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2 - December 7, 2016 -

Christmas Essay Contest - My Christmas Wish

A Note to the Reader: The power of the written word is so huge. To have a firm command of the English language is to boost your own opportunities in this world. Showing your feelings in your written words is a brave thing to do. It is honorable. At Engle Publishing we are proud to know that students like this year’s entrants are growing up in our community. Entries for 2016 are from older kids, ages 12-16. Asking a student of that age to write a voluntary essay can be a long shot, since they are usually overcommitted between school, activities and family. We were so impressed with the quality of what we got. Read theses essays with your heart, and they are guaranteed to enhance your holiday season.

About Our Judges:

Merry Christmas!

Moses Smucker – A published author on Amish culture, and a business person in wholesale and retail for 46 years. Faye Hertzler – currently at Horning Farm Agency handling a variety of things from rental property management to advertising. Faye has lived in the United States and in Canada. Julie Darrenkamp – in advertising at Engle Publishing for 31 years! A caring mom and reliable community member in the Mount Joy area.


My Christmas Wish - Christmas

Essay Contest - December 7, 2016 - 3

$250 Grand Prize Winner

My Christmas Wish Monay Faust, Age 16, New Holland This Christmas, I would like to spend it with my mom. I want to go to the store and buy her balloons, a teddy bear, flowers and a mini Christmas tree. I wish to lay in her arms one more time and hear her say, “I love you baby, baby girl. We’ll be together again one day.” I wish to dance and sing with her one more time. I wish that I could have her wipe every tear away when things are rough and tell me that everything is going to be just fine. I wish to hear her loveable laughter and watch her beautiful smile brighten up the room when she walks in. I wish to run up and be able to hug her and never let go. I wish to stay in her arms and tell her how much I love and miss her. I wish to be able to have her comfort me through the good and bad times. I wish to have her back every single day, but I know that she is not going to come back and that she is safe and sound in God’s hands. I know my mom is looking down on me and smiling at her beautiful daughter and so proud of what she has accomplished in life so far, just to know that her baby girl is improving herself and getting the life she was never given. Her smile can light a thousand hearts and her laughter can dry all tears, your gracious never-ending love is what we all will forever remember. I was only 8 years old when you were taken from me, you are gone now but never forgotten, I only have bitter sweet memories that I will cherish forever, until we meet again. I love you mom. Your Daughter Monay

4 - December 7, 2016 -

Christmas Essay Contest - My Christmas Wish

$150 2nd Place Winner

My Christmas Wish Jessica Hums, Age 14, Narvon Christmas is the birth of Christ, and the celebration of our families and our blessings. Many take Christmas for granted, wishing for fancy items and to see how many gifts they can get, although others who appreciate the simple but life changing events from the past want so much more. I want to be able to stop and take in the beautiful earth around us, from the bees that have left to return in the spring and provide us with the pollination necessary to grow our crops, to the rain that commonly ruins a picnic that keeps our earth alive. I want to be thankful for the breeze in the midst of the summer heat, to the tree that shades the path we walk on; and most of all our ancestors who have made and developed a world that we can prosper and thrive in. My wish is to be thankful and to spread my thankfulness onto others so they may be thankful too.

Thank You for the Gift of your confidence in us! Dr. Miriam Pearson and her staff wish you a memorable Christmas!

Merry Christmas


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My Christmas Wish - Christmas

Essay Contest - December 7, 2016 - 5

$50 3rd Place Winner

My Christmas Wish Kaylia Mohler, Age 16, East Earl Just imagine with me what would happen to our homes and communities if each person put into action what you’re about to read. What I want the very most for this Christmas is for all of us to take up the challenge to love our families and neighbors better. Just by holding open the door for an elderly person or serving a cup of hot coffee or simply a cheery smile can really brighten someone’s day. When we have a serving attitude, it makes us so happy! I think we should try to be peacemakers and stop striving with each other. We need to make our loved ones higher priority all year long, not just on holidays. Because healthy families are what can change a person’s eternal destination, not careers, stuff, or the latest fashions. We should be generous not only at Christmas, but every time we come in contact with people, by giving a smile or kind words. I wish for us to forgive each other; that parents would not hurt their children by fighting. That we would all be like Jesus and lay down our lives for others. That love and peace and joy would reign in each of our hearts and homes throughout the whole year! This is my wish and prayer for this Christmas, but it can only happen if each person will take responsibility for their actions and do the right thing even when it’s hard. Will you join me in this challenge? May God bless each of you as you seek Him and show His love this Christmas and always.

