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Hong Kong’s ghostly seas warn of looming global tragedy

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Friday, October 30, 2009

World Silent Day proposed in UNFCC PAGE 8

Bali Post/eka

Tourists prepare life saving equipments for marine tourism in Sanur beach on Thursday, October 29th 2009. The lack of lifeguards in Sanur beach could decrease the interest of tourists to visit the beach.

Jackson film ‘This Is It’ earns $2.2M on 1st night PAGE 12

Riot in Lemukih

The case taken over by Bali Police Department Denpasar (Bali Post) –

The riot case in Lemukih village in Buleleng which made three people seriously injured will be handled by Bali Police Department. The police department worried that the case will spread to the other villages. Several high rank officers in Bali Police Department carried out a meting on Thursday, October 29th 2009 to discus the case. The plan to

take over the case is done in order to anticipate other riot that may occur in the village. The police will investigate thoroughly especially because

there were victims on the incidents. The police will interrogate witnesses to investigate the case and they worried that group of people will create other incident to prevent the police to questioned the witnesses. A source in the police department said “other incidents are the main concern of the police so the case is taken over by Bali Police Department.” I Gde Sugianyar, the spokesman




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Sanur Beach Hotel gives donation for earthquake victim



For placing advertisment, please contact: Eka Wahyuni


of Bali Police Department, said that the case is being taken over because there is the potential of another riots and the party involved in it didn’t find any agreement yet. The riot in Lemukih village which occurred on Wednesday, October 28th 2009 made three people seriously injured. A house was also destroyed by fire. The victims are treted in the hospital.(kmb21)


The General Manager of Sanur Beach Bali Margit Arnold (left) give the donation to the Chief Editor of Bali Post, I Nyoman Wirata.

THE earthquake in Western Sumatra several weeks ago which killed hundreds of people, attract the attention and sympathy of many people. For that reason, the management and employees of Sanur Beach hotel gathered donation that hopefully could help the victim of the quake. The 5 million rupiah donation was given by the General Manager of Sanur Beach Bali Margit Arnold through Bali Post, on Thursday, October 29th 2009. The donation received by the chief editor of Bali Post, I Nyoman Wirata in Sanur Beach Bali. Other officers also present in the event, they were A.A Ngurah Heribawa, the Sales and Marketing Manager, Ngakan Putu Ngurah, the Executive Assistant Manager, and Candy Juliani, the Public Relation Officer. (iwan)



Friday, October 30, 2009

Bali News Investor at Gumang Hill

To Build Two-Floored Villas


The picture shows the villa in Gumang hill in Bugbug, Karangasem. Investors destroyed the hill to build the villa

Villas permit

Bappeda—KP2T Seem to Neglect Responsibility THE PRESENCE of a number of investors in Karangasem seemed uncontrollable. The authority of Karangasem was just aware that the building has been erected and even put into operation. Even, there is impression of leaving responsibility when the permit that should be required has not been issued yet. As in the case of villa development at Gumang Hill, the Head of Karangasem Agency for Regional Development (Bappeda), I Wayan Artha Dipa and the Head of Integrated Permit Services (KP2T), IB Ketut Sulendra, met in the midst of session of Karangasem House, last Wednesday (Oct 28), gave impression to leave mutually their responsibility for the matter of permit. Both admitted that they would recheck if the villa belonging to Dutch investor has had permit or not. Previously, Artha Dipa asked journalist to meet the Head of KP2T for the confirmation if the villa has had building permit or not. When contacted, IB Ketut Sulendra suggested contacting the party of Bappeda. “Because, Bappeda team led by Division Head of Spatial Layout and Regional Infrastructure, I Ketut Sedana Mertha, has made site inspection to Samuh to recheck the existence of such villa.

“We are still rechecking it because our party handles many permit proposals so I could not remember them all. I do not involve in the handling of villa permit at Samuh. If I did, of course, I could remember it,” he said. It was not for the very first time that Karangasem was distraught regarding to permit of tourism facilities. Megaproject on Mimba Hill, Padangbai, building Hotel Chateau de Bali has not had a permit. Siddharta Resort, a five-star hotel facility at Kubu, Karangasem, has not had the permit, either. “Permit of the resort is under process and assessment,” said IB Ketut Sulendra. Siddharta Resort is only some 500 meters from the office of the Head of Kubu subdistrict and borders on the compound wall of Dalem Temple of Kubu. Though it has not had a permit, the resort belonging to a German once operated. However, since Justiciary Team of Karangasem Regency has

reprimanded it, name board of the hotel was dismantled. The thatched hotel with swimming pool is considered to have violated the allocation of Tulamben tourist resort. Karangasem Regent I Wayan Gredeg, last Wednesday (Oct 28), in Karangasem confessed that negligence often occurred regarding to the matter of business permit, particularly tourist accommodation. It was caused by investor meeting in person with the head of village or customary village and got support. After that the development was begun without submit a permit to Karangasem Government. On responding the question of Karangasem House, Gredeg said that investor or entrepreneur made approach first to the owner of the land and then customary village. Having obtained the land and support from personnel of village figure, investor built right away without submitting a permit to Regional Government. (013)

THE AREA of Gumang Hill, Bugbug, Karangasem, in fact, has been reached by villa development. At least, there have been two investors building on the western slope of the hill. Their location is not far to each other. These investors having unclear address established villa close to the beach. Its building is now under finishing phase. Meanwhile, another investor is from the Netherlands (IBP, Oct 28). The investor from the Netherlands built on the land of some 0.25 hectares. Now, on the leveled area has been built a twofloored building sizing around 20 x 5 meters, while another building is under construction of foundation with tenacious reinforced concrete pillar. In terms of its construction, this building is also designed to be twofloored.

To reach at the villas is not so difficult. Investor has made a wide white-walled road. However, to enter the area one should pass through some security posts. On that account, few people could enter the area. If standing at Gumang Hill, we will see how beautiful Candidasa Beach is. From that place, we can also see the allurement of Kambing Island and Gili Tepekong being famous for their population of decorative fish. Similarly, from Gumang Hill we can also see the spread of extensive sea. Establishment of building at this area triggered a big question mark on the surrounding residents. Near the location stands a big temple supported by residents of Bugbug Village, Karangasem. In addition, the peeling of hill was also worried to result in landslide. (bud)

At Sumerta Kaja

Fifty Dogs Eliminated Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Movement to anticipate the threat of rabies in Denpasar keeps on intensifying. Having targeted tens of dogs belonging to Grenceng Hamlet, Pemecutan Kaja, last Wednesday (Oct 28), the team moved to the area of Sumerta Kaja. At least, 50 dogs belonging to local residents and wild dogs could be eliminated. The current elimination movement was also related to the Regulation of Mayor No. 25/ 2009 concerning with Rabies Prevention in Denpasar. In dog elimination at the village, the team engaged in related institutions. A number of dogs roamed around at large became the target of team. Similarly, the search of dog was resumed to small lanes belonging to local residents. The Head of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Maritime Services (Disnakkanlut) of Denpasar City, Dewa Made Ngurah, met in the midst of elimination activity said that it was intended to follow up the report of community. The elimination was also on the request of the Head of Sumerta Kaja Village.

According to Dewa Made Ngurah, the activity would be persistently committed as long as his party received the report from local residents. His party also performed d elimination to wild dogs at South Denpasar, North Denpasar and West Denpasar. Each subdistrict in Denpasar looked united so the dog elimination should be performed comprehensively. Disnakkanlut of Denpasar City provided all tools required in the wild dog elimination in Denpasar City. Apparatus of Sumerta Kaja Village assisted the elimination activity at Sumerta Kaja Village. To constrict the transmission of rabies in Denpasar City, Dewa Made Ngurah expected that residents seeing wild dogs at their area could report it to Disnakkanlut. “We are going to commit mass elimination in Denpasar. This activity is waiting for the decree of Mayor that could be realized around next November,” he said. Having carried out the wild dog elimination at the area of Sumerta Kaja Village, the team of Disnakkanlut resumed their mission to Ubung Kaja Village. (kmb12)

z Founder : K.Nadha, z Chief Editor: ABG Satria Naradha z Managing Editor: Wirata z Editors: Alit Purnata, Alit Susrini, Alit Sumertha, Darmasunu, Daniel Fajry, Diah Dewi, Iwan Darmawan, Martinaya, Mawa, Palgunadi, Sri Hartini, Suana, Sueca, Sugiartha, Sutiawan, Wirya, Yudi Winanto zDenpasar: Dira Arsana, Giriana Saputra, Mas Ruscitadewi, Oka Rusmini, Umbu Landu Paranggi, Subagiadnya, Subrata, Suentra, Sumatika, Gregorius Rusmanda, Asmara Putra. Bangli: Pujawan, Buleleng: Adnyana, Gianyar: Agung Dharmada, Karangasem: Budana, Klungkung: Bali Putra Ariawan, Tabanan: Surpi. Jakarta: Nikson, Suharto Olii, Indu P. Adi, Ahmadi Supriyanto, Achmad Nasrudin, Hardianto, Darmawan S. Sumardjo, Heru B Arifin, Asep Djamaluddin, Ade Irawan, Ipik Tanoyo. NTB: Agus Talino, Syamsudin Karim, Izzul Khairi, Raka Akriyani, Nur Haedin, Suyadnya. Surabaya: Bambang Wilianto. z Development: Alit Purnata, Mas Ruscitadewi. z Office: Jalan Kepundung 67 A Denpasar 80232. Telephone (0361)225764, Facsimile: 227418, P.O.Box: 3010 Denpasar 80001. Bali Post Jakarta, Advertizing: Jl.Palmerah Barat 21F. Telp 021-5357602, Facsimile: 021-5357605 Jakarta Pusat. NTB: Jalam Bangau No. 15 Cakranegara Telp. (0370) 639543, Facsimile: (0370) 628257. Publiser: PT Bali Post


Bali News

Friday, October 30, 2009


Three Owners of Sucking Machine Escaped Semarapura (Bali Post)—

Again, Civil Servant Police Unit (Satpol PP) of Klungkung Regency made site inspection to ex C-class excavation, last Wednesday (Oct 28). After targeting two Asphalt Mixing Plants (AMPs) and stone breaking machines, Tuesday (Oct 27), the Satpol PP then targeted the owners of sand sucking machine that remained to operate their machine actively. BP/Eka

Using his psychical strength, a young labor tries to finish his work. He is working to arrange the road in Cok Agung Tresna Street, Denpasar.

