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November 2010

South Australia

Telstra South Australian Business Woman of the Year 2010 and Commonwealth Bank Business Owner Award Winner Melissa Mellen MIEAust CPEng, Murray F. Young & Associates (MFR), Fullarton. (see page 3 for more details)

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A Message From The President Sponsors Division Partner

Division Supporters

This is my final message after two years of rewarding service as SA Division President. In a few weeks we will be conducting our annual divisional meeting at the Kooyonga Golf Course during which your current Committee and office bearers will make way for President Elect Dr David Cruickshanks-Boyd and the 2011 team. Congratulations to the newly elected members.

from our old Bagot Street premises. Since the move the Division activity has climbed by over 40% for the same period last year. The reaction to our new CBD location and the up to date facilities has been overwhelmingly positive. Some heritage links have been retained including the naming of our main theatre as Sir Robert Chapman Theatre after our first SA and National President.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the members of the both the 2009 and 2010 Committees that served the SA Division during my time as President. Each Committee member has worked behind the scenes in their portfolio areas developing the profession and representing your interests as members.

This year our membership increased by 1.46%. For the second year in a row we had more members wishing to serve on Division Committee than there are elected positions. Bearing in mind that no one can remember the last time this occurred before 2009 it is a strong sign that you, our members, are more engaged. There was also an election held to determine the member’s representative to the National Congress. The number of Engineering Excellence Award nominations for 2010 was also a record and the Awards dinner sold out at 360 seats for the first time ever.

As well as the Committee we must thank the Division staff for the dedicated support that they have given us again this year. In particular our Executive Director Caroline Argent and Deputy Director Sarah Carey, who together represent 19 years of SA Division experience, made certain that the many issues that arise during a typical year didn’t affect the delivery of member services. Nathan Jones, Kirstein Bartlett, Paul Godden, Ewan Hazeldine and Eric Hobson all continued in their roles this year and we welcomed Maurice Berry, Caroline Holmes and Jason Thornhill into the team late in the year. Many of the member events require our staff to work early, late and weekends and I thank them all for living with this personal disruption.

Division Executive President Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng Deputy President Jeff Walsh FIEAust CPEng Treasurer Gerry Doyle MIEAust CPEng Executive Director Caroline Argent Deputy Director Sarah Carey Produced By Engineers Australia South Australia Division Level 11, 108 King William Street Adelaide South Australia 5000 tel 08 8202 7100 fax 08 8211 7702 2

I would also like to recognise the hard work performed by the SA Branches, Special Interest Groups and Societies in conducting the events and providing the technical presentations that are the lifeblood of our profession. As President I have attended a lot of them over two years and been impressed many times. At the AGM I will be reporting on the outcomes from 2010 in detail. At the beginning of my presidency in late 2008 I set myself the task of improving our public profile and the interaction between the engineering profession and the community’s decision makers. With your support we have achieved much more than I expected. In late 2009 we launched the Parliamentary Fellows Program. The PFP introduces CPEng Fellows to Members of the SA Parliament forming one to one relationships to link our profession with this important section of our community. Since its inception the program has grown to include 25 Members of the House of Assembly and Legislative Council which is just over 35% of the total Parliament. Each Fellow has the opportunity for personal professional development whilst each MP has the benefit of advice from, and contact with, the engineering profession. Early in 2010 our Division office relocated

Every five years we develop an infrastructure report card for each state and nationally. For six months up to the launch in June our steering group worked with the report researchers to guide, contribute and review the developing document. By 29th June a splendid and informative 200 page report had been produced. Luckily it poured with rain on the launch day and the D rating given to stormwater infrastructure was highlighted by local flooding. The media loved it and we had over 40 mentions within 24 hours including all TV evening news bulletins. Copies of the IRC were provided to all Members of Parliament as well as dozens of copies distributed since. And there have been other publications. In 2009 we produced a Physics poster explaining to high school children the links between physics topics and the disciplines of engineering. It was provided free to all secondary schools in our State and the Northern Territory and followed the similar Maths poster from 2007. Recently we published the Statistical Overview of the Engineering Profession, with distribution to key stakeholders in the education sector. Finally, I want to thank you, the regular readers and members of our great SA Division, for the support that you have given me over the last two years. I am sure that you will give David and his new Committee the same assistance and I look forward to continuing to meet you all frequently in this great profession we share.

Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng President Engineers Australia South Australia Division

South Australian Engineer Recognised 8 October 2010: The owner of the largest specialist traffic engineering consultancy in South Australia was named today as the 2010 Telstra South Australian Business Woman of the Year. Melissa Mellen, a chartered professional engineer, is sole director of Murray F. Young & Associates (MFY), a Fullarton business that has expanded under her leadership to provide professional traffic, transport and parking advice to private and government clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Previously a project and traffic engineer with Mitcham City Council, Ms Mellen worked for MFY for almost a decade before purchasing the business in 2003 when the previous director retired. MFY provides advice on about 400 projects a year and its professional engineers and technical officers are supported by about 50 casual staff in collecting traffic survey data. Ms Mellen, who has been a guest lecturer at the Transport Systems Centre of the University of SA, also won the Commonwealth Bank Business Owners Award at the sixteenth Telstra South Australian Business Women’s Awards, announced in Adelaide today. Other winners were Jill Coombe of Bridge Clinic, Murray Bridge; Professor Tanya Monro of the Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing in Adelaide; Kris Lloyd of Woodside Cheese Wrights, Myrtle Bank; and Peta Mantzarapis of Maloney Field Services, Rose Park. Telstra Chief Marketing Officer and Telstra Business Women’s Awards Ambassador Kate McKenzie said the winners of the South Australian Awards were successful business women whose leadership qualities and achievements would provide inspiration for women across the State. “The judges said Melissa Mellen’s strategic planning skills were evident in her business success. Melissa is a leader who transformed the engineering business by introducing computer-based systems to manage the business and to provide customer services,” Ms McKenzie said. “She is highly regarded for her integrity, strong technical skills and the collegial culture of her business. The capacity of the business is substantially filled by repeat business from satisfied customers.” Karen James, General Manager of Affiliate Business Banking, Commonwealth Bank, congratulated Melissa Mellen for winning the Commonwealth Bank Business Owners Award. “Through our Women in Focus program we have met many women who will be inspired by the vision, creativity and tenacity that each of the finalists has shown in building the successful businesses they have today,” Ms James said. “I am impressed and inspired by the calibre of this year’s finalists. Each of them has demonstrated how a strong vision and smart management can turn an idea into a viable and competitive business.

These are the skills we hope to foster as we continue to support and nurture women in business.” The South Australian winners proceed to the national finals of the 2010 Telstra Business Women’s Awards which will be announced in Melbourne on 11 November. They will join an alumni of more than 430 winners of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards since the program was launched in 1995. Winners of the 2010 Telstra South Australian Business Women’s Awards are: Telstra South Australian Business Woman of the Year

Melissa Mellen MIEAust CPEng

Melissa Mellen, Murray F. Young & Associates (MFR), Fullarton. Commonwealth Bank Business Owner Award Melissa Mellen, Murray F. Young & Associates (MFR), Fullarton. Hudson Private and Corporate Sector Award Jill Coombe, Bridge Clinic, Murray Bridge. White Pages Community and Government Award Tanya Monro, Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing, Adelaide. Nokia Business Innovation Award Kris Lloyd, Woodside Cheese Wrights, Myrtle Bank. marie claire Young Business Women’s Award Peta Mantzarapis, Maloney Field Services, Rose Park. Further information on the Telstra Business Women’s Awards can be found at Media contact: Lighthouse Communications: Michael Grealy Ph 02 9262 3868 M: 0438 835 835 Telstra: Sue Lamshed 0419 030 104

South Australia Division AGM and Christmas Networking Night 2010 Engineers Australia South Australia Division will hold its AGM and Christmas Networking Night for 2010 on Thursday 2nd December 2010 - 6.00pm at Kooyonga Golf Club, May Terrace, Lockleys. For more information please contact Deputy Director Sarah Carey via or by calling 08 8202 7150.


