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The ENJO Care Guide

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So much more than clever cleaning products

Cleaning with ENJO makes a positive impact to you, your health and the planet.

Chemical Free

Healthier home and cleaner waterways

Quick Cleaning

More free time

Recycling Program

Reduce waste


Certified materials and produced ethically


No waste to landfills, ever

Just Add Water

Safe and water wise

Carbon Positive Production

Save energy


6x better than traditional cleaning methods


How to clean

Cleaning with ENJO is a simple process. It’s as easy as wet, wipe, dry.


Spray the surface and your fibre with water.

Cleaning Tips


Wipe the surface in circular motions until clean.


Dry the surface with your ENJOfil.

Ensure all surfaces are cold before cleaning.

Sharp/rough surfaces may result in small tears in ENJO Fibres. This does not affect the function of the products.

Fibres may collect gritty particles (ie when washing the car) which can scratch high-gloss surfaces. Use plenty of water to rinse Fibres when cleaning high-dirt areas.

Fold the ENJOfil 2-3 times across the middle to create multiple surfaces for drying.

How to care

If you care for your ENJO products correctly, they’ll last you up to three years.

• Wash before first use.

• Wash between 40-60°C. Hang to dry.

• For best results wash with ENJO Laundry Liquid. Do not use softener.

• Separate cleaning fibres into one ENJO Laundry Bag and ENJOfils into another ENJO Laundry Bag when laundering to prevent lint buildup.

• Avoid bleach and hot surfaces.

How to Wash

Wash soiled Fibres in the washing machine using warm/hot water and Lavender Laundry Liquid. Fibres with heavy grease and grime can be presoaked with Washing Up Liquid and hot water. Hang to dry, do not tumble dry.


How long will my ENJO tools clean effectively?

Our studies confirm: depending on application & frequency of use, ENJO Fibres offer optimum cleaning performance for three years. After this time, cleaning power decreases significantly. During the 4th year the cleaning performance drops to 44%. Therefore we recommend to replace the Fibres after 3 years.

ENJO’s colour indicator label shows you when the ENJOtex Fibre has reached the end of its lifespan.

Label before use

Colour of test patch and wear indicator patch will differ strongly.

Your ENJO Label, Explained

Use dry

Use damp - no need to dry afterwards

Use wet - dry afterwards

Optimum washing temperature 40-60°C

Do not bleach

Do not iron

Label of worn out product

When black turns blue, it’s time to renew.

Do not tumble dry

No fabric softener

Do not dry clean

Colour indicator = Service Life

Wash in the Laundry Bag

Please return your retired ENJO Fibres to your ENJOpreneur for professional recycling.

1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year


Ergonomic, healthy, effective and sustainable are the qualities that make the Floor System the perfect fit for your home and cleaning routines.

Set up your Floorcleaner

1. Place the Floorcleaner Plate on the floor with the collar pushed down to cover/lock the swivel point.

2. Guide the end of the pole into the collar.

3. Twist clockwise until you hear it click.

4. Place the Floor Fibre on the floor, Fibre-side down.

5. Slip the left side of the Floorcleaner Plate into the pocket of the Fibre.

6. Press the “Open” lever with your foot.

7. Lift the Plate to slip the right side of the head into the right pocket of the Fibre.

8. Press the “Close” lever.

9. Lift the Floorcleaner Plate collar. Twist the pole counter-clockwise to adjust the height, then twist the pole clockwise to lock the length.

How to clean your floors

1. Use the Dust Floor Fibre in an S-motion across the floor to remove dust, dirt and hair.

2. Wet your Washing Floor Fibre with the Water Spraybottle.

3. Clean the floor using an S-motion across the floor.

4. When the Floor Fibre becomes dry, spray it again with cold water.

Cleaning Tips

For floors that are extra dirty, spray the floor as well as the floor Fibre to help loosen & remove dirt.

Use the ENJO Floor System to dust and clean walls and ceilings.

Telescopic Pole can be used with all other ENJO Tools: The Window Combiwiper, the Flexi and the Multi Tool.

What you save on your floors*

9 packs of dry floor wipe refills

26 packs of wet floor wipe refills

1 floor cleaning hardware OR 1 mop assembly

6 mop heads

12 bottles of floor cleaner *Savings are over 3 years of use

Floor Bundle Just 63p per week

Unsure which Fibres is right for you?

Contact your ENJOpreneur for personalised advice!


