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Centrepiece dos and don’ts

Supplier myths


Why don’t MEN like weddings? Venue review: Stoke Place

1 Cover image credit: Kathryn Hopkins

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English Wedding Editor: Claire Gould

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Thank you for picking up the English Wedding Bible - I hope you love what you see and find inspiration to help you plan, style and remember your best day ever. This is our second issue and I’m hugely proud of the look and content of the magazine. Our fabulous contributors include wedding photographers, stylists, stationers and designers from all around the UK - they are some of the best and I’m hugely grateful to every lovely human who’s helped put issue 2 of the English Wedding Bible together! Inside you’ll find ideas to help you style your big day as a couple, to keep your feet on the ground and build a beautiful wedding around the things you both love - to make your day individual and special, and truly personal for you both. We have two brilliant competitions on pages 54 and 87, a handful of gorgeous editorial shoots full of styling ideas, and a couple of our favourite real weddings. Advice articles are a little tongue in cheek… page 26 especially really made me think! One thing I’d love would be to see more grooms in wedding editorial over the summer months and in the next issue of our beloved Wedding Bible. We’re planning a wonderful summer full of inspiring features, articles and real wedding stories to brighten and enlighten your wedding planning journey, so do stick around and read the English Wedding Blog whenever you can. Sign up for our new newsletter if you can - and follow me on instagram and facebook for sneak peeks, stories and more!

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Editor’s welcome


Jess & Mike’s relaxed summer wedding in Essex


Don’t say wedding! Supplier myths BUSTED


Affordable fine art wedding invitations


Head-turning wedding style from The Manor Barn


Why don’t men like weddings?


Country Luxe wedding ideas from Thurning Hall


Table centrepiece dos and don’ts


Alice & Sam’s intimate, unweddingy wedding at Hertford Castle


This summer’s 10 best wedding DIY ideas


WIN! “How to have a wedding as individual as you are”


Industrial Luxe


Meet the English Wedding Blog team - our sponsors


Wanderlust by Katya Katya London


Timeless spring bridal style


WIN! Tile Style Pro Series


A celebration of spring at That Amazing Place


Wedding venue review: Stoke Place, Buckinghamshire


Find suppliers - The English Wedding Directory


How to plan your wedding


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Jess&Mike Kathryn Hopkins Photography



The prettiest English summer wedding, with a beautiful ‘just picked’ cottage garden bouquet and carefully chosen, perfectly coordinated pastel shades. Jess & Mike celebrated with a reception in a marquee, giving a blank canvas to curate the style of their dreams. Mixed summer florals in recycled jars give pretty continuity and colour throughout, while the bare wood of trestle tables adds a rustic, relaxed ambiance to the day. Jess is just stunning in a La Sposa gown with adorable lace jacket, while Mike is relaxed and handsome in a petrol blue Ted Baker suit. Full credits and links to supplier websites on page 12.





Wedding Photographer - Kathryn Hopkins, Suffolk Jess’s dress - La Sposa from Burr Bridal, Cambridge // Jess’s shoes - Rachel Simpson Headdress Burr Bridal, Cambridge // Make up & Hair Zoe Cornwell Mike’s suit - Ted Baker Bridesmaid Dresses - Wtoo by Watters from Grace & Lace, Chelmsford Florist - Talking Flowers, Maldon // The Wedding Marquee Company Beer – The Maldon Brewing Company //Essex Hog Roast Tea & Coffee from The Rolling Bean Gorgeous VW camper from DipDubs 12

Don’t say wedding!

7 Supplier Myths

B U S T E D!!! I couldn’t count on all of my fingers and toes the number of times I’ve heard couples say “don’t tell them it’s for a wedding!” Wedding suppliers get a bad rap sometimes, and often from the older generation. Let’s put the record straight, shall we? Here are 7 of the most repeated fallacies about wedding suppliers - and our answers to them!


THE MYTH - You’ll be charged more for your cake / flowers / stationery if you say it’s for a wedding THE TRUTH - Nope! Any of the above designers will charge the same rate regardless of the occasion. The only things that will put prices up are a tight deadline (or out of hours services required), a complex and more time-consuming order, or more expensive raw materials.


THE MYTH - You should buy everything for your wedding from dedicated wedding suppliers THE TRUTH - Oh my goodness, you should feel free to shop around, have your friends and family chip in with their crafty or organisational talents, and buy things you love from anywhere you like! Don’t feel pressured to buy a dress from a bridal boutique if white isn’t your style. Find a bespoke designer, wear a dress that’s special to you for any reason at all… or explore wedding blogs for creative ideas to do things differently!