Destroying Garden, Hundreds of Monkeys killed Tabanan (Bali Post)—

Fate of farmers in Tabanan is getting unluckier. After mice attacked their corn plants resulting in the loss of billions of rupiah, later was the time for monkeys to disrupt the garden of farmers at Padangan Kelod, Pupuan. To prevent the wider damages, a resident was alleged to poison the monkeys living at the forest near Temple Branch of Pucak Kedaton, Padangan Kelod, Padangan, Pupuan. As consequence, hundreds of monkey were found dead instantly since two days before and this incident shocked local residents. Ultimately, the apparatus of local village summoned one of its residents and resumed the report to police station. Head of Padangan Village Representatives (BPD), Jro Putu Tesan, last Wednesday (Oct 28) said that those monkeys considered being sacred animal belonging to temple were alleged to be poisoned by local resident due to feeling dejected as their garden was damaged. Hundreds of monkey’s carcasses were found and his party remained to find out the others. It was said, having been investigated it was known that they were poisoned by a kind of temic poison. Ironically, perpetrator of the poisoning was local residents named Wayan Wela alias Pan Gablor. Tesan said that many residents saw Pan Gablor fed poisonous food to the monkeys. He put the poisonous food at his garden, near a road. The food was hung on electricity pole and at a number of places that often visited by a crowd of monkeys. “We regretted the case because perpetrator did not report his problem to village apparatus both of administrative or customary before setting up the poison for the monkeys. Whereas, those monkeys were made sacred by local residents,” said Tesan. Tesan added that Pan Gablor and a number of witnesses were summoned to the Office of Village Head to clarify the allegation about his action of poisoning the monkeys. Tesan said that Pan Gablor confessed his act and he did so because he felt dejected due to a crowd of monkeys damaged his garden. Since Pan Gablor did not regret his deed, based on the meeting of village apparatus it was agreed to report the case to police station. Other than being reported to police, perpetrator would

also be imposed with customary sanction. However, the sanction was not decided yet and it would be adjusted with the prevailing convention of customary village. Chief of Pupuan Sector Police, S. Irianto, justified that a number of Padangan residents came to report the case on monkey poisoning. However, said Irianto, his party remained to carry out further investigation at location, including the meeting between perpetrator and village apparatus before taking legal action. “We are still carrying out further investigation at location what actually happened,’ said Chief Irianto. (kmb14)

Unfortunately, Satpol PP was left behind because three owners of sand sucking machine escaped. More than that, with the reason that vehicle used was too small, so they could only convey a part of evidences to be secured. A tense once occurred between the owner of machine and apparatus of Satpol PP. Chief Unit of PP, Komang Dharma Suyasa, led Satpol PP of Klungkung making inspection to ex C-class excavation. It engaged a number of personnel by means of patrol truck of Pol PP. They targeted five points of sand excavation using machine. “We could arrest two owners of machine, while three others escaped,” said Darma Suyasa while mentioning both owners of the machine were Darpu from Gunaksa and Jati from Tangkas Hamlet. On seizing the machines, a tense occurred between the owner and personnel of Satpol PP since the owner of machine objected due to their equipment. Darma Suyasa said that his truck was once

trapped in the muddy area so he could not capture the other owners. “We encountered many sand sucking machines and they will be used for evidences. Unluckily, our vehicle is too small so we could only seize a part of them,” he said. Evidences seized consisted of hose, pipe, filter and others. Though the others escaped, all owners of machines would be summoned and asked their clarification in the upcoming Tuesday (Nov 3). They violated the Regional Legislation of Bali Province No.4/2005 on the environmental impact and could be imposed with six-month imprisonment and a fine of IDR 50 million. Related to the patrol vehicle whose size was small that become obstacle to perform the operation, it would be coordinated with the Head of Justiciary Team who is also the Deputy Regent of Klungkung, Tjok Gde Agung. On that account, it could be prepared a heavy equipment (high size truck) immediately. (kmb20)



Friday, October 30, 2009


EU leaders to mull candidates for president, climate change Agence France-Presse

BRUSSELS - Europe’s leaders converged on Brussels Thursday to consider candidates for a coveted new post of EU president, and grapple with differences over helping poor countries fight global warming. Fresh from a celebratory eveof-summit dinner in Paris hours after Angela Merkel was sworn in for a second term as German chancellor, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the EU’s twin drivers were in “almost total” agreement on the key issues. These include tactics for ensuring the Czech president, the remaining hold-out against the 27-nation bloc’s Lisbon Treaty, puts pen to paper if and when a Prague court rules against an appeal over the treaty’s constitutional legality next week. Deeply eurosceptic Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Wednesday gave a “guarantee” that he will sign the treaty — which aims to streamline deci-

sion-making and create new posts — according to his prime minister, Jan Fischer. As the current chair of the Group of 20 leading global economies, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown — who is pushing for predecessor Tony Blair to be named the first EU council president — the top job which the Lisbon Treaty creates — has his own agenda. That includes targets for job creation amid the fear that rampant unemployment will stunt the growth needed to wipe out bloated deficits and potentially exponential debt rises. Meanwhile, Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, a pivotal figure in obtaining any consensus on who is named Europe’s “George Washington”, its first full-time president, was to miss the two-day summit. The 73-year-old, beset by sex, corruption and media intimidation allegations at home, is said to have contracted scarlet fever from a grandchild.

Indian PM says ‘new chapter’ opening on Kashmir Agence France-Presse

SRINAGAR - India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh heralded Thursday the opening of a “new chapter” in a peace process to end a two-decade-old revolt in Indian-held Kashmir. Winding up a two-day trip to the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley, Singh reiterated his government’s willingness to hold talks with all separatist groups opposed to Indian rule as long as they renounced violence. “I believe that a new chapter is opening in the peace process in the state and we are turning a corner,” Singh told a news conference in Indian Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar. “We are willing to engage in serious discussions with every group provided they shun the path of violence,” Singh said as he an-

nounced a series of economic measures to boost the region’s economy. Last month, Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram offered to start a “quiet dialogue” with separatist politicians in the disputed region. The offer was welcomed by local moderates but rejected by hardliners. Moderate separatist leaders in the Muslim-majority state have held several rounds of talks with India’s central government, though hardliners oppose any contact that does not involve neighbouring rival Pakistan. Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan each hold part of the Himalayan region and claim it in full. The insurgency against Indian rule in Kashmir, which New Delhi accuses Pakistan of arming and abetting, has claimed more than 47,000 lives.


Manmohan Singh.


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors arrive on October 29, 2009 at Vienna airport, returning from their trip to Iran. Iran was widely expected to deliver on October 29 its response to a UNbrokered proposal regarding the supply of much-needed fuel for a nuclear research reactor in Tehran.

IAEA inspectors return from ‘good trip’ to Iran Agence France-Presse

VIENNA - A team of experts from the UN atomic watchdog returned to Vienna Thursday from a four-day trip to Iran where they inspected for the first time a newly-revealed second uranium enrichment plant. “We had a good trip,” said Herman Nackaerts, head of the fourmember mission of the Internatinonal Atomic Energy Agency. “We visited the Fordo enrichment plant. Now we’re going to analyse the data. And the DG (Director General Mohamed ElBaradei) will report in due time,” Nackaerts told re-

porters on arrival at Vienna airport. Asked whether the inspection had revealed any surprises, the official declined to comment. He also refused to provide any details about the nature of the inspection. The IAEA inspectors had arrived in Iran on Sunday for a first visit of the site, which is being built inside

a mountain near the Shiite holy city of Qom. The disclosure of its existence on September 21 triggered widespread outrage in the West, which suspects Iran is enriching uranium with an ultimate goal of using it to make atomic weapons. Tehran strongly denies the charge. Iran has already been enriching uranium — the most controversial aspect of its nuclear project — for several years at another plant in the central city of Natanz, in defiance of three sets of UN sanctions.

US envoys to tackle crisis in Honduras Agence France-Presse

TEGUCIGALPA - A high level US delegation Wednesday opened a new diplomatic push here to resolve a four month-old political crisis over the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya. Led by Thomas Shannon, the US assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs, the Americans met first with Zelaya at the Brazilian embassy, where he had been holed up since mid-September. They were then supposed to meet with Roberto Micheletti, the head the interim government that seized power after a military-backed coup on June 28 and which has so far refused any deal that would involve Zelaya’s reinstatement. Zelaya told AFP the US officials

assured him they regarded him as “president of the Hondurans” and that the United States would not recognize the outcome of presidential elections November 29 unless he is reinstated. “I continue being the president recognized by the nations of the world,” Zelaya said after the hour and a half session. “I represent a way out, a way toward a political consensus and a peaceful solution.” Besides Shannon, the US delegation included Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Craig Kelly, and senior White House advisor on Latin America, Dan Restrepo. “They are urging both sides to show flexibility and redouble their efforts to bring this crisis to an end,”

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said Wednesday in the US capital. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who decided to send the delegation after speaking to Micheletti and Zelaya representatives at the weekend, “believes that United States could play a constructive role and would encoura ge all sides to return to the negotiating table,” he added. On Tuesday, Kelly said “the clock was ticking” for a deal to be reached restoring Zelaya to power ahead of the November 29 elections. The rival factions have been unable to agree on whether and how Zelaya would be allowed to complete his mandate, before a new president is sworn in early next year.

International IMIGRATION Australian Consulate General Jalan Tantular 32 Renon Denpasar Phone: +62 361 241118 Fax: +62 361 221195 (General) +62 361 241120 (Immigration)

General Info

Friday, October 30, 2009

HOSPITAL Denpasar There are 4 major hospitals usually used by foreigners Denpasar General Hospital (RSUP Sanglah), Kasih Ibu Hospital, Rumah Sakit Wongaya and Rumah Sakit Dharma Husada.

