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January 2018

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Should we be Worried?

Getting to the bottoms of GDPR… 1Stop Insurance Consultants are putting 5 bottoms on a rugby post for the General Data Protection Regulation. What… Why… When… Who… Where… How…?!

Because they care about their clients, 1Stop Insurance decided to speak up about GDPR. By presenting talks across London & the South East, in 2017 1Stop Insurance Consultants obtained recognition for understanding GDPR & comprehensively advising on the benefits of Cyber Insurance. Here are some important factors that could affect you & your business. 4 PAGE

WHAT… The General Data Protection Regulation is being actioned by the European Parliament, the council of the EU & the EU commission. It will be a replacement of the Data Protection Act 1998 as we know it. The intention is to strengthen data protection for all individuals and improve business attitude around focusing on trust and transparency when collecting & holding data. WHY…Well, let’s think about it, the Data Protection Act hasn’t officially been revised since 1998 (my mobile phone had a lot of buttons back then.) I am sure we can all agree that technology itself, as well as the intellect of digital crime has come on dramatically since then, so a revision/ replacement is overdue. WHEN… The 25th May 2018 will be the official date by which you need to be ready. You might need to read that sentence again; you need to be ready by the 25th May, not begin your preparations then. The thing to remember here is that the GDPR is still under revision, we are awaiting further guidance and agreements on sections of the regulation prior to May, so stay informed. WHO… The GDPR will affect everyone in one way or another. As a business you are likely to hold client data, supplier data and staff data. If ANY of the data you hold is personally identifiable, then the GDPR will apply to you. For us as individuals, we will be able to make free subject access requests (SAR’s) to any business that has ever held our data. The GDPR in the UK will be enforced by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO.) WHERE… The GDPR will apply to anyone trading within the EU. Don’t think that Brexit will get you out of this one either. In fact, the Data Projection Bill 2017 will be bringing it into UK law. Any business in any country wishing to trade in or out of European countries will need to comply. HOW… This is where things get interesting. There are 99 articles in the GDPR document – don’t worry, I have no intention in going into detail on each one. I have attempted to pick out what I believe will be the most relevant sections to you as restaurateurs. The first thing to keep in mind are these 2 words which appear throughout the GDPR document: REGULAR and PROPORTIONATE. These 2 words matter a lot because they are open to interpretation. ‘Regular’ for a large multi corporate business may need be once a month, whereas for a small café, ensuring that ‘regular’ is an annual event could well be adequate. The GDPR states that it is proportionate, so in many cases SME’s may not have to do an awful lot to comply. I want to set matters straight regarding the hype about a possible €20million fine. Unless your turnover is around £440million then it is unlikely to affect you, £17million is the MAXIMUM that can be fined – that or up to 4% of your annual turnover. Again with the word ‘proportionate’ as the fines will also be relative to your business size & the breach that occurred. So, data protection; we all know about gaining legitimate interest before we store data but it is going to be important to keep a better record of that. It will also be best practice to write down WHY you are storing that data and for how long. You will need a lawful basis to hold any personally identifiable information, if that data is on your client or current employee, then you have that box ticked. If however your employee left 3 years ago and you do not need to

be in touch, then it will be best to have your spring clean sooner rather than later. Where you are storing your data is important – if you are storing digitally, consider encryption and pseudonymisation. Think about where you store your passwords, how often they are changed & when your computer patches get updated. Who has access to your systems & does your HR manager really need admission to your supplier accounts? If not, then prevent it. So you might be reaching for the phone to call your IT contacts - but wait a second. GDPR will not just apply to digital data. The paperwork on your desk, HR files in your filing cabinets, the accounts on their way to your bookkeeper, all of that physical data you hold – that is applicable too. If you have areas within your building that are not restricted public access, then you need to be investing in some storage options with excellent security. It may be your preference to go paperless to avoid these potential issues. Policies and Procedures are vital when it comes to GDPR. For example, you will need to report any breach to the ICO within 72 hours – have a policy to explain how this would happen. Anyone will be able to request their right to anonymity. Make it easy for yourself and write a procedure on how your staff should begin & carry out that process. If you have a mobile application available to your clients, are you considering all elements of the data which it is collecting? Do you need to hold their phone number? Do you need access to their contacts & photos? Do you really understand the framework that the developer created & do you know where the collected data is ending up? These are all things to consider before the 25th May 2018. Of course when you have installed the most suitable updated systems, applied additional security to the interior and exterior of your building, instilled excellent company cultures, policies and procedures - things can still go wrong. Why, George Osbourne himself stated that it is not ‘IF but WHEN’ someone will be affected by cybercrime. That is where Cyber Insurance comes in. The good news is that you can take out an insurance policy that covers you when things go wrong. With a comprehensive Cyber Insurance policy you would have access to 24 hour IT support to get you trading again & PR cover to protect your reputation. Also, Cyber & multimedia Liability, legal expenses, crisis containment, some breach cost cover (for those fines) and business interruption. The latter is a very important element to consider when writing your disaster recovery plan – the business interruption cover under your business insurance policy is not going cover you for cyber issues unless stated otherwise. There are many people who can assist you & your business with the adaptations to be GDPR compliant, but there are no real experts, predominantly because GDPR has not yet been finalised. The most important message that I can put across is to be prepared, the sooner you begin your preparations the better. We feel that the GDPR will be positive for businesses and individuals in the UK in the long run. Of course, if you have any queries we would be happy to answer them & show you how Insurance can be your business safety net… Anna@1stopinsurance.com 020 8773 2222 www.1stopinsurance.com PAGE




Over the past 25 years WS Uniform has built up an impressive knowledge of bespoke and stock clothing to fit endless tastes and budgets. With client lists covering a diverse range of establishments from hotels, restaurants and bars, to schools, universities, sports clubs, hospitals, shops and cinemas. This variety has allowed the company to develop relationships with a large number of stock clothing and accessory suppliers, gaining them access to a vast collection of quality products.

with fabric suppliers and clothing manufacturers. Their experiences in the bespoke market include waistcoats, Nehru jackets, suits, shirts, polo shirts, tunics, and even bags, ties and hipflasks.

