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, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), today announced a new partnership with TECOM Group, a member of Dubai Holding, to bring valueadded connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of the Group’s business partners and community members. Conceptualised to further improve the customer experience and ease of doing business within the different TECOM business communities across Dubai, the strategic partnership will enable business partners and professionals working across the communities to benefit from enterprise and

consumer solutions that are customised to meet their specific needs. Farid Faraidooni, Deputy CEO - Enterprise Solutions, du, said: “As an enabler of worldclass connectivity and ICT solutions, du is proud to partner with TECOM Group and expand our offering to the Group’s business partners and community members. With many of the TECOM business communities falling within du’s captive area, we have a sound understanding and knowledge of how to enhance the customer experiences and have tailor-made offerings based on specific business needs. du and TECOM Group have a long-standing history of successful

collaboration and we wholeheartedly welcome this new initiative.” Abdulla Belhoul, Chief Commercial Officer at TECOM Group, said: “We are pleased to announce this partnership, in line with our vision to create world-class business ecosystems with a focus on our digital transformation that will offer an enhanced customer experience through smart solutions. A key element of this new partnership with du is that it will further step up the ease of doing business and boost productivity for our business partners and professionals across our thriving communities.”

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Ready-to-connect IT infrastructure

Rittal Data Center Container Experience Ready-to-connect IT infrastructure in a robust container shell, as standardised IT modules in a range of output categories for SME, Cloud and Edge applications.

RDC All-in-One Container

IT modules including UPS system and cooling in a range of output categories for SME, Cloud and Edge applications.

RDC Power Container

Modular UPS systems with redundancy to supply one or more IT modules.

RDC Cooling Container

Efficient recooling systems in a container frame, ready-to-connect and system-tested with redundant chillers with integral free cooler or additional external free cooler.


Rittal Middle East FZE Tel: +971-4-3416855 I Email: I

Data Center Container

Data Centre Container for mobile or temporary use of IT systems including an innovative, direct free cooling of up to 20 kW.

GITEX 2019

THE TRANSFORMATIVE VAD celebrating twenty golden years of Bulwarks and we as a VAD are justifying this transformation by signing up with the most relevant vendors who are further strengthening this wave. From workplace collaboration and communication, to IoT and networking, to security and mobility, Bulwarks works with some of the niche names in the market.

What is your take on the whole debate around the lack of skills sets and competencies in the channel ecosystem?

THE FUTURE IS CLOUD StarLink has its eye on the $1 billion mark in 2024 and the team believes that the challenge for a valueadded distributor to reach the $1 Billion mark is vastly different from that of a volume distributor, that shifts boxes. The VAD has a very strong portfolio of security, datacenter and cloud solutions. Heading the Cloud solutions sales at StarLink is Sherif Hamdy, the Cloud Sales Director. According to him, the company is seeing steadfast growth in the cloud adoption, migration and implementation in the region. “Cloud and Datacenter solutions are high growth areas and the beauty of StarLink lies in its careful choice of vendors that are incomparable with any other in the market.” “Digital Transformation, today, is no more a buzzword. We are living in an age of digital reality and infrastructure is at the center of this transformation. You need a strong platform to support the applications as enterprises move forward in their cloud journey. Companies are moving into subscription models and the focus is on shifting from capex to opex models. Customers no longer want to pay upfront for their services; hence it is a pay-as-you-grow approach. We ensure that we choose our vendors wisely who are able to support this transformation. The major engine propelling the cloud is moving from capex to opex.” StarLink has an established network of 1,500 partners across 20 countries, servicing 2,200+ customers. The strategy is to continue delivering incremental business to partners based on integrated end to end solutions and technologies. Partner mapping is important and is done through a study of the vendors existing partner field engagement systems. StarLink sees where it can deliver impact through its partner ecosystem

How does Bulwark define and justify the buzzword ‘Transformation’? Today, we are talking about various auras of transformation— business, digital, customer experience— and digital transformation forms the core of all these. We are

I do not think that a single vendor can cope with all the security issues and breaches happening around the world. The way the hackers are getting sophisticated day by day, it is proved that the entire ecosystem must be more skilled to handle it. To address such scenarios, we need to have more vendor-channel interactions and we at Bulwarks are a big advocate of this enablement.


