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Friday, August 10, 2012 Murder trial of Gu Kailai ends; verdict later

Australia’s fab four claim kayak gold

Fashion world mourns style icon Anna Piaggi




Anticipate passenger surge on Eid

US men’s hoops team stands 2 games from gold

53 schedules of domestic ‫ی‬LJKWDGGHG IBP

DENPASAR - The authority of Ngurah Rai Airport will add 53 flights to cope with the surge in passengers before the celebration of the Eid 1433 H. Dozens of additional routes will be served by four airlines, namely Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Batavia and Citilink.

AP Photo/Eric Gay

USA’s Kobe Bryant, right, runs into Australia’s Matt Dellavedova (9) during a quarterfinal men’s basketball game at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012, in London. Associated Press Writer

LONDON — Now that Kobe Bryant, strangely missing, has finally joined the fun, the U.S. appears complete. Oh, there are some major defensive flaws, but that hardly matters to this suped-up, American-manufactured scoring machine that

goes from zero to 100 points in seconds. Overpowering and dominant in a way not seen since the 1992 Dream Team, the Americans are now two wins from a second straight Olympic gold medal. Argentina awaits. “We’re ready,” Carmelo Anthony said. Continued on page 6

Spokesperson of Ngurah Rai Airport, Sherly Yunita, explained that Garuda Indonesia would add its schedules for Jakarta route as many as 13 flights with B744 and B738 aircraft with a total capacity of 3,388 seats. Air Asia also added 36 extra flights to Yogyakarta and Surabaya routes with a total of 6,480 seats. Meanwhile, Batavia Air had 3 additional flight schedules to Surabaya with a capacity of 432 seats and Citilink as subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia had an additional flight with capacity of 180 seats. “The four airlines had extra flights for three busy routes, namely Jakarta, Surabaya and Jogjakarta. Total extra flight schedule of the 4 airlines amount to 53 schedule with a total capacity of 10,480 seats,” said Sherly Yunita when asked for her confirmation. She said the extra flight would take

eeffect from August 12 to Auggust 27. Since the regular flight sschedule had been pretty busy, sso the PAP I set the schedule ffor extra flights between 11:00 aa.m. and 2:00 p.m. local time ffor Indonesia Air Asia and G Garuda Indonesia at 2:00 p.m. and 20:50 p.m. “A surge in passenger is estimated to happen before the Eid celebration, especially for domestic flights reaching up to 30 percent over regular days,” she said. She added that PAP I of the Ngurah Rai International Airport predicted the surge in domestic passengers with arrival and departure of 21,000 per day over the normal days only reaching about 16,000 people. Meanwhile, related to domestic tourists visiting Bali during the Eid celebration was predicted to rise to 5 percent. Continued on page 6


Friday, August 10, 2012


Bali News Tourists luxuriate in culinary delights of Pekutatan JEMBRANA—Dozens of foreign tourists had the opportunity to taste the traditional food of Pekutatan subdistrict, Tuesday (Aug 7). A variety of traditional foods and beverages ranging from bee GHOLFDF\VWLFN\ULFHFDNHFHQGRO GRXJK\ULFHÀRXU droplets drink), klepon or ball cake, pasung (rice cake in conical wrap) up to daluman drink (made of its leaf) were besieged by invitees and tourists. The Culinary Festival in Pekutatan subdistrict ZDVKHOGIRUWKH¿UVWWLPHDVDFDPSDLJQWRSURPRWH the tourism potential of Pekutatan. Subdistrict head of Pekutatan, Made Budhiarta, said that

IBP/ďŹ le

Tourists are enjoying their food at Pekutatan subdistrict, Jembrana

many tourism potentials of the region had not been discovered such as traditional culinary treasure of local villages. Therefore, since six months ago his party had planned to organize the Pekutatan Village Festival. One of the attractions used to jazz up was culinary festival. Housewives coalesced into the PKK organization was empowered to make traditional foods existing in Pekutatan. All the ingredients were natural and passed through a tight selection before presented to tourists. “Prior to being served, we have tested the food. All the foods are made from natural ingredients,� he explained. He added the festival was participated by eight villages in Pekutatan subdistrict while presenting their art troupes. NPE

$IWHUFDWFKLQJ‍ۋ‏UH%XNLW%XOXK7HPSOH posted with police line Restriction on fuel subsidy Semarapura, DenPost

$IWHUFDWFKLQJÂżUHRQ7XHVGD\DIWHUQRRQ $XJ WKH%XNLW%XOXK7HPSOHORFDWHGRQKLOOWRS DUHDRI%XD\DQJKDPOHW*XQDNVDYLOODJH'DZDQJRWWKHDWWHQWLRQIURPDQXPEHURISDUWLHV 2WKHUWKDQWKHRIÂżFLDOVRI%DOL3URYLQFHRQ:HGQHVGD\ $XJ WKHWHDPRIIRUHQVLFODERUDWRU\RI%DOL3ROLFHFRQGXFWHGDFULPHVFHQHLQYHVWLJDWLRQWRÂżJXUHRXWWKHWULJJHURIÂżUHLQ WKHWHPSOHYHQHUDWHGE\7XWXDQFODQRI%DOL/RPERN0RUHRYHUWKHWHPSOHFRQGLWLRQWRWDOO\ EXUQHGRXW1RVLQJOHSDOPÂżEHUPDGHVKULQHLVOHIWDVHYHU\WKLQJZDVEXUQHGRXW $VÂżHOGREVHUYDWLRQRQ:HGQHVGD\DIWHUQRRQWKHÂżUHÂżJKWHUVZHUH VWLOODOHUWHGWRSXWRXWWKHÂżUHDVLW was still seen to burn behind the fibers. However, there was no cleanup activity made by temple devotees after the incident. Apparently, they only gazed at the temple condition. Some of them were even saying prayers. Similarly, some devotees were on guard at previous night. Temple Chief, I Ketut Gde Budiartha, doubling as Headman of Gunaksa, said the cleanup activity by supporting devotees would be held in two days’ time. He said the temple apparatus had asked for directions to a high priest, Ida Pedanda Gde Putra Tembau from Griya Aan, Banjarangkan, after the incident, on Tuesday night. The priest told devotees to organize SXULÂżFDWRU\ ULWH DQG FOHDQXS WKH burned shrines as well as present manca kelud exorcism rite on Friday (Aug 24). ,QWHUHVWLQJO\ WKH ÂżUH FDVH KLWting the temple did not just happen

once. The temple venerated by Tutuan clan coming to 2,800 families DFURVV,QGRQHVLDZDVDOVRRQÂżUH 66 years ago, precisely in 1946. It was then refurbished in 1948 and inaugurated in 1950. “Yes, within the past 50 years we have not held a ritual. As planned, the supporting devotees will hold a grandiose ritual when the refurbishment has totally accomplished,â€? said Budiartha. According to Budiartha, the gradual refurbishment had just begun since 1992. However, his party could not have refurbished the entire VKULQHV$IWHUWKHSUHYLRXVÂżUHWKH refurbishment still worked on the compound wall in the eastern and north of the temple. He added the Tutuan clan did not only venerate a VLQJOHWHPSOH%XWWKHUHZHUHÂżYH other temples venerated and located around the Buluh Hill, namely the Batur, Penataran, Dalem Pengulun Setra, Bukit Tengah, and Bukit Mastapa scheduled to organize a ritual in the near future. Then, what about the cause of ÂżUH LQ WKH %XNLW %XOXK7HPSOH"

Budiartha fully left the case to the authorities conducting the investigation. Moreover, the forensic lab team of Bali Police had made crime scene investigation on Wednesday. Even to expedite the investigation, the front area of the temple was protected with police line. Chief of Dawan Police, IB Jata, when met at location admitted if the forensic lab team of Bali Police had been deployed to make an investigation. “The result of examination has not been available as the case is still being investigated,â€? he said. Except for the forensic laboratory team, the officials of Bali Province led by Assistant II, Ketut Wija, also came down to location to see the burning temple on Wednesday. Even, the arrival of provincial RIÂżFLDOVZDVDOVRDFFRPSDQLHGE\ the Head of Regional Disaster Management Agency. But on that occasion, Ketut Wija did not indirectly promised to provide assistance. His party in the provincial government would attempt an assistance to ease the burden on devotees. (119)

Kindle fund expansion up to IDR 4.1 billion

DIVERSION of fuel use for govHUQPHQW RI¿FLDO YHKLFOHV IURP 3UHmium to Pertamax is in fact unable to suppress the use of people’s fund in the government. Inevitably, the purFKDVHRIIXHOIRUWKHRI¿FLDOYHKLFOHV remains to use public money. Even, by this policy, the public money spent to purchase fuel is higher as seen in the Denpasar Municipality. The policy of central government WRHOLPLQDWHVXEVLGLHVIRUWKHRI¿FLDO vehicles of civil servants (PNS) has an impact on the expansion of budget. Denpasar Municipality should at least increase the budget for fuel purchase amounting to IDR 4.1 billion more. Such expansion was calculated effective August 1 through the end RI 'HFHPEHU :LWKLQ WKH ¿YH month period, the fund allocated for fuel purchase of civil servants’ of¿FLDO YHKLFOHV DPRXQWHG WR ,'5  billion. Spokesperson of Denpasar Municipality, I.B. Rahoela, recently revealed the aftermath of policy was fund expansion used to meet the fuel needs of WKHRI¿FLDOYHKLFOHV%DVHGRQH[LVWLQJ data, Denpasar Municipality had 673 motorcycles and 394 cars.

