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Message from the President RPM’s Outreach Programs Foster Engagement & Provide Opportunities It’s simply not enough to promote and fund vocational education in the automotive, motorcycle and marine trades; we must also inform, inspire, enlighten, support — and ultimately help guide into the workforce — RPM students so we may sustain the classic car industry for decades to come. We do that through a number of innovative programs that RPM has developed with the collector car community: “Shop Hop” guides groups of students, teachers and parents through real-world commercial restoration shops, giving them a firsthand look at the spaces and meeting their future employers and colleagues where their careers can take flight. Students ask questions of shop owners and technicians, and are exposed to equipment and situations within a working shop. Students often participate in “flash interviews”, some of which have resulted in paid internships and entry-level employment. “Behind the Scenes” exposes students, teachers and parents to the high-energy world of collector car auctions, and all the aspects of work — both under-the-hood and behind-the-desk — that auctions have to offer. The multi-million-dollar auction industry requires extensive knowledge of vintage vehicles in many capacities, and the

program exposes the students to some of the collectors who could become clientele in their future careers. “Off to the Races” is like a Shop Hop at the racetrack. Guided by our own IndyCar racer and RPM Ambassador Lyn St. James, Off To The Races offers day-long access for students, teachers and parents around the race paddock and exposes participants to the unique work environment and specialized skills found in vintage racing. The rewards go both ways — it introduces team owners to skilled, passionate candidates for employment, and fuels interest in the high-octane world of amateur racing. We invite parents to our programs to provide firsthand knowledge of potential compensation, job security and job satisfaction so that they may be active partners with RPM in supporting their child’s career ambitions. It’s part of the larger work to be done in educating society about the high-paying jobs within the restoration fields and overcoming the cultural stigma of careers in the skilled trades. See you along the way,

Diane Fitzgerald, President

RPM President Diane Fitzgerald at Martin Auto Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Tony Parella by BILL HALL Collector, Elkhart Lake, WI

Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) president Tony Parella has been a lynchpin in aiding the development of RPM’s nationwide support network. Its touring schedule of Trans Am and historic sportscar racing events touch every corner of the country, and count over 90 shops, 11,000 vintage racers and dozens of racing facilities in their extended network. Partnering with SVRA, via Lyn St. James, the RPM Foundation developed Off to the Races with RPM, a behind-the-scenes look at the vintage racing world for automotive and motorcycle trade students with an emphasis on the career opportunities in track support. The rich partnership with SVRA has impacted student lives. “All businesses have an obligation to reach out and help kids get to where they want to go,” said Parella. “RPM fuels my passion for giving these students the same opportunities that I was fortunate enough to have. We’ve already connected more than a couple of students with jobs and internships.” (continued on page 2)

Tony Parella, President and CEO of the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, SVRA, and RPM Mentor of the Year, shares some insight into the world of vintage racing with RPM students attending Off to the Races - COTA.


Under the HOOD PIT STOP Coincidence or CARma? I believe in karma. There have been many examples in my life and career where karma was in place to make something positive happen. I’ve learned if I have absolute belief in my goals and my ability to achieve those goals, and if I’m focused on those goals all the time, that it sends out what I call “karma to the universe” and things/people will show up in my world to help make that happen. Example: I’m admiring the exhibit of land speed record cars at Amelia Island Concours in 2017. One of my “unfinished goals” was to run on the Bonneville Salt Flats and become a member of the 200mph club (you must break/set a record at over 200mph to become a member of the club). Engine builder/racer Ted Wenz (someone I’ve known for a long time) walks by and says hello and asks me if I still want to run Bonneville. I replied “yes” and he tells me about a team building a car for Bonneville. I connect with John Goodman and in September of 2017 I was running a Gas Lakester at the Bonneville Salt Flats. I call that karma.

Lyn St. James is joined by racing legend Janet Guthrie (l) and the author of The Bugatti Queen, Miranda Seymour (r) at the Arizona Concours d'Elegance.

Some wonderful examples where CARma has shown up to help me help the RPM Foundation: • Off to the Races – At Road America I discover a wonderful metal shaping exhibit and am able to include it in one of our stops with our group of students. While not on the schedule, it was an excellent opportunity relevant to our group. • Behind the Scenes – At the Collector’s Car Garage in Chicago we were able to invite IndyCar racer & Indy 500 Champion Bobby Rahal as our VIP guest. Even though I’ve known Bobby for years, that opportunity came about because I was able to ask him while we were working together at the Arizona Concours just prior to our event in Chicago. You could call these examples coincidence, but I’m convinced they are more about having goals top-of-mind all the time and


RPM students and instructors at Off To The Races with RPM — COTA with RPM Ambassadors Lyn St. James and NASA Astronaut Drew Feustel. Kris Kaiser and vintage racer and K-Hill Motorsports customer Bruce Hamilton made it possible for Drew to check off a Bucket List item - racing in an open car.

having CARma at events. It helps being at the right place at the right time, but it’s not a guarantee if it’s not top-of-mind. You have to step up and take advantage of the opportunity!