Your Floor Zone

Telescopic Pole

Floorcleaner Plate

Floor Fibre Dust

Floor Fibre Soft

Floor Fibre Medium


Adjust up to 172cm for ergonomic use and long reaches. Connects to the Floorcleaner Plate and all ENJO Cleaning Tools

Easily pivot during cleaning on 360° joint to reach corners, walls & under furniture

Use dry on all hard indoor floors & surfaces to trap and remove dust from floors, walls & ceilings

Damp clean light dirt on high shine surfaces such as hardwood, high gloss tiles, granite, porcelain, linoleum

Damp clean for textured and jointed surfaces, including bamboo, tiles, vinyl, laminate, sealed stone and slate, granite

Spray water at all angles with this handy 750ml bottle



Keep all your surfaces clean and sparkling with our Kitchen Zone.

How to clean your kitchen

1. Clean from cleanest to dirtiest.

2. Make sure your surfaces are cool.

3. Wet your Kitchen Fibre with cold water before use. If the surface has a lot of food or grease, spray the surface with cold water using the Water Spraybottle.

4. Wipe surfaces using the grease (sun) side of the Fibre using light circular motions. If there is buildup, use the grime side (striped/scrub side).

5. Dry behind to a shine using the Kitchen ENJOfil.

Cleaning Tips

Use the grease side (the “sun” side) to trap and remove grease, food and grime.

Use the grime side (striped/scrub side) to remove more stubborn dirt and hardened food.

For heavily soiled areas, use more cold water.

The Kitchen Duoglove is perfect for large areas and your weekly deep clean.

The Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth is ideal for a daily wipedown of counters, appliances, tables, chairs and cabinet doors.

For stubborn stains, add a little Marble Paste.

Wash out your Fibres with warm water and Washing Up Liquid after each use, then launder weekly.

Don’t wring Fibres to remove excess water as this can tear the Fibres. Roll and squeeze out excess water.

What you save in the kitchen*

36 bottles of kitchen cleaner spray

36 packs of disposable wipes

24 packs of paper towel

78 disposable sponges and scrubs

*Savings are over 3 years of use

Kitchen Starter Bundle Just 37p per week

Your Kitchen Zone

Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth

Tables & chairs, counters, appliances, cupboard doors

Kitchen Duoglove/Duocloth Dishes, pots & pans, baking equipment, appliances

Kitchen Scrub Dishes, pots & pans, grills, oven interior

Kitchen Wand Set

Ideal for scrubbing pots & pans and grills. Also cleans inside of tall containers

Kitchen ENJOfil Dry surfaces after cleaning to bring out the shine

Kitchen Cutlery & Glass ENJOfil Shine & polish cutlery, silverware and glassware

Kitchen Tea Towel

Fruit & Veggie Cloth

Super absorbent for drying dishes

Clean produce of dirt, sprays & coatings using just water



Clean and protect your bathroom surfaces while protecting your family’s health.

How to clean your bathroom

1. Clean from cleanest to dirtiest.

2. Dampen your Bathroom Fibre with cold water before use and/or spray the surface using the Water Spraybottle.

3. Clean the surface using light circular motions to remove dirt, mineral deposits and soap scum.

4. Dry behind with the Bathroom ENJOfil to bring out the sparkle.

Cleaning Tips

Use the clean (sun) side to remove dirt, minerals and soap scum.

Use the care (striped) side to clean delicate surfaces and glass.

The Bathroom Glove is ideal for larger surfaces.

Use the Multi Tool with the Bathroom Fibre to clean large tiled walls, glass and mirrors.

For heavy mineral buildup, use a few drops of Calcium Dissolver on the Bathroom Sponge.

What you save in the bathroom*

18 bottles of bathroom cleaning chemicals

36 packs of disposable wipes

12 packs of paper towel

52 disposable sponges and scrubs

*Savings are over 3 years of use

Bathroom Starter Bundle

Just 38p per week


Your Bathroom Zone

Bathroom Glove/Duocloth

Bathroom ENJOfil

Bathroom Scrub

Bathroom Wand Set

Bathroom Allpurpose Cloth

Large surfaces such as vanity, shower, tiles, mirrors and tub

Dry behind cleaning for a sparkling shine

Ideal for grout and areas with heavier buildup of dirt/minerals

Hard to reach areas such as toilets and shower door tracks

Perfect for cleaning in-between and drying behind



Keep your living areas dust and allergen free without the use of toxic chemicals.

