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Class Notes: In Memory August 2019 Publication Managing Editor Noelle Bartl Design Editors Scott Golem, Bryan Hahn, Jennifer Poyer Contributing Editors Jennifer Poyer, Christy Ruby Writers and Contributors Noelle Bartl, Rachel Forrester, Dillon Korte, Jason Paulk, Melissa Sena, Annamaria Short New address, questions, comments or story ideas? Contact the ENMU Foundation toll free at 888.291.5524 or Looking for a past issue? View all past issues of the Green & Silver Magazine online at


Green & Silver | August 2019

Dear Greyhound Nation, I wanted to update you on some recent news: First, the long (60day) 2019 legislative session was very generous to ENMU, even more so than I speculated in the April issue of Green & Silver: • A 2% redistribution of the budget and a 4% increase in new money, which provides $1.7 million in new recurring state appropriation • A 4% salary increase for our faculty and staff • $241,600 for Athletics (a replacement of funds previously swept from them in the past) • $179,000 in new Instruction and General (I&G) funding for dual enrollment • $497,000 in new funding for KENW In addition to that $3.322 million, we also received $3.012 million in capital outlay funding requests for a total of $6.334 million. None of our success at the legislature would have been possible without the guidance and support of our eastern New Mexico legislators Sen. Stuart Ingle, Sen. Pat Woods, Sen. Gay Kernan, Sen. Greg Fulfer, Sen. Craig Brandt, and Sen. Jim Burt, as well as Rep. Randy Crowder and Rep. Phelps Anderson. You may have heard about the sad situation with our beautiful Siberian Elms at the front of our campus. These majestic trees have a lifespan of roughly 60 years and were given to us by New Mexico State University in 1936. Twenty-one of the Siberian Elms had significant rot and were shedding 200- and 300-pound branches in the high winds, one of which fell on a student’s car. After consultation with horticulture professionals, we made the difficult but correct decision to remove the trees as they posed a danger to people and property. Fortunately, five years ago, a number of desert-native Pistachio trees were planted in the interior of the quadrangle, so there is some vegetation that will continue to grow over the coming decades. (read more at and This year, we graduated 1,331 students (2018-19), once again the largest number ever. Our Spring Commencement was so large that we required two ceremonies. Our new graduates are the reason we exist, to help students realize their personal dreams and to create the future leaders for our state, our country and our world. Thank you again for your continued support of ENMU. With great respect,

J.S. Elwell, president Eastern New Mexico University

Pictured this page: Landall Goolsby with satisfied customer Maddie Hardin.

photo by Jennifer Hardin


Actor, Business Owner and Ice Cream Artisan Written by Noelle Bartl


any ENMU alumni from the 90s and beyond can recall a time when they regularly rented movies from Landall’s Box Office during their time attending ENMU. Landall’s Box Office has played a starring role in providing entertainment and fun for the local community for close to three decades.


truck full of movie videos was their ticket to helping the family and eventually getting out of their sleepy town. So, with a $2,000 investment, Landall launched not only a VHS movie rental business but also his lifelong love of movies and the movie industry.

Just like a storyline in an ‘80’s teen movie, Landall Goolsby (BFA 95) was growing up on a drought-plagued alfalfa farm outside Ft. Sumner, New Mexico. When he was 12, a mysterious truck loaded with boxes of VHS movies rolled into his dusty little town. The congenial driver was in search of someone interested in starting a business in Ft. Sumner – a video rental business.

“Our family didn’t even own a Betamax or VHS machine when we started the business. Kids today don’t realize that back then, living in Ft. Sumner, we had to drive an hour to Clovis to rent movies or go to the theatre,” recalled the ENMU alumnus.

As his parents’ farm struggled financially, young Landall and his 17-year-old sister, Lexie, realized this

“Earning a college degree was important to me. After high school graduation, money was tight, so I started

Green & Silver | August 2019

taking a few classes at Clovis Community College, including an acting class, while running the video store.” Fortune smiled again when legendary ENMU Professor Emeritus of Theatre Dr. R. Lyle Hagen came out of retirement to teach the course. “It was in this small class of only five students that I knew I wanted to be an actor,” Landall recalled. He went on to major in theatre at ENMU.

As digital media options continue to expand, Landall recognized the movie rental niche was coming to an end. With an innovative segue, Landall and Peggy added Sweetwater’s at Landall’s in Portales. With a wide variety of movie-related décor and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, the new café drew even more customers enjoying beverages, sandwiches, baked treats, and most recently, homemade ice cream.

While attending Eastern, Landall opened a larger video rental business in Portales in 1992 naming it Landall’s Box Office. At the height of the video rental boom, Landall focused his inventory on obscure and off-beat movies that were hard to find, like ‘70s horror movies and movies that somehow connected with his customers on deeper levels.

After attending Ice Cream College at Penn State, Landall returned to perfect his mouthwatering ice cream flavors on the high plains. A fan favorite is

“If I didn’t have a particular movie, I’d call the other video stores in town and see if they did. Customers learned to come to Landall’s Box Office first because of the extra effort.”

