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Our Story of

RESILIENCE You played an important role in Our 2020 Resilience Story. Thank you.

In many traditions, the lotus flower symbolizes the realization of inner potential and embodies


Defying darkness, it grows in muddy water, the Lotus rises above the surface, and Blooms with remarkable beauty.

Contents Cover Photo: Ready, Aim, SWING! Envision Member Jamie tries to bash the “coronavirus” piñata during Pi Kappa Phi’s annual Friendship Visit to Westtown Center. Photo Credits:

Marty Mosby Kenahan Envision Multimedia Club James Sanchez Zernul R. Shackelford, Jr.

Envision Unlimited is accredited by the international Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and has earned Guidestar’s Gold Seal of Transparency.

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Dear Friends, Since our founding in 1948, Envision Unlimited has passionately honored our commitment to push the boundaries that have constrained individuals with disabilities. We have consistently advocated for them to fulfill their highest potential and supported their access to everything life has to offer. Then, for the first time in a century, a dangerous pandemic prompted safety and health concerns and limited everyone’s ability to move freely through the world. Envision Unlimited’s leaders navigated these necessary restrictions in our personal lives while quickly pivoting to protect our entire Envision family. In the process, we made a marvelous discovery: Decades of building a strong, dedicated, and supportive team paid huge dividends during a crisis. Management and staff took on additional responsibilities to help everyone adapt, particularly the members we serve. It was inspiring to see it unfold. Working harmoniously with Envision Unlimited supporters, who heroically stepped up to help us address the financial impact of the pandemic, was particularly gratifying. They helped us keep our facilities safe and our members safely engaged online and in person. At some point in our lives, each of us has reflected on a challenge that has confronted or confounded us. In hindsight, we often discover that those challenges were opportunities in disguise: They tested our strengths. They taught us important life lessons, and they helped us mature. When we look closely at our current pandemic challenge, we can already see tremendous gifts emerge. First: We discovered how well we work together, even when separated. Perhaps spending so much time in each other’s homes, even virtually, has deepened our sense of family. Our second and more important discovery was the depth of our resilience. Of course, we knew we had a strong foundation: exemplary programs and facilities, selfless staff, endearing ties to the communities we serve, a cadre of committed volunteers and generous donors, strong financials and experienced leaders. What we didn’t realize was our tensile strength, because it had never been tested—until the pandemic. As you peruse this annual report, you probably will agree that being so resilient has given us one more reason to be #EnvisionProud. Thank you for the role you played. Gratefully,

Board Chair

President and CEO 1

Our Resilience Was by Design Employment Services

Day Programs In 2020, Envision’s day programs for members with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) actually became more robust, as the pandemic inspired more creativity. Members gathered online, met new friends, and found fun ways to stay fit and meet personal goals.

Specialized Foster Care

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) This best-practice therapy helps individuals improve specific behaviors such as social skills, communication, reading, and academics. It also helps with adaptive learning skills: grooming, punctuality, and job competence. In 2021, our ABA services will expand to include at-home services for children with autism. 2

Community Living

Mental Health Increased funding

and a new state certification in 2020 enabled the timely expansion of Envision’s mental health services. The dedicated team of professionals in our Mental Health and Wellness Center now provide more comprehensive services to those facing life challenges—stress or anxiety, family or relationship conflicts, or needing psychiatric services—in a supportive, private environment or via telehealth. Because housing and employment are critical to mental health, our counselors also help clients find and maintain homes and jobs.

“Virtual programming has been a star of the pandemic for us.” Susan Gardner Division Director, Day and Employment Services

Draw What You Hear

Yoga When the pandemic disrupted our lives, Envision’s top priority was assuring that our members were healthy, safe, and would not feel isolated. We were able to accomplish all three when we pivoted to virtual programming. The Envision staff leaped to the challenge by adapting our day programming and our work in community integrated living arrangement (CILA) homes. We introduced new programming, CILA by CILA, and responded to the needs of our community clients with thousands of wellness-check phone calls. We delivered personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies, food, water, and books. We conducted wellness visits and stood on lawns singing “Happy Birthday.” From conducting individual videoconferencing calls to organizing virtual gatherings and classes throughout our day program division, we expanded virtual activities agency-wide (and beyond). This programming has provided an empowering opportunity for Envision members to assume leadership roles in some of those activities: Members in our Multimedia Club, for example, not only videotaped exercise classes and other sessions, they created a video library of content that can be retrieved on-demand. They even fulfilled their dream of creating in-studio programs. After the pandemic lockdown ended, rather than abandoning virtual programming, we expanded it so members who were not yet able to return could continue to be engaged with their friends and other members of the Envision family. Our virtual programming infrastructure also has been a great way to transmit the latest COVID-19 safety tips, so we feel well-positioned to support our members if there is a similar emergency in the future. 3

Envision Unlimited helped twins Edwina (left) and Zerlina (right) find happiness in host Priscilla’s home.