In details, the needs of non-subsidized fuel for motorcycles amounted to IDR 605.75 million, while for car amounted to IDR 3.546 billion. “Therefore, the total fund required for ÂżYHPRQWKV XQWLOWKLV\HDUHQG FRPHV to IDR 4.1 billion more,â€? he said. Meanwhile, the amount of funds of fuel post in years to come would certainly be higher than before the existence of this policy. For previous year, it was only required some IDR ELOOLRQZKLOHIRUÂżYHPRQWKVRI this year reached IDR 4.1 billion, or more precisely IDR 4.15175 billion with the assumption that the price of fuel was IDR 10,000 per liter. /XFNLO\QRWDOOWKHRIÂżFLDOYHKLFOHV FRQVXPHG JDVROLQH )RU WKH RIÂżFLDO trucks belonging to the Denpasar Sanitation and Landscaping Agency (DKP) coming to tens of units consumed GLHVHOIXHOVRWKDWWKH\ZHUHQRWLQĂ€Xenced by the impact of the policy. In the meantime, the posting of VWLFNHURQWKHSURKLELWLRQRIÂżOOLQJLQ subsidized-fuel was under process. However, socialization and instruction about it had been intensively executed VLQFH$XJXVWIRUDOOWKHRIÂżFLDO vehicles. (ara)

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Bali News


Friday, August 10, 2012


Padangbai Beach:

A Delightful Paradise of Divers various kinds of coral reefs and DPD]LQJRUQDPHQWDO¿VK$QRWKHU Padangbai is developed into attraction that can be found here a nature and cultural tourism in is an exotic blue lagoon becoming a tourism resort development of a favorite destination for divers. Candidasa, Padangbai Village, Meanwhile, Padangbai also has a Manggis Subdistrict, Karangasem. cultural attraction in the form of It is about 25 km from the town Dang Kahyangan Temple (univerof Amlapura, 13 km from Can- sal temple) complex. In the east of Padangbai Beach didasa and about 31 km east of Denpasar. At this location sits a lies the Silayukti Temple founded harbor becoming the access of by Mpu Kuturan in the eleventh transportation to Lombok Island, century during his pilgrimage to NTB. The name of Padangbai Bali. Mpu Kuturan was a priest JRW LQÀXHQFH IURP WKH 'XWFK DV having a great merit in setting up a result of colonial period. It was the Hinduism in Bali where his formerly known as Teluk Padang teachings remained to be adhered to and implemented by the Hindus or the Padang Bay. It is a white sandy bay whose in Bali today. In the south of the location is tranquilly surrounded temple lies the Tanjung Sari Temby black rock. Due to its strate- ple built by Mpu Bharadah, the gic location, the life of undersea youngest brother of Mpu Kuturan. nature is well maintained. Padan- Then, in the west of Padangbai gbai attraction has pure white and sits the Penataran Agung Temple thick sandy beach that is good for founded in the sixteenth century sunbathing or swimming. Besides, by Danghyang Dwijendra also its natural undersea beauty is known as Pedanda Sakti Wawu very appropriate for diving and Rawuh, a descendant of the Mpu snorkeling because it is rich in Kuturan. IBP

Tourism ministry eyeing spiritual tourism


Padangbai is developed into a nature and cultural tourism in a tourism resort development of Candidasa, Padangbai Village, Manggis Subdistrict, Karangasem.

Bali Post

JAKARTA - Spiritual tourism potential now developing as a worldwide trend. This kind of package could be also developed by Indonesia Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry as stated by Head of Tourism Resources Development Section, I Gde Pitana, in Jakarta last Wednesday (8/8). This potential seemed to interest a high quality tourism as in it appreciates local culture, loving nature and environment. Most of its tourists also come from educative people. Pitana thinks this could be hugely developed in Indonesia especially in Bali as spirituality trend increases instead of discussing religion in searching ‘peace and harmony’. This kind of tourism doesn’t look for luxurious facilities and more on accessability. Spiritual tourism

at this time has made Indonesia as one of its destinations such as communities like Anand Khrisna, Bali Meditator, Brahma Kumaris, and more. What’s more in September 2012 there’s a plan of Bali International Meditator Summit and Bali International Yoga Conference. “The policy right now inserts spiritual tourism in cultural heritage tourism. We still think it connects with culture,” Pitana concluded. (010)

IBP/Courtesy of Telkomsel

CEO of Bali Post, Satria Naradha (left) receive a token of appreciation from Hasan Kurdi, Head of Sales & Customer Care Telkomsel Regional Bali Nusra during Telkomsel management visit to Bali Post office.


Bali News

Friday, August 10, 2012


TV series impression feared to eliminate Balinese culture Singaraja (Bali Post)—

Impression of TV series, cartoons and others is feared to eliminate Balinese culture, especially among the children. To that end, all parties are expected to always have a breakthrough to develop the Balinese culture among the children as well as to rival the modern culture aired on television. It was revealed by the Head of the Hindu Dharma Council of Indonesia (PHDI) of Buleleng subdistrict, Dewa Nyoman Suardana, amidst the Balinese Culture contest for primary school throughout Buleleng in the area of Jagatnatha Temple, Singaraja, Wednesday (Aug 8). Suardana said that modern culture had so great impact on the character development of children lately, especially on elementary school students. Moreover, television programs ranging from those especially for kids to adults seemed to have hypnotized the audience to always be in front of television. Conversely, the tradition of singing psalmody and storytelling would be replaced. Strong influence of such modern arts was feared to also eliminate the children’s understanding on Balinese culture. “I worry about this. Do not let the understanding on local culture be increasingly eliminated by modern culture, causing our children, especially the elementary school students,

not to understand on Balinese culture,” he said. According to Suardana, a program of the PHDI Buleleng subdistrict to fortify the elementary school children from the onslaught of modern culture was by holding the contest of Balinese culture. As held on Wednesday, the PHDI organized a cultural contest for elementary school students throughout Buleleng subdistrict in conjunction with the celebration of the 67th Independence Day of the RI. The competition was expected to provide education and measure the ability of students in understanding the Balinese culture. Additionally, such annual competition would encourage the elementary school teachers to improve their performance by motivating students to learn and prepare themselves for the event. It organized a number of competitions such as the Hinduism quiz, psalmody, poetry, Balinese storytelling, customary worship fashion show as well as coconut leaf bag making and lamak festoon making competition. (kmb)


Children are watching a movie in a hall. Impression of TV series, cartoons and others is feared to eliminate Balinese culture, especially among the children.

Burglar breaks store wall

Underpass project affect

Plunder cash and clothes, loss reaches IDR 70 million

Badung Municipal waterworks needs billions of rupiah

Denpasar (Bali Post)—

Store burglary case by means of breaking wall has occurred for three times in Bali. The latest case happened to Fashion Market (FM) on Jalan Diponegoro, Denpasar, Wednesday early morning (Aug 8). The culprit alleged to be more than one could get into the store as well as pick the safe and take away some clothes. The store management claimed to suffer a loss worth IDR 70 million.Information at the scene explained if the burglary was just known when the employees opened the store at 09:00 a.m. local time. The witness went straight into the warehouse and saw the room condition was in array. Moreover, the witness also saw if the safe was found open. “The safe was stored in the warehouse. It contained cash of IDR 60 million and other items,” said one of the police officers. Seeing such condition, the witness informed the store owner. Having been checked, the store was indeed burglar-

ized. It was immediately reported to the West Denpasar Police. A number of officers were assigned to examine the crime scene. After checking carefully, in the north side of the store was found a hole with diameter of 2 meters. Allegedly, the culprits came in by breaking the wall. “The culprits could easily break it as the wall was made of concrete bricks,” the source said while asking not to publish the name. Police suspected the culprits used a hard object to break down the wall. Meanwhile, the safe was allegedly taken out by using a crowbar. It was found the leverage traces on the safe, so that its last condition looked damaged. “After successfully prying, the culprits took out all the contents,” the source explained. Other than money kept in the safe, the culprits also took away a dozen of clothing and bags displayed in the store as well as money in the till. According to the officer, the money put in the till was worth IDR 7 million. Thus, the total loss suffered by

the store owner was IDR 70 million. “It is regretted because the store has no CCTV. Even, the security officer is only on duty until 10:00 pm,” the source explained. Criminal Detective Unit Chief of West Denpasar Police, Komang Reka Sanjaya, when asked for his confirmation justified the burglary incident. His party admitted to find difficulty in identifying the culprits as lacking of witnesses. “We are still investigating. Similarly, the examination of witnesses is still going on. So far, there has been no significant indication,” the source concluded. For information, the store burglary actions by wall breaking have happened for two times earlier. On Friday (Jul 20), the Harta Dewata supermarket on Jalan Raya Dalung, North Kuta, Badung, was also burglarized. The culprit equally targeted the safe and could take away cash worth IDR 80 million. Meanwhile, another case occurred in the jurisdiction of Tabanan Police. So far, none of those culprits could be captured. (kmb21)

