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September 2017

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One of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, Bidfood, and their sister company, Bidvest Logistics, have together donated over 100,000 meals to feed people in need since working with food charity, FareShare, over the last eight months. FareShare diverts surplus food that may otherwise go to waste, to charities and community groups across the UK, who then transform the products into nutritious meals to feed vulnerable people and families. Jim Gouldie, Bidfood’s Supply Chain and Technical Services Director commented: “We’re delighted to be working with this fantastic organisation to ensure that any surplus stock is going to those in need.

“We’re delighted to be working with this fantastic organisation to ensure that any surplus stock is going to those in need.

“At Bidfood, we are always conscious of minimising food waste, however we do

Foodservice provider donates 100,000 meals to feed people in need accept on occasions that we will have excess stock. We’re proud of our ethical and sustainable credentials and it made sense that we develop partnerships with charities including FareShare, to use any excess stock for the good of the communities around us.” Bidfood and Bidvest Logistics currently have nine of their combined 30 sites linked to FareShare and will be continuing to pair up with further sites in the future as part of reaching their zero food to landfill target. Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare commented: “It’s great to have companies like Bidfood and Bidvest Logistics on board and we can’t thank them enough for being proactive about preventing unnecessary food going to waste and making the process so easy for our teams on the ground. “It’s been a great success with the sites involved so far and we look forward to seeing how our partnership strengthens and evolves over the coming months and years.”


ARABICA FOOD & SPICE TO LAUNCH CHERRY MOLASSES AT THE SPECIAITY & FINE FOOD FAIR Arabica Food & Spice is delighted to announce the addition of Cherry Molasses, to its extensive, Middle Eastern inspired range. Launching at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair (3rd - 5th September), this rich and fruity reduction is made from sour Montmorency cherries sourced in the mountainous countryside of Afyon Province in western Turkey and is the first of its kind to launch in the UK.

In Turkey, cherry molasses is traditionally mixed with ice-cold water and served as a thirstquenching summer drink; however, the uses are far more extensive. Arabica founder, James Walters, says: “I love Cherry molasses muddled into cocktails, drizzled on a warm Aubergine salad or over a scoop of milk & Mastica ice cream or stirred into my breakfast yogurt. Utterly delicious.” Also available is a range of classic Medjoul dates - the perfect guilt –free treat for chocolate lover’s. Arabica Food & Spice Cherry Molasses will be available in Selfridges Food Hall and online here RRP £8.92

ABOUT ARABICA FOOD & SPICE Arabica was established in 1999 and has grown from a market stall operation to an established, multi-dimensional business operating across several sites. It’s an old-fashioned tale of entrepreneurship and hard work. Levantine cuisine has steadily increased in popularity and Arabica has the structure, capability and a platform for growth. The Arabica businesses include: • Arabica Bar and Kitchen - an 80-cover restaurant in Borough market • Arabica Wholesale –serves retail operations including Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason and Marks & Spencer’s. Smaller deli operations nationwide with growing interest internationally. Arabica’s Wholesale arm also supplies fresh meze to several key leading hotel operations including the Shangri La at the Shard and The Savoy. • Arabica Retail – Arabica boasts a concession unit in Selfridges Food Hall which will have a mini make over and re-launch with some new products on the Monday 4th April • Arabica Market Stalls – Arabica operates stalls in Borough Market and Southbank Market that we also undergo a refresh for May. • Arabica Catering – a division designed for pop ups and events

Arabica brings a genuine understanding of Levantine food coupled with an innovative style that has allowed the business to prosper and the aim is to find and develop good partnerships for growth. Recipe: Chargrilled aubergines with whipped tahini and drizzled with cherry molasses Method: 1. Cut two medium sized aubergines into 1cm slices.

2. Brush aubergine with olive oil, cook over a medium heat in a griddled frying pan 3. Whisk 200g tahini with juice of 2 lemons. Add 1 clove garlic crushed. Thin out with cold water until consistency of double cream and season with salt to taste 4. Pour tahini sauce onto plate 5. Add grilled aubergine 6. Finish with olive oil, drizzle of cherry molasses, sprinkle of urfa chilli flakes and roughly chopped flat leaf parsley





Top Food Pairings this Game Season

The UK’s game season commences on 12 August 2017 – and adventurous ingredients and quirky pairings to transform dinner parties can be much simpler than expected.

sweet and sour notes of autumnal berries. In this case the grouse would eat berries in its natural habitat so the combination works particularly well.

Below, Steve Smith, Head Chef at Michelin-starred Bohemia, shares his favourite ingredients to pair with game which are sure to leave friends and family ‘pheasant-ly’ surprised!

Partridge and Wild Mushrooms

Venison and Chocolate As one of the most popular game meats, venison is renowned for being low in fat and big on flavour. The jus pairs perfectly with dark chocolate to create a rich sauce with a bitter kick. Adding a drop of red wine or some seasonal berries will add acidity to balance the sauce.

Grouse and Autumn Berries Grouse has a strong, signature game flavour, which partners well with the

Out of all the game birds, partridge is one of the most delicate and subtle in terms of taste. In light of this, it is important to not overpower it and let the meat speak for itself. Wild mushrooms are a great partridge pairing as they give a delicious, earthy aroma.

Pigeon and Beetroot The signature earthy taste of the beetroot is the perfect robust pairing for the rich nature of pigeon. Ingredients that are available at the same time always make good pairings and this is certainly true of pigeon and beetroot.

Golden Dragon Restaurant

The 300 cover restaurant features classic Hong Kong style décor and specialises in dim sum by day and Cantonese and Pekinese á la carte in the evening. Golden Dragon opened its first branch in Chinatown over 20 years ago and is renowned for its dim sum and Peking duck. The restaurant is popular with both Chinese and Londoners alike. Similarly, the Colindale hotspot is perfect for large groups and traditional Chinese-style banqueting, as well as couples seeking a more intimate experience. Golden Dragon serves authentic dim sum dishes from Noon until 5pm, which is the traditional time to enjoy dim sum in China. Culinary delights include Char Siu pork bun; Prawn and chive dumplings; Crispy bean curd rolls; Grilled Peking dumplings with pork; and Snails in satay sauce. The stylish restaurant prides itself on offering the finest authentic Cantonese cuisine. Golden Dragon is famed for its duck which it offers in a variety of ways including the traditional Roast Peking duck and Aromatic crispy duck. The sleek restaurant boasts a large BBQ area which is fired up each morning so that chefs can expertly cook everything on site. Guests can rest assured that all the dishes


Hare and Blue Cheese A slightly more unusual duo, but hare and blue cheese can be a delicious combination. The cheese acts as a great seasoning to the leg meat as it is both sharp and salty. Bohemia Bar & Restaurant provides unrivalled Michelin Star dining in the heart of Jersey. Head Chef Steve Smith, who has held a Michelin Star for over 15 years from the age of just 24, has created a truly outstanding dining experience with his ingredient and flavour driven tasting menus. Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4UH, Channel Islands For reservations please call: 01534 880 588 or visit www.bohemiajersey.com

The popular Chinatown establishment, Golden Dragon Restaurant has opened its flagship in Colindale, North London. are prepared fresh that day by skilled Cantonese chefs with over 30 years of experience. The glass window allows diners to view the ducks on offer, as well as the chefs at work. Golden Dragon serves a traditional à la carte menu all day. Authentic Chinese dishes include a variety of seafood options such as Szechuan chilli scallops and Steamed whole sea bass with ginger and spring onions; traditional Chinese meat dishes include Sweet and sour pork and Crispy chicken Cantonese style, as well as Hot Pots and Bean curd dishes. Tables come equipped with a state-of-the-art ceramic hot plate to ensure that dishes, such as traditional Chinese hot pots and soups, stay warm. Golden Dragon offers a Specials Menu featuring unique chef specialties including Spicy crab; House special pork ribs; Abalone chicken pot; and Traditional braised stuffed duck.

Golden Dragon’s elegant decor was designed by Stiff + Trevillion. A radiant black and gold colour scheme creates a luxurious and elegant vibe. The sophisticated restaurant features ornate Chinese illustrations on the walls creating striking visual impact. The restaurant has an extensive wine list, plus a fine wine section. There is a vast tea menu with an impressive range of teas, which are stored in a traditional Chinese tea chest situated behind the bar. The restaurant is open from Noon until 10pm Monday to Thursday, Noon until 10.30pm on Friday, 11am until 10.30pm on Saturday and 11am until 10pm on Sunday. Golden Dragon, 399 Edgware Road, Colindale, NW9 0FH For reservations, please call: 0208 2058333 http://gdlondon.co.uk

Food safety in a flash -

just zap a barcode and move on Imagine being able to instantly record the temperature of everything in your kitchen: fridges,

freezers, ovens, food deliveries - even an individual burger or plated meal. No need to write anything down, no need to think - just zap a barcode and move on. Now imagine this across your entire estate, and you can see the potential.

and easy to produce yourself. Barcodes are unique: assign them to any product, appliance or temperature point. “High and low alarm values can be written into them and on screen alarms or prompts generated. Barcodes can even be used to record shift changes or the name of the chef who took the temperature.”

The MM7000 Combined Temperature Recording System is a new digital food safety solution for commercial kitchens, already proving popular with leading hotel and restaurant brands.

Will my staff find it easy to use?

Handheld barcode scanning thermometers are combined with a network of fixed wireless radio monitors to deliver fully integrated paperless spot checks AND 24 hour monitoring.

This is where a barcode scanning thermometer really scores - anyone who’s shopped in a supermarket will feel at ease using one.

Representing the ultimate in due diligence for HACCP, the system records not only the given date and time of any temperature taken but also the exact identity of what has been tested.

Today’s young chefs may well be computer-savvy but nobody likes gadgets with too many buttons to press or screens to navigate.

TME When temperature matters +44 (0)1903 700651 sales@tmethermometers.com

Don’t other systems already offer this?

Not really. Many automated systems still rely on screen input, increasing time, cost and the potential for human error. Also, those with pre-set recording options - where users chooses from the manufacturer’s own list of items - don’t offer the flexibility of personalised barcodes. Finally, MM7000 thermometers don’t need Wi-Fi: each unit stores up to 1,000 readings at a time, which you can download to phone, PC, laptop or tablet at any time preferably at the end of a busy service!

Why use barcodes?

