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Taliban attack key US base in Afghanistan

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foreign students of ISI Denpasar perform Wiranata and Legong Kuntul Dance PAGE 8

Lindsay Lohan ordered to LA court PAGE 12


Smoke billows from a commercial area of Bangkok where Red Shirt demonstrators had their camp in downtown Bangkok on May 19, 2010. Thai protest leaders surrendered and told thousands of “Red Shirt” supporters to end their weeks-long rally after an army assault on their fortified encampment left at least five people dead. Thai fire authorities said that arsonists have set 20 locations ablaze in Bangkok, including a massive shopping mall and bank branches.

Major shopping mall looted, torched in Bangkok Agence France Presse

BANGKOK — Downtown Bangkok turned into a flaming battleground Wednesday as an army assault toppled the Red Shirt protest leadership, enraging followers who fired grenades and set numerous fires that cloaked the skyline in a black haze.




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Using live ammunition, troops dispersed thousands of anti-government protesters who had been camped in the capital’s premier shopping and residential district for weeks. Four protesters and an Italian news photographer were killed in the ensuing gunbattles and about 60 wounded. After Red Shirt leaders gave themselves up to police, rioters set fires at the Stock Exchange, several banks, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, the high-end Central World shopping mall and a cinema complex that collapsed. Thick smoke drifted across the sky of this city of 10 million people. The government declared a nighttime curfew in Bangkok, and said army operations would continue through the night. An an-

nouncement signed by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and broadcast on television said nobody in the capital was allowed out of their homes from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m unless they have permission from authorities. Protesters also turned their rage on the local media, which they have accused of pro-government coverage. They attacked the offices of state-run Channel 3, setting fire to cars outside and puncturing water pipes that flooded the building. “At Channel 3 need urgent help from police, soldiers!!!” tweeted news anchor Patcharasri Benjamasa. “News cars were smashed and they are about to invade the building.” Hours later its building was on fire. Its executives were evacuated by helicopter. Other staff escaped on foot. Continued on page 6


A hardline Thai “Red Shirt” anti-government protester burns tires at an entrance of the Central World shopping mall after the Red Shirt leaders announced their surrender in downtown Bangkok on May 19, 2010. Thai protest leaders surrendered and told thousands of “Red Shirt” supporters to end their weeks-long rally after an army assault on their fortified encampment left at least five people dead.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bali News Tegenungan Waterfall Tours Abandoned Gianyar (Bali Post) -

Bali Post/eka

The suspects of ATM breaking, Agus Guntomo and Ngatemin, are listening the prosecutors during the trial on Tuesday, May 18th 2010

Defendants of ATM break-in on trial Burglary cases on a number of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) stirring up the banking world in Bali started to be on trial at Denpasar District Court, last Tuesday (May 18). Prosecutor Eddy Arta Wijaya indicted the defendant Agus Guntomo alias Black Sweet, 37, and the defendant Ngatemin, 49, to have violated article 362 of the Penal Code in connection with article 56 figure 2e of the Penal Code, concerning with the continuous theft and article 480 2e in connection with article 55 paragraph 1 of the first point of Penal Code concerning with the involvement in committing the crime of money laundering. Maximum penalty was five years in prison. the hidden camera in grey color being similar to the color of the ATM machine was installed on the keypad of ATM machine to record the customer’s PIN. Data of the card and PIN of customer were then sent to someone named Marinuf in Bulgaria to be processed further by way of adjusting the data of ATM card with PIN of customers. Having been processed about three months, the data was sent back to Hendri Hartanto via email to further create a fake ATM card in accordance with the new data. Those fake ATM cards were then used to break into customers’ funds either by cash transfer or

withdrawal on last January 16-17, 2010. Such break-in was conducted by Suhadi Lumanto, Robi Sugihartonio and Sugianto (defendant in a separate file). And, the money could be taken by cash withdrawal amounted to IDR 450 million. They made withdrawals at 14 ATM machines in Jakarta, 146 locations in Bali, 69 locations in Australia and five other locations in several regions in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the breaking through transfer resulted in more than IDR 143 million. In this case, BCA suffered from a loss worth IDR 5.8 billion because its party should make replacement to 234 customers. (015)

stantly. Beside the interruption to see the panoramic beauty of these waterfalls, tourists also got the spectacle from the exercising SAR team that was make Bali Police Mobile Brigade rescue exercises in the vicinity of the waterfall. One of the guides found at the site each time mentioning that he had often come to this waterfall tourist attraction to bring guests. The condition of objects is impressed not neglected, especially for road access to objects that are still damaged, he explained. However, from a number of facility observation on the location, the newly constructed toilets are giving hope that there are still some efforts have been done to better manage this beautiful site. (Kmb16)

Yarra Bali Villa closed,

Subawa: Foreign investors do not be desperate Mangupura (Bali Post)—

Denpasar (Bali Post)—

The prosecutor in the indictment mentioned that such uncle and nephew played a role to make the cover of a hidden camera mounted on the keypad of ATM machine to retrieve the PIN and data belonged to bank customers by using a skimmer. The stolen PIN was then followed up by the making of a fake ATM card. The deed was committed by both defendants in the mid of last 2009 located on Jalan Pulau Adi, Denpasar. Both defendants acted on the request of (fugitive) Hendri Hartanto. Such skimmer was then placed in the card reader entry slot of an ATM to retrieve the data of customers’ ATM card. Meanwhile,

Condition of Tegunungan waterfall as one of the tourist attractions in Kemenuh Village, Sukawati, Gianyar is currently very worrying. The tourist objects that have a considerable potential to be developed is currently experiencing unkempt condition. In fact, foreign and local tourists visit to Tegenungan to see itspanoramic view and natural waterfall is high enough. Based on an observation for about an hour on Tuesday (18 / 5) in Tegenungan waterfalls, there were three groups of tourists who came to enjoy the beauty of a waterfall flown down by Petanu River’s downstream. They were not able to enjoy the beauty of the falling water con-

Badung Regency Government reminded foreigners who wanted to invest in Badung, not to be desperate to confront and outsmart the licensing procedures in the region. One of the cases was the termination of operation to Yarra Bali Villa located in Seminyak area. Badung Regency Government closed the villa because it has been in operation for six months without a single permit or illegal. Head of the Badung Government Tourism Office, Made Subawa, last Tuesday (May 18), confirmed that the owners or management of hotels having no permission might not attempt to outsmart the government’s rules by operating clandestinely. This way would be detrimental to the entrepreneurs themselves. Investor of Yarra Bali Villa was an example of desperation by foreign investors in Bali. “We appeal foreign businessmen to still follow the existing mechanism in Badung. We have a set of rules for accommodation and business to be followed,” said Subawa, while add-

ing the closure of Yarra Bali Villa belonging to foreigner had lasted nearly since four months ago. In last February, the public order officers (Satpol PP) of Badung Regency once disciplined a number of illegal villas. Yarra Bali Villa located on Jalan Raya Seminyak Gang Keraton was imposed with sanction of closure. Now, the closure has been nearly four months, but the fate of the villa is not clear and remains undecided. “We will not allow accommodations in Badung to operate before having legality. We will discipline them. On that account, we urge all investors, both the local, foreign partners and foreign investors to meet the existing administrative procedures all the times,” he said. Furthermore, he said, the existence of illegal villas caused losses in many sectors. In terms of unpaid taxes, it would cause great losses to regional revenue. Then, illegal accommodation would kindle unfair competition, including the losses in terms of environmental side. (ded)

z Founder : K.Nadha, z Chief Editor: ABG Satria Naradha z Managing Editor: Wirata,Palgunadi z Editors: Alit Purnata, Alit Susrini, Alit Sumertha, Darmasunu, Daniel Fajry, Diah Dewi, Mawa, Sri Hartini, Suana, Sueca, Sugiartha, Sutiawan, Wirya, Yudi Winanto zDenpasar: Dira Arsana, Giriana Saputra, Subagiadnya, Subrata, Suentra, Sumatika, Asmara Putra. Bangli: Pujawan, Buleleng: Adnyana, Gianyar: Agung Dharmada, Karangasem: Budana, Klungkung: Bali Putra Ariawan, Tabanan: Surpi. Jakarta: Nikson, Suharto Olii, Indu P. Adi, Ahmadi Supriyanto, Achmad Nasrudin, Hardianto, Darmawan S. Sumardjo, Heru B Arifin, Asep Djamaluddin, Ade Irawan, Ipik Tanoyo. NTB: Agus Talino, Syamsudin Karim, Izzul Khairi, Raka Akriyani, Nur Haedin, Suyadnya. Surabaya: Bambang Wilianto. z Development: Alit Purnata, Mas Ruscitadewi. z Office: Jalan Kepundung 67 A Denpasar 80232. Telephone (0361)225764, Facsimile: 227418, P.O.Box: 3010 Denpasar 80001. Bali Post Jakarta, Advertizing: Jl.Palmerah Barat 21F. Telp 021-5357602, Facsimile: 021-5357605 Jakarta Pusat. NTB: Jalam Bangau No. 15 Cakranegara Telp. (0370) 639543, Facsimile: (0370) 628257. Publiser: PT Bali Post

Bali News


Thursday, May 20, 2010


10 Villages in Tabanan Infected by Rabies 16 Victims in 10 Months Tabanan (Bali Post) –

Cases of rabies had terrified Tabanan. From August 2009 until mid of May 2010 rabies had killed 16 people. As much as 10 villages from 5 sub districts are positively infected. Even the case of dog biting has gone down, there are still residents visiting the rabies center at Local Public Hospital Agency (BRSUD) Tabanan to get anti-rabies vaccination (VAR). This was opened in a socialization event for Local Regulations (Perda) Bali Province Number 15 year 2009 about Rabies Prevention which took place at Bale Mandala Mathika Subak Sanggulan, last Tuesday (18/5) morning. Head of Animal Husbandry Department Tabanan, Ni Nyoman Rusmini, said that until this time the case of dog biting has reached 3.362 people with 16 people died. At the first stage there have been 32.434 dogs being vaccinated and 15.754 dogs during the second stage. “The elimination activities on wild dogs or dogs that are made wild and threaten the residents have reached 27.519 dogs.” Rusmini explained. From the data and registrations collected, according to Rusmini there were 38.018 dogs as rabies intermediary animals (HPR) at 2009 and 29.270 dogs at 2010. Meanwhile the vaccination at 2009 reached 32.434 dogs and at 2010 reached 15.754 dogs. The elimination of wild dogs and dogs that are made

wild at 2009 was as much as 18.580 dogs and at 2010 as much as 8.939 dogs. The cases of human being bitten by dog have fluctuated. The highest case happened at October 2009 as much as 920 people. And since August 2009 until May 2010 as much as 4.882 Tabanan residents have bitten by dogs. In a written greeting by Tabanan Regent read by Regional Secretary of Tabanan, Nengah Judiana, it has been indicated that Tabanan is a rabies infected Region since there was a victim died at 22 Augst 2009 in Buahan Village. Also there were positive lab tests on two dogs at Subamia village. Tabanan was told to be a rabies infected region as there was a letter from General Dirctorate of Animal Husbandry Number 31608/PD.620/F/08/2009 dated 31 August 2009. The Regent said, the fast spreading rabies was caused by residents keeping pets without following regulations alias letting it go and not understanding fully rabies hue impact. And also there were many transport routes between districts with high number of transportations which makes it hard to control the rabies intermediary animals’ traffic. “We still feel hard to control the intermediary animals as there are many ways animals can go in. And also there’s only a little awareness from the residents,” Judiana explained. (kmb14)

