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Let’s Discover Europe! eTwinning Project 2012-2013



Foreword ……………………… 7 Austria, by Italy ....................... 12 Belarus, by Latvia ……………. 14 Belgium, by Greece ………….. 18 Bulgaria, by the Netherlands ... 20 Croatia, by Slovenia …………. 22 Cyprus, by Croatia …………… 24 Denmark, by Slovakia ……….. 26 Estonia, by Lithuania ………… 28 Finland, by Lithuania ………… 30 France, by the Czech Republic 32 Germany, by Poland ………… 34 Greece, by Poland …………… 36 3

Hungary, by Poland …………. 37 Iceland, by Italy ……………… 39 Ireland, by Austria …………… 41 Italy, by France ………………. 44 Latvia, by Germany ………….. 46 Lithuania, by Cyprus ………… 48 Luxembourg, by Belarus ……. 51 Malta, by Austria …………….. 53 Norway, by the Czech Republic 55 Poland, by Spain ……………


Portugal, by Croatia ………..


Romania, by the UK ………..


Slovakia, by Poland ………...


Slovenia, by Sweden ………. 66 4

Spain, by Finland …………… 67 Sweden, by Norway ………… 69 The Czech Republic, by Bulgaria 72

The Netherlands, by Turkey … 76 The United Kingdom, by France 78

a) England ……………… 79 b) Northern-Ireland …… 82 c) Scotland …………..… 84 d) Wales ……………..… 86 Turkey, by Greece ………….. 88 The Teams …………………..


The Partners schools ……… 107



Foreword … in many of the partners’ languages …

English This book was created by 24 partner countries, during the "Let's Discover Europe" eTwinning project, in 2012-2013.

Dutch Dit boek is gemaakt door 24 partner landen gedurende het project: "Let's Discover Europe" eTwinning 2012-2013.

Maltese Dan il-ktejjeb hu r-riżultat tal-proġett tal-eTwinning “Let’s Discover Europe”. Liema proġett twettaq matul is-sena skolastika 2012-2013 bis-sehem ta’ 24 skola minn madwar l-Ewropa.

Latvian Šī grāmata tika izveidota ar 24 partnervalstīm, " Let 's Atklājiet Europe "eTwinning projektā, no 2012-2013.


Turkish Bu kitapçık, 2012-2013 eğitim öğretim yılında Avrupa’dan 24 ortak okulla hazırlanmış “Let’s Discover Europe” adlı eTwinning projesinin final ürünüdür.

Greek Αυτό το βιβλίο δημιουργήθηκε από 24 συνεργαζόμενες χώρες με αφορμή το eTwinning project "Ας ανακαλύψουμε την Ευρώπη", την σχολική χρονιά 2012-2013.

Cypriot Greek Αυτό το ηλεκτρονικό βιβλίο “e-book” είναι το τελικό αποτέλεσμα του “Let’s Discover Europe" ή «Ας Ανακαλύψουμε την Ευρώπη», ένα έργο eTwinning. Δημιουργήθηκε το 2012-2013 από 24 σχολείαεταίροι απ’ όλη την Ευρώπη.

Norwegian Dette heftet er sluttresultatet av prosjektet "La oss oppdage Europa" et eTwinningprosjekt. Det ble produsert i 2012-2013 av 24 samarbeidsskoler over hele Europa.

Spanish Este cuadernillo es el resultado final del proyecto eTwinning "Descubramos Europa"; Se realizó en el año escolar 2012-2013 por 24 socios de toda Europa.

Lithuanian Į šį projekto ,, Let‘s discover Europe‘‘ bukletą mes sudėjome ne tik savo surinktą medžiagą apie Europos šalis, bet ir dalelę savo širdies... Lietuvos komanda


German Dieses Büchlein ist das Ergebnis unseres „Let’s Discover Europe – Entdecken wir Europa“ eTwinning-Projekts. Es fand im Schuljahr 2012/13 unter der Mitwirkung von 24 Partnerschulen aus ganz Europa statt.

Croatian Ova knjižica je krajnji rezultat "Let's discover Europe" eTwinning projekta ; kreirana je 2012-2013 godine od strane 24 partnerskih škola iz cijele Europe. Ovo je napisano na hrvatskom jeziku od strane učenika o.š. Borovje iz Zagreba, Hrvatske. (this is written in the Croatian language by students of the primary school Borovje from Zagreb, Croatia.)

Bulgarian Тази книжка е крайният продукт от е-Туининг проекта „Да опознаем Европа“, реализиран през 2012-2013г. от 24 училища-партньори от различни европейски страни

F re nc h Ce livre a été créé par 24 pays partenaires, pendant le projet eTwinning ''Let's Discover Europe'' (Découvrons l'Europe) en 2012-2013.


(A s t h e re a r e t w o s t at e l a n gu a ge s i n B e l a r us , t h e B el ar us i a n t ea m h as de c i de d t o t ra ns l a t e t hi s s t at e me nt i nt o b ot h o f t h e m: R us s i a n a n d be l a r us i a n)

Belarusian Гэтая кніга з'яўляецца фінальным вынікам праекта "Давайце адкрыем Еўропу". Яна была створана ў 2012-2013 партнёрамі з 24 краін Еўропы.

Russian Эта книга является финальным результатом проекта "Давайте откроем Европу". Она была создан а в 2012-2013 партнерами из 24 стран Европы.

Italian Questo libretto è il risutato finale del progetto eTwinning ‘Let’s Discover Europe’; è stato creato nel 2012-2013 con la collaborazione di 24 scuole di tutta Europa.

Czech Tato kniha byla vytvořena 24 partnerskými školami a zároveň je to finální produkt E-twinningového projektu "Let's Discover Europe", který proběhl ve školním roce 2012 - 2013.

Polish Ta książeczka to rezultat projektu eTwinning “Odkryjmy Europę”; została stworzona w roku szkolnym 2012-2013 przez 24 partnerskie szkoły z całej Europy.




Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Vienna Size of the country: 83.858 km² Number of inhabitants: 8,219.743 (est. 2012) Official language(s): German Money: Euro National day: The Austrian National Day is on 26th of October and dates back to the birth of the Second Republic after World War II. After the end of the war Austria was occupied by the four Allied forces. October 26th marks the day that followed the day on which the last remaining troops left Austrian territory. Therefore, October 26th is the first day on which Austria had regained its status as an independent and sovereign state. On that day, the Federal President and the Federal Minister of Defense attend a celebration at Heldenplatz (“Hero Square”) and the Federal President puts down a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Burgtor. 12

The Council of Ministers holds a festive meeting and the government attends a Concert for Austria at the Vienna Opera House. Furthermore, the new recruits of the Austrian Armed Forces are sworn in. The citizens have the possibility of visiting the federal museums for free that day. Various institutions open their doors to the public. All over the country, “marches for fitness” are organised. Leopold the Good is considered the Patron Saint of Austria (November 15th), but each Federal State has its own Patron Saint as well. Famous monuments: · Ferdinand Raimund memorial (Vienna) · St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Austria’s landmark) Mountains: The Central Alps Famous people from the country: · Johann Strauß (composer, “king of the waltz”) · Siegmund Freud (psychoanalyst) Popular sports: · Hermann Maier · Renate Götschl Biggest river: Danube Seas or oceans around the country: Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The sea located closest to Austria is the Adriatic Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea. Measured from the southernmost part of Austria, it is about 110 km away (as the crow flies...) / about 180 km real distance.

Created by Classes 2 C & 2 F from I.C. ‘L. Montini’ – Campobasso (Italy) 13

Belarus Non-EU

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Minsk Size of the country: 207,595


Number of inhabitants:

9,457,500 million

Official language(s):

Belarusian Russian

Money: Rubles (BYR)


National day: On 3 July ( Independence Day, liberation of Minsk from Greman occupation by Soviet troops in 1944). Famous monuments: Mountains: Belarus - Highest Mountains Name 1

Gora Dzerzhinskaya Voblastsʼ

Elevation , Minskaya

Latitude/Longitude 53.851 / 27.069

345 m


Gora Perekop, Minskaya Voblastsʼ

207 m

53.85 / 26.61


Gora Vysokaya, Minskaya Voblastsʼ

188 m

53.476 / 27.978


Gora Sokolinskaya, Minskaya Voblastsʼ

182 m

53.432 / 27.97


Gora Lis’ya, Hrodzyenskaya Voblastsʼ

156 m

53.714 / 24.059


Gora Gora Krivaya, Brestskaya Voblastsʼ

155 m

51.957 / 24.844


Gora Tyutikovaya, Brestskaya Voblastsʼ

154 m

52.692 / 27.01


Gora Mayakova, Brestskaya Voblastsʼ

152 m

51.943 / 23.699


Gora Mayak, Hrodzyenskaya Voblastsʼ

151 m

53.847 / 24.603


Gora Lysaya, Homyelʼskaya Voblastsʼ

151 m

52.921 / 30.128

Famous people from the country: Aleksandrs Lukašenko

Popular sports: From the 1952 Helsinki Games until the end of the Soviet era, Belarus competed in the Olympic Games as part of the Soviet Olympic squad. During the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Belarus competed as part of the Unified Team. The nation's athletes competed in an Olympic Games as Belarusians for the first time during the 1994 Lillehammer Games. Belarus has won a total of 52Olympic medals; 6 gold, 17 silver and 29 bronze. The first Olympic medal for the Soviet Union was won by Belarusian Mikhail Krivonosov at the 1956 Summer Olympic Games held in Melbourne, Australia.[9] Belarus's National Olympic Committee has been headed by President Lukashenko since 1997; he is the only head of state in the world to hold this position.[10] Receiving heavy sponsorship from the President himself, ice hockey is the nation's most popular sport. Team Belarus finished a surprising fourth in overall competition at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. 15

Belarusian players have become common place in the NHL and international competitions. In January 2012, Victoria Azarenka from Belarus became a grand slam champion, winning the Australian Open Championship defeating Maria Sharapova in the final to become the women's No. 1 ranked player in the world.[12] In recent years Darya Domracheva has emerged as one of the top competitors in women's biathlon. She won a bronze medal in the individual competition at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and has subsequently won two World Championship golds in the pursuit in 2012 and the mass start in 2013.

Biggest river(s): Name

Total, km

In Belarus, km

Dnieper River



Western Dvina



Neman River



Bug River



Pripyat River



Sozh River



Berezina River













Svislach River



Seas or oceans around the country: no

Created by Latvian team , from Mezotnes primary school / Latvia



Situation in Europe: Belgium

Capital city: Brussels

Size of the country: 30,528 square kilometers

Number of inhabitants: about 11 million people.

Official language(s): Dutch, French, and German.



National day: July 21. Its commemorates the day on which Leopold I took the constitutional oath as the first King of Belgium, on July 21st 1831.


Famous monuments : the Grand Place and the Royal Palace

Mountains: There are no mountains in Belgium. The highest point of Belgium is the Signal de Botrange (944m / 2,227 ft).

Famous people : King Albert II

Jacques Brel

Popular sports : Justine Henin

Kim Clijsters

Biggest river(s): Scheldt river, River Meuse

Seas or oceans around the country: In the northern part of our country is the North Sea

Created by

Argyro and Christina / Greek team ,


1st Secondary School of Zefyri, Greece



Situation in Europe:

Capital city:


Size of the country:

110.910 KM2

Number of inhabitants:

7.364.570 in 2011

Official language(s):




National day:

Liberation Day at the 3th of March

Famous monuments:

Madara Horseman


Rila Mountain, Rhodopos and the Bulkan Mountains


Famous people from the country : Vasil Levski

Popular sports :

Volleyball and Gymnastics

Biggest river(s):

Danube and Iskar (368 kilometers)

Seas or oceans around the country: Black Sea

Created by m2m the Dutch Team, CSG Willem van Oranje Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands


CROATIA (not yet EU)

Situation in Europe: (Can you

Capital city: ZAGREB Size of the country: 56.594 km2 Number of inhabitants: Population is about 4.5 million people. Exactly, the results this year 2012 are approximately 4,485,173. Official language(s): Croatian (Hrvaški jezik), with 3 dialects. Money: Croatian currency is the kuna. Kuna is a Croatian word for marten, an omnivorous forest mammal whose fur was highly valued and used as a form of payment throughout the region during the Middle Ages. The Croatian kuna was introduced as modern currency in 1994.


