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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A nationalist protester runs from a flaming car during clashes with police in Belfast, Northern Ireland, early Tuesday July 13, 2010. Police struggled Monday overnight till early Tuesday, to quell rioting by Irish Catholic nationalists in several parts of Northern Ireland following a day of mass Protestant parades, an annual event that often pushes sectarian animosity past boiling point.

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82 police injured in Belfast’s 2 nights of riots Associated Press Writer

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland’s political and security leaders condemned Irish nationalist militants Tuesday who injured 82 police officers during two nights of rioting sparked by the province’s annual parades by the British Protestant majority.




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While most of the officers sustained minor injuries like cuts and bruises, two remained hospitalized: a policeman wounded in the chest and arms by a shotgun blast, and a policewoman who had a paving stone dropped on her head

from a shop rooftop above. The rioting in working-class Catholic parts of Belfast and other towns came both before and after tens of thousands of Protestants of the Orange Order brotherhood marched at 18 locations across

Northern Ireland in an annual show of communal strength. It was the worst rioting in Belfast since the same event exactly one year ago. Politicians said the rioters, influenced by Irish Republican Army dissidents opposed to compromise,

were chiefly motivated to attack the police themselves. IRA dissidents have focused in recent months on trying to lure police into ambushes, until now with little success. Brian Rea, chairman of a joint Catholic-Protestant board that oversees Northern Ireland police, said the rioters “were intent on causing maximum disruption and inflicting terror on police and the wider community.” Continued on page 6

17 dead, 44 missing as landslides hit China towns Associated Press Writer

BEIJING – Landslides slammed into three mountain hamlets in western China early Tuesday, killing 17 people and leaving 44 missing, while crews drained a fast-rising reservoir in another part of the country following heavy rains. The landslides swept through three different areas before dawn, state media said. In the worst-hit town of Xiaohe in

Yunnan province, four died and rescuers were searching for 42 others, the official provincial newspaper Yunnan Daily reported on its website. Another 38 were injured. In neighboring Sichuan province, seven died and one person was missing in Yandai village, while rescuers recovered six bodies and were searching for one person in Sima village, the Xinhua News Agency reported. Continued on page 6

AP Photo

Villagers search for items near a turned-over van after a mudslide triggered by heavy rains in Xiaohe, Qiaojia county, in southwest China’s Yunnan province, Tuesday, July 13, 2010.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bali News Recognizing the difference of DB and DBD Beware of two-day fever Denpasar (Bali Post)—

The remaining high cases of dengue in the community must always be aware of. In Bali, the mortality rate within the first six months amounted to 16 people. In the handling, the dengue fever (DB) could become dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD). Plenty of ordinary people equate the DB to DBD. Although they are equally caused by the same virus and can cause bleeding, in fact DBD can be more hazardous than DB. Why? The Team Leader of DB Management of Sanglah Hospital, BNP Arhana, when met last Monday (Jul 12), said that in DBD could cause plasmalysis leading to shock effect on the sufferer. “Meanwhile, for the DB even though cause bleeding, but its clinical manifestation was not as severe as DBD, in this regard no plasmalysis happens,” he said. DBD can be divided into four phases. Phase III and IV denote the phase of Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS). According to Arhana, the cause of DBD depended on the viral vector and the reaction of the body against the virus. “If the body forms many cytokines as one of the reactions against the virus, visible symptoms can be severe,” said Arhana. Up to these days, there are four kinds of DB viruses and most people are maximally affected by the DB for four times. Occasionally, clinical manifestation can be very severe occurring in patients that firstly suffer from DB. It is called the primary theory. However, there is occurrence only causing mild symptoms during the first infection, but when exposed for the second time the visible manifestation would be getting more severe. It is called the secondary theory. “Most cases indicated the secondary theory,” added Arhana. With the rainy season lasting virtually throughout the year 2010, according to

Arhana, society should be alert if suffering from high fever. “One of the symptoms of DB is fever. Other symptoms that should be watched out are the seizures, vomiting, abdominal pain, decreased urine as well as cold hands and feet,” he explained. Arhana suggested if patient suffered from fever for two days and temperature did not go down, patient was necessary to have a blood test. “Do not rush to take blood check, either. If fever just lasted for one day, patient is suggested to cure the fever first. If after two days the temperature did not go down either, simply check the blood,” said Arhana. Blood test poses one of the supporting actions for the enforcement of DB diagnostic. If there is an increase of hematocrite above 20% and decrease of thrombocytes reaching under 100,000 it can indicate to suffer from DB. Meanwhile, DB patients under treatment in Sanglah Hospital, last Monday (Jul 12), were listed 82 people with 24 new patients. One of the effective ways to prevent the spread of this disease according to Arhana was by draining and closing water reservoirs as well as burying the waste that could retain water. Meanwhile, fogging was only effective to kill adult mosquitoes. “So, please do not be lazy to do the three endeavors and not just rely on fogging,” he suggested. (san)

Ombak Bali Festival to be held in Kuta DENPASAR – The Ombak Bali Festival will be held on July 21st through July 24th 2010 at Kuta Reef Beach 4 day free outdoor surf film festival celebrates new surf films, epic surf shots and groovey sounds. The complete film and music line-up for the 2010 edition is out. The festival kicks off on July 21 with the inspiring short feature ‘Gum for my Boat’ and the Hawaii surf photography documentary ‘Fiberglass and Megapixels’. Over the next days the public can check out the new Patrick Trefz film ‘Idiosyncrasies’ about some of surfing’s most influential underground individuals and the German river surfing flick ‘Keep Surfing’. Director of ‘Keep Surfing’, Bjorn R. Lob, will come over

to Bali to join the screening of his film. Visual whirlwind ‘Castles in the Sky’ will close off the event on Saturday July 24. Complete film line-up can be found below. New this edition is the Surf Photo Contest & Exhibition. The best 15 shots will be on exhibit and the winning photo will be announced on opening night, July 21 at 7pm where it will be rewarded with 2.000.000 Rupiah. The exhibit is free of charge and is open day and night between July 21 and 24. The festival will be topped off with live sounds presented by Rhythm which brings together a unique group of musicians. Daily performances by dj’s and live bands playing reggae, jazzy funk and hiphop. To name a few bands: Pandora, Marapu and Ozlem.


Garbage is seen on Sanur beach. The strong wind made the waves carry garbage to shore. The lack of staffs to clean the garbage made the beach is very dirty.

Redundant, artesian wells at Kubu asked to be utilized Amlapura (Bali Post)—

A number of well projects in Kubu, Karangasem is considered to be redundant as shown by an artesian well in the territory of Taman Sari Hamlet, West Tianyar, Kubu. Chief of Taman Sari Hamlet, I Gede Daryana, last Monday (Jul 12), in Kubu said his party asked the Karangasem Regency Government in order the wells having large capacity was followed up by pipe installation and provided with pump aid. The reason, until now residents of Kubu, Tianyar, especially in the western mountains including Munti Gunung is still facing clean water crisis. “Today, this region has been dry, so local residents face water crisis,” he said. The same opinion was conveyed by legislator from Kubu, Nyoman Oka Antara. Oka who is also the Chairman of Commission II of Karangasem House, said that residents had to buy clean water. When local community organized religious rite like temple anniversary, wedding ceremony or ngaben cremation, they needed very much water. Daryana said a tank of water cost approximately IDR 120,000 to IDR 150,000 depending on the mileage and terrain conditions traveled to reach the home of resi-

dents buying the water. If the distance was far or the field was precipitous and unpaved, the price of water would be very expensive. Daryana said the assistance of large water vessel for holding rainwater was indispensable to citizen, if compared to the dam projects worth tens of billions of rupiahs, but redundant. Large water vessel was felt more effective and efficient, because home of residents scattered on the hills. According to Daryana up to this moment, government provided insufficient large water vessel to local citizens. However, the assistance was just handed over by private party or particular foundation. Oka Antara added regular clean water crisis was caused by short rainfall in the Kubu region. This condition made Karangasem Government unable to diminish the number of beggars from Munti Gunung or Pedahan Kaja, although a number of projects or programs with substantial funding had been implemented. “Due to non-existence of water, local poor residents prefer begging than sending their children to school because such a job made them easier to get money. Planting vegetables or raising pigs for the household woman could not be done because feed of swine is unable to grow,” Oka firmed. (013)

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Bali News


Seven Unpermitted Minimarkets Sealed Denpasar (Bali Post) –

After controversial issues on the new born minimarkets in Denpasar, the Denpasar City Government through its agency related took firm measures for those seven minimarkets stated have no permit will be punished by being sealed. This sealing has caused halt to their selling activities. Those seven markets sealed by officials from Peace and Order (Tramtib) Agency also Civil Service Police Force (Satpol PP) last Monday (12/7) were Circle K (Supratman Street No. 279 and A. Yani Street), Mini Mart (By Pass Ngurah Rai Street and Danau Poso Street, Sanur), Indo Mart (Pulau Kawe Street and Teuku Umar Street) and Inti Mart (A. Yani Street). The sealing team was officials from Tramtib Agency, Permit Agency, Spatial Planning and Housing Agency (DTRP), law police officers and other agencies involved. Led by Plt. Head of Denpasar City Tramtib Agency, Drs. Ketut Nick Natawibawa joined by Head of DTRP Kadek Kusuma Diputra, and Head of Permit Agency A.A. Bagus Rai Soryawan take turns coming to those minimarkets. This sealing was a shock therapy for its business owners but this is done after many warning letters given out.