HOSPITAL Bangli Bangli General Hospital Jl. Kesumayuda 27, Bangli Phone : +62 366 91521 Gianyar

Royal Danish & Norwegian Mimpi Resort Jimbaran, Bali Phone +62.361.701 070 The Czech Republic Jalan Pengembak No. 17 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.286 465 France Consulate Agency Jalan Merta Sari Gang II No. 8 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.285 485 The Federal Republic of Germany Jalan Pantai Karang No 17 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.288 535 The Republic of Hungary Jalan By Pass No 219 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.287 701 Italian Consulate Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Jimbaran, Bali Phone +62.361.701 005 Honorary Consulate of Mexico Jalan Mohamad Yamin 1 A, Renon, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.223 266 Honorary Consulate of The Netherlands Jalan Raya Kuta 127, Bali Phone +62.361.761 506 Honorary Consulate of Spain Komplek Istana Kuta Galleria Blok Vallet 2 No 11. Jalan Patih Jelantik Kuta, Bali Phone +62.361.769 286 USA Consulate Agency Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 188 Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.222 426 Consulate General of Japan Jalan Raya Puputan No. 170 Renon, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.227 628 Honorary Consulate of British Jalan Tirta Nadi No. 20 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.270 601 Swiss and Austria Consulate Jalan Patih Jelantik, Komplek Pertokoan Istana Galleria Phone +62.361.751 735 Honorary Consulate of Brazil Jalan Legian No. 186, Bali Phone +62.361.757 775 Honorary Consulate of Thailand Jalan Raya Puputan Renon 81, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.263 310 Embassy of India Jalan Raya Puputan Renon 42-44, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.241 978 Honorary Consulate of Sweden anf Finland Segara Village Hotel, Jalan Segara Ayu, Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.282 223 Honorary Consulate of Malaysia Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort, Jalan Pantai Kuta, Bali Phone +62.361.752 520

RSUP Sanglah is the main provincial public hospital. Its facilities have improved since the emergency ward had been built in 1991. Difficult/critical cases would not become a problem anymore since it has complete equipments. It is located on Jl. Kesehatan Selatan 1 Sanglah Denpasar with : Phone : 227 911 – 15 Fax : 226 363 Kasih Ibu Hospital is a private hospital which caters for less serious cases such as diarrhea, intestinal disorders, anemia, asthma and minor accidents. Kasih Ibu is also equipped to care for pregnant women. This hospital is located on Jl. Teuku Umar 120 Denpasar. Phone : 223 036 Fax : 268 690. Rumah Sakit Wongaya (Public Hospital; Psychiatric Unit) Jl. Kartini, Denpasar. Phone : 222 142. Rumah Sakit Dharma Husada , (Private) Jl. Sudirman No 50, Denpasar Phone : 227 560, 234 824 In relating with health, Bali also has insurance and medical evacuation company, that is: AEA International - SOS Assistance Bali. PT Abhaya Eka Astiti, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 24X, Kuta 80361. Phone : 755 768 Fax : 755 768 One thing that should be noted by tourists here is that the Blood Bank in Bali normally carries no stock of Rhesus (Rh) Negative blood. Badung Bali Medical Clinics There are some medical clinics that are well known by foreigners in Bali. Some of them are western owned and operated : Bali International Medical Center (BIMC) Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC) provides excellent Primary Health Care & Emeregency Medical Services for tourists, traveler, and expatriate living in Bali. Emeregency Room, Ambulance, Clinic Services, Insurance & Medical Evacuations also available. Open 24 hours Phone : 761 2631. Located Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.100X, Kuta, Bali 80361 - Indonesia. International SOS Clinic Bali Opened in 1999, offers International SOS members and visitors to Bali comprehensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency medical service. Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 505X, Kuta 80361, Bali - Indonesia Phone : 720 100 Fax : 721 919 E-mail : ttp :// Bali Nusa Dua Emergency Clinic Jl Pratama No. 81 Phone : 771 324 Kuta Clinic Jl. Raya Kuta Phone : 753 268 Dental Clinic Dr Indra Guizot, Jl. Patimura 19, Denpasar Phone : 222 445, 234 375 DDS. Ritjie Rihartinah, Jl Pratama No. 81 Nusa Dua Phone : 771 324 Retno W. Agung, Jln. Bypass Ngurah Rai No.4A Br. Tamansari – Sanur Phone : 288 501

Clinic Mas Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud Phone : +62 361 974573 Toyo Clinic Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud Phone : +62 361 978078 Permata Bunda Clinic Jl. Patih Jelantik 50 X, Gianyar Phone : +62 361 942082 Ubud Clinic Jl Raya Ubud No.36 Campuhan, Ubud Phone : +62 361 974911 Gianyar General Hospital Jl. Ciung Wanara 2, Gianyar Phone : +62 361 943049 Karangasem Karangasem General Hospital Jl. Ngurah Rai, Karangasem Phone : +62 363 21001 Klungkung Klungkung General Hospital Jl. Flamboyan 40-4, Klungkung Phone : +62 366 21371 Negara Negara General Hospital Jl. Gelar, Negara Phone : +62 365 41006 Tabanan Laboratorium Clinic Jl. Gunung semeru No. 8, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 819260 Mengwi Clinic Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai 46, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 880550 Darma Kerti Hospital Jl. Teratai 16, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 812359 Tabanan General Hospital Jl. Pahlawan 14, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 811027 Singaraja Prodia Clinic Jl. RA Kartini 12, Singaraja Bali 0362 - 24-516 Singaraja Hospital Jl. Ngurah Rai 30, Singaraja Bali 0362 - 22-573 Pet Clinics Kayumas: (0361) 226934 Sayang Binatang: (0361) 483121 Satwa Kertha Husada: (0361) 263018 Pantai Sindhu: (0361) 287518 Sidakarya: (0361) 724492 Pedungan: (0361) 720026

TAXIS Praja Taxi : (0361) 289090 Bali Taxi : (0361) 701111 Ngurah Rai Taxi : (0361) 724724 Pan Wirthi Taxi : (0361) 723366 Komotra Taxi : (0361) 758855



Friday, October 30, 2009

News Malaysia’s Islamic party tells men to marry single mums Agence France-Presse


This photo taken on September 27, 2009 shows fish being prepared for transport from the Aberdeen fish market in Hong Kong to restaurants around the southern Chinese territory. Around 400 fishermen, 80 wholesalers and 1,000 buyers trade daily through Hong Kong’s Fish Marketing Organization (FMO), which in 2007-08 sold 51,500 tones of fish through seven wholesale markets.

Hong Kong’s ghostly seas warn of looming global tragedy

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia’s conservative Islamic party has urged Muslim men to marry single mothers as additional wives instead of “young virgin girls”, a state official said. Wan Ubaidah Omar, a cabinet minister from northern Kelantan, which the party controls, said the proposal aired in state parliament this week was needed to help single mothers and widows in the underdeveloped region. “Muslim men usually like young girls or virgins as their additional wives, so I suggest instead of taking these young virgin girls, why don’t they marry the single mothers as their second or third wife?” she told AFP. “This will ease the burden of the single mothers as the men can help them to take care of their children. The single ladies have no burden,” said Wan Ubaidah, who is in charge of women, family and health affairs in the state. Muslim men in Malaysia are allowed to marry up to four women but Islamic courts must approved multiple marriages before they take place. About 60 percent of the country’s 27 million population are Muslims. Women’s groups here have campaigned against polygamy, saying it

Rare Muslim books of divination on show in Washington

Agence France-Presse

Agence France-Presse

HONG KONG - The live fish facing death in the glass tanks in Hong Kong’s famous seafood restaurants tell a strange and haunting tale of a looming global tragedy.

WASHINGTON - A rare collection of unique, ornate books of divination consulted by shahs, sultans and Muslim laymen in 16th century Persia and Turkey are on show at Washington’s Smithsonian Institution. “It won’t happen again, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” to see the brilliantly painted manuscripts, Massumeh Farhad, chief curator and curator of Islamic art at the prestigious institute’s Sackler Gallery of Asian art told AFP. Titled “Falnama: The Book of Omens,” the exhibition includes 65 manuscripts and fortunetelling books depicting figures from the Old Testament, the Koran and a host of astrological symbols that provided insight to people’s questions about their future. The manuscripts, whose large size make them a rarity in Oriental literature, are pages from three of the four known books of divination from the Persian and Ottoman cultures after 1550. It includes the book of omens from the court of Shah Tahmasb, who reigned from 1524 to 1576). The works of art were lent by museums including Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace, the Louvre in Paris, Berlin’s museum of Islamic art, Geneva’s museum of history and Dublin’s Chester Beatty Library. The

At the heart of their story is the bizarre fact that there are more fine fish swimming in the tiny tanks than there are in the surrounding sea. Having overfished and polluted its own waters to the point where they are home mainly to great ghosts of the past, Hong Kong now imports up to 90 percent of its seafood. The problem with that, scientists say, is that Hong Kong is a microcosm of a marine disaster in which wild fish are being eaten out of existence worldwide. “It is a sign of what is happening in most of the fisheries in the world,” says Guillermo Moreno, head of global environment group WWF’s marine programme in Hong Kong. “It’s a scary panorama.” In scenes replayed throughout Hong Kong’s archipelago, the seafood for the restaurants in Yung Shue Wan arrives in the dull light of a hazy dawn, while most of the village is still asleep. Through the rough streets, wiry men in singlets trundle trolleys laden with sloshing buckets full of struggling fish nearing the end of

their lives far from their usual habitat on distant, colourful coral reefs. They are tipped into crowded tanks outside restaurants lining the harbour to await the pointing finger of a diner which will flag the last leg of their long journey, to the kitchen. At weekends, the open air restaurant tables under spinning fans host large family gatherings where cheerful children tuck in to food that researchers say could disappear in their lifetimes. “Unless the current situation improves, stocks of all species currently fished for food are predicted to collapse by 2048,” the WWF reports, quoting a controversial scientific survey. Restaurateur Ben Chan KinKeung acknowledges that Hong Kong’s waters no longer provide what his seafood-loving customers want, but says that is not a problem — at the moment. “It’s very fast and convenient to import seafood around the globe either by plane or ship,” he says. But he knows the feast cannot last and says it is already becoming difficult to find fish in the quantities he requires.

“It’s like people just want to eat the fish when they are not (even) born. I’m afraid that I may have to change my job in 10 years time.” Offshore from the restaurants, a lone trawler dredges the jade sea — but bleak records show it is unlikely to bring up table-worthy fish. “The average size of fish now caught in these bottom trawls is about 10 grammes” — about one third of an ounce or the weight of a small coin — Professor Yvonne Sadovy of Hong Kong University told AFP. “To put this into some kind of context, Hong Kong was a famous fishing centre in the past and we had incredibly productive and species-rich ground fisheries.” WWF says that “Hong Kong waters were incredibly rich just decades ago with manta rays, hammerhead sharks, giant grouper and croakers taller than a man. In less than a lifetime Hong Kong has lost them all.” Sadovy, a marine scientist who has made a special study of Hong Kong’s seas, says there are several reasons the local fisheries are in such a bad state.

is cruel and has deviated from its original purpose in Islam, which was to protect widows and orphans. Wan Ubaidah said her call was not meant to encourage polygamous marriage, but as a way to help at least 16,500 single mothers aged under 60 in Kelantan, a state that has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. “Even if I don’t make the suggestion, these men are going to marry the second, third wife anyway but I have to emphasise that under Islam, only those who have the social and economic capacity can have additional wives,” she said. The minister also called for husbands who leave their wives without good reason to be whipped under religious laws. “Some of these husbands just go missing in action suddenly, and leave the wives without any food or money. These kind of men should be whipped, they deserve it,” Wan Ubaidah said. “This punishment is not in the state sharia law at the moment, but we can make it a law to make men more responsible; there is a lot of room for improvement in the legal system to protect the welfare of women,” she added.

exhibition run until January 24. “It’s the first study of these manuscripts, the catalogue is the first publication on the subject anywhere in the world,” Farhad said. The books, she added, show a different view of Islam because they were used “in private secular context; the imagery is not used for religious reasons.” Prior to a series of rituals and prayers, the texts were opened to a page at random and their images and accompanying verses would provide guidance or revelation for whatever was asked. “They were meant to aid the seeker in the process of making difficult decisions, from embarking on a voyage to waging war against an enemy, getting married or selling one’s horse,” Farhad explained. “Astrology and astronomy have always played an important role in the region, it’s a very rich tradition” in the Muslim world. The manuscript depicted in haphazard fashion prophets from Islam and the Bible, including Adam and Eve, the Virgin Mary, personalities from the Koran and the symbols and planets from the Zodiac. “It shows a different aspect of the culture, a universal message: ‘We all want to know what’s going to happen.’ The concerns that people had then are concerns that people have now,” she said.