Traffic engineering consultant wins top SA business women’s award ABOUT ENGTEAM.COM.AU, the Engineers Australia recruitment service, offers a cost competitive, industry driven recruitment service and, importantly, provides members of Engineers Australia with effective recruitment solutions for both employers and employees in the engineering profession. Our system will match engineers, technologists and associates online with available vacancies posted by our Professional Development Partners and other employers and will also manage the longer term career interests of engineers, with an emphasis on continuing professional development and the promotion of chartered status. You will find that is as easy to use as traditional job boards. However, our online tools allow employers and candidates to manage and track their recruitment or job seeking process. Both employers and job seekers create profiles, which our automated system matches to our database. Employers will be emailed a shortlist of matched and screened applicants. Job seekers will be alerted to 'live' jobs that meet their individual requirements and match their skills profile.

recruitment policies and processes in both private and public sector organisations. These policies generally do not accommodate individuals who want to work very flexibly. Forward-thinking leaders need to recognize this cadre of talented professionals and need to develop personnel policies that allow accelerated recruitment, flexible contracts and fast entry and exits. There is also a need for managers to develop new management styles to deal with the depth of expertise and experience of this group, which may well exceed their own. Based on survey information, retirees in this growing talent pool are already well trained, very experienced, inured to difficult project demands, like to work, are reliable, need little management and deliver results . Combined with sensible recruitment and succession planning, using capable retirees will ensure adequate staffing for scheduled projects, provide more senior talent to use as mentors, and will also moderate staff costs quite considerably. Employees are an organisation’s single greatest asset with the power to grow or debilitate the organisation. Utilising the retiring generation will contribute to a continuing, competent and constantly renewing workforce. Why not join us? Take a look at our website and register with us!

Since our launch has had over 8000 visitors to the website. We have registered over 3000 job seekers and over 120 employers from both public and private sectors.

RETIRED/RETIRING ENGINEERS Australia needs your talent and technical expertise. A recent US survey reported that approximately 80% of retiring Baby Boomers plan to work in retirement. This will provide a potential talent repository replete with every technical specialty, and type of workplace expertise, experience and knowledge needed in most sectors. Some of the barriers to effectively utilising this largely untapped senior talent pool are the existing organisational (and often bureaucratic)


FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT Hosted by Engineers Australia, this conference is the next in the series of biennial Australia and New Zealand engineering heritage conferences, the last being in Dunedin in New Zealand in November 2009, when a preview of the Hobart conference was presented. The Conference Organising Committee is now inviting preliminary expressions of interest to participate; as registrants, as keynote speakers, as authors of papers or poster presentations, or to join the pre-conference tour. Further information including the conference programme, preconference tour itinerary, call for papers and registration details will be provided in the coming months. The aim of the conference is to highlight the importance of our engineering heritage and to encourage actions which will help to conserve it for coming generations to understand, enjoy and appreciate. Papers which help others to achieve these objectives will be particularly welcome. However papers are not restricted to the conference theme of “Conserving our heritage – Make a difference!”. Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city. It has a magnificent harbour and Mt Wellington as spectacular backdrop. Numerous historic houses 4

FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT and commercial and industrial premises tell fascinating heritage

stories fromAustralia, Colonial timesis the tonext thein the present day. Australia The conference Hosted by Engineers this conference series of biennial and New Zealand venue engineering heritage conferences, the last being in Dunedin in New Zealand in November 2009, when a preview is on the River Derwent and 10 minutes by bus from the CBD. of the Hobart conference was presented. The conference dates isare 13 November 2011 to Wednesday The Conference Organising Committee nowSunday inviting preliminary expressions of interest to participate, as registrants, as keynote speakers, as authors of papers or poster presentations, or to join the pre-conference tour. 16th November 2011 Further information including the conference programme, pre-conference tour itinerary, call for papers and • Attendees willinbe welcomed at a social gathering on the registration details will be provided the coming months. th

Sunday evening

The aim of the conference is to highlight the importance of our engineering heritage and to encourage actions days of sessions will include Tuesday which• willThe help tothree conserve it for coming generations to understand, enjoy andaappreciate. Papersafternoon which help others to achieve these objectives will be particularly welcome. However papers are not restricted to the breakout for a local tour conference theme of Conserving our heritage – Make a difference!