WS Uniform has also had great opportunity to explore bespoke manufacturing, making valuable connections

For further information, or to get a glimpse at the possibilities for your business, please visit wsuniform.uk


The bespoke field of the business ties WS Uniform to fashion house Walker Slater, the Edinburgh and London based tweed specialist. The smart tailoring ethos of the parent company has been inherited by WS Uniform, which helped in popularising tweed uniform items over the past few years.

How to survive Dry January Steph Brown, Senior Funding Manager, Ashley Finance Christmas and New Year – a funny time of the year for those in the restaurant business. From late November right through to early January, it’s manic with parties and celebrations and families dining out – before it all falls flat once those New Year celebrations are over. Through January, people tend to hunker down and stay at home and make up for all those Christmas calories and overindulgence by cutting back on food and drink. This makes it a tough month for restauranteurs and others in the hospitality industry. Indeed, this particular January could be the toughest yet. With inflation on the increase and prices rising, consumers are even more likely to rein their spending in. This will come on top of what are already difficult market conditions for the restaurant sector. The fall in the value of the pound due to Brexit concerns has put a strain on many; there’s the increased cost of food and ingredients, while staff costs have also been rising. In fact, leading accountancy firm Moore Stephens have estimated that 20% of restaurant businesses are now at risk of insolvency. On top of this, January is also a time when quarterly rent bills are due for many while Self Assessment tax returns have to be made by the end of the month, which could affect many owner-managers and sole traders.

So, what can restaurant owners do to ease the January challenge? I have four key tips:

• Plan ahead – it’s all too

tempting to close your eyes and just hope the business will be OK. But you really need to sit down and forecast as accurately as you can how your cash flow is likely to pan out and identify any sticking points in advance

• Anticipate late payments – it’s an advantage that restaurants have over others that they normally get paid immediately. But if you’ve agreed to any credit terms, say for a corporate booking, build in a contingency for the money coming in late

• Control spending – what

can you do to manage spend? Are there some things that are unnecessary or could be postponed until there is less cash pressure?

• Consider external funding

– getting some finance in place could just help to remove that stress and worry. Many business loans have flexible terms and can help smooth your cash flow

It’s also wise to look at the positives the postChristmas lull can bring. Use the time to get organised and prepare for 2018. Hopefully bumper Christmas takings will help see the business through a quiet start to the year. But if you feel it’s going to be a close call, make sure you’re acting positively by doing what you can to counteract the Dry January effect.





Go for Broke Laidback Luxury at K West Hotel & Spa After the excitement of the festive period is over, it’s unavoidable that many of us have staggered into 2018 feeling a little frazzled. Our pockets are stretched after Christmas (as are our appetites!) and it seems there will be no end to the icy winter mornings.

K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherd’s Bush has the perfect remedy to beat the January blues with the new ‘Go for Broke’ packages, available to book from Monday 1 January 2018. Escape the mundane with some thrifty R&R at K West. The ‘Go for Broke’ package includes an overnight stay with English Breakfast for two, priced at £99 (including VAT). What better way to stave off the blues than with a spot of laidback luxury that doesn’t break the bank? The ‘Go for Broke’ Package is available to book for Junior Double guestrooms at K West. The suave design will transport you from the January gloom, with bachelor-pad inspired interiors, Smart TVs and original artwork giving the rooms a distinctive K West stamp. For some extra self-care during the dreary month, K Spa’s unique ‘Sun Meadow’ experience is perfect for those in need of a healthy dose of Vitamin D. The Sun Meadow mimics natural daylight which is essential to ensuring an all-over sense of well-being. A must-do for people who suffer from S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the Sun Meadow dispenses de-stressing beams of light from the ceiling, supporting mental and physical health particularly during the winter months. A session in the Sun Meadow is £20 for 20 minutes, and can be experienced as an individual or can be shared with a friend or partner at no extra cost. K West Hotel & Spa’s fun and vibrant ambience is fused with ultimate relaxation in a prime location. Situated in Shepherds Bush, the hotel is on the doorstep of Westfield shopping centre, the largest urban retail destination in Europe with over 240 outlets. Fashionable areas such as Notting Hill, Portobello Road and Kensington are also just a short walk away. K West Hotel & Spa, Richmond Way, London W14 0AX For reservations, please call: 020 8008 6600 or visit www.k-west.co.uk


Epic Cocktail Masterclasses ‘Dry’ January at Studio Bar

With the boozy dinners and endless top-ups of Bucks Fizz and Prosecco from Christmas a distant memory, the New Year has brought with it one thing: Dry January. To K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherd’s Bush, ‘Dry’ seems pretty dreadful. This January 2018, instead of green smoothies and detoxes, the West London celebrity hangout is encouraging guests and locals to start 2018 as they mean to go on – with a healthy dose of boozy debauchery! To mark the month of ‘Dry’ January, Studio Bar is inviting guests to play bartender at one of their Cocktail Masterclasses. Led by the expert mixologists of Studio Bar, the 1.5 hour masterclass covers two party staples: the Cosmopolitan and the Mojito. Guests learn how to mix the two tipples, how to perfect their bartender shake, and even how to pour like a professional. Taste-tests will also be required throughout the session.

