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Tuesday, February 1, 2011




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Egyptian army soldiers take position in front of the Giza pyramids on January 31, 2011 as Egyptian protesters called for an indefinite strike in Egypt upping the stakes in their bid to topple President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

Associated Press Writer TOKYO – Countries sent planes Monday to evacuate their citizens from the unrest in Egypt as world leaders called on President Hosni Mubarak to implement reforms and seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis.




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Heads of state from Europe urged the Egyptian government to implement democratic reforms and avoid further violence against protesters. Asian powers China, India and Japan said they were closely watching developments and hoping for a peaceful resolution, while

preparing flights to get their citizens out of harm’s way. The protests in Egypt were to top the agenda of a meeting of European Union foreign ministers on Monday in Brussels. The EU has traditionally had particularly close relations with Egypt as part of its

partnerships with countries on the eastern and southern rims of the Mediterranean. With the situation still fluid, leaders were cautious about their public statements. But the initial reaction in Europe and elsewhere stressed the right of Egyptians to assemble and supported calls for reform. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Mubarak in a phone call on Sunday that she expects him and his newly nominated government to grant freedom of information and the right to assemble, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in a

statement. She urged Mubarak in a lengthy conversation to open dialogue with the country’s citizens, and focus in particular on the concerns of Egypt’s youth. She also told him that security forces have to avoid further violence against protesters. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking at the African Union’s regular summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, said that “It is with friendship and respect that France will be on the side of Tunisians and Egyptians in such a crucial period.” Continued on page 6

‘King’s Speech’ gets double Oscars boost Agence France Presse

LOS ANGELES – British historical drama “The King’s Speech” got yet another boost to its Oscars hopes, winning its second top prize in 24 hours at Hollywood’s latest awards ceremony. The movie about King George VI’s stammer won best ensemble prize and best actor for Colin Firth at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards, while Natalie Portman won best actress for her role in ballet-themed thriller “Black Swan.” The awards for Firth and Portman are their latest for those

roles, and seem to cement them as frontrunners for best actor and actress Oscars. Others honored at the SAG awards — chosen by actors for their peers — included Briton Christian Bale for best supporting actor and Melissa Leo for best supporting actress, both in boxing movie “The Fighter.” The latest triumph for “The King’s Speech” came a day after its director Tom Hooper won best director at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) awards on Saturday night. The understated royal movie, also starring Helena Bonham Carter and Australian

Geoffrey Rush — is nominated in 12 categories for next month’s Oscars show, the climax of Hollywood’s annual awards season. Blockbuster Facebook movie “The Social Network” was an early favorite for Oscars glory, and came out on top at the Golden Globes earlier this month, taking four prizes to a disappointing single gong for “The King’s Speech.” But insiders point out that the Globes are chosen by a few dozen foreign journalists at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), whereas all other awards are voted on by those in the industry. Continued on page 6


Actor Colin Firth



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bali News A success story of beekeeper

Preserving nature while increasing cash I Wayan Sutiarta, 26, inherits a tradition as a beekeeper or apiarist from his predecessor. This young peasant from the hamlet of Selumbung Kelod, Selumbung Village, Manggis, Karangasem, has already enjoyed the sweetness of side job by raising honey bees and recently became a land broker. His parents paid for his school tuition from the results of raising honey bees. His school tuition was not only from the elementary through senior high school. Now, although he has got married, he continues his study to a college in Denpasar opening a class in Karangasem. “In addition to raising cows, I also continue the heritage tradition of beekeeping,” he said in the midst of the beekeepers meeting at Antiga, Manggis, Karangasem, Sunday (Jan 30). Sutiarta, who is familiarly addressed Wayan Mideh at his home village, said he did not do alone the livelihood as a beekeeper at his village. All of his families, neighbors or surrounding residents also committed the same profession as a beekeeper. At Selumbung, said Mideh, no less than 30 people got involved in beekeeping. Mideh who had beehives of some 150 years old inherited from his predecessors said that bee-keepers at his village had established a beekeeper group. Regency Government of Karangasem had provided assistance in the form of beehives to his group. The group consisting of 30 members was respectively given 10 beehives. Today, at Selumbung Village there are approximately 2,000 beehives as structure to keep honey bees. Mideh added that during the season of blooming trees was the highest production of honey and comb be-

cause bees got a lot of food from pollen or nectar. At that time, the beekeepers were happy. He himself harvested the comb every 15 days from the 15 beehives and could obtain 30 kg. Meanwhile, he also obtained 10 bottles of honey. There had been a regular wholesaler purchasing their comb and honey coming to the home of beekeepers. The comb was sold at IDR 12,000/kg, meanwhile the pure honey was at IDR 200,000 per bottle. Therefore, every harvest carried out once in 15 days during the blooming season, a beekeeper at Selumbung could earn at IDR 2 million more. Exported to Japan

Beekeepers do not only exist at Selumbung but also at Abian Canang, Ulakan Village, Manggis. According to the figure of beekeeper and former group head of the local beekeepers, Nengah Suda, 70, the beekeepers group at the village consisted of 70 members. Each member had 25 beehives. Suda said the local beekeepers harvested their beehives every week. Then, once a year the beekeepers would collect the honey because a buyer from Japan would come and purchase theirs. From 70 beekeepers at Abian Canang would be obtained about 100 beer bottles of honey. “The honey will be sold to Japanese buyer through intermediary of a

guide at IDR 200,000 per bottle,” said the aging Suda. Though had resigned from the position as group head, he remained a member and actively bred the honey bees because the job had given him a good side income to support his children and grandchildren. For Suda, beekeeping did not simply look for money. More importantly, it could also express his hobby, remain actively to work at the rest of life and pay devotion to the environment, including to preserve the germ plasm in the natural resources of insects producing honey. “As a matter of fact, beekeeping does not require much capital. We just need to prepare beehives and then attract the honey bee colonies to nest inside them. Indeed, it also requires a patient treatment. If the bees have dwelled inside the beehives, we stay to secure and take care of them. Ultimately, we harvest or reap the proceeds,” he said. Comparable opinion was delivered by Mideh that raising bees was quite effortless. The insect bees had already existed in nature and then we just need to make them beehives by the outer part of the coconut trunk, papaya stem or other natural materials. This kind of beehive box was better than that made of wooden plank because if we had cared for and well maintained the safety of the insect from the enemies of bees,


A bee is collecting its pollen they would prefer to dwell inside it. “Indeed, beekeeping requires a diligence and capital,” he said. Meanwhile, an observer of bees from Antiga Village, Ketut Patra, 77, said that breeding bees had many benefits. In the Hindu belief, bees were beloved insect pet of the Lord Vishnu. Very good benefits of bees and honey for health were mentioned in a number of religious scriptures. “Now, the therapy taking advantage of the sting of bees has been already well-known. Recently, many people provided health therapy practice to relieve arthritis by means of bee sting. Once bee sting for the therapy of patient is worth IDR 40

Within a month, Bali shaken by 29 disasters Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Extreme weather condition ensuing lately made Bali increasingly into a disaster-prone area. During January 2011, for example, Bali was shaken by 29 times of disaster. Some of those disasters were purely natural disasters, while some others disasters were triggered by human activities that were not environmentally friendly. Based on the records of the Center for Disaster Relief Operation and Control (Pusdalops PB) of Bali Province, there were five types of disaster occurred during January 2011. In details, they consisted of six floods, two tidal waves, two landslides, 13 tornados and six fires. The disasters

in early 2011 killed five people, injured 15 victims and damaged 57 houses. In terms of catastrophic events occurred during January 2011, there was possibility that catastrophic events during 2011 would increase if compared to 2010. Throughout 2010, 233 disasters were recorded 233, or an average of 19.4 disasters per month. In details, they comprised 29 times of violent winds and tornado, 75 times of landslides, twice flash floods, 56 times of fire, twice earthquakes, 30 times of flood, 35 times of heavy rain causing damage to a number of facilities owned by the community and four times a tidal wave. Disastrous events throughout 2010 killed seven people and injured 15 people.

When contacted on Sunday (Jan 30), the Head of Center for Disaster Relief Operation and Control of Bali Province, Putu Anom Agustina, said that his party was always ready to expedite the disaster relief throughout Bali. His party monitored all disasters for 24 hours a day and as soon as possible coordinated the relevant institutions like the search and rescue (SAR), ambulance and others. “By preparedness for 24 hours, we do hope that medical and non-medical assistance needed by the victims of disaster can be immediately distributed,” he said. Meanwhile, the Head of Bali national unity and community protection (Kesbanglinmas), Nyoman Silanawa, said that provincial government allocated a budget of IDR 20

billion to anticipate the handling of problems arising from natural disasters. Such tens of billions of rupiahs included in the unexpected budget had increased compared to the budget allocation in 2010 amounting to IDR 14 billion. The unexpected budget worth IDR 20 billion was used to handle urgent measures due to natural disasters such as flood, tornado, landslides and other disasters. Last year, for example, most of the unexpected budget was depleted to control rabies killing more than 100 people. “At the beginning of 2011, a number of regions in Bali were afflicted by several disasters such as floods, landslides and tornado. The disaster handling can use such unexpected funds,” he said. (kmb13)

thousand,” he said. The Division Head of Business Development of Karangasem Forestry and Estate Services, Nyoman Merta Tanaya, said that his office already fostered the beekeepers in Karangasem about five years ago. Indeed, those beekeepers had existed since ancient times. However, those beekeepers remained to manage their activities traditionally, namely raising bees just for the household consumption. Considering the results of beekeeping was so profitable and beneficial for the environment, today those beekeepers were fostered and developed in order they could do it more professionally. In Karangasem, the beekeepers are spread throughout all sub districts and exist at each village. However, the most and well-organized one is in Manggis sub district. In this sub district, the environment is quite sustainable with many forests and blooming trees favored by honey bees. In Manggis, there are 13 beekeeper groups scattered in 27 locations with no less than 2,500 beehive boxes. Meanwhile, the number of naturally-made or ancient beehive models reached approximately 4,888 units. Production of honey per year reached 770 liters. Then, the total volume of honey produced by beekeepers in Karangasem reached more than 2,000 liters per year. “Aside from requiring small amount of capital producing reasonable income, raising honey bees also preserves the nature with the obligation to plant flowery trees. If lacking of flowery trees, the honey bees will certainly go or if any, the results will not be maximal,” said Merta Tanaya who is also a bee observer. (bud)

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Bali News


Motorcycle Plunged into River, Foreigner Died Gianyar (Bali Post)-

Michael Yosef (58) from USA experienced a fatal accident on Saturday (29/1) at 3.30 pm local time. The foreigner who reported to Tegallalang Police of his arrival was found in banjar Tangkub street, Kedisan Village, Tegallalang, Gianyar. His motorcycle got in to a gorge at Klungkang river. The accident got him seriously wounded. Residents around did saw the accident and evacuated him to Tegallalang Police. Witness, Wayan Sumerta, said the foreigner stayed at Villa Karna drove a Nuvo motorbike DK 2766 KZ. The victim who was going back to his villa

lost balance while driving it. The gorge of Klungkang is quite steep reaching 15 meters. The medics from Tegallalang Health Community Center stated that he died on location as he was bleeding from behind the left ear and nose. Now the body has been

brought to Sanglah Hospital. Head of Tegallalang Police AKP Nyoman Alit Suparta stated from a number of witness in the location it is known that it was caused by out of control causing victim not aware where he was heading.(kmb16)

Pratima Robbery Revealance Praised POLICE succeed in revealing pratima robbery cases a few months ago as Badung, Gianyar and Karangasem Police successfully threw the robbers to jail. The revealance got praised by the Governor, Regents, House of Representatives members even those on Central Government (Jakarta). Although that praise change drastically as the temple guardians and people were hurt by the conviction on the accused especially towards Roberto Gamba with only five monts jail given to him. Residents then demonstrated at Gianyar District Court. The hurt has a reason as these robberies that kept happening for days and sacred objects such as coins, statues of garuda bird, saraswati, keris and other objects

were taken from shrines with each temple loss can’t be paid by money back. In those months police fail to detect the robbers as police were confused on handling the temple guardians’ reports which kept piling up yet not known who have done it. Police admitted to have difficulties in revealing the case. Everything got better after Badung Police Head of Criminal Research Section AKP Soma Adnyana received an information in a villa at Bumbuk Street, Kerobokan, Badung got hundreds of pratima. Police then went there and it was right. After investigated further, it turns out Robert Gamba from Italia lives there and admitted to have bought the antique items from someone.

