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Monday, June 6, 2011


Singer Shania Twain gets Hollywood star PAGE 12 AFP PHOTO/SONNY TUMBELAKA

Fishermen return from sea as they end their day during sunset in Jimbaran, on the resort island of Bali on June 4, 2011. The beauty of Bali allures thousands of tourists every month, making tourism the main income source for its residents. Foreign tourist arrivals in Bali in the first quarter of 2011 reached 848,899 or up by 13.37 percent compared to 748,754 in a corresponding period last year, a local statistical bureau official said.

Foreign tourist arrivals in Bali up 13 percent Antara




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DENPASAR - Foreign tourist arrivals in Bali in the first quarter of 2011 reached 848,899 or up by 13.37 percent compared to 748,754 in a corresponding period last year, a local statistical bureau official said.

“Most of them arrived in Bali at Ngurah Rai airport from their countries and only 12,143 came by cruise ships,” Gede Suarsa, head of the Bali provincial Bureau of Statistics said .


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Bali businessmen must strengthen local market Antara

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Bali had set its tourist arrival target for 2011 at 2.6 to 2.8 million or higher than the actual number in 2010 hich was 2.57 million, he said.


People shopping at the shop that selling the local product of Bali. The government urge local businessmen to explore and focus on local market.

Denpasar – The Head of Bali Industrial and Trade Department, Gde Darmaja, urged the businessmen including the small and middle level industries to strengthen the local market in order to reduce the circulation of import product. “We urged the businessmen not only develop their network abroad but also in Indonesia. This is a way

to reduce the spread of import products and also waiting for the foreign market recover from the recession,” he said on Sunday, June 5, 2011. Darmaja explained that the effort is also to successfully carry out the 100% love Indonesia program by providing as many as possible of local products in the traditional markets, stores, and supermarkets. Continued on page 6



Monday, June 6, 2011

Bali News

Judge S liberates 39 corruptors Jakarta (Bali Post)—

Judge S arrested by investigators of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) related to bankruptcy bribery case had liberated 39 corruptors when he was serving in the District Court of Central Jakarta and Makassar. It was revealed by the Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) on Friday (Jun 3). Deputy Coordinator of ICW, Emerson F Juntho, stated the last defendant of corruption case released by Judge S was Agusrin M Najamuddin, the suspended Governor of Bengkulu. Other corruption case liberated by judge S was in the business case of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with the loss valued at IDR 44.9 billion. The case involved four defendants and had been tried in the Makassar District Court on January 29, 2008. Then, another case was the BNI fictitious credit with a loss worth IDR 27 billion involving the defendants Tajang and Basri Adbah (Director of PT A Tiga). The case was tried in Makassar District Court.

“Meanwhile, the case of Luwu Regional Budget 2004 with a loss of IDR 1.5 billion involved 28 defendants consisting of former legislators of Luwu Regency of 19992004 tenure,” he said. Emerson added that the judge S had also been reported to Judicial Commission in relation to the acquittal of corruption case and bribery allegation in the handling of corruption cases involving the former legislators of the Luwu House, South Sulawesi. Judge of corruption

Similarly, ICW stated that judge S had once been appointed career judge in charge of corrup-

tion criminal acts by the Supreme Court. “His appointment was based on Decree No. 041/KMA/ K/III/2009 dated March 18, 2009,” said Emerson F Juntho. However, since its appointment reaped criticism from some circles such as the media, academician, legal practitioners and NGOs, the appointment was ultimately canceled. Elsewhere, he stated with the arrest of the judge S would complement the bleak portrait of the court realm in the country. “Previously, there have been at least four judges who were arrested and processed by law enforcement officers,” he added. (kmb4)

Turtle flesh smuggling thwarted at Sangsit Port Singaraja (Bali Post)—

Sawan police officers foiled the smuggling of cut flesh of five turtles at fish landing base (PPI) of Sangsit Village, Sawan Subdistrict, Friday (Jun 3). Allegedly, the turtle flesh smuggled from the region of Pegerungan Kecil, East Java, was about to be sent to Denpasar. That cut turtle flesh was transported by a ship with bananas and dried fish. It was put into five medium-size boxes. Each box contained some pieces of turtle flesh and fins that had been preserved by using ice cubes. Similarly, it was alleged that each box contained a turtle, so they were totally five turtles. Presumably, those turtles had been slaughtered a few days before because when the boxes were opened they were in bad odor. Now, the evidence had been kept in the PPI Sangsit to be stored in freezer.

Meanwhile, the owner of the turtle flesh, Wanna, 60, a resident of Kambata Hamlet, Kangean Subdistrict, Sumenep, was still arrested in Sawan Police for further examination. Chief of Sawan Police, AKP Nyoman Kartika, said the smuggling was previously informed by residents near the PPI port. Residents said the ship was unloading freights at PPI Sangsit. One of the freights was box containing turtle flesh. Police then conducted an investigation and found five white boxes containing pieces of preserved turtle flesh. “We’re still investigating. Indeed, the suspect is carrying turtle flesh and it will be sold to Denpasar,” he said. When examined in Sawan Police, Wanna gave convoluted explanation to investigators. At first, he claimed if the turtle was slaughtered by someone touted as Mr. Bacok at Pegerungan Kecil for sale to Denpasar. But, after further in-

terrogation, the suspect claimed if he did not know who owned the turtle flesh. Even, he admitted not to know if there were boxes on board containing turtle flesh. According to him, he just knew the boxes containing turtle flesh after arrested by police. “I really do not know if the ship conveyed turtle flesh because when loading the freights at Pegerungan Kecil no one told me about it,” he said. Though he gave convoluted explanation, the case was constantly being investigated by police because the suspect clearly carried turtles despite in the form of flesh. According to Chief Kartika, the suspect Wanna could be snared by article 21 paragraph (2) in connection with article 40 paragraph (2) of Law No. 5/1990 concerning with Conservation and Natural Resources, Ecosystems and Biodiversity with penalty of 5-year imprisonment or a fine of IDR 100 million. (kmb)

Central Govt allocates IDR 100 million to develop tourism village in Bali Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Kemenbudpar) provided a fund worth IDR 100 million for each of 29 tourism villages in Bali. In the period of 2010, central government conferred assistance to 15 villages having commitment to develop the tourist attraction. Division Head of Human Resources, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Prof. Dr. I Gede Pitana, stated that provision of the incentives was selected in the regencies and cities throughout Indonesia and then resumed to each province. “Results of the selection are submitted to central government through Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This year, Bali only proposed 29 villages that can be developed into tourism village,” said Gede Pitana in Denpasar on Thursday (Jun 2). It was said that tourism village could be classified into three types namely tourism village that could be occupied by tourists, villages that were only visited by tourists not as a residence, and villages serving as supporter of tourism village destination. Aside from showing off the uniqueness of the village, arts and cultural performances, handicrafts and other uniqueness could also be packaged as a supporting element of tourism village. “So far, the paradigm in the community only says that tourism village is only visited by tourists,” he said. According to him, the management of tourism village should be carried out by a group such as a foundation rather than a customary village. Sanur Tourism Village, for ex-

ample, handed over the management of tourism village to the Sanur Development Foundation. Tourism village in Bali had developed since 1991 such as Pengelipuran (Bangli), Sebatu (Gianyar), and Delod Brawah (Jembrana). “For a good management of tourism village, we can exemplify the Sanur Village. To manage financial matters, customary village can establish financial agency such as the rural credit agency (LPD). Meanwhile, to administrate the tourism village, it can be established a foundation as carried out by Sanur Village,” he explained. Nyoman Kitha, a pioneer of tourism village in Northern Badung, said the development of tourism village needed the intervention of various parties, both government and perpetrators of tourism industry themselves. Both components were expected to act as a foster father who also thought about the development of tourism village. “We have huge potentials for tourism and culture. However, due to restricted human resources we are unable to fully exploit the existing potentials for a living,” he said. Bali Government Tourism Office (Diparda) noted that developed tourism village on the Island of the Gods amounted to some 23 villages covering the tourism region of Badung, Gianyar, Bangli, Klungkung, Karangasem, Buleleng, Tabanan and Jembrana. They comprised the village of Baha, Bona, Mas, Peliatan, Celuk, Batuan, Ubud, Batubulan, Pengelipuran, Trunyan, Kamasan, Gelgel, Tihingan, Tenganan, Jatiluwih and Sangkaragung. (par)