Mangupura (Bali Post) -

Badung Municipal Waterworks (PDAM) Tirta Mangutama pipe network services are experiencing a number of damages due to the Simpang Siur Underpass Project which totals up to IDR 1 billion even more. PDAM First Director, Nyoman Sukanada, last Wednesday (8/8) explained the PDAM has to be responsible of the huge change for better public services such as broken pipes, utility relocation, damages due to digged soils using heavy equipments. “IDR 1 billion is actually a burden to us,” Sukanada stated. This has been twice coordinated with leader of underpass project yet up to now there hasn’t been answers on what’s the best solution to these damages moreover

there hasn’t been any agreement on who should be responsible in this kind of situation. It was stated before the project started there has been a coordinate meeting which a budget from central government as much as IDR 6 billion will be prepared for such situation yet there hasn’t been any confirmation up to now. Commitment Creator Official of the Simpang Dewa Ruci Underpass, Hendro, stated there’s actually no utility problem as there has been an agreement between the project and connected institution including PDAM Badung which has been discussed since 2011. It was clarified the relocation will be owner’s responsibility which so its fee will be each owner’s responsibility and the project has prepared a temporary place for its relocation. (kmb25)


Bali News

Friday, August 10, 2012


Kayuputih struggling to be a free plastic rubbish’s village IBP

IBP/Adnyana Ole

Fire incident on Pulaki Hill, Banyupoh village, Gerokgak subdistrict, was widespread. Until Wednesday (Aug 8), the fire was still burning the bushes and weeds. Even, the fire burning out the hill forest area in West Buleleng had reached one hectare.

)RUHVW‫ۋ‬UHRQ Pulaki Hill escalates Bali Post

SINGARAJA - Fire incident on Pulaki Hill, Banyupoh village, Gerokgak subdistrict, was widespread. Until Wednesday (Aug 8), the fire was still burning the bushes and weeds. Even, the fire burning out the hill forest area in West Buleleng had reached one hectare. Meanwhile, the effort to put out the fire was not optimal due to difficult terrain and the fire truck of Buleleng Regency was unable to reach the hot spots. Information compiled in the field on Wednesday told if the fire about 200 meters to the west of Pulaki Temple had burned out shrubs and dry weeds due to drought. From the slopes up to hilltop seemed to have been totally on fire. Meanwhile, dense smokes and occasional flames soared high when blown by strong winds. Since the fire incident, the Forest Management Area (KPH) of West Buleleng had deployed 10 forest police officers. Unfortunately, the manual effort to extinguish the fire was not optimal. It happened due to inaccessible terrain and the fire was getting bigger as blown by strong winds and thickness of bushes and dry weeds. Nyoman Suartana, one of the KPH members and his colleagues said on Wednesday that since receiving the report on forest fire they directly came down to the scene and tried to

put it out. Armed with simple materials, they tried to extinguish the fire manually. The embers were put out by banging them with a wooden stick so as not to expand. Other than lacking of officers, such method was not optimal because the fire rapidly burned the bushes and dry weeds. Spraying the hot spot by water was impossible because it was difficult to reach the terrain. “We have tried hard to extinguish the fire so as not to expand, but it was not maximal as we found difficulty to extinguish it. Besides, the wind blew strongly and the shrubs and weeds were very thick, dry and flammable,” he said. According to Suartana, the fire truck of Buleleng Regency was not mobilized to location until Wednesday. If the truck was involved, the effort was ascertained not to be optimal, either. The hot spots were on hilltop and impossible to reach.

Nevertheless, his party expected the help of fire truck would speed up the extinguishing process so that it would not expand. “At least, the fire truck can only reach the roadside of Seririt-Gilimanuk, while the fire is still alive on hilltop, so it cannot be reached by truck to spray it. Now, we are still on guard while localizing the fire manually,” he explained. On the other hand, Suartana said that other than localizing the fire, the officers also began to collect data regarding the forest area on fire. Since the fire first broke out on Tuesday (Aug 7), the forest on fire was estimated to reach one hectare. As reported previously, the forest area on Pulaki Hill caught fire on Tuesday (Aug 7) around 10:00 a.m. local time. By degrees, the fire burned the bushes and weeds from the slope to hilltop. Traders on the roadside of Gilimanuk-Seririt were trying to extinguish the fire by sea water flushing. Unluckily, the effort was in vain because of strong winds and the difficulty to put out the fire on dry weeds. Meanwhile, firefighters and forest police had not received any report on the fire. Even, personnel of forest police were just deployed to the scene on Wednesday (Aug 8). (kmb)

BULELENG - Kayuputih. A village perched on a hilly area, not so far from Lovina Tourist Resort in Northern Bali has been transforming from a sleeping hilly village into a new expatriate resort. Its fantastic view to the coastline of Northern Bali and its tranquility has attracted many expatriates to select the village to be their new homes. A few hotels have also been built for tourists who are looking for peaceful accommodations to escape from more crowded and noisy tourist resorts in Bali. It is widely acknowledged that tourism development has also entailed with negative impact. Such a negative impact has been happening everywhere in the world such as the peaceful area has become more crowded and noisy due to the human activities. One of the problems due to these human activities that affect everybody is rubbish particularly plastic rubbish. Plastic is an outcome of technology. Since its invention, it has been replacing many materials for many necessities at homes and beyond due to its practical purposes. Plastic is now widely used for shopping bags up to car and aircraft manufactures. In home activities housewives no longer use bamboo plaited bags for shopping at the local market but use plastic bags instead. In the old days banana leafs were used to wrap food as a taken away food. But nowadays banana leafs are replaced by papers and plastic wrappers. The bad impacts of this plastic to human wellbeing particularly human health are undisputable. Stopping using plastic is considered impossible. So what is the solution? In this junction, Ir. Ni Luh Tiwik Ismarningrum M.Par, commonly called as Bu Tiwik, as a Vice Speaker of Buleleng Legislative Council, during the recess of the Council has taken an initiative to do her bit in solving this plastic rubbish problem by holding a discussion in the village of Kayuputih. Bu Tiwik herself is involved in tourism sector by managing a small hotel in Lovina. Due to its duty as a member of Legislative Council (DPRD) and obtained her degree of Master in Tourism at Udayana University, it stands to reason that she is very concerned about plastic rubbish problems. She selected the village of Kayuputih, Sukasada Subdistrict, as a pilot project is considered by many as a right choice. . She said during an interview after the

discussion, that what she did was only a small step but she does hope it would be a giant leap. All success always started with the first step, she said further. During the discussion she invited experts from Undiksha in Singaraja, the Head of Sanitation and Landscaping Agency and an expatriate who residences in Kayuputih. Bu Tiwik herself acted as a moderator. Prof DR.. Wayan Karyasa from Undiksha University explained in length about the negative impact of plastic rubbish if it is not handled properly. He said in short how to handle the plastic problems dubbed as 3 R namely: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce we have to minimize using plastic materials. Reuse is trying to use again such as plastic bags, bottles, etc. Do not throw it away. Clean it and can be reused. Recycle means that plastic rubbish must be collected and sell it to the person who pools the rubbish to be recycled by rubbish recycling industries. In this process rubbish can be changed into money. Ir. IB Suwarjana, talked a lot about the volume of rubbish being collected by its agency and how he has been handling it. He also suggested to the all residences of the village not to dispose the plastic rubbish at will and it must collected separating the organic rubbish and non-organic rubbish then it can be recycled even it can turn into money by selling it. An expatriate presented on a screen showing the danger of plastic rubbish if it disposed everywhere such as on the premises of a house, it will stay there for a long time. Plastic rubbish takes very long time to discompose even can take thousand years. If the plastic rubbish consumed by chicken or fish, the plastic element will be absorbed and the meat of chicken or fish is still harmful to the human health if it consumed by human. When Bu Tiwik opened the floor several attendees gave their appreciation for the discussion and suggested it must be followed by a real action. Bu Tiwik further promised to take a real action as suggested by encouraging to the residences of the village to collect plastic rubbish and then forwarded it to her. The person that is able to collect the biggest volume of plastic rubbish, he or she will be awarded money as a bonus. Such a drive is only a means to encourage the people to handle plastic rubbish properly and making them aware of the danger of plastic rubbish if it is not handled properly. (IBP/ Nyoman Suwela)