No Place Like Home Priscilla McMullen was an Envision Unlimited supervisor at the Halas Center when she learned that two members—twins Edwina and Zerlina— needed help: Their father had passed, and a new home had to be found. Our Host Family program pairs those who can provide a loving, family environment with those needing one.

The twins’ parents were teachers who reared them to be quite independent. It’s not unusual for Edwina and Zerlina to visit Chicago’s museums, Navy Pier, and even Great America. Priscilla, who opts to watch while the twins enjoy the wild rides, keeps tabs on their movements in the city, too. She conducts reconnaissance the day before “I thought: I’m in this house by myself, and I think they explore the city, driving them to the locations that will be a good fit,” Priscilla recalls. “We are where they should wait for their Pace bus. around the same age.” Inviting the twins into her home meant that Actually, Edwina and Zerlina, 65, are a few years Priscilla’s 25-year career with Envision had to end, older, which makes this an unusual host family. but she has no regrets. She thoroughly enjoys The trio interacts more like close siblings, each sharing her life and her home with “The Ladies,” as her son lovingly calls them. with her own room, TV, and electronic devices. Darmin is all smiles, now that everything seems to be falling into place for her: She and her son have a new home, she is able to work dependably, and her Envision therapist is helping her manage the depression that has tormented her since she was a teenager. Upon discharge from a recent hospital stay, Darmin became eligible for Envision’s Front Door Diversion program, which provides an alternative to long-term facilities for those with no home. She was given temporary housing for a few months until Envision could find an apartment matching her specifications. It’s a fresh start. And with the support of her therapist, who monitors her progress and makes sure she’s taking her medication, Darmin says, “I finally feel like I can make it this time!” Darmin and son, Eric Xavier Harris, love the home Envision found for them.


Working from the Heart Envision navigated the brash arrival of COVID-19 by focusing on preparedness, and educating staff and members on safety measures and proper precautions. But, as others around the world discovered, that is not always enough. The novel coronavirus touched 15 of our members in CILA homes. DSPs Felicia Gordon (L) and LaShaunda Harris (R) (Zoom interview images) Due to the swift action of management and staff, hospitalizations were few, and there were no deaths. And because of the heroism of Direct Service Providers (DSPs) who staffed infected CILA homes, other members not only remained healthy, they felt calm and secure during uncertain times. DSPs Felicia Gordon and LaShaunda Harris admitted they were afraid; so little was known about the coronavirus at the time. But they and 21 other DSPs made the tough decision to temporarily move into COVID-infected homes to take care of our members. “I’ve been with these guys for more than five years. I volunteered for the live-in model because I’d rather that they have someone they knew taking care of them,” LaShaunda said. She also was concerned that because she had been exposed to the virus, she would take it home to her family. “That would have really, really hurt me.” Felicia had the same fear. In fact, she wasn’t sure she would make it home to her family alive. But she didn’t want LaShaunda to work alone, so she decided, “I’ll stay and help.” From that day forward, the two consider themselves “job sisters.” #EnvisionStrong

Mentors Help Build Resilience Envision’s specialized foster care program serves 61 infants and children. Many of them have developmental disabilities or emotional issues, which makes them 35% more likely to suffer abuse or neglect than their peers. Because these children have unique needs when they enter the foster care system, our Foster Care program aims to ensure that they are in safe, nurturing environments. To support them and their foster parents, we provide mentors. One of them, Ron Skinner, is a former foster parent. Ron brings both passion and wisdom to his role, working tirelessly so our children and their caregivers are successful. For the young people, that includes planting seeds about life after high school. Proudly, several have pursued higher education. 5

Beyond Resilience During a global health crisis, when anxieties are high, frontline staff with experience, expertise and a steady hand are absolutely critical. Enter Yolanda Battle, RN, who leads Envision’s health services staff and is on the frontline protecting members and staff during the pandemic. She has been a nurse for more than 50 years and a nursing educator for more than two decades. She supervises and trains Envision Unlimited’s nursing staff. And because she loves it, Yolanda also provides care to individual members.

