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English Wedding Editor: Claire Gould

* * * Cover image credit: Kathryn Hopkins (see page 11 for all supplier credits)



Thank you for reading the first ever English Wedding Bible! I hope you love what you find in these beautiful pages we’ve put together for you. Getting married is the most exciting thing!! Huge congratulations from me and everyone at English Wedding. Have the most wonderful wedding planning journey… I hope our ideas and advice will help along the way! I wanted to curate a gorgeous digital magazine for modern brides and grooms, without overwhelming you with ads or trying to sell you wedding fluff you don’t need. Within the pages of the English Wedding Bible you’ll find visual styling ideas, honest and down-to-earth advice, along with recommendations for hand picked UK wedding suppliers - the very best I know. We also have 6 beautiful editorial shoots to inspire you, along with 4 of our favourite real weddings from some of our amazing photographer friends. We share our best wedding styling tips, great advice for choosing your photographer and understanding different photography styles, for finding that ‘timeless’ wedding dress, and my own piece on how to remember your wedding. Plus there’s a DIY flower mirror project which you can adapt to your theme and use throughout

Claire x

your day, a Directory of our fave suppliers at the back, and a BUNNY. You’ll find his adorable little face on page 102. So grab a cuppa, snuggle up and enjoy reading the English Wedding Bible!




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Windswept floral inspiration


Head-screwed-on wedding planning


Christiane & Peter’s wedding


WIN your wedding invitations


Styling your wedding


Jane Austen style edit


Coastal elopement story


How to choose your wedding photographer


Michelle & Daniel’s wedding


Wedding dress trends & traditions


Fine art bridal edit


Make a floral mirror


Just what is reportage wedding photography?


Italian wedding edit


The insider’s guide to wedding blogs


Whimsical Easter wedding


How to remember your wedding


Lauren & Aron’s wedding


Authentic vintage wedding style


Liz & Richard’s wedding


Nordic wedding style edit


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Combining delicate and fragrant summer blooms in palest yellow, white and ivory with delicious textures and loose foliage creates a beautiful luxe feel for your wedding bouquet. We love the soft tones in this romantic bridal edit - the barely-there blue wrap; the silk ribbons and pretty, boho luxe hair accessories. For nature lovers and free spirits whose love of the countryside will never fade. Full supplier list on page 11







Kathryn Hopkins Photography Fallen Flower Design Bridal Reloved Maldon Model: fashion blogger Laura Bradshaw Canadian Film Lab


Head screwed on…

Wedding planning

Overwhelm is normal. Weddings can be big, exciting family events that everyone wants to be a part of from day

Other practical considerations to get your heads around before you think about styling

one. Keeping a lid on your friends’ and families’ ideas (in the nicest possible way) will

includes your guest list, ceremony and booking key suppliers - for example, your photographer

be your first challenge.

and registrar.

The influence of wedding media is easier to

The balance between budget / logistics and

block out. Read selectively. Be aware that most wedding magazines are catalogues with

styling should bee pretty even, with styling taking less of your time and effort than the

70-90% advertising content. Choose your reading material wisely and take every word with a pinch of salt.

other two. Why? Because styling is a million times more


fun than the practical stuff! It’s so easy to get carried away on Pinterest or reading blogs

Give attention equally to budgeting, logistics and styling. It’s easy to focus all your attention

every day - but when that ring is on your finger will you look back and say those 700 hours of your life Pinning and gazing at other couples’

on styling but colour palettes and details are the tip of your wedding iceberg.

floral arrangements were worthwhile? Share the workload

Budgeting should be the aspect of your wedding you both look at first. Knowing what

You’re marrying each other. You’re getting

you can spend is so important - it’ll stop you having your hearts broken by a dream venue

married, and she’s getting married. As equal partners approaching one of the biggest

you can’t afford, for example. And when it comes to dress and suit shopping you’ll know which designers and boutiques are in your

events in both of your lives, it’s really important that neither of you is doing too much. Read more about planning together in

price range before your heart is set on anything you just can’t stretch to.

the article on page 109 and remember that in order to keep your planning sane and sensible you need to share the huge task of wedding planning equally between you both.

Logistics will be a basis for so many of your wedding decisions - the practical stuff should be high on your list of priorities once your budget is set. Where will you marry? Which

Project management

county? Which venue? Who will have to travel?

Plan your wedding in the most efficient way you can. If either of you is involved in projects at work the process should be similar - work !12

out a timeline and spread tasks throughout the

There will be times when things bother you,

duration of your planning. It’s so easy to do loads at the very beginning before tailing off a bit until you find you have 2 or 3 months to do

when money worries get too much or you argue with your fiancé(e) about plans. Having someone else you know you can talk to is

- oh, shit! - everything all at once! Writing it down or getting a wall planner or dedicated

invaluable in keeping you both sane!

(shared) diary will really help you plan. Do you think an events manager could manage their job without this kind of strategy? No, neither


do I!

countdown clocks - I don’t know if they still do. I’ve always preferred the idea of counting

Keep living life I’ve heard too many stories of couples whose

down to your first full day as a married couple. Think of your future in terms of being married, not just getting married. It’s so easy to lose

wedding planning takes up every single weekend and many evenings for the 18 or so

perspective and think of the wedding as the main event. It’s not! So it’s a huge party - but

months before they marry. Yes, a wedding takes a lot of time to plan. But essentially all it is is a big party. Keep that in mind and

being married for the rest of your lives is a bigger deal than that one day of celebrations.

remember to go out with friends, spend time together doing other things and so on. If

If you get bogged down with colour palettes, dress and suit appointments or any of the

you’re worried about finances go to the beach instead of the city, have a UK mini break in a caravan instead of a hotel stay abroad.

details which can - weirdly - take over your lives, remember: the whole point of the journey you’re making is that special and

All the wedding forums used to have wedding

unique commitment you’ll share. So make dates. Go out. See movies. Have weekends off at home to do absolutely nothing. go as far as scheduling them into your planning timetable. You’ll be carrying on with

Remember the after

your normal lives after the wedding - so don’t lose sight of what that means during the

your big day? None? Then make some! The more focused your lives are on planning your

wedding planning process. Talk to someone (else)

wedding, the more likely you are to fall down a rabbit hole straight afterwards. Life will go on as normal as soon as you’re back home. It will

Have a wedding chat buddy - someone who

feel wonderfully calm - but losing the focus of having something big to plan can leave a

What plans have you made for the month after

will listen without offering too much advice, and who will understand without judging. You both need to be able to let off steam or

gaping hole in your lives.

express any worries with someone other than your partner - although do talk to them too,

concert, or even plan a list of books or Netflix series you’re dying to get stuck into! Think

obviously! For me my wedding chat buddy would be my mum. She’s calm and very practical, a great listener and someone I can

about decorating, learning a new hobby or exploring where you live. Having a little project to look forward to together will stop

talk to about almost anything.

you feeling like your wedding was the end of something, when really it’s the beginning

So book a short holiday with friends, or a

of something wonderful. 