Barcode scanning thermometers are the brainchild of UK thermometer manufacturer, TME. MD, Tom Sensier. “Barcodes are universal: use existing ones, or they are free PAGE




For top drinks presentation, The Commission goes for ice variety Airedale uses Hubbard’s ice expertise for enticing bar

Heathrow cocktail bar’s ice pick: a Scotsman cuber and a Scotsman flaker Airports can be nerve-wracking places for travellers. What they need is somewhere to relax. That’s why The Commission, the new restaurant and cocktail bar at Heathrow’s Terminal 4, is so popular. A Drake & Morgan site, it’s operated by hospitality and food service company Delaware North and provides upscale casual dining and cocktails – the perfect ‘de-stress’ combination. When it came to specifying ice machines for the new kitchen, the Airedale Group, the company project managing the installation, chose Scotsman, which is marketed in the UK by Hubbard Systems. “This is a premium site and it needs premium icemakers that deliver premium ice, reliably,” says Richard Greasley, national accounts development manager at Airedale. “The cocktail bar is a key feature of The Commission, aimed at enticing potential clients into the open-plan venue. We designed the bar utilising the expertise of our partners, including Hubbard Systems.”

Space is at a premium in Terminal 4, so all the catering equipment has to be both compact and have a high capacity. The Scotsman cuber (model MV1006) can produce up to 465kg, or 46,500 dice cubes, per day. It’s sited on a FOL600 ice bin, which holds up to 245kg. The ice it produces is the classic six-sided, 10g dice cube. The flake icemaker, model AF124, is a compact unit that produces up to 120kg of flake ice per day and has an integral bin storing up to 40kg. The production and storage capacities of both machines help The Commission cope with peak demand.

Reliability is another key factor in choosing catering equipment at The Commission, the more so because it is airside: there are lots of restrictions, and if something goes wrong it can take time to get an engineer through security. “We need kit we can depend on,” says Nils. “Scotsman is a market leader and it delivers every time. It’s very good quality ice that keeps The Commission has two Scotsman the flavour of the drinks true to machines – a high volume modular what they should be.” cuber that makes dice ice cubes, and a self-contained ice flaker. Hubbard Systems is the UK “Presentation is very important to us, distributor for the marketparticularly for cocktail items,” says leading Scotsman range, which is Nils Braude, operational director for available via dealers nationwide. Delaware North’s travel sector. “We For more information on the chose two ice machines, the flaker and full range of Scotsman ice the cuber, because different drinks machines, and details of local require different types of ice. We stockists, freephone Hubbard have a variety of specifications, both Systems on 0800 616559, for our alcoholic and our soft drinks. call 01473 350045 email For example, flaked ice gives a real sales@hubbardsystems.co.uk or edge to the presentation of some of visit www.scotsman-ice.co.uk our cocktails.”


BAR AND BEYOND CHELMSFORD Bar & Beyond opened in November 2015 and is the first of a new concept for the UK latenight bar market. The Bar and Beyond ethos offers a whole new experience with food served at the bar from early evening and then until late. The bar features a Shoreditch atmosphere, street and a graffiti vibe which is unique to Chelmsford, and has been designed so you can have an exciting time from the moment you walk through our doors, whether that’s relaxing with a bite to eat during the day or partying the night away. Recently we launched a brand-new menu, which is sure to tingle your taste buds! So, we decided why not brighten up the local companies and businesses of Chelmsford town’s day by delivering them our new delicious hot pizza, we just couldn’t NOT share our amazing pizza with everyone! Throughout the week of July 10th – 14th myself the Senior sales executive Sophia Lavery, Evie-Isabella Lobb our Sales executive and Becky Emery, our newest member to the sales team here at Bar&Beyond all delivered pizza, the new food menus and Christmas menus because it’s never too early to think about booking your 2017 Christmas party! to our local businesses and companies in Chelmsford. We advertised this via our personal LinkedIn accounts and work Facebook accounts and received a phenomenal response throughout the week from independent businesses such as hairdressers, to large chain companies such as John Lewis. We delivered the pizza’s between 1pm-2pm to ensure the companies didn’t have to buy lunch, winner! and those who have had the pleasure to try our new pizza have given us amazing feedback which we are all really pleased about, and it’s also had an impact on getting the word out there, which has boosted the new menu launch massively! We visited many companies such as: • • • • • • • • • •

Toni & Guy Lush Ann Summers Rush Hairdressers Salon Central 02 Rohan Supercuts Oasis Accessorize

• • • • • • • • •

Reed Schuh Topshop The Strand H&M Regius Hairdressers Cath Kidston John Lewis Ascension Global Recruitment • & many more!

Our new menu features more options from our famous sharing platters, ‘’The Butties’’ which come in a variety of fillings such as fat chips, sweet potato, fish and chip and slow cooked beef brisket, and of course – the pizzas, which is the biggest and most exciting change to the menu! They come with a variety of toppings such as BBQ Babe (BBQ pulled pork & caramelised onion), Sausage Fest (hot sausage, salami & spicy nduja sausage with grana Padano cheese), Cluckensqueal (chicken & chorizo with semi-dried tomatoes and pesto), Grand Central Classic (New York Italian spicy pepperoni, mozzarella and a rich tomato sauce), Out of Cluck (medley of chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables and pesto) and G.O.A.T(v) (Italian sauce and mozzarella). Why not come down to our bar and grab yourself one of our amazing gourmet dogs or sink your teeth into our delicious meaty burgers, both served daily for your

delectation from 5pm-10pm and receive 50% off drinks during our daily happy hour! We also have a new and exciting cocktail menu coming to Bar&Beyond in September, keep an eye out. We have something completely different to all the other bars and venues in Chelmsford! We can wait for you to try our completely new and exciting cocktails. Keep posted! If you would like to book our Christmas party with us, we currently have an early bird offer if you book with us before the 31st August you will receive 15% off! Bar&Beyond is perfect for your Christmas party, let me tell you why - We offer you the best of both worlds, Christmas dinner and party all under one roof, no collecting all your belongings after you’ve just eaten Christmas dinner and walking to your party venue! Dine and party all in the best venue in Chelmsford! Now, sit back relax and let us organize your Christmas party 2017 for you all you have to do is contact us!





Macellaio RC now open on Northcote Road Roberto Costa and the Italian steak experts at Macellaio RC, have now opened their fourth London venue on Northcote Road, joining the existing sites in South Kensington, Exmouth Market and Union Street.

Macellaio RC Northcote Road sets itself apart from its sister restaurants with an emphasis on Italian wines, hand-picked by founder Roberto Costa. Since the first Macellaio RC opened in London in 2012, Roberto has been developing a bespoke wine list, made up entirely of Italian winemakers from all over the country. With over a hundred different labels, the wine list showcases “wines of character”, paying homage to the produce of Italy and highlighting the distinctive differences between various regions – from Piedmont and the Nebbiolo grape, noble varieties of world famous Barbaresco and Barolo wines, alongside lesser known grapes grown in extremely limited quantities like Pelaverga. As with the other Macellaio RC restaurants, the Clapham site will uniquely combine restaurant and butcher with the renowned Fassona beef, butchered and dry-aged on-site. Sourced from producers in the renowned region of Piedmont in Italy, the


Fassona breed is chosen for its flavour and texture. The meat is extremely tender as well as extraordinarily low in fat and cholesterol due to the hypertrophic muscle growth among the cows. Cooked simply to let the natural flavours shine through, the process of maturation is key to developing the authentic Italian flavour and at Macellaio RC, the meat is dry- aged for a period of 5-7 weeks, proudly displayed in the restaurants’ ventilated cellars that are kept at 0-4 o C to dry and soften the meat. Whether it’s served as beautifully thin slices of carpaccio with rocket and Parmigiano Reggiano, as a slow-cooked ragu with some of the restaurant’s homemade tagliatelle or left to speak for itself as a steak cooked simply with rock salt and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, the team’s passion for these quality ingredients comes through in their cooking, led by Head Chef Matteo Riganelli. Website: www.macellaiorc.com Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @macellaiorc

When is a pot not a pot? When it’s a JARR

The new JARR from Tri-Star, the most creative nextgeneration food-togo pot.

Tr i - S t a r Pa c k a g i n g h a s launched its most creative next-generation food-to-go pot combining an industryf i rs t s h a p e a n d h i g h technology performance with a wistful nod to the past. The JARR instantly evokes feelings of nostalgia thanks to a creative yet fun-loving shape that echoes that of the traditional jam jar. Not only does this give the rounded, lightweight and transparent JARR great on-shelf presence. It also represents a perfect way to portion control everything from sauces and dips to olives, fruit salads and yoghurt. In four sizes - with two sizes of lids – at its smallest, the JARR can be used by delis, festival stallholders and food-market operators to give consumers bite-sized tasters or simply a saucy side-order with a meal. At its largest, the JARR pushes style and convenience to new, unbeatable levels for entire meals, topped off with a dedicated re-closable lid for on-the-go ease.

Compact forms maximise shelf space, while the jam-jar shape throws up excellent merchandising options. The JARR furthermore can be customised to the nth degree, with lids coming in different colour options that can be personalised to give the most individualised bespoke charm. This sleek but simple paradigm-shifting design is set to be a game changer for the food-to-go market and makes a unique style statement elsewhere: the JARR pot is a fantastic disposable cocktail cup in clubs. Flat top and sides are ideal for content information, promotions and label design. This promises precise as well as colourful label application to push on-shelf presence to the furthest levels of creativity. The four sizes, 120cc, 200cc, 350cc and 440cc, ensure even more flexibility with food-to-go retailers’ takeaway offers - hugely convenient to both retailers and their ever-more demanding customers.

The high-clarity JARR meanwhile is great for product visibility and is stackable to maximise convenience for the retailer. It is also heat sealable, which is a massive plus for food producers, as it boasts ESL (Extended Shelf Life), tamper-proof and food-safety benefits. Heat-sealed film is easily peeled off before use, but the jar can then be resealed with the lid to keep remaining contents fresh and reduce food waste. Kevin Curran, Managing Director of Tri-Star Packaging, said: “This market has been devoid of innovation and wit for far too long. The JARR represents the next generation of food-to-go deli pot and provides an exciting alternative container thanks to an innovative new shape that blends tradition with high technology. JARR offers outstanding shelf stand-out and is as revolutionary as it is evolutionary.”