THE MYTH - You shouldn’t tell suppliers your budget for your dress / band / table plan THE TRUTH - This always makes me smile. Dealing with wedding suppliers nowadays is a two way street. The most important thing is that you find someone to work with who you can trust. So if you go into a bridal shop and the attitude of the people who work there is a little off, walk away. If you don’t feel you can trust someone to know your budget and give you the best advice, find another supplier! The best will appreciate your honesty and work with you to find the most amazing solutions and save you money.


THE MYTH - You should use suppliers from your venue’s ‘recommended’ list THE TRUTH - Oooh… not always, and here’s why: sometimes suppliers have to pay to be on that list, and very often lists are closed to new suppliers or have a waiting list to be included. So shop around. Choose suppliers whose look, attitude and expertise you love. It doesn’t matter if they’re officially recommended by your venue - and you should NEVER feel pressured by your venue to choose their recommended suppliers if they’re not quite what you were looking for.
 If you’re not sure, ask your venue if suppliers have to pay to be on their list. More and more venues are simply recommending folks based on positive experiences and word of mouth reviews these days - and we love that! 13

j THE MYTH - Only bespoke products will make your wedding unique! THE TRUTH - Every wedding is unique, and not for the ‘things’ you buy or the way you’ve styled your day. It’s the bride and groom which make weddings unique - their outlook, their story and the people they surround themselves with on their best day ever. So don’t feel you have to ask your stationer to adapt one of their designs - it will cost you extra. If your dress is just fine as it is, don’t feel obliged to ask for alterations to the style. I promise, once you’re wearing that beautiful gown you’ll look like it was made for you and only you.

j THE MYTH - Wedding DIY and making your own stationery will save you money THE TRUTH - Making your own wedding invitations and on the day stationery can be an immense drain on your time AND on your wedding budget. The only reason you should ever make your own wedding invitations is because you’re desperate to create something with your own four hands and love crafting. (In which case, go forth and enjoy with our heartfelt blessing!) While suppliers buy raw materials in bulk from wholesalers, you’ll be buying card blanks and the like from retailers - which costs more. In reality, the savings you make from DIYing your wedding stationery won’t add up to more than a couple of coffees - so it’s rarely worth the time unless you absolutely love making!


THE MYTH - Photographers are way too expensive. Your friend can do that! THE TRUTH - Unless your friend is a wedding photographer… no.
 Wedding photographers know the running order of a wedding and exactly where to be for that first glance down the aisle, when the kiss will happen, how to capture your vows and the moment you slip the ring on her finger in perfect lighting. They’ll know how to approach the vicar or registrar (and whether that particular officiant has a prickly side when it comes to photography). They’ll have a backup camera body, backup memory cards and they’ll know exactly how to use them and when. They’ll understand the venue and the lighting; they’ll know the best time of day to get couple shots. They’ll be great at getting everyone together for group shots without being bossy, awkward or embarrassed. They won’t be uncomfortable asking you to have a little smooch for your portrait photos - and neither will you! They’ll edit your pictures - beautifully. They’ll make sure nothing gets lost, or damaged, or forgotten. Cake cutting? Check. First dance? (and the equipment to capture quite tricky lighting conditions) Check.


The times when wedding suppliers were faceless small businesses just out to make money from brides and grooms are behind us. The industry has changed - and I can’t imagine a single scenario where a maker or wedding service provider would charge more for a wedding than for any other occasion! Find suppliers you trust, and we’ll pull out all the stops to help you have your dream wedding!


Visit to find your perfect fine art wedding invitations Prices from ÂŁ1.50 15

Image credit - Jenny Jones Photography


Exclusive offer - wedding invitations




Elegant, simple lines, lush botanicals and spring greenery is a look we love - and it’s easy to recreate! Deep blue, gold and spherical details add a modern, on-trend look to wedding styling - the stationery featured in this editorial is just divinely dramatic. Suppliers at The Manor Barn wanted to showcase how rustic and elegance can work together, setting the scene for an effortlessly stylish and relaxed wedding celebration. See page 25 for a full supplier list.