Delicately beautiful calligraphy and wedding stationery Instagram: @bymoonandtide Facebook: @bymoonandtide !14

Illustrations by Amy Swann | Photo by Jo Bradbury | Buttonholes by Fletcher & Foley

AMY SWANN Stunning handmade wedding cakes, Instagram: @swann.amy
 Facebook: @Amy Swann Cakes

Image: Jess Petrie Photography


Christiane&Peter Cookstown, Northern Ireland

Inbetween Days Photography


G o rg e o u s b r i d e C h r i s t i a n e i s German, and her very handsome groom Peter is Irish. Their wedding was a brilliant Bavarian-Irish mash up and so much fun, it broke tradition in a lot of ways as the two different cultures came together. We LOVE Christiane’s bouquet and that gorgeous dress; Peter’s dickie bow and buttonhole; the breathtaking locations of their day and those happy smiles…

See their supplier recommendations on page 23







Photographer: lovely Laura from Inbetween Days (check her out, she’s one of our faves!)
 Styling: Bronagh Tesch (the groom’s sister) from Sable & Soul Flowers: Marie McGonnell 
 Wedding Dress: Penrith Bridal Centre, Sydney Suits: Next | Bridesmaid Dresses: TFNC Cake: McGlaughlin’s Bakery Cookstown Hair & MUA: A Cut Above Cookstown & Lorraine Bell Catering: Arbutus Catering NI (main) & Papa J’s - Wood Fired Pizza Co from Magherafelt (evening supper - wood fired Pizza) Band: The Liberals from Belfast !23


your wedding invitations

with the English Wedding Blog We’re offering one lucky reader a month the chance to win up to £100 of wedding invitations in J a n u a r y, F e b r u a r y, M a r c h a n d A p r i l ! !24


on our Facebook page @EnglishWedding V i s i t t h e E n g !2l 5i s h W e d d i n g B l o g for full terms and conditions

them in place so that they look pretty… not

How to

always possible or practical in real life). Think about your venue Your venue choice will have a big impact on your wedding style direction and I’d advise holding back on making any big decisions until you’ve

… put together your wedding style

booked it. I’ll give you an example from Hannah and Ben’s wedding planning – one of my lovely summer 2018 couples. Hannah, by her own

by wedding planner & stylist Jenna Hewitt

admission, is drawn to classic elegance. But… they have chosen Cowley Manor as their wedding venue. Cowley on the outside is very much

There was a time (and it feels like long ago), when we didn’t have the joys of the internet, social media or Pinterest. When it comes to wedding style part of me thinks “how on earth

country house hotel but, on the inside, it is very much contemporary, bright and cool. Classic elegance within the setting of bright blues, yellows and lime green… you understand the

did we manage” but the other half of me feels it was possibly a much simpler place.

point! If you’ve decided on what us planners would call a ‘dry hire’ venue or, perhaps, a marquee, you’ll have more of a blank canvas to

Without a doubt the access to the resources we have has placed huge focus/pressure on wedding styling. There now exist wedding trend reports and predictions and, as a wedding stylist and

work with but even dry hire venues can have a ‘feel’ attached (an empty London warehouse for example would have a very different vibe versus a

planner, I eagerly await Pantone’s release of colour of the year – so often linked to the emerging colour trends and choices for the next

country barn).

season. Today, more than ever, putting your style stamp on your big day is a big deal. But it isn’t always easy to zone in on a style, put it all

Become a magpie Once you’re ready with the above I start by being a magpie and collecting together all the images that grab my attention, the details, the colours

together, or know where to begin. Know your budget

and textures you are drawn to and put them all together – Pinterest is the obvious choice for this and lends itself so nicely (it’s also such a fun thing

I am guilty of banging on about budget but, for me, it is really important. You need to know how much you have to spend. You know that image

to do during a lunch break or, dare I say it, slightly dull meeting?!). Once you’ve got it all down, now is the time to start working on exactly what direction it is all taking. I look at what’s

you’ve been poring over on Pinterest… the one with the huge flower wall / display / arch / staircase? Well that quite possibly costs in

tying the main images together – the colours, the details, the materials, the shapes, and the feel. At this point I’ll often put together a colour

excess of £3000 alone, no joke. This is where Pinterest can be dangerous, everything you see there is not always realistically attainable, but if you know your budget you can start to make

palette (there are some great free online tools by the way that can help you do this) and, I’ll start my cull. I’ll get rid of all the images that don’t fit,

realistic choices - and it is still possible to have a gorgeous looking wedding on a lower budget. The other reason to be wary of Pinterest is that a

for whatever reason, and keep the ones that really do and from here, voilà, I typically land on a solid idea of what it is I’m after. At this point I’ll give it a name - it sounds silly but it helps me

lot of those images will have been taken from styled shoots, not real weddings and again, could be difficult to replicate (yes as stylists we are very

focus on what it is I’m designing.

guilty of pinning things down, gluing / wiring



shouldn’t be overlooked.

A great example is

The above may sound like a whole host of effort but, if you’re the kind of bride who really wants a

your stationery designer. For your guests, the first impression or glimpse into your wedding style is the invitation or save the date card. It’s a

style led, cohesive looking wedding, it is so worth the effort of doing (or finding someone to do it for you!). Once you’ve nailed it I would pull it all together into your own design bible,

little chance to give your sneak peek and set the tone of your wedding day. This is also why I often start the styling with my wedding clients early doors. We won’t necessarily have every

lookbook, moodboard. Whatever you want to call it this is basically, all the images and ideas in one place. When I’m styling a wedding or a

element tied down early but we’ll have an initial idea so that when the save the dates are sent out (say 12-9 months before) the stationery ‘fits’.

shoot this is exactly what I do. I’ll work with the bride on all the ideas through a styling session and, coming out of this, I’ll put together the

DIY - to do or not to do?

lookbook that we will refine together until it is perfect. Not only is it really useful for the bride, and me, it’s really important to be able to share with all the suppliers who will help pull the look

I couldn’t write about styling without touching on the DIY debate. Should you or shouldn’t you DIY certain elements of your wedding styling? The answer, of course, is it is your choice entirely but

together. It’s so much easier for them if they can visually see what it is you are thinking of.

here are some things to think about before you decide: the first is around cost. I’ve known brides who assume that making it yourself will

Choose your team (wisely)

save money. From experience this is not always the case – always best to Google check first. The second is to think about left overs… do you really

The team of suppliers you choose to help you bring all of this hard work together are important – they are going to be responsible for bringing it to life and it is important that they ‘get it.’ From

want 70 hurricane vases flecked with gold leaf, left over after your wedding – what are you going to do with all that stuff? There are some excellent hire companies out there who will loan

a supplier point of view, you’ll want to pick the right person to suit the style. Let me take florists for example. If I was styling a wedding in an

you these things – not only can this make it much more cost effective but it means you aren’t left over with lots of things you’ll likely never use

English countryside setting with a laidback, unpolished but still chic feel I would be looking for a florist known for unstructured, wilder

again. The final thing is time. Planning a wedding is time consuming. Adding DIY styling to this adds even more time (and you’ll always

arrangements, perhaps one with a passion for using British sourced flowers. On the other end of the scale, if you were looking for something urban, bold and tropical you would likely make a

underestimate how much). I’m not trying to put you off but it really is worth thinking about. I’m not anti DIY at all – in fact I’ve seen it done brilliantly and in a way that really brings a family /

different choice. As wedding professionals, most of us have our preferred style and this is worth bearing in mind. Look around and get a feel –

friendship group together (in this example an exceptionally creative one) – but I do think many people don’t always think it through before

Instagram accounts are a great place to do this.

embarking on it (and live to regret it).