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Monday, June 6, 2011

Related to plan of selling sea sand

Regent of Tabanan can be sued Tabanan (Bali Post)—

Criticism against the project plan of dredging sea sand for sale to investors in Tabanan continues to flow. Such prestigious project is accused to benefit investor only, while people will be afflicted by the aftermath. Promise of reclamation is also considered only a lure of investors. Because, they are actually targeting the black sand that will be used as raw material of steel. “If the project insists on continuing, the Regent of Tabanan will deal with the law. There is possibility that community group will sue the regent for the sand dredging policy,” said Chairman of the Regional Council of Friends of the Earth Indonesia (WALHI), Bali Chapter, Gendo Suardana, to Bali Post, Friday (Jun 3). This comment was delivered in response to the policy of Tabanan Regent who insisted on continuing the beach sand dredging project. Gendo also questioned the logic used as reference of the project. He said a regent should ideally have logic orientating in nature safety. “But, if there are investors under guise of a regent, of course, its orientation will be different. What kind of logic used to continue the project has not been answered yet,” condemned the activist and environmentalist. Bonus of black sand for investors as disclosed by the Regent of Tabanan was in fact judged inverse because no investor in the world wanted to lose. They would dredge the sand as much as possible and then left Tabanan. The reason to increase the regionally generated revenue (PAD) was also considered inappropriate. If the regional revenue was high it would not certainly improve the welfare of residents. Conversely, the regional revenue obtained from the beach sand dredging project would have an impact on environmental damage. “Why should shore targeted for regional revenue? In Tabanan, there are still many other sectors that can be worked

on, one of which is agriculture and agro-tourism,” he criticized again. Ideally, he said, a regent should think to save the environment, not to harm it. Gendo added that beaches in Tabanan did not require reclamation as promised by investors. On the contrary, those beaches needed a rescue effort to resist abrasion. According to him, coastal reclamation would be redundant when the sand was replaced. Because, the black sand had a very strong iron content to withstand the shocking waves of the sea. If replaced, it would even accelerate the rate of abrasion due to white sand did not contain sufficient iron ore. “What we get from investors is not sufficient for the cost of reclaiming the damaged beach. Do not be fooled by investors. The promise of reclamation is not a bonus earned by Tabanan. Instead, investors will be lucky because they get black sand,” he criticized while reminding the Regent of Tabanan that the public had been smart. Similar criticism came from the acting regional executive board (DPD) of the Indonesian Fishermen Association (HNSI) of Bali Chapter, I Ketut Arsana alias Sadam. He asserted, on the pretext whatsoever, the beach sand dredging project could not be continued. This guy would surely send a formal denial to central government if the project would be continued. “The project is counter-productive to the promise of the Regent during her campaign session,” he criticized. Damage to beaches in Tabanan, he said, would also have an impact on other beaches such as Negara and Gianyar because it was a unity of nature. He also criticized the comment of the regent that was too absorbing in the sand dredging plan. “If she does not know about sand and sea, she should not talk about it,” he criticized again. As reported, the Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti reaffirmed her plan to dredge the beach as offered by investors. She argued, it was a reclamation project and the bonus was the collection of black sand as raw material of steel. (udi)


Domestic tourists began to throng Kuta Beach on Friday (Jun 3) related to long holidays and joint leave

During joint leave, Bali thronged by domestic tourists Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Congestion and negative publication mentioning Kuta synonymous with a lot of waste did not discourage the interest of tourists. Evidently, during the joint leave in the series of Ascension Day has become a blessing for Bali tourism. This could be seen from the overwhelming domestic tourists in some tourist attractions. Secretary General of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) of Bali Chapter, Ferry Markus, said that Bali was thronged by many domestic tourists. “Overwhelming domestic tourists to spend holiday during the joint leave occurred through the years,” he said on Friday (Jun 3). According to him, Bali that was previously dominated by foreign tourist visits, in the national holiday celebration would be instantly overwhelmed by domestic tourists coming from different regions across the country. “Indeed, the domestic tourist visit is overcrowded. They targeted four tourist destinations in Bali such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud, Gianyar,” said Ferry. He also added the current hotel occupancy in Bali increased by 60 percent. In facing the holidays as usual, both hotel occupancy and local tourist visit would signifi-

cantly increase. “Today, I am still checking to the field. Surely, most of them wanted to spend their holidays in Bali,” he added. High rate of tourist visits within the past two days caused Bali overwhelmed. Even, traffic congestion occurred on some road sections in tourist areas such as Jalan Sunset Road, Dewa Ruci roundabouts and Jalan Pantai Kuta. Aside from Kuta Beach, other beaches like Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua were also visited by tourists who wanted to find a different atmosphere. Various challenging water sport adventures were compelling them. Banana boat, flying fish, jet-ski and diving were some of their favorites. In the meantime, Director of Overseas Promotion, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Noviendi Makalam, recently stated the rate of foreign and domestic tourist visit in June and July were very high. Tourists

could no longer be accommodated in Bali. They would scramble to find a hotel room and compete to look for a vehicle. “The increasing number of domestic tourist visits to various destinations in Bali is caused by the increase in the gross domestic income (GDP) of the country,” he said. Without accompanied with adequate infrastructural development, tourism development in Bali would be hampered. He added if the infrastructure was not built soon, then Bali would stagnated. Meanwhile, Public Relations of PT Angkasa Pura I, Ngurah Rai Airport, Sherly Yunita stated that some airlines added their flights frequency on June 3 to 5. One of the airlines was Garuda Indonesia. “The average daily traffic both arrival and departure passengers reaches 16,200. Possibly, during this long holiday the traffic will surpass that figure,” she said. (par)



Monday, June 6, 2011


Yemen president flies to Saudi for treatment Reuters

SANAA/RIYADH – President Ali Abdullah Saleh flew to Saudi Arabia on Sunday for medical treatment, pitching Yemen deeper into turmoil after months of protests against his three-decade rule. Saudi sources said Riyadh had brokered a ceasefire between rival clans and political elites. The streets of Sanaa, which had rung with gun and rocket fire in recent days, were mostly quiet early on Sunday except for a few small gatherings celebrating Saleh’s departure. The Saudi royal court said Saleh had arrived to be treated for wounds suffered in Friday’s rocket attack on his presidential palace — an assault that marked a major escalation in a conflict building toward full civil war. Rumors of Saleh’s departure had circulated in Sanaa for hours before his arrival in Riyadh was confirmed, and Yemeni officials repeatedly denied he had any plans to leave. “These are the most difficult days and we’re worried the coming days will be even more difficult,” Sanaa resident Ali al Mujahid, 42, said. “We want them

to solve their conflicts and leave us to live in peace.” Saleh, whose Saudi medical evacuation plane was met by a senior Saudi official, walked off the aircraft but had visible injuries on his neck, head and face, a source told Reuters. Saudi Arabia, itself vulnerable to religious militant groups operating on Yemeni territory, has been to the fore in efforts by Gulf states to negotiate Saleh’s resignation and peaceful handover of power to fractious opposition groups. He has several times backed away from agreements at the last moment. The world’s top oil exporter shares a 1,500-km (950-mile) border with Yemen, and until recently with the United States had backed Saleh as an ally against a Yemenbased arm of al Qaeda. “I think this is just about the end of his match,” Khalid al-Dakhil, a Saudi political analyst, said. “The Saudis are not going to bargain with him.”

AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen

In this photo taken Friday, April 29, 2011, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, center, waves to his supporters during a rally in Sanaa, Yemen.

Portugal votes for new govt under bailout shadow Associated Press Writer

LISBON, Portugal – Portuguese voters are electing a new government to steer them through expected years of recession and grinding austerity measures being adopted in return for a euro78 billion ($114 billion) bailout. Portugal is one of the eurozone countries with an economy wrecked by debt, compelling it to call for a rescue loan two months

ago. A recent election in Ireland — which also needed a bailout — spelled the end of the government. Polls indicate Portugal’s main opposition Social Democratic Party will unseat the Socialists on Sunday. The winner will inherit a record jobless rate of 12.6 percent and a forecast economic contraction of 4 percent over the next two years in what is already one of western Europe’s poorest countries.

AP Photo/Arnaud Roine/ECPAD

In this photo made available by French Army Saturday June 4, 2011, combat helicopters are prepared on the deck of French navy vessel BPC Tonnerre in the Mediterranean sea.

Russia: NATO ‘one step’ from land war in Libya Associated Press Writer

SINGAPORE – Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov says NATO is “one step” from sending troops into Libya in a bid to help rebels remove Moammar Gadhafi from power. Ivanov said Sunday at an Asian security conference in Singapore that Russia didn’t know that a United Nations resolution it supported to protect civilians and shut

down Libyan air space would lead to a land operation. British and French attack helicopters struck for the first time inside Libya on Saturday. NATO had previously relied on attack jets generally flying above 15,000 feet (4,500 meters). NATO airstrikes have kept the outgunned rebels from being overrun, but the rebels have been unable to mount an effective offensive against Gadhafi’s better-equipped forces.

Pedro Passos Coelho, leader of the centerright Social Democratic Party (PSD), casts his ballot at a polling station in Amadora, on the outskirts of Lisbon on June 5, 2011.