Indonesia Today 7 CSF to hold climate gathering Friday, October 30, 2009


FOTO ANTARA/Widodo S. Jusuf

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono delivered his speech during the opening session of National Summit at Jakarta on Thursday, October 29. Yudhoyono has called on national education authorities to reform the existing teaching methods and arouse the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.

President calls for reform of teaching methods Antara

JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called on national education authorities to reform the existing teaching methods and arouse the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. Speaking at a function to open the National Summit 2009 here on Thursday, President Yudhoyono said students with the spirit of entrepreneurship would be able to support national development in the future. The president said the main strategy in the improvement of the next five-year development program was the spirit of entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and people’s empowerment. According to the president, con-

tinual subsidy could not lead to sustainable development. Therefore, the head of state called on the national education minister to reform the existing teaching methods and to make the students active in the teaching and learning process instead of the teachers. He added that if the teaching methods enabled the students to have the spirit of entrepreneurship, they would later be able to create their own job opportunities, instead of applying for jobs.

The president said the unemployment and poverty rates in the future would be reduced significantly if today’s generation had the spirit of entrepreneurship and was able to create job opportunities. Compared with the United States and Singapore, the president said, Indonesia only had a small number of entrepreneurs, even fewer than one percent. “Creating the spirit of entrepreneurship is not easy indeed but through various efforts - one of them is national education reform - it is possible,” the president said, adding that the students with the spirit of entrepreneurship would later be creative and innovative, and able to make Indonesia even better.

Online forest fire monitoring system launched in Indonesia Antara

JAKARTA - Indonesia has gained a new tool to rapidly detect and monitor damaging forest fires with the launch of an Australian-funded online system in Jakarta on Thursday. Indofire is a collaborative project between Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry, Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Ministry of Environment, the Australian Government and the Western Australian state government agency Landgate, according to information on the official website of the Australian embassy. Fires in forests and peat lands and the smoke haze they produce

are seasonal problems in Indonesia. Indofire downloads satellite information for all of Indonesia twice a day. This data appears on the Indofire website within an hour. This facilitates fast detection of fires, allowing fire fighters to respond quickly and reduce the fires’ spread and severity. Indofire also includes mapping information which allows forestry officials to identify where fires start and track their spread. Deforestation and fires in forests and peatland account for more than 65 per cent of Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Monitoring, controlling and reducing fire is a key means to reduce greenhouse gas

emissions from these sources. The A$1.5 million Indofire system has been developed as part of the A$40 million Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership. This practical cooperation between Indonesia and Australia on REDD (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries) aims to ensure REDD is part of a future international agreement on climate change. Other partnership activities include the A$30 million Kalimantan Forests and Climate Partnership and support for development of Indonesia’s National Carbon Accounting System.

JAKARTA - The Civil Society for Climate Justice (CSF) plans to organize a climate gathering for farmers and fishermen in Jakarta on November 2-11. The climate gathering will serve as a venue of interactive dialog between policy makers and farmers and fishermen affected by the climate change, CSF member Siti Maemunah said in a press conference here on Wednesday. In the gathering to be attended by climate change stakeholders in Indonesia, the farmers and fishermen will show evidence of how daily life is getting difficult because of climate change, said Maemunah, who is also the national coordinator of the Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM). The stakeholders will among others come from the National Council for Climate Change (DNPI), the Agriculture Ministry, the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, the Health Ministry, and the National Develop-

ment Planning Agency (Bappenas). Meanwhile, Raja Siregar, policy, advocacy and campaign manager of Oxfam GB Indonesia, said fishermen and farmers are among those who are highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. Raja said many farmers have found it hard to determine planting seasons because the rainy season is difficult to predict. Because of the climate change the rainy season becomes short with high rainfalls, he said. The condition makes it difficult for farmers to choose the types of rice seeds and determine the start of planting season, thereby raising the risks of harvest failure, he said. CSF expressed hope the gathering will be able to address a gap between policy makers’ response and the problems faced by farmers and fishermen affected by climate change. CSF is a forum of 30 non-governmental organizations, including JATAM, the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi), and the Alliance of National Customary People (AMAN).

Indonesia denies Australia asylum seeker deal Agence France-Presse

JAKARTA - Indonesia firmly denied Thursday reaching a deal with Australia to receive money in return for temporarily accepting boatloads of asylum seekers intercepted at sea. Indonesia and Australia had reached no definite agreement on dealing with a recent rash of arrivals from countries including Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, despite talk in Australia of an “Indonesia Solution” to deal with the crisis, foreign ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah told AFP. “We’re very much unaware of the term ‘Indonesia Solution’. We’re not at all comfortable with the notion of an Indonesia Solution,” Faizasyah said. “The term is political jargon used in Australia for domestic political purposes and we’re not comfortable at all,” he said. Australia has said it has agreed to hand over financial aid to help Indonesia, a major staging post for asylum-seekers, intercept and detain the refugee boats which have long been the subject of fierce domestic debate. But Faizasyah denied any such agreement had been made. He said a recent decision to accept a group of 78 Sri Lankans intercepted by Australia 11 days ago, who have refused to leave the Australian ship the Oceanic Viking on the Indonesian island of Bintan, was a “one-off occasion” in lieu of further agreement. “I’ve not heard about money. There’s no talk about money. No money has been involved so far,” Faizasyah said. “For sure in the latest two cases involving the Sri Lankans, there’s no discussion concerning compensation,” he said referring to the 78 migrants and an earlier group of 255 Sri Lankans who are refusing to leave their boat at the Javanese port of Merak. “We’re not interested in being dragged into the political debate in Australia because what we’re simply doing is offering humanitarian assistance,” he said. “If there’s a need to develop a framework, we’ll have to sit together and discuss it.” Despite Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saying he would not rule out using force to get the 78 Sri Lankan asylum seekers off the boat, Faizasyah said Indonesia would not compel them to disembark.



Friday, October 30, 2009

Bali Today World Silent Day proposed in UNFCC Antara

DENPASAR – World Silent Day is being proposed as one of the way to anticipate the climate change in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in Copenhagen in December 2009. Bali Collaboration for Climate Change (KBPI) as the department that proposed the World Silent Day is gathering autographs to support the idea. I Made Suarnatha, the coordinator of KBPI, said that the department is trying to collect 10 million autographs to gain the world acknowledgement and currently, 10,000 autographs had been collected. “For those who wanted to support the World Silent Day could log on . This is the preliminary step for the campaign of the World Silent Day,” he added. The World Silent Day is a way which is adopted from Balinese culture to anticipate climate change. The concept was taken form Nyepi day where all of the Hindus didn’t conduct any activities for one whole day. The concept is started to be accepted by several countries in the

world and some even had been applied it but it didn’t accepted yet in UNFCC. Suarnatha said “several cities such as Sidney had started to carry out World Silent Day.” Actually the idea of World Silent Day has been accepted by the world society because it emphasize on preserving the environment. However, it also needed more support to increase the spread or the program. Based on the calculation of KBPI, the Nyepi day can decrease up to 23 million tons of carbon dioxide in one day. The World Silent Day is carried out on March 21st where all people throughout the world should stay in their houses for four hours started on 10 o’clock through 14 o’clock and shutting down all electronics equipments and cars or motorcycles. “Everyone could contribute in decreasing green house gases which triggered the climate change,” Suarnatha said.

The photo shows the situation of street in Bali during Nyepi Day. World Silent Day is being proposed as one of the way to anticipate the climate change in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Bali’s heat makes tourists uncomfortable DKP built 2,236 disaster-proof houses for fishermen Antara

KUTA – Foreign tourists who often sunbathe in Kuta admitted that they can’t stay out in the open for too long because the sunlight was hotter than usual. Normally, the foreign tourists sunbathe until noon. But now, they only spend few hours, they only sunbath up to 9:30 local time.

Michael Lois, a tourist from Australia who already coming to Bali for three times, said that the heat in Kuta is quite different than before. In his previous visit he could sunbathe for 6 hours on the beach but now he can only do it for three hours or even less. The similar statement also was said by Jeans, a tourist from Canada. He said that he could not stay for long

REUTERS/Murdani Usman

(FILE) Soldiers patrol along Kuta beach in Bali July 18, 2009. Foreign tourists who often sunbathe in Kuta admitted that they can’t stay out in the open for too long because the sunlight was hotter than usual. Normally, the foreign tourists sunbathe until noon. But now, they only spend few hours, they only sunbath up to 9:30 local time.

period of time on the beach because the sun seems to burn his skin. There were not many tourists lying on the beach when the sun was high. Made Suarta, a tour guide in Kuta, said “we can not even stand on the sand. It is very hot and our foot is like burning.” The hot condition made some tourists chose to play on the beach. They swim and surf on the beach which has medium size waves. The increasing of temperature is not only happening in Kuta. The similar condition also can be found n all parts of Bali. Denpasar Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Department (BMKG) said that the raising of the temperature actually already started on October 2009. Currently, the maximum temperature in Bali is 34 degree Celsius, but before the max temperature was only 32 degree Celsius. Endro Cahyono, the head of Data and Information division in Bali BMKG, said “the high temperature is because currently, the sun is right on top of Indonesia. It made the situation hotter than before. The condition will last until November 2009.” Cahyono reminded all the people in Bali to be more careful because the hot condition could trigger local rain fall and even whirlwind. Thunderstorms also often occur during the season shift.