All the little details

Lovely English Wedding Blog sponsor Jenna

Speaking of suppliers to help you put together your wedding style, don’t underestimate how many of these there will be. There are the

Hewitt has written a series of articles following one of her couples' wedding planning journeys, which you can find on the English Wedding Blog here: Jenna Hewitt’s articles

obvious ones like the florist and cake designer, the venue but there are also those suppliers who contribute to all the beautiful details who


Weddings by Jenna Hewitt is a wedding planning and design service for style led couples who love a sense of understated laid back luxury where the focus is on the ambience, the food, the drink and having an unforgettable party! A firm believer in doing things your way rather than the ‘done’ way and not afraid to break with tradition, I avoid the predictable, obvious and generic to design a day that is truly different and completely represents you. With as much passion and expertise for design as the logistics I offer a range of services whether this be handing you the gift of time and taking care of your entire wedding preparation or one element such as working with you on your dream design - my services are entirely bespoke to you. I’d love to hear from you. Jenna

website Facebook Instagram


Becky Harley Photography

Becky Harley is a wedding photographer based in Welwyn Garden City, in Hertfordshire. She loves to capture natural images that are full of light, life and love! 




Style your wedding with romance, elegance and serenity. This styling edit takes inspiration from the Georgian era, particularly represented by Jane Austen novels, using a soft and feminine colour palette with carefully chosen fabrics, divine florals and a statement bridal gown Supplier list on page 37







Images by Kate Nielen Photography Styling / Coordination by Goose & Berry Fiona Perry Floral Design Mel Kinsman Make Up Artist Patricia Soper Make-up and Hairstyling 'Contessa' Dress by Chantal Mallett - Couture Bridalwear & Accessories Shoes Emmy London Arabel Lebrusan Jewellery Headpiece by Victoria MillĂŠsime Melissa Woodland Cakes Stationery by Paperknots Lace & Ribbons - Lancaster & Cornish Grey Linen Table Runner - Kate Cullen Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware, Linen, Napkins - rented from Couvert Academy Furniture Hire Cornwell Manor Model Charlotte Godfrey



FOXY BUDS Flowers by Foxy Buds are the epitome of creative luxury, abundant but relaxed designs that reflect YOU! Facebook: @foxybuds Instagram: @foxybuds



CoastalElopementStory Photographer Olivia Bossert brings to life the vision of a runaway couple, desperately in love, and with a

heart filled with adventure. There’s an element of forbidden love in this editorial inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. These two have a love for the land, elope on the cliffs of Cornwall, and

never look back. Elopement is becoming more popular as modern couples choose to make their commitment to one another in their own individual ways - and we love the romance and freedom of those adventurous spirits who choose elopement over a traditional wedding. Supplier list on page 47







Photography: Olivia Bossert Flowers: Ruby Alice Floral Design Dress: Ailsa Munro Dressmaker Rings: Grace Baskerville Hair and Make Up: Make Up by Ione Stationery: By Moon and Tide Models: Jessica Doherty and Joseph Martyn



How to

…choose your perfect wedding photographer by Amanda Karen Photography

Choosing your wedding photographer is definitely not something you should rush. Your wedding photos could well be the only tangible memento you have of this amazing day. They’re the images you’ll display in your home for the rest of your lives and

Above all that however, my greatest piece of advice is to remember that cheap isn’t necessarily better. Your photos stay with you and it’s important you’ll be happy with them. Actually you should be more than happy - you should be utterly overjoyed with your

they’ll be the photos you share with your family as it grows over the years so selecting the right photographer for you is a big deal, whatever style you’re looking for. Here’s my advice if you really want to ‘click’ with the perfect wedding

wedding photos and they should perfectly capture this life-changing event forever. It could be worth considering less coverage (so fewer hours) by the photographer you absolutely adore rather than opting for a cheaper supplier. Ask your photographer if they offer gift vouchers to use toward your album or prints. This is something we

photographer… Start by browsing the real weddings you’ll find online and in magazines. What style of photographer appeals to you? Is it a really light, fine art style or do you prefer darker images or a more traditional take on the day? Check out your shortlisted photographers online and take a look at their social

do and it works incredibly well. Finally, a word on photography jargon. Try not to get too hung up on words. Whether photographers describe themselves as candid, reportage, documentary, fine art or editorial in style doesn’t really matter if you love their images. Ask to see a

media. How do they describe themselves? If they say they’re ‘documentary wedding photographers’ for example, use this as a search term in Google (add your area too) to find more wedding pros that work in a similar style.

couple of ‘full weddings’, not just their pick of the images on a website. If you love how they cover the day, the words they use to describe themselves are almost immaterial.

Check out all the names on your list. Visit their

Your photographer will always own the copyright to your images but will grant you personal usage rights. This means that you’re free to print and share your

websites, download their brochures, read their blogs and browse their portfolios. Most photographers include pricing details on their website. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the cost before you enquire and check their availability for your date.

images with whomever you like as often as you like as long as the photos are not being used for any commercial purpose.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see their most recent work.

Obviously, we love it when our couples tag us when they share photos online and the majority of photographers will check with you before they share

I t ’s s u p e r i m p o r t a n t t h a t y o u m e e t t h e photographers who’ve made your final shortlist. You absolutely need to get on with your photographer and feel comfortable with them – you’re trusting them with a lot and you’ll be around them all day. If

or use your photos too. If you don’t want that to happen or if you’re not sure about anything image related, talk to your photographer – we’re always happy to help and we LOVE to talk about weddings!

you’re not sure what you need to ask them, I’ve got just what you need right here. Ask about albums early on really easy to get excited photographer will give you your images but we’re all

Amanda and Hutch are husband and wife wedding photography team and bring their fine art portraiture and natural relaxed photography to

in the process too. It’s by the fact that your digital copies of all of guilty of storing these

wedding couples to ensure their wedding day is beautifully captured. Founded in 2014, Amanda Karen Photography photograph weddings both within the UK and overseas as a love for travel as well as weddings is the perfect combination! We

photos and not looking at them very often, let alone printing them and valuing them. Your wedding album and prints for your home are so special but they’re easily overlooked. Remember, you don’t have to commit to an album yet but knowing the cost and

specialise in creating beautiful fine art wedding albums so your memories aren’t hidden away on a computer or on a device that may not work in years to come.

the process for ordering is really important.