Friday, August 10, 2012




Threatened shark species turning up in US restaurants Agence France Presse

7KUHDWHQHGVKDUNVSHFLHVDUHEHLQJXVHGWRPDNHVKDUNÂżQVRXSDGHOLcacy in Chinese cuisine, in several US cities, according to an unprecedented study based on DNA testing. Thirty-three different species of sharks turned up in samples collected in 14 cities and analyzed at Stony Brook University’s Institute for Ocean Conservation Science in New York. Âł86FRQVXPHUVRIVKDUNÂżQVRXSFDQQRWEHFHUWDLQRIZKDWÂśVLQWKHLU soup,â€? said Demian Chapman, who co-led the DNA testing, in a statement Wednesday. “They could be eating a species that is in serious trouble.â€? Scalloped hammerhead sharks, listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, was among the species found on the PHQXVRI86UHVWDXUDQWVZKHUHVKDUNÂżQVRXSFDQVHOOIRUDVPXFKDV per bowl. 2WKHUVLQFOXGHGVPRRWKKDPPHUKHDGVVFKRROVKDUNVDQGVSLQ\GRJÂżVK all listed as vulnerable to extinction, as well as a variety of near-threatened species such as bull and copper sharks.

53 schedules... From page 1 REUTER/Aly Song

Police ofďŹ cers walk inside Hefei Intermediate People’s Court, where the Gu Kailai trial will be held on Thursday, in Hefei, Anhui Province August 8, 2012.

Murder trial of Gu Kailai ends; verdict later Reuters

HE EI, China - China’s most politically sensitive trial in three decades ended in ust about seven hours on Thursday after the wife of ousted Politburo member o ilai did not contest FKDUJHVRIPXUGHULQJD%ULWLVKEXVLQHVVPDQDFRXUWRIÂżFLDOVDLG A verdict will be delivered at a later date. The official’s account of the closed-door hearing in the eastern Chinese city of Hefei signals that Gu Kailai and a family aide are sure to be convicted in a case that has ended her husband’s career and rocked China’s leadership. Âł7KHWULDOÂżQLVKHGWKLVDIWHUQRRQ DQGWKHFRXUWDGMRXUQHG´RIÂżFLDO Tang Yigan told reporters. “The trial committee will announce the verdict after discussion. The date of the verdict will be announced. “The accused (Gu) Kailai and hang iaojun did not raise objections to the facts and the charges of intentional homicide.â€? Gu’s trial is seen by many Chinese as part of a push against Bo, an ambitious populist who made powerful enemies as he campaigned to join the next

generation of top central leaders. Bo was formerly considered a contender for the inner sanctum of power - the party’s Politburo Standing Committee - in a oncein-a-decade leadership transition that is currently underway. The new leadership is expected to be unveiled in October. Gu and her co-accused were charged with poisoning Briton Neil Heywood, a family friend, ODVW\HDU7KHRI¿FLDOVDLGWKHFRXUW was told hang, the family aide, had put poison in a drink of water that Gu then gave to Heywood who was drunk at the time. His body was found last November in a hotel in Chongqing, the city where Bo was the Communist Party chief. Gu and hang face the death penalty if convicted. But many legal experts expect Gu will be convicted

but only sentenced to a lengthy jail term. Entry to the courtroom, in the capital of Anhui province, was restricted but two British diplomats were invited to be present because of the nationality of the victim. Journalists were not allowed in. As the trial took place, police dragged away two Bo supporters into an unmarked car after they had appeared outside the courthouse, singing patriotic songs that were the trademark of Bo’s populist leadership style and condemning the trial as a sham. “I don’t believe it. This case was decided well in advance,� Hu Jiye, a middle-aged man wearing a T-shirt and baseball cap, told foreign reporters at the rear of the court building, which was cordoned off by dozens of police standing in heavy rain.

Deputy Chairman of the Indonesia Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) Bali, Gusti Ngurah Rai Suryawijaya, previously said the surge in visitors would be low number because the Eid holiday was close to school KROLGD\VIDOOLQJLQ-XQH “Based on experience, there were no domestic tourists taking holidays for two times a year within adjacent period. On that account, I think the surge will not be more than 5 percent. No matter how booming it is, the increase LVPD[LPDOO\SHUFHQW´KHVDLG Related to the occupancy rate during this fasting month, Rai said it averagely reached 5 percent. The hotel occupancy rate was not affected by fasting month. “During the upcoming Eid celebration, the hotel occupancy UDWHLVHVWLPDWHGWRUHDFKSHUFHQW´KHFRQFOXGHG(kmb 7)

US men’s... From page 1 3XVKHGE\WHDPPDWH.HYLQ'XUDQWWRÂłWXUQLWRQ´%U\DQWVFRUHGSRLQWV — all in the second half — and the U.S. team stomped its way into the semiÂżQDOVZLWKDZLQRQ:HGQHVGD\QLJKWRYHU$XVWUDOLDZKLFKVFUDSSHG as hard as it could until the world’s best team put the game away. Bryant made six 3-pointers, LeBron James racked up a triple-double with 11 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists and the U.S. moved a step closer to gold RQWKHWKDQQLYHUVDU\RIWKHÂľWHDPÂśVKLVWRULFUDPSDJHLQ%DUFHORQD:LWK NBA Commissioner David Stern and two-time Olympian Dwyane Wade ZDWFKLQJIURPWKHVWDQGVWKH$PHULFDQVVHWXSDUHPDWFKLQWKHVHPLÂżQDOV ZLWK$UJHQWLQD²DWHDPWKH\EXULHGE\LQWKHSUHOLPLQDU\URXQG 8QOHVVWKH$UJHQWLQHVZLWKWKHLUURVWHURIWKLUW\VRPHWKLQJVFDQÂżQGD way to slow down the U.S., another lopsided loss seems inevitable. “We KDYHPD\EHDÂżYHSHUFHQWFKDQFHRIZLQQLQJ´IRUZDUG0DQX*LQRELOLVDLG after Argentina beat Brazil 2- to set up a third straight meeting with the 86LQWKHVHPLÂżQDOVÂł%XWZHDUHJRLQJWRÂżJKWIRUWKDW´ Bryant had been more spectator than spectacular since coming to London. +HHQWHUHGWKHTXDUWHUÂżQDOVDYHUDJLQJMXVWSRLQWVSHUJDPHWRXFKLQJ off questions about whether he was hurt, disinterested or perhaps unable to produce the same way Anthony, Durant and James have been. Nobody’s wondering any longer. At halftime, Anthony and Durant both pushed the man nicknamed the Black Mamba to do more, and Bryant struck back with a barrage of 3-pointers that sent the U.S. bench into a towel-waving frenzy. “He was a little sleepy out there,â€? Anthony said. “I guess I woke up the Mamba and he responded.â€? Deron Williams added 1 points, Anthony 1 and Durant 14 for the $PHULFDQV ZKR SRXQGHG$UJHQWLQD  RQ 0RQGD\ QLJKW LQ WKHLU SUHOLPLQDU\URXQGÂżQDOH7HPSHUVĂ€DUHGLQWKDWRQHZKHQ$UJHQWLQDJXDUG Facunda Campazzo intentionally punchedAnthony in the groin. Campazzo said he retaliated for being punched earlier by U.S. guard Chris Paul, who never denied that he took a swipe at Campazzo. Âł:KLFKWLPH´3DXOVDLGÂł:HWDQJOHGWLPHV´$QWKRQ\GRHVQÂśW expect the Argentines to play nice again. “You just have to go out there and take them punches — not literally,â€? he said. “We’re excited about it. Just now in the huddle we said we gotta prepare for them.â€?



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HRT says car at half of its potential HRT boss Luis Perez-Sala believes the team’s F112 car is at 50 per cent of its full potential after the halfway point of the 2012 Formula 1 season. The car was not tested properly before the start of the season, and both cars failed to qualify for the first race of the year in Australia. However, since then the team has been able to make all the races and even fight with direct rival Marussia. Although Perez-Sala concedes the car’s birth was a difficult one, he reckons there is still a lot to come from it. “I think that, overall, the F112 is a car that has given quite a good result, keeping in mind how it started,” said Perez-Sala. “In winter I had a lot of doubts, because the car was handed to us and we didn’t have enough time to review it. “The proceedings and deadlines weren’t the usual ones and that forced us to go quicker to make up for lost time and organise the different parties implicated in the project to complete the car on time. “But even with all these obstacles, the car has given good results. It has a good base and that’s its biggest strength. It’s a reliable car with good mechanical resistance

and it offers a lot of possibilities for its development. “I’d say we’re at 50 per cent of its potential and we can still extract another 50 per cent, mainly in aerodynamics.” Perez-Sala said the car will have new developments for the Singapore Grand Prix at the end of September, admitting it is impossible for the Spanish squad to bring updates faster. “We have some upgrades prepared for the Singapore Grand Prix,” he said. “As a small team we can’t afford small upgrades every two or three races because the cost of an upgrade or creating a new piece for a small upgrade is very high. “Besides the aerodynamic study, you have to produce the parts and that also implies a lot of time. So we have to make the most of any changes and have a very clear idea of the direction we want to take for those upgrades to be productive.”