• The 4 day pre-conference tour will take place from Thursday

Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city. It has a magnificent harbour and Mt Wellington as spectacular to Sunday, visiting the North andpremises Westtelloffascinating the State. backdrop. Numerous historic houses and commercial and industrial heritage stories from Colonial times to the present day. The conference venue is on the River Derwent and 10 minutes by bus Refer to the conference website from the CBD.

for additional information, speaker updates and registration information.

The conference dates are Sunday 13 November 2011 to Wednesday 16th November 2011 •

Attendees will be welcomed at a social gathering on the Sunday evening

• The three days of sessions will include a Tuesday afternoon breakout for a local tour Important Dates •

The 4 day pre-conference tour will take place from Thursday to Sunday, visiting the North and West of the State.

Call for Abstracts – 30th November 2010

Refer to the conference website for additional information, speaker updates and Receipt of Abstracts - 28th February 2011 registration information. Conference Secretariat Early Bird Registration Conference Design P/L Tel: 03 6231 2999 Email:

Important Dates closes - 31st August 2011

Call for Abstracts – 30 November 2010 Receipt of Abstracts - 28 February 2011 Early Bird Registration closes - 31 August 2011

Congratulations To Our Members

Ashley Kingsborough MIEAust CPEng Brett Jennings MIEAust CPEng Eugene Yap MIEAust CPEng Fiona Hall MIEAust CPEng Ruben Santos MIEAust CPEng Michael Obst MIEAust CPEng Phillip Field MIEAust CPEng

Congratulations also to those members who have joined as, or upgraded to, Fellow in this time: Robert McDonald FIEAust Peter Newman OFIEAust Guillermina Perelmuter FIEAust Frank Russell FIEAust CPEng (Retired) Congratulations lastly to the 41 other members who have upgraded between these times. The South Australia Division would also like to take this chance to welcome the 169 new members, 25 readmitting members and 34 members who have moved to South Australia.

Amanda Bowden MIEAust CPEng Adam Sajewicz MIEAust CPEng South Australia Division

Malcolm Ballinger MIEAust CPEng

South Australia Division’s New Events Manager The South Australia Division would like to welcome our newest staff member, Caroline Holmes. Caroline is our new Events Manager, organising the Divisions major events including the Sir Eric Neal Address, Australian Engineering Week and the South Australian Engineering Excellence Awards. For event enquiries Caroline Holmes can be reached by email on or via telephone on 08 8202 7140. Please join us in welcoming Caroline to the Division.


The South Australia Division would like to congratulate the following members for obtaining Chartered Status in the South Australia Division between 1st July 2010 and 30th September 2010:

Innovation In Infrastructure An ongoing threat to Australia’s productivity and living standards is the declining number of skilled resources available to deliver infrastructure of strategic importance. Innovation is one avenue enabling us to do more with less and to inspire additional students to follow technical career paths such as engineering. In a threepart series, Jeremy Stone, Group Manager - Innovation for one of the world's leading engineering, architectural and environmental consulting companies, GHD, discusses his team's approach to unlocking the potential value of innovation in infrastructure, to ensure we inspire, capture, learn, implement and deliver benefits for the local and wider community.

Our Opportunity, Our Need The demand for infrastructure Are you having difficulty finding the room to stand on the morning train, do you even have public transport nearby, is your internet connection fast and reliable, are there sufficient schools and medical facilities near your community, are the water supplies and rivers clean and safe? Infrastructure includes the physical elements of our work and home communities that support our life, including the transport systems of roads, ports, rail and airports, the energy and water supplies, the communication systems and the buildings to enable us to learn, recuperate and govern. The demand for this infrastructure is driven by the requirement to replace existing assets built many years earlier, the relentless need for increased productivity, safety, care for the environment and a rapidly growing population. Recently there has been much debate in Australia regarding population targets, with projections by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicating a higher bound population of up to 45 million by 2056, up from the current 22 million. To highlight the effect on infrastructure demand, from a water supply perspective, a recent report by Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) indicates that this population will require some 1,600 billion litres of additional water per year (about the volume of 640,000 Olympic size swimming pools). The financial scale of infrastructure demand is significant. Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA), a forum bringing together public and private sector leaders in Australia’s infrastructure industry, values the nation’s economic infrastructure investment task in the coming decade at some $800 billion. Some of these projects are already under construction including the $43 billion National Broadband Network, $3.1 billion desalination plant in Victoria and the $1.8 billion Northern Link Road tunnel in Brisbane. It is clear that the ability to keep up with this ever-increasing infrastructure need is not only an Australian challenge. It is estimated that between $24 trillion and $30.5 trillion will need to be invested in new plant and equipment worldwide from 2008-2030 as reported by the Washington-based firm CG/LA Infrastructure. In addition, the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index 2009-10, ranked Australia 25th out of 133 countries in infrastructure. There is much work to be undertaken.

