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So, year 2014 ushers in leaving behind 2013 enfolding several land marks on its journey. I here wish my readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


After seeing many ups & down the stone industry of India as well as of the world showed stability in 2013 generating lot of hope for better times in 2014. With the rise in building and construction activities India seems to have a reasonably good growth in production and consumption of construction materials, including granite, marble, sandstone, slate etc.

K. Vikram Rastogi

Indian stone industry has tremendous potential oweing to its large reserves of natural stones. It is the treasure trove of the stone deposits in the world, with largest reserves of granites and other natural stones. India possesses almost 20 per cent of the total world reserves in granite, marble, sandstone, slate etc. amounting to approximately 1,690 million cubic meters. This is the beginning of 2014 and present conditions look calm and fit to move ahead, with hope in our hearts and a determination to achieve. There is no substitute to hard work. Work hard and result are bound to be in your favour. Don't let time slip. Be on your guard. May God bless you.

Indian stone industry has tremendous potential oweing to its large reserves of natural stones. It is the treasure trove of the stone deposits in the world, with largest reserves of granites and other natural stones. India possesses almost 20 per cent of the total world reserves in granite, marble, sandstone, slate etc. amounting to approximately 1,690 million cubic meters. But due to certain practical difficulties India so far could not explore and utilise fully its potential in the stone sector. Large chunks of different stones lie in forest area, and government rules to preserve forests to save environment forbids mining in the area. But still with stone friendly government policies both in production and import of stones,

specially marble, Indian stone industry can deliver better results and help in generating more revenue for the country. With both man and material India can achieve number one position in the world stone industry. In the beginning of 2014 we must look back to our achievements and failures in 2013; achievements to assess our capabilities and scope in the field while failures to take lesson to correct our strategies to do better. We must learn to use latest techniques in production and exports, while keeping our ear and eyes open to see what is happening new in the field. Here I must tell you not to hesitate in reaching to establishments like All India Granites & Stone Association (AIGSA), CAPEXIL and Stone Technology Centre which are there to help people involved in production, marketing and export of Indian stones. You may here note that AIGSA is now becoming Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry. This is the beginning of 2014 and present conditions look calm and fit to move ahead, with hope in our hearts and a determination to achieve. There is no substitute to hard work. Work hard and result are bound to be in your favour. Don't let time slip. Be on your guard. May God bless you. K. Vikram Rastogi



CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR STONE INDUSTRY Poseidon Industries, LLC, premiere manufacturer and maker of equipment for stone industry, launches high-

area was laid in Gaziemir, Izmir, Turkey. The Mayor of Izmir, Aziz Kocaoglu, speaking on the occasion said the fair area would be ready by summer in 2014. The new fair area covers 337,000 sq m. 60,000 sq m of the area

might be ready for MARBLE 2014.


The new fair area will cost 400 million Turkish Lira. This is the highest cost in the history of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


Kernel kilicdaroglu, the president of CHP (The main opposition party) laid the foundation of the new fair area. quality and large variety of stone fabrication equipment for marble and granite industry.


Humans have been shaping stone and using it to errect buildings since around 5000 BC. The industry has come a longway since then, with the development of innovative tools and techniques.

Marmomacc 2013, The 48th edition of world's leading trade fair for marble-natural stone, design and technology, was witness to a collaboration agreement signed for training of young Palestinian architects and marble workers. This project is being promoted and financed by Unido, the UN agency dedicated to supporting small-medium companies in developing countries. Hebron Polytechnic University has already seen the installation of two workshops with machinery and technology from Italy for processing and analyzing various stone materials. The programmes of courses were defined by Italian professors together with colleagues from Hebron city, which is one of the main districts for stone quarrying and processing.

Now, a new player, Poseidon Industries is taking the US stone machinery world by storm. With over 25 years combined experience, the Poseidon team know precisely what is needed in order to make the process of cutting and shaping stone easier, faster and more cost effective. The company has expertise in CNC stone machinery, stone edge polishing machines and stone cutting bridge saws. The team is justifiably proud of the new range of equipment, which has already been wellreceived within the industry. The key products of the company include the Brilliance Slab Polisher, The Vanquish Waterjet CNC Saw and the Goliath Block Saw. All these machines are combined with innovative design features to create a new class of equipment for all those working with stone. Its new Odeon Bridge Saw, which features a touch-screen for ease of use and precision, is made in the US, but features a specialist 20 HP motor made in Italy.

NEW FAIR AREA FOR MARBLE FAIR IN FUTURE On March 2, 2013, foundation of the long-desired fair

The signatories of the Unido project, in addition to Veronafiere with Marmomacc, also include the Palestinian Centre for Stone and Marble and the International Marble Institute. The Unido's project is also supported by Confindustria MarmoMachine and Palestinian Stone and Marble Union. The Unido project has made it possible to create a computer system at the Hebron Marble Centre with a data base, software for management and recycling stone waste. A programme for the assessment of production costs for processed products is also being finalised by Unido.

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MARS MAY YIELD GRANITE! The research team from NASA has come out with on statement telling about the possible availability of

Institute of Technology, there are ample compelling evidence to date that Mars has granite rocks. The research team has used remote sensing techniques with infrared spectroscopy to survey a large volcano on Mars that was active for billions of years.



The facts emerging from Istat Data analysed by Marmomacc observatory and Confindustria

Analysis of Martian rock is yielding a debate as to whether the presence of feldspar indicates that granite was once on Mars. Here in a volcanic crater, magenta outcrops have a distinctive feldspar-rich composition.

granite, an igneous rock common on Earth Planet. For years Mars was considered geologically consisting mostly of one kind of rock i.e. basalt which covers most of the surface of Mars.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


Researchers have found large amounts of feldspar, which is a important ingredient of granite, in an ancient Martian Volcano. The Location of the feldspar also provides an explanation for how granite could have formed on Mars. While the magma slowly cools under the subsurface, low density melt separates from dense crystals in a process called fractionation. The cycle is repeated over and over for millennia until granite is formed. Granite is often found on Earth in tectonically active regions. The research team NASA concluded that prolonged magmatic activity on Mars can also produce granite on a large scale. According to James Wray from the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia

Beautiful Home Featuring Italian Villa Stone

Marmomacc tells that in the first half of 2013 total Italian exports of decorative and building stone, limestone, gypsum, clays and slate (processed and unhewa products) grew by 7.3 per cent amounting to 896 million euros, against 835 million euros for the same period in 2012. But Italian imports of the decorative and building stone have fallen down. In 2013 it fell to 190 million euros compared to 199 million euros in the first half of 2012 (-4.3%). Italian exports of machinery and technologies also could not show encouraging results. It remained almost stable amounting to 447 million euros against 463 million euros in 2012. Italian processed and semi-finished stone products are increasingly in demand in different countries. In first half of 2013 exports amounted to 713 million euros (+7.1%) against 666 million euros in the same period in 2012.





STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


A famous architect said "You employ stone, wood and concrete and with these materials you build houses and palaces that is construction. Ingenuity is at work. But suddenly you touch my heart. You do we good. I am happy and say this is beautiful. That is architecture.� Great architecture is both aesthetically beautiful and scientifically practical. In the 21st century, we are seeing many such wonderful constructions. Since sustainability in construction is a big issue of present times, it shows up nearly in every design today with architects exploring creative ways to combine eco-friendly measures into their design. The following few building reflect such trend.


bsolute World Towers

It is located at Mississauga, Canada, Built by architect Ma yansongthese two tow towers measuring 151 m (50 stories) and 167 m (56 stories) are part of a five building development. Ma Entered an international design competition hosted by the tower's developers

Fernbrook Homes and Cityzen and was awarded the project in 2006 in Toranto. Burka Architects designed the interiors alongside engineering firm Sigmund Soudak & Associate.


l Haneara Tower

It is located in Kuwait City and known as the tallest building in Kuwait measuring 412 m high. The geometry of the interior wall is generated responds to the




arclays Centre

It is located at Brooklyn, Newyork, USA, designed by architect AECOM(Ellerbe Becket) Barclays Centre hosts

many concerts, conventions and important sporting events, competing with other famous facilities in Newyork. The Curvaceous design of the building has received mixed renews from architecture criticts but it is undoubtedly a new landmark in Newyork city.


ne World Trade Centre

It is also known as Freedom Tower. Located in

Newyork city, USA it is a famous architectural landmark for almost a decade. It stands on the site of the former World Trade Centre towers. The construction includes office space, an observation deck, worldclass restaurants etc.


eydar Aliyev Cultural Centre

Located at Baku, Azerbiajan, Heydar Aliyev cultural centre is designed by architect Zaha Hadid. It houses a library, museum and several auditoriums and

conference halls. The glass faรงade ensures that the building gets no tural light. The building lanes in operation in 2012.


amppi Chapel of Silence

Designed by K2S architects Kamppi Chapel of Silence is located at Helsinki, Finland. This 378.9 sq m building offers a quite place of contemplation amidst its urban surroundings.

31 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

need to minimise solar heat gain. The wall not only protects the building from critical environmental conditions but also takes on the role of the structural spine of the building.



The Chaples Walls and all the furniture are made of solid wood. Despite the huge size of the building. The only actual Chaples is located in the wooden bowl. The glass walls of the rest of the building serves as exhibition space.


ercury City Tower


ne Bligh Street

One Bligh is all about sustainability. The building uses recycled rain water to irrigate the plants and flowers spread throughout the free form-shaped building. It is also the first high-rise affie tower in Australia to feature


Located in Moscow Russia, Mercury City Tower is a new landmark of the city and the tallest

double skin glass faรงade, which protects the computercontrolled sun shades and allows on abundance of natural light into the building. The building was named the beat tall building in Asia & Australia by CTBUH.


hoenix International Media Centre

32 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

Phoenix International Media Centre is a wonderful concept in sustainability design in a building. Located at

building in Europe officially. It measures 1,109 feet tall surpassing Londons 'Shard', which had previously held that title. It has been so designed that it looks like it consists of stepped blocks and shimmering silver pink glass.



