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Cheryl Brunson

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My wife saw that I loved to dress and that I had my own style. I loved African attire and in 2014, Cheryl and I launched C&K Marketing. In 2015, we formed a partnership with Q’Bella-V along with grandmother, Annie Bell.

and readily able to meet my King. God answered my prayers!! I also found out He had a sense of humor. Let’s just say country girl meets restored city bad boy, but most of all a man of God.

Since then, we market through our fashion shows which are unique. Our goals are realistic. Our success is not about money, it’s about fulling our vision and bringing enjoyment to others. My tips for success…have alligator skin, think outside the box, identify problems as a way to challenge you to create solutions, look at any failures as mere stepping stones to success, stay true to yourself and your vision. However, most of all put God first in all you strive to do, because His word is “yes and in Him amen”. Kedar

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her business partners. Sometimes when they are together reminiscing...Cheryl likes to remind her auntie of the time she made her a beautiful black suede coat. The finished product was too large for Cheryl, therefore Annie’s mom suggested they give it to another little girl in the neighborhood whom grandma said could really use it. This is one of the stories that continues to bring about laughter during Annie’s years of designing, sewing and making others happy. Annie is also known by her alter ego and designer label…Q’Bella-V. The Queen of her designs. Q’Bella-V along with her mother, Annie Bell, are the business partners of Kedar and Cheryl Brunson, also known as C&K Marketing. Annie 48 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

I don’t know what the future may lead me on this journey but today happiness is where I am. I thank God for not allowing me to wallow in self pity, nor to hold any grudges ...This would have allowed the devil to have too much power. I would like my sisters out there to know that God can and will heal all the hurt and pain if you allow Him to. Restoration is far greater than you could ever imagine. As the scripture says… ”weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.”- Psalm 30:5 Cheryl


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