Making Racial Statement on Facebook Julianto Madura upset the Balinese Tabanan (Bali Post)-

After the phenomenon of Ibnu Rachal Farhansyah facebook status a while ago, now Tabanan residents are hit by an offending comment from Julianto Madura facebook’s which comments on Rates among Racial and Religious Groups (SARA). In the account, the status mention regrets towards Tegal Belodan residents, Dauh Peken, Tabanan who did not let Julianto to build a mosque at Kodok village. It also said that the residents of Tegal Belodan took his people’s money like hoodlums and their level is lower than a beggar. In the status, he also asked an a greement from Gusti Made Suryantha Putra alias Sena and I Komang Gede Sanjaya. Julianto who admitted as a secondhand seller in his facebook also said Tegal Belodan residents are apostate. He also offended the new candidate for Tabanan Regent, Ni Wayan Putu

Wiryastuti as Eka Janda (widow) and a regent is a prostitute. In the end that status got lots of comments but Julianto replied even nastier. Sena denied the agreement in building a mosque. “I never promised an agreement in building a mosque. But I proved my promise by donating Rp 5 million to the Foundation (Yayasan) that was taken care by Kodok Market’s residents,” Sena said last Tuesday (18/5). With the comment being said connects with SARA, Provincial Parliamentery of Bali suggests the Balinese to not get involve in these kinds of issues. This case is also seriously monitored by the police. Head of Police Sector Tabanan city, Iptu I Nyoman Wirajaya received this information from the staffs. Wirajaya explained that he will look through if this Facebook account actually exists or a fake. The police are taking care of this case as carefully as possible because it is SARA connected. (kmb14)


The picture show boards of commercial crowded on the side of the road.

To discipline illegal advertisers, DKP intensifies sweeping Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Denpasar Sanitation and Landscaping Services (DKP) keeps on ordering the installation of billboards in order to prevent the chaos caused by the installation of the billboards. However, the effort was not optimal, considering several locations in Denpasar City retain a lot of illegal, misplaced as well as expired advertisements. To discipline those illegal billboards, DKP intensified the sweeping to the road sections being prone to breach of billboard installation. As a result, a billboard advertiser was successfully caught red handedly when installing illegal billboard. “The officers happened to found a man installing an advertisement of cigarettes. By the officers, such illegal billboard advertiser was identified and his ID card along with the billboard were recorded and the evidence was submitted to the office of civilian guards (Tramtib) and public order officers (Satpol PP),” said Agus Prihantara Mertha, the Head of Denpasar Sanitation and Landscaping Services to reporters last Tuesday (May 18). Agus Prihantara asserted his party actually had done an enforcement

operation on a regular basis. Nevertheless, his party still found a number of advertisements in the form of billboards, banners and stickers that violated. Every day, he admitted to have dismantled 10 to 20 problematic billboards. They comprised the illegal, expired or misplaced billboards. “If recapitulated, until the third week of this May we have disciplined hundreds of billboards. There are always billboards violating the regulations,” he said and added that most billboards disciplined had been expired, but not dismantled by their owners.

In order to reduce cases of violations on the installation of billboards, he said, DKP Denpasar increasingly intensified the socialization by involving the advertising agencies. Additionally, his party also performed socialization directly to entrepreneurs through the advertisement tax officers. “Today, the tax man of DKP Denpasar has been doing billing system by pick-up service. When charging the tax, they also socialize about the installation of billboards that technically do not violate the rules,” he said. (kmb13)

Dogs Population Increases by 22% Per Year Denpasar (Bali Post)

Although efforts continue to dog vaccination and elimination is done, but apparently the dog bite cases in Bali is still high. Based on data from the Livestock Office in Bali, until this May 17, rabies vaccinations were given to 294 198 dogs and the number of dogs that had been eliminated as many as 80 129 individuals. The total population of dogs in Bali is expected to reach 447 966 individuals. This means that approximately 60% have been in the vaccine and about 17% have been eliminated. Nevertheless dog bite cases that occurred in the community is still relatively high. This is because the population of wild dogs is very difficult to control and some are not recorded. Besides the geographical conditions of some areas in Bali with shrubs and jungles make some populations of wild

dogs have an ideal hiding place. On the other hand in the Bali dog population growth reached 22% per year. In addition to hard constraints catching wild dogs, their breed is generally very fast. Normal dog can give birth twice a year. “We are very overwhelmed to monitor wild dogs, because every time the elimination done, they were clever in hiding in the bushes or into the forest. As there have been indeed a lot of bushes to be covered in Kedonganan area,” said Head of Veterinary Drug Protection Supervisor (PPOH) Animal Husbandry Department (Disnak) Province of Bali, drh. Ni Made Sukerni, under permission from the Head Office Ir. Putu Sumantra when met in her office on Tuesday (18 / 5). In coping with the spread of rabies in dogs, livestock, official rabies vaccination target at around 80% of

the population of dogs and elimination is targeted to approximately 20% of the population of dogs. “We further improve vaccination. Elimination is only targeted at 20%,” adds Sukerni. So far the procurement of rabies vaccines for dogs is not having any problems. There’s still stock of 70,000 ampoules. Very different with the anti-rabies vaccine (VAR) for the availability of human that is currently limited. For cases of human deaths caused by cat bites in Bulelang, Bali Disnak team is still investigating the case. Some samples of cats in Buleleng have been taken but no results were able to be revealed. Although there are indications of transmission through the cat, priority handling remains focused on dog rabies considering the number of bites to humans by animals is still high. (Kmb24)


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Times Square car bomb suspect appears in NY court

German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the parliament about the 750 billion euro rescue package in Berlin, Wednesday, May 19, 2010. German parliament Bundestag was meeting to consider the 750 billion euro (US dlrs 1 trillion) rescue package to help eurozone nations avoid default - with Germany to contribute at least 123 billion euro in loan guarantees. It is expected to vote on Friday May 21, 2010.

Associated Press Writers

NEW YORK – Appearing relaxed and obedient, the man accused of plotting to kill Americans with a car bomb in Times Square made his first appearance in a Manhattan courtroom where he was told by a magistrate judge that he had the right to remain silent. Authorities say Faisal Shahzad’s willingness to talk kept him out of court for two weeks, speeding up the progress of an investigation into his May 1 plot to set off a homemade car bomb on a spring Saturday evening amid hundreds of people enjoying the tourist haven. Authorities said shortly after Shahzad’s May 3 arrest that he had admitted driving the SUV bomb into Times Square and told authorities he had received terror training during a recent five-month trip to Pakistan. His cooperation did not eliminate the need to bring him to court Tuesday to face five charges, including attempted use of weapons of mass destruction and attempted acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries, each of which carry potential penalties of life in prison. The hearing lasted only 10 minutes. Shahzad, 30, a Pakistan-born U.S. citizen, confirmed with a “yes” that his financial affidavit was accurate, permitting him to be appointed an assistant public defender, Julia Gatto, who declined to comment afterward. Shahzad, wearing a gray sweat suit and with his hair a bit longer than in photos splashed around the world, was treated like any other prisoner, except for the extra court officers on hand. The courtroom was closed just before his appearance for a security sweep. There was also no sign that Shahzad had secured any special benefits from his cooperation, though he was wearing a sweatsuit rather than a prison uniform. When the hearing ended, he stood up and handcuffs were put on his wrists behind his back. He walked out without looking at spectators, including mostly prosecutors, investigators and reporters. Magistrate Judge James C. Francis read him his rights, including his right to remain silent, and warned him that anything he might say could be used against him. He was detained without bail in the attack in which the bomb never exploded and no one was hurt. The ex-budget anaAFP/File/Timothy A. Clary A tourist watches the news screen on May 5 lyst from Bridgeport, Conn., was pulled two about the failed Times Square car bombing in New York. Two of US President Barack days after the atObama’s most senior national security aides tempted attack from a were holding talks in Pakistan on Wednes- Dubai-bound plane at day in the wake of the failed New York car John F. Kennedy Interbombing, an official said. national Airport.


AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

Merkel: Europe faces historic test in euro crisis Associated Press Writer

BERLIN – German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for tougher regulation aimed a stock and bond traders along with a crackdown on government debt to contain the continent’s financial crisis, warning the future of the euro itself was at stake. As she urged lawmakers to pass Germany’s share of a new euro750 billion ($1 trillion) eurozone rescue package, Merkel said that defending the shared European currency is “about no more and no less than the preservation of the European idea.” “That is our historic task; if the euro fails, then Europe fails,” she told the lower house of parliament on Wednesday. “The euro is in danger — if we do not avert this danger, then the consequences for Europe are incalculable, and then the consequences beyond Europe are incalculable.”

Merkel’s warning follows Germany’s decision Tuesday to ban so-called naked short-selling of eurozone government debt and shares of major financial companies in an attempt to ward off steep market drops. Naked short-selling involves traders selling shares or investments they don’t hold in hopes of buying them cheaper later; it’s a way of betting a financial asset will fall in price and profiting from the fall. Germany’s roiled financial markets, in part because it suggested to traders that policymakers were grasping at straws to stem the crisis

of confidence over the ability of European governments to pay off their heavy debt loads amid slow growth. Fears that some governments may eventually fail to pay all they owe, or will have to cut back so severely that they sink their economies into prolonged recessions, have weighed on stocks and led to discussions that the 11-year-old eurozone will someday break up. The $1 trillion backstop is an attempt to calm those fears by removing the possibilty of immiment default, though it does little to address the underlying debt issue. Politicians have also roundly condemned “speculators” for selling off government bonds, which drives up their borrowing costs and makes it even harder to keep their finances under control. But many analysts say the real problem is simply too much debt.

Mexican town’s police force quits after ambush Associated Press Writer

MEXICO CITY – Most of a small Mexican town’s police force has quit after armed men ambushed and wounded two of their officers. The resignation of six of the 11 municipal officers in La Union Monday evening comes after several other Mexican towns have seen mass police resignations because of cartel violence or threats. State police in Guerrero, which La Union is located, said Tuesday that it has deployed 20 of its officers to patrol La Union until further notice. The resignations came two days after their colleagues were ambushed

and left La Union’s police force with five members: the chief, the deputy chief, an officer in charge of weapons logistics and the two wounded officers who are hospitalized. Meanwhile, people in some Mexican towns have begun taking the law into their own hands. In Mexico State, on the outskirts of Mexico City, authorities said Tuesday that residents of a town beat a man death on suspicion of robbing a young couple of 200 pesos (about $16) and a cell phone Monday. The suspect and an accomplice allegedly held up the couple with a knife and what later was found to be a toy gun. About 300 people pursued the two men, caught one and beat him so badly

with sticks and fists that he died in an ambulance, officials said. Also Tuesday, the federal police announced the capture of an alleged member of the La Linea gang in the border city of Ciudad Juarez who allegedly participated in the killing of 10 people. Juan Padilla Juarez, 28, allegedly targeted rivals of the La Linea gang, which is allied with the Juarez drug cartel. He was captured Monday in Ciudad Juarez. The Attorney General’s Office announced that a judge handed down a prison sentence of almost 22 years against Jaime Gonzalez Duran, also known as “The Hummer,” for money laundering and weapons possession.