AMANDA KAREN PHOTOGRAPHY Facebook – PhotographybyAmandaKaren Instagram – @amandakarenphotography Pinterest – AmandaKarenPhotography Twitter – AKaren_Photo !49

D O C U M E N TA R Y W E D D I N G P H O T O G R A P H E R BASED IN CANTERBURY - KENT Instagram: @benjamintomsphotography Facebook: BenjaminTomsPhotography


I’ve always loved capturing true, honest moments, and for me there’s no single event that best encapsulates all the emotions we go through, than a wedding. Excitement, nerves, relief, elation – it’s all there, and it’s about letting you relax and enjoy the day you’ve spent all those hours on planning. My aim is for you to look back on your images and remember what actually happened on your wedding day, not what was set-up. I want the atmosphere and emotion to shine through each and every image. A wedding day goes by so quickly but what will live on in the months and years after, are the memories, and the images.”

Kristian Leven Photography !51 Instagram: @kristianlevenphoto Facebook: kristianlevenphotography

LEE ALLISON PHOTOGRAPHY I pride myself on capturing special moments that can easily be missed throughout a wedding day. I love delivering images to brides and grooms that they never even knew had happened. It gives me such a buzz to be able to provide couples with so many amazing memories that they will be able to show their children and grandchildren. It sounds very clichĂŠ but I really do love what I do and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love for a living. I also think having worked as graphic designer for 12 years heavily influences my work and I love incorporating creative portraits into the wedding day. These take no more than 30 minutes but can be really standout images from the day. Facebook: leeallisonphotography !52

Instagram: @leeallisonphotography The English Wedding Blog is a top UK blog for brides and grooms looking to style and plan their wedding creatively and in their own individual way, without the constraints of etiquette and outdated traditions. Since 2009 we’ve curated an online space for couples to be inspired by real weddings, editorial shoots and the latest in wedding design - with a real focus on finding the very best English and UK weddings and suppliers. We’ve published over 3,000 real weddings, inspiration shoots and styling articles in our 8 years, and been read by more than 2 million brides, grooms and wedding suppliers. Join them today and be a part of our story: Facebook: Instagram: @englishweddingblog !53 Image credit: Kathryn Hopkins (see page 11 for all supplier credits)

Micheď †e&Daniel Tunnels Beaches, Devon !54 Robin Goodlad Photography


Our second gorgeous bride and groom are Michelle and Daniel, whose Tunnels Beaches wedding strikes us as a simply perfect day. The location has its own magic: accessible only by a secret tunnel, private and wonderfully romantic‌ and come evening time, bathed in glorious rays at the sun sets. Think marshmallows and firepits, sea breezes and the gentle lapping of waves as you marry on your very own private beach. Photographer: Robin Goodlad Full supplier list page 63








Photography - Robin Goodlad Venue – Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe, Devon Flowers - In Bloom, Devon Hair – Louise Alway Dress – Sass and Grace, Winchester Make up – Eve Ashby Cake – Edible Essence Band – The Salvation


NICOLA NORTON PHOTOGRAPHY Facebook: nicolanortonphotography Instagram: @nicolanortonphotography

Anybody can take a good picture, however it’s my job to tell the story of your wedding day. I’m Nicola Norton, a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer specialising in natural, documentary style images. My style of photography is what you would describe as relaxed and natural documentary photography. I absolutely love natural lighting and am always hunting for the most beautiful and flattering lighting, which I consider myself very good at. Wedding photography is about the way you see the picture rather than what’s actually in it. !64

Pudding Bridge

Pudding Bridge is a multi-award winning Wedding Planning company based in Bristol. Specialising in elegant country house weddings, Helen Hopkins is passionate about organising epic extended celebrations in amazing country houses throughout the UK. Instagram: @puddingbridgeplanning Facebook: puddingbridge !65

!66 P h o t o g r a p h e r c r e d i t : R AC H EL ROSE PHO TO G RAPH Y Full supplier list on page 77

Trends&Traditions I T D O E S N ' T M AT T E R W H AT Y O U D O -

Y O U R D R E S S I S G O I N G T O L O O K D AT E D I N 1 0 Y E A R S ( A N D T H AT ' S O K AY )

by Ailsa Munro Dressmaker The problem with fashion - and maybe actually life

interpret the traditional historical clothing through

in general - is that no matter what you do, no

their contemporary design handwriting- so

matter how hard you try, no matter how cool you

Elizabeth Bennett as told in 1995 looks quite

felt at the time, when you look back at it 10 or 20

different to 2005 Elizabeth Bennett.

years later everything is just a little cringe. One of

So if you know it's going to be dated, and you

the best things I've found about growing up is that

want to still love your dress in 10 years, how do

every year gets me a little bit further away from

you go about picking a wedding dress?

2009, when I really liked the colour teal, and would sometimes dress head to toe in it, complete with

My advice as a dressmaker - though it applies to

teal glitter eyeliner called "pizzazz", looking like a 6

the whole wedding - is to pick something that

foot, blonde, teenage smurf. We've all made our

feels like you. It is easy in wedding planning to get

peace with it, and fling ourselves into trends with

swept up into doing things because you think you

the sure and honest belief that we've figured it out

need to, or should, or might not get a chance to

and that this is how we'll always want to look and

again. This in itself for me is not enough of a reason

doing our hair/lipstick/jeans any other way would

to wear a huge dress when you might be more

be insane. Until a few years later. When we decide

comfortable or feel more yourself in something

actually maybe we were slightly over plucking our

simple. The more in line with your personal style


the dress is, the less likely you are to regret it in years to come. That might mean something really

Until you have to pick a wedding dress. Suddenly,

kooky, like a black lace steampunk wedding dress,

the stakes are way higher. You only get one

or it might mean something relaxed and simple, or

wedding dress (unless you are Elizabeth Taylor).

maybe it does mean a huge white meringue. The

And you are thinking of two people when you try

important thing is that you find what is comfortable

and pick out a dress- who you are now, and who

to you, and then really go for it.

you think you might be in ten or twenty or forty years time.

Ailsa Munro, 24 year old couture dress maker, has just released her new bridal wear

This is more or less impossible. Since about 1900,

collection. Designed to inspire brides to design

wedding dresses have been changing in a roughly

their own dress, Ailsa's collection shows a

10 year pattern. It's slower than the fashion we

range of styles that all reflect her ethos of

wear on a day to day basis, and there's more of a

beautiful, comfortable, well-made dresses.

nod towards traditions over trends, but ultimately they are a reflection of their time. If you're not sure

what I mean, watch some Jane Austen adaptations

Instagram: @ailsamunrodressmaker 

from the last 30 years. They're all set at the same point in time, but the designers can't help but





69l i s t o n p a g e 7 7 F u l l s u p p l i e r!








