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UNION COUNTY ADVENTURES 2024 • 3 * PIZZA * WINGS * SANDWICHES * SALADS * PASTAS * BREW BITES * * CRAFT BEER * HARD CIDER * ROOT BEER * COKE PRODUCTS * KOMUBUCHA * 1106 Adams Avenue La Grande, Oregon 97850 (541) 663-9010 HOURS: Wed – Sat 11-9 Sunday 11-7 Brickyard Lanes 1212 Jefferson St., La Grande • 541-975-3286 • Open Everyday Bowling, Bistro & Bar




As summer approaches in Union County, the excitement builds for the exhilarating rodeo season. Leading the charge is the renowned Eastern Oregon Livestock Show.


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Nestled in the heart of the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon lies this historic 1900s lodge has been lovingly restored to its former glory and now serves as a luxurious retreat for visitors.



Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and wildlife viewing.


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Ski Mountain Resort is a winter wonderland for skiers and snowboarders alike.

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An excursion train journey through the stunning scenery of Eastern Oregon.


A natural haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

Union County boasts a stunning landscape, with mountains, forests and waterways that serve as a playground for outdoor activities.

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Stunning natural beauty, panoramic views and challenging courses.


Discover your adventure: There’s always something fun to do in Union County.


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Angling in pristine rivers and lakes, and hunting for elusive game.


Spectacular views, fishing, canoeing, day hiking, photography, picnicing, relaxing & more.




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Oregon has a network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, ranking it as a national leader in sustainable travel.




I welcome you to Eastern Oregon and everything this region has to offer. Union County is a great place to live, work, and play.

On behalf of the Union County Chamber of Commerce, welcome to Union Countylocated in the heart of Oregon’s beautiful Northeast region!

We love our wonderful little county and know you will too!

Inside this magazine is a wealth of local knowledge, showcasing some of our favorite places to visit, people to meet, and things to do!

When you come for a visit, be sure to stop by the Union County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Welcome Center to say hiwe would love to meet you!



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Union County encompasses 1,300,480 acres of diverse landscapes including fertile soil, timbered slopes, grazing land, and snow-capped mountain peaks. These geographic features have remained unchanged over the past two hundred years and have made the county attractive to both Native Americans and settlers.

The Blue Mountains, one of Oregon’s oldest and largest mountain ranges, stretch through nine counties in Eastern Oregon and Washington. The Blues are renowned for their deep blue appearance resulting from atmospheric conditions and run along the western boundaries of Union County. The county’s largest town, La Grande, is situated at the base of these mountains.

On the opposite side of Union County stand the Wallowa Mountains, an expansive alpine range shared by Union, Baker, and Wallowa counties. The Indian, Grande Ronde, and Powder Valleys separate the two mountain boundaries from north to south. Other smaller valleys, plains, and plateaus, which are mainly used for agricultural, recreational, or grazing purposes, dot the area.

The Grande Ronde Valleys are the county’s most populated region and are bisected by the Grande Ronde River, one of Oregon’s longest rivers. The Powder River flows through the southeast corner of the county near North Powder, while the Wallowa and Minam Rivers enter the county to the north.

The Grande Ronde Valley is a fertile plain that stretches 35 miles north-south from Pumpkin Ridge to Pyles Canyon and is 15 miles wide from Cove to the mouth of the Grande Ronde River’s canyon. It is oval-shaped and lies at the heart of Union County, with an elevation that ranges from 2,700 to 3,000 feet, peaking at 2,713 feet at the La Grande Airport.

The Blue and Wallowa Mountains tower dramatically on either side of the valley floor. John C. Fremont described the Grande Ronde Valley in his diary entry for October 17, 1843, as “a beautiful level basin or mountain valley covered with good grass, on a rich soil, abundantly watered and surrounded by high and well-timbered mountains and its name descriptive of its form - the great circle.” The valley is dominated by Mount Emily, Mount Harris, and Mount Fanny, which range in height from 5,372 to 7,153 feet. The surrounding mountains are densely forested, with the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Range boasting several peaks as high as 10,000 feet.

The valley floor is mostly table-flat and composed of black sandy loam, which is incredibly fertile and produces a variety of crops, including grasses, grains, vegetables, and fruits. Wet marshes on the southern edge of the valley form Ladd Marsh, a significant bird and wildlife sanctuary.

Union County’s climate is influenced by the mountain ranges beyond its borders. The Rocky Mountains in Idaho offer some protection from the cold air masses that sweep across the high plains from Canada, while the Cascades to the west block the flow of moisture-laden Pacific air into eastern Oregon. As a result, Union County experiences a relatively dry and moderate climate for a mountainous region.

Union County’s climate is influenced by the mountain ranges beyond its borders.


Union County Oregon is just a tankful away from Boise, Portland, or Seattle. Scenic I-84 runs through Union County and makes the drive comfortable and relaxing. Highway 82 comes in from the NE from Wallowa County. Highway 244 weaves through the Grande Ronde river valley from the Southwest and showcases natures beauty in the final stretch from Ukiah.



Union County‘s main airport is located 4 miles east of La Grande, OR. The airport is owned by Union County and has 2 asphalt runways: 12/30 is 5,600’ x 100’ and 16/34 is 3876’ x 60’. The airport averages 16,000 aircraft operations per year (FAA: 2006). La Grande/Union County Airport


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Union County Union County Union County Union County Winter 40°/ 25° Percipitation 1.5” Spring 59°/ 36° Percipitation 1.7” Summer 82°/ 52° Percipitation 1.0” Fall 67°/ 37° Percipitation 1.3”
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When exploring, always be aware of your surroundings, have a plan, & prepare for the terrain.


Eastern Oregon is home to outdoor recreation. Enjoy the majestic mountains, sparkling lakes, rivers, and trails crisscrossing thousands of acres of public land.

10 • WWW.VISITUNIONCOUNTY.ORG DISCOVER UNION COUNTY OREGON IMBLER LA GRANDE ISLAND CITY COVE UNION NORTH POWDER 82 237 203 203 237 Nestled in a beautiful corner in Northeastern Oregon, Union County is proudly the commercial, cultural, and educational hub of the region. Union County may be rural-frontier, but it certainly boasts the modern amenities to make life a living pleasure.
Total Sq.
SOURCE: 2020 U.S. CENSUS BUREAU STATISTICS POPULATION La Grande: 13,026 Union: 2,152 Elgin: 1,717 Island City: 1,144 Cove: 620 Imbler: 245 North Powder: 504 Summerville: 119 .17% GROWTH ELGIN SUMMERVILLE N 244 82 204 EMPLOYMENT Top 5 Primary Employment Sectors 15.8% - Health Care & Social Assistance 11.6% - Retail Trade 10.1% - Manufacturing 8.62% - Educational Services 7.6% - Accommodation & Food Services Top 5 Primary Employers Eastern Oregon University Grande Ronde Hospital & Clinics La Grande School District Northwood Manufacturing Outdoors RV Manufacturing SOURCE: WWW.DATAUSA.IO/PROFILE/GEO/UNION-COUNTY-OR The industries with the best median income for men in 2020 are Public Administration ($67,554), Information ($65,982), and Wholesale Trade ($57,411). The industries with the best median earnings for women in 2020 are Wholesale Trade ($50,694), Public Administration ($47,159), and Transportation & Warehousing, & Utilities ($43,571). $55,227 2021 2010-2020
MEDIAN INCOME 26,196 Population per sq mile = 12.9
miles = 2,036.94
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Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon lies the stunning Lodge at Hot Lake Springs. This historic lodge, originally built in the early 1900s, has been lovingly restored to its former glory and now serves as a luxurious retreat for visitors looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As you approach the Lodge, you’ll be struck by its grandeur and beauty. The stately building is surrounded by pristine gardens and towering trees, and the sound of the nearby Hot Lake Springs provides a peaceful and calming soundtrack.

Inside, the Lodge is just as impressive. The elegant furnishings and tasteful decor create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. The guest rooms are spacious and comfortable, each one featuring luxurious bedding, a private bathroom, and all the amenities you could need for a relaxing stay.

One of the highlights of the Lodge is its natural hot springs. The water from these springs is renowned for its healing properties, and guests can enjoy soaking in the hot, mineral-rich waters in one of the Lodge’s many private soaking tubs. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of melting away your cares and troubles in the warm embrace of a natural hot spring.

In addition to the hot springs, the Lodge offers a range of other amenities to help you unwind and rejuvenate. Take a dip in one of the five soaking pools, stroll through the property, or relax with a good book in the cozy library. If you’re feeling more active, you can hike or bike through the nearby mountains.

When it comes to dining, the Lodge doesn’t disappoint. The on-site restaurant offers a range of delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, and the elegant dining room provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a special celebration.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo retreat, you’ll find everything you need to unwind and recharge at this stunning lodge. So why not book your stay today and experience the magic of Hot Lake Springs for yourself?

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Overall, the Lodge at Hot Lake Springs is an amazing and relaxing destination that should be on every traveler’s bucket list



La Grande, Oregon is home to a historic gem that is about to shine brighter than ever before. The Liberty Theatre, which first opened its doors in 1910, is nearing the end of an extensive renovation project that has been in the works for years. The revitalized venue will be a focal point for the community, offering live performances and cinema for years to come.

The renovation project has been a massive undertaking. The exterior facade has been restored to reflect the building’s 1930s look, and the original 42-light chandelier, which is over 100 years old, has been painstakingly restored. The facade and brickwork have also been given a vintage look, reminiscent of signature theaters of the past.

When the Liberty Theatre opens its doors, it will offer 300 seats for viewing a variety of local artistic experiences. The Liberty Theatre Foundation has partnered with local organizations such as the Eastern Oregon Film Festival, La Grande Shakespeare Company, Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra, Grande Ronde Community Choir, and the Eastern Oregon University theater department to showcase live shows and films. “Local programming is going to be one of the bigger pinnacles of what’s going to be happening there,” says Ashley O’Toole, chair of the Liberty Theatre Foundation. “Our goal is to provide the widest variety of programming that we can to ensure our beloved theater can be enjoyed by everyone”.

Liberty Theatre Foundation hopes to open the theater in late 2023. When the Liberty Theatre finally opens its doors, it will undoubtedly be a regional focal point for live performances and cinema for years to come in historic downtown La Grande.

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One of the highlights of the Liberty Theatre’s programming will be the annual Eastern Oregon Film FestivaI.
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This hidden gem is the perfect destination for travelers seeking relaxation and natural beauty. The resort features a series of hot springs, each with its own unique temperature and mineral content, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests to unwind in. Surrounded by rolling hills, the scenery is breathtaking, making it a perfect backdrop for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The RV Park is spacious and well-maintained, with plenty of room for families and groups. There are also hiking trails nearby that lead to spectacular vistas, and fishing in the nearby lakes is a popular pastime. The resort also has various amenities, including laundry facilities, restrooms with showers, and a small convenience store.

One of the highlights of the Grande Hot Spring RV Resort is its location. La Grande is known for its small-town charm and relaxed atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway.

Overall, the Grande Hot Spring RV Resort is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a peaceful retreat surrounded by natural beauty. With its scenic location, relaxing hot springs, and welcoming communities of nearby La Grande and Union, it’s no wonder why so many travelers choose to return year after year. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family, or a group of friends, this resort has something for everyone.

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La Grande is known for its small-town charm and relaxed atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway.
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There are over 2,000 sq. miles of Union County to explore. You might not think of world class outdoor recreation when you think of NE Oregon ... but once you visit you will never forget.



The Blue Mountain Single Track Trails Club is a community of outdoor enthusiasts based in Eastern Oregon. Founded in 2013, the club has quickly become a popular destination for mountain bikers from around the region, thanks in part to its commitment to creating and maintaining highquality trails.

The club’s mission is to promote mountain biking in the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas and to provide a fun and inclusive environment for riders of all skill levels. While many club members are mountain bikers, the club’s overall goal is to build and maintain trails for all non-motorized users, including hikers, trail runners, dog walkers, and equestrians. The club actively seeks members from outside the mountain bike community to ensure a wide variety of users are included in their trail efforts.

To achieve its mission, the club organizes regular group rides, social events, and trail maintenance days. These activities help foster a strong sense of community among club members and cultivate a love for recreational trail use and the outdoors.

One of the club’s key initiatives is its trail-building program, which involves close collaboration with local land managers and volunteers. Together, they design, build, and maintain trails in the area, catering to users of different skill levels. The club places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship, ensuring that trails are constructed and maintained in a way that minimizes their impact on the natural environment. Additionally, the club actively advocates for outdoor recreation in the region. This includes working with local governments and land managers to expand and improve trail access while promoting responsible trail use among users.

Membership in the Blue Mountain Single Track Club is open to anyone who shares a passion for single track trails. Becoming a member grants access to club events, discounts at outdoor shops, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the local mountain biking community.

Overall, the Blue Mountain Single Track Club plays a vital role in the Eastern Oregon mountain biking community. Through its trail-building program, advocacy efforts, and community events, the club is creating a vibrant and inclusive outdoor adventure culture in the region.

Visit their website at to learn more and get involved.

Located just a few miles northeast of La Grande, the Mount Emily Recreation Area offers visitors a scenic and diverse outdoor experience. With over 3,700 acres of forested land, the area is a popular destination for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing.

One of the highlights of the Mount Emily Recreation Area is the extensive network of trails that wind through the forest. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll, there’s a trail for you. There are thirty trails on the mountain, some offering stunning views of the Grande Ronde Valley and surrounding mountains. In addition to hiking and biking, the area is a great spot for picnicking.

Mount Emily Recreation Area offers another remarkable aspect with its diverse wildlife, including majestic elk and deer. On occasion, visitors may even catch glimpses of bears, cougars, and wolves. However, it is important to remember that these animals are wild and should not be approached or fed.

Not only can you enjoy the natural beauty of the Mount Emily Recreation Area, but you can also camp for free at the Fox Hill Campground. This serene campground provides a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the surroundings. Additionally, if you have a passion for archery, you’ll be delighted to know that Fox Hill Campground offers a world-class archery range, allowing you to practice and enhance your skills amidst the tranquil setting.

For mountain bike enthusiasts, downtown La Grande is home to multiple shops, whether you’re seeking thrilling trails, information or interested in upcoming events, they are the go-to destination. They provide valuable resources and knowledge about the local biking scene, ensuring that you have access to the best routes and experiences in the area. So, don’t forget to drop by and discover the exciting world of mountain biking in Union County.

Overall, the Mount Emily Recreation Area is a wonderful destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty and diversity of Oregon’s outdoors. With its extensive trail system, picnic areas, and camping options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the area, be sure to add the Mount Emily Recreation Area to your list of must-see destinations.