He had previously been sentenced to 16 1/2 years on similar charges by another court. The sentences will not be served concurrently. Gonzalez Duran is an army deserter who was arrested in the northern border city of Reynosa. He is allegedly one of the founding members of the Zetas, a band of cartel hit men believed responsible for massacres and beheadings. US Representative Eliot Engel, seen here in 2008, said that United States can help stem the flow of weapons that are used in drug-related violence in Mexico by enforcing a ban on the import of military-style arms.

AFP/File/Aizar Raldes

International IMIGRATION Australian Consulate General Jalan Tantular 32 Renon Denpasar Phone: +62 361 241118 Fax: +62 361 221195 (General) +62 361 241120 (Immigration)

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

HOSPITAL Denpasar There are 4 major hospitals usually used by foreigners Denpasar General Hospital (RSUP Sanglah), Kasih Ibu Hospital, Rumah Sakit Wongaya and Rumah Sakit Dharma Husada.

HOSPITAL Bangli Bangli General Hospital Jl. Kesumayuda 27, Bangli Phone : +62 366 91521 Gianyar

Royal Danish & Norwegian Mimpi Resort Jimbaran, Bali Phone +62.361.701 070 The Czech Republic Jalan Pengembak No. 17 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.286 465 France Consulate Agency Jalan Merta Sari Gang II No. 8 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.285 485 The Federal Republic of Germany Jalan Pantai Karang No 17 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.288 535 The Republic of Hungary Jalan By Pass No 219 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.287 701 Italian Consulate Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Jimbaran, Bali Phone +62.361.701 005 Honorary Consulate of Mexico Jalan Mohamad Yamin 1 A, Renon, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.223 266 Honorary Consulate of The Netherlands Jalan Raya Kuta 127, Bali Phone +62.361.761 506 Honorary Consulate of Spain Komplek Istana Kuta Galleria Blok Vallet 2 No 11. Jalan Patih Jelantik Kuta, Bali Phone +62.361.769 286 USA Consulate Agency Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 188 Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.222 426 Consulate General of Japan Jalan Raya Puputan No. 170 Renon, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.227 628 Honorary Consulate of British Jalan Tirta Nadi No. 20 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.270 601 Swiss and Austria Consulate Jalan Patih Jelantik, Komplek Pertokoan Istana Galleria Phone +62.361.751 735 Honorary Consulate of Brazil Jalan Legian No. 186, Bali Phone +62.361.757 775 Honorary Consulate of Thailand Jalan Raya Puputan Renon 81, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.263 310 Embassy of India Jalan Raya Puputan Renon 42-44, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.241 978 Honorary Consulate of Sweden anf Finland Segara Village Hotel, Jalan Segara Ayu, Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.282 223 Honorary Consulate of Malaysia Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort, Jalan Pantai Kuta, Bali Phone +62.361.752 520

RSUP Sanglah is the main provincial public hospital. Its facilities have improved since the emergency ward had been built in 1991. Difficult/critical cases would not become a problem anymore since it has complete equipments. It is located on Jl. Kesehatan Selatan 1 Sanglah Denpasar with : Phone : 227 911 – 15 Fax : 226 363 Kasih Ibu Hospital is a private hospital which caters for less serious cases such as diarrhea, intestinal disorders, anemia, asthma and minor accidents. Kasih Ibu is also equipped to care for pregnant women. This hospital is located on Jl. Teuku Umar 120 Denpasar. Phone : 223 036 Fax : 268 690. Rumah Sakit Wongaya (Public Hospital; Psychiatric Unit) Jl. Kartini, Denpasar. Phone : 222 142. Rumah Sakit Dharma Husada , (Private) Jl. Sudirman No 50, Denpasar Phone : 227 560, 234 824 In relating with health, Bali also has insurance and medical evacuation company, that is: AEA International - SOS Assistance Bali. PT Abhaya Eka Astiti, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 24X, Kuta 80361. Phone : 755 768 Fax : 755 768 One thing that should be noted by tourists here is that the Blood Bank in Bali normally carries no stock of Rhesus (Rh) Negative blood. Badung Bali Medical Clinics There are some medical clinics that are well known by foreigners in Bali. Some of them are western owned and operated : Bali International Medical Center (BIMC) Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC) provides excellent Primary Health Care & Emeregency Medical Services for tourists, traveler, and expatriate living in Bali. Emeregency Room, Ambulance, Clinic Services, Insurance & Medical Evacuations also available. Open 24 hours Phone : 761 2631. Located Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.100X, Kuta, Bali 80361 - Indonesia. International SOS Clinic Bali Opened in 1999, offers International SOS members and visitors to Bali comprehensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency medical service. Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 505X, Kuta 80361, Bali - Indonesia Phone : 720 100 Fax : 721 919 E-mail : ttp :// Bali Nusa Dua Emergency Clinic Jl Pratama No. 81 Phone : 771 324 Kuta Clinic Jl. Raya Kuta Phone : 753 268 Dental Clinic Dr Indra Guizot, Jl. Patimura 19, Denpasar Phone : 222 445, 234 375 DDS. Ritjie Rihartinah, Jl Pratama No. 81 Nusa Dua Phone : 771 324 Retno W. Agung, Jln. Bypass Ngurah Rai No.4A Br. Tamansari – Sanur Phone : 288 501

Clinic Mas Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud Phone : +62 361 974573 Toyo Clinic Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud Phone : +62 361 978078 Permata Bunda Clinic Jl. Patih Jelantik 50 X, Gianyar Phone : +62 361 942082 Ubud Clinic Jl Raya Ubud No.36 Campuhan, Ubud Phone : +62 361 974911 Gianyar General Hospital Jl. Ciung Wanara 2, Gianyar Phone : +62 361 943049 Karangasem Karangasem General Hospital Jl. Ngurah Rai, Karangasem Phone : +62 363 21001 Klungkung Klungkung General Hospital Jl. Flamboyan 40-4, Klungkung Phone : +62 366 21371 Negara Negara General Hospital Jl. Gelar, Negara Phone : +62 365 41006 Tabanan Laboratorium Clinic Jl. Gunung semeru No. 8, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 819260 Mengwi Clinic Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai 46, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 880550 Darma Kerti Hospital Jl. Teratai 16, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 812359 Tabanan General Hospital Jl. Pahlawan 14, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 811027 Singaraja Prodia Clinic Jl. RA Kartini 12, Singaraja Bali 0362 - 24-516 Singaraja Hospital Jl. Ngurah Rai 30, Singaraja Bali 0362 - 22-573 Pet Clinics Kayumas: (0361) 226934 Sayang Binatang: (0361) 483121 Satwa Kertha Husada: (0361) 263018 Pantai Sindhu: (0361) 287518 Sidakarya: (0361) 724492 Pedungan: (0361) 720026

TAXIS Praja Taxi : (0361) 289090 Bali Taxi : (0361) 701111 Ngurah Rai Taxi : (0361) 724724 Pan Wirthi Taxi : (0361) 723366 Komotra Taxi : (0361) 758855




Thursday, May 20, 2010

SKorea’s top diplomat: ‘Obvious’ NKorea sank ship Associated Press Writers

(AFP/File/Shah Marai)

US soldiers from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force patrol near Bagram Air Base. Taliban militants armed with rockets, guns and grenades attacked the largest NATO base in Afghanistan on Wednesday, sparking gun battles that killed seven insurgents and wounded seven NATO soldiers.

Taliban attack key US base in Afghanistan Associated Press Writer

KABUL, Afghanistan – Insurgents launched a brazen pre-dawn assault Wednesday against the giant U.S.-run Bagram Air Field, killing an American contractor and wounding nine service members in the second Taliban strike at NATO forces in and around the capital in as many days. At least 10 insurgents were killed as Taliban suicide bombers attempted to breach the defenses of the base north of Kabul, while others fired rockets and grenades inside, according to a statement issued by U.S. forces. The attack started around 3 a.m. Blasts and gunfire only subsided around midday, said Master Sgt. Tom Clementson, a spokesman for U.S. forces. No insurgents managed to get into the base and none were able to detonate their suicide vests, the statement said. The Bagram attack came a day after a suicide bomber struck a U.S. convoy in Kabul, killing 18 people. The dead included five American troops and a Canadian, making it the deadliest attack on NATO in the Afghan capital in eight months. The back-to-back attacks show the militants intent to strike at the heart of the U.S.-led mission, apparently part of an offensive announced by the Taliban earlier this month — even as NATO prepares for a major operation to restore order in the turbulent south.

In the latest violence in the south, a NATO service member died in a bomb attack Wednesday, the military alliance said in a statement. It did not provide further details. The Taliban claimed responsibility for both the Kabul bombing and the attack at Bagram, 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Kabul. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said 20 suicide attackers were involved. An Afghan provincial police commander, Gen. Abdul Rahman Sayedkhail, said the attack began when U.S. guards spotted would-be attackers in a car just outside the Bagram base. The Americans opened fire, triggering a gunbattle in which at least one militant triggered his suicide vest. Running gunbattles broke out as U.S. troops hunted down the other attackers. Four of the killed insurgents were intended suicide bombers, the U.S. statement said. The base was undamaged except for “minor” damage to one building, it added. Spokesmen had previously said the building was not strategically important.

Northern Peru hit by magnitude 6.0 quake: USGS Reuters

LIMA (Reuters) – A quake of 6.0 magnitude struck Peru late on Tuesday, the United States Geological Survey said, but there were no reports of injuries or damages. The quake hit 81 miles north northwest of Moyobamba and 480 miles north of

Lima. It was relatively deep at 78 miles. The epicenter was located far away from most large mines in Peru, a leading minerals exporter. Twitter messages sent to RPP, Peru’s main radio station, by residents in the region said the quake was felt in the cities of Chimbote and Chiclayo but that there were no signs of damages.