JARR is the latest and exclusive product range from Tri-Star Packaging with benefits that go way beyond its form, convenience and marketing potential. These include ethical materials: the pot is made from recycled PET (rPET) and is itself recyclable. This is excellent news for consumers, who are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging.





Laura Sullivan, Michel Roux Jr and Charles Maxwell. Photo Credit Emily Roux

Special Anniversary Bottles of Gin. Photo Credit Emily Roux

Le Gavroche Partners with Peckham’s ‘Little Bird’ for Special 50th Anniversary Gin Illustrious Mayfair dining establishment, Le Gavroche, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, and, as a pillar in the London dining scene, what better way to celebrate than to commission a very special limited edition gin? Le Gavroche may be classic and refined in reputation, but this gin has been made not with a ‘traditional’ gin company, but the gloriously lascivious Peckham gin brand, Little Bird. “We decided we wanted to commission a special gin for the anniversary, and I had my eye on Little Bird from the get-go”, says Chef Patron Michel Roux Jr. “I’ve been a huge fan of Little Bird Gin since I first came across it. As anyone familiar with the brand knows, it is inherently fun, cheeky and has a deep connection with its Peckham roots. I am a South London boy myself after all. Not only that, but the quality and flavour of the original gin is excellent and I’m always a supporter of independent, artisanal companies.” Little Bird’s famous branding is one of the attributes that has set it apart from other London Dry Gins. With the sensual and flirtatious 1940s inspired pin-up girl, Miss Ginger, adorned on each bottle, the

12 PAGE Editor’s Choice

fun and frivolity of the brand has seduced discerning cosmopolitan gin drinkers. The special edition Le Gavroche bottle has had its very own Miss Ginger, designed with cheeky French flair especially for the 50th anniversary. As Little Bird’s Laura Sullivan comments, “Miss Ginger seems to have a job as a can-can dancer!” Other than the gorgeous ‘Mademoiselle G inger’ that separates this anniversary gin from their original, Michel Roux Jr together with Laura Sullivan, Tim Moore and Taskin Muzaffer of Little Bird worked on the original blend and added beautiful lavender notes to create something new especially for Le Gavroche. “When Michel emailed us to ask for a meeting, whilst waxing lyrical about Little Bird Original, my first thought was that it was my best friend playing a joke on us! Not the case as it turned out. What shone to me was how passionate he was about everything. After an animated chat, we agreed on some ideas and that was it.” Says Laura Sullivan.

Hand bottled at the Tom Thumb Still in Clapham, run by the legendary Charles Maxwell known by many as ‘Mister Gin’ in the UK, the special anniversary gin is limited in number and available only to customers of Le Gavroche for the time being.

www.le-gavroche.co.uk www.littlebirdgin.com @michelrouxjr - Twitter @littlebirdgin – Twitter/Instagram/Facebook

Jamaica Cove Rum launches 2nd flavoured variant

- Black Pineapple Rum

Portmore Rum Company, a newly formed spirits business which manages the brand Jamaica Cove Rum, and recently launched a Black Ginger Rum, has tapped into the rapidly upward- moving trend for pineapple flavoured rum, with a new variant: Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum. The new rum, which is being launched by Mangrove, is a blend of Jamaican Pot and Column Stills, laced with pineapple, for a luscious tropical flavour profile. Like its Black Ginger Rum counterpart, the Black Pineapple Rum is aged for up to three years and has an ABV of 40%. Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum is the perfect base for adding depth and pineapple ‘kick’ to classic Pina Colada’s – currently tipped as the “Next Big Thing” in cocktails. The Jamaica Cove Rum brand draws its inspiration from tales of smugglers landing on Cornwall’s beaches in the dead of night in small skiffs. The coves around Falmouth became a favourite smuggler’s haunt; shipwrecks were marooned off the rocky Cornish coast and the coves were used to conceal the plundered Jamaican Rum and botanicals on board. The Jamaica Cove Rum name replaces “Jamaica Inn 1750” which was originally used to soft launch the Black Ginger Rum in the UK in early August. It strengthens the global imagery of Cornwall’s historic smuggling past and the trading link between Jamaica and Cornwall, alongside its rumbustious activities. Nick Gillett, Managing Director of Mangrove, comments: “Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum, alongside their Black Ginger Rum are flavourful, quality additions to the Mangrove portfolio. The infusion of pineapple - which is an increasingly popular ingredient amongst bartenders - with a quality Jamaican rum offers greater depths of flavour for creative cocktail making.” Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum has an RRSP of £22 (70cl) and will be targeted at both the on and off-trade. International distribution is being sought. For more information please contact Mangrove’s Stefanel Tok via stefanel.tok@mangroveuk.com or info@jamaicacoverum.com

www.jamaicacoverum.com Twitter: @jamaicaicoverum www.facebook.com/jamaicaicoverum

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Nando’s Sucessfully Deployed Paytronix Rewards Platform to 384 Restaurants across UK and Ireland Successful migration of millions of accounts to proven Paytronix platform ensures continuous uptime for Nando’s loyalty and gift card programmes Paytronix, the North American market leader in restaurant reward and guest engagement programmes, today announced that Nando’s has been successfully running the Paytronix Platform within 384 restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Millions of Nando’s Card reward and gift card programme accounts were migrated to the Paytronix platform to ensure continuous uptime. Developed specifically to give restaurant and retail operators a greater understanding of their customer base, the Paytronix Platform also helps motivate increased traffic and spending and further differentiate brands in highly competitive markets. Guests can pick up a Nando’s Card at any restaurant and start earning Chillies straight away. Guests add a new Chilli to their Chilli Wheel for every bill of £7 or more. As they move further around the wheel, they bank bigger and better rewards. To claim a reward, guests need to register their card online or in the Nando’s mobile app. There’s a bonus Chilli just for registering. The Paytronix Platform has been the choice of restaurant IT professionals for more than 16 years for three primary reasons: System Architecture. 99.99% uptime relieves IT teams of constant operations demands for support that arise from unstable systems. Nando’s recognised a significant improvement on day one. Plus, transaction speeds are measured in milliseconds. It takes a material investment,

14 PAGE Editor’s Choice

time, experience, and talent to build a highfidelity, fast, reliable system. System Compatibility. Integration with the chain’s point of sale system coupled with an open API enabled Nando’s to remove its existing provider and replace it with Paytronix. As system components need to be modified over time, the ability to remove and replace a component without disrupting the entire system de-risks any migration project of this nature. Programme Migration Expertise. Moving millions of guest records between partners is inherently risky. Paytronix has a proven, practiced, process for handling the migration of these complex programmes – it’s quick while maintaining data integrity and privacy. Impact on the programme members and operations is minimised. “Paytronix has worked with hundreds of different technology partners . So, when it comes time to migrate an existing loyalty or gift card programme with multiple technology partners, we’ve got it covered,” said Andrew Robbins, president, Paytronix Systems, Inc. “Nando’s was able to take advantage of our proven technology and process to seamlessly migrate millions of customer accounts onto the Paytronix Rewards platform. Now Nando’s has a reliable service that is always available to its guests, anytime, anywhere.” For more information, visit www.paytronix.com

7. March to critical mass If any of the first six steps falter, getting to the crucial step seven will be challenging. March to critical mass is when restaurants reach at least a 15% penetration rate. Good things start to happen from that point onwards: All servers become programme fluent

How to launch a successful loyalty programme Within the hospitality sector, increased costs over recent years have forced restaurants to look for new ways to strengthen guest engagement in order to retain them over a longer period of time. As the cost of keeping an existing customer is far lower than the cost of acquiring a new one, many brands are considering loyalty programmes. L o y a l t y p r o g r a m m e s d e l i ve r outstanding financial returns by motivating guests to visit with more frequency and to spend more with each visit. However, many brands will stumble in some of the early stages of launching a programme. There are seven key points to bear in mind to make a loyalty programme a success: 1. Buy in from the top down Senior members of the company need to support the loyalty programme. If they have little involvement or faith in the programme, it is destined to fail. 2. Design a programme that reinforces the brand’s mission If a brand is on a mission to encourage healthier eating, the loyalty programme should reflect this. For example, by offering free healthy snacks when guests visit or putting promotions on healthier meals. A programme tailored to a brand’s mission is guaranteed more success.

3. D e v e l o p programme ambassadors Training all staff about the benefits of the loyalty programme will encourage them to promote the programme to guests. 4. Launch the programme and test technically Brands should test the guest experience at two or three restaurants prior to rolling the programme out chain-wide. Ensure servers understand the technology and that the technology is working correctly across all systems, including at the point of sale, online, and with any integration points such as online ordering. 5. Set automated touchpoint messages It is just as vital to communicate to guests when they’re in the restaurant, as when they’re not. Automated messages sent to a guest bring the brand to the front of their mind. These include notifying the guest when they are close to claiming a reward and simply thanking them for their visit. 6. Membership push Ramping up membership includes a carefully crafted strategy, motivating staff and managers, and executing according to play. Remove all obstacles for members to join. Enable them to join via their phone, at the point of sale, and online.

Staff will encounter at least one loyalty member per shift. Team members will quickly learn about the programme and its benefits, encouraging more customers to sign up. Word of mouth takes root The more a customer feels appreciated by a business, the more he or she is likely to support that company and recommend it to others. This, in turn, carries on in a word-of-mouth cycle that continues to achieve growth for the restaurant. The more customer-to-customer conversations the programme instigates, the more powerful the program’s impact. The financial results start to matter The programme will boast a higher spend average for members. Watch loyal members flock through your doors. So now what? Once the first seven steps have been successful, the loyalty programme will produce invaluable guest demographic and purchase data. Restaurants can begin targeted promotion. With any loyalty programme comes a greater understanding of guests’ purchases and visit habits. Servers soon get into the habit of asking customers if they have a loyalty card or app. Encouraging them to do so if they don’t. In turn, marketers become more agile, are able to make informed decisions on promotions, and can ultimately win customer loyalty through relevant engagement. It’s a win-win situation. Jim Mcloughlin is the Sales Director at Paytronix , a leading provider of reward programme solutions. Its guest engagement platform helps more than 300 restaurant and retail chains in the U.S manage and grow more than $18 billion in guest spend. Paytronix has recently launched in the U.K.