By the end of the cocktail masterclass, guests will have stirred up a storm and be ready to impress with savvy mixology knowledge! The Cocktail Masterclass can be booked between 4pm and 7pm from Monday to Sunday. The classes take place in the understated surroundings of Studio Bar, which transforms from a laidback lounge in the day into a buzzing bar after nightfall, with top DJs playing sets from 10pm until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. Priced at £30 per person, the masterclass can be booked for groups of between 4 and 8 people. The package includes the 1.5 hour session and appetizing bar nibbles. K West Hotel & Spa’s fun and vibrant ambience is fused with ultimate relaxation in a prime location. Situated in Shepherds Bush, the hotel is on the doorstep of Westfield shopping centre, the largest urban retail destination in Europe with over 240 outlets. Fashionable areas such as Notting Hill, Portobello Road and Kensington are also just a short walk away. K West Hotel & Spa, Richmond Way, London W14 0AX For reservations, please call: 020 8008 6600 or visit www.k-west.co.uk





How to Garnish your

Gin & Tonic W

ith no sign of the gin comeback letting up anytime soon, Ginuary really couldn’t come at a better time. Whether you see it as mother’s ruin or it’s your go-to tipple, its best to drink your gin & tonic right. Sabcho Gavrailov, Food & Beverage Manager at Sopwell House, reveals how to garnish your gin to ensure you can have a bar worthy G&T at home.

Floral Gins – garnish with lavender or elderflower Lavender and Elderflower are great garnishes to floral gins as they add a wonderful perfume and are a pretty addition to the glass. The floral notes of chamomile and rose petals in gins such as BLOOM and Eden Mill Love Gin are complemented by the flower garnish.

Citrus Gins – garnish with pink grapefruit & rosemary The lemon and herbaceous flavours of citrus gins like Bombay Sapphire and Monkey 47 pair perfectly with pink grapefruit and rosemary. The garnish adds a fresh vibrancy and accentuates the flavour of the gin.

Spiced Gins – garnish with a cinnamon stick, peppercorns or chilli The flavour of spiced gins such as Ophir and Pink Pepper Gin is emphasised by aromatic garnishes like a cinnamon stick, peppercorns and chilli. The additional spices emphasise the existing flavour of the botanicals.

Sloe Gins – garnish with a slice of lemon Sloe gins, such as Sipsmith and Boodles, are renowned for their sweet complexity and fruity notes. Serve simply with a slice of lemon, which will bring out the distinctive berry flavour further and add an additional zing. Sopwell House is a stunning 18th Century Georgian house located in the city of St. Albans deep within the Hertfordshire countryside. Located only 20 minutes from London St. Pancras, the hotel is the idyllic getaway just outside of the hustle and bustle of the capital. The hotel is the perfect place to dine boasting a 2AA Rosette restaurant, a vibrant Brasserie, an elegant cocktail lounge, and conservatory bar, all of which look out on 12-acres of beautiful gardens. Sopwell House, Cottonmill Lane, St Albans, AL1 2HQ For reservations, please call: 01727 864477 www.sopwellhouse.co.uk


Fall in love with Scottish gin this festive season with an opulent Eden Mill Gin Blending Experience at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel in St Andrews.

Gin-inspired festive retreat at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel is just the tonic Located in the town which kindled the romance between The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the luxury Scottish retreat is just a sand wedge from the 18th hole of the world-famous Old Course. A unique gin blending experience from St Andrews-based Eden Mill distillery, the recently launched Blendworks at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel offers discerning gin fans the chance to craft their very own spirit, from tastings through to bottling and labelling. The two and a half hour session, housed in a specially designed spirits emporium overlooking the iconic Old Course 18th hole, guides participants through the rich history of the spirit, from the remedies in ancient Egypt and the first commercial recipes in Holland to the craft revolution.

The award-winning Rocca Restaurant, headed up by Michelin starred head chef Tony Borthwick, serves delightful Scottish dishes using the finest produce from local suppliers. The hotel’s One Under Gastro Pub offers a more relaxed dining experience and is an elegant spot to unwind. Kristian Campbell, General Manager at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel, said: “Our collaboration with Eden Mill offers guests a unique opportunity to lift the curtain on the gin making process, then retreat to the luxury of the iconic Macdonald Rusacks Hotel. Our award-winning restaurant, luxurious hotel and knowledgeable staff provide the ideal surroundings for a romantic getaway.” The Eden Mill Gin Blending Experience package at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel starts from £164.50 per person per night and includes dinner, bed & breakfast, a Gin Masterclass with Eden Mill, three 20cl bottles of the recipe created, two Blendworks glasses and a gift box. For further information and to book, visit www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk/our-hotels/macdonald-rusacks-hotel

Guests will then discover the science of the spirit, looking at the different production methods and ingredients, before exploring the range of botanicals and flavour profiles in a nosing and tasting session led by an Eden Mill expert. After smelling and tasting the individual botanicals, gin enthusiasts will then create their very own spirit, starting with a juniper base, before selecting specific ingredients of their choice. With 70 bedrooms overlooking the golf course and the historic town of St Andrews, rooms at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel provide elegance, comfort and an ambience of sporting history to transport guests into total escapism. PAGE




Whitakers Chocolates helps melt customer hearts this Valentine’s Day With Valentine’s Day in sight, hotel and restaurant owners can now select from an expanded range of chocolates to create stand-out in a crowded market.