20 • WWW.VISITUNIONCOUNTY.ORG The name you know Same quality work New ownership Anthony Smith & Bill Garrison La Grande 1408 N Hall Street Enterprise 601 Medical Parkway Baker 3175 Pocahontas Rd. Travis T. Hampton, D.P.M. Foot and Ankle Surgeon Your feet were made for Walking We specialize in quality medical and surgical care for all types of foot and ankle problems. 541-963-0265 888-843-9090
Phil Burling GRI, e-PRO Principal Broker 541-963-9268 John R. Collins Principal Broker 541-962-5771 • Property Management • Homes • Farms • Recreation • Ranches • Acreage • Investment • Business UNION COUNTY ADVENTURES 2024 • 21



Nestled in the stunning Elkhorn Mountains of Eastern Oregon, Anthony Lakes Ski Mountain Resort is a winter wonderland for skiers and snowboarders alike. An impressive 1,100 acres of skiable terrain and an average of 300 inches of snowfall each year, make it a top destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

The resort offers a range of runs suitable for all skill levels, from beginner slopes to challenging black diamond runs. For those seeking a little extra adventure, the resort also offers guided backcountry tours and cat skiing expeditions.

Skiing and snowboarding are just the beginning of what Anthony Lakes Ski Mountain Resort has to offer. The resort is known for its breathtaking scenery and unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains. There are also opportunities for snowshoeing, crosscountry skiing, and snowmobiling in the area.

In addition to the outdoor activities, the resort has various amenities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. There are several dining options, including a cozy lodge with a fireplace and a bar serving local craft beers. The resort also offers equipment rentals and lessons for those new to skiing or snowboarding.

One of the unique features of Anthony Lakes Ski Mountain Resort is its commitment to sustainability. The resort operates on 100% renewable energy and has implemented various conservation measures, including a zero-waste program and composting initiatives.

The resort is also deeply involved in the local community, hosting events and fundraisers throughout the year. The annual Ski for Schools event raises money for local schools, and the Taste of Nordic Festival celebrates the beauty of cross-country skiing.

Overall, Anthony Lakes Ski Mountain Resort is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable winter adventure. With its stunning scenery, top-notch skiing and snowboarding, and commitment to sustainability and community, this resort truly has it all. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or snowboarder or a newcomer to the sport, you’ll find plenty to love at Anthony Lakes Ski Mountain Resort.

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An impressive 1,100 acres of skiable terrain and an average of 300 inches of snowfall each year, make Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort a top destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

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nion County offers a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts. With its stunning natural beauty, panoramic views, and challenging courses, this region has become a golfer’s paradise. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting your golfing journey, Union County provides a delightful blend of golfing experiences for all skill levels.

Union County is a golfer’s haven, where stunning landscapes, challenging courses, and warm hospitality come together to create unforgettable golfing experiences. Whether you choose to tee off at Buffalo Peak or La Grande Country Club or have fun with the family at Riverside Greens, you will find yourself surrounded by natural beauty, immersed in the joy of the game. So, pack your clubs, explore Union County, and get ready to tee off in a golfer’s paradise like no other.

Buffalo Peak Golf Course boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, creating an awe-inspiring backdrop for your game.


Located just outside Union, is a golfer’s dream come true. This 18-hole championship course. Designed to challenge and inspire, the course features strategically placed bunkers, water hazards, and undulating fairways that will assess your skills and keep you engaged throughout your round. After your game, relax and unwind at the clubhouse, where you can enjoy a cool beverage and take in the panoramic vistas from the patio. Buffalo Peak was recognized by the Oregon Golf Association as Facility of the Year in 2021.


A lovely 9-hole (18 using dual tees) private course offers meticulously manicured fairways, pristine greens, and a tranquil setting that will transport you to a world of elegance and relaxation. With its well-designed layout and scenic beauty, this course presents an enjoyable challenge for golfers of all levels. After a satisfying game, retreat to the clubhouse, where you can socialize with fellow golfers, indulge in gourmet dining, and savor the stunning views of the course.


A miniature golf course along the Grande Ronde River. The course combines the best of nature and miniature golf. This 9-hole course offers a serene and inviting atmosphere, surrounded by lush greenery, towering trees, and the gentle sound of the river flowing nearby. The course is great for children and adults of all ages and is open until 10:00pm for Glow Golf. Golfers will appreciate the relaxed yet challenging layout, making it the perfect place for a leisurely round with family and friends.



124 ADAMS AVE • LA GRANDE OR • 541-624-3113
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La Grande combines small-town charm with a range of amenities and recreational opportunities. Whether exploring the historic commercial district, enjoying outdoor activities, or attending cultural events, residents and visitors can experience the welcoming and vibrant atmosphere of this eastern Oregon city.


La Grande serves as the economic and educational center for eastern Oregon. It is home to Eastern Oregon University (EOU), a four-year public university that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university brings a youthful energy to the community and contributes to the cultural and intellectual life of the region.


The city of La Grande boasts a historic commercial district that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This district features wellpreserved buildings that showcase the city’s architectural heritage and provide a charming backdrop for local businesses.


La Grande offers abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. The city maintains several parks and green spaces, including Pioneer Park, Riverside Park, and Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area, where residents and visitors can enjoy picnicking, hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing. The nearby Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and the Blue Mountains provide additional outdoor recreational opportunities, including camping, fishing, hunting, and winter sports.


La Grande is conveniently located along Interstate 84, providing easy access to other cities in the region. The city is a crew change point on the Union Pacific Railroad, facilitating transportation of goods and passengers. The La Grande/Union County Airport serves the area and offers connections to larger airports for regional and national travel.


La Grande hosts various cultural and community events throughout the year, including art walks, concerts, festivals, and farmers markets. These events showcase local talent, promote community engagement, and provide entertainment options for residents and visitors.


La Grande has a rich history that dates back to the 1860s. The area around La Grande was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Nez Perce and Cayuse. European-American settlers arrived in the 1860s as part of the Oregon Trail migration. The location of present-day La Grande was initially known as “Brown’s Fort” and served as a trading post and stagecoach stop.

In 1865, the settlement was officially named “La Grande” by Charles Dause, a Frenchman who was impressed by the scenic beauty of the area. The name means “the big” or “the large” in French, referring to the nearby Grande Ronde Valley. La Grande was formally incorporated as a city in 1865. Today, La Grande is a vibrant community in Eastern Oregon, with a population of approximately 13,000 residents. It serves as a hub for commerce, education, and culture in the region while preserving its historical character and natural beauty.

La Grande, Oregon is a vibrant city with a range of amenities and attractions.
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The Jewel of the Blue Mountains

Located along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, Elgin sites in the Indian Valley, nestled against a backdrop of mountains – the Wallowa’s to the east and Blues to the west, with the Grand Ronde River flowing through it.

Elgin, is a small city with a population of approximately 1,700 people, located in the northeastern part of the state. In recent years, the city has been working on revitalizing its downtown area and promoting tourism. The historic Elgin Opera House, which was built in 1912, has been renovated and is now used for various events, including concerts, plays, and weddings.

The Elgin Stampede, a rodeo event that takes place every July, is another popular attraction in the area.

Elgin is also known for its proximity to outdoor recreation opportunities. The nearby Wallowa-Whitman National Forest offers hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting, while the Grande Ronde River is a popular destination for rafting and kayaking. In the winter, the Mount Emily Recreation Area offers snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

In terms of education, Elgin is part of the Elgin School District, which includes a K-12 school with approximately 300 students. The city also has a public library, community center, pool and RV Park which offers a variety of programs and services to residents.

Hu Na Ha RV Park is conveniently located at the gateway to Blue and Wallowa Mountains. Nestled on the Grande Ronde River this quiet little RV Park is perfect for your family’s next stay. Hu Na Ha has 15 tent sites, 25 pull through sites, and 19 back in sites. We offer full hook ups, 30/50 amps, limited Wi-Fi, and full amenities!

Overall, Elgin is a small but vibrant community with a rich history and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and entertainment.



An enchanting Gem of Oregon’s Grande Ronde Valley

Nestled on the eastern edge of the breathtaking Grande Ronde Valley in Union County, Oregon, lies a hidden slice of paradise known as Cove. With its rich history, local charm, and captivating attractions, this little community invites you to immerse yourself in its beauty.

Cove is a small community, its tight-knit population of approximately 680 residents within city limits, and an additional 1,200 people in the surrounding area make it a vibrant and thriving place to call home. In-town businesses cater to essential needs while also offering a few delightful extras.

Cove has a fruitful legacy. For over a century, this idyllic town has been a center of fruit production. Today, the hillsides above Cove boast approximately 500 acres of commercial orchards, predominantly cultivated with sweet cherries and peaches, providing a bountiful harvest. In addition to fruit production, the region is home to livestock farming and processing, field crop cultivation, and small-scale produce growers, showcasing the diversity of agricultural endeavors in the area.

With its close proximity to the Moss Springs Trailhead, a mere 7 miles east of town, Cove serves as a convenient gateway to the awe-inspiring Eagle Cap Wilderness and the magnificent Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Whether you’re an avid hiker, nature lover, or adventure enthusiast, Cove’s location offers unparalleled access to outdoor recreation, beckoning you to embark on unforgettable journeys and create cherished memories.

So, sit back, relax, and allow us to guide you through the enchanting pages of Cove. Uncover the history, explore the local attractions, and get acquainted with the heart and soul of this hidden gem. Whether you’re a visitor or a prospective resident, Cove welcomes you with open arms to experience its unique blend of natural beauty, warm hospitality, and cherished traditions.

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Located at the kick-off point of the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway

Island City, situated in a picturesque location, offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and convenient access to nearby amenities. This charming city in Union County captivates visitors with its scenic surroundings.

The area provides abundant opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The Grande Ronde River invites fishing, boating, and wildlife observation. For those seeking adventure, the surrounding mountains offer breathtaking vistas and serve as a playground for hiking, camping, and skiing enthusiasts.

Transportation is a breeze in Island City, thanks to its prime location at the intersection of Oregon Route 82 and Oregon Route 237. With easy access to nearby towns and cities, residents and visitors can explore the region and enjoy the services and amenities offered by La Grande, the largest city in Union County.

The city has a rich history of commercial activity, with its roots dating back to the establishment of a grist mill in 1872 by John Caviness and his partner, Mr. Sterling. Charles Goodnough, another pioneer businessman, played a significant role in the town’s development by setting up a store and organizing the Island City Mercantile & Milling Company in 1884. The company thrived and became one of Union County’s largest business enterprises in the 19th century, serving the needs of the local community and drawing customers from nearby La Grande.

Although the milling interest eventually changed hands, Island City’s charm and sense of community remain strong. Whether it’s exploring the natural wonders, participating in local festivities, or enjoying the convenience of nearby amenities, residents and visitors alike can experience the unique character and warm hospitality that define Island City.



Picturesque surroundings and community spirit

Imbler’s small-town atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and access to outdoor amenities make it an appealing place for those seeking a peaceful and close-knit community. Whether enjoying the local schools, participating in the 4th of July festivities, or exploring the natural wonders of the area, residents and visitors can experience the charm and tranquility that Imbler has to offer.


Imbler is served by the Imbler School District, which includes Imbler Elementary School and Imbler Junior/Senior High School. These schools provide quality education to students in the area and offer a range of academic and extracurricular programs.


Imbler celebrates the 4th of July with a lively parade that brings the community together in a festive spirit. The parade typically features decorated floats, marching bands, community organizations, and local businesses. It is a cherished tradition that showcases the community’s pride and patriotism.


Imbler is surrounded by the natural beauty of Eastern Oregon. The nearby Grande Ronde River offers opportunities for fishing, boating, and riverside picnics. The surrounding countryside features scenic landscapes and is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and wildlife observation. Residents and visitors can enjoy the charm of rural living and explore the many natural amenities that Imbler has to offer.


Imbler is connected to other nearby towns through State Highway 82, which provides convenient access to La Grande, located to the southwest, and Elgin, situated to the northeast. The highway serves as a major transportation route, facilitating travel and commerce in the region. Additionally, the Grande Ronde River flows north of Imbler, adding to the natural beauty and recreational opportunities of the area.

Island City, situated in a picturesque location, offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and convenient access to nearby amenities.
Imbler is great for Astro-tourism
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A scenic beauty of eastern Oregon

North Powder is situated in the southeastern part of Union County, near the base of the Elkhorn Mountains. With a population of around 500, it offers a peaceful and rural setting. The town is surrounded by natural beauty, including forests, mountains, and rivers, providing opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation.


The Huckleberry Festival is an annual event held in North Powder that celebrates the local huckleberry harvest. Huckleberries are small, sweet berries that grow abundantly in the region’s forests. The festival typically takes place in late summer and features a variety of activities, including huckleberry picking, live music, arts and crafts vendors, food booths, and a parade. It is a fun-filled event that brings the community together to celebrate the local culture and natural resources.

In addition to the Huckleberry Festival, North Powder is known for its small-town charm, friendly community, and access to outdoor recreation. Visitors can explore the nearby natural attractions, such as the North Powder River, which offers fishing and scenic beauty, or hike through the Elkhorn Mountains for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.


Small-town charm and natural beauty of the Grande Ronde Valley.

Summerville, Oregon is a small town situated at the north end of the Grande Ronde Valley and is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and picturesque setting with access to outdoor recreation.


Summerville has a rich history as one of the early commercial and trading centers in the region. It was first settled in the spring of 1865 and served as a stage station on the George Thomas line of coaches. The town played a significant role in facilitating trade and transportation in the area.


Summerville is nestled in a scenic location surrounded by the natural beauty of the Grande Ronde Valley. The town is situated near Mill Creek, which is a tributary of Willow Creek, itself a tributary of the Grande Ronde River. The presence of Mill Creek offers opportunities for fishing and outdoor activities, adding to the recreational appeal of the area.


Summerville benefits from its proximity to the waterways and natural surroundings. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy casting a line in Mill Creek, which supports a variety of fish species. The surrounding landscapes offer opportunities for outdoor fun, such as hiking, picnicking, and wildlife observation. Residents and visitors can appreciate the tranquility and beauty of the area while engaging in recreational pursuits.

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A quiet little town nestled at the base of the Wallowa Mountains

Union is a community with a rich historic past, evidenced by elegant Victorian homes and brick buildings gracing the tree-lined city streets. Downtown Main Street is a designated National Historic District; but the city is not without modern amenities, including a state-of-the-art health center, a tournament-ready athletic complex, and Buffalo Peak Golf Course.

Stop by one of the many U-Pick farm stands for fresh berries and produce for a farmto-table experience, or even stay in a farm cottage at one of the local farms for a truly organic experience. Before your adventure ends, make sure to take a soak in the nearby hot springs.

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designated National Historic District but has modern amenities.
Downtown Main Street in Union is a



Ladd Marsh Bird Festival Weekend in Mid-May

The Ladd Marsh Bird Festival is an uncrowded, non-competitive birding opportunity for the whole family. The event is scheduled at the height of spring migration and nesting in the Grande Ronde Valley and to commemorate International Migratory Bird Day. Birders are allowed to explore areas of the wildlife area generally closed to the public. Check in between 6 a.m. and noon at the Tule Lake Access Area on Peach Road to receive a map of the stations.