Two areas where many people are focusing on are multi-cloud and artificial intelligence. The move to cloud has been happening for years, but most organizations are now finding themselves in a hybrid cloud environment that is quickly moving to include multiple cloud providers. How they will control and secure access to those environments and workloads is an emerging challenge. For artificial

intelligence, this is an area where people have a lot of hope and expectations for machine learning and other intuitive solutions to help business be more agile and more secure. “The never-ending headlines about data breaches continue to be a big business driver for us. Many organizations are finally realizing that cyber-attackers are no longer hacking into corporate networks, they are simply logging in. And they are doing it using weak, default, or compromised passwords that are the easiest way in, the path of least resistance,” says Andy Heather, General Manager EMEA, Centrify. As more organizations make that realization and understand that 80% of data breaches involve privileged access abuse, they are turning to Centrify to help them secure an increasingly-expanding threatscape that includes cloud, big data, DevOps, containers and more.

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GITEX 2019

MINDWARE LAUNCHES MICROSOFT AZURE MARKETPLACE Offering superior transactional experience to the channel community as well as a wide variety of cloud solutions and services, the Mindware Marketplace will increase cloud adoption for partners and their customers. The new Marketplace which is hosted on Microsoft Azure, will, in addition to making cloud services purchase easy and intuitive, offer Mindware’s regional partners the ability to set up and manage their own “white labeled storefront”, thereby offering cloud solutions directly to end-customers. The new marketplace, which can be custom-branded by partners, has several new and enhanced capabilities including a robust and customizable billing engine, which allows partners to easily automate ordering and billing the entire Microsoft portfolio including Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft ESD. Partners can monitor and control their customers’ Microsoft Azure consumption with automated provisioning of cloud services and utilization-based billing. Vijay Kumar, CTO and cloud Director at Mindware said, “There has been an acceleration in cloud adoption in the region as a result of major cloud service providers such as Microsoft establishing physical data centers in the Middle East. Organizations are more comfortable with consuming these services now that data sovereignty and security matters are no longer a concern. As a leading regional distributor and in line with our ‘partner experience first’ philosophy, we realized the need to offer a feature-rich platform to enable our partners to develop their capabilities and offerings and to take their business to the next level.” “There is a huge opportunity around cloud migration and together with our partners, our goal is to help our customers find the right solution at the right time,” said Karim Hanafy, Microsoft Area Services Partners Lead, One Commercial Partner - Middle East & Africa.

HUAWEI LAUNCHES NEXT-GENERATION AI POWERED SOLUTIONS At GITEX Technology Week 2019, Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT), announced the launch of three new products within its enterprise portfolio: next-generation, all-flash storage product OceanStor Dorado; AI-native database GaussDB, and the highest-performance distributed storage yet, FusionStorage 8.0. Alan Qi, GM of Data Center Solution Sales, Huawei Enterprise Middle East, launched the products during GITEX. He said: “In today’s digital economy,

new connections and applications are accelerating data flows and the way we protect our data. With the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT), a diverse range of applications and massive amounts of data have been generated, posing serious demands on real-time data processing. Data infrastructures must be upgraded to fulfill these demands. OceanStor Dorado intelligent all-flash storage solution embodies Huawei’s years of experience in all-flash

storage technologies, and helps customers get the most possible value from their data.” ”Huawei has gained strong momentum in the Middle East enterprise market, with products in the Intelligent Data and Storage domain receiving high acclaim. This new OceanStor Dorado all-flash product, oriented to the Middle East market, sets a new benchmark in performance, stability and intelligence. I’m confident that it will better serve our enterprise customers in the future, helping them create more business success.” he said.

EXPANDING ATTACK SURFACE CREATING DEMAND OPPORTUNITY FOR THREATQUOTIENT IN REGION Organisations face an incredibly dynamic threat landscape. Threats continuously evolve and cross over between regions and industries. Second, mobile devices, IoT and new communication channels are creating an expanding attack surface that provides threat actors with many more ways to launch attacks and infiltrate organisations. Finally, we are seeing greater security demands from businesses driven by compliance and overall risk mitigation. These factors are driving adoption of our threat-centric security operations platform. “To address this growing demand, we have prioritised arming channel partners and MSSPs with the products and programs they need to ensure customer success around the


O CTO B E R 2019

world, with additional focus on the Middle East as we expand into this region,” says Anthony Perridge, Vice President International at ThreatQuotient. There are a lot of exciting developments with respect to technologies that make security operations more efficient and effective. Technology areas like security orchestration, automation and response, threat intelligence, and analytics that connect independent products, help to create an overarching security architecture for integrated threat defense. This enables organisations to lay the foundation for establishing intelligent SOCs, something the industry has been talking about for years and which now can be a reality. “ThreatQuotient is a channel company. We

sell through our channel partners and distributors around the world and recognise their value and the relationships they have with their customers. We are primarily a software company and really see our partners as integral to the success of our end-users,” adds Perridge. Creating an environment to learn are huge challenges for channel partners. Many products need relevant data or connections to other products to really work as designed. It takes time and resources to create a test environment so the technical teams at a channel partner can really learn the vendor’s products. What is more, resellers often represent several vendors. It is difficult to train all of the technical team on all products.