DENPASAR - The Marine and Fisheries Department (DKP) has built 2,236 disaster-proof houses for poor fishermen in 55 districts and cities across Indonesia in 2009, an official said. “The program was aimed at reducing the possible negative impact of climate change and natural disasters on the fishermen,” Director of DKP’s Coastal and Sea Division, Subandono Diposaptono, said after attending a seminar about climate change conducted by Bali Collaboration for Climate Change Issue (KBPI) here on Tuesday. Subandono said two types of disaster-proof houses were built, namely traditional and modern. The modern type of houses were built in coastal areas where the risk of being engulfed by tsunami was low while the traditional type of houses were built in areas where the tsunami risk was high with waves that might reach a height of more than three meters. “The traditional house is

structured in such a way that it can withstand the horizontal pressure of a tsunami wave so that the building will only suffer minor damage. On normal days, tenants of traditional houses can use the space underneath the house for leisure activities, trading, repairing fish nets or weighing their fish catches,” Subandono said. He said averaging 27.5 square meters in width the traditional houses were built parallel with the probable direction of tsunami waves and in perpendicular lines to the coastline to minimize the pressure big waves on the building structures. Building disaster-proof houses for fishermen had been a DKP program since year 2006. Up till 2008, the department had built 497 houses for fishermen in 18 districts and cities in Indonesia. DKP provides the budget for house construction while the regional administrations provided the needed land. “In 2009, we built 40 disaster-proof houses in each district or city where there were fishermen,” Subandono said.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Balinese Culture Forests Supports Tourism One of the principal functions of forests is to maintain the stability of nature, apart from conservation and being supporter of tourism. Therefore, if the forest is damaged it will result in landslides, floods, droughts and so forth. Most forest damage is caused by human activity. Bangli Regency has forest area amounting to 9,000 hectares, namely some 17% of the Bangli’s total extent that reaches 52,000 hectares. “Ideally, forest figure should be 30% of the land’s extent,” said the Head of Bangli Agricultural, Estate and Forestry Services, I Ketut Sutresna lately. Explained, of the total number

9,000 hectares of forest, 6,000 hectares belong to the category of forest preserve, 400 hectares production forest and the remaining 2,600 hectares national park. To maintain the figure of forest extent, his party constantly endeavours to invite all elements in order to care about forest preservation. “We are also going to expand the extent of the forest by promoting a community forest,” he said while adding that, urgent action is overcoming critical land by reforestation and regreening. “Recently,” said Ketut Sutrisna,” forest fires and clearing away frequently occurs, both intentionally and

unintentionally so the function transfer ensues that it takes advantage of for agricultural and estate needs.” Nevertheless, his party has prepared a number of regulations, either legislation of central government or regional legislation as reference to take action. Stubborn offenders should be sentenced. The more so forests in Bangli Regency also constitute a buffer and spring for other regencies at its vicinity like Klungkung, Gianyar, Badung and Buleleng. Other than that, forests in Bangli become the supporter of tourism like the panorama at Kintamani and other tourist objects. (BTN/Suka)

International Bali-India Yoga Festival will be held in Bali Antara

DENPASAR - “International Bali-India Yoga Festival” will be held once again in Bali. 1,500 yogi from throughout the world will take part in the festival which will be held on December 3rd through December 10th 2010. Dr Somvir, the head of BaliIndia Foundation, said that most of the participants will come from In-

dia and the rest will be from Europe, USA, and Asian region. Yogi and yoga lovers from Indonesia also will take part in the event. “The annual festival will be held regularly in Bali. This year’s festival themed Yoga and Global Warming issue,” Dr. Somvir said. He explained that the festival will be held in Patanjali Yoga City in Banjar Gunung Sari, Tegal Linggah village, Sukasada,

Buleleng. The village is very beautiful and still very natural. Tegal Linggah is also very important in the development of Hindu and Islam in Indonesia. Rsi Markandeya, the holy man who became the pioneer of the establishment of Besakih Temple, once stayed in the village. There is great hope that the festival will be successful as the one held in March 2009.

Cram Cam

(Clear Chicken Soup with Shallots) Overview: This dish is traditionally prepared after a cockfight, when the winner receives the loosing chicken as a reward. Ingredients: 1 tsp coconut oil ½ cup chicken spice paste 400 gr boneless chicken, skin removed and minced 1 liter chicken stock 1 salam leaf 1 stalk lemon grass, bruised 1 tsp crushed black pepper salt to tast 2 tbsp fried shallots Preparation: Heat oil in heavy soup pot. Add spice paste and saute until fragrant. Add minced chicken and continue to sauté until meat is evenly colored. Add stock and all remaining ingredients and simmer for five minutes. (

Grilled Gourami with Tomato Sauce Want to taste a flavoursome freshwater fish? Just try the gourami. It is easily obtained here at restaurant or food stalls that offer grilled fish. Local people widely cultivate this fish in floating cage, backyard fishponds, in the lake or even by minapadi or rice-fish cultivation. The latter is now commonly done by subak organization in Bali, the more so those that join the competition. One of gourami delicacies is special grilled gourami. Ingredients: 1 medium size gourami, 2 tbsp limejuice, ½ tsp salt, 2 tbsp cooking oil for scrubbing Spices for sambal: 2 tomatoes, 5 pc small chillies; 2 large red chillies; ½ tsp grilled shrimp paste; ½ tsp salt; 1 tsp palm sugar; 2 tbsp cooking oil Method: 1. Finely cleanse the gourami, take out its abdominal contents and discard its scales. Make some crosswise incisions on fish surface. 2. Scrub both surfaces of the fish with limejuice. Grill the fish on the ember until blackish. Take out when it’s already cooked. 3. All spices are stir-fry till done, except for shrimp paste and palm sugar. Then, ground on a pestle. Add with shrimp paste, palm sugar and bit limejuice. 4. Serve with grilled fish with sambal and fresh salad (optional). (BTN/029)




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Tirta Gangga Park TIRTA Gangga is a beautiful park with the huge water fountain and wide pond located at Abang Sub-district, Karangasem Regency in east part of Bali. Tirta Gangga Park is built in the year of 1948 by the Karangasem King of Anak Agung Agung Angluerah Ketut Karangasem. Before this park is found, there is big wellspring found in this area which the local society believe that this water come from the land is holy spring therefore they call this place is Embukan means wellspring. According to the local believe that this wellspring functioning as a bath place for the god and also used as drinking water for the local community from the nearest village. Therefore this wellspring is sacrificed by local people and keeps the park naturally. The King of Karangasem has got an idea to improve this park into a good looking and nowadays, it becomes one of the famous tourist destinations in east part of Bali. Tirta Gangga Park is also featured by the wide public pool with the cool and clean water where it can be used

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by everyone who visiting this place. It is situated on the foot Abang Hill with cool temperature in particular night time or morning time. The lush tropical garden are well surround the park and big fish ponds are running away at another ponds to give the impression for every tourist who pay a visit to this beautiful park. Some buildings and other decorations are intentionally made as according to the spirit from Puri Agung Karangasem (Agung Karangasem Palace), so it can be said that between Tirta Gangga Park and Sukasada Park (Taman Sukasada) which is located at Ujung countryside is a union. How to Find Tirta Gangga?

Tirta Gangga is strategically located beside of the main strait from Karangasem to Singaraja Town and it is just 20 minutes from the local town or 2 hours and 15 minutes from Denpasar Town. You may also join the exciting tour to the east part of Bali that we call it by Karangasem Tour and you will discover many places of interest in east part of Bali including Tirta Gangga. (

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BUSINESS Asia must adapt to ‘new world’ despite fast recovery: IMF Agence France-Presse

SEOUL - Asia is leading the way out of the global economic slump but must adapt to a “new world” of softer demand in major Western export markets, the International Monetary Fund said Thursday. In its latest economic outlook for Asia and the Pacific, the IMF forecast an “impressive recovery” with regional growth speeding up to 5.75 percent in 2010 from a projected 2.75 percent this year. The IMF said that while output in most of Asia was initially hit even harder than in countries at the centre of the crisis, “now Asia is leading as the world pulls out of recession”. “Just as the US downturn triggered an outsized fall in Asia’s GDP (gross domestic product) because international trade and finance froze, now their normalisation is generating an outsized Asian upturn,” its report said. “For this reason, the rebound in economic activity has been fastest in the export-dependent Asian economies that were hit most severely at the end of 2008.” The IMF also credited the region’s “rapid, forceful, and comprehensive policy response”. It said this was made possible by sounder government finances, more credible monetary policies and stronger corporate and bank balance sheets than in the past. “These conditions gave Asia the space to cut interest rates sharply and adopt large fiscal stimulus packages,” it said. “As a result, overall domestic demand has held up remarkably well, despite weak private demand.” The IMF reaffirmed its forecast for Chinese GDP growth of 8.5 percent this year and 9.0 percent next. It said Japan’s struggling economy would contract by 5.5 percent this year, before rebounding modestly in 2010 by 1.75 percent. The IMF cautioned that while world conditions would likely continue to improve in 2010, the recovery was expected to be sluggish. It predicted that output in the large G7 economies would grow by just 1.25 percent next year since private demand remains hobbled by the legacy of the crisis. “Households will find it difficult

to spend and banks to provide credit since they must focus instead on repairing their balance sheets after the sizeable destruction of wealth that occurred during the recession.” The IMF said G7 consumption was likely to stay weak for some time, limiting demand for Asian exports. Regional policymakers face two major challenges, it said. In a near-term “balancing act” they must support economies until the recovery was clearly self-sustaining, but avoid fuelling inflation or damaging fiscal sustainability. “Striking the right balance will be difficult,” the report said. But policymakers would have to assess the extent to which private demand could substitute for a withdrawal of publicsector demand. So far, the IMF said, “private demand remains weak, and the outlook far from encouraging, both in Asia and abroad. Consequently, Asian countries will likely need to maintain policy support for some time.” Asia must also adapt to a “new world” of softer demand from G7 nations, and rebalance export-dominated economies to give domestic demand a bigger role in driving growth. The IMF said better social safety nets would be needed to reduce savings by private individuals. Continued reforms to the financial sector and to corporate governance would also persuade more Asian firms not to hoard cash, it said. “Finally, Asia will need to be willing to live with smaller current account surpluses and more flexible exchangerate management,” the IMF said. IMF Asia-Pacific director Anoop Singh also stressed the danger of a premature withdrawal of stimulus measures. “The recent recovery is not permanent,” he told a briefing. “Therefore we need to maintain fiscal and monetary stimulus until we are fairly sure that recovery is firmly in place.”


A real estate “For Sale” sign sits on a residential corner in Centreville, Virginia, 29 August 2006. US new home sales fell unexpectedly in September after five consecutive monthly increases, government data showed Wednesday, adding to concerns over the pace of economic recovery.