Monday, June 6, 2011


H2O Soft Opening IBP

KUTA - Just recently Bali Dynasty Resort Kuta opened H2O, our stylish new poolside eatery. H2O can accommodate more than 150 diners either in the restaurant, or out front on the wooden decking. In order to alleviate the pressure on Sen5es where breakfast “inclusive” is still served; H2O provides a sumptuous buffet style breakfast from 6.30am till 10.30am daily for those with vouchers or who have pre-purchased breakfast. This trendy eatery with its’ open kitchen serves freshly prepared food onto the buffet as well as two live cooking stations and a central island offering an array of fresh fruits, yoghurts, compotes, bakery and pastries. At lunch time H2O offers an extensive a la carte menu consisting of tasty snacks, pastas, pizzas, and more wholesome main courses. In the evenings the H20 transforms as the venue for our Theme Night Dinners. Each evening adopts a different themed buffet event accompanied by nightly entertainment and ambient.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for May 25 through July 8, 2011 25 May Buda Pon Tolu Catur Temple Buwana Sanding Tampaksiring 26 May Wraspati Wage Tolu Peninjoan Temple Besakih - Karangasem 1 Jun Buda Keliwon Gumbreg Pasek Gelgel Kukuh Marga Tabanan Pasek Gelgel Dukuh Selemadeg Tabanan Puseh Guwang Village Sukawati Merajan Pasek Ketewel Ketewel Merajan Pangeran Tangkas Kuro Agung Jeroan Sading Dalem Setra Batu Nunggul Swana Nusa Penida 8 Jun Buda Paing Wariga Merajan Pasek Gaduh Kayubihi Bangli 11 Jun Tumpek Uduh/Pengatag Puseh / Village Temple Batuan Sukawati Pasek Bendesa Kekeran Mengwi Manik Mas Besakih - Karangasem 15 Jun Buda Wage Warigadean Kepisah Sumerta Denpasar Pasek Gelgel Gerih Abiansemal Badung Puncaksari Penarukan Peninjoan Bangli Bangun Sakti Besakih - Karangasem Antegsari Kaba-Kaba Kediri Tabanan Pesimpangan Batur Pande Kaba-Kaba Kediri Tabanan 17 Jun Sukra Umanis Warigadean Odalan Ida Ratu di Penataran Agung Besakih - Karangasem Odalan Ida Ratu Puraus Merajan Salonding Besakih 19 Jun Redite Pon Julungwangi Panti Pasek Gelgel Gobleg Banjar - Singaraja 21 Jun Anggar Kasih Julungwangi Tirtaharum Tegalwangi Bangli Pasek Tohjiwa Wanasari Tabanan Pasek Tangguntiti Jakatebel Tabanan Pasek Bendesa Sangsit Sangsit Buleleng Dalem Waturenggong Taro Tegalalang

Ibu (Pura Kaja) Wanasari Selemadeg Tabanan Pasek Gelgel Tulikup - Gianyar Manik Bingin Sidemen - Karangasem 22 Jun Buda Umanis Julungwangi Penetaran Gana Bebalang Bangli Dalem Gede Banjar Pande Bangli Puncaksari Sangeh Abiansemal - Badung Dadia Agung Pasek Sanak Sapta Resi Gianyar Merajan Pasek Tohjiwa Tohjiwa Jakatebel Merajan Pasek Prateka Batusesa Mr. Jeroan Dauh Cemenggon Puseh Penegil Darma Kubutambahan Singaraja 30 Jun Wraspati Wage Sungsang Kawitan Tangkas Kori Agung Desa Tangkas Klungkung Siang Kangin Tampuagan Tembuku Bangli Odalan Ida Ratu Mas Penataran Agung Besakih Merajan Pasek Gelgel Petemon Odalan Ida Bhatara Bang Tulus Dewa Besakih - Karangasem 6 Jul Buda Keliwon Dunggulan Wakika Temple Kupang, NTT Agung Girinatha Temple Sumbawa Besar NTB Dukuh Sakti Temple Dukuh Kediri-Tabanan Atambuananta Temple Kutamba NTT Webananta Temple Kupang, NTT Giripati Mulawarman Temple Pontianak Mustika Dharma Temple Cijantung I Jakarta Timur Mustika Dharma Kompleks Kopassus Cijantung Jakarta Timur 7 Jul Wraspati Umanis Dunggulan Watukaru Temple Tabanan Lempuyang Luhur Temple Karangasem Kentel Gumi Temple Klungkung Pasek Gaduh Temple Umadesa Kediri Tabanan Pasek Kubayan Temple Wangaya Gede Penebel Tabanan Merajan Pasek Temple Tohjiwa Tiyingan - Klungkung Merajan Pasek Gaduh Temple Umadesa 8 Jul Sukra Paing Dunggulan Ulun Suwi Temple Jimbaran - Badung Luhur Temple Cemenggon, Sukawati - Gianyar Pasek Ubung Temple Ubung - Denpasar

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulumbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Monday, June 6, 2011


Indian police storm yoga guru’s graft protest Agence France Presse

NEW DELHI – Indian police firing tear gas stormed a New Delhi camp Sunday to evict a mass protest against corruption by a famous yoga guru and thousands of his followers, sparking a melee that left dozens injured. Opposition parties and antigraft campaigners accused the government of resorting to heavyhanded tactics to put down the protest, which came after a damaging series of corruption revelations at high levels of power. Police also used batons in their early-hours raid on a vast tent in the centre of the capital where Swami Baba Ramdev, a television yoga star, had begun a hunger strike on Saturday. “We had given permission for only 5,000 people to attend his yoga camp but 50,000 turned up. We had not given any permission for a public agitation,” Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat told AFP. Ramdev was detained by police and later flew out of Delhi heading for his residence in the town of Haridwar in the foothills of the Himalayas, from where he runs a vast yoga empire encompassing television shows and healing centres. “Don’t bring any politics into this. The kind of treatment needed to be meted out to a fraud has been meted out to him,” a leading figure from the ruling Congress party, Digvijay Singh, told reporters. Television pictures showed Ramdev’s followers attempting to shield him as police moved in on Sunday morning. “Around 30 people and 23 policemen were injured. No one has been seriously hurt or hospitalised and they were sent off after first aid,” area deputy police chief Aslam Khan told AFP. “The policemen received injuries from stones, flower pots and fire extinguishers thrown at them by the people there,” she told AFP from the now empty site of the protest, where personal possessions littered the floor. The saffron-robed guru had piled pressure on the scandaltainted government over corruption after beginning a fast to protest so-called “black money”, cash from bribes or other illegal transactions in overseas accounts.

Acrobat, mom reenact fatal Puerto Rico wire walk Associated Press Writer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Two members of a famed acrobatic family commemorated patriarch Karl Wallenda on Saturday by completing the stunt that killed him, walking between two towers of a seaside hotel on a wire 100 feet (31 meters) above the ground, without a net. Nik Wallenda said he had planned to walk by himself across a 300-foot-long (91-meter-long) wire, but his mother convinced him to let her join him on the reconstruction of the fatal 1978 stunt. “I’ve been mentally prepared my entire life for this,” he said. “I’ve seen the video of my great-grandfather falling hundreds of times. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for all of us, for our family.” He said he initially rejected a request by his mother, Delilah Wallenda, to join him. “Just because of safety,” he said. “We’ve

Foreign... From page 1 According to Gede Suarsa, the number of tourists coming to Bali from seven countries showed a significant increase, while that of tourists from three other countries decreased. An increase was recorded in tourist arrrivals from Australia, namely to 210,903 from 162,082 people or up by 34.92 percent, from China rose by 0.19 percent or from 71,052 to 71,186 people, from Malaysia up by 32.95 percent or from 39,435 to 52,507 people, from England up by 46.98 percent or from 21,859 to 32,128 people.

obviously lost several family members doing this.” But Delilah Wallenda, who is in her late 50s, eventually won him over, he said. The motherand-son team walked slowly toward each other on a damp morning, balancing on a wire as wide as a nickle. Nik Wallenda was wearing moccasin-style shoes that his mother had made. He carried a 45-pound (20-kilogram) balancing pole, while Delilah Wallenda carried a 25-pound (11-kilogram) pole. They met at the middle. Delilah Wallenda sat on the wire while her son stepped over her in slow motion. She then struggled slightly to get up before both continued toward the towers of the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel. “Normally, I’m in a zone,” he said. “At this point, I was in no zone. I was still focused on my greatgrandfather.” In addition, the Russian people trip to Bali rose 26.74 percent namely from 24,970 people to 31,646 people, Singapore‘s 42.99 per cent or from 21,095 to 30,455 people, and French 15.15 percent or from 25,095 to 28,897 people. Meanwhile, three countries of which their tourist visits showed a decrease to Bali including Japan by 21.81 percent or 44,085 people in the first quarter of 2011 from 64,455 people of the corresponding period of 2010. Taiwan decreased 10.51 percent or from 44,085 to 39,451 people and South Korea‘s 1.35 percent namely from 37,787 people to 37,277 people, Gede Suarsa added.

Bali businessmen... AP Photo

Renowned yoga guru Baba Ramdev, in orange, and supporters gather after clashing with police and shortly before his detention during their hunger strike in New Delhi, early Sunday, June 5, 2011. He had demanded the government accept all of his demands to tackle the problem, including introducing the death penalty for corrupt officials and withdrawing large-denomination bank notes used in illicit cash deals. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s administration had attempted to talk him out of the “fast unto death”, nervous that his campaign could spiral into a mass challenge to the government’s authority. Anger over corruption is high across the country after a string of high-profile scandals, including a telecoms licence scam that might have cost the country up to $39 billion and has seen a minister ar-

rested. Singh sent a succession of ministers to negotiate with Ramdev, leading to criticism from some commentators that the government was appeasing a man with views far outside the political mainstream. The sudden police raid on Sunday morning in full view of India’s media, which have been covering every twist in the protest, left some questioning the sudden change in tactics. “It was badly mishandled and it will have a negative impact on the government,” M.J. Akbar, a columnist and political commentator as well as a former Congress party MP, told AFP.

From page 1 Sometimes, the businessmen don’t realize that the potential of the domestic market is very large abut it doesn’t nurtured properly. In addition to the large number of people in the country, the way of life which is tend to be consumptive especially in Bali must be taken into consideration. “This condition made Indonesia including Bali becomes the main market for import products such as electronics, foods, and others,” Darmaja said. In addition to China, Indonesia becomes the target market for many countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Japan, and Germany. According to Darmaja, souvenirs and handicrafts are still become the main attraction for shoppers in Bali. “Especially during holiday season, groups of do-

mestic tourists will stop by in art market and buying a lot of souvenirs. Actually it is a chance to develop the local market,” he added. Meanwhile, the Head of Bali House of Chambers, Gde Sumarjaya Linggih, said that the flood of import products is a treat for the local businessmen especially is they cannot keep up. The local businessmen must find a way to compete with the import one. “The product which has Balinese motif still attracts many buyers and it must be improved to reduce the import products,” he added. Sumarjaya suggested that the promotion of the local products must be increased in order to decrease the import products entering Bali.