Photographer Rachel Rose and dressmaker Ailsa Munro

We adore the vibrant colours of Ailsa’s dresses, which

collaborated on this styled shoot to showcase a new

tie in so beautifully with the illustrated wedding cake

collection of wedding dresses.

and pretty, creative table settings. Bold pops of gem colours will define weddings in 2018, so whether you

“My second collection is a smaller and more focused

combine them with soft tones or contrast with dark

investigation of current bridal trends, blended with my signature romance and nostalgia. At the end of my first year in the wedding industry, I drew inspiration from fine art wedding culture and designed the whole collection in a short flurry of creativity. The five dresses range in style, including traditional Georgian corsetry, a collaboration with bridal accessory designer Victoria Fergusson, hand crafted embroidered organza and billowing poet sleeves.”

hues or whites, be sure to let your individuality shine!

Dresses: Photography: Styling: Flowers: Venue: Make up: Stationery: Cake: Model: Jemima Watling



Natural and informal photography to capture your wedding day in a romantic and classical style. I will capture the moments of your day as they happen, with attention to detail and a friendly, calm and professional approach. I will spend time with you to create some beautiful and relaxed portraits in the grounds of your venue, as well as plenty of candid and informal photos of your family and guests enjoying your day. My aim is to provide you with lasting and timeless memories to capture the mood of your day, which can be enjoyed for many years to come. Facebook: Instagram: @carol_elizabeth_photography !78

Entertainment Nation

Entertainment Nation is trusted by happy couples throughout the UK to help them discover their dream wedding entertainment. Representing an eclectic selection of recommended, professional wedding bands, musicians and performers, when you visit Entertainment Nation you’re sure to find the perfect act to make your big day even more special. Expert wedding entertainment advisers are available between 10am and 10pm, 7 days a week, to assist you in your search for the best wedding entertainment at the time that’s best for you.
 Pictured: The Wayfarers Facebook: EntertainmentNation Instagram: @entertainmentnationuk


Linus Moran Photography

My approach is often referred to as documentary, with observation and attunement being key to how I see, feel and capture wedding day stories. I find subtle, emotive moments often interlaced with humour resonate with me, along with those that I work with. Having recently married myself, I’m only too aware how quickly a wedding day passes, strongly believing that key moments of connection far outweigh any posed photographer directed image. The day is all about you, your family and friends, how you celebrated, what you all shared. I want to create a truthful account of your day that will stand the test of time. People and life stories drive me forward creatively. I work with multimedia films embracing photography, videography and audio to capture the richness of people, their humour and their tenderness. My passion is shared with fellow Associate Photographers who work with me as well as shooting weddings under my brand. Between us we can offer pure photography at competitive rates, going through to myself shooting your day as Lead Photographer shooting stills, videography and aerial drone videography. Facebook: Linus.Moran.Photography Instagram: @linusmoran !80

MakeAFloralMirror with Anastasia at


We love this pretty DIY floral mirror project! All you need is a mirror (choose a make up mirror with bulbs if you like), silk flowers - we recommend Afloral - and a glue gun. Mirrors make the most amazing table plans, or you can use them around your reception as signs for your order of the day, wedding menu or directional signage. 1. Prepare your mirror well by cleaning the frame, sanding it down and painting it if the original

5. Anastasia used real foliage to finish off her mirror, and this is a great idea if you’re styling

colour doesn’t suit your theme. Anastasia used rose gold paint for hers.

your mirror for your wedding. Either ask your florist for a few extra sprigs, or forage outdoors a day or two before. So long as you’ve used

2. Choose your silk flowers and arrange them on the ground around the frame so you can work out the spacing. Go for a pattern which has a little variation, and group statement blooms together

enough fake flowers, there should be plenty of places where you can wedge in your foliage!

for a really pretty look. 3. Trim off the stems.

We love Anastasia’s dusky pink peonies and delicate rosebuds. This would look equally fabulous in shades of blue with hydrangeas, or with pops of vibrant cherry and red tones (poppies or anemones) too! 4. Use your glue gun to blob plenty of glue to the back of each flower, then stick them to the mirror one at a time. Instagram: @wedhead_london !82



Ayshea Goldberg Photography I understand that every wedding is precious and unique, so I create beautiful imagery showing love, emotion and personality. This collection of memories and timeless photographs will become your family history. I have a relaxed style and work unobtrusively, preferring to stay in the background and telling the story of your wedding through the eyes of your guests. I have a light and airy style that is perfect for capturing natural moments as well as creating timeless portraits. I have a keen eye for detail and love to record all the elements of a wedding day that you’ve spent so long planning and working on – the table settings, flowers and styling that are all so important.

I work with each client to give a personal experience; from spending time getting to know you and all your tiny but significant details, selecting the perfect scenic locations, putting you at ease throughout the whole journey, and producing a personal collection to unveil to you during a viewing session. Once you enter my world of intimate luxury, I pride myself on giving an exceptional service as well as beautiful photography. Facebook: aysheagoldbergphotography !85

ReportageWedding Photography?

Just what is…

by Alan Law, founder of This Is Reportage

When you’re planning your wedding, photography will no doubt be high on your list – and rightly so! – but just what are all the

Another reason why it’s so important? Because people look their best when they don’t know they’re being photographed.

different styles about? Traditional, fine art, fashion, alternative, documentary…what do

Whereas a traditional wedding photographer

they all mean? Well, I’m going to explain all about the one

will often ask people to smile for the camera – which can result in people putting on their ‘camera face’ and often looking stiff and

wedding photography style that I think is the most important: Reportage.

awkward – photographers specialising in reportage / documentary will capture people totally unaware.

Reportage wedding photography is also known as ‘documentary’ or ‘wedding

T h i s m e a n s t h e y c a p t u re p e o p l e b e i n g

photojournalism’, but, basically, all three names mean the same thing: Natural, candid

themselves – totally naturally – and isn’t the true capture of someone being themselves the

photography of your day, without interrupting you or making you pose.

most beautiful thing? Another reason? It’s perfect if you’re camera-

Why is this so important?

shy or self-conscious (and aren’t we all…?).

For so many reasons! Firstly, do you really want to be posing for the camera all day, or would you rather just be enjoying every second,

Because you won’t be asked to pose, or to repeat things, you can totally forget about the camera and just enjoy your day…perfect!

knowing that your photographer is capturing all those moments totally naturally?

The fifth reason I’m going to touch upon is

Weddings don’t need to be a photoshoot!

this: You’ll see things you didn’t even know happened.

Secondly, because moments matter most: The look on your Dad’s face when he sees you in

A great reportage wedding photographer knows that there aren’t many occasions in life

your dress for the first time; the love in your groom’s eyes when he sees you walking down the aisle; your Aunt having a little nap after a

where all your family and friends are together in the same place, so, whilst you’ll both feature in lots of the photos, you’ll also receive

few too many glasses of Prosecco…these are a l l m o m e n t s t h a t a re p o r t a g e w e d d i n g

hundreds of photos of the people closest to you, doing things you hadn’t even been privy

photographer will capture for you – and are thus all moments that you’ll be able to re-live through your images for the rest of your lives.

to yourself on the day – magic!


