamed on charges of misconduct and favouring opposition figures.

The island’s Supreme Court and prosecutor general have called for Mohamed’s release, but he remains in military custody. A group of police took over the state broadcasting station in the capital Male on Tuesday morning. “Police outside the (television) station told us that they have taken over,” a reporter working for a local newspaper told AFP. A delegation from the UN Department of Political Affairs headed by Assistant SecretaryGeneral Oscar Fernandez-Taranco had been due to arrive on Thursday in a bid to broker a resolution to the political crisis. Nasheed, a former political prisoner, was elected in 2008 when the Maldives staged its first democratic presidential election, unseating the long-serving autocratic regime of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. The Maldives, a country of 1,192 Indian Ocean islands scattered across the equator, is famous for its upmarket holiday resorts and hotels that cater for honeymooning couples and high-end travellers.

In this Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012 file photo, Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed speaks as he orders the country’s upscale resorts to reopen their spas on Wednesday pending a Supreme Court decision on whether they violate Islam, in Kurumba Island Resort, Maldives. Nasheed has resigned following weeks of public protests over his controversial order to arrest a senior judge. AP Photo/Sinan Hussain, File



Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Harris Hotel Tuban



KUTA - “Harris Hotel Tuban Bali is aminute-away-home from Ngurah Rai International Airport– your gateway to Bali and 5 minutes from Tuban Beach. Very close to main shopping areas and nightlife spots as it’s only 10 minutes from Kuta Beach. Our shuttle transportation will take you there. “Andreas, the General Manager promote its

hotel prime location. “Harris Hotel Tuban Bali offers 66 Harris Rooms and Harris Suites. Within the compound, get body and soul soothed and happy feet foot reflexology at H’Spa. And relax by our pool or enjoy a fresh juice at Harris Café that makes Harris Hotel is the perfect place for family and business” Andreas added. And support by facilities smoking and non-smoking rooms, Swimming Pool, Internet

Corner , Harris Café , 24 hour Room Service , H’Spa and Happy Feet Reflexology, Tour Service, Free Wi-fi in all rooms and suites, as well as public areas, free pick up and drop off service from Ngurah Rai International Airport , Free scheduled Shuttle Bus (drop off only) to Kuta Area and other Harris Hotels. In room facilities, Mini Bar and tea/coffee making facilities., LCD TV with international channel, Individual climate control air condi-

Your gateway to Bali tioner, Safety Deposit Box in all room types, Hot and cold water, Hairdryer, Aromatherapy, Sofa Bed specially in Double and Twin Bed. “Harris Tuban is one of under management Harris Hotels, which represented by 11 hotels under operation by end 2011 and more 21 Harris Hotels under development. A total of 32 Harris Hotels with 5.871 rooms will be operated by 2014. Harris, with a brand of Tauzia Hotel Management” Andreas explain in detail.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for February 1 through 15, 2012 1 Feb Buda Keliwon Dunggulan. Pura Wakika Kupang, NTT Pura Agung Girinatha Sumbawa Besar NTB Pura Dukuh Sakti Dukuh Kediri-Tabanan Pura Atambuananta Kutamba NTT Pura Webananta Kupang, NTT Pura Giripati Mulawarman Pontianak. Pura Mustika Dharma Cijantung I Jakarta Timur 2 Feb Wraspati Umanis Dunggulan Pura Watukaru Tabanan Pura Lempuyang Luhur Karangasem Pura Kentel Gumi Klungkung Pasek Gaduh Umadesa Kediri Tabanan Pura Pasek Kubayan Wangaya Gede Penebel Tabanan Merajan Pasek Tohjiwa Tiyingan Merajan Pasek Gaduh Umadesa 3 Feb Sukra Paing Dunggulan Pura Ulun Suwi Jimbaran Pura Luhur Cemenggon, Sukawati. Pura Pasek Ubung Denpasar 4 Feb Saniscara Pon Dunggulan Pura Segara Jembrana Pura Dalem Gede Losan Klungkung 5 Feb Redite Wage Kuningan Pura Dalem Tegal Tamu Sekarmukti-Balubulan. Pura Kubayan Umagunung Sempidi-Badung 6 Feb Soma Keliwon Kuningan Pura Dasar Gelgel-Klungkung Pura Pasek Tohjiwa Sawah/Selemadeg-Tabanan Pura Pemerajan Agung Benawah Kangin Gianyar Pura Panti Pasek Gelgel Pelapuhan-Busungbiu Buleleng Pura Kahyangan Tulus Desa Apuan. 7 Feb Purnama Kawulu Pura dalem Batur - Bangli Pura Pasek/Ida Ratu Pasek Besakih Ngusaba Ngeed Banua Kawan - Besakih

Pura Dalem Suci Sidemen - Karangasem 11 Feb Saniscara Keliwon Kuningan. Pura Taman Pule Mas-Ubud Pura Ularan Takmung-Klungkung. Pura Bukitjati Gulingan-Kawan Bangli Pura Dalem Tegehe Tegehe Pura Dalem Tahak Tahak Pura Dalem Batuaji. Batuaji Pura Dalem Tegaljaya Batubulan Pura Jenengan Maspahit Cemenggaon-Sukawati Pura Dalem Guwang-Sukawati Pura Sadha Kapal Pura Sakenan Serangan Pura Pekendungan Keiri-Tabanan Pura Pasek Gaduh Grokgak Gede Tabanan Pura Dalem Sanding Tampaksiring Pura Dalem Purnajati Tanjung Puri Tanjung Periuk Jakarta Pura Dalem Tenggaling Guliang-Bangli Mr. Dukuh Tetek Peguyangan-Denpasar Pura Agung Blambangan Banyuwangi Pura Dalem Agung Sri Nararya Kresna Kepakisan Gelgel -Klungkung Pura Panti Paksebali Klungkung (Perang Jempana) Pura Penataran Agung Margowening Desa Balonggarut, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 12 Feb Redite Umanis Langkir Pr. Sakenan Serangan Denpasar Selatan Pr. Batuaji Ubung Ubung-Tengah Denpasar Barat Pura Dalem Pahuman Bhujangga Penatih Denpasa Mr. Pasek Gianyar Kerobokan Pr. Alas Harum Batur Kintamani, Pr. Alas Angker Kintamani Kawitan Dalem Empuaji Aan-Klungkung. 15 Feb Buda Wage Langkir Pura Tanah Lot Kediri Tabanan Pura Bucabe Mas Ubud Pura Puseh Desa Ganggang-Canggi Batuan Pura Pasek Pertukangan Kediri-Tabanan Pura Pasek Bendesa Gulingan Mengwi

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Pakistan factory collapse, 17 dead Reuters

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Photographs of Braden and Charlie Powell, the sons of Susan Cox Powell and Josh Powell, are displayed during a candlelight vigil at McKinley Park in Tacoma, Wash., Monday, Feb. 6, 2012, the day after Braden and Charlie were killed along with their father, Josh Powell, when police said Josh Powell set ďŹ re to the house they were in on Sunday. Susan Powell went mysteriously missing from their West Valley City, Utah, home in December 2009.