Whitakers Chocolates, the Yorkshire-based confectionery supplier, has created a range of cupid-inspired confectionery to help create an ambience of luxury, romance and opulence in dining rooms and hotels across the country.

of the biggest-grossing days on the hospitality calendar and each year business owners are looking for ways to provide an even better service than the year before. We’ve responded to this need in the market with a range of chocolates that provide an inexpensive but effective way to set the mood.

With treats ranging from heart-shaped boxed chocolate assortments, St Valentine Neapolitan squares, foiled chocolate hearts in whimsical shades and boxed duos of truffles, there’s a growing range of complimentary customer treats to help set the scene for an indulgent visit during the most romantic day of the year.

“Offering themed complimentary chocolates provides real added-value which elevates the customer experience. It’s the little touches that make a big difference, enhance the customer journey and help you secure repeat bookings.”

To make guests feel truly spoiled, the company’s chocolate range can turn an enjoyable experience into an unforgettable one. William Whitaker, managing director of Whitakers Chocolates explains: “Valentine’s Day is now one


Whitakers Chocolates is one of the UK’s leading chocolate manufacturers with over 125 years of confectionery experience. To view the full range of Valentine’s day products available, visit www.whitakerschocolates.com.

5 Tips to Make the Ultimate Hot Chocolat Hot chocolate season is approaching! It’s time to wrap up and get cosy, and what better than with a steaming mug of creamy hot chocolate on a chilly January evening. Hunter 486 restaurant, located within five-star boutique hotel The Arch London, makes a mean hot chocolate. So Gary Durrant, Head Chef at Hunter 486, has shared his top tips on how you can instantly upgrade your hot chocolate game this winter.

Ditch the kettle Replacing boiling water with hot whole milk is a better alternative. A splash of single cream at the end can give it an even creamier and smoother finish.

Use good quality chocolate Use grated real chocolate (I recommend 70% cocoa solids) instead of powder to give it a more intense flavour. You will need to add sugar to taste to balance out the bitterness of the chocolate.

Don’t add it all at once Mix the grated chocolate with a small amount of milk to create a paste. If you gradually add the rest of the milk to the paste while simultaneously stirring you will find the hot chocolate is a lot smoother.

Spice things up When it comes to spices, a winter favourite is cinnamon. However you can always mix things up by adding cardamom and orange instead.

Add a tipple The addition of spirits and liquors can turn it into an adult guilty pleasure. Baileys, Disaronno and Cointreau all work well in a hot chocolate. The Arch London, 50 Great Cumberland Place, Marble Arch, London W1H 7FD For reservations, please call: 020 7724 4700 or www.thearchlondon.com PAGE




BILLY AND JACK AND FRIENDS TO HOST A 24-HOUR SUPPER CLUB AT PLUM + SPILT MILK TO MARK WORLD CANCER DAY, IN AID OF CANCER RESEARCH UK In February 2018, MasterChef 2016 losers Billy and Jack will be hosting a oneoff supper club with a difference. Taking place at Plum + Spilt Milk, the Great Northern Hotel’s destination restaurant situated in Kings Cross, Billy and Jack will challenge themselves to cook for 24 hours straight at London’s first 24-hour supper club, in aid of Cancer Research UK to mark World Cancer Day on Sunday 4th February. Dishing up spectacular, tasty food from Saturday, 3rd to Sunday, 4th February, Billy and Jack aim to raise £12,000 for their chosen charity. Cancer Research UK is close to the supper club kings’ hearts for a good reason. On 22nd June 2017, Billy was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer after visiting the doctor with a persistent cough. Doctors found numerous growths on and around his thyroid gland and he was diagnosed with this rare form of cancer shortly after. Thankfully, after a long operation in July and with ongoing treatment, Billy is well on the road to recovery and causing more trouble than ever. Kicking off at 11am on Saturday, 3rd February, Billy and Jack will prep and cook for nine consecutive supper club sittings, seeing them cooking through the night spanning brunch, lunch, dinner and late-night feasting to finish at 11am on Sunday. Each sitting will last two hours and will include a 3-course meal, plus nibbles including bread and THAT marmite butter, plus a drink or two. To keep spirits high, and the menu ever-changing, Billy and Jack will be joined by friends and fellow foodies from:

• Plum + Spilt Milk’s own award-winning team, headed by Mark Sargeant and Mike Denman

• Chef, food consultant, food writer, and cookery teacher, Ben Tish

• • • •

Chef, restaurateur and author, Dan Doherty Winner of MasterChef 2016, Jane Devonshire Chef and author, Emily Roux Broadcaster, Marie Claire Food Editor and co-founder of the food & lifestyle brand Jackson & Levine, Laura Jackson

• Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and broadcaster, Clodagh McKenna

• Chef and author, Sophie Michell • Chef and cancer survivor, John Lawson from Food by John Lawson

More names to be announced in due course. Jeremy Robson, hotelier and owner of the Great Northern Hotel, comments: “We’re delighted to be able to host such a unique event in aid of a cause that touches so many. To have so many brilliant chefs in the Plum + Spilt Milk kitchen, alongside our own very talented Mark Sargeant and Mike Denman, is a very exciting prospect.”