Beijing, China. Designed sustainably to collect and filter rainwater and reduce energy consumption, by filtering air naturally. The building has a multipurpose comprehensive and open design which includes office space for broadcasting television and other media industries.


l Bahar Towers

contract and expand during the day depending on the sun position.


earl River Tower

It is a 309 m tall tower, architecturally designed as a sustainable building, with solar panels, a chiled ceiling


This wonder in modern architecture is a 29 story office buildings innovative dynamic faรงade which opens and

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


closes in response to the movement of the sun, reducing solar gain by more that 50 per cent, creating a more comfortable international environment for acceptant and producing a distinctive external aesthetic. The geometric patterns that comprise this gigantic screen include over 1,000 moving wooden elements that

system and an under floor air ventilation system. The lower serves as the headquarters for the CNTC Guangdong of Tabacco Company. Pearl River Tower is designed by architect Skidmore Owings & M merrill and is located at Guangdong, China.





MARBLES We have some of the most colourful intricately designed marble flooring available

Luxury Collection


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SHOWROOM AT MUMBAI: Italian Marble Market, Airport side Service Road, Off W E Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400 099 Tel: +91 22 26108539


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STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


ELLORA CAVES Ellora, also called Verul or Elura, the corrupted form of the ancient name Elapura, is a world famous Indian heritage site, located 29 km North-West of the city of Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra. Build by Rashtrakuta dynasty the site is known for its

monumental caves which represent the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture. The site is a cluster of 34 cave structures excavated out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills. Buddhist, Hindu and Jain rock-cut temples and viharas and mathas were build between the 5th century and 10th century. The 12 Buddhist (1-12),




STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


17 Hindu (13-19) and 5 Jain (30-34) caves, built in proximity, demonstrate the religious harmony prevalent during this period. It is a protected monument under the Archaeological survey of India (ASI).

is not known they were probably excavated during the seventh century, when the early western chalukyqs had achieved supremacy in the Deccan, though not necessarily in this region.

Although the actual and specific patronage of the caves

A number of Buddhist caves at Ellora seem to



Shiva cave at Elephanta. The treatment of the pillars with their cushion capitals further suggests such a connection. The key feature in this cave is the double row of stone benches extending almost the full length of the halls, within the rectangle of pillars. Such benches are typical of the seating pattera used in ritual recitation in later Tantrism and Zen Buddhism outside of India and suggest that benches made of ephemeral materials might possibly have been used in 'Vihara' and 'Chaitya' type caves or free standing buildings for centuries, but that their memory is preserved only in the rock-cut examples at Ellora and Kanheri. Cave 5

The vast scale and ambitiousness of the later Buddhist

recapitulate some of the basic architectural and iconographic formats found at other sites, but others suggest innovative and advanced Buddhist thinking. Cave 5, the earliest Buddhist cave at Ellora, is a large rectangular hall, about 35 m in length, with surrounding small cells, a shrine in the centre of the rear wall, and two other shrine areas in the centres of the side walls. The expansion of the two side-shrine areas may be seen as a further development of the plan cave 6 at Ajanta although here, the main hall has become elongated. Both the rectangular, axial format and the addition of two cross-axis shrines are features that developed in Hindu monuments of the preceding century, such as the Cave 6

caves is seen in cave 12. It is a three story structure. Its plain and austere faรงade belies the richness of sculptural decoration within. Each floor of the cave is different in plan and format. The main shrine on each floor contains the now familiar set of images.

Cave 12

With cave 12 at Ellora, Buddhist artistic activity in the western Deccan came to a virtual halt. The developments over the period of about two hundred and fifty years from the Vakataka resurgence to the creation of cave 12 at Ellora were rapid and dramatic. The development in Buddhism as documented in these caves must have been extremely rich, fostered perhaps by an active lay patronage and nurtured by the suitable environment and context created in the monasteries themselves. The rock-cut tradition itself was hardly over, for some of the most impressive of all rock-cut monuments were yet to be created in the service of the Hindu religion.



AJANTA CAVES The Ajanta caves in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India are about 300 rock cut Buddhist cave monument which date from the 2nd century BC to about 650 AD. Ajanta, where more than twenty caves, many of them major achievements of architecture, sculpture, and painting in their own right, were excavated during the Vakataka period. Dramatically cut into the curved mountain wall above the Waghora River, the cave constitute virtually complete monastic entities, including living quarter, devotional areas and assembly halls. The caves provide important insight into Buddhist theory, practice and religious expression in art of the period.

Cave 19

In general, the earliest Vakataka artistic activity occurred near the centre of the site and the latest activity took place towards the two extremes. Vakataka dynasty was closely linked to kingdom of Gupta. After a long period of neglect, the Ajanta caves, by this point



Cave 26

heavily covered by dense vegetation, were rediscovered by chance in 1817 by an English soldier involved in military maneuvers. The caves architecturally structured, contain a significant complex of sculptures, statues, reliefs, and most important, an exceptional collection of fresco-type paintings. The rooms of the caves, a typical expression of the rock architecture of the Deccan, correspond to two specific traditional typologies of the sacred sites of Buddhism. The five of the caves are sanctuaries while the rest are monasteries. The temples feature an elongated rectangular plan with apses, and in the terminal niche generally feature a stupa, a reliquary in the form of a mound. Inside punctuated by decorated pillars, of the walls are covered with small sculptures rich in naturalistic motifs. The portals the sanctuaries are monumental sculptural and architectural structures, enlivened by columns and countless statues of the Buddha. Cave 19 in the complex consists of a courtyard with accompanying cells as well as the sanctuary hall itself. In

elaborate faรงade contains a single entrance into the cave, marked by a pillared portico that projects from the wall of rock. The large circular window above the portico with its rock-cut rafters reveals the heritage of early sanctuary halls that had been based on wooden prototypes. The decoration of cave 26 demonstrates the final burst of exuberance at Ajanta. An inscription identifies the donor of the cave as the Bhiksu Buddha bhadra, who dedicated it to the deceased Bhavviraga, a minister of the Asmaka feudatories of the Vakataka. Much larger and more elaborate than cave 19, cave 26 anticipates the Buddhists and Hindu monuments that were created later in Western India during the sixth century. As vital documents of Buddhist art, the Ajanta Caves can hardly be overestimated. In a short burst of incredible artistic activity the patrons, together with the sculptors, painters and iconographers, provided a concise illustration of the general tendency in Indic art towards embellishment and elaboration of the highest quality.





Architects and builders have used natural stones like marble and granite for thousands of years in order to achieve a look of artistry and affluence. Marble floors have stood as a decorative touch, an opulent addition to an interior and are intrinsically valued for their regal appeal across all continents and cultures.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


Virtually all natural products have flaws which can add to their charm. Though they look appealing, these flaws can also pose problems which many consumers are not aware of. Natural granite and marble have veins and seams, which can crack. Being porous, they are susceptible to staining, and must be treated with sealers on a regular basis. Besides dirt, porous surfaces can harbor bacteria, which is the last thing you would want on your kitchen or bathroom surface. Engineered stones from the stable of Johnson Marble & Quartz represent an excellent alternative for natural marble & granite. They combine the aesthetic appeal of stone with the practical advantages of modern technology. Natural crushed stone (which is a byproduct from stone quarries) is combined with color pigments and bound with polyester resin to provide a uniform, reliable, versatile surface. The resulting product retains most of the advantages of its natural counterpart along with few more like l Being a manufactured product, the technical parameters and quality remain stable l Less porous, higher stain resistance and harder compared to natural surface l It can be used in large formats with reduced thicknesses l Available on demand with homogenous colors and structure l Available in fabulous range of colors palettes l Ease of maintenance and very low cost of ownership Johnson engineered quartz is comprised of more than

90% quartz crystals which is one of the hardest minerals found in nature. These compact, hard, imperious, composite products can be supplied in the form of slabs, tiles, or special formats with a wide range of applications in private, public and industrial sectors. Application areas include flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, door jambs, window sills, bathroom vanity units, tables etc. Johnson TopShield - The Healthy Countertop Johnson TopShield is the pre-fabricated quartz countertop designed keeping in mind the architects, interior designers and users who value visual appeal as much as the product performance. With special anti-microbial properties and a food-grade certification, Johnson TopShield is product developed through fusion of pure natural quartz and Johnson's technical expertise. It has all the beauty of natural stone without the maintenance associated with it. Johnson TopShield is twice as strong as granite, requires no resealing, is highly resistant to scratches & stains, and can be made available in a large variety of colors. The Green-vantage Engineered stones create something beautiful and lasting from the waste generated by natural marble quarries and other recycled contents like glass & mirrors. Chunks and pieces of stone discarded by quarries are crushed, ground and used to produce nature friendly products called engineered stone. Johnson engineered marble & quartz is available in modular sizes which minimizes wastage during usage. All wastages during calibration, trimming and polishing at the manufacturing plant are also re-cycled. Using recycled contents help conserve energy and resources by reducing mining, controlling pressure on landfill space and preserving precious natural resource."




His services did not go unnoticed and he was made Chairman of STONA 2012, the baby of AIGSA, the pioneer to visualise and organise STONA, a world class event in the international arena of stone fairs. He took this assignment as a challenge and privilege. This provided him a chance to work with stalwards of AIGSA namely R. Veeramani, founder president Vinay Poddar, Y.R. Shah, Munavar Basha, S. Mathurajan and J.B. Surana, presidents of AIGSA. Ishwinder Singh worked with enthusiasm and determination to succeed, which gave him recognition as a man with top-class ability to manage and perform to achieve. STONA 2012 was a great success. AIGSA, the organiser of STONA since 1987, have found the right manager person and performer in Ishwinder Singh. He has again been entrusted with the responsibility of Chairman STONA 2014. Showing least arrogance he humbly accepted the responsibility again. STONA is one of the top 5 fairs of granites, marbles and other natural stones in the world and Ishwinder Singh is all out to see that STONA 2014 set a new

milestone in the success story of STONA. When STONA was started in 1987. Indian exports of granites, marbles, and other stones were mere Rs. 50 crores, which with STONA in 2012 reached to Rs. 9,000 crores. Ishwinder Singh is confident to make it expand further bringing more glory to AIGSA and India as a whole. It has so far witnessed a growth of 20 to 22 per cent year-on-year. Participation in STONA has increased every year. Of course, it is due to sheer dint of hard work and intelligent application of strategy by AIGSA Chairman and his team of associates. Ishwinder Singh is sure to pull more than 35,000 visitors, attending the fair in 2012.