The penultimate reason?

The vast majority of reportage wedding

Reportage wedding photography is art; totally creative and artistic wedding photography,

photographers still love to get some portraits of just the two of you (if you want that, of course), and still get those group shots for

captured on the fly.

your Gran’s mantelpiece, too (again, only if you want them).

This means your images will be truly unique, because instead of a photographer just going through the same old poses/locations as all

So you can still have 99% of your day captured in a totally natural way, whilst also getting

his/her other weddings, they are capturing what is happening in front of them – the tears,

those portraits and groups – it really is having your (wedding) cake and eating it too!

the dancing, the laughter, the embarrassed glances – and those events are always, always unique.

This article was written by Alan Law, founder of This is Reportage, a worldwide directory

The final reason why I think reportage wedding

of the very best reportage wedding photographers. Visit the website, tell us where you’re getting married, and we’ll show you a list of the best momentcapturers around.


Image credit: Neil Redfern Photography via This Is Reportage

photography is the style to go for is because you can have the best of both worlds.

Image credit: Chris Barber Photography via This Is Reportage Instagram: @thisisreportage Facebook: thisisreportage Twitter: thisisreportage


York Place Studios Wedding Photographers. Wedding Filmmakers. Storytellers. We seek personality in every frame and capture life, colour & character through candid composition. Story, Light, Moment, Composition. Your day, York Place Style. " To a lot of people, when they think ‘Documentary Wedding Photography’, they think ‘York Place Studios’ – they really are that synonymous with the craft. Their ‘Create, Don’t Recreate’ tagline epitomises the reportage approach to me – and the particular way in which they go about that, with such eyes for artistic compositions and deeply layered imagery is something to behold."

-This Is Reportage Facebook: yorkplacestudios


Instagram: @yorkplacestudios

I talianWeddingEdit

One of our favourite wedding stylists, lovely Lauradana from Wedding Creations UK, curated this dreamy wedding styling shoot. The flowers are divine with delicate yellows and soft, contemporary textures. The dress is divine; the calligraphy stationery has that dreamy artisan look we’re loving for 2018.

Huge thanks to wonderful Samantha from Bowtie & Belle for sending in this exquisite collection of !90 photographs for the English Wedding Bible. Check out the full supplier list on page 97.







Photography by Bowtie & Belle Photography Concept and styling by Wedding Creations

Make up and Hair by Charlotte Tillyer Dresses and veils by Sienna Von Hildemar Stationery by Merrie and Bright Venue Pennard House Jewellery Glitzy Secrets Ring The London Victorian Ring Company Props and Vespa Virginia’s Vintage Hire Flowers Bride and Bloom Shoes Emmy Shoes Ringbox The Mrs Box Cakes by Vanilla Pod Bakery and The Cheltenham Cakery Watercolour design and cake ribbons Kate Cullen Ribbon (on calligraphy photo) @SilkandPurl Model Alexa @alexataylormodel


Penny Young Photography Stylish and natural documentary wedding photography for people who love photographs. I like to capture weddings creatively but in a way that is authentic and real. I’m always looking for those natural and honest moments that capture the feeling and the heart of a wedding day. I love how each wedding has its own unique story to tell and working with a second shooter I will calmly capture every part of your day from all of the little details you’ve spent months planning through to the evening and the fun of the party Facebook: pennyyoungphotography Instagram: @pennyyoungphotography/




My approach to wedding photography is to be unobtrusive, creating relaxed, natural images. One wedding couple called me "the friendliest wedding photographer we have ever met” - a compliment I am immensely proud of as it’s integral to how I work. Being smiley and happy makes people more comfortable and this in turn helps me get natural, spontaneous and beautiful wedding photos. I aim to blend into the background, I don’t get in the way and I don’t hassle your guests. I let you get on with enjoying your day! Facebook: LIFphotos Instagram: @sandyloveinfocus


TheInsidersGuide toWeddingBlogs

Wedding blogs were invented by the internet around about 10 years ago. A brilliantly affordable alternative to traditional wedding magazines, they're updated with new features every single day, and have much less advertising! Bloggers do it for the love of writing and sharing inspiration with you. Discovering new creative ideas and swooning over gorgeous images is the best job in the world! Plus, we get to tell you about some of those uniquely wonderful suppliers you don’t get to see in the wedding magazines. If you’ve ever trawled through the first 50 pages of (wedding dress adverts in) wedding magazines, you’ll know what I mean. Those mags are basically just huge adverts for massive brands. Great for the owners, who make a fortune - and good for mass market brides. But honestly, they alienate half the population (hello everyone with beards!) and waste a lot of trees in their production. So we’re all about the internet and our daily dose of beautiful to keep you inspired, entertained and with your feet on the ground when it comes to planning your wedding. Wedding bloggers are just like you. We’re normal folks with computers, who enjoy spending our days online looking at lovely photos. We’re fiercely supportive of small businesses - that’s one of the very best things about this job, for me. While you plan your wedding you'll come across dozens of tiny independent businesses you never knew of before. They don’t have the budget to advertise in glossy magazines, but they’re all the more fabulous for it. See the English Wedding Directory at the end of the Bible to discover some of our favourite wedding brands: you won’t find Moss Bros in there, but you’ll see stationery designers and stylists, wedding cake designers and photographers in your area who can help make your day unique, beautiful and truly memorable. Of course our favourite thing of all is that as wedding bloggers we can share real life weddings with you - and far, far more than you’ll ever see in a wedding magazine. This is where you’re most likely to find inspiration to plan and style your wedding. We ask our couples to share their stories with you too: at the end of every real wedding on the English Wedding Blog there’s an interview with the bride and groom, where they share their suppliers (with reviews) and advice for other couples. The English Wedding Blog is unique because 95% of the weddings we share are in the UK, and you can search from our main menu to find the ones in your region or county. Give it a try! !100





Springtime is full of beautiful potential for a creative wedding. Choose soft colour palettes and inject a little fun into your day… OK, so perhaps you can’t have bunnies at your wedding (and no, we definitely don’t recommend it!) But look to old English traditions and include cheeky nods to the joys of spring alongside seasonal blooms (we LOVE the huge variety of tulips to be found these days!) and relaxed styling touches. With Wedhead and Gyan Gurung Photography. See page 110 for full supplier list








Images by Gyan Gurung Photography | Styling, concepts, furniture and decor hire by Wedhead Floral Design - Gather & Bloom | Venue - The Barn At Alswick | Makeup and Hair - Lana Makeup
 Dresses - Katya Katya Shehurina | Shoes - Emmy London | Crockery and Glassware - Duchess & Butler
 Egg Cupps - Rowen and Wren | Stationery - Meylor Paper Goods Silk Ribbons and Table Runner - Kate Cullen | Rings - The London Victorian Ring Co. Ring Boxes - La Petit Box | Cake and Desserts - @jaybakes1991
 Styling Assistance and Props - Rose and Dandy | Model - @riahmaedavisx


How to remember

your wedding

You’re about to experience the very best day of your life.