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YK commends MA‘s plan to fire a corrupt judge Antara

JAKARTA - The Judicial Commission (KY) which oversees the conduct of court judges lauds and appreciates the Supreme Court (MA)‘s intention to dismiss judge Syarifuddin who has been arrested for taking a bribe, a KY official said. “The planned MA action may erase the impression the public has so far gained that the MA always takes a defensive stance concerning erring court judges criticized by the public,” KY Vice Chairman Iman Anshori Saleh said here Saturday. Judge e Syarifuddin‘s discharge from his position would make it easier for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to conduct its investigation and save the KY the trouble of having to process his case, Imam said.

“We as the KY no longer need to take up his case after the MA has fired Syarifuddin,” he added. He expressed hope that the MA‘s firm action would be a strong reminder to all court judges never to commit dishonorable acts. “According to the information we have received, the MA will next Monday issue its decision to dismiss Syarifuddin from his position as a court judge,” Imam said. Imam also hoped the MA would become more sensitive and responsive towards the public‘s aspira-

tions and criticisms of the conduct of court judges in handling major cases, including that of former KPK chief Antasari Azhar. It was earlier reported the MA had announced its intention to issue an order for the temporary discharge of Judge Syarifuddin on Monday (June 6). The order would be signed by MA Chairman Harifin A Tumpa. Syarifuddin was arrested by the KPK after he was caught redhanded receiving a Rp250 million bribe from SW, the curator of the assets of PT SCI that had been declared bankrupt. Apart from the Rp250 million in cash, KPK officer had also seized a Mitsubishi Pajero car used by PW, and Rp2 billion worth of foreign currencies.


Indonesian Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi (C) is crowned by Miss World 2011 Alexandria Miss (L) and Miss Indonesia 2010 Asyifa Latif (R) during the final of Miss Indonesia 2011 Beauty Contest in Jakarta on June 3, 2011. Miss Indonesia 2011 Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi will represent Indonesia in the Miss World Beauty Contest 2011 in London in November.

Medical treatment abroad

After naming him suspect

KPK to fetch Nazarudin from Singapore RI citizens spend trillions of rupiah Antara

JAMBI - The Corruption Eradication Commission (LPK) will forcibly bring former Democrat Party (PD) treasurer M Nazaruddin home from Singapore after he has been named a suspect in a bribery case currently being investigated, the commission‘s chief, Busyro Muqoddas, said. “We will forcibly bring him home when he has been named a suspect. We are now still deepening our investigation into the bribery case he might be involved in. When we will

name him a suspect, we cannot say,” Busyro said after delivering a general lecture at the Jambu University campus here Saturday. Busyro was replying to a question whether the KPK would dare to make Nazaruddin who is still a member of the House of Representatives return home from Singapore if he was needed for questioning. “He (Nazaruddin) is not a suspect yet, and our investigation is now only at the stage of questioning witnesses,” Busyro said. When the ongoing investigation had yielded testimonies or strong

proof all pointing at Nazaruddin, the KPK would take the necessary firm action, he said. Nazaruddin was relieved from his position as PD treasurer after he was widely reported to be implicated in a corruption case at the sports ministry and an attempt to bribe a Constitutional Court official. Following his discharge as PD‘s treasurer, the KPK asked the law and human rights ministry to impose an overseas travel ban on him but it turned out he had left for Singapore one day before the ban was issued.


BATAM - Indonesian citizens spend trillions of rupiah every year on medical treatment abroad, said a spokesman of the Herbs and Healthcare exhibition here on Saturday. “The Indonesian market (for health-care) is big and very interesting,” said Marketing Manager PT IMS Exhibition and Services, Dody when talking about the exhibition of Herbs and Health-care Indonesia which will be held here next month. According to him, most of the 15 hospitals that will participate in

the exhibition are the foreign ones. Many hospitals from Malaysia and Singapore who participate in the exhibition indicate that Indonesia is good market for the international health-care industries, he cited. Apart from hospitals, dozens of herbal industries will also take part in the biggest health-care exhibition in Batam city. In the meantime, head of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) of Riau Islands provincial branch, Afrizal Dachlan said that herbal medicine is now becoming a trend in the world health.

Foreigners trying to control RI‘s economy: Economist Antara

JAKARTA - Senior economist of the Advisory Group on Economic Industry and Trade (ECONIT) Hendri Saparini said foreigners were trying to take control of the Indonesian economy by influencing the direction of national economic policies. “In order to make it easier for foreigners to take control over


People shop at a supermarket in Jakarta on June 1, 2011. Senior economist of the Advisory Group on Economic Industry and Trade (ECONIT) Hendri Saparini said foreigners were trying to take control of the Indonesian economy by influencing the direction of national economic policies.

Indonesia`s natural wealth, they bribe politicians and government officials so that they would produce regulations which WOULD serve their interest,” Hendri Saparini said here on Saturday. Speaking to a discussion on “My Country under the Shackles of Corruptors,” Hendri said that in the enforcement of such laws which were pro-foreigners, the aim of the national economic policies was diverted. She said that there were many laws which were pro-foreigners which would disadvantage the Indonesian people in the long run. She cited as an example Law No. 30 / 2007 on the mining sector. The mining law among others stipulates that the mining sector could be under the control of foreigners up to 95 percent. She said the clause in the law

should be revised because it would harm the interest of the Indonesian people in the long run. Hendri said that companies also often gave bribes to officials in order to obtain mining licenses. “This is saddening because the licenses they got by way of bribing, were later sold to other businesses with a higher price,” she said. Therefore, she said, the government should evaluate the implementation of the mining licenses, whose number reached 6,000, to check their designations. On the occasion, Hendri Saparini called on politicians to have, deepen and maintain their nationalism vision, namely by giving priorities to national interest in the long run. “They should not give priorities to pragmatic interest for the short term,” she said.



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Bali Today Forestry Ministry allows Bali Starling Conservation Antara

Denpasar – Indonesian Forestry Ministry through the Natural Resources Conservation Department (BKSDA) has cleared the permit of the 25 areas to conserve the Bali’s starling (Leocopsar rothschildi).


Jalak Bali

Currently, the habitat of the rare bird only existed in Western Bali National Park. “The permit to conserve Bali’s starling has been granted to 25 areas throughout Indonesia including Bali,” said Noerdjito, a Bali starling researcher in Indonesian Biology Research Department (LIPI). He has been conducting research on the bird since 1986 and the permit given by the government is a good way to increase the population of Bali starling in Bali. Noerdjito also said that there is great hope by breeding the bird outside Bali, it will give a better chance of surviving for the bird. The result of the conservation effort throughout Indonesia is already increasing the population

of Bali starling up to 1,000 birds. He hoped that the effort will be done continuously so the result of the breeding will be able to be released into the wild. This is very important because in 2005, the number of Bali starling in the wild was very little and now already develop into 39 birds. The Western Bali National Park also successful in breeding the bird and now the number become 145 birds. It will be release gradually to the wild. The Association of Bali Starling Conservation (APCB) also gave 60 starlings to the people of Sumberkelampok village which is located next to the National Park. The birds were the result of breeding in Klaten, Central Java and Bogor, Western Java.

Invoking Divine Inspiration of Arts in Dalem Petingan Temple In the area of Ambengan Hamlet, Pesanggaran, lies in a haunted ancient temple named Dalem Petingan Temple. The temple looks so classical and has much inspired the art of life in Bali. It includes in usadhic or traditional healing practices and guidance how to inhibit the Lapindo mudflows. Why? TO reach this temple, people should pass through a circular path toward Benoa Harbor. In the west of the road lies a path leading to the swamp to get through the temple. The temple itself has no compound wall and is situated in the middle of the swamp. Strangely, it has been securely protected by invisible compound wall. This temple is easily accessible even though located in the middle of the swamp. From the street, we can walk along some five meters toward the temple. Jero Mangku Tanggu is responsible for overseeing and cleaning up the temple area every day. He receives these tasks from his ancestors. During the period of temple anniversary, fifteen days before Galungan, it is always crowded by devotees. The shrines existing in the

temple consist of a main chamber as the sanctum to venerate deity Ida Ayu Mas having connection with Pulaki Temple. She is believed to be the source of life, so many traders and businessmen say prayers to this temple. Additionally, this temple is also the place to invoke divine inspiration (taksu) in the field of arts. Many art troupes invoked such divine inspiration in this temple, said Nyoman Sukayasa, one of the devotees who frequently worshiped in this temple. On the left front side of the chamber occurs the shrine used for meeting hall of deities. Meanwhile, in front of the meeting hall there is a gamelan pavilion. Then, in the north of chamber shrine, there are two shrines, namely the Panglurah and representative

shrine of Ida Bhatara Pulaki. Interestingly, under a big tree lies a shrine for venerating Ida Bhatara Lingsir Sidi Ngucap. People having profession as traditional healer usually invoke efficacy in this shrine. Then, at outermost courtyard lies a guardian shrine. This temple does have a compound wall, so that a series of stone are piled in such a way used as the wall, but its front wall is marked by a pile of bricks. According to I Nyoman Sukayasa and Ida Bagus Sudira serving as mediator of the venerated deities in this temple confirmed the existence of invisible compound wall protecting the temple. These two devotees were often assigned as mediator to inform any instructions received in the temple. Even, Bagus Sudira often performed a healing service in the temple and most people got their recovery within relatively a short time. In the east of the temple, there is a pond without a shrine. It is be-