Venue: The Manor Barn: 
 FLC Hair & Make Up 
 Cutlery and Glassware: 
 Food: 25

Why don’t men like weddings? I’m writing this in the back garden on the evening of Saturday the 19th of May. That’s either the day of the Royal Wedding, or FA Cup Final Day, depending perhaps on whether you a) can plait your hair or b) have dangly bits in your pants. Of course this article is tongue in cheek. I’m fairly sure my football-loving man could plait his hair. And despite my gender, I have absolutely no interest in the royal wedding (although the media frenzy surrounding today fascinates me as much as it horrifies me). But the question in the title is genuine: a friend asked me these exact words just yesterday, and they’ve been rattling around my mind ever since. ‘Why don’t men like weddings?’ Some men love weddings. I’d like to believe every man loves his own wedding. *OK, let’s put that somewhere in the ninety percents. Plenty of women couldn’t care less about the royal wedding, despite what the media tell us. In fact, not every girl will squeal with delight at the hefty plop of another wedding invite landing on her doorstep! Girls and boys are not made differently (apart from the aforementioned dangly bits) - and yet our attitudes, generally speaking, towards weddings are often startlingly diverse. I blame the media. Since the beginning of our time, women’s magazines have been pink. Fine. The same goes for our clothes from the age of 6 months (although I’m writing as a girl who wore white and yellow, hopefully because my parents thought I’d object to stereotypes). I’m guessing there was never a massive surplus of pink ink… so why are ALL the wedding magazines that colour? Well - it’s always been that way. OMG - but that’s no excuse! The wedding media is targeted purely at women. Wedding magazines are pink because editors only want women to read them. And as simply as that, we alienate approximately half of everyone getting married. Nice. I blame society. We’re encouraged to play at being princesses, to make believe as children that we’re all going to marry a handsome prince. (As a Brit I’m not even sure where the idea of princes being handsome came from. Perhaps it’s a synonym for rich.) Boys don’t play at being princes, with the life goal of marrying a beautiful princess - they’re too busy riding bikes, climbing trees and playing on consoles. Girls are spoon fed the classic Disney dream of a fairytale wedding, and we’ve been falling for it since Mickey and Minnie met back in the 1920s. So men aren’t conditioned to get silly-excited about weddings.


That’s not to say men don’t want to get married. If you’re reading this then I’m guessing you’ve met an amazing guy who is so besotted with you he secretly planned the perfect romantic moment to ask you, eyes full of love and nerves and excitement, if you would do him the honour of being his wife / husband. And I’m also guessing you said yes, thereby making him the happiest man on the planet that day. I’d also love to think some of you reading this are guys planning your wedding - and thank you for cutting through all the pink, bride-led wedding media fluff and making it to the English Wedding Blog to read this article. I salute you. Wedding magazines have done a pretty thorough job of alienating grooms. But as strongly as they push the boys away, they suck us girls in with their dream weddings - and we see that distorted focus on brides rather than grooms so often it begins to stick. In a world where ‘bridal industry’ and ‘bridal shows’ have become the norm with no male equivalent, we can all be forgiven for believing that weddings are for girls. It’s what we’re told; it’s a line we’re sold over and over until it sticks like glue.

See Mike & Jess’s wedding - cover story and pages 4 - 12. Photo by Kathryn Hopkins (Suffolk)

I occasionally get an interview form back from a bride who describes a wedding as ‘mine’, and that makes me sad. The best weddings I see are those where either the bride or groom talks about ‘our’ wedding - and they’ve planned it all equally together as a team. Because men do like weddings. You just have to plan together, and make your wedding a celebration you both feel a part of. Don’t let the wedding media convince you that their way is right; work together as a team! If he’s not a fan of Disney princesses, pink sequins and choreographed first dance routines, is it really fair to make any of those a part of your wedding? Modern couples are planning inclusive weddings where styling isn’t ultra-feminine; it’s quirky and playful and reflects the couple (often taking from their home decor or activities they share). And they win me over every time. As a fairly regular attendee of weddings, I reckon the most important things at any wedding are great food, music, great company, comfort and entertainment. I love a festival wedding or a relaxed, non-traditional celebration with friends. I guess this is the future - it’s certainly a winning wedding format for bloggers, and for forward-thinking stylists and planners whose tastes are about more than just pink peonies and pom poms! It’s a future I love to look forward to, and I hope you do too!


e x u l y r t n u o C



Think heritage wedding venues and opulent styling touches, glorious, statement bouquets and a dream wedding venue full of antiques and old English charm‌


Norfolk based couturier Katrine Mogensen specialises in bespoke gowns that infuse the romance of the preRaphaelites into soft, elegant designs. Her signature look is very ethereal and romantic using delicate fabrics and handmade detailing such as fabric flowers and French lace, all created and finished by hand. These bespoke gowns add a uniqueness and a luxurious feel.