Where: Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area, south of LaGrande

La Grande Farmers Market Mid-May to Mid-October

Serving Union County and Eastern Oregon since 1980 with local produce, crafts, music and more, the La Grande Farmers Market is at Max Square, corner of Adams Avenue and Fourth Street. The hours are from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays and 3-6 p.m. Tuesdays. The Market is committed to supplying fresh, locally sourced products and produce.

Where: Max Square, La Grande

SUMMER Hog Wild Days

First weekend in June

Island City’s Hog Wild Days kicks off the county’s summer street festivals with a weekend-long flea market featuring local vendors, food booths, arts and crafts, face painting, plants, community organizations, and the Island City Lions’ “Piggy Train.” Dinner on Friday at the Island City Park pavilion starts things off. The downtown street fair along C Street is open Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the volunteer firefighters serve a pancake breakfast. The entertainment lineup on Saturday includes a kids’ fiddle club and a parade.

Where: Island City

Eastern Oregon Livestock Show

First full week of June

The Eastern Oregon Livestock Show is among the oldest in the Northwest. 4-H and FFA auction during the week leading up to the Ed Miller Xtreme Bull Riding event Thursday at 6:30 pm. Three days of PRCA rodeo follow, with competition beginning at 4 pm, Saturday at 2 pm and Sunday at 1:30 pm. The EOLS parade begins at 2pm on Friday in downtown Union.

Where: EOLS Grounds, main entrance at end of Delta Street, Union

Eastern Oregon Livestock Show

First full week of June

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There’s always something fun to do in Union County

Blue Mountain Super D

First Sunday in June

Brought to you by Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club. In Partner with Union County Tourism & Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA) Enjoy this one-stage enduro type race on the beautiful MERA trail system just outside of La Grande. Riders must ride to the top of the course on the Mount Emily Access Road (approximately 1200’). Riders then descend the Super D Course while being timed individually. Camping is available at the Union County Fairgrounds approximately 1.5 miles from the trailhead. The course will be marked for practice all day Saturday. Racer meeting in Owlsey Trailhead Parking Lot

Where: La Grande

Elgin Lions Riverfest Car Show

3rd Saturday in June

Riverfest was founded in 1993 and is put on by the Elgin Lions Club. The centerpiece of the festival is its car show, conducted on a field near the Elgin Community Center. The car show typically draws at least 70 vehicles a year. Among the other festivities are an outdoor community breakfast served by the Elgin Fire Department, steam-powered tractor display at the Stampede Grounds, yard sales, a treasure hunt of historic Elgin, and Lions Duck Race. Riverfest often coincides with a reunion of Elgin High School graduates.

Where: Elgin

Union County Crops & Conservation Tour

3rd week of June

Interest in Union County Agriculture? This half-day day bus tour of selected sites in Union County where you will learn about agriculture production, research, and conservation efforts in the area. The tour also gives you a chance to interact with many local growers and ranchers.

Imbler Fourth of July Parade and BBQ

July 4th

The Fourth of July parade begins at noon in downtown Imbler. The Imbler Christian Church traditionally hosts a free BBQ lunch after the parade. Where: Imbler

Thunder at the Peak Fireworks Display

July 4th

Union County’s Fourth of July fireworks show launches from the Buffalo Peak Golf Course in Union. The fireworks display is easy to see throughout town with the best viewing at the Golf course. The event begins at dusk and is organized by the City of Union Chamber of Commerce. Food and other vendors lined up on Main Street start at 6:00pm

Where: Union

Crazy Days

3rd Weekend in July

Elgin Stampede

1st Full week of July

The Elgin Stampede includes four days of festivities. The free all-kids rodeo is Wednesday at 6 pm. Xtreme Bulls and Barrel Race is Thursday at 7 pm, and a PRCA rodeo is Friday at 7 p.m. Downtown parades are Saturday with a kids parade at 10 am and the grand parade at 4 pm, followed by the final PRCA rodeo at 7 pm.

Where: Elgin Stampede Grounds

Chamber Golf Scramble

Mid July

The Union County Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble at Buffalo Peak Golf Course! Registration begins at 12pm, bag lunch provided, and Golf begins at 1 pm. A fun afternoon of golf, BBQ-Style dinner and no-host bar following. $10,000 Hole-In-One Contest, Putting Contest, prizes, and much more. Come out and enjoy a great afternoon networking and playing golf at one of Oregon’s Best Golf Courses.

Where: Buffalo Peak Golf Course, Union

La Grande Classic Car Show

3rd Weekend in July

Hosted by the Timber Cruisers Car Club, the show features a variety of classic cars. The classic cars are displayed along Adams Avenue on Saturday morning. An evening car cruise scheduled on Adams Ave for your viewing pleasure. There are private activities planned for club members and out-of-town cruisers.

Where: La Grande

Crazy Days

3rd Weekend in July

Vendors and businesses gather in the Historic downtown this weekend to supply family activities, sales, and a festival atmosphere for the community. Businesses offer sidewalk sales and discounts on Friday, and street fair festivities take place all day Saturday, including family-friendly recreation, local foods, and craft vendors.

Where: La Grande Historic downtown

Shakespeare Festival

Starts 3rd Friday in July

Back for another season, the Shakespeare Festival, hosted by the Elgin Opera House. Three Shakespeare plays will be performed multiple times throughout the festival, the Opera House and its outdoor stage, and at the Hale Turner Little Theatre and Jewel Theatre on Alder Street.

Where: Elgin

Huckleberry Festival

Last weekend in July

This event celebrating the wild huckleberry takes place in North Powder, the only Union County community outside the Grande Ronde Valley. The festival recognizes the historical significance of the popular fruit. Activities at the festival include an allclass school reunion, 5K walk/run, parade, car show, mud volleyball games, tri-tip dinner, vendors, family friendly competitions and street dance.

Where: North Powder


Anthony Lakes Mountain Bike Festival

Last Saturday in July

Guided mountain bike rides for all levels, music, food, beer and fun. You can also ride the lift to the top and buy discount tickets for the next ski season. Come join the fun.

Where: Anthony Lakes Ski Resort anthony-lakes/anthony-lakes-mountain-bikefestival/369261246530822/

Info: The Mountain Works Bicycles in La Grande

Union County Fair

Starts 1st Wednesday -Saturday in August

The Union County Fair Association was founded in 1872, and the fair continues to be an old-fashioned rural county-wide event. Festivities traditionally include a parade, and live entertainment. Animal judging, exhibit barns, textiles, home goods, art, local produce, and vendors.

Where: Union County Fairgrounds, La Grande

La Grande Moonlight Tournament

First weekend in August

La Grande Parks and Recreation hosts the annual Moonlight Co-Ed Softball Tournament, which promises to be an exciting event for softball fans and players alike. The tournament will be held at Pioneer Park and features co-ed teams from around the region.

The tournament is a unique event, with games played 24 hours a day including at night under the lights at Pioneer Park. The atmosphere is electric, with fans cheering on their favorite teams and players under the stars. The tournament is open to players of all skill levels, making it a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves softball to get out and play.

Union Grassroots Festival

2nd Saturday in August

The annual event In Union’s historic downtown kicks off with city-wide yard sales. Among the festival’s highlights are a car show, plastic duck race in Catherine Creek, vendors, library book and bake sales and live music. The day concludes with a family friendly street dance.

Where: Union

Color the Blues for Autism

2nd Saturday in August

Everyone is welcome to join us for a family-friendly, autism-friendly community event celebrating the people we love on the autism spectrum! Events include lunch – taco bar, bounce house, face painting, photo booth, resource & vendor tables, raffles & silent auctions, costume contest, cosplay characters, a DJ with great music and more! The walk is a 1/2 mile loop designed to be accessible by all.

Where: Union County Fairgrounds, La Grande

Cove Cherry Fair

3rd Saturday in August

Cove’s Cherry Fair is a family-friendly day of fun with live music and a quilt show. There are fun and games for all ages. Including a community parade, pit-spitting and pie-eating contests and old-fashioned relays. Cove school’s all-class reunion appears on even-numbered years, and more than 50 vendors from near and far provide great food and shopping.

Where: Ascension School Camp and Conference Center, Cove

Eastern Oregon Beer Festival

3rd Saturday in August

La Grande Main Street Downtown plays host to the Eastern Oregon Beer Festival, featuring beer and cider from breweries across Eastern Oregon, the PNW. Gates open from 2pm until 9pm. The festival includes live music, local foods, and craft vendors.

Where: Union County Fairgrounds, La Grande

Eastern Oregon Country Music Festival

Last Friday & Saturday in August

The festival features two nights of a great line-up of Country Music Artists. Gates open 6:00pm -11:45pm Friday and Saturday. The festival features the Annual Odie Hudson Memorial Semi Truck Show.

Where: Union County Fairgrounds, La Grande

Celebrate La Grande End-of-Summer Block Party

Early September

The last festival of summer, this community party offers free hot dogs, soda, and ice cream, plus music and family entertainment from 5-7pm Nonprofit groups will be on hand to explain their roles in the community, and children’s games and activities.

Where: La Grande


Sasquatch Six-Hour

First Sunday in October

Plan to join us for Eastern Oregon’s premier Mountain Bike Endurance Race. Racers receive a great logo event prize, snack station, awards, BBQ and beverages after the race.

Where: MERA La Grande

Eastern Oregon University Week of Welcome

First weekend prior to the start of fall term

EOU WOW Leaders will help make new students feel comfortable, included, and ready to succeed at EOU.

Where: La Grande

October Fest

Last Saturday in September

Tap That Growlers presents October fest with local food vendors, games, music, drinks, kid’s activities, Cornhole Tournament and of course Beer! Fall into the Holidays Bazaar from the local vendors and live music throughout the day on the main stage.

Where: Union County Fairgrounds, La Grande

Community Harvest Festival

First Saturday in October

Enjoy this family-friendly festival. Featuring activities from 11am-11pm in downtown La Grande. Activities include a Kids Zone with arts & crafts, games, and activities, specials from local merchants, local street vendors, food trucks, Chili Cook-Off, and street dance. This is a joint community-involved event sponsored by local civic organizations, La Grande Parks & Recreation, La Grande Main Street, and the Union County Chamber of Commerce.

Where: Historic Downtown La Grande

2nd Saturday in August

Union Grassroots Festival

Drug Free Run

2nd Saturday in October

The primary goal is to support local community partners and events with the mission to prevent youth substance abuse for a safer, healthier, and drug-free community. The run offers a 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 5k, or 10K, all found at the Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA) in La Grande. The event is family-friendly and open to people of all ages and experience levels.

Where: MERA, La Grande

Eastern Oregon Film Festival

Third - Friday-Sunday in October

For more than a decade, the Eastern Oregon Film Festival has been promoting artistic films and emerging filmmakers. Through the mediums of independent film and music, the festival aims to enrich and expand the cultural experience in Northeast Oregon. The event includes screenings at The Liberty Theatre as well as virtual catalog offerings. Visit the website for details.

Where: La Grande



La Grande Main Street Downtown organizes a safe and free downtown Trick-or-Treat on Halloween afternoon. The western part of Adams Avenue is closed to traffic to allow downtown businesses to safely hand out treats. Halloween costumes contest with prizes awarded to winners. Nearby Elgin traditionally holds a community Trunk-or-Treat, and organizations in the county put on carnivals and the occasional haunted house.

Where: La Grande and Elgin

Farmer-Merchant Banquet

November, after harvest season!

The Union County Chamber of Commerce and merchants help celebrate the Union County Agricultural Community. Reception, Dinner, and Awards Ceremony. The awards are presented to the following categories:

Good Steward Award, Young Farmer of the Year, Ecological Restoration Award, Cattleman of the Year, Union County Ag Woman of the Year and Forest Steward of the Year!

Where: La Grande


Shop Local: Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday

Weekend after Thanksgiving

Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday promote shopping local. Wearing plaid on Friday is encouraged but optional, and on both days locally owned businesses in La Grande - and often in the county’s smaller towns - offer special sales and drawings.

Where: County wide

Festival of Trees

First weekend in December

Sponsored by Soroptimist International of La Grande has been a holiday event favorite for the past 37 years. This beloved festival features beautifully decorated Christmas trees and wreaths created by local businesses, organizations, and individuals. The festival kicks off with a Friday evening Gala and banquet. The trees are sold at the live auction, while other gift baskets and items are offered to bidders through an on-line auction. The festival continues Saturday with Family Fun Day featuring hands-on activity tables for area children, topped off with visits from Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus’ Cookie Kitchen. Net proceeds from the festival are distributed back into the community through a grant process for local nonprofits and individuals with the focus on projects that empower women and girls.

Where: National Guard Armory, La Grande

La Grande Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting

Saturday in December

LaGrande’s Christmas parade begins at 5 p.m. and travels down Adams Avenue from Greenwood Street to Fourth Street, ending with a tree lighting ceremony at Max Square.

Where: La Grande

Union Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting

Saturday in December

Union’s winter wonderland holiday parade on Main Street begins at 5 p.m. and ends with holiday tree lighting. Vendors, music, and hot drinks are traditionally part of the festivities. After the parade, do not miss the chance to meet Santa.

Where: Union

Elgin Light Parade

Saturday in December

The Elgin Lions Light Parade begins at 6 p.m. on Division Street then travels around the Fire Station, City Hall and the Opera House and down Eighth Street to the Stampede Grounds. A donation-only chili feed follows at the Stampede Grounds where winners from the parade competition winners are announced.

Where: Elgin

Elgin Lions Club: groups/230608524285538

Union County Holiday Decoration Contest


Decorate your home or business for the holiday and win prizes! Sponsored by the Union County Chamber of Commerce there are five prizes awarded; Santa’s Choice House Awards 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize. Elf’s “Over the Top: Decoration (Unique, clever, and impressive) Award and Rudolf’s Favorite Business Award. The Union County Chamber will post the address of all the entries, and you can tour at your own leisure.

Where: Union County Oregon

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and Block Party

New Years Eve

La Grande’s Adams Avenue has its very own ball drop counting down the last minutes of the year. The street traffic is closed, and the festive outdoor gathering includes burn barrels, warming tents, hot drinks, and music at the corner of Adams and Depot Street.

Where: La Grande

Eastern Oregon Backcountry Festival

First Weekend in February

Annual fundraiser for the Wallowa Avalanche Center. Kick-off night starts in downtown La Grande at HQ Venue. Kick off the festivities with a pie auction, Side A Brewing beer, pizza, and watch “Buried” the movie! The weekend’s events will take place up at Anthony Lakes with the Kip Rand Memorial Backcountry Race, Free Snow Safety Clinics, Raffle, live auction, and LIVE music playing at 3 PM. Join the WAC forecasters on Sunday for a tour into the basin to top off the weekend. Join us as we celebrate mountain culture!

Where: La Grande and Anthony Lakes Ski Resort

Taste of Nordic

4th Sunday in March

Family friendly event! Enjoy the Local crafts, eats and drinks along with the cross-country trails. The trails are groomed ski, snowshoe, or walk in the beautiful Anthony Lakes area. Events typically run from 11am to 3pm. Water, non-alcoholic beverages and beer (over 21) are available throughout.

