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Friday, January 7, 2011

Massive cruise liner docks in Cuba to much fanfare PAGE 6

JAL discontinues flight, Japanese tourists to Bali drop by 32 percent PAGE 8

(AP Photo/ Lee Hae-yrong, Yonhap)

South Korean Army’s 155 mm howitzers fire during a military drill near the demilitarized zone, which has separated the two Koreas since the Korean War, in Chulwon, north of Seoul, South Korea, Monday, Jan. 3, 2011.

“Twilight” and Katy Perry among People’s Choice winners PAGE 12

N.Korea is calling for ‘unconditional’ talks with South Agence France Presse

SEOUL - North Korea offered “unconditional” talks with the South Wednesday, in its most conciliatory remarks since the nuclear-armed state sent tensions on the peninsula soaring by shelling a South Korean island. In an unusually cordial statement, carried by its KCNA agency, North Korea said the communist nation “courteously proposes having wide-ranging dialogue and negotiations.”




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Pyongyang is “ready to meet anyone anytime anywhere”, it said, calling for “unconditional and early opening of talks” a m o n g o ffi c i a l s w i t h “ r e a l power and responsibility.” The remarks were out of character

for the reclusive regime led by Kim Jong-il, which regularly issues diatribes condemning Seoul as a puppet of the warmongering US. But South Korean officials were dismissive of the comments.

“What’s more important is sincerity in North Korea’s attitude,” an unnamed official from Seoul’s unification ministry, which handles relations with the North, told Yonhap news agency. South Korea has regularly stressed that progress depends

on the North’s actions, rather than its words. As well as the artillery strike, Pyongyang has also heightened security fears by disclosing a uranium enrichment plant, which specialists say could be used to develop materials for atomic weapons, to visiting US nuclear experts. Washington echoed Seoul’s response, saying that the North had to take “useful steps” to show that its proposal was serious. Continued on page 6

Sightseeing bus crashes in northern India, 22 dead Associated Press Writer

LUCKNOW, India – A sightseeing bus overturned and plunged into a gorge, killing 22 Indian tourists and injuring 12 others who were visiting a hill town at the foot of the Himalayas in northern India, officials said Thursday. Among the 22 killed were 13 children, Uttarakhand state spokesman Mahendra Singh Tamta said. Four of 12 people hospitalized were in serious condition.

The private bus was one of eight hired to take Haridwar city traders on a picnic in Mussoorie, a popular tourist town surrounded by green hills and snowy mountain ranges about 20 miles (30 kilometers) from the state capital, Dehradun. The bus was carrying 52 people back to Haridwar late Wednesday when it flipped over at a curve in the road and rolled down the gorge, landing upside down, Tamta said. Using ropes and a ladder to climb down into the gorge, local villagers

and government rescue officials worked for hours to bring the injured and the dead back up to the road. The driver, who initially fled the scene, was arrested Thursday, Tamta said. A witness told officials that several passengers had asked the driver to slow down before the accident, he said. Shops in Haridwar were closed Thursday as the city mourned the dead. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Ramesh Pokheriyal visited the injured at Dehradun’s hospital and pledged to give each 50,000 rupees ($1,000).

He said the families of those killed would receive twice that amount. Mussoorie, also known as Queen of the Hills, sits at an altitude of 6,170 feet (1,880 meters). Road accidents are common in India, which has the world’s highest annual road death toll, according to the World Health Organization. More than 110,000 people die each year across the country in traffic accidents caused by speeding, bad roads, overcrowding and poor vehicle maintenance, according to police.



Friday, January 7, 2011

Bali News

contributes foreign exchange Deputy Governor Bali at IDR 2.658 billion Puspayoga confers the 10th K. Nadha Awards Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Singaraja (Bali Post)—

Deputy Governor of Bali AAN Puspayoga accompanied by President Director of PT Bali Post Satria Naradha conferred the tenth K. Nadha Awards 2011 to paragons and customary village in Buleleng, in University of Ganesha Education (Undiksha), Wednesday (Jan 5). The tenth K. Nadha Awards posed a tribute to the paragons and customary village leaders who had devoted their services in keeping the Buleleng environment as the buffer zone of Bali. Recipients of the tenth K. Nadha Awards were the customary village of Sudaji, Selat, Pemuteran, Putu Bagiada, Prof. Ketut Rindjin and I Ketut Wirata Sindhu. Presentation of the tenth K. Nadha Awards was also coupled with a discussion on the Buleleng Outlook 2011 entitled Investment and Challenge of Spatial Preservation. Government officials attending the presentation ceremony consisted of the Regent of Buleleng Putu Bagiada, Regent of Badung AA Gde Agung, Mayor of Denpasar I.B. Rai Dharma Wijaya Mantra, a national legislator Wayan Koster, and element of consultative leadership council of Bali and the regency as well as a number of public figures. Governor of Bali in his written speech read by Deputy Governor Puspayoga said that his party warmly welcomed the conferment of K. Nadha Awards. It denoted one of the forms of appreciation to the leaders who had developed Bali. Expectedly, conferment of the awards could become an auspicious moment in uniting the community towards a safe and prosperous society. Governor Mangku Pastika also hoped that those activities could continue. The governor expressed his appreciation and the award recipients were expected to give more contribution to the community development. Further to say, the challenge in 2011 would be remarkably heavier. On that account, the Bali Post as one of the press institutions was expected to continue such an excellent activity. It posed one of the active roles of

the press in the development as generator of aspirations and at the same time acted as an agent of change. In line with the initiative, the Rector of Undiksha, Prof. Dr. Nyoman Sudiana, said that the activity would be very useful both for the progress of the press and the regional development. Likewise, he hoped the purpose of the activity could be realized accordingly. Meanwhile, Satria Naradha stated the award presentation was the tenth time, and at least 100 people had received it. Especially this time, it was intended for the community component in Buleleng. Why Buleleng? “Buleleng was chosen because serves as the buffer zone of Bali and the region is exceptionally important for the constancy of Bali in the future. Buleleng has a lot of local wisdom in dealing with the world situation that increasingly goes uncertain,” he said. What had been done by the leaders and customary villages in Buleleng was expected to become an inspiration for regional and other leaders in maintaining the constancy of Bali. Therefore, Buleleng was expected to soon rise and catch up the existing underdevelopment. Similarly, it could be undertaken by making cooperation considering the existing potential of the development and to formulating strategic measures in years to come in coping with the national problems. (kmb25)

As a locomotive of tourism in Indonesia, Bali could contribute at USD 2.658 billion to the national foreign exchange worth USD 7.6 billion. The figure was slightly down from the foreign exchange revenue in 2009 worth USD 2.7 billion with contribution of 41 percent to the national revenue or equivalent to USD 6.5 billion. Head of Bali Government Tourism Office, I.B. Kade Subhiksu, stated within the period of 2010, Bali contributed over 34 percent of the total foreign tourist visit nationally reaching 7.01 million foreign tourists. In 2011, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism targeted Bali to be able to contribute more than 30 percent of the total target of 7.7 million. “We’re always optimistic with the foreign tourist visit in 2011. If central government targeted the growth at 10 percent or 7.7 million foreign tourists, so we are optimistic that contribution of Bali will be above 30 percent,” said I.B. Kade Subhiksu, Wednesday (Jan 5). According to him, the number of foreign tourists visiting Bali in

2010 achieved some 2.45 million, while in the period of January-November was registered to reach 2,275,293 people. The figure increased by 11 percent over the same period in 2009 with the number of arrivals came to 2,047,389 people. “The development of foreign tourists in 2010 showed an adequately significant figure, but the arrival in April experienced a slight decline reaching 0.74 percent. Meanwhile, from January up to the New Year’s Eve continued to increase,” he said. Out of the 10 major tourism market shares, there were four market proponents of tourism growth in 2010 including Australia that rose by 48.31 percent, Singapore (64.83 percent), United Kingdom (13.51 percent), and Germany (12.82 percent). In the meantime, some markets facing decline were Japan dropping by 24.01 percent, France (4.87 percent) and South Korea (1.29 percent). “The decline was triggered by several factors such as the sluggish economic condition, conflict between the countries, and the quality of our destinations considered

less good than the quality of other tourist destinations,” he said. Meanwhile, Badung Regency believed that tourism development in 2011 would be better than in the previous year. Even, it was optimistic the target of 2.5 million visits planned could be achieved. Such optimism was based on several matters, among others, the increasingly conducive security sector at the local, national and regional levels. “Besides, the development of global economy has gone toward a better trend in which the recession engulfing the world has started to grow well gradually,” said the Head of Badung Government Tourism Office, Cok. Raka Dharmawan. On welcoming the conditions getting better, said Cok. Raka Dharmawan, it needed to perform an improvement in the existing tourism objects. Among others, it could be undertaken by making improvement on the infrastructure, including the making of road leading to the respective tourist objects as well as environmental preservation. By doing so, the Badung region could develop into an excellent resort for tourists from around the world. (par)

Graduates of tourism school just supply 30% demand of tourism industry Jakarta (Bali Post)—

Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik said the graduate of tourism school in Indonesia was currently just able to meet the demand for 30 percent of the new job opportunities in the tourism industry. “The rapid growth of tourism development is unable to be caught up by the availability of skilled manpower yielded by tourism schools. We could only meet 30 percent of the demand,” he said when attending the inauguration of the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism of the Pancasila University, Riada Mastra, in Jakarta, Wednesday (Jan 5). According to Minister of Culture, his party had implemented zero unemployment programs to four state tourism colleges since a few years ago such as the STP Bandung, STP Bali, AKPAR Medan and AKPAR Makassar. “We have obliged the board and management of the STP and AKPAR to distribute their graduates to work. As consequence, they can realize zero unemployment,” said Wacik. Such a commitment, continued

Wacik, posed a realization on the working contract with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono requiring all government activity programs were directed and focused on the partiality to growth (pro-growth), partiality to poverty alleviation (propoor), and partiality to employment opportunities (pro-job). Wacik made sure, the need for manpower remained widely open in the field of tourism, not only at home but also the demand of the tourism industry abroad and cruises. Moreover, said Wacik, the current tourism college or STP had held a certificate and been accredited by international agencies in the form of the Tourism Education Quality (TED Qual). “On that account, the graduates of our STPs have been internationally recognized,” he said proudly. That’s why, said Wacik, many hotels and the tourism industry abroad, including in the most luxurious hotel in Dubai, employed the graduates of tourism schools from Indonesia. “There are 40 graduates of tour tourism school working in

the most luxurious hotel in the world situated in Dubai,” said Wacik. According to Wacik, the process of liberalization leading to an open and transparent system as well as driven by the market mechanism required all parties to build a shared commitment on the importance of tourism standardization and certification in order to create human resources in the field of tourism being able to take part in the national and international levels. Obviously, explained Wacik, this competency standard in turn would improve the quality of products and services in the field of tourism. This turned important in keeping with the implementation of the free trade policy in the ASEAN region affecting the mobility of the workforce in the region. Currently, the ASEAN region had a standard of competence in the field of tourism namely the ASEAN Common Competency Standards for Tourism Professionals (ACCSTP) covering 32 job titles. (son)

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Bali News



Friday, January 7, 2011

Sellers on Cars Haunted Gajah Mada Arrangement Denpasar (Bali Post) –

IBP/Bali Putra

The damage road which is leading to the tourism site. Many roads in Klungkung is damaged due to the trucks and heavy vehicles for river digging activities.