Cookie Monster, made from Oreos, chocolate chip cookies and double folded vanilla. Customers also love the Sage and Salted Caramel, the Lemon Grass and Coconut and the second most popular flavor, Cory Walker, named after Portales High School alumnus (continued Page 6)

After selling the family farm, his mother, Peggy, joined Landall in running the business. Her partnership allowed Landall the freedom to move to Los Angeles and try his hand at acting. “I prayed every night for 10 years to get the opportunity to be an actor,” Landall admitted. When first in California, he continued to take acting classes. To save on tuition, Landall walked the instructor’s dogs twice per day. The same teacher also worked in casting and gave him two critical pieces of advice that served him well. First, become a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member within a year. Second, wait a year and find your niche in the business before you sign with an agent. The instructor also let him know of upcoming auditions. In his first 10 auditions, Landall landed the second, third, fifth and eighth gigs. He was cast as an extra covered in volcanic ash in the movie “Volcano” with Tommy Lee Jones and as one of the high school kids in full Technicolor in Reese Witherspoon’s “Pleasantville.” Landall said, “I must have had a 1950s look about me because I ended up working a lot on that set and earned 27 SAG vouchers that helped me join the union.” Landall has 50 acting credits to his name on IMDB. com. Other acting roles include Marvel’s “Agents of Shield,” “Briarpatch,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Longmire,” “Workaholics,” “The Eye,” and “Criminal Minds.” With his dual career in both Los Angeles and Portales, Landall continues to fly back and forth to support the business and work in movies and television.

Green & Silver | August 2019


(Goolsby, continued from Page 5)


and published comic book artist Cory Walker. Readers will simply have to stop in and discover for themselves the delectable tastes found in the variety of unpredictable, palate-pleasing flavors.


For over 27 years, ENMU students and employees and local community members had connected with Landall’s to find an escape from the stresses in their lives, watching movies with friends. With Sweetwater’s at Landall’s now enjoying a growing, loyal customer base and ice cream that continues to draw repeat customers, on June 19, 2019, Landall and Peggy said farewell to the movie rental business. “I’m a 100% product of ENMU and been very blessed and grateful for all the support Portales and ENMU have given my mother and me. We donated special movie inventory to the Portales Public Library, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Consigning Women as a way to keep the best movies in Portales for many to enjoy for years to come. When passing through Portales, be sure to stop by Sweetwater’s at Landall’s to enjoy an iced coffee, sweet tea, the Portales Legacy Hoagie, or scoop after scoop of the homemade specialty ice creams. Who knows what unique flavors he’ll come up with next or what new acting roles Landall will have to share. One thing is certain – when talent meets hard work, success is sure to follow. We know Portales is lucky that ENMU son Landall Goolsby enjoys his gig in this Southwest city ... we suspect he’s in for a long, long run.”

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Since the April issue of the magazine, alumnus Anthony “Mic” McClaren (BA 00) conquered Mount Everest. This is his sixth climb of the Seven Summit Challenge. “Climbing Mount Everest required intense focus, discipline, and patience. I trained mentally for 25 months, physically for six months (including cross-training with an MMA fighter), and then spent a total of eight weeks in the mountains in Nepal. Everything I did came down


Alumnus Named 11th President

of Missouri Military Academy

The Missouri Military Academy Board of

boys, build their resiliency and grit, and

Trustees has named Brigadier General

help take command of their futures

Richard (Rick) V. Geraci (MEd 12) the

within the structured and disciplined

11th president of the all-boys academy in

environment only a military academy

Mexico, Missouri. Originally joining MMA

can provide. Today, we stand solid,

as chief academic officer in March 2017,

proud and ready to expand our

Brig. Gen. Geraci was promoted to vice

transformational impact on cadets.”

president of the academy on July 1, 2018 with a focus on academics, operations and planning. As the newly appointed president, he has now assumed the dayto-day management of the academy, with full responsibilities and authorities.

Prior to his arrival at MMA, Brig. Gen. Geraci was the president of Leavenworth Regional Catholic School Systems and principal of Immaculata High School. Geraci started his career in education as the 22nd commandant of cadets and

“I am honored to assume leadership

dean of students at New Mexico Military

of MMA, the preeminent military and

Institute (NMMI) after retiring from the

college preparatory academy in the

U.S. Army as a brigadier general in 2005.

Midwestern and central United States,”

He is a 1975 NMMI graduate and received

said Geraci. “Since 1889, parents have

his commission as an Air Defense

sought out MMA to challenge their

Artillery second lieutenant.

to one opportunity to succeed. My entire perspective on the world and challenges in life has changed forever. I now refuse to believe something is impossible.“ Anthony plans to leave for Antarcica in November to tackle Vinson Massif, a 16,050-foot climb, his final peak of the challenge.



FRIDAY, SEPT. 27 8 a.m.-Noon

Homecoming Golf Tournament Portales Country Club (Contact Norma Stroik to participate, 575.562.2141)

1-5 p.m.