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea’s foreign minister said Wednesday it was “obvious” that North Korea fired a torpedo that sank one of the South’s warships in March, killing 46 sailors. Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan told reporters that investigators have enough evidence of North Korean involvement in the sinking of the Cheonan to warrant taking Pyongyang to the U.N. Security Council and would be presenting their findings Thursday. Yu’s comments are the first by a South Korean official clearly pointing the finger at North Korea for one of the worst attacks on the South since the two Koreas signed a truce in 1953 to end three years of fighting. A thorough and exhaustive investigation revealed that a “strong underwater explosion generated by the detonation of a torpedo caused the Korean battleship to split apart and sink,” he said in a speech to Seoul-based European business executives. Asked later by reporters if North Korea sank the ship, Yu said: “I think it’s obvious.” He declined to provide further details, saying the official results of the multinational investigation into the incident would be released Thursday. North Korea has denied involvement in the sinking of the Cheonan near the Koreas’ maritime border on March 26. Vice parliamentary speaker Yang Hyong Sop criticized Seoul for “unreasonably” linking Pyongyang to the sinking earlier this week, according to

Pyongyang’s state radio station. However, investigators will lay out evidence showing that a North Korean torpedo attack triggered the explosion that sank the Cheonan near the Koreas’ tense western sea border, a U.S. official said in Washington, speaking on condition of anonymity.and Investigators have collected damning evidence pointing to Pyongyang’s involvement in the blast that blew the 1,200-ton warship apart during a routine patrolling mission in the Yellow Sea, local media said. Fifty-eight sailors were rescued; 46 died. Fragments of a torpedo propeller found near the disaster site are similar to parts from a North Korean torpedo that South Korea obtained seven years ago, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported Wednesday, citing unidentified government officials. A serial number on the torpedo propeller was written in a font typically used in North Korea, and traces of explosives found in the wreckage resemble the gunpowder used in the North Korean torpedo retrieved in 2003, the paper said. The Dong-a Ilbo newspaper carried a similar report, saying an 85-ton North Korean submersible is believed to have torpedoed the vessel. Citing an unidentified government official, the report said the conclusion was based on intelligence on the movement of North Korean submersibles and analyses of intercepted North Korean military communication. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said it could not confirm the reports.

Major... From page 1 The English-language Bangkok Post newspaper evacuated its staff after threats from the Red Shirts. A large office building down the street from the Post was set afire. Unrest also spread to the rural northeast of the country, where Red Shirts, who claim Abhisit’s government is elitist and oblivious to their plight, retain strong support. Local media reported protesters set fire to government offices in the city of Udon Thani and vandalized a city hall in Khon Kaen. Udon Thani’s governor asked the military to intervene. TV images also showed troops retreating after being attacked by mobs in Ubon Ratchathani. The chaotic end to the Red Shirt gathering in Bangkok is certain to deal a heavy blow to the economy and tourism industry of Thailand, a key U.S. ally and long considered one of the more stable countries in Southeast Asia. The Red Shirts are demanding the ouster of Abhisit’s government, the dissolution of Parliament and new elections. Cabinet minister Satit Vongnongteay described the chaos as anticipated “aftershocks.” “There are violent-prone protesters who remain angry,” Satit told a news conference. At least 44 people have been killed, most of them civilians, in a week of violence in Bangkok as a military attempt to blockade the protesters — who had camped in the 1square-mile (3-square-kilometer) Rajprasong district for six weeks — instead touched off street fighting, with soldiers firing on protesters who fought back mostly with homemade weapons. The final crackdown began soon after dawn Wednesday, as hundreds of troops armed with M-16s converged on the Red Shirt base in Rajprasong, where high-end malls and

hotels have been shuttered by the prolonged protest. Armored vehicles crashed through barricades of piled tires and bamboo stakes, then soldiers gradually moved toward the protesters’ hub, opening fire and drawing return fire from militant Red Shirts, Associated Press journalists saw. Bullets flew overhead and several grenades exploded near the soldiers, forcing them to pull back and take cover briefly before pushing forward. A Canadian freelance reporter was injured by grenade shrapnel. Two other journalists were wounded earlier, one Dutch man and an American documentary filmmaker. An Italian photographer was killed. With no hope of resisting the military’s advance, seven top Red Shirt leaders turned themselves in on Wednesday afternoon, saying they cannot see their supporters — women and children among them — being killed anymore. “Brothers and sisters, I’m sorry I cannot see you off the way I welcomed you all when you arrived here. But please be assured that our hearts will always be with you,” Nattawut Saikua, a key leader, said as he was being arrested. “Please return home,” he said. By mid-afternoon, the army announced it had gained control of the protest zone and the operations had ended — nine hours after troops launched the pre-dawn assault. “Police officers and soldiers have now stopped their operation,” army spokesman Col. Sansern Kawekamnerd said. But the Red Shirt leaders’ decision to surrender — over two months after they began their protest in the Thai capital — clearly enraged some followers. Rioting spread quickly to other previously unaffected areas of Bangkok — prompting the government declaration of a curfew for at least one night — and to cities in the northeast of the country.


Indonesia Today

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Harsh measures against terrorist appropriate Antara

JAKARTA - Constitutional Court chairman Moh Mahfud MD said it was appropriate for the state to be harsh against terrorists because of the threat terrorism posed to the state.


Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (R) and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono pose for pictures prior to a memorendum signing ceremony at the premier’s office in the administrative capital of PutraJaya on May 18, 2010.

President invites Muslim busmen to invest KUALA LUMPUR - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in his address at the opening of the Sixth World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) on Wednesday invited Muslim as well as non-Muslim businessmen to invest in Indonesia. In Indonesia there was investment opportunities in many sectors such as energy, mining, infrastructure and agriculture waiting to be explored by investors, Yudhoyono said at the conference being held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Other speakers at the forum‘s opening included Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam, President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal, President Fatmir Sejdiu of Kosovo, President Mohamed Nasheed of Maldives, Prime Minis-

ter Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, and Iran‘s Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi. In his 17-minute address, President Yudhoyono said, as a developing country with a population of more than 200 million, Indonesia constituted a vast market. He emphasized the need for Muslim-majority countries to establish cooperation for mutual benefits. The president mentioned as an example that oil-rich Middle East countries could establish cooperation with Indonesia which has abundant natural resources and a large domestic market. He also called on the Muslim world to develop their entrepreneurial spirit in order to achieve rapid economic growth. Entrepreneurship was in line with

Islam‘s special characteristic as shown by the Prophet Muhammad who was a trader himself, he said. The Islamic world should take all the opportunities in the world economic order as Islamic banking and financial system had lately been developing and accepted by the West. Muslim countries could also contribute to the creation of a new world economic order which was more just and sustainable by playing roles in international forums such as the Group 20. At the G-20 forum, Muslim countries were represented by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia. The Sixth WIEF themed “Gearing for Economic Resurgence” was officially opened by Malaysian Prime Minister Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak.

RI, Malaysia sign LoI on migrant workers protection Antara

KUALA LUMPUR - Indonesia and Malaysia Tuesday signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) which serves as a prerequisite to revise the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2006 on the placement and protection of Indonesian migrant workers in the neighboring country. Indonesian Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Muhaimin Iskandar and Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein signed the LoI following a bilateral meeting between President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak at the latter’s office. The signing of the LoI was witnessed by the leaders of the two countries.

Muhaimin told the press the LoI carried three clauses which were not provided for in the MoU signed in 2006. They dealt among others with obligation for Indonesian migrant workers to bring their passports during work time and one-day off in a week. The LoI required the two nations to supervise minimum wages received by the Indonesian migrant workers under work contracts made by worker placement agencies, he said. “We will supervise the work contracts. The Indonesian migrant workers must refuse to be employed here if they are paid below standard wages as expected,” he said. If they were not paid minimum wages and did not got day-off according to the agreement the Malaysian government would take measures

against their employers, he said. To ensure the two countries would fulfill their respective obligations, they agreed to make effective use of the existing task force to better protect Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia, he said. He said the newly-signed LoI would be upgraded into MoU only after the two governments had brought the agreement to their respective cabinet plenum. Hopefully, the MoU would be ready in two months’ time, he said. Actually, the agreement contained in the LoI could be applied if Indonesia was ready with the system agreed upon by the two nations, he said. It would take two months for Indonesia to revise the system that would allow it to resume the dispatch of migrant workers to Malaysia frozen in July 2009, he said.

“The state takes a hard line because terrorists are very dangerous and threatening daily life,” he said to newsmen here on Tuesday. In view of that he said it was normal that the police had shot those resisting arrest. Mahfud said the police had so far already demonstrated their performance very well with regard to uncovering terrorist networks in the country. He however also reminded the police against using the success for diverting public attention from cases like the tax case of Gayus Tambunan. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday (May 17)

called on the people to save the country from the threat of terrorism. “I call on all people in Indonesia to jointly save our country, our people and us all from the threat of terrorism and irresponsible persons,” he said. The head of state also called on all leaders in the regions, the military as well as the police to remain alert against terrorist movements. He also called on all parties to save the younger general from the threat of terrorism. The police during recent operations against terrorism have shot to death several people believed to be members of a terrorist group and arrest several others.

RI, US to study ice layer on Puncak Jaya Antara

JAKARTA - Indonesian and US researchers will study the ice layer on the peak of Jaya Wijaya mountain in Papua, head of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Sri Woro Harijono said. In the joint study to be held at of the end of May 2010 for three weeks, the Indonesian team would consist of researchers from the BMKG and the US team of researchers from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) of Columbia University and from Byrd Polar Research Center (BPRC) of Ohio State University and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), she said here on Tuesday. “The aim is not only predicting the future but also studying the history of climate change in Indonesia as well as in the Asia Pacific region,” she said at a press conference with research team members. He said the conditions in the past, the present and in the future had to be studied to learn the history of climate change. “What we see in the past and at present could be used to see the future,” she said. He said Puncak Jaya is one of the three mountain peaks in the tropical region covered by ice permanently. The other two are Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Andes in Peru. Puncak Jaya has been cho-

sen to be the subject of the study because it is located in the equator. The US President’s special envoy for sciences, Bruce Alberts meanwhile said President Barack Obama wished to see the potentials of cooperation the two countries could do including in the field of technology transfer. “We are here to realize it,” he said. A researcher from LDEO, Dwi Susanto, said the ice layer covering Puncak Jaya has depleted by around 78 percent since 1936 to 2006. He said the ice had depleted drastically because of the effect of climate change causing hotter climate in the equator region. He hoped through the study researchers would be able to predict future variability of climate accurately with regard to reducing the depletion and taking an advantage from it for sustainable development efforts and people’s welfare. The team is scheduled to leave for Papua on May 18 and climb to Puncak Jaya on May 24 to take samples of ice there. The team also plans to take samples of insects and trees found in the location. The team from BMKG meanwhile also plans to install an automatic weather station there so that it would be able to collect information on weather situation there. Puncak Jaya has a height of 4,884 above sea levels.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bali Today Women can take part in world peace Antara

Sanur – Indonesia’s Women Development and Child Protection Minister, Linda Gumelar, said that women can give contribution to world peace. The statement was said by Linda on the opening ceremony of the 24th Conference of South East Women Association (SEAWA) in Sanur, Bali on Wednesday, May 19th 2010. Linda thinks that many evidences and important moments in the involvement of women to solve a conflict. With their certain ways, women can help their men partner in creating peace in the conflict areas. The most recent example was the condition in Middle East where UN has tried everything to create peace and order. “India has sent their police officers to the area and also women officers who act as negotiators. The plan work beautifully,” she added. Women and children are the most vulnerable victims during arm conflicts such as in Kosovo, and Sudan. Any woman in this world doesn’t want to be neglected and

to support the idea, Indonesian Government is promoting gender equality between men and women. In Indonesia, the role of women is seen in the post conflict peace process in Poso, middle Sulawesi. Linda said “women were involved at that time and they also want to involve during the process. We can see the results by our self, the conflict can be solved.” The women composition in Indonesia is greater than men so the great number can be utilized for certain purposes. “At least, a man and a woman can create a great family because family is the smallest form of nation so it can affected the nation if most of the people in Indonesia do it,” she added.