Residents Complained Serious Damaged Roads Semarapura (Bali Post) –

A number of roads in Klungkung Region especially at villages are serious damaged. Now it’s resulting complains from the residents. The old age roads are being used by trucks and heavy vehicles for river digging activities. The damages are at Banjar Sarimerta and Tegalbesar, Negari, Banjarangkan, Klungkung. at Tegalbesar the damage is very worrying as this place is also a tourist object. “A while ago, a French tourist totally protested because the road was broken,” a tourist accommodation worker at Tegalbesar, Gusti Nyoman Alit, mentioned. It was said the tourist protested when all of a sudden the car they’re in stopped due to the broken road which goes to their accommodation, “Because they

stopped all of a sudden, the tourist thought they will be robbed.” After given explanation, the tourist then didn’t mind walking to the accommodation. Residents around mentioned the road towards the beach and several accommodations in Tegalbesar broke because there is a project in redirecting and giving support on a local river. This project has been complained by the residents yet no responses were given even though two regions (Gianyar and Klunkung) are involved.

Meanwhile at Banjar Sarimerta the damaged road was 500 meters long. This was due to heavy vehicles as well passing by the roads for digging soils activities. At first it was only happening at one point, and then it became two. So everyday ten even hundred cubic of soils taken and pressurize roads surrounding it when carried away. For that, Tegalbesar and Sarimerta residents hoped government will give special attention to fix or coordinate with the owner of the soils in mending the serious damaged roads. (kmb20)

The Gajah Mada Road arrangement which starts with disclosure of some shops near Denpasar Puseh/ Desa Temple until now still hasn’t end as Denpasar Government wants to free the road from parking and sellers yet it is still being haunted by sellers on cars. This was then discussed again with those involved which are Transportation Agency, Spatial Planning Agency, Peace and Order Agency, Market Regional Maintenance, Economy Section and Village Officials in the first floor meeting room at Denpasar Mayor’s office last Wednesday (5/1). The meeting was discussing about the arrangement of Gajah Mada Street led by Second Assistant for Denpasar Council IGN Eddy Mulya. In the meeting, the council could not give clear action for the sellers on cars. Denpasar Village Official Secretary AA Putu Gede Wibawa accompanied by I Made Artana stated af-

ter the meeting that it is being suggested to have the sellers on cars own location in Payuk Market Central Parking (South to Kumbasari Market). As the village and city council have promised themselves to make Gajah Mada beautiful, they still need time in arranging these sellers through socializations and understandings. Putu Wibawa appreciates the MoU to where they will be moved but it seemed they prefer somewhere else as central parking tends to be quiet, “It needs to time to free the road from sellers on cars.” Made Artana added, for sellers on cars there are at Sutomo, it will be given some understandings. They are hoped to stay where they are placed. For the while, they couldn’t push these sellers to move to central parking as this is still in socializing and understanding processes while waiting the right representative place for these sellers, which is a former goods terminal at Gunung Agung Street. (kmb12)

Messy Ceking Unpermitted Adverts Decorating Gianyar (Bali Post) –

Ceking tourist area at Tegallalang, Gianyar has been a nature object with great terasering paddy fields view is now being disturbed by unpermitted adverts placed at several places. Esthetic values continued not to be seen followed by the traffic jam due to no parking areal. The information received last Wednesday (5/1) that the silver producer advertisements have been putting up its advert around Ceking for a few months. Other than that, other banners are also starting to decorate the area. A number of local figures and tourist guiders around Ceking are complaining about it as Ceking which’s suppose to be a nature tourist object are now filled with advertisements. Head of Economy Section for

Gianyar Council, Dewa Gede Suartika, confirmed the adverts put up were unpermitted and some figures and residents have stated complains. For that Economy Section have come down to location to see it, “After checking it, those UC Silver advertisements were placed without permit.” Suartika also admitted have warned the advertiser yet with the many activities by the government, there hasn’t been a next step taken. He realizes that it causes messy looks, “There should be a limit to the radius where adverts can be.” Until now, the council is still waiting for the advertiser to realize what it has done. Suartika also have coordinated with Police Civil Service in taking clear actions. In the near time, order team will discipline those who have ignored their warning. (kmb16)

Captured, High School Pupil Stole Neighbor Motorbike Denpasar (Bali Post) –

Annoyed by his father’s promise on buying him a motorbike yet it’s still not coming true caused AR SR (18) a high school pupil stole his neighbor’s. The action caused him got in to the cells of Badung Police Resort as he was captured with complete evidence of Yono’s (the neighbor) motorbike. Head of Badung Police Resort AKP Soma Adnyana last Wednesday (5/12) stated that the accused has been jailed while the case is still being investigated intensively. Meanwhile, evidence of Suzuki

Satria FU motorbike has been also confiscated, “We are investigating the accused. So far only one accused has been captured.” According to Adnyana, the robbery happened on 28th November 2010. Accused receive information from a fried rice seller that there’s a motorbike left by its owner in the owner’s house so accused asked the seller to tell accused if the owner is coming home. The motorbike was then taken and brought to the accused flat at Padang Luwih Street, Dalung Village, Badung. The next day, the owner of the mo-

torbike was shocked seeing his motorbike gone. Yono couldn’t find it and accused kept his mouth shut. This was then reported to the police, “Accused brought the motorbike to his flat. It was already used to go everywhere.” From the police investigation, the robber seemed to be accused. Accused then captured on Saturday (1/ 1) and brought to the police department. From the investigation, he admitted his actions and it was because he wanted his own bike. Besides that, accused is annoyed of his parents as they promised three times yet it was never bought. (kmb21)

IBP/Gung Dar

The messy sight on the road leding to Ceking tourism site.



Friday, January 7, 2011


Struggling Japan PM tries to seize policy initiative Reuters

TOKYO – Struggling Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan is launching a counter-offensive to try to boost his ratings, take control of his fractious party and prod opposition parties to help tackle policy problems in a divided parliament. The strategy is risky and possibly too late. But it may be Kan’s last chance to turn around his fading fortunes and chalk up some achievements in key areas such as tax reforms to fix heavily indebted state finances and trade liberalization to help companies compete abroad. “What the public wants to see is progress,” said Tsuneo Watanabe, a political analyst at the Tokyo Foundation think tank. “If he acts, there will be criticism but also support.” Kan, who took office in June as Japan’s fifth premier since 2006, has come out swinging on several fronts in the new year. He is raising again the touchy topic of boosting Japan’s 5 percent sales tax to fund ballooning social welfare costs and

curb a public debt twice the size of the $5 trillion economy. He is also pitching the need for trade liberalization keenly sought by businesses but opposed by powerful farm lobbies. “What I am stressing most is a counter-offensive to deal with political issues that have been put off,” Kan wrote in his blog this week. “I want this year to energetically and courageously confront issues that can no longer be postponed.” Kan’s more aggressive stance might not only come too late to impress voters but also risks angering opposition parties just when their cooperation is needed to pass laws in parliament. Opposition parties control the upper house and can block bills, including those needed to implement the 2011/12 budget. “A counter-offensive is fine in terms of seizing the policy initiative, but when it comes to the budget process, you have to build bridges and alliances and he hasn’t done anything to secure a legislative majority,” said Sophia University’s Koichi Nakano.

AP Photo/Oded Balilty, Pool

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, gestures, as security officers gather around Danny Rosen, center, life-partner of Haifa police chief Ahuva Tomer who was killed in last month’s massive Carmel forest fire, after he interrupted the official ceremony for the fire victims, in Kibbutz Beit Oren, northern Israel, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011.

Angry crowd forces Israeli PM to halt speech Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM – Angry relatives of 42 Israelis killed in a huge forest fire last month forced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop his speech Wednesday at a ceremony honoring the dead. Family members shouted that he should be held responsible for the handling of the disaster response. Others directed their anger at Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who was escorted out of the hall. Firefighting services are part of his ministry.


Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan (C), accompanied by his party’s secretary general Katsuya Okada (L), follows a Shinto priest (R) as he visits the Ise shrine in Ise city, in Mie prefecture, central Japan on January 4, 2011. Kan vowed to step up his push for Japan to join a trans-Pacific free trade pact (TPP), despite vehement opposition from farmers fearing cheaper imports.

Israel’s firefighting services were unprepared for the huge fire, which destroyed swaths of forest in Israel’s north. Since Israel lacked any suitable aircraft, Netanyahu had to appeal for help from abroad. Several nations, including the United States, sent firefighting planes that helped douse the blaze after four days. During Wednesday’s disturbance, bodyguards rushed toward the podium and formed a line to keep people away from Netanyahu. Relatives yelled at him to resign and

called the ceremony a disgrace. They objected to his attempt to identify with their personal pain without taking responsibility for the tragedy. “We will find out the truth. We will not rest until we find out the truth,” shouted one man from the crowd. Netanyahu had to stop talking for several minutes while security officers restored order. Among those who heckled Netanyahu was Danny Rosen, the partner of Israel’s highest-ranking female police officer, Ahuva Tomer,

the police chief of the northern city of Haifa. She was killed when flames enveloped a bus she was accompanying. It was carrying prison service workers toward a jail, where they were sent to evacuate prisoners. The flames reached the outskirts of Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city. Netanyahu has attended a number of functions and meetings of officials in the aftermath of the fire, by far the largest forest fire in Israel’s history.