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BRIDGWATER RESIDENTS GAIN AN APPETITE FOR TRADITIONAL TASTE OF THE SOUTH WEST - Brand new Warrens Bakery Bridgwater opening a sell-out success Commenting on the opening of the new bakery, chairman of Warrens Bakery, Mark Sullivan says: “With the rise in popularity of craft bakery and British baking, we are delighted that we will be able to share our recipes and award-winning sweet and savoury bakes with even more customers in Bridgwater. We are immensely proud of our heritage and it is extremely important to us as we grow to do so with experienced and trusted partners. James is a prime example of that and, with a track record of running and launching several successful businesses in the area, we are looking forward to working with him in expanding our portfolio of stores in the region. We have big expansion plans in the region, with 20 stores over the next five years and can’t wait to build on our partnership and greet customers who may be more used to seeing our stores when holidaying down by the Cornish coast.” The smell of freshly baked bread, pasties, pastries and more from the award-winning South West bakery saw huge crowds gather at the grand opening event last week, which turned out to be a sell-out success. With queues lining up outside the door, the Mayor of Bridgwater joined locals to be the first to try the sweet and savoury bakes from the oldest Cornish pasty maker in the world. Established in 1860, Warrens Bakery is delighted to be working in partnership with local businessman James Tucker who will be adding Warrens Bakery to his current portfolio. As a successful entrepreneur in the area, James was impressed at the stand out quality of the craft bakeries premium range, commenting: “With Warrens I know where the product comes from – something that is important to me – and I can follow its journey all the way from production to the first delicious bite. Knowing that Warrens still use the same fresh, local ingredients and hand-crafted skills for every product really sets them apart from any other bakery.” With an overwhelmingly positive response from Bridgwater residents, the new bakery took 95% of the predicted first week of sales within the first two days of opening. With almost 600 pasties and savouries sold on the first day alone, it looks as though locals truly have an appetite for a traditional taste of the South West. Although the new store was filled ready for hungry customers with freshly baked bread and pasties, an emergency order was placed in the first two days of opening to replenish stocks after worries that the store would run out. The first Bridgwater customer to try the craft bakery’s infamous Cornish pasty was Katarina from CLIC Sargent who couldn’t resist the smell of pasties and a cake for her lunch and left armed with freshly baked goods for her colleagues. 2017 is quickly becoming the year of the Cornish pasty takeover, with new Warrens Bakery store openings announced each month. As well as celebrating numerous openings and franchise partnerships, the team has been raising a toast after being shortlisted as one of the top three craft bakery businesses in the country, in the Baking Industry Awards 2017.


Franchise Owner James Tucker adds: “I’ve been visiting Warrens stores whilst on holiday in Cornwall for as long as I can remember, so was already familiar with the brand and its premium quality before hearing about the franchise opportunity. With Bridgwater being both my home town and the base of our business, it presented the ideal opportunity for our first store. I believe there is a real gap in the market here for a premium bakery like Warrens – a store that both offers traditional, local quality and, for many in this part of the country, evokes memories of wonderful holidays to Cornwall!” James continues: “Warrens Bakery brings a strong brand with excellent scalability to our portfolio. Scalability is something I look for in any business opportunity – in particular, the potential to take a strong, high quality and recognisable brand and expand it across our local market. Our next store will be Taunton and we are excited to grow the Warrens brand across Somerset.” With over 150 years of baking experience, Warrens Bakery’s hard work and dedication has seen them receive a long list of accolades for their sweet bakes and pasties. In 2015, they were recognised in the prestigious Craft Business Award in the Baking Industry Awards 2015 and 2016 saw them win a haul of awards at the 2016 British Pie Awards, the World Pasty Championships and claim victory in a number of independent radio polls. The oldest bakery in Cornwall, their range includes traditional bakes, freshly made sandwiches, savouries, scones, a recently revamped artisan bread range and more. They attribute their success not only to the provenance of their ingredients but also to their dedicated team. All of their baked goods are crafted with an enormous amount of care and attention to detail and using the finest ingredients. Many of their products are also produced to traditional recipes including their Cornish pasty, they are after all the oldest Cornish pasty maker in the world. Visit www.warrensbakery.co.uk for further information. To hear the latest news from Warrens Bakery follow them on Twitter (@WarrensBakery) or link up with them on Facebook www.facebook.com/warrensbakery.

Bidfood gives the gift of Christmas back to hospitality workers

Christmas will be just a little bit sweeter this year for a handful of hospitality workers who will get Christmas Day back, thanks to Bidfood’s Christmas Gift campaign.

Christmas dinner with all the trimmings from Bidfood in January, once the busy period has passed, and a Virgin Experience Day voucher. Categories include:

According to The Trade Union Congress (TUC), there are around 42,000 chefs, 22,000 kitchen assistants, 15,000 waiting staff and 13,000 bar staff working in hotels, pubs and restaurants on Christmas Day*. The campaign, which launches on 16th October, celebrates these tens of thousands of hospitality professionals who work on Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Britain.

• • • • • •

Bidfood is calling on its customers to nominate** individuals in their outlets who are either working Christmas Day or Boxing Day this year (and/or worked last year), that go the extra mile to make the festive period special for thousands of others. Winners will be chosen via a panel of judges – five leading influencers from across the industry - including Bidfood’s Group Sales & Marketing Director, Andy Kemp; Anne Pierce, Chief Executive at Springboard; Peter Hancock, Chief Executive at Pride of Britain Hotels; Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive at the British Hospitality Association; and Andy Jones, Chair of the Public Sector 100 Group. Six winners will be revealed on 1st December across the below categories, and each will receive

Hospitals Care homes Restaurants Pubs and pub restaurants Hotels Other (includes schools/ universities, QSR and B&I)

Bidfood’s Andy Kemp says: “We know our industry works hard to make Christmas special for everyone in the UK, with thousands giving up family time in the lead up, and often on Christmas Day itself. We want to hear about some of the standout individuals in our industry and thank them for their contribution. “There is definitely a growing emphasis on our sector to play a bigger role in people’s Christmas celebrations. Bookings for Christmas Day dinner have gone up 241% since 2011 alone*** – which highlights the importance of recognising and rewarding our diverse and skilled workforce, and ensuring that working in our industry is an attractive career path for younger generations.” Entries are open from Monday 16 October to midnight on Friday 10 November and can be made online at

Facts about Christmas in the hospitality sector:

• A lmost 14 million Brits

intend to visit the pub during the festive period, making it the most popular place outside of the home to spend Christmas (Eat Out, 2017).

• Recruitment is on average 47% up during November and December in the hospitality industry (The Change Group, 2016). • Hospitality workers only manage to sleep for an average of five to six hours a night over the Christmas period (Matthew Clark, 2016). • Hospitality staff will work an average of 28 hours’ overtime over Christmas. In the equivalent time behind the bar or in the kitchen, a member of staff could pour 840 pints of Guinness or cook 168 steaks (Big Hospitality, 2016). * Source: TUC, 2015 **Entries are open to those individuals that work in outlets supplied by Bidfood and who are involved in the preparation or serving of food and beverages. Full terms and conditions will be listed on the website once voting goes live. ***Source: Bookatable, 2016




CREATORS OF FINE BESPOKE CLIMATE CONTROLLED WINE CELLARS, WALLS & PODS Specialists in creating innovative wine storage solutions in classic, contemporary or hybrid designs


The combination of good friends, good food and good wine is an unbeatable one with good reason. And as our love affair with eating shows no sign of abating the trend to showcase wine within the restaurant setting is on the rise. wine cellars are literally rising from the ground to unabashedly take centre stage in the chicest restaurants in town. this is obviously great news to those for whom the sight of a rare bottle of a petrus is one that sets the heart a flutter with the same intensity as the promise of a leisurely night with a lover. at cellar maison, our passion is to inspire our clients to push the boundaries and explore a new world of innovative climate and humidity controlled wine storage solutions. styles range from classic through to contemporary and hybrid designs incorporating luxury materials and finishes such as macassar ebony, white marble, acrylic, copper and bronze. cellar maison is considered one of the uK’s leading providers of bespoke climate controlled wine storage and display solutions. with a passion for design and innovation our team of expert designers, engineers and joiners are defining the next generation of wine rooms, cellars, pods and wine walls. our process includes producing 3d renders of all proposed designs so that you can see your vision come to life. You can also visit us on stand 1180 at the restaurant design show, ExceL, 26 and 27 september 2017.

ExpErt craftsmanship | Luxurious matEriaLs and finishEs | intEgratEd Lighting framELEss gLass waLLs | abovE or bELow ground | frEE consuLtations

Talk to us today and bring your vision to life cellarmaison.com | 020 3633 3286 | info@cellarmaison.com



New! SIMPLE STEAMER AT WORK! Hot Hold and/or Re-Heat •

Compartment 1 = up to 40 large hot dog sausages Compartment 2 = up to 15 Cobs Minimal deterioration after 2 hr hold Pre-Poached Eggs (not shown) = up to 10 vac packs of 8’s 2 sliding tops for access Temperature Dial up to 110c Capacious water tank/drain on front Simple to dismantle & clean

• • • • • • •

Small Footprint: Ext. dims: (W x D x H): 255 x 425 x 310 mm Small power: 13amp / 1.0kW

Tel: 01895 272236

Call or email for Dem or more details sales@equipline.co.uk





CEDA 2016

Specialists in warewashing Everything from the smallest undercounter to the largest Flight machine.

Exclusively from Maidaid distributors For more information 0345 130 8070 www.maidaid.co.uk


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Barry Callebaut Beverages UK is further strengthening its bid for 100 per cent sustainable chocolate by 2025 with the news that parent company, Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading supplier of high quality chocolate, has joined sugarcane platform, Bonsucro.



global initiative, bringing together senior industry representatives to work on a sustainable cane sugar value chain, Bonsucro works to drive sustainable solutions for cane-growing communities and ecosystems. Becoming a member of this platform will enable Barry Callebaut to expand its understanding of the challenges faced by other sectors in the supply chain and will complement its strategy to further its own manifesto, ‘Forever Chocolate’. The ‘Forever Chocolate’ proposal was launched by Barry Callebaut last year as a show of commitment to addressing key sustainability challenges with the following pledges:

• To eradicate child labour from the supply chain • To lift more than 500,000 cocoa farmers out of poverty

• To be carbon and forest positive • To use 100 per cent sustainable products in all of the company’s ingredients.