“We have warned them so many times from First to Third Warning Letters also some were trialed through a light crime trial (Tipiring) yet these business owners are still ill-disciplined and so we have to take firm measures by sealing it,” Natawibawa explained. The disciplinary action started at Circle K addressed WR. Supratman Street, Tohpati, East Denpasar. At that time only an operational worker, Nyoman Luwes, was there. Nyoman was stunned yet after told why the team was there, Nyoman can only surrender. Starting with a reading of the sealing statement by Denpasar City Investigating Civil Service (PPNS) Gusti Alit Artika, the sealing process was fluent done by two Satpol PP officials. “After the sealing we command the minimarket owner not to do any transactions in anyway inside the shop, and if this is violated we of course will take much firm measures such as its goods or cashier computer confiscated,”

Natawibawa added. It was told that these minimarkets could not show their permits such as Building Permits (IMB), Environmental Interference Permit (Situ/HO) and Modern Shop Business Permit (IUTM) which have violated Region Regulations No. 6 Year 2001 about IMB, No. 7 year 2005 about Situ/HO and Municipal Regulations No. 9 Year 2009 on IUTM. Even though they have IMB but not appropriate with its function or changing function it is still violating. Meanwhile Head of Monitoring Evaluation and Information for Permit Agency, Nyoman Sudana, added that at this time there are 52 minimarkets operating unpermitted. To these they have given warnings to complete those permits as soon as possible, “If this is going to be ignored we will coordinate with Tramtib Agency to take disciplinary actions.” (kmb12)

Cases in Legian

Four Witnesses Questioned by Police Denpasar (Bali Post) -

Dispute cases between the youth at Legian street, Kuta, exactly in front of Disco Sky Garden, until now still under investigation police. Poltabes joint team of Denpasar and Kuta Police, continued to gather evidence and witnesses. So far, investigators have examined four witnesses. However, investigators do not know what the motive of the incident which lead to Kadek Darma (29) wound in the head because it cut down a sharp weapon. Kuta Chief Police AKP Wimboko when asked his statement, Monday (12 / 7) mentioned yesterday, there were four witnesses who examined the police investigator. Two members of a cashier and two other securities of Sky Garden. Check’ we have four witnesses. However, we do not yet know what the motive was. What is clear, po-

lice are still investigating the case,’’added Kanit Reskrim Iptu Made Dayendra. From the results of examination of witnesses while, he said, the two warring groups was not known who it was. Likewise, those involved have clashed not know each other. In fact, one of which examined the police claimed was hit by a barrage. ‘’So, the Sky Garden to report cases to the police beating of Kuta,’’ he explained to reporters. On the other hand, Kadek Darma who are victims had reported the case to Poltabes Denpasar. Accordingly, these cases were transferred to Poltabes Denpasar for further action. ‘’Because the victim (Kadek Darma, red) reported to Denpasar Poltabes, the case was taken over Poltabes Denpasar,’’he said as she says investigators have not set any of the suspects.

Besides collecting witness testimony, police also continue to conduct crime scene at the scene. Several members of the police, Sunday (11 / 7) night, come back to the scene to search for evidence exists. However, no evidence is secured. Only, the police conduct crime scene in order to conduct further investigation. In fact, the number of police deployed after the event precaution, so that subsequent events do not occur. Like the previous news, tense atmosphere had occurred at Legian street Kuta, Sunday (11 / 7) at 1:00 pm. Two groups clashed in front of the youth involved Sky Garden. One young man Kadek Darma that allegedly cut down by sharp weapon, so that the injured at the hands, back and head. Victim was until now still undergoing medical treatment at Sanglah Hospital. (Kmb21)

Fast Growing Development

Former Kingdom Village Discarded Semarapura (Bali Post) –

Gelgel Village, the former Gelgel Kingdom center is worried to be a slum following a fast growing development in the areal due to the By Pass IB. Mantra route passing through it. “The by pass is a factor and can cause Gelgel to change from being a green zone and maybe be built and left a slum,” Gelgel Village Chief, Nengah Soma, stated in the beginning of the city center ordering and revitalization planning at a joined working meeting

between Klungkung Region Government and Technique Management Consultant last Monday (12/7). The meeting, taken place at Praja Mandala Meeting Room, was not only attended by Gelgel Village Chief, yet also cultural figures like Nyoman Gunarsa and led by Klungkung Regional Development Planning Board (Bapedda), A.A. Ngurah Agung. According to Ngurah Agung, problems such as in Gelgel Village is the base to do an ordering and revitaliz-

ing on the city which also to solve general problems such as vitality of the city’s economy, limited city’s facilities network, environment quality degradation, damaged spatial and the decrease of the people’s socio-culture. “This meeting is to find a revitalization concept from each area’s potential, either socio-cultural, socio-economic even physical and environmental which are able to protect and conserve each area,” Ngurah Agung explained. (kmb20)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Implementation of student orientation should be fun IT has become a routine activity. By the new academic year, every school organizes activities known as student orientation (MOS). As a matter of fact, MOS activity poses an introduction effort of school to new students. Therefore, the atmosphere must be made as interesting and fun as possible. Not conversely, creating the new students to become anxious and tense. Implementation of MOS must remain on the corridor stipulated and achieve the goals. How is about the MOS implementation at a number of schools in Denpasar on the first day, last Monday (Jul 12)? New students went to their respective new school very early in the morning. They came by putting on uniform to attend the opening session of MOS. In SMP (secondary school) 4 Denpasar, for example, new students that had gathered were given briefing by its headmaster, Wayan Dhania. In brief, he highlighted the existence of the school, school rules and so forth. New students were sufficiently ordered to use uniform, complete with hat, without strange knick-knacks. “MOS should be fun. There are no instructions to search for difficult or rare items. Anyway, MOS is not a hazing event, either,” said the treasurer of Indonesia Teachers Association (PGRI) Bali. In principle, MOS denoted an introduction to the school environment. It aimed, among others, mentally to prepare the students for study at their new school. The school having predicate as Adiwiyata Mandiri noted 350 students joining the MOS. MOS activities of the school would also be filled with activities like environmental clean up services. Implementation of MOS lasted until 12:30 pm. No additional time provided so that it was not boring. Some of new students of SMAN (high school) 4 Denpasar, Alfian and Ni Nyoman Adi Devi Satwika were happy to attend the MOS. Activities of MOS on the first day were considered fun and of much benefit. According to them, they were not ordered to look for weird stuff. Meanwhile, for schools under the Perdiknas Foundation of Denpasar also organized the same activities. New students of SMP Nasional, and SMA Nasional and SMK Teknologi Nasional gathered at the Perdiknas Square to attend the opening session of MOS at 08.00 am Local Time. Opening of the MOS was begun by flag raising ceremony. Secretary of Perdiknas AAA Ngr Sri Rahayu acted as the adviser. MOS in the schools under Perdiknas Foundation would be filled with lectures, mosquito’s nest eradication (PSN) and performance of the potential of students. Totally, the MOS in the schools of Perdiknas was followed by 231 new students.

In SMAN 2 Denpasar, new students were gathered at basketball court in front of the school buildings. They appeared to dress in uniform, with his head covered by coconut-leaf hat and furnished with feathers of rooster’s tail. The use of such hat, according to Headmaster of SMAN 2 Denpasar, Ketut Sunarta, said it was an attempt of introduction to agrarian culture in Bali. “When rural farmers are going to rice fields or mowing grass, they usually use such coconut leaf hat. It is important to be introduced to new students in order to enrich the treasure about one of the elements of Balinese culture,” said Sunarta while suggesting in order the MOS did not contain any weird requests to the new students. Meanwhile, Headmaster of SMAN 1 Denpasar, Made Tumbuh, also ordered that the execution of MOS did not involve physical punishment or hazing. Otherwise, it would be imposed with physical sanctions by council of teachers. “Please avoid any physical punishment. If that happens, of course perpetrators will be faced with council of teachers,” he said. Creative culture

Meanwhile, MOS in Denpasar City was packed in the theme “Cool, healthy, creative and cultured.” Denpasar Mayor, IB Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra when opened the MOS in Dwijendra School, Denpasar, said that MOS did not make physical fatigue and mental pressure on the students, but increase the creativity of students. In addition, cultured MOS activities also denoted one of the attempts to create positive activities in order to take the adolescents away from negative association, such as juvenile delinquency, brawl, fight and drug abuse. Therefore, according to Rai Mantra, MOS activity was very strategic as well as a challenge for all educational components to seek for the implementation of MOS creativity oriented in educational values. Head of Denpasar Education Agency, I Gusti Lanang Jelantik, said the MOS activity needed implementing in order to provide an introduction to school environment for new students. MOS activities were expected to provide early experience in the new school environment and give a positive impression of fun so that they increased the interest of learning. Other than introduction to environment, MOS would also be filled with social activities in the form of greening and eradication of mosquito breeding into people’s homes in 43 villages. To avoid the hazing, his party had provided guidelines for the implementation of MOS each year. (lun)



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Israeli bulldozers raze 3 east Jerusalem buildings Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM – Israeli bulldozers destroyed three unfinished buildings Tuesday in contested east Jerusalem, raising Palestinian charges that the municipality is resuming house demolitions after a temporary halt aimed at encouraging peace talks. Jerusalem house demolitions are a volatile issue because of conflicting Israeli and Palestinian claims to the city’s eastern sector. Israel sees it as part of its city while Palestinians want it for their own future capital. Washington has condemned demolitions in the past as damaging to peace efforts. The municipality said the structures razed in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiyeh on Tuesday were not homes, that they were illegally built and not populated. The demolitions were carried out by court order, the municipality said in a statement. But Palestinian resident Basem Isawi, 48, an unemployed contractor, said one of the structures was his own unfinished home. He built it illegally, he said, spending about $25,000, because he knew the municipality would not give him a permit. He had been notified of the

impending demolition but did not know when it was slated to happen, he said. “We watched them destroy the house, and we couldn’t do anything,” Isawi said. Police said the demolitions were carried out without incident. Neighborhood residents said the second structure was also a house and identified the third as a warehouse. Under international pressure to encourage peace talks with the Palestinians, Israel quietly halted house demolitions in Jerusalem late last year. Until Tuesday, no houses had been demolished since October. A spokesman for the U.S. embassy would not comment Tuesday. Israel says it is only enforcing the law against building violations, but Palestinians say discriminatory planning practices make it impossible for them to get permits, leaving them no choice but to build illegally and risk demolition. About a third of Jerusalem’s 750,000 residents are Palestinian. They have residency status in Jerusalem and receive Israeli social benefits, but do not hold Israeli citizenship. They largely boycott municipal elections to avoid recognizing Israel’s hold on east Jerusalem.

AP Photo/Marc Hofer

Damaged chairs and tables amongst the debris strewn outside the restaurant ‘Ethiopian village’ in Kampala, Uganda, Monday, July 12, 2010 after an explosion at the restaurant late Sunday.

Unexploded bomb vest found in Uganda; 4 arrested Associated Press Writers

KAMPALA, Uganda – Investigators found an unexploded suicide vest with ball bearings in a disco hall in Uganda’s capital, suggesting that militants had planned a third bombing during the World Cup final, officials said Tuesday. Four foreign suspects were arrested in connection with the find.

REUTERS/Yves Herman

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad (L) is welcomed by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso ahead of a meeting in Brussels July 13, 2010.