US new home sales in surprise fall Agence France-Presse

WASHINGTON - US new home sales fell unexpectedly in September after five consecutive monthly increases, government data showed Wednesday, adding to concerns over the pace of economic recovery. The Commerce Department said sales of new single-family homes dropped at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 402,000 or by 3.6 percent last month from a revised 417,000 in August. The department also revised lower the figures for June, July and August. The September data was far below the market forecast of a 5.5 percent jump to 440,000 homes as analysts had expected builders would benefit from a federal tax credit for firsttime homebuyers that expires at the end of next month. “The decline in sales is extremely disheartening,” said analysts at in a client note. “The first-time homebuyer tax credit was expected to push up sales for homes through the end of November. We’ve seen the effects of the tax credit as existing home sales have surged,” they said The credit facility, limited to buyers who have not owned a home for the past three years, is scheduled to expire November 30 but some lawmakers are pushing to extend it in a bid to fuel the country’s recovery from reces-

sion since December 2007. Analysts at Barclays suggested in a report that new home sales could fall further. Since new home sales track recently signed contracts, homebuyers may have suspected that it would be difficult to close on the contract before the end of November, they said. “This suggests that new home sales are likely to dip lower in October, and potentially in November, depending on if and when the credit is extended. We also suspect that existing home sales will fall back somewhat in the fourth quarter,” the analysts said. The surprise drop in new home sales reflects the sluggish recovery of the housing sector, at the epicenter of the global financial crisis that slammed the brakes on US growth following a mortgage meltdown. The government is due to release on Thursday its first estimate of thirdquarter gross domestic product, or the output of goods and services in the world’s largest economy. Most analysts say GDP will see an average 3.2 percent expansion, the first growth rate for the United States after a year of quarterly contractions that arose after surging home mortgage defaults triggered financial crisis. The growth could come on the back of stepped-up home construction, consumer spending and business equipment investment but that pace of ex-

pansion may not be sustainable as stimulus efforts ease, analysts said. The “main concern, naturally, is about the sustainability of the US recovery,” said Ed Yardeni, chief investment strategist of Yardeni Research. “A frequent question is: ‘What happens when your fiscal stimulus wears off?’” Earnings of most listed US companies have been better than expected but this may not immediately translate to economic dynamism. “This should result in a V-shaped recovery in earnings, though probably not in real GDP during the first half of 2010,” Yardeni said. A key component of US economic expansion is consumer spending but if data this week is anything to go by, the growth driver is still sluggish. The Conference Board, a private research firm, said Tuesday that its consumer confidence index declined for the second month in a row, to 47.7 in October from a revised 53.4 in September — much steeper than expected by Wall Street. Confidence slumped largely due to worries about rising unemployment. The unemployment rate jumped to a new 26-year high of 9.8 percent in September, with job losses accelerating to 263,000 that month. Since the start of the recession nearly two years ago, the number of unemployed has increased by 7.6 million to 15.1 million.


Friday, October 30, 2009



Jonas Brothers: ‘We’re Not Splitting Up’ THE Jonas Brothers have reached out to their fans to insist they are “not breaking up” following news of Nick Jonas’ plans. The siblings’ mother Denise Jones revealed her youngest superstar son has been working on a side-project away from the group, entitled Nick Jonas and The Administration. The announcement sent Jonas devotees into a spin over fears the solo work could lead to the trio going their separate ways. However, the brothers have taken to their official website to assure fans they have no intention of splitting - saying “a three chord strand is not easily broken.” On the blog, Nick Jonas writes, “We’ve said from the beginning of our career as the Jonas Brothers that anything we do outside of the group is a side project because you can’t break up brothers. My brothers are my biggest supporters, and were on the phone with me every day while I was in the studio asking how it was going, and telling me they couldn’t wait to hear the record.” And Joe and Kevin are backing their brother all the way, adding, “We are so proud of our brother Nick. We know that we will be doing music together for the rest of our lives. But we are thrilled for you to hear these songs that were on his heart. They are amazing works of art from an amazing talent... our brother.”

AP Photo/Christophe Ena

Fans of the late US performer Michael Jackson, seen prior to the screening of the movie “This Is It” in Paris, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009.

Jackson film ‘This Is It’ earns $2.2M on 1st night Michael Jackson may be headed to the top of the charts again — this time at the movie box office. “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” took in $2.2 million domestically from its first late-night screenings, setting it up for a big full opening day Wednesday and a strong shot at a No. 1 debut weekend.

Teri Hatcher Diagnosed With Swine Flu “Desperate Housewives” star Teri Hatcher has brought production on the hit TV show to a standstill after becoming the latest celebrity struck down by swine flu, according to reports. Cast and crew on the set of the drama have been put on high alert after Hatcher notified show producers she had been diagnosed with the virus known as H1N1, reports Hatcher’s illness comes at a bad time for the production crew - she was due to join all of her co-stars to shoot an important Christmas episode said to involve a small plane crash. The actress has joined a growing list of celebrity stars who have been crippled by the swine flu - Backstreet Boys singer Brian Littrell and “Harry Potter” actor Rupert Grint have both contracted the virus. Previously Hatcher’s Child Molester UncleThe uncle Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher helped put behind bars for molesting two girls has died in prison. The actress, 44, helped police convict pervert Richard Hayes Stone after coming forward with her own harrowing recollections of her uncle. Hatcher told the authorities she had been subjected to Stone’s sexual advances between the ages of five and seven. It was Hatcher’s statement to California investigators that gave them the ammunition they needed to put Stone behind bars for 14 years. One of his victims was so traumatized by her contact with Stone, she committed suicide. In 2006, Hatcher went public with her molestation nightmare, telling Vanity Fair magazine, “I was blown over by this pain. I kept thinking, ‘What do I do with this information I have that no one else has?’ (I decided) it’s time for me to stop hiding. I don’t want to pretend it never happened anymore.”

Those evening screenings alone were enough to top the $1.7 million that Paramount’s fright flick “Paranormal Activity,” last weekend’s No. 1 movie, pulled in over the entire day Tuesday. With Halloween at hand, “Paranormal Activity” expands into its widest release yet, about 2,400 theaters, compared to about 3,500 for “This Is It.” Distributor Sony said Wednesday matinees for “This Is It” already had surpassed the film’s haul from those first evening screenings. The studio paid $60 million for worldwide rights to the film, which was distilled from more than 100 hours of footage shot as Jackson re-

hearsed for what would have been a 50-concert comeback run in London starting last July. While “This Is It” is not quite a concert film, box-office watchers are gauging its success against “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert,” the biggest concert movie on record. “Best of Both Worlds” had a $31.1 million opening weekend last year and pulled in $65.3 million domestically during its entire run. “This Is It” so far has not approached any major box-office records. The best results ever for advance evening screenings came from “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,”

which took in $13.2 million Thursday night ahead of its official Friday release in summer 2006. “Independence Day” had the best Tuesday night advance results, with $11.1 million in summer 1996. Still, “This Is It” already is well on its way to becoming a top-grossing music documentary. Last March’s “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience” runs a distant second to “Best of Both Worlds in the concert-film record books, topping out at $19.2 million. “Madonna: Truth or Dare” follows with $15 million, and last year’s “U2 3D” is fourth with $10.2 million. “As a genre, concert movies and even documentaries aren’t usually the type of films to bring in big box-office bucks, but because of his name and also the timing of it, I think it’s a winner,” said Paul Dergarabedian, box-office analyst for “That $60 million investment I think was worthwhile.”

Singer Morrissey resumes tour after stage collapse MORRISSEY, the former frontman of British band The Smiths, has returned to the stage after collapsing during a concert in Britain last weekend. Morrissey performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday, joking about his recent collapse. The 50-year-old was taken to a Swindon hospital after suffering breathing difficulties and slumping to the ground on Saturday during a gig in the southern England town. He spent a night in hospital as a precautionary measure. The BBC reported that back on stage in London, Morrissey pretended to faint again before springing to his feet and declaring: “Thank you, Swindon!” The taciturn star spoke briefly about his collapse, according to the BBC, telling the sell-out crowd: “The doctor said I shouldn’t smile. I told him, ‘I don’t’.” Morrissey has canceled several dates this year due to ill health, with the Royal Albert Hall gig itself rescheduled from May. Morrissey’s tour is due to move to Europe next month, with concerts in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and Ireland. He will perform in the United States in December. The Smiths shot to prominence in the 1980s with their bleak but sar-

donic songs and had a string of hits including “What Difference Does it Make” and “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,” before they split in 1988.

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Singer Morrissey presents the MTV Legend award to Mexican group Cafe Tacvba at the MTV Los Premios 09 awards in Los Angeles, California October 15, 2009.

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A radio transmitter is inserted into a little brown bat in an abandoned mine in Rosendale, N.Y. Researcers on Tuesday Oct. 27, 2009 will introduce 79 healthy little brown bats to two hibernation sites in Vermont struck hard by whitenose sydrome, which has been obliterating bat populations in the eastern United States for several winters.

AP Photo/Mike Groll, File

Bats reintroduced into Vermont caves hit by fungus Associated Press Writer

ALBANY, N.Y. – Wildlife biologists studying a mysterious fungus killing off hundreds of thousands of bats around America want to find out if they can repopulate caves decimated by the disease. Researchers will introduce 79 healthy little brown bats to two hibernation sites in Vermont hit hard by the fungus, which may have killed as many as 500,000 bats in the eastern United States over several winters. Scientists suspect a fungus that thrives in cold, moist caves causes white-nose syndrome, named for the sugary smudges of fungus on the noses and wings of hibernating bats. The repopulation experiment starting Tuesday at caves in Bridgewater and Stockbridge, Vt., is not aimed at curing the disease. But it could show whether affected caves can sustain new populations of hibernating bats. “Can you have bats successfully survive there? Or will they develop the

disease even if there aren’t any infected bats there?” asked Al Hicks, a wildlife biologist for New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation. Hicks said that if the bats shipped in from Wisconsin survive the winter, that could provide evidence that bats can be successfully reintroduced to caves that housed infected animals. It also could show whether the disease persists at hibernation sites even after infected bats are gone. Entrances at the two sites are

screened to keep in the bats. Gates will keep out people. First noted in upstate New York in 2006, the disease has spread around the Northeast and has been detected as far south as Virginia. Researchers worry about a mass die-off of bats, which help control the populations of insects that can damage wheat, apples and dozens of other crops. The repopulation project is a cooperative effort among conservation officials from Vermont, New York and the federal government.