Fire kills husband of missing Utah woman, 2 boys Associated Press

*5$+$0:DVKLQJWRQ²-RVK3RZHOOÂśVQRWHZDVVLPSOHDQGVKRUWDIDUHZHOOWRWKHZRUOG after two years of being scrutinized in the media, hammered by police and questioned by judges, prosecutors and social workers, living his life under a microscope since the day his wife vanished. “I’m sorry, goodbye,â€? Po ell rote in an email to his attorney just minutes before authorities VD\KHVHWÂżUHWRKLVKRPHNLOOLQJ himself and his t o young sons days after he as denied custody and ordered to undergo a psychosexual evaluation. 7KH 6XQGD\ EOD]H DW 3RZHOOÂśV home brought yet another t ist in the very public scandal that began ZKHQ 6XVDQ 3RZHOO YDQLVKHG LQ 2009. The case had since spiraled into a salacious saga of fingerpointing and accusations of sex and lies — and no the unthinkable loss of t o young lives caught LQWKHFURVVÂżUH A social orker brought the t o boys to osh Po ell’s home 6XQGD\IRUZKDWZDVWREHDVXSHUvised visit. They rushed to ard the home, leaving the social orker behind. By the time she got to the door, Po ell had let his sons in but locked her out, Graham ire and escue Chief Gary ranz told The Associated Press. He said emails Po ell sent just prior to the blaze seemed to conÂżUPWKDW3RZHOOSODQQHGWKHGHDGO\ EODVW3LHUFH&RXQW\VKHULIIÂśV6JW Ed Troyer didn’t elaborate on the

content of the emails. effrey Bassett, ho represented Po ell in the custody case, said he received an ominous email from his client just minutes before WKHÂżUH “I’m sorry, goodbye,â€? it read. Investigators tried to fill in holes Monday in the case ith an arson investigation at the home and autopsies on osh Po ell and his sons, said Troyer. Local detectives also are meeting ith police from West alley City, Utah, ho have been looking for 6XVDQ3RZHOO A candle light vigil as held 6XQGD\QLJKWIRUWKHER\VRXWVLGH the 7-year-old’s school in Puyallup. Âł6RPH WKLQJV PD\ QRW EH DQs ered. They may have gone ith -RVK´7UR\HUWROG.,5279 The investigation ill include a closer looks at osh Po ell’s last movements and messages. “We’re focusing on any here there might be information,â€? 7UR\HUWROG.,1*79 Chaplains have been orking ZLWKWKHIDPLO\RI6XVDQ3RZHOO osh Po ell’s father also as informed of the death in the jail in

Tacoma here he’s being held for investigation of voyeurism. He’s on suicide atch, Troyer said. The Washington Department of 6RFLDO DQG +HDOWK 6HUYLFHV VDLG the social orker ho brought the boys to osh Po ell’s home for hat as to be a supervised visit is “suffering from grave emotional trauma as a result of WKH KRUULÂżF HYHQW´ 7KH GHSDUWment ill conduct a formal child fatality revie . 6KH GLG DOO VKH FRXOG 7UR\HU said. 6XVDQ3RZHOODSUHWW\\HDU old mother of t o, as reported missing Dec. 7, 2009, after she failed to sho up for her stockbroker job in Utah. Authorities in the couple’s hometo n of West alley City, DERXWPLOHVRXWVLGH6DOW/DNH City, quickly turned their attention to osh Po ell. He’s been the only “person of interestâ€? in the case, but had repeatedly denied any involvement in her disappearance. “I ould never even hurt her,â€? a tearful, red-eyed osh Po ell WROG&%6Âś(DUO\6KRZLQ$XJXVW “People ho kno me kno that ,FRXOGQHYHUKXUW6XVDQ´

LAHOR - The death toll from the collapse of a three-storey factory in the Pakistani city of Lahore rose to 7 Tuesday as rescue orkers continued to search for survivors amidst the rubble, an emerJHQF\RIÂżFLDOVDLG A gas explosion Monday caused the building to collapse, trapping dozens of laborers, mostly boys aged 4-23, inside. “We just recovered another body. The total death toll is 7 and e KDYHUHVFXHGSHRSOH´.DUDPDW$OLDVSRNHVPDQIRUWKHJRYHUQment escue 22 emergency service, told euters. “We’re being able to communicate ith six or seven people ho are trapped. We’re still trying, the operation is still under ay.â€? $ IDFWRU\ DWWHQGDQW KDG WROG UHVFXH WHDPV WKHUH ZHUH  SHRSOH inside the factory, hich produced veterinary medical products, hen the blast occurred, Ali said. Emergency orkers ere continuing to shift rubble by hand although some machinery as no also being used at the site in the rescue operation, Ali said. The incident is likely to raise fresh questions about Pakistan’s industrial safety. Building and zoning regulations are eak and often not enforced, critics say.

Former... From page 1 The former intern discussed details including swimming with the president just four days into her internship, and doing her homework en route to WashingWRQWRKDYHVH[ZLWK.HQQHG\ “I should have felt guilty. He ZDV PDUULHG WR 0UV .HQQHG\

But I didn’t at the time -feel guilty,â€? Alford said. There have been numerous reports VLQFHKLVDVVDVVLQDWLRQRI.HQnedy having had extra-marital affairs with several other women, including allegations of a dalliance with Marilyn Monroe. “I think that’s probably partly what makes me feel sad when I look back. It made me feel very special,â€? $OIRUGVDLGRIUHSRUWVRI.HQQHG\ÂśV other affairs.

Agricultural... From page 1 According to him, the decline in contribution of the agricultural sector to the economic growth of Bali tended to be caused by the conversion of land function happening so far, less involvement of young generation in the agULFXOWXUDOVHFWRUDQGLQĂ€XHQFHRIH[WUHPHZHDWKHUFRQGLWLRQVWKDWPDGHWKH SURGXFWLRQXSWRGLVWULEXWLRQRIWKHDJULFXOWXUDOSURGXFWVÂżQGREVWDFOH “In terms of the total existing growth, the economy of Bali showed a better development rather than in the previous year. At the same time, it exceeded the growth target set by Bali Government based on the Regional %XGJHWQDPHO\DWSHUFHQWLQ´KHVDLG Meanwhile, in terms of the Bali’s GDP pursuant to the use in the last quarter of 2011, the total economic activity could generate IDR 19.28 trillion. Of such amount, the components of household consumption formed ,'5  WULOOLRQ  SHUFHQW  FRQVXPSWLRQ RI QRQSURÂżW SULYDWH LQVWLWXWLRQZRUWK,'5WULOOLRQ SHUFHQW JRYHUQPHQWFRQVXPSWLRQZRUWK,'5WULOOLRQ SHUFHQW JURVVGRPHVWLFÂż[HGFDSLWDO IRUPDWLRQRUSK\VLFDOLQYHVWPHQWZRUWK,'5WULOOLRQ SHUFHQW  change in stocks or inventories worth IDR 0.07 trillion (0.34 percent) as ZHOODVH[SRUWVDQGLPSRUWVUHVSHFWLYHO\ZRUWK,'5WULOOLRQ  percent) and IDR 21.94 trillion (113.83 percent). Head of Bali Investment and LicensingAgency (BPM), IB M Parwata, recently admitted that tertiary sector, especially the tourism sector, remained excellent and even reached 95 percent, while the agriculture reached less than 1 percent, even 0.09 percent. 1HYHUWKHOHVVWKH%30FRQVLVWHQWO\DWWHPSWHGWRSURPRWHLQYHVWPHQWLQ the Bali’s agriculture.Aside from encouraging investment in the agricultural sector, he would also encourage domestic investment and suppress foreign LQYHVWPHQW,WZDVLQWHQGHGWRDYRLGWKHFDSLWDOĂ€LJKWDVDUHVXOWRIPDQ\ foreign investors investing in Bali. “We have continued to encourage the investment in agriculture. However, most investors preferred to invest in tourism sector,â€? he complained. ThegrowthofinvestmentinBaliduringtheperiodof2012wasIDR18.29 trillion with the growth of foreign investment and domestic investment reachLQJ,'5WULOOLRQ6XFKDPRXQWURVHIURPWKHSUHYLRXVWDUJHWLQ reachingIDR15.79trillion.Meanwhile,realizationoftheforeignanddomestic investment up to the third quarter reached IDR 9 trillion. (kmb27)


Indonesia Today

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


GDP growth for 2011 reached 6.5 percent Agence France-Presse

JAKARTA - Indonesia said Monday its economy grew at the fastest rate for 15 years in 2011, spurred by strong household consumption and private investment in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy.


