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Enmin’s Flow-Easy range is specifically designed to suit Australia’s environment and covers a multitude of industrial segments including transport, agriculture, mining, concreting and quarrying. For over 40 years Enmin have been a leading Australian manufacturer of materials handling systems and vibratory equipment. Unlike many other suppliers we don’t adopt a simple ‘one size or style fits all’ approach. We carefully analyse the specific issue and the intended application and then recommend the appropriate solution.





Storing bulk material in bins and hoppers can often come with flow problems. Common issues can be the result of bridging, ratholing, clinging and arching. Using vibration is the simple low cost answer to rectifying and preventing the problems, ensuring far more efficient, ongoing material flow.

BRIDGING. Bridging is the most common of all flow problems usually generated by easily compacted material forming a bridge across the outlet. The longer the product remains the higher the compaction will be.

RATHOLING. Ratholing is brought about by product segregation. This leads to compaction of the finer material and only permits larger material to flow down a funnel where pressures are less. The result is a major reduction in the live capacity of the vessel.

CLINGING. Clinging is product remaining in the hopper or silo. This normally occurs due to poor design and low valley angles. The longer the material remains the worse the problem becomes. Clinging leads to lower capacity and can be detrimental particularly where contamination is an issue.



As well as being a cost effective alternative to body liners, a vibrator significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination, particularly where grains and fertiliser are being transported. Over time body liners expand and overlap creating pockets where fugitive material can become entrapped, increasing the potential for material contamination.

MAXIMISE PRODUCTIVITY. A Flow-Easy vibrator will ensure smooth, unrestricted flow of materials in any bulk handling environment thereby maximising productivity and cost efficiency. VIBRATORS FOR EVERY INDUSTRY. Our customised range of Industrial vibrators suits any industry that handles bulk material. The range is specifically designed to suit Australia’s environment and covers a multitude of industries including agriculture, mining, quarrying, concrete, ports and terminals metals, plastics and recycling. IMPROVE SAFETY. Reduce operator workload, improve workplace safety and minimise WH&S claims.


COST EFFECTIVE. The immediate improvement in productivity means the ROI is achieved quickly. THE COMPLETE PACKAGE. We are one of the few companies that can offer the complete package; not only the vibrator but also an engineered mounting plate and installation guidelines, pneumatic controls, filter and lubrication systems - a complete onestop solution. OUTSTANDING DURABILITY. Like all Enmin equipment, Flow-Easy vibrators are designed and manufactured to provide excellent reliability and outstanding durability providing they are correctly maintained.


EASY TO INSTALL. The vibrator is easy to install with minimal modifications required. Under normal operating conditions the vibrator will outlast a tipper body and can be refitted to new equipment as required. Hydraulic and pneumatically powered options are available.


LOWER COSTS/INCREASE SAFETY. A Flow-easy vibrator improves driver and truck safety, lowers fuel and maintenance costs and reduces wear and tear on truck and trailer.

VACUUM TANKERS. LESS TIME UNLOADING, MORE TIME MAKING MONEY. Whether you’re carting dry dusty material or sticky, wet slurry a Flow-Easy vibrator speeds up the unloading process providing an efficient, safe and controlled load discharge. MINIMISE THE RISK OF EXPOSURE. More often than not, waste products are contaminated and can present significant health and biological risks to an operator and the environment. A Flow-Easy vibrator breaks up and aids discharge in a safe and controlled manner, reducing operator exposure.

LESS TIME UNLOADING, MORE TIME MAKING MONEY. Whether you’re transporting bulk materials like fertiliser and stock feed, sands and rock or are operating a vacuum tanker a Flow-Easy vibrator speeds up the unloading process providing an efficient, safe and controlled load discharge.


MINIMISE THE RISK OF ROLL OVER. Materials adhering to the inside of a tipper can increase the risk of truck roll over. Fitting a Flow-Easy vibrator minimises this tipping risk. Typically, a lower elevation can be achieved to dispense the load.