 Styling and Creative Director:
 Dress Designer:
 Silk ribbon for stationery: @silkandpurl
 Jewellery and bridal accessories:
 Bridal Boutique:
 Hair: Make up: Michelle Killingworth & Lara Lacey
 Models: Cathy Wilson, Hollie Harrington, George Lacey and Kitty Lacey.


Table centrepiece dos and don’ts

We’ve all been sat at a wedding reception peering around the foliage and candles to speak to our friends… and those glorious and expensive displays should be admired rather than seen as an annoyance! So here’s some tips to help you style your centrepieces… and not an oversized martini glass in sight!

1. Do - use greenery Low level table runners of gorgeous greenery are inexpensive, lovely to look at and simple to style! We love berried eucalyptus and ruscus for fragrance and texture, and they work brilliantly with candles, mercury glass and metallic accents

2 . Don’t - block folks’ view! Opulent floral displays can look amazing in theory - but think of your guests’ view when they’re trying to talk at the reception. Space floral displays so they’re not in anyone’s way, and avoid placing flowers, candelabras or glassware at eye level (This image - Styled by, Images, flowers by

3 . Do - choose quality over quantity A truckload of gypsophila won’t make the best statement when it comes to your centrepieces, but a few statement florals will make your tables look beautiful. If we had a choice of 30 pink gerberas or 5 beautiful peonies we’d choose the peonies every time (and fill them out with a little foliage for effect)

4 . Don’t - blow your budget If you can’t afford peonies and David Austin rose arrangements on every table, go for smaller blooms in complementary colours, and spread them out with recycled glass jars dotted around the table instead of one big showcase arrangement. If you can’t afford a florist for your centrepieces, think about growing your own, or style your tables with something quirky instead of flowers (see 6 below)


5 . Do - trust your own style more than Pinterest We all love Pinterest, but someone else made it. If you’re not a cottage garden kind of couple, it’s fine to make up your own centrepieces from scratch! Anything goes these days, from houseplants to lanterns, books or pumpkins!

6 . Do - make it personal Icebreakers are brilliant. Photos of you as children or framed funny little stories can make amazing alter native centrepieces. Think about sharing insights into what makes you tick - find second hand copies of your favourite books and stack them on tables for guests to take home. Guests are there to f i n d o u t m o re a b o u t y o u b o t h … a n d t a b l e centrepieces are a great way to share your story

Photography: Cristina Rossi Photography // Floral Design: Gwenda at Bohotanical // Styling: UNITYstyling

7 . Do - recycle!

What’s in your recycling box this week? Craft beer bottles? Empty marmalade and Gü jars? Could they serve as containers for flowers or candles on your wedding day? Even old tins can be sprayed gold and turned into something pretty for your wedding tables - and family and friends can all help with the collection

8. Don’t - be scared to use colour A friend of mine found retro tomato tins online in vibrant reds, yellows and blues - and transformed them into table centrepieces full of bold florals. I love this idea for adding colour to your reception space

9. Do - use linens Wedding planners and stylists love linens and cheesecloth fabrics for wedding table styling: they add texture and colour - and having styled a few photoshoots myself I can tell you it’s wonderful stuff to dye! Soft twists and furls of fabric can bring your wedding tables into the 21st century

10. Don’t - ignore what’s underneath! We love Jess and Mike’s wedding tables (see page 11) they’re rustic, preloved and look stunning in their marquee venue. Centrepieces can be kept simple if your tables themselves are lovely to look at and any self respecting wedding venue should have gorgeous chairs and tables! 39

Photo credit Kathryn Hopkins



I didn't want a traditional wedding dress as it isn't very 'me'. It took me a while to decide what I wanted and then to find it, but I'm so happy with it in the end. Sam had a custom-made blue suit. Images by Cobham wedding photographer Siobhan H Photography Siobhan was amazing! The photos are perfect and exactly what we wanted - she even made it look sunny despite the weather!










My Mum grew all of the plants - we spent an afternoon in early May planting them into the tubs and she then lovingly looked after them for nearly 3 months and they looked amazing on the day. We had a lot of help from friends and family and this is one of my favourite things about our party it was made by our friends and family. My Mum brought the flowers and plants, Sam's Mum bought the tablecloths, we borrowed all the lights from some close friends and we had an ingenious homemade photo stand. We had a big group decorating the hall before the others arrived. Village halls have lots of posters we covered these with kraft paper and Sam's sister decorated the bar.