How to clean your living areas

1. Dry dust all surfaces using the Dust Glove.

2. Spray mirrors, glass and screens with cold water and clean using the Living Duoglove Medium/Strong, then dry with the Living ENJOfil.

3. Clean hard furniture and painted surfaces using the Medium side of the Living Duoglove Medium/Strong and cold water, then clean fabrics using the Textile side of the Living Duoglove Textile/Soft. Dry using the Living ENJOfil.

4. Dust floorboards, ceiling corners, under/behind furniture, door & window trim, and light fixtures using the ENJO Dust Flexi.

Attach the Telescopic Pole to the Dust Flexi

1. Slide the E-clip out of the cap on the bottom of the Flexi handle.

2. Twist and pull to remove the cap.

3. Slide the Pole end into the Flexi handle, align the holes and insert the E-clip to lock the pole in place.

Cleaning Tips

The Living ENJOfil can be used damp to remove smears from smooth and glossy surfaces.

The Lint Glove can help to remove pet hair and fluff from furniture, clothing and car interiors.

Large surfaces (cabinets, walls & ceilings) can be cleaned using the Multi Tool with Living Fibres (Soft, Medium and Strong) and cold water.

What you save in your living areas*

39 Packs of disposable dusters & polishing cloths

18 bottles of sprays, polishes and stain removal products

6 packs of paper towel

*Savings are over 3 years of use

Living Starter Bundle Just 33p per week

Your Living Zone

Living Duoglove Medium/Strong Windows, glass surfaces, doors & trim, hard furniture

Dust Glove

Living Cloth Soft

Polishing Cloth

Dust Flexi Set 55cm

Living Flexi Fibre 55cm

Lens Cloths (Set of 3)

Textile Mini Duocloth

Dry dusting for all surfaces

Damp-dusting, fingerprints, painted surfaces and smudges

Polished surfaces such as steel, chrome, silver & brass

Dust hard to reach areas such as skirting, crown moulding, ceiling fans and air vents, as well as under/ behind furniture

Clean hard to reach areas using cold water

Clean eyeglasses, goggles & digital device screens

Clean dirt and stains of textiles


Skin Care

Pure skin health and beauty.

How to cleanse with ENJO

1. Dampen Skin Care Fibres.

2. Use on skin in a circular motion to remove dirt, oil & makeup at a pore-deep level, and gently exfoliate.

3. Wash Fibres after use.

Cleansing Tips

Use soft Fibres daily to cleanse skin. Use exfoliating Fibres every few days.

Avoid vigorously rubbing Fibres against skin. Let the Fibres do the work!

Cleansing with water maintains the skin’s ph balance –no toner needed. Simply cleanse & moisturize.

Don’t wring Fibres. Roll them and squeeze gently.

Wash Fibres before first use.

Wash Fibres using Washing Up Liquid and warm water, then hang to dry between each use. Launder weekly in the ENJO Laundry Bag. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Soak heavily soiled/makeup stained Fibres overnight in hot water and Washing Up Liquid. Skin

What you save on skin care*

4 litres of facial skin cleansers

4380 cotton pads

178 packs of disposable makeup remover wipes

Facial scrubs and chemical exfoliators


Soaps and body washes

*Savings are over 3 years of use

Care Bundle - Ocean Only 38p per week!
Care Bundle - Blush Only 38p per week!

Your Skin Care Zone

Body Care Duoglove/Duocloth

Face Care Duoglove

Pure Face Pads (Set of 2)

Pure Miniglove

Soft Skin Wipe

Body cleansing in the shower or bath. Can be used wet or dry to exfoliate

Cleanse face, neck and decolletage. Use damp to exfoliate

Remove makeup, cleanse face using water. Can also be used to clean cuts & scrapes, hands, pets’ eyes and ears

Remove makeup, cleanse face using water. Can also be used to clean cuts & scrapes, hands, pets’ eyes and ears

The ideal replacement or alternative for skin care wipes and baby wipes



Clean your Outdoor areas, tools & toys, vehicles and even your BBQ using just cold water. Good for your surfaces, good for your surroundings.

How to clean Outdoor Surfaces, patio furniture, tools, kids toys, boat surfaces

1. Clean from cleanest surface to dirtiest surface.

2. Wet your Outdoor Duoglove. Spray the surface to remove dirt and debris (to prevent scratching).

3. Use your Fibres to wipe surfaces in circular motions.

4. Dry the surface using the ENJOfil.

Cleaning Tips

To avoid scratches from dirt and grit, use the Fibres wet, and rinse often.