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Just as it did on that first Christmas night, may the light of His love inspire and guide you throughout this holy season and beyond. For your belief in us, we feel truly blessed and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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6 - December 7, 2016 -

Christmas Essay Contest - My Christmas Wish

$25 Honorable Mention Kendra Thompson, Age 13, Narvon Many people think that a Christmas wish is what they want, or what they’re asking for, but it’s more than that. A Christmas wish is something that can have a miracle along with it. Something that can impact or fix something horrible. Most people wish for “world peace” or “ending world hunger” or something that you can’t make happen no matter how bad it is, or they give you a sob story so you feel bad for them. I don’t want a toy or another thing to put in my room that I will never play with when I can have a thing much bigger. I want a truly important wish to happen. And that is for families to be together for Christmas. Some of my family is spread around at different places and some we don’t talk to at all. I know what it feels like to not have a family together because of a fight or something so dumb as being selfish and being together on Christmas would mean the world to me. Because of my experience with this happening, that is my wish. Christmas is a time for love and giving and just being together. I believe that no matter how much you hate or don’t want to be with your family for any reason or circumstance you should come together. Coming together lets you remember a time when all of you were good friends or when the adults were children playing together. Letting old and new generations come together teaches them the importance of family and bonding together like glue. My hope that is on Christmas everyone has someone to come to so they are not alone. Whether that is your neighbor, teacher, or just a stray dog roaming your street, I want them all to be together. As you can see, my Christmas wish isn’t just for me, but for everyone. My hope is to bring everyone into a house or restaurant and just be together. Christmas should be a celebration of what you believe. As for me my only hope this Christmas is to have my family, as a whole, sit down and have a christmas meal together.

Merle Eberly and His Staff Wish You a Meaningful & Joyful Christmas

O Come Let Us Adore Him “And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger; for there was no room at the inn.” - Luke 2:7

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My Christmas Wish - Christmas

Essay Contest - December 7, 2016 - 7

$25 Honorable Mention Kristen Steckel, Age 16, New Holland Every year I ask my parents to fill out a Christmas List so I have a few ideas on what to get for them as a gift for the holiday. Usually they ask for simple things like candy, pens, or something else ordinary. This year, my mom’s list was not the ordinary. One of the things my mother asked for had me thinking ever since. She asked me to promise her that I will always take care of her dog ‘Evie’. My mother’s health condition had been going downhill since I was ten years old. That is when she had gotten her first cancer. This year, my only Christmas wish is for my mother’s health to strengthen and advance so I would not lose her. I do not want this to possibly be her last Christmas. It would be too soon for the family. Mom always has her arms open when I need to be hugged and always cheers me up when I am feeling down. She is the only person I trust and come to for advice. We have so many things in common too. We make crafts together, play games and other activities. We both have the same passion to write and draw as well. She always has my back and is also my best friend. Hopefully this Christmas wish comes true. If it does, it would be the best year yet. I would like her to see me graduate from high school and college. I want to show her my success when it comes to getting a good career. We still have trips to take, laughter to pass on, and years to come.

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8 - December 7, 2016 -

Christmas Essay Contest - My Christmas Wish

An Angel’s Embrace Carly Sauler, Age 14, New Holland Christmas is a joyous time filled with laughter and love. Making cookies, singing songs, sitting by the fireplace… They are all part of the holiday season, but almost everybody’s favorite part is waking up early on Christmas morning, creeping down the stairs, and seeing all the wonderful presents sitting under the tree! As you get older though, you learn that presents aren’t the real meaning of Christmas and it can be so much more special… I have a very special Christmas wish this year and I hope that I can fulfill it. My family is a very important part of my life, they help me be who I really am, and this Christmas I want to make it my wish to thank one very important person in my life. This person would be my mom... I want to let my mom know how much I look up to her as a role model, an inspiration, a friend, and just a beautifully, wonderful person! Ever since I was a toddler, she took the time out of her day to help others, no matter what. She has done so much volunteer work, and she doesn’t do it for acknowledgement so much as she does it because she loves people. She truly puts her best foot forward for others. Seeing my mom help so many people helps me realize how great it can make you feel to know that you can put a smile on someone’s face. To this day, she does all she can to make people happy and make them laugh. I want her to know that her love for this world and everyone in it, can truly make a difference and put a smile across hundreds of faces. She is the light of my life and has always kept the path clear for our family. We have withstood hardships through love and faith in God and I am blessed to see her pass the love to other people no matter what the circumstances are. Christmas is a very loving season, and people everywhere spread the joy and help others, so my one true Christmas wish, is to repay my mother, who has done such greatness, by saying, “Thank you for being a servant of the Lord, and being there for everyone through the darkest storms and the glimmering light!” I love you Mama!