Vehicles (L) drive towards downtown Jakarta on February 7, 2012. Indonesia said its economy grew at the fastest rate for 15 years in 2011, spurred by strong household consumption and private investment in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy.

The country, which has become a magnet for foreign money, posted a 6.5 percent rise in gross domestic product last year -- the quickest pace since the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis -- putting it on track to hit the government’s 6.7 percent forecast for this year. The strong figures were led by a 4.7 percent rise in domestic demand, which accounted for around 60 percent of GDP, and an 8.8 percent surge in private investment, according to a government official. Government spending also rose 3.2 percent, the official added. With a population of 240 million, Indonesia has become a focus for foreign investors who ploughed $20 billion into the economy in 2011, up from $17 billion the year before. Singapore, Japan and the United States were among top investors, tapping into the country’s growing mining and telecommunications sectors, as well as winning contracts for much-needed infrastructure developments. Last week, the government said Indonesia posted a 29 percent surge in exports last year, reaching $203.62 billion and surpassing an of-

ficial target of $200 billion. The data came after Fitch ratings in December granted Indonesia an investment-grade credit rating after 14 years of junk status, followed by a similar move from Moody’s Investors Service last month. But as some developed nations remain in the economic doldrums and others begin to make slow recoveries, Indonesia expects lower demand for its exports to slow its rapid growth to 6.43 percent in the first quarter. “This year’s economic growth will depend on the government’s strategy to cope with the continuing global crisis,” said Central Statistics Agency spokesman Suryamin, who goes by one name. Credit Suisse in a report Monday held a more pessimistic view, forecasting annual growth this year at 6.0 percent, warning Indonesia’s loose monetary policy could overheat the economy later this year. “Indonesia may be the only country in Asia to show virtually no signs of an economic slowdown whatsoever, but this has not stopped its central bank from delivering more in the way of rate reductions than any other in the region to date,” the report said.

Indonesia pushes President calls on Muslims nuclear test ban treaty to increase tolerance Associated Press

UNITED NATIONS — Indonesia’s foreign minister on Monday challenged key nations that haven’t ratified the treaty banning nuclear tests to follow his country’s lead and approve it so that the convention can come into force. Marty Natalegawa formally filed paper work for ratification at the United Nations, saying the country decided not to wait for all nuclear weapon states to ratify the treaty first because “there is a window of opportunity to advance the disarmament agenda.” Negotiated in the 1990s, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty has been ratified by 157 countries. But the treaty required 44 key countries with nuclear power or research reactors at the time to ratify it before it could take effect — including Indonesia. With Indonesia’s ratification, eight countries must still ratify the treaty before it comes into force — the U.S., China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan. There has been reluctance of many of these countries to move first to ratify while their rivals have not yet done so, and North Korea has conducted two tests — one each in 2006 and 2009. Natalegawa told reporters that Indonesia’s government and parliament decided to proceed with ratification of the treaty, known as the CTBT, “with the hope and expectation that our

ratification ... will encourage other ... countries to do likewise,” especially the eight that are crucial to having the treaty take effect. Asked specifically about Israel and Iran, he said treaty supporters have to deal with the lack of trust between these countries and others. “But by ratifying the CTBT today, and various other efforts that we are making in the disarmament area, what we are saying is that ... these countries must have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and to take some kind of a calculated risk that their positive efforts will be reciprocated,” Natalegawa said. He said the U.N. should be helping to create conditions for these holdout countries “to take the right steps.” Natalegawa is a strong supporter of nuclear-free zones in the Mideast and Southeast Asia, and he encouraged the three Southeast Asian nations that haven’t ratified the CTBT — Myanmar, Thailand and Brunei — to do so. For the first time, Natalegawa said, all nuclear weapon states co-sponsored a General Assembly resolution last year supporting a Southeast Asian nuclear weapons free zone. He said Southeast Asian nations were now beginning their internal consideration of establishing such a zone and “from Indonesia’s perspective we would like to see this happen (in the) middle of this year, if not sooner.”


JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has appealed to the country`s Muslims to make the Prophet Muhammad`s birthday a momentum to increase tolerance, togetherness and true understanding of religious teachings. “I call on the country`s Muslims to be wise in bridging differences. There should be no egoism and high-handed actions. We have to respect the rights of fellow citizens regardless of their faith, religions, race or ethnicity,” the president said at a function to observe the Prophet`s birthday at the state palace here on Monday evening. He said the Indonesian people should be able to show their identity and morality as a respectable nation by way of eliminating differences caused

A worshipper pierces his cheeks with metal skewers during Cap Go Meh festival that marks the end of Lunar New Year celebrations in Jakarta, Indonesia, Monday, Feb. 6, 2012.

by group egoism. “Let us ban spiteful envy and slander, instead hand in hand build harmony and unity,” he said. The president said that at present misunderstanding of Islamic teaching by many sides had taken place not only outside the Muslim community but also within the community itself. This could be seen in the behavior and deeds of members of the Muslim community that were against the Prophet Muhammad`s teachings. This smeared the image of Islam as some generalized their behavior and deeds as being based on Islamic teachings, he said. “Therefore, on this occasion of celebrating the Prophet`s birthday I call on all the country`s Muslims to free this nation from behavior and deeds which deviate from Islamic teachings,” the president said.

AP Photo/Tatan Syuflana



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bali Today Bali needs more investment on 2012 Antara

DENPASAR - Head of Bali Investment and Licensing Agency (BPM), IB M Parwata said that this year, Bali needs more investment that come from domestic and foreign investors, also from government spending budget. “This year, Bali needs around Rp18,29 trilion to meet the expectation growth on 6.57 percent. According to Parwata, the investment which plant to be invested in Bali this year will be bigger comparing to the last year investment that reached Rp15,79 trillion. He added, looking at the data that had been collected by BPM, in the third quarter of 2011, Bali already had Rp9 trillion on investment. Consist of Rp4,91 trilion from locat investors and Rp4,09 trillion from foreign investors. “We still waited report from regencies to count the total investment on 2011. We optimistic that the figure will meet the target that we had been set up for last year,” he added. From the total of Rp18,29 trilion investment target that being projected this year, ac-

cording to Parwata, government have to invest around Rp3,22 trillion. Usually government will invest mainly on infrastructure projects. Meanwhile from foreign investors, Bali hopes to gain around Rp15,07 trillion. New construction buiding for a new hotel is seen near a beach in Nusa Dua on the Indonesian island of Bali on February 6, 2012. Head of Bali Investment and Licensing Agency (BPM), IB M Parwata said that this year, Bali needs more investment that come from domestic and foreign investors, also from government spending budget.


Balinese women:

In devotional services through the arts Beauty can stop everyone’s eyes ÀLFNHULQJ %HDXW\ RI WKH NLG VRQJ can lullaby a baby. Similarly, beauty also can toss the imagination, soothe the mind and draw people to get near. Bali has many sources of that beauty offering the charm of nature, culture or adventure. By maintaining traditions inspired by Hinduism, Balinese people go on running in harmony with the time. In other words, they do not feel inferior because of inheriting those traditions. Beauty in the form of various dance movements has been introduced since early ages. On seeing a dance staged, a toddler may ZDWFK LW DWWHQWLYHO\ RU LWV ¿QJHUV move and move as if imitating the movement of the dance. Virtually all customary villages in Bali have gamelan troupe. This troupe plays important role in expressing their entertainment arts and

accompanying every ritual activity. This existence gives opportunity to villagers from child to adult to express their artistic talent especially in dance, drama and gamelan arts. Young girls under twelve or elementary school age have a chance to participate in performing Rejang Dance. By wearing white and yelORZFRVWXPHVDQGÀRUDOGHFRUDWLRQ on head, they dance beautifully accompanied by gamelan music. Rejang Dance is one of the sacred dances performed in relation to the organization of temple anniversary or odalan. Other than putting a basic love to their tradition, they also show devotional service or ngatur ayah through the arts. When they grow older, right on entering secondary school, they join customary village youth club or Sekaa Taruna. Here, with their male friends and their brothers and