Taiwan says too early to pull out troops near China Agence France Presse

TAIPEI – Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has turned down a proposal to withdraw troops from islets near southeast China’s Xiamen city, arguing the move would be premature, an official said Thursday. Liao Wan-lung, a senior member of the ruling Kuomintang party, recommended to Ma during a party meeting Wednesday that Taiwan pull out troops stationed on the islands of Tatan and Ertan as an olive branch to Beijing. Ma dismissed the proposal, saying “the time is not yet ripe,” without going into further details, according to Kuomintang spokesman Su Chun-pin.

Analysts say the military threat from China still haunts Taiwan’s ties with its giant neighbour although decades-old hostility has been reduced since May 2008, when Ma assumed power in Taipei. “There is a long, long way to go before a withdrawal can be carried out,” said George Tsai, a political science professor at Chinese Culture University in Taipei. “Factors like the Taiwan people’s concerns as well as pos-

sible reactions from Beijing and Washington all need to be taken into consideration.” Although Taiwan and China have been governed separately since the end of a civil war in 1949, Beijing still considers the island part of its territory and has vowed to take it back even if it means war. Taiwanese experts estimate the Chinese People’s Liberation Army currently has more than 1,600 missiles aimed at the island.

In this photo released by Taiwan President Office, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou, left, and his wife Chow Mei-ching wave Taiwan national flags during the New Year’s Day flag-raising ceremony in front of the presidential office in Taipei, Tawain Saturday, Jan. 1, 2011.

AP Photo/President Office



Friday, January 7, 2011


Early Indigenous Balinese Dance IBP

UBUD - The first and the only truly classical performance of Balinese dance “KUNTI SRAYA” will be performed for free on very special day, 11-1-11, in the most special and beautiful village called Kedewatan. The area is greatly revered by the people of Bali, as it believed to be an area to bless by the gods. The only place and village in Bali, which has a temple referred as ‘Swargan’ or “heaven”. A temple complex consisting of Pura Dalem Swargan and Pura Pucak Swargan is located in Kedewatan where the Balinese worship. The classical “KUNTI SRAYA” dance will presented old-style Balinese dress and costume. Kunti Sraya is a favorite drama theme taken from the tales of the Mahabharata epics. Dewi Kunti, the mother of the five Pandawas, has promised to sacrifice Sadewa, the youngest of her five sons, to Rangda (an evil spirit). In the 14th century, the defeat of Bali by the Majapahit Empire led to

the creation of mini-principalities and courts. As a result, a blend of Javanese court and peasant culture was created in Bali. The present day accompanying narrative for dance and drama is largely based on court stories from preMajapahit Java. Tales of the Indian epics and Javanese influence can be seen. Balinese cultural dance peaked in the 1930’s through the 1950’s. The fertile decades helped survive the old narrative-led theatre, while letting loose solo dances almost everywhere, accompanied by a new, dynamic kind of music called Gong Kebyar. Traditional and Decorative Balinese costumes accompany every dance, making the performances a spectacular event to watch. The ravages of time and so-called “progress” have led to the abandonment of the spirituality and originality of many unique Balinese dance forms. Our troupe is focused on recapturing the spirit of the dance, as it was when it first gained popularity. Focusing on the mesmerizing traditions, which led world travelers to halt to Bali; some for a short while others for decades.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event forJanuary 3 through January 26, 2011 04 January Special Event at Tenganan Pegringsingan Usaba Sadha Main ritual of twelfth month commanced with temple annyversary celebration of Pura Accompanied by Gambang orchestra at 18.00 pm. Temple anniversary celebration at Pura Dalem Puri,Pura Ulun Kulkul, Pura Kiduling Kreteg, Pura Benua Kawan,Besakih complex,districk of Rendang,Karangasem regency 05 January Special Event at Tenganan Pegringsingan Usaba Sadha Main Ceremony held at Pura Jero when the whole temple adherents go praying to the temple in their finest traditional dress while Gambang orchestra cheeras the atmosphere at 17.00 pm. 06 January Special Event at Tenganan Pegringsingan Usaba Sadha Last ritual held at Pura Jero ended with procession of Deities back to Subak Pemaksan (the agricultural temple) at 18.00 pm. Followed by special event held for the elderly people of the village. 12 January Temple anniversary celebration at: * Pura Luhur Pucak Padang Dawa, Bangli village,distict of Baturiti, Tabanan Regency * Pura Silayukti,Padangbai village, district of manggis,Karangasem Regency * Pura Air Jeruk,South Beach of Sukawati Village,Gianyar Regency * Pura Dangin Pasar,Batuan Village, District of Sukawati.Gianyar regensy

* Pura Desa Lembeng,Ketewel village, District of Sukawati.Gianyar regency * Pura Penataran,Batuyang Village, District of Sukawati.Gianyar regency * Pura Budha Kliwon,Penatih Village, east of denpasar 19 January Temple anniversary celebrations at: * Pura Ratu Pasek Besakih (the mother temple) complex,distric of Rendang, Karangasem Regency * Pura Dalem Batur Village, distric of kintamani,Bangli regency 22 January Temple anniversary celebrations at: * Pura Dalem Tarukan,Bebalang village, South oe the town of bangli. * Pura Benua Kangin,Besakih (the mother temple complex)Karngasem Regensy * Pura Dalem,Pemuteran,Jelantik tojan Village,Klungkung regensy * Pura Pucak Sari,Gunung Sari Village,district of Penebel,Tabanan Regency. 26 January Temple anniversary celebrations at: * Pura Bandesa Mas Kepisah,Pedungan village, south of denpasar * Pura Pasar agung,Kaba-kaba village, district of kediri,Tabanan regency * Pura Dalem Petinget, Kerobokan village, district of kuta,Badung regency * Pura Dalem Pulasari,samprangan village, district of blahbatuh,Gianyar regency * Pura Natih,Banjar kalan,Batuan Village, District of Sukawati,Gianyar regency

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbul-umbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Friday, January 7, 2011

News 28 kids in China hospital for lead poisoning Agence France Presse

AP Photo/Franklin Reyes

British cruise ship Thomson Dream arrives in Havana Bay, Cuba, Wednesday Jan. 5, 2011. The flagship of United Kingdom-based Thompson Cruises docked in Havana carrying 1,500 passengers as part of a three week tour of the Caribbean.

Massive cruise liner docks in Cuba to much fanfare Agence France Presse

HAVANA – A salsa band, dancing schoolchildren and showgirls in bikini tops and feather headdresses welcomed some 1,500 tourists on a British cruise liner that officials described as among the biggest ships to visit Cuba in years. Once a frequent sight here, cruise ships have become a rarity since 2006, after then President Fidel Castro complained that the industry did little more than flood this communist-governed country with trash. But the cash-strapped government now led by Fidel’s younger brother Raul appears to have taken a rosier view of late. Tourism Ministry official Jose Manuel Bisbe said the arrival of the Thomson Dream underscored the recent resurgence of cruise traffic to the island. In a brief address to journalists as passengers in shorts and flipflops streamed off the ship, Bisbe said a number of deals have been signed with European cruise operators to add regular stops in Cuban ports, and more accords are in the works. “We think that more than anything, this change reflects the operators’ understanding ... of all Cuba’s attributes as a destination,” said Bisbe, the ministry’s

commercial director. Each passenger spends an average of $50 to $200 a day on the island, he said, adding that officials hope increased traffic will pump “several million dollars” into the lackluster Cuban economy this year. Bisbe did not specify how many cruise passengers were expected to dock in Cuban ports in 2011 but said about 10,000 visited the island last year. That was down from some 100,000 passengers in 2005, he said. Bisbe blamed the downturn on the 2006 purchase of Pullmantur Cruises — a Spanish company that was among the biggest operator of tours to Cuba — by Miami-based Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Washington’s trade embargo bars U.S. tourists from visiting Cuba and prohibits nearly all business between both countries, so dockings dried up after the company changed hands. Cuba rolled out the red carpet to welcome the Thomson Dream, a nine-deck behemoth with four

restaurants, two swimming pools, a casino and a disco. Little girls in traditional white dresses and colorful sashes and others inexplicably decked out in bee costumes performed as waiters to hand out shot-sized samples of Havana Club rum to the disembarking passengers. Four showgirls in towering headdresses and yellow spandex pants and matching sequin-covered bikini tops struck seductive poses as the tourists snapped pictures. Richard Ring, a 40-year-old Briton, said he was amazed by the warm welcome. “People were leaning out of windows waving at us and we were waving back. It was really enthusiastic,” Ring shouted over the din of the salsa band. He added that “it was nothing like that” at the other ports visited by the Thomson Dream during a 14-day cruise, which included stops on the Caribbean islands of Barbados, Grenada and Curacao.

BEIJING – Twenty-eight children, some as young as nine months old, have been hospitalised in eastern China for lead poisoning blamed on an unlicensed battery factory, state media said Thursday. Doctors first detected abnormally high lead levels in the blood of three children in the town of Gaohe in Anhui province last month, prompting authorities to carry out tests on 280 children, Xinhua news agency said. More than 200 were found to have excessive lead in their blood, and those hospitalised — aged nine months to 16 years — were suffering from “moderate to severe” lead poisoning, the report said, citing a hospital official. Inspectors from the local environmental protection bureau found that Borui Battery Co. Ltd., which had been operating illegally, was the cause of the problem. They closed down the plant as well as another factory in the area. Excessive levels of lead in the blood are considered hazardous, particularly to children, who can experience stunted growth and even mental retardation. In October 2009, nearly 1,000 children tested positive for lead poisoning in the central province of Henan. Smelting plants in the area were found to be responsible. Such incidents have exposed the dark side of the country’s economic boom. Rapid industrialisation over the last 30 years has left China, the world’s second-largest economy, with some of the world’s worst water and air pollution and has left widespread environmental damage.