lieved as the abode of Anantabhoga dragon. Though without shrine, at this location lies a small burrow that often appears used as an augury. Guardian animal of the deities abiding in this temple are black tiger and ivory tiger. However, they have not been realized in the form of effigies. Nyoman Sukayasa added that deities abiding in the temple also had ties and linkages to Dalem Warung Temple located at Benoa landfill. The deity venerated in this temple was Ida Bhatara Manik Segara. His father abided in the Dalem Muter Temple, Kesiman, having the title of Ida Bhatara Catur Pramana Lingga. In addition, it had relation to Uluwatu Temple as the mother called Ida Sang Hyang Ibu Pertiwi with the title of Ida Bhatara Baruna and Ida Bhatara Rudra. It was Ida Bhatara Rudra which endowed the cessation of Lapindo mudflows, said Nyoman Sukayasa. In the meantime, Ida Ayu Mas

in the Dalem Petingan Temple was also said to have a grandfather who was worshiped in Pulaki Temple as Ida Bhatara Lingsir. Meanwhile, his sibling was venerated in the Rambutsiwi Temple with the title of Ida Bhatara Sakti. Another brother was worshiped in the Dalem Perancak Temple at Canggu revered as Ida Bhatara Tri Premana Lingga and had relation to Ida Bhatara Sakti Pengadangan. Even, Nyoman Sukayasa claimed to have received a revelation in the temple about the best way to discontinue the Lapindo mudflows. His trip to Sidoarjo with other Hindu devotees was so long. He did a pecaruan exorcism rite on the full moon in last April precisely in center of outburst. It was carried out under life-threatening challenge, but he was determined to resume the holy mission because it was a part of God’s will. Ultimately, he thanked God because the Lapindo mudflows had now subsided. “That’s His will, we are only an intermediary,” said Sukayasa. (BTN/kmb)


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Balinese Culture Spice Paste For Beef

A Bali show not to be missed IBP

GIANYAR - Commencing on June 4th with three shows a week, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Regalia – The Enchanted Forest will be Indonesia’s first combined professional acrobatic and musical extravaganza. It will take place at the Bali Theatre in the Taman Safari and Marine Park. According to Media Relation Bali Safari & Marine Park, Astrid W Iswulandari, the nearly 1.5 hour spectacular features a cast of more than 50 acrobats, performers, dancers, singers and actors including

more than 20 former Cirque du Soleil performers. Presented on one of the world’s largest high-tech stages, ‘Regalia – The Enchanted Forest’ is a romantic love story set in the mystical and magic forest of Regalia where, like in the island of Bali - a delicate balance is maintained between man, nature and the spiritual world. The performance by “Raining Heart Production”, said Astrid, supported by numerous artists that professional on their field. They also perform on Las Vegas, New York, and Berlin.

This world class show even more interesting with live music that perform in the stage by Jazz singer from Jakarta, Yucca Rose, accompanied by ethnic instruments, violist from Hungaria, Helga Sedli. With its own original music score and with an International cast of acrobats, dancers, singers and musicians, the quality of the production matches any Las Vegas show and will surely dazzle and enthrall its Bali audiences. The Enchanted Forest launch takes place on Saturday, June 4, 2011. Be sure not to miss this spectacular show. (kmb18)

Regalia – The Enchanted Forest will be Indonesia’s first combined professional acrobatic and musical extravaganza. It will take place at the Bali Theatre in the Taman Safari and Marine Park.

INGREDIENTS: 250 gr large red chili, seeded and peeled 40 gr bird’s eye chili, finely sliced 50 gr garlic, peeled and chopped 200 gr shallot, peeled and chopped 50 gr ginger, peeled and chopped 150 gr laos, peeled and chopped 2½ tbsp black pepper corn crushed 2½ tbsp coriander seed crushed 100 gr candlenut 40 gr palm sugar, chopped 150 ml coconut oil 250 ml water 3 salam leaf ¾ tbsp salt PREPARATION: Combine all ingredients except salam leaf, water and salt, place in food processor and grind coarsely. Place ground ingredients in heavy sauce pan, add all remaining ingredients and cook over medium heat for approximately 60 minutes or until all water is evaporated and marinade changes to golden color. Set aside and cool. (

Shredded Chicken with Chilies & Lime OVERVIEW: You can use any type of leftover chicken (roast, steamed or fried) for this delightfully tangy chicken salad

FOTO ANTARA/Nyoman Budhiana

INGREDIENTS : 1 whole chicken, weighing about 1.2 kg (2 ½ lb) 1 cup chicken spice paste ½ cup tomato sambal 3 tbsp freshly squeezed limejuice PREPARATION: 1. Rub the chicken outside and inside with the spice paste, and season with salt and crushed black pepper. 2. Place on wire rack in oven and roast first at 220 Celsius (420 F) for 20 min, then reduce heat to 180 Celsius (350 F) and roast until done. Frequently baste chicken with a mixture of coconut oil and chicken spice paste. 3. When cool, remove and discard the skin. Remove meat from bones and shred by hand into fine strips. 4. Combine chicken stripes with remaining ingredients. Mix well and season to taste. Serve at room temperature with steamed rice. ( C.045 ibp



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Elephant Cave IBP

Welcome to Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave) which is located in west side of Bedulu countryside, Blah Batuh Sub district and Gianyar Regency. It is about 27 km from Denpasar town. This cave is built at crevasse edge from the federation of 2 rills that is called Pangkung River, where the irrigation is mixed with Petanu River flow. The federation area of two rivers is called Campuhan/Mixture. It owns the magical energy on the basis of Rwabineda Concept/two different matters on this basic concept hence Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave) is intentionally built among two rivers. The word of Gua Gajah is anticipated coming from the word of Lwa Gajah, the name of Buddhist Temple or hermitage for Buddhist monk. The Gua Gajah’s name is written on Negarakeertagama papyrus which is compiled by Mpu Prapanca on 1365 M. Lwa or Lwah/loh mean the river and it reflect to the meaning that the hermitage is located at Gajah River or in Air Gajah. In the year inscrip-

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tion 944 Saka, it is mentioned with the name of ‘ser ring Air Gajah’ that is meaning the Subak leader in Air Gajah. The word has mentioned that the hermitage of Lwa Gajah is located in Subak Air Gajah. There is a relief which is almost looking like the form of mountain on the entrance of this cave. It was carved many designed on the relief like grove with the stick, close leaf, animal for example forest pig, tortoise and specters. The cave mouth is decorated by the bas-relief with the eye turn around to the right or west side. There is an article letter of Kediri type from the early of 11 century was written on the wall left side or east side. There is a pool (Patirthaan) as a place to take the holy Tirtha water for Hindu ceremony which is located in the middle of the cave courtyard. This Holy Pool is previously piled up by land and it has been found on 1954 by Krijgsman from the Ancient Department. The Holy pool is equipped by the statue douche which is parallel arranged in two groups.

... gets maximum benefits with minimum charge Denpasar : +62 361 22-5764 Jakarta : +62 21 535-6271

Jl. Kepundung 67 A, e-mail: Jl. Palmerah Barat 21 F

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US President Barack Obama walks with an employee after selecting a pair of gardening gloves for First Lady Michelle Obama during an unannounced visit to Fred’s Pro Hardware, a local family owned business, June 3, 2011 in Toledo, Ohio. The economy may be in for a long period of soft growth after employers hired the fewest number of workers in eight months in May and the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent.

Cooling employment casts shadow on recovery Reuters

WASHINGTON – The economy may be in for a long period of soft growth after employers hired the fewest number of workers in eight months in May and the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent. Nonfarm payrolls increased 54,000 last month, the Labor Department said on Friday, just over a third of what economists had expected. However, analysts saw little chance the economy would slide back into recession, given that temporary factors like high gasoline prices and supply chain disruptions from the earthquake in Japan were constraining growth. “The recovery has not been aborted. The economy is not falling into a double-dip,” said Sung Won Sohn, an economics professor at California State University in the Chan-

nel Islands. “This weakness, however, is a warning shot across the bow of the economy.” The broadly weak report confirmed a loss of economic momentum already flagged by other data from consumer spending to manufacturing. The department said it found “no clear impact” on the jobs figures from the tornadoes and flooding in the Midwest and South. The sharp slowdown in job creation accompanied signs of softening growth overseas and was troubling news for President Barack Obama, whose chances of re-election next

year could hinge on the health of the economy. In remarks to auto workers in Ohio, Obama did not directly address the jobs figures, although he acknowledged the economy’s woes and said it would take a while to mend. “There are still some headwinds that are coming at us. Lately it’s been high gas prices, then you have the economic disruptions following the tragedy in Japan,” Obama said. “There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. We are going to pass though some rough terrain.”

IMF frees up $225 million for Iceland Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON – The International Monetary Fund said Friday it had okayed a sixth tranche of $225 million in financing for Iceland, citing Reykjavik’s “impressive progress” in post-crisis restructuring. The IMF said Iceland’s economy would likely return to growth this year, but still faced risks from inflationary pressures, delays in investment projects, joblessness and slow private sector debt restructuring. It also approved the country’s strategy on easing capital controls as “appropriately cautious.” “Given the scale of potential out-

flows, the removal of capital controls must proceed gradually. The authorities’ intention to condition the pace of liberalization on the balance of payments outlook and the stability of the financial system is appropriate,” the IMF said in a statement after its latest review of the economy. “A further build-up of international reserves will be important for the successful implementation of this strategy.” It also warned about the need to continue strengthening financial institutions, saying the government needs to “resist absorbing private sector losses” to maintain a sustainable level of public debt.