“I do this work because it’s challenging. It’s fulfilling. I love the clients. That’s my motivation. I come every day; very rarely am I absent. I think my passion for the job, my care and concern for the clients, it just overwhelms me, and I just have to be here.” Yolanda Battle, RN

Health Services Coordinator

Yolanda says the key to building resilience within Envision’s nursing staff is hiring professionals with experience working with individuals who have developmental disabilities or experience in psychiatric care settings. She then augments this expertise with additional training and day-to-day support to fulfill the specific needs of Envision’s population. One of those needs requires nurses to train Direct Service Providers who work in Envision CILAs to deliver care and medications for members in residence. Yolanda conducts most of these nurses’ trainings, in addition to their monthly reauthorization classes, fulfilling her other passion: teaching nurses. It should be mentioned that Yolanda was coaxed out of retirement in 2012 by an Envision employee. Why did she agree to return to the workforce? She says she’s traveled the world, and there are very few things left on her bucket list. And why does she stay? “I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing,” says Yolanda. “Not being vain, but I think I still have something to offer.” 6

With a Little Help from Our Friends Each year, individuals and groups from companies and organizations bolster our resilience in tangible and heartfelt ways. A team from Stantec designed and installed a wheelchairaccessible bathroom and outdoor ramp for one of our CILAs. A group of Salesforce employees piloted our members on tandem bikes on the 606 Trail. Volunteers from JPMorgan Chase transformed a lot next to our Westtown Center into a beautiful garden. Until the lockdown, countless volunteers had visited our centers, showering our members with their time, attention and resources in creative and substantive ways. Some of these visits have become a highly anticipated tradition. The Ability Experience, the philanthropic arm of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, has stopped at our Westtown Center during its cross-country “Friendship Visits” to organizations that serve those with disabilities. This year, due to COVID-19, the visit partially shifted to a virtual platform, with dozens participating online. Members played bingo, enjoyed a virtual dance party, then moved outside to break two homemade “COVID” piñatas filled with personal hygiene items. Thanks to volunteers, members continue to find strength—with a little help from our friends.

The Ability Experience’s Friendship Visit offered an opportunity to overpower the coronavirus.

Even the pandemic, couldn’t dampen the excitement of the annual Friendship Visit by Pi Kappa Phi fraternity’s “The Ability Experience”


Few acts are more empowering or fulfilling than helping others. That is why Envision Unlimited seizes opportunities to empower members through engaging in community service and other volunteer activities—demonstrating to themselves and others that they are capable of making sizable contributions to society.

“Envision’s Rose Center volunteers do serious work when they come here. We give them real life, real time work. They are actually contributing to our farm, growing food and feeding the Back of the Yards community. They come two, three times a week and just throw themselves in enthusiastically. They come in with such a wonderful attitude, they really brighten up everybody’s day.”

Members Leona (below, left, watering plants), Antonella, and Christopher (above) learn farming and help grow fresh produce for the community.

Stephanie Dunn Founder, Star Farm

Sharon and her Special Olympian son, Ben, 24, found volunteering at Star Farm a calming and productive way to overcome the stress of the pandemic, the closure of Rose Center, and diminished options for Ben’s natural athleticism. “Our job was weeding and very laborious chores. I didn’t want him to sit home,” she said. 8

Envision Unlimited members are always honored when asked to create artwork for Special Olympics’ annual “Polar Plunge” event. Photo Credit: Special Olympics of Chicago

Members created magnificent “Damselfrau” masks for nonprofit CCRx’s “Make Masks Fun Again” project. Zakia from the Lewandowski Family Center models her creation.

After returning to their Centers following the pandemic lockdown, Envision members expressed an interest in writing and publishing their own newsletter. With the help of staff, they published their first two editions in October, and now plan to expand to weekly publication. This major achievement is a testament to their ambition, their love for Envision—and further proof that even during a pandemic, they have remained #EnvisionStrong. 9

Volunteers Make Us Stronger Justin Harris doesn’t simply know a good cause when he sees one, he helps others catch his vision. He had never volunteered before being introduced to Envision at “Bike the Drive” in 2017. Once he made that connection, he was all in, endearing himself to Envision members, staff, and management. He recently became a member of the board of directors. Justin truly enjoys working and playing alongside Envision members: riding bikes, producing art, and creating opportunities for them to engage with the larger community. He has connected Envision with pro bono architectural, engineering and contractor services, which resulted in the rehab of an Envision CILA so it can accommodate wheelchairs. Architect Justin Harris accepts the 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award