N.Korea... From page 1 “It needs to demonstrate it is sincere in the offer,” State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters, noting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed the plan with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi. “There are still things that North Korea has to do to demonstrate a seriousness of purpose,” Crowley said, such as ending its provocative behaviour, recommitting itself to a 2005 declaration for nuclear disarmament, and taking responsibility for sinking a South Korean warship last year. Pyongyang’s statement said that negotiations could not be conducted when the North and the South were engaged in “mud-slinging and provocative acts” against each other. “In order to mend the north-south relations now at the lowest ebb we will conduct positive dialogue and negotiations,” it added. Analysts in Seoul were cautious. “North Korea appears to be making a bold proposal, although its sincerity has yet to be verified,” said Kim Yong-Hyun, a professor at Seoul’s Dongguk University. The gesture came two days after South Korean President Lee MyungBak offered closer economic ties if it changes its course, amid a heightened diplomatic focus on the region over fears events on the peninsula could spiral out of control. In his New Year policy address, delivered after the North had called for improved relations in 2011, Lee said the door for talks was “still open” if North Korea showed sincerity to mend ties. Relations between the two Koreas were stretched to breaking point after the North shelled a South Korean island on the disputed border on November 23, killing four people, including two civilians. The South has since staged a series of military exercises, including a live-fire drill on December 20 on the island, which again raised tensions but the North did not follow through with threats of a new and deadlier attack. The top US envoy on North Korea landed in Beijing Wednesday for talks with Chinese officials, after a visit to Seoul focused on reducing frictions on the peninsula. Stephen Bosworth was expected to head for Tokyo Thursday on a threenation tour, while US Defence Secretary Robert Gates is also scheduled to meet his Chinese counterpart in a visit to Beijing starting January 9. In Seoul, Bosworth met South Korea’s chief nuclear negotiator, Wi Sung-lac, and Foreign Minister Kim Sung-Hwan. Foreign ministry officials said Bosworth stressed Pyongyang needed to show it was sincere about mending ties with Seoul if six-party international talks on its nuclear programme were to resume. The North has refused to discuss the nuclear issue directly with the South, saying it only wants to deal with Washington, but its latest statement suggests it may be willing to engage with Seoul on the topic. Pyongyang has insisted its uranium plant is designed solely to fuel a light-water reactor being built to produce energy. But US officials and experts say this could easily be converted to produce weapons-grade uranium.


Indonesia Today

Friday, January 7, 2011


Indonesia rights body denounces torture in Papua Agence France-Presse

JAKARTA - Indonesia’s top human rights body on Thursday urged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to take action against “serious” rights violations by security forces in eastern Papua region.


Amri, aged 12, scavenges at a dump in Medan, North Sumatra on January 5, 2011. Amri is the eighth child of nine brothers who help their parents by scavenged. The International Labour Organization estimated that between 6 and 8 million children worked during the year, and World Vision, an international NGO, estimated that there were 6.5 million children working in Indonesia, but according to the Department of Manpower, the number of working children increased after the economic downturn from approximately 2 million in 1997 to an estimated 2.5 million at mid-year.

Makassar affected by La Nina until March Antara

MAKASSAR - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said a number of areas, especially Makassar in South Sulawesi have been affected by La Nina phenomena until March 2011. Local BMKG spokesman

Sujawro said here on Thursday that the impact of La Nina has been felt as far as Makassar. “The La Nina is predicted to last until March this year and its impact has been felt in Makassasr,” Sujarwo said. He explained that the La Nina weather phenomenon as a conse-

quence of an anomaly in the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean would have a negative impact on parts of the Indonesian archipelago. Sujarwo said the La Nina phenomenon has even happened in the western part of Indonesia and it would reach Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua in the form of high precipitation.

Prosecution demands five years jail for Ariel Antara

BANDUNG - The prosecution in the court trials of porn video defendant Nazriel Ilham or Ariel Peterpan has demanded a 5-year jail sentence and a fine of Rp250 million in lieu of three months imprisonment for him.

“We ask that Nazriel Ilham or Ariel Peterpan be sentenced to 5 years in jail and ordered to pay a fine Rp250 million,” public prosecutor Rusmanto said in reading the prosecution’s concluding statement at a session of the Bandung District Court on Thursday. Rusmanto said the boyfriend of

artist Luna Maya was guilty of violating Law No.44/2008 on pornography and article 282 of the Criminal Code. Rusmanto also said Ariel should remain in detention because his quilt was aggravated by the fact that his porn video acts had become a national issue.

Ministry to focus on Minapolitan project Antara

JAKARTA - The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry is to focus on development of Minapolitan areas (fisheries cities) in 41 Indonesian regions this year. “In 2011, the ministry is to focus on formation of Minapolitan areas consisting of nine fishing based sites, 24 aquaculture sites, and eight central salt sites,” said Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Fadel Muhammad during the ministry’s 2011 outlook meeting here Wednesday. The nine fishing based sites are located in Pelabuhan Ratu, Tamperan Muncar Ternate, Sungai Liat Nusantara Fishery Ports (PPN), Cilacap Bitung, Belawan and Ambon Ocean Fishery Ports (PPS).

The other 24 pilot aquaculture based Minapolitan are located inMuoro Jambi, Kampar, Bogor, Banyumas, Blitar, Gunung Kidul, Morowali, Sumbawa, Sumba Timur, Banjar, Pohuwato, Boyolali, Klaten, Gresik, Lamongan, Serang, Maros, Pangkep, Pesawaran, Bintan, Bangli, Musi Rawas, Pandeglang and Kapuas. And for the eight salt centers are located in Cirebon, Indramayu, Rembang, Pati, Pamekasan, Sampang, Sumenep, and Nagakeo. Besides the ministry is also designing a Mega-Minapolitan project in Morotai, North Maluku, in which Taiwan reportedly is interested in developing the island as the center of the largest fisheries for aquaculture and fisheries.

Mega-Minapolitan project is a large scaled Minapolitan where major investors will get a number of conveniences and amenities. Ministry has also set their 2011 marine and fisheries sector development goal such as to contribute 3.5 percent fishery for the national GDP, 12.26 million tones fishery production (5.41 million tons of fishing and 6.85 million tons of cultivation), and the 3.2 billion US dollars value of fishery exports. Another target is to have 449 units of certified Fish Processing Units (UPI), 112 fishermen exchange values (NTN), 0.9 million hectares of sea and waters conservation area, to manage some 30 outermost small islands, and 75 percent of free illegal fisheries management areas.

The National Human Rights Commission has submitted to Yudhoyono a report on its investigations, including alleged torture of Papuans by soldiers in Puncak Jaya district last May, its chairman Ifdhal Kasim told AFP. The footage, posted on YouTube, shows soldiers applying a burning stick to the genitals of an unarmed man and threatening another with a knife as they interrogate them over the location of a weapons cache. “Our investigations found that the military had committed serious human rights violations and we ask for those responsible to be brought to justice,” Kasim said. “Military (personnel) carried

out torture and cruel and inhuman treatment which demeans Papuans,” he added. The graphic video drew international media attention to allegations of widespread torture and abuse of activists and civilians in restive Indonesian regions such as Papua and the Maluku islands. Rights groups including Amnesty International have demanded Indonesia investigate and punish the unidentified soldiers in the video, citing an entrenched culture of impunity in the country’s security forces. Kasim said the commission was told by high-ranking military officials that an “investigation is under way and a hearing will be held end January”.

An Indonesian worker dies in Saudi Arabia TRENGGALEK - An Indonesian migrant worker in Saudi Arabia, identified as Saiyem, was killed in a traffic accident on December 24, 2010 but her death was publicly revealed on Wednesday. The death of this 27-year-old of Siki village, Dongko subdistrict in East Java district of Trenggalek was revealed by Head of the district’s social welfare and workforce office, Coktro Nuranto. “Saiyem’s body was still in Saudi Arabia. According to the country’s regulations, transporting the corpse may take two months,” Nuranto told journalists here. All the documents needed to take the corpse home were being sought by her family and PT Tri Tunggal Nuansa Primatama, the workforce recruitment company that had sent her to Saudi Arabia, he said. In smoothing the process of bringing Saiyem’s body home, he said his office had directly informed the Indonesian ministry of manpower and transmigration in Jakarta. Quoting the Indonesian Embassy in a recent letter in Saudi Arabia to late Saiyem’s family, Nuranto said her death was caused by a traffic accident there. Saiyem died along with all others in a sedan driven by her employer after it collided with a truck on December 24, 2010. At that time, Saiyem sat in the back seat, he said. Before the death of this domestic

helper, Istiqomah, a migrant worker from Salamrejo village, Karangan subdistrict, Trenggalek district, was also killed in a traffic accident in Taipei, he said. Asked about a compensation for the heirs of late Saiyem, he said he had yet to know about it when it had been given. “The compensation is still in a process,” he said. The nature of the death of Saiyem and Istiqomah had nothing to do with acts of violence of their employers. But, the protection of Indonesian migrant workers has become a crucial and sensitive issue over the past years. In November 2010, the Indonesian people and government were shocked by the torture of Sumiati binti Salan Mustafa by her Saudi Arabian employer. Besides the case of this 24-yearold house maid, there were also four other Indonesian workers who had badly been treated in Malaysia. Siti Hajar was victim of her employer’s brutality but Michel, her Malaysian employer, remained free after appealing to the country’s higher court for her eight-year jail punishment. Three other Indonesian workers were shot dead by the Malaysian police last March. Saudi Arabia currently employs 927,500 Indonesian migrant workers, making it the second biggest user of migrant workers next to Malaysia.



Friday, January 7, 2011

Bali Today Balinese competes in world’s hotel receptionist contest Antara

Discontinued flight of Japan Airlines (JAL) to Bali from October 2010 had a significant impact on the Japanese tourist arrivals to Bali. Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded that tourist arrival from the Sakura Country during the period of November decreased 32.84 percent with traffic rate reached 16,139 people over the same period in 2009. Every day, JAL conveyed about 400 passengers to Bali.