The Group set itself a deadline of 2025 to make ‘Forever Chocolate’ a reality. Head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages UK, Paula Bentley comments: “Joining forces with Bonsucro reflects the Group’s strong desire to stand at the forefront of promoting positive change. Sugar is a key ingredient in the production of chocolate and, by working closely with our peers within this sector, we can foster a better understanding of what is needed to effect change on a grander scale.” Barry Callebaut is an established advocate of sustainability, working with smallholder farms in West and Central Africa, supporting farmer training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). It is renowned for working to increase productivity and improve the quality of cocoa while positively impacting on livelihoods on a large scale. For further information on Barry Callebaut Beverages and its products, log on to www.barrycallebautvending.co.uk or call 01244 370500. PAGE


NextMenu is a suite of new technology solutions for the hospitality sector that aims to accelerate the Digital Dining revolution, using customer-facing Self-Order Kiosks and Tablets along with wearables for waiters. NextMenu elevates the customer experience in your venue, creating more loyalty that leads to repeat business.




How will your customers order


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Information Technology has become an essential part of everyday life and yet the Hospitality Industry has lagged behind other sectors finding it hard to embrace what technology can bring. EPOS is seen as a necessary evil. It is seen as expensive, unreliable, slow and the supplier providing poor after-sales support. Yet, these same restaurateurs love the latest Apple devices and accept that occasionally they will have poor signal when calling someone or that the internet is not reliable when sitting down in a coffee shop for a break. So why is it so essential to have the best, most reliable EPOS solution for your establishment that never fails? Because it is the tool that will help with improving the customer journey. It will ensure that orders are taken and delivered to the kitchens immediately and presented to the customer all beautifully prepared. Then when the meal is over the customer can pay quickly and easily before moving on contented. But it shouldn’t just stop there. By capturing customer details, you can check how they enjoyed their experience at the restaurant. They can be made VIPs by inviting them back with promotions and rewarding their loyalty. The upcoming generation of diners like to photograph what they are about to eat and sharing these images with their friends on social media. They require to be in control of their experience and welcome the opportunity to know more about the ingredients and what wines would be best suited all available on their phones. Today EPOS solutions can satisfy most of a restaurateur and their diner needs but the for the best solutions you will need to continually be evolving. EPOS solutions must help engage diners before they even get to the restaurant, involve them in the how and when, they will want to dine with different options. With the perfect EPOS solution make every diner a VIP and grow your brand and loyalty.


Kevin Coetzee, Managing Director, TISSL




HOUSE REVIEW The earliest reference to Sopwell House is found in a deed of 1603, which makes reference to the house as the newly built ‘New Barnes’ Home to Richard Sadlier. Fast-forward 400 odd years & 4 centuries of refurbishments with visits from figures of history, we have a stunning 100 bedroom Georgian country house set in 12 acres of gardens. Just one mile from the M25/M1 junction, you could quite easily be in spa retreat a million miles from London. Sopwell House offers its guests a full-service spa, boasting an indoor pool with sauna, spa tub , gym, etc. I must say, working in the hospitality & leisure industry my whole working carer, this is by far the cleanest & most well-kept spa I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Pool-sides are notoriously hard to keep, due to chlorine, residue, watermarks & general wear & tear. However, Sopwell House has found a way to overcome this & have maintained its immaculate look. I was very very impressed with the beautiful & elegant interior of the spa adds to the relaxation of the whole place. There is a choice of two restaurants on the premises, a Brasserie where breakfast & lunch are served buffet style whilst dinner is served a la carte or off a Set Menu. Breakfast was outstanding, not

26 PAGE Sopwell House Review

just for a buffet but generally cooked to perfection. The eggs & sausages are from a local farm quite close to the hotel as oppose to big bulk produce as most hotels go for. The second choice is the award winning Restaurant which boasts two AA rosettes. The modern British and European menu focuses on perfecting traditional dishes, but with a small hit of the unusual i.e cold soup which was simply stunning. I was fortunate enough to talk with the award winning Head Chef Gopi Chandran. A man extremely passionate about food & his role at the hotel, Chef’s enthusiasm & dedication to Sopwell & his kitchen really is quite honourable. As mentioned, Sopwell has close ties to the local farmers market, where all fresh food & produce is sourced. Such close ties with the farmers that Chef Chandran pre-orders months in advance so the farm can grow & or produce’s the request. Serving staff were very friendly & helpful with a pleasant smile on faces at all times.

designed with love & affection. The suite hosted many luxuries, such as a WIFI, a fireplace, 2 mounted widescreen TV’s, a beautiful sofa, your very own state of the art Bluetooth speaker & even an espresso machine, just to name a few. The massive king-size bed was so big, my partner & myself nearly lost each other in night & had to shout to find each-other in the morning. I personally felt I could live fulltime in The Willow Suite with its separate living area to the bedroom area & larger than normal bathroom with the most beautiful shower I have ever used. Now what makes Sopwell the crème de la crème of hotels & gives the Mews Suites a certain je ne sais quoi, is your very own courtyard with your very own spa pool. If nothing makes you feel like a VIP guest then private spa pool will. Sipping on fine Champaign with my beautiful Partner Ashleigh close by, in the spa gave me a feeling of heaven.

There is a vast choice when it comes to accommodation at Sopwell, everything from superior rooms to family suites-all which have been decorated with the finest interior. I was lucky enough to stay in one of the fabulous Mews Suites, these particular suites are separate from the main hotel with its own key card private gate entrance to really start the VIP treatment off. Beyond the gates is the most beautiful botanical courtyard garden, designed by none other than Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medallist Ann-Marie Powell. To my surprise, in the centre of the garden sits & a stunning hydrotherapy pool which is for communal use for Mews Suites Guests. The details of the metallic art surrounding the pool has a unique fine touch & added to the luxury feeling the entire place oozed. Hugging the bespoke garden are designer apartments with a tranquil look & feel, the sound of water splashing from the hydro pool certainly helps with this dreamlike feeling. Our home for the night was The Willow Studio, a ground floor apartment fit for King. Entering the luscious apartment I had an instant feeling of rest & happiness, the country house interior has a cosy feel to it & has been

Sopwell is no stranger to VIPs, it has been home to many national & international football squads, the England team has stayed there on many occasions & it is a favourite of certain Arsenal players whom come with family when not in training. The General Manager Thomas Garlich is a strong believer in Happy Staff, Happy guest. He would rather have the best 4 Star hotel than an average 5 star. I would personally rate Sopwell House at the top of the 5 Star spectrum. Thomas is looking forward to the Spas revamp next summer, where I am sure this will make Sopwell even more of a pleasure to stay. The rates of the hotel cater for most incomes & really are surprising considering the absolute beauty & luxury of the whole place. Sopwell House is my new home away from home. Simply magnificent!! Cottonmill Ln, St Albans AL1 2HQ 01727 864477

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to bring s n g si e D B D h it w te CK Direct collabora al kitchen n o ti p e c x e st a E th u o S Subway stores in the DB Designs Ltd carry out major refurbishments and create new Subway stores for franchisees all over the South East and rely on a collaboration founded in 2010 with CK Direct, to provide kitchen extraction systems for every project.

s m e t s y S n o i t Extrac

DB Designs are always quick to praise the attitude and expertise of the staff at CK Direct, who’s commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction offer includes a full design, manufacture, install and maintenance service; A service that would prove essential to the requirements of Subway stores across the South East. With this in mind, DB Designs Ltd Owner, Brian Baker was able to provide more insight: “Commercial Kitchen Extraction can be tricky to install due to building restraints and design and sometimes issues do arise, but we have found that the can-do attitude shown by CK Direct helps us overcome some of the more difficult situations.” This was never truer than with one of the earliest Subway store refurbishments that benefited from the emergence of the DB/CK collaboration. Subway required an extraction system that incorporated odour control and noise attenuation, all within a very complex build. CK Direct were able to design, manufacture and install a bespoke system that ticked all of the boxes. The system, fully approved by Subway included carbon filtration to combat the odour, whilst podded

30 PAGE Ventilation

silencers solved the noise issues, originally generated by the fan motors. The entire project was installed within 3 days and this kind of delivery and install time, alongside CK’s quick response time, is something DB Designs rely on to satisfy Subway’s stringent requirements to have stores open and kitchens running efficiently as soon as possible. Brian Baker continued: “We have used CK Direct Ltd for all kitchen extraction requirements since 2010 and have not looked back since. Prices are extremely competitive and service is very efficient. We know that when we phone with a new job, they ensure surveys are carried out within a couple of day’s maximum.” The collaboration between DB Designs and CK Direct has delivered numerous Subway refurbishments since the famous brand’s first project using the partnership. Thanks to Subway approved extraction systems and unique refurbishments that stick to brand, DB Designs and CK Direct’s

partnership has become the go-to supply collaboration for Subway stores across the South East. You can find out more about CK Direct at www.ckdirect.co.uk and you can find them on Facebook and Twitter for regular offers and updates.







+44 (0) 1733 230 378 info@ckdirect.co.uk


Straight To The Sauce Straight To The Sauce is a regional chef recruitment agency. We established our firm with the intention of helping fellow chefs achieve their full potential and helping restaurants and kitchens find the best talent in the UK and beyond. In an industry that’s facing an ever-increasing shortage of hospitality staff, we understand that connecting with the right chefs is a vital ingredient for any business’s growth and success. For many kitchens, finding the right balance of staff can be a difficult process, putting stress and an extra workload on existing team members. This can sometimes overflow into negativity and bad customer feedback, causing a loss of revenue that can be devastating for any business. ‘Straight To The Sauce’ is an independent boutique agency, which means we don’t charge our clients over-inflated consultancy fees. We take pride in being able to spend time focussing on our individual candidates’ strengths and qualities, matching them with our clients’ needs. We always make sure that we place our chefs in the right position, rather than just for filling a vacancy at a minute’s notice. We want to help our chefs’ careers progress, so they can continue to flourish and feel passionate about their trade. All of our hospitality packages are specifically tailored to suit your affordability and budget, as we know that no kitchen is the same. Are you ready to cut down on hiring costs and recruit the ideal chef for your restaurant? Call or


email us today. Straight to the Sauce helps chefs find the right opportunities From French bistros, modern gastro menus, location catering, Michelin-starred restaurants and 5* hotels, we have a client base of some of the industry’s most renowned chefs. That are ready to share their wealth of knowledge or maybe just offer a chance to refine your culinary knowledge and sharpen your knife skills. What ever you employment situation our friendly team of constants, would love to speak with you and discuss how we could help your career develop and help you achieve the rewards and benefits you deserve… Cornwall Office: Please contact us with any questions or queries on: Office hours 9:30-6:00 Tel : 01637 621554 Out of hours 24hr. Tel : 07342 824278 Email your CVs straighttothesauce@yahoo.com

TM Electronics (UK) Limited Accurate, quality thermometers and sensors for restaurants, hotels and catering – with three second Thermasprint response.