A man with imagination, guts and dedication to his work, Ishwinder Singh is a shining personality on the spectrum of Indian stone industry. His fancy and love for dimension stone is so intense that in the prime of his career he became member of All India Granites & Stone Association (AIGSA) and soon established his credentials with unflinching service to the association.

Ishwinder Singh and his associates are doing their best to bring more than 10 countries to participate in STONA 2014. Their promotional efforts have motivated Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Dubai who will be participating for the first time in STONA. More than 1,500 international delegates are also expected at the fair. As Chairman of STONA 2014 Ishwinder Singh's aim is to give 30 per cent rise in STONA'S number of exhibitors and visitors and a significant boost in business achievement. Today India has become the 7th largest exporter behind China, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Brazil. Ishwinder Singh feels that with the assistance of the government and right expasures of the treasure trove of Indian stones through STONA, India can become the top exporter of the material, both raw as well as value added items. His aim is to make STONA, one of the top 3 fairs of stone in the world.

43 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


Workaholic Singh of AIGSA



Jotun Paints Strengthening Base in India www.stonepanorama.com

Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun is one of world's leading paint manufactures. The group consists of 67 companies and 40 production facilities around the world and is looking at strengthening its presence in India, Outside

While applying the paint the temperature of the substrate (stone) should be minimum 10oC and at least 3oC above the dew point of the air, the temperature and relative humidity measured in the vicinity of the substrate. Good ventilation is usually required in confined areas to ensure proper drying. The arena of paints has seen a tremendous change over the years, especially in Asia and the Middle East. The Sales Director for Decorative Paints Mr. Percy Jijiva has endeavored to keep Jotun ahead of the times. Haring joined Jotun Paints in 1991, he has dedicated himself to working and consequently developing the markets in Africa and the Middle East. Europe Jotun has a very strong hold in Middle East and Asia Pacific.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


It is a long lasting top cost based on a special water based silicone binder with low dirt pick-up. It is ideal for enhancing the gloss and durability of the exterior and emulsion products. It can be used as a clear coal on emulsion based paints, painting techniques, metallic and textured systems. The product also acts as a barrier against moisture.

Jotun India Pvt. Ltd. set a shop in India in the year 2005 with an intention of providing a single source solution for all paints and coatings. Jotun's manufacturing plant in Pune has been set up at an investment of US $ 25 million and will have a capacity to produce upto 50 million litres in wet paint and 10,000 metric tonnes of powder coating. Jotun's diverse product range worldwide includes decorative, protective, powder, marine, floor/concrete protection and intumescent coatings, bearing a solid testament to the company's reputation of being truly a single source solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike. Jotun's prestigious product Jotashield clear can be used on top of any stone structure in order to increase the like span of the structure and give resistance to dirt accumulation.

Epitomising the pioneer spirit of Jotun Paints, Mr. Jijina was instrumental in engineering the set up of Jotun Paints in India. It was his expertise as country Manager in Decorative Paints that has the company all set to create a niche for itself in India.

RUDA adopted a focused developmental approach in wool & textile, leather and minor minerals sectors. The agency makes interventions on the basis of market demand to bridge the gaps between value addition chain by organizing skill augmentation, design and product development trainings, technological development and dissemination, credit and market facilitation for artisans.

RUDA provides marketing supports to rural artisans and for this, it collaborates with the State and Central Government and also many National and International agencies for technological, knowledge and financial support. It organizes fairs and exhibitions giving opportunity to a large number of artisans to showcase and sale their products. RUDA also carries out buyer seller meets (BSM), technical workshop, institutional networking, exposure visits for artisans within and outside the state.

There is abundant availability of local raw material in the state. Rajasthan is a vast store house of all kinds of stones such as variegated Sand stone, marble yellow limestone, black marble, granite and slate which provide employment to a large number of stone artisans, sculptures and highly skilled labour engaged in the processing of these minerals. The stone craftsmen follow a tradition of fine workmanship. Their forefathers were the builders of many forts and buildings including the red Fort at Delhi, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra as well as modern buildings such as the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi. The marble from Makrana adorns the TAJ Mahal, which has been described as “a poetry in stone� and is one the seven wonders of the world. The prominent RUDA Cluster include Sikandra (Dausa), Makrana (Nagaur), Golakawaas (Alwar), Chhitoli and Bheslana (Jaipur), Jaisalmer, Dholpur, Pareva Stone (Dungarpur) and part of Udaipur district. The artisans of these clusters have been provided trainings both of skill and design development. Their traditional techniques of hand carvings have been further developed to create modern day decorative artifacts for hotels, gardens and homes.




STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


RENOVATION IN MEDITERRANEAN ITALIAN STYLE A luxurious residence on long Island in Newyork has been given the worm, sumptuous and inviting, classical Mediterranean-Italian style by Anna Arislova the architect of great vision. The architect did the job in accordance to owners desire. The owners desired to renovate and redesign building's empty 4,000 square-feet basement keeping 1,500 square feet of space as on open-entertainment area for family and their guests. The homeowners had deemed of having the entire basement in accordance to pictures of their European travels. Anna herself had traveled to wine cellars in Napa valley for inspiration on the project. For this project Anna chose a variety of natural stone quarried in Israel and Mexico. This was so because the owners wanted all of the stones to be natural. All of the material was customised for this project and budgeted over US$ 700,000 for the iron work, wood details, lighting, decore and stone. Richness and warmth could be achieved throughout the interior with a traditional combination of travertine and solid wood. This classical project envelops visitors as they make their way down the sweeping, ornate wood-cherry staircase. The custom iron railing of the stair case, the Fine Art sconce lights and a decorative mirror introduce

the design of the entire basement. The design employs 16x24 inch Jerusalem Gold travertine floor tiles throughout the space. The floor tiles pull the large space together. Anna used the stone as she wanted beige colour of travertine to complement the solid wood. To get the right colour she looked at 10 different Jerusalem Gold travertine tile samples from different stone lots sent from Israel this material is soft to the touch. The tiles are unpolished, but they have three coats of sealer from Fila to protect their surface. The travertine's beige colouring harmonises with the

Anna did some research before making her final stone selection. She looked at about six travertine slabs to find the right tone of stone colour to synchronise with the floors, columns and wood finish. She decided on Durango travertine from Mexico but with a honed finish instead of rough like the columns and wise counter's backdrop.

customs solid-wood cherry moldings and stained-cherry bar set in the 1,500 square-feet entertainment area. The space is further tied together by stone columns, made of recycled and fabricated rough Durango travertine.

As a result of this stone choice the powder room fosters the rustic Mediterraman Italian style and flows seamlessly with the rest of the basement. Within the powder room, the basement's signature sconce light and mahogany wood paneling, as well as a striking mirror and hanging chandelier, compliment the Jerusalem Gold travertine floor and honed Durango travertine counter, evoking the dedication paid to detail in every renovated space.



47 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014






Today's daily output of 800sqm in tiles (of every sizes: from the little cm 30,5x30,5x1 to the big rectangular cm 60x120x2) and 350sqm of slabs, has taken the company to a leader position amongst Italian stone exporters, and has allowed it to win several prestigious supply contracts, mainly in the United States. In Nuvolera remained the blocks warehouse coming from own quarry where about 1500 Tons per month are extracted and that are sold in particular in Indian market.

51 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and state-ofthe-art machinery, Salvini Marmi is now a sector leader. All processes are guaranteed with utmost efficiency and quality, targeting the "tradition meets technology'' philosophy. Salvini Marmi production has successfully crossed international borders with this mix of factors. In actual fact, the company is currently exporting worldwide, and is especially popular in the USA, Canada, South America and India.


The company was established by Ferruccio Salvini in 1975 and for about 20 years worked out of its plant in Nuvolera (BS), where it produced rough Botticino marble-chip floor tiles, 1.52cm in high, suitable for the domestic market. After the introduction of polishing and finishing facilities in 1976, the commitment of sons Lucio, Giorgio, Sergio and Giancarlo allowed the company to begin an intensive expansion and development phase, opening towards overseas markets, like the Middle East. Initial exports towards the "developing" USA area, in the early 1980s, and the consequent specialization in production of slim, 1cm-high, modular tiles, led Salvini Marmi to open the new Prevalle (BS) plant in 1989, where it is still working in an area covering about 20,000sqm.





A GENIUS WITH COMMENDABLE ACHIVEMENTS Geniuses are born, not created. K.Vikram Rastogi, a man of genius was born on 12th February, 1946, the day on which Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born. He is the eldest of six children of late Shri Durga Prasad Rastogi and late Smt. Shakuntla Devi Rastogi.

Vikram diversified to an unorganized sector like dimension stone - quarrying, processing, marketing etc. He worked for parastatal corporations in Rajasthan in different capacities and started working as national and international consultant in dimension stones.

After his schooling in government institutions in Rajasthan, he did B.Sc. (Engg.) in Mechanical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University in 1967 and then post-graduation in Heat Power Engineering.