For some of us tiny details really matter: I get it, I’m one of those people. Beautiful papers

You’re going to be surrounded by everyone in

and hand calligraphy are my thing. I’d totally be saving those - along with a pebble from the

the world who you love most of all, and who love you.

beach or a piece of confetti I picked from his hair - this is why I’d wear a wedding dress with pockets!

Your wedding will be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, a dream come true, and better than

Don’t let anyone tell you little details don’t

you can even imagine.

or won’t matter if, for you, they really do.

It will be the kind of day you wish you could

But even we detail-loving folks know there are

remember forever.

more important memories to save.

But memories fade. All of the plans you’re making for your

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relive the big moments: your first look, whether that’s before the ceremony or down the aisle; the look in her

wedding - the styling, the beautiful venue and outfits you’ll wear - will soon be nothing more

eyes when you say ‘I do’; the hug from your mum as you all pour out of the church.

than a memory. What you’ll remember in a year’s time - or in

And most of us know the key to capturing memories is to have a great photographer.

tow, or five, or fifty - will depend on how you choose to record those memories.

It goes without saying that means a professional - for dozens of reasons from knowledge of venues to the flow of a wedding a n d p ro - q u a l i t y, i n s u re d a n d b a c k e d - u p

But what will you choose to remember? I love the idea of a wedding keepsake box somewhere you can treasure precious little


details: an invitation, a dried rose, silk ribbons and the cards you exchanged on the morning.


Then you have choices to make: a standard

In fifty years time you won’t care about your

photographer will capture a mixture of everything and everyone on your wedding day.

bouquet and buttonhole, your invitation or even your dress. They’ll just be nice to keep.

A fine art photographer is more focused on the little details as well as key moments of your

You will care about the connection you have with your loved ones. You’ll remember the tear

wedding. A reportage or documentary photographer is

in your dad’s eye as he saw you in your dress. You’ll remember the way your husband looked so proud when he called you his wife for the

looking to tell the story of your day in thoughtful images and with fabulous lighting

first time. You’ll have fond memories of your mum and his, giggling together over too many

and composition.


The title of this blog post - how to remember

It’s those moments of connection, of real love

your wedding - doesn’t just refer to booking a good photographer whose style and attitude

and friendship, which you’ll hold dar through your lives together.

fits. Don’t allow them to fade away. I’d like to suggest something more, with a longer perspective.

Choose to hold on to those precious memories by booking a wedding photographer with the

I believe that in 1, 2 and then 10 years time everything will change. You and the people around you will change. The things you hold

skill and understanding to capture them for you.

dear in life will change. The love letter in your keepsake box will be something to cherish. The images you’ll hold dear will be of your family and lifelong friends who shared your day. They’ll be of the tear in your grandad’s eye, or the way your mum clutched your hand through the speeches. Those are the memories you’ll be so glad you have. This is why a good photographer means so much to me. Because memories fade, and the best - perhaps the only - way we can hold onto them is through photographs.


MARTIN DABEK PHOTOGRAPHY Passionate about capturing happy & awesome couples Facebook: CreativeBristolWeddingPhotographer Instagram: @martin_dabek_photography !113


Lauren&Aron !115Town Hall Manchester Rachel Joyce Photography

“Red is my favourite colour....I’m a lover of all things Mexican since I loved & worked there back in 2004! Chilies, dia de las muertos, flowers & all things bright & vivid! So I had to have some red birds eye chilies in my bouquet & in the buttonholes too! Frida Kahlo is a bit of a style icon of mine hence the flower crown & shawl! I love her!” !116




We loved the venue, Manchester Town Hall is such a stunning venue & we were sold on our first visit so didn’t need to look elsewhere as we knew that it was right immediately!

Including our 2 children & other children in our family was very important to us & we wanted them to be as !120 much involved with the day as everyone else! Having everyone together was wonderful & everyone told us how at ease they felt as we weren’t all all bothered by children making noise, in fact we encouraged it!Â

We also loved the time we spent after the ceremony with Rachel. Having our photos taken is neither of our favourite thing so I’ll be honest that neither of us were looking forward to it! But Rachel made us feel so at ease & it was amazing to have some time together away from the chaos to take stock & enjoy the moment! We are thrilled with the photos & it is wonderful to be able to look back on them to remember all of the things that you miss due to the busyness of the day.

Photographer: Rachel Joyce Venue: Manchester Town Hall Flowers: Diddybox Florists Music: Salsa Pa'Gozar


Vintage Twee specialises in creating vintage wedding stationery and hen party accessories. which have been handcrafted with an immaculate attention to detail. We design and create from our studio in Derbyshire, incorporating vintage materials in our work where possible to produce something truly unique. Facebook: vintagetwee


Romantic and pretty styling ideas with a true vintage flavour from Vintage Amy and Maxeen Kim Photography



Auď ?enticVintage Wedding Style


Fen from MonAnnie Cakes makes the most delicious yet beautiful desserts and cake - the smell in the room is amazing! Delicate desserts work perfectly with an elegant and romantic details, and are a perfect finishing touch.


Colours of pale pink and pale blue are a pretty combination to use as a starting point for a romantic vintage wedding look. Vintage Amy combined these with whites and brass/gold tones and lots of lace textures. “For me, vintage does not have to be rustic or mismatched, it can be pretty, elegant, romantic, traditional, luxurious and classic. I like to use authentic vintage in my work and mix this with modern touches to create a fresh, romantic and pretty look.�


Laura from Petal HQ created the beautiful blooms that were used throughout the décor and I love how they are loose and relaxed, but so pretty with all the colours and details. I’ve wanted to use my 1930s dressing table as a dessert table for quite some time now, and was just waiting for the right setting. The cakes, flowers and colours were absolutely perfect for this look, showing that you don’t need a boring trestle table to show off your desserts!