One the Hispania Racing Team car during a race

Rodgers admits contact from Manchester City over Agger

AFP Photo/Stan Honda

Cristiano Ronaldo (R) of Real Madrid fights for the ball with Mattia De Sciglio of AC Milan during their friendly match, on August 8, at Yankee Stadium in New York. Real Madrid won 5-1.

Ronaldo shines as Real Madrid humble AC Milan Agence France Presse

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a pair of second-half goals as Real Madrid trounced AC Milan 5-1 in an exhibition game at Yankee Stadium. Kaka had three assists against his former team in Wednesday’s match-up between two of Europe’s top clubs. Angel di Maria gave nine-time Eu-

ropean champion Real Madrid the lead with a 25-yard volley in the 24th minute before Robinho tied it for AC Milan nine minutes later. Ronaldo finished off two nice passing plays in the 49th and 66th minutes. Sergio Ramos made it 4-1 with a header following Kaka’s corner kick in the 81st. Jose Callejon capped the scoring off Kaka’s chip shot in the 89th.

LIVERPOOL manager Brendan Rodgers has confirmed that Manchester City made contact about defender Daniel Agger, but says the Premier League winner’s bid is some way off his own valuation for the center back. There had been reports that Liverpool had rejected a bid in the region of 20 million pounds from Manchester City for Agger, and Rodgers says it would take “a ridiculous offer” for Liverpool to sell one of its prized assets. “Daniel is one of the leading center halves in Europe,” Rodgers told reporters. “There’s been contact from City but it’s nowhere near his value. You can only consider something like that if it is going to benefit you. “Of course, you might lose a top player but if it benefits you going forward — and you can make two or three steps forward because of

it — you may have to consider it. But we don’t want to sell him so unless someone comes in with a ridiculous offer, there’s no way I want to lose one of my best players.” The 39-year-old has reassured fans from Merseyside that Agger does not want to leave after speaking to him when he took over the helm at Anfield. He added: “There’s always rumor, particularly in this period. It’s just a shame the window does not shut as the season starts. “But Daniel and I have had a number of conversations so he knows where I am at, he knows where the club are at and he doesn’t want to leave, which is great. In my first conversation with him at the Euros he made that quite clear. “He loves the club, loves the fans, so that was music to my ears — but we’ll see.”


Friday, August 10, 2012


Liu to have surgery, agency says Reuters

LONDON - Former champion Liu Xiang will have surgery on his Achilles tendon in Britain after crashing out of his 110 hurdles heat at the London Olympics on Tuesday, Chinese officials said. “The doctor has been chosen. He is the expert in sports medicine and has done operations on many famous players like David Beckham,” Du Zhaocai, vice chairman of the Chinese Athletics Association (CAA), told state news agency Xinhua on Wednesday. Liu’s London Games ended when he clattered into the first hurdle of his heat, four years after he had to withdraw from the heats of the Beijing Olympics because of a tendon injury. The 2004 Olympic

champion was taken to hospital, China’s athletics team leader Feng Shuyong said. “An MRI scan proved it really was a rupture of the tendon. The Chinese delegation immediately contacted local medical organizations in order to find the best hospital and surgery doctor for Liu Xiang.” Liu, 29, earned a rousing ovation from the 80,000 crowd in the Olympic stadium as he hopped down the track to cross the finish line, kissing the last hurdle on his way before being consoled by fellow competitors. In his absence, American Aries Merritt won the gold medal on Wednesday after 2008 champion Dayron Robles of Cuba also suffered an injury, tearing his hamstring during the final. China’s Liu Xiang hops back to his lane after crashing and failing to finish his men’s 110m hurdles round 1 heat during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium August 7, 2012.

REUTERS/David Gray

JOB VACANCY Wanted for Café in Sanur 1 Assisten Cook 2 Waiter/ss Good English. Contact 081237875886 Wanted Pembantu Full time for large Villa in Sanur. Most speak English contact 081237875886

AFP Photo/Damien Meyer

Australia edged out two-time former champions Hungary to claim the Olympic Games four-man kayak gold medal on Thursday. Tate Smith, Dave Smith, Murray Stewart and Jacob Clear steered their country to gold at the Eton Dorney course to the west of London.

Australia’s fab four claim kayak gold Australia edged out two-time former champions Hungary to claim the Olympic Games four-man kayak gold medal on Thursday. Tate Smith, Dave Smith, Murray Stewart and Jacob Clear steered their country to gold at the Eton Dorney course to the west of London. Hungary, for whom Zoltan Kammerer became the fourth man to triple medal in the discipline, were the 2000 and 2004 champions. De-

fending champions Belarus failed to make the final. Germany’s Peter Kretschmer and Kurt Kuschela won the canoe two-man sprint title ahead of Andrei and Aliaksandr Bahdanovich of Belarus, who took silver, with Alexey Korovashkov and Ilya Pervukhin of Russia claiming bronze. Hungary’s Danuta Kozak won the women’s 500m sprint ahead of Ukraine’s Inna Osypenko-Radom-

ska who won silver with Bridgitte Hartley of South Africa claiming bronze. Germany’s Franziska Weber and Tina Dietze then wrapped up the day’s medal action by taking the women’s K2 500m sprint. Hungary’s Katalin Kovacs and Natasa Douchev-Janics, the double Olympic champions, took silver with Poland’s Beata Mikolajczyk and Karolina Naja winning bronze.


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Protestors demand Indonesia expel Myanmar ambassador Agence France-Presse

JAKARTA - Around 100 men protested outside the Myanmar embassy in the Indonesian capital Thursday, demanding the ambassador be e pelled for Myanmar’s treatment of Muslim 5RKLQJ\D The men wore white headbands with “Save the Rohingyaâ€? scrawled in red and carried banners reading “Stop the Violenceâ€?. The rally was organised by a group called the Rohingya Solidarity Society, which in a press release demanded Myanmar’s government formally acknowledge the Rohingya as citizens of the country. “We urge countries with Muslim populations, especially Indonesia, WRWDNHÂżUPDQGSURDFWLYHPHDVXUHV to end the Rohingya’s suffering,â€? a man shouted through a loudspeaker. Protestors, some of whom threw eggs at the embassy, also called on Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to withdraw support for Myanmar to chair the Association of Southeast Asian 1DWLRQV LQ  DQG WR H[SHO WKH country’s ambassador. Violence erupted between Bud-

dhists and Rohingya in June in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state, OHDYLQJDERXWSHRSOHGHDGIURP both sides, according to official estimates deemed low by rights groups. $URXQG  SHRSOH PRVWO\ Rohingya, were displaced by the violence, and New York-based Human Rights Watch said Myanmar VHFXULW\IRUFHVRSHQHG¿UHRQ5RKingya, committed rape and stood by as mobs attacked each other. Myanmar’s government considHUVWKHHVWLPDWHG5RKLQJ\D in the country to be foreigners, while many citizens see them as illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh and view them with hostility. Decades of discrimination have left them stateless and they are viewed by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

AP Photo/Dita Alangkara

Muslim protesters shout slogans during a rally outside the embassy of Myanmar in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012. Dozens of people staged the rally calling for an end to the violence against ethnic Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State of Myanmar.

Indonesia warns of further South China Sea tension Agence France-Presse

JAKARTA - Indonesia warned Wednesday of a “risk of further tensions� between nations with overlapping claims to swathes of the South

China Sea if a “collective and common approach� is not soon agreed. Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) were split in their views on the maritime dispute during the Phnom Penh

meeting of foreign ministers in July, DQGWKHEORFIRUWKHÂżUVWWLPHLQLWV 45-year history failed to deliver a joint communique. “This is an issue that demands ASEAN’s and China’s collective


and common approach and action, otherwise the risk of further tensions are very much ahead of us,� Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa told reporters on the sidelines of ASEAN’s 45th anniversary celebrations. “In the absence of a code of conduct, we may be risking more incidents in the future.� Natalegawa toured the region after the ASEAN summit to push for Foreign Minister of Indonesia Marty Natalegawa (C) chats with permanent representative of the kingdom of Cambodia to ASEAN Kan Pharidh (L) while Secretary General of Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) Surin Pitsuwan (R) looks up, after releasing the balloons to mark the 45th ASEAN Day ceremony at ASEAN secretariat in Jakarta on August 8, 2012.

progress on the long-stalled code of conduct, designed to reduce tensions RYHUÂżVKLQJVKLSSLQJULJKWVDQGRLO and gas exploration in the South China Sea. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi will visit Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia from Thursday, and Natalegawa said he hoped to “compare notes on where we are on the South China Seaâ€? with him. China claims sovereignty over almost all of the resource-rich sea, which is home to vital shipping lanes, but the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei have overlapping claims. Vietnam is scheduled next year to appoint a secretary general to head $6($1 DIWHU WKH ÂżYH\HDU WHQXUH of Thailand’s Surin Pitsuwan comes to an end. Vietnam frequently trades diplomatic barbs with China over oil H[SORUDWLRQ ÂżVKLQJ ULJKWV DQG WKH Spratly and Paracel Islands, which both countries claim as their own.