Homecoming Golf Tournament Portales Country Club (Contact Norma Stroik to participate, 575.562.2141)

6:30-10 p.m.

Bonfire and Pep Rally Greyhound Stadium (GS)

2019 HONOREES Outstanding Alumni Awards: Donald Bonner Lawrence Minks Karen Salb Business of the Year Wienershnitzel

10 p.m.ENMU Alumni Mix & Mingle at the Dawg Houze (Contact Alumni Affairs to register, 575.562.2125)

Philanthropist of the Year Dr. Gay Su Pinnell


Volunteers of the Year Jacob and Janie Moberly

8-10 a.m.

Annual ENMU Foundation Awards Breakfast Campus Union (CUB), Ballroom (Registration required; contact ENMU Foundation, 575.562.2412)

11:15 a.m.-1 p.m. Homecoming Parade US Hwy 70

NoonMen’s Soccer vs. UTPB Greyhound Stadium (GS)

1-3 p.m.

10, 25, 50-year Class Reunions and Alumni Luncheon Campus Union (CUB) Ballroom (Reunion attendees free, Alumni $10, all others $15; Contact Alumni Affairs to register, 575.562.2125)

3-6 p.m.

ENMU Tailgate Greyhound Stadium (GS)

6 p.m.

Football vs. Texas A&M Kingsville Greyhound Stadium (GS)

Athletic Hall of Honors Inductees Norma Stroik (Support) Leroy Chavez (Cross Country) Jeff Thibodeaux (Baseball) Layla Turner (Tennis) Isaiah Samoei (cross country and track and field) Jessie Poku (Football) Educator Hall of Honor Mr. Rodney W. Wright


Green & Silver | August 2019


Pictured Top: Limnology students with a flathead catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) sampled using a ck electrofisher during a fish community survey in the Pecos River near Fort Sumner, New Mexico Picture Side: Limnology students measuring water transparency of Lake Sumner, a reservoir of the Pecos River.

Drs. Darren Pollock, Ivana Mali, and Jesse Filbrun and their students have active projects exploring the ecology of understudied regional species and communities. Dr. Pollock is investigating the taxonomy, distribution, and feeding preferences of predatory “robber flies.� He has curated about 16,000 specimens and has one of the largest collections of robber fly predator-prey associations in the world. Dr. Mali leads a research program focused on a state threatened freshwater turtle species, the Rio Grande cooter. The Mali Lab established a long-term monitoring program to study survivorship, growth rates, diet, reproduction, and basking activity of the turtles on the Black River. Dr. Filbrun recently established a long-term drifting fish egg and larvae survey in the Pecos River. His goal for this monitoring program is to measure the pace and extent of fish assemblage responses to environmental change in our region.

Alumni Success

Protecting New Mexico Native Trout

Daniel Gallegos (BS 17) graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. He is currently a fish biologist at Mora National Fish Hatchery, where he assists in the conservation of native Gila Trout.

Green & Silver | August 2019



85TH ANNIVERSARY SCHOLARSHIP FUND In 2019, we celebrate you and all other former students who entrusted ENMU with their education. You are a significant part of our institution’s history. As one of our alumni and friends, you know the value of a college degree for our current and future students who will all be competing in a global economy. Eastern has been graduating successful students for 85 years and impacting the future of New Mexico, the Southwest and the world. From the time we opened our doors in 1934, at ENMU, we have known that every Greyhound counts. To celebrate this exciting milestone, the ENMU Foundation established a new 85th Anniversary Scholarship Fund that supports critical recruiting and retention scholarships. If everyone reading this magazine donated $85, we could raise over $2 million. You can make a difference and help us continue to provide a quality education at an affordable price.

All donations of $85 or more will be listed on a special 85th Anniversary Campaign plaque permanently displayed in the Administration Building.


or fill out the enclosed return envelope. 10

Green & Silver | August 2019








Double Major Plans to Preserve Documents as Historical Archivist

Damieanus Ochola Hopes to Make a Change in Kenya as Oncologist

avannah Fulgham has always loved history. “My father was a history major, so I grew up around it and have always found it fascinating to learn about ancient societies,” she said.


amieanus Ochola, an international student, born in Kisumu County in Kenya, Africa, has always dreamed of becoming a doctor. “I come from a country where health is a huge problem,” he said.

The senior wants to bring access to history and historical documents to the broader population. “With the new advances in technology, such as the digitization of archives, I hope that I can help preserve and help provide history and its context to the wider world, keeping that history alive for the coming generations.”

“I decided on this field so that one day I can go back home to my country and serve my people by offering the best health care facility to them,” the junior said. “I want to specialize in cancer and become an oncologist since cancer is a fatal disease in Africa.”