National day: Independence Day is on October 8th. June 25th is Statehood Day, August 5th Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian defenders. The National days are celebrated by politicians’ talks, some special programmes on Tv or just by hanging out the flags and listening to some concerts held outside in the open air. Famous monuments: the Cathédral, St. Mark`s Church, the Croatian National Theatre. Mountains: The country also has a mountainous region, especially along the coast. The highest mountain is Dinara. It is 1831m high.The other mountains are: Medvednica, Velebit, Žumberak, Biokovo, etc. Famous people from the country: Ivica and Janica Kostelič, (In the past also Dražen Petrović, the best basketball player, Goran Ivanišević, the best tennis player).

Popular sports: skiing, waterpolo

Biggest river(s): The longest river is Sava which is in its full lenghth 945 km long, but through Croatia is runs 562 km long. Seas or oceans around the country: Adriatic sea, part of the Mediterranean sea and has no oceans. Maximum depth of our sea is 1,233 metres in the south.

Created by class 7ab/3, from Primary School Preska, Medvode,Slovenia 23

Cyprus (EU ) Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Nicosia, the last divided capital in two parts(Turkish and Greek part) Size of the country: 9,251 km² (3,572 sq. mi.) Number of inhabitants: 839,000 Official language(s): Greek and Turkish Money:


National day: 1st October is the National Independence Day of the Republic of Cyprus Famous monuments: The Kourion theatre near Limassol, The Kolossi Castle (near Limassol)

Mountains: Troodos, with the highest mount being Olympus (or Chionistra). Its altitude is 1.952m. 24

Famous people from the country: Anna Vissi, Michalis Hadjiyiannis, Marios Tokas ( singer, song writer and composer) Popular sports : tennis, swimming, sailing Biggest river(s): Pediaios ,100 km long Seas or oceans around the country: The Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Created by 8A,8B,8C / Project group , from o.š. Borovje, Croatia



Situation in Europe:

Capital city: COPENHAGEN Size of the country: 43,094 square kilometers Number of inhabitants: 5,599,665 inhabitants Official language: Danish Money: Euro National day: 5th June. It is the day of enactment of of the Constitution in 1953. Famous monument: Amalienborg (Danish pronunciation: [aˈmæːˀljənbɒːˀ]) is the winter home of the Danish royal family, and is located in Copenhagen.


Mountains: In Denmark, there are no mountains. Officially declared the highest point is Yding Skovhøj Denmark, which reaches 172.54 m. Famous people from the country: Hans Christian Andersen is the most famous Dane. He was a writer and wrote fairy tales.

Popular sports: Cycling and swimming. Lasse Norman Hansen won an Olympic gold medal in London in track cycling. Jeanette Ottesen was the best athlete in 2012 in Denmark. She is a swimmer. Biggest river: The Gudenå is the longest river in Denmark. Seas or oceans around the country: Denmark is surrounded by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Created by Slovak team, from the High Medical School in Prešov, Slovakia



Situation in Europe

Capital city: TALLINN Size of the country: 24,227 square kilometers Number of inhabitants: +/- 1.286.540 inhabitants Official language(s): Estonian Money: Euro National day: February 24 (Independence Day) Famous monuments: Kadriorg Palace and Park, Business Guarter in Tartu


Mountains: No Famous people from the country: Toomas Hedrik (president), Karl Robert Jakobson ( writer)

Popular sports: Athletics : GERD KANTER


Biggest river(s): Emajogi (about 218 km)

Seas or oceans around the country: Estonia is located by the Baltic Sea

Created by 8A team, from Plunge acad. A.Jucys Basic school, Lithuania



Situation in Europe:

Capital city: HELSINKI Size of the country: 338 432 square kilometers Number of inhabitants: about 5,421,827 inhabitants Official language(s): Finnish and Swedish Money: Euro National day: December 6 (Independence Day) Famous monuments (1 or 2): Many of monuments are in Helsinki-Like the Senate Square and its surroundings, Suomenlinna Maritime fortress founded in 1748 and one of the biggest sea fortresses in the world, as well as Sibelius Monument ( Mountains: FINLAND is not mountainous but there are the fells in Lapland. The highest is Halti, 1323 m. Famous people from the country: Sauli Niinistรถ (president) C.G.E Mannerheim (ex-president), Jean Sibelius (composer) 30

Popular sports: Ice hockey, Formula One Biggest river(s): Kemijoki (about 550 km) Seas or oceans around the country: Finland is located by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

Created by 7A team, from Plunge acad. A. Jucys, Lithuania


France (EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: The capital city is Paris. The important monument is the Eiffel Tower (la tour Eiffel) Size of the country: 675 417 km² Number of inhabitants: 65 586 000, Minorities are North-Africa, Africa, Asia, Portugal. Official language(s): The official language is French. Money: Euro National day: July, 14th – French Revolution Famous monuments : Le Musée du Louvre

La Tour Eiffel


Mountains: Les Alpes – (SE) : Le Mont Blanc, 4807 m Les Pyrénées – (SW) : Vignemale, 3298m Famous people from the country : François Hollande, the French President

¨ Gérard Depardieu, an actor

Popular sports: football, tennis, swimming

Biggest river(s): Rhin, Seine, Loire, Garonne

Seas or oceans around the country: Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, English Channel.

Created by 9.AB from Mistra Choceňského, The Czech Republic



Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Berlin Size of the country:357.000 km² Number of inhabitants:82 million Official language(s):German Money: Euro National day: On Oct. 3, 1990 East and West Germany were officially reunficated after the two separate states had existed alongside for 40 years. We now celebrate this day annually as our National holiday. Another important date for this reunification process was the opening of the borders and the fall of the wall which began on Sept. 11, 1989. Famous monuments: There are a number of famous sights in Germany. One of the biggest and most famous monuments is the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


Mountains: Germany has a large number of hill and mountain regions. In southern Germany are also connected to the Alps. "Zugspitze" with its 2,900 meters is the highest point of the country.