It was then even further investigated, one by one the robbers were found such as Oka Sukaya Gusti Lanang Sidemen. The revealance was then was being claimed between police departments and in the end it was given to Bali Police Criminal Research Section then each accused files completed. The investigation led by Head of Bali Police Criminal Research Section AKBP Benny Arjanto then gave the case and files to Court so it can be processed before Robert Gamba can escape from Bali Police cells as his time limit’s going to finish. Investigators managed to finish a night and stated to be completed or P-21. This was also due to AKBP Benny Arjanto clear actions, he even promised to step down if the case is not done. (jay)

”Crop Circle” in Karangasem Disadvantaging Farmers The circling tilted paddies in Karangasem (just like the crop circle that shocked Sleman, Yogyakarta) have also caused shocked the farmers. It wasn’t the suspected UFO that might have visited the area but that it is causing loss for the farmers as many paddie plants were tilted as it’s not ready for harvest yet. As seen on Sunday (30/1) tens of hectares paddy plants on the field of Subagan, Bugbug Village, Buitan, Manggis and other areas got tilted and it’s stem is heavy as it’s on producing rices. A farmer in Bugbug, Ketut Suarta, stated on Saturday (29/1) that this is very disadvantaging as these cause millions of rupiah loss, “Not all are being tilted but the ones that are fertile are hoped to produce lots of rice.” Another Farmer from Buitan, Wayan Kantun, admitted unsure of what have caused it. But he’s sure it’s not an UFO that landed. Kantun suspected that it has been the rain and wind (ty-

phoon) that’s been causing it. Because the stems are heavy so they got tilted by the wind, “The stems

are heavy when it produced rice. This is usual thing during heavy rain and wind.”(bud)


The destroyed rice paddies in Karangasem Regency

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Anticipation of robbery in Buleleng

Petrol stations and inns should be equipped with CCTV Robbery cases continuing to occur in South Bali make the Buleleng residents worry. Aside from the residents of North Bali getting prone to the occurrence of robbery cases, the anxiety also increased because many public facilities have not been equipped with CCTV devices and professional security personnel. Based on information obtained in Buleleng Police, of the 18 units of petrol stations existing in Buleleng, only one petrol station that had installed CCTV, namely the one located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Kaliuntu Village, Singaraja. Meanwhile, the remaining ones have not absolutely been equipped with CCTV. Except for petrol stations, many inns in coastal and rural areas seem to pay no attention to the possibility of robbery. Other than not equipped with CCTV, those inns also rarely employ certified security officers. Many inns only employ local workers as a night guard. Even, the more alarming is that many of those night guards are not equipped with knowledge and skills as required by professional night guards. For that purpose, some residents asked the authorities of Buleleng Regency to oblige the companies in North Bali to install CCTV and employ certified security guards. If the rules had not been available, local government with the House should make laws about security standards in the company. “If there is disturbance permit for environmental security, why does not the authority make any permit for the security against crime?” questioned Nyoman Sumantra, a resident living in the area of Baktiseraga, Singaraja. The Head of Information and Community Services (Bina Mitra) of Buleleng Police, Nyoman Sukasena, said his party had conducted patrols more intensively to anticipate the occurrence of robberies in Buleleng. On the other hand, he also asked the owners of large companies especially those situated in quiet location to watch out and complement their company with security devices. He confirmed if petrol sta-

tions and inns in Buleleng had not been equipped with CCTV. For that purpose, he along with his team had disseminated appeal letter since last week to the owners of petrol stations and inns in Buleleng to immediately install CCTV. Aside from the appeal letter, his party also spread the important phone numbers, such as the phone number of Buleleng Police, to the public. “Important numbers can be contacted immediately if suspicious things happen,” he said. In the meantime, the Chairman of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) of Buleleng Chapter, Dewa Suardipa, admitted there were many inns without being equipped with CCTV to anticipate the occurrence of robbery cases and other crimes. He himself could not oversee because many of those inns had not been the member of the association. Among the accommodations that had not registered in the association were commonly called villa located on the coastal regions and in the countryside. “Those villas have unclear status, whether they belong to hotel or others. If they are hotel, they should have a standard as hotel equipped with obvious security officer,” he affirmed. Suardipa added that many of those villas located on the coastal region and countryside indeed had not been equipped with adequate security officers. In reality, location of those villas was vulnerable to criminal acts. When those villas were completely looted and the victims were foreigners happening to stay at the villa, then the image of hotels in Buleleng as a whole would decline. On that account, Suardipa asked the Buleleng Regency through the Buleleng Culture and Tourism Services to immediately discipline those villas. If their status was indeed inn, the villas should be required to install CCTV and put adequate security personnel. “The hotels belonging to the member of PHRI have had standard security, while the villas have not, so the government needs to pay serious attention to them,” he said. (kmb15)



Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Japan kingpin Ozawa charged in funding scandal Reuters

TOKYO – Japanese ruling party powerbroker Ichiro Ozawa was charged Monday over a funding scandal, a court spokesman said, a widely expected judicial move that could widen a rift in the ruling party over whether he should leave the party.


Former leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Ichiro Ozawa is surrounded by reporters in Tokyo on January 31, 2011 after Ozawa was indicted over a finance scandal that has sharply divided the ruling party.

Ozawa’s indictment will give fresh ammunition to opposition parties who control parliament’s upper house and are refusing to join multiparty talks on tax reform to curb Japan’s huge debt. They are instead trying to force Prime Minister Naoto Kan to either resign or call a snap election for the powerful lower chamber. Ozawa, a seasoned political strategist who once headed the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), faced mandatory indictment over suspected misreporting by his political funds body after a lay judi-

cial panel decided last year that he must be charged. The 68-year-old has denied any wrongdoing. Ozawa’s prosecution could widen a split in the DPJ and further distract Kan and his government from making decisions on deepseated policy problems as it seeks ways to pass bills in a divided parliament and bolster a weak economy. The scandal has helped drag down voter support for the government to about 30 percent and caused a split in the DPJ over Ozawa’s fate, after Kan hinted that he should leave the DPJ and even resign his seat in par-

liament once he was indicted. Kan and DPJ executives will now have to decide how to respond to Ozawa’s indictment, including whether to try to issue a warning that he should leave the party. Attempting that could further fray party unity just as the government is seeking opposition help to pass legislation to implement a record $1 trillion budget for the year from April 1. Ozawa has indicated that he has no intention to leave the DPJ or resign his seat in parliament. Ozawa left the then-ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in 1993 with some 40 lawmakers, sparking a chain reaction that briefly pushed the party from power. Analysts say that with his clout now waning, it is unclear how many of his backers would follow him into the opposition this time.

South Korea rejects North’s call for earlier military talks Reuters

SEOUL – South Korea on Monday rejected a push by the North to bring forward military talks by 10 days, saying it was not enough time to prepare for their first dialogue since the North’s deadly attack against a border island last year. Pyongyang sent a message to the South’s defense ministry at the weekend calling for the preliminary talks, which Seoul has suggested take place at the Panmunjom truce village on February 11, to start on Tuesday. It was not immediately clear why the North wanted an earlier date. Talks at the military and political level between the rival Koreas are routinely set after proposals and counterproposals as the two sides vie for higher bargaining positions

and rarely break down over scheduling conflicts. Such trouble is not anticipated this time either, a defense ministry official said. North Korea has agreed to discuss the shelling of the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong in November and the sinking of a South Korean navy ship in March that Seoul blames on Pyongyang. Pyongyang says the South provoked the island attack by test-firing shells into its waters, and says it had nothing to do with the sinking of Cheonan warship. The working-level preliminary talks are meant to set the agenda for a more senior meeting, possibly at the ministerial level. Tensions have risen on the divided peninsula over the past 12 months, with the two attacks on the South as well as the North’s revelations of big advances in its nuclear program.

But the main allies of the two Koreas — the United States and China — have nudged the neighbors back to the negotiating table to defuse tensions in a region which is responsible for one-sixth of the world’s economy. South Korea wants to take a two-track approach to dialogue with the North — one to discuss the two attacks, and the other to see how to move forward on the stalled six-party aid-for-disarmament talks. Pyongyang has yet to respond to the South’s proposal for bilateral nuclear talks. The North also said it wants to return to six-party talks with regional powers aimed at compensating it in return for a pledge to end its nuclear ambitions in a move analysts see as an attempt to secure aid to help its struggling economy.

AP Photo/Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service

In this undated photo released by Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service in Tokyo Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, fourth left, and his youngest son Kim Jong Un, second left, clap their hands as they enjoy a performance of the Electronic Band of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Air Force Command of the Korean People’s Army at unknown location in North Korea.

Malaysian police take custody of 7 Somali pirates Associated Press Writer

AP Photo

Malaysian police officers help an accused Somali pirate, in orange shirt, get off a bus for a medical checkup at a hospital in Klang, outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Monday, Jan. 31, 2011.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Police in Malaysia took custody Monday of seven Somali pirates who were captured in the Gulf of Aden and brought to the Southeast Asian country to face a possible trial for hijacking a Malaysian-operated chemical tanker. Malaysia and South Korea could become Asia’s first countries to charge Somalis for piracy-related offenses after detaining a total of 12 suspects in separate raids on two hijacked ships recently. Five Somalis captured in the Arabian Sea were brought Sunday to South Korea, where they could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The seven other Somalis arrived under tight security at Malaysia’s key western harbor Monday aboard the MT Bunga Laurel, which they attacked Jan. 20 in the Gulf of Aden. Malaysian naval commandos stormed the ship and rescued 23 Filipino crew members less than two hours after the pirates boarded it. The Somalis were taken to a magistrate’s court, where police obtained approval to hold them for seven days. Wearing orange overalls and flip-flops, they were handcuffed behind their backs and then transported by bus to the national police headquarters for their detention. Most of them appeared to be in their 20s and looked tired and

thin. Authorities will interrogate the Somalis in a “thorough investigation” before deciding what charges they could face, a federal police official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make public statements. Malaysia’s plan to charge them could be complicated because the vessel attacked was Panama-registered, even though it was chartered and operated by a Malaysian shipping firm. None of the crew was Malaysian, and the ship’s cargo was being transported to Singapore. But officials have said the pirates could still face unspecified charges because the ship had Malaysian interests.



Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Maya Ubud’s a Spiritual Journey:

An Enchanting, Healing, Loving Experience IBP

UBUD – Maya Ubud Resort & Spa’s special eight day package: A Spiritual Journey, has been an exceptional experience for its participants. See what they say about it. Since the beginning of the year when first introduced, demand for this package has seen a steady increase by those wishing to discover the real essence of the life of the Balinese, and experience their unique culture and spirituality. The Spiritual Journey package is a unique package that introduces and assists participants to better understand the spiritual aspects of Balinese life and customs, whilst creating a rejuvenating and healing experience for participants. The Spiritual Journey commences with a warm welcome from our caring staff, each one allocated to meet the needs of clients to ensure their stay is a memorable and enlightening one. Each enlightening day com-

mences with morning yoga and meditation sessions in a picturesque setting, followed on different days by exploring nearby temples and visiting a traditional Balinese healer (Balian), or even a spiritual consultation and priestly blessing. Another option is to learn with village ladies the art of making traditional temple offerings as our guide carefully explains the meaning of the offerings, which can later be presented during the village temple visit. On another morning clients will be taken for a walk to a traditional village to be greeted by local village people and experience how they start a typical day. Throughout the Spiritual Journey program, the designated resort guide will share with participants various aspects of the philosophy of the Balinese people, which will enlighten and help them better understand the unique practical, cultural and spiritual essence of Balinese life. Each day is planned to ensure a relaxed pace with plenty of time in

between scheduled activities to also enjoy free time . . . such as relaxing by one of the beautiful pools, taking the free shuttle bus to Ubud market, or simply being spoilt with one of several (all inclusive) spa pampering treatments that awaits you in the legendary riverside Spa at Maya. Those who have participated in and experienced the Spiritual Journey package write only heartfelt comments following their stay. “To say that participating in the Spiritual Journey program has been profound is an extreme understatement. In actual fact it is very hard to encapsulate in words the most blessed, healing, and magical, experience that I’ve had. From my day of arrival, I’ve been made to feel very special and this has been very soothing to my soul and healing for my heart… I truly am blessed!” said Ms Mary Rutledge ( at the end of her stay with Maya Ubud early last month, “I believe that this

package is too important for people not to know about it,” she continued. Ubud has always had strong spiritual healing elements related to the confluence of the two sacred rivers, the Oos and the Pakusera and an

abundance of natural healing plants and herbs that thrive in the area, as well as the numerous balians (natural healers) that practice here, not to mention its ancient temples, revered priests and mystics.

Temple Ceremony Calendar Event for February 1 through March 2, 2011 1 February AnggarKasih Tambir „ Dalem Puri Temple in Batuan - Sukawati „ Dalem Kediri Silakarang in Silakarang Singapadu - Gianyar „ Dalem Temple in Sukawati Village - Gianyar „ Dalem Temple in Singakerta Village - Ubud Gianyar „ Dalem Lemben in Ketewel - Sukawati Gianyar „ Paibon Pasek Tangkas in Peliatan - Ubud „ Puseh ngukuhin in Keramas - Gianyar „ Pemerajan Agung Ki Telabah in Tuakilang Tabanan „ Karang Buncing in Blahbatuh - Gianyar „ Dalem Bubunan in Seririt - Buleleng Desa Badung Temple in Denpasar „ Merajan Pasek Gelgel Gobleg in Turupinghe Banjar - Buleleng „ Luwur Pedengenan Bedha in Bongan Tabanan „ Merajan Dukuh Sebudi in Keramas - Gianyar „ Merajan Pasek Ngukuhin in Keramas - Gianyar „ Pucak Payongan in Kedewatan - Ubud Gianyar „ Tanah Kilap “ Griya Anyar” in Suwung Kawuh - Denpasar Selatan „ Selukat Temple in Keramas - Blahbatuh Gianyar „ Dalem Tampuagan in tembuku - Bangli „ Dalem Waturenggong in Desa Taro - Gianyar „ Dalem Bentuyung in Ubud - Gianyar „ Puseh Temple in Ubud - Gianyar „ Dalem Temple Peliatan Ubud - Gianyar 2 February Buda Umanis Tambir, Tilem Kawulu „ Sari Bankar Titih Kapal - Badung „ Ulun Kulkul (Aci Sarin Tahun) Besakih Karangasem „ Dalem Yang Taluh Sidemen Karangasem

„ Dalem Kangin Sidemen - Karangasem. 16 February Buda Keliwon Matal „ Puseh & Desa Temple Sukawati Village - Gianyar „ Merajan Agung Batuyang - batubulan „ Pasek Gelgel Bebetin Sawan - Buleleng „ Maspahit Temple Sesetan - South Denpasar „ Pasek Bendesa Manik Mas Dukuh Kendran Tegalalang „ Panti Pasek Gaduh Sesetan - South Denpasar „ Merajan Pasek Kubayan Wangaya Gede „ Pedarman Arya Kanuruhan Besakih Karangasem 17 February Purnama Kesanga „ Penataran sasih Temple Pejeng - Gianyar „ Bukit Mentik Gunung Lebah Batur Village Kintamani - bangli 26 February Tumpek Kandang Day „ Puseh Temple Gianyar City „ Luhur Dalem Sagening Kediri - Tabanan „ Merajan Pasek Gelge Tegal Gede - Badung 2 March Buda Wage Menail „ Dalem Tarukan LinggihCemenggaon Sukawati Gianyar „ Pasek Dangke Bambang - Bangli „ Penataran Dalem Ketut Pejeng Pejeng Kaja Gianyar „ Puseh Menakaji Peninjoan - Bangli „ Merajan Agung Blangsinga Blahbatuh - Gianyar „ Kawitan Gusti Agung Blangsinga Blahbatuh Gianyar „ Kawitan Gusti Celuk Celuk - Sukawati - Gianyar „ Baler Sada Temple Banjar Pemebatan, Kapal Mengwi

Balinese Temple Ceremony EVERY Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than 7 days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbul-umbul”, long flags, all these are prerogatives or attributes of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjor”, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

News ‘King’s Speech’... From page 1 The Oscars, chosen by some 6,000 members of the illustrious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will unveil their laureates this year on February 27. Besides “The King’s Speech,” other Oscars frontrunners are “True Grit,” the Coen brothers’ take on the classic Western which won 10 nominations, followed by eight each for hi-tech thriller “Inception” and “The Social Network.” The Facebook movie, about the ubiquitous social networking website’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, won nothing at either of this weekend’s two Hollywood awards shows. Firth, accepting his SAG award Sunday, underlined the value he attached to being honored by his fellow actors. “Until today, I would say probably if ever I felt I had a trophy which told me that something’s

really happening for me, it was my SAG card, you know, to be a part of this extraordinary collective,” said Firth, accepting his award. “Growing up in England, it’s not something you expect to see in your wallet, really,” he said. “And so it has this glow, and I used to flash it around hoping it would get me female attention, entry into nightclubs ... “And it didn’t, not a bit. I’d like to thank, looking at whose here, I’d like to thank security for letting me into the building,” he joked. Bale, who plays the main character’s struggling brother in “The Fighter,” was equally grateful to his peers. “I love acting. I love what we do. It’s so bloody silly at times, isn’t it? You know, it’s like playing dress-up and other times it is so meaningful, and I enjoy that so much.”

Leaders... From page 1 AP Photo/Kin Cheung

Gordon Oldham, senior partner at the Oldham, Li & Nie law firm, right, shows his video on the conversation with Hong Kong casino tycoon Stanley Ho held on Jan. 30, during a news conference in Hong Kong, Monday, Jan. 31, 2011.

Macau tycoon ‘drops lawsuit against family’ Agence France Presse

HONG KONG – Macau tycoon Stanley Ho has dropped legal action against his family after accusing them of trying to steal his vast casino empire, according to a statement issued by relatives early Monday. The move, just days after the 89-year-old Ho filed the claim, is the latest U-turn in a series of bizarre events as the family wrangles over ownership of SJM Holdings, the centrepiece of Ho’s $3.1 billion fortune. The claim sought to prevent a share transfer that would effectively hand over the company to some of Ho’s relatives. It also sought unspecified damages against four of the 11 defendants, including three of Ho’s children — two of whom, Pansy and Lawrence Ho, run rival gambling concessions in Macau. It alleged the group “improperly and/or illegally” moved to change the share structure at Lanceford, a holding company that ultimately controls Ho’s flagship firm, whose interests include 17 Macau casinos and several hotels. The statement early Monday, issued by a public relations company acting for some of Ho’s relatives, said the lawsuit had now been dropped. “Dr Stanley Ho has informed the defendants that he does not see any point in continuing the

legal action in the High Court,” it said. “Accordingly, on 29 January 2011, and acting in person, Dr Ho discontinued the action against all 11 defendants.” A court spokeswoman could not be immediately reached to confirm the lawsuit had been quashed. On Thursday, Gordon Oldham, a lawyer acting for Ho, insisted Ho was coerced into reconciling with family members during a surprise television performance, with the wheelchair-bound tycoon struggling to read a giant cue card. Oldham, who could not be immediately reached Monday, said Ho was “pressurised” to appear on TV, filing the lawsuit hours later. The feud has gained international media attention, much of it focused on the colourful tycoon and his complicated family tree, with 17 children born to four women whom he

refers to as his wives. Ho was only ever married to two of those women, according to Oldham and a report in the South China Morning Post. The contentious share transfer appeared to give the bulk of Ho’s fortune to his second and third families, at the expense of other relatives. Ho’s daughter Pansy, born to his second wife, issued a statement early Monday, saying a family meeting last week “did not lead to any conclusion nor consensus”. She also disputed earlier comments from Oldham concerning a deal to split Ho’s assets equally among his offspring. “The assertion that I had committed in agreeing to a concept put forward in splitting the shareholding of Lanceford equally is therefore untrue,” she said.

