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UNLIMITED VOICES Reflections and Stories from the Members of Envision Unlimited



Westtown Center in the Community

Happy Halloween!

Charles and Jamie's Entertainment Review

The fundraiser is to help Dave with his hospice. It feels good to donate to someone in need. And I hope my donation will help. I'm happy he got the help that he needs with our donation. He got hospice help. And I hope it went a long stretch for him. If I have to donate again, I will. The Lord finally called Dave home November 2nd. Before he died, he was happy. It's good he was happy before the Lord called him home. Now we're sad to hear about his passing.


VOL. 42

I SEE YOU AGAIN By Jamie Portillo

Every Tuesday, I sing every week for the Westtown Center Karaoke Group. I sing a Christian song for Dave. I sing to myself, I pray a lot, I keep reading the Bible. Then I stop reading. I was crying in my sleep. I had a dream I see Dave in Heaven. He said to me, "Thank you for singing to me. You made me proud and smile." He told me, I wish I'm here with his best friend Eve. I tell him, "Always think of you when I'm singing. It helps me how you feel. Make me sad." I pray to God I want him to be safe in Heaven. It's peaceful and relaxed. I don't want Eve to get upset easily about her best friend. I want Dave raise up and be a man. Good memories. He was homeless before. He's not there anymore because he's in peace. I want him smile again. Not to worry anything. I knew from the start he was homeless before. I will show him how he feels. We gonna sing "Raise Hallelujah" just for him. He'll be okay in Heaven. See beautiful things to see. Like Jesus Christ, faithfulness, kindness. One day Eve will see him in her dreams.

NAVY PIER By Erikson I went to Navy Pier with westtown and I went there before but this was my first time with westtown. I went to Navy Pier with my sister and mom before. This time I went on rides like the merry go round and dragon and had lunch and we walked. For lunch we had potato chips, sandwiches, pasta, enchiladas, and they were so good. We also went to Mcdonald's and had burgers. We also danced on stage. We saw boats and water too and I had fun with everyone.


VOL. 42

WALK AND BIKE By Valerie and Sheila When we bike ride we walk. We watch people ride bikes. We took a school bus there. We had tuna sandwich and other sandwich when we went there too. It was nice and hot outside. We had a good time going.

I'D LIKE TO GO BACK! By Sheila My sister took me and we walked there. We saw people dance on stage. We got on spinning rides and up and down rides. I got Mcdonald's chicken nuggets fries and lemonade. We took pictures. We walked around. We went to the water and took pictures. I took a picture with Anthony. We went downtown and a guy was singing Michael Jackson songs. We danced and ate there. I had fun.


VOL. 42

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Trick or treat! The printer in my room, the computer. The drawing. The pumpkin, the black cat, jack-olantern, witch, skeleton, moon, the Ghost Busters, bat, vampire, Frankenstein, monster, devil. Give it to people. Give it to our neighbors. Give it to all people. Give it to people at the United Center. Give it to people at Soldier Field. Give it to people at Guaranteed Rate Field. Give it to so many people. They look nice! I think they're gonna love it! Next month, some Thanksgiving cards.


VOL. 42


I painted the outside of Whitney's office window. I painted a scarecrow. Flo painted a pumpkin, and he did a squash. Chris traced and outlined the leaves, and he did the words for "Rose Center" too. I worked with Dalia, a staff member. I worked together as a team on the mural. It looks nice. Other people would like to look at the mural.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN WESTTOWN TO WESTTOWN By Nikko T. I played BINGO. I ate pizza. I drank pop. I was a cowboy. Passing the candy out, the candy. I ate my apple and caramel. Maybe next year I can be a monkey.


VOL. 42

GHOSTS ON THE BLOOMINGDALE TRAIL By Valerie, Anthony, Charles, and Jess We walked to the 606. We sat down on the ground. We talked about ghost stories. Those signs are stories from people telling them about their family ghost stories. It was nice. We got out of the program. We had fun. The ghost stories were okay. They were scary. I hope I don’t have a nightmare tonight because of them.

GHOSTS By Charles A. There are ghost stories in books, and ghost movies. Ghosts are spirits from the grave. The ghost stories we listed to on the 606, they’re different. My mother and my dad passed away. My mother’s name was Shermina. My dad’s name was Charles. His name is mine. We called him “Mister.” I love my mom. She was a good cook, a very good cook. I like my dad. He was a good cook. A good guy. I love my parents so much.


VOL. 42

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, WESTTOWN! By Anthony, Matthew, Jessica, Valerie, Marcus, and Charles

The party was awesome! I love the costumes. There was a lot of candy, music. I still have my bag of candy. I like the food. I liked the pizza. We had a great DJ, Sophia. Some people danced, some people didn’t dance. The Halloween party was great. We had pizza, we had soda, and we had a lot of candy. Marcus wore a costume. “I was a pirate!” he said.

THE SPIRIT OF MY MOM By Matthew M. Last night, I thought I heard my mother. I was asleep. It was like 11:45 at night. I thought I heard her voice. She said, “It’s time to get up, it’s time to get up…” I looked at the clock. There was nobody there. Then it stopped. That was scary! There was another. I was looking up at the sky and thought I saw her face too.


He's a nice guy. Talented person. I like his family. I like his brothers, Mo and Shemp. I like his clothes. I like his suits. I like his hat. I like his dancing, the Curly Shuffle. He has a nice brother, a nice family. I like his teeth. I like his hat. I think he's handsome and a good cook. Curly wants to be in the Hall of Fame. He's my favorite Stooge. He was on Stooge-A-Palooza.


Miley Cyrus make good this movies with first time with Liam Hemsworth first met each other the actors really good in the movies is Greg Kinnear really sad . heartbreaking and dying I love heard Miley play on piano while she sings my favorite song when I look at you . it the best movies makes me cry

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