Scientists say curry compound kills cancer cells Reuters -

LONDON – A molecule found in a curry ingredient can kill esophageal cancer cells in the laboratory, suggesting it might be developed as an anti-cancer treatment, scientists said on Wednesday. Researchers at the Cork Cancer Research Center in Ireland treated esophageal cancer cells with curcumin — a chemical found in the spice turmeric, which gives curries a distinctive yellow color — and found it started to kill cancer cells within 24 hours.


A traditional curry dish is placed on a plate at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur December 7, 2007.

The cells also began to digest themselves, they said in a study published in the British Journal of Cancer. Previous scientific studies have suggested curcumin can suppress tumors and that people who eat lots of curry may be less prone to the disease, although curcumin loses its anti-cancer attributes quickly when ingested. But Sharon McKenna, lead author of the Irish study, said her study suggested a potential for scientists to develop curcumin as an anti-cancer drug to treat esophageal cancer. Cancers of the esophagus kill more than 500,000 people across the world each year. The tumors are especially deadly, with five-year survival rates of just 12 to 31 percent. McKenna said the study showed curcumin caused the cancer cells to die “using an unexpected system of cell messages.” Normally, faulty cells die by committing programed suicide, or apoptosis, which occurs when proteins called caspases are ‘switched on’ in cells, the researchers said. But these cells showed no evidence of suicide, and the addition of a molecule that inhibits caspases and stops this “switch being flicked’ made no difference to the number of cells that died, suggesting curcumin attacked the cancer cells using an alternative cell signaling system. U.S. researchers said in 2007 they had found curcumin may help stimulate immune system cells in the Alzheimer’s disease.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Esquire looks to energize print with 3-D animation Asociated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Hold Esquire’s December issue in front of a webcam, and an on-screen image of the magazine pops to life, letters flying off the cover. Shift and tilt the magazine, and the animation on the screen moves accordingly. Robert Downey Jr. emerges out of the on-screen page in 3-D, offering half-improvised shtick on Esquire’s latest high-tech experiment for keeping print magazines relevant amid the digital onslaught. Esquire’s top editors are clearly enthused about the new technology, called “augmented reality.” “I felt like a caveman seeing fire for the first time,” says David Curcurito, the magazine’s art director. Triggering the animation is a box just below Downey’s cover image, resembling a crossword puzzle and looking a little out of place. The magazine has printed about a half-dozen boxes inside the issue, each calling up a separate interactive feature, plus a couple of ads. The issue will be available nationally by Nov. 16. At a fraught time for the magazine industry, one could draw a lot of conclusions from Esquire’s attempts at innovation: It may be the future of print or just a dying medium’s last desperate grab at attention as the Internet swallows

more of peoples’ time. With the Web drawing some ad dollars and readers from print, publishers have made various attempts to give more oomph to the medium. Time Inc. has tested personalized magazines that allow readers to mix and match sections from eight different titles. Entertainment Weekly ran a video screen in some copies of its fall TV preview issue. Last year, Esquire animated the front of its 75th anniversary edition with digital e-ink, the same stuff used in Amazon’s Kindle electronic-book reader. Though Esquire is being forced to rein in expenses like most publications, the augmented reality issue is one sign the magazine’s parent company, Hearst Corp., isn’t taking as big an ax to its properties’ budgets. Hearst, a privately held company, publishes 14 other magazines, including Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan. While declining to give out a dollar figure, Esquire Editor-in-Chief David Granger acknowledged the issue is costing more than usual to put together. The car maker Lexus is absorbing some of the expense by agreeing to buy space for two “augmented reality” advertisements in the issue. Granger said the magazine won’t be able to use the technology every month, but would like to as often as possible.

Fossilized skull of sea monster found on UK coast Associated Press Writer

LONDON – British authorities say the fossilized skull of a giant sea monster has been found off England’s southern coast. The fossil came from a pliosaur, a ferocious predator that lived in the oceans 150 million years ago. The skull was discovered in Dorset by a collector and measures 2.4 meters (8 feet) in length. The discovery was announced Tuesday.

Scientists believe the creature would have been about 16 meters (52 feet) long. David Martill, a paleontologist from the University of Portsmouth, says pliosaurs had short necks and huge, crocodile-like heads with powerful jaws and a set of razor-sharp teeth. He said they used paddle-like limbs to propel their bodies through the water and were generally carnivores. The skull will be put on display in a Dorset museum.

Paleontologist Richard Forrest measures the jaw bone of a fossilized pliosaur found on the southern coast of England in Dorchester, England Tuesday Oct. 27, 2009. A local council says the fossilized skull of a giant sea monster has been found off the southern coast of England. The fossil came from a pliosaur, a ferocious predator that lived in the oceans 150 million years ago. The skull was discovered in Dorset by a collector and measures 2.4 meters (8 feet) in length. The discovery was announced Tuesday. Scientists believe the creature would have been some 16 meters (52 feet) long. AP Photo/Chris Ison/PA Wire


Friday, October 30, 2009



Monfils stays Parker scores 17 then takes Reluctant alive in race to London hard fall in Spurs’ win Agence France - Presse

Agence France - Presse

SAN ANTONIO - Tony Parker took a hard fall and left the game but not before scoring 17 points to lead the San Antonio Spurs to 113-96 season-opening win over New Orleans Wednesday. Parker fell hard to the floor after making a layup late in the third quarter. He left the floor under his own power and later returned to the Spur’s team bench. Parker collided with Chris Paul and Hilton Armstrong of New Orleans, landing in heap on his side. He stayed down for more than a minute before being able to get to his feet. Manu Ginobili added 16 points off the bench for the Spurs. An ankle injury forced Ginobili to miss 38 games and the National Basketball Association playoffs last season. Rookie DeJuan Blair scored 14 points and 11 rebounds, while Tim Duncan chipped in nine points and 12 rebounds for the Spurs, who were eliminated in the first round of last year’s playoffs by Dallas. The Hornets were led by Paul who scored 26 points and had nine assists. Emeka Okafor and David West both scored 18 with Okafor having 10 rebounds and West nine boards in defeat for the Hornets who were eliminated in five games in the opening round of the playoff last year by Denver. In another key season-opening

(AP Photo/Darren Abate)

New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul, center, chases the ball between San Antonio Spurs players Tony Parker, left, of France, and Matt Bonner during the first half of an NBA basketball game in San Antonio, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009. San Antonio won 113 - 96. matchup, Dwight Howard scored 21 points and pulled down 15 rebounds, and the Orlando Magic routed Philadelphia 120-106. Howard shot nineof-11 from the field for the Magic, who advanced to the NBA finals last season where they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in five games. The Magic’s biggest offseason move was bringing in veteran Vince Carter, who scored 15 points in the win. They also added forward Ryan Anderson from New Jersey and he didn’t disappoint contributing 16

points and five rebounds. Newcomer Jason Williams scored 15 points and France’s Mickael Pietrus added 13 of his own. Marreese Speights led the Sixers with a career-high 26 points on 10-of-11 shooting. Orlando came out quickly jumping to a 29-27 lead as Pietrus scored 10 points in a see-saw first quarter. The Magic dominated the second quarter to take a 23-point lead at halftime. Howard scored 13 points in the third quarter as Orlando cruised to a dominating 100-69 lead heading to the fourth.

VIENNA – Frenchman Gael Monfils kept hopes for a place in next month’s season-ending championships alive Wednesday beginning his campaign at the Austria Tennis Trophy with a 7-5, 6-4 defeat of Guillermo GarciaLopez. The defeated Spaniard sealed his own fate with a double-fault after saving two match points against third seed Monfils. Monfils, provisional 16th, faces long odds to make it into one of the two spots remaining for the ATP World Tour Final starting November 22 in London. But he says the chase is the last thing on his mind as he competes at the event where he lost the 2008 final. “I’m really not thinking about London, not at all. I’m more excited about maybe winning a title here after missing it last year. I hope to play well here and next week in Valencia - maye I can grab the title in Bercy (Paris Masters), that would help.” The youngster trails top seed Marin Cilic standing 12th in the chase and second seed Radek Stepanek on provisional 14th. Monfils has had a reasonable run of recent form, winning the indoor title last month in Metz and playing the Tokyo semi-finals against compatriot Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, also a competitor for London. It is the first event for Monfils since his third-round showing in Shanghai this month. He said that he remains unworried by playing Vienna instead of

Lyon this week at home. “I make my schedule to try and win tournaments. I’m comfortable here and I like the court and the ambience. “It’s more importatant for me to try and win a title than to play Lyon. I was just in Metz not so long ago.” Fourth seed Philipp Kohlschreiber and Spain’s number five Nicolas Almagro both reached the quarter-finals with victories. Kohlschreiber advanced into the last eight as Romanian Victor Crivoi quit with a right shoulder injury to hand the German a 6-2, 3-0 win in 34 minutes. Almagro beat Wayne Odesnik of the 6-4, 6-4. Slovak Dominik Hrbaty, close to retirement, advanced into the second round over Spain’s Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo 6-3, 6-4. American eighth seed John Isner began his European autumn indoor campaign in disappointing fashion here, eliminated 7-6 (7/4), 6-4 in the opening round by Serb Janko Tipsarevic. Isner, ranked 39th, found out for the third consecutive event that his big serve is not enough to see him through as he was knocked out in just over 90 minutes. The two-time semi-finalist over the summer at home in Indianapolis and Washington, was left adrift after again losing a first-round contest after the same fate in Shanghai and Tokyo. The 24-year-old was held to a minimal - by his standards - 11 aces. Tipsarevic showed no ill effects after losing the Kremlin Cup final at the weekend in Moscow against Russian Mikhail Youzhny.

Serena on top of the world as tearful Safina hobbles out Agence France - Presse

DOHA - Russia’s Dinara Safina hobbled out of the WTA Championships here on Wednesday, surrendering the year-end world number one ranking to Serena Williams in the process. Williams then celebrated the landmark by beating sister Venus 5-7, 6-4, 7-6 (7/4), sending the defending champion to a second defeat and virtually certain of exiting the 4.55 million dollar tournament. The 23-year-old Safina quit her opening match against Jelena Jankovic with a lower back injury with the score at 1-1 in the first set and after only 13 minutes on court. “My body just gave up, and I couldn’t handle the pain anymore,” said Safina, who had gone back to the top of the rankings on Monday, but only with a 155-point lead on Williams.