Skilled resources shortage Engineers Australia, the peak body for advancement and professional development of engineers in Australia, estimates that over the next 5 years approximately 75,000 engineers will retire and only about 45,000 will graduate from tertiary institutions, resulting in a net reduction of some 30,000 engineers. Over and above the numbers deficit, retirees also remove from the industry significant years of practical experience, a confronting issue for young graduates when helping to deliver the much needed infrastructure projects. Much has been written about Australia’s skills shortage. In 2009, more than half (53 per cent) of companies surveyed by Engineers Media, a subsidiary of Engineers Australia, reported a shortage of professional engineers. Engineers Australia warned that “during the course of 2010 shortages of skilled engineers will re-emerge as a serious constraint to infrastructure development.” This problem has its roots at school level, Engineers Australia says: too few students are choosing advanced maths and science courses. In 2001, 13.9 per cent of year 12 students studied advanced maths but by 2007 the proportion was 11.6 per cent. The number of year 12 students studying chemistry and physics has also fallen significantly. In 1976, 28.6 per cent of year 12 students studied chemistry, but by 2007 the proportion was down to 18.0 per cent. Figures on physics tell a similar story: 27.5 per cent of year 12 students studied physics in 1976 but by 2007 it was 14.6 per cent. This skills deficit puts Australia at a competitive disadvantage against its global peers and developing powerhouses such as China and India. This is supported by the 2010 World Competitiveness Yearbook where out of 58 countries surveyed, we ranked 41 on the availability of skilled labour, including engineers. Author: Jeremy Stone MIEAust CPEng GHD Pty Ltd Next month’s article will discuss the demand for infrastructure, some challenges to innovation in infrastructure, and requisite actions.

Christmas Closure Announcement The Engineers Australia South Australia Division will be closed from 5.00pm Wednesday 22nd December 2010 and will re-open 9.00am Tuesday 4th January 2011. Should you require any information before this date we recommend contacting the Division office via: E: Ph: 08 8202 7100 Post: Lvl 11, 108 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000


Membership Profile Niki Robinson MIEAust

Why did you decide to become an engineer? Mathematics and problem solving came naturally to me at school, so I logically gravitated towards the engineering profession. What project are you working on now? I am currently project managing a variety of wastewater projects for state and local governments, and since returning from maternity leave, I have also taken on a couple of shared roles involving personnel management and business development for the Water Resources Group. What do you like the most about the engineering profession? Meeting new people, providing sound engineering solutions for my clients that are both economically and environmentally sustainable, and learning something new every day. What do you see as one of the biggest issues facing the engineering profession? The loss of experience and knowledge from the profession as more engineers retire. Who has provided you with the greatest amount of inspiration in your career? I believe that every person that enters your life and career provides inspiration of some degree or another. To name just one, it would be my husband for his unwavering support and belief in my ability to achieve anything that I put my mind to. The greatest engineering achievement is? Three came to mind immediately, two which are directly related to my discipline (of course!): Sanitation; Water Supply and Distribution; and lastly, the aeroplane.