Where: Anthony Lakes Ski Are

Sno-Drifters Annual Poker Run Saturday in March

Sponsored by La Grande Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club. Poker Run and BBQ after. Participants collect cards at different points, cumulating into 5-7 stops in a timed manner. Speed is an advantage, but it does not guarantee victory as the rules of the game apply; the winner is the person with the best hand. Awards from 1st to 4th places

Where: La Grande

Union County Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Citizens Awards Banquet Mid-to-late March

Do not miss your chance to nominate the Union County Man/Woman of the Year, Business of the Year, Educator of the Year, and more awards to recognize the individuals and businesses representing the very best of Union County! Reception, dinner, and awards banquet.

Where: Union County



The Eastern Oregon Film Festival, an annual event held in La Grande, continues to captivate audiences as a one-of-a-kind celebration of independent cinema. Since its establishment in 2009, the festival has gained a reputation as a must-attend gathering for filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike. Traditionally spanning three days in October, it showcases a diverse selection of films from around the world, encompassing feature-length and shorts in both Narrative and Documentary form that cater to a wide range of tastes. The festival’s primary mission is to champion independent filmmakers by providing a platform for them to connect with both audiences and fellow creatives. Alongside film screenings, attendees can partake in engaging panel discussions, workshops, and networking events, offering invaluable opportunities for learning from industry experts and fostering connections within the film community as well as partake in three evenings of live music After Parties.

Another notable aspect of the festival is its commitment to supporting the local community by showcasing works from regional filmmakers, fostering a sense of togetherness and bolstering support for local artists. Taking place in various venues throughout downtown La Grande, including Eastern Oregon University, The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs, HQ, and the recently renovated Liberty Theatre, the festival not only provides exceptional cinematic experiences but also offers a chance to immerse oneself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city’s Historic Downtown. In summary, the Eastern Oregon Film Festival is an extraordinary celebration of independent cinema, embodying the thriving arts community of the region. Whether you’re a filmmaker seeking to showcase your work or a devoted film lover in search of a unique and exhilarating cinematic experience, this festival is an absolute must-attend event. .

Explore more at

Traditionally spanning three days in October, the Eastern Oregon Film Festival showcases a diverse selection of films from around the world.



Serving our community through acts of kindness, integrity and love Only British themed Non profit thrift store in Oregon More than a Non-Profit Thrift Store Find us on Google and Instagram Follow us on Facebook “Auniquethrift store.” “Never seen anything like it before.”
sf of retail space.”
foods and treats.”
helpful staff.” UNION COUNTY ADVENTURES 2024 • 41



The Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit organization based in La Grande, Oregon. Founded in 1947, the orchestra has been providing musical performances to the local community for over 70 years. The orchestra is made up of volunteer musicians, including students and community members, and performs a variety of classical and contemporary pieces. The orchestra also offers educational programs to schools and the community. The Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra is a beloved cultural institution in the region, and its dedication to music and community has made it a valuable part of La Grande’s arts scene.


Located in the valley outside the picturesque town Summerville, the Northwest Skillet Company is a cherished establishment that combines traditional craftsmanship with culinary artistry. Founded by artisans Peter Clark and Sue Miller, this company specializes in handcrafted cast iron skillets, meticulously made using timehonored techniques. The result is a collection of exquisite cookware that marries artistry with functionality. The Northwest Skillet Company not only creates exceptional cookware but also fosters a sense of community through workshops and demonstrations, inviting enthusiasts to learn the art of cast iron cooking firsthand. By celebrating handmade craftsmanship and sharing their knowledge, this establishment pays homage to age-old traditions while inspiring a new generation of culinary artisans.


Igniting creativity and preserving the art of Blacksmithing in La Grande. The Fire Arts Blacksmith School is a haven for aspiring blacksmiths. Founded by master blacksmith Peter Clark, this school preserves traditional techniques and fosters artistic expression. Students learn the ancient craft of shaping metal with fire and hammer, from creating intricate ironwork to forging tools and decorative pieces. With regular exhibitions and demonstrations, the school shares the magic of blacksmithing with the wider community, igniting creativity and keeping this timeless craft alive. In an age dominated by mass-produced goods, the Fire Arts Blacksmith School stands as a beacon of authenticity and a testament to the enduring art of handmade craftsmanship. Through its dedication to preserving traditional techniques and inspiring the next generation of blacksmiths, this school in La Grande ignites creativity and ensures that the ancient craft of blacksmithing continues to thrive for generations to come.


Nightingale Gallery at Eastern Oregon University is a dynamic space where art thrives. With curated exhibitions and a commitment to supporting emerging artists, it serves as a catalyst for creativity and cultural engagement. From showcasing diverse disciplines to nurturing students’ artistic growth, the gallery fosters a deep appreciation for the arts on campus and in the wider community. Step into the Nightingale Gallery and immerse yourself in a world of artistic excellence.


Located at Eastern Oregon University are stages where creativity flourishes and the performing arts come to life. With their grand and intimate settings, these theaters provide a platform for students, faculty, and the community to experience the transformative power of live performances. From theatrical productions to musical recitals, these theaters serve as inspiring venues that captivate audiences and showcase the talents of aspiring performers. Whether you’re a student or a theater enthusiast, the McKenzie & Schwarz Theaters offer a vibrant and immersive experience where artistry thrives.


A vibrant cultural hub that nurtures creativity, fosters connections, and celebrates artistic expression. With diverse programs and a welcoming atmosphere, it has become a beloved gathering place for artists and the community.

Offering a wide range of classes and workshops, Art Center East caters to all ages and skill levels, inviting individuals to explore various art forms. From painting and sculpting to dancing and acting, there’s something for everyone to discover and pursue.

The center’s rotating exhibitions feature the work of local and regional artists, providing a platform for them to share their creations and engage the community. These thought-provoking exhibitions inspire conversations and showcase the power of art.

Art Center East actively engages with the community through partnerships, collaborative projects, and outreach initiatives. By making art accessible and inclusive, it fosters a sense of belonging and shared creativity.

The center’s supportive environment encourages artistic growth and forms connections among artists and enthusiasts. It has become a cornerstone of La Grande’s artistic landscape, enriching the local cultural scene.

Art Center East is where creativity thrives, connections are made, and the transformative power of art is celebrated. Whether you’re an artist, an art lover, or a community member seeking enriching experiences, this cultural hub invites you to explore, create, and connect.


A versatile and inspiring creative venue in downtown La Grande. This industrial-meets-modern space hosts live music, film screenings, and art shows, driving passion for art and culture in Union County. With its raw aesthetic and contemporary design, La Grande HQ captivates artists and audiences alike.

Live music performances feature local and touring musicians across genres, creating an immersive experience for all. Film screenings showcase independent films, documentaries, and classics, offering a high-quality viewing experience. La Grande HQ is a dynamic catalyst for artistic expression, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. This venue continues to inspire and nurture the passion for art and creativity in Union County.

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estled in the small town of Elgin, is a hidden gem that has been captivating audiences for over a century: the Elgin Opera House. Built in 1912, this historic venue has stood the test of time, serving as a cultural hub for the community and beyond.

Originally designed as a multi-use facility, the Elgin Opera House was a place for entertainment, social events, and community gatherings. In its early years, the venue hosted everything from plays and concerts to dances and community meetings. However, it was the theatrical productions that became the cornerstone of the Opera House’s legacy.

The Friends of the Opera House, a nationally acclaimed performing arts organization, stages several theatrical productions throughout the year. These range from small-scale, intimate plays to large-scale mainstage musicals that feature elaborate sets and costumes. The venue’s stage, which is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment, allows for a high level of production value, ensuring that each show is a professional and polished production.

But what truly sets the Elgin Opera House’s theatrical productions apart is the community involvement. Each show is a collaborative effort between the venue’s staff, the performers, and the community at large. Local volunteers help with everything from set construction and costume design to ticket sales and concessions. It’s a true community effort, and the results are always impressive.

The Opera House’s commitment to community involvement is also evident in its award-winning youth programming. The venue offers a variety of theater classes, camps and workshops for children and teenagers, giving young people the opportunity to learn about acting, stagecraft, and production. The Opera House also stages a youth production each year, featuring local young actors and showcasing their talents.

The Elgin Opera House is a beloved community institution, offering a diverse range of programming throughout the year. The venue’s calendar is packed with live theater productions, musical performances, and other events, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The Opera House is also home to Opera House Youth Actors and the Opera House Shakespeare Company, providing a space for artists and creatives to come together and collaborate.

The Elgin Opera House is more than just a theater; it’s a cultural treasure that has been entertaining and inspiring audiences for over a century. Its theatrical productions have become a beloved tradition in the community and beyond.

For more information go to:

The Elgin Opera House is a beloved community institution, offering a diverse range of programming throughout the year.

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Beyond the excitement and adventure of the journey itself, the Eagle Cap Excursion Train is also a testament to the region’s rich history and heritage.





The Eagle Cap Excursion Train is a historic train journey that takes passengers through the stunning scenery of Eastern Oregon. The train offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the region’s rich history and natural beauty.

The Eagle Cap Excursion starts in Elgin. The train operates primarily from spring through fall, and special events and meals are often included in the trips. The train began operating in 2004 after the Joseph Branch railway was rescued, and it is run by a team of professional train engineers and volunteers. Catering for meals during the train rides is provided by local businesses. Regular trips are scheduled on weekends, with special activities taking place from Mother’s Day to scenic fall excursions.

Beyond the excitement and adventure of the journey itself, the Eagle Cap Excursion Train is also a testament to the region’s rich history and heritage. The train line was originally constructed in the late 1800s to connect the remote communities of Eastern Oregon to the outside world and played a vital role in the region’s development.

Summer is filled with special events including a Big Foot Train, Mother’s Day Brunch and Father’s Day Specials, Veterans’ Train, Alpen Train, Autumn Equinox, and Fall Foliage. The Train Robbery excursions are popular with families. These excursions involve train robbery reenactments.

For more information on the Eagle Cap Excursion Train’s schedule and trip descriptions, as well as ticket purchasing, interested individuals can visit the organization’s website:




Nestled in the picturesque Grande Ronde Valley, just a short distance from the charming city of La Grande, lies the captivating wonderland of Ladd Marsh. Spread across an impressive 6,000 acres, this wetland complex is a haven for wildlife and offers an array of recreational opportunities that will leave nature enthusiasts spellbound.

Ladd Marsh is an intricate tapestry of marshes, ponds, lakes, and riparian areas, all intricately woven together by sparkling streams and bubbling springs. Throughout the year, the water levels within this mesmerizing wetland system fluctuate, creating a vibrant ecosystem that supports a remarkable diversity of plant and animal species.

One of the marsh’s most captivating features is its allure for migratory birds traversing the renowned Pacific Flyway. As if following an avian map, a multitude of waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and songbirds make a vital stopover at Ladd Marsh, providing an awe-inspiring spectacle for birdwatchers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts. Glimpses of rare and endangered species, including the majestic sandhill crane and the iconic bald eagle, grace the marsh, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the landscape.

For those seeking outdoor adventure and a closer connection with nature, Ladd Marsh offers a delightful array of recreational activities. Winding hiking trails meander through the wetlands, beckoning visitors to explore their secrets, while strategically placed observation platforms provide ideal vantage points to witness the fascinating wildlife in their natural habitat. As one walks along the trails, the enchanting symphony of bird calls fills the air, transporting visitors into a world of tranquility and serenity.

Beyond its recreational allure, Ladd Marsh holds a special place in the hearts of conservationists and environmentalists. Efforts have been tirelessly undertaken to preserve and restore this ecological gem, with projects focused on sustainable water management and habitat restoration. By supporting these conservation initiatives, visitors not only have the privilege to witness the marsh’s natural wonders but also play an active role in safeguarding its future.

Ladd Marsh, with its harmonious blend of untouched nature and outdoor recreational opportunities, offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a curious hiker, or simply someone seeking solace in the arms of Mother Nature, a visit to Ladd Marsh will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Experience the captivating allure of this Eastern Oregon gem and allow yourself to be swept away by the enchanting beauty of Ladd Marsh in La Grande.

Ladd Marsh is an intricate tapestry of marshes, ponds, lakes, and riparian areas, all intricately woven together by sparkling streams and bubbling springs.
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nion County, Oregon, stands as an outdoor paradise that beckons adventurers with its fishing, hunting, and hiking opportunities. With its pristine rivers, shimmering lakes, and majestic mountains, the region offers a wealth of experiences for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether casting a line in search of trophy trout or embarking on a thrilling hunt for big game, Union County’s vast and diverse landscapes promise unforgettable adventures. Discover the untamed beauty of Union County and embark on a journey of outdoor exploration that will leave you with lifelong memories.


Union County boasts an abundance of fishing opportunities that cater to anglers of all levels. The sparkling waters of the Grande Ronde River, Catherine Creek, and numerous creeks and rivers originating from the majestic Blue and Wallowa Mountains provide a rich habitat for various species of wild and hatchery trout. Steelhead fishing enthusiasts will find some of the best opportunities in the region, while catfish, bass, and salmon also tempt anglers with their abundance. Family-friendly fishing spots such as Morgan Lake and Thief Valley Reservoir are annually stocked with fish, ensuring memorable experiences for all.


For avid hunters, Union County offers a thrilling array of opportunities to pursue big game. The region is renowned for its deer and elk hunting, providing hunters with the chance to navigate the stunning landscapes of the Blue and Wallowa Mountains in search of their prized trophies. The vast wilderness and diverse habitats make Union County a prime destination for those seeking a memorable and rewarding hunting experience.


Located just five miles south of La Grande, the Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area is a haven for bird hunters. This sprawling marshland provides an ideal habitat for waterfowl and upland game birds, attracting hunting enthusiasts from near and far. For detailed information and regulations, visitors can access the website below.

A Nature Lover’s Paradise: Beyond the fishing and hunting opportunities, Union County’s natural beauty extends to its glacier-carved lakes and crystalline streams. These higher elevation wonders offer breathtaking scenery and serene settings for hiking and exploration. Outdoor enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the tranquil ambiance, surrounded by the grandeur of nature.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, trout stocking of lakes, ponds and reservoirs begins in April and May and usually continues through June. Warm water temperatures and weed growth often slows trout fishing by late July, especially in the smaller ponds. Trout fishing in these waters usually picks up again with the onset of cooler fall weather.

For additional information visit these websites: www.dfw.

Ladd Marsh: Hunting/Fishing reports:

GO &




Nestled high in the picturesque Blue Mountains within the Umatilla National Forest, Jubilee Lake is a beloved summer destination. With over fifty primitive campsites surrounding the beautiful lake, it offers a serene retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is perfect for fishing, swimming, and non-motorized boating, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in its tranquil waters. Adjacent to the lake, the Jubilee Lake National Recreation Trail beckons hikers with a 2.6-mile scenic route that features an 8% grade just beyond the dam. Along the well-maintained trail, restrooms and benches are strategically placed, offering opportunities to pause and soak in the breathtaking views that encircle the lake.