He got training in Italy on granite processing machines. After acquiring expertise in stone and related activities, he worked as a Consultant with Commonwealth Secretariat, London, for Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation in the countries of Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Mozambique, Uganda, St. Lucia, Tonga etc. He also worked as a Consultant with UNIDO, Vienna, for rehabilitation of slate project in Bhutan. In addition to these, he worked for a large number of Indian and foreign companies for providing technical consultancy in stone sector as well as other small scale units. He used to spend more than six months every year on different occasions in African continent. He supervised the implementation of US$ 18.4 million project for marble quarrying and processing in Montepeuz in Mozambique, when the civil war was at its peak and he used to travel by a 10 seater twin

At the age of 21 he joined the than Malavia Regional Engineering College, Jaipur as a faculty and taught Mechanical Engineering to under-graduate and postgraduate students. He carried out research on automobile air pollution and wrote articles for international journals and magazines. He presented a paper in Automobile Air Pollution Conference in Washington D.C. He travelled to Rome, Paris, Brussels, London, Toronto, Washington D.C., Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok . He also delivered lectures on Automobile Air Pollution in Imperial College, London, MIT Boston, Utah State University and Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


Shri Vinay Vyasa, IAS, Commissioner of Geology & Mining, Govt. of Gujarat and K. Vikram Rastogi,Coordinator(SAPTIs) jointly receiving NATIONAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2013 from Dr. M.M. Pallam Raju, Hon'ble Union Minister for HRD, Govt. of India, at New Delhi




K. Vikram Rastogi receiving Certificate of Merit from Shri J.S. Verma, Hon'ble Governer and Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court

engine plane from Pemba to Montepeuz. Consultancy at global level was provided by him. Vikram later on concentrated mainly on publication, market research, fair participation and developing Stone Technology Centre as an independent concern of international repute in stone sector. He worked as consultant for Government/private companies in the

states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Meghalaya in India and in Egypt, Switzerland, UAE, USA, Lebanon, Holland, Norway, Austria, Italy, Singapore, China,Nigeria, Bangladesh and Middle East for marble, granite, slate, - quarrying, processing and marketing, artifacts, souvenirs etc. During this period, he made many outstanding contributions. He supervised cleaning and treatment of

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014





main rock and other 165 rocks installed in the Open Geological Garden at Shaktisthal, the `Samadhi' of late Smt. Indira Gandhi under the direction of Shri Pulok Chatterji, IAS, the then Director, PMO. He supervised and monitored processing and making of a granite pedestal of Mahatma Gandhi at Hosur. This was installed in front of Indian Embassy in Washington DC. He selected white marble for Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, one of the biggest mosques in the world; prepared feasibility report for setting up Centre for Development of Stones(CDOS), Jaipur and a Project Report for setting up a Marble Technology Institute for a University in a SAARC country.


He marketed exhibition stalls to overseas companies for India StoneMart 2000 for CII as also for STONA 2002. He participated in international marble & machinery fairs abroad at St. Ambrogio, Milan, Bari, Carrara and Verona; Singapore; Riyadh; Shanghai; Beijing; Madrid; Xiamen; Vila Vicosa; Izmir; Las Vegas, Istanbul, London, Vitoria, Nuremberg and Dubai and national exhibitions in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai in India. He has visited 43 countries with more than 100 foreign visits.

He took the responsibility of conducting vocational skill development training courses at two state-of-art institutes - Stone Artisan Park Training Institutes at Dhrangandhra and Ambaji set up by Government of Gujarat, with the aim of imparting skill development training to mainly unemployed youths of rural and tribal areas and other backward and economically weaker sections of the society, and finding employment for them. The courses presently conducted are four month course on Stone Sculpting, four month course on Machines for Stone Craft and one year course on Stone Enterprise Development. The courses are only of their kind in the country and have been introduced in the State of Gujarat for the first time. Almost 80% employment/self-employment is assured to the students, who successfully complete their respective training courses. So far about 300 students have been given skill development training and 80% of them have either been given jobs or have entered into self-employment. It is in addition to about 3,000 students, who have undergone one week Stone Art Orientation course.

As if this was not enough, Vikram again chose another field i.e. to train tribal, rural and poor students by providing vocational training courses in stone sector under a scheme initiated by the Government of

Running training courses successfully shows the genius of K.Vikram Rastogi. His vast experience in the field and skill to develop and implement variety of useful skill development courses shows his dedication and passion

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


K. Vikram Rastogi sigining MoU with Mr. Flavio Marabelli of Confindustria Marmomacchine, Milano, Italy



He has written six books - Stone Industry in India, Directory of Dimensional Stones, PASHAN - A Buyers' Guide for Dimensional Stones, Export Potential of Dimension Stone, Slate - The Wonder Stone and The Rajasthan Dimension Stone Industry: Opportunities Galore. Moreover, he also edits Stone Panorama (quarterly); Stone Construction Patrika (a bi-monthly, bilingual English & Hindi colour tabloid) and Architecture & Interior Panorama (quarterly). He also edited Fair Planner: International Fairs on Dimension Stone (annual) for more than 10 years.

Training - "Best Government Initiative" - a remarkable achievement in the history of SAPTIs. He was conferred the title of "di Cavaliere" by the administration of St. Ambrogio, Italy. Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur, awarded a "Certificate of Merit" to him. He has been further decorated with - Samaj Ratna Award" by Rajasthan Jan Manch, Jaipur. He has been nominated as an Honorary Member of Stone Industries and Mining Development Society, Jodhpur. He is an active Member of - Stones Sectional Committee CED 6 of Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi.

Vikram is advisor to exclusive portals on www.worldstonefairs.com ; www.stonepanorama.com and www.worldconstructionfairs.com Under his guidance the portal is becoming popular day by day among people of stone and construction industry.

K. Vikram Rastogi, popularly known as Vikram to many in the world, is renowned and successful educationalist, an international consultant, editor and a skill development trainer. With 47 years of dedicated service to the industry, it makes him a unique personality in the world in dimension stone sector.

He got SPECIAL HONOURS. As Training Service Provider, he was instrumental for SAPTIs'. wining NATIONAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2013 announced by the Planning Commission of India in association with ASSOCHAM under Vocational & Skills

K.Vikram Rastogi, though in his late sixties, is full of vigor and vitality. His passion to work is undiminished and lust for knowledge is insatiable. A man of different personality traits he is getting stronger by days to serve the stone industry for many more years to come.


for the work. Under his guidance and watchful eyes both Stone Artisan Park Training Institutes are soon going to set examples to other states.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


K. Vikram Rastogi delivering a lecture at Stonetech Exhibition, Beijing




(SAPTI) www.stonepanorama.com


STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


Stone Technology Centre (Training Division), Jaipur is presently providing vocational skill development training in stone sector in two state-of-art institutes - Stone Artisan Park Training Institutes(SAPTIs) set up by Industries & Mines Department and Commissioner, Geology & Mining, Government of Gujarat at Ambaji and Dhrangadhra. The courses presently conducted are four month course on Stone Sculpting, four month course on Machines for Stone Craft and one year course on Stone Enterprise Development. In a short span of less than three years since commencement of these courses, SAPTI was able to secure the National Education Excellence Award 2013 under the category of "Vocational & Skill Training- Best Government Initiative". The award was presented by Dr. M.M.Pallam Raju,



Hon'ble Minister for HRD, Government of India in New Delhi.


During the training, students are provided sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical experience in working as stone carver or lathe machine operator or supervisor. Small units involved in sculpting as well as making of round artefacts, can utilize their service. One year pass out students can work as supervisor in a small sculpting unit & a unit utilizing lathe machine and drilling machine as well as for trading companies. Such students are also taught costing, packaging, marketing etc.

At SAPTIs, students and faculty make special artefacts for interior and exterior for Malls, Hotels, Residential houses, Commercial complexes etc. Architects, interior designers and even landscape architects can get some of artefacts developed at these training institutes in Ambaji in white marble and Dhrangadhra sandstone beige, pink, yellow. They can also recruit one year pass out students to assist them in actual working as well as supervision of work relating to stone.

57 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

These pass outs can suitably be employed by micro and small units involved in stone sector, in addition to stone warehouses, trading shops etc.

Pacific Industries Ltd. INDIA

some wonders are forever Corporate Office Brahamano Ka Guda Road, Village Bedla, Udaipur 313001, INDIA Tel: +91-294-2440196, 2440388, 2440933, 2440934 • Mob: +91-94141-65235 Fax: +91-294-2440780 • E-mail: pilnorth@pacificgranites.com Bangalore Office Survey No. 13, N.H. 48, Kempalinganahalli Village, Nelamangala Taluk, Bangalore 562123, Karnataka, INDIA Tel: +91-8027723004, +91-8027725974,76 • Mob: +91-94484-72974 Fax: +91-8027723005 • E-mail: pilsouth@pacificgranites.com


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www.stonepanorama.com BANKING GROUP







J.B. Surana Indian Stone Deposits India is the treasure trove of the stone deposit in the world. India, probably, has the largest reserves of granites and natural stones in the world. India accounts for 20 per cent of the total world reserves in granites, marbles, sand stone, slate and others (approximately 1,690 million cubic meters). There are over 160 shades of granite colours. Unfortunately, majority of the reserves are located in the forests and restricted hilly areas. Today, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan are the top producers of granite and marble. Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, M.P, Orissa and Gujarat are the emerging states. Because of various restrictions, such as, poor state rules and environmental concerns, we are able to exploit a dismal 3% of the existing resources.

Indian stone industry is facing lot of hurdles and bottlenecks. If the bottlenecks are removed, definitely we can achieve a higher target from the present level of Rs.9,000 crores during 2013. India has the potential to become number one exporter of the world in value added product if proper level playing field is created to compete in the international market. The Government should recognise the potential of this industry and frame the policy to fully utilise the strength of the industry.

exploration of hidden deposits which have to be utilized with the help of the Association/Federation. Processing Industry l The Indian Stone Industry has acquired the state of art of technology in processing the natural stones and is well accepted in the International market. The industry has to be provided with the level playing ground to compete in the global market. l Sufficient raw material has to made available to the industry by following liberal mining policy for issue of quarry leases. l Common policy has to framed for both granite and marble since both have the similar activity from mining to processing. l Import of granite and marble dimensional blocks has to be brought under OGL scheme to allow the industry to have sufficient raw material for value addition. l 100 % marble EOU units have to be allowed DTA sale. l Providing working loan with low interest rates to the Industry and it should be linked to the production capacity of the unit and not on collateral security. l Open up investment opportunity for FDI in stone industry by liberalization of the import policy. l Provide market development assistance (MDA) for the promotion of the natural stone Industry which has to be utilized through Associations and Federations related to Stone Industry.


Dear Friends, Mineral resources play a vital role in the economic growth of the country. When the natural resources activity was at peak level the GDP of India was at about 8.5% and with the decline of the activity of natural resources GDP has gone down to 4.5%.

Infrastructure Road/Sea/Rail has to be properly interlinked throughout the length and breadth of the country which will bring down the cost of transportation of the raw material from the quarry area to the factory and then the processed products from the factory to the port of shipments. This will bring down the cost of transportation cost as well as the time required for transportation.