Congratulations to the Winners! “To us a Child is born. To us a Son is given.” A Blessed Christmas from our Family


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My Christmas Wish - Christmas

Essay Contest - December 7, 2016 - 9

My Christmas Wish Gabriell Kauffman, Age 12, New Holland This Christmas season I wish to raise money for world hunger. Reason one, I strongly think that kids who are dying of hunger deserve just as much as us. Reason two, it’s terrible to think what they go through and how badly they want help. Kids, Adults, Babies absolutely anything dying like this need help. Some don’t have enough resources to keep alive. Some don’t even have shelter or cloths to keep warm. They need that! Someone needs to help them and give them hope to change their life for entirety It’s really sad to think families don’t have home nor food nor water. It’s also sad that some can’t share love or joy with one and other because they don’t have a family. What can we do to help? I know! Raise money give them what they need, find them a family, give them a shelter, Give them cloths. This is my wish for this Christmas season. I hope its successful.

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10 - December 7, 2016 -

Christmas Essay Contest - My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish Jared Kurtz, Age 13, Denver Of all the worldly things I would like to have for Christmas, such as an ipad, ipod, my own room or to have the book that I have been writing published. I would have to wish for something that only God could give and not by person. This wish would be to have both of my grandpa’s come back for Christmas. My one grandpa whose my dads father, died before I was born. He was an electricion, my dad also became an electricion who was taught by going on jobs with his dad (my grandpa). My other grandpa who was my moms dad, was a truck driver, he enjoyed trucking. He also loved the beach, the route he trucked along was by the shore line, so when he got tired, hot, and needed a break, he would park his truck and jump into the ocean for a quick dunk and then he went back to his truck to keep going. He also started the tradition of going to Ocean City Maryland for a week. We still keep that tradition today. Both of my grandpas were very loyal and caring for there families, They did their best to provide for their family. When money was scarce, they trusted God for his had to provide in everything. I love my grandpa’s so very much and also, does my family, but we know we’ll see them again in heaven where they wont be sick and we will all be happy and healthy, worry free of sickness and death. Once I see them again I will have some many questions to ask them about how it was like growing up and everything else of their life. I get so excited to see them when I hear amazing stories of my grandpa’s from my dad and mom and my two grandma’s. If I could wish a second wish it would be for all the families in the world, despite their disagreements, hurt, or whatever that may make a dreaded time of the year, to come together to have a good and memorable Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be a joyous season, Jesus our Savior has come! It’s not a time for bickering, but a time of joy, laughter, giving, blessing, family time and most of all celebrating Jesus’ birthday! That’s my Chritstmas wish from me to you. Merry Christmas Everybody!

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My Christmas Wish - Christmas

Essay Contest - December 7, 2016 - 11

Amanda Coblentz, Age 13, Goodville A Christmas wish, all kids have it. Some may want a Barbie Doll or a toy Monster Truck. But what I want isn’t for me. It’s for all of those kids out there fighting for their lives. The kids I know and love but unfortunately battling cancer as we speak. Tomorrow is never given, and that’s why my Christmas wish is to end cancer for good. Cancer takes too many lives. On average, it takes 564,800 lives per year. This is a big deal, and no family should have to go through the pain and sorrow when they hear the words “Your child has cancer”. If I was a mother, I know that I would hate the thought of my child getting cancer and possibly not surviving. There are over sixty types of cancer throughout the world and the chance of survival is only 50%. This is why my Christmas wish is not for me, but for the families struggling with this horrible disease. Because I am a Christian, I will sometimes pray and ask God for scientists to find a true cure for cancer. Imagine a world where families didn’t have to go through the struggles that cancer can bring. Imagine a new and better world that is full of joy and happiness, not sorrow and grief. Imagine a world that didn’t have to worry about cancer at all. This Christmas, we’re celebrating Jesus’s birthday, the day that he died on the cross for our sins so that we could be pure. Kids from all around the world, the good, the bad, the black, the white, the poor, and the rich celebrate Christmas. But what is it now? People don’t realize the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not about the gifts or the money. I challenge families to thank God that we have the opportunity to celebrate with Him and ask Him to help someone in need, someone other than yourself. Whether it’s your neighbor or someone from the other side of the world, ask Him to help them. Pray for them at night, or anytime really. That’s the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas isn’t just one day of the year, if you put your mind to it, you can make Christmas become every day of the year. I end this with one simple question. Who will you think about this Christmas, yourself or someone else?

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12 - December 7, 2016 -

Christmas Essay Contest - My Christmas Wish


E M O •H



After 2,000 years, wise men and women are still following his star. A blessed Christmas from all of us.


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Christmas Essay Contest 2016  
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