Billy and Jack, comment: “We believe in bringing people together over great plates of food, in good times and especially in the bad. To mark World Cancer Day, Cancer Research UK is encouraging people to wear a Unity Band to help fund research into better treatments to bring more good news to more cancer patients. So, on this very special day, and for a cause extremely close to our hearts, we’ll be cooking some of our favourite dishes and bringing people together. Classics, guilty pleasures and everything inbetween this will be big, celebratory food fit for this very special occasion.” Working with Cancer Research UK, it’s Billy’s aim to raise awareness of this rare form of cancer, as well as to give hope to those who have been diagnosed with the disease. Billy, comments: “It’s been a challenging year for me. My diagnosis happened to coincide with our first month full time in food as Billy and Jack, but with the support of family, friends and especially Jack, plus all the great doctors and nurses who’ve helped me along the way, it is a year coming to an end in a positive light. The Supper Club we’re planning is a way for us to raise awareness that survival rates from this disease are increasing; and to give back to a great charity that I have supported for many years, but now have even more reason to bring people together for such a good cause.” Tickets for Billy and Jack’s 24-hour supper club are on sale now. At least 50% of proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK to help fund more research, more treatments and more cures. For details and tickets, visit: https://billy-and-jacks-24-hour-supper-club.designmynight.com

Temporary Catering Facilities During Refurbishment Mobile Kitchens Ltd specialises in the hire of temporary catering facilities and foodservice equipment.

We regularly provide our services to clients when they are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment or carrying out other building works that necessitate the closure of existing catering facilities. We offer a free design service, and project management from concept through to delivery and installation on site, plus full technical support throughout the hire period. The elements that make up our temporary kitchen and restaurant facilities can be provided as individual units in their own right – Production Kitchens, Preparation Kitchens, Ware-washing Units, Dry Store Units, Cold Rooms, Restaurant Units, etc - or they can be linked together on site to form a complete complex. Alternatively, we can offer modular, open-plan facilities, usually for larger, longer term hires. We have many tried and tested design layouts and would be pleased to put forward our recommendations for your project.

For further information or to arrange a site visit, please email: sales@mk-hire.co.uk or call us on 0345 812 0800, or visit our website: www.mk-hire.co.uk

New! SIMPLE STEAMER AT WORK! Hot Hold and/or Re-Heat • • • • • • • •

Compartment 1 = up to 40 large hot dog sausages Compartment 2 = up to 15 Cobs Minimal deterioration after 2 hr hold Pre-Poached Eggs (not shown) = up to 10 vac packs of 8’s 2 sliding tops for access Temperature Dial up to 110c Capacious water tank/drain on front Simple to dismantle & clean

Small Footprint: Ext. dims: (W x D x H): 255 x 425 x 310 mm Small power: 13amp / 1.0kW

Tel: 01895 272236

Call or email for Dem or more details sales@equipline.co.uk

www.equipline.co.uk Editor’s Choice PAGE 15



Delicious​​ ​​Décor​​ ​​-​​​​ ​​​​ the​​ ​​missing ingredient?

This​ ​ November ​ ​ s ees ​ ​ t he ​ ​ l aunch ​ ​ of ​ ​ Kent based​ ​ commercial​ i​ nteriors​ c​ ompany,​ Tree​ S ​ tudios, owned​ ​ by​ ​artist​ ​and​ designer​ ​Emma​ ​Plaskett. The​ s​ tudio​ s​ pecialises​ i​ n​ p ​ roducing​ a ​ rtwork​ a ​ nd​ u ​ pcycled​ w ​ ooden​ f​ urniture​ that​ b ​ ears​ a ​ ​g ​ lobal theme,​ u ​ sually​ f​ eaturing​ p ​ atterns​ f​ rom​ a ​ round​ t​ he​ w ​ orld​ such​ ​as​ ​Moroccan,​ ​Mexican​ ​or​ ​Indian design.​ ​This​ ​lends​ ​itself​ ​ideally​ ​to​ themed​ r​ estaurants​ w ​ ho​ a ​ re​ l​ ooking​ t​ o​ m ​ ake​ a ​ ​ s​ tatement​ w ​ ith their​ i​ nteriors.