Mining/Quarrying Granite Industry has to be brought under Major Mineral. should be a uniform leasing policy throughout the country. l Granite Conservation rules 1999 (GCDR-1999) should be reviewed. l Quarry leases to be given on first cum first served basis. l Quarrying activity to be given industry status. l Creation of natural development fund for l l

All India Granites and Stone Association which is becoming the Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry has to be taken in to confidence and involved in all policy making matters. I am hopefull that if the Government implements all our recommendations definitely our Indian exports of natural stone will reach number one position shortly. With this I wish all the members of AIGSA and exhibitors of STONA 2014 a happy new year and good business opportunity during STONA 2014. J.B .Surana President

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


Following are the points which the Government should seriously consider immediately to solve the problems faced by the natural stone industry.




Poddar Udyog “PODDAR GROUP”, a professionally managed family owned business house having its root in the 19th century with its Stone Division navigated across 20 summers. We enjoy reasonable credit in the market, pertaining to reliability, quality and delivery schedules.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


We are pioneer in sandstone sawing in India, specially sandstone of Kota (Rajasthan) region i.e. toughest among the Indian sandstone. We require no reference to pose our self as Masters of the subjects.

Sandstone and Limestone in India. Our manufacturing units are well equipped for all types of sawing, calibrating, numerable surface finish for paving and walls, edge moulding, Indian artifact sculpture stone carving. We take the pride in mentioning here that among the stone projects undertaken by us, we are associated with a gigantic project of Vipassana Stone Pagoda being constructed at Bombay since 1997 and is in its completion stage. Striving to inherit the traditional endeavour to develop close and lasting association with our valued customers.

The experience stored by our sister concern “Poddar Industries” who are reputed manufacturers of stone processing machines gives us an edge over our coproducers in processed stone.


Situated in the natural stone hub with 3 to 4 hundred stone mines around us, we are best accessible to the raw material source having richest deposits of

Head Office : B-255 (b), Road no. 6, I.P.I.A., Kota - 324005, Rajasthan, India Ph. : +91 (744) 2490902 Cell : +91 - 9829036536, 9929844222 web : www.poddarstones.com email : trade@poddarstones.com




Tamilnadu Housing Board is to construct 6254 apartments in Chennai, costing Rs. 1,740 Crore. The existing 2,238 apartments at Peter Colony and Lloyds Colony and t. Nagar I and II in saidopet would be demolished and new apartments constructed in their place. I the first phase 2,522 rental apartments for government employees and 1,770 apartments under self-financing scheme for the public would be constructed. The state government of the state has also decided to redevelop 17 housing board residential enclaves in various parts of the city. The government is planning to construct multistoried apartments in those locations at a cost of 1,740 crore of the 6,254 apartments to be constructed, 3,646 will be earmarked for government officials' rental accommodation and the remaining 2,608 will be sold to public under self-financing scheme. The government of Tamilnadu is in the process of carrying out maintenance works of government officers'

quarters at Thanjaour, Erode, Hosur, Trichy, Madurai, Ramanthapuram, Villupuram, Tirunelveli and Salem. The government has sanctioned 2.20 crore for this purpose. Similar to the state of Tamilnadu UP Housing and Development Board (UPHABD) is going to build 4,500 flats for different income groups in its houding scheme in various cities, including Lucknow, Agar, Ghaziabad. UPHADB also plans to build state-of-the-art international convention centres. Containing three-star hotels and malls in Lucknow and Agra. UPHADB is also launching new group housing projects on Sultanpur Road in Lucknow. Apart from this 450 two and threebedroom flats would be built and also 1200 flats in Nandini and Gangotri schemes. The other flats in the pipeline include 988 flats in Alaknanda Enclave and 432 high-end flats in Everest Enclave. It is not only tamilnadu and Uttar Pradsh where large scale housing projects are under way. Massive building and construction activities are in progress in big cities in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Hyderabad etc. All such activities has boosted the demand of building and decorative stones, specially marble, granite and sandstone. Stone quarriers, processors and traders can expect good times to grow and expand their business.

65 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

Growing construction activities in India have boosted the consumption of building materials including decorative and building stones. Whether it is building of residential, commercial or public utility buildings or construction of different projects, dimension stone has a vivotal role to play.




STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014



THE CONCEPT OF BIO MIMICRY IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR Nature's wonder are spread all around us across the globe and what ever man create is born out of it. Each and every specie on this planet is a wonder in itself. Even the act of the tiniest are some time makes our jaw drop with awe. We all learn from nature and even a creature like termite has thins to teach us. Biomimicry is not a new phenomenon. It has been existing since ages. The wright brothers took a strong cue from the bultures to build a flight. Today the use of biomimicry is gaining prominence in various spheres, particularly in architecture.

Biomimicry involves taking inspiration from natures' geniuses and than use creativity to improve efficiency and sustainability in the human world. In the Eastgate centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, Stands a complex, which can undoubtedly be called the marvel in biomimicry architecture. This building has taken its design form from nature, a termite rather, and typifies the best form of green architecture. In the classic case of the building in Harare architect Mick Pearce along with engineers looked at termite mounds to develop the building. The design mechanisms in the

The Eastgate Centre building is energy efficient and consumer only 10 per cent of the energy of a conventional building of a simar size. It has saved US $ 3.5 million, just by not investing on air conditioning system. Due to its eco efficient ways, the savings percolate to the people who have taken the building on rent.

The Eastgate Centre proves the power of imagination, Else, the thought of being inspired by termites to have a building like this would only seem like a distant dream. The architecture of the Eastgate Building is a step forward towards green building concept gaining prominence in today's architecture. The inspiration from nature and its elements like tree, plants, hills, etc. determines the course of modern architecture. Learning from nature helps in solving design related problems and brings in sustainability for constructing eco sound structures. Biomimicry is the art of innovation inspired by nature. This ensures that the buildings constructed, taking its. Cue from nature stay longer. In India the concept of Biomimicry in architecture is not yet popular and slow. Its scope is tremendous in India. Hok is planning to build on industrial city based entirely on nature's principles. Financiers from Bharat Forge, planners from Hok and a group of designers from the Biomimicry guild have formed a group that looks at biological engineering solutions. Today India is looking to go greener way in construction business. Though the projects are few the scope and potential for biomimicry architecture is immense.


building were inspired by the self-cooling termite mounds in Africa. In the building the ventilation system is inspired by termite mounds. This not only reduces energy usage in the building but reduces the cost as well. The building has no conventional air conditioning or heating but the temperature inside still remains under control. The technique adopted by architect is based on how termites build their mounds where they farm a fungus, their primary food, which requires fungus to be kept at exactly 87 degrees F. The termite achieve this remarkable feat by constantly opening and closing a series of heating and cooling vents throughout the mound. The air is sucked in at the lower part of the mound, down into enclosures with muddy walls. Then it goes up through a channel to the peak of the termite mound. Termites constantly dig new vents and plug up the old ones to keep the temperature perfect. Eastgate Centre building has a ventilation system which functions similarly. The outside air that is drawn in is either warmed or cooled by the building mass. The air is then vented into the building's floors and offices before they exit through the chimneys at the top.


67 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


Language Of Luxury LOL

Manufacturer of gemstone, semi–precious slabs, tiles and customized sizes. We also export natural stone, marble, granite and sand stone etc. from Indian, Turkish & Italian origin

VISIT US AT COVERINGS 2014 LAS VEGAS, USA. Stand No: P-103 Mr. Anshul Dwivedi Rama Arts & Exports, Works : H-77 Riico Industrial Area, Kaladwas,Udaipur, Rajasthan India Head Office : 3A8 HIG Sec-7 Udaipur, 313002 Rajasthan India Phone+91 98283 52043/+91 93146 53551 • Fax: +91 294 2488022 www.gemstonslab.com • gemstoneslab.trustpass.alibaba.com www.roughgemstone.in MSN: ramaaexports • Skype: ramaa.exports



SATI GRANITES INDIA (P) LTD. SATI Group is one of the most renowned names in the Indian Granite Industry.

Italian make - 4 Jumbo Gangsaws & a 20-Head Auto Line Polisher.

Having begun with humble export trading operations in 2001, it has established itself as one of the key players of the industry in last 14 years, with deep inroads into all aspects related with granite industry like manufacturing, processing, quarrying, domestic & international retailing,

With an installed capacity of over 280,000 sqm annually, SGIPL is now extending the group's footprint into developed markets like US, Europe, UK, etc. In a short period of 9 months, since beginning operations at SGIPL, it has already started making a mark among client markets - owing to its thrust on key aspects of 'Quality' & 'Customer Service'.

Main production arm of a fully integrated granite group with strong quarry alliances.

SATI group has established itself as one of India's largest & a reliable exporter for vertical cutter slabs to over 40 countries globally & with a client base of over 150' customers across the globe. The group has been consistently investing since 2004 in expanding its manufacturing infrastructure & had set up offices & granite cutting & processing facilities at all important locations of India like Madurai (2004) Bangalore (2006, 2009, 2012) - Hyderabad (2007) - Ongole (2008) - Jalore (2009) - Bargur (2011) - & lastly at Hosur. In 2013, the group ventured into Gangsaw Slabs Segment by setting up a state-of-the art manufacturing operations at Hosur, (T.N), around 60 kms from Bangalore, spread over an area of over 30,000sqm land. This entity is 'Sati Granites India (P) Ltd' (SGIPL), a 100% E.O.U unit, a fully imported plant, equipped with

ERP enabled offices, fully equipped with cloud based computing & latest technologies to facilitate smooth operations & flow of information. Anytime raw block stocks of over 2000cum under the gantry at the factory premises with a massive portfolio of colors. The group has been receiving recognition & 'Certificate of Merit' from Capexil (An export promotion body of Govt.of India), continuously since last 5 years. It also received the FKCCI award for the largest exporter (silver) for the year 2012-13, from the state of Karnataka. The future plans of SATI, involves doubling the capacity at SGIPL and opening warehouses & stocking centre's at multiple international locations.

71 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

project supplies & its flagship division of exports.

