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Your one-stop-shop supplier Advanced welding and precision-tooled machinery in non-corrosive materials

Your long-term partner Tre-Mek is a reliable and long-term partner. Since opening our doors in 1985 our focus has been the food industry and its packaging and filling machines. We are a team of over 30 skilled employees, we occupy light and airy premises located in western Trelleborg and have a well-established distribution network to customers. Tre-Mek is the first supplier of choice among clients and other target groups in Sweden, when it comes to the need for quality precision engineering. Tre-Mek is an expanding company, in the forefront of development, as regards technical knowhow and our modern machinery.

The brand name Tre-Mek represents quality, expertise, collaboration, flexibility and business acumen. At the company we value a good work environment and team spirit. We have staff who are proud to work here and respect each other. Plus, we have efficient company management. We believe in time-efficient management decision-making which is based on common sense and the importance of meeting goals.

What does Tre-Mek offer? Tre-Mek i Trelleborg AB is a one-stop supplier of advanced welding and precision-tooled machinery in non-corrosive materials (and other materials, composites ect.), where our focus is always on client demands for the highest quality. We also function as consultants, giving advice regarding the best design and construction ideas you need to precisely match your needs.

Lathe machines

Our up to date workshop floor is equipped with lathe machine tools, milling machines and tube bending machinery and our complete factory floor workshop of equipment comprises the following:

Tube Bending Machinery

Milling machines

Manual TIG welding and orbital welding

1 Hermle 5-axis multi-operational machine 1 Bridgeport Conquest V-1000 multi-operational machine 1 Bridgeport GX-1600 multi-operational machine 2 John Ford multi-operational machines 1 Hartford multi-operational machine 2 Värnamo milling machines 2 Sajo milling machines 1 TOS milling machine 1 sheet sanding machine and saws

1 Okuma Multus B300 II 1 Okuma LB4000EX II MY 1 Okuma LB3000EX MY 1 Okuma LB3000EX II MY BigBore 1 Okuma Genos L300 MYW 2 CMT-driven lathe machines 2 Potisie lathe machines 2 Herber Tube Bending machines Welding

Why choose Tre-Mek as a supplier? We offer continuous improvements in flexibility and quality. Both within the company and towards our customers.

What do our clients say?

We are a company aiming for constant progress.

Our customers are very happy with our services, our expertise, our commitment, our possibility to meet the clients’ needs and to deliver what we promise.

We offer the highest possible standards of quality.

We have insight into our customers’ needs and are easily accessible.

We specialise in problem-solving and in giving advice, ensuring the optimal solutions for your exact customer needs.

Customers appreciate the fact we are readily available for them and appreciate our ability to answer their questions promptly.

Our staff have advanced technical expertise. Efficient decision-making within the organisation shortens lead times and allows for flexibility.

Customers are pleased with the quality we ensure, our range on offer and our adaptability.

Tre-Mek – a generous employer Tre-Mek is an attractive company with a clear ambition to expand.

- ensure all staff have LEAN training in order to work towards constant improvement

For all members of the Tre-Mek team we have a specific focus to:

- remember our highly skilled workforce are our greatest asset

- maintain a healthy, ergonomic work environment

- as Tre-Mek, be a caring employer

- as a company undergo continuous progress - show consideration for and focus on the environment and environmental concerns - strive for continuous improvement incorporating the point of view of the employees

- as Tre-Mek, be a generous employer, we invest in the team spirit, health and training of all staff.

Cutting-edge expertise and quality Our factory floor offers a variety of both milling machinery and lathe machinery. We can work with very narrow tolerance margins and our machine operators are experts and can manufacture both complicated and simpler details of equally high quality and accuracy.

We are fully WPQR certified (Welding Procedure Qualification Record,) and otherwise completely certified, also because we are regularly monitored by Inspecta. Our welded designs often handle foodstuffs, which means we always maintain the highest of standards.

We have experience of many different materials such as plaster and aluminium, however we work primarily with non-corrosive steel.

Combining welding with precision-tooled machinery requires holding enormous expertise within the company. This ensures we are highly competitive in widely differing areas of subcontracting manufacture.

We are flexible and work gladly in close colla-boration with the R & D departments of our customers. We are prototype suppliers to Tetra Pak, among others. Our speciality is smaller product lines encompassing high quality details. As a company we have invested greatly in our welding department and raised our standards, so we now offer the absolute top class in welding solutions.

Assembly of complicated units demands advanced technical knowhow. Something we have plenty of. We assemble within the area of mechanical engineering, precision mechanical engineering, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical and guidance systems. Furthermore, we often deliver directly to the endcustomer. We also carry out final checks and verification of the finished products. As regards product flow in our factory, we specialise in small volumes of single components or small series, but can also deliver larger product lines.

Expanded services Tre-Mek has two very experienced service technicians. Both of them are non-brand-specific service technicians with a huge range of expertise, above and beyond the call of duty and they also have a wide contact network when it comes to solving problems. We offer service and preventive maintenance of machinery on customer premises. We have a large and highly qualified network of suppliers in Sweden, in order to ensure constant access to materials and service at the right time and of the highest quality. We work both nationally and internationally.

We offer

spindle motor renovations renovation of milling machine heads mechanical repairs inspection of machinery moving of machinery renovation of machinery

We have come to the same conclusion as Benjamin Franklin did - we are convinced that what we continually strive for is quality – from beginning to end: �The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten�

Tre-Mek i Trelleborg AB is a one-stop-shop supplier of advanced welding and precision-tooled machinery in non-corrosive materials, where client demands of the highest quality are always our focus. Tre-Mek is a solid company in the forefront of the industry as regards development and technical expertise and thanks to our up-to-date, fully equipped factory workshop equipment. Tre-Mek’s well-known machinery brands are a testimony to quality, knowhow, long-term collaboration and good business sense.

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