“Our conscience needs to be pricked by the cries of innocent victims and move us toward finding a workable solution to prevent further suffering,” he added. British Prime Minister David Cameron and U.S. President Barack Obama also discussed the Egyptian crisis Sunday evening, a spokeswoman for the prime minister said. “The prime minister and the president agreed that the Egyptian government must respond peacefully to the ongoing protests,” a spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity in line with department policy. “They condemned the violence of recent days ... The prime minister made clear that restrictions on the media and Internet were unacceptable and should be lifted immediately.” Cameron and Obama “were united in their view that Egypt now needed a comprehensive process of political reform, with an orderly, Egyptian-led transition leading to a government that responded to the grievances of the Egyptian people,” the spokeswoman said. The British Foreign Office confirmed that a conversation between Foreign Secretary William Hague and his Egyptian counterpart had also taken place, but did not release any further details. Leaders in Asia were cautious. China’s Foreign Ministry said Beijing hopes normalcy and stability will be restored in Egypt soon. The Japanese and Indian foreign ministries issued similar statements. “We hope that the government of Egypt will listen to the voices of many citizens, promote reforms in a way that gains support of a wide range of people and realize its stability and progress,” Japan’s government said. Following Europe, Canada and

the United States, governments across Asia were arranging transportation for their citizens to leave Cairo. China’s state television reported a plane is on its way, and that there are more than 500 Chinese at the airport. The Indian government has arranged an Air India flight to carry 300 Indians, mainly women and children, from Cairo to India, according to a statement by the External Affairs Ministry. “We are closely following with concern the developments in Egypt. India has traditionally enjoyed close and friendly relations. We hope for an early and peaceful resolution of the situation without further violence and loss of lives,” said ministry spokesman Vishnu Prakash. In Washington, Obama told foreign leaders this weekend to spread word of the U.S. administration’s desire for restraint and an orderly transition to a more responsive government in Egypt. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday that the U.S. wants to see “real democracy” emerge in Egypt, “not a democracy for six months or a year and then evolving into essentially a military dictatorship.” The White House said that Obama had sought input from European and Middle Eastern officials, and has told them that the U.S. is focused on opposing violence and supporting broad democratic rights, including the right to peaceful assembly and speech. It said that Obama had also spoken with leaders from Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia. U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon, also speaking Sunday at the African Union’s summit in Addis Ababa, called on the Egyptian government to respect fundamental freedoms and human rights.


Indonesia Today

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Indonesia jails rocker for Internet sex videos Agence France-Presse

BANDUNG – An Indonesian court on Monday jailed one of Southeast Asia’s biggest rock stars for more than three years after sex tapes of him with two television celebrities appeared online. The sentence drew howls of outrage from singer Nazril Ariel’s fans in the court and across the Malayspeaking world, while the “freeariel” hashtag shot to the top list of trending topics on microblogging site Twitter. The 29-year-old frontman of rock band Peterpan was sentenced to three and a half years in jail for “giving an opportunity for others to spread, produce and prepare a pornographic video”, the judges said in their verdict. Ariel surrendered to police on June 22 last year amid a national scandal over the X-rated


Government boosting national fish consumption Antara

JAKARTA - The government is trying to increase the country’s national fish production and the people‘s per capita fish consumption as part of its efforts to improve their nutrition intake and intelligence. In an effort to increase the country’s fish production, the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry is to focus on development of Minapolitan areas (fishery-based development cities) in 41 Indonesian regions this year. “In 2011, the ministry is to focus on formation of Minapolitan areas consisting of nine fishing based sites, 24 aquaculture sites, and eight central salt sites,” said Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Minister Fadel Muhammad during the ministry`s 2011 outlook meeting recently. The minister said the fish production target set for 2010 was achieved, both from catching and aqua-culturing activities. “Fish production from catching and culturing operations amounted to 10.83 million tons in 2010, surpassing the target of 10.76 million tons for the year,” he said. He said the cultured fish sector had become the weighed-in target achievement last year as production growth in the 2006-2010 period had increased 19.56 percent, compared to growth of the production of catching operation in the same period which was recorded at 2.78 percent. According to KKP Sokesman Yulistyo Mudho, the country‘s per capita fish consumption in 2010 was recorded at 30.47 kg per annum, an

increase from 29.08 kg in 2009. “The increase in the people`s fish consumption helped improve the people`s intelligence level and utilize national fish production which is set to reach 22.39 million tons in 2014,” Mudho quoted Fadel Muhammad as saying. For this purpose, the maritime affairs and fisheries minister had set a target for fish production in 2011 at 12.26 million tons. This figure constituted an increase of 13 percent of the 2009 production which was 10.85 million tons. As of the animal proteins, fish owns several particularities compared with those of other animal proteins. It has relatively safe nutritional contents for humans consumption from children of under five years old until senior citizens. It contains Omega 3, 6 and 9, which are good for infant development so that children would become more active and intelligence. It also develops stronger stamina for people who consume fish. The KKP ministry has formulated steps for increasing fish production. It is now focusing the development of fish in many locations. The fishing based sites are located in Pelabuhan Ratu, Tamperan Muncar Ternate, Sungai Liat Nusantara Fishery Ports (PPN), Cilacap Bitung, Belawan and Ambon Ocean Fishery Ports (PPS). There are other 24 pilot aquaculture based Minapolitan located inMuoro Jambi, Kampar, Bogor, Banyumas, Blitar, Gunung Kidul, Morowali, Sumbawa, Sumba Timur, Banjar, Pohuwato, Boyolali, Klaten,

Gresik, Lamongan, Serang, Maros, Pangkep, Pesawaran, Bintan, Bangli, Musi Rawas, Pandeglang and Kapuas. Besides the ministry is also designing a Mega-Minapolitan project in Morotai, North Maluku, in which Taiwan reportedly is interested in developing the island as the center of the largest fisheries for aquaculture and fisheries. Mega-Minapolitan project is a large scaled Minapolitan where Major investors will get a number of conveniences and amenities. The development of Minapolitan will constitute a major breakthrough in the development of cultured fish. Minister Muhammad said cultured fish production in 2010 also gained a milestone where it had contributed 50.5 percent of the total production for the first time. Apart from production, the contribution of fishery sector on the gross national product until the 2010 third quarter had come to 3.14 percent, above the set target of 3.0 percent for the year. Whereas the value of fishery export up to December 2010 was recorded to be 2.66 billion US dollars, or an increase of 8.05 percent compared to 2.46 billion US dollars in 2009. The target in this sector was not achievable due to various factors affecting production, including diseases in shrimp production and climate change. The fishery sector had generally produced a surplus of 2.3 billion US dollars in 2010, an increase of 7.06 percent compared to 2009, he said.

Indonesian rock star Nazril Ariel (C) is hugged by a friend before his trial at Bandung court in West Java on January 31, 2010. Ariel, who faces five years in jail over spreading his homemade sex videos on the internet, is expected to be sentenced at Bandung district court.

videos, which showed him having sex on separate occasions with two female television celebrities, Luna Maya and Cut Tari. Dubbed “Peterporn” after Ariel’s pop band, the scandal pushed President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to warn that the mainly Muslim nation was at risk of being “crushed by the information technology frenzy”. It strengthened calls for stricter monitoring and censorship of web usage, which has taken off among Indonesia’s upwardly mobile urban youth. Earlier in January the Canadian company that makes BlackBerry smartphones started blocking access to pornographic websites in Indonesia in accordance with a deadline set by the communications minister. The two grainy sex videos, apparently filmed by Ariel with a mobile phone, spread virally through Indonesian and Malaysian websites but the singer has always denied uploading them.

Indonesia’s Bank Mandiri Q4 net profit falls 14 pct Reuters

JAKARTA - PT Bank Mandiri, Indonesia’s largest lender, posted a 14 percent slump in fourth quarter 2010 net profit, as higher provisioning may have squeezed earnings, according to Reuters calculations based on government figures. The drop comes as investors have reduced their bullishness on Indonesian assets this month on worries over inflation and high valuations, after years of sustained profit growth when Indonesian lenders took advantage of record low interest rates and growing consumer demand in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy. State enterprises minister Mustafa Abubakar said Mandiri earned 8.6 trillion rupiah in 2010, in line with expectations by analysts polled by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S for 8.657 trillion rupiah. Full year profit was up 19 percent from 7.2 trillion rupiah in 2009. Mandiri posted 2.2 trillion rupiah of net profit in the fourth quarter, according to Reuters calculations based on the published nine-month financial result. “The figure is expected, I suspect Mandiri has a higher provisioning in the last quarter,” said Teguh Hartanto, a senior banking analyst at PT Bahana Securities. Mandiri’s CEO Zulkifli Zaini told Reuters earlier this week that

he saw 2011 net profit up by at least 2 trillion rupiah on 2010. Mandiri has the most diversified loan book composition among the top banks, giving investors exposure to the entire credit demand spectrum said Nomura, on raising the bank to “buy” from “neutral” in a note on Friday. Mandiri’s stock traded down 0.8 percent by 0706 GMT while the broader market fell 1.2 percent. The stock gained 38 percent in 2010, underperforming the index’s 46 percent rally. PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, the second biggest lender, posted 8.5 trillion rupiah of net profit in 2010, Abubakar said, up 16 percent. This failed to meet expectations for full-year 2010 net profit of 9.037 trillion rupiah, according to the consensus of analysts polled by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. “It shows that margins were squeezed due to greater competition in micro lending,” Hartanto said. BRI’s Q4 net profit fell 8 percent to 1.8 trillion rupiah from the year-ago period, according to Reuters calculations based on published first nine month results. Abubakar also said that PT Bank Negara Indonesia, the fourth biggest bank, was seen posting 2 trillion rupiah of net profit in 2010, down from 2.48 trillion a year earlier.



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bali Today Balinese women:

In devotional services through the arts

The photo shows some of wooden handicraft from Bali. Bali province earned US$72.43 million from wooden handicraft exports in the January-November 2010 period, down 6.72 percent from the same period a year earlier.

Bali’s wooden handicraft exports down 6.72 percent Antara

DENPASAR - Bali province earned US$72.43 million from wooden handicraft exports in the January-November 2010 period, down 6.72 percent from the same period a year earlier. “The wooden handicraft exports increased by volume but fell by value because they were very much influenced by the market condition. Yet the Balinese wooden handicraft continues to attract foreign buyers,” I Ketut Teneng, head of the publica-

tion and documentation section of the public relations and protocol bureau at the Bali provincial administration, said here on Sunday. He said the growing tourism sector had contributed to the marketing of the Balinese handicraft goods.

Last year, more than 7 million tourists visited Bali, a 20.39 percent increase compared to the year before when the figure was recorded at 5.9 million. The tourists consisted of 4.41 domestic and 2.49 million foreign tourists.

Shopping centers packed with customers Near Chinese New Year Antara

DENPASAR – Shopping Centers throughout Denpasar filled with Chinese descendants near the Chinese New Year which will fall on February 3, 2011. They want to buy the need to celebrate the New Year. The crowded condition was seen in Tiara Dewata on Sunday, January 30, 2011 where many people had been coming since early morning. The Operational Manager of Tiara Dewata, Novie Setyo Utomo, said “the accessories and souvenirs

for Chinese New Year are nearly sold out in our supermarket.” She said that most of the customers are looking for lantern and bamboo plants which the Chinese believe to give them good luck and fortune. The lantern is the favorite thing to decorate the house during New Year celebration. Novie explained that other product demanded by the customers is the ang pao papers. Ang pao is a gift for the relative where it will be filed with money and it is a tradition during Chinese New Year. “The increasing number of ang

pao papers selling has been seen since January 25,” she added. In addition to lantern, food is also demanded by the customers, among them are fruits. The fruit bought by the customers are mostly those that will be used during the ceremony such as orange and apple,” Novies said. In celebrating the New Year, Chinese will also pray everyday started a week before the celebration. It is a symbol to escort the Holy Spirit and God to heaven. Statues in the temples are cleaned and purified before the pray take place.