have​ ​her​ ​work​ ​on​ ​your​ ​walls?! Sometimes​ ​ venue​ ​owners​ ​can​ ​get​ ​so​ ​weighed​ ​down​ ​ with​ ​keeping​ ​heads​ ​above​ ​water​ ​that​ ​they forget​ ​to​ ​see​ ​through​ ​their​ ​punters​ ​eyes. I​ ​would​ ​encourage​ ​any​ ​restaurant​ ​or​ ​bar​ ​ It​ ​shouldn’t​ ​be​ ​any​ ​surprise​ ​that​ ​décor​ ​can​ ​make​ ​or​ ​break​ ​or​ ​restaurant.​ owner​ ​to​ ​enter​ ​their​ ​building​ ​as​ ​if​ ​they​ ​had​ ​ With​ ​the​ ​rise​ ​in​ ​quirky hipster​ ​pop-ups​ ​and​ ​street​ ​food​ ​stalls,​ ​people​ ​are​ ​ never​ ​laid eyes​ ​on​ ​it​ ​before.​ ​What​ ​changes​ ​ expecting​ ​more​ ​out​ ​of​ ​restaurant​ ​and​ ​bar design.​ ​Whether​ ​it’s​ ​external​ would​ ​you​ ​make?” signage​ c​ omprised​ o ​ f​ V ​ HS​ t​ apes​ (​ see​ B ​ rick​ L​ ane’s​ C ​ ereal​ K ​ iller Cafe)​ o ​ r​ r​ ustic​ doors​ ​adorning​ ​the​ ​walls​ ​of​ ​Chimichanga.​ ​Let’s​ ​be​ ​honest,​ ​not​ ​everyone​ Tree​ ​Studios​ ​is​ ​defined​ ​by​ ​its​ ​wild,​ ​vivid​​ wants​ ​to see​ ​badly​ ​framed​ ​watercolours​ ​of​ ​someone’s​ ​cat​ ​whilst​ ​eating​ ​ design.​ ​Its​ ​aim​ ​is​ ​not​ ​only​ ​to​ ​turns​ ​heads​ ​ sushi. In​ f​ act,​ i​ t​ w ​ as​ a ​ ​ r​ ecent​ t​ rip​ t​ o​ a ​ n​ I​ ndian​ r​ estaurant​ t​ hat​ b ​ rought​ h ​ ome​ ​ with​ ​its​ ​artwork and​ ​furniture,​ ​but​ ​to​ ​get​ ​ the​​realisation​​to​​Emma just​​what​​effect​​a​​backdrop​​can​​have. people​ ​talking.​ ​People​ ​aren’t​ ​just​ ​drawn​ ​to​ ​ a​ ​restaurant​ ​by​ ​the​ ​quality​ ​of the​ ​food.​ ​The​ ​ “I​ ​stood​ ​in​ ​the​ ​lobby​ ​area​ ​of​ ​this​ ​restaurant​ ​I​ ​had​ ​previously​ ​visited​ ​some​ ​ atmosphere​ ​and​ ​visual​ ​setting​ ​can​ ​play​ ​a​ ​ twenty​ ​years​ ​ago​ ​as​ ​a child​ ​and​ ​was​ ​saddened​ ​to​ ​see​ ​coldly​ ​painted​ ​walls​ ​ huge​ ​part​ ​in​ ​drawing​ ​in​ ​new​ ​customers and​ ​ with​ n ​ ot​ a ​ ​ s​ ingle​ i​ mage​ i​ n​ s​ ight.​ T​ he furnishings​ w ​ ere​ d ​ evoid​ o ​ f​ l​ ife​ a ​ nd​ for​ ​ retaining​ i​ ts​ r​ egulars. A​ s​ how-stopping​ l​ obby​ a​ ​moment​ ​I​ ​paused.​ ​I​ ​was​ ​about​ ​to​ ​walk​ ​out.​ ​But​ ​I​ ​chose to​ ​stay,​ ​because​ ​ desk​ ​or​ ​off-the-wall-dining​ ​chairs​ ​could​ ​ I​ ​knew​ ​the​ ​restaurant​ ​had​ ​a​ ​good​ ​reputation​ ​for​ ​its​ ​cuisine.​ ​I​ ​spoke​ ​to​ ​the attract​ ​more​ ​footfall​ ​than​ ​you think... owner​ ​afterwards​ ​about​ ​the​ ​possibility​ ​of​ ​supplying​ ​some​ ​artwork​ ​to​ ​the​ ​ restaurant.​ ​ For ​ ​ m ore ​ ​ i nformation ​ ​ o n ​ ​ Tree​ ​ S tudios​ ​ p ro d u c t s ​ ​ o r ​ ​ co m m i ss i o n s ​ ​ v i s i t​ ​​ He​ e ​ xcitedly started​ t​ o​ t​ ell​ m ​ e​ a​ bout​ h ​ is​ w ​ ife​ w ​ ho​ w ​ as​ a​ n​ i​ ncredible​ a​ rtist​ a​ nd​ ​ www.tree-studios.com​​ ​or call​ ​Emma​ ​on​ ​ showed​ m ​ e​ s​ ome​ o ​ f​ h ​ er pictures​ o ​ f​ I​ ndia. All​ I​ ​ c​ ould​ s​ ay​ w ​ as​ ‘​ why​ d ​ on’t​ y ​ ou​ ​ 01303​ ​627041.

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Total Racking Solutions Ltd is one of the UK`s leading suppliers of racking for just about every necessity. We are a friendly family run business, who really go the extra mile for our customers. Our 5 star Trustpilot rating speaks for itself, not only are our products superb quality they are extremely good value for money compared to our competition.

We offer a superb range of chrome racking for front of house for hotels, pubs, restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, bakeries and delicatessen’s. We also offer a huge range of high gloss, powder coated racking for every storage need big and small. We offer a no quibble five year guarantee on all our products, if you are not happy with our products for any reason we will either give you a replacement or a full refund. Not only are they very easy to put together they really are sturdy and look superb when built and in use. We also offer storage containers for every size and eventuality. We offer a next day delivery service, anywhere in mainland UK. Give our friendly sales and design staff a call, we offer a free design service and will of course do you a highly competitive deal.

JetFLOW NIECO Conveyor Broilers Chargrill Automatically Fast . Fresh. Consistent Temperatures Cook frozen or specialty fresh burgers, Beef & Lamb Steaks rare/medium/well, Pork Steaks, Marinated Chicken breasts and pieces, spiced Lamb Koftas & Kebabs, Shell on Prawns, Lobster Tails, Salmon, Tomato halves, mushrooms, many other vegetables …and more.

Call to arrange a private demonstration or watch out for the next Open Kitchen Live Day

SEEING IS BELIEVING On site trial of the NIECO Conveyor Broiler at customer restaurant 19 th May 2017. Burgers cooked side by side. Upper image shows customers’ own burger cooked on the NIECO in 3min45secs to core 70c+ Lower Image shows their burger cooked simultaneously by customers’ own chef on own chargrill in 8.5mins to core 70c+ Come and try out your burgers: double the output and the quality. Call to arrange a demonstration.