Famous people from the country: Konrad Adenauer former chancellor Alois Alzheimer psychiatirst, neuropathologist, identified alzheimer disease Popular sports: Football and boxing Biggest river(s): Ren is the main river of Germany, with a length of 867 km. Seas or oceans around the country: Germany is located in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

Created by Polish team/Filip Bothig, from Gimnazjum nr 3 z Odziałami Integracyjnymi w Głogowie / Poland



Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Athens Size of the country:131,940 square kilometers Number of inhabitants:10,601,527. Official language(s):Greek Money:


National day: the Greek independence day on 28 of October and on 25 of March Famous monuments: Acropolis Mountains: Olympus Famous people from the country: Socrates , Platon , Arystoteles Popular sports : Pirros Dimas - weightlifter , Voula Patoulidou - hurdler Biggest river(s): Aliaknomas Seas or oceans around the country: Ionian Sea, Aegean Sea and Libyan Sea Created by Polish team/ Kasia Reszczyńska from Poland/ Gimnazjum nr 3 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi w Głogowie


Hungary EU

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Budapest Size of the country: 93.030 km2 Number of inhabitants:Population- 9,942,000 Official language(s):Hungarian Money:The forint National day:23 October National Day Nemzeti ünnep The day of the proclamation of the Third Hungarian Republic (since 1989), 1956 Revolution memorial day. Celebrated with speeches and exhibitions 15 March National Day Nemzeti ünnep Márciusi ifjak ("March youths"), memorial day of the 1848 Revolution. There are usually speeches and music pieces performed; several people wear a cockade with the national colours (red, white and green). 20 August Saint Stephen's Day Szent István ünnepe St. Stephen's Day, Foundation of State, "the day of the new bread" as well. St.


Stephen of Hungary (Szent István király in Hungarian) (ca. 975 – 15 August 1038), was the first king of Hungary. Celebrated with a huge half-hour fireworks display on the bank of the Danube in the evening, which is attended by many people on both river banks and is watched by many from the hills on the Buda side of the river.

Famous monuments: Applied Arts Museum, Andrassy Ut, Basilica of St Stephen. Mountains:Kékes , Galyatető , Istállós-kő Famous people from the country :Fransz Liszt ( greatest pianist) , Bela Karolyi- Gymnastics coach guided many female athletes to Olympic gold Popular sports: Gymnastics Biggest river(s): The Danube flows through Hungary, which is the longest river in the European Union, and second longest in the continent of Europe. Seas or oceans around the country: Hungary is a country in Central Europe. Hungary not have the borders with any sea.

Created by Polish team/Norbert Müller from Gimnazjum nr 3 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi Głogów/Poland



Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Reykjavik Size of the country: 103,001 km虏 Number of inhabitants: 319.000 Official languages; 路 Icelandic 路 Danish as minority language Money: Icelandic kr贸na (ISK)


National day: The Icelandic Independence Day is June 17th. Famous monuments: · Fishermen's Monument, Isafjordur, Iceland · Jón Gunnar Árnason's Solfar SunCraft sculpture Mountains: Iceland is a mountainous country. Hvannadalshnúkur in Oraefajokulkl glacier is the highest mountain of the country. It rises to 2111 m in height. Famous people from the country: · Hallgrimur Helgason (visual artist and writer) · Halldor Laxness (novelist) Popular sports: · football · handball Biggest rivers: · Pjórsá (longest): · Ölfusá (greatest flow) Seas or oceans around the country: Iceland is an island situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. The northernmost part of Iceland reaches the Norwegian Sea and the Greenland Sea (which is often defined as part of the Arctic Ocean).

Created by Classes 2 C & 2 F from I.C. ‘L. Montini’ – Campobasso (Italy)


IRELAND (member of the EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Dublin Size of the country: 70 237 km2 Number of inhabitants: 4 722 028 Official language(s): English and Irish (Gaelic) Money: Euro National day: St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th); celebrated with parties, beer and green clothes


Famous monuments: Blarney Castle (and Blarney Stone)

St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Dublin)

Mountains: Carrauntuohill (1039m), Beenkeragh (1010m) Famous people from the country: Bono (singer – U2), Bryan Adams (singer) Popular sports: golf, hurling


Biggest river: Shannon (386km) Seas or oceans around the country: Celtic Sea, Irish Sea, Atlantic Ocean and St.George’s Channel

Created by 2d,2e,2f Bilingual Junior High School (Austria)


Italy (EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Rome Size of the country: 301,338 sq km Number of inhabitants: 60,770,000 inhabitants Official language(s): Italian + dialects Money: Euro National day: 2nd June, “Festa Della Republica�


Famous monuments: The Colosseum in Rome,

The leaning Tower in Pisa

Mountains: The Alps (Mont Blanc, 4807m), the Apennine mountain range, Mount Etna in Sicily (3323m).

Famous people from the country: Julius Caesar, Luciano Pavarotti

Popular sports: Football, cycling, motor racing.

Biggest river: Po (652 km)

Seas or oceans around the country: Meditarranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionan Sea, Ligurian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea.

Created by Thomas, Dylan, Dorian, Marion, Yoann, 5E, from Collège Pasteur, France


Latvia (EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city:


Size of the country:

64.589 km²

Number of inhabitants:

1.844.741citizens 205 305 non-citizens 33 802 foreigners.

Official language(s):

Latvian (lietuviĹł kalba)


Lat (LVL), 1 Lat = 100 Santims

National day:

Nov. 18, National Independence Day

Famous monuments:

Freedom Monument 46


no mountains, but hills

Famous people: Freiberga.

most popular former president V.V. sports:

Dukuri brothers, Maris

Strombergs, Martin Dukurs music:

Longest river:


Seas or oceans:

Baltic Sea

R. Paul

Created by the German team of Freie Schule Kassel


Lithuania (EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Vilnius Size of the country: 65.300 km² Number of inhabitants: 2,979,000 Official language(s): Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba) Money:

Lithuanian litas (Lt) (LTL)


National day: · February 16 Day of Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania (1918) Lietuvos valstybės atkūrimo diena · March 11 Day of Restitution of Independence of Lithuania (from the Soviet Union, 1990) Lietuvos nepriklausomybės atkūrimo diena · July 6 Statehood Day Valstybės (Lietuvos karaliaus Mindaugo karūnavimo) diena Commemorates coronation of the first king, Mindaugas.

Famous monuments: Gediminas Tower in Vilnius

Vilnius Cathedral

Mountains: There are no mountains but there are beautiful hill landscapes.