The political science and history double major said she chose her political science degree because it allows her to “further develop my critical thinking skills and lets me analyze the influence of power and its impact on individuals and at the group level.” This spring Savannah was named to the Dean’s List and received the Navin Sinha Memorial Scholarship and the Janis Bundy Memorial Scholarship. She plans to attend graduate school for a master’s degree in either history or library sciences. Her favorite class at ENMU so far was “Contemporary Political Ideologies,” because it challenged her to look at “all of the ideologies in the world with a critical mind and be able to examine them.” Savannah chose to attend Eastern to be closer to her grandparents, who lived in the area and helped raise her in the early years of her life. “I wanted to go back to the roots of where I was born so that I would get to experience it as an adult,” she explained. Savannah said that being closer to her extended family has made all the difference in her ENMU experience. “I was drawn by the small class sizes and the fact that it was more affordable going to Eastern than it was going to a college in Texas with in-state tuition,” she added. “I enjoy the closeness of the community here.” Her favorite place at ENMU is the crossroads area by the time capsule. “It holds a significant amount of meaning to me because in the evenings, when my husband and I were dating, we would often walk through it,” she explained. “Eventually, that is where he proposed to me.”


The Caduceus Health Society member hopes to go to medical school after he graduates with a bachelor’s degree in biology with an emphasis in pre-medicine at Eastern New Mexico University. “With this, I will go back home in my country and serve my people by working in various hospitals,” he explained. “My biggest dream is to start a hospital just for cancer patients in Kenya.” Damieanus, who also has a bachelor’s degree in hydrology found the anatomy and physiology courses to be his two favorite so far. “Going to the cadaver lab was most interesting as we studied real human beings and not models,” said the Greyhound. Dr. Matthew Barlow, associate professor of biology, has been instrumental to Damieanus’s Eastern experience. “He is like a father to me - guiding me in everything I do, especially as an international student trying to fit into the U.S. educational system,” Damieanus stated. He applied for three schools besides ENMU. Although he was accepted to all, Damieanus acknowledged, “I wanted a school in a rural and quiet city that doesn’t have a lot of disturbances; ENMU has a nice and conducive environment to study. I like the Golden Student Success Center. It looks nice and is very conducive for studying and the equipment in it is highly advanced. I go there every day to study and relax when I am tired.” The academic tutor for Upward Bound is proud of his Sae-Hsieh International Scholarship. He also served as the 2017-18 secretary of International Club, and is the current International Club president and African-American Affairs coordinator.

Stories written by Dillon Korte Green & Silver | August 2019


DISTINGUISHED DISTINGUISHED EMERITUS FACULTY EMERITUS FACULTY 2019 HONOREES 2019 HONOREES This past May, the ENMU Foundation presented the 2019 Distinguished Faculty Emeriti awards By Rachel Forrester

Mr. Dudley Cash Dudley Cash wore many hats during his 23 years on campus from 1965-88. He was very active within the University’s Department of Agriculture and he made a clear and positive impact on his students, first as instructor, then as assistant professor, associate professor/instructor IV. In addition, Mr. Cash served as the chair of the ENMU Department of Agriculture, as supervisor for the Soil Conservation Service, as director for Water Incorporated, and he also provided research and quarterly reports for the National Cotton Council. Mr. Cash retired from ENMU in 1988 as an Associate Professor Emeritus of Agriculture.

Mr. Loran Crowder (posthumously) In 1969, when ENMU formed a branch campus in Clovis, Mr. Loran Crowder was thrilled at the opportunity for students to be able to receive a quality education at another location in eastern New Mexico. The Clovis native worked for the John Deere Corporation for many years. Three short years later, Crowder joined the ENMU-Clovis faculty as an instructor of farm mechanics. During his 14 years of service, he was a vital asset in teaching diesel mechanics, and he also implemented a new welding class at ENMU-Clovis. Mr. Crowder retired in 1986 as an Instructor Emeritus of Farm Mechanics. He committed to teach on more summer session after his retirement to “finalize the cycle of the Farm Mechanics Program to meet the needs of the current students completing their studies in that program.”

Dr. Kathy Roler Durand Dr. Kathy Roler Durand joined ENMU’s faculty in 1993 and thrived in the Anthropology Program.In addition to becoming a professor in 2011, Dr. Durand started ENMU’s Forensic Science Program, which became available to students in 2007, requiring cooperation with faculty


Green & Silver | August 2019

This past May, the ENMU Foundation presented the 2019 Distinguished Faculty Emeriti awards By Rachel Forrester

members across four different disciplines. She also served as assistant dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences from 2011-13, and as chair for the Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology for 10 years. Dr. Durand specializes in the analysis of animal and human bones recovered from archaeological excavations. Her fieldwork includes Neolithic sites from Cyprus and Jordan to Chacoan and Hohokam sites in the Southwest. Dr. Durand retired in 2018 as a Professor Emerita of Anthropology.