He also arranged for Envision to be involved with “Stantec in the Community,” his company’s community service initiative. For this connection and his sincere commitment to improving the lives of our members, Justin was awarded our 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award. The pandemic has upended Justin’s volunteer activities, and he says he really misses biking with his friends at Westtown Center. “They like meeting new people. Everybody was openarms. It’s infectious; I just lost myself in it. Honestly, I feel there is more I can do.” Justin poses with his friends from the Westtown Center.


Envision Members Make Dreams Come True

Working with Envision members fulfills a lifelong dream for Mark Daniels, a human resources professional with software company Guidewire. Growing up, Mark wanted to be an art teacher. Now, he is. Every Thursday before his work day begins, Mark convenes his “Cartoon Club,” a program he launched at the Westtown Center. Mark stirs up fun for his students, in and out of the Center. He’s taken them to the Art Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art several times—sketch pads in hand. Not wanting to break the connection or continuity of his classes during the pandemic, he moved the club online, with the help of his own art teacher, who leads a class from Oaxaca, Mexico. Then he invited Envision members to join. After the relaunch of the “Guideware Gives Back” community service program at work, Mark was featured in a company video in which he invited his colleagues to volunteer to Envision, and make donations that Guideware will match. Mark loves helping our members experience life without limits. This summer, he took an entire CILA to a golf range after a resident mentioned that he had never golfed. Nothing illustrates it more than when Mark volunteered to pilot a tandem bike with an Envision member during “Bike the Drive” in 2019. Surprise! His partner, William, wanted to pilot instead. Mark graciously took the back seat. And on wet pavement for 30 miles, with a pilot who kept standing up and cheering the other bikers, Mark revealed that he’s not only a caring person and a good teacher. He’s also a very good sport. 11

Donor Profile: Tim Smith Becoming a “Biking Buddy” to Envision members was just a start for CME Group’s Chief Corporate Counsel Tim Smith. Since 2018, he has become a deeply committed volunteer. He raises thousands of dollars and bikes thousands of miles on our behalf. Tim donates his time and his money. He also has connected his college fraternity, his wife, and his children to Envision. Tim and his Biking Buddy, Matthew W., frequently ride on the 606 Trail. Two years ago, the duo also completed Chicago’s 30-mile “Bike the Drive.”

“I love biking and my family is passionate about inclusion. Buddy Biking is a combination of these two passions and the perfect way for me to give back to my community.” Tim Smith

2020 Donor of the Year

Tim has nurtured his relationship with Matthew. Despite his demanding work and family obligations, he finds time to periodically check in with his Biking Buddy by phone. Matthew enjoys and appreciates the calls, and feels respected. “I look up to him,” he says with pride. When the pandemic forced the cancellation of this year’s Bike the Drive event, Tim helped create a virtual event for Envision—dubbing it: “InMotion for Envision.” After crossing the finish line of his 3,820-mile “InMotion” virtual cross country bike ride, Tim and his wife, Judy, presented Envision a very generous donation. Pictured, The Smith family: Chloe, Cooper, wife Judy, Tim, and Kayla. 12

Pandemic Delivers $100k Macy’s Gift The temporary closure of Macy’s downtown Chicago store led to an emergency donation to the Van J. Voorhees Horticulture Program at Envision. Macy’s needed to quickly find a good home for $100,000 worth of plants and garden material purchased to promote the canceled Chicago Flower and Garden Show. Envision’s program was the ideal candidate. Staff and volunteers delivered thousands of plants to Envision’s CILAs, brightening the homes and providing opportunities for residents to practice indoor gardening skills. To support their success, the Envision Media Club created an instructional video, “How to Maintain Your Plants and Flowers”.

Our members planted red roses, Van Voorhees’ favorite flowers, around the memorial boulders at the three Envision centers that host his namesake horticultural program.

Research shows that experiencing nature, such as time spent in a garden, profoundly benefits cognitive functioning, emotional well-being, and other dimensions of mental and physical health, and can be an effective antidote to the isolation of the pandemic. (left) Westtown Center’s parking lot makeover included the installation of large blue planters. Members in the horticulture program planted and nurtured flowers in them.