The government was managing the liabilities of its 2008 takeover of the failed bank Landsbanki through strong recovery of bank assets, according to the IMF. But, it warned, “The resolution of the Icesave dispute through legal channels could increase fiscal risks.” Britain and the Netherlands were forced to dish out a total of 3.9 billion euros ($5.5 billion) to reimburse some 340,000 of their citizens hit by the collapse of Icesave, the former offshore branch of Landsbanki. The IMF disbursement is the latest slice of a $2.2 billion bailout program dating to the country’s financial collapse in 2008.

Toyota president sees return to full output from November Reuters

SEOUL – The president of Toyota Motors said on Saturday he expects the automaker to resume full production globally in November and its Japanese output is expected this month to recover to 90 percent of levels seen before a March earthquake. “We are restoring (production) at fast speeds despite ongoing aftershocks,” Akio Toyoda, the grandson of the company’s founder, told reporters during a visit to South Korea. “We expect our output to recover to normal from November ... For Japan’s domestic production, we expect to resume 90 percent of our normal output this month,” he said. Toyota and its local rivals have been plagued by shortages of hundreds of components after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami on March 11 damaged factories in Japan’s northeast. Production at Toyota is returning to pre-quake levels faster than the company anticipated, with output in June likely to reach90 percent of pre-quake levels, a company spokesman confirmed on Wednesday. That more optimistic outlook compares with a prediction last month for production to return to 70 percent of normal. The president said in April that a complete recovery was expected in November or December. Still, in 2011 overall production may be almost a million vehicles less than Toyota had planned to build at the beginning of the year.

Lost output by the end of May was 900,000 cars. Because Toyota builds 38 percent of its cars in Japan compared with a smaller 25 percent at Nissan Motor Co Ltd and Honda Motor Co Ltd the impact at Japan’s biggest auto company has been greater. The president visited South Korea, a small market for the auto giant, to “encourage dealers,” a Toyota Korea representative said, at a time when the automaker is suffering from sales slump in the wake of the quake and a recall crisis. Toyota’s Lexus sales dived 51 percent in April in South Korea from a year ago, while other Toyota vehicle sales slid 41 percent, even as the imported vehicle market grew 14 percent led by vehicles from German carmakers, according to data by Korea Automobile Importers and Distributors Association. Last year, Toyota sold a combined 10,486 Lexus and other models in the South Korean market dominated by Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors. A shortage of parts resulting from disrupted supply chains means it has lost ground in overseas markets. On June 2, Toyota said it sold only 38,500 cars in China during May, 35 percent less than a year ago. In the United States, its main foreign market, sales in May slumped 28 percent. In contrast, South Korean rivals Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors posted double-digit sales growth and a record-high combined market share last month in the key market, putting their combined U.S. sales almost on par with that of Toyota.

Boeing to cut 510 jobs as Shuttle program winds down Reuters

WASHINGTON - Boeing Co will lay off about 510 employees in its Space Exploration division as the United States’ space shuttle program draws to a close. There will no material impact on the company as a result of the job cuts, a spokesman for Boeing’s Space Exploration division told Reuters. The last workday for workers is scheduled to be August 5, pending completion of the final shuttle mission, the company said in a statement.

The United States is retiring its three-ship fleet due to high operating costs and to free up funds to develop new spacecraft that can travel beyond the space station’s 220-mile-high (346-km-high) orbit. Earlier this week, space shuttle Endeavour touched down at its Florida home base, ending the next-to-last mission in the space shuttle program. Shuttle Atlantis is slated to launch on July 8 on NASA’s final planned shuttle mission. Shares of the Chicago-based Boeing closed at $74.84 on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange.


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Singer Shania Twain gets Hollywood star Agence France Presse

LOS ANGELES – Canadian country pop diva Shania Twain has been honored with a star on Hollywood’s storied Walk of Fame, and voiced surprise that she had come so far. “I mean, why is a girl from Timmins, Ontario, standing here, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?” the Grammy-winner asked. “I really don’t know... it’s a small miracle, to be honest, that I am here today.” Twain, who just published her memoirs and launched a new TV show, was joined by veteran actress Bo Derek to receive the star, the 2,442nd to grace the sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard. Born Eilleen Regina Edwards in Windsor, Ontario, she and her two sisters were adopted by her mother’s second husband, Jerry Twain, who legally changed their last names to his. Twain began singing in bars

when she was eight years old to help her family make ends meet. At 13, she performed on the Canadian TV series the “Tommy Hunter Show” and was in several bands before leaving high school. Her mother and stepfather died in a car crash in 1987, when she returned to her hometown of Timmins to care for her younger siblings, but Twain released a selftitled debut album in 1993 that reached 67th on the US country charts.

Her big break came with her second album “The Woman In Me” in 1995, which went on to sell more than 12 million copies, and won her a Grammy Award in 1996 for best country album. The Hollywood honor came five months after the 45-year-old tied the knot with Frederic Thiebaud, two years after splitting with her husband of 14 years Robert Lange — who allegedly had an affair with Thiebaud’s then-wife. Twain and music producer Lange had married in 1993, six months after meeting. Living between homes in New Zealand and Switzerland, the couple had a son who was six when they separated.

Canadian singer Shania Twain poses after being honored by a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California on June 2, 2011. With more than 57 million albums sold in the U.S. and Canada, Twain is the top-selling female country artist of all time.

‘Dallas’ star Larry Hagman auctions memorabilia Associated Press Writer

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – J.R. wasn’t selling oil this time. He was selling himself. He still made a pretty penny. Larry Hagman, who played the cold, conniving oil baron J.R. Ewing on the beloved 1980s series “Dallas,” auctioned off many of his personal valuables Saturday in Beverly Hills. Caroline Galloway of Julien’s Auctions said a silver saddle was the priciest item sold, fetching $80,000. Other big items included a portrait of Hagman’s costar Jim Davis that went for more than $38,000, a replica bottle from Hagman’s earlier series “I Dream of Jeannie” t h a t brought in more t h a n $10,000, and a pair of pistols that fetched more than $4,000. The 79-year-old Hagman put in an appearance, describing items to the crowd then sitting in the audience during bidding. The collect i o n brought in more than $500,000.


Venice art festival is feast for senses Agence France Presse

VENICE, Italy – An array of sometimes disconcerting sights and sounds went on public display Saturday on the shores of the Venice lagoon for the Biennale contemporary art festival. From a picture of Jesus in his underwear to a human skull decorated with pearls, the images at the festival provoke, bemuse or titillate. “This is completely amazing!” exclaimed Edouard Duval-Carrie, an artist from Haiti, the earthquakestruck Caribbean island, which is taking part in the famous Biennale for the first time with its own national pavilion. “In Haiti, misery predominates. Sometimes we have to break that because our country is more complex than any other country. There is also art, culture. It’s important for our pride,” the artist told AFP. His painting — a skeleton in a silver suit against the backdrop of a luxuriant forest — sits alongside equally macabre works by 14 Haitian artists for an exhibit entitled “Haiti: Kingdom of this World.” Nearby is the Italian pavilion where artists appear to have gone out of their way to provoke the visitor — like Felipe Cardena, who is exhibiting flowery portraits of Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden and Moamer Kadhafi. The portrait hang around a picture of Ganesh,

the Hindu divinity of wisdom. There is also a painting of Jesus Christ on the cross wearing underwear from Italian fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana. In the garden, two artists — a man and a woman — sit naked on plastic thrones and invite visitors to touch them.

“Art has become a hospital to which only the doctors and patients’ relatives have access,” said Vittorio Sgarbi, an Italian art critic and the curator of the pavilion, referring to the isolation of art critics and artists. The art world is like “a giant sanatorium cut off from the world,” he said.

AFP/Filippo Monteforte

A visitor looks at pieces by Serbian artist Dragoljub Rasa Todosijevic at the Venice Art Festival.



In this June 1, 2011 photo released Saturday, June 4, 2011 by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), workers inspect equipments inside the cesium absorption tower, part of the radioactive water processing facilities at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Fukushima prefecture, northeastern Japan.

AP Photo/Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Greenhouse gas emissions hitting record highs Associated Press Writer

AMSTERDAM – Despite 20 years of effort, greenhouse gas emissions are going up instead of down, hitting record highs as climate negotiators gather to debate a new global warming accord. The new report by the International Energy Agency showing high emissions from fossil fuels is one of several pieces of bad news facing delegates from about 180 countries heading to Bonn, Germany, for two weeks of talks beginning Monday. Another: The tsunami-triggered nuclear disaster in March apparently has sidelined Japan’s aggressive policies to combat climate change and prompted countries like Germany to hasten the decommissioning of nuclear power stations which, regardless of other drawbacks, have nearly zero carbon emissions. “Japan’s energy future is in limbo,” says analyst Endre

Tvinnereim of the consultancy firm Point Carbon. The fallout from the catastrophe has “put climate policy further down the priority list,” and the short-term effect in Japan — one of the world’s most carbon-efficient countries — will be more burning of fossil fuels, he said. And despite the expansion of renewable energy around the world, the Paris-based IEA’s report said energyrelated carbon emissions last year topped 30 gigatons, 5 percent more than the previous record in 2008. With energy investments locked into coal- and oil-fueled infrastructure, that situation will change little over the next decade, it said.