The discovery of a suicide vest in a suburb of Kampala on Monday was consistent with what was seen at the two blast sites in Kampala, said the inspector general of police, Kale Kaihura. The vest contained ball bearings, as did the bombs that exploded Sunday. Officials believe suicide bombers took part in the twin blasts during the World Cup final. “What we found here is consistent with what we found on both scenes of crime. And so this is a very significant lead in our investigation,” Kaihura said. Four people were arrested in con-

nection with the discovery of the unexploded vest, said Edward Ochom, the director of criminal investigations. He said the four were not Ugandan but would not say their nationalities. Kale hinted that Somali nationals could be among those arrested. Kaihura said a Ugandan militant group — the Allied Democratic Forces — may also have played a role in the attack. Like al-Shabab, the ADF is primarily a Muslim radical group. The death toll from Sunday’s attack rose to 76, Kaihura said. Officials found a bomb vest, detonator,

wires and ball bearings in a bag at the disco similar to a laptop computer bag, he said. Al-Shabab, Somalia’s most dangerous militant group, claimed responsibility for the attacks. The Islamists are calling for Uganda to withdraw their African Union peacekeeping forces from Somalia. The claim by al-Shabab, whose fighters are trained by militant veterans of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, raises the security stakes in East Africa and has broader implications globally. The group in the past has recruited Somali-Americans to carry out suicide bombings in Mogadishu. Al-Shabab, an ultra-conservative Islamic group that has drawn comparisons to the Taliban, has long threatened to attack outside of Somalia’s borders, but the bombings late Sunday are the first time the group has done so.

300 arrested in Italian mafia crackdown: police Agence France Presse

ROME – Italian police on Tuesday said they were carrying out an operation to arrest more than 300 people in a crackdown on the ‘Ndrangheta, the crime syndicate operating in the southern region of Calabria. In the largest operation of its kind in recent years, 3,000 police in Calabria and several parts of the wealthy north of Italy made arrests

for mafia association, murder, arms offences, trafficking, extortion and other crimes, police said in a statement. The ‘Ndrangheta is one of Italy’s four large organised crime syndicates, along with the Camorra in the area of Naples, Cosa Nostra in Sicily and the

smaller Sacra Corona Unita in the southeastern region of Puglia. Italy’s Eurispes institute estimated the ‘Ndrangheta’s turnover from trafficking in drugs and arms, prostitution and extortion at 44 billion euros (55 billion dollars).

File photo shows Italian police conducting a roadblock in the southern region of Calabria. Italian police on Tuesday said they were carrying out an operation to arrest more than 300 people in a crackdown on the ‘Ndrangheta’, the crime syndicate operating in Calabria.

AFP/File/Antonio Taccone

International IMIGRATION Australian Consulate General Jalan Tantular 32 Renon Denpasar Phone: +62 361 241118 Fax: +62 361 221195 (General) +62 361 241120 (Immigration)

General Info

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HOSPITAL Denpasar There are 4 major hospitals usually used by foreigners Denpasar General Hospital (RSUP Sanglah), Kasih Ibu Hospital, Rumah Sakit Wongaya and Rumah Sakit Dharma Husada.

HOSPITAL Bangli Bangli General Hospital Jl. Kesumayuda 27, Bangli Phone : +62 366 91521 Gianyar

Royal Danish & Norwegian Mimpi Resort Jimbaran, Bali Phone +62.361.701 070 The Czech Republic Jalan Pengembak No. 17 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.286 465 France Consulate Agency Jalan Merta Sari Gang II No. 8 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.285 485 The Federal Republic of Germany Jalan Pantai Karang No 17 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.288 535 The Republic of Hungary Jalan By Pass No 219 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.287 701 Italian Consulate Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Jimbaran, Bali Phone +62.361.701 005 Honorary Consulate of Mexico Jalan Mohamad Yamin 1 A, Renon, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.223 266 Honorary Consulate of The Netherlands Jalan Raya Kuta 127, Bali Phone +62.361.761 506 Honorary Consulate of Spain Komplek Istana Kuta Galleria Blok Vallet 2 No 11. Jalan Patih Jelantik Kuta, Bali Phone +62.361.769 286 USA Consulate Agency Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 188 Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.222 426 Consulate General of Japan Jalan Raya Puputan No. 170 Renon, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.227 628 Honorary Consulate of British Jalan Tirta Nadi No. 20 Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.270 601 Swiss and Austria Consulate Jalan Patih Jelantik, Komplek Pertokoan Istana Galleria Phone +62.361.751 735 Honorary Consulate of Brazil Jalan Legian No. 186, Bali Phone +62.361.757 775 Honorary Consulate of Thailand Jalan Raya Puputan Renon 81, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.263 310 Embassy of India Jalan Raya Puputan Renon 42-44, Denpasar, Bali Phone +62.361.241 978 Honorary Consulate of Sweden anf Finland Segara Village Hotel, Jalan Segara Ayu, Sanur, Bali Phone +62.361.282 223 Honorary Consulate of Malaysia Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort, Jalan Pantai Kuta, Bali Phone +62.361.752 520

RSUP Sanglah is the main provincial public hospital. Its facilities have improved since the emergency ward had been built in 1991. Difficult/critical cases would not become a problem anymore since it has complete equipments. It is located on Jl. Kesehatan Selatan 1 Sanglah Denpasar with : Phone : 227 911 – 15 Fax : 226 363 Kasih Ibu Hospital is a private hospital which caters for less serious cases such as diarrhea, intestinal disorders, anemia, asthma and minor accidents. Kasih Ibu is also equipped to care for pregnant women. This hospital is located on Jl. Teuku Umar 120 Denpasar. Phone : 223 036 Fax : 268 690. Rumah Sakit Wongaya (Public Hospital; Psychiatric Unit) Jl. Kartini, Denpasar. Phone : 222 142. Rumah Sakit Dharma Husada , (Private) Jl. Sudirman No 50, Denpasar Phone : 227 560, 234 824 In relating with health, Bali also has insurance and medical evacuation company, that is: AEA International - SOS Assistance Bali. PT Abhaya Eka Astiti, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 24X, Kuta 80361. Phone : 755 768 Fax : 755 768 One thing that should be noted by tourists here is that the Blood Bank in Bali normally carries no stock of Rhesus (Rh) Negative blood. Badung Bali Medical Clinics There are some medical clinics that are well known by foreigners in Bali. Some of them are western owned and operated : Bali International Medical Center (BIMC) Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC) provides excellent Primary Health Care & Emeregency Medical Services for tourists, traveler, and expatriate living in Bali. Emeregency Room, Ambulance, Clinic Services, Insurance & Medical Evacuations also available. Open 24 hours Phone : 761 2631. Located Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.100X, Kuta, Bali 80361 - Indonesia. International SOS Clinic Bali Opened in 1999, offers International SOS members and visitors to Bali comprehensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency medical service. Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 505X, Kuta 80361, Bali - Indonesia Phone : 720 100 Fax : 721 919 E-mail : ttp :// Bali Nusa Dua Emergency Clinic Jl Pratama No. 81 Phone : 771 324 Kuta Clinic Jl. Raya Kuta Phone : 753 268 Dental Clinic Dr Indra Guizot, Jl. Patimura 19, Denpasar Phone : 222 445, 234 375 DDS. Ritjie Rihartinah, Jl Pratama No. 81 Nusa Dua Phone : 771 324 Retno W. Agung, Jln. Bypass Ngurah Rai No.4A Br. Tamansari – Sanur Phone : 288 501

Clinic Mas Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud Phone : +62 361 974573 Toyo Clinic Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud Phone : +62 361 978078 Permata Bunda Clinic Jl. Patih Jelantik 50 X, Gianyar Phone : +62 361 942082 Ubud Clinic Jl Raya Ubud No.36 Campuhan, Ubud Phone : +62 361 974911 Gianyar General Hospital Jl. Ciung Wanara 2, Gianyar Phone : +62 361 943049 Karangasem Karangasem General Hospital Jl. Ngurah Rai, Karangasem Phone : +62 363 21001 Klungkung Klungkung General Hospital Jl. Flamboyan 40-4, Klungkung Phone : +62 366 21371 Negara Negara General Hospital Jl. Gelar, Negara Phone : +62 365 41006 Tabanan Laboratorium Clinic Jl. Gunung semeru No. 8, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 819260 Mengwi Clinic Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai 46, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 880550 Darma Kerti Hospital Jl. Teratai 16, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 812359 Tabanan General Hospital Jl. Pahlawan 14, Tabanan Phone : +62 361 811027 Singaraja Prodia Clinic Jl. RA Kartini 12, Singaraja Bali 0362 - 24-516 Singaraja Hospital Jl. Ngurah Rai 30, Singaraja Bali 0362 - 22-573 Pet Clinics Kayumas: (0361) 226934 Sayang Binatang: (0361) 483121 Satwa Kertha Husada: (0361) 263018 Pantai Sindhu: (0361) 287518 Sidakarya: (0361) 724492 Pedungan: (0361) 720026

TAXIS Praja Taxi : (0361) 289090 Bali Taxi : (0361) 701111 Ngurah Rai Taxi : (0361) 724724 Pan Wirthi Taxi : (0361) 723366 Komotra Taxi : (0361) 758855



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News 17 dead... From page 1 Meanwhile, the waters in a reservoir near the far western city of Golmud began to subside Tuesday after hundreds of workers and soldiers finished digging a diversion channel, an official at the Qinghai province water bureau said. The reservoir at one point swelled to almost four feet (more than a meter) above its warning level, the Golmud city government website said. Over the weekend, about 10,000 residents were evacuated as soldiers transported sandbags, rocks and dirt and used bulldozers to dig the emergency waterway, the website said. Still, parts of Golmud, a transport and mining hub on the edge of the Tibetan plateau, were al(AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani, File)

FILE - In this April 24, 2010 file photo film director Roman Polanski walks on the balcony of his chalet named ‘Milky Way’, where he has been under house arrest, in Gstaad, Switzerland.