(right) Residents of Envision’s Whipple CILA planted, cultivated, and maintained their own “Victory Garden,” eventually relishing in a bountiful harvest of onions, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and a beautiful array of flowers.


Donors Boost Our Resilience $25,000 and above Blue Cross Blue Shield The Coleman Foundation Dr. Scholl Foundation

Illinois Select Risk, LLC Mark Jak and Jack Halm JPMorgan Chase Foundation Robert and Teresa Lewandowski

Edward and Wanda Jordan Family Foundation

Lori and Lee Marin

Robert and Teresa Lewandowski Charitable Fund

MUFG Union Bank Foundation


Mark and Leesa McHugh Mutual of America PurePoint Financial RSM


Philip E. Schwartz

BMO Harris Bank

Staub Anderson, LLC

Jymme and Steve Chaouki Julie and John Dreixler Fifth Third Bank Foundation for Human Development Diana and Ron J. Gorski Illinois Arts Council Agency Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities Larry Kipperman Mary Kay Krupka John F. Lemker Kristin and Roderick MacRAE Brittany and John Nanry Northern Trust Charitable Trust TransUnion, LLC Carol Voorhees


$2,500-$4,999 Margaret H. Barnes Barr Charitable Trust Jon Bilton Ecolab Donna Ennis Franczek Radelet, P.C. Graham Holdings Michelle Hooper Betty J. Jackson Marty and Mike Kenahan James and Judith Kranjc Therese Krieger and Gordon Ziols Jason and Dragana Laky Dan Maring Jean and Gary Metzler James Moyna Ed Mullen

Aileen S. Andrew Foundation

Heather and Randy Nornes

Tom and Melanie Canale

Salvatore Oliveri

Chris Cartwright

Dorothy and Michael O’Malley

Lisa Cartwright

Proven Business Systems

Karen and Jon Cashen

Sarah and Lou Rassey

Chicago Anesthesia Association

Regal Business Machines Inc.

Christopher Cartwright Family Charitable Fund

Paul Selden and Karen Singer

Coons Advisors Daniel and Nancy Durbin Elliot Jay Favus


William and Lorrie Schneider Ron Spengler UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago

$1,000-$2,499 Jenny Achuthan Eric Anderson Andrew and Kelly Hansen World Fund Maureen Kennedy Barney Kristin Bartolucci Cindy Benske Shelley Berkley Beverly Bank & Trust CAF America Becky Carroll and Jon Friend Joe Curci and Lisa Centone Charity Golf International Dennis and Deborah Conway Douglas Cook Rimmer Covington Jr. Brian and Diane Diedrich William J. Dixon Margaret and Karl Frey Great Computer Solutions, Inc. Mary and Michael Green Joseph Haffner Sue Haines Joe Hancock Marianne Hood Barbara Hyde Marko Ivanov Zina and Milan Jak Barbara Johnson Monica Kepes Connie Knapp Robert and Halina Kowalski Chris Krakowski Don and Gail Kraska Niamh and Christopher Kristufek Ed and Bonnie Leracz Liberty Plumbing Inc. Connie Lindsey and John Blackburn Andrew Magliochetti All donations received July 1, 2019- June 30, 2020