ELIMINATE RESIDUAL BUILD UP. The vibration breaks down material compaction, effectively eliminating compact, residual build up – a costly and common issue.

As with any accessible waste tank a vacuum truck tank is classed as a confined space. A flow Easy vibrator breaks down and fluidizes compacted material, discharging a full load each cycle, therefore eliminating the need for regular confined space entry. With 12 or 24 Volt DC and hydraulic models available, a Flow-Easy vibrator is easy to install with minimal modifications required. Under normal operating conditions the vibrator will outlast a vacuum tank and can be retrofitted onto new or existing assets as required. Pneumatically powered options are also available for use on filtration and dust collection units.

CHOOSE YOUR VIBRATOR. TURBINE VIBRATORS. Perfect for smaller bins and hoppers. Quiet operation uses less energy. Ideal when noise is a consideration. These precision made vibrators require no lubrication making them ideal for food applications. TYPICALLY USED ON: FOOD/INTERNAL APPLICATIONS, HOPPERS, BINS, CHUTES AND SILOS 27 models available with noise levels as low as 59dba. Also available in acetal plastic, perfect for environments where wash-down is necessary.

BALL VIBRATORS. Regarded the workhorse of the range, ball vibrators are low cost, easy to install and will provide years of trouble free operation in the most difficult conditions. TYPICALLY USED ON: HOPPERS, BINS, CHUTES AND SILOS There are 3 types and a total of 18 models to choose from.

PISTON LIGHT AND HEAVY DUTY. Many difficult materials need to be shocked into movement due to their ability to interlock and generate high compaction forces. The linear operation piston vibrators are a proven answer with high impact force outputs that deliver continuous or timed individual strikes. Ideally suited for the most stubborn flow problems. TYPICALLY USED ON: HOPPERS, BINS AND CHUTES The range includes both direct impact as well as air cushioned models.

ROTARY ELECTRIC VIBRATORS. Use reliable and economical electric power to improve flow, feed, separate or compact. TYPICALLY USED ON: FEEDERS, SCREENS, HOPPERS, BINS CHUTES AND SILOS Available in both single and 3 phase versions. 2, 4, 6, and 8 pole options.

HYDRAULIC VIBRATORS. Flow Easy hydraulic vibrators are best suited to applications where consistent, extended vibration is required such as mobile agricultural and spreading equipment, Vac truck tank clean out and any tipping applications where slow, controlled discharge is required. TYPICALLY USED IN: TRANSPORT, AGRICULTURE AND RAILWAY

TRUCK VIBRATORS. Thoroughly unload bulk solids from tippers and dump truck beds using industrial vibration. Higher VPM combined with powerful vibratory force will dislodge the most difficult materials from truck bodies and spreaders. TYPICALLY USED ON: TIPPER BODIES, SPREADERS, LIVE BOTTOM FLOORS AND VACUUM TANKERS Guaranteed to boost productivity by thoroughly unloading each truck load, eliminating residual build up and getting trucks back on the road fast. 12 or 24 Volt DC power source. 6 models available to suit all sizes of trucks or mobile machinery.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT THEIR FLOW-EASY VIBRATORS. “The Flow-Easy vibrator has proven its value over and over. For a relatively small cost it’s provided increased productivity, reduced my workload, improved safety and reduced wear and tear on my truck and trailer – I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one.” JAMES FINN, FINNS CARTAGE, MELBOURNE, VIC

“In addition to speeding up the discharge and ensuring the silo is fully emptied, it’s the safety aspect that I find so appealing; no more climbing into silos in close proximity to an auger and no more dealing with the dust. As an employer it’s comforting knowing my employees are safe.” CLAY TOWNROW, TOWNROW QUALITY SEED GRADING, MOAMA, NSW

T: +61 3 9800 6777

| W: floweasy.com.au

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