This summer’s 10 BEST wedding DIY ideas Look, we’re not saying you have to turn your wedding into a craft project - some of us aren’t made like that, and I totally get it. I’m a huge fan of getting the professionals in! However… I have a penchant for crafting, for calligraphy, for being covered in ink and glitter. So for those of you who’d like to do a little wedding DIY but aren’t sure where to begin, here are our top ideas for this summer!

1. Fabulously bold silk bouquet There are no words for how gorgeous this summer wedding bouquet from Afloral looks! They’re known for their high quality silk flowers, which you can buy online - full step-bystep tutorial here by the wonderful Holly’s Wedding Flowers on Etsy

2. Beautiful, elegant and printable wedding stationery Invite your guests in style with this exquisite and easy-to-use stationery collection from Connie & Joan. Simply download, personalise and print everything from your invitations to your table plan!

3. Perfect your macaron technique! Bakers and foodies will adore making (and eating) gorgeous macarons - they make for beautiful additions to any dessert table and come in all shapes and sizes. We adore these copper flecked beauties by the professionals at MonAnnie, photographed by our friends Amanda Karen Photography


Add glamour with gorgeous blush & rose gold foil stickers We love these pretty personalised stickers by The Foil Stationery Co on Etsy. Use them to seal invite envelopes, decorate favour boxes and more!

Make marshmallow wedding favours! These are so much fun to make - but do practice a few times first, as (from personal experience) flavours and textures don’t always go to plan! Image credit Amanda Karen Photography, styling Events by Funmi

Make your own hoop bouquet Hoops are totally in for summer weddings - we love their versatility - and how delicate and light to carry they can be! 
 This hoop was styled by the guys at and you can find all the flowers and step by step instructions to make your own on their website.


Wax seal it.

Design and make RSVP stamps! Having your very own address stamp made is a bit of a rite of passage for brides and grooms. The English Stamp Company’s service is second to none. These stamps are my own - aren’t they lush?!

Silk & Willow make and sell the most beautiful artisan wedding items, from handmade papers to natural, plant-dyed linens and silk ribbons. These wax seals designed by Written Word Calligraphy are the perfect artistic touch to your designer wedding invitations.

Take a wedding cake class… Semi-naked cakes are in. They’re gorgeous and can be made at home… but do practice, and learn from the professionals if you can! These visions of loveliness are by Rianna and Will’s family, photographed by James Richard Photography

Green fingered favour idea!


Guests will love these adorably on trend succulents - you can make them yourself or buy in bulk! Our favourite supplier is in Manchester - shown here with calligraphy by me at By Moon & Tide, written with my brand new Moblique pen!

Win our top wedding planning book!

There’s no one-size-fits-all wedding. We know some of you love Disney and some of you love retro cameras. Some of you have a budget of £50k and some have carefully saved £2k for your big day. We’re all different, but the one thing we have in common is a desire to celebrate our love and take our commitment to one another to the next level. It can be easy to fall down a Pinterest rabbit hole, or to feel pressured by family, suppliers or the media to do the things we’re told ‘should’ be a part of a wedding in 2018. But don’t - stay true to yourselves and your wedding will be everything it should be and more. Wedding photographer Ross Willsher has written this sanity-giving, wonderfully reassuring, fabulously inspiring and inclusive guide to help you have a wedding as individual as you are. We LOVE it - and we’re giving away our review copy to one lucky reader of the English Wedding Bible.

HOW TO ENTER 1. Like @englishweddingblog and @rosswillsherphotography on Instagram 2. Find the pic of the book shown on our @englishweddingblog insta and give us some love! 3. Leave a comment and tag a friend (the more comments and friends you tag, the more chances you’ll have to enter) Terms & Conditions The competition will run until 31st July 2018 and the winner will be announced in August 2018 and contacted by DM on instagram. The prize is my review copy of Ross’s book - no cash alternative is available and the prize is not transferrable. A winner will be chosen at random from all entries. Good luck! 54


Industrial Luxe



The bare brick and peeling plaster of beautiful Fulford Manor evoke feelings of Great Expectations and Miss Havisham’s dining room. Faded beauty and elegance inspire the most exquisite and somehow timeless bridal style - with divine stationery and florals to match.