Julie McGill

CME Group Foundation

David Reinisch

Cybil Meachem

Jean Colonomos

Paul W. Rink

Tammy Hajjar Miller

Shane Conneely

Carey Roberts

Sarah Morse

Detelina Coons

Mitch Rogatz

Beth and Will Nelson

Thomas Desplinter

Carl Ruzicka

Dennis O’Malley

Paul Dilda

Kelly Sanderson Schrems

Bhavi and Vishal Patel

Melissa and Alex Dorko

Mitchell Sawko

Karen Pierce and Carey Weiss

James Duff

Marilyn and Joel Schaffer

Richard and Monica Price

Christ Eb

Len H. Schmelkin

Quantum Solutions

Jennifer and Emmanuel Fakkas

John Schow

Andrea Raila

Emily and Jimmy Flaherty

Jim Schuetz

Colleen and Rafael Rosa

Rich Francisco

Itiona Scott


Susan Gardner

Herbert and Marilyn Shields

Nalini and Ravi Saligram

John and Anastasia George

Mark Slusarski

Lars and Susie Skarford

Richard and Pam Goldsmith

Tim Smith

Brian Snell and Jennifer Snell

Paul Groshko

Luke and Donna Somerville

Special Children’s Charities

Rakesh and Rita Gupta

Karen Strizak

Matt Spiegal

Sophia Hamilton

The Merck Foundation

Kristin Wolf and Karl Stark

William Howell

Rox and Christa Voorhees

Mike Hulliberger

The Robert & Cynthia Collins Charitable Fund

Margee and Collins Wohner

Joe Jefferson

Craig and Christine Wories

Peter Jones


Mark Kimzey

Jenifer and Shaun Zacharias

Kim Kraska

Cindy and Mark Ziehr

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Patricia Zinski

Bradley Lee and Mary Fitzpatrick


Ed Lyons and Jean Sussman

Brandon Tran Patricia Verhoestra Cathy Wilcox Charlie Wise Jeff Wrobel Jean Xoubi

Doug Mabie

Up to $499

Adreani Foundation

Mary Matthews

A & J Cleaning Service Maintenance

Lindsay Anderson

Teresa S. McCafferty

Judith Abbey

Katie and Gerald Bagnowski

Alejandro Medina

Sally Acker

Anne Baker

Jonni Miklos and Ermit Finch

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Brad and Bonnie Bates

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Scott and Candace Nowicki

Berkley Insurance Co.

Betty O’Toole

Kevin and Cheryl Braude

Katy Pakula

Jean Butzen

Tom Peak

Sami Chaouki and Scott Hendrickson

Alyssa Poniatowski

Teresa Clauson

Courtney Potempa

The Ability Experience

Tara Qureshi

Sarah Ailey Delphine Amalidosan American Endowment Foundation Sharon Andersohn Anonymous Alfredo Aoun Catherine Aranas Patricia Arnold Poonam Arora


Mary Austin

Congregation of St. Joseph

Stephanie Feran

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Friends of Robert Martwick

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Financial Overview Envision Unlimited’s balance sheet strengthened this past year and continues to provide the flexibility required to implement the programs and services that fulfill our overall mission. We experienced this improvement despite the funding challenges presented by the State of Illinois and the additional expenses required to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. During fiscal year 2020, net assets totaled $10,389,296 — an increase of $64,829. Programming services drove the year-overyear increase in revenue, as well as expenses, due to the enhanced services we provided our members.

New mental health grants and continued growth of Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) services contributed to additional revenue sources. Net revenue from contributions and fundraising events increased again this year, due to donations to the Emergency Response Fund. We begin fiscal year 2021 still facing the uncertainty of future COVID-19 risks and operational contingencies to meet any new challenges the pandemic presents. Sincerely,

Brittany Scott Nanry, Board Treasurer


Financial Highlights CO NSO L IDATE D STATE M E NT O F ACTIV ITIE S (As of June 30)

Support and Revenue

Operational revenue Program fees and other revenues Contributions



(Unaudited) $35,626,582 3,284,312 2,373,238

$33,359,392 3,742,939 2,101,528



8,994,465 22,406,092 1,867,880 3,916,197

9,178,539 21,291,351 2,015,750 3,413,922




Community Day Services Community Living Services Family Support Services Mental Health Services

Total Program Expenses

37,184,634 3,378,349 656,322

Management and General Fundraising and development

Total Expenses




Cash Other Current Assets Total Current Assets Fixed Assets, net Other Assets Total Assets

Liabilities and Net Assets

Total Current Liabilities Total Long-Term Liabilities Net Assets




35,899,562 2,614,567 618,805






6,815,325 3,624,884 10,440,209 7,533,038 107,735 $18,080,982

5,094,622 3,876,015 8,970,637 7,659,359 134,122 $16,674,118

6,406,320 1,285,368 10,389,294

5,403,619 1,036,032 10,324,467



Support Envision’s Long-Term Resilience Join a special donor level that provides continuous support for our members, most of whom live at or below the poverty line. Choose your level here. Sustainer: $10 monthly can support telehealth for mental wellness. Bronze Patron: $25 monthly can give caregivers a needed break. Silver Patron: $50 monthly can support programs to keep members active and healthy. Gold Patron: $100 monthly can prevent those with intellectual and developmental disabilities from being isolated in institutions.


You Are Cordially Invited to Join

In many traditions, the lotus flower symbolizes the realization of inner potential and embodies

The inaugural class of EnVisionaries was honored at a special Mardi Gras-themed event


Defying darkness, it grows in muddy water, the Lotus rises above the surface, and Blooms with remarkable beauty.