Most hatchery steelhead skirt Union County by turning up the Wallowa River at Rondowa on the county line with Wallowa County. You may keep fin-clipped steelhead that stray farther up the Grande Ronde as far as Meadow Creek, but wild steelhead must be released. If you’d like to catch these big fish in the region, read our article Best Steelhead Fishing in Northeast Oregon. Trout fishing is fair in some areas of the Grande Ronde throughout the county, particularly in the Blue Mountains south of La Grande. To the north, where the river flows through farmland through the Elgin area, the river also hosts a variety of warmwater fish species, including smallmouth bass and others.


Located within the serene Umatilla National Forest, Luger Pond is nestled in a stunning forest setting. The pond offers convenient handicap access in the parking area, as well as trails and two fishing pads. Fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the pond is stocked in the spring and open for fishing year-round, providing many opportunities to cast a line and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.


Situated within the Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area, Peach Pond is a small, one-acre pond that serves as a fantastic fishing spot. It is well-suited for young anglers, boasting good bank fishing and stocked trout. Located near La Grande, Peach Pond is easily accessible and requires a permit for parking.


Thief Valley Reservoir is a large reservoir on the Powder River in Eastern Oregon, primarily used for irrigation purposes. It covers an area of 740 acres and impounds 17,600 acrefeet. A portion of the reservoir area has been set aside for recreational use, including camping, picnicking, boat launching and mooring facilities. The park offers 10 primitive camping sites, vaulted toilets, dock, and boat ramp. The reservoir is in a unique high desert setting with views of the Wallowa and Elkhorn Mountains and a wind farm on the horizon.


Wolf Creek Reservoir is a 230-acre lake located in Union County. It is situated in the foothills of the Elkhorn Mountains and fed by Wolf Creek from the Elkhorn Mountains in the Powder River basin. The park offers picnic areas, vaulted toilets, dock, and boat ramp. Wolf Creek Reservoir is popular for its water sports and fishing, especially ice fishing.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife have a great link below to for fishing in the Northeast Zone:

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The largest of the three campgrounds in the Anthony Lakes, Recreation Area. Located directly adjacent to Anthony Lakes, offers spectacular views of Gunsight Peak and the Elkhorn Mountains. Activities include fishing, canoeing, day hiking, photography and relaxing. The pristine alpine retreat offers year-round recreation. Summer visitors can enjoy camping, fishing, picnicking, and hiking, while the crystal-clear Anthony Lake is wonderful for kayaking and canoeing. Winter visitors can make use of a triple-chair lift for dry-powder downhill skiing and snowboarding, plus 30 KM of groomed trails for Nordic skiers. Equipment is available to rent. Day lodges and both Alpine and Nordic areas offer cozy places to warm up - as well as yurts for overnight stays.


If a campground with riverside trails and bird watching opportunities sounds appealing, but you don’t want to wander too far off the path, this campground is the place for you. The short drive along riverside farmland is less than half an hour from 1-84 on State HWY 244. Each of the 22 campsites is nestled beneath towering ponderosa pines.


Cradled in the canyon created by the creek, the park provides visitors with a cool, quiet peaceful setting for outdoor activities. Camp in the campground next to the creek and enjoy the thrill of landing a rainbow trout or simply cool off your heels in its clear waters. The campground is primitive but also has a picnic area, horseshoe pits, tables, restrooms and hiking trails. The nearby trailhead provides easy access to the Eagle Cap Wilderness.


Just off 1-84, this park offers camping and daytime activities amongst the cottonwood and ponderosa pine. While camping at the park you can see ruts of the historic Oregon Trail at the nearby Blue Mountain Crossing Interpretive Park, explore miles of open road in the national forest as well as fishing, paddle boarding, rafting and swimming - or stay at one of the primitive camping sites.


(No camping available) The Indian Rock Overlook is a viewpoint above the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley. The overlook structure was built by combined efforts of the USDA Forest Service and Army National Guard 1249th Engineering Battalion. The Overlook is located near a major route traditionally used by Native Americans traveling the Blue Mountains into the Grande Ronde Valley.


(No camping available) Looking Glass Hatchery serves as an adult collection, egg incubation, rearing and release site for spring Chinook destined for the Grande Ronde River systems. The lmnaha Satellite Facility is used for the collection of spring Chinook adults returning to the lmhaha River. Adults captured at the lmnaha satellite facility are transported to Lookingglass Hatchery. Eggs are incubated and juveniles reared at Lookingglass Hatchery. Bring a picnic lunch at the hatchery and call ahead (541–437–1919) to take an official tour of one of the most scenic hatcheries in Oregon.


The second largest Nordic ski area in Oregon offers 18 miles of groomed trails, with varying levels of difficulty. At 4,100 feet in elevation and views of the 1,400-foot deep Meacham Canyon and Spout Springs Ridgeline, the Meacham Divide has great skiing and snowshoeing alongside breathtaking views. Dogs are welcome on designated trails.


This lake, only minutes from Downtown La Grande, offers a quiet, motor-free respite from daily cares, with camping, fishing, and hiking opportunities. Morgan Lake is stocked annually so the fishing is always good. Enjoy walking paths and updated campsites and restroom facilities. Stay up to three nights· at no charge.


East of Cove on a ridgeline adjacent to the Eagle Cap Wilderness serves as a campground and staging area for the Moss Springs Trailhead. Wilderness trails from Moss Springs drop steeply into the Minam River Drainage or follow the Grande Ronde Ridge. This popular campground was constructed to accommodate visitors with packstock, ridingstock and campers bound for the wilderness. Sites are primitive with no potable water.


Explore nearly 3,700 acres of outstanding forest recreation, less than ten minutes from Downtown La Grande. In fair-weather months enjoy hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking or enjoy 40 miles of designated offroad trails and 45 miles of non-motorized trails. Some routes have been developed to provide a more challenging experience and reach some of the better views of MERA; take a drive and check them out. MERA is open year-round, so you can enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter months, as well as fat-tire biking to drift atop the snow. MERA features a fun system of ATV/ORV trails, good staging areas and a few RV spots for overnight stays.


The first thing you will notice is the smell of fresh valley air whistling through the tall pines. The water is shallow and great for swimming as well as abundant fishing and wildlife viewing. An elk feeding/viewing station is nearby; however, elk can generally only be seen during the winter months.


Located in the heart of the Blue Mountains, this park serves as a basecamp for big game hunting, mushrooming or simply exploring miles of National Forest. Located along the Grande Ronde River, this area offers visitors day and overnight camping, perfect for birdwatching, fishing, or swimming in the river.


Although not a designated park or recreation site, Spring Creek provides access to activities on the Wallowa Whitman National Forest, including horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, mushrooming, huckleberry-picking and more. Maps are available at the WallowaWhitman Ranger District in LaGrande.


Best known for windsurfing, boating, and fishing, Thief Valley Reservoir is situated in the rugged. sage-covered hills of North Powder. The 740-acre reservoir offers premier spring Rainbow Trout and Crappie fishing, and the windy conditions make this a perfect destination for sailing - and ever growingly popular ice fishing in the winter.


If you’re a water sports enthusiast, this is your destination for fishing, paddle boarding, water skiing. jet-skiing and boating. There are also primitive camp sites, restrooms, picnic areas, a dock and boat ramp.





The Union County’s rich history is profoundly shaped by the Oregon Trail, an event of great significance. Long before the advent of the Oregon Trail, the Grande Ronde Valley captivated Native Americans, who relied on its plentiful resources for hunting, gathering, and grazing. Numerous tribes, often at odds with each other, would convene in the valley during the summer months, dubbing it “The Valley of Peace.” However, it wasn’t until the early 1840s, when settlers began passing through the valley en route to the Willamette Valley, that the pioneer wagon trains arrived. The allure of the Grande Ronde Valley’s resources became evident to many settlers in the 1860s, leading to the establishment of farms and settlements. With the discovery of gold, the valley prospered, and communities flourished. Alongside the peace-seeking settlers, the region also attracted outlaws, horse thieves, and cutthroats, lending colorful names to several landmarks in Union County. Notably, Thief Valley Reservoir derived its name from a vigilante group that hanged a horse thief, while Dead Man Pass commemorates the hardships endured by early pioneers.

To explore the pioneer experience, visitors can embark on a journey through two interpretive centers located in the region.

Begin your historical exploration at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Park at Blue Mountain Crossing, found approximately 16 miles northwest of La Grande. This park offers an immersive experience, featuring an interpretive trail and a picnic area adorned with informative panels about the Oregon Trail. As you wander along the trail, you’ll encounter ponderosa pines that still bear the scars left by countless wagons that once traversed the area. The worn ruts etched into the rocky ground provide a tangible connection to the arduous journey undertaken by pioneers.

For a more intimate perspective, venture to the Lower Ladd Canyon Oregon Trail interpretive site. While smaller and relatively new, this site offers a unique glimpse into the history of the Oregon Trail. Situated on Hot Lake Lane, west of Hot Lake, it was established in 2019 by Ronnie Allen of La Grande. Here, you’ll discover two meticulously crafted wagons that closely resemble those used by Oregon Trail pioneers. The site also houses a replica of the Lower Ladd Canyon Oregon Trail marker, which was originally dedicated in 1906 by the renowned pioneer Ezra Meeker. Meeker devoted a significant part of his life to preserving the memory and legacy of the Oregon Trail. Through a four-inch steel sight tube, visitors can peer into the landscape that greeted pioneers over 170 years ago. Among the scenery, three towering pine trees provide a visual marker of the route followed by pioneers descending Lower Ladd Canyon.

Both interpretive centers offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the experience of traversing the Oregon Trail. The Blue Mountain Crossing Park provides a larger and well-established facility, while the Lower Ladd Canyon site caters to those seeking a more intimate encounter with a focus on Ezra Meeker’s contributions. Regardless of your choice, these centers, situated between Hot Lake and the western edge of Union County, offer a seamless journey back in time to the days of the Oregon Trail.

To further immerse yourself in history, take a leisurely walk along B Ave in the oldest part of La Grande. This historic location witnessed the rumbling wagons passing through, and many settlers would establish campsites at what is now known as Birnie Park. Pause and appreciate the artwork displayed by local artists, commemorating this significant site, and allowing you to imagine life as an Oregon settler.

The allure of the Grande Ronde Valley’s resources became evident to many settlers in the 1860s, leading to the establishment of farms and settlements. With the discovery of gold, the valley prospered, and communities flourished.
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nion County is nestled amidst the stunning beauty of the Blue Mountains. Its history dates to the mid-1800s when pioneers and explorers ventured into the region in search of land and opportunities.

The area that would later become Union County was initially inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Nez Perce and Cayuse people. These tribes thrived in the region, relying on hunting, fishing, and gathering for sustenance. However, as settlers arrived in the 19th century, tensions grew between the Native Americans and the newcomers.

In the 1860s, gold was discovered in the Powder River region, attracting a wave of miners and prospectors to the area. The subsequent influx of settlers led to conflicts with the Native American tribes, ultimately culminating in the Nez Perce War of 1877. This conflict, which spanned several months, ended with the surrender of Chief Joseph and the forced relocation of the Nez Perce people.

The development of transportation played a crucial role in Union County’s growth. In the late 1860s, the Oregon Trail was extended through the area, providing a vital link for westward expansion. The arrival of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company in the 1880s further spurred economic development, facilitating the transportation of goods and people.

In 1862, the Oregon State Legislature designated the area as Union County, named to symbolize the unity of the region during a time of national division caused by the American Civil War. La Grande, the county seat, was established as a central hub for trade, commerce, and government activities.

Agriculture played a pivotal role in Union County’s economy. Rich soil and ample water resources made the area suitable for farming, particularly the cultivation of wheat, barley, and other crops. The region also became known for its thriving livestock industry, with cattle and sheep ranching becoming significant economic contributors.

The early 20th century saw Union County experience growth and progress. La Grande emerged as a vibrant community, boasting educational institutions, businesses, and cultural amenities. Eastern Oregon University, originally established as a teacher’s college in 1929, has since become a prominent higher education institution, attracting students from across the state.

Union County’s natural beauty also drew tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, part of which extends into the county, offered recreational opportunities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. The region’s stunning landscapes, including the Wallowa Mountains and the Elkhorn Range, continue to attract visitors to this day.

In recent years, Union County has focused on diversifying its economy. While agriculture remains an essential industry, the county has also sought to encourage tourism, outdoor recreation, and small businesses. The region’s strong sense of community, picturesque landscapes, and rich history have contributed to its appeal as a place to live, work, and visit.

Union County’s history is a tapestry woven with the struggles and triumphs of its early settlers, the conflicts with Native American tribes, the development of transportation networks, and the growth of agriculture and industry. Today, Union County stands as a testament to the perseverance and resilience of those who shaped its past, while embracing the promise of a vibrant future.

La Grande 1908 Union Pacific rail yard Sugar Factory & Refinery Foley Hotel 1950


2023 Schedule

May 14 Mother’s Day Brunch

May 27 Two Rivers

June 10 Seeking Bigfoot

June 17 HC Outlaws Robbery

June 18 Father’s Day Robbery

June 28 Alpen Train

July 1 Veterans’ Train (2 rides)

July 8 Two Rivers Evening

July 15 JBRR History Train

July 22 Minam Picnic

July 26 Two Rivers

August 2 Mid-Summer Special

September 2 HC Outlaws Robbery

September 9 Seeking Bigfoot Special

September 16 Two Rivers

September 23 Autumn Equinox

September 30 Two Rivers Bonus

October 7 & 14 Fall Foliage

October 21 & 22 End of Season Bounty

Photo by Ed Spaulding
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In 1993, GROWISER (Gro-Wiser) was founded as a non-profit organization with the primary objective of conserving native plants on a small mountain in Union County. The property, initially spanning 160 acres of prairie and forest, included 40 acres of farmland that had been restored to its original native vegetation. Today, the preserve has expanded to 275 acres and is home to 209 species of native plants.

Andy Huber, a professor at Eastern Oregon University, came up with the idea of creating a native plant sanctuary after studying Aldo Leopold’s project in Wisconsin. With his expertise in seed formation and a passion for conservation, Huber was the perfect person to lead the development of GROWISER. As Leopold once said, “There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot,” and Huber certainly belonged to the latter group.

GROWISER’s website,, is a valuable resource for information about the preserve. Visitors can explore photos of the animals living on the property and learn about the Great Gray Owls that often inhabit the forest. In 2015, the mother owl had four chicks, but unfortunately, the male was killed, leaving the mother to fend for herself and her young. Fortunately, thanks to the local birding community, the chicks survived.

The property is also home to ten species of native orchids, which attract orchid enthusiasts from all over the world. The mountain lady’s slipper is a favorite among visitors, blooming in late May. Additionally, GROWISER houses one of the largest collections of crystals in the Pacific Northwest. Visitors can view the crystals year-round but be sure to check the rules posted at the entrance.