Bali to host seventh IIRA congress Antara

JAKARTA - Indonesia is to host the seventh congress of the Asian International Industrial Relationship Association (IIRA) on September 20-23, 2010, in Bali. “Indonesia will host the seventh congress of IIRA which was established in 1967,” Boomer Pasaribu of the event’s organizing committee said here Tuesday. According to Pasaribu, IIRA is an association headquartered at the ILO head office in Geneva as an independent body performing research and studies on manpower issues, especially in the industrial relation sector. “IIRA’s last congress was held in August 2009 in Sydney, Australia and opened by the Australian deputy prime minister,” Pasaribu said. In preparing the IIRA’s seventh congress, the Indonesian In-

dustrial Relations Association (AHII) had held pre-congresses at the University of Indonesia, Parahyangan University Bandung, Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, and the Bogor Institute of Agriculture. “The congress is expected to recommend several important points for adoption in the government’s plan to improve manpower regulations,” he said. The provisions referred to Law No.13 of 2003 on trade unions, the Law No. year 2003 on Employment, Social Security Act and the Act No.T/1992 about No.39/2004 on the National Social Security System. The congress was to be opened by Indonesian Vice President Boediono. IIRA was established in 1967 at the initiative of a number of manpower academics from around the world. It now has more than 6,000 individual and institutional members.

Balinese girl performed Legong Kuntul dance. Foreign students of ISI Denpasar perform Wiranata and Legong Kuntul dance.

Foreign students of ISI Denpasar perform Wiranata and Legong Kuntul Dance Bali Post

DENPASAR – Three foreign students of the Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI Denpasar), taking the Darmasiswa scholarship program showed off their aptitude in staging Balinese dance in the activity entitled Return Debriefing for Foreign Students of Indonesian Scholarship Participant for 2009/2010 Academic Year held at the Campus of Mulawarman University, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, not long ago. Their dancing skill acquired while studying at ISI Denpasar got a good response from local audiences. It was conveyed by the Public Relations Officer of ISI Denpasar to Bali Post, last Tuesday (May 18). He said that in such debriefing activity those foreign students got a chance to show off the dances and other arts learned in their re-

spective campus. Meanwhile, foreign students from ISI Denpasar featured two dances namely Wiranata Dance staged by Michal Mach from Czech Republic and Legong Kuntul Dance by Hisano Nakamoto from Japan and Ophelie Jill Raveaud from France. The beauty of the dance costumes supported by a good arrangement made them become the point of interest and get applause from the audience. They were very happy. Other than enriching their experience, the performance had also become a motivation for them to come to Bali again to learn the arts of Bali under the tutelage of the performing arts maestro. He added the activity was organized by the Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of National Education. It aimed at giving provision in relation to information on education in

Indonesia and development about the Indonesian culture and arts. After returning to their respective countries, those foreign students were expected to promote Indonesia and became a source of correct information about Indonesia. Debriefing of foreign students was followed by 185 Indonesian scholarship recipients studying in educational institutions in Indonesia and were accompanied by the managers of higher education institutions. The event was also intended as a means of evaluation during their study in Indonesia, especially at ISI Denpasar. Rector of ISI Denpasar Prof. Dr. I Wayan Rai S congratulated the achievement inscribed by foreign students of ISI Denpasar. The event posed the perfect venue to promote Indonesia (Bali), chiefly ISI Denpasar, not only locally but also internationally. (08)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Balinese Culture Calonarang: The King, The Witch And The Priest At the beginning of 7th century, a Balinese prince becomes the king of Java, the great Erlangga. His mother, Mahendradatta, was a Javanese princess who ruled Bali with her Balinese husband, Dharmodayana, until the husband, suspecting her of practising evil magic, exiled her to the forest. When Erlangga’s father died, leaving Mahendradatta as a rangda or a widow, she conspired to use her band of pupils trained in the black arts to destroy Erlangga’s kingdom. Her chief grudge against Erlangga because of fancied insults to her beautiful daughter, Ratna Menggali – the noblemen of Daha had refused her in marriage for fear of her mother’s evil reputation. Calonarang (Erlangga’s mother who practising evil magic) went with her pupils to the cemetery and they prayed and danced in honour of Begawati, the deity of black magic, to help them destroy Daha. The goddes appeared and danced with them, granting her permission, warning the witch, however, to preserve the center of the kingdom untouched. The witches danced at the crossroads and soon people fell in great numbers. Discovering the cause of the epidemic, Erlangga ordered his soldiers to go and kill the witch. They stole into her house while she slept and stabbed her in the heart , but Calonarang awoke unhurt and consumed the daring soldiers with her own fire. The witch went once more into the cemetery and danced with her pupils, dug out corpses, cutting them into pieces, eating the members, drinking the blood, and wearing the entrails as necklaces. Begawati appeared again and joined in the bloody banquet, but warned Calonarang to be careful. The witches danced once more at the crossroads and the dreadful epidemic ravaged the land, the vassals of Erlangga died be-

Be Siap Base Kalas

(Chicken In Spiced Coconut Milk) OVERVIEW: Coconut is readily available and inexpensive in Bali, so almost any type of meat or seafood is cooked in coconut-milk gravy; this chicken dish is particularly good. INGREDIENTS: 2 tbsp coconut oil 1 cup chicken spice paste 1 stalk lemon grass, bruised 1 salam leaf 600 gr chicken boneless, cubed 1 tsp salt ½ tsp black peppercorns, crushed 1 ½ cups chicken stock 1 ½ cups coconut milk, light Fried shallots to garnish PREPARATION: Heat oil in heavy saucepan. Add spice paste and sauté for 2 minutes over low heat. Add lemon grass, salam leaf and chicken pieces and continue to sauté for 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

fore they could even bury the corpses they bore to the cemeteries. The desperate king sent for Mpu Bharada, the holy man from Lemah Tulis, the only living being who could vanquish the witch. Mpu Bharada planned his campaign carefully. He sent Bahula, his young assistant, to ask for the witch daughter’s in marriage. Highly flattered, the mother gave her consent and after a happy and passionate honeymoon, Bahula learned from his wife the secret of Calonarang’s power. The possession of a little magic book which he stole and turned over to his master. The holy man copied it and had it returned before the disappearance could be noticed. The book was a

manual of righteousness and had to be read backwards. The holy man was then able to restore life to those victims whose bodies had not yet decayed. Armed with the new knowledge, he accused the witch of her crimes, but she challenged him by setting an enormous Banyan tree on fire by a single look of her fiery eyes. Bharada foiled the enraged witch by restoring the tree, and she turned her fire against the holy man. Unmoved, he killed her with one of her own mantras, but she died in her monstrous form and Bharada, to absolve her of her crimes and enable her to atone for them, revived her, gave her human appearance, and then killed her again. (BTN/Doc)

Indonesian police seize 71 giant turtles in Bali Associated Press Writer

DENPASAR, Indonesia – Indonesian police have confiscated 71 endangered giant sea turtles from a food stall on the resort island of Bali, an officer said Wednesday. The owner of the stall was arrested when the giant green turtles, named chelonia mydas, were found inside his storehouse in Denpasar, chief detective Col. Andi Taqdir Rahmantiro said. Rahmantiro said the stall owner told police he purchased the turtles, with an average size of more than 3.3 feet (one meter), from fishermen who caught them in waters off Sulawesi island. Turtle meat is a traditional delicacy in the predominantly Hindu province of Bali, although Indonesia has banned turtle trade and consumption due to concerns about dwindling numbers and threats by animal welfare groups of a tourist boycott of Bali. Turtles are among several protected species in Indonesia, a vast nation of 17,000 islands.

Pour in chicken stock, bring to boil and simmer for one minute. Add coconut milk, bring to boil, and simmer until chicken is cooked and sauce thickens. If sauce becomes too thick, add a little chicken stock. Serve with Nasi Kuning or steamed rice.

Helpful hints: Do not cover the pan during cooking, this to prevent the coconut milk from curdling. If you are worried about cholesterol, discard the chicken skin before cooking. (

Godoh OVERVIEW: Fried bananas is popular throughout Southeast Asia, where they are abundant and inexpensive. The slow frying technique used in this recipe ensures that the bananas remain crisp after cooking. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup rice flour 2/3 cup water ¼ tsp salt 8 small finger bananas Oil for frying PREPARATION: Place rice flour in deep mixing bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour, and add water and salt. Whisk vigorously until batter is evenly smooth for coating and not too thin (if too thin, add more rice flour).

(AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati)

Giant sea turtles are sprayed with water after they were seized from poachers, at Bali’s police headquarters in Denpasar, Indonesia, Wednesday, May 19, 2010. Balinese police seized a total of seventy illegal sea turtles.

Peel bananas and cut in half lengthwise. Dip into batter to coat generously. Heat oil in wok or deep fryer until moderately hot. Add bananas and fry slowly until golden brown and crispy. This will take about 15 minutes. Remove bananas from oil, drain on paper napkins and dry well. Can be served with until, here used as a dip. (




Thursday, May 20, 2010


Banjra Sandhi Monument BAJRA Sandhi Monument is monument of Balinese People Struggle . This Monument is recognized by the name of Bajra Sandhi because it’s form is looking like Bajra or Genta or bell used by all Hindu Priest in reading off Weda holy sentence (mantra) at religious ceremony. This monument is built in the year 1987 and it is opened by president of Megawati Sukarno Putri on 14 June 2003. The purpose of this monument is to immortalize the soul and spirit of Balinese People struggle, at one blow dig, looking after, developing and also preserve the culture of Bali to be bequeathed to a router generation as advancing capital stroke tread a world of loaded progressively with the challenge and resistance. This monument is comprising of 33 diorama depicting the journey history from a period of prehistory (300.000 S.M) what its human being still go about and very base on the nature until the period of filling the independence (1950-1975) where Bali Island is built in all areas like politics, economic, and social cultural. By knowing and comprehending of the journey history, soul, and spirit of Bali People struggle from time to time, it is expected the tighten of the spirit and cultural to increase Bali tourism.