JAL discontinues flight, Japanese tourists to Bali drop by 32 percent Bali Post

DENPASAR - Discontinued flight of Japan Airlines (JAL) to Bali from October 2010 had a significant impact on the Japanese tourist arrivals to Bali. Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded that tourist arrival from the Sakura Country during the period of November decreased 32.84 percent with traffic rate reached 16,139 people over the same period in 2009. Every day, JAL conveyed about 400 passengers to Bali. Head of BPS Bali, Gede Suarsa, stated that most Japanese tourists visited Bali through the airport. During the period from January to November there were only nine people coming by sea of the total visits reaching 229,123 people. “Despite the decline, the arrival of Japanese tourist in that period ranked second out of ten potential markets of Bali tourism,” said Suarsa in Denpasar on Wednesday (Jan 5). Meanwhile, Australia ranked first with total arrivals reaching 577,343 people, China ranked third with a total of 185,819 people, Malaysia (135,726), Taiwan (116,470), South Korea (115,570) France (98,069), Britain (87,892), Singapore (80,703) and Germany (639,332). “Japan is capable of contributing

as much as 9.77 percent of the total foreign tourists visiting Bali or reaching 2,345,886 people,” he said. Apart from the discontinued operation of JAL flight, Regional Coordinator of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (ASITA) for Bali, NTB and NTT, Bagus Sudibya, also considered the decline of tourist arrivals to Bali from the Rising Sun country was also due to economic crisis engulfing the country. Nevertheless, the arrival of Japanese tourists had boosted up the level of tourist arrivals to Bali. “There is a transition period after Garuda carrier replaced the services of Japan Airlines after the discontinuation of flight operation. As a matter of fact, not all passengers were able to accept this. However, despite de-

creased slightly over the past few months, the arrival of Japanese tourists to Bali is still worth dependable,” he said. Meanwhile, the Head of Bali Government Tourism Office, I.B. Kade Subhiksu, revealed that a very limited number of flights became a barrier to the arrival of foreign tourists to Bali. Currently, the Japan-Bali flight route was only served by single flight so it could not accommodate the tourists wishing to travel to the Island of the Gods. Complaints about the flight services, he said, had been submitted to the airline. However, until now there had been no other flight services other than Garuda Indonesia willing to serve the flight route and replace the Japan Airlines. (par)

DENPASAR - Putu Cintya Purnama Sari will represent Indonesia in the “International Receptionist of the Year 2011” contest due to be held in New Zealand on January 9-14. Chairman of Hotel Front Liners Association (HFLA)-Bali Chapter, I Nengah Widiasa, said here Thursday that international competition would be participated in by hotel receptionists from 16 countries. “The Asian countries whose hotel receptionists will join the contest are Indonesia and Singapore. We are represented by Putu Cintya Purnama Sari from Novotel Bali Benoa,” he said. Putu Cintya was successfully selected to be Indonesia’s envoy after winning in provincial and national contests, he said. “In the national competition, Putu Cintya defeated all contestants coming from various parts of Indonesia,” he said. Among the criteria that the board of examiners used in the national competition were the contestants’ depth of knowledge about hotel, traditional arts and

cultures, and attitudes in serving hotel guests, he said. “Putu Cintya successfully met all criteria in the national competition held last year,” said I Nengah Widiasa who currently works for Bali’s Nikko Hotel. Meanwhile, Novotel Bali Benoa’s General Manager Olivier Moies Delvar said he did supported Putu Cintya for her participation in the New Zealand contest. “We do support her in the international receptionist of the year contest. This is a good opportunity for her to dig wider experience and promote Indonesian tourism, especially Bali,” he said. Secretary of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI)-Badung district chapter, Gusti Kde Sutawa, also echoed his strong backing for Putu Cintya. “I pray for her victory in New Zealand. I also support this golden opportunity for promoting Bali in New Zealand despite this resort island’s popularity there,” he said. Putu Cintya herself had been scheduled to fly for the host country on Friday.

Global culture destroy the balance in Bali Antara

DENPASAR – The Head of Denpasar Hindu Institute (IHDN), I Made Titib, said that the effect global culture to Bali is the unbalance and the lost of orientation and dislocation in almost all aspect of society. “Conflicts happen every where, the obedience in law decrease, and the social politeness is neglected. The people tend to act commercially where money becomes the measurement in live,” he added. Titib said that Bali as the favorite tourism destination in the world is visited by millions of tourists every year and obviously will be affected by the global culture which also will affect the quality of the moral and mental of the society and tend to lead to degradation. It will happen in almost all parts of life such as political aspect, economy, social and culture, and even up to the religion. “This condition is shown by the increasing number corruption and other act which is against the norm and religion. This also will make the

trust to the government decrease,” Titib said. He added that the condition could lead to other social problems such as gambling, misuse of drugs and others. The actors of the criminal act seem to not regretting their misconduct. In Hindu, those kinds of action could interrupt the balance of nature and the law that regulate human life (Dharma). As well as the global competition, according to Titib, the human resource quality of Indonesia is still very low and it will be very difficult to compete in the world. “It is because the quality of education in our country. If we compare the education in Indonesia with other South East Asian countries, we are very far behind. Actually we are better in the late 50’s and 60’s but now we are falling behind,” he added. The education in Indonesia is always become the attention of the citizen. In 63 years Indonesian Independence, the country still way behind Singapore and Malaysia. Indonesia is also only slightly above Vietnam. “Indonesia is on 111 positions from 117 countries on the list of human development index,” Titib said.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Balinese Culture Australian boxing trainer Michael Sacatides (R) attends his trial at Denpasar court, on the Island of Bali on January 5, 2010.


Sambal Goreng Ati Ampela

Australian faces death for smuggling most dangerous contraband Antara

DENPASAR - Michael Sacatides (47), an Australian, accused of smuggling 1.7 kilograms of methyl amphetamine into Bali, had protested the death sentence imposed on him by the public prosecutor. “I was merely a victim of an international narcotic trade syndicate,” Sacatides said as quoted by his legal adviser Erwin Siregar at the courtroom of the Denpasar District Court on Wednesday. Sacatides told the court that the bag containing the contraband be-

longed to a friend, Akaleshi Tripathi alias Peter. He knew Peter 2.5 years ago and stayed in the same apartment in Bangkok. The suitcase was empty when he received it. “I had to borrow the bag because I have to leave Bangkok soon. My visa had almost expired,” he said. He told the court chaired by Sigit Sutanto that went to Bali for a four-day holiday. Sacatides was caught by customs personnel when landing at Ngurah Rai airport by Air Asia FD 3677 from Bangkok on October 1, 2010.

Ingredients * 4 pairs of chicken’s livers and gizzards * 5 pieces of shallots * 3 pieces of garlic * 5 pieces of red chili peppers * 4 cm lengkusa * 10 gr shrimp paste

When being interrogated the customs officers found 1,703.63 grams, or 1,669.82 grams of the contraband. At an earlier court session, the prosecutor Anak Agung Atmaja said he may impose the death sentence on Sacatides for illegally producing, importing, exporting or selling narcotics of the highest category. The court had been asked to give the accused a chance to make a defense. The court agreed and adjourned the session until Tuesday, January 11, 2011.

* 1 cup of coconut milk * 1 board of petai * salt and pepper.

Directions Cut liver and gizzards into bite sized pieces Skin shallots and garlic. Brown shrimp paste. Grind finely shallots, garlic, red chili peppers, shrimp paste. Brown these spices with galanga, mixing them evenly. Add liver and gizzard pieces, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix evenly and add coconut milk, let it shimmer for 3 minutes. (

Rendang Ingredients * 2 lb of beef, * 20 pieces of shallots, * 10 pieces of garlic, * 150 gram red chili pepper, * 50 gram ginger, * 10 pieces of clove leaves, * 60 gr kunyit, * 300 gr candle nut, * 5 helai salam, * 8 cups of thick coconut milk, * 8 cups of thin coconut milk.

Directions Cut beef into several-bite sized pieces, and boil until half done Skin shallots, garlic, and mix with chili, brown this spice mix for a few minutes Boil beef and this spice mix in the thin coconut milk boil until dry. Add thick coconut milk, boil until coconut milk dries while mixing it occassionally. ( C.045 ibp



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Tirta Gangga Park IBP

International Bali Post Classifieds BALI CENTRAL CANOPY


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Jln. Buluh Indah No. 23 Denpasar Telp. (0361) 2764411-088802911054 C.492248-elk


Tirta Gangga is a beautiful park with the huge water fountain and wide pond located at Abang Sub-district, Karangasem Regency in east part of Bali. Tirta Gangga Park is built in the year of 1948 by the Karangasem King of Anak Agung Agung Angluerah Ketut Karangasem. Before this park is found, there is big wellspring found in this area which the local society believe that this water come from the land is holy spring therefore they call this place is Embukan means wellspring. According to the local believe that this wellspring functioning as a bath place for the god and also used as drinking water for the local community from the nearest village. Therefore this wellspring is sacrificed by local people and keeps the park naturally. The King of Karangasem has got an idea to improve this park into a good looking and nowadays, it becomes one of the famous tourist destinations in east part of Bali. Tirta Gangga Park is also featured by the wide public pool with the cool and clean water where it can be used by everyone who visiting this place. It is situated on the foot Abang Hill with cool temperature in particular night time or morning time. The lush tropical garden are well surround the park and big fish ponds are running away at another ponds to give the impression for every tourist who pay a visit to this beautiful park. Some buildings and other decorations are intentionally made as according to the spirit from Puri Agung Karangasem (Agung Karangasem Palace), so it can be said that between Tirta Gangga Park and Sukasada Park (Taman Sukasada) which is located at Ujung countryside is a union. Tirta Gangga is strategically located beside of the main strait from Karangasem to Singaraja Town and it is just 20 minutes from the local town or 2 hours and 15 minutes from Denpasar Town. You may also join the exciting tour to the east part of Bali that we call it by Karangasem Tour and you will discover many places of interest in east part of Bali including Tirta Gangga.