• • •

Cold store monitoring kits

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Sous Vide temperature kits

Chef’s pocket thermometers Robust waterproof thermometers with dishwasher-safe probes Oven-proof stainless steel probes Bluetooth Barcode thermometers

For a free quote +44 (0)1903 700651 sales@tmelectronics.co.uk


Bohemia Voted Best Restaurant in Channel Islands in the Good Food Guide 2018 Michelin starred Bohemia has been ranked 11th best restaurant in the whole of the UK in the Good Food Guide 2018. The restaurant now outranks some of the world’s most famous restaurants cementing Bohemia on the international culinary map.

aficionados are travelling from all over the world to dine at Bohemia. I think as Jersey people we often take for granted what is on our doorstep but we are so lucky. I am immensely proud of what the amazing team at Bohemia are achieving every day, with even more to come.’

The restaurant has moved up 13 places in the guide’s ‘Top 50 UK Restaurants 2018’ list, its highest ever ranking since opening in 2003 and is the only restaurant in the Channel Islands to be featured. The list recognises the best talent throughout the UK and is highly regarded by chefs and diners. The top entries and award winners were revealed on 17 August 2017. Head Chef Steve Smith said: ‘To say we are delighted is an understatement! We are absolutely thrilled to have been placed at number 11 in the guide’s top restaurants list. This is a huge achievement, especially as we have earned this score through editor appraisal and customer feedback and opinions. That is what makes the award that much more significant when you know it’s come from customers.’

To qualify for the awards, restaurants need to be independently run and offer regional or local produce and Bohemia is very lucky in this regard being based in Jersey with its world famous dairy, seafood and Jersey Royals. The awards are voted for by the public who submit nominations for their favourite restaurants.

Lawrence Huggler, Owner of Bohemia, said: ‘Steve Smith has taken cooking in Jersey to another level since joining Bohemia. Bohemia is now ranked at the pinnacle of restaurants in the UK by numerous guides including the Good Food Guide and has a leading reputation at an international level for its food and service. Food

Visitors to the restaurant can sample Bohemia’s threecourse set lunch from only £24.95 per person. The set lunch includes lavish dishes such as Duck breast and leg with rhubarb, turnip and pistachio or Red mullet with sweetcorn, king oyster and sea herbs. Steve Smith has also created a truly outstanding dining experience with his ingredient and flavour driven tasting menus which are priced from £79 for seven courses. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday, Noon until 2.30pm for lunch, and 6.30pm until 10.30pm for dinner. Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4UH, Channel Islands For reservations please call: 01534 880 588 or visit www.bohemiajersey.com PAGE


Don't miss the UK's biggest restaurant, hospitality & foodservice showcase. Showcasing the best of the best live on stage...

ALONGSIDE Clare Smyth, Core by Clare Smyth

Tom Kerridge, The Hand and Flowers

Chris Moore, The Clink Charity and Restaurants

Andrew Pern, The Star Inn

The Restaurant Show is the industry’s leading event for those owning, operating and working in restaurants, hotels and catering companies across the UK. On the show-floor you’ll find a wealth of new products from over 500 suppliers across all four shows, including cutting edge kitchen technology, stylish furniture and innovative ingredients & finished products.

Find out more and register at therestaurantshow.co.uk @RestaurantShow #TRS2017 In partnership with THIS IS A TRADE EVENT, NO UNDER 18’S WILL BE ADMITTED

THE KING OF BRUNCH IS BACK: THE BLOODY MARY GOES GLOBAL Ketel One Vodka maps the Bloody Marys enjoyed around the world Brunch is booming: the Brits spend £76m every day on it, the number of Canadians searching for it online has increased by an impressive 234% from last year, and it’s still growing. It’s not just a British or Canadian phenomenon either. Increases in search traffic from locations including Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, US and in many counties across Europe, suggest we’re all becoming brunch aficionados. What do all these countries have in common? The drink of choice at any good brunch, the classic Bloody Mary. The King of Brunch is one of the best-selling cocktails in the world and the perfect partner to Ketel One Vodka. This week, at the World Class Bartender of the Year final, 55 elite bartenders from the four corners of the globe each created their own variation of the classic Bloody Mary. With thousands of different ingredients and garnishes on display the results were spectacular, but despite their differences each shared one important unifying factor, the bartender’s favourite vodka: Ketel One1. Some of the more unusual global serves included the Brazilian Mary, a delicious twist on this well-loved classic featuring spicy pink peppercorns, fennel seeds and horseradish alongside carrot juice, creating a vibrant orange cocktail. The Australian Mary was an unusual blend of

Ketel One Vodka, tomato juice, hot sauce, balsamic vinegar and pale ale. The result: an exciting variation on the classic. In a nod to the Dutch heritage of the vodka brand, the bright orange Carrot Mary was served featuring carrot, apple & pear juice plus freshly squeeze orange, tamarind and ginger paste. Guests at the finals were even treated to a Mexican Mary in celebration of the competition’s host country. Created by leading Mexican bartender, Ricardo Sandoval, the Mexican Mary comprised of fresh red pepper and Chile chipotle alongside Ketel One Vodka. Bob Nolet, the 11th generation of the Nolet family distillery, whose father Carolus Nolet Sr., created Ketel One Vodka at their family distillery, said: “We love World Class because it never fails to inspire us when we see the world’s bartenders using Ketel One as the main ingredient in their cocktails. Every year we host hundreds of bartenders from all over the world to help them discover the heritage and dedication that goes into creating Ketel One.

“Brunch enjoyed with a classic Bloody Mary has always been our family favourite. The fact that its popularity is growing worldwide is no surprise to me. This week has shown that with the right ingredients, it is easy for people to put their own twist on a classic and we’re delighted that our family made vodka is at the heart of this occasion.” Ketel One Vodka is inspired by over 325 years of traditional distilling expertise, which has been passed from father to son for over 11 generations in the Nolet family – all driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a quest for perfection.

“We believe that a cocktail is only as good as its weakest ingredient and as the perfect base for a classic Bloody Mary, it has been a pleasure to see elite bartenders here in Mexico showcase some very unique serves all using the best vodka, Ketel One.





Go Beyond Sustainable Business Practices www.finebeddinghotels.co.uk :: info@finebeddinghotels.co.uk Hoteliers are switching on to the value of adopting sustainable practices within their businesses, using this as a compelling message to communicate to today’s environmentally friendly consumers but also to cut down on operating costs. “But it’s important that hoteliers take a stance on sustainability beyond their own operations and strengthen their consumer message further by looking at their entire supply chain,” says Sara Nolan Sales Manager for The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division. The Fine Bedding Company has released new figures relating to the production of its entire product range designed especially for the hospitality sector, demonstrating how it’s leading the industry in environmentally friendly practices. It has revealed that

Its Spundown duvet uses up to 30% less fibre than the market average to produce the same tog rating (but still delivering loft)

The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division produces all of its synthetic duvets and pillows in their state of the art facility that has been awarded Eco Factory status and last year was named Estonian Environmentally Friendly Business of the Year. Sara Nolan says “Over the past few years, we’ve recognised the positive eco measures that hotel operators are taking as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies. “Simultaneously, consumer awareness a n d d e m a n d fo r e co - f r i e n d l y accommodation is on the rise, with a recent report claiming that 68 per cent of hotel guests are more likely to consider accommodation knowing that it was eco-friendly.

100% of the energy used to produce its synthetic duvets and pillows comes from certified renewable sources

Compared to the industry standard, it has a 19% lower carbon footprint on its duvet production

“It’s important for our customers to know that the products they’re specifying have been produced in an environmentally friendly way and there is a great opportunity for them to convey this to the end user as part of their eco credentials.

94% of waste from its production facility in 2016 was recycled into ‘use’ and ‘energy’

“Our environmental policies focus on quality, energy and resource efficiency. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint


of our products through sustainable manufacturing and better quality performance.” In addition to green production credentials, The Fine Bedding Company also offers hoteliers some of the most easy to wash products on the market, which in turn helps businesses reduce their laundering costs. Sara Nolan comments, “Many hotels are recognising the benefits of using bedding that can be washed in-house, and we’re able to supply products that meet this need with our Spundown collection.” It isn’t just the synthetic product range that comes with industry leading accreditations. The Fine Bedding Company and Nimbus natural ranges are setting industry standards in quality assurances regarding the traceability of their natural feather and down fillings. Both of these brands carry globally recognised quality assurances, full IDFL certification and also the Downpass seal, that that certifies no live plucking or force feeding practices occur, and products are traced from parent farms to finished product. “Some of our customers include Intercontinental London O2, City Apartments, Motel One, who all report huge cost savings without compromising on quality.”