Highly motivated & client centric management team & skilled manpower resources in production / quality control / packaging / logistics.


The key strengths of SGIPL are -

Our Image......as an Indian company products of

international quality as a reliable company offering products with consistency as a company committed to customer satisfaction and service.

100% EOU

Visit us at Stand No. 13, Hall 1 Lower Level STONA 2014, 11th International Granites & Stone Fair 12-15 February 2014, BIEC, Bangalore, India

MOBILE: GOPAL : +91-93822 31397 MADHU : +91-97422 09876 FAX: +91-44-2681 0386 E-MAIL: elandiamondtool@yahoo.com WEBSITE: www.elandiamondtool.in



An Art Park in an Art Museum


he Director of Mississippi Museum of Art, Betsy Bradley and its architect Madge Bemijs envisioned a place where children could play, a place full of wind sights and sounds that would attract

families with children as well as people who would not normally visit a museum. A committee headed by Bemijs and Bradley was found


which included a landscape architect, several artists, engineers, construction experts and others who worked together for several years to realize Bradley and Bemijs's vision of an expansive green space containing


different areas for activities and various works of art. One of these areas would be a children's fountain featuring art work by Martha Ferries.



The brilliantly coloured designs include two porcelain mosaic tile splash pools with seven fountain heads each. These fountain heads spray water from the centre of each water lily. Additionally, the matching mosaic frogs are inlaid on the concrete folio surrounding the two pools. One blue mosaic frog leads to the first pool, one lies between the pools and a third mosaic frog leads from the second pool to the front steps of the museum. The unglazed ceramic mosaics were chosen from American Olean and Deltile Keystone in 36 different colours. It was the only feasible tile in that situation because no other tile would have been appropriate to

these drawings, the exact measurements were got and the mosaic for the pool floors were fabricated. It took two and a half months to fabricate all the pieces in the old school, all handiwork like a traditional mosaic. The specialist company Colorco took it upon itself to do a template for the design so that the construction team who found the comment for the splash pools would know specifically where to place each sprinkler head. The mosaic tile installation was completed by one installer and two helpers, who were contracted by colorco. They used Granirapid Powder and Granirapid Liquid by Mapei to complete the job. But the Mississippi weather posed some problems and the installation took five days which was longer than anticipated. The Mississippi Museum of Art's fountains were opened to the public on September 29, 2011. A parking lot had been turned into an art park for the museum.

the wear and tear from the little feel and weather. They are slip proof, frost proof and there are no sharp edges. The next step was to fabricate the tiles, but there was a limited choice. The main challenge was that it was a oplash pool for children with a fountain build in to each design. The artists art work and the sprinkler somehow had to line up with the flower heads. To overcome this challenge, CAD technology was used to communicate across the different disciplines. It was preferred by project architect Madge Bemijs. Using



The concept behind ceramic Art city in Liling, China can be best explained by its architects Studio Archea. The idea derived from their client's desire to build a hotel and a museum on an industrial area associated with ceramic manufacture. The importance of the ceramic industry for the county of Liling is reflected in the decision to allow typical ceramic products to dictate the forms and volumes of which the project consists. The various functions of the complex are located within circular based volumes, or modules that can be geometrically circumscribed. Either way, the number of volumes exceeds the number of functions that actually have to be fulfilled. By multiplying the number of volumes, we create a freely organised system that delineates the open space and establishes relationships of proximity which could be defined as "Intra Spaces". In the light of this principle, the form and the examples of the possible volumes are not important in themselves. What is important however, is the attention paid to the space of the "vases" whose shape gives rise to sinuous contours, which have no sharp edges, but are always concave or convex. The city of Liling in the Hunan region of south-east China, is a well known centre for the production of artistic ceramic, so each of the volumes that constitute the design of the city's Ceramic Museum embodies an elementary geometry in ceramic manufacture, spatially and plastically, deformed with the utmost simplicity, large cups with diameters of upto 40 meters and height of upto 20 meters, allocated to the work of production, are overlooked by a huge vase measuring 65 meters in height, which accommodates the hotel and is the focal point of the complex. All the buildings teatime an outer structural shell made of steel, and a lentsal nucleus of reinforced concrete designed to hold the vertical distribution and technical

systems. The supports of the outer shell were designed on diagonal mesh structures with a double bend, created by the elements that spiral round the surfaces and hold the matrix securing the support for the modular, ceramic cladding elements. At the instigation of Studio Archea, and adhering to the project philosophy, which focuses attention on the space inside and outside the vases, whose shape gives rise to sinuous contours, which have no sharp edges, but are always concave or contex. The dot to dot modules produced for the liling project and designed to envelope the vases, by generating the appearance of an embroidered pattern, were made using an innovative, high pressure porcelain tile using an innovative, high pressure, porcelain tile forming technology and stand out for their shape and 3 dimensional nature. They are neither sheets, nor flat surfaces, but fullfledged curvilinear objects designed to be used as ceramic pixels in the construction of curtain walls and architectural coverings of various kinds.


A Ceramic Art City in Ceramic Industrial Area



STONA 2014


The International Platform of the World Stone Industry

STONA enjoys participation by the who's who of the industry, both national and international as exhibitors and visitors. The fair provides an excellent and unique opportunity to showcase your products in an increasingly competitive environment and interact with industry people from Italy, China, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Portugal and other European countries. STONA 2014 will showcase unique range of countries

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


The stage is set to welcome people from the World Stone Industry at STONA 2014 scheduled to take place from 12-15 February, 2014 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore, India. This is the 11th international granites and stone fair organised by All India Granites and Stone Association aimed to give the natural stone in India a significant growth opportunity with higher visibility, a professional oriented visitor profile and extreme by efficient business development modules.



interior designers, stone quarry owners, stone processors, importers & exporters, traders, transporters of stone products etc.

colourful, eye-catching natural stones and a platform that helps in demonstrating the capabilities, capacity and the most modern and latest techniques in the craft of stone working. The scope to showcase different products and services is tremendous:

that projects India's natural stones, products & the creative ability to make and supply anything to everything. Today natural stone industry in India has become a large force in India with expanding exports as well as domestic trade and employment, particularly in rural areas.


STONA the prime show of the stone industry, has always been a centre of attraction for people from the industry worldwide. It is being applauded by the visitors and the exhibitors and has been a big reason for the growth of Indian stone and granites industry. Its promoter and organiser, All India Granites and Stone Association (AIGSA), is leaving no stone unturned to make it serve as a great single window

AIGSA, the prime non-profit body serving the natural stone industry of India for the last 30 years is now in the process of establish R & D Training Centre for the benefit of the Indian natural stone industry.



l l l

Natural stone and stone products Natural stone related machinery, equipment, tools and consumable Service related to the natural stone industry, trade press and associations Natural stone technology Softy and environment protection Conveying, transportation & packing

The visitors profile at 870 NA 2014 includes architects, hotellies, builders and real estate promoters, town planner, decorators & designers,

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

83 l



XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2014 Showcase of Global Trends in the Sector XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2014, the international fair of stone, machinery and tools, considered one of the main global events for the stone and machinery segment, is scheduled to take place from March 6-9, 2014. This edition with offer you more elaboratively-selected samples of stone and products thereof as well as tools and machinery and related services. The last 13 edition of XIAMEN STONE FAIR have been More than an exhibition, the event provides attendees with unrivalled access to information, contacts and experience. Experts from around the world engage in the industry's most topical discussions, finding solutions, facing challenges and seizing opportunities.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


great success, one after another. Today the fair has become an event exhibitors and visitors long to be a part of companies like to use this platform to launch this new products and technologies. The participants in the last edition of the fair were happy with the response they received. There were 2,000 exhibiting companies from 54 countries and regions. The fair received 130,186 industry professionals out of which 25,679 were from 148 overseas countries. XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2014 will be a big opportunity for all those who wish to do business in China as well as international market.

There are solid reasons to participate in XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2014. l Professional organisation concentrating on the potential of targeted markets, optimising the visitors structure l Collaboration with 45 key stone media, making use of all possible mediums to enlarge the exposure’ l Platform against negative economics, combining rich client resources accumulated over 14 year and advantages of Chinese circumstances; l World-class exhibition venue with UFI membership, service-oriented management to meet your various demands;



The Flagship trade fair of the sector

With power becoming scarce it is imperative on our part to switch over to alternate energy and reduce our dependence on conventional power. BUILD INTAC 2014 will focus and promote freen concept and green energy in an endeavour to move towards sustainability and reduction of carbon foot print. There will be parallel events too alongwith BUILD INTAC 2014 like HEXPO 2014. It will happen for three days from February 6-8, 2014 and will focus on the needs of the hospitality industry. The visitors will be from educational institution, hotels, hospitals, hostels, resorts, marriage halls, etc. BUILD INTEC, GREEN ENERGY and HEXPO put together will have more than 250 exhibitors. The display area will be more than 5,000 sq m making this event on of the biggest of its kind in India.

9001-2008 organisation which today is one of the largest associations for micro, small and medium enterprises in South India. Trade fairs of CODISSIA not only showcase latest technologies in the respective fields but also act as a catalyst for growth. CODISSIA Trade fair complex where BUILD INTEC 2014 is scheduled to take place is Asia's largest pillar free hall a 40 acre property with an exhibition area of over 2 lakh sq ft with state of the art facilities. It is one of the most modern trade fair complexes, which has put

At BUILD INTEC 2014 visitors will have a chance to see unique eco friendly building materials on display by the Coir Board. They will have the opportunity to see a variety of new technologies and attend seminars on practical issues in construction industry. The large participation of companies from different countries and Indian states at BUILD INTEC, as seen in earlier editions of the fair, is a testimony to the fact that CODISSIA has succeeded in making BUILD INTEC the most sought after building & construction fair in this part of India.


BUILD ENTEC, the international construction expo, is one of the flagship trade fairs of CODISSIA, an ISO

Coimbatore on the world industrial map.

85 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

The 7th edition of BUILD INTEC is scheduled to take place from February 6-9, 2014 at CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore. This fair will showcase the latest and best technology available in this field apart from eco-friendly construction materials and components, alongside the machineries that reduces human effort.