Tours of the property are free, and the optimum time to see the flowers is from mid-April to mid-June. GROWISER is located 20 miles north of La Grande, roughly halfway between Summerville and Elgin. If you have a passion for conservation and native plants and wildlife, GROWISER is a must-visit destination. Everyone is welcome to explore this beautiful preserve and its valuable contribution to the preservation of native species in Oregon. As a non-profit, visitors need to be recorded. Remember to send an email to growiser2012@gmail. com stating who, when, and number in your party. Then enjoy the trail. For more information got o:

The property, initially spanning 160 acres of prairie and forest, included 40 acres of farmland that had been restored to its original native vegetation. Today, the preserve has expanded to 275 acres and is home to 209 species of native plants.


Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Catherine Creek Hides knows that every product counts, and strives to make the entire experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Check out our site and get in touch with questions or requests.

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The Hells Canyon Scenic Byway is a picturesque route that encircles the Wallowa Mountains in Northeast Oregon. With a length of 218 miles for the byway itself and 400 miles including side trips, this road trip offers a diverse range of attractions for all kinds of travelers.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an art lover, a historian interested in indigenous culture, or a beer connoisseur, the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway has something for everyone. The byway takes you away from the fast-paced and limited views of Interstate 84, allowing you to experience a slower pace of life and explore wilder and more scenic places.

Union County serves as an ideal starting point for your Hells Canyon adventure. The entire route of the byway is paved, and you will find small towns along the way that offer visitor services to cater to your needs. However, it is important to plan ahead as there are stretches of the route that span more than eighty miles without gas stations or many services.

During the winter months, a section of the byway between Joseph and Halfway may close due to snow. However, this closure opens access to winter recreation areas, providing a unique opportunity for a Northeast Oregon adventure in a snowy landscape.

Overall, the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway promises a memorable journey through stunning natural landscapes, cultural experiences, and the chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Wallowa Mountains.

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Discover..the Union County Museum Find your connection with the past. 333 S. Main St., Union 541.562.6003 Home of the Cowboys, Then & Now Collection, the General Store, Livery Station, Pioneer Cabin and more! Open Mother’s Day through September Thursday - Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Join us for Thirdevents!Tuesday UNION COUNTY ADVENTURES 2024 • 63


Northeast Oregon’s rich history and thriving culture revolve around agriculture, which continues to flourish today. The picturesque Grande Ronde Valley is adorned with sprawling cattle ranches and productive farms, creating a patchwork quilt that preserves the vast open spaces. Within this region’s relatively mild climate and fertile soil, a diverse range of crops thrive, including alfalfa, grass seed, oilseeds, dry bean, dry peas, cherries, apples, peaches, potatoes, corn, sugar beets, and various grains.

Among the area’s recent ventures, grape cultivation has taken root, capitalizing on the sunny slopes above the town of Cove. Cattle ranching remains a prominent activity, converting less productive land into nourishing protein that flavors palates worldwide. The cowboy lifestyle flourishes as young ranchers inherit multi-generational family businesses, making Eastern Oregon a true cattle country.

While traversing the region’s back roads, you may encounter a majestic cattle drive. It is essential to drive slowly, exercise caution, and allow the skilled riders to guide you through the herd. Honking your horn won’t assist the situation. Instead, relax and embrace the Old West experience blended with a promising future. To delve deeper into the world of cowboys and ranching, visit the captivating Cowboys Then & Now Exhibit at the Union County Museum in Union. This remarkable display traces the history of cattle ranching in North America, from the time of Columbus to modern-day practices.

Agri-tourism represents an extraordinary opportunity for individuals to connect with nature and rediscover the origins of the food they often take for granted. It also provides agriculturists with an excellent platform to educate the public about modern farming and ranching techniques, as well as the crucial role they play in environmental preservation, wildlife habitat conservation, and the maintenance of the region’s captivating landscapes.

The OSU Eastern Oregon Agriculture Research Center, situated in Union, encompasses a laboratory on 600 acres of farmland and an additional 2,000 acres of forested land known as the Hall Ranch, located 12 miles southeast of Union on Highway 203. The center conducts research focused on assessing the compatibility of livestock within forested range ecosystems. Additionally, it emphasizes economic sustainability, particularly through alternative winter management and enhanced reproductive efficiency.


Immerse yourself in the captivating countryside of the Grande Ronde Valley and embark on a day-long exploration of the remarkable assortment of fresh, farm-to-table products available here. Throughout the seasons, you’ll witness the beauty of nature’s cycles, from the arrival of adorable baby animals in spring to the vibrant fields of canola, pumpkins, and alfalfa in summer, and the sight of majestic herds of elk, deer, and pronghorn during winter. Water, with its transformative power, shapes the landscape, adding to the allure of the region.

To make the most of your agricultural adventure, follow the Grande Ronde Farm Trail, a self-guided driving tour that showcases the county’s diverse agricultural lands. Along the trail, you’ll encounter charming farm stands, micro-farms, goat dairies, orchards, and cattle ranches. The passionate growers who participate in the trail are eager to share their stories and expertise, giving you a glimpse into the dedication and hard work required to cultivate food and raise livestock in this unique climate and geology.

While some farm stands offer 24/7 u-pick opportunities during the growing season, others have specific open hours. Keep an eye out for “Farm Trail” signs that indicate places open to visitors. If the sign isn’t displayed, it’s advisable to call ahead and arrange a visit. Since these are fully functioning agricultural operations, the growers will inform you when it’s appropriate to stop by.



Eastern Oregon University (EOU), in La Grande is a dynamic institution that offers a wide range of academic programs and a rich campus life. With a diverse student body and a commitment to personalized education, EOU provides a unique and rewarding college experience.

At EOU, students can choose from over 25 undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as education, business, health sciences, and the arts. The university is known for its strong programs in teacher education, nursing, and environmental science, as well as its online offerings. EOU’s faculty are dedicated educators who prioritize student success and individualized attention.

One of the standout features of EOU is its location in the beautiful Eastern Oregon region. Students can take advantage of the area’s natural beauty and recreational opportunities through the university’s outdoor program, which offers guided trips and equipment rentals. La Grande itself is a charming town with a vibrant downtown area, surrounded by stunning mountains and natural landmarks.

EOU offers a robust athletics program, with over a dozen varsity teams and numerous club sports. The EOU Mountaineers compete in the Cascade Collegiate Conference and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and have a strong tradition of success in sports such as cross-country, track and field, and basketball. The university also offers a variety of recreational sports and fitness programs for students, staff, and community members.

Eastern Oregon University is a vibrant and diverse institution that offers a personalized education and rich campus experience. With strong academic programs, a lively campus life, and a commitment to inclusivity, EOU provides a unique and rewarding college experience for students of all backgrounds. Whether you’re interested in exploring the great outdoors, joining a student organization, or pursuing your academic passions, EOU has something to offer.

UNION COUNTY ADVENTURES 2024 • 65 For all your hauling needs. Dedicatd to Service! 61999 Quail Road • La Grande 541-963-4663 La Grande’s Premier women’s clothing boutique 109 Depot St La Grande OR 380 RAILROAD AVENUE IMBLER, OREGON 541-534-2221 • Car Purchase • Vacation Plans • New Toys • Instant Loans • Credit Repair Locally Owned Longtime Business 113 Elm St La Grande 541.963.6600 LOANS NOW Bill Consolidation


As summer approaches in Union County, the excitement builds for the exhilarating rodeo season. Leading the charge is the renowned Eastern Oregon Livestock Show (EOLS), a beloved local tradition since 1908 and hailed as the “oldest show in the Northwest.” This week-long event kicks off the summer with a bang during the first full week of June.

EOLS is a spectacle that showcases the talent and dedication of young cowboys and cowgirls in 4H and FFA livestock showings. The culmination of their hard work is the highly anticipated livestock auctions. However, the excitement doesn’t end there. The historic EOLS arena comes alive with thrilling competitions featuring professional bull riders and rodeo athletes demonstrating their skills in roping, riding, and racing. The rodeo also features captivating horse racing events that attract competitors from far and wide.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show. Delight in exhilarating rides, savor the sounds of live music, and join the crowd as it comes alive during the downtown parade on Friday. This jampacked week of festivities promises entertainment for all ages.

Next up on the rodeo calendar is the Elgin Stampede, a four-day extravaganza that transforms the Elgin Stampede Grounds into a bustling hub of rodeos, parades, dances, and more. Held during the second full weekend of July, this event has earned accolades as the 2017 Columbia Rivers Circuit small rodeo of the year. Witness the remarkable talent on display as rodeo competitions unfold.

Mark your calendars for the Elgin Stampede, featuring PRCA rodeo events, thrilling Xtreme Bulls performances, and not one but two parades on Saturday. The all-kids parade at 10 a.m. sets the stage, followed by the grand spectacle of the Grand Parade at 4 p.m.

Bringing the summer rodeo season to a grand finale is the Grande Ronde Rodeo in La Grande. Taking place in mid-August at the Maverick’s Arena, adjacent to the Union County Fairgrounds, this two-day event is a true highlight for rodeo enthusiasts. Prepare to be captivated by ICA Prime Rodeo events, exhilarating barrel racing, roping competitions, junior bull riders, and even the heartwarming mutton busting. The Grande Ronde Rodeo, though smaller in scale, offers an intimate and authentic small-town rodeo experience, where local barrel racers and team roping competitors take the spotlight.

Eastern Oregon’s summer rodeo scene is a testament to the region’s rich western heritage and the passion of its residents. From the grandeur of the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show to the lively atmosphere of the Elgin Stampede and the thrilling competitions at the Grande Ronde Rodeo, these events celebrate the essence of the American West. So grab your cowboy hat, pull on your boots, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of rodeo culture in Eastern Oregon.


The renowned Eastern Oregon Livestock Show (EOLS), a beloved local tradition since 1908 and hailed as the “oldest show in the Northwest.”




When it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of a particular region, delving into its past is often one of the best ways to do so. Luckily for visitors to Union County, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the area’s rich history. Three museums in particular offer fascinating glimpses into different aspects of Union County’s past.

The Union County Museum in Union is the oldest and largest of the three museums. Opened in 1969, the museum is comprised of three buildings. Visitors can peruse exhibits on natural history, cowboys and ranching, agriculture, transportation, and livery stations, among other topics. One popular display features a collection of cameras and photography equipment donated by the late photographer Fred Hill, with some items dating back to 1890.

Meanwhile, the Elgin Museum in Elgin boasts a variety of interesting features, including a small building that once served as the town’s jail from 1895 to around 1914. Recently renovated, the building is now open to the public and provides a fascinating glimpse into the town’s history. The museum’s newest addition is a 10-foot wagon made of iron and wood, believed to have transported buffalo hides in the 1800s and ammunition during the Civil War. Other recent acquisitions include a small wooden shopping basket from the old Model Grocery Store in Elgin, as well as a collection of photos from the town’s old Hanford F. Reed Lumber Co.

Last but not least, the Eastern Oregon Fire Museum in La Grande is small but worth the visit. Housed in the former La Grande Fire Department building, now occupied by Side A Brewing and is open year-round. Visitors can check out two restored antique fire trucks, including a 1922 Model T Ford Chemical Truck and a 1925 Stutz Model O, the first engine purchased by the La Grande Fire Department. The museum’s hours coincide with those of Side A Brewing, which is located next door.

Overall, these three museums provide unique opportunities to explore Union County’s past and gain a deeper understanding of its history. Whether you’re interested in natural history, photography, or antique fire trucks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.



Enjoy the leisure and variety of small-town shopping where one-of-a-kind treasures are waiting to be discovered. Whether you are strolling through the historic streets of Union, exploring the shops in Elgin, or discovering the hidden gems in North Powder or Imbler, the small-town shopping experiences in these Union County communities are sure to delight and provide you with memorable finds!

La Grande’s historic downtown encompasses a walkable half mile of retail and dining against a backdrop of historic buildings. Throughout the historic district, shoppers find boutiques and specialty shops, second hand shops, antique shops, florist and gift shops, clothing and accessories, fabric and specialty stores, with plenty of choices for your dining options available as well. Be sure to check out the Union County Chamber of Commerce’s Sip, Shop, Repeat, Local the 1st Thursday of each month. Participating stores stay open until 8:00pm with discounts.

Every Saturday morning from mid-May through Mid-October. The La Grande Farmer’s Market pops up in Max Square on the corner of Fourth and Adams. The corner comes alive with the farmers and their produce, fresh eggs, organic beef, lamb and pork, oils, honey, flowers and much more. To add to the favor of the Farmers Market you will also find food vendors, artisans with their handcrafted jewelry, and soaps. Most Saturdays there will be live music from the community. During the same months there is Tuesday’s Farmers Market in the late afternoon, it’s just a little bit lower keyed but, has many of the same vendors as the Saturday market.

Elgin’s Friday Market is held every Friday starting the first Friday in June until the end of August. There are a variety of homegrown produce, vegetables and other food items as well as handcrafted items from local vendors. The Friday Market is from 5pm-8pm on (Highway 82) South 8th Street (between Alder and Division).

The Union Farmers Market is a seasonal farmers market held at the Catherine Creek Community Center. The market is held on the last Friday of every month starting in March to September from 5pm-8pm at 667 Main Street in Union. The market offers farm fresh produce, products, meats, baked goods, and handmade gifts. Small local business products and service, food and beverage is sold at the concession stand. There is a variety of entertainment groups that play from 6pm-8pm.

UNION COUNTY ADVENTURES 2024 • 69 READY FOR SOMETHING NEW, Looking for the ultimate entertainment experience? Look no further than Sim Shot Virtual Range! Now including a full service restaurant with mouthwatering BBQ dishes and drinks. Dine-In and Take-Out available! 10200 West 1st Street, La Grande, OR 97850
La Grande’s historic downtown encompasses a walkable half mile of retail and dining against a backdrop of historic buildings. Throughout the historic district, shoppers find boutiques and specialty shops, second hand shops, antique shops, florist and gift shops, clothing and accessories, fabric and specialty stores.



Birddog Glass stands as a beacon of artistic expression and craftsmanship. With its skilled artisans and dedication to the age-old art of glassblowing, this local studio has captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

Founded by master glassblower Kevin Bolyn, Birddog Glass is a testament to the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. With molten glass as their medium, the talented team at Birddog Glass transforms glowing orbs of liquid beauty into breathtaking works of art. From delicate vases and intricate sculptures to dazzling glassware and bespoke jewelry, each piece is a testament to the passion and skill of the artisans.

Stepping into Birddog Glass is like entering a realm of magic. The studio’s fiery furnace radiates warmth, and the dance of flames enthralls onlookers as the artisans shape their creations. Skilled hands manipulate the molten glass, forming intricate patterns, and adding vibrant colors that captivate the eye. The delicate artistry and attention to detail evident in every piece reveal the true mastery of the craft.

Birddog Glass not only creates awe-inspiring art but also fosters a sense of community and appreciation for this ancient craft. The studio offers workshops and classes, inviting enthusiasts of all ages to experience the thrill of working with molten glass firsthand. Through these immersive experiences, visitors gain a deeper understanding of the art form while creating their unique glass masterpieces.