Design, concept, coordination and styling: Vintage Amy
 Photography: Maxeen Kim Photography
 Flowers: Petal HQ
 Stationery: Sugar & Spice
 Cake & Desserts: MonAnnie Venue: B.Loved Hive


Daria Nova

My style is soft, relaxed and natural with a hint of nostalgia. I produce documentary photography combined with quirky and creative portraits that honestly tell the story of the wedding day. My couples, often creative souls themselves, are often planning an alternative or unconventional wedding, and are unafraid to do things a little differently to create a day that’s steeped with meaning and packed with personal touches. Facebook: DariaNovaPhotography !130 Instagram: @darianovaphoto



The Great House at Sonning Hannah McClune Photography



At one end of Liz and Richard’s garden their wedding guests listened to the relaxed speeches as they sipped prosecco and enjoyed a homemade scone. At the other end cousins ran around by the horse field; flower girl dresses and page boy braces flying, shoes kicked off. Liz and Richard had a pretty village church ceremony followed by afternoon tea at their cottage, then guests took a ride in the vintage bus to The Great House at Sonning for the partying. Liz wore a beautifully elegant Watters gown by Anthropologie. The lace detail, floaty tulle and pastel shade are so dreamy. See wedding suppliers on page 139






Photographer: Hannah McClune Venue: Great House at Sonning Florist: Sonning Flowers Dress: Watters from Mae Bridal Boutique Suit: Reiss







This gorgeous styled editorial was put together by Julie Michaelsen for her first Nordic Way Fine Art Photography Workshop and sent in by Eva Tarnok. The styling is centered around the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’. Although there is no single translation for the word (pronounced hoo-gah or hue-gah) the Danes use hygge to describe the warm feelings of happiness, comfort, cosiness and enjoying life’s everyday pleasures. The look is of a down to earth, simple Nordic chic feel mixed with more romantic elements like the flower arch by Jennifer Pinder and dress by Ersa Atelier. See page 147 for a full supplier list





Photography: Eva Tarnok at The Nordic Way Workshop Stylist: Rosy Apple Events Florist: Jennifer Pinder Styling assistant: Emma Joy Ribbons & fabrics: Kate Cullen Stationery: Elmo Paperstories Dress Boutique: Morgan Davies Bridal Dress Designer: Ersa Atelier Linen: The Linen Works Rings: London Victorian Ring Co. Furniture & styling: Wedhead Menswear: Clements And Church


TheEnglishWeddingDirectory Find your favourite UK wedding suppliers in

East of England

our online Directory at

Ayshea Goldberg (Essex) Becky Harley (Hertfordshire) Nicola Norton (Hertfordshire) Damien Vickers (Cambridge) Danielle Smith (Essex) Mini & Me (Essex & Kent) T h e s e a re a l l o f t h o s e w o n d e r f u l l i t t l e independent brands and businesses you won’t find on the high street or taking out mega ads in the glossy magazines. They’re passionate

South West

about providing an expert and bespoke service to their brides and grooms, and we LOVE what

Love In Focus (Bristol) Linus Moran (Dorset) Martin Dabek (Somerset) Robin Goodlad (Dorset) Katy McDonnell (Bristol) Ellie Lou (Somerset) Bowtie & Belle (Cotswolds)

they do here at English Wedding HQ! PHOTOGRAPHY North West

South East

Jenny Heyworth (Cumbria) Jess Yarwood (Cheshire) Rachel Joyce (Lancashire) Teresa C (Cheshire) Jamie Vickerstaff (Cheshire) Sarah Maria (Lancashire) Aspire Photography Training (Cumbria)

Benjamin Toms (Kent) Penny Young (Kent) Carol Elizabeth (Oxfordshire) Shootinghip (Hampshire) Damion Mower (Buckinghamshire) Emily Black (Hampshire) Paul Fuller (Kent) Moritz Schmittat (Surrey) Helen England (Kent) Annamarie Stepney (Sussex) Jenny Owens (Hampshire) Steve Fuller (Kent) Sarah Williams (Sussex) Michelle Cordner (Kent) Charlotte Razzell (Surrey) Jodi Hanagan (Kent) Married to my Camera (Surrey)

North East & Yorkshire York Place Studios (Yorkshire) Stan Seaton (Darlington) Stevie Jay (Yorkshire) Duncan McCall (Newcastle) Eternal Images (Yorkshire) Suzy Mitchell (Yorkshire) Laura Calderwood (Yorkshire) Photography by Kathryn (Yorkshire) Jess Petrie (Sheffield) Melissa Beattie (North East)


West Midlands

Amanda Karen Daria Nova Annelie Eddy Helen Warner Nav Badel Siobhan H Hannah Duffy Carine Bea This is Reportage (nationwide)

David Boynton (Walsall) Sophie Evans (Warwickshire) East Midlands Brillpix (Northamptonshire) John Mottershaw (Derbyshire) Kazooieloki (Lincolnshire)




Charlotte Tillyer (Wiltshire)

Made In Flowers (Cumbria) The Pink Peony (Bristol)

ACCESSORIES JEWELLERY Clare Lloyd (Somerset) White Designs (Hampshire) Amy Swann (Wales) Victoria Fergusson (stockists nationwide)

Michael Levin (Nottingham) The Occasional Goldsmith (Bristol) INVITATIONS & STATIONERY

CAKES Wolf & Ink (nationwide) Amy Swann (nationwide) Calligraphy for Weddings (nationwide) Dearly Beloved (nationwide)

Gold Leaf Bakery (Cotswolds) Amy Swann (Wales) Vanilla Pod Bakery (Cheltenham) Anges de Sucre (London)

PLANNERS & STYLISTS CALLIGRAPHY Weddings by Jenna Hewitt (Hampshire) Pudding Bridge (Wiltshire) One Curious Dream (Norwich) Tebbey & Co (Cumbria) Wedding Creations (South West)

Calligraphy for Weddings (nationwide) CELEBRANTS The Ceremony Company (North West)

VENUES DECOR, PROP HIRE & LITTLE EXTRAS The Bodleian Libraries (Oxford) Silverholme (Cumbria) Priors Tithe Barn (Gloucestershire) Crimble Hall (Rochdale) The Peacock Room (Rochdale) Pennine Manor Hotel (West Yorkshire) The Royal Toby Hotel (Rochdale)

Locomix (nationwide) The Prop Factory (Devon) Vintage Twee (Derbyshire) DRESSES Ailsa Munro Dressmaker (Cornwall) Ivory & Co. (Stockists nationwide) The White Closet (Manchester)

WEDDING SHOWS & FAIRS Chosen (London, Cardiff & Bristol) Creative Boutique (London)

ENTERTAINMENT Warble Entertainment Alive Network Bands for Hire Music for Scotland Down for the Count JOIN THE ENGLISH WEDDING DIRECTORY FOR £50 PER YEAR


To apply send 3 light & airy images to along with links to your website and social media

Strike a Pose (North East) Baxter & Ted (Cornwall) HD Moments (London)


Be in the next issue of the English Wedding Bible!

!150 Image credit: Kathryn Hopkins (see page 11 for all supplier credits)

After seven consecutive years as a top ten UK wedding blog, the English Wedding Blog enters a new era with the launch of a brand new digital magazine in 2018. The English Wedding Bible will be published online in January, May and September and will balance beautiful inspiration with down-to-earth advice and our favourite real weddings. Each issue of the Bible will be launched and promoted on the English Wedding Blog, and shared with our 80K readers & social followers throughout the year. Very limited advertising opportunities are available in the English Wedding Bible; the magazine’s focus will always be on inspirational imagery and advice, but we will work alongside a select few advertising partners whose aesthetic fits the magazine. (Full sponsors of the English Wedding Blog will be invited to feature free of charge, and English Wedding Directory members will automatically be listed in each issue.)

These are the advertising slots available for Issue 2 (publication date May 2018) Four page spread - £600 per issue | limited to 4 opportunities
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