Evolved cybersecurity is synchronized security.









Sophos Central



Synchronized Security is an award-winning cybersecurity system Next-gen endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email, and encryption products, all sharing information in real time and responding automatically to incidents. And with everything controlled through the Sophos Central cloud-based security platform, management is a breeze.

GITEX 2019

READY TO CONNECT - RITTAL MIDDLE EAST What is the roadmap for Rittal for the Middle East region Since it’s inception in Middle East 20 years ago - Rittal has always endeavored in sharing globally proven IT Innovations and solutions in terms of products and technology to its partners, channel and customers at large in the region. Beginning with basic IT Physical Infrastructure and evolving into a Full Datacenter Solution supplier , Rittal has been the in the forefront to meet the needs of the growing technology among all categories of users (SME, Cloud, Edge ).

Why GITEX ? If any Individual or an Organisation in the Middle East is into IT Solutions , then without doubt, there is no better elevating platform than GITEX - the highly recognized IT event in the Middle East region. Rittal over the years has adapted to GITEX and has recorded great recognition

through his platform. This year GITEX 2019 will surely mesmerize the IT enthusiasm with new adaptive technologies brought into light and we at Rittal are glad to share our story with “Ready-toconnect IT infrastructure solution offerings ( DC Container) for SME, Cloud and Edge solutions “ categories

Whats Next ! Rittal has always believed to empower its partners , channel and customers on their IT needs by offering world class IT physical Infrastructure solutions - not limited only to supply of products -but- also on planning, implementation and enhancements to ensure the Objectives and ROI expectations are fulfilled and exceeding in some cases. Offering “Ready-to-connect IT Infrastructure” to the various audience categories, Rittal is surely moving steadily alongside with the growing customized needs from the organizations

by offering solutions that bring effective, tangible and measurable results.

Adaptive technologies and Rittal Focus ! Rittal has always been in path and in line to the new adaptive technologies in the IT industry . Our innovations on existing IT enclosures (TS IT to the New VX IT) would revolutionize the way people look at IT cabinets & what they expect from it. Further Scalable & higher power densities at lower foot print and at high efficiencies clubbed with the choice of Lithium ion batteries would make Rittal UPS offering more appealing to our partners, Efficiency Focus with Blue e+ cooling technology means better value for money, New generation monitoring & access control systems offers better security & control. Also - a switch from DCIM to Infrastructure management with flexible licensing options would mean a single system for

complete management. Adapting to the cooling needs of different verticals and having a range of cooling products to complement it means you dont have to go with the legacy system for every single opportunity. Finally - supporting our theme for GITEX 2019 - Ready to connect - IT Infrastructure - Data center Container offerings ( from individual containers to linkage containers & pre fab) having a ready infrastructure with minimal planning at a rapid pace becomes a reality with Rittal

Middle East as a Market for IT Infrastructure solutions - Perspective from Rittal ! Growth of IOT and AI is going to bring about huge opportunities for Edge Data Centers in the Middle East and Rittal is ready for it already. With a variety of edge systems adapted for different market segments Rittal leads the market and is geared up for such opportunities

SMART DUBAI AND SOFTWARE AG PARTNER TO CONTINUE BUILDING THE ‘HAPPIEST CITY ON EARTH’ In line with the Smart Dubai 2021 vision, Smart Dubai today announced a strategic partnership with Software AG to accelerate Smart Dubai’s aspiration to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth by 2021. The partnership will leverage innovation technology to launch a multi-function iPaaS webMethods (Integration Platform as a Service) technology powered platform. The new offering will interconnect Dubai wide government entities and key private sector systems and processes to deliver the city’s commitment to boost UAE’s economy. H.E. Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General, Smart Dubai said: “Dubai is undergoing a progressive technological transformation that aims to see it as the happiest city on Earth by 2021, as per the vision and directive of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. By ensuring we enhance the wellbeing and satisfaction of all Dubai’s citizens, residents and visitors, we create the right environment to improve the city’s ranking across a whole host of other metrics, including its ease of conducting business, which will boost the Emirate’s economy.” Talking about the partnership she added: “Smart Dubai is delighted to partner with Software AG for this digital transformation project, which goes a long way towards helping the city meet its technology transformation goals. It does this by connecting multiple government organizations and key private sector firms and by simplifying processes for citizens, residents, tourists, students, investors and business visitors in Dubai. It is through forging such strategic and mutually beneficial relationships that Smart Dubai is able to maintain its position at the forefront of digital transformation in the global arena,” Her Excellency added.