Co-Ordination - Knots & Kisses - Venue - Great Fulford, Dunsford, Exeter Styling - Knots & Kisses - Props, Linen & Hire - Large Prop Hire - Photographer - Cake - Florist - Stationery - Silk Ribbons - Hair Stylist - Make-Up - Dresses and Shoes - Te Amo Brides Dress and Veil Designers and Richard Designs Model - Accessories -




Sponsors - meet the English Wedding Blog team I owe a huge thank you to all of these amazing wedding creatives who support the English Wedding Blog. We’ve been ranked a top 10 UK wedding blog since 2009 - that’s almost a decade as one of the nation’s favourites - and all of the credit should go to these guys. No wedding blog would exist without gorgeous photography, advice and ideas contributed by generous, talented and inspiring wedding professionals. Our sponsors are truly part of the team here at and you’ll see their features across our front page as often as once a month. They rock. They’re great people, devoted to their businesses and to their brides and grooms - they’re handpicked to be sponsors of the blog and when I recommend them it’s with a genuine wish to see all of you lovely readers booking them for your big day.

Relaxed and natural storytelling of

Creative wedding photographer for

Natural, unposed wedding

the moments you want to remember

fun and relaxed couples, Martin

storytelling from Clive Blair

- Amanda Karen Photography

Dabek Photography (Bristol)

Photography (Birmingham)

Buckinghamshire wedding

Love, emotion and personality in

Natural, informal and timeless

photographer Damion Mower

every image from Essex wedding

wedding photography from Carol

focuses on telling the story of your

photographer Ayshea Goldberg

Elizabeth (Oxfordshire)


wedding day 64


Stylish, natural wedding

Live wedding band hire and best UK

Multi award-winning wedding

photography from Penny Young

wedding entertainment from

planning and styling from Pudding


Entertainment Nation

Bridge (Bristol, Wiltshire & Somerset)

Showcasing the very best in

Multi-award winning photographers

Subtle, emotive and raw wedding

documentary wedding photography

and filmmakers specialising in

photography (based in Dorset)

capturing real moments in an authentic documentary style (Yorkshire)


Timeless, relaxed and heartfelt

Benjamin Toms Photography - a

Style led planning and design for

photography from Becky Harley

talented documentary wedding

modern couples - Weddings by

(based in Hertfordshire)

photographer based in Kent

Jenna Hewitt (based in Twickenham)

Wedding entertainment ideas from

Nicola Norton is a Hertfordshire

Alive Network are the UK's largest

Warble Entertainment (UK wide)

wedding photographer, specialising

wedding entertainment agency

in natural documentary photography

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Romantic gowns move with the spring breeze, delicate florals in soft tones sing of new beginnings in English gardens filled with blossom and promise


Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring? Neltje Blanchan









Kathryn Hopkins Photography Fallen Flower Design Bridal Reloved Maldon Model: fashion blogger Laura Bradshaw Canadian Film Lab


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A celebration

of spring


A converted monastery with stunning grounds is the perfect backdrop for a youthful, spring bridal look in shades of peach and pale pink. 
 A feminine and romantic palette with punchy pops of colour. Delicate blossom and petal detailing in gorgeous gowns gives a perfect reflection of a sublime wedding venue. Metallic accents of rose gold finish the tablescape and tiered cake beautifully.









Venue: That Amazing Place

Photography: Amanda Karen Photography

Styling and Planning: Emma Turner Weddings

Cake: La Belle Cake Company

Flowers: Miss Fleur Floral Design

Blossom Trees: Jade’s Flower Design

Stationery: White Olive Design Studio

Dresses: Lenka’s Bespoke Bridal

Décor: Party Squared Weddings

Hair Accessories: PS With Love

Hair Styling: Bridal Hair by Jennie

Makeup: JD Cosmetics and Camouflage


Place Stoke

wedding venue review, with Damion Mower Photography

The charming folks at Stoke Place asked if we could come and visit their magnificent wedding venue and write about it on English Wedding. Damion Mower (one of our recommended wedding photographers and a regular feature on English Wedding) very kindly went along on behalf of us all to have a nosey around and tell us all about Stoke Place! Join us for a virtual look at one of Buckinghamshire’s most beautiful venues - images by our favourite Stoke Place wedding photographer Damion Mower Photography