Tel: 01895 272236




JetFLOW NIECO Conveyor Broilers Chargrill Automatically Fast. Fresh. Consistent Temperatures Cook frozen or specialty fresh burgers, Beef & Lamb Steaks rare/medium/well, Pork Steaks, Marinated Chicken breasts and pieces, spiced Lamb Koftas & Kebabs, Shell on Prawns, Lobster Tails, Salmon, Tomato halves, mushrooms, many other vegetables …and more.

Call to arrange a private demonstration or watch out for the next Open Kitchen Live Day

Tel: 01895 272236


SEEING IS BELIEVING On site trial of the NIECO Conveyor Broiler at customer restaurant 19th May 2017. Burgers cooked side by side. Upper image shows customers’ own burger cooked on the NIECO in 3min45secs to core 70c+

Lower Image shows their burger cooked simultaneously by customers’ own chef on own chargrill in 8.5mins to core 70c+ Come and try out your burgers: double the output and the quality. Call to arrange a demonstration

Tel: 01895 272236 20 PAGE


9 methods of grilling food that mostly work (and one that definitely does) Californian technicians at NIECO Corporation vow to stay ahead of fast evolving needs of Casual Dining and Quick Service foodservice operators Every operator hates badly cooked product and find it frustrating to see inonsistencies in their premium Brand products. That’s how the NIECO, originator of conveyorised broiling system hit a ‘home run’ with its latest JetFlow™ technology which no other Broiler can claim, and is used and trusted by thousands of Burger King and other Quick Service chains worldwide. You get a bottom-line boost even when your rawest recruit is loading the product because all the hard work was done to find the best settings to ensure consistency and temperature control and ergo, your product is perfectly cooked every time. Addressing ecological pressures is an imperative and is found in the latest NIECO technology which incorporates the tried and tested Incendalyst Emission Control System in addition to a dual heat system keeping around 90% of particulate matter from entering you ducting and reducing aromas. It’s a particularly good choice of cooking platform and courageous adopters purchasing a unit reap a reward from Equip Line – a free Hi-Speed Vertical Contact Toaster. So call 01895 272236 for a free REWARD demonstration to see how the system can work for you. PAGE


A Product For Every Situation Construct an EPoS ecosystem to deliver an excellent restaurant service. From a single mobile kitchen to a multinational restaurant chain. Just add the ICRTouch products that are right for your business.


Open a tab on PocketTouch, and finalise it on TouchPoint.


Receive a table booking from TouchReservation, and finalise the sale on TouchPoint. Receive takeaway orders from TouchTakeaway, and you can handle the order on TouchPoint. Supercharge the builtin loyalty on TouchPoint with TouchLoyalty. TouchKitchen empowers your chefs to handle tickets with ease and carry on cooking. While all of this goes on, you’re gretting live data everywhere you go, via TouchOffice Web.

Your ICRTouch Solution can include; • • • • •

Built-in Loyalty Set Menu Courses and Pricing Table Management, tabs and split-bill

Clerk Audit trail quickly identifies discrepancies Staff Prompts for handy up-selling

• • • •


CCTV Integration Table Reservations Finger Print ID

Integration with Xero & Sage Line 50


What should you look for when buying an EPoS solution? 7 im portant things to consider


hen deciding on the right EPoS system for your restaurant there are many things you are going to be considering. Here we take a look at what goes into creating an effective EPoS solution.


Begin by weighing cost vs value. What services do you need to be able to trade? Do you need to send tickets through to the kitchen? Do you want to take table orders?


Don’t rely on the internet to process sales locally and upload sales to the back office when as internet connection is available, so you never lose a sale.


Give your company the opportunity to grow and the flexibility to react to change, from one till to a full

comprehensive solution over many sites. What features might you want in the future? Pre-plan what software integration you might need as your business grows. For example, do you plan on integrating your tills and back office software to accounting software? Without knowing what the future holds, selecting an EPoS system with possibility for integrations prepares your business for any situation.

Technical Support

While you shouldn’t expect to need support. EPoS systems do require back end programming, trouble shooting and updates by professional engineers. By having local support you have help available at those crucial times.

Order & Ticket pads

Tablets used in a restaurant environment need to withstand heavy usage. Too often restaurants invest in high-end tablets only for them to get damaged. Evaluate whether you need something rugged or low cost.

Cloud Based Back Office

A complete understanding of your business allows you to maximise your net profits and streamline operations. Access to historical sales reporting gives you the ability to forecast pricing, stock and staff. Make remote changes to your EPoS system over multiple branches on-the-fly with real-time sales data. Discover the ICRTouch handbook, How To Spot Till Fraud at icrtou.ch/fraud




Choose a system that will help you identify fraud. CCTV integration and clerk audit trails help you monitor and detect theft.



By Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology Group With 2018 almost certain to be a tricky year for UK restaurants, we’re delighted to be a Gold Sponsor of the Restaurant Association’s 50th Birthday Dinner on 26 February.

