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Most undergraduate programs are designed to offer a basis in the essential academics required by all sorts of engineers, so that you can explore your strengths and find your favored engineering route. To get you thinking here are a few of the most popular engineering majors.

1. Civil Engineering This specializes in infrastructure, structures and construction. In this particular area there are lots of areas of knowledge including Construction Management, Urban Planning, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Water Resources Management. It's quite common for all these specialties to overlap as well. Always choose the Top Engineering Colleges in Punjab for further study.

2. Computer Engineering Computer Engineering majors will study a variety of programs across math, including algebra and calculus, sciences for example physics, chemistry and biology and humanities. The initial 2 yrs of the undergraduate degree offer a chance to focus on the basics of computer engineering and building problem solving and research skills, then the final two years will focus on specialty areas of computer engineering with classes such as computer hardware, electronic devices and circuits, computer design or signal processing.

3. Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineers handle the design and development of electrical equipment. These may include electric motors, wiring systems in buildings, navigation systems, automobile electric systems, and power generation systems. The phrase electronic engineering may be employed in place of Electrical Engineering, as there's substantial crossover among the two.

4. Mechanical Engineering Perhaps one of the broadest areas of engineering, Mechanical Engineers design, develop and manufacture machines, engines along with other mechanical devices. They may work with vehicle engines, robot manufacturing systems, elevators, refrigeration systems, turbines or tool development.

5. Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering is targeted on the design, evaluating and manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and missiles. There are 2 main threads: Aerospace Engineering investigates space flight, vehicles and systems, whilst Aeronautical Engineering examines sub-space flight, including commercial or military planes and helicopters.

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