LEDIFICE with Photocell

Lumena Lights Professional Bollard and Path Light specialists Lumena Lights Ltd. supply quality outdoor lighting to hospitality establishments including Boutique Hotels, Resorts and Golf Hotels. Commercial ranges are exclusive or not widely available, and are perfectly suited to locations where appearance and safety matter. Products accommodate replaceable LED bulbs so if long-life LEDs fail, only the bulb is replaced, not the entire unit. The ‘replaceable’ factor keeps maintenance to a minimum and allows many lighting effect options. A warmer, decorative light may be required, or perhaps a bright white light for a specific route. Lumena’s Photocell ‘Dusk to Dawn’ bollards have an inbuilt sensor to switch the light on at dusk and off when light. This fully automated system means lights are never left on in daylight and ensures secure illumination at night. This saves money and maintenance time. ‘LEDifice’ bollard heads are designed to accommodate the supplied, large 20W LED ‘Corn’ bulb. This exceptional bulb offers instant bright light (2100 Lumens) ideal for photocell use, unlike metal halide or SON lamps which ‘warm up’. The expected 30,000 hour life reduces maintenance, with the likelihood of lasting over 10 years if used 8 hours per day, and costing as little as £12.00 PER YEAR to run. There are various heights and head designs, in a Graphite Black or

Litetower with LED Bulb

Garden Green finish, plus In-Ground versions for extra secure installation. Two cutting-edge alternatives to heavy-duty bollards are ‘Airlite’ and ‘Litetower’, crafted from strong 3mm thick ‘Anodised Aluminium’. This weatherproof, non-corrosive material is well-suited to bad weather or coastal environments. A robust protective layer is formed over the polished surface which lasts indefinitely. It looks like high-grade Stainless Steel, but costs a fraction of the price. The Airlite’s solid crystal glass head ‘bubble-effect’ is pleasing in daylight, and beautiful at night. It acts as a standard path light and as an uplighter - if placed beneath trees the effect is amazing! LED bulbs are accommodated, and dichroic coloured lenses create amazing colours! The Litetower’s specially designed head accommodates LED bulbs from candle size, up to large 20w LED ‘Corn bulbs’ for areas where bright light is required. There is an internal mirrored reflector and frosted glass diffuser to soften the light. The friendly Lumena team are always on hand to help Trade Discounts Available Website: www.lumenalights.com Email: sales@lumenalights.com Tel: 01327 871 161 Also find Lumena on Houzz, External Works, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Lightique is a long established, reliable decorative lighting manufacturer and supplier to the contract and domestic markets. Our ethos is Quality, Service and Affordability. Whether choosing from our standard range of products, or something special that has been individually designed by yourselves, we shall endeavour to produce items to very strict standards and specifications in an extensive range of finishes.



We remain one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of decorative lighting, supplying the needs of interior designers and end users alike, constantly evolving our range of products to suit your requirements and ever changing fashions in the interior design industry. To find out more and to see our full product range and services on offer please visit our website www.lightique.com



LIGHTIQUE LTD Unit 2a, Eden Business Park, Dunns Close, Nuneaton, CV11 4NE, England


T: +44 (0)24 7638 1559 F: +44 (0)24 7637 4635 E: sales@lightique.com




the UK looking to order the special edition packs, by delivering them directly to consumers’ doors.

C&C Group owned Magners Irish Cider have announced a first-time partnership with leading online drinks retailer, Flavourly, to allow Celtic fans throughout the UK to order the special edition Lisbon Lions pack directly to their home. The commemorative packs were released to mark the 50th anniversary of Celtic’s historic 1967 European Cup win and the first run sold out in sold out in under two weeks, with fans flocking to the Superstore at Celtic Park and participating bars across Scotland to get their hands on one. A brand first for C&C Group, the partnership with JW Filshill and Flavourly means Magners can now meet demand from Celtic fans across

The limited edition packs of 12 x 568 mls, which carry the iconic image of the Lions taking to the field in Lisbon ahead of their historic win - are available to order now via www.magners.co.uk/buy and www. flavourly.com/l/magners12. Priced at £22.00 plus £5.95 p&p. Paul Condron, Magners Director at Magners says: “We’re very excited to be teaming up with Flavourly in a first-of-its-kind partnership for C&C Group. There have been hundreds of requests for our Lisbon Lions packs from Celtic fans across the UK, which to date we have been unable to fulfil. By partnering with Flavourly, we’re now able to meet this demand and deliver these commemorative packs direct to fans across the UK.” To keep up to date with the latest Magners news, visit: https://magners.co.uk Facebook.com/magnerscider Twitter.com/magnersuk

Zonal unlocks data intelligence with Dimensions+ Zonal, the UK’s largest technology provider for the hospitality sector, has launched an insight based solution that unlocks valuable operator data to paint a detailed picture in one single view. Dimensions+ is an extension to the Dimensions reporting module, that comes as standard as part of Zonal’s Aztec EPoS. This latest innovation quickly aggregates data from EPoS together with external sources such as Payroll systems, to create real-time data analysis and comprehensive reporting in an easy to understand graphic format. Using Microsoft Power BI, Zonal creates valuable intelligence for customers from day one. With same day activation and ongoing support from Zonal’s Edinburgh-based Help Centre, Dimensions+ can pull through data history and deliver meaningful insights, trends and reporting from the outset. Zonal’s chief executive Stuart McLean said: “We are market leaders when it comes to EPoS and the data that our customers can collate. Dimensions+ removes unnecessary steps for our customers by converting the


information into one view that allows them to compare various sources of data and gather a huge amount of insight. Dimensions+ makes the data manipulation process simple so that our customers are guaranteed to get the most accurate business intelligence.” The initial feedback from trials has been extremely positive. Jonathan GrenvilleGrey, operations director from Snug Bars, added: “Dimensions+ is extremely intuitive and mines data quickly, so that we have more time to focus on our business. The old adage ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ relates to Dimensions+ as it does the same thing for spreadsheets, transforming data into a graphic, which is great to share with employees. It’s a game changer!” Zonal is the leading provider of integrated hospitality management solutions to over 11,000 leisure and hospitality businesses across the UK. For over 37 years, the company has been working closely with clients to enhance the customer experience through market leading technology, experienced people and a partnership approach to business.

PUB TENANTS NEED MORE SUPPORT TO REVIVE LICENSED TRADE Pub tenants need greater support to ensure the long-term viability of their businesses and strength of the licensed trade in general, according to a national property consultant.

HERALD ENJOYS SPIKE IN SALES OF BESPOKE BAKERY ITEMS Quality disposables manufacturer and supplier, Herald has reported a spike in sales of bespoke bakery products with an increasing amount of smaller bakery chains and independent bakers moving on to branded and printed packaging. The company, which sells a full range of cupcake, muffin and jelly cases, as well as a wide selection of sandwich packaging, is looking forward to further expanding its bakery product range in the coming 12 months as it continues with plans to extend both manufacturing and storage facilities at its premises in Barking. Herald has already announced a 20 per cent rise in sales across all of its printed, catering products this year, reflecting what is a general trend in the demand for printed designs and more eye-catching packaging. Managing director of Herald, Yogesh Patel comments: “There is definitely an appetite for tailored designs and branded items as businesses are having to work harder to stand out in an increasingly competitive market and a lot of our customers are now taking the first steps in moving away from plain white or brown packaging. However, we are also facing greater competition and must make sure that our offering is attractive on all levels. “The key to securing new business for us will lie in our ability to hold larger amounts of stock, thanks to our increased warehouse space, and the variety of our range. As long as we continue to ensure that our products are competitively priced, the upward sales trajectory should continue.” As well as increasing its warehouse facilities and investing in new machinery, including extra injection moulding machines, Herald has added to its business development team in preparation for a period of strategic growth. The company has also engaged extra marketing support and hopes to launch a new website later in the year to showcase the full product range. With over thirty years since its inception, Herald is renowned for its vast catalogue of goods that provides an unrivalled breadth of choice. The company has been careful not to sacrifice quality for price and adheres to a standard, refusing to stock products that fall below a certain grade in order to protect its reputation and its customers’ expectation. A member of the Foodservice Packaging Association, Herald is a family-led concern. For further information on Herald and its products, log on to www.heraldplastic.com or call 0208 507 7900.

Bruton Knowles is urging landlords to seek advice following the publication of results of a Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) commissioned investigation – announced today (23 August 2017) – into the accessibility of the Market Rent Only (MRO) option for tied pub tenants. Historically pub tenants were required to buy all or most of the beer they served from a particular pub company or brewery, and had to pay rents set by their landlord – regardless of what the pub was earning. MRO was introduced in 2016 to allow pub tenants to have ‘free-of-tie’ tenancies and pay fairly assessed rents. Sam Spencer, associate at the property specialist’s Nottingham office said: “It is imperative tenants are not put in a poor position due to bad advice. Tenants seeking to come out of tied leases will be negotiating with landlords who want to replace lost income from a tied agreement and are therefore likely to try and enhance the terms of any lease in their own favour. “I would strongly advise all tenants to seek professional advice from a licensed property expert. Although some tenants may want to save money and will try and do this themselves, they shouldn’t. A modest investment in salient advice will gain them a good workable agreement.” Despite introducing MRO, the PCA’s research reveals many pub tenants are still facing barriers to accessing their new rights due to pub-owning businesses which may not be adhering to the code. Sam continued: “Any pub tenants applying for a new agreement under the MRO code should engage a professional with sufficient experience of pub leases and an understanding of the pub trade and licensed property. “Speaking to someone who also understands the Pubs Code and pub leases is vital. A pub lease will probably differ from other commercial leases in that rent may be calculated in relation to turnover and/or profit. “The provision of more transparent advice and recommendations, I believe, will prevent many pub tenants experiencing management and financial issues. The development of an official licensed tenants’ trade body would also not only provide much-needed support to tenants, but also prevent the closure of so many pubs and help to revive this market.” The property consultant has 13 offices across the UK and helps property owners, occupiers, developers and investors to achieve more from their land and property. For more information about Bruton Knowles visit www.brutonknowles.co.uk





NEC 21–24 JAN 2018


Find all the furniture and interiors you need as 500+ suppliers reveal their new collections.