Beauty can stop everyone’s eyes flickering. Beauty of the kid song can lullaby a baby. Similarly, beauty also can toss the imagination, soothe the mind and draw people to get near. Bali has many sources of that beauty offering the charm of nature, culture or adventure. By maintaining traditions inspired by Hinduism, Balinese people go on running in harmony with the time. In other words, they do not feel inferior because of inheriting those traditions. Beauty in the form of various dance movements has been introduced since early ages. On seeing a dance staged, a toddler may watch it attentively or its fingers move and move as if imitating the movement of the dance. Virtually all customary villages in Bali have gamelan troupe. This troupe plays important role in expressing their entertainment arts and accompanying every ritual activity. This existence gives opportunity to villagers from child to adult to express their artistic talent especially in dance, drama and gamelan arts. Young girls under twelve or elementary school age have a chance to participate in performing Rejang Dance. By wearing white and yellow costumes and floral decoration on head, they dance beautifully accompanied by gamelan music. Rejang Dance is one of the sacred dances performed in relation to the organization of temple anniversary or odalan. Other than putting a basic love to their tradition, they also show devotional service or ngatur ayah through the arts. When they grow older, right on entering secondary school, they join customary village youth club or Sekaa Taruna. Here, with their male friends and their brothers and sisters start to learn about organization. Many things can be learned through this organization. Since it has affiliation to customary village, they can learn about the making of some simple oblation under guidance of senior oblation maker and various traditional arts. In Bali, this youth club actually play important role in preparing young generation to maintain

their valuable cultural heritages or to prepare themselves for inheriting customary responsibility. With their male counterpart, here the young girls also learn to play drama or more complex traditional arts. Popular genres of performance showed are pure entertainment and the one in combination with sacred dance. The latter usually features Calonarang. This magical drama involves a combination of male and female players. In essence, this Calonarang drama highlights the endless fight between truth and untruth symbolizing by sanctified effigies or tapakan like Rangda and Barong. By and large, it is also associated with ritual events at local temple. In the following stage, when woman gets married she will enter the new organization, namely customary village. Having learned much about ritual works, it is now the time to practice them in wider social life. They should attend some socio-religious activities when the events engage the members of customary village. At this stage, household mother can remain to show her devotional service through the arts other than social works. Through the arts, they may join the drama or individual psalmodic singing or pasantian. How is about their private life? It is normal as others. They also have opportunity to build career in their profession. In modern life with heterogeneous professions as today, woman also works as men do. Traditions do not impede them to reach outstanding achievement in self-employee or office job. If they work at daytime, some social works will be held at the evening. Tradition is not something obsolete. Even, it retains abundant inspirations to create something new and creative that is advantageous for modern life. However, traditions should also be reviewed and adjust to the current condition without leaving behind its core. Tradition does not hinder women to get their career achievement. Even, it stays to give them a channel to express their spiritual sense through devotional services. (BTN/punia)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Balinese Culture Farming groups receive organic certificate Antara

DENPASAR – Groups of cacao farmers in Tabanan Regency, Bali, received organic certificate from an association in Bogor. The certificate is given due to the farmers use organic material and environmental friendly substances during the whole process. The head of Documentation and Publication Division in Bali Government, I Ketut Teneng, said “the organic certificate is one of the requirements needed during the free trade period and the globalization era.”

The five groups consist of 271 farmers with 180 hectares of field. The groups are coming from Akah Village in western Selemadeg Teneng explained that the association from Bogor had conduct study and analysis on the process done by the cacao farmers in Tabanan. The farming groups are using organic materials started from planting the plant through the processing of the cacao. They didn’t use pesticides or inorganic fertilizers to make to plant grow better. There is great hope that there will

be more farming group receive the similar certificate in the future whether it is national or even international level. Teneng hoped that cacao can also enter the international market, similar to coffee and vanilla from Bali which is highly demanded by the customers abroad. According to the head of Bali Farming Department, Made Sudartha, said that in 2010, the number of cacao field was 800 hectares. Bali is one of the nine provinces which is supported by the government to develop cacao farming.

UDANG PANTUNG KUNING (Lobster in Yellow Sauce)

OVERVIEW: A real gourmet treat from Bali, this could also be made with huge prawns. In Bali, coconut chunks are roasted directly on charcoal, then the charred skin scrapped off and the flesh grated for making the coconut milk. INGREDIENTS: 4 sml lobsters, weighing about 500 gr each or 1 kg large prawns 5 cups water 2 lemongrass, bruised 2 fragrant lime leaves 4 cups coconut milk few drops white vinegar fried shallots to garnish

FOTO ANTARA/Nyoman Budhiana

Chinese who celebrate Imlek dressing the statue at Kelenteng Cao Fuk Miao. The ritual was held during the preparation for the Chinese New Year celebration.

SPICE PASTE: 5 red chilies, seeded and chopped 3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 7 shallots, peeled and chopped 5 cm fresh turmeric, peeled and chopped 5 cm ginger, peeled and chopped 4 candlenuts 1 ½ tsp coriander ½ tsp dried shrimp paste toasted 1 sml tomato, peeled and seeded 2 tbsp oil 1 ½ tbsp tamarind pulp 1 salam leaf 1 lemon grass, bruised PREPARATION: Prepare spice paste by grinding or blending all ingredients except oil, tamarind, salam leaf and lemongrass. Heat oil, add spice paste and all other ingredients. Cook over moderate heat for about 5 minutes, then cool. Wash lobsters and leave whole. Bring water to the boil, add lobsters and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove lobsters, plunge in iced water for 1 minutes, then drain and remove meat. Return shells to the pot of water, keeping lobster meat aside. Add spice paste, lemongrass, lime leaves and vinegar to the water with the shells and simmer until 4 cups of stock remain. Add coconut milk and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain stock and return to pan. Add lobster and simmer for 1 minute. Serve garnished with fried shallots and accompanied by white rice.

Helpful hints: if using prawns instead of lobster, peel the raw prawns and put prawns shells 4 cups of water. Simmer for 5 minutes, then combine this stock with coconut milk, prawns and all other ingredients, simmering until cooked. ( C.045 ibp



Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Pulaki Temple IBP

International Bali Post Classifieds BALI CENTRAL CANOPY

Mengerjakan : Atap Canopy Polycarbonat & Jual Bahan Spesial merk atap: Solarlate dan Crystal-late


... gets maximum benefits with minimum charge Denpasar : +62 361 22-5764 Jakarta : +62 21 535-6271

Contact us

Rekam 24 jam Non Stop - Internet on line

Harga Termurah Kwalitas Terjamin Jln. Buana Raya 88X, Padangsambian - Denpasar

Telp./Fax : (0361) 8600043, 7429952, 485041 C.513069-bkl

Apapun kebutuhan CCTV Anda, ada di sini! Garansi Barang & Jasa... PASTI ! ! Dengan tenaga berpengalaman, instalasi dijamin rapi Hubungi:

Jln. Buluh Indah No. 23 Denpasar Telp. (0361) 2764411-088802911054 C.492248-elk


Pulaki Temple or Pura Pulaki is a Hindu shrine located in the hill bank and in front of the beautiful beach in north part of Bali. It is one of the biggest Hindu temples in Bali situated in the coastal side west part of Singaraja town or 1 hour drive to the west from the town. This temple is set on the flat land with stone hill bank as a back drop meanwhile the blue ocean is just in front of the temple. Pulaki Temple is a famous temple among the Hindu people in Bali located in Singaraja regency, north part of Bali. There are the group of monkeys dwell the hill forest around the temple and it usually standing around the temple in the day time. The beautiful beach with black sand and calm seawater is one of the fascinations to visitor to come to this temple. We can find the beautiful hill bank and beaches along the coastal road. It is located in Pulaki Village, Seririt Sub District, Singaraja Regency, north part of Bali. It is just 3 hours drive from Bali’s International Airport or 1 hour drive from Singaraja town. It is strategically set in the main road from Singaraja to Gilimanuk with the group of monkeys as the identity for the traveler who wants to visit this temple.

Jl. Kepundung 67 A, e-mail: Jl. Palmerah Barat 21 F

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


BUSINESS Jobs, inflation and Egypt Reuters

LONDON – Fundamentals and nasty surprises are on investors’ minds heading into February, with big tests in the coming week about jobs and inflation and increasing worries over Egypt and its region. The latter has already hit oil prices and has started to rattle equities. U.S. crude oil futures ended more than 4 percent higher Friday, on concerns the civil unrest in Egypt could spread and threaten stability in the Middle East. Overall, however, the first month of the year has been a good one for investors willing to take on some risk. Until Friday’s sell off, global equities were gaining at a rate that would have produced one of the best years in the past four decades. Assets such as short-term highyielding bonds have also been in favor, while supposedly safe-haven developed market sovereign debt has suffered. This is all based on a consensus that arose toward the end of last year that leading developed economies — the United States, the euro zone and even Japan — were likely to become more dynamic. It has prompted a significant shift by investors away from potentially overbought emerging markets into developed ones. But it is also dependent on underlying evidence the big economies are improving and that consumers — the ultimate arbiters — will see this and act accordingly by spending. Friday’s U.S. growth data will have

added to the view of slow but steady improvement. The coming week will be more about the way improving growth has filtered down to consumers. The big data release, as usual, will be the U.S. jobs report Friday, but the euro zone employment picture will also be on view Tuesday. Employment growth tends to lag the wider recovery, but to date it has been anemic, prompting a degree of volatility. “It is a fairly shallow jobless recovery, and that will make markets move up and down,” said Franz Wenzel, a strategist with AXA Investment Managers in Paris. Despite the renewed growth hopes, meanwhile, there are severe underlying imbalances in many developed economies that may rise up to haunt investors betting on overall improvement. The International Monetary Fund said in the past week the United States and Japan needed to spell out credible deficit-cutting plans before financial markets started punishing them by selling off their bonds. Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s went as far as cutting Japan’s long-term debt rating and Moody’s Investors Service said the risk of the United States losing its top AAA rating, although

small, was rising. This is disturbing talk for investors and prompted downward pressure on Japanese assets such as the yen and stocks even though some, like Goldman Sachs, have recently been encouraging investors to look at Japan. What few, if any, large investors foresaw in their 2011 outlooks, however, was the potential for an entire region to come under sudden scrutiny as North Africa and the Middle East has in recent weeks. The focus is on Egypt, where President Hosni Mubarak’s long grip on power is being threatened by huge demonstrations. For global investors the specific stakes are small. Over the past five years, overseas investors have accounted for 15.9 percent of the Cairo stock exchange’s total trading value of less than $500 billion for the period. As for the region, Middle East and North Africa funds had net inflows of $237 million in 2010, according to EPFR Global, although more came in through frontier market funds. So, the money stakes are not the issue. What investors will be watching for in the coming week is how much the crisis spreads and triggers a broader flight to safety from emerging markets and riskier assets.