Famous people from the country: Vytautas Lansbergis, Dalia Grybauskaite (President)


Popular sports: Basketball



Biggest river(s): Nemunas Seas or oceans around the country: Baltic Sea

Created by eTwinning Team of Class A1 and friends of Linopetra Lyceum, from Cyprus


Luxembourg Flag

EU country

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Luxembourg Size of the country: 2,586 square kilometers Number of inhabitants: 437 , 389 inhabitants Official language(s): Luxembourg, French , German. Money:


National day: 23 June


Famous monuments : Adolphe Bridge

Monument of Grand Duchess Charlotte



Famous people from the country: Anne Kremer , Mandy Minella (famous tennis players), Anne Fontaine (famous actress). Popular sports: Rugby, hockey. Biggest rivers: Alzette (73 km), Moselle , Ur, Sur. Seas or oceans around the country:


Created by Belarusian team, form 7 ‘B’, from Gymnasium 12, Minsk, Belarus 52

MALTA (member of the EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Valletta Size of the country: 316km2 Number of inhabitants: 416 055 Official language(s): Maltese and English Money: Euro National day: St. Paul (February 10th) Famous monuments: Ggnatija Temples and Hal Saflieni Hypogeum 53

St. John’s Co-Cathedral

Mountains: no mountains, just some hills Famous people from the country: Joseph Calleja (tenor), Edward Debono (creator of Lateral thinking) Popular sports: football, rugby Biggest river(s): There are no rivers! Seas or oceans around the country: surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea

Created by 2d, 2e, 2f Bilingual Junior High School (Austria)


Norway (NON EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: The capital city is Oslo. Visit Vigelandsparken, the castle, Opera house and Holmenkollen. Size of the country: 385 000km² Number of inhabitants:5,38 millions, about 600 000 have minority background. Official language(s): Norwegian is the official language, there is also another norwegian language which is called sidemül/nynorsk. There are many different dialects and sometimes it can be difficult to understand each other there.


Money: Norwegian crowns

National day: National Day, a liberation day, that is 17th May. We celebrate it by meeting in each local place, and having a band that play different songs/ marches and we have parades in the streets. the schools have each their banners and we wear our national costumes, the bunad. It's normal that there are games for the children, and that they can eat as much ice cream and hot dogs as they wish. Famous monuments : The Royal palace: This is the King and the Queens castle. It’s in Oslo, at the end of Karl Johan’s street. Nidarosdomen: This is the place where saint Olav is buried. You can visit the Dome in Trondheim. It’s the end of the pilgrim route in Norway. 56

Mountains: The biggest mountain is called Galdhøpiggen and that is 2469 meters above the ocean. We have one which is taller if we count the ice glacier which is on the top. That one is called Glittertind.

Famous people from the country : Petter Solberg; rally driver

Thor Heyerdahl: Made a wooden raft and crossed the Pacific. Famous for the KOon Tiki expedition

Popular sports: curling, skiing, cycling Biggest river(s): Glomma Seas or oceans around the country: We have a long coastline with The North sea, Norwegian ocean and Barents ocean as our closest ocean up north.

Created by 9.AB

from Mistra Choceňského, The Czech Republic



Situation in Europe:


Capital city: Warsaw.

Size: 322 575 km2.

Inhabitants: 38 538 447 inhabitants.

Official languages: the oficial language is Polish.

Money: The country's currency is the Polish zloty. 58

National Day: Polish Independence Day is celebrated on November 11. The flag is displayed. Warsaw military parade takes place. This day is the commemoration of Poland's regaining independence after 123 years of partitions by Russia, Prussia and Austria.

Monuments: Wawel Cathedral in Krak贸w

Mountains: Rysy Peak is located on the Polish-Slovak border, in the High Tatras. It has three peaks, the highest of which is the central, located entirely within the territory of Slovakia (2503 m), while the north is the highest point of Poland (2499 m).

Famous people: -Fryderyk Chopin: He was a musical genius of the nineteenth century. -John Paul II, who was pope of the Catholic Church.

Rivers: The Vistula is the longest river in Poland

Sports(wo)men: -Justyna Kowalczyk: Polish cross-country ski champion, four-time winner of the World Cup. -Robert Lewandowski: He is a famous football player.

Seas and Oceans: Poland is situated on the Baltic Sea

Sergio Hern谩ndez, 1stD, Juan Pardo Fombellida 1stC, Fernando de Rojas, Salamanca, Spain. 59

Portugal (EU )

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Lisbon Size of the country: 92.340 km2 Number of inhabitants: 10 637 000 inhabitants Official language(s): Portuguese Money:


National day: June the 10th

Famous monuments : Tower of Belem 60

Mountains: Serra da Estrela -Torre (1993m) Famous people from the country : Cristiano Ronaldo, football player Christopher Colombus an explorer Popular sports : football Biggest river(s): Mondego, Sado, Tage. Seas or oceans around the country: The Atlantic ocean

Created by 6A,6B / Project group, from o.š. Borovje, Croatia


Romania (EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Bucharest Size of the country: 238,391sq km Number of inhabitants: 19,043,767 (2011) Official language(s): Romanian Money:

One Ban

One leu/lei

National day: Great Union Day, 1st December Famous monuments: Cantacuzino Palace (Palatul Cantacuzino),The Royal Palace (Palatul Regal) Mountains: The Carpathian Mountains


Famous people from the country: Mircea Eliade (1907-1986) was a philosopher, a writer and one of the most interesting personalities of the century Nadia Comaneci is probably the most famous Romanian in the world, being the first gymnast to receive a perfect score of ten in an Olympic competition.

Popular sports: handball, basketball, rugby union, tennis, gymnastics Biggest river(s): Danube river Seas or oceans around the country: Romania borders the Black Sea

Created by St John’s etwinning group, the UK team.


Slovakia EU

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Bratislava Size of the country:49 035 square kilometres Number of inhabitants: about 5,4 millions, 80.7% Slovaks, 8.5% Hungarians, 2.0% Roma, 0.6% Czechs, 0.6% Rusyns, 0.6% others, 7.0% unspecified Official language(s): Slovak Money: â‚Źuro National days: 1 January (1993) - Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic 5 July (863) - St. Cyril and Methodius Day 29 August (1944) - Slovak National Uprising anniversary 1 September (1992) - Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic 15 September - Day of Blesses Virgin Mary, patron saint of Slovakia 17 November (1939/1989) - Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day 64

Famous monuments: Spišský Castle

St. Elisabeth Cathedral in Košice

Mountains:The highest peak is Gerlachovský peak, which is situated 2655 m above sea level. Famous people from the country : Milan Rastislav Štefánik-politician, diplomat, astronomer. Jozef Murgaš- inventor, architect, botanist, painter. Popular sports : Michal Martikán- the most successful Slovak water slalom Elena Kaliská- water slalom Biggest river(s):The longest river in Slovakia is Váh. Váh is 403 km long and exceeds the height difference of 900 meters. Seas or oceans around the country:The Adriatic Sea is the nearest sea to Slovakia. Slovakia is connected with the sea by the River Danube. It connects Slovakia with The Black Sea and via the canals with The Northern Sea.