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Contrary to stereotypes of cellphone- and videogame-obsessed youth, Parella sees kindred souls among the RPM students. “I really see that same passion for cars that I had when I was growing up. "We all love the Camaros and Mustangs, but the next generation loves the Miatas and drift cars, too.” The relationship is a two-way street, giving shop owners in the SVRA paddock access to an engaged and educated workforce. “It’s a phenomenal talent pool to draw from for shop owners, and fertile ground for the students to find a rewarding career,” said Parella. Contact with RPM students also serves as direct-feedback for what the next generation of motorsport enthusiast is thinking, providing

valuable direction for SVRA’s product planning. “I had an amazing dialogue with the kids by simply asking, ‘How do I make the racing more interesting to you?’ As a direct result of that conversation, we are developing an SVRA phone app that will allow fans to ride-along with racers via in-car cameras. I don’t think the future of racing is to sit as a spectator in a designated seat for four hours. SVRA events have open paddocks, so fans can get up, walk around and be right in the middle of it all. This interaction with young people is fueling ideas and insuring the future of the sport we love,” said Parella. Editor’s Note: Tony Parella was named 2017 RPM Mentor of the Year for his role in inspiring the next generation of craftsmen and artisans, the stewards of our heritage and the keepers of our collector cars.

2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421 Toll Free: 855.537.4579 Email: info@rpm.foundation Website: www.rpm.foundation


Under the HOOD STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jasmine is in the Driver’s Seat of Her New Career in Auto Body by BILL HALL Collector, Elkhart Lake, WI

Jasmine Vazquez, a single mother from Aurora, Illinois, was a machine operator at a pharmaceutical manufacturer when she decided to pursue her dream of restoring cars. “I felt like I was in a deadend job. I wasn’t happy,” said Vazquez. Returning to school at the age of 31 as a non-traditional student in a nontraditional industry would have its challenges. Vazquez’s interest in cars goes back to attending car shows with her brothers. “I would always see the girls riding in the passenger seat of the show cars. I said, ‘One day, I’m going to be the driver.’” Jasmine enrolled in the Automotive Collision Repair program at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois – first as a part-time student and later as full-time – before she started to look for work. That’s what brought her in contact with the RPM Foundation and its Shop Hop program. It’s there that she toured a high-end restoration shop and was offered a job as a paint prepper. But Jasmine’s dream was to go into business for herself. When she was presented with an offer to buy into a partnership with an existing shop, she again sought out the RPM Foundation to provide assistance in the form of business counseling. Shop owner

and RPM mentor and donor John Saccameno met with Jasmine to help her evaluate the offer. “With John’s help, I decided that I needed a little more hands-on experience before taking that step. I like the classics, and I’d like to do restoration, but I’m not in a rush,” said Vasquez. She recently accepted a position as an autobody assistant at a MercedesBenz dealership. RPM’s Nick Ellis helped Jasmine organize and strengthen her resume to land the job.

Jasmine shares a car moment with her son Tyriss at Behind the Scenes with Mecum Auctions — Chicago. Tyriss wants to become an automotive designer. Photo Credit: Ryan Bennett Photography

She remains in the RPM orbit, recently attending RPM’s “Behind the Scenes” at Mecum Auctions with her young son Tyriss. Like his mother, Tyriss is interested in cars and wants to become an automotive designer. Jasmine credits the mentorship of automotive instructor Octavio Cavazos of the College of Lake County and the RPM Foundation for fueling her interest in classic cars restoration. “Before I went on a Shop Hop, I had never been inside a restoration shop. I didn’t even realize they existed. It’s opened up a whole new realm of career possibilities to me. RPM is very supportive and I am spreading the word about them and all they offer young people with dreams of working on old cars!”

Jasmine listens in as Gus Kozarzewski, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mecum Auctions, shares some insight into the world of collector car auctions. Photo Credit: Ryan Bennett Photography

Car Stories with Lou Costabile! Did you know that above-and-beyond the call of duty car guy and RPM supporter, Lou Costabile, is host and producer of YouTube’s “My Car Story With Lou.” He has over 1000 fantastic collector cars on the channel! View the videos and hear fascinating car stories. It’s a great place to learn about the cars you’re seeing at car shows, Concours and driving around town. www.youtube.com/user/loucostabile

Behind the Scenes with RPM at Mecum — Chicago: When it comes to inspiring and fostering an interest in collector vehicles, few occasions can match the energy and excitement of a Mecum Auction. From the hundreds upon hundreds of gleaming classics to the fast-paced staccato rhythm of the auctioneer’s chatter, it’s easy to see why so many are drawn to the various locations across the country to witness firsthand as countless vehicles change owners. With RPM as their guide, students, teachers and parents are steered through all the jobs and hard work that make an auction happen! Photo Credit: Ryan Bennett Photography

2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421 Toll Free: 855.537.4579 Email: info@rpm.foundation Website: www.rpm.foundation