Dr. Jerry Everhart Dr. Jerry Everhart’s commitment to the ENMU Department of Curriculum and Instruction spanned over 22 years, transitioning from assistant professor of elementary education, to earning tenure and becoming the graduate coordinator for that program. He also spent three years as department chair and earned the title of professor. Dr. Everhart served as the alternative licensure adviser for elementary education. In 2003, he was named Faculty Sponsor of the Year for Students for Equality. He also collaborated with many school districts, including as the gifted/talented teacher for Dora High School and as the professional development coordinator in Portales at James Elementary School. Dr. Everhart retired in 2017 as a Professor Emeritus of Elementary Education.

Dr. Gerald A. Gies Dr. Gerald Gies joined the ENMU family as a history instructor in 1995 and completed 22 years of service, achieving the rank of professor in 2010. He served two consecutive, three-year terms as chair of the Department of History, Social Sciences and Religion, and proudly worked with the ENMU Advising Center for over a decade. Dr. Gies also represented ENMU as Fulbright Campus Representative, and was a representative for New Mexico Town Hall on International Education. Additionally, he participated in the Bosque Redondo Educational Project from 2003-06. Dr. Gies retired in 2017 as a Professor Emeritus of History.

Dr. Marvin M. F. Lutnesky Dr. Marvin Lutnesky began pursuing his career in ichthyology (fish science) from a young age. He moved to the high plains in 1992 to become an assistant professor of biology at ENMU. Dr. Lutnesky made it a priority to collaborate with students, faculty and administrators to improve all areas of which he worked. He also Combined ENMU Choirs and Alumni in served as chair of the Department of Biology from 1998-2013, was Vatican Performance (2013) the director of the Natural History Museum for nearly 15 years, and served as the Curator of Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles from 1998-2016. Additionally, Dr. Lutnesky worked with the Behavior Ecology Research Group (BERG) to establish the Behavioral Ecology Laboratory for the study of animal behavior on ENMU’s campus. After 24 years of service, he retired from Eastern in 2017 as a Professor Emeritus of Biology and currently works at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Dr. Farrell D. Odom (posthumously) Dr. Farrell Odom began preaching at the age of 18, and joined ENMU in 1967 as Bible chair and director of the Wesley Foundation, a campus ministry of the United Methodist Church. Dr. Odom held that position for six years and, during that time, he was able to bring together many people who had been in confrontation on the campus during demonstrations. He retired from ENMU in 1973 as Associate Professor Emeritus of Religion. Dr. Odom continued his ministry by establishing the Institute of Family Dynamics in Portales and serving churches in Logan, Nara Visa, Cimarron and San Jon, New Mexico. In 1978, Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas awarded Dr. Odom an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree for his work in reconciliations during the time of student discontent (Kent State Vietnam protest). Odom fully retired from preaching in 1992 after a 40-year career in ministry.

Dr. Thomas V. Toglia Dr. Thomas Toglia began teaching in 1976 as a high school teacher and community college adjunct instructor in Tucson, Arizona. In 1984, he began teaching at New Mexico Junior College where he taught for 21 years. He started at ENMU in 2006 as assistant professor, director and adviser for the Professional Technical Education (PTE) Program. After two short years, he was promoted to associate professor and became director, adviser and graduate coordinator for the master’s program in PTE. Dr. Toglia played a significant role in expanding the number of students pursuing the bachelor’s degree in career and technical education and in creating an entirely new graduate degree (M.Ed.) with an emphasis in Career and Technical Education. Dr. Toglia retired in 2013 as an Associate Professor Emeritus of PTE. Dr. Toglia also continues to teach as an online adjunct for Lenoir-Rhyne University.

International Performance Tour for ENMU Choirs and Alumni

Tour May 19-29, 2020 Spain, Portugal and Morocco CALLING ALL SINGERS!!! The ENMU Choirs are excited about the opportunity to visit and perform in several of the richest artistic centers in the world. Our adventure will begin in Barcelona, with a feature performance in Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, and a tour of the Picasso Museum (which holds over 2,500 of his paintings). We will then fly to Seville where we will learn Flamenco from local dancers, then bus to Granada, taking in the magnificent Alhambra - Spain’s finest display of Moorish architecture. We’ll also take a day trip to Tangier, on the North African coast, across the Strait of Gibraltar, then complete our tour with performance in Sintra and Cascais, Portugal. We will experience such incredible sights, sounds, food, and music, art, and culture … you really don’t want to miss this opportunity. For more informaton contact Dr. Jason Paulk at or 575.562.2798. ENMU students are fundraising to help cover their travel expenses. Please consider making your tax-deductible contribution through the ENMU Foundation by visiting

Green & Silver | August 2019



On the women’s side, Rotich

Ezra Bagwell (BS

received the award after

2019) and Mercy

completing one of the most

Rotich (BS 2019) were

decorated cross country careers

selected as ENMU’s

in the history of the program.

recipients of the Lone

During the 2018 campaign, Rotich

Star Conference (LSC)

won the LSC Championship

Scholar-Athlete Awards.

after crossing the finish line in

The awards are presented to one male and one female studentathlete from each member institution in the LSC, and recipients are chosen for outstanding accomplishments in athletics, scholarship and leadership displayed during the year. Bagwell was the men’s recipient after completing a successful four-year career with the ENMU Track & Field team. The multi-events competitor from Clayton, New Mexico, wrapped up a successful Greyhounds career as the program’s current record holder in the indoor pole vault at 4.39 meters and broke his own heptathlon record with a score of 4537 at the LSC Indoor Championships in February. Bagwell also set the third-best marks in program history during the 2018 outdoor season in both the pole vault at 4.24 meters and the decathlon with a 6119.