Created by Polish team/Kalina Stasiukiewicz from Gimnazjum nr 3 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi w Głogowie/Poland 65

Slovenia has been member in the European Union since 2004. The colors in Slovenians flag are red, blue and white. Slovenians capital city is Ljubljana, Ljubljana has a famouse castle called Ljubljana castle. It was build at the 12th century. Many tourists travel to Slovenia to see the Ljubljana castle and people go to concerts to the outdoor theater Krizanke. Slovenia has a area of 20,253 square km and just 2 million people live there. In Slovenia you speak Slovenian language. In Slovenia they bay whit euro. Slovenia became an independent country since 1991 from Yugoslavia and from 1991 they celebrate it every year in the 25th of June. Forma viva is a beautiful art museum on the coast of Slovenia. The highest mountain in Slovenia is in Triglav, it´s 2861m high .Among politicians, actors, musicians, producers, sportsmen, writers, businessmen and others, it´s hard to choose who is more famous than the other. The longest river in Slovenia is called Sava, and the second largest river is Drava. Tina maze is one of the famous sportswomen in Slovenia.

. The Ljubljana castle

The Slovenian flag

The highest mountain in Slovenia

By: Suzanne Saleem and Natali Moshiri, Sweden 66


Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Madrid Size of the country: 504 000 km2 Number of inhabitants: 47,000,000 Official language(s): Castilian (Spanish). There are more official languages in some regions (Catalan, Basque, Galician). Money: Euro. National day: 12 October Famous monuments : The Altamira cave in Cantabria, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Mountains: Spain is not a particularly mountainous country although its average altitude is pretty high (660 m). The highest mountain is Teide (3,717 m) in the Canary islands. Famous people from the country : Picasso (painter), Cervantes (writer). Popular sports: football, tennis. 67

Biggest river(s): The longest river in the Iberian Peninsula is river Tagus. It flows through Spain and Portugal. River Ebro is the longest Spanish river. Seas or oceans around the country: the Atlantic, the Mediterranean

Created by Finnish team , from Pyynp채채 school.


Sweden EU

Situation in Europe:

The country is located in Scandinavia, between Norway and Finland.

Capital city: Stockholm Size of the country: 449 964[a] km² Number of inhabitants: 9 074 055 Official language(s): Swedish Money: Svensk krone (SEK) y


National day: 6th of June Famous monuments:

Statue of King Oscar III in Stockholm

Armed only with his bravery and moral courage, Raoul Wallenberg saved tens of thousands of Jews from the Holocaust. It’s a story that has inspired the world. Wallenberg’s achievements are a reminder of the continuing need to fight racism.


Kebnekaise 2106 meters above ocean level.


Famous people from the country : Alfred Nobel Alfred was born in 1833 in Sweden. When he was 29 he made his first invention, a detonating cap for Nitroglycerine. In 1866, Nobel discovered dynamite.When he died in 1896, he left a great amount of money to a fund. Every year money is taken out of the fund and given to people who have done something good for humanity; this is called The Nobel Prize

Marcus Hellner: Marcus Hellner (born 25 November 1985) is a Swedish cross country skier. He took two Olympic gold in Vancouver in 2010. He is good, but will never be better than Petter Northug from Norway.

Popular sports : Football and Ski. Biggest river: Klarelven (The Klar river) 300 km. Seas or oceans around the country: The Baltic sea and the Bothnian sea.

Created by 8th grade, from Orkanger ungdomsskole, Norway


The Czech Republic ( EU )

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: The capital city is Prague. The famous sights are Astronomical clock at the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Dancing House, St. Vitus Cathedral, Wenceslas Square. Size of the country: 78,866 km2 Number of inhabitants: 10 505 445 milion. In the Czech republic there are about 3,5% strangers. Slovaks (1,4%), Poles (0,4%), Germans (0,2%), Roma, Hungarians, Ukrainians, Vietnamese, Russians, Bulgarians and Serbs (about 1,5%). Official language: There is one official language. The official language is Czech. There are Moravian and Silesian dialects. Money: Czech crowns


National day: The Patron is Saint Václav. National Day of Czech Statehood is reminder of his death of torture and it is on 28th September. Next national days are: Day of burning Jan Hus (6th July), Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State (1st February), Establishment of the Czechoslovak State (28th October), Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy (17th November).

Famous monuments: The most famous monuments are situated in Prague. · Small fortress Terezín and National cemetry. · Monuments of UNESCO: Historic Centre of Český Krumlov, · Historic Centre of Prague

· Historic Centre of Telč · Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora, · Kutná Hora: Historical Town Centre with the Church of St Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec

· Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape

· Gardens and Castle at Kroměříž 73

· Holašovice Historical Village Reservation

· Litomyšl Castle · Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc

· Tugendhat Villa in Brno, · Jewish Quarter and St Procopius' Basilica in Třebíč · Hluboká Castle

Mountains: The highest mountain in the Czech Republic is Sněžka. And it is 1602m tall.

Famous people from the country: · Karel Gott is the most famous Czech singer of popular music. He was born 14th July 1939). 37 times he won the Zlatý Slavík.

· Taťána Kuchařová is historically the most successful Miss of Czech Republic. She was born 23rd December 1987. She won titles Miss of Czech republic (2006), Miss of sympathy, Miss of the most sympathetic voice, Miss of elegance (2006) and Miss of World (2006).


· Václav Havel was Czech playwright, essayist, critic of the communist regime and later politician. He was born 5th October 1936 and he died 18th December 2011). He was the first president of Czech Republic (2nd February 1993 – 2nd February 2003) and the ninthpresident of Czechoslovakia (29th December 1989 - 20th July 1992).

Popular sports: The most famous sportsman in the Czech Republic is Jaromír Jágr. He ice hockey right winger.

And the most famous sportswoman in the Czech Republic is Petra Kvitová, and she is proffesional tennis player. And good team is Hc Eaton Pardubice.

Biggest river(s): (450kilometres).

The longest river in the Czech area is Vltava

Seas or oceans around the country: The nearest sea is the Baltic Sea to the north and a little bit further is the Adriatic Sea to the south. As the Czech Republic is in the Central Europe the country does not border with any sea.