The Building Monument of Bajra Sandhi

The existence of physical building is strongly relating to the meaning of Hinduism philosophy, namely Yoni colossus. The monument is likely colossus device meanwhile the building base as yoni. From other side, the Yoni colossus is also describing the story of twiddling Mandhara Giri at Ksirarnawa which is taken away from passage of Adi Parwa (Hindu’s Book). This building Monument is consisted of: „ Jar of Amertha symbol by Kumba (a kind of pot) what is seen on the top monument. „ The Dragon Basuki tail exists near by Swamba and its head at entrance gate „ The body of Bedawang Akupa realized at its base of monument and the head at entrance gate „ Mount of Mandara Giri realized by the high of monument boosting „ Pool encircle the monument is supposing as Ksirarnawa (milk ocean). Bajra Sandhi Monument in its development, it has been opened for visitor and to be places of interest or tourist destination in Bali in particular when visiting Denpasar town. (

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BUSINESS Hong Kong tycoon pays 233 million dollars for elite property Agence France-Presse


A woman passes a poster advertising cut-price shoes on a street in Beijing on May 19, 2010. US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke said Wednesday the United States was lagging many developed countries in terms of exports as he urged Chinese consumers to buy more American products.

US commerce secretary urges China to import more Agence France-Presse

SHANGHAI - US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke said Wednesday the United States was lagging many developed countries in terms of exports as he urged Chinese consumers to buy more American products. Locke was in Shanghai leading the first cabinet-level US trade mission since US President Barack Obama announced an ambitious target in March to double US shipments within five years to promote job growth. “We don’t export enough as a country compared to many developed countries,” he told a news conference. “Part of the strategy of reducing the trade deficit is of course to increase exports from the United States to all over the world, including China,” Locke said. Washington’s trade deficit with China stood at 226.8 billion dollars last year — down more than 40 billion dollars from 2008 due to the global financial crisis, but still its largest with any country. Washington and Beijing agree China’s economy, the world’s third-largest, needs to rely more on domestic consumption and less on overseas exports, Locke said. “The Chinese need to spend more and not save as much. It’s all part of the rebalancing of the world economic order and increasing US exports is part of that, but not the only way,” he added. But he also cautioned against the extremes that triggered the financial crisis, noting: “We’re

not saying ‘Go into debt’, but just spend a little bit more.” Each country presents different export opportunities for the US, said Locke, who was in China — the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter — with representatives from 24 US clean energy companies. After Shanghai, Locke travels to Beijing, where he will join US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other cabinet officials for key talks with their Chinese counterparts next week. The wide-ranging discussions will address trade and economic concerns, as well as negotiations with Iran and North Korea on their nuclear programmes, Locke said. He added Geithner would head up discussions for the US on the revaluation of China’s yuan currency, which critics in the US and Europe argue is kept artificially low, giving Chinese exporters an unfair advantage. Locke said the Sino-US talks come at an important time as global markets are reeling due to deepening worries over European debt. “It means (there’s) a greater urgency that the two countries talk about economic policy and we talk about ways in which we can move forward on rebalancing our economies,” he said.

HONG KONG - One of Hong Kong’s richest tycoons has paid about 233 million US dollars for a property in the city’s upmarket Peak area, confounding hopes of a cool-down in the real estate market. Henderson Land Development Chairman Lee Shau-kee paid 68,229 Hong Kong dollars (8,750 US dollars) per square foot for the site in the Peak’s Barker Road at a public auction, said real-estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle, which organised the sale on Tuesday. The 82-year-old’s son, Martin, made light of the whopping price tag for the site in one of Hong Kong’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, high above the glittering financial district. “The price is reasonable but it is not something bought for money,” he was quoted as saying by the South China Morning Post. “Even if you are willing to spend a fortune, you may not be able to get something you fancy. We will build three or four two-tothree storey houses for our family to live in.” In February, Forbes business magazine listed Lee Shau-kee as Hong Kong’s secondrichest person, with a net worth of 19 billion

US dollars, behind Cheung Kong Holdings chief Li Ka-shing. Henderson Land set an Asian record last October when it sold a duplex in the former British colony for 71,280 Hong Kong dollars per square foot. Such deals have highlighted the massive gap in living conditions between rich and poor in Hong Kong, where some residents live in wire mesh abodes known as “cage homes” that measure around 15 square feet (1.4 square metres). The issue has prompted government moves to introduce the territory’s first ever minimum wage. The latest eye-popping sale comes a week after Hong Kong said efforts to cool the territory’s property market showed signs of working, following a lacklustre response to a sale of land near the airport. Government officials have taken a more high-profile stance on the issue of soaring residential property prices after they jumped nearly 30 percent in 2009. Apart from increasing land supply, Hong Kong has also hiked stamp duty for luxury flats to curb speculation and pledged to curb excessive mortgage lending.

Malaysia urges Muslim nations to promote Islamic finance Agence France-Presse

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia Wednesday urged Muslim countries to lead the way in advocating the Islamic finance sector, saying it expects the “positive trends” for the burgeoning industry to continue. Malaysia has been promoting Islamic finance — which follows religious laws prohibiting the payment and collection of interest — and has emerged relatively unscathed from the global financial crisis. “The time is right for this,” Prime Minister Najib Razak said in opening the annual World Islamic Economic Forum at the Malaysian capital. “We see positive trends prevailing for the development of Islamic finance. In some countries, growth is as much as 10-15 percent annually,” he told the forum, describing the figures as “encouraging”. “Muslim countries must continue to play a leading role in transforming this sector from being considered niche banking into something that’s widely accepted as central to longterm economic stability around the world,” he said. Islamic banking, a booming trillion-dollar industry, prohibits the payment and collection of interest, which is seen as a form of gambling, so highly complex instruments such as derivatives and other creative accounting practices are banned. Transactions must be backed by real assets, while the customer and the institution share the risk of any investment and also divide any profits between them. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Islamic finance is a fast-growing sector, and that it should strive to attract


Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak speaks at the opening ceremony of the 6th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in Kuala Lumpur on May 19, 2010, as Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina takes notes. all investors including non-Muslims. “Muslim nations have a good opportunity to achieve greater growth,” he told the forum. Moody’s Investors Service has forecasted Islamic finance has a market potential of five trillion dollars. The sector also shuns investments in gambling, alcohol and pornography in favour of ethical investments.


Thursday, May 20, 2010



From brutal to beloved, Simon Cowell heads to “Idol” farewell


LOS ANGELES – He began as “Mr. Nasty,” morphed into one of the most beloved (and richest) stars of U.S. pop culture, and ushered in a brutal style of reality TV. Simon “I don’t mean to be rude, but..” Cowell bids farewell to “American Idol” next week, leaving a litany of stinging put-downs, an assortment of black and white Tshirts and big shoes to fill on what began in 2002 as a summer talent contest and became America’s most watched TV show. “Simon’s departure is the end of an era on ‘Idol.’ Everybody knows the show is going to lose something big and irreplaceable when he goes,” said Todd Gold, managing editor of Cowell’s exit as a judge from “American Idol” is more an “au revoir” than an “adieu” for American TV viewers. (He plans to return

with his own “X-Factor” show in late 2011). But the abrasive Briton and his one-liners have established a trend that has been widely imitated on U.S. television. “We had seen nasty people on TV both in fiction and nonfiction. But we had never seen anything quite like him before,” said Robert Thompson, professor of popular culture at Syracuse University. “It was almost when you put a panel together, you had to have certain types and one of those included the Simon character,” said Thompson, recalling the arrival on U.S. shores of Brits Piers Morgan (“America’s Got Talent”) and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (“Hell’s Kitchen”), and Italian choreographer Bruno Tonioli (“Dancing With the Stars”). Whether he was rolling his eyes in exasperation, mocking fellow judge Paula Abdul, or introducing Americans to curious British expressions like “ghastly,” or “a bit wet,” 50-year-old Cowell was a breath of fresh air in the tried-and-true talent show formula, media watchers say. He quickly became known simply as Simon, inspired a wave of Tshirts with slogans like “Simon Said I Was Good,” and made “karaoke” a dreaded epithet. “Simon dragged us into the reality that not every wannabe singer should be told to follow their dreams...It was a refreshing point of view that needed to be heard on U.S. television,” said Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Slezak.

Black Sabbath bassist reminisces about Dio Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – Black Sabbath bassist Terry “Geezer” Butler reminisced about his last moments with friend and bandmate Ronnie James Dio in a statement released Tuesday. Also Tuesday, Dio’s family announced that a public memorial service is planned for 2 p.m. on May 30 in the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills.

AP Photo/Keystone, Sandro Campardo, File

Ronnie James Dio

In his statement, Butler recounted his final days with the singer, who died May 16 of stomach cancer at age 67. The two performed together in Heaven and Hell, the latest incarnation of Black Sabbath. Butler said he shared his last laugh and received his final e-mail from Dio on May 12, then went to visit him May 15 at the hospital along with “25 to 30 friends.” “We knew the end was imminent,” Butler wrote. “We all wanted to say our goodbyes.” Butler said the day was filled with tears and reflection. “In the evening, the chaplain came, and we all gathered around Ronnie’s bed and prayed,” Butler wrote. “At 11 p.m., most of us left, leaving Wendy her privacy to say her last farewell. The devastation was palpable.” Butler added that Dio was a “special person, blessed with a unique voice and presence.” He ended his statement thanking Dio “for the wonderful memories.” In addition to his wife, Wendy, Dio is survived by son Daniel, grandchildren Julie and Joey, and father Pat.

Lindsay Lohan ordered to LA court Reuters

LOS ANGELES – Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to attend a probation hearing on Thursday that could result in jail time for reportedly missing alcohol education classes imposed for a 2007 drunken driving case. Court officials said on Tuesday that Beverly Hills Superior Court judge Marsha Revel had ordered the “Mean Girls” actress to attend a progress review in person. The order follows reports that Lohan, 23, has attended only 10 of 13 alcohol education classes required of her, and months of partying chronicled by Los Angeles and New York paparazzi. Couurt documents obtained by celebrity website on Tuesday showed however that those running the alcohol education program felt Lohan’s attitude was “positive and receptive to ideas regarding lifestyle changes”. The report filed for Thursday’s court hearing added that Lohan “has

never come (to class) under the influence, been rude or disrespectful.” Lohan’s attorney did not return calls for comment. Lohan has been in France for the Cannes film festival this week amid rumors that she is be cast as 1970s “Deep Throat” porn star Linda Lovelace in an upcoming biography film. But no official announcement has so far been made at the festival and Lohan has largely avoided the mainstream media there. Her return to Los Angeles could be hit by ash clouds from an Icelandic volcano which have again closed European airports and disrupted flights this week. Judicial sources said that if Lohan is found to have failed to comply

with the order to attend classes, Revel could decide to sentence her to jail. That would likely result in another hearing at which a sentence would be imposed, they said. Revel in October extended Lohan’s three years probation for another year and warned her to get serious about the alcohol program. It was part of her sentence for a 2007 arrest for drunk driving, reckless driving and driving under the influence of cocaine. Lohan was also sentenced to 24 hours in jail in 2007 but spent just 84 minutes behind bars because of overcrowding in Los Angeles lock-ups. Lohan shot to fame in the 1998 movie “The Parent Trap” but in recent years has become one of the most troubled and talked-about actresses in Hollywood. Her most recent movie, “Labor Pains”, failed to get a theatrical release in most countries and went direct to U.S. television in 2009.