Jl. Kepundung 67 A, e-mail: Jl. Palmerah Barat 21 F

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BUSINESS to build $1.5 bn Hong Kong passes city’s China trading centre in Thailand first minimum wage Agence France-Presse

BEIJING - China will build a “commercial city” in Thailand worth $1.5 billion that will allow traders to re-export Chinese-made goods and avoid costly tariffs, state media said Thursday. More than 70,000 Chinese traders are expected to operate in the China City Complex in Bangkok, helping them miss levies on products shipped directly from China, the China Daily said, citing officials involved in the development. The 700,000-square-metre (7.5 million square foot) centre — equivalent to 100 football pitches — will resemble the world’s largest wholesale market for small products in the city of Yiwu in eastern China, the report said. Construction of the centre will begin on January 18 and is expected to be finished by 2013, it added. “Apart from the business opportunities in Thailand, Chinese exporters can also promote their products to developed markets such as the European Union and the United States through this project,” Yang Fangshu, chairman

Agence France-Presse

HONG KONG – Hong Kong lawmakers have given final approval for the city’s first minimum wage, but critics say it is too low for many low-income people struggling to make ends meet in the financial hub. The city’s Legislative Council ushered in the new law by a vote of 44 to four late Wednesday night after a day-long debate, approving a pay floor of HK$28 ($3.60) per hour — well below many other international cities. The law is scheduled to take effect May 1. Hong Kong passed the minimum wage law in principle in July, while the government announced the proposed pay rate in November, but it still needed an official stamp of approval from the city’s law-making body. The controversial issue has divided business and labour groups for more than a decade, with business groups warning that a wage floor would lead to widespread job losses among poor workers. The southern Chinese financial hub is famous for its stunningly wealthy tycoons whose business empires span all sectors of Hong Kong’s economy and the world. But the densely populated city of seven million is also home to hundreds of thousands of workers who live on hourly wages sometimes as low as $2 an hour. Concern about Hong Kong’s growing income gap — which the UN Development Programme in 2009 pegged as the world’s biggest among wealthy economies — prompted the government to introduce a wage floor. A heated debate on Wednesday saw several lawmakers lash out at the new pay rate, saying it was too low. “At HK$28, this is a victory with regrets,” said Lee Cheuk-yan, a union legislator. Radical lawmaker Raymond Wong said the new pay rate would fail to cover basic living expenses, which have been rising sharply in the city. “This minimum wage level lags far behind current economic circumstances. Inflation is forecasted to be around 4.4 percent this year,” he said. “It does not allow workers to sustain a reasonable living,” Wong added.

of the ASEAN-China Economic and Trade Promotion Centre, was quoted as saying. China signed a free trade agreement with Southeast Asian countries including Thailand in January 2010 which reduced or removed tariffs on traded goods. Export-driven China has seen its trade surplus with the rest of the world balloon in recent years, reaching $196.1 billion in 2009 and triggering rows with trading partners who complain their shelves are been flooded with cheap Chinese-made products. China was targeted in a record 127 cases brought by trading nations in 2009, the report said, without providing details. The country’s trade surplus likely topped $190 billion in 2010, a commerce ministry official said recently. China is due to release full-year trade data next week. The United States and Europe have led a chorus of complaints that China’s exchange rate controls have made the country’s exports artificially cheap and given its manufacturers an unfair advantage.

IMF praises India’s stewardship of dynamic economy Agence France-Presse


A man holds a billboard advertising for domestic house servants outside a fast food restaurant in Hong Kong on January 6, 2011. Hong Kong lawmakers have given the final approval for the city’s first minimum wage, but critics say it is too low for many low-income people struggling to make ends meet in the financial hub. But other legislators had reservations about a minimum wage in a city regularly credited with having the world’s freest economy. “A minimum wage interferes with a free market principle... Some enterprises will suffer - going from profit to loss - as a result of the introduction of this,” said lawmaker Miriam Lau.

And another lawmaker Paul Tse said: “I have great reservations about setting a minimum wage. If the economy is good, wages will rise naturally. “This is forced, unnatural and artificial. “The city’s success has been built on freedom of trade... We seem to have forgotten about this important principle,” he added.

WASHINGTON - The International Monetary Fund Wednesday praised India’s stewardship of one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, saying the country’s growth prospects appear robust. The IMF said that India had emerged from the global financial slump with a strong recovery since mid-2009 led by domestic demand, particularly infrastructure investment. “Executive directors commended the authorities for their economic stewardship which has helped India weather the crisis well,” the IMF board said following an economic evaluation, known as an Article IV consultation. “Growth is among the fastest growing in the world, social indicators are improving, and mediumterm economic prospects are favorable,” it added. But the IMF board cited nearterm challenges, including elevated inflation and strong capital inflows as investors chased high yields. “Directors observed that low yields in advanced economies and India’s favorable growth differentials could raise capital inflows above its absorptive capacity,” it said. “While exchange rate flexibility would remain the first line of de-

fense, reserve accumulation and macroprudential measures could be employed if strong inflows continue,” the Washington-based institution said. “Absorptive capacity could also be improved by deepening financial markets or by liberalizing foreign direct investment, consistent with India’s gradual approach to capital account liberalization.” The IMF projected India’s gross domestic product would grow 8.75 percent in 2010-2011, slowing to about 8.0 percent the following year. “Risks to growth are broadly balanced, with downside risks relating mainly to the global economy,” it said. With short-term interest rates below historic norms and financing conditions only marginally tighter, most directors recommended that the Reserve Bank of India take further steps to bring the real repo rate “clearly into positive territory.” Inflation measures were in the 8.5 percent to 10.8 percent range for the 2010-2011 period. Most directors said that continuing to improve the consumer price index, including a new national CPI to be introduced in the future, and using that information in policymaking, could bolster the impact of monetary policy on inflation expectations. Directors also underscored the role of structural reforms in containing food price inflation.



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‘Babe’ creator Dick King-Smith dies at 88 Agence France Presse

LONDON – Dick King-Smith, the British author of the popular children’s books which spawned the hit film “Babe”, has died at the age of 88, his publishers said on Wednesday. The prolific writer, whose 1983 book “The Sheep-Pig” was made into the 1995 film, died in his sleep on Tuesday at his home near Bath in southwest England, said a spokeswoman for Random House. He is believed to have been in poor health in recent years. King-Smith described his creations as “farmyard fantasies” for children and many of his more than 100 books featured animals, drawing on the two decades

he spent as a farmer after fighting in World War II. A late starter as a writer, his first book, “The Fox Busters”, was published in 1978 when he was already in his 50s and he went on to sell more than 15 million books worldwide. But it was “The Sheep-Pig”, about a little pig trained as a sheepdog, which really made his name and was eventually turned into the film received a number of Academy award nominations. King-Smith is survived by his second wife Zona, three children, 14 grandchildren, four greatgrandchildren and one great-great grandchild.


From left, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner accept the award for favorite movie at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011, in Los Angeles.

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

“Twilight” and Katy Perry among People’s Choice winners Reuters


A handout showing actor James Cromwell with a little pig during a scene from the movie “Babe.”Dick King-Smith, the British author of the popular children’s books which spawned the hit film “Babe”, has died at the age of 88, his publishers said on Wednesday.

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom to get own series Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – Khloe Kardashian and basketball-playing husband Lamar Odom are getting their own reality show. The eightepisode series, tentatively titled “Khloe & Lamar,” will air on E! and

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, file

FILE - In this Sept. 9, 2009 file photo, Khloe Kardashian and Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Lamar Odom.

begin filming early this year, focusing on the couple and her brother, Rob Kardashian, who is a semi-permanent houseguest, the network said Wednesday. It will be Kardashian’s third reality show on the cable network. She and her family star in “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and she and sister Kourtney appeared in “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.” Kardashian and Odom, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, married in September 2009 after dating for a month. The show will also follow Odom both in Los Angeles and on the road with the Lakers, who are seeking their third consecutive NBA championship. “Khloe and Lamar are such a dynamic couple that we just knew we had to give them their own series,” E! executive vice president Lisa Berger said. “They are funny, dramatic, opinionated, and we intend to capture all this, along with the unvarnished reality of their lives together and apart, since each is constantly followed by their own celebrity spotlight.” Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, is an executive producer on the show.

LOS ANGELES – “Twilight” again stole the limelight at the People’s Choice awards on Wednesday, on a night that also saw big wins for singer Katy Perry and actor Johnny Depp at the start of the Hollywood awards season. Organizers said a record 175 million votes were cast on social media and on the Internet for the favorite stars of television, movies and music in an awards show that is totally fan-driven. Despite being the earliest of Hollywood’s glittering awards shows, the People’s Choice picks gave few clues this year to the likely winners of industry-voted honors such as the Oscars or the Screen Actors Guild honors. “The Twilight Saga; Eclipse” the third installment of the popular vampire romance, won for favorite movie and favorite drama. “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart beat veterans like Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts to take the favorite movie actress trophy . “I can’t believe this. You guys are unreal! For movie number 3 already?”

said “Twilight” actor Taylor Lautner, accepting the trophies. “Twilight” and its cast are not expected to be among Oscar nominees when they are announced on Jan 25. “Alice in Wonderland” star Johnny Depp took home the favorite movie actor trophy for the second year running. Television honors went to musical comedy “Glee” and its scheming cheerleader played by Jane Lynch, while medical drama “House” picked up trophies for best drama and best actress for Lisa Edelstein. The remake of “Hawaii Five-O” and the Twitter inspired comedy “$#*! (Bleep) My Dad Says” won for favorite new TV

shows. Katy Perry, whose infectious pop hits “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream” dominated the charts last year, picked up trophies for favorite female artist and favorite web celebrity, beating the flamboyant Lady Gaga. “I’ve had an incredible year!,” she told the audience. Taylor Swift, whose “Speak Now” album was one of the biggest sellers of 2010, won best country artist. Swift’s award was presented by singer Sir Elton John, a new parent with his partner David Furnish. “Elton! Congrats to you! You’re a dad now,” Swift told him, before thanking her own fans.

Courtney Love Twitter trial moved to February 6 Reuters

LOS ANGELES – The trial date in the defamation case against Courtney Love over her outrageous Twitter postings has been postponed three weeks. Lawyers for Love and fashion designer Dawn Simorangkirwho is suing the rocker over a March 2009 tirade of Tweets in which Love called the self-proclaimed “Boudoir Queen” a prostitute and a thiefwere in the Los Angeles courtroom of Hon. Debre Weintraub Wednesday morning for the final status conference in the case. The trial date, which was to have been on January 18, has been pushed to February 6 for scheduling purposes. The trial is expected to last at least a week. A mandatory settlement conference has been set for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. If a deal can’t be reached, Love will be the star witness in the firstever high-profile defamation trial over a celebrity’s comments on Twitter.