The Pulse of the Turkish Stone Industry

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


MARBLE 2014, the Turkish marble fair, is scheduled to take place from March 27-30, 2014 in Kulturpark. The countdown has begin in Izmir. IZFAS is organising this 19th edition of the fair, which is regarded as one of the world's 3 major leading fairs. IZFAS is the pioneer institution of the Turkish fair. In 2014 about 1,182 companies are participating in the fair. MARBLE fair has a history of continuous growth parallel to Turkish stone industry. It is IZFAS whose continuous efforts to increase number of visitors and buyers from home and abroad is responsible for this growth which ultimately led to the expansion of exhibition area. The utility facilities has been revaluated overall in general of Kulturpark. For this 19th edition of MARBLE fair 1,500 sqm additional area has been allocated for blocks and stand in outdoor area. In order to meet indoor area demands 4 new halls of 7,200 sqm has been constructed right along with the existing halls. Over 5,000 professional visitors are expected to attend MARBLE 2014 fair. Exhibitors from 38 countries are expected to participate in the fair. The fair is showcasing stone from 41 provinces of Turkey.




MARBLE fair which was held first time in 1995 with 47 companies over 2,600 sqm area, has been accepted as member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in 1998. Today MARBLE fair is a world brand. It is considered as an important meeting point for global natural stone sector. MARBLE 2014 will be organised and open for professional visitors.

87 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

MARBLE fair has been immensely contributing to city economy and will accelerate it further. The exhibitors and visitors coming from local and abroad will stay at hotels down town and surbs during the fair period. The fair provides recruitments to many sector, and thousands people from those sectors. It also provides job opportunities to people including truck drivers, electricians, welders, carpenters, cleanness, hostesses, security guards etc.



CARRARAMARMOTEC 2014 The Showcase of Trends & Innovation in Marble and Stone CarraraMarmotec is the meeting place for professionals in the industry: entrepreneurs, builders, architects and designers that show - and seek - the best in natural stone and technology available on the market.


CarraraMarmotec 2014 is to be held from 21 to 24 May 2014 at the exhibition centre in Carrara (MS), the town whose history is closely related to the quarrying and processing of precious varieties of marble known and appreciated throughout the world. Located in the Apuan stone district, Carrara has over 130 working quarries and 1,000 companies involved in stone processing and the production of processing technology. It also has a large port handling materials from all over the world. CarraraMarmotec is one of the most qualified trade fairs in the industry, not only in Italy but in the entire world, as it represents the strength of tradition combined with innovation skill. Carrara Marmotec 2014 is the reference point for the industry, a privileged place for industry players, raw material producers and manufacturers and suppliers of technology, machinery, accessories and specialised services for the industry: a unique opportunity to create new trade relations and strengthen existing ones. The trade fair is enhanced by high profile events and conferences that provide important opportunities for training, updating and discussion, placing the event at the centre of debate on the industry on an international level. STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


One of these is the highly regarded "Marble Architectural Awards", an international competition open to architects, planners and designers who have used Italian stone materials or materials processed in Italy in their works. During the trade fair, visits to the marble quarries of the Apuan stone district are organised. These are led by expert geologists and enable visitors to admire - but also understand - the beauty of marble and the modern technology used for its extraction and processing.

At CarraraMarmotec, you will find the best companies specialising in: l Marble, granite, travertine, stone - raw, cut and processed materials l Ornaments, sculpture and funeral art l Machinery for the quarrying and processing of natural stone l Abrasives, tools and accessories for the processing of natural stone l Transport, handling and lifting machinery l Specialised services l Trade press



SAIE 2013

Between October 16-19, 2013 BolognaFiere witnessed 84,370 visitors who come to see SAIE 2013 at Bologna, Italy. With its new 2013 formula, SAIE fair platform brought together four major exhibitors, Smart City Exhibition, organised with Forum PA; Work Environment a fair dedicated to workplace heath and safety, and Expo Tunnel, an event focused on underground tunneling technology. Enthused and happy with the success of SAIE 2013 BolognaFiere president Daccio Compagnoli said "We won the challenge to create a new SAIE and a new fair platform for the construction sector, with the commitment shared by ANCE, the Italian association of construction contractors, academic researchers and all building professionals, in partnership with the national societies of engineers, architect, geologists and surveyors. With trade fair innovation, setting up a workshop SAIE planned to represent and leading to a closer partnership with ANCE construction professionals and politicians, came back to Bologna on a scale not

seen for many years. Thanks to the presence of institutional representatives, BolognaFiere has been at the venue of major advances for the Italian construction industry and Italy as a whole: suffice to mention the re launch of the housing plan and the plan for metropolitan cities announced by Italian Ministers Lupi, Delrio, D'Alia and Giovannini and the forth coming antiseismic certification for public and private buildings called for by construction sector representatives during the "Let's Rebuild Italy" Forum held at last year's fari


Building Innovation Exhibition




with more than 800 exhibitors spread over a surface area of 80,000 sqm and included meetings, in-depth discussions and proposals involving more than 12,000 professionals enrolled in the seminars an workshops of the Better Building & Smart Cities Forum. Foreign delegations from 43 countries including Iran, came to

SAIE 2013 to learn about the latest situation presented by Italy's leading construction industries.

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014


SAIE 2013, ended with the traditional competition among construction college with the participation of more than 400 bricklayers from all over Italy. The edit trophy prize for Italy's top bricklayers, organised by Formedil, the construction industry's professional training body, in partnership with SAIE was won by Venice construction school beating other regional finalists. SAIE 2013's four day event spanned a exhibition halls

Among the leading enterprises that chose to exhibit at SAIE 2013, Mapei emphasised the historical importance of the event. " Bologna's SAIE in our fair" said Ernesto Erali, Sales Manager of the firm specialised in adhesive, sealants and chemical products for construction." He further said "I really appreciated this year's organisation of different meetings of designers and the display of products." Under the banner of sustainability, the Lignius Construction used SAIE 2013 to put forward the latest solutions for sustainable building focusing on energy efficiency, the ecosystem and energy-saving. Latest innovations were displayed at the fair.



India Stone Mart, Jaipur, India

Buildmat, Coimbatore, India

Xiamen Stone Fair, Xiamen, China

Worldbex, Manila, Philippines

Marble, Izmir, Turkey

Stonetech, Beijing, China

Medistone, Bari, Italy

Natural Stone, Istanbul, Turkey

Stone Expo, Afyon, Turkey


Distribution of Stone Panorama in Major Events of 2013

Stone QD, Qingdao, China

Marmomacc, Verona, Italy

Made Expo, Milan, Italy

India Mining, Gandhinagar, India

SAIE, Bologna, Italy

Excon, Bangolore, India

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014



Training Courses • Four Month on Stone Sculpting • Four Month on Machines for Stone Craft • One year on Stone Enterprise Development

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STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014




























































































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STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

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Av. Jose Rato, 1117, Bairro De Fatima Serra, Espirito Santo, Brazil Tel: +(55)-(27)-34340600 Fax: +(55)-(27)-3434060

Natural Stone 04 - 07 June 2014 Yesilkoy, Istanbul, Turkey Tel: +(90)-(212)-4657474 / 4652149 Fax: +(90)-(212)-4657476/4657477

Techno+Stone Ukraine 04 - 06 March 2014 13-B, Pimonenko Street Kyiv, Ukraine Tel: +(38)-(44)-4968645 Fax: +(380)-(44)-4968646

EXPOSTONE 24 - 27 June 2014 Nakhimovsky Av. 24 Building 6 Moscow, Moskva, Russia Tel: +(7)-(499)-1273881

China Xiamen International Stone Fair 06 - 09 March 2014 Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, Xiamen, Fujian, China Tel: +(86)-(592)-5959616 / 5959618 Fax: +(86)-(592)-5959611 CERAMICA Moscow 01 - 04 April 2014 105, Salusbury Road London, UK Tel: +(44)-(207)-5965000 Fax: +(44)-(207)-75965111

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MADHUSUDAN Blocks • Slabs • Tiles

Giving Meaning to your Choice in Marble & Sandstone Ocean of Rain Forest Marble & New Quality Madhusudan Marbles Pvt. Ltd. Madhusudan Minerals Pvt. Ltd. Madhusudan Grani Marmo Pvt. Ltd. Madhusudan Granito Pvt. Ltd.

Promises To give better Than the best


Diamond Gangsaw, Mines Owner, Supplier & Exporter N.H. 8, Main Road, Sukher, Udaipur 313004, India • Tel : +91-294-244 0858, 320 5858 • Telefax : +91-294-244 0347

Branches Makrana : Makrana Road, Borawar 341502, India • Tel : +91-1588-240162, 241037 • Fax : +91-1588-243360 Kishangarh : Makrana Road, Kishangarh, India • Tel : +91-1463-250521 Hyderabad : Piller No. 123, Attapur, Hyderabad, India • +91-93969-60721 Bangalore : 33 Begihalli Village Jigani Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore, India • +91-72040-00721 E-mail: info@madhusudanimpex.com, kabramadhusudan@yahoo.com • Web. : www.madhusudanimpex.com



BELOTTI TILES S.R.L. Via Cherio 724060 Zandobbio, Italy Phone: +39-035-940060 Fax: +39-035-942791 info@belottitiles.biz www.belottitiles.biz

JERUSALEM STONE 319 W. 79th Terrace Kansas City, MO 64114 Phone: +816-444-4405 Fax: +816-444-4415 info@jerusalemstoneusa.com www.jerusalemstoneusa.com

CANITAL GRANITE LTD. 100 Hoka St.Winnipeg, MB R2C 3N2 CAN Phone: +204-224-2286; (800-665-0045 Fax: +204-222-8602 mail@canital.mb.ca www.canital.mb.ca.