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Indian data shows shock fall in industrial output Agence France-Presse

NEW DELHI - India’s industrial production contracted by a shock 1.8 percent from a year earlier in June, as manufacturing output shrank in Asia’s third-largest economy, official figures showed on Thursday, The data underscored the massive job ahead for India’s new pro-market finance minister, P. Chidamabaram, who pledged this week to “restart the growth engine” of India’s sharply slowing economy. Manufacturing output, which accounts for three-quarters of the index

of industrial production, fell 3.2 percent from a year earlier in June, according to the government data. Manufacturing has been undermined by high interest rates to combat stubbornly high inflation, falling business confidence and Europe’s debt crisis which has hit exports.

The 1.8-percent shrinkage in output by factories, mines and utilities in June was the third contraction in four months and followed a revised 2.5 percent production rise in May. The industrial output reading was far below analysts’ expectations, which were for an increase of 0.80 percent, according to a Dow Jones Newswires poll. The weak performance is likely to pile pressure on the central bank to ease interest rates to spur growth. The bank has said it wants infla-

tion to come down before cutting borrowing costs, but Chidambaram has already indicated he wants lower rates, saying “sometimes it is necessary to take carefully calibrated risks”. The weak numbers come as the left-leaning Congress-led government is under pressure over a string of graft scandals and its attempts to liberalise the still inward-looking economy to spur growth have led to gridlock in parliament. India’s once-booming economy

grew just 5.3 percent between January and March -- its slowest annual quarterly expansion in nine years. Capital goods output, an important investment indicator, slid 27.9 percent in June from a year earlier. Goldman Sachs economist Tushar Poddar, who recently pared his full fiscal year growth forecast to 5.7 percent in contrast to the central bank’s expectation of 6.5 percent expansion -- saw more tough times ahead.

Scandal hit News Corp posts big loss

A woman crosses a road in Beijing on August 9, 2012. Chinese inflation hit a two-anda-half-year low in July, official data showed, giving the government further policy leeway to boost weakening growth.

Agence France-Presse

NEW YORK - Rupert Murdoch’s embattled media giant News Corp posted a net loss of $1.51 billion in its fiscal fourth quarter Wednesday, as the firm prepared for a major restructuring. The company’s bottom line was hit by a $2.85 billion charge apparently related to a plan to split its entertainment division from its struggling publishing business, hit by tabloid phone hacking scandals in Britain. News Corp described the charge as “a write-down of $1.5 billion of goodwill and a $1.3 billion write-down of the company’s indefinite-lived intangibles, principally related to the company’s publishing businesses, most significantly the Australian operations.” News Corp also wrote off $57 million it said it spent during the quarter on an “ongoing investigation” into the British phone hacking scandal, bringing the total cost for the year to approximately $224 million. On Tuesday, police arrested a journalist from Murdoch’s top-selling British tabloid The Sun and a policeman for alleged corruption, Scotland Yard and the journalist’s employer said. The pair were detained under Operation Elveden, one of three investigations sparked by the phone-hacking scandal that closed the News of the World, The Sun’s weekly sister paper, last July. There has been a string of recent arrests of Sun journalists. Australian-born Murdoch was forced to shut down the 168year-old News of the World over revelations that its staff had hacked into the voicemail messages of a murdered teenager and dozens of public figures. During the past year, News Corp increased it bet on sports programming by buying Fox Pan American Sports and making plans to purchase remaining stakes in ESPN STAR Sports. News Corp also bought back $4.6 billion in stock. A plan to split of Murdoch’s massive News Corp which was unveiled in June would create separate companies for the huge entertainment division and the struggling publishing business. The publishing arm has some of the most prestigious names in the industry, including The Wall Street Journal and Times of London, but has been hurt by a move away from print.

AFP PHOTO / Ed Jones

Taiwan, China sign investment pact as protesters rage Agence France-Presse

TAIPEI - China and Taiwan signed a landmark investment pact on Thursday as hundreds of protesters voiced their anger over the island’s ever closer economic ties with its giant former foe. China’s chief negotiator Chen Yunlin and his Taiwanese counterpart Chiang Pinkung put their names to the long-awaited deal, which will provide a legal umbrella for Taiwan companies in China. “The agreement will have a beneficial impact on all businesses and will improve the investment environment,” Chiang said earlier in the day.

“It will help boost the competitiveness for both sides amidst growing globalisation and regional cooperation.” The agreement includes safeguards against sudden expropriation of property and also gives individual investors some protection in the case of legal trouble with authorities. Chen and Chiang also signed a cooperation pact to speed up customs procedures in the hope of boosting two-way trade. The two deals follow the sweeping 2010 Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) that eased tariff restrictions and gave trade a

major push. But those opposed closer ties with China fear the pacts will strengthen Beijing’s hold over the island, and protesters have been tailing Chen since his arrival on Wednesday. China is Taiwan’s largest trade partner, and more than 80,000 Taiwanese companies now operate on the mainland, where they have invested more than $100 billion over the years. It is the eighth time in four years that Chen and Chiang have met for talks that would have been unthinkable a decade ago but have now become almost routine.




Former Prime Minister Tony Blair waves as he leaves a Diamond Jubilee lunch with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister David Cameron and former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and John Major at Downing Street in central London on July 24, 2012.

Blair is “deeply worried” UK may leave EU - paper Reuters

BERLIN - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair told a German newspaper he was “deeply worried” Britain might opt to leave the European Union in a referendum, particularly if too many powers were transferred to Brussels without democratic legitimacy. thing polls show a majority of British people would vote to reject - but that he would never campaign for an “out” vote because leaving the EU would not serve British interests. Blair told Die Zeit it was clear that the euro zone crisis would lead to a “powerful political change of the EU”, adding: “And on this point, I am deeply worried that Britain could decide by referendum to leave the whole process.” “If more competences are trans-

ferred to the EU, then its democratic legitimacy must be built up too,” he said, according to a German transcript of the interview which is due to be published on Thursday. “Britain must play a strong role in this. Because we need a balance between European institutions and the nation states.” “If this is done wrongly, we could create a political crisis that could become just as a big as the euro crisis. People will not go along with the abolishment of the nation state.” Cameron has tried to stave off demands for an immediate vote on Britain’s EU membership by holding out the prospect of a referendum some time in the future and by promising a new relationship with the EU.


Philippines begins clean-up after monsoon rains kill scores Reuters

REUTERS/Olivia Harris

Talk of Britain leaving the EU was once far fetched, but the euro zone debt crisis and the prospect of the currency bloc forging a closer political union have convinced some senior UK politicians it is time to demand a new relationship with Brussels. Current Prime Minister David Cameron said last month it was a “perfectly honourable position” to call for an immediate referendum on Britain’s EU membership - some-

Friday, August 10, 2012

MANILA - The Philippines began a massive clean-up on Thursday after floods swept the capital and nearby provinces, forcing residents to wade through shoulder-deep waters in some places after nearly two weeks of monsoon rains killed 91 people. Power, water and communications services were restored as floodwaters started to recede, allowing many to return home to fix their houses. Nearly 300,000 people remained in temporary shelters, disaster officials said. “It’s getting better in the capital region,” Susana Cruz, regional head of the civil defense office, told reporters. “We’re still distributing food and potable water to the affected communities, but we’re also helping local government units in their clean-up efforts.” Schools remained shut for the third day to house displaced families. Public and private offices re-

opened. The monsoon rains, which dumped about 300 mm (12 inches), or three times the daily average, from late Monday to Tuesday, were the heaviest in three years, the weather bureau said, as a typhoon lashed east China where hundreds of thousands of people had been evacuated in advance. The bureau has lifted rainfall alerts, forecasting light to intermittent showers for the next 12-24 hours. By mid-day, the sun was up for the first time in weeks. President Benigno Aquino toured temporary shelter areas and helped distribute rations. He said shanty towns along river banks and coastal areas would be dismantled and relocated to safer ground. Outside Manila, home to 12 million people, many of them living in slum conditions, wide areas of the rice-producing plains of the northern Luzon island remained under waist-to-neck-deep water, forcing residents to move around in canoes and on makeshift rafts.

REUTERS/John Javellana

Students who are evacuated and transferred to their damaged campus help clean and restore their school in Malabon, Metro Manila August 9, 2012.