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Musician Courtney Love waves at The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)’s Inspiration Gala Los Angeles fundraiser in Los Angeles October 27, 2010.

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Scientist haunted by misuse of drugs he invented Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – David Nichols studies the way psychedelic drugs act in the brains of rats. But he’s haunted by how humans hijack his work to make street drugs, sometimes causing overdose deaths. Nichols makes chemicals roughly similar to ecstasy and LSD that are supposed to help explain how parts of the brain function. Then he publishes the results for other scientists, hoping his work one day leads to treatments for depression or Parkinson’s disease. But Nichols’ findings have not stayed in purely scientific circles. They’ve also been exploited by black market labs to make cheap and marginally legal recreational drugs. “You try to work for something good, and it’s subverted in a way,” Nichols said. “I try not to think about it.” Now the 66-year-old chairman of the Purdue University pharmacology department is speaking out in one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals to describe an ethical struggle seldom discussed by brain researchers. “You can’t control what people do with what you publish, but yeah, I felt it personally,” he said in a phone interview, explaining that his struggles are probably somewhat similar to those faced by the inventor of the machine gun, although not

as severe. The journal Nature published his essay online Wednesday. “What if a substance that seems innocuous is marketed and becomes wildly popular on the dance scene, but then millions of users develop an unusual type of kidney damage that proves irreversible and difficult to treat, or even life-threatening or fatal?” Nichols wrote. “That would be a disaster of immense proportions. This question, which was never part of my research focus, now haunts me.” Nichols has studied psychedelic drugs for more than 40 years, concentrating on serotonin. That’s a basic chemical “that goes to every part of the brain. It’s involved in appetite, sleep, sex, aggression, you name it,” Nichols said in the interview with The Associated Press. “It really plays a key role in brain activation, the difference between being awake and being asleep.” Nichols estimates that at least five of his compounds — out of hundreds — have been turned into street drugs. His drug work used to be a joking matter. People would ask him if he needed human test

AP Photo/Purdue University, Mark Simons

This handout photo provided by Purdue University shows David Nichols in a lab at the university in West Lafayette, Ind., Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011.

subjects, and he would respond: “No, it’s just rat stuff.” “I never thought of these getting out of the lab,” he told the AP. Sure, the field includes research into LSD

Cute! White lioness bears 3 cubs in Argentina Associated Press Writer

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Zookeepers in Buenos Aires showed off triplets Wednesday — three white cubs born to a pair of white lions imported from South Africa. Zoo officials say the two females and a male were born Nov. 16 and are the first white lions to be born in South America. Children who visit the zoo this Argentine

summer can take part in a contest to name them. “We’re very proud. There aren’t many white lions born in zoos,” veterinarian Miguel Rivolta told AP Television News. Since both parents are white, their cubs each have the recessive genes that make them pure white, he explained. Zoo visitors were loving their debut on Wednesday. The cubs’ mother, not so much. She growled at the crowd and carried one of the cubs off in her mouth.

Three white lion cubs are presented to the public for the first time at the city zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wednesday Jan. 5, 2011. The cubs were born on Nov. 16, 2010. According to zoo officials these are the first white lions to be born in South America.

AP Photo/Eduardo Di Baia

and other hallucinogens, but Nichols never imagined his work escaping the lab and causing death. The worst would be maybe someone getting high on stuff they shouldn’t, he figured.

“Every time we make a molecule now, I do think, ‘Is this the one that’s going to be a problem?’ I never used to think that before,” Nichols said.

Lenovo ‘LePad’ combines tablet, laptop in one Agence France Presse

LAS VEGAS - Chinese computer colossus Lenovo on Tuesday unveiled an IdeaPad computer that serves as a laptop for work tasks then converts to a touch-screen tablet for play time. The IdeaPad U1 hybrid, with a “LePad” slate that serves as a laptop screen but unplugs to become a tablet computer, made its debut on the cusp of the Thursday opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “It is one device to balance life and work,” Lenovo product manager Leo Li told AFP. “A keyboard is more important and Windows software more powerful for a lot of things you need to work, especially productivity and creating content,” he continued. “At the same time, people want to enjoy music, see videos, go to websites, read e-books, and play games in their personal lives.” The LePad tablet is powered by Android software backed by California Internet giant Google and a Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm. Once plugged into the keyboard base, the computer switches to Windows 7 operating software by Microsoft and a beefier Intel processor. Lenovo is targeting consumers who embrace today’s mobile lifestyle. “Use the light-weight slate when you’re mobile, and then simply slide it into the U1 base when you need to

create and edit content,” Lenovo Idea Product Group vice president Liu Jun said. LePad has a 10.1-inch (26 centimeter) color screen, weighs less than two pounds (one kilogram) and connects to the Internet using 3G telecom service. It has a front-facing camera for video chat and promises as many as eight hours of battery life. IdeaPad U1 with LePad will be available in China by the end of March but won’t be available in the United States until next-generation Android mobile software is available for use in the tablets. IdeaPad U1 with LePad will be priced at 8,888 Chinese yuan (1,340 dollars) and the tablet will be sold separately for 3,499 Chinese yuan (528 dollars).


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Bayern’s Klose eyes move abroad Agence France Presse

BERLIN - Germany and Bayern Munich striker Miroslav Klose said Thursday he is hoping the Bundesliga champions will extend his contract but did not rule out a move abroad to further his experience. The Polish-born star, 32, whose contract with Bayern runs out at the end of the season, told sport magazine Kicker: “My first point of contact is Bayern Munich. “But I am open to anything and could seriously imagine a move within the Bundesliga or overseas,”

he said. Klose has scored 58 goals in 105 appearances for Germany and said his choice of club would depend on his international prospects. He said he wanted “to continue to play for a good club because I want to go to the European Championships in 2012” in Ukraine and his native Poland. Klose added it was “not realistic” to expect runaway Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund to slip up and allow Bayern, 14 points behind, to claim a 23rd title. “We are aiming for second place,” Klose said.

Blatter hits out at ‘jealousy’ of FIFA AP Photo/Tom Hevezi

Arsenal’s Johan Djourou, centre, controls the ball in front of Manchester City’s Yaya Toure, during their English Premier League soccer match at the Emirates stadium in London, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011. The match ended 0-0 draw.

Defiant Mancini defends City’s negative tactics Agence France Presse

LONDON – Roberto Mancini made no apologies for Manchester City’s negative tactics as they ground out a dour 0-0 draw at title rivals Arsenal. Mancini’s team opted for a safety-first approach to hold onto second place behind Manchester United, two points ahead of the thirdplaced Gunners. The Italian believes his side are in a good position heading into the second half of the title race and he said: “I prefer to go home with one point because when you come here, it could be that Arsenal will play better than you and you must defend. This is football. “Not all teams can play like Arsenal. I think Arsenal also have won some games they don’t deserve to win. In the first half they had the chances to score. “It’s not my business. I think they are a good team. It?s the same when you play against Barcelona, you must defend well if you don’t want to lose the game. “I think if we had David Silva and Mario Balotelli and all the players were 100 percent it would be another game. “We are in a good position, like Arsenal and like United. I think the season is very long. Also Chelsea and Tottenham have lost tonight but both can finish near the top.” Both Mancini and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger were united in their condemnation of referee

Mike Jones’s decision to send off Bacary Sagna and Pablo Zabaleta. Mancini said: “I don’t agree with the sending off because two yellow cards is enough. At that moment at the end of the game the players are tiring and the referee should understand this. I asked the referee why and he said for him it was a red card.” And Wenger added: “The frustrating thing of the night was the sending off. That showed they were happy with the 0-0 when the goalkeeper takes the free kick from the other side. When they were down they were slow to get up.” Wenger refused to be downhearted at his side’s failure to score despite dominating the game and he claimed the performance only reinforced his view that the Gunners are potential champions. “I think we had the performances and not the result. But I take a lot of encouragement from the game even if mathematically we are frustrated and the players are disappointed in the dressing room,” Wenger said. “There is no way we should lose courage or belief in our team, it’s the

opposite. “We should come out with more belief in our quality and because we have shown that we have what it takes to be a serious contender in this league. “The regrets I have is we didn’t take our early chances because that would have changed the game. “They came here to have a 0-0 and in they end they got what they wanted but if we had scored the first goal it would have changed the course of the game. “We faced long periods in the game when we played against ten men, even Tevez, I have never seen him so deep. “And when we lost some freshness and sharpness in our movement we lost our threat. You have to play with sharpness against a team who defends like that. “I would more like to take the positives out of the game because I believe my team gets stronger and stronger. “We try to win our games always. It was their away to defend deep and try and get us on the break. “They were organised and we have to respect that. We have to find a way to score.”

Agence France Presse

DOHA - Sepp Blatter on Thursday hit out at what he called the “envy and jealousy” of FIFA’s success and vowed football’s powerful world governing body would not bow to criticism. FIFA and its 74-year-old president, who is expected to stand for re-election in May, came under heavy fire last year over alleged corruption. It also faced condemnation by some for awarding the 2018 World Cup to Russia and the 2022 event to Qatar amid claims that the voting system of world football’s governing body aids collusion and secrecy. But Blatter remains defiant, telling the Asian Football Confederation Congress that the organisation continued to go from strength-to-strength. “In 2010 we had some milestones in the history of football, starting with the first World Cup on the African continent, and what a success,” he said in his address. “Then we had the women’s Under-17 World Cup which had its first Asian champions — South Korea — and then the decision of FIFA’s executive committee to go to new destinations in 2018 and 2022. “All these successes have created a lot of envy and jealousy in our world because you cannot satisfy everybody.” He added that FIFA was powerful and rich enough to ward off any attacks. “The success story of FIFA can continue because we are in a comfortable situation, despite the criticism given to FIFA,” he said. “We have the power and the instruments to go against any attacks that are made.” With elections at key confederations, as well as FIFA, due this year, Blatter cautioned that people needed to learn how to lose, as well as win. “In 2011 we will have competitions but there is something else at stake, this is the elections in all the confederations,” he said. “Football is still a game and you learn to win, but also to lose, so I ask you to behave and conduct them in a democratic way.”