For the best sparkle on high-shine surfaces, clean out of direct sun.

Ensure that all surfaces are cool or cold before cleaning.

The Extreme side of the Outdoor Duoglove is designed for heavy grime and for uneven surfaces (including stone, concrete etc).

ONLY use the Outdoor Glove and Outdoor ENJOfil on high shine painted surfaces (avoid using stronger/ extreme Fibres).

After cleaning heavy grime, soak Outdoor Fibres in hot water and 5ml Washing Up Liquid, then rinse before laundering.

Use the Multi Tool with Outdoor Fibre to clean large surfaces like cars, trailers, garage doors and siding.

More dirt? Add more water.

What you save in your Outdoor Spaces & Garage*

9 bottles of car wash liquid

12 packs of BBQ wipes

12 car washing sponges and chamois

18 packs of paper towel

*Savings are over 3 years of use


Your Outdoor Zone

Outdoor Duoglove

Outdoor Glove

Outdoor ENJOfil

For use on sports equipment, outdoor toys, gardening and garage tools

Gentle cleaning for painted surfaces such as cars, bikes, boats and camping gear

Soft, absorbent drying cloth for painted surfaces such as cars, as well as sports equipment and all outdoor furniture

Outdoor Scrub Removes stubborn dirt, grease and grime


Windows & Surfaces

Engineered to make cleaning glass & large surfaces easy, ergonomic and safe.

Assemble the Window Combiwiper Unit

1. Attach the extenders to the Combi Base. Push in until they lock into place.

2. Place the Fibre on the right end of the Combi Base, then slip it over the left end and secure the snap.

3. Attach the Aluminum Channel with Rubber Blade into its clip so that it curves outward.

Assemble the Multi Tool

1. Place the Multi Tool Fibre face down and move the tabs outward.

2. Insert the Combi Base bar into the Multi Tool Base.

3. Slide the Multi Tool Tabs inward to lock the base into place.

4. With the Fibre side down, slide the Multi Tool Plate into the right hand side of the Fibre (where the label is). Lift the rubber loop on the left side of the Fibre and pull it over the left end of the Multi Tool Plate to secure.

How to attach Tools to the Telescopic Pole

1. Remove the E-clip from the Combi handle base and pull off the end cap.

2. Slide the end of the Telescopic Pole into the end of the handle, aligning the holes of the Pole to the holes in the handle.

3. Replace the E-clip to lock the Pole onto the handle.

Cleaning with the Combiwiper Unit or Multi Tool

1. Wet the Combi Fibre or Multi Tool Fibre with cold water.

2. For dirtier areas, spray the surface lightly with cold water.

3. Clean the surface from top to bottom.

4. Use the Rubber Blade to remove excess water, then dry corners and edges using the Window ENJOfil.

Cleaning Tips

Attach the Telescopic Pole for high and hard to reach surfaces.

Use the Twister to create the perfect angle for effective and ergonomic cleaning.

The dirtier the surface, the wetter the Fibre should be.

What you save on

window cleaning*
bottles of window/ surface cleaner
packs of paper towel
sets of window cleaning hardware *Savings are over 3 years of use Window Bundle Only 61p per week!

Your Windows & Surfaces Zone

Window Combiwiper Set

Window ENJOfil


Combi Base 16cm

Combi Extenders & Clip

Multi Tool Plate

16cm or 28cm. Ergonomic, fast & easy cleaning of windows with no streaks

Dries windows and glass to a streak free shine

Allows for the tool to clean on angles for easy & ergonomic cleaning

Hardware/handle and base for the Window Combiwiper and Multi Tool.

Extend the Combiwiper Unit 16cm to 28cm width for bigger windows. Clip holds the Aluminum Channel & Rubber Blade.

Plate attaches to the Combiwiper Base for larger surface cleaning

Aluminum Channel/Rubber Blade Squeegee away excess water from windows & surfaces

Multi Tool Dust Fibre

Multi Tool Medium Fibre

Multi Tool Bathroom Fibre

Multi Tool Outdoor Fibre

Dust shelves & large surfaces, walls, ceilings, stairs

Clean painted walls, sealed wood and laminated surfaces

Clean shower screens, tiled walls, ceilings and large mirrors

Clean outdoor and garage surfaces, cars, boats, siding, stone and concrete



All natural and non toxic solutions for your everyday needs.