US vows continued pursuit of Roman Polanski Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES – From prosecutors in Los Angeles to justice officials in Washington, the Swiss decision to free Roman Polanski was described as a disappointment and to some, an injustice. The Swiss, for their part, described Polanski as “a free man.” The decision by the Swiss government to set Polanski free dealt another twist in a sex case that has spanned three decades and two continents. Whether the case continues depends largely on where Polanski travels. A warrant for his arrest remains active, effectively barring the 76year-old from returning to the U.S., which he fled in 1978 on the eve of sentencing for a charge of having unlawful sex with a 13year-old girl. “The United States believes that the rape of a 13-yearold child by an adult is a crime, and we continue to pursue justice in this case,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said. Los Angeles prosecutors argue that the director must return there to argue that his case was mishandled by a now-deceased judge and a former prosecutor. Polanski has been equally unwilling to return and press his case in person. The Swiss ruling cannot be appealed, and within hours of the ruling Polanksi appeared to have left the multimillion dollar chalet where he had been confined on house arrest since last year. He is free to return to his native France, which does not extradite its citizens.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, who is running for California attorney general, said his office will work with federal officials to have Polanski returned for sentencing if he’s arrested in a country with a favorable extradition treaty. Cooley’s office said last September after Polanski’s arrest that it had previously sought his arrest in England, Thailand and Israel. Cooley called the decision a “disservice to justice and other victims as a whole.” The Oscar-winning director of “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Chinatown” and “The Pianist” was accused of plying his victim with champagne and part of a Quaalude during a 1977 modeling shoot and raping her. He was initially indicted on six felony counts, including rape by use of drugs, child molesting and sodomy, but pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse. The Swiss government said its decision to reject extradition for Polanski was based in part on U.S. authorities failing to turn over transcripts of secret testimony given by the attorney who originally handled the director’s case. The testimony remains sealed, and can only be used if the former

prosecutor was unavailable for an evidentiary hearing, a Los Angeles court spokesman said. The testimony “should prove” that Polanski actually served his sentence while undergoing a court-ordered diagnostic study after charges were filed, the Swiss Justice Ministry said. “If this were the case, Roman Polanski would actually have already served his sentence and therefore both the proceedings on which the U.S. extradition request is founded and the request itself would have no foundation,” the ministry said. They also noted that Polanski’s victim, Samantha Geimer, has repeatedly asked that the case be dropped. Cooley, who is the fifth district attorney to handle Polanski’s case, accused the Swiss of exploiting a quirk of California law to set the director free and the decision was a “rejection of the competency of the California courts. “The Swiss could not have found a smaller hook on which to hang their hat,” Cooley said in a statement. In addition to setting Polanski free, the Swiss decision Monday added to the chorus of courts that have expressed doubts about the director’s case and his treatment.

ready under six feet (two meters) of water, Xinhua reported. Usually prone to drought, Qinghai has seen increasingly heavy rainfalls in recent years. This year ’s rains fell as snow melted in the surrounding mountains. Dozens of reservoirs swelled beyond their warning levels, said the water bureau official. Heavy rain is expected to sweep through the Yangtze River basin, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces, through Wednesday, the China Meteorological Administration said. Parts of China experience annual flooding. In the first ten days of July, torrential rains have caused more than 50 deaths and economic losses of 8.9 billion yuan (US$1.3 billion), according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

82 police... From page 1 Several Belfast roads remained closed Tuesday as workers cleared away the remains of the riots: blackened shells of cars that were stolen and torched; roadways littered with glass shards and scorched by impacts from Molotov cocktails; errant objects — wood planks, a beer keg, iron scaffolding, a child’s bicycle — that had been thrown at police; garbage cans lined up on a bridge and set on fire. A moderate Irish nationalist lawmaker, Conal McDevitt, said most rioters were teenagers who lack any coherent political philosophy, only a desire to lash out at police. “This seems to be as much about aping what they saw previous generations of so-called ‘hard men’ doing, than protesting or opposing an Orange march,” said McDevitt, who asked Catholics to tell police about the rioters living in their communities. “No community deserves to be dragged back into the past by a tiny minority who have no idea why they are rioting or what they want to achieve.” Northern Ireland’s main rail line remained partly closed after Irish nationalist rioters in Lurgan, southwest of Belfast, tried to set fire to a train with 55 passengers on board. Nobody was hurt because the engineer drove the train away quickly. Passengers on all Dublin-Belfast rail services were being switched on to buses for the Northern Ireland half of the journey. “If that train had gone on fire, there would have been a major disaster,” said John O’Dowd, a politician from the IRA-linked Sinn Fein party who represents Lurgan in the Northern Ireland Assembly. In Northern Ireland’s secondlargest city of Londonderry, a lone gunman using a nearby pub for cover fired at least five shots from a handgun at police Tuesday as they tried to extinguish a fire that had engulfed a police armored ve-

hicle. Nobody was hurt, and police said the masked gunman escaped. Police commanders planned to present video and photographic footage of Monday’s attacks on police officers to journalists later Tuesday. Monday’s violence began in Ardoyne, a traditional IRA power base in north Belfast, where about 100 demonstrators tried to block one parade route while masked men and youths on side streets bombarded police with bricks, bottles, stones, Molotov cocktails and at least one homemade grenade. Police said they fired about 70 plastic bullets during four hours of street clashes in Ardoyne. Since 1998, a British-appointed Parades Commission has imposed restrictions on Orange marching routes to prevent the Protestants — accompanied by “kick the pope” bands of tattooed men playing fife and drum — from passing most Catholic districts. Still, authorities have failed to negotiate alternative routes for some parades, including the one past Ardoyne’s row of shops on Crumlin Road. The thoroughfare connects one Orange lodge to central Belfast. The disputed Ardoyne parade involves a single Orange lodge of about 30 men and an accompanying band of about 50 men and boys. But it attracts several hundred Protestant supporters to match the Catholic crowds opposed to it, with police caught in the middle each summer. The Orange Order commemorates July 12 — also known as the Glorious Twelfth, an official holiday in Northern Ireland — as the date when their community, descended largely from 17th-century Scottish settlers, secured their place in northeast Ireland versus Catholic natives. On July 12, 1690, the forces of Protestant King William of Orange defeated the army of his dethroned Catholic rival, James II, at the Battle of the Boyne south of Belfast.


Indonesia Today

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Police still looking for French tourist lost in Aceh Mountain Antara

TAKENGON - Police is still looking for French tourist Guery Laurent (37) who may have been lost in Mount Ujen, Aceh Tengah district, several days ago. Central Chief Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Edwin Rahmat Adikusumo, said here on Tuesday 30 police personnel, a group of emergency rescue team and several local people had been on the search of the French tourist near mount Ujen area. However, they could yet find Laurent yet.

Laurent went into the mount Ujen forest accompanied by two guides Joko and M Gade. However, after two days Joko lost track of Laurent. Joko finally managed to get out of the forest but he was very exhausted and sick. “Now Joko has recovered and willing to help the rescuers to search for Laurent,” Edwin said. “He never reported himself to the local authorities,” Edwin said adding that the police knew Laurent`s identity from a passport he left at his hotel in Takengon.

Government sees realistic 5.8 pct growth target for 2010 Antara FOTO ANTARA/Irsan Mulyadi

Tens of elementary students from SD Negeri 060886 Medan demonstrated with hundreds of people from Titi Rantai District. They objected with the land execution in the Medan Baru district, Medan on Tuesday, July 13. According to the people that live there, the land had been used as the sport field for elementary student

Malaysia says deal with Indonesia on maids delayed Agence France-Presse

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia said on Tuesday that a deal with Indonesia on working conditions for Indonesian maids, prompted by a series of shocking abuse cases, has been delayed. The agreement had been expected to be signed this month, but the countries have yet to agree terms, Human Resources Minister S. Subramaniam told AFP. A flood of complaints of mistreatment of domestic workers in Malaysia strained relations and in June last year prompted Jakarta to temporarily ban maids from taking up jobs there, pending the new agreement. “It will not be signed this month as expected because both sides have outstanding issues on the terms that have yet to be resolved,” the minister said. “The issues revolve around

agreeing to the cost structure of bringing in new maids and the fees to be paid to Indonesian agents in bringing in the maids,” he added. “We are hoping to come up with the agreement in the shortest time possible but at this point, we are not sure when this will be.” In May, Prime Minister Najib Razak said both sides still had to agree on a minimum wage after he held talks with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The two countries have previously inked an agreement that would give maids one day off a week and ensure they can keep their passports

while in service. Subramaniam said the government would also be looking to recruit more maids from southern Thailand and the Philippines, as both countries have sizeable numbers of Muslim domestic workers. “Those countries have always been a source of maids for us but now we will intensify efforts to recruit more to meet any shortage,” he said. Malaysia is one of Asia’s largest importers of labour and depends heavily on domestic workers, who come mainly from Indonesia, but it has no laws governing their working conditions. Averages of 50 maid abuse cases are reported annually out of the 300,000 Indonesian maids working in the country, according to Malaysian officials. But Indonesia says 1,000 maids face violence and mistreatment every year.

Two injured in another cylinder gas explosion Antara

JAKARTA - Two people were injured after a 3-kg gas cylinder exploded in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, on Tuesday morning. The victim, identified as Samini, was cooking when the gas cylinder suddenly exploded, chief of the Cengkareng police precinct Commissioner Ruslan said. The gas explosion also injured Arjun. Samini (35) sustained burns

in all of her body and Arjun (14) had burns in his neck, head and leg, Ruslan said. Both victims were receiving intensive medical treatment at Sumber Waras Hospital in West Jakarta, he said. The blast did not cause fire but it damaged the roof of the house, he said. The police are looking into the cause of gas cylinder blast. Tuesday’s cylinder gas blast was the latest in a series of explosions

involving 3-kg gas cylinders across the country, Jakarta in particular. In Jakarta alone, at least eight people have been killed and more than 30 others injured in gas explosions. In May, Jakarta Police arrested three executives of gas cylinder maker PT Tabung Mas Murni, one of several companies being investigated over the blasts. All the three executives have been charged under the 1999 Consumer Protection Law.

JAKARTA - The government sees its economic growth target of 5.8 percent for this year is still realistic even though many have predicted the economy may grow at a higher pace. “We still maintain it at 5.8 percent. This is realistic figure because the first-quarter growth is 5.7 percent,” Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa said here on Monday. Certain quarters, including international bodies had predicted the Indonesian economy might expand more than 6.0 percent this year, the minister said. Some factions in the House of Representatives (DPR) had earlier expressed optimism that the economic growth target of 6.6-7 percent for 2011 could be achieved. The optimism was based on

favorable domestic economic developments, manageable macro economic and monetary stability and other positive indicators. The domestic economy grew by 5.7 percent in the first quarter of 2010, or 0.1 percent lower than the target of 5.8 percent set in the revised 2010 state budget. Last year, the national economy grew by 4.4 percent. The House of Representatives asked the government to take into account inputs, views and suggestions from the House with regard to the draft 2011 state budget. Asked to comment on the low budget absorption until late June, Hatta said the government spending particularly on capital goods had indeed become the center of attention. “But compared to 2008 and 2009 the difference is only 1 percent so we still have a chance to meet the target,” he said.

Police extend top singer’s detention Antara

JAKARTA - Police on Monday extended the detention period of popular Peterpan vocalist Nazriel Irham alias Ariel to another 30 days. “At present Ariel has passed 20 days of his detention period and it has to be extended because investigation still needs to be continued,” Brig. Gen. Saut Usman Nasution of the Police Investigation Department (Bareskrim) said here on Monday. Police have named Ariel a suspect and have held him at the Bareskrim cell since June 22 for alleged involvement in a widely circulated sex video case. Police are now investigating Ariel and noted presenter and artist Luna Maya over the circulation of sex videos on the internet featuring an actor (looking like Ariel) having sex with two actresses, one resembling Maya and the other one Cut Tari.

Ariel has been named a suspect in this porn video case. According to Deputy Head of Police Headquarters‘ Public Relations Division Zainuri Lubis, the persons appearing in the sex videos currently circulating among the public could face multiple criminal charges. The actor/actress in the videos can be charged based on penal clauses in three different laws. Police said the relevant penal clauses were contained in Law No. 11 / 2008 on Pornography carrying a penalty of 12 years in jail, Article 27 paragraph 1 of the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions requiring a penalty of up to six years in jail and a fine of Rp1 billion, and Article 282 on immorality in the Criminal Code. The actors in the sex videos could be charged based on those articles because they were aware their immoral acts were being recorded and because of their negligence in keeping the videos from the public.