Syria army claims control of Aleppo rebel redoubt Agence France Presse

AFP Photo/Phil Moore

A young Syrian boy sets off a firework during an evening demonstration against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad in Marae.

Syria said its troops seized a rebel-held Aleppo district on Wednesday after storming it and “annihilating” most of the insurgents, as a long-threatened ground assault on the key city was launched. The rebels promptly denied the claim, acknowledging that a “barbaric and savage attack” on the neighbourhood of Salaheddin was under way but later saying they had recaptured much of what they lost. The offensive came as Amnesty International raised concerns about the plight of civilians in Syria’s commercial capital and warned both sides they would be held accountable for attacks on residential areas.

Early in the afternoon, state news agency SANA said “our brave armed forces have taken full control of the district of Salaheddin” and “inflicted heavy losses on groups of armed terrorists, killing or wounding a large number of them.” Dozens of rebels were captured, including foreigners, and others surrendered, SANA said. It said troops seized a large number of arms. State television said the “armed forces dealt violent blows to the mercenary terrorists” in Salaheddin, “annihilating most of the terrorists.” But rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) spokesman Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Oqaidi said: “It is not true the regime army has seized control of the district.

“It is true that there is a barbaric and savage attack,” he told AFP via Skype. “They are using all the weapons at their disposal to attack Salaheddin, including fighter jets, tanks and mortars.” He said there was fighting in many districts, but it was concentrated on Salaheddin because of the “great symbolic value for us and the army.” Hours later, rebel commander Wassel Ayub said the FSA had launched a counter-attack and retaken part of Salaheddin. “For an hour and a half, the Free Syrian Army has staged a counterattack and reclaimed three streets out of five seized by regime forces,” he told AFP by telephone.


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Life Style


Fashion world mourns style icon Anna Piaggi Agence France Presse

Designer Stefano Gabbana has led a pouring out of Twitter tributes to renowned style icon Anna Piaggi following reports of the 81-year-old’s death in the Italian press. On August 7 La Repubblica published the news of the famous fashion writer’s death, while creator Gabbana -- one half of design duo Dolce & Gabbana -- revealed the news online by tweeting “RIP Anna Piaggi... :((((( ciao grande Anna!!!â€? Piaggi, who was a frequent contributor to Vogue Italia, became known internationally for her eccentric style and trademark pale blue hair. The publication’s current editor-inchief Franca Sozzani tweeted her own tribute to Piaggi, making reference to the late writer’s column entitled “D.P. Doppie Pagine di Anna Piaggi.â€? “23 anni di lavoro insieme, migliaia di D.P. realizzate insieme. Ti ricorderò sempre Annaâ€? (“23 years working together, thousands of D.P. done together. Will remember you forever Annaâ€?), tweeted Sozzani. As well as becoming a Twitter trending topic in Italy, Piaggi’s name was also

one of the most talked about in London. Meanwhile, New Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese was one York-based writer Sar-of the first celebrities to pay tribute to the ah Nicole Prickett refashionista and her unique dress sense. called the flamboyant “So sad to hear that Anna Piaggi, one outfits Piaggi donned of my last icons of beauty & fashion has to hit the front row passed. She was the height of glamorous during fashion week eccentricity,� she wrote. Fashion heavy- season. “Anna Piaggi, weights including stylist Lori Goldstein no longer living legend. and W magazine fashion director Edward To see her at a fashion show was to witness a tiny, signifisignifi Enninful also paid their respects. “did i just wake up to find out anna cant riot,� wrote Prickett. piaggi died???? that makes me more than sad... A TRUE 1 of kind w/ style & IBP/afp substance. not like todays faux,� tweeted Italian style icon Anna Piaggi the former.

Fossils hint at distant cousins to our ancestors large species with big teeth. 7KHQHZVSHFLPHQVKDYHÂłDUHDOO\GLVWLQFWSURÂżOH´ WASHINGTON — Our family tree may have and thus they are “something very different,â€? said sprouted some long-lost branches going back nearly Meave Leakey, describing the study published online 2 million years. A famous paleontology family has Wednesday in Nature. IRXQGIRVVLOVWKDWWKH\WKLQNFRQÂżUPWKHLUWKHRU\WKDW What these new bones did match was an old fossil that there are two additional pre-human species besides 0HDYHDQGKHUKXVEDQG5LFKDUGKHOSHGÂżQGLQWKDW the one that eventually led to modern humans. ZDVEDIĂ€LQJ7KDWVNXOOFDOOHGMXVWGLGQÂśWÂżWZLWK A team led by Meave Leakey, daughter-in-law Homo erectus, the Leakeys contended. They said it was of famed scientist Louis Leakey, found facial bones WRRĂ€DWIDFHGZLWKDQRQMXWWLQJMDZ7KH\LQLWLDOO\VDLG from one creature and jawbones from it was well more than 2.5 million years old in a dating two others in Kenya. That led the mistake that was later seized upon by creationists as researchers to conclude that evidence against evolution because it indicated man’s early ancestor had plenty how scientists can make dating mistakes. It of human-like company from turned out to be 2 million years old. other species. )RU WKH SDVW  \HDUV WKH VFLHQWLÂżF These wouldn’t be Homo TXHVWLRQKDVEHHQZKHWKHUZDVD erectus, believed to be our freak mutation of erectus or something direct ancestor. They would be new. For many years, the Leakeys have more like very distant cousins, maintained that the male skull known as who when you go back even longer VKRZHGWKDWWKHUHZHUHPRUHWKDQ in time, shared an ancient common one species of ancient hominids, but ancestor, one scientist said. other scientists said it wasn’t enough But other experts in human evolution aren’t proof. convinced by what they say is a leap to large conclusions based on limited evidence. It’s AP Photo/Fred Spoor/National Geographic, Nature the continuation of a long-running squabble in This undated handout image anthropology about the earliest members of our provided by National Geographic own genus, or class, called Homo —an increasingly messy family history. And much of it stems from a and Nature shows a computer enhanced imcontroversial discovery that the Leakeys made 40 age of a lower jaw, shown as a photographic years ago. reconstruction, and the cranium, based on a ,QWKHLUQHZÂżQGLQJVWKH/HDNH\WHDPVD\VWKDW computed tomography scan of of he KNM-ER none of their newest fossil discoveries match erectus, 1470 cranium, discovered in 1972, combined VRWKH\KDGWREHIURPDQRWKHUĂ€DWIDFHGUHODWLYHO\ with the new lower jaw KNM-ER 60000. Associated Press Writer

Hong Kong tests babies over Japanese milk formula infant development. “This may affect the functioning of the thyroid Hong Kong said Thursday it gland,â€? the Centre for Food Safety will test babies who have con- said in a statement. “If the thyroid gland’s normal sumed Japanese-made infant formulas found to have insuf- functions are significantly afÂżFLHQW OHYHOV RI LRGLQH DIWHU WKH fected, there may be potential products were ordered off the impact on the brain development FLW\ÂśVVKHOYHV2IÂżFLDOVIRXQGWKH of infants.â€? The government said Wakodo and Morinaga brands it would continue to test other lacked enough iodine, and warned brands. Japanese-made baby forthey could have “adverse health mula accounts for about three effectsâ€? on babies’ thyroid glands percent of the total milk brands distributed in Hong Kong. and brains. Their popularity slumped after “We urge parents to take their babies to the 10 government- the nuclear disaster in Japan last designated health centres for blood year sparked fears of radiation tests,â€? a spokesman at the Food and poisoning. The producers of Wakodo and Environmental Hygiene Department told AFP, adding that around Morinaga formula said the prod2,000 babies could be affected. ucts were not intended for sale in The government ordered the two Hong Kong, which had different products to be removed from shop requirements for iodine content VKHOYHVIROORZLQJWKHÂżQGLQJVRID than Japan. “We presume that local importers... are marketing it random test on 14 milk brands. The banned products, which are there,â€? Morinaga spokeswoman for babies aged up to nine months, Natsumi Takahashi told AFP in were found to contain less than Japan. “When we export our prodone-third of the World Health Or- ucts, we make them compatible ganization’s recommended levels with the standards of countries in of iodine, an essential nutrient for which they are sold.â€? Agence France Presse



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Candi Beach Cottages IBP

Welcome to the delightful Candi each Cottage in peaceful east ali, escape from the hustle and bustle, and embrace the tran uility. Our enchanting and intimate -star resort rests amid swaying palm trees within the uiet and natural environs of the beautiful Mendira ay, Candidasa in the royal alinese regency of Karangasem. Our charming, cottage-style Cottages, comfortable rooms, beachside restaurant, cosy bar, lobby lounge, two refreshing swimming pools, and blissful massage pavilions, are set within a coconut grove garden that gently rolls on to a beautiful private white sand beach. Natural colours and local materials have been blended to create a resort that harmonises with the environment. The traditional architecture utilises local materials from Bali and neighbouring Indonesian islands, while the turquoise waters of the dreamy,

palm fringed swimming pool appear to overflow into the azure sea. Candi Beach Cottage is a magical destination where you can raft dramatic rivers, shop for bargains in vibrant local markets, enjoy cultural performances of Hindu dance epics, cycle through gently swaying fields of rice, visit ancient kingdoms and mystical water palaces, climb mighty volcanoes or dive into an exotic world of psychedelic fish. Marriage proposals are proffered and accepted. This welcome oasis is where the dream begins.