PT ClimatePlus

We breathe new life into your kitchen


75 %


We’ll see you in January. Further information about the first pass-through warewasher with heat pump: www.winterhalter.biz






Aldo Zilli

Christine Bailey

Innovative chefs to dazzle vegan-hungry delegates with plant-based cuisine at UK’s first vegan Trade show A number of experts from the catering trade will be showcasing the delights of plant-based cooking as well as offering their insights into how best to integrate vegan meals into the major catering and hospitality trades, at the UK’s first dedicated vegan Trade show VegfestUK Trade on Friday October 20th 2017 at Olympia London. Amongst the experts present at the PlantBased Chefs Corner – the area of this inaugural event tailored to those working in the catering and hospitality trades and the growing Cafe Culture movement – are Italian chef and Soho Radio host Aldo Zilli, alongside nutritionist, chef and author Christine Bailey, vegan caterer Shambhu’s founder Nishma Shah, 222 Veggie Vegan restaurant head chef Ben Asamani, Vantra


Pasquale Amico

Nishma Shah

restaurant founder and manager Lenny Phong, Amico Bio organic vegetarian Italian restaurant head chef Pasquale Amico, Tofurky chairman and founder Seth Tibbott, as well as vegan cheese maker Mel Rogers from Mel’s Kindness Kitchen. The Corner will include a Vegan Mylk and Latte workshop, looking at the use of plant “milks” in lattes and other caffeinated drinks, a Vegan Meat session dissecting the different varieties of plant meats available in the market nowadays, a Vegan Cheese Making and Blind Tasting Workshop, a Vegan Pastries, Cakes and Desserts session involving the making of veganised versions of the traditional favourites for every sweet tooth, an Italian masterclass demonstrating how Italian cuisine lends itself well to vegan cooking, an Optimum Nutrition Vegan Options panel dissecting which vegan options are best for those looking for meals to power them through their hectic lifestyles in the long run, and a panel discussion where industry experts from the vegan circles discuss the do’s and don’ts of catering for vegans in restaurants, cafes and other eateries as well as what vegans are looking for most when eating out. It is the hope of the show organisers that delegates attending the Plant-Based Chefs Corner will take away lots of delicious vegan recipes and useful ideas for incorporating vegan editions of everyday favourites into their own catering and hospitality businesses, thus providing the public with an ever-growing repertoire of vegan options everywhere and making it easier for them to choose more compassionate vegan consumer choices 3 times a day. The Plant-Based Chefs Corner is far from the by all and end all of VegfestUK Trade. Other featured areas of interest to Trade and Media professionals include a Vegan Celebrity Zone with some of the biggest names in the vegan scene right now, a Vegan Health Clinic where leading health authorities discuss plant-based nutrition, a Vegan Business Support lounge tailored to independent business owners and startups, an Independent Retailers Lounge where retailers can learn about effectively accessing the growing vegan market, and a Vegan Bodycare Pavilion showcasing the major vegan bodycare and beauty brands. There will also be up to 160 stalls packed with cuttingedge vegan products and one-off Trade special offers which are ideal for stockists attending the event. Registration for the Trade show will open from July 1st 2017 at www.trade.vegfest.co.uk/registration. Trade and Media profes sionals can attend the event for free once they have registered. For the latest event updates, visit the show website trade.vegfest.co.uk or follow the Facebook event page here. The show organisers extend massive thanks to the show sponsors Bute Island Foods, So Free Chocolate and Yaoh.

Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge 2018 Calling all candidates for the biggest party in the Caribbean. Entries are now open for the London hosted, UK leg of this year’s Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge, with the winner going on to compete in the global grand final during Carnival in Trinidad early next year. The Trinidad Carnival is the greatest show on earth, and the perfect setting for the grand final of the Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge. National winners will not only enjoy a trip to this world-famous event, but on 11 February next year will also have a shot at the title of Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge Champion, which comes with a US$10,000 cash prize, and a two-year contract as Angostura® Global Brand Ambassador. UK bartenders can enter at http://angosturaglobalcocktailchallenge.com with entries closing on 10 September. Entrants need to create a pair of modern classic cocktails. First, an original rum cocktail using at least 30ml of one of Angostura’s® rums, as well as either Angostura® Aromatic Bitters or Angostura Orange Bitters, or both. Second, an amaro cocktail, containing Amaro di Angostura®, and also including one of Angostura’s® bitters. We must also mention that no other rum, amaro or bitters brands may be used as part of the contestants entry.

I am delighted we have been able to re-acquaint ourselves with Angostura to distribute their exceptional Rum and Bitters portfolio throughout the UK supported by exciting events such as the worldrenowned Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge. This further strengthens the range of brands we have to offer the trade and consumers.” - Fraser Thornton, Distell’s European Managing Director

In addition to an online entry form, bartenders need to submit a video presenting their original rum cocktail, and a written entry of up to 200 words about the future of rum drinks in tiki bars, general cocktail bars, or in regular bars. More information on entry requirements can be found on the entry website. Shortlisted entrants will be notified by late September, with the final taking place in late October. The prestigious Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge has a long history, with the first competition held in 2001 at the Hilton Tobago. The 2016 event drew 900 entries from 36 countries, and was judged by an esteemed judging panel led by Jeff “Beach Bum” Berry. UK Distribution of Angostura’s range of rums, as well as Angostura® Aromatic Bitters and Angostura® Orange Bitters, returned this month to international wine, spirit and cider producer Distell. PAGE




Dean Gambles & Co secure second restaurant for Food Roots. Dean Gambles & Co have successfully disposed of Red Dog Saloons offshoot concept Red Dog American Sandwiches on Hoxton Square. The restaurant was acquired by Christian Pero who runs In Parma by Food Roots on Charlotte Place in Fitzrovia. In Parma as its name suggests focuses on cuisine and produce from the City of Parma and the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italian. The restaurant was featured on the Sky Italia programme ‘4 Ristoranti’ and was showcased as one of the top four Italian Restaurants in London. Dean Gambles & Co acted for Red Dog Restaurants after they took the strategic decision to focus on Red Dog Saloon which is also on Hoxton Square and was acquired by Dean Gambles & Co. Red Dog Saloon remains popular in Shoreditch since opening in 2011 and to relocate Red Dog American Sandwiches to Red Dog Saloon. Red Dog American Sandwiches will still be available but now via online takeaway platforms Deliveroo and Uber Eats. Doni Jones who brokered the deal stated “from working with In Parma as an acquisition client we knew that Hoxton Square would be a great location for the next concept from


Food Roots given the foodie culture in East London. Restaurants by Food Roots focus on specific regions in Italy. The new restaurant looks likely to focus on another region. The 750 sq ft will also provide an intimate setting for this restaurant which will serve Lambrusco in a bowl. Shoreditch is an area in London which is extremely competitive and has seen a massive influx of restaurants over the last decades and is one of the most

popular destination in London for its food culture and nightlife. Food Roots will provide another restaurant that foodies and tourists will appreciate for its authenticity and will be a welcomed addition to the Shoreditch restaurant scene. Contact For interviews or quotes from Dean please contact: t: 020 3478 4274, info@deangambles.com www.deangambles.com or pr@iuvo.agency +44 (0)20 7193 9059

GATHER & GATHER SIGNS UP TO SPONSOR FOOD ON THE EDGE 2017 Gather & Gather, part of Mitie Group, confirms it has signed up as a sponsor of Food on the Edge (FOTE), the two-day world leading food festival and conference on 9/10 October 2017 based in Galway. Alan Russell, Gather & Gather director of operations in Ireland said,

Created, hosted and managed by chef JP McMahon, director of Eat Galway Restaurant Group, FOTE has gained a reputation as a food movement, not just a gathering of foodies.

“Gather &Gather is a firm believer that great food brings people together; it connects them wherever they are. The sponsorship and ongoing commitment to FOTE is about the same thing; educating people to appreciate food, the importance of local ingredients, the skills in its preparation and the joy of sharing a meal, a snack and a drink. Our relationship with FOTE complements our chef accreditation programme and gives us access to a network of top chefs giving everyone in the business the chance to learn and share ideas, insights and recipes. It also builds on our work with groups like Springboard in the UK and Chef Network in Ireland. I am really looking forward to October – it’s brilliant to be playing a part in FOTE.”

It attracts the very best chefs from around the world along with the public and its focus is on challenging attitudes and inspiring new ideas about the future of food.

JP McMahon, director of Eat Galway Restaurant Group and founder of FOTE said,

Now in its third year, FOTE started with JP McMahon inviting forty of the world’s top chefs to Galway, Ireland. Its aim is to create a benchmark for best practice, in terms of food, its culture, and the people who produce it. Presentations, seminars, tastings, demonstrations and great food and drink are the centre of the event, but the focus is always on taking food to the next level.

“It doesn’t matter where we eat: fine dining restaurants, street food, or at work, snacking or in the staff restaurant, we all need to eat better and to do this we need to debate this on an open platform at an international level.

Gather & Gather is the only sponsor from the contract catering world and it sees FOTE as an excellent opportunity to inspire and influence its own staff and customers – as well as the food industry – about the role that food plays in our everyday lives, particularly at work where we spend so much of time.

Find out more at www.gatherandgather.com

“Gather & Gather sponsoring FOTE gives the movement access to the workplace catering market and totally backs are argument that it is no longer feasible for chefs to just stand behind the stove. “They must reach out to everyone to make food better for the next generation. It’s great to have them as part of our team and I am especially grateful to Mark Anderson, Alan Russell and Allister Richards, Gather & Gather’s MD, for making this happen.” PAGE





The Laundrette has opened its doors in Manchester after achieving great success at its Chorlton restaurant. The Laundrette has opened its doors in Manchester after achieving great success at its Chorlton restaurant. The new restaurant has an outdoor dining area which has been fitted with Tansun infrared heaters to encourage diners to eat outside all year round. In order to create a better outdoor dining experience, The Laundrette has installed black Monaco heaters on their large south facing terrace so that their customers can enjoy their creative cocktails both indoors and out. Making the terrace warm and inviting has been a priority for the restaurant, and Tansun’s Monaco double infrared heaters, with a range of up to 36 square metres, are the ideal product for ensuring their guests are always comfortable. The infrared heaters are wall-mounted at The Laundrette, but can also be hung and are suitable for awnings. Directors Jon Charles and Patrick Hall commented: “We are very pleased with Tansun heaters; they are fantastic quality and reliable pieces of equipment. They are especially handy on those chilly evenings and we get plenty of those in Manchester! We are so impressed with the quality and performance that we will continue to use them throughout our business venture. They are by far the best on the market.” They continued: “When we opened The Laundrette Chorlton in 2013 we installed 6 infrared heaters and 13 for the opening of The Laundrette Manchester in 2016. We will be opening another site in Newcastle this year and intend to continue warming the nation with Tansun heaters. We have more restaurants opening throughout the UK in the coming years and will be using the Tansun infrared heaters in each of these businesses too.” The Monaco heater’s versatility makes it the ideal choice for heating large areas with its powerful ultra-low glare. Its slick design is perfect for bars, restaurants, commercial areas and terraces.


Monaco infrared heaters come with a two-year warranty, glare-reducing gold reflectors, energy efficient low glare lamps and mounting brackets as standard. They can be controlled with a remote or presence detector to easily adjust the heat output and energy consumption when needed. All of Tansun’s products are made in the UK and designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters alongside Philips technology. Tansun has the largest range of domestic, industrial and commercial infrared heaters in the world, providing maintenance free, safe and healthy heating appliances for customers up and down the country. Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing sales@tansun.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.tansun.com.








So email supportuk@farmfrites.com today for your FREE taste test and to contact your local Farm Frites representative for further information. www.farmfrites.com


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Restaurant Update - September 2017  

Restaurant Update - September 2017