Fatih Birol, the IEA’s chief economist, says the energy trend should be “a wake-up call.” The figures are “a serious setback” to hopes of limiting the rise in the Earth’s average temperature to 2 degrees Celsius (3.8 F) above preindustrial levels, he said. Any rise beyond that, scientists believe, could lead to catastrophic climate shifts affecting water supplies and global agriculture, setting off more frequent and fierce storms and causing a rise in sea levels that would endanger coastlines. The June 6-17 discussions in Bonn are to prepare for the annual year-end decision-making U.N. conference, which this year is in Durban, South Africa. Even more than previous conferences, Durban could be the forum for a major showdown between wealthy countries and the developing world.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Nesting turtles give clues on oil spill’s impact Associated Press Writer

PADRE ISLAND NATIONAL SEASHORE, Texas – Nearly hidden by brownish sand, the Kemps ridley sea turtle digging furiously with her back flippers as she carved out a flask-shaped hole to lay her eggs wasn’t aware of the excitement she was generating among the scientists, volunteers and beach-goers watching from a distance. They included Donna Shaver, who has been working for more than two decades to save the endangered reptiles. Each spring, she counts their nests and collects the eggs for safe incubation before releasing the turtles’ tiny offspring into the sea. Shaver knows this year that each nest she spots has added significance: the turtle that created it survived the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. While scientists in several states are studying the effects of the oil spill on loggerhead and other sea turtles, the Kemps ridley have been of particular concern. The Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20, 2010 happened when they typically would have been in the area. Most of the

456 visibly oiled turtles rescued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last year were Kemps ridleys. At the peak of nesting season, their numbers looked good. As of May 24, 155 Kemps ridley nests had been spotted on Texas shores — more than in all of last year and more than had been counted by that day in 2009 and 2008. The same is true for some other sea turtle species, although they have just started to nest so it might be too early to have confidence in those numbers. And because sea turtles don’t reach reproductive age for at least a decade, the full effects of the oil spill might not be known for years. “There is fear that some of the turtles that took the year off from nesting or after the turtles were done nesting during the 2010 year, that they entered the waters where the oil had been present,” said Shaver, explaining that the reptiles often forage off the hard-hit Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi coasts before or after nesting along the Texas Gulf Coast. “There is concern that perhaps those turtles have been impacted from the oil and could then have problems with their reproduction,” she added.

AP Photo/Pat Sullivan

In this photo taken May 14, 2011, a Kemps ridley sea turtle with a tracking antennae applied to her shell with epoxy sits in the sand depositing eggs at Padre Island National Seashore National Park in south Texas.

Nintendo says server breached, no data lost Associated Press Writer

TOKYO – Nintendo was targeted in a recent online data attack, but no personal or company information was lost, the Japanese maker of the Wii game console said Sunday. The server of an affiliate of Nintendo Co.’s U.S. unit was accessed unlawfully a few weeks ago, but there was no damage, company spokesman Ken Toyoda said. “There were no third-party vic-

AP Photo/Koji Sasahara, File

tims,” Toyoda said, while declining to elaborate. “But it is a fact there was some kind of possible hacking attack.” The damage from what could be a recent spate of such data breaches targeting big-name brands was more serious at rival Sony Corp. Sony has said massive personal information, including email addresses, names and birth dates, and involving more than 100 million users, is suspected of having been sto-

FILE - In this Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011, file photo, a customer plays a game on Nintendo’s newest computer game console, Nintendo 3DS, after buying it at retail store Bic Camera in central Tokyo.

len after security was compromised in April for its network service for the PlayStation 3 game machine, for other online services and, in the past week, from Sony Pictures’ website. It is still unclear who is behind the attacks at Sony or Nintendo, based in Kyoto. Hackers calling themselves Lulz Security — a reference to the Internetspeak for “laugh out loud”_ have recently boasted of compromising more than 1 million users’ personal information. Tokyo-based Sony has said it is strengthening security measures. It has contacted the FBI and other authorities for an investigation into the cyber attacks.



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Sloppy England scramble Swiss draw Agence France Presse

LONDON – England fought back to snatch a 2-2 draw in their Euro 2012 qualifier with Switzerland here Saturday after two goalkeeping errors from Joe Hart threatened to send Fabio Capello’s side spinning to defeat. A Frank Lampard penalty and a second-half strike from substitute Ashley Young saved England’s blushes after two first-half goals goals in three minutes from Swiss midfielder Tranquillo Barnetta gave Ottmar Hitzfeld’s side a 2-0 lead. But while England may take a crumb of satisfaction at having gained a draw which left them top of Group G on goal difference after closest rivals Montenegro drew 1-1 later against Bulgaria, Capello will be dismayed by a poor display. Two bad mistakes by England gifted Switzerland their goals, and in the second half when the home side dominated, Capello’s men were unable to find the winner having clawed the game back to 2-2 after 51 minutes. Darren Bent, spearheading England in the absence of the suspended Wayne Rooney, prompted howls of disbelief when he missed an open goal from eight yards on 71 minutes out that would have sealed a vital three points for England. Capello had encouraged his players to take holidays following the end of the Premier League season two weeks ago, and in a disastrous threeminute spell midway through the half England looked as if they were still on the beach. However, Capello insisted his players were tired. “The difference between the two sides was that we lacked energy, always the same problem,” he said. “The Swiss were fresher. However, we ended up with a good result, I got a good reaction

from the players in the second half but as always at this stage of the season we were without energy.” Switzerland coach Hitzfeld was satisfied with a point but admitted he was disappointed his side were unable to defend a two-goal lead. “If I had been offered a 2-2 draw at Wembley beforehand I would have taken it,” Hitzfeld said. “But we wanted to win. In the first 10 minutes we had more shots on goal than in our game against last game put together.” “There’s a little bit of disappointment of course. If you’re leading 20 in England there’s hope that you can hold on. But there’s no reason to reprimand the team. They did everything they could.” Hart was at fault for both of Barnetta’s goals on 32 and 35 minutes, which both came from free-kicks out on the left. The first came when Barnetta swung in a hopeful setpiece that eluded everyone in the box and bounced past the England goalkeeper to make it 1-0. It got worse three minutes later. This time the Bayer Leverkusen midfielder drilled his setpiece towards the near post, and when England’s two-man wall of Theo Walcott and James Milner parted, Barnetta’s shot squeezed past Hart.


England’s Midfielder Ashley Young (C) shoots at goal as Switzerland’s Defender Johan Djourou (R) and Defender Philippe Senderos (L) look on during their UEFA Euro 2012 qualifying football match England vs Switzerland at Wembley football Stadium, in London on June 4, 2011. The match ended 2-2. A lovely run and pass from Capello however refused to half-time, Capello had clearly deblame Hart for either goal. “The first cided England needed more pace in Wilshere released Bent on 65 minshould have been cleared by a de- attack and the home side threatened utes but the striker took too long to fender heading it away and the sec- within seconds of the restart, when get his shot away and Swiss keeper ond those two players should never Walcott burst forward only to be Diego Benaglio cleared. Then on 69 have parted. That was a really big brought down by Djourou. England minutes Walcott sliced open the mistake,” said Capello. The disgust appealed for a penalty but referee Swiss defence and squared for of England captain John Terry was Damir Skomina was unimpressed. Young, who scooped his shot over evident but crucially the home side Yet England did not have long to the bar. But the most glaring miss came were able to conjure an immediate wait before they were level. Milner response, Jack Wilshere surging into clipped a cross to Leighton Baines, two minutes later, and Bent was the penalty area only to be brought on for the injured Ashley Cole, who again the culprit. Young went on a down by Arsenal team-mate Johan chested into the path of Young for mazy solo run and shot to test Djourou. Lampard stepped up to the Aston Villa striker to drive home. Benaglio, whose save fell invitingly blast in the spot-kick and England The momentum clearly with En- into Bent’s path. Yet with an open had been given a vital lifeline. gland, it looked only a matter of time goal awaiting Bent somehow manWith Young replacing Lampard at before Capello’s men took the lead. aged to shoot over the bar.

Kissinger ponders FIFA anti-corruption role Agence France Presse

AFP/File/Jewel Samad

Former US of State Henry Kissinger, pictured here in Washington in April 2011.

LONDON, United Kingdom – Henry Kissinger is mulling over an offer from FIFA president Sepp Blatter to help clean up world football’s governing body but said he needed more details before committing himself. A lifelong football fan, the Vietnam War-era US secretary of state and national security adviser has been asked by Blatter to take part in a new group looking at ways to reform FIFA following months of corruption allegations. “Yes, he’s invited me, but he has not been specific except to say he wants to create a group of wise men to deal with some of the issues that have arisen,” Kissinger, 88, told BBC Radio here on Sunday. “I am

an avid football fan and have been all my life. I watch as many games as I can. “If it can help the sport I would be willing to participate but I have to know who the other participants are and what the terms of reference are before I make a final commitment.” Blatter was re-elected unopposed as FIFA president on Wednesday after his lone challenger, Qatar’s Mohamed Bin Hammam, withdrew amidst bribery allegations that led to him being suspended by the ethics committee from involvement in the governing body. Kissinger, asked for his view on Blatter ’s election, replied: “I shouldn’t comment on any of these details because if I should join this

group then maybe it’s among the issues that is going to be there.” England’s Football Association, supported by its Scottish counterpart, tried to get Blatter’s election postponed on the grounds he would not have a full mandate so long as no other candidates were standing. But its call was overwhelmingly rejected, with FIFA members voting by 172 votes to 17 against the FA’s proposal. Kissinger voiced an “understanding” for the British position but, when asked whether if the election should have been postponed, said: “I haven’t followed it that closely. “My general view is that FIFA should be conducted as transparently and as democratically as is necessary to win public support.”