Nestled in the gorgeous Buckinghamshire countryside approximately 30 minutes outside of London is the stunning Stoke Place country house. If you’re in the throes of deciding on your wedding venue then a visit to Stoke Place should certainly be on your shortlist. As you drive into the 26 acre estate you’re greeted by a mature row of hornbeam trees leading you to the country house. The real beauty of Stoke Place slowly unravels itself once you enter the house and peek through the large bay windows which reveal a stunning parkland originally designed in the 18th Century by one of England’s most influential landscape architects, Lancelot Brown (Capability Brown). There is a strong sense of calm and relaxation across the grounds as the mix of natural beauty, abundant wildlife and the lake combine to create a serene vista. As a Buckinghamshire wedding photographer I couldn’t help but notice some lovely spots around the lake where you might get a cool reflection, or a romantic moment as newlyweds on the wooden pontoon that overhangs the edge of the lake. Walking across the parkland there are some quieter spots where a 98

bride and groom can relax and not feel overlooked, offering a deep tree cover to create a contrasted background and enough pockets of light for flattering wedding photographs with a beautiful light glow. For a twist on the more traditional wedding portrait, there are crumbling brick walls full of texture and colour – a perfect backdrop for timeless wedding images. Stoke Place was originally built by the royal chef Patrick Lamb in 1690 after gaining fame and riches from cooking feasts for the aristocracy. Latterly, it was bought by Lieutenant General Thomas Howard who landscaped the grounds and added additional wings. It remained in the family until the mid 1900s when it was sold to South Bucks District Council, who alongside The Cairn Collective began restoring the property to its full glory. If you’re thinking about your wedding venue then Stoke Place effortlessly combines the elegance and classical style of a country house, offering extensive wedding facilities across its numerous banqueting rooms and halls as well as its 39 bedrooms. The highlight of the venue is undoubtedly its grounds, creating a romantic feel to your wedding and providing the perfect backdrop for fabulous wedding photography.

To compete with the parkland, the wedding facilities offer enormous flexibility and are fully customisable, delivering a sense of intimacy and real personality to the wedding day, whilst the main house with its sweeping staircases, antique chandeliers and views into the garden gives your wedding that fairy tale impact that you won’t forget. On the day Damion visited Stoke Place for us, there was a wedding set up – the decor and styling touches really show how beautiful a venue this can be, and I love how the bride and groom had created a magical space with fairy lights and a floral chandelier. Imagine this, as dusk falls and the lights bring the room to life…



The wedding breakfast room looked stunning on the day. The bride and groom had done a fabulous job of creating an intimate and delicate feel to the room, with baubles filled with leaves and tea lights, lots of reflections from the glassware and floral decorations that just accentuated the colours rather than shouted ‘look at me’. Personally I think this room makes for an even lovelier wedding breakfast room than it does a ceremony room – if you’re getting married at Stoke Place and you haven’t booked a photographer yet, get in touch and I’ll explain why! (

The multiple and connecting rooms allow for wedding guests to move freely between locations (including the main house and its bedrooms) and makes the transition from reception to wedding breakfast to evening party seamless. Each room can be decorated and given its own unique identity and personal touch.

The bar area is a great place for people to gather and chat, spilling out into the garden on a nice day and offering a really fluid and relaxed space for guests to while away the time before food is served. On the day of my visit the wedding couple had arranged for some garden jenga and other traditional garden games. Food is prepared by Stoke Place’s Michelin-recommended chef, David Jaram, offering high quality food, some of which is home-grown in their own vegetable garden and in pockets across the ground, carefully marked and peppered amongst the parkland. The wedding menus are extensive, with mouth-watering selections of canapés, meals and evening buffets to delight all of your guests. For guests wanting to explore the venue or those wishing to stay overnight, Mark Hepton and his team offer a relaxed fine dining experience at the King and Lamb restaurant. An eclectic mix of hardwood flooring, cool lighting and bay windows make the restaurant feel modern yet elegant. Our dining experience at Stoke Place was fabulous – the restaurant manager recommended dishes and I took his recommendation on every dish. He was engaging and not pushy, felt like he was on your side and telling you the best things to pick from insider knowledge. In between courses he was chatting to guests and telling them bits of the history of the house and the area.

The bedroom was spacious and had a stunning view out onto the grounds through the traditional bay windows and drapes. Decorated with dark oak beams, wooden floors and an enormous bed with crisp linen. I slept soundly and did not hear anything from the wedding party, getting up early and taking another walk around the grounds to get a few pics. I had to decline breakfast as I was still full from the evening meal! The staff were super attentive, friendly and relaxed with me just walking around and being nosey.


This really is a stunning place to get married, offering a gorgeous indoor and outdoor setting and delivering a romantic and country feel, just 30 minutes outside London. The team are focused and accommodating, making the experience for guests both unique and intimate. An all round winning combination.