Calendar Event for August 1 through August 31, 2012 1 Aug Tumpek Uduh/Pengatag Pura Puseh/Pura Desa Batuan Sukawati Pura Pasek Bendesa Kekeran Mengwi Pura Manik Mas Besakih. 2 Aug Purnama Karo Aci-aci Pengenteg Jagat Pura Gelap Besakih Pura Dangkahyangan Pengukur-ukur Pejeng Merajan Gerya Kebon Tabanan Pura Candi Goro Tianyar-Kubu Karangasem Pura Ponjok Batu Tejakula-Buleleng. 4 Aug Tumpek Uduh/Pengatag Pura Puseh/Pura Desa Batuan Sukawati Pura Pasek Bendesa Kekeran Mengwi Pura Manik Mas Besakih 8 Aug Buda Wage Warigadean Pura Kepisah Sumerta Denpasar Pura Pasek Gelgel Gerih Abiansemal Badung Pura Puncaksari Penarukan Peninjoan Bangli Pura Bangun Sakti Besakih Pura Antegsari Kaba-Kaba Kediri Tabanan Pura Pesimpangan Batur Pande Kaba-Kaba Kediri Tabanan. 10 Aug Sukra Umanis Warigadean. Odalan Ida Ratu Penataran Agung Besakih Odalan Ida Ratu Puraus Merajan Salonding Besakih. 12 Aug Redite Pon Julungwangi Pura Panti Pasek Gelgel Gobleg Banjar Singaraja. 14 Aug Anggar Kasih Julungwangi Pura Tirtaharum Tegalwangi Bangli Pura Pasek Tohjiwa Wanasari Tabanan Pura Pasek Tangguntiti Jakatebel Tabanan Pura Pasek Bendesa Sangsit Buleleng Pura Dalem Waturenggong Taro Tegalalang Pura Ibu (Pura Kaja) Wanasari Selemadeg Tabanan Pura Pasek Gelgel Tulikup Pura manik Bingin Sidemen 15 Aug Buda Umanis Julungwangi. Pura Penetaran Gana Bebalang Bangli Pura Dalem Gede Banjar Pande Bangli

Pura Puncaksari Pdi Sangeh Abiansemal Pura Dadia Agung Pasek Sanak Sapta Resi Sidan Gianyar Merajan Pasek Tohjiwa Jakatebel Merajan Pasek Prateka Batusesa Mr. Jeroan Dauh Cemenggon Cemenggon Pr. Puseh Penegil Darma Kubutambahan Singaraja. 23 Aug Wraspati Wage Sungsang Pura Kawitan Tangkas Kori Agung Desa Tangkas Klungkung Pr. Siang Kangin Tampuagan Tembuku Bangli Odalan Ida Ratu Mas Penataran Agung Besakih Merajan Pasek Gelgel Petemon Merajan Pasek Gelgel Melinggih Odalan Ida Bhatara Bang Tulus Dewa Besakih 29 Aug Buda Keliwon Dunggulan Pura Wakika Kupang, NTT Pura Agung Girinatha Sumbawa Besar NTB Pura Dukuh Sakti Dukuh Kediri-Tabanan Pura Atambuananta Kutamba NTT Pura Webananta Kupang, NTT Pura Giripati Mulawarman Pontianak Pura Mustika Dharma Cijantung I Jakarta Timur Pura Mustika Dharma Kompleks Kopassus Cijantung Jakarta Timur. 30 Aug Wraspati Umanis Dunggulan Pura Watukaru Tabanan Pura Lempuyang Luhur Karangasem Pura Kentel Gumi Klungkung Pura Pasek Gaduh Umadesa Kediri Tabanan Pura Pasek Kubayan Wangaya Gede Penebel Tabanan Merajan Pasek Tohjiwa Tiyingan Merajan Pasek Gaduh Umadesa. 31 Aug Sukra Paing Dunggulan Pura Ulun Suwi Jimbaran, Badung Pura Luhur Cemenggon, Sukawati Pura Pasek Ubung Denpasar 31 Aug Purnama Ketiga Pura Gunung Sari Lombok. Pura Pauman Bhujangga Tonja Denpasar Pura Kawitan Arya Gajah Para Tianyar Karangasem Pura Pedarman Arya Telabah Besakih. Pura Bukit Mentik, Gunung Lebah Batur Kintamani

Balinese Temple Ceremony E ER Temple and Shrine has a special date for it annual Ceremony, or “ Odalan “, every 210 days according to Balinese calendar, including the smaller ancestral shrine which each family possesses. Because of this practically every few days a ceremony of festival of some kind takes place in some Village in Bali. There are also times when the entire island celebrated the same Holiday, such as at Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi day, Saraswati day, Tumpek Landep day, Pagerwesi day, Tumpek Wayang day etc. The dedication or inauguration day of a Temple is considered its birth day and celebration always takes place on the same day if the wuku or 210 day calendar is used. When new moon is used then the celebration always happens on new moon or full moon. The day of course can differ the religious celebration of a temple lasts at least one full day with some temple celebrating for three days while the celebration of Besakih temple, the Mother Temple, is never less than days and most of the time it lasts for 11 days, depending on the importance of the occasion. The celebration is very colorful. The shrine are dressed with pieces of cloths and sometimes with brocade, sailings, decorations of carved wood and sometimes painted with gold and Chinese coins, very beautifully arranged, are hung in the four corners of the shrine. In front of shrine are placed red, white or black umbrellas depending which Gods are worshipped in the shrines. In front of important shrine one sees, besides these umbrellas soars, tridents and other weapons, the “umbulXPEXO´ORQJĂ€DJVDOOWKHVHDUHSUHURJDWLYHVRUDWWULEXWHV of Holiness. In front of the Temple gate put up “Penjorâ€?, long bamboo poles, decorated beautifully ornaments of young coconut leaves, rice and other products of the land. Most beautiful to see are the girls in their colorful attire, carrying offerings, arrangements of all kinds fruits and colored cakes, to the Temple. Every visitor admires the grace with which the carry their load on their heads.




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“Persepolis” director Marjane Satrapi to direct “The Voices” Reuters

NEW YORK - Marjane Satrapi will direct “The Voices” for Mandalay Vision and Vertigo Entertainment, Mandalay confirmed on Tuesday. This will be the first English language, live-action film for Satrapi, the director of 2007 animated Oscar nominee “Persepolis.” Her first liveaction feature, “Chicken with Plums,” a French drama, opened overseas last year. Both films are based on graphic novels Satrapi wrote. “The Voices” is a Black List script written by Michael R. Perry (“Paranormal Activity 2”) that details a disturbed

factory worker who goes on and off his medications. Told from the man’s point of view, it mixes a dark subject matter with comedic notes. Roy Lee’s Vertigo first bought the script, and when Mandalay came aboard, they began looking for directors. “We got lucky in finding the unique voice of Marjane Satrapi; she is a total visionary,” Mandalay Vision president Matt Rhodes told TheWrap. “She is a

character-driven, performance-driven filmmaker. The heightened sense of reality that Marjane works in is just perfect for this story.” They will cast the psychological thriller in the coming weeks and view this as a film with commercial potential, especially given the right big-name actor in the lead. It will start shooting next year at Berlin’s Babelsburg film studio, which is where Satrapi shot “Chicken with Plums.” The historic studio, setting for films such as “Metropolis” and “The Reader,” celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Lady Gaga VWLOO‫ۋ‬QGV ways to be ‘irresponsible’ Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK — Lady Gaga is one of the most visible celebrities in the world, but she says not everything she does is documented. In the September issue of Vogue magazine, Gaga says she likes to “feel a little irresponsible and act like I’m nineteen.” She goes on to admit she even manages to “roll into a bar” and dance topless or have sex on the beach without getting recognized. The 26-year-old singer credits her friends for helping her not get caught by paparazzi. The September issue of Vogue is its 120th anniversary issue and the magazine’s largest yet. It goes on sale Aug. 21.

This image released by Vogue shows Lady Gaga on the cover of the Sept. 2012 issue of Vogue magazine. The issue will be available on newsstands nationwide on Aug. 21. AP Photo/Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Vogue

REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo

Director Marjane Satrapi poses during a photocall of her film “Poulet aux prunes” at the 68th Venice Film Festival September 3, 2011.

Edisi 10 Agustus 2012 | International Bali Post  
Edisi 10 Agustus 2012 | International Bali Post  

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