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Bali Today Food sector tops list of development priorities Antara

DENPASAR - Agriculture Minister Suswono said the global financial crisis has prompted the government to put the food sector on its list of development priorities to promote the people’s living standards. “Yet efforts to increase food production in Indonesia face many obstacles, such as declining water supply and shrinking farm land as a result of housing and industrial projects,” he said on Tuesday. Opening the national congress of the Indonesian Farmers Association (HKTI), the minister said global climate change was another factor affecting the country’s food production. “Looking ahead, we must altogether think of solution to the challenges. As an umbrella of farmers, the HKTI must be able to find the solution so that they will be free from poverty,” he said. Most of the recipients of subsidized rice for the poor (raskin) were farmers because they could not afford to meet their families’ needs, he said. “Nearly 60 percent of the subsidized rice goes to farmers in rural areas,” he said. In this respect, the government and relevant organizations must think of the farmers’ future, he said. “We must encourage them as Indonesia has a wide area of fertile land. Nearly 75 percent of villagers are

engaged in the agricultural sector,” he said. HKTI Chairman Prabowo Subianto meanwhile said HKTI was an independent organization which protected farmers across the country. “HKTI is a professional and independent organization which always teams up with the government in promoting farmers’ welfare,” he said. Yet the organization remained critical of government policies involving farmers, he said. “We will always be critical of the government policies if their implementation deviates from the existing programs,” he said. Commenting on the increasing number of candidates for the post of HKTI chairman, he said this meant that the organization was popularly known in the community. “I support whoever nominates for the post of the HKTI chairman. The HKTI chairman will be elected democratically. And I leave all the election process to the participants of the national congress,” he said to the applause of the audience.

Bali Post/Yudi Karnaedi

Agriculture Minister Suswono (striking the gong) said the global financial crisis has prompted the government to put the food sector on its list of development priorities to promote the people’s living standards.

Mayadanawa: Feeling Superiority Results in Destruction When penjors paraphernalia are erected throughout the island, they epitomize that Galungan festivity has come. Every single devotee is in blooming heart welcoming it with joy. This six monthly celebration in Balinese calendar encourages people to make earnest preparation whole day and night. It’s time to glorify

God and ancestors. Based on the mythology, Galungan delineates the triumph of dharma (truth) against adharma (untruth). According to Tatwa Mayadanawa transliterated by Made Gambar said that Bedaulu kingdom in Bali was once ruled by Mayadanawa. He was very powerful and proud of his power and

feels to have more sovereign power than that of gods. This arrogance until forbids all subjects to worship God together with the celebration to glorify all God’s manifestations. The non-existence of freedom to worship and other religious activities caused many subjects greatly suffered where diseases spread and harvests failed. Seeing this condition, Lord Mahadeva in heaven feels disappointed. Having organized an assembly session with other gods, it is decided to attack Mayadanawa. Under the leadership of Lord Indra, the target can be timely destroyed. In short, the troops of the gods won the battle. This does not only stand for the triumph of the gods, but also of the whole mankind on earth. Afterwards, Galungan then can be re-celebrated after the triumph of Indra. Many subjects felt to regain their enlightenment as they were able to practice their religious life. This festivity lasts for ten days and ends in the day called Kuningan. Aside from paying homage at village temple, it is also intended to appreciate the ancestors at family shrine. Similarly,

devotees thank for the prosperity bestowed and maintain the relationship with their ancestors. Though they have left for the beyond, hopefully they could illuminate their descendants. Another version about Galungan is mentioned by the manuscript Jaya Kasunu. It is said that the king Jaya Kasunu (AD 1204), meditated (held dewa sraya) to invoke guidance. His problem was that not one of his predecessors could rule longer. Through his solemn meditation he was inspired that he should re-organize religious activities, such as Galungan. No matter what the version is, the essence of these mythologies implies that a devotee or creation should maintain their persistent contact to his Creator. The âtman dwelling within the human self should maintain his contact to Brahman, the Creator. By doing so, humans can continuously obtain the illumination to walk in the path of dharma. As manifestation of gratitude, devotees express it through worship at temples, garden, rice field and so forth. Everything that has

given prosperity is also offered an oblation, including the means of transportation. If you happen to take an excursion on that day you of course will rub up against many cars affixed with young coconut paraphernalia. Hopefully, the festivity does not come to an end at the vibrant fiesta marked with grandiose oblation, assorted delicious food or luxurious paraphernalia. All the times it should help the spiritual development. Anything achieved in this life either tangible or intangible entities, should not make us arrogant. Sometimes, when having abundance of wealth or higher educational background, a human feels superior or more powerful than others. Even, it is not employed as a milestone to improve his devotion to God. It’s here where the achievement drags human to sluggish condition or gorge of destruction. Like Mayadanawa, he forgot that there is a vast sky above him. His power has led him to his dissolution. If we do not want to become the next Mayadanawa, consistent devotion must be established. (BTN/punia)


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Balinese Culture Government committed to protecting endangered species from extinction Antara

DENPASAR - The government is committed to protecting endangered animal species from extinction by supporting a minimum jail term of 10 years on those found guilty of hunting and trading illegally the protected animals. “We have prepared a law to impose the severest possible sanc-

tions on criminals in the forestry sector with a minimum jail term of 10 years,” Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan said after opening a “Global Tiger Initiative-World Bank” meeting at Ayodya Hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Monday. The lenient penalty meted out to those involved in endangered animal thefts had made it difficult to control the hunting for protected ani-

mals such as Sumatran tigers, he said. “In the past they were subject to a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail. Under the law, the maximum sentence of 10 years will be changed into minimum sentence,” he said. The severest possible sentence was intended to protect endangered animals such as Sumatran tigers which are now on the brink of extinction, he said.

Income gain from exports increase 22% Antara

DENPASAR – The income gained from Bali non-oil and gas export in the first four months of 2010 increase 22% compare to the similar period last year. From January through April 2010, the income was $181 million while last year the income was $148.3 million. The increase mostly happened on small industries and handicraft products. Putu Bagiada, the head of export division in Bali Industrial and Trade Department, said that the increase in exports show that the world economics condition is getting better. The businessmen in Bali are also can fulfill the demands of the costumers which spread in 83 countries throughout the world. The quality and price of the products also can compete in the international market. Bagiada said that there is great hope that the economics condition keeps getting better so the income gained from exports is also increasing. The decrease happened in 2009 as much as 9.2%.

The decrease happened because the financial crisis which happened in countries throughout Europe and US so they reduce the demand to Bali. Bagiada said that the country buy the most products from Bali was US which was $30.5 million followed by Japan with $28.5 million.

In third spot was France with $17.9 million followed by Italy. “The customers from Italy want antique handicrafts made by Balinese artists,” he added. The handicrafts from Bali usually resell by the customers in their own countries because it is highly demanded by the people.

UDANG PANTUNG KUNING (Lobster in Yellow Sauce)

OVERVIEW: A real gourmet treat from Bali, this could also be made with huge prawns. In Bali, coconut chunks are roasted directly on charcoal, then the charred skin scrapped off and the flesh grated for making the coconut milk. INGREDIENTS: 4 sml lobsters, weighing about 500 gr each or 1 kg large prawns 5 cups water 2 lemongrass, bruised 2 fragrant lime leaves 4 cups coconut milk few drops white vinegar fried shallots to garnish

FOTO ANTARA/Fanny Octavianus

Situation at Export-Import port in Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta. The income gained from Bali non-oil and gas export in the first four months of 2010 increase 22% compare to the similar period last year.

SPICE PASTE: 5 red chilies, seeded and chopped 3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 7 shallots, peeled and chopped 5 cm fresh turmeric, peeled and chopped 5 cm ginger, peeled and chopped 4 candlenuts 1 ½ tsp coriander ½ tsp dried shrimp paste toasted 1 sml tomato, peeled and seeded 2 tbsp oil 1 ½ tbsp tamarind pulp 1 salam leaf 1 lemon grass, bruised PREPARATION: Prepare spice paste by grinding or blending all ingredients except oil, tamarind, salam leaf and lemongrass. Heat oil, add spice paste and all other ingredients. Cook over moderate heat for about 5 minutes, then cool. Wash lobsters and leave whole. Bring water to the boil, add lobsters and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove lobsters, plunge in iced water for 1 minutes, then drain and remove meat. Return shells to the pot of water, keeping lobster meat aside. Add spice paste, lemongrass, lime leaves and vinegar to the water with the shells and simmer until 4 cups of stock remain. Add coconut milk and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain stock and return to pan. Add lobster and simmer for 1 minute. Serve garnished with fried shallots and accompanied by white rice.

Helpful hints: if using prawns instead of lobster, peel the raw prawns and put prawns shells 4 cups of water. Simmer for 5 minutes, then combine this stock with coconut milk, prawns and all other ingredients, simmering until cooked. ( C.045 ibp




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Kintamani IBP

For those who love to go hiking or go to the mountainous area, Bali is famous for its beautiful mountainous scenery. Kintamani is for example. Kintamani is the most favorite tourist destinations in Bali with the active volcano of mount Batur and beautiful lake. Kintamani is surrounded by the captivating nature and there are six ancient villages around cauldron of Batur Lake which is often conceived by Bali Age Village. The local people from these Bali Age villages own the unique cultures, houses and life style. Kintamani Area is consisted of some Villages those are Kedisan Village , Buahan, Abang, Trunyan, Songan, South Batur, Middle Batur, North Batur, Sukawana and Kintamani Village . The total of resident in these area are about 15 thousand who are mostly working as farmer, merchant, or work at industrial tourism. Mount Batur is located at Kintamani and it has erupted about 24 times since year 1800 and still active up to now. Since the mount erupting, it has impacted to the local society life around this mount, like removing altar (Temple), improve or repairing the village and re-arrange the tradition. Lake Batur is the biggest lake in Bali and functioning as irrigation source to all farmers around it

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and it is also for all Bali society generally. Kintamani area has been founded some lodging, hotels and restaurants which are located in Kintamani and Penelokan Village. It is a famous tourist place because Kintamani area owns the beautiful panorama and it is encircled by the cold atmosphere. Kintamani is beautifully seen at the day time around 10:00 am until 15:00 pm especially having fine weather where entire Kintamani area will be able to be seen clearly. Generally, all tourists who pay a visit to this place will arrive in the day time where they can enjoy the panorama or enjoy the lunch in the local restaurant with lake view. Mostly restaurants at Kintamani generally own very beautiful view where tourist merging into their lunch in this restaurant and meanwhile enjoy the panorama. Kintamani is located in Kintamani sub district, Bangli Regency and about 50 km from Denpasar Town or about 2 hours by car. All roads are generally in good condition to access to this place. The fog will descend and blanket entire area of Kintamani with cold temperature in particular at late afternoon until the whole of night. The most amazing panorama at Kintamani can be seen in the morning time, when the sunrise emerges on the surface of earth precisely on the mount Batur.