21:54.20, setting the fourth-fastest 6k time in ENMU history. At the completion of the cross country season, Rotich was named the LSC Female Runner of the Year for the second time in her career. A native of Eldorat, Kenya, Rotich was also a strong performer the ENMU Track & Field team in the spring. Rotich earned All-LSC Conference First Team accolades during the indoor season after winning the 3000-meter event with a 10:25.14 and finishing third in the 5000-meter, setting the second-fastest time in program history with an 18:08.72. Rotich also set the thirdfastest indoor 3000-meter time in ENMU history after turning in a 10:20.75 at the Texas Tech Open. Rotich later earned All-LSC Second Team honors during the outdoor season after coming in second in the 5000-meter event with an 18:21.26 while also placing fourth in the 1500-meter after crossing the line in 4:58.20.


Members from the 1973 Cross Country and 1974 and 1976 Track & Field National Championship teams reunited in Portales the same weekend ENMU hosted the Lone Star Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championship on May 2-4, 2019, the first time ENMU has ever hosted the event. (Left to Right) Front: Leroy Chavez (BS 74), Rex Maddaford (BS 74), Tom Esikhati (MEd 79 BS 76), Gary Roybal (BBA 74), George Chavez (attended). Back Row: Bill Magel (attended), Don Carthel (MS 75, BS 74), Ron Harkey (BBA 74), Lee Cain (BS 73), and trainer Bill Joy (MS 70).


Green & Silver | August 2019

ENMU Women’s Athletes Presented Lone Star Conference Academic Excellence Award The Hounds had the highest collective GPA among all women’s athletic programs in the Lone Star Conference The Eastern New Mexico University women’s athletic programs were presented the Lone Star Conference (LSC) Academic Excellence Award for the 2017-18 academic year during the ENMU softball doubleheader against Tarleton State at Greyhound Softball Field on May 19, 2019. The Hounds earned the award after recording the highest collective GPA among all of the women’s athletic programs in the LSC while finishing with the best team GPAs in four of the nine women’s sports in the LSC, including: basketball (3.514), cross country (3.636), indoor track and field (3.530), and outdoor track and field (3.531).

RODEO REUNION INVITATION Reconnect with old friends and past champions at the 2019 ENMU Rodeo Reunion. Reminisce with past and present rodeo teammates and fans. Our guests of honor include: • 1969 Men’s National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association National Champions • 1968 Men’s and Women’s National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association National Champions • 1967 Women’s National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association National Champions Numerous reunion events are scheduled during the ENMU College Daze Rodeo, Sept. 19-21, 2019. For more information contact coach Albert Flinn

For more news, please visit

Green & Silver | August 2019


Class Notes People You Know Barry Bonessi (BS ’69) is the vice president of academic

Steven B. Bradfute Ph.D. (BA 98) is a

planning and partnerships with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

research assistant professor in the

with offices in New York City. Barry has been with HMH for 38

University of New Mexico Center

years. He is also a member of the Gamma Rho Chapter of the

for Global Health and Department of

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

Internal Medicine. He received his Ph.D.

Toby Manzanares (MS 87 BS 85) volleyball coach at Rio Rancho High School, has advanced as a national finalist in volleyball for the NHSACA National Coach of the Year, 2019. He was recognized in June at the NSHACA National Convention in Bismarck, North Dakota. Toby has been teaching physical education and coaching volleyball for 32 years. Carol Dutchover (BBA 89 MBA 97)

Medicine in 2005.

Eric Smith (BS 05) and his wife Jordan Adams-Smith have created an online New Mexican food business, Nuevo, which showcases New Mexican products and has them shipped around the U.S. The subscription box features four-to-five items from vendors around the state such as green or red

has retired from ENMU-Roswell after

chile sauce or salsa, dried green or red chile, spice mixes, soup

21 years of service. Carol was a Business

mixes, green chile popcorn or green chile olive oil. Each Nuevo

instructor. She began her teaching

food box is different and new items are sent out every month.

career in the fall of 1998 and served

They now have customers in more than 30 states. “Food is just

as adjunct for two years. She was

a part of growing up in New Mexico,” Eric said.

recognized by ENMU-Roswell President Dr. Shawn Powell at a retiree ceremony

Bridget Rumer (MS 06) was married on Jan. 12, 2019, to Alex

on April 24, 2019.