sisters start to learn about organization. Many things can be learned through this organization. Since it has affiliation to customary village, they can learn about the making of some simple oblation under guidance of senior oblation maker and various traditional arts. In Bali, this youth club actually play important role in preparing young generation to maintain their valuable cultural heritages or to prepare themselves for inheriting customary responsibility. With their male counterpart, here the young girls also learn to play drama or more complex traditional arts. Popular genres of performance showed are pure entertainment and the one in combination with sacred dance. The latter usually features Calonarang. This magical drama involves a combination of male and female

players. In essence, this Calonarang drama highlights the endless ¿JKW EHWZHHQ WUXWK DQG XQWUXWK symbolizing by sanctified effigies or tapakan like Rangda and Barong. By and large, it is also associated with ritual events at local temple. In the following stage, when woman gets married she will enter the new organization, namely customary village. Having learned much about ritual works, it is now the time to practice them in wider social life. They should attend some socio-religious activities when the events engage the members of customary village.At this stage, household mother can remain to show her devotional service through the arts other than social works. Through the arts, they may join the drama or individual psalmodic singing or pasantian.

How is about their private life? It is normal as others. They also have opportunity to build career in their profession. In modern life with heterogeneous professions as today, woman also works as men do. Traditions do not impede them to reach outstanding achievement in VHOIHPSOR\HHRURI¿FHMRE,IWKH\ work at daytime, some social works will be held at the evening. Tradition is not something obsolete. Even, it retains abundant inspirations to create something new and creative that is advantageous for modern life. However, traditions should also be reviewed and adjust to the current condition without leaving behind its core. Tradition does not hinder women to get their career achievement. Even, it stays to give them a channel to express their spiritual sense through devotional services. (BTN/punia)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Balinese Culture Duck Curry

Kharisma Wijaya appointed as new Honorary Consul of Norway IBP

DENPASAR - Bali has now have new Honorary Consul of Norway. The new appointed Honorary Consul is the General Manager of Segara Village Hotel where the new consulate will be situated. Appointment of new Honor-

ary Consul of Norway to the Province of Bali, Denpasar was taking place in Denpasar on 26th January 2012. The Norwegian Ambassador, Eivind S. Homme, hosted a dinner reception at Sector Restaurant in Bali for the consular corps to thank the outgoing honorary Norwegian consul, Ms. Mira

Chandra, and introduce the new Norwegian consul, Mr. Ida Bagus Kharisma Wijaya. Norway has currently four schools in Bali with a total number of around 600 students at University/College level, one of them working closely with Udayana University.

OVERVIEW: Ducks waddling along the banks of the rice fields or following the flag held by their owner (or his children) are a common sight in Bali. On festive occasions, duck is great favorite. Spiced stuffed duck baked in banana leaf is one popular recipe; this curry-like dish is another. Chicken could be used as a substitute for duck if preferred. INGREDIENTS: 1 whole duck, weighing about 2 kg 8 cups coconut milk 2 lemon grass, bruised 2 salam leaves 1 tbsp salt 1 tsp black peppercorns, crushed fried shallots SPICE PASTE: 12 shallots, peeled and sliced 6 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced 4 red chilies 2.5 cm galangal (laos), peeled and sliced 2.5 cm kencur, peeled and sliced 5 cm fresh turmeric, peeled and sliced 2 tsp coriander, crushed 3 candlenuts 1 tsp dried shrimp paste ¼ tsp black peppercorns, crushed pinch of freshly grated nutmeg 2 cloves 3 tbsp oil

IBP/Courtesy of Norwegian Embassy

From left to right, Former Consul Mira Chandra, Ambassador od Norway Eivind S. Homme and the new Consul Ida Bagus Kharisma Wijaya.

PREPARATION: Cut the duck into 12 pieces and pat dry. Prepare the spice paste by grinding or blending all ingredients except oil. Heat the oil and sauté the spice paste for 2 minutes. Add the duck, increase heat and sauté for 3 minutes, stirring frequently. Add the coconut milk and all ingredients except fried shallots and simmer, uncovered, until the duck is tender and the sauce has thickened. Garnish with fried shallots and serve with white rice.



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Water Sport Activities IBP

Marine Sports are the exciting and fun seawater activities with great challenge for everyone who joins this sport. It offers variety of marine post activities from motorize until the manual one. It is one of the great seawater adventures in Bali giving the fantastic experience from every activity like Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Diving, Fishing, Glass Bottom Boat and Turtle Island Tour. The Marine Sport Packages are also available with attractive choice of sport activities and competitive prices. Blue sea water without wave is the best venue for water sport activities. Bali own the beautiful place with the long white sandy beach located in Tanjung Benoa as a Marine Sport Center. It is located right in the Bali’s Peninsula, south part of the island and about 25 minutes drive from Bali’s International Airport. It is just a step from Nusa Dua, the elite resort area in Bali and featured by an easy way to reach it. Below are some

water sport activities that you can try while you holidaying in Bali: ‰ Parasailing activity will bring you to the exciting experience by hook your self in airborne for a second and you will get free to enjoy the amazing view of the island from the over head. Beautiful scenery of the sea water is easily found by ying like a bird with string more then 100 meter up makes this activity really unforgettable memory in our life. You can get Parasailing Adventure right now as your choice during your vacation in Bali Island. ‰ Snorkeling is a fantastic marine activity to over view the beautiful panorama of coral, colorful ďŹ shes and other unique marines life. This adventure will bring you the exciting experience with professional snorkeling guide who guide you the right snorkeling spot point. It will take about one hour to explore and view beautiful underwater life which is completed safety equipment.


‰ Riding a motorized sea vehicle will get different experience and the fresh sea breeze will swirl your hair. Fun riding on the blue water with the combination of jet Drive Power up to 700 cc and personal water craft will result pure excitement. ‰ Gathering Banana Boat ride is the most enjoyable experience. It thrills for all and feels like kids ride over the ocean with blue seawater and big long soft marshmallow. It is a fantastic group game on the seawater which bring you to the exciting expe-

rience on your vacation in Bali. ‰ Water Ski is one of the exciting Marine Sport Activities by gliding on the seawater at Tanjung Benoa Beach which is famous with Bali Marine Sport Center. This adventure uses water ski board and pulled by the power boat to surround the beautiful white sandy beach area. ‰ Fly Fish is the newest marine sport activity by riding a at rubber boat which is pulled by a speed boat. It ies to dash against the wind sweeping that

it real y on the seawater. It is a great adventure by ying like ďŹ sh jumping on the seawater with high boat speed. ‰ The tour will use the Glass Bottom Boat to explore the submarine of Benoa sea and stop for 15 minutes to observe the colorful ďŹ shes of under water and just seat down on the boat you can see many kinds of ďŹ shes from the bottom glass. The journey will be extended to Turtle island where the local people take care and grow the turtle up. Get this place by boat and see the beautiful of white sandy beach.