O CTO B E R 2019

GITEX 2019

DATA ANALYTICS RE-IMAGINED Founded in 2018, DataLexing is a Saudi startup that aspires to become a household name for data analytics in the region. At DataLexing, we aim to disrupt the local market with cutting-edge technologies and solutions. That’s why we have created Lexer. Lexer is an advanced data reporting tool that’s speedy to deploy and can work on top of most data sources to increase the visibility across the board. Without coding, Lexer makes it simple to instantly visualize your data, ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make datadriven decisions. Analytics as a Service help your business to uncover business value without the hustle of managing a data team. Even if a business is uncertain of exactly how to leverage data and maximize Return of Investment of being a data-driven business, DataLexing has the expertise and know-how to lead your organization in any data related project or need.

CONTEXT: KEY 3D PRINTER MARKETS ON TRACK FOR DOUBLE-DIGIT SHIPMENT GROWTH While shipments of 3D printers in the Personal* price class struggled to remain flat in the first half of 2019, the other three major price classes – Professional, Design and Industrial – saw encouraging global unit shipment growth. “Double-digit unit shipment growth for the year as a whole is projected in all three of these segments,” says Chris Connery, VP of Global Research at CONTEXT, “but there are different outlooks for each of the disparate sub-markets into which most sales are currently made. This makes the fourth quarter key to the industry’s success in 2019.” That sales are not focused on a single end-market is both a blessing and a curse for 3D printer vendors. The dental industry is key for many polymer players: with the trend for “digital dentistry” – best exemplified by clear dental aligners – remaining hot, and vendors focused on selling printers used in this segment are enjoying robust sales. The totally unrelated automotive sector is a key market for metal 3D printers, but the outlook here has become more cautious in recent quarters with reports of slowdowns, especially in Europe. The net effect on the outlook for the overall 3D printer market is still positive but results will vary across printer types. Bottom-up forecasts for 2H 2019 project that strong Q4 shipments will yield double-digit unit shipment growth in the Industrial, Design and Professional classes with the Professional class poised for the strongest annual growth of +15%. The Industrial and Design markets collectively account for 79% of current global printer revenues with 59% of total revenues being amassed by the top five companies in this aggregated group.


O CTO B E R 2019

HTC VIVE ANNOUNCES PRICE AND AVAILABILITY OF VIVE COSMOS HTC VIVE® today announced features and functionality of the new VIVE COSMOS including local pricing and availability, and pre-order bonuses in GITEX technology week 2019. Vive Cosmos is the latest premium PC-based virtual reality (VR) system created with a new level of accessibility and ease of use, designed to grow with users over time through a modular faceplate design that can change the functionality of the headset, such as the newly announced VIVE Cosmos External Tracking Mod. Cosmos will launch in UAE on November 14 at AED 3,299, with pre-orders starting October 24. “Since Vive began our VR journey, we’ve continued to refine and improve on what a premium VR experience can and should be,” said Graham Wheeler, GM EMEA, HTC VIVE. “Cosmos offers an unmatched experience and is also our most versatile headset yet—with inside-out tracking, options in the future for different faceplates, unlimited content in the box, and the new user interface, we see limitless possibilities for XR customers.” Vive Cosmos was built to adapt to the needs of VR customers with ease, versatility, and performance at the forefront. The all-new Vive tracking system offers a simplified setup that makes getting into VR faster and easier than ever before, with six camera sensors for wide and accurate inside-out tracking. Cosmos features a 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution— an 88% increase over the original Vive—delivering crystal-clear text and graphics. All-new LCD panels reduce the distance between pixels and combined with real RGB displays minimize screen-door effect A unique flip-up design allows users to jump between reality and virtual reality in seconds—all without disrupting VR journeys. Superior ergonomics and comfort allow for longer VR experiences and integrated on-ear headphones provide fully immersive sound. Cosmos also features completely redesigned controllers that maximize functionality within VR and offer extended comfort during long play sessions. Cosmos is also compatible with the Vive Wireless Adapter for those who want to enjoy moving in VR without being tethered. With a modular faceplate design, Vive Cosmos is the most versatile premium VR headset yet, designed with upcoming accessories to change the functionality of the headset and offer customers the ability for their headset to grow with them over time. The first official “mod”, announced today, is the Vive Cosmos External Tracking Mod for customers that want to continue to use their existing Lighthouse base stations for tracking scenarios, but also take advantage of the superior performance of Vive Cosmos. This first base station-compatible mod supports Vive’s ecosystem of peripherals including the Vive Tracker, delivering unprecedented input freedom for VR controls. This new mod will be available in Q1 of next year.