KASTNER CONSULTING GMBH Bockenheimer Landstr. 107 60325, Frankfurt/Main, Germany Phone: +49-69-74220877 Fax: +49-69-74220878 kaestner-tet-online.de www.kaestner-consulting.de

DENTE TRADING CO. INC. 30 Canfield Rd. Cedar Grove, New Jersey LOWES MARBLE WORKS 07009 New Road, Middleton Matlock, Phone: +973-857-4050 Derbyshire DE4 4NA, UK Fax: +973-857-4350 Phone: +44-1629-822216 gdtmarble@aol.com Fax: +44-1629-824348 www.dentetrading.com info@lowesmarble.com www.lowesmarble.com EAST COAST GRANITE WORKS 1900 Frankfurst Ave. Baltimore, MD MARBLE AND GRANITE INC. 21226 270 University Ave. Westwood, MA Phone: +410-354-7625 02190 Fax: +410-354-4244 Phone: +781-407-9560 stowcabin@aol.com Fax: +781-407-9580 www.graniteworks.com info@marbleandgranite.com www.marbleandgranite.com FERRAZ & TOMMASO MARBLE AND GRANITE NORTH CAROLINA GRANITE CORP. Av. Raimundo Pereira Magalhaes, 601 P.O. Box 151, Mount Airy, NC 27030 Vila Anastacio-Sao Paulo-SP, Phone: +336-786-5141 CEP 05092-040, BRA Fax: +336-719-2646 Phone: +55-11-3641-3688 sales@ncgranite.com Fax: +55-11-3641-4702 www.ncgranite.com ferrazft@ferrazft.com.br www.ferrazft.com.br OZER INTERNATIONAL, LLC OZERLER HOLDING CO., INC. 500 Supor Blvd. Bay 1, Section B Harrison, NJ 07029 G & L MARBLE, INC. P.O. Box 274 Winston, GA 30187 Phone: +973-497-5656; 877-257-5656 Phone: +800-377-9981 Fax: +973-497-5655 Fax: +770-920-9308 ozermarble@nac.net glmarble@glmarble.com www.ozermarblegroup.com www.glmarble.com PAVLIDIS S.A. MARBLE-GRANITE P.O. Box 99 - Industrial Area 66100 HULLEBUSCH NV Brugsebaan 4A 8850 Ardooie, BEL Drama, Greece Phone: +32 51 46 06 46 Phone: +30-25210-81126 Fax: +32 51 46 78 71 Fax: +30-25210-81234 info@hullebusch.be info@pavlidismg.gr www.hullebusch.be www.pavlidismg.com

QUARRA STONE COMPANY, LLC 4301 Robertson Rd. Madison, WI 53714 Phone: +608-246-8803 Fax: +608-246-8894 sales@quarrastone.com www.quarrastone.com SARDINIAN GRANITE & STONES INC. 231 Jericho Tpke, Huntington Station, NY 11746 - 7332, USA Phone: +631-424-1791 Fax: +631-424-1792 alfonsard@aol.com www.manta.com TUSCANY STONE SURFACES 7975 W. 20th Ave. Hialeah, FL 33014 Phone: +305-822-1450 Fax: +305-822-1490 tuscanys@bellsouth.net www.tuscanystone.com UNIQUE MARBLE INC. 7405 Bellaire Ave. N. Hollywood, CA 91605 Phone: +818-503-2900 (800-244-5995) Fax: +818-503-4441 marble@4link.net www.uniquemarble.com


ITALYHOME 2 Henry Adams St., Ste. 149 San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone:+415-552-3063;Fax:+415-552-3050 info@italyhome.com www.italyhome.com

VERONA MARBLE CO. INC. 4879 Olson Dr. Dallas, TX 75227 Phone: +214-381-8405 Fax: +214-381-8333 sales@vmcind.com www.vmcind.com WORLD WIDE STONE CORPORATION 15275 N. 83rd Place Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Phone: +602-438-1001 Fax: +602-438-6888 mike@durangostone.com www.durangostone.com YATES & CO LTD Unit 10B Lincoln Way Salthill Industrial Estate Clitheroe, BB7 1QD, UK Phone: +44-1200-427711 Fax: +44-1200-428154 info@yateslate.com www.yateslate.com

105 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

ADC DOMMEL US INC. 101 Fifth Ave. St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 Phone: +727-363-0603 Fax: +727-360-1850 adcdomus@aol.com www.adcdommel.com

70/71, II Cross, Janakiram Layout, Hennur Main Road, Kalyan Nagar Bangalore - 560043

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Atlantic Marbles Pvt. Ltd.

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sales@atlanticmarbles.com www.atlanticmarbles.com

marble@raghunandanmarble.com www.raghunandanmarble.com

Best Quality Diamond And Final Polishing Abrasives for Granite Slabes/Tiles

Marble Handicrafts, Mortie, Temples, Idols, Articles etc.






Quarry Owner (Q) • Processor (P) • Manufacturer (M) • Trader (T) • Importer (I) • Exporter (E) • Service (S) • Other (O)

Bansal Marble & Overseas P. B. No. 22, Near Home Signal, Makrana 24/146, Bansal Building, Chhipitola Nagaur Agra 341505 282001

Raghunandan Prasad & Co.

kk.saxena@stoneshippers.com mukesh@stoneshippers.com www.stoneshipper.com

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Stone Shippers Ltd. F-264 B, Indraprastha Industrial Area +91-744-2490732 Stone Shippers F-265, Indraprastha Industrial Area +91-744-2490845 +91-98288 56665 Plot No. 05 Kota 324006 (Kota) Pvt. Ltd.

Dacss Granites Pvt. Ltd

Ashiwni Abrasives


B-73, Road No.1C, V.K.I. Area Jaipur - 302013

STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014






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Rastogi House, B-9, Vivekanand Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur - 302001, Rajasthan, India Ph.: 0141-2376171, 23799653 www.stonepanorama.com




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107 STONE PANORAMA January - March 2014

ABC Merchandising Pvt. Ltd Ainnovative International Ltd. Apple Granites Limited Asian Granito India Ltd. Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. Aura marble Banco Popolare BC India 2014 Big 5 Construct India 2014 Build Intec 2014 Carrara Marmotec 2014 CR Gems Superabrasives Co. Ltd. Crystal Granite & Marble Pvt. Ltd. Dellas S.p.A Devtech (India) Pvt. Ltd. Earth Stone Exports Elan Diamond Tools Limited Expostone 2014 Floor Tech Expo 2014 Flow Bangalore Waterjet Pvt. Ltd. Graava Granito Brushes Pvt. Ltd. HR-Meze Machinery Co., Ltd. India Stone Mart 2015 Italian Trade Agency Jayesh Group Khetan Tiles (P) Ltd. Krishna Sai Granites Krishna Stones Kubix Technologies LUNDS AS Madhusudan Marbles Pvt. Ltd. Marble 2014 Mark Corporation Marmomacc 2014 Mayur International Mecshot Blasting Equipmets Pvt. Ltd Moonlight Marbles Multiwyn Exports Ltd. Natural Stone 2014 Nexus Cutting Tools Outdoor Design Build & Supply Pacific Industries Ltd. India Platimum Stones Poddar Udyog Polymer Processors Prabhu Stones Pvt. Ltd PSG International Stone Raj Rocks Exports Pvt. Ltd. Rajasthan Non Farm Development Agency Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. Rama Arts & Exports Rocks Forever Roljack Asia Limited Salvini Marmi Sati Granite India Pvt. Ltd. Savithri Stone Tiles Industries Stona 2016 Stone QD 2014 Stone Technology Centre Stone Technology Centre (T.D.) Stonera Systems Pvt. Ltd. Stonetech 2014 Sun Rock (Impex) Surie Polex Tripura Stones Pvt. Ltd. Unique Diamond Tools Vinayak Diamond Tools Vivek Agencies Wuxi Namuer S.T. Co. Ltd. Xiamen Stone Fair 2014 Zhengzhou Golden Highway Co., Ltd. Zhongnan Diamond Co. Ltd.

SAVITHRI STONE TILES INDUSTRIES Exterior and Interior IT FIX D N Wall Decorative Natural ARGET FO IT Sandstone (Khondalite)

Tripura Purple

• After Fixing these Tiles to your Walls you may forget about the Life Long Maintenance Part of Elevation • These Tiles do not break or get Detach from the Wall Mr. N.V.Rama Raju Factory : Utchili - 533235 (P.O), near Ravulapalem E.G.Dis., (A.P) India Ph : ® 08855-271436 • Cell : 98481 84210

Trust us, its worth’s!

UNIQUE DIAMOND TOOLS Manufacturers of Gang Saw & Circular Saw Segments For Marble, Granite, Kota Stone, Sand Stone, Slate and Other Natural Stones.

H-191, V.K.I.A (Extn.), JAIPUR - 302013 Contact: +91-98291 82878, 9829051988 E-mail: kcgupta08@gmail.com

Opel White

Quarry Owner, Processor & Exporter of Indian Natural Stones



Merchandising Pvt. Ltd

Manufacturer & Exporter of Natural Stone Products Our Products STONE Granite Limestone Marble Quartzite Sand Stone Slate Mosaic Tiles Swimming Pool Tiles LANDSCAPING: Cobbles Flagstone Grit Pebbles

abc Merchandising Pvt. Ltd. C-6 Kirti Nagar, New Delhi - 110 015, INDIA Tel : +91-011-25106048 Mobile : 0091-9810008902 (Mr. S. K. Gupta), 0091-9810469644 (Mr. Nitin Gupta) E Mail : info@abcmerchandising.com




OFFICE Sun Rock (Impex) 18/16 - 3rd Cross Street, R.A. Puram, Chennai - 600028, India


MULTIWYN Exports Limited

Established In 1985 Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Granite, Marble and other Natural Building Stones From India.

New Imperial Red

Black Galaxy

Rosy Pink

Tan Brown

Fantasy Brown Marble Green Marble

Rain Forest Brown Rain Forest Green

231, Guru Jambeshwar Nagar, 7th Lane. Gandhi Path, Queens Road, Jaipur-302021 (India) Contact Person- Jinendra Bakliwal : Mobile : +91-98290 62268 Email : jinendra.bakliwal@gmail.com ; multiwyn.exports@gmail.com Skype :jinendra.bakliwal Website :www.multiwynexports.com

Black Galaxy

Absolute Black

Tan Brown

Rose Wood

Himaliyan Blue

Imperial Gold.

Ruby Red

Green Marble

Factory & Office Address

Registered with RINI No. 71562/99

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Stone panorma january 2014  

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