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allo en welkom terug’ means ‘Hello and welcome back’. Grab a cup of coffee or Rooibos and your favorite chair. In this issue, we will take a trip to the most ravishing, magnificent and captivating continent in the world. I believe it’s time to explore more of the place where humankind began, the so-called Cradle of Humanity - AFRICA. The place where our gifts, talents, skills and abilities were birthed. After you read this issue, I assure you that Africa will be added to your “must visit” list. African prints have clothed generations of continental Africans for centuries. However, African print fashion is now taking over the globe. Exploding down runways, in stores, online and just about everywhere you look, color, fabrics and style shaped by Africa are prevalent in fashion today for people of all colors, races and creeds. Our cover entrepreneurs are playing a major role in its global expansion. Kedar & Cheryl Brunson of CK Marketing partnered with the phenomenal seamstress


Annie V. Jordan of Q’Bella-V Fashion to form a powerful family owned business. You will learn what moved them to identify their inherent gifts and then utilize them to extend the stylish fashions of Africa to the U.S. Be sure to watch the 2 videos that accompany their article to get a look at their product line as well as a glimpse of the beautiful sites and people of Africa. Have you used LinkedIn lately? It is key to your success as an entrepreneur. Listen up as Karen Albert teaches us the top 2 ways entrepreneurs should leverage LinkedIn. Also, in this issue Ophelia-Nixon Uke talks about how living confidently is key to your success as an entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs lack confidence in their gifts and talents. They don’t believe they have what it takes. I used to believe that about myself. Ophelia will help you break free from that prison. Enjoy, Publisher -

Kelli M. Williams

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