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BUSINESS China to fight price manipulation with heavy fines Reuters

BEIJING - For sending misleading or fake information about price increases, according to a new draft regulation by China’s economic planning agency. The announcement by the National Development and Reform Commission appeared to represent an intensification of its efforts to crack down on profiteering that the government fears could unleash more serious inflation.

Hoarding of goods will also be subject to fines of 2 million yuan, the NDRC said on its website. Last month, the NDRC levied a 1 million yuan fine on firms which had colluded to force up mung bean prices. The Chinese government has

set a target of 3 percent for average consumer prices inflation this year. Prices rose 3.1 percent from a year earlier in May. June figures are due on Thursday. Economists polled by Reuters forecast a 3.3 percent increase in the consumer price index.


Afternoon traffic passes in front of high-rises in the business-hub of Kuala Lumpur on July 13, 2010. Export-dependent Malaysia, Southeast Asia’s third-largest economy, was hit hard by the global slowdown and its economy shrank 1.7 percent last year. The economy is forecast to grow 5.5 percent this year, but Prime Minister Najib Razak said last month he was aiming for 6.0 percent this year, as he unveiled a 69billion-dollar development plan aimed at spurring growth.

EU finance ministers mull China, Argentina agree $10 billion in rail deals stress test disclosure Agence France-Presse Agence France-Presse

BRUSSELS - EU finance ministers on Tuesday hammered out how to release tests on the ability of banks to absorb a new financial crisis, which they hoped would restore confidence in the European economy. Tests on 91 banks accounting for 65 percent of the European banking system are to be released on July 23 in a bid to reassure markets, which fear some institutions may have hidden debt problems. “It is clear to my mind that the stress test exercise is of paramount importance to restore confidence in the European economy,” said EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn. “In my view the European banking sector is overall resilient,” he said late Monday after a meeting of finance ministers from the 16 nations which use the euro currency. “But at the same time, when we publish the stress tests, we will have to prepare for any possible pocket of vulnerability.” The health of the European banking sector has come under sharp focus from investors worried that they might have been hit hard by Europe’s sovereign debt crisis. The euro fell again against the dollar, partly over uncertainty over what the stress tests would reveal next week.

Some economists have warned that the tests would show that some European banks need fresh capital. Luxembourg Finance Minister Luc Frieden said state intervention to help banks would be a last resort. “It is first up to the banks themselves to see how they can boost their funds,” Frieden said. But, he added, “for now we do not have any indications that there would be substantial problems.” The debt crisis forced European governments to bail out Greece and set up a 750-billioneuro (950-billion-dollar) loan package with the International Monetary Fund to help any other state that may need the help. Eurozone finance ministers pressed Slovakia to stop blocking the activation of the financial safety net. Slovakia wants to renegotiate its share of the mechanism. Slovak Finance Minister Ivan Miklos said he was hopeful his government would make a decision on Wednesday. Finance ministers from the whole 27-nation EU discussed how they would release the results of the stress tests. French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said governments would ensure a coordinated release of the results. “We want to maximise the results of the stress tests,” she told reporters. Finance ministers defended the

methodology of the tests and denied that standards had been watered down to ensure good scores for the banks. “First it was said that they were too tough, that they would lead all the banks towards bankruptcy. The next day it was said that they were too weak and that the exercise is useless,” said German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. “In general, the truth lies somewhere in the middle,” he said. The finance ministers also sought a breakthrough in negotiations with the EU parliament on a key plank of Europe’s financial reform efforts: the creation of pan-European watchdogs to police banks, insurers and markets. Last week the EU parliament postponed until September a vote on the supervisory bodies, to give negotiators more time to reach a deal. The talks have centred over how much power to give them, with EU lawmakers seeking to give them wide authority. Britain, fearful that stronger EU supervision of the London financial centre would end up costing it taxpayers’ money, wants to ensure that the new agencies have no authority in the budgetary decisions of EU states. Lagarde said there was a “collective determination” to finalise a deal before the end of the year in order to activate the agencies in early 2011.

China and Argentina on Tuesday agreed contracts for an array of projects in the rail sector totalling 10 billion dollars, Argentine Transport Minister Juan Pablo Schiavi told AFP. The news came during a visit to Beijing by Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, who was to meet Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao later Tuesday. A total of 10 projects — ranging from two to five years — were agreed, including the purchase of Chinese railway technology and investments in electrification of Argentina’s rail lines, Schiavi said. Some of the agreements were signed at midday, in the presence of Kirchner and Chinese Vice-Premier Hui Liangyu. The rest were to be signed following the talks between Kirchner and Hu, the Argentine minister said.

In a speech to businessmen from both countries, Kirchner praised the signing of what she called “important deals between the Argentine government and several Chinese firms” for the improvement of her nation’s railways. Relations between Beijing and Buenos Aires have been strained in recent months. In April, China imposed heavy restrictions on imports of soybean oil from Argentina, the world’s top exporter of the product. Some observers said that move was in response to restrictions on imports put in place by Kirchner’s government last year during the global economic crisis which resulted in reduced purchases of Chinese appliances and textiles. Trade between the two countries rose from four billion dollars in 2004 to 14 billion dollars in 2008, according to government data.

Euro falls on Portugal downgrade Reuters

LONDON - The euro fell while Bund futures jumped on Tuesday as ratings firm Moody’s cut Portugal’s rating to A1 with a stable outlook. The euro fell around 40 ticks against the dollar to the day’s low of $1.2523, while it also hit a session low against the pound at 83.51 pence. “The downgrade is going to weigh on the euro in the short-term and doesn’t bode well ahead of the bank stress tests due next Week,” said David Tinsley, economist at National Australia Bank. Bund futures erased losses, rising to

a session high of 129.47, up 13 ticks on the day. The Portuguese/German 10-year yield spread widened to 290 basis points, around 4 basis points wider versus Monday’s settlement. The cost of protecting Portuguese government debt against default also rose. The five-year credit default swap climbed to 286 basis points from 279.5 bps at the New York close on Monday, according to monitor CMA DataVision. Portugal’s PSI 20 index fell 0.3 percent, while Europe’s FTS Eurofirst 300 pared gains, but still traded up 0.5 percent at 1,030.68 points.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Attorney denies Stamos had fling with 17-year-old Associated Press Writer

MARQUETTE, Mich. – An attorney for actor John Stamos denies the “Full House” and “ER” star had a romantic fling with a 17-yearold girl who six years later is accused of scheming to bilk him of hundreds of thousands of dollars by threatening to sell compromising photos to the tabloids.

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File

FILE - In a Monday, Nov. 16, 2009 photo, actor John Stamos is honored with star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

A defense lawyer made the allegation Monday during opening arguments in U.S. District Court as Allison Coss and Scott Sippola went on trial, charged with conspiracy to commit extortion. Coss, 24, and Sippola, 31, both of Marquette, are accused of conspiring to extort $680,000 from Stamos by telling him they had photos of him with cocaine and strippers — pictures prosecutors contend don’t exist and that two FBI agents testified they did not find while searching the defendants’ house after their arrest. Stamos, 46, is expected to testify during the trial, which resumes Tuesday. But it’s unclear if he will address the defense’s claim that he had a romantic encounter with Coss when she was a high school student on a spring break trip to Florida in 2004. The presiding judge last week ruled that testimony about whether

the Stamos had an intimate relationship with Coss would not be allowed. Opening statements are not testimony and cannot be considered by jurors as evidence but allow attorneys to outline the case they will present. Stamos declined to comment to The Associated Press after Monday’s opening statements. But his attorney, William Sobel, issued a statement through publicist Matt Polk denying the defense’s claims. “The allegations made today in the courtroom by the defendants’ attorneys during opening statements will not be proven because they are simply untrue,” the statement said. Defense attorney Sarah Henderson and Assistant U.S. Attorney Maarten Vermaat agreed in their opening statements that Coss and Stamos met in Orlando, Fla., in 2004 — shortly after Stamos had separated from his wife, actress and

supermodel Rebecca Romijn. The couple divorced the next year. Henderson said Stamos, now 46, noticed Coss and another girl at a club, asked friends to bring them over and later invited the star-struck teens to his hotel room. Stamos ordered a drink for Coss even after she told him she was 17, Henderson said. Two women who worked as strippers eventually showed up in the room with a bag of cocaine, she said, and Coss and her friend took a picture of Stamos bending over a table where the drugs had been laid out. Henderson said Stamos and Coss later kissed on a bed and got into a hot tub together after Stamos undressed and Coss stripped to her underwear. She said Stamos offered to perform oral sex on Coss, but she declined. Florida law makes it a second-degree felony for someone 24 or older to have oral sex with anyone 16 or 17 years old. Stamos eventually became frustrated, broke a bedpost with his hand and left the room before apologizing and inviting Coss to spend the night, which she did, Henderson said.

Winfrey biopic based on R&B duo The-Dream, Christina Milian confirm split Kitty Kelley book planned Reuters

NEW YORK – After less than a year of marriage, singer/ songwriter/producer The-Dream and R&B star Christina Milian

have gone their separate ways. The-Dream, whose real name is Terius Nash, confirmed his split from Milian to on Monday after photos surfaced of him being intimate with his assistant over the

weekend. Nash and Milian were married last September and welcomed a baby daughter, Violet, in March. “Terius ‘The-Dream’ Nash is saddened to announce that his marriage to Christina Milian was unsuccessful,” said his rep in a statement. “The couple reached this decision in late 2009, but decided to keep the news private in efforts to protect their baby daughter Violet. They ask for consideration and respect for their family moving forward.” On June 29, Milian sent a Twitter message in support of her husband’s just-released album, “Love King.” “Everybody go pick up that LOVEKING album from THE-DREAM ASAP!” she tweeted. “Support my boo!” The-Dream deleted his own Twitter account a few days earlier, after receiving criticism for an interview with Parlour Magazine in which he said he wasn’t helping to raise his newborn daughter. “I don’t because my “helping out” turns into expectations,” he said. I’ll get Violet on a late night maybe one or two times, but after that, no. If Christina’s tired, call the nanny, call Violet’s granny. We got people.”