How to Clean with Orange Blossom Washing Up Liquid

1. Apply a few drops of Washing Up Liquid to dampened Cleaning Fibre.

2. Clean surface in circular motions.

3. Rinse with cold water, then dry behind with ENJOfil.

How to Clean with Citrus Calcium Dissolver

1. Apply a few drops of Calcium Dissolver to dampened Cleaning Fibre.

2. Clean surface in a circular motion.

3. Rinse well with cold water, then dry behind with ENJOfil.


How to Clean with Marble Paste

1. Swipe a dampened Cleaning Fibre across the surface of the Marble Paste.

2. Apply to the surface using a circular motion.

3. Rinse well with cold water, then dry behind with ENJOfil.


Washing Up Liquid Tips

Do not use on Corian surfaces.

Use for handwashing dishes. Add a few drops to water in the sink. Rinse dishes well.

Can be used as a pre-treat for laundry, such as sweat and makeup stains on shirt collars.

Can be used for safely bathing pets and will not irritate sensitive skin.

Calcium Dissolver Tips

Do not use on Corian surfaces or leave to act on delicate surfaces.

Do not allow to mix with chlorine products.

For strong calcium or mineral deposits, place a few drops on the surface and allow to work for an hour. Rinse well and dry with the ENJOfil.

To clean limescale stains in the toilet, add 15-30ml to the bottom and allow to work for 2 hours. Follow by cleaning with the Bathroom Wand and flush.

Marble Paste Tips

Marble Paste is highly concentrated. A little bit goes a long way.

Allow the Marble Paste to dry completely before replacing the lid on the canister.

Fat & protein solvent ingredients work to clean ovens, grills and bbqs well.

Breaks up bathroom grime and minerals - take care not to use on delicate surfaces.

Do not use on Corian surfaces or on delicate coated surfaces such as plexiglass or lotus-effect ceramic.

Use Marble Paste to remove scuff marks on shoes and high traffic surfaces.


Your ENJO Helpers

Orange Blossom Washing Up Liquid

Citrus Calcium Dissolver

Marble Power Cleaning Paste

Concentrated degreaser to cut through heavy grease, grime and buildup. Can also be used to deep clean ENJO Fibres.

Concentrated solution to break up calcium and mineral deposits as well as rust marks.

Fine marble powder helps to break up heavy dirt and grime.



All natural and non toxic solutions for your everyday needs.

How to use Beeswax Leather & Wood Balm

1. Clean surface using Living Fibres and dry with ENJOfil.

2. Apply small portion of Leather & Wood Balm to surface using Polishing Fibre.

3. Buff with Polishing Fibre until the balm is distributed and absorbed.


How to Use Lavender

Laundry Liquid

1. Add 10ml of Laundry Liquid to clothes washer.

2. For front load clothes washers featuring detergent drawers, place Liquid directly into the drum using dosing cup. (This cup can run through the cycle).

3. Run the laundry cycle as normal.

How to Use ENJO

Dishwasher Liquid

1. Add 10ml of Dishwasher Liquid to dishwasher detergent compartment.

2. Run the machine cycle as normal.

Leather & Wood Balm Tips

Do not use on glass surfaces or non-absorbent materials.

Applying Leather & Wood Balm to light-coloured leather may cause the leather to darken. Please test on a small hidden area before use.

Laundry Liquid Features & Tips

Can be used for handwashing clothes. Add 4-6 drops of Laundry Liquid to 10L water.

100% plant based essential oils add a light fragrance and condition clothes. No fabric softener needed.

Formula is Vegan, GMO Free, 100% organic formula. Phosphate & Paraben-free to be kind to the Earth.

Dishwasher Liquid Features & Tips

Modify amounts of Liquid used between 5ml and 20ml, depending on water hardness and grime levels.

Rinse aids can still be used as normal.

For best results, clean the dishwasher food trap & interior parts on a monthly basis.


Your ENJO Helpers

Lavender Laundry Liquid

Dishwasher Liquid

Beeswax Leather & Wood Balm

Separate ENJO from other articles in the washer, and separate ENJOfils from Cleaning Fibres to prevent lint buildup.

Highly concentrated: use 10ml per load. Clean clothes in regular and HE washers. All natural formula conditions fabrics and rinses clean.

Highly concentrated: use 10ml per load. Clean dishes with no residues or fumes. All natural formula.

High quality natural formula nourishes and protects leather and wood surfaces.

ENJO Laundry Bag

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