What do you think you will be doing five years from now? Nothing too dissimilar to what I do now – Enjoying Life: Sharing good food, great wine and special times with family and friends whilst building on my knowledge and understanding of this diverse and satisfying profession. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be? In an 18th Century maison in Sarlat-la-Canéda, France. Truffles, foie gras, ceps, chanterelles, morels, candied meats, chestnuts, strawberries – what more could a girl obsessed with gastronomic specialities need. What is your motto? My motto changes regularly with each new phase of my life, however there is one that always remains “Home is where the Heart is”. Who would you most like to meet? Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin (Madame Clicquot of Veuve Clicquot Champagne as most people know her) led her company in developing early champagne using a novel technique, which is still used today. Madame Clicquot is said to be one of the world’s first great businesswomen.

What are your hobbies? Anything food related from cooking with my children to growing my own vegetables to travelling the world for new food experiences.

The Experienced Engineers Program Are you an experienced Engineer seeking Chartered Status, Registration and career progression? The recent change in legislation in Queensland has led to Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ) becoming a mandatory requirement for many Professional Engineers who deliver professional engineering services in Queensland. This has created urgency for Engineering Organisations and Engineers to gain RPEQ in the immediate future. It has also led to Professional Engineers who deliver professional engineering services outside of Queensland to also seek Chartered Status and Registration with more urgency. The Experienced Engineers Program is a structured, detailed and practical program specifically for engineers with 5 or more years of experience who are seeking Chartered Status, Registration and career progression. The Experienced Engineers Program is delivered in a simple and compact 5 x 1-day format and a commitment from you to have your Registration application complete within 6 months. “A unique opportunity to convert your engineering experience to Chartered Status and Registration” For more information






Member of the SA Division Women in Engineering Committee

Your Professional Development November 2010 - December 2010. Unless published otherwise all presentations are scheduled for the Engineers Australia South Australia Division Office. Event details are subject to change. Please check our website prior to event for current information and office location updates. Please note the South Australia Division has relocated premises. Our new address is Level 11, 108 King William Street ADELAIDE SA 5000 Online registration for many events is now available directly through the South Australia Division Website Events Section at

November 2010 Date



Monday 15th


Tuesday 16th


Wednesday 17th


Wednesday 17th


Thursday 18th


Thursday 25th


Friday 26th


Women in Engineering

Tuesday 30th


Royal Aeronautical Society




Wednesday 1st


Engineers Australia

Thursday 2nd


Engineers Australia

Engineering Education Australia




Project Management Earned Value Methodology


Paul Godden

Paul Godden

Paul Godden

Paul Godden

Paul Godden

Paul Godden

The National Applied Mechanics Panel

Paul Godden




Nathan Jones

Sarah Carey

Paul Godden

JTP Electrical and

Boosting Energy to our City - Adelaide Central


Reinforcement Program

IET Retired

New Wind Tunnel at the University of Adelaide

Society of Building

Bushfire Zone Materials and Fire Stop Waste Collar

Services Engineers


Footings Group Software Engineering and Architecture JTP

AGM and Alternative Wall Construction of Residential Structures and Implications for Footing Design Enterprise Architecture versus Solution Architecture Launch of 2011 WIE Committee and Christmas Networking Evening

December 2010

Chartered Workshop - Prepare your Chartered Status application AGM and Christmas Networking Night Venue: Kooyonga Golf Club, May Terrace, Lockleys

National Committee Thursday 9



on Applied Mechanics (NCAM) and Royal

Eminent Speaker - John Hart-Smith

Aeronautical Society

Chartered Status Workshops A FREE Chartered Status Workshop will be held for Members and Non Members interested in submitting an application for Chartered Status on Wednesday 1st December 2010. Our National Assessor Ewan Hazeldine will conduct the Chartered Workshop, which will feature invaluable information regarding Engineers Australia, Chartered Status accreditation and tips on writing Career Episode Reports (CERs) and putting together your Chartered Status application. Dates for 2011 workshops can be obtained via the Engineers Australia South Australia Division or by contacting Member Relationship Coordinator Nathan Jones on the details below.



Registration is essential. Please contact Nathan Jones on 08 8202 7170 or to register your attendance.Â


8 The views expressed in Engineering South Australia News are not necessarily those of Engineers Australia South Australia Division.

Engineering South Australia, November 2010  

South Australia Divisions monthly newsletter for November 2010

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