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – Oprah Winfrey’s quarter-century run on daytime TV may be accompanied by a TV film dramatizing her life. Veteran producer Larry A. Thompson said Monday the planned two- or four-hour Winfrey film will be based on Kitty Kelley’s tell-all biography. Thompson says he has optioned it for six figures. The TV project is expected to air in September 2011, which would coincide with the end of Winfrey’s weekday talk show. Thompson has produced TV biopics about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and Sonny and Cher. He calls himself “a huge fan” of Winfrey and says he’s shopping the project to networks he declined to specify. An unknown will likely be cast to play Winfrey. A spokesman for Winfrey’s Chicagobased Harpo Productions declined to comAP Photo/Evan Agostini, file ment. The project was FILE - In this May 3, 2010 file photo, Oprah first reported by the E! Winfrey arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of News website. Art Costume Institute gala in New York.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Alzheimer’s advances show need for better drugs Associated Press Writer

Scientists are reporting advances in detecting and predicting Alzheimer’s disease at a conference in Honolulu this week, plus more proof that getting enough exercise and vitamin D may lower your risk.


Fact file on Alzheimer’s disease. A gene linked to increased life span through calorie restriction also appears to play a critical role in boosting memory and brain power, according to a study published Sunday.

There are better brain scans to spot Alzheimer’s disease. More genes that affect risk. Blood and spinal fluid tests that may help tell who will develop the mind-robbing illness and when. But what is needed most — a treatment that does more than just ease symptoms — is not at hand. “We don’t have anything that slows or stops the course,” said William Thies, the Alzheimer’s Association scientific director. “We’re really in a silent window right now” with new drugs, he said. Several promising ones flopped in late-stage tests — most recently, Pfizer Inc.’s Dimebon. Results on several others won’t be ready until next year. Still, there is some progress against Alzheimer’s, a dementia that

Consumer Reports ‘can’t recommend’ new iPhone THE iPhone 4’s widely reported “death grip” problems are real, Consumer Reports claims — so real, in fact, that the nonprofit group has decided not to recommend the latest iPhone. For those who’ve already snapped up an iPhone 4, Consumer Reports has a somewhat unorthodox suggestion: duct tape. On the official Consumer Reports blog, analyst Mike Gikas writes that he tested three iPhone 4 handsets in the “controlled environment” of a radio frequency isolation chamber, which is “impervious” to outside radio interference. The researchers found that if you touch the iPhone 4 in a specific spot on the lower-left edge of the handset (an “easy thing, especially for lefties”), the cellular signal “can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection altogether,” especially if you’re in a “weak signal” area,” Gikas writes. That’s pretty much in line with the findings of other wireless experts and customers (myself included) who’ve experienced the “death grip” problem on the iPhone 4, which differs from older iPhone models in that its antenna is built into a stainless-steel band that rings the outer edge of the handset. The main culprit appears to be a gap in the band separating the WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS segment of the antenna from the section for cellular GSM and 3G reception. Experts believe that if you touch the gap and “bridge” the two antenna segments, you may lose reception

and even drop calls. Apple acknowledged the new iPhone’s reception problems in a letter a little over a week ago that blamed the issue on the handset’s reception display, which Apple claims was showing too many bars in areas with a weak AT&T signal. Apple says an upcoming software update will include a new “formula” for determining how many bars of signal strength should be displayed at any given time. Consumer Reports’ Gikas, however, says that his new findings “call into question” Apple’s excuse that “an optical illusion caused by faulty software” lies at the root of the iPhone 4’s reception problems. That said, Gikas notes that there is an “affordable” fix for iPhone 4 owners other than Apple’s $30 Bumper cases: duct tape, or “another thick,

nonconductive material.” “It may not be pretty,” Gikas says (now there’s an understatement), “but it works.” Consumer Reports is withholding a recommendation for the iPhone despite the fact that it earned high scores in other smartphone categories thanks to its “improved” battery life, built-in gyroscope for precise motion detection, and the “sharpest display and best video camera we’ve seen on any phone.” Of course, the iPhone 4 still could get a coveted “recommended” rating from Consumer Reports, Gikas adds, as soon as Apple devises “a permanent — and free” solution to the iPhone’s “death grip” problem, presumably one that doesn’t involve a length of Applebranded electrical tape.

REUTERS/Eric Thayer/Files

A customer looks at an iPhone 4 at the Apple Store 5th Avenue in New York, in this June 24, 2010 file photo.

afflicts more than 5 million Americans and more than 26 million people worldwide. Highlights of the research being reported this week: _Prevention. Moderate to heavy exercisers had half the risk of developing dementia compared with less active people, researchers from the long-running Framingham Heart Study reported Sunday. Earlier studies also found exercise helps. “That seems to be as good as anything” for preventing dementia, said Dr. Richard Mayeux, a Columbia University neurologist and conference leader. Another big government-funded study found that vitamin D deficiency can raise the risk of mental impairment up to fourfold. This doesn’t mean taking supplements is a good

idea, doctors warn. A large study is testing whether that is safe and helps prevent a variety of diseases. _Novel treatments. Tests of an insulin nose spray to improve cognition gave encouraging results, but “it’s still a pilot trial” and larger studies are needed to see if this works and is safe, said Laurie Ryan. She oversees Alzheimer’s study grants for the National Institute on Aging, which funded the work. It’s based on the theory that Alzheimer’s and diabetes are related. Diabetics seem to have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s, and Alzheimer’s patients tend to have insulin resistance, Ryan said. Giving insulin as a nose spray sends it straight to the brain without affecting blood-sugar levels, she explained. “If it works, it would certainly be an easy thing to administer. It’s not like taking a shot each day,” and likely would be cheap, she said.

The sun rises in Finland. Greater levels of vitamin D have been linked to a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease in a study in Finland where low sunlight leads to a chronic lack of the nutrient, researchers said Monday. AFP/File/Olivier Morin

Vitamin D levels linked to Parkinson Agence France Presse

WASHINGTON – Greater levels of vitamin D have been linked to a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease in a study in Finland where low sunlight leads to a chronic lack of the nutrient, researchers said Monday. Scientists from the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki, Finland, first hypothesized that Parkinson’s “may be caused by a continuously inadequate vitamin D status leading to a chronic loss of dopaminergic neurons in the brain.” Vitamin D, supplied chiefly by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and a small range of foods, is known to play a role in bone health and may also be linked to cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, the researchers said. The Finnish study, published in the July issue of Archives of Neurology, followed 3,173 Parkinson’s-free Finnish men and women aged 50-79 over a 29year period from 1978-2007. At the end of the study 50 participants had developed the disease. After adjusting for potentially related

factors, including physical activity and body mass index, those with the highest levels of vitamin D (top 25 percent of the group) were found to have a 67 percent lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease than those with the lowest level of the vitamin (bottom 25 percent), the study said. The researchers could not explain how vitamin D levels may affect Parkinson’s risk, but said the nutrient “has been shown to exert a protective effect on the brain through antioxidant activities, regulation of calcium levels, detoxification, modulation of the immune system and enhanced conduction of electricity through neurons.” “In intervention trials focusing on effects of vitamin D supplements, the incidence of Parkinson disease merits follow up,” they added. “This study was carried out in Finland, an area with restricted sunlight exposure, and is thus based on a population with a continuously low vitamin D status,” about half of the suggested optimal level, researchers said.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Defeated Dutch arrive back home Agence France Presse

(AFP/Lluis Gene)

Spain’s victorious World Cup squad have returned to a heroes’ welcome in Madrid with hundreds of thousands of fans cheering the team, as they paraded through the capital’s streets on an open top bus. Spain won the 2008 European Championships but had, until now, never even reached a World Cup final before.

W.Cup winners Spain receive heroes welcome home

AMSTERDAM – The Dutch football team returned home Monday after their 1-0 World Cup defeat by Spain welcomed by two F-16 fighter jets and a ceremonial spray of water by the fire brigade. “We haven’t yet processed the disappointment,” coach Bert van Marwijk told reporters on the tarmac at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, surrounded by a clearly dejected team all dressed in dark slacks and white shirts and clasping orange flower bouquets. “To give away the World Cup threeand-a-half minutes before the end of the match, that is very painful.” The team landed at 5.20 pm (1520 GMT) at Schiphol, where the players were kept away from the public, an AFP journalist observed. Their KLM Boeing 777, flying a Dutch flag on its front, was accompanied into Dutch airspace by two F-16s, one painted in the orange colour of the team. Fire engines spouted water jets over the landed plane in a welcoming gesture, and the disembarking players were handed flower bouquets by air hostesses. Airport staff interrupted their work to capture images of the near-heroes on their mobile phones. The players were led to an orange-

carpeted podium next to the plane on the tarmac for an audience with about 100 journalists and photographers. “I am proud of the guys in the team,” said captain Giovanni van Bronckhorst. “We gave it our all.” After the press encounter, the players were taken by bus to an hotel in the seaside town of Noordwijk, where they were to be reunited with their loved ones, according to Hilde Bruggink, a spokeswoman for the Dutch football federation KNVB. “They were initially due to leave by helicopter, but since the road conditions are good, we decided to use buses,” she said. A few dozen diehard fans of the team nicknamed the Oranje Elftal (Orange Eleven) had gathered at the airport on Monday morning in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the players, despite an appeal from Schiphol officials not to do so. They ended up seeing only the landing from far away through a window. On Tuesday, van Marwijk’s side will be hosted in The Hague by outgoing Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and Queen Beatrix. In the afternoon Tuesday, they will be honoured with a boat parade through the canals of Amsterdam and a special tribute to be attended by tens of thousands of people on a central square.