Japan industrial production up for second month Associated Press Writer

TOKYO – Japan’s industrial production expanded for a second straight month in December, as strengthening global demand injected companies with renewed confidence. Factory output rose 3.1 percent from November, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Monday. Driving the gains were export-reliant industries including transport equipment, electronic devices and steel. Monday’s figure beat Kyodo news agency’s average market forecast for a 3 percent rise and prompted the ministry to upgrade its assessment of industrial production — a key barometer of Japan’s economic health. It now says output “shows signs of an upward movement.” Last month, it described industrial production as “weakened.” The result marked the strongest monthly showing of 2010 and indicates that overseas demand is starting to accelerate, sparking the manu-

facturing sector. Global appetite for Japanese goods, particularly from China, has served as a critical lifeline for the country’s recovery amid lackluster domestic demand. A steady slowdown in export growth between February and October last year, as well as a strong yen, had triggered concerns that the economy was faltering. Industrial production also declined for five consecutive months between June and October. Analysts are more bullish about 2011. Last week, the central bank upgraded its economic outlook for the fiscal year ending March 31. It now expects real gross domestic product to expand 3.3 percent, up from 2.1 percent forecast in October. Government data last week showed that exports from the world’s third-largest economy rose 13 percent in December from a year earlier, accelerating for the second straight month. Japanese automakers last week

also reported robust production gains in 2010. Nissan Motor Co. said global output surged 37 percent, with production in Japan up 27 percent. December’s industrial production survey points to further growth this month, with output forecast to rise 5.7 percent. February output is projected to slip 1.2 percent. The report also shows that shipments were up 1.1 percent in December from a month earlier, and inventories expanded 1.4 percent. Goldman Sachs economist Chiwoong Lee notes concern about rising inventories of LCD televisions, washing machines and other home appliances eligible for the government’s “eco-points” consumer subsidy program, which is scheduled to expire in March. “Yet, even if production falls back in March on the end of eco-points, we still think the stronger global picture, especially growing exports on stronger U.S. consumption, will drive improvement in production,” Lee said in a note to clients.

ICBC leads charge as Chinese banks go global Agence France_Presse

BEIJING – ICBC, the world’s largest bank by market value, is proving the most aggressive Chinese bank in expanding abroad, serving Chinese firms that are increasingly active globally after the financial crisis. Of the country’s “big four” banks, ICBC is leading the way as Chinese lenders restart plans that were put on hold by the global crisis and seize new opportunities left in its wake. Bank of China fulfilled that role in the 1980s, but times have changed as Chinese firms have been widely encouraged to invest abroad and Beijing seeks to boost the global profile of the yuan, the experts say. “BoC and ICBC are roughly at parity in terms of overseas activity. But it does indeed appear that ICBC is emerging as the most international of the Chinese banks,” IHS Global Insight analyst Adam Breen told AFP. For Andy Xie, an independent economist based in Shanghai, the process is the logical result of the global expansion by Chinese companies, which are branching out to secure vital natural resources and explore new markets. “Even Chinese companies of medium size are going global. If Chinese banks don’t offer them services offshore, then they might switch to other banks like HSBC that have both a China presence and an international presence,” Xie said. This month alone, ICBC opened branches in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan and Brussels — following on from existing offices in London, Moscow, Frankfurt and Luxembourg. In December, it extended its reach to Pakistan. The month before, reports said ICBC was eyeing a takeover of South Korea’s Kwangju Bank. It al-

ready has two branches in Seoul and one in the port city of Busan. In addition the bank took advantage of this month’s highprofile visit to the United States by President Hu Jintao to announce it had signed a $140 million deal to buy a majority stake in the US subsidiary of Bank of East Asia. If the agreement gets approval from US banking regulators, ICBC will become the first Beijing-controlled financial institution to acquire retail bank branches in the United States. ICBC, which employs 386,000 people worldwide and has more than 200 million customers, now has more than 160 branches outside mainland China and more than 16,000 in the country, according to its website. Experts say Chinese banks’ global expansion is only just beginning. “It is rapid expansion only from a very low base,” explained Michael Pettis, a professor of finance at Tsinghua University in Beijing. “China is the second-largest economy in the world but in terms of outward direct investment, it is probably eighth or ninth.” At first, the banks will serve Chinese companies looking to invest in or buy local businesses, before they target foreign enterprises doing business with the Asian economic powerhouse, experts say. ICBC chairman Jiang Jianqing told the Wall Street Journal at last week’s World Economic Forum that the bank’s focus for now would be “mainly on emerging markets, which have good prospects for growth”. Breen, a specialist on China’s banking sector, said the “big four” should focus on developing economies, “where competition is lower, economic growth potential is greater, and the existing domestic banks are less sophisticated”.



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“The Rite” leads Oscarfueled box office Reuters

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

The cast of ‘Modern Family’ is seen backstage after winning the award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series at the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011 in Los Angeles.

Trophies optional at SAG Awards after party Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – After winning big at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the stars of “Modern Family” and “The King’s Speech” celebrated in the parking lot next to the Shrine Auditorium. That’s where the show’s official after party was held, a tent transforming it into a cozy lavender lounge, with pale purple carpets underfoot and drapes overhead. Situated just outside the ceremony, the annual after party sponsored by People magazine and the Entertainment Industry Foundation is typically the first post-show stop for SAG Awards winners and nominees. “The King’s Speech” cast, including Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter, popped by briefly after their best ensemble win. Each carried an Actor trophy, and Firth had two (he also won best actor for his role as the stuttering King George IV in the film). Meanwhile, the cast of TV’s “Modern Family” commanded a corner of the

party, where they celebrated their comedy-ensemble victory. “It’s a validation,” said Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron Tucker on the show. “It’s voted on by actors for actors.” The cast had a night of partying planned, he said, as he and co-star Sofia Vergara headed off to another celebration. But show patriarch Ed O’Neill stuck around, chatting with colleagues and posing for photos with well-wishers. Annette Bening and husband Warren Beatty greeted friends nearby. The kids of “Glee” partied with the principal as the show’s cast celebrated their best-ensemble nomination together. Kevin McHale, who plays wheelchairbound Artie, danced for co-stars Amber Riley and Heather Morris. Matthew Morrison blew kisses to Jane Lynch, whose lavender gown matched the party’s decor. Guests danced to a DJ and live band and munched on macaroni and cheese, veggies and mini-desserts.

British actor Henry Cavill cast as Superman

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – British actor Henry Cavill is going up, up and away. Cavill will star as Superman (and, obviously, Clark Kent) in the next installment of the movie fran-

chise. Warner Bros. Pictures announced the casting Sunday. The film is to be directed by “300” director Zack Snyder, who says in a statement Cavill is “the perfect choice to don the cape and `S’ shield.” No title has been announced for the film, which is intended to reboot the franchise after its latest incarnation fizzled. The 2006 movie “Superman Returns” was directed by Bryan Singer and starred Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel. Cavill is relatively unknown. He had been considered for the blockbuster roles of Batman, James Bond and even the previous version of Superman. He co-starred on Showtime’s “The Tudors.” Warner Bros. is targeting December 2012 for release.

LOS ANGELES – Anthony Hopkins led the North American box office on Sunday with the exorcism thriller “The Rite,” while newly minted Oscar nominees such as front-runner “The King’s Speech” enjoyed a boost in business. “The Rite” sold about $15 million worth of tickets in the three days since it opened across the United States and Canada on Friday, distributor Warner Bros. said. Even though critics lambasted the movie, the opening was within the Time Warner Inc unit’s expectations. The film cost about $40 million to make. Also new was a remake of the assassination thriller “The Mechanic,” starring English action hero Jason Statham, which tied at No. 3 with former box office champion “The Green Hornet,” each reporting about $11.5 million. Last weekend’s champ, the Natalie Portman-Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy “No Strings Attached,” slipped to No. 2 with $13.7 million, taking its 10-day total to $39.7 million. “The King’s Speech,” which received 12 Oscar nominations on Tuesday, saw a 41 percent boost in business from last weekend, grossing $11.1 million. But with two new releases ahead of it, the royals drama slipped one place to No. 5. Among other Oscar nominees in the top 10, “True Grit” (10 nominations) fell one place to No. 6 with $7.6 million, a 4 percent increase from last weekend; “Black Swan” (five nominations) dropped two spots to No. 8 with $5.1 million, off 13 percent; and “The Fighter” (seven nominations) slipped one place to No. 9 with $4.1 million, up 3 percent. “The Mechanic” was released by CBS Films, a unit of CBS Corp. “The Green Hornet” was released by Columbia Pictures, a unit of Sony Corp.


Actor Colin O’Donoghue arrives at the world premiere of New Line Cinema’s “The Rite,” in Hollywood, California January 26, 2011.

5-Oscar winner, composer John Barry, dies at 77 Love,” “Thunderball,” “You Only Live Twice,” “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” “Diamonds are ForLONDON – Composer John ever,” “The Man with the Golden Barry, who won five Oscars for his Gun,” “Moonraker,” “Octopussy,” film work but was best known for “A View to a Kill” and “The Living his contributions to a dozen James Daylights.” Bond movies, has died. He was 77. Born in York, England as Barry died in New York on SunJohn Barry Prendergast, he day, his family said. The Englishtrained as a pianist and then took born composer won two Oscars, up the trumpet. He founded a for the score and the song, for jazz group, the John Barry “Born Free” in 1966, and he Seven, in 1957. The group earned single statuettes for “The teamed with singer Adam Faith, Lion Winter” (1968), “Out of scoring hits with “What Do You Africa” (1985) and “Dances with Want?” and “Poor Me,” and Wolves” (1990). Barry moved into film work He was also nominated for his when Faith was tapped to star in scores for “Mary, Queen of “Beat Girl” (titled “Living for Scots” in 1971 and “Chaplin” in Kicks” in the United States). 1992. His association with Agent “The James Bond movies 007 began controversially with came because we were success“Dr. No” in 1962, although his ful in the pop music world, with contribution was not credited. He a couple of big instrumental hits. wrote music for a dozen Bond They thought I knew how to films in all. write instrumental hit music,” Monty Norman, who was Barry said in an interview with credited as the composer for “Dr. The Associated Press in 1991. No,” sued The Sunday Times in AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File Barry was divorced three 2001 for reporting that Barry had FILE - This is a Saturday, Feb. 12, 2005 been called in to help after file photo composer John Barry as he times. He is survived by his wife Norman’s inspiration faltered. holds his Academy Fellowship award at Laurie, his four children and five Norman won the case, collecting the British Academy Film Awards in grandchildren. A private funeral was planned, the family said. 30,000 pounds ($48,000). London’s Leicester Square. Associated Press Writer

Barry, who was not sued, had testified that he was paid 250 pounds to work on the music but had agreed that Norman would get the credit, which was his contractual right. Barry subsequently wrote music for “Goldfinger,” “From Russia with



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Africa’s Lone Wolf: New Species Found in Ethiopia DURING a field expedition to Ethiopia, a team of scientists noticed something odd: The golden jackals there looked more slender with a whiter coat than they do elsewhere. Now, genetic analyses suggest these oddities are not jackals at all but instead more closely related to gray wolves. In fact, until now these “highland jackals” were referred to as Egyptian jackals (Canis aureus lupaster), and had long been considered a rare subspecies to the golden jackal (C. aureus). With new genetic evidence in hand, the team suggested the animal be called the African wolf to reflect its true identity. “It seems as if the Egyptian jackal is urgently set for a name change,” said study researcher Claudio Sillero of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU). “And its unique status as the only member of the gray wolf complex in Africa suggests that it should be renamed ‘the African wolf,’” said Sillero, who has worked in Ethiopia for more than two decades.