Huge thanks to lovely wedding photographer and now Stoke Place expert(!) Damion Mower Photography for visiting Stoke Place for us to write this comprehensive and brilliant review! For more information on Stoke Place visit their website at and to enquire about Damion’s availability to photograph your Buckinghamshire wedding visit


We’d love for wedding venue reviews to become a regular feature in the English Wedding Bible. If you’re a wedding venue owner, or a photographer with a portfolio of images from a magnificent wedding venue, please get in touch!



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How to plan yourWedding tips and advice from Jenna Hewitt

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Over the course of the last twelve months we’ve featured a series of inspiring and insightful articles from lovely London wedding planner, Jenna Hewitt. What better way to wrap up issue 2 of the English Wedding Bible than to share our favourite snippets of advice from Jenna?

…on putting together your wedding style “I start by being a magpie and collecting together all the images that grab my attention, the details, the colours and textures you are drawn to and put them all together – Pinterest is the obvious choice for this and lends itself so nicely. Once you’ve got it all down, now is the time to start working on exactly what direction it is all taking. I look at what’s tying the main images together – the colours, the details, the materials, the shapes, and the feel. At this point I’ll often put together a colour palette (there are some great free online tools by the way that can help you do this) and, I’ll start my cull. I’ll get rid of all the images that don’t fit, for whatever reason, and keep the ones that really do and from here, voilà, I typically land on a solid idea of what it is I’m after.” [read more] 109

… on finding your ‘perfect’ venue “Think details like: last order times at the bar and cut off times for amplified music; venue restrictions on what you can and cannot do with the decor; degree of flexibility on things like preferred suppliers and corkage rules; wet weather contingency; facilities for children or less able guests; whether you will have to hire in extra furniture and/or seating; the turnaround plan if, for example, your ceremony and wedding breakfast are happening in the same room; what level of help/support (if any) you’ll get from the venue on the day of the wedding and leading up to it and from who (and whether or not this is always the same person).” [read more]

…on wedding day regrets “Too many couples dismiss the idea of a videographer without properly looking into it. Some can’t understand the value in having one or they think that they would prefer to spend their budget elsewhere. Sometimes they have the perception that a wedding film will be cheesy or a little naff or perhaps they imagine an obtrusive film crew who will kill the spirit of the day. Sound familiar? There are some amazing videographers out there whose work is quite frankly epic… Wedding videography has moved on and can capture the emotion, the spirit, the essence of your wedding in a very different way to just photography and, if it’s a question of budget, it’s worth a big think about the investment in the grand scheme of the entire wedding budget or seeing if you can make savings elsewhere.” [read more]

… on children at weddings “My opinion is that you should do what you feel is right for you and your style of wedding celebration. If you want a fizz fuelled mega knees up until the early hours, the chances are that your wedding wouldn’t be the type of thing a child would want to attend (over-refreshed adults can actually be quite scary…). It will also depend on factors like your life stage and those of your guests as well as your family set up.” [read more]

… on finding ‘the’ dress! “I’ve seen a fair few brides-to-be through finding their wedding dresses and, hands down, for me you need to start with some idea of the style, the look and feel you are after. There really is no point in booking heaps of appointments only to find that they don’t stock anything that vaguely appeals. Not only is it a frustrating waste of your time (and theirs), it can be utterly deflating. Few brides have a crystal clear idea of exactly what they want before they begin but to start your research at your first appointment isn’t always the best idea. “ [read more]

… on wedding day timings “I love it when my couples decide to “pepper” the meal with the speeches. This year one of my couples have 5 speeches but each is happening at a different part of the meal. Father of the Bride is doing a welcome before the starters. Bride and Groom are doing a double act post starters and best men are after dessert. Mix it up!” [read more]

… on bending the rules with wedding speeches “I’ve never been a big fan of following all the rules. The world is changing and that includes the world of weddings. People are more willing to bend the rules. I’ve known many Brides who take to the floor or weddings where the standard line up doesn’t make sense, an absent Father of the Bride for example. In the case of one of my weddings, the Mother of the Bride delivered the speech. The Father was a self-confessed introvert when it came to public speaking so Mum took the role and it was brilliant. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with tradition, but if it doesn’t work for you, change it.” [read more] *** Jenna of Weddings by Jenna Hewitt creates style-led weddings for couples looking for understated, laid back luxury where it’s all about the atmosphere, the food, the drink and having an unforgettable party!


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