The impact of Birddog Glass extends beyond the studio walls. Their stunning creations grace galleries, boutiques, and homes, both locally and beyond. Collectors eagerly seek out these one-of-a-kind pieces, recognizing the skill and artistry that goes into each creation.

In a world filled with mass-produced items, Birddog Glass stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of handmade craftsmanship. Through their artful creations, this small studio in La Grande, Oregon, has forged a connection between art and community, igniting a passion for glassblowing and leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of experiencing their molten magic.

Instagram: kboyglassman


Located outside the picturesque town of Summerville, Oregon, the Northwest Skillet Company is a beacon of traditional craftsmanship and culinary artistry. With a commitment to quality and a passion for preserving age-old techniques, this establishment has become an integral part of the local community.

Founded by skilled artisans Peter Clark and Sun Miller, the Northwest Skillet Company brings the art of cast iron skillet making back to its roots. Each skillet is meticulously handcrafted using time-honored methods that have been passed down through generations. The result is a range of exquisite, heirloom-quality cookware that embodies the perfect fusion of artistry and functionality. From the expertly seasoned surfaces to the ergonomic handles, every detail is carefully considered to enhance the cooking experience.

The Northwest Skillet Company not only creates exceptional cookware but also fosters a sense of community and connection. Through workshops and demonstrations, enthusiasts and aspiring chefs can learn the art of cast iron cooking firsthand. These immersive experiences allow participants to discover the unique properties and techniques that make these skillets a staple in kitchens around the world.

In an era dominated by mass-produced goods, the Northwest Skillet Company stands as a symbol of a return to authenticity and the celebration of handmade craftsmanship. Through their dedication to traditional techniques and their commitment to sharing knowledge, this establishment in La Grande, Oregon, honors age-old traditions while inspiring a new generation of culinary artisans.





Arvig Media (Blue Book)


4007 State Street Suite 50


Blue Mountain Translator District

(541) 963-0196

2307 Adams Ave

La Grande

Brent Clapp Productions / EOAlive.TV

(541) 963-8410

1912 Fourth Street #400

La Grande

DDRC Marketing

(541) 647-4476

109 Elm Street


Elkhorn Media Group

(541) 963-3405

1704 Adams Ave

La Grande

Pacific Empire Radio Corp

(PERC Advertising Agency)

(541) 963-4121

2510 Cove Ave

La Grande

Rapid Action Dynamics LLC

(541) 624-8254

PO Box 1235

La Grande

Sky High Imaging, LLC


1201 11th Street

La Grande

The Ad Dad, LLC

(541) 263-1507

1009 Adams Ave, Suite C

La Grande

The Observer, EO Media Group

(541) 963-3161

911 Jefferson Avenue

La Grande

Welcome Pack of Eastern Oregon

(541) 786-0031

P.O. Box 3286

La Grande


(888) 898-0066

PO Box 1232

La Grande


Bar MD Cattle Company

(541) 786-1492

57843 High Valley Rd


Blue Mt. Seeds, Inc

(541) 534-2221

350 Railroad Ave


Conley Farms

(541) 568-4867

69092 Hwy 237 Cove

D&B Supply

(541) 963-8466

10101 East 1st St

Island City

Folly Farm

(541) 805-8563

67364 Squire Loop Cove

John’s Sandridge Farm

(541) 786-0448 sandridge-farm_63502-sandridge-rd

63502 Sandridge Road

La Grande

Jordan Creek Ranch LLC

(541) 805-0974

55503 HWY 244

La Grande

Living Water Irrigation

(541) 963-4195

63723 Industrial Lane

La Grande

Manulife Investment Management

Forest Management Inc.

(541) 962-2045

1919 Jackson Avenue

La Grande

North Slope Hay Company

(541) 898-2507

P.O. Box 289 North Powder

NW Farms LLC

(541) 786-2522

65024 Highway 237

La Grande

OSU-Union County Extension Service


10507 N. McAlister Road

La Grande

Pahlow Ranch

(541) 975-3607

69792 Elgin Cemetery Road


Pioneer West Inc

(541) 663-9378

64118 McDonald Lane

La Grande

Shaw Creek Flower Farm

(541) 749-8591

67287 Shaw Creek Rd


Timberline Ranch Construction

60436 Bushnell Ln

La Grande

Trico Farms LLC

(541) 910-3011

63444 HWY 237

La Grande

Tri-County Equipment

(541) 963-7151

62460 Commerce Road

La Grande

Union County Farm Bureau

(541) 786-5685

2106 Cove Ave.

La Grande

Union Soil and Water Conservation District

(541) 963-1313

10507 N McAlister Road Rm 7

La Grande

W Bar W Ranch


62053 Behrens Lane



BirdDog Glass


702 Adams Ave

La Grande

Northwest Skillet Co.

(541) 605-8286

Rural Rt 1 Box 7



Art Center East

(541) 624-2800

1006 Penn Avenue

La Grande

Direct Music Source

(541) 962-0307

1206 Adams Avenue, Ste 101

La Grande


Grande Ronde Symphony Association

(541) 519-7234

PO Box 824

La Grande

Joyful Sounds Studio


La Grande

La Grande Theaters

(541) 963-3866

1311 Adams Ave.

La Grande

The Elign Opera House

(541) 663-6324

100 North 8th


Union County Museum

(541) 562-6003

331 S. Main



Automotive & Marine

B&K Auto Salvage

(541) 963-6744

64190 Highway 203

La Grande

Commercial Tire

(541) 963-2887

2910 Mulholland Drive

La Grande

Dirty Girls Detailing, LLC



805 Grandy Ave

La Grande


(541) 963-0474

2611 Bearco Loop

La Grande

Island Express Lube & Car Wash

(541) 963-7400

10603 Island Avenue

La Grande

Jacksons Food Store

(541) 605-0727 Jacksons-Food-Stores-108699430870297

2706 Island Avenue

La Grande

Let ‘Er Wrap


La Grande

Legacy Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM


10705 Island Ave

Island City

Legacy Ford

(541) 963-2161

2906 Island Ave

La Grande

Legacy Power Sports & RV

(541) 663-1111

Les Schwab Tire Center

(541) 963-8411

2306 Adams Avenue

La Grande

M. J. Goss Motors

(541) 963-4161

1415 Adams Ave

La Grande

Rock & Sons Tire & Auto

(541) 963-2757

2304 Adams Ave La Grande

Rogers Toyota of Hermiston

541-567-6461 80364 N Highway 395



Adams Avenue Barber Shop


1113 Adams Ave

La Grande

Blue Mountain Barbers LLC

(541) 962-5476

1505 Adams Ave

La Grande


BAB’s Bakes


1205 4th Street

La grande

Mama Lank’s Bake Shoppe


64511 Mount Emily Rd. LA GRANDE

Sis’s Cookies & Treats

206 423 8705

608 16th Street

La Grande


Side A Brewing

(541) 550-0142

1219 Washington Ave

La Grande

Breweries & Wineries

K. Voelz Wines


62088 Fruitdale Lane

La Grande


Cam Credits, Inc

(541) 963-7177

100 Depot Street

La Grande

EOU Small Business Development Center

(541) 962-1532

1607 Gekeler Lane

La Grande

I.D.E.A. | Cindy Edwards

(541) 805-8563

P.O. Box 101 Cove

InterMountain ESD

(541) 975-5634

2001 SW Nye Ave


Guyer & Associates, CPAs (541) 963-6009

1005 Adams Ave

La Grande

J2K2 Books (541) 605-0545

1614 5th St

La Grande

Northeast Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD)

(541) 426-3598

101 NE First Street, Ste 100


Payroll & Accounting Services, PC (541) 624-2010

2307 Adams Ave

La Grande

TK Tax 5416050362

2712 Island Ave #C

La Grande

Work Source Oregon 971-718-4478

1901 Adams Ave., Suite 4

La Grande


Happy Trails Mobile Bar (541) 786-6075

1220 SW Theta Court


Island City Market & Deli (541) 963-7140

10101 West First Island City

Merlyn’s Catering (541) 786-0123

60202 Morgan Lake Road

La Grande

The Thirsty Mustang (541) 207-6611

306 S Main Street Union


Joe Beans Coffee 541-624-5600

1009 Adams Ave #B

La Grande

Sorbenots Coffee (541) 975-1678

2219 11th Street

Baker City



All Air HVAC Service (541) 962-0452

1703 N Albany Street

La Grande


Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc.

(541) 963-8309

1901 N Fir Street

La Grande

Associated Design & Engineering Services LLC

(541) 963-0100

1019 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Bagett, Griffith & Blackman

(541) 963-6092

2006 Adams

La Grande

Brooks Painting & Contracting

(541) 963-8222

62606 Booth Lane

La Grande

CB Construction, Inc.

(541) 663-4188

1202 Adams Ave.

La Grande

D & T Johnson Electric Co

(541) 963-0324

62234 Landmark Ln

La Grande

Eastern Oregon Rentals – Corwin Company, Inc.

(541) 963-7368

2007 Adams Ave

La Grande

Get It Done Repair


PO Box 3183

La Grande

Grant Custom Homes


62318 Evergreen Road

La Grande

Rogers Asphalt Paving Co.

(541) 963-3633

10506 N McAlister Rd

La Grande Royal Rock


59679 Hwy 237


Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning

(541) 963-4316

1505 North Pine Street

La Grande

Slatercom Lighting Solutions

(541) 786-1563

7905 State Street


The Carpenter’s Shop

(541) 963-7373

2617 May Lane

La Grande

Timberline Ranch Construction

60436 Bushnell Ln

La Grande


Rob’s Speedy Delivery


147 Monroe Ave

La Grande


Eastern Oregon University

(541) 962-3740

One Univerisity Blvd

La Grande

InterMountain ESD

(541) 975-5634

2001 SW Nye Ave


La Grande School District

(541) 663-3202

1305 N. Willow Street

La Grande

Little Friends Christian Preschool 541964-6390

Po Box 1025

La Grande

New Horizons Boise - Computer Learning Center


131 SW 5th Ave.


OSU-Union County Extension Service


10507 N. McAlister Road

La Grande

Training & Employment Consortium

(541) 963-7942

Po Box 2979

La Grande

Umatilla-Morrow Head Start

(541) 564-6879

110 NE 4th St



Not Just a Pretty Face


1617 4th Street

La Grande

True You Esthetics


1002 Spring Street

La Grande


American Family Insurance - Troy Sharp

(541) 663-1919

207 Depot St

La Grande

Austin Young Allstate

(541) 962-1505

1110 Adams Ave

La Grande

Bank of Eastern Oregon

(541) 624-5040

2514 Cove Ave Suite B

La Grande

Banner Bank

(541) 963-0252

2720 Island Ave.

La Grande

Centsable Wealth Management, LLC

(541) 605-0819

105 Fir Street, Ste. 204

La Grande

Community Bank

(541) 963-3884

2313 Adams Ave

La Grande

Connected Professional Accountants, LLC

(541) 963-4191

1121 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Conklin Insurance Agency Inc. – State Farm (541) 963-0929

1112 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Eastern Oregon Title, Inc. (541) 963-8561

1601 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Fairway Independent Mortgage (541) 805-8659

1203 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Farmers Insurance - Greg Blackman, Insurance Agency (541) 963-8611

1430 Washington Avenue

La Grande

ISU – The Stratton Agency (541) 963-7557

1611 Adams Ave

La Grande

Leithner Financial Group (541) 963-7337

1015 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Old West Federal Credit Union (541) 963-3053

3 Depot Street

La Grande

Paul Swigert - Country Financial (541) 963-2768

1212 Adams Ave

La Grande

Potlatch #1 Financial Credit Union (P1FCU) (541) 605-7034

11619 Island Ave

Island City

Reed & Associates (541) 975-1364

904 Adams Ave

La Grande

United Finance (541) 963-6600

113 Elm Street

La Grande

US Bank (541) 963-6411

1402 Adams Ave

La Grande

Valley Insurance (541) 963-3121

1215 Adams Ave

La Grande


Wheatland Insurance Center, Inc.

(541) 963-2136

1901 Adams Avenue, Ste. 2

La Grande


Bank of Eastern Oregon

(541) 624-5040

2514 Cove Ave Suite B

La Grande

Banner Bank

(541) 963-0252

2720 Island Ave.

La Grande

Community Bank

(541) 963-3884

2313 Adams Ave

La Grande

Edward Jones – Financial Advisor: Briana Tanaka

(541) 605-0727

2712 Island Avenue, Ste. B

La Grande

Edward Jones – Financial Advisor: Gary F. Anger, CFP®, AAMS®

(541) 963-0519

1910 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Edward Jones – Financial Advisor: Shawn K. Mangum AAMS

(541) 963-2608

1117 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Gibborim Financial


375 N Dewey street


Horizon Credit Union

(541) 963-2632

209 Depot Street

La Grande

Umpqua Bank – Island City

(541) 605-6230

3106 Island Avenue

La Grande


American Legion Auxiliary Unit #43


P.O. Box 1652

La Grande

American Legion Post #43

(541) 963-5141

301 N Fir Street

La Grande

Autism Society of OregonEastern Oregon


9320 SW Barbur Blvd, #240


Blue Mountain Translator District

(541) 963-0196

2307 Adams Ave

La Grande

Catherine Creek Community Center


667 North Main Union

Center for Human Development


2301 Cove Ave

La Grande

City of Cove


PO Box 8


City of Elgin

(541) 437-2253

180 N 8th Ave


City of Imbler


180 Ruckman Avenue


City of La Grande

(541) 962-1309

1000 Adams Avenue

La Grande

City of North Powder

(541) 898-2185

635 3rd St

North Powder

City of Union

(541) 562-5197

342 S. Main Street


City of Union Chamber of Commerce

(541) 786-1492

P.O. Box 76


Community Connection of Northeast Oregon (541) 963-3186

2802 Adams Ave

La Grande

Cook Memorial Library

(541) 962-1335

2006 Fourth Street

La Grande

Eastern Oregon Film Festival

(541) 962-5799

112 Depot St

La Grande

Eastern Oregon Mediation Center

(541) 786-0270

1109 K Ave

La Grande

Eastern Oregon Workforce Board

(541) 963-3693

1901 Adams Avenue, Ste. 8

La Grande

Eastern Oregon Visitors Association


PO Box 511

La Grande

Energy Trust of Oregon

(866) 368-7878

421 SW Oak St, Suite 300


Grande Ronde Symphony Association (541) 519-7234

PO Box 824

La Grande

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center


22267 OR Hwy 86

Baker City

Northeast Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD) (541) 426-3598

101 NE First Street, Ste 100 Enterprise

Northeast Oregon Housing Authority (NEOHA) (541) 963-5360

2608 May Lane

La Grande

Northeast Oregon Network (541) 624-5100

2008 Third Street

La Grande

Oregon Special Olympics Union County (97)1 238-5981

PO BOX 168

La Grande

OSU-Union County Extension Service 541-963-1010

10507 N. McAlister Road

La Grande

Shelter From the Storm (541) 963-7226

10901 Island Ave

La Grande

Timber Cruisers Car Club (541) 534-6405

PO Box 1181

La Grande

Union County Farm Bureau (541) 786-5685 union-county-farm-bureau

2106 Cove Ave.

La Grande

Union County 541-963-1001

1106 K Ave

La Grande

Union County Museum (541) 562-6003

331 S. Main


Union County Safe Communities Coalition (541) 963-1068

1106 K Avenue

La Grande

Union Soil and Water Conservation District (541) 963-1313

10507 N McAlister Road Rm 7

La Grande


Club 24 541-561-2072

1309 Adams Ave

La Grande


Eagle Cap CrossFit


1802 4th Street

La Grande

Peak Lifestyle Studio

(541) 663-6404

1118 Adams Ave

La Grande

Mountain Valley Fitness & Health


2519 Covee Ave

La Grande


Apple Eyecare P.C.