More than 94% of those served by Envision Unlimited live at or below the poverty line. The EnVisionaries Giving Society is a group of individuals who share our belief that all individuals, given the right opportunities, can make a positive and meaningful impact on society. EnVisionaries donate $2,500 or more during a calendar year to support our mission to provide quality services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness. Donations have an immediate impact on the lives of Envision members. All funds are directed toward closing the gap between government funding and the actual cost of helping those with disabilities become more independent and self-sufficient. For more information, visit:

Contents Cover Photo: Ready, Aim, SWING! Envision Member Jamie tries to bash the “coronavirus” piñata during Pi Kappa Phi’s annual Friendship Visit to Westtown Center. Photo Credits: Marty Mosby Kenahan Envision Multimedia Club James Sanchez Zernul R. Shackelford, Jr.

Envision Unlimited is accredited by the international Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and has earned Guidestar’s Gold Seal of Transparency.

Welcome ..................................1

Our Resilience Story Exemplary Programs................2 Selfless Staff....


Committed Volunteerism........7 Generous Donors....................11 Strong Financials....................15 Prudent Leaders.....................16

2020 EnVisionaries Giving Society

Bianca Barr Ezra Becker Jon S. Bilton John and Barbara Bohnert Thomas and Melanie Canale Karen and Jon Cashen Jymme and Steve Chaouki James W. Coons Brian and Diane Diedrich Julie and John Dreixler Nancy and Dan Durbin Elliot J. Favus Karl and Meg Frey Richard Goldsmith Joe Hancock Betty J. Jackson 22

Mark Jak and Jack Halm Marty and Mike Kenahan Halina and Robert Kowalski Niamh and Christopher Kristufek Mary Kay Krupka John Lemker Robert and Teresa Lewandowski John Lindemulder Patrick Livney Kristin and Roderick MacRAE Lori and Lee Marin Tim and Jackie Martin Mark and Leesa McHugh Ed Mullen Brittany and John Nanry Heather and Randy Nornes

Sal Oliveri Dennis O’Malley Dorothy and Michael O’Malley Michael Pizzuto Daniel Proft Lou and Sarah Rassey Michael Romano Nalini and Ravi Saligram William and Lorrie Schneider Philip Schwartz Paul Selden and Karen Singer Tom Sodeika Anthony Svanascini Brian and Patty Timpone Brian and Robin Velo Bret and Jennifer Voorhees

Board of Directors Officers


Dan Durbin

Jonathan S. Bilton Kate Caldwell, Ph.D. Becky Carroll Ryan C. Green L. Justin Harris Mark Jackson Robert Kenniel Lawrence Kipperman Niamh Kristufek Mary Kay Krupka Ashvin Lad John Lemker Robert Lewandowski Lori Marin Ed Mullen Dennis O’Malley

Dorothy O’Malley Vaibhavi Patel Dan Proft Sarah C. Rassey Zernul R. Shackelford, Jr. Brian Snell Mohib Yousufani

Mark McHugh

Betty Jackson

Don Kraska

Chrisonia Butler

Marty Mosby Kenahan Chief Development Officer

Director, Quality Assurance

Donna Ennis

Daniel Kennedy

Paul Selden

Susan Gardner

Robert Kowalski


Julie M. Dreixler Vice Chair

Mark Jak Vice Chair

Brittany Scott Nanry Treasurer

Heather Nornes Immediate Past Chair

Chrisonia Butler

Director of Board Affairs

Mark McHugh President and CEO

Associate Board Katherine Bagnowski, co-chair Lars Skarford, co-chair Keirstin McCambridge Sarah Morse Alyssa Poniatowski Colleen Raleigh Melissa Sweeney Sylvia Wtorkowski Kenzie Hunt, staff liaison

Executive Team President and Chief Executive Officer

Director of Board Affairs

Division Director, Community Living Programs

Division Director, Day and Employment Services

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Director, Property Management

Director, Human Resources

Chief Financial Officer

Colleen Rosa

Chief Strategy Officer

Jean Xoubi

Senior Vice President, Mental Health and Business Development

Choice. Independence. Inclusion.

8 South Michigan Avenue Suite 1700 Chicago IL 6060-3353





Our Story of

RESILIENCE You played an important role in Our 2020 Resilience Story. Thank you.

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2020 Annual Report  

Envision Unlimited's 2020 program and financial highlights

2020 Annual Report  

Envision Unlimited's 2020 program and financial highlights

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