Created by Bulgarian team, from Sv. Sv. Kiril and Metodyi School, Zaraevo



Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Amsterdam Size of the country: 41.526 sq km. Number of inhabitants: 16.798.960 Official language(s): Dutch Money: Euro National day: 30th of April: Queens Day 4th of May: Remembrance of Second World War 5th of May: Liveratuin Day Famous monuments: The Hunnebedden

Kamp Westerbork 76 76

Mountains: The Vaalserberg, 323 m.

Famous people from the country: Ruud Gullit (Former footballer)

Prince Willem Alexander Princess Maxima

Doutzen Kroes (Model)

Popular sports: Gymnastics and skating Biggest river(s): The Rijn and The Maas Seas or oceans around the country: The North Sea

Created by eTwinning Team, from Mehmet Ahmet Genรง Ortaokulu, TURKEY


United Kingdom (EU)

By the French team, 5E, Collège Pasteur 78


Situation in Europe:

Capital city: LONDON Size of the country: 130,410 square kilometers Number of inhabitants: +/- 53,000,000 inhabitants Official language(s): English Money: not Euro - Pound Sterling (ÂŁ)

National day: April 23 (Saint George's Day)


Famous monuments:

Big Ben,

Buckingham Palace

Mountains: The Pennines (highest peak : Scafell Pike, Peak District, 900 feet, +/-2900m)

Famous people from the country: Winston Churchill,

The Queen,

David Beckham 80


Popular sports: Football, rugby, cricket. Biggest river(s): Thames, Severn Seas or oceans around the country: Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, English Channel, North Sea.

Created by 5E, from Collège Pasteur, France



Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Belfast Size of the country: 12,843 sq. km. Number of inhabitants: +/- 2,000,000 inhabitants Official languages: English (+ Gaelic) Money:

Pounds (ÂŁ)


National day: St Patrick's Day (March 17th)

Famous monuments: Dunluce Castle

Mountains: Slieve Donard (850m)

Famous people from the country: George Best (footballer,dead)

Nadine Coyle (singer)

Popular sports: Football,rugby ( + Gaelic games) Biggest river(s): River Bann (51 km). Seas or oceans around the country: Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea.

Created by 5E, from Collège Pasteur ( France).


Scotland (EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Edinburgh Size of the country: 78,772 sq km Number of inhabitants: +/- 6, 000, 000 Official language(s): English (+ Gaelic) Money:



National day: November 30th (st Andrew)

Famous monuments: Edinburgh Castle

Mountains: Ben Nevis, +/- 4000 meters

Famous people from the country: John Logie Baird, inventor of TV. Ewan Mac Gregor, actor.

Popular sports: Football – Rugby – Golf – Curling

Biggest river: River Tay at 193 km

Seas or oceans around the country: Atlantic Ocean – North Sea

Created by Pierre, Brandon, Alexandre, Crystale, Ingrid and Valentin G., from Collège Pasteur, France


Wales (EU)

Situation in Europe:

Capital city: Cardiff Size of the country: 20, 779 sq km Number of inhabitants: +/- 3, 000, 000 Official languages: Welsh and English Money:

Pound Sterling (ÂŁ)

National day: 1st March (St David's Day ) Famous monuments: a famous train station because it’s got the longest name in the world.


Mountains: Snowdonia- Mount Snowdon (1085 m)

Famous people from the country: Tom Jones, singer

Anthony Hopkins, actor

Popular sports: Rugby Biggest river: River Severn is the longest river in Wales. It is 354km long. Seas or oceans around the country: Celtic Sea, Irish Sea

Created by Sophian, Théo, Aurélien, Anthony, Marc and Valentin B. , from 5E, Collège Pasteur, France.


Turkey (Non-EU)


Capital city: Ankara - Ankara Citadel and Museum of Anatolian Civilizations worth visiting. Size of the country: 783,562 square kilometers. Number of inhabitants: 74,862,000 (2011). Official language: Turkish Money: Turkish Lira (TRY) National day: October, 29th is the Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayram覺).


Famous monuments : some of them: Galata Tower, Maiden’s Tower, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahçe Palace, Double Minaret Madrasa.

Mountains: The highest mountain is Mount Ağrı which is 5137 meters. Famous people from the country : Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - Founder of modern Turkey. Suleyman the Magnificient - Ottoman Emperor. Mehmet the Conqueror - Ottoman Emperor. Popular sports : Naim Sülemanoğlu: Weightlifter. Aslı Çakır Alptekin: She is a middle distance runner.

Biggest river: Kızılırmak is the longest river which is 1355 km. Seas or oceans around the country: Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea. We also have an inner sea: Sea of Marmara. Created by B1 class / Greek team, from 1st Secondary School of Zefyri, Greece (Pupils that had worked on this ID card are: Manos Vasilakis and Andriannos89Agiazi)

Some of the teams who collaborated in this project ‌

Belarusian team

J ul i a S oj k o M as h a P om yr l i ya n u A l es ya D r o b u s he vi c h Li l ya B u tr ym V i c a B utr ym A l i s a N o vi t s ka ya M ak si m G o l u bo vs k i y S vea t os l a v M a tr u nc i k A n d t h e t ea c h er V i c t or i ya B ar d as h e vi c h-S h al yg i n a 90

Bulgarian team

Ayshe Ahmed Redzheb - Atidzhe Redzhepova Mustafova Remzie Musova Redzhebova Fatme Halilova Alilova - Aydzhan Ibrahimova Alieva - Sabie Ali Redzheb Fatme Redzhepova Sinapova - Yusuf Mustafov Bikov - Emine Halil Mustafa Hava Sabrieva Mustafova - Ali Hasanov Mehmedov - Dzhemal Mustafov Viyachev Ali Mehmedov Mehmedov

The teacher of the Bulgarian team - Iskra Petkova


Croatian team Kristina, Mihael,Benjamin, Gabrijel, Vlado, Iva, Lucija, Luka, Miran, Matija, Bernard, Hannan, Marta, Nika, Marta and the teacher Romana.