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BUSINESS Bernanke is expected to stick with low-rate stance Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has called the economy “frustratingly slow.â€? On Tuesday, ConJUHVVZLOOÂżQGRXWZKHWKHUKHVWLOOWKLQNVVRHYHQDIWHU)ULGD\ÂśV news that hiring surged in January and unemployment reached a three-year low. Don’t expect a radical new outlook on the economy. :KHQ%HUQDQNHWHVWLÂżHVWRWKH6HQate Banking Committee, economists expect no shifts in the Fed’s efforts to bolster the recovery. They say Bernanke’s tone might be slightly more upbeat than when he spoke Thursday to House members. But they expect him to reiterate the Fed’s plan to keep a key interest rate at a record low near zero until at least late 2014. The super-low rates are meant to encourage consumers and businesses to borrow and spend and further strengthen the economy. Analysts also expect Bernanke to hold out the possibility that the Fed might launch another round of bond purchases later this year if the HFRQRP\QHHGVPRUHVXSSRUW6XFK purchases are intended to further drive down long-term rates. But many private economists think the timetable for any new bond purchases has been pushed back because of last week’s robust jobs report. And if the economy keeps improving, they say that the notion of more bond purchases could be permanently shelved. Bernanke will likely keep all the Fed’s options open, in part because RIWKUHDWVWRWKH86HFRQRP\IURP abroad. They include Europe’s debt crisis and rising tensions with Iran that could disrupt global oil supplies. Moreover, Congress is still debatLQJZKHWKHUWRH[WHQGD6RFLDO6HFXULW\WD[FXWWKDWEHQHÂżWVPLOOLRQ Americans and is due to expire at the end of this month. “The uncertainty level right now is MXVWVRKLJK´VDLG'LDQH6ZRQNFKLHI economist at Mesirow Financial. “The Fed is going to be very cautious in changing its stance.â€? At its last meeting Jan. 24-25, WKH )HG IRU WKH ÂżUVW WLPH SXEOLVKHG IRUHFDVWVRIZKHUHRIÂżFLDOVWKLQNWKH Fed’s key rate, the federal funds rate, is headed over the next three years and ZKHQWKH\H[SHFWWKHÂżUVWLQFUHDVH The rate has been near zero since December 2008. In its policy statement in January, the Fed said it would

probably not increase that rate until late 2014 at the earliest — a year and a half later than it had previously said. At the House hearing last week, Bernanke defended that decision against Republican criticism that LW UDLVHV WKH WKUHDW RI KLJK LQĂ€DWLRQ and of speculative bubbles in assets. Earlier extended periods of low rates triggered a bubble in technology stocks in the late 1990s. When that bubble burst, it contributed to the 2001 recession. A separate period of low rates has been blamed for fueling the housing bubble, which burst and helped lead to the Great Recession. But on ThursGD\ %HUQDQNH QRWHG WKDW LQĂ€DWLRQ has declined, while unemployment and slow economic growth remain problems. (FRQRPLVWVVD\)HGRIÂżFLDOVDUH prepared to keep rates low as long as LQĂ€DWLRQLVWDPH%XWLISULFHVZHUHWR escalate, analysts say it would cause the Fed to move up its late-2014 timetable for a rate increase, even if growth remained slow. The decision to announce that the Fed doesn’t plan to raise its benchmark rate until late 2014 at the earliest was adopted on a 9-1 vote. The lone dissenter was Jeffrey Lacker of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Lacker said he doesn’t think the economy needs low rates for that long and fears they could trigger KLJKLQĂ€DWLRQ 6RPH RWKHU )HG UHJLRQDO EDQN presidents are also skeptical. On MonGD\6W/RXLV)HGHUDO5HVHUYH%DQN President James Bullard said, “Anearzero rate policy stretching over many years can begin to distort fundamental decision-making in the economy in ways that may be destructive to longerrun economic growth.â€? 6WLOO-RHO1DURIIRI1DURII(FRnomic Advisors, said while some )HGRIÂżFLDOVKDYHPLVJLYLQJV%HUnanke commands a solid majority of the Fed’s policy group. He said the Fed will probably stick with the late-2014 timetable for now, in part to avoid sending mixed signals to WKHÂżQDQFLDOPDUNHWV

AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis

A woman walks past a man holding an infant while begging near off Athens’ main Syntagma Square, on Monday, Feb. 6, 2012. A European Union commissioner says an exit by Greece from the eurozone would not be a disaster for the rest of the currency union.

EU commissioner: Euro can survive Greek exit Associated Press

%5866(/6²$(XURSHDQ8QLRQFRPPLVVLRQHU says an exit by Greece from the eurozone would not be a disaster for the rest of the currency union. 1HHOLH .URHV LQ FKDUJH RI WKH (8ÂśV GLJLWDO agenda, told Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant that “It’s always said: if you let one nation go, or ask one to leave, the entire structure will collapse. But that is just not true.â€?

.URHVœVFRPPHQWVUXQFRXQWHUWRWKH(XURSHDQ &RPPLVVLRQœVRI¿FLDOSRVLWLRQ2YHUWKHSDVWWZR years, the EU’s executive arm has insisted that leaving the eurozone is impossible and that an exit by Greece could hurt other vulnerable countries like Portugal. However, pressure on Athens has been growing as the government has so far failed to agree reforms demanded in return for a second, ₏130 billion bailout.

U.S. lifts restrictions to support IFIs work in Myanmar Reuters

WASHINGTON - 7KH8QLWHG6WDWHVKDVHDVHG some restrictions on Myanmar to support ongoing work by International Financial Institutions (IFIs) like the Asian Development Bank carrying out economic assessments and technical assistance to its new civilian government. 7KH SDUWLDO ZDLYHU ZDV VLJQHG E\ 6HFUHWDU\ RI 6WDWH+LOODU\&OLQWRQRQ6XQGD\LQWKHODWHVWVLJQRI DVWHSXSLQ86HQJDJHPHQWZLWKDQLPSRYHULVKHG country squeezed by Western sanctions and run for 49 years by military juntas until 10 months ago. The nominally civilian government has since overseen a series of surprise reforms that have thrust into the spotlight the issue of Western sanctions imposed on past regimes for their human right violations.

The move in support of IFI involvement is seen as small but symbolic, a quid-pro-quo to acknowledge the reforms while still maintaining tight sanctions WKDWZHUH¿UVWLQWURGXFHGLQ2I¿FLDOVLQ:DVKington say the process of ending the embargoes on the former Burma would be complex and lengthy. ³$VVHVVPHQWVE\LQWHUQDWLRQDO¿QDQFLDOLQVWLWXtions will provide critical means to gain a greater understanding of Burma’s economic situation, particularly its severe poverty alleviation needs and capacity gaps,� the state department said in a statement. The International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have been sending technical support teams to Myanmar in the past few months to compile assessments of the country’s long-stagnant and murky economy and give advice RQZD\VWRXQLI\LWVFRPSOH[RI¿FLDODQGXQRI¿FLDO currency exchange systems.


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Clooney, Pitt, other pals gather for Oscar lunch Associated Press Writer

BEVERLY HILLS, California — George Clooney says the best thing about Academy Awards nominations is not necessarily the prizes. It’s hanging with old and new friends. At the annual Oscar nominee luncheon Monday, Clooney said he’s made new pals on the awards circuit this season and has been happy to catch up with longtime friends such as Viola Davis and Brad Pitt, his co-star in the “Ocean’s Eleven” movies. “A lot of people at home think we all hang out together. I think they think we’re always at the Hilton drinking champagne. The truth is I hadn’t seen Brad in about a year” until they crossed paths around the time of January’s Golden Globes, Clooney told reporters before sitting down to lunch. “So it’s fun to catch up, and it’s fun to see people I like and haven’t seen in a long time.” Both are up for the best-actor Oscar — Clooney for “The Descendants” and Pitt for “Moneyball.” Clooney said he also has had fun getting to know other nominees such as best-actor contend-

ers Gary Oldman of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” Jean Dujardin of “The Artist” and Demian Bichir of “A Better Life.” Pitt joked that like Clooney, awards season has allowed him to make a lot of new acquaintances. “I met this guy named George,” Pitt said, stumbling over the pronunciation of the name, “Gg-george, Jorge Clooney. Very nice guy. Very personable and very nice guy.” Along with Clooney and Pitt, others among the 150 nominees at the luncheon included “The Help” co-stars Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer; “Albert Nobbs” co-stars Glenn Close and Janet McTeer; “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” star Rooney Mara; “My Week with Marilyn” co-stars Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh; “The Artist” co-star Berenice Bejo; and “Hugo” director Martin Scorsese.