GITEX 2019


While the Gitex 2019 has brought remarkable, groundbreaking technologies, most of the customers visiting the stall expect options for cloud integration, agility, scalability and cost-optimization from any product, according to Wael Mustafa, Area Vice President- Middle East, Commvault. Mustafa opines after interacting with many customers during the event and feels that those aforesaid aspects are unique and was not looked at during the earlier versions of the Gitex. “Their data is growing year on year they want to scale. However, they do not have enough budget. Their major expectations

are from saving the resources as well as budgets” , Mustafa says. With 5G becoming a big another issue, Commvault is focussing on telling people on the value of data. “We are part of smart cities. We had presented on the importance and value of data and data protection for smart cities through presentations and panel discussions.”, he says. Last week Commvault has officially announced they had acquired softwaredefined storage (SDS) innovator- Hedvig. The acquisition was for a total consideration of $225 million, which includes the purchase price and ongoing employee retention. This move to the cloud, and multi-cloud environments, together with cloud native applications is driving competitive advantage for companies for all sizes; yet the acceleration of data fragmentation is negatively impacting business outcomes. This rapid data growth, generated from a variety of sources stored both within on-premises environments and in the cloud will continue to create significant governance, security, and management challenges.

EMITAC ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS SHOWCASES INNOVATION AT GITEX Emitac Enterprise Solutions, an award-winning enterprise solutions provider are showcasing some of the most innovative range of Enterprise Solutions at GITEX this year. Recently awarded with GEC Award 2019 for the “Best Business Transformation Initiative”, Emitac is positioned as a pioneer in the enterprise solutions domain, Emitac, delivers digital transformation and technology services from ideation to execution by combining talent, technology, automated solutions and innovation with our scaled enterprise-level operational platforms. Some of the key highlights from Emitac at GITEX this year included CAFM, a real estate and facility management solution, CardNext, a leading solution for the banking industry, FieldINSPECT and SOC along with technologies SAP, Aruba WiFi, Azure Stack, and Green Lake. Another major innovation showcased by Emitac was Syngraffi, a remote wet-ink solution for digital workspaces. Gautham Raj, CEO, Emitac Enterprise Solutions said, “We want to ensure that our clients and the industry gets the best of innovation from us that can help businesses. GITEX has always been a great platform for us and the technology industry to engage with the industry professionals and learn from the best in the business and offer the best solutions to our clients.”


O CTO B E R 2019

DU & AJMAN X SIGN MOU TO COLLABORATE ON U5GIG PLATFORM du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) with Ajman X to collaborate on 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) development under the UAE 5G Innovation Gate (U5GIG) program. The MoU was signed during GITEX Technology Week 2019 by Saleem Al Blooshi, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at EITC and Sheikha - Noora Humaid AlNuaimi, Director of AjmanX. Under the MoU framework, du and Ajman X will work together in the development of a 5G/IoT ecosystem in order to achieve early 5G, AI, and IoT use cases from 2020 onwards. The collaboration will also enable du and Ajman X to create an open platform for research and development geared towards standardising these next generation technologies in the UAE. SHK. Noora AlNuaimi, Ajman X, said: “Accelerating the efficiency and speed of Ajman’s government entities is a key mandate for energising the Emirate to address challenges and achieve ambitious goals. With the signing of this MoU, we are proud to be directly involved in stimulating Ajman’s future progress by developing future-facing technological methods and innovation pathways within the framework of supporting Ajman Vision 2021.” Saleem Al Blooshi, CTO at EITC, said: “Robust partner ecosystems are poised to play an integral role in the proliferation of 5G, AI, and IoT advancements. U5GIG is a vital innovation hub and platform in exploring these evolving future technologies. That’s why du is committed to providing expertise, technology leadership, and industry nous via this influential partner ecosystem to bring the connected visions of the UAE leadership to life.” Hosted in Dubai Silicon Oasis, U5GIG is a practical and innovative initiative focused on developing 5G standards by 2020 and beyond. This vision was inspired by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, with an eye towards UAE innovation and Dubai Future Accelerators. U5GIG is a consortium that consists of technical and academic organisations in the UAE and global telecom vendors with the aim of planning and utilising expertise to define and develop a global 5G network that will radically change lives across the UAE.

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GITEX 2019 Day Five  

GITEX 2019 Day Five