Jurkiewicz in Toledo, Ohio. Bridget is an orthopedic physician

Tommy Gonzalez (BS 90) has been

resides in Lambertville, Michigan.

reappointed to the Texas Risk Management Board. The state Office of Risk Management administers insurance services obtained by state agencies, including the self-insured government employees workers’ compensation insurance program and the state risk management programs. Tommy is also the city manager for the City of El Paso, the chairman of the board for the Quality Texas Foundation Board, a member of the United States Army, and a board member of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition and Communities of Excellence 2026. Heather Balas (BS 91) has joined the Thornburg Foundation as its Good Government Reform policy officer. Heather was the former president and executive director at public policy organization New Mexico First. She will be responsible for overseeing a $1 million portfolio of grants that support nonprofit organizations advancing transparency and ethics in government, expanding public participation and ensuring all New Mexicans have a voice in their government.


in Immunology from Baylor College of

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assistant, and Alex is a union electrician. The couple currently

Eliseo F. Castillo (MS 07 BS 03) is an assistant professor in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Department of Internal Medicine) at the UNM School of Medicine in Albuquerque. He received his Ph.D. in Immunology from The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in 2010. His lab focuses on understanding macrophages in inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal macrophages, and immune cells in health and disease. Kirk Gillespie (MA 07) is the new vice president of rental operations for Associa, the industry’s largest community management company. He will focus on standardizing rental operations and driving future growth for the organization. Jessica Onsurez (BS 07), currently the editor of the Carlsbad Current-Argus, will now also be the news director for the USA TODAY NETWORK’s newsrooms in southeastern and central New Mexico. She will be working with journalists from the Ruidoso News and the Alamogordo Daily News. Jessica has received awards for her breaking news reporting and photojournalism by the New Mexico Press Association.

She was recently elected secretary of the Society of

Bree’Anna Lucero (BS 14), a former leader

Professional Journalists Rio Grande Chapter and is on the

of the ENMU Volleyball team, recently

board of New Mexico In Depth.

competed in her first National Physique

Lukas R. Cash (MA 09 BA 06) is the digital media manager for New Mexico United, Albuquerque’s professional soccer team. New Mexico United competes at an elite level with goals of winning the United Soccer League (USL) and Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

Aaron C. Carter (BA 10) is now the owner of Direction Resources, a consulting firm in Colorado. Carter helps business owners generate more clients, close more sales, and increase overall revenue and profits quickly and inexpensively.

Committee (NPC) debut show Europa in Dallas, Texas, where she competed in Bikini (True Novice and Open). Lucero placed first place in both classes and qualified for nationals. Tyler W. Herring (BS 17) was hired on at Kappa Sigma headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, as the new director of Recruitment and Expansion. He will be overseeing a regional staff of five recent graduates who travel to different chapters across the country helping with recruitment. Herring is also responsible for expanding to new universities or reviving inactive chapters.

Pictured (from L-R): ENMU President Jeff Elwell, Dr. Buck Wilson, ENMU Foundation President Stephen Doerr, and ENMU Foundation Executive Director Noelle Bartl. Alumni Dr. Buck Wilson (BS 60) and Janie Moberly (AA 55) (not pictured) were honored on June 1, 2019, with The Greyhound Hero Award, an honor bestowed upon community members who have shown heroic character and long-term commitment to the University’s mission and ENMU students. Wilson and Moberly were founding board members when the ENMU Foundation was established in 1978 as the Friends of Eastern Foundation. Both Greyhounds have volunteered for over 41 years on the ENMU Foundation Board of Directors.

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Class Notes In Memory 50s

70s Dr. Robert Blandford (BS 52) passed away

Rose Marie Wall (BS 70) passed away

on March 18, 2019. Robert received his

on Feb. 9, 2019. She was a teacher’s

doctoral degree in mathematics from

aide and a seamstress for many years.

the University of Northern Colorado and

Her hobbies included gardening,

was eventually honored as a Professor

reading, crocheting and being a

Emeritus. Bob retired from teaching in 1988

member of an RV club.

and moved to Conchas Lake, New Mexico. During his retirement, he spent his days on his boat and fishing with his family.


Neal Hoyt Fellers (BS 72) passed away April 9, 2019. After graduating from

Roy G. Harris (BA 60) passed away on March 23, 2019. Roy served in the U.S. Army and after serving in the military, moved to Tripoli, Libya, where he worked for Oasis Oil Company. Roy and his family returned to Portales in 1970 where he began working as a parts manager at various automotive dealers. Roy enjoyed working in his garden as well as hunting and fishing Dennis Dean Edwards (BBA 65) passed away April 20, 2019. After graduating from ENMU, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and worked as a national bank examiner for the controller of the currency. He then went to work for Chase Manhattan Bank

ENMU, Neal graduated with his M.D. in 1975 and proceeded to carry out five years of postdoctoral study at UNM School of Medicine. He then gained board certification in internal medicine and pulmonary diseases, and was board certified in critical care and geriatrics for 20 years. In 2004, Neal moved to Alamogordo where he was a pulmonary consultant and then a hospitalist at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center. Mary Hastain (MA 77 BS 71) passed away April 4, 2019. Mary taught math at Yucca Junior High School for 15 years before retiring in 1986. She also taught Sunday school at Central Baptist Church.