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Academy Awards Best Actor nominees, from left, Jean Dujardin of “The Artist,” Brad Pitt of “Moneyball” and George Clooney of “The Descendants” mingle at the 31st Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif., Monday, Feb. 6, 2012.

Dr. Oz’s health effort nets 1 million participants Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK — Television already has “The Biggest Loser.” Dr. Mehmet Oz is looking for the biggest number of losers.

AP Photo/Harpo Inc., David M. Russell, File

FILE - In this Aug. 12, 2009 file photo provided by Harpo, Inc., Dr. Mehmet Oz is pictured during the production of The Dr. Oz Show in New York.

“The Dr. Oz Show” said Monday that it had netted its 1 millionth participant in its “transformation nation” health effort, and the number is climbing. One of those people will win a $1 million prize in May. Since September, Oz has urged viewers to participate in his health challenge, done together with Weight Watchers. The number of registrants has increased steadily to a point that Oz said he’d never imagined the program would reach. “It is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” Oz said. Oz’s program has seven steps, starting with the simplest: Tell a friend to get some moral support. Participants are asked to register with Weight Watchers and go to a center to have their body mass index calculated. Other steps include connecting with a doctor, learning your family’s health history, getting more sleep, managing stress better and starting new fitness habits. A sample of 96,000 registrants who had weighed in at Weight Watchers determined they had collectively lost 672,000 pounds, or an average of 7 pounds per person, the show said. The show will select 10 finalists that it believes best embody the effort — not necessarily those who lose the most weight — and viewers will choose a favorite this spring for the $1 million prize.

Music Review: Van Halen ageless on new album Associated Press Writer

Van Halen, “A Different Kind Of Truth” (Interscope) Let’s face it, for many fans, Van Halen without founding singer David Lee Roth just isn’t Van Halen. It’s Van Hagar. Or even Van That-Guy-From-Extreme. Nearly 30 years after Roth and his bandmates parted ways following the group’s “1984” album, they’re back with “A Different Kind Of Truth.” Despite its title, the album’s 13 tracks feel more than a little bit familiar, which is a good thing if you’re looking to rewind the clock to Van Halen circa the late 1970s and early 1980s. If that sort of thing strikes you as dad-rock, however, then not so much. Regardless, “A Different Kind Of Truth” shows 14 years since the last full Van Halen album, guitar demon Eddie Van Halen remains at the top of his game, betraying no hint of age or wear in his guitar work. All the staples are there: scorching riffs, waves of overlapping notes that dive bomb into deep growls and signature sonic horse wails. Notably absent from “A Different Kind Of Truth” are the keyboard-heavy songs or power ballads found in the stretch of albums with Sammy Hagar on vocals. Instead, Van Halen mostly delivers hard-pounding rockers — less “Jump,” more “Atomic Punk.” And speed. Several tracks, such as the relentless “Bullethead” and “As Is,” fueled by a rockabilly-

like riff, are as fast and heavy as anything Van Halen has previously done. A lot of the credit for that goes to drummer Alex Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, on bass. (Wolfgang replaced original Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony during a U.S. tour about four years ago.) Roth’s voice hasn’t aged quite as well, but his delivery is lively and he lobs in plenty of his trademark yelps. The singer always was equal parts hype man and frontman, and on some tracks, like the underwhelming first single, “Tattoo,” he’s in over-the-top, Diamond Dave mode, singing “Sexy dragon magic! So very autobiographic!”



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Nikon unveils D800 DSLR

AFP Photo/Brigitte Weidlich

A wild antilope grazes in Namibia’s Etosha National Park in 2007. Scientists digging in the Namibian national park have uncovered sponge-like fossils they say are the first animals, a discovery that would push the emergence of animal life back millions of years.

Namibia sponge fossils ¶DUHZRUOG·V‫ۋ‬UVWDQLPDOV· Agence France Presse

Scientists digging in a Namibian national park have uncovered sponge-like fossils they say are the first animals, a discovery that would push the emergence of animal life back millions of years. The tiny vase-shaped creatures’ fossils were found in Namibia’s Etosha National Park and other sites around the country in rocks between 760 and 550 million years old, a 10-member team of international researchers said in a paper published in the South African Journal of Science. That means animals, previously thought to have emerged 600 million to 650 million years ago, actually appeared 100 million to 150 million

years before that, the authors said. It also means the hollow globs -- about the size of a dust speck and covered in holes that allowed fluid to pass in and out of their bodies -- were our ancestors, said co-author Tony Prave, a geologist at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. “If one looks at the family tree and projects this backward to where you have what’s called the stem group, the ancestor of all animals, then yes, this would be our great-

great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother,” he told AFP. Prave said fossil evidence that animals emerged as long as 760 million years ago fit together neatly with what geneticists had hypothesised by looking at “molecular clocks”, a means of gauging a species’ age by looking at the percentage difference between its DNA and that of another species. “The aspect of this that’s rather satisfying, at least intellectually, is that it is in broad agreement with what geneticists would tell us based on looking at molecular clocks when we should see the first advent of large multi-cellular life forms,” he said.

NIKON unveiled the D800 in Tokyo on Tuesday, the latest addition to its DLSR range. The new camera takes much from Nikon’s recently released D4 flagship model, though there are of course plenty of differences too. The stand-out feature of the full-frame D800 device is its new 36.6MP CMOS sensor, which Nikon claims is capable of image quality “equal to that achieved with medium-format digital cameras.” If you’re fond of making big prints or always find yourself using your editing software’s crop tool, the D800 will give you more leeway than you ever thought you’d need. The D800 incorporates a 51-point AF system with the viewfinder offering 100 percent coverage and 0.7x magnification. You’ll find twin memory card slots for SD and CF cards and a USB 3.0 port. Videowise this is Nikon’s most advanced camera to date and is capable of capturing 1080p full-HD movies at 30/25/24fps, and 720p movies at 60/50/25/24fps. The new camera sports a magnesium alloy body and weighs 10 percent less than its predecessor, the three-and-a-half-year-old D700. Its low frame rate of just 4fps at full resolution will come as a disappointment to some, and is the reason why Nikon is pitching the D800 at studio, wedding and nature photographers, as opposed to sports photographers. Those who need more shots per second will continue to look toward the higher-end models, such as the D4, with its 11fps capability, though the hefty $6000 price tag of that device will be prohibitive for many. The only way users can increase the D800’s frame rate is by dropping down to DX mode (max 15 MP) and adding the MB-D12 battery pack, which’ll bump it up to 6fps. Likewise, the D800 is also inferior to the D4 when it comes to shooting in low light, with a maximum ISO of 6400 (extendable to 25,600), compared to the D4’s 12,800 (extendable to 204,800), though we don’t want to think about how grainy things will be getting if an image is pushed that far. Still, for those looking to upgrade from the D700 or D300S, or pro shooters in need of a back-up body (sports photographers excepted), the D800 will be very tempting.

Anti-cancer drug for women weakens bone density Agence France Presse

AFP Photo/Philippe Huguen

A drug tipped for widespread use to prevent breast cancer in post-menopausal women also accelerates loss of bone density, thus potentially boosting the risk of fractures, a study published on Tuesday said.

A drug tipped for widespread use to prevent breast cancer in postmenopausal women also accelerates loss of bone density, thus potentially boosting the risk of fractures, a study published on Tuesday said. Exemestane -- brand name Aromasin -- is part of a drug class called aromatase inhibitors, which lower levels of the oestrogen that some breast cancers need in order to grow. Canadian bone specialists took a look at a group of patients who had taken part in a study into the effectiveness of exemestane among

4,500 healthy women with a worrying family history of breast cancer. Overall, the big study showed that the drug was highly effective, reducing the risk of breast cancer by almost two-thirds. The bone sub-study looked at 351 women who had been taking either exemestane or a dummy lookalike pill and whose bone density was measured with hi-tech scanners. After two years, women taking exemestane had a high loss of bone density at a common fracture point in the wrist called the distal radius, and also at the lower end of the tibia, compared with their

counterparts on placebo. The exemestane users also had an eight-percent decline in the thickness of cortical bone, which comprises the protective outer shell of the bones. That finding in particular is worrying because nearly four out of every five fractures in old age occur in cortical bone. These accidents are a huge source of disability. “Women considering exemestane for the primary prevention of breast cancer should weigh their individual risks and benefits,” says the study, headed by Angela Cheung of the University Health Network in Toronto.