Ken Loach sends Iraq war film into Cannes battle Agence France Presse

CANNES, France – Director Ken Loach sought Wednesday to match the Oscar success of “The Hurt Locker” when he sent his own Iraq war film into the race for the Cannes top prize. “Route Irish,” named after the most dangerous stretch of road in Iraq that leads from the airport to Baghdad’s Green Zone, gets a press screening at the French Riviera film festival a day ahead of its red carpet premiere. Loach, who scooped the top prize at Cannes in 2006 with a film about Ireland’s fight for independence from British rule, only entered “Route Irish” into the Cannes race a couple of days before the festival kicked off last week. The film follows two

former soldiers who go to Iraq as private security contractors. When one is killed on Route Irish in mysterious circumstances, his friend — wracked by guilt — rejects the official explanation and tries to find out what really happened. Loach, whose “Route Irish” is one of 19 films vying for the Palme d’Or to be handed out on Sunday, last year entered “Looking For Eric” for the top prize at Cannes. That movie starred former Manchester United football star Eric Cantona as the imaginary mentor of a Manchester postman down on his luck. Loach is the second British director in this year’s race, the other being Mike Leigh who is presenting “Another Year.”

AFP/DDP/File/Clemens Bilan

Director Ken Loach

Life Style


Maria Esther Rivera, left, and her husband Juan Castillo look through an incubator at their newborn son Asiel Samuel Castillo, born premature four days earlier, at the Medical Center’s neonatal intensive care unit in San Juan, Tuesday, May 11, 2010. AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo

Puerto Rico struggles with high preterm birth rate Associated Press Writer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The first thing Dr. Marta Valcarcel notices on a walk through a nursery full of tiny, heavily bandaged babies is the empty incubator in the corner. She calls out to a nurse who only shakes her head. The infant who came in days earlier weighing less than 3 1/2 pounds had succumbed to illness — another child born too early to survive. “I try to distance myself or I would cry all the time,” says Valcarcel, who runs the largest neonatal intensive care unit in this U.S. Caribbean territory. “We rejoice at the ones that survive.” Her unit at a San Juan hospital is pivotal in the struggle to save a growing number of babies born well before their due dates. With nearly 20 percent of infants born before 37 weeks, Puerto Rico has the highest pre-term birth rate in the United States and one of the highest in the world. Poverty in Puerto Rico, which has half the per capita income of the poor-

est U.S. state, can be a factor. Also, 48 percent of the island’s births are performed by Cesarean section, compared with 32 percent on the U.S. mainland. In some cases doctors opt to deliver babies by C-section before they reach term in hopes of avoiding complications. But researchers say that’s not enough to explain why the island’s preterm birth rate has jumped more than 50 percent over the last two decades. The National Institutes of Health last month awarded $9.9 million for a team of university researchers to study whether contaminants in Puerto Rico’s groundwater are contributing to the problem. The NIH-funded study will follow 900 pregnant women on the island’s north coast, collecting data on their

drinking water and everyday activities to measure potential exposure to contaminants. The densely populated island of 4 million people has a legacy of industrial contamination and several overflowing landfills along its northern coast, where the karst geology of soluble rock allows water to enter underground aquifers with little filtering. “The only thing we are really sure of is we need to do more investigation,” said Alma Seda, executive director of Puerto Rico’s chapter of the March of Dimes. Premature birth can lead to brain hemorrhaging, breathing problems and holes in the intestines. It is the No. 1 cause of infant mortality, and babies who survive can suffer from mental retardation or other lifelong handicaps, particularly the small minority born before 32 weeks’ gestation. The March of Dimes has also linked a high prevalence of behavioral problems and learning disabilities in island schools to pre-term births.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


‘Facebook’ for kids keeps parents in the loop Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – Kids under 13 aren’t allowed on Facebook, but that hasn’t stopped many of them from joining. Togetherville, a social network for kids ages 6 to 10, hopes to lure them into a more ageappropriate setting. The site, whose founder has three children under 10, launches Tuesday night. It’s free to join, and kids’ accounts must be created by their parents using their own Facebook logins. Parents can approve or reject their children’s friends and see what types of activities or games their kids are up to. “The adults participate directly,” said CEO and co-founder Mandeep Dhillon, whose kids are 8, 5 and 2. “Which is why this is not a digital babysitter.” Kids have separate logins to Togetherville, and the site looks different depending on whether a parent or a child is logged in. For kids, there are games, pre-screenedYouTube videos and other activities, such as educational applications, but no ads. There are even Facebook-style

status updates, called “quips,” with a twist: kids choose from a preselected menu of updates, which change daily. Dhillon says that’s because when given a blank space to type in, kids tend to either write gibberish or get stumped by to say. But if they want to, they can send in their own “quips” for approval. Parents can send their kids virtual gifts, review their activities on the site or look at virtual art they’ve created. Togetherville plans to make money by selling virtual goodies for its games. The site taps into a growing trend of tech-savvy parents interacting with their kids online. Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Washington DC-based noprofit Family Online Safety Institute, said he hopes Togetherville will get parents to remove their young children from Facebook, calling it a “much safer environment.” Though they are prohibited by the sites from joining, many of kids under 13 are already on MySpace and Facebook. They lie about their age, or get their parents to do so, Balkam said.


The picture show facebook site. There is new site for children who wanted to get connected and it is similar to facebook.

Skype Turns Panasonic HDTVs Into Videophones

The picture show Panasonic HDTVs.


THE big-screen HDTV is looking more like an oversized smartphone every day—only without the mobility. Not only are Internet-enabled models that run Web applications becoming commonplace, but HDTV apps stores from top manufacturers like Samsung are opening their doors too. And now Panasonic’s new line of Viera Cast HD sets will include Skype software for video calls. Skype for TV was announced at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, but the first HDTVs to incorporate the technology are now shipping from Panasonic. LG Electronics also plans to add the Skype widget to 26 of its LCD and plasma sets this year. Other vendors will likely follow suit, particularly if video calling catches on with the masses. There’s one catch, however: Skype TV video calls require a camera, naturally, and Panasonic will sell you one for $170. The camera plugs into the Viera Cast HDTV,

delivers 720p video (broadband permitting), and has a microphone that picks up audio from the sofa, the company says. After the initial hardware purchase, Skype TV shouldn’t prove too expensive. Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls are free, and connections to landlines cost pennies per minute. Like 3D programming, Skype TV seems a bit gimmicky—at least for now. Early adopters will likely use the service on rare occasions—to Grandma on Thanksgiving, for instance—and only if the person on the other end is tech-savvy enough to use Skype TV, or perhaps Skype on a PC with a webcam. The technology will improve over time, of course, and video calling may very well become yet another popular application for the big-screen smartphone in your living room.



Thursday, May 20, 2010


Celtics top Magic, take 2-0 lead in East finals Associated Press Writer

ORLANDO, Fla. – Too slow? Too old? Try two wins from the NBA finals. Indeed, the Boston Celtics look like they saved their best this season for when it mattered most. “I know,” Boston’s Paul Pierce said. “It’s starting to look that way.” Pierce scored 28 points, Rajon Rondo had 25 and the revived Celtics again avoided a late collapse to take a commanding lead in the Eastern Conference finals with a 95-92 victory over the Orlando Magic in Game 2 on Tuesday night. Boston bullied and bruised its way to a 2-0 series lead on the road against a Magic team that had won 14 straight until this series. After being hampered by injuries for much of the season, often showing their age, the Celtics are now just two wins away from their second finals appearance in three seasons. “I think we are becoming the team that started the season,” Rivers said. “The team that started the season was pretty good.” Maybe even good enough to take down the defending conference champion Magic. Dwight Howard had 30 points, and Vince Carter and

J.J. Redick scored 16 apiece for the Magic, who overcame an 11-point deficit to take a brief lead in the fourth quarter. But they couldn’t hold it. Jameer Nelson’s desperation 3-point attempt airballed at the buzzer, sending fans to the exits in silence. “I won’t stop believing,” Howard said. “And I won’t let my teammates stop believing.” Game 3 is Saturday night in Boston. “Our fans won’t let us relax,” Pierce said. “We’re going to try and close it out in four games.” The Celtics buckled down just enough to hold in this one. Ahead 11 points early in the fourth quarter, that almost wasn’t enough. The Magic, just as they did in Game 1, found their rhythm late. They went on a 13-4 run to trim Boston’s lead to 85-83 with about six minutes left. Carter’s jumper with 4:05 remaining gave Orlando a 90-89 lead with 3:35 remaining, and then the Celtics summoned their championship form again.

Kevin Garnett and Rondo made consecutive jumpers, and after Nelson made a layup, Pierce answered with two free throws that put Boston ahead by three. Carter missed two free throws with 31.9 seconds left that cost Orlando dearly. It must have felt all too familiar to Magic fans who watched Howard’s damaging misses at the stripe in Game 4 of the NBA finals last year and Nick Anderson’s four bricks in Game 1 of the 1995 finals.

Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo (9) drives in for a shot as Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard (12) comes in from behind for the block during the first half in Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference basketball finals in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, May 18, 2010.

weight champion

Nalbandian to miss French Open

Takashi Uchiyama of

Agence France Presse

Japan (centre) cel-

BUENOS AIRES – Argentina’s former world number three David Nalbandian withdrew from the French Open on Tuesday because of a hamstring problem that flared up recently at the Madrid Masters. The 28-year-old two-time French Open semi-finalist’s ranking has slipped to 150 after he spent nine months off the circuit last year following surgery on a hip problem. “David will not be at the second Grand Slam of the season because he is suffering from a hamstring in-

WBA super feather-

ebrates his first title defense against Venezuelan challenger Angel Granados at the WBA super featherweight titel boxing match at Saitama Super Arena, subur(AFP/Kazuhiro Nogi)

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

jury that flared up when he returned to the court,” said a statement on the player’s website. “Having pulled out of the Madrid Masters, David hoped he would be fit enough for Roland Garros, but after consulting his medical team he decided that it was best not to put his health at risk and to use this time to work towards a total cure.” Nalbandian joins compatriot and US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro in missing the French Open, which gets underway on May 23, but is hoping to be fit for Wimbledon, where he was a finalist in 2002.

ban Tokyo.

Japan’s Uchiyama retains boxing title Agence France Presse

SAITAMA, Japan – Japan’s Takashi Uchiyama successfully defended the World Boxing Association (WBA) super featherweight title with a technical knockout victory over Angel Granados of Venezuela on Monday. Granados was floored one minute 42 seconds into the sixth round by a powerful hook to the face. He stood up once but failed

to make a fighting pose, forcing the referee to declare a technical knockout. “I practiced that hook during my training, hitting the body and unleashing straights, and then hitting a right hook suddenly. I made it in the sixth round very well,” said Uchiyama, 30. “I also hit a lot more jabs than I had expected, so I expected it would damage Granados in the end.” Uchiyama fought aggressively

from the start, often connecting an array of right hooks in each round, and sent Granados to the ropes several times. Uchiyama, who wrested the title from Juan Carlos Salgado of Mexico also by a technical knockout in January, improved his unbeaten record to 15 wins, including 12 KOs. Granados, 35 and ranked 13th in the WBA, saw his record reduced to 18 wins, including eight KOs, against nine defeats.