(541) 962-7753

10709 Walton Rd

La Grande

Audiology and Hearing Aid Associates

(541) 612-7555

1404 Fourth St,

La Grande

Center for Human Development


2301 Cove Ave

La Grande

Eli Mayes Dental

(541) 963-8585

1502 N. Pine Street, Ste #2

La Grande

Grande Ronde Chiropractic Clinic LLC

(541) 963-0339

2106 Island Ave

La Grande

Grande Ronde Hospital

(541) 963-8421

900 Sunset

La Grande Grande Ronde Retirement

(541) 963-4700

1809 Gekeler Ln

La Grande Grande Ronde Soap and Bath


602 H Ave

La Grande

Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

(541) 624-5800

1108 J Ave

La Grande

KEHR Chiropractic

(541) 963-9632

1802 Fourth Street, Ste. A

La Grande

Koza Family Dental Care, PC

(541) 963-4962

2502 Cove Avenue Ste. D

La Grande

La Grande Family Dental

(541) 963-5632

504 Fourth Street

La Grande

La Grande Family Eye Care (541) 963-3788

1502 N. Pine St., Ste 3

La Grande

La Grande Family Medicine Praxis Health


2011 4th St.

La Grande

Leap on in Boutique

(541) 437-8305

12 N 8th Street


Mark Harris, DMD


1809 3rd Street

La Grande

Mb Counseling, LLC


La Grande

Mountain Valley Therapy, Inc.

(541) 962-0830

2519 Cove Avenue

La Grande

Nature’s Pantry, Inc.

(541) 963-7955

1907 Fourth Street

La Grande

Red Cross Drug Store

(541) 963-5741

1123 Adams Avenue

La Grande

RISE Services, Inc

(541) 663-0906

1420 Washington Ave

La Grande

Wildflower Lodge


508 16th Street

La Grande

William Pettit MD

(541) 963-3119

1404 Gekeler Lane

La Grande


Altus Pest Control


1423 Larsen Road


Carpet One Floor and Home

(541) 963-6033

1606 N. Portland Street

La Grande

GrandeScapes Nursery & Landscaping

(541) 963-7474

11001 Island Ave

Island City

La Grande Ace Hardware

(541) 605-0152 jsp%3Fstore=15103&cid=localstore15103

2212 Island Ave, #290

La Grande

La Grande Paint & Glass (541) 963-8671

601 Adams Ave

La Grande

OSU-Union County Extension Service 541-963-1010

10507 N. McAlister Road

La Grande

Shaw Creek Flower Farm (541) 749-8591

67287 Shaw Creek Rd Elgin


Alpine Alarm Communications & Construction, LLC (541) 893-6911 PO Box 358 Richland

Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. (EONI) (541) 962-7873 216 Chestnut Street La Grande

I.D.E.A. | Cindy Edwards (541) 805-8563

P.O. Box 101 Cove

Oregon Wireless Inc. (541) 568-2000 PO Box 231 Cove

Outstanding Computer Repair (541) 297-5831

1761 Broadway Baker City

T-Mobile (503) 875-8888

11627 Island Ave. #7 Island City

Uni-Tech Communications Inc (541) 567-8923

80725 Sunshine Lane Hermiston

Windwave Communications (541) 676-9663 PO Box 1390

Boardman Ziply Fiber (541) 963-8181


Bruce E. Anderson, PC dba Anderson Law Office (541) 963-7705

P O Box 1671

La Grande

Joseph Law Firm (541) 963-4901

901 Washington Avenue La Grande



Americas Best Value Sandman Inn

(541) 963-3707 americas-best-value-sandman-inn

2410 East R Avenue

La Grande

Best Western Plus Rama Inn & Suites

(541) 963-3100

1711 21st Street

La Grande Grande Hot Springs Resort

(541) 963-5253

65182 Hot Lake

La Grande

La Grande Inn

(541) 963-7195

2612 Island Ave

La Grande

La Grande Super 8 Motel

(541) 963-8080

2407 East R Avenue

La Grande

Royal Motor Inn

(541) 963-4154

1510 Adams Avenue

La Grande

The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs


66172 Highway 203

La Grande


Barreto Manufacturing

(541) 963-7348

66498 Oregon OR-203

La Grande

Columbia Distributing

(541) 963-4431

301 NW 57th Dr.


Eagle Carriage & Machine Inc

(541) 963-4646

62500 Commerce Rd

La Grande

Ed Staub & Sons Propane

(541) 963-8711

P O Box 943

La Grande


(855) 383-7646

1124 Washington Street

La Grande

Pepsi La Grande/Admiral Beverage NW


2404 East H Ave

La Grande

Swire Coca–Cola, USA

(541) 963-2621

1608 26th St

La Grande

Woodgrain Lumber


1917 Jackson Ave

La Grande


Loveland Funeral Chapel

(541) 963-5022

1508 Fourth Street

La Grande

Memorial Monuments

(541) 963-2231

2213 Adams Ave #3409

La Grande


Blue Mtn Humane Association


3212 Hwy 30

La Grande

Soroptimist International of La Grande, Oregon


P O Box 3202

La Grande


Beyond the Lens Photography

(541) 975-4140

126 South Third Street Union

Katie Ann Martin Photography



10502 W 1st Street

Island City

Mb Photography, LLC



Sky High Imaging, LLC


1201 11th Street

La Grande

SugarYeti Designs


La Grande


Source One Consulting L.L.C.


1501 Madison Ave

La Grande


Avista Utilities

(800) 227-9187

PO Box 1048

La Grande

Barton Environmental Consulting (541) 786-6187

64302 Mt Glen Rd

La Grande

Energy Trust of Oregon (866) 368-7878

421 SW Oak St, Suite 300 Portland

Oregon Trail Electric Co-Op (541) 963-3155

4005 23rd Street Baker City


Advantage Mortgage, Inc. (541) 605-2154

1214 Adams Avenue La Grande

Blue Summit Realty Group (541) 605-0765

102 Greenwood Street La Grande

Catherine Creek Property Management, LLC (541) 605-0430

115 Elm Street, Ste. 6 La Grande

eXp Realty, llc. 503-969-9770

375 N Dewey street Union

Fairway Independent Mortgage (541) 805-8659

1203 Adams Avenue

La Grande

HomeLight (855) 999-7971

1375 N Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale

John J Howard & Associates Real Estate (541) 663-9000

1207 Adams Ave

La Grande

Northeast Oregon Housing Authority (NEOHA) (541) 963-5360

2608 May Lane

La Grande

Pendleton Property Management LLC 541-200-6081 aspx?dbid2=orpen

200 SE Hailey Ave Suite 115 Pendleton

Oregon Trail Realty 541-786-3164

60919 Stackland Road


Pacific Coast Mortgage Solutions 541-786-8800

1119 Adams Ave

La Grande

RE/MAX Real Estate Team-Shawna McKinnis (541) 963-1000

1214 1/2 Adams Ave. La Grande



First Baptist Church of La Grande (541) 963-3911

1110 Spring Ave

La Grande

First Christian Church (541) 963-2623

901 Penn Avenue

La Grande

First Presbyterian Church

(541) 963-5114

1308 Washington Avenue

La Grande

Zion Lutheran Church - ZLCA (541) 963-5998

902 Fourth Street

La Grande


Becky’s Burger Barn & Wagon (541) 910-4435

302 20th Street

La Grande

Benchwarmers Pub & Grill (541) 963-9597

210 Depot Street

La Grande

Cock N Bull Villa Roma (541) 963-0573

1414 Adams Ave., Ste C

La Grande

Final Cut Pizza & Pub (541) 805-9676

2104 Island Ave

La Grande

Hines Meat Company

(541) 975-2333

2315 Jefferson Ave

La Grande

Houghts 24 Flovors


602 Adams

La Grande

Island City Market & Deli

(541) 963-7140

10101 West First Island City

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant & Lounge

(541) 963-3474

1802 Adams Ave

La Grande

Longbranch Bar & Eats

(541) 963-9442

210 Depot Street

La Grande


(541) 963-9015

Willardsen Enterprises LLC c/o MIZE CPAs


Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza

(541) 379-3601

1703 Adams Ave

La Grande

Raul’s Taqueria




Side A Brewing

(541) 550-0142

1219 Washington Ave

La Grande

Tap That Growlers

(541) 663-9010

1106 Adams Avenue, Ste. 100

La Grande

Ten Depot Street

(541) 963-8766

10 Depot Street

La Grande

Thai Fresh Gardens

(541) 663-0700

1101 Washington Ave Suite 2

La Grande

The Smokehouse Restaurant

(541) 910-5881


2208 E Adams Avenue

La Grande


Aguilera’s Amazing Aromas

(541) 975-3741

1101 Washington Ave, Suite 11

La Grande

BirdDog Glass


702 Adams Ave

La Grande

Blue Mountain Creations

Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing

(541) 276-8845

412 S. Main Street


Blue Mountain Outfitters

(541) 624-3113

1124 Adams Ave

La Grande

Bout Time Boutique


109 Depot

La Grande

Carpet One Floor and Home

(541) 963-6033

1606 N. Portland Street

La Grande

Community Kindness of Eastern Oregon

(541) 605-0340

1315 Adams Ave

La Grande

Copies Plus of La Grande

(541) 663-0725

P O Box 757

La Grande

Designs by Stef 509-520-5393

D&B Supply (541) 963-8466

10101 East 1st St

Island City

Direct Music Source

(541) 962-0307

1206 Adams Avenue, Ste 101

La Grande

DraWiki, LLC


Elgin Trail Stop


195 S 8th Street


Essentially Loved LLC (Quilts & More) (541) 410-3122

La Grande

Fitzgerald Flowers 541-963-2126

1414 Adams Ave

La Grande

Flying Cloud Gifts (541) 398-1194

La Grande

Flying M Designs


224 Fir Street

La Grande Grande Ronde Soap and Bath


La Grande

Hearthfire Candle Company

La Grande

Hines Meat Company (541) 975-2333

2315 Jefferson Ave

La Grande

Katie Martin Custom Designs 541-728-8399


La Grande Ace Hardware (541) 605-0152 jsp%3Fstore=15103&cid=localstore15103

2212 Island Ave, #290

La Grande

La Grande Gold and Silver (541) 963-7221

2212 Island Ave Suite 108

La Grande

La Grande Grocery Outlet (541) 963-6666

11301 Island Avenue

Island City

Life & Other Doodles


La Grande

Mags Custom Designs


La Grande

Market Place Fresh Foods (541) 962-7500

1912 Fourth Street

La Grande


Missy’s Fun Bags - Thirty-One Consultant


La Grande

Mountain Works Bicycles

(541) 963-3220

1301 Adams Ave

La Grande

Nature’s Pantry, Inc.

(541) 963-7955

1907 Fourth Street

La Grande

Northwest Furniture & Mattress

(541) 963-5440

215 Elm Street

La Grande

Northwest Skillet Co.

(541) 605-8286

Rural Rt 1 Box 7


Nugget CBD

(541) 304-9119

2108 Island Avenue

La Grande

People Helping People


2635 Bearco Loop Lane

La Grande

Real Deals

(541) 962-7770

1108 Adams Ave

La Grande

Red Cross Drug Store

(541) 963-5741

1123 Adams Avenue

La Grande

Rising Tide Soulpothecary


La Grande

Rosewood Cottage

(541) 963-4310

1414 Adams Ave

La Grande

Ryder Brothers Stationery Store

(541) 523-6526

1735 Main Street

Baker City

Union Merc

(541) 975-3438

306 S Main Street



(541) 963-6783

11619 Island Avenue

Island City


Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort

(541) 856-3277 x12

47500 Anthony Lakes Hwy

North Powder

Big 5 Sporting Goods

(541) 663-1052

2212 Island Ave, Unit 98

La Grande

Blue Mountain Outfitters

(541) 624-3113

1124 Adams Ave

La Grande

Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club

(541) 963-9750

P O Box 1227

La Grande

Buffalo Peak Golf Course

(541) 562-5527

1224 East Fulton Union

Go Wild – American Adventures

(541) 403-1692

2207 Oak Street

La Grande

Indian Lake Campground


46411 Timine Way


Joseph Branch Railriders

(541) 786-6149

501W Alder Street


La Grande Country Club


10605 S. McAlister Rd.

Island City

Minam Store


72601 Hwy 82


Mountain Works Bicycles

(541) 963-3220

1301 Adams Ave

La Grande

Riverside Greens

(541) 963-3881

62102 Fruitdale Lane

La Grande

Run with Purpose Racing


69996 Hidden Valley Lane


Sim Shot Virtual Shooting Range

(541) 786-9058

10200 W 1st St.

Island City

Wallowa Lake Tramway

(541) 786-0425

PO Box 3028

La Grande


Ascension School Camp and Conference Center

(541) 568-4514

1104 Church Street


Urban Vine & Barrel Room

(541) 963-7140


10107 W 1st Street

Island City

Cove Community Association

(541) 805-8563

P.O. Box 31


Valley Venue and Summit Room

(541) 786-0123

117 Depot Street

La Grande

White Barn Estate

(541) 962-5744

62788 Hunter Rd

La Grande

Zee Koza Wedding Consultant Services

(541) 910-5233

905 M Avenue

La Grande


Best of Breed Pet Salon & Pawtique (406) 380-2729

607 Adams Ave

La Grande

Countryside Kennels


62616 Fruitdale Lane

La Grande

Savage Serpents


1307 Adams Ave

La Grande

Valley Veterinary Care

(541) 963-0287

401 Adams Ave

La Grande


Jacksons Food Store

(541) 605-0727 Jacksons-Food-Stores-108699430870297

2706 Island Avenue

La Grande

Mid-Columbia Bus Company, Inc.


1901 Jefferson Ave

La Grande

Union Pacific Railroad

(888) 870-8777

301 NE 2nd Ave



Artesian Blue Water


69753 HWY 237



Zee Koza Wedding Consultant Services

(541) 910-5233

905 M Avenue

La Grande



Anna Goodman - (541) 805-5288

Kent Coppinger - (541) 786-4674

Trayse Riggle - (541)805-5585

Kelsey Brown - 541-786-5567

Tina Robertson - 541-281-8390

Gabe Tritchka - (541) 786-2580

Gary Haefer - (541) 910-3771


Rosa Rice - (541) 963-1219

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