where he became senior vice president. Dennis also served as branch manager for First Savings Bank and community president for Wells Fargo Bank in Portales. Dennis was actively involved in the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, rodeo and the Fiesta Bowl. Ann Echols (BS 68) passed away April 14, 2017. Ann’s career began as a physical education teacher at Yucca Middle School in Clovis, New Mexico. In the early 80s, Ann moved to Santa Fe and worked in the hospitality industry at the Sheraton and eventually, the La Fonda Hotel. She then began working for the Public Regulation Commission and retired from the commission after serving as the bureau chief for 24 years. She enjoyed bike riding, playing tennis and dancing.


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David González (BA 77) passed away on May 6, 2019. David obtained his degree in broadcast journalism at ENMU, and launched and hosted a Spanish variety show called Cultura, Orgullo, y Herencia, which is now Cultura, which aired regularly on KENW. His journalism career began at KMID in Midland, Texas. He eventually made his way to Roswell, New Mexico, became lead anchor and then news director at KBIM-TV. After KBIM, David joined the world of cable and internet by becoming general manager of Cable One and remained there for the past 17 years. He also taught a broadcast journalism class at Roswell High School and coached an undefeated, national champion women’s softball team.

80s Chris Kugler (BS 85) passed away April 6, 2017. Chris dedicated

Edward Richter (faculty) passed away

his life doing fieldwork in archaeology. He enjoyed traveling

Feb. 8, 2019. Edward served in the U.S.

for his work, along with his fellow archaeologist and wife of 25

Army during World War II and was

years, LeeAnna Schniebs.

awarded the Purple Heart Medal of Honor. After his return from his military

90s Edward “Ed” A. Baldwin (BBA 92) passed away Feb. 2, 2019. In 1992, Ed married the former Molly Kulppi (BUS 91). He could always make people laugh and loved to cook. Ed loved spending time with his family, riding bikes and fishing.

service, he earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism, then a master’s degree in library science from University of Minnesota. Edward was a librarian in Sioux Falls, South Dakota then in Manhattan, Kansas at Kansas State University. In 1967, he joined the faculty and staff at ENMU as an academic librarian. He retired from ENMU Golden

Susan Gay Elliott (MED 94) passed away March 29, 2019. Susan was a an elementary teacher in Hobbs Municipal Schools, Lubbock Public Schools and Tulia Independent School District for over 30 years. She was also principal at Hobbs Municipal Schools and taught classes at

Library in 1987. After his retirement, he enjoyed watching baseball, reading and literary research. He also enjoyed spending time with his family and friends.


the University of the Southwest in Hobbs, New Mexico. She retired from Hobbs Municipal Schools in 2013. Susan was involved in the ministries at Taylor Street Church of Christ.

10s Catherine Britnie Burds (MA 15 BS 10) passed away Oct. 12, 2018. Britnie worked as a senior producer at KENW-TV News 3 while at ENMU. She also worked as a production assistant for Motion Pictures Industries on two movie sets, “The Rambler” and “The Signal.” Britnie was an instructor at NMSU-Grants campus and taught creative media. She was an office assistant for the City of Grants Code Enforcement Office and a marketing director for the City of Grants. She also served as the executive director of Gallup Mainstreet Arts and Cultural District. Britnie enjoyed baking, painting,


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traveling, spending time at the lake.

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TWO PROACTIVE APPROACHES TO NM TEACHER SHORTAGE ENMU recognizes the teacher shortage currently facing New Mexico schools. Over 750 open teaching positions remain unfilled across the state as the 2019-20 academic year approaches. Greyhound Promise Scholarship Program

ENMU is taking a bold step to address the need for more New Mexico teachers by launching the Greyhound Promise Scholarship Program. This program pays the equivalent of ENMU’s in-state tuition and fees to students pursuing a teaching degree and agree to teach four years in New Mexico directly following their ENMU graduation. Eligibility requirements are listed at

Three Rivers Teacher Quality Partnership

ENMU is also partnering with the Three Rivers Education Foundation to recruit highly qualified individuals into the New Mexico teaching force. The Three Rivers Teacher Quality Partnership grant provides individuals possessing a Bachelor of Arts degree with no prior teaching experience a $45k

one-year, living wage residency experience while they complete an ENMU online Masters of Education degree. Participants receive intensive, focused professional development, coaching, mentoring, and job-embedded training. These students agree to work full time as math, science, or special education teachers at the following affiliated high-need districts for three years immediately after successful completion of the residency: Bloomfield Public Schools, Central Consolidated Schools, Clovis Municipal Schools, Cuba Independent Schools, Farmington Municipal Schools and Taos Municipal Schools. For more information about the Three Rivers Teacher Quality Partnership, contact the ENMU Graduate School at 575.562.2148 or read more about this unique opportunity at

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