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Chavez dethrones Zbik for middleweight title Agence France Presse

LOS ANGELES – Mexico’s Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr dethroned Germany’s Sebastian Zbik by majority decision to seize the World Boxing Council middleweight title in a showdown of unbeaten fighters. Chavez Jnr improved to 43-0 with one drawn on judges scores of 115-113 and 116-112 while the third judge scored the bout a 114114 draw. Chavez secured his first world title in the same city where his father, a three-division world champion set to be inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame next week, captured his first world title back in 1984. “I will have to fight a long time and win many more titles to be the equal of my father,” Chavez Jnr

said. “I would like to win more titles and create an excellent career, but there are no shortcuts or easy roads to victory.” Zbik, in his first pro fight outside Europe, fell to 30-1. He had not fought since last July, when he took a unanimous decision over Argentina’s Jorge Sebastian Heiland at Hamburg. Chavez plans to make the first defense of his crown against Argentine southpaw Sergio Gabriel Martinez, 47-2-2, in October at Las Vegas.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. from Mexico, gives a pounding to Germany’s Sebastian Zbik, in the 11th round of their WBC World Middleweight title boxing match, Saturday, June 4, 2011, in Los Angeles. Chavez, Jr. won by majority decision.

James says Heat ready to move on from momentous meltdown Reuters

DALLAS – LeBron James contends the Miami Heat’s momentous meltdown in the waning moments of the Game Two loss to the Dallas Mavericks was the result of a few minor defensive lapses and that the team is ready to move on. The Heat forward said a series of bad breaks on offense contributed to the Heat being outscored 22-5 in the final six minutes of the 95-93 Dallas victory Thursday in Miami. James said defensively “once those minor breakdowns happened, it allowed them to get into a rhythm. Even though we played great defense in some of the later possessions, they were in a comfort zone at that point.” With the series tied at 1-1 and Game Three set for

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Miami Heat’s LeBron James shoots during basketball practice, Saturday, June 4, 2011, in Dallas. The Dallas Mavericks host the Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Sunday. THe best-ofseven games series is tied 1-1.

Sunday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, how much the Heat let the collapse affect their play remains to be seen. “Besides two or three possessions out of our last 14 possessions, it was pretty good,” James said Saturday of the Heat’s cataclysmic cave-in. “I missed a lay up at the rim. Mario Chalmers missed a wide open lay up. We ran some offense where Chris Bosh got in the post. He mishandled it out of bounds. “UD (Udonis Haslem) got an offensive rebound with a minute left and mishandled it, saved it (from going out of bounds) and they got a lay up to tie the game.” James added: “We’ve moved on from Game Two, seen the mistakes we’ve made. “We never get too high or too low in the series. We haven’t gotten too high or low in the regular season as well. We move on to the next challenge and go from there.” CREDIBLE NUMBERS

James has averaged 22 points a game during the series, credible numbers but rather mild by the standards of the two-time NBA MVP. He refused to give Dallas forward Shawn Marion the credit, saying the 33-yearold, four-time All-Star has had plenty of help. “I don’t feel like there’s one guy in this league that can stop me one on one,” he said. “There’s always a defense that’s looking at me when I have the ball. “He’s the guy that’s guarding me, but there’s no one guy that can guard me.” Now that the series has shifted to Dallas for the next three games, the winner of Game Three cannot be understated. Since the NBA Finals went to a 2-3-2 format in 1985, when a series is tied at 1-1, the winner of Game Three is 11-0. “There’s nothing that we have to change, it’s just a matter of urgency,” said Bosh. “We just have to have that desperation. We lost it for five minutes, it cost us the game. “Now we have the privilege of being on edge. For the rest of the series there are no more mental breakdowns. Sometimes you have to be smacked in the face to realize what’s going on. “We got a good smacking and we’re going to have to bounce back. That’s what strong teams do.”

AP Photo/Richard Vogel

China exults at Li Na’s tennis triumph Agence France Presse

BEIJING – China rejoiced on Sunday after Li Na’s French Open triumph brought Asia its first Grand Slam singles win, sparking confident predictions of a new dawn for tennis in the world’s most populous nation. The Chinese blogosphere lit up in adulation and newspapers splashed Li’s beaming face across their front pages after the 29-year-old from Wuhan beat defending champion Francesca Schiavone of Italy 6-4, 76 (7/0) on Saturday. “Li Na makes history!” the China Daily blared. “Her triumph is expected to provide a major push to a sport already rising fast in China.” Tennis in China is still largely the preserve of the well-heeled, but the sense of national pride was unmistakable at this latest declaration of the

country’s growing might on the world stage. National broadcaster CCTV televised the match live to tens of millions of viewers across the country of more than 1.3 billion, and at the climax plastered a graphic on the screen which read: “Li Na, we love you!” In an online survey by top Internet portal, 44 percent of more than 100,000 respondents said they had cried at Li’s victory, which the website described as the “pride of China and of Asia”. In a pulsating Beijing sports bar late Saturday, Li’s accomplishment won over those who admitted they were less than tennis-savvy. “I’m very happy. I’m Chinese, she is Chinese. I don’t really understand the game but I am very happy,” said 27-year-old Gao Lei.

China’s Li Na holds the Roland Garros French Open tennis championship trophy in front of the Eiffel Tower, on June 4, in Paris, a few hours after winning the title. AFP/File/Alexander Klein




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Stoner dominates Catalunya GP Catalunya - Casey Stoner reduced Jorge Lorenzo’s points lead by dominating the Catalunya Grand Prix. Although local hero Lorenzo managed to burst into the lead from third on the grid at the start, by the end of lap one Stoner’s Honda was already lining up to pass the Yamaha, which it did with ease into Turn 1.


Honda’s Australian rider Casey Stoner rides past during the Moto GP first practice session of the Catalunya Grand Prix at the Catalunya racetrack on June 3, 2011, in Montmelo, near Barcelona.

Bradl scores another Moto2 victory


Viessmann Kiefer Racing’s German Stefan Bradl celebrates after winning the Moto2 race of the Catalunya Grand Prix at the Catalunya racetrack on June 5, 2011, in Montmelo, near Barcelona.

STEFAN Bradl took a straightforward third Moto2 race win of the year at Catalunya, pulling away from the competition even before the lead pack was spread out by a dramatic crash. Bradl had spent the first half of the race dicing with fast-starter Julian Simon and Aleix Espargaro, before edging away and establising a few seconds’ lead. As Bradl got away, a big battle for second developed between Simon, Kenan Sofuoglu, Espargaro, Dominique Aegerter, Marc Marquez and Simone Corsi - the latter having flown from 15th on the grid to fourth on lap one. On lap 16, Sofuoglu clipped the rear of Simon’s bike, tipping the Spaniard into a massive accident and ending both their races. Simon was able to stand up in the gravel trap following the crash. This incident spread the pack out, with Marquez coming through to follow up his Le Mans win with a second place at home despite having been as low as 10th early on. Espargaro took his first podium at world championship level in third, just ahead of Corsi, Randy Krummenacher, Alex de Angelis, Esteve Rabat and Mika Kallio. Aegerter also crashed out of the podium battle, falling at Turn 5 just before the Sofuoglu/Simon clash. Bradley Smith had a highly eventful race - dropping from a top 10 place to 18th when nearly taken out as Thomas Luthi crashed at Turn 3 and took Yuki Takahashi down with him. Smith fought back through to challenge Rabat for seventh on the last lap, only to run off the road and slip right back to 19th again.

After that Stoner had little trouble controlling the race, showing the pace that had seen him top all three practice sessions as he sat on a lead cushion of two to three seconds for the duration. The only threat to Stoner’s third win of the year came from the weather, which kept threatening to turn wet. But the rain held off - perhaps to the disappointment of spectators hoping for more incident in what became a processional race. Ben Spies got up to third at the start and stayed there to take his first podium as a factory Yamaha MotoGP rider. Behind him, Andrea Dovizioso (Honda) and Valentino Rossi (Ducati) had yet another side by side battle early on before settling into formation and chasing the American to the flag. Polesitter Marco Simoncelli’s Gresini Honda tumbled to sev-

enth on the first lap, and only managed to regain one place. He caught the Dovizioso/Rossi battle for a while before drifting away again. Tech 3 Yamaha’s Cal Crutchlow claimed his best MotoGP result yet in seventh, despite dropping to 10th at the start. Nicky Hayden (Ducati) moved the other way - fighting for fifth initially before his pace faded and he slipped to eighth. The best battle of the race was for ninth, which was disputed between most of the rest of the depleted field. Loris Capirossi emerged in front for Pramac Ducati, just ahead of Karel Abraham’s Cardion Ducati. Hiroshi Aoyama (Gresini Honda) and Randy de Puniet (Pramac Ducati) were the only retirements, tangling at Turn 1 in an early incident for which Aoyama accepted responsibility.

Edisi 06 Juni 2011 | International Bali Post  
Edisi 06 Juni 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Foreign tourist arrivals in Bali up 13 percent