Agence France Presse

MADRID – Spain’s victorious World Cup squad returned to a heroes’ welcome in Madrid with hundreds of thousands of fans cheering the team as they paraded through the capital’s streets on an open top bus. People chanted “Campeones! Campeones! Campeones!” and waved red and gold Spanish flags at the players as the black bus crawled along a roughly eightkilometre (five-mile) route through the city’s main thoroughfares Monday amid scorching temperatures. Fans waved at the players from balconies while others climbed on trees to get a better view of the 23man squad which won the World Cup for the first time in Spain’s history with a 1-0 extra-time defeat of the Netherlands on Sunday. “We can speak of there being several hundred thousand people,” a spokeswoman for the mayor’s office told AFP, while public television TVE estimated that over one million people had turned out for the celebration. Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas waved a Spanish flag with a black bull on it as the bus passed the central Cibeles fountain, while Barcelona midfielder Xavi simulated throwing the trophy at the jubilant crowd. Air force fighter jets flew overhead leaving the Spanish colours streaked in the sky. The parade ended at the esplanade near the riverside Puente del Rey, where the festivities continued officially until midnight. “I want to congratulate from the bot-

tom of my heart these 23 players for this victory but behind them they had the united force of all Spaniards,” Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said at a reception for the players at his official residence ahead of the victory parade. “They won this trophy but it belongs to all Spaniards and it is a win also for all players from previous generations who tried to win it. They won because they were the best, because they played as a team and they played cleanly.” Spain won the 2008 European Championships but had never even reached a World Cup final before. Until this year the best Spain had managed was the quarter-finals. Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta, who scored the winning goal against the Netherlands just four minutes before the final whistle, presented the prime minister with a red team jersey signed by all the players. “Thank you for the welcome, I am very proud to be a part of this team and this little trophy is for everyone,” Iniesta said at the reception after earlier thanking a German octopus for predicting the Spanish victory. Before meeting with Zapatero, Spain’s King Juan Carlos also hosted a reception for the squad at his palace in Madrid where he thanked the team for making “our dreams a reality”. “Thank you champions, on behalf of all of Spain and all Spaniards,” said Juan

Carlos who did not travel to South Africa as he is recovering from lung surgery. “This is a well-deserved triumph for an exceptional team.” The squad arrived at Madrid’s Barajas airport just before 2:00 pm (1200 GMT) on an Iberia plane that features Spanish flags flying from the cockpit windows. A huge cheer erupted from a crowd gathered at the airport when keeper Iker Casillas emerged from the plane with coach Vicente del Bosque and held aloft the golden trophy. The World Cup victory has brought a sliver of happiness to a country where around 20 percent of the active population is jobless, the highest rate in the 16-nation eurozone. For many along the parade route this was their second straight night celebrating Spain’s World Cup win. Tens of thousands of people danced, cheered and set off fireworks in the Spanish capital overnight Sunday after the final whistle. Others imitated bullfighters and waved large Spanish flags over passing cars while chanting “Ole!” “Champions,” wrote right-wing newspaper ABC on its front page below a photo of Casillas holding up the World Cup trophy, surrounded by his teammates. Sports daily AS said on its front page that Iniesta “scored the most important goal in our history” while sports daily Marca said his goal “lifted Spanish football to the highest possible level.”


Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk (L) and Wesley Sneijder arrive on July 12, 2010 at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. The Dutch team lost yesterday the final of the World Championship 0-1 to Spain.

Sponsors hail World Cup success Agence France Presse

PARIS – Adidas is world champion, but Nike scored the tournament’s winning goal: for the World Cup’s official suppliers and sponsors, the planet’s most-watched sporting event is an unmitigated success. Adidas, which supplies the Spanish team’s kit, congratulated itself on the ‘rojas’ 1-0 victory against the Netherlands in Sunday’s final, which saw its trademark three stripes march to the top of the podium. “Adidas is world champion,” a brand spokeswoman told AFP. “The outcome is absolutely positive.” The German group, also official partner of world football governing body FIFA, is eyeing sales of 1.5 billion euros (1.9 billion dollars) this year, with the “Jubulani” competition football its hottest product, the spokeswoman said. The company has also sold 1.2 million Germany shirts, over a million Mexico, Argentina and South Africa shirts and around a million Spain shirts. Nike, which supplies the Dutch team, put the emphasis on the fact that “the

winning goal was scored by a Nike boot” in the final’s 116th minute by Andres Iniesta. “On the pitch, there were more Nike boots than of other brands,” or 47 percent Nike and 32 percent Adidas, said Charles Brooks, spokesman for the US sportswear giant. “The competition has been an immense success” for Nike, said Brooks, with a 39 percent rise in football-related sales in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the same period last year. German brand Puma, the World Cup’s third-biggest supplier, also hailed its success. “We are very happy, the World Cup’s outcome is very positive for us,” said Ulf Santjer, Puma’s head of communication. “We not only established but even strengthened our number three position” in the football market, he said. With seven national teams contracted to Puma, including semi-finalists Uruguay, the brand took part in 26 out of 64 matches, spending around 39 hours in front of the cameras and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Stern calls James’ NBA Decision “ill conceived” Agence France Presse

NEW YORK – Despite calls from Dallas owner Mark Cuban to investigate how three highprofile free agents ended up on Miami, the NBA said Monday no formal complaints have been filed with the league. NBA commissioner David Stern said LeBron James’ made for TV special, dubbed The Decision, was “ill conceived” but added he and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all acted within their rights. “Our players, having negotiated for the right to be free agents at some point in their career, are totally within their rights to seek employment with any other team,” Stern said. “That’s something we agreed to. That’s something we embrace. That’s our system.” Speaking from Las Vegas, where the league’s owners met Monday, Stern said he wished James had notified the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier than he did about his decision to join Miami. James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all decided last week to play together in Miami, working out sixyear deals after talking each other

through the free agent process. James was condemned in his hometown of Cleveland following the decision. His jersey was burned in the streets, billboards were defaced or removed and the Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert delivered several sharp-tongued statements in which he called James a “coward” and accused him of quitting on his teammates in the “post-season”. Stern also slapped Gilbert with a 1,000 dollar fine Monday for his comments. Stern said Gilbert’s statements were “a little bit extreme.” US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson also took a dim view of Gilbert’s commments. Jackson said Gilbert’s comments show he sees James, an African-American, as a “runaway slave” and that Gilbert’s comments put the player in danger. “He speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the

Cleveland Cavaliers,” Jackson said. “His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave. This is an owner employee relationship — between business partners — and LeBron honoured his contract.” Said Gilbert, “I strongly disagree with Rev. Jesse Jackson’s recent comments and we are not going to engage in any related discussion on it. Going forward, we’re very excited about the Cavaliers and the positive future of our region.” The United States federal government officially abolished slavery on December 6, 1865.

NBA commissioner David Stern has called LeBron James’ (pictured) made for TV special, dubbed The Decision, “ill conceived”.

(AFP/Getty Images/File/Larry Busacca)

Evans defends slender After 12 years, Woods lead into Tour’s 9th stage leaning toward putter switch Associated Press Writer

Associated Press Writer

MORZINE, France – Cadel Evans holds a slender 20-second lead as riders head out on the ninth stage of the Tour de France for a grueling day in the Alps featuring three huge climbs. The Tour is shaping up as a three-way fight between Evans of Australia, defending champion Alberto Contador of Spain and Andy Schleck of Luxembourg. Evans leads Schleck by 20 seconds and Contador by just over 1 minute. American seven-time champion Lance Armstrong is down in 39th place. Tuesday’s punishing Alpine route features two category 1 climbs up Col de la Colombiere and Col des Saisies and then the mammoth 15.9-mile ride up the Col de la Madeleine. Contador calls it a “really hard and complicated stage” and says the main contenders should emerge on the Madeleine.

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – After 12 years using the same putter, Tiger Woods appears ready to switch to the swoosh. Tiger Woods was playing Tuesday at the British Open with a Nike Method putter. Woods says he also brought his regular putter to St. Andrews, but he told The Associated Press during his practice round, “I think I’m going to stick with this one.” It would be the first time that all 14 clubs in his bag were made by Nike. His Scotty Cameron putter made by Titleist had been the lone holdout. Woods first used it at the 1999 Byron Nelson Classic, and since that time, he has won 72 times around the world and 13 majors. Woods is coming off one of his worst putting weeks ever at Aronimink, where he tied for 46th in the AT&T National.


Yellow jersey of Overall leader, Australia’s Cadel Evans, gives his thumb up as he poses at the hotel hosting the US BMC cycling team, on the first of the two rest days of the 2010 Tour de France cycling race in Morzine ski resort, on July 12, 2010.


US golfer Tiger Woods plays from the 14th tee during a practice round at St Andrews in Scotland, on July 13, 2010, ahead of The 2010 Open Golf Championship which runs July 15-18.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hamilton says McLaren ‘over-delivering’ Lewis Hamilton says his ‘over-delivering’ McLaren team will be on terms with Red Bull Racing in the next two races - as he seeks to prevent his title rivals taking a hat-trick of wins. The Briton was able to extend his championship lead at Silverstone with a second-placed finish to Mark Webber - and reckons that with slower circuits coming up, plus McLaren working hard on getting its blown diffuser back on the car, he will be back fighting for wins. “We’re really happy with the result,” said Hamilton about his performance at Silverstone. “Overall we’re doing a damn solid job with

what we have. We’re not the quickest but the car is good. But we’re over-delivering with the package we have. We’re definitely over-delivering. “Red Bull are still the quickest. They were over a second quicker in qualifying. I just managed to bring it down to nine tenths, which is huge. And then in the race it was over half a second. We’ve still got a huge amount of time to find in the car.


“But on the lower speed circuits we will be a bit closer to them. Maybe two tenths. But when it’s a high-speed circuit, like this, like Spa maybe, they have a big advantage at the moment. But hopefully in the next race, in the next two races, we should be able to get our upgrades working and we will be with them.” Hamilton currently has a 12points advantage over team-mate Jenson Button, while Red Bull Racing’s best-placed driver Mark Webber is a further five points adrift.

Rossi still not sure of Germany return VALENTINO Rossi will wait until Wednesday before deciding whether he is fit enough to make his MotoGP return at this weekend’s German Grand Prix. The world champion had a second test on a Yamaha Superbike at Brno today to assess the progress of the leg he broke in a practice crash at Mugello in early June. He completed 46 laps, with a best time of 1m59.135s - one second off the pole times from last weekend’s World Superbike rounds, but quicker than the fastest race laps. Rossi had initially been expected to announce his decision regarding the Sachsenring race immediately after today’s test, but will now have a further medical check on Wednesday before making his mind up. He will then need to get official medical clearance to participate in Germany. “Yamaha awaits Valentino’s final personal decision as to when he feels ready to ride again,” said a team statement. “Yamaha’s priority is a full recovery to fitness for Valentino rather than a quick comeback.” Rossi said he had enjoyed the Superbike run, but still had some fitness concerns. “Today was good, I felt better than in Misano but I still feel quite tired after a few laps and a race will be a much bigger question,” he said. “We haven’t made the final decision yet, I need to have some more x-rays on Wednesday and then my doctors and I will consider whether I can ride at Sachsenring. “Once I’d understood my physical condition today, I had great fun riding the R1 and even did some work on the settings/ I want to say a big thank you to the WSB team for staying on here another day and making this test possible for me.” Yamaha test rider Wataru Yoshikawa will stand in again if Rossi chooses not to race in Germany, and is travelling to the Sachsenring in readiness in case he is needed.

AFP PHOTO / Krystof Hofman

Italian motorcycling phenomenon Valentino Rossi walks with crutches as he arrives at the Brno Masaryk racing circuit in the Czech Republic on July 12, 2010. The 31-year-old nine-time world champion, who suffered a broken right leg after crashing in practice for last month’s Italian MotoGP arrived for a test run at Brno’s racing circuit.


McLaren Mercedes’ British driver Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium of the Silverstone circuit on July 11, 2010, after the Formula One British Grand Prix. Red Bull’s Australian driver Mark Webber won the race ahead of McLaren Mercedes’ British driver Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes GP’s German driver Nico Rosberg .

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