The American won her opener in this 4.55 million dollar event on Tuesday against Svetlana Kuznetsova, and then added more ranking points by defeating Venus. “It’s a great feeling to be world number one, but I feel really sorry for Dinara. She’s a great player and never gives up,” said Serena, who was also the year-end number one in 2002. “It’s a shame for the tournament that she couldn’t get through to the final.” Organisers said that fellow Russian Vera Zvonareva, the 2008 runner-up, would take Safina’s place in the competition. Safina said she had started feeling the inflammation in her lower back on her way to her third title of 2009 in Portoroz in July, but had been determined to keep playing to stay on course for the yearend top spot. “I was advised to take a break after the US Open. But I thought that I was chasing this No. 1 place, I was fighting with my

body. Maybe I should have stopped after the US Open. But for two tournaments - in Beijing and Tokyo - it didn’t bother me that much.” Safina, whose earlier 25-week reign as world number one ranking had come under fire due to the glaring absence of a major title on her CV, said she was confident that surgery wouldn’t be required. “It’s the time, then it’s the rehabilitation. I have to work on my muscles, on my core stability. As I’m tall, I need to be strong. This is going to be a very long procedure.” Safina added that she will also have to make a decision on whether or not to skip the 2010 Australian Open in order to complete her recovery. Safina’s retirement leaves the White Group in the eight-player WTA Championships evenlypoised with Jankovic, Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka all with one win with the top two making the semi-finals.

(AFP/File/Greg Wood)

Gael Monfils of France, seen here in January 2009, kept hopes for a place in next month’s season-ending championships alive Wednesday beginning his campaign at the Austria Tennis Trophy with a 7-5, 6-4 defeat of Guillermo Garcia-Lopez.



Friday, October 30, 2009


Wenger expects Arsenal starlets to shine at highest level Agence France - Presse

LONDON - Arsene Wenger predicted his crop of Arsenal youngsters would reach “the top level in the game” after they scalped Liverpool in the League Cup fourth round. The Frenchman did not pick any of his regular Premier League starters for Wednesday’s 2-1 victory against the Reds at the Emirates Stadium, but it made little difference against opposition who also boasted an unfamiliar look. Goals from Fran Merida and Nicklas Bendtner were enough to see off Liverpool, who had levelled through Emiliano Insua’s excellent long-range volley, but it was the composed and polished quality of his tyros’ football which impressed Wenger. “I thought the quality we showed made this more of a European Cup game than a League Cup game,” he said. “Our players were up for it, the passing was very good. The ball was played at a high pace and we gave people what they paid for - top quality - and I am very happy to say that. Everyone did well. We had mental resources, as well, to come back when they equalised. It was very im-

pressive and it shows you why we did not need to spend a lot of money during the close-season. Nearly all of the young players have already played in the first team. I think all who played will make it at the top level in the game.” Wenger reserved his most glowing praise for Merida, the Spanish youngster whose future at the club was in doubt during the close-season when he was almost sent on loan to Levante. The manager eventually decided to keep him at the club and the decision reaped rich rewards as he struck a sublime goal - a rising left-footed shot that went in off the post - and helped set up the second for Bendtner. “Merida is a quality player,”

Wenger said. “He comes from a very good school, by which I mean the Spanish school. But our school is also in line with the way he has been educated. He can certainly break through and I want him to stay here. I kept him as I thought he had the quality to break through. He shows perfectly the way we play football.” There was also positive news for Wenger in seeing Samir Nasri complete his first 90 minutes since breaking his leg on the club’s pre-season training trip to Austria. Rafael Benitez, the Liverpool manager, also had good news on the injury front, as he gave Alberto Aquilani his first appearance in a Liverpool shirt since his move from Roma in the August.

Ancelotti won’t get carried away by free-scoring Chelsea Agence France - Presse

LONDON - Carlo Ancelotti played down Chelsea’s recent scoring run that has brought 13 goals in three games and warned his side will face a much sterner test at Bolton this weekend. Ancelotti’s team cruised into the last eight of the League Cup on the back of a comprehensive 4-0 defeat of Gary Megson’s side on Wednesday and they meet again in a Premier League clash at the Reebok Stadium on Saturday. Despite the comfortable nature of the victory that was achieved on

the back of goals from Salomon Kalou, Florent Malouda, Deco and Didier Drogba, the Chelsea coach warned against complacency before a game that will test his side’s abilities away from home. “It’s an impressive (tally), but for us the first thing is to play well and to win a game,” Ancelotti said. “It happens we’ve won with large results, but that’s not so important. Rather, we want to win the games. We played the last three games very well, and Saturday can be another kind of match. We have to be ready to play a different match.” Ancelotti’s mood has been

(AP Photo/Sang Tan)

Chelsea’s Didier Drogba, left, competes with Bolton’s Samuel Ricketts during their English League Cup fourth round soccer match at Stamford Bridge, London, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009.

lifted by the successful return from injury of key players Paulo Ferreira, Alex and, most notably, Joe Cole. England winger Cole was outstanding in the weekend 5-0 defeat of Blackburn and again stood out in only his third start since returning from a serious knee injury. Ancelotti said: “I think this is a very good moment for us. Above all, because the players who returned after injury came back very well. “Joe Cole came back in the Blackburn game last match and did very well. Alex and Paulo Ferreira did a very intelligent match. It’s a very good moment. We have to continue and maintain this atmosphere.” And he praised Cole’s return to form, adding: “This means that he worked very hard to rest his injury and arrived to play in good condition. “I was surprised because, after eight months, it’s not easy to play like Joe has played these two games.” The main concern for Ancelotti was the fitness of Hilario, the reserve keeper who was forced out of the game in the first half with a head injury and was followed into the treatment room by Kalou. “We are awaiting a scan (on Hilario),” said the Italian, who confirmed the keeper had concussion. “We’re hoping he’ll be better in the next few days. Kalou had a little problem on his leg and I preferred to keep him rather than see him injured. It’ll be a different game on Saturday, but we’re ready to play a different game.”

(AP Photo/Sean Dempsey/PA Wire)

Arsenal’s Fran Merida, on floor center, celebrates scoring the opening goal of the game with his teammates during their English League Cup match at The Emirates Stadium, London Wednesday Oct. 28, 2009.

Late Napoli show stuns Milan as Juve hit five past Samp Agence France - Presse

ROME - Napoli scored two goals in injury time to hold 10-man AC Milan to a draw in Serie A on Wednesday and end the seven-time European champions recent winning run. Juventus went second in the table as they thrashed high-flying Sampdoria, who drop to third, 5-1 in Turin. But the real drama came in Naples where late goals from Luca Cigarini and German Denis earned Napoli a richly deserved point after Ignazio Abate was sent off four minutes from time. Having developed a habit of starting slowly this season, Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani had promised president, and Italy Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi that they would stop torturing him. The team seemed to heed the advice and came flying out of the blocks, only to then collapse late on. “We started the way we should have, we had spoken a lot about what we should do

but we scored two goals too quickly because then it’s not easy to manage the next 85 minutes,” said Milan coach Leonardo. “It was an incredible finish, the sending off was decisive. But we played well, the way we played cant be held against us.” After 6min they were already 2-0 ahead as Napoli’s defensive line was ruthlessly exposed. In Turin Juventus rediscovered their form in a stroll against the only team that stood between them and leaders Inter Milan. Juve leapfrogged Sampdoria into second and just one point behind Inter, who host Palermo on Thursday, thanks to goals from Amauri (two), Giorgio Chiellini, Mauro Camoranesi and David Trezeguet. “Tonight we played better than in Rome and in Genoa, everything worked perfectly,” said Juve coach Ciro Ferrara. “The lads gave everything, they pulled off a great match, and hence we scored five goals but it was the desire that was most important.”


Juventus French forward David Trezeguet (L) jumps for the ball with Sampdoria’s Swiss midfielder Reto Ziegler during their Serie A football match at Olympic Stadium in Turin on October 28, 2009.


Friday, October 30, 2009

McLaren aims for strong finish


McLaren is aiming to leave this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as “winner of the second half of the season,” according to team principal Martin Whitmarsh. Since the German Grand Prix in July, driver Lewis Hamilton has scored 40 points - more than any other driver – and climbed from 11th to sixth in the drivers’ standings as a result. Only Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen has come close to Hamilton’s consistency, the Finn scoring 38 points over the same period. Likewise, in the constructor’s championship, McLaren’s 57-point haul since the Nurburgring is greater than world champion team Brawn, and has only been beaten by Red Bull, on 61. Should Hamilton and his team-mate Heikki Kovalainen finish 1-2 on Sunday, the team will have achieved its aim. Given McLaren’s shaky start to the season, Whitmarsh is delighted with the progress made with the MP4-24. “I’m very proud [of the turnaround],” he said during a confer-

ence call with UK media. “It was a poor start for us and Lewis. Now though, it’s interesting to see how, during a season when a lot of teams put in a lot of effort to improve, if we look at German GP onwards than Lewis has scored more points than any other driver and we’re [as a team] only a few points shy of what Red Bull has done in the constructors’ [championship].” “Hopefully this weekend we can establish ourselves as having won the second half of the season. I firmly believe we can win in Abu

Dhabi as well with Lewis and Heikki.” Whitmarsh said that McLaren’s 2010 driver lineup was still not yet decided and that no decision on Lewis Hamilton’s teammate would be taken until after the end of the season. “The reality is we’re going into the last race, which is what we’re concentrating on for now,” he added. “We are very fortunate that there appears to be a number of drivers who are interested in McLaren. Following the end of the season, we’ll sit down and analyse the situation.”

Alonso set for ‘emotional’ Renault exit

Fernando Alonso is aiming for a great result at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, in what the Spaniard says it will be an emotional farewell

FERNANDO Alonso is aiming for a great result at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, in what the Spaniard says it will be an emotional farewell. The two-time champion is competing with Renault for the final time before he moves to the Ferrari team, where Alonso is hoping to finish his career. The Spanish driver, who won his two titles with Renault in 2005 and 2006, admits it will be an emotional final race in Abu Dhabi this weekend. “Absolutely, I would love to finish the season and my Renault career with a great result,” said Alonso. “It will be an emotional race because I have enjoyed so many special memories with this team and I am leaving behind a lot of friends. Renault is one of the great teams in Formula One and I look forward to fighting with them on the track in the years ahead.” Team boss Bob Bell paid tribute to Alonso, who he concedes will be missed by Renault. “He’s made a huge contribution to the team, especially winning two world championships in 2005 and 2006 so he will be missed enormously,” said Bell. It’s often said that he is the best driver on the grid and I wouldn’t disagree with that so we’re understandably sad to see the end of our very successful relationship.” “But we’re also looking forward and we’re all delighted to be welcoming Robert Kubica to the team as I believe he will quickly show that he is of the same calibre as Fernando. He’s a strong team player, a great motivator and incredibly quick so we have plenty to look forward to as we enter a new era for the team.”

Heikki Kovalainen dan Lewis Hamilton are aiming to leave this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as “winner of the second half of the season,” according to team principal Martin Whitmarsh

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Headline : The case taken over by Bali police department

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