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Suarez return fails to inspire Liverpool Reuters

LONDON - Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez returned after a nine-match absence but failed to inspire Liverpool to victory in a cagey 0-0 draw with Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League RQ0RQGD\6SXUVPDQDJHU+DUU\5HGNQDSSZKRKRSHGWRÀ\WRWKHPDWFKDIWHUWKHHQGRI the day’s court proceedings in his tax evasion trial, missed the game because of a technical fault that prevented his plane from taking off. He did not miss a great deal of action but his team defended UHVROXWHO\ WR OHDYH$Q¿HOG ZLWK a point after failing to score in WKH OHDJXH IRU WKH ¿UVW WLPH IRU 23 matches. Spurs stayed third on 50 points, seven behind leaders 0DQFKHVWHU &LW\ DQG ¿YH DGULIW of champions Manchester United. They also remained seven clear of IRXUWKSODFHG &KHOVHD IROORZLQJ WKHLU/RQGRQULYDOVœGUDZZLWK United on Sunday. /LYHUSRRO ZKR UHPDLQ XQEHDWHQLQWKH/HDJXHDW$Q¿HOGEXW KDYHGUDZQHLJKWRIWKHLUKRPH matches, remained seventh on 39 points, one behind Arsenal. Liverpool enjoyed more possession than Spurs but failed to seriously trouble the visitors, though manDJHU.HQQ\'DONJOLVKZDVKDSS\ ZLWKWKHSHUIRUPDQFH

Âł,ÂśPUHDOO\SOHDVHGZLWKWKHZD\ the team played. We kept them under a lot of pressure. We just needed the bounce of the ball to JRRXUZD\DQGLIZHÂśGKDYHJRW RQH , WKLQN ZH ZRXOG KDYH ZRQ it,â€? he told Sky Sports. Tottenham assistant manager Kevin Bond, in FKDUJH DW$QÂżHOG LQ 5HGNQDSSÂśV absence, told the BBC: “We had WRZRUNUHDOO\KDUGDQGGHIHQGIRU our lives at the end. “We didn’t create many chances EXWZHKDGWKHEHVWFKDQFHRIWKH PDWFKÂżYHPLQXWHVEHIRUHWKHHQG DQGLWMXVWZDVQRWPHDQWWREH)RU Gareth Bale’s chance, the goalNHHSHUVWRRGXSZHOODQGLWZDVD ELJPRPHQWIRUXVEXWDSRLQWZDV a good result for us.â€? Liverpool striker Andy Carroll had a good opportunity to score after 74 minutes but skied

D KDOIYROOH\ RYHU WKH EDU ZKLOH Suarez headed straight at former /LYHUSRRO NHHSHU %UDG )ULHGHO IURPDIUHHNLFNZLWKKLVRQO\UHDO chance. Suarez came on after 66 PLQXWHV IROORZLQJ WKH HQG RI KLV VXVSHQVLRQ ZKLFK LQFOXGHG DQ eight-match ban for racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra in October and one game for JLYLQJ )XOKDP IDQV WKH ¿QJHU LQ early December. Spurs’ best chance fell to Bale ¿YH PLQXWHV IURP WLPH EXW WKH :HOVKPLG¿HOGHUKXUULHGKLVVKRW DQG ¿UHG VWUDLJKW DW 3HSH 5HLQD RQHRIWKHIHZDWWHPSWVWKH/LYHUSRROJRDOLHKDGWRGHDOZLWK 7KHUH ZHUH IHZ UHDO FKDQFHV at either end and one of the highOLJKWVRIWKH¿UVWKDOIZDVZKHQD cat ran on to the pitch and caused a short delay.

AP Photo/Tim Hales

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, right, vies for the ball against Tottenham Hotspur’s Benoit Assou-Ekotto during their English Premier League soccer match at AnďŹ eld, Liverpool, England, Monday Feb. 6, 2012.

Keita emerges from exile to lead Mali to semis Reuters

/,%5(9,//(  6H\GRX .HLWD has emerged as the undisputed leader of an exciting young Mali side six months after returning from a 20-month hiatus from the international game. The 32-yearROG %DUFHORQD PLGILHOGHU ZDV carried high on the shoulders of his team mates after scoring the decisive penalty in the shootout against Gabon in their African Nations Cup quarter-final on Sunday. ,W ZDV DQ XQOLNHO\ VFHQDULR D \HDUDJRZKHQKHZDVVWLOOUHIXVing to play for the team in protest DWZKDWKHVDZDVEDGRUJDQLVDWLRQ

AP Photo/Francois Mori

Mali’s Seydou Keita reacts after defeating Gabon in penalties during their African Cup of Nations quarter ďŹ nal soccer match at Stade De L’Amitie in Libreville, Gabon, Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012.

by the country’s soccer federaWLRQÂł,WZDVQÂśWHDV\WRVFRUHWKDW SHQDOW\EXWWKLVZLQLVDVJRRGDV any I’ve had at Barcelona,â€? said .HLWD ZKR WRRN FHQWUH VWDJH DW D QHZV FRQIHUHQFH ZKLOH FRDFK Alain Giresse and captain Cedric Kante listened attentively. “I’m one of the older players in the team but I feel younger than any of the other squad members ULJKW QRZ´ .HLWD LJQRUHG KLV FRXQWU\ÂśVFDOOXSVDIWHUWKH 1DWLRQV &XS LQ $QJROD ZKHUH PXFK ZDV H[SHFWHG IURP 0DOL EHIRUH WKH\ ZHQW RXW LQ WKH ÂżUVW round. Persuaded back in September last year, he competed in the ODVWWZRTXDOLÂżHUVWRHQVXUH0DOLÂśV participation at the tournament in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon DQGLVQRZDWWKHKHDUWRIDVLGH that has undergone much change under Giresse. ‘SOMETHING SPECIAL’

+LV VKRXOGHU GUDSHG ZLWK D Mali flag, Keita defended his lengthy self-imposed exile and

spoke of his loyalty. “It’s not normal not to play for one’s country but I had objections and reasons,â€? KHVDLGÂł7KHUHZHUHRWKHUSOD\HUV too,â€? he added, citing the example RI IRUPHU /LYHUSRRO PLGÂżHOGHU 0RPR6LVVRNRZKRKDVHQGHGKLV LQWHUQDWLRQDO FDUHHU ZLWK VLPLODU misgivings.â€? .HLWD KDG ÂżUVW PDGH D WHDUIXO appeal for peace in his country, ZKHUHD7XDUHJLQVXUJHQF\LQWKH north of the country has led to an HVWLPDWHG  SHRSOH EHLQJ displaced, before his mood brightened as he spoke of matters on the SLWFK +H FRQYHUWHG WKH ZLQQLQJ kick as Mali beat Gabon 5-4 on SHQDOWLHVIROORZLQJDGUDZWR UHDFKWKHVHPLÂżQDOVZKHUHWKH\ ZLOOSOD\,YRU\&RDVWLQ/LEUHYLOOH on Wednesday. “This is something special for me because I’m not getting any \RXQJHU´ .HLWD VDLG Âł,W ZDV GLIÂżFXOW WR NHHS JRLQJ IRU  minutes but I’m really happy. We have a team under reconstruction DQGDORWRIQHZSOD\HUVZKRDUH competing up to their potential.â€?