Dan Beutler, VP of Accounting & Controller, Hagerty (Traverse City, MI) Dawn Fisher, Vintage Racer, owner MFD Classic Motors (Lake Leelanau, MI) Diane Fitzgerald, President, RPM Foundation (Chicago, IL) Keith Flickinger, Master Craftsman, Precision Motor Cars (Allentown, PA) Lee Giannone, CEO, Classic Motorsports Consulting (Yardley, PA) McKeel Hagerty, Chairman & CEO, Hagerty (Traverse City, MI) Tabetha Hammer, Senior Manager – Car Culture, Hagerty (Traverse City, MI) David Madeira, Vice Chairman, America’s Automotive Trust (Tacoma, WA) Jim Menneto, Publisher, Hemmings Motor News (Bennington, VT) Paul Miller, President, LeMay – America’s Car Museum (Tacoma, WA) T.G. Mittler, Collector (Santa Fe, NM) Mike Stowe, Master Craftsman, Great Lakes Motor Works (Boyne City, MI)


Patrick Barnes, Community College Instructor, retired; ACM Volunteer (Portland, OR and Indio, CA) Josh Baum, Conservator, Private Collection (Goleta, CA) Herb Clark, Automotive Restoration Club of Sun City West, founder (St. Louis, MO) Sandy Cotterman, Real Estate Broker, Motorsports Enthusiast (Boston, MA) Drew Feustel, NASA Astronaut (Houston, TX) Ryan Levesque, Lead Painter, Andritz, Inc. & RPM’s 1st apprentice (Montoursville, PA) Bennett Logan, President, Tailored Motor Company (Dallas, TX) Adam Martin, Co-Owner, Martin International LLC (Covington, LA) Anne Martin, Co-Owner, Martin International LLC (Covington, LA) Bud McIntire, Director Student Services, Great Lakes Boat Building School, retired (Winston Salem, NC) Stephen Murphy, Collection Manager & Curator, Private Collection (Chicago, IL) Jason Peters, Owner, Mid-Century Motors & Restoration (Portland, OR) Stacy Puckett Taylor, Operations Manager, Seven Vehicle Management Group (Detroit, MI) Burt Richmond, Collectors’ Car Garage (Chicago, IL) David Rising, Automotive Engineer, Tacoma-native (Woking, Surrey, England) Ronn Sieber, School District Administrator, retired (Hillsborough, NC) Clint Sly, President, Collectors Financial Services (Belleair, FL) Lyn St. James, Indy Racer (Phoenix, AZ and Indianapolis, IN) Haydn Taylor, HT Motorworks (Detroit, MI) Josh Voss, Cross Action Classics (White Lake, MI)


Diane Fitzgerald, President, RPM Foundation (Chicago, IL) Nick Ellis, Mentorship & Grants Administrator (Chicago, IL) Linda Daro, Administrative Coordinator (Chicago, IL)

RPM student Zoe Wilson, takes a fast lap around COTA at "Off to the Races" with RPM donor Lisa Weinberger in Lisa's 1972 Toyota Celica formerly raced by legendary race car driver Janet Guthrie. Al, Zoe's dad, says she is "part of a future that RPM is dedicated to — and is now shopping for her first car!"

ADMINISTRATIVE VOLUNTEERS Dorothy Fitzgerald (Chicago, IL) Joan Olds (Tacoma, WA) Rome Thorstenson (Chicago, IL)

PRESERVE THE PAST. BUILD THE FUTURE. Who We Are + What We Do The RPM Foundation supports Restoration and Preservation training programs and Mentoring for the next generation of

automotive, motorcycle and marine craftsmen. As the educational arm of America’s Automotive Trust, the services, programs, resources and grants provided by RPM safeguard the future of the collector vehicle industry by sustaining hands-on training for young adults. RPM is based in Chicago, IL with offices in Tacoma, WA and Detroit, MI.

Supporting RPM Foundation – Thank You!

Help us achieve our goal of raising $1,000,000! Today, with funding requests more than triple what we are able to giveaway, we need your support. Donations of any size are deeply appreciated.

For more information, contact Diane Fitzgerald, President (diane@rpm.foundation, C: 312-543-5732 Toll Free: 855.537.4579 www.RPM.Foundation). Yes! I would like to make a donation of: Please accept my donation of $


$25 $50 $100 to RPM Foundation.






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Please send your donation to: RPM Foundation, 2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421 Or MAKE A DONATION ONLINE at: www.rpm.foundation or GIVE BY PHONE: 855-537-4579 Donations of $50 or more receive a complimentary membership to LeMay – America’s Car Museum, an entity of America’s Automotive Trust. As a U.S. Treasury approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the RPM Foundation is qualified to accept tax deductible gifts and enables a donor to arrange charitable contributions in ways that maximize personal objectives in a tax effective manner.

RPM Foundation is the educational arm of America's Automotive Trust. RPMuthgc19


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