Czech team

Lucie Dvořáčková Petra Syrová

Jan Kajzrlík Milan Ulrych

Simona Jirsáková

Jaroslav Lang Eliška Vostřelová

David Kadoch

Hana Kvapilová (missing on the photo) Lucie Roškotová

Jiří Šejnoha

Nikoleta Špůrová

And the teacher: Pavla Sobotkovà


The Dutch Team Een schitterend project, waarin de Mavo 2 leerlingen van CSG Willem van Oranje uit Oud-Beijerland vaak aan gewerkt hebben. Vooral de uitwisseling met de kaarten is met vol enthousiasme gedaan. Het versturen ervan en het plezier van het ontvangen van alle kaarten was een groot succes. Alle kaarten hangen nog steeds in het lokaal. En nu zijn wij alweer een jaar verder en weten wij veel meer van Europa. En kijken terug met veel plezier op dit grote en bijzondere project!

Klas m2m juni 2013

A magnificent project, on which the Mavo 2 students from CSG Willem von Oranje have often worked. The exchange with the cards, especially, was done with great enthusiasm. Sending them, and the pleasure of receiving all the cards, was a great success. All the cards are still hanging in the room. And now another year has passed and we know much more of Europe, and look back with pleasure on this great and special project!


French team









Alexandre Sophian



Valentin B. ThĂŠo


Missing on the photo : AurĂŠlien and Valentin G.

Teacher : Laurence Couvreur


German team


Greek team

Afroditi Mountouri - Alexandra Kouroumalou - Argyro Panagiotopoulou Katerina Moukani - Cristina Aggelof - Stelios Bougias - Thanasis Mountzouris Andriannos Agiazi - Vasilis Kotzambasis - Nikos Markou sitting: Christos Karagiannis - Manos Vasilakis - Nikos Michalopoulos The teacher, Assimina Lambrakou

η συνεργασία μας βοηθά να γνωρίσουμε ο ένας τον άλλον κι έτσι να προχωράμε ενωμένοι κι ευτυχισμένοι "cooperation helps us to know each other and thus go on together and happy" ευχαριστούμε για το 'ταξίδι!' "thank You All for the Journey!" 96

Italian team

Alessia Petrella Carla Bellotti

Angelo De Santis

Angelo Tulbure

Errico Sassi

Cora Petrella

Carmine Caiella

Gaia Petrella Sara Colurso

Angelo Di Biase

Lucia Catullo

Serena Iacampo

Matteo Macchione

Simona Petrella

Valentina Pietrarca

And the teacher Olga Antonioli


Latvian team

Grade 4. Second row from the left: Alina, Erika, Adrian, Emil, Tina, Agra (the teacher). First row from the left: Christina, Christian, Reinis, Annie, Ketija, Samantha.

Grade 8: From the left - Didzis, Aigars, Diana, Amanda, Anastasia, Una, Krista and Valentina (the teacher).


Lithuanian team Lithuanian team from 7a

Deividas, Elena, Gintarė, Sigita, Gabrielė, Evelina, Ema, Auksė, Lina, Gabriela, Aurimas

Lithuanian Team from 8a

Karolis, Evelina, Gabrielė, Ugnė, Gabrielė V.,Kornelija, Karolina, Justas, Dominyka, Deividas, Monika And the teacher Elena Kulbokiené


Maltese team

Agius Nirvana, Azzopardi Rhys, Azzopardi Sarah, Bajada Maria, Bigeni Graziella, Bonello Rebecca, Buttigieg Emily, Cassar Josmarie, Cassar Sarah, Cini Charlotte, Curmi Stephanie, Grech Amy, Grima Margherita, Grima Chantelle, Mercieca Zoe, Mizzi Katia, Muscat Annalise, Scerri Ruth, Tabone Cheanne, Xuereb Ruth

And the teacher Mario Xerri

Norwegian team


Polish team

Polish team from Gimnazjum nr 3 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi w Głogowie:

Bartek, Michał, Weronika, Maciej, Patryk, Kalina, Kasia, Paulina and Joanna (teacher).

Philip and Norbert were absent when we took the photo. 101

Slovenian team

The shy students of class 7ab/3: Zala, Julija, Urh, Tim, Matic, Emir, Martin, Vanesa, Teja, Peter, Benjamin, Ana-Lucija, Tina, Ĺ pela, Ĺ pela, Filip, Tim Maks, Arne, Klemen The teacher: Romana Furlan


Spanish team 1D Zoe Ling


Mario Jaime

Samuel Kevin Paula





Jamie Lee Silvia Carlos

Raquel Nayara






Carlos Adriana Miguel Ba単os Miguel Escriche Diego Isabel Daniel Samuel Luis Yaiza Alejandro Juan Pablo Robinson Marcos Pablo Rosales Alma Jorge Elvira And the teacher Panagiotis Rigas


Turkish team

Irem Nil, Cansel, Basak, Yaren, Gorkem, Mehmet, Irem Nur, Eyup, Ipek, Elif Nur, Perin.

Teacher: Hakan ISLEK


UK team

from left to right Ethan, Ben, Emily, Kai, Joe, Libby , Eleanor, George, Preeya, Keziah.

Teacher: Karen Berrie


Cypriot team


The partner schools:

Collège Pasteur, Vrigne aux Bois, France


Gimnazjum nr 3 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi, Glogow, Poland


1st Secondary School of Zefyri, Zefyri, Greece Istituto Comprensivo "L. Montini", Campobasso, Italy Freie Schule Kassel, Kassel, Germany IES Rojas, Salamanca, Spain o.š. Borovje primary school, Zagreb, Croatia OU “Sv. Sv. Kiril I Metodii”, Bulgaria Mehmet Ahmet Genç İlköğretim Okulu, Gönen, Turkey Stredná zdravotnícka škola, Prešov , Slovakia Lyceum Linopetras, Limassol, Cyprus St Johns Church of England Primary School, Colchester, England Bilingual Junior High School – Dr. Hertha Firnberg Schule, Wiener Neustadt, Austria Orkanger Ungdomsskole, Orkanger, Norway Plunge academic Adolfas Jucys Basic school, Plunge, Lithuania ZŠ Choceňského, Choceň, Czech Republic Gymnasium 12, Minsk, Belarus Institut Saint Berthuin Malonne, Belgium CSG Willem van Oranje, Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands Mežotnes pamatskola Bauskas novads, Latvia Pyynpään koulu, Rauma, Finland Gozo College Girls’ Secondary School, Malta OŠ Preska, Medvode, Slovenia Engelska Skolan Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden



A book about europe et final prod  

Book created by Students from 24 different European schools, during an eTwinning project run in 2012-2013

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