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NBA-best Thunder beat Blazers 111-107 in OT Associated Press Writer

PORTLAND, Ore. — A satisfying victory for Oklahoma City was a head-scratcher for Portland. Kevin Durant had 33 points, including a dunk with 2.9 seconds left in overtime, and the Thunder defeated the Trail Blazers 111-107 on Monday night. But the focus of the game fell on a goaltending call on Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge with 6 seconds left in regulation that tied the game at 103 and would send it into overtime. The Rose Garden Crowd wailed when the replay was shown on the video scoreboard. Coach Nate McMillan rushed to the nearest official to complain. Aldridge, who finished with a season-high 39 points, just looked stunned. “I said, ‘Y’all should go look at it,’� Aldridge said. “And the ref said, ‘Nope.’� And that was that. Russell Westbrook added 28 points and 11 rebounds for the Thunder, who upped their NBA-best record to 19-5 (.792). Oklahoma City outscored the deflated Blazers 8-4 in overtime to clinch it. Westbrook hit a jumper and James Harden added a fast-break dunk to give the Thunder a 107103 lead. Jamal Crawford’s pull-up jumper narrowed it to 109-107 for the Blazers, but Durant dunked with 2.9 seconds left to put it away. “It was a tough game,� Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. “It could have gone either way. I don’t think one call is a difference-maker.� It was just the second loss for

the Blazers (13-11) at the Rose Garden. “It’s tough. We definitely played well enough to win this game,� Aldridge said. “We had some tough calls and then we had some bad bounces late in the game. We have to learn from it.� The Blazers trailed by as many as 12 points in the second half, but Nicolas Batum hit a 3-pointer that tied it at 63 with 6:52 left. Aldridge added a jumper to put Portland ahead. Aldridge hit a turnaround jumper with 3:37 to go to make it 99-95 for the Blazers. After a pair of free throws, Durant made a 3-pointer to close to 101-98. Westbrook made free throws to tie it for Oklahoma City, and then Crawford’s jumper with 55.9 seconds left pulled the Blazers back ahead. Portland clung to the narrow lead when, with 6 seconds left, Aldridge was called for goaltending on Durant’s layup. “It didn’t hit the glass. I put it on the glass, so I figured it was a clean

block,� Aldridge said. “The ref who called it was the furthest one from the basket, so that’s pretty interesting.� Coach Nate McMillan was much more direct: “I thought it was a good block. That game should have been over.� Durant felt otherwise. “I saw the lane to the rim and I tried to get it up there quick because LaMarcus Aldridge is a long, athletic defender,� he said. “So I got it up there quick enough that it hit the glass first. It was a goaltend, so it was a good play for us.� Batum missed a layup for Portland’s final possession and the game went to overtime and the Rose Garden crowd jeered the officials. The boos came again after the game when the refs quickly exited the floor. The Thunder were coming off a 107-96 loss at San Antonio on Saturday, which kicked off a fivegame road trip. Durant had 22 points and 11 rebounds for his fifth straight double-double.

AP Photo/Don Ryan

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, right, drives on Porltand Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge during the ďŹ rst half of their NBA basketball game in Portland, Ore., Monday, Feb. 6, 2012.

Sports court strips Contador of 2010 Tour title Associated Press Writer

REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier

Astana rider Alberto Contador of Spain holds up his arms as he wins the 15th stage of the 96th Tour de France cycling race between Pontarlier and Verbier, July 19, 2009.

GENEVA — Three days after U.S. prosecutors dropped their investigation of doping claims against Lance Armstrong, fellow Tour de France champion Alberto Contador was stripped of his 2010 title when sports’ highest court rejected the Spanish cyclist’s story that contaminated meat caused him to fail a drug test. The 29-year-old Contador, who also won the Tour in 2007 and ‘09, tested positive for clenbuterol during a Tour rest day in July 2010. Contador’s ban was backdated to Jan. 25, 2011 — making him eligible to return on Aug. 6. “Unlike certain other countries, notably outside Europe, Spain is not known to have a contamination problem with clenbuterol in meat,� the Court of Arbitration for Sport said in its ruling. “Furthermore, no other cases of athletes having tested positive to clenbuterol allegedly in connection with the consumption of Spanish meat are known.� Contador had been thought likely to challenge Armstrong’s record of seven

career Tour victories. Instead, he joins Floyd Landis as the only riders stripped of their Tour titles after testing positive for banned performance-enhancing drugs. Andy Schleck of Luxembourg is now in line to take Contador’s 2010 title. The CAS verdict in Lausanne, Switzerland, was delivered 566 days after Contador cycled triumphantly along the Champs d’Elysees in Paris. The ruling came after Armstrong’s RZQ OHQJWK\ OHJDO ÂżJKW HQGHG )ULGD\ with U.S. federal authorities dropping an investigation into alleged doping involving his Tour teams. Cycling’s governing body, which had joined the World Anti-Doping Agency in forcing Contador into court, said it took QRVDWLVIDFWLRQIURPXSKROGLQJLWVÂżJKW against drug cheats. “This is a sad day for our sport,â€? International Cycling Union president Pat McQuaid said in a statement. “Some may think of it as a victory, but that is not at all the case. There are no winners when it comes to the issue of doping: every case, irrespective of its characteristics, is always a case too many.â€?




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Valentino Rossi has rod removed from leg

VA L E N T I N O R o s s i ergon surgery to has undergone remove the m metal rod that ed in hhis right tibia was placed when hee brok broke his leg in 2010. The Muge Mugello practice early two years crash nearly ced R ago forced Rossi to miss several races races, ending his 2010 titlee bid. The rod has d in hhis leg since remained day’s operation at then. Today’s Cattolica’s Ce Cervesi hospitall was a complete success, and Rossi will be fully fit for the next MotoGP test at Sepang from 28 February

to 1 March. His Ducati team-mate Nicky Hayden was also having surgery today to attend to shoulder damage sustained in a training accident just after Christmas. MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi from Italy crouches beside his Ducati during a preseason test run at Sepang circuit in Sepang, Malaysia, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012. AP Photo/Vincent Thian

Williams declare fresh F1 start after grim 2011 Reuters

JEREZ, Spain - Former world champions Williams presented their new car on Tuesday and declared a fresh start after enduring their worst season in Formula One. A Renault engine has taken the place of last year’s Cosworth, Brazilian Bruno Senna has ousted veteran compatriot Rubens Barrichello and a new technical line-up is in charge following the departures of Sam Michael and Patrick Head. The dark-blue-and-white FW34 that was rolled out of the garage without fanfare on a chilly morning before the first pre-season test was without doubt the least attractive Williams since the ‘Walrus-nosed’ FW26 of 2004. It featured the by-now conventional stepped nose that has appeared on all the 2012 cars with the exception of McLaren.

Williams, who scored just five points last year with Barrichello and Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado, will not care how it looks so long as it is quicker and more reliable than its predecessor. “One could say that looking at the Williams F1 Team today we are off to a truly fresh start,” said team founder Frank Williams in a statement. “We have a new car, new driver line up, new engine and new senior personnel. We also have a number of new partners who have joined the team in the past few months. “The team has had a good winter at the factory and we feel ready and strong for the fight.”

While the Renault engine is the same as that used by champions Red Bull, it is also identical to the one powering Caterham, the former Team Lotus who have yet to score a point. The roll-out was a novelty for Senna, who scored two points and started the final eight races of 2011 with Renault. He made his F1 debut in 2010 with struggling HRT, who did not have a car ready to test that year. “This is my ever first pre-season testing programme since I started in Formula One two years ago,” said the Brazilian. “I’m really motivated and looking forward to working hard and with everyone in the team. I hope we have a successful month testing and developing the car so we arrive in Melbourne as well prepared as possible.” Melbourne hosts the opening grand prix of the season on March 18

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