“We originally set out to study the jackals in Northern Ethiopia, and discovered this new species by chance through the genetic analyses,” said study team member Nils Christian Stenseth, a research professor and chairman of the Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis at the University of Oslo in Norway. Stenseth, Sillero and their colleagues, including scientists from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, analyzed the DNA from the feces of five individuals of the mysterious animal, one of which they had filmed defecating so they could link for certain this creature with its DNA sample. They got another tis-

sue sample, for DNA analysis, from a road kill in Arsi in southeast Ethiopia. And DNA samples were also obtained from golden jackals in Serbia. The DNA comparisons showed C. a. lupaster is more similar to the gray wolves than to golden jackals. The work also suggested gray wolves reached Africa around 3 million years ago before spreading throughout the Northern Hemisphere. “Our findings suggest that the colonization of Africa by the ancestral stock of gray wolves took place about 3 million years ago and is today embodied in the animal that has hitherto been called the Egyptian jackal,” Stenseth told LiveScience. The new wolf is a relative of the Holarctic gray wolf, which lives in northern Europe and northern Asia, the Indian wolf and the Himalayan wolf.

In future, cars might decide if driver is drunk Associated Press Writer

WALTHAM, Mass. – An alcoholdetection prototype that uses automatic sensors to instantly gauge a driver’s fitness to be on the road has the potential to save thousands of lives, but could be as long as a decade away from everyday use in cars, federal officials and researchers said Friday. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood visited QinetiQ North America, a Waltham, Mass.-based research and development facility, for the first public demonstration of systems that could measure whether a motorist has a blood alcohol content at or above the legal limit of .08 and — if so — prevent the vehicle from starting. The technology is being designed as unobtrusive, unlike current alco-

hol ignition interlock systems often mandated by judges for convicted drunken drivers. Those require operators to blow into a breath-testing device before the car can operate. The Driver Alcohol Detection Systems for Safety, as the new approach is called, would use sensors that would measure blood alcohol content in one of two possible ways: either by analyzing a driver’s breath or through the skin, using sophisticated touch-based sensors placed strategically on steering wheels and door locks, for example. Both methods eliminate the need for drivers to take any extra steps, and those who are sober would not be delayed in getting on the road, researchers said. The technology is “another arrow in our automotive safety

quiver,” said LaHood, who emphasized the system was envisioned as optional equipment in future cars and voluntary for auto manufacturers. David Strickland, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also attended the demonstration and estimated the technology could prevent as many as 9,000 fatal alcohol-related crashes a year in the U.S., though he also acknowledged that it was still in its early testing stages and might not be commercially available for 8-10 years. The systems would not be employed unless they are “seamless, unobtrusive and unfailingly accurate,” Strickland said. The initial $10 million research program is funded jointly by NHTSA and the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety, an industry group representing many of the world’s car makers.

AP Photo/Stephan Savoia

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is shown the new Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS), one of the prototype components with a digital readout seen at far right, during a news conference announcing the device in Waltham, Mass., Friday morning, Jan. 28, 2011.

Human meds trigger calls to pet poison hotlines Associated Press Writer


This Jan. 19, 2011 photo courtesy of the ASPCA shows Dr. Tina Wismer with her dog Wrigley, a Pointer, in Monticello, Ill. Dr. Wismer is the senior director of veterinary outreach and education at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ poison control call center in Urbana, Ill.

LOS ANGELES – Human medications including dropped pills sickened more pets in the United States last year than any other toxin. It’s the third year in a row that human medications top the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ list of top 10 toxins, which will be released Friday. Over-the-counter medicines with ibuprofen and acetaminophen, antidepressants and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medicine topped the list. Janet Hardie in Groveland, Calif., knows the danger well: Earlier this year, she brought home incontinence

pills and set them on a table beside her chair in the living room. A while later, she looked down and Priscilla, her year-old Lhasa apso, was tearing into the blister pack. “She had eaten three. At least I couldn’t find them,” Hardie said. She and her neighbor called the ASPCA hotline in Urbana, Ill. A veterinarian had them weigh the dog and read the prescription information, then feed the dog a half piece of white bread and two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. Then they kept Priscilla active so the contents of her stomach would fizz and she would vomit within 15 minutes. “The doctor was on the telephone for about an hour,” Hardie said. “It

was like having her here, she was so precise.” About a quarter of the 168,000 calls received by the hotline in 2010 were about pets who had swallowed human drugs, said veterinarian Tina Wismer, senior director of veterinary outreach and education at the center. The Pet Poison Helpline in Minneapolis, Minn., run by SafetyCall International, has handled more than 750,000 calls since 2004, said veterinarian Justine Lee, the helpline’s associate director of veterinary services. She estimated half their calls are about human medicine. The poison centers do not track deaths because there are too many variables.


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Torres staying at Liverpool, Dalglish says Agnece France Presse

LONDON – Liverpool are determined to hold on to want-away striker Fernando Torres according to manager Kenny Dalglish. Newspaper reports over the weekend said that the Reds were willing to accept what would be a British record transfer fee of a 50 million pounds for the Spaniard, but Dalglish insisted that there had been no change in the Anfield boardroom’s position. Liverpool rejected a transfer request from Torres on Friday night, reminding the player of his commitment to a long-term contract, having turned down a 35 million pounds bid from Chelsea the previous day. And despite a 22.9 million pounds deal for Ajax forward Luis Suarez being agreed on Friday,


Real Madrid’s Togolese striker Emmanuel Adebayor (C) falls between Osasuna’s defender Miguel Flano (R) and Osasuna’s midfielder Patxi Punal (L) during the Spanish league football match Club Atletico Osasuna vs Real Madrid CF on January 30, 2011 at the Reyno de Navarra stadium in Pamplona. Osasuna won 1-0.

Real’s Mourinho sees Spanish league bid weakened Agence France Presse

MADRID – Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was surprisingly calm after his side’s 1-0 loss at Osasuna, refusing to make excuses or blame the players for a defeat that left his squad seven points behind league leaders Barcelona. A Javier Camunas goal on 62 minutes condemned Mourinho to his second league defeat in charge and leave Real with a mountain to climb to dethrone champions Barcelona. “I can’t fault the players as they did their job,” said Mourinho. “We didn’t deserve to lose the three points but we lost against a team that gave everything and had the whole week to prepare for the match. Mourinho’s comments follow his squad’s loss to relegationthreatened Osasuna who sealed an historic win dealing Real’s title aspirations a hammer blow. Even Emmanuel Adebayor, on loan from Manchester City, could not inspire Real who have now dropped 12 points on the road and have an uphill task if they are to dethrone double champions Barcelona. “I can’t fault the players as they did their job,” said Mourinho. “We didn’t deserve to lose the three points but we lost against a team that gave everything and had the whole week to prepare for the match”. Barcelona made it a recordequalling 15th consecutive league win with a 3-0 victory at Hercules on Saturday to match the longstanding record of Alfredo di

Stefano’s great 1960-1961 Real Madrid side. Real were under pressure to respond and had a star-studded substitutes’ bench with Xabi Alonso, Kaka and new signing Adebayor ready to be called into action. Adebayor had to wait for his debut with French forward Karim Benzema retaining his place after scoring the winning goal in his last two matches. Osasuna drew 0-0 with Real in the corresponding fixture last season and squandered the best chance of the first half on 32 minutes. A ball from the left picked out Walter Pandiani but the Uruguayan glanced his header over. Two minutes later Real had their first real sight on goal with Benzema fizzing in a low shot that goalkeeper Ricardo Lopez did well to save at his near post. Lopez then denied Cristiano Ronaldo with his legs in the 43rd minute as the two sides went into the interval at 0-0. Ronaldo was Madrid’s most dangerous player in the second half, fir-

ing one shot just wide and then seeing another drive blocked at the last minute. However, Osasuna were ambitious going forward and took the lead on 62 minutes after a mixup between Real defenders Raul Albiol and Ricardo Carvalho. Camunas broke the offside trap and thumped his shot past Iker Casillas to delight the home fans. Mourinho, who was quoted as saying that he wanted to return to manage in England on Sunday, responded with a triple substitution with Adebayor, Kaka and Alonso all coming on. Adebayor had a half chance with a header, but it was Osasuna who should have made it 2-0 with Alvaro Arbeloa saving the visitors with an 84th minute block to prevent a certain goal. Madrid lacked the imagination to open up a well-organised Osasuna side managed by former Real Madrid legend Jose Antonio Camacho. In other matches, thirdplaced Villarreal closed to within six points of Real with a 1-0 win at Espanyol.

with the Uruguay international expected to complete the paperwork formalities on the transfer later Monday, Dalglish insisted that did not mean Torres was on his way out. “We’ve not brought anyone in as a replacement for anyone else,” said the Scot. The club have not given up hope of persuading Torres to stay, although Dalglish reiterated his belief that his concern was players who were committed to the club. “Movement is part and parcel of football but the most important people at Liverpool Football Club are the ones who want to be here,” he added. Torres, who trained yesterday after the squad were given a couple of days off, was at the club’s Melwood training ground on Monday morning.

Man City held as Tottenham crushed in FA Cup Agence France Presse

LONDON – Edin Dzeko opened his goalscoring account for Manchester City to salvage a 1-1 draw with Notts County as Tottenham were sent crashing out of the FA Cup in a humiliating 4-0 rout by Fulham on Sunday. Bosnian striker Dzeko netted in the 80th minute to rescue City, who were left staring down the barrel of a shock fourth round upset after Neal Bishop headed the lowly Magpies in front on 59 minutes at Meadow Lane. City — who have spent more than 300 million pounds on players since their takeover by the Abu Dhabi United Group in 2008 — are currently 58 places above Notts County, languishing in 18th spot of League One. But the gulf between Roberto Mancini’s expensively assembled squad and Paul Ince’s side was rarely obvious as a quagmire of a pitch acted as a leveller. “We didn’t want a replay before the game but I am happy to have one now,” said relieved City boss Mancini. Notts County manager Paul Ince meanwhile said his side deserved credit for stifling City.