FIFA president Joseph Blatter speaks during the 24th AFC Congress in Doha on January 6, 2011 ahead of the 2011 AFC Asian Cup which runs from 7-29 January.



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Bryant, Artest lead Lakers to 99-95 win at Phoenix Associated Press Writer

PHOENIX – Kobe Bryant scored 24 points and four other Los Angeles players reached double figures as the Lakers held off the Phoenix Suns 99-95 on Wednesday night. Jared Dudley led the Suns with 21 points, including three of their 11 3-pointers, but the much bigger Lakers dominated the boards 47-31, including 14-5 on the offensive end. Andrew Bynum scored 14 for Los Angeles, Shannon Brown had 13, Lamar Odom 12 and Ron Artest 11, including a wide-open 3 with 1:30 to play after Phoenix had cut the lead to one. Pau Gasol scored only six points but grabbed nine rebounds. Steve Nash had 11 points and 10 assists for Phoenix. Vince Carter scored 14 but his extra-long 3-point attempt was blocked by Gasol in the final minute. The Lakers won their second game in two nights to improve to 4-4 over their last eight. The Suns have lost 10 of 13. The Lakers shot 60 percent in the first quarter and used an 18-2 run to take a 29-17 lead on Brown’s

three-point play. Mickael Pietrus, Channing Frye and Dudley sank 3pointers to start a 22-10 surge that tied it at 39 with 7:08 left in the half. Nash’s 3-pointer put the Suns up 47-46 with 2:22 to play in the half and Dudley’s third and final 3 of the night made it 50-46. Bryant made one of two free throws, then hit a 12-foot turnaround jumper to cut Phoenix’s lead to 50-49 at the break. Bryant opened the third quarter with a 3-pointer and scored eight of his team’s first 10 points and the Lakers went back on top 59-53. The Suns cut it to two before the Lakers pulled away to an 80-73 lead entering the fourth. Down 92-84 after Bryant’s 23-

footer, Phoenix scored seven straight, capped by Carter’s 3pointer from the corner, to cut the Lakers’ lead to 92-91 with 2:24 to go. But Brown made two free throws and, after Carter missed a short jumper, Bryant drove to the basket and found Artest alone in the corner for a 3 that boosted the lead to 9791 with 1:30 to go. The Suns, losers of six of their last seven, hadn’t played since an embarrassing 94-89 loss Sunday at Sacramento, where the Kings finished the game on a 19-2 run. The Lakers’ last game had been their best after their recent struggles, a 108-83 win over Detroit in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers has his pass blocked by Robin Lopez #15 of the Phoenix Suns during the NBA game at US Airways Center on December 23, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Lakers defeated the Suns 99-95.

Unsung Arn tips Sharapova out of Auckland Classic Agence France Presse

AUCKLAND – Top seed Maria Sharapova was bundled out of the Auckland Classic women’s tennis tournament in the quarter-finals Thursday, beaten in straight sets by unheralded Greta Arn. The 31-yearold Hungarian, whose best world

ranking was 81 in 2002 and is now ranked 88th, dominated the former world number one and three-time Grand Slam winner from the start to win 6-2, 7-5. Sharapova is currently ranked 18th as she rebuilds following shoulder surgery, and had earmarked the tournament as crucial to her preparation

AP Photo/New Zealand Herald, Sarah Ivey

Maria Sharapova of Russia plays a forehand to Renata Voracova of the Czech Republic during their tennis match at the Classic Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011, in Auckland, New Zealand.

for the Australian Open and as part of her bid to regain the world top spot. But she made too many unforced errors, starting when she dropped her serve in the opening game, and was philosophical about her shock loss. “But that’s the way it goes. You look forward to the next one. That’s the good thing about tennis,” she said. “Just because I lost doesn’t take anything away from the tournament for me.” Arn was ecstatic. Before the match she described playing Sharapova as “a dream come true” and afterwards said she was stunned by the outcome. Sharapova was the biggest name she has beaten and “I don?t know what to say. I am like a little girl. My dream has come true.” Arn broke Sharapova twice to race through the first set in 30 minutes and then after trailing 2-4 in the second set she broke twice again before holding her own serve to take the match. She will play fourth-seed Julia Goerges in the semi-finals after the German dropped the first set of her quarter-final against wildcard Kateryna Bondarenko from Ukraine before recovering to win 5-7, 6-2, 6-2. Defending champion Yanina Wickmayer was under no pressure as she coasted into the semi-finals with a 6-0, 6-2 win over Romania?s Simona Halep to set up a semi-final against China’s Peng Shuai, who beat British qualifier Heather Watson 6-4, 7-5.

David Haye gives up on Wladimir Klitschko fight Britain’s WBA world heavyweight champion David Haye claims he has given up on fighting Wladimir Klitschko after his decision to face Dereck Chisora. Haye, 30, said he had hoped to face the Ukrainian, who holds the IBF and WBO heavyweight titles, on 2 July. But the Londoner thinks Klitschko’s rescheduled bout with Chisora on 30 April means the fights are too close. “If he doesn’t fight me on 2 July he’ll never fight me,” said Haye, who plans to retire when he turns 31 in October. “I know I can retire later this year with my head held high knowing I did everything in my power to make these fights happen.” Speaking to BBC Radio 5 live, Haye added: “Klitschko brought the 2 July date up, he never mentioned Dereck Chisora until Wednesday. “I know how hard it is to make certain fights happen and we fi-

nally agreed on it. There is no other reason why he should fight someone else before me. He’s had similar gaps between fights in his career, it’s not like he is going to be out of the ring for too long.” Klitschko’s camp said that a unification fight in April was close to being agreed, but negotiations broke down, with manager Bernd Boente saying that British broadcaster Sky did not want an April clash as Amir Khan was also scheduled to fight that month. Boente said the 2 July was also agreed on but claimed that Haye’s camp were unhappy with the 34-year-old Ukrainian taking on Chisora in the meantime, something they were keen on given that Klitschko’s last fight was against Sam Peter in September. The former cruiserweight said: “Klitschko claims he’ll fight both me and Chisora, but it’s nonsense.


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Sainz extends Dakar lead CARLOS Sainz celebrated his 20th career Dakar Rally stage victory on Wednesday and extended his overall lead as the event moved into Chile. Sainz has now moved within two wins of Stephane Peterhansel’s record 22, though it was the Frenchman who looked more likely to add to his tally early on in the day’s running - which began at an altitude of 3300 metres in the Atacama Desert.

Overall standings: Pos Driver 1. Carlos Sainz 2. Nasser Al-Attiyah 3. Stephane Peterhansel 4. Giniel de Villiers 5. Krzysztof Holowczyc

Car Time/Gap Volkswagen 11h09m14s Volkswagen +4m24s BMW +5m41s Volkswagen +19m14s BMW +27m45s AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

Yamaha’s driver Jenifer Morgan, from the UK, lies on the floor beside her motorcycle as Volkswagen’s driver Carlos Sainz and co-driver Lucas Cruz, both from Spain, pass by while competing during the fourth stage of the 2011 Argentina-Chile Dakar Rally between Jujuy, Argentina, and Calama, Chile, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011.

Fernandes applauds ‘green’ engines Team Lotus chief Tony Fernandes has hailed the 2013 engine regulations as a huge step forward for Formula 1’s image. The next generation rules will see the current V8s replaced by four-cylinder, 1.6-litre engines, with a reduction in fuel compensation and increased use of energy recovery systems designed to improve the sport’s environmental credentials. Fernandes believes the 2013 regulations go a long way to answering criticisms of F1’s impact on the environment, and make the sport much more attractive to the road car industry. “I think it is great news. I am so happy about it,” he told AUTOSPORT. “We’ve now got the scenario of F1 being very relevant to the car industry but most importantly, F1 being very relevant to the environment. “I always said that we have got some of the best brains in the sport in terms of engineers and technical people, and wouldn’t it be great if they could use their brains to make the world a better place. “The fact that we can reduce fuel consumption by 35 per cent is phe-

nomenal, imagine if we could transfer that to every car out there - it would be ‘wow’. That is a massive number. “Imagine also with the usage of KERS, we are recovering one per cent at the moment but we could be up to 50 per cent in years to come. “F1 becomes so relevant because everybody has a 1.6 engine. And costs go down and money goes into better uses than just making a car as fast as possible so I think it is fan-

tastic, it is a really, really great step forward.” He called for additional rule changes to further increase F1’s alignment with the car industry. “I hope the next step is to make the wheels and tyres the same size as [road] cars so tyre manufacturers benefit from the safety that is learned, and engineering that can be put onto a 1.6-litre, Toyota, or Hyundai or Renault,” said Fernandes.

Peterhansel’s BMW led through the 80km checkpoint, 15 seconds quicker than Sainz, but he was delayed by a puncture later in the day and slipped to third behind Sainz’s Volkswagen team-mate Nasser Al-Attiyah. “It could’ve been a good day because we were in the lead at the intermediate points,” said Peterhansel. “But we got a flat tyre and had to change the wheel, which took two or three minutes. That’s what we needed to win the stage. “It means we’re navigating well and we aren’t having problems on high altitude tracks either. So, even if it wasn’t our strategy to be third for tomorrow, it hasn’t turned out to bad in the end. By setting off in third we can gain back a handful of precious minutes.” Sainz was relieved to take the victory but insists he is not in a comfortable lead of the event despite his lead climbing above four minutes. “There was some navigation work, a bit of off-track driving, but I think that it will be tomorrow when things will get serious,” said Sainz. “Peterhansel, Al Attiyah and even [Giniel] de Viliers are dangerous rivals. We’re very close to each other in the standings.” De Villiers was fourth on today’s stage ahead of fellow Volkswagen runner Mark Miller, who moved back into the overall top 10. Orlando Terranova completed the top six in his BMW, cementing his place in sixth overall. Stage four results: Pos Driver 1. Carlos Sainz 2. Nasser Al-Attiyah 3. Stephane Peterhansel 4. Giniel de Villiers 5. Mark Miller

Car Volkswagen Volkswagen BMW Volkswagen Volkswagen

Time/Gap 1h57m09s +50s +1m22s +2m17s +2m43s

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Headline : N. Korea is calling for 'unconditional' talks with South

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