(AFP/File/Valery Hache)

Argentina’s former world number three David Nalbandian, seen here in April 2010, withdrew from the French Open on Tuesday because of a hamstring problem that flared up recently at the Madrid Masters.



Thursday, May 20, 2010


Grosso shock as Lippi trims World Cup squad to 28 Agence France Presse

Provisional 28-man Italy squad:

ROME – Juventus left-back Fabio Grosso was the shock victim as Italy coach Marcello Lippi cut two players from his preWorld Cup squad on Tuesday.

Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Morgan De Sanctis

Lippi trimmed his squad from 30 to 28 players, with midfielder Antonio Candreva also sent home. The omission of Grosso, who has 48 caps and scored four goals, is particularly surprising given that he has been Italy’s first-choice left-back for several years and was a key part of the World Cup-winning team of 2006. He scored the decisive penalty in the final against France to give Italy the trophy and was a goalscorer in the semi-final, a 2-0 defeat of hosts Germany, and won the penalty that saw Italy beat Australia 1-0 in the second round. However, the 32-year-old seems to have paid for his poor form in a weak Juventus defence this season, although Juve centre-backs Giorgio Chiellini and Fabio Cannavaro survived the cull. Lippi, though, insisted that he has no room for sentiment in his selections. “I don’t pick players in lieu of past service and that was also the case for (Simone) Perrotta and (Luca) Toni,” he said at a press conference. “I called him (Grosso) yesterday (Monday) and you cannot imagine how much I dislike doing that. “But I have to do it and I do it out of honesty. It hurt me just as it hurt me for the other 14 (World Cup winners) with whom we had some great moments in Germany.” That now leaves just eight players

in the 28 who were part of the World Cup-winning squad four years ago: goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, captain Cannavaro, full-back Gianluca Zambrotta, midfielders Andrea Pirlo and Daniele De Rossi, winger Mauro Camoranesi and forwards Vincenzo Iaquinta and Alberto Gilardino. It was little surprise that 23-year-old Candreva, who has just two caps, was cut as he was the least experienced of the midfielders in the squad and has not been a regular starter during a loan spell at Juve from Udinese. Lippi, who was expected to trim his list to 27 players, will submit his definitive 23-man squad to FIFA by June 1. “Many players are more or less at the same level so that’s why I decided to give myself an extra 10 days to think about it,” said Lippi on his final 23. Four-time champions Italy will set up a training camp at altitude in Sestriere in the Italian Alps from May 23 to June 5. They will take on Mexico in a friendly game in Brussels on June 3 and Switzerland in Geneva two days later. The Azzurri are scheduled to arrive in South Africa on June 9 ahead of their Group F opener with Paraguay in Cape Town on June 14. They then face New Zealand in Nelspruit on June 20 before rounding off their group campaign against Slovakia in Johannesburg on June 24.

Barcelona seal deal for Valencia’s Villa: reports Agence France Presse

MADRID – Spanish champions Barcelona have reached a deal to sign David Villa from Valencia for between 40 and 50 million euros, according to reports here on Wednesday. Villa, Valencia’s top scorer in La Liga with 21 goals, will sign for

(AFP/File/Josep Lago)

four years, Catalan sports daily Mundo Deportivo reported. The 28-year-old will be officially unveiled on Friday and will be paid seven million euros (8.6 million dollars) per season, the newspaper added. The paper said Villa will cost Barcelona 50 million euros but Madrid-based sports daily AS said the deal is worth 40 million euros. Barcelona president Joan Laporta confirmed Tuesday that his side were in talks with Valencia over Villa. “We’re negotiating and everything is on track. We trust that the issue will be resolved shortly,” he said. Villa had been coveted last year by both Barcelona and arch-rivals Real Madrid but the Catalan club finally secured the services of Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Inter Milan in a deal which saw Cameroon striker Samuel Eto’o move to the Italian side.

Valencia striker David Villa pictured during a Spanish La Liga match against Espanyol in Cornella near Barcelona, May 1.

(Napoli), Federico Marchetti (Cagliari), Salvatore Sirigu (Palermo)

Defenders: Salvatore Bocchetti (Genoa), Leonardo Bonucci (Bari), Fabio Cannavaro (Juventus), Mattia Cassani (Palermo), Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus), Domenico Criscito (Genoa), Christian Maggio (Napoli), Gianluca Zambrotta (AC Milan)

Midfielders: Mauro Camoranesi (Juventus), Andrea Cossu (Cagliari), Daniele De Rossi (AS Roma), Gennaro Gattuso (AC Milan), Claudio Marchisio (Juventus), Riccardo Montolivo (Fiorentina), Angelo Palombo (Sampdoria), Simone Pepe (Udinese), Andrea Pirlo (AC Milan)

Forwards: Marco Borriello (AC Milan), Antonio Di Natale (Udinese), Alberto Gilardino (Fiorentina), AFP PHOTO / GIUSEPPE CACACE(AFP/File/Giuseppe Cacace)

Juventus midfielder Fabio Grosso reacts after AS Roma’s Norwegian defender John Arne Riise scored during the Serie A football match Juventus vs AS Roma at Olympic Stadium in Turin on January 23, 2010.

Vincenzo Iaquinta (Juventus), Giampaolo Pazzini (Sampdoria), Fabio Quagliarella (Napoli), Giuseppe Rossi (Villarreal/ESP)

Argentina unsure on Maradona the manager Agence France Presse

BUENOS AIRES – A veritable living god as a player, Diego Maradona has yet to inspire the same fervour as Argentina national coach after a laborious and controversial World Cup qualifying campaign. Argentina’s struggles to reach South Africa mean many fans are sceptical about his chances of leading the country to a third World Cup triumph. Maradona, the inspirational captain of Argentina’s 1986 World Cup-winning side, was named national boss in November 2008 after a disappointing start to the qualifying campaign brought Alfio Basile’s tenure as coach to an end. Fourteen years after he left the 1994 World Cup in disgrace following a positive drug test, Maradona returned to the Albiceleste with a two-pronged objective: take Argentina to the World Cup, and do it in style. Over a year later, the first mission has been accomplished thanks to a 1-0 win over Uruguay on the last day of the qualification campaign, but not the second. “We have to think about improving. Everything and in every sector,” said veteran midfielder and Maradona favourite Juan Sebastian Veron. “We have to perform a deep analysis, as there are lots of things that didn’t work well.” Cesar Menotti, coach of the Argentina team that secured the country’s first World Cup in 1978, was forthright in his criticism, saying: “Argentina seemed to have no ideas, they’re confused and disorganised.” Menotti’s words echo those of the Argentine media, that, since a humiliating 6-1 defeat in Bolivia, have

(AFP/File/Patrick Valasseris)

A veritable living god as a player, Diego Maradona, seen here in February 2010, has yet to inspire the same fervour as Argentina national coach after a laborious and controversial World Cup qualifying campaign. scorned Maradona for calling up over 100 players during his time in charge and meddling with his tactical systems. Maradona responded vehemently in the wake of qualification. “To all those who didn’t believe in us, and I apologise to the women, you can suck it and keep sucking,” he cried.


Thursday, May 20, 2010



Alonso: I could have won Monaco

Fernando Alonso believes he could have challenged for victory in the Monaco Grand Prix had he not crashed in final practice and missed the qualifying session.


Ferrari’s Spanish driver Fernando Alonso gives a press conference in his team motorhome at the Monaco street circuit on May 12, 2010, three days ahead of the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix.

Renault ready to supply more teams MONACO - The head of Renault’s engine programme Remi Taffin says the company is ready to expand its customer supply to additional teams in 2011. It currently provides engines for Red Bull Racing as well as its own works programme, but has been linked with Williams and Lotus both currently running Cosworth power - as well for next season. “We don’t know which teams we

will be supplying next year,” said Taffin. “We certainly have got the capacity to supply more than the two teams we have been doing this year, it’s not a big problem for us. “Obviously we have to produce a few more engines and get some more people to do the job. As far as getting an engine ready and supplying two teams, it’s then not a big problem to do so for three or four teams with an extra effort.”


Renault f1’s Polish driver Robert Kubica pit stops at the Monaco street circuit on May 16, 2010, during the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix.

Renault was regarded as one of the weaker engines in the Formula 1 field last season, but was allowed to make adjustments as part of an FIA-approved engine equalisation process. With its own team showing much better form this year and taking two podiums with Robert Kubica so far, and the Renault-powered Red Bulls starting to dominate the championship, the criticism of Renault’s engine performance has ceased in recent months. The top three in both qualifying and the race in Monte Carlo last weekend used Renault V8s. Taffin acknowledged that other engine suppliers might be producing more power, but said Renault was very happy with the way its engine was performing overall. “I have to say it always quite difficult to assess what the overall level power of the engine is,” he said. “We might not have the best level in terms of power, but you have to look overall; how you set up the engine in the car, how you can develop the engine in the car or the car around the engine. “So, I have to say, overall maybe we are not in as bad shape as you hear people say about [us], but I am quite happy with this engine.”

Alonso was quickest in the first two practice sessions of the weekend, but damaged his Ferrari F10 severely when he crashed at Massenet 20 minutes into Saturday’s final practice. The team was unable to repair the car in time for qualifying and the Spaniard started the race from the pitlane. He made an early pitstop and raced through to sixth place - which he kept after Michael Schumacher was penalised for overtaking him at the final corner of the last lap as the safety car returned to the pits - but despite rescuing points from the race, Alonso remained frustrated and believes he could have won the race. “On Saturday morning, you all know what happened - and sixth place on Sunday therefore had a very different flavour to it,” Alonso said in his blog on Ferrari’s website. “This result should make the team proud of all they did in difficult circumstances. “It’s never happened to me before, not to be able to take part in qualifying. It can happen that you go out in the early stages, because of a mistake or a technical problem, but to find yourself having to watch the screen right from the start, that was really cruel. “Sunday was very satisfying. We were aware that if we wanted to finish in the points, everything had to be perfect: the car, strategy, overtaking and tyres. And that was indeed the case. The first laps were very hectic, with six overtaking moves and then I had to try and make the most of the strategy, waiting for others to pit. “[But] the Monaco Grand Prix was bittersweet for me. Clearly, in terms of the points I picked up, it was not good enough - especially as we were in the right shape to fight for the win.” Alonso added that he didn’t attempt to defend from Schumacher because the team had told him overtaking was not allowed at the final restart. “At the end came the incident with Michael: the pit wall had told me that, as the race was still under the safety car on the last lap, overtaking was not allowed and so I was calm - and that was later confirmed by the stewards, who put things right,” he added.

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