“On days like this, the club from the lower echelons should be given the credit they deserve and not have people say City did not play well,” Ince said. “We stopped them playing. It just felt like the clock stopped after we scored.” In the most onesided result of the day, high-flying Tottenham suffered a four-goal mauling at Craven Cottage, their heaviest ever defeat to Fulham. A disastrous opening 15 minutes saw Spurs concede two penalties — both converted by Danny Murphy — and captain Michael Dawson redcarded. Shambolic defending allowed Brede Hangeland to make it 3-0 on 23 minutes before Moussa Dembele scored a fine individual effort on half-time to pile on the agony for Spurs. In other fourth round matches on Sunday, 10-man Arsenal needed a late Cesc Fabregas penalty to overcome Huddersfield 2-1 while Stoke downed Wolves 1-0 to advance to the last 16. In a thrilling encounter at Upton Park, West Ham striker Victor Obinna scored a hat-trick as the Premier League side overcame Nottingham Forest 3-2 to advance.

AFP/Paul Ellis

Notts County’s English midfielder Neal Bishop celebrates after scoring the opening goal against Manchester City during their English FA Cup football match at Meadow Lane in Nottingham. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.



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Celtics beat Lakers 109-96 in NBA finals rematch Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – Paul Pierce says the Boston Celtics had no reason to discuss their heartbreaking loss in Game 7 of the NBA finals last summer before they returned to Staples Center on Sunday. With a spectacularly fluid performance on offense against the outclassed Lakers, Pierce and the Celtics showed some things just don’t need to be said out loud. Pierce scored 32 points, Kevin Garnett had 18 points and 13 rebounds with a large bandage over a five-stitch cut on his head, and the Celtics overcame Kobe Bryant’s 41 points in a 109-96 victory over Los Angeles. Ray Allen scored 21 points for the Celtics in the longtime rivals’ first meeting since Los Angeles rallied from a late 13-point deficit for an 83-79 win in the deciding game last June, ending an exhausting series in dramatic fashion. “It’s another game, but it was definitely an emotional game, especially because we lost Game 7 here,” said Pierce, who dueled down the second-half stretch with Bryant. “It feels good to come back in this building and get a win.” The Celtics overwhelmed the Lakers in the rematch, with Rajon Rondo catalyzing the offense by racking up 15 of his 16 assists after halftime. Boston showed off its enviably complete game, outrebounding the Lakers 43-30 — a big problem for Boston in last

season’s finale — while hitting nine 3-pointers and getting 34 assists to Los Angeles’ 10. With his every assist against the defense of Bryant and Derek Fisher, Rondo also made a matter-of-fact statement about the Celtics’ prowess in areas the Lakers can’t match right now. “We knew we could run on L.A.,” Rondo said. “L.A., given the personnel that we have, we thought we could outrun them.” This victory also put the Eastern Conferenceleading Celtics (36-11) well ahead of the Lakers (33-15) in the overall NBA standings. You know, just in case. “If we had home court last year, who knows maybe what happens in Game 7?” Pierce asked. “We’re not looking ahead, but maybe if it comes down to another Game 7, maybe we’ll have it at home.” Bryant scored his 27,000th career point but couldn’t spark his Lakers teammates, who followed up their Christmas home loss to Miami with another flop against the best of the East, disappointing a

home crowd pulsing with energy for the annual rivalry game. “I think guys are upset, and they should be,” Bryant said. “We’re not playing very well against these top teams, so we need to elevate our level and need to get better if we’re to defend our throne. There’s no other option but that.” Pau Gasol had 12 points in a quiet game for Los Angeles, which has lost four of seven. The two-time champions are doing nothing to counter the perception they don’t get excited about anything until the playoffs. Bryant became the youngest player to reach 27,000 points on a 3pointer late in the third quarter, but he frequently was a one-man show on offense. Ron Artest went 1 for 10, Andrew Bynum had 11 points while struggling with soreness in his left knee, and Lamar Odom had 15 points and five rebounds. “Is it the playoffs yet?” Lakers coach Phil Jackson asked. “No. We’re still playing regular-season games. We’ll get there in time.”

Jeff Gross/Getty Images/AFP

Paul Pierce #34 of the Boston Celtics shoots over Andrew Bynum #17 of the Los Angeles Lakers in the first half at Staples Center on January 30, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. The Celtics defeated the Lakers 109-96.

Djokovic win heralds new era, Aussie media says Agence France Presse

MELBOURNE – Novak Djokovic’s commanding Australian Open win over Andy Murray has broken the Federer-Nadal Grand Slam monopoly and heralds a new era for men’s tennis, according to Australian media. The Serbian world number three dominated Sunday’s three-set clash with a dis-

play described as “crushing” by the local press. “Novak Djovokic’s status as a grand slam powerhouse is no longer in question after a blistering Australian Open victory last night,” Sydney’s Daily Telegraph tabloid said of the “King Djoker”. “The Serb trounced Murray with a swashbuckling display to confirm his standing as heir apparent to Rafael Nadal and

Roger Federer.” The Australian newspaper said it capped a “stunning” Open campaign for “Ace in (the) Pack” Djokovic, who led his country to its maiden Davis Cup victory just last month. “He still sits some way behind Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer on rankings but there can now be no denying his championship credentials,” the paper said.

The Sydney Morning Herald said Djokovic’s was the “victory of a man who now has the armoury to fulfil his ambitious battle plan,” of challenging Nadal and Federer’s dominance. “And then there was three?” the Herald asked. “With a crushing Australian Open win over Andy Murray last night Novak Djokovic not only broke the Nadal-Federer stranglehold on the game’s major trophies, the 23-yearold Serbian made a compelling case to be admitted to their elite company.” Some commentators ques-

tioned whether the perennially vanquished Murray had the mettle to take a Grand Slam title in the face of so much British expectation. “After last year’s final, Murray cried. This year, he was too sad for that.” said Melbourne newspaper The Age. “So the UK still has not had a major championship winner for 75 years. Perhaps it was as well. “After the Ashes, it would have been too much for Australia’s self-esteem if after all these years of yearning for a native to win the Australian championship, a Brit had trumped in.”30.

Blues closing in on Martins deal

AP Photo/Mark Baker

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic poses for photographers with his Australian Open trophy in Melbourne, Australia, Monday, Jan. 31, 2011. Djokovic defeated Britain’s Andy Murray in the final on Sunday Jan

BIRMINGHAM City are confident of completing the loan signing of Rubin Kazan striker Obafemi Martins, who will undergo a medical at St Andrews on Monday. Martins flew in from Russia on Sunday night to finalise personal terms on the deal, with a view to a permanent move to the Premier League club in the summer. City will have to acquire a new work permit for the former Newcastle United striker who left England to join German club Wolfsburg in 2009. He lasted just a year in Germany before moving

on to Rubin for a reported fee of €17million and, having failed to settle at the club, has now decided to return to England. Rubin coach Kurban Berdyev said of the deal: “He has just had a child and he asked to be let go to England, as he wants to go closer to his family.” Birmingham boss Alex McLeish has been desperate to bring in a new striker throughout January. He has already failed in attempts to sign Robbie Keane from Tottenham and Kenny Miller from Rangers.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Sauber pulls covers off new C30 SAUBER has unveiled the new C30 that it hopes will bring it a step forward in pace and deliver the improved reliability that it needs to become a more regular points scorer. The Swiss outfit pulled the covers off its Ferrari-powered car at the Valencia circuit on Monday morning - with the car featuring what is now a standard high nose in F1 and a more slender rear end compared to last year’s challenger.

Lotus says T128 ‘pushes boundaries’ THE Lotus design team is confident that the T128 is a massive step forward over its predecessor, the relatively conservative T127 that the squad used to take unofficial ‘top new team’ honours in 2010. Head of R&D and vehicle dynamics Elliot Dason-Barber said the new car’s suspension arrangement is an area where Lotus has made particular gains. “The area that intrigues me the most is the front suspension, and the rear as well actually,” he said. “We’ve tried to push the boundaries with a few things to make it a bit lighter and more efficient.”

The team’s aerodynamic chief Marianne Hinson feels the design is visually more aggressive than last year’s car, which was created in a very short timespan after Lotus was awarded a Formula 1 entry at the second time of asking following BMW’s withdrawal. “I can’t give away too many secrets, but I think the front half of the car is quite a big step away from the 2010 car,” she said. “Last year’s car was a bit blocky in the sidepod area, but this one looks a lot racier - it’s a lot smoother and curvier around the sidepods.” Chief designer Lewis Butler said

a lot of effort has gone into improving the packaging of the car to allow the aerodynamics to be more advanced. “That was the biggest design challenge, actually - just trying to package everything a bit smaller,” he said. “We were trying to get that area around the driver really tight so the aerodynamicists were happy with it.” The T128 will make its track debut at Valencia on Wednesday, joining the other teams for the second and third days of winter testing before holding a private filming session at the Spanish circuit on Friday.

Technical director James Key said: “Our aim in the development of the Sauber C30-Ferrari has been to build on the strengths of the C29 and to eliminate its weak points. “In addition, it is also important for us to go into winter testing with a car we understand, and we have worked hard on ensuring the characteristics of the car are heading in a direction we believe in. There will be much to learn about the new Pirelli tyres and in this respect we want to ensure there are no surprises with the way the car is handling.” Key said that one of the primary targets for the outfit was to have a car that would be predictable from the start - because there remains so much uncertainty about how the new Pirelli tyres will fare. “In order to take a step forward in 2011, we were already systematically tackling the C29’s weaknesses over the last season – and we’ve made progress. The insights we gleaned were taken into account when the concept for the new C30 was being drawn up. “Since some of the changes decreed by the regulations – particularly regarding the tyres – can only be analysed out on track, it was important for us to build, firstly, a fundamentally predictable car and, secondly, one that would provide sufficient flexibility to respond to ongoing findings at the track and during further development stages.” The new C30 features a fully integrated blown diffuser, and the team has been able to sculpt the sidepods more aggressively through fitting its radiators more vertically. Sauber has also opted to use a single mounting for its rear-wing, rather than the twin-mounting arrangement it used on the C29. Team principal Peter Sauber said he hoped the C30 would help the team make progress in the areas where it was lacking last year. “We want to finish in the points regularly and clearly improve our position in the FIA Formula 1 constructors’ world championship,” he said. “2010 marked the 41st year of our company history and one of the most difficult. “Never before had we faced such reliability problems, but we managed to overcome them in the second half of the season. We implemented some well-considered structural changes. The appointment of James Key as Technical Director already bore fruit last season, and he is now in charge of development of the Sauber C30-Ferrari. “At the same time, we have managed to secure our business foundation for the 2011 season. In these economically straitened times that is something we can be proud of too.” Sauber has confirmed that the KERS units it will use in 2011 will be provided by Ferrari.

Edisi 01 Februari 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Leaders urge Egypt reforms; evacuations planned

Edisi 01 Februari 2011 | International Bali Post  

Headline : Leaders urge Egypt reforms; evacuations planned