Why we’re proud to be celebrating with the Restaurant Association Why? Well, NFS Technology Group is a leading provider of software to restaurants, bars and hotels across the UK – and we’re keen to celebrate the many achievements of the dynamic UK restaurant industry. These are challenging times for restaurants, but over the last three years we have seen the exciting development of new concepts and restaurant openings in the UK. This should help us to sustain a vibrant sector in years to come. However, along with exciting new developments in the sector come many challenges, including labour shortages, rising costs and Brexit looming. Responding to these challenges is our collective responsibility as suppliers to this very important part of the UK economy. We have seen successful operators adopt a number of well-proven strategies to contain costs, build closer engagement with their clients and adopt smart technology solutions to deliver a great guest experience.


As an international technology company serving the hospitality market, at NFS we have a range of solutions for restaurants, meeting venues, bars and hotels and we serve over 1,000 UK hospitality businesses. Increasingly we are delivering cloud-based solutions to our customers to provide rapid and efficient deployment, lower start up costs and also create a scalable solution. As we look ahead to post-Brexit 2020, and examine the experiences of our own customers, I’m sure the businesses who thrive will those that take advantage of technology to transform the way they operate. Here’s my view of the key drivers for technology-enabled success.

• Mobility – particularly appbased

• Cloud technology - fast and affordable deployment

• Enhanced guest experience -

based on data and personalised service

• Social media - positive online Loyalty – Because you know what your Our technology also supports more engagement

• O n l i n e

ordering/booking - responding to consumer behaviour

• Loyalty programmes - for increased revenue and client retention.

Mobility – EPOS mobile technology drives greater staff mobility and improves customer service. Serving staff can use mobile devices including tablets to take orders at tableside, sending them instantly to the kitchen. Cloud technology – Cloud-based EPOS delivers multi-site management and web-based reporting on a costeffective basis. Because the system is cloudbased, it gives managers access to comprehensive information wherever they have an internet connection. Online bookings – Customers increasingly require the ability to find a restaurant and book it online; it’s no longer an option but a necessity. Social media – Another must. If someone posts an adverse comment from your restaurant, an EPOS system will alert you so you can deal with any issues even before the customer leaves. Personalised service – Data captured by the technology includes preferences and dietary requirements, so you can provide bespoke customer service to every returning customs.

customers like, you can create effective targeted email campaigns and offers, and also create professional-looking gift cards. It’s clear that as we move on through troubled times ahead, successful hospitality businesses will need to combine efficient operations with the innovative use of technology and reliable services from suppliers to deliver a profitable business and a great guest experience.

With our 24/7 support desk and wellestablished systems, at NFS we’re well-placed to help. Our best of breed solutions have been developed by leading global hospitality companies such as NCR. Our customers include Argentinian steak house chain Gaucho/CAU, pub company Brew Dog, Giraffe Restaurants, Honest Burgers and London-based Indian casual dining specialists Dishoom. Our clients rely on our technology to manage all aspects their food and beverage operation and we are increasingly an IT partner for many of our clients providing both technology and a sounding board in terms of best practice This includes including streamlining order taking, managing stock, delivering excellent customer service through mobile ordering, controlling labour costs as well as food waste, and promoting customer loyalty.

efficient decision-making through mobile reporting and dynamic Business Intelligence information. At the 50th celebration dinner, our special guests will join other influential figures in the restaurant industry in a celebration of everything that makes UK restaurants great. The event will also raise funds for Action Against Hunger, which campaigns to save the lives of malnourished children around the world. Speakers include David Lowie (D&D), chairman and Robert Walton MBE, president of The Restaurant Association, now part of the British Hospitality Association. Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of the British Hospitality Association and The Restaurant Association, has said: “The Restaurant Association’s 50th Birthday Dinner is an important opportunity to acknowledge our industry’s advances over the last half century and, at this critical moment, prepare for the future, while raising funds for an important cause tackling worldwide hunger.” We’re delighted to be contributing – and to be supporting an industry that plays such a vital role in the economy and wellbeing of the UK.


For more information about hospitality technology from NFS including EPOS systems for restaurants, visit www.nfs-hospitality.com.


New Royal Lancaster London Uniforms Revealed ~ Designed by John Lancaster of Reform Design ~

Royal Lancaster London, the iconic Hyde Park hotel, will launch in October 2017 following an extensive £80 million renovation. Built in 1967, the refurbishment works will transform both the interior and exterior of the hotel in time for its 50th Anniversary. No area will be left untouched – including staff uniforms which have been designed by John Lancaster of Reform Design, who also turns 50 in 2017. The 50th Anniversary will celebrate the rich heritage of Royal Lancaster London, a hotel seeped in history – from hosting The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine launch party to appearing on film in the classic The Italian Job.

Yellow are threaded through the design, a tribute to the honey bee in the logo and the ten bee hives on the roof of the hotel. Each department will have its own individual style, while every single uniform will be individually tailored to each member of staff.

In a nod to the hotel’s roots in the 1960s, the new design of guest rooms and suites blends midcentury nuances and the quirky English sixties style with a contemporary edge. The uniforms, designed by John Lancaster, will echo this concept. Imagining what it would have felt like to walk through Mayfair in 1967, John’s tailored uniforms were inspired by this suave, stylish sixties London.

During the creative process, John found references to jackets with exquisite button and seam detailing and tailored suits and dresses. The buttons on the Royal Lancaster jackets are all embossed with a crown, taken from the crown symbol in the hotel’s logo, while all ladies suit jackets have contrasting pockets and silk pocket squares.

Speaking about his inspiration for the design, John said: “I imagined the mood of the city in 1967, which was a big year for London, as a lot was happening. After doing some research, I couldn’t believe how much happened that year. I could imagine Sean Connery and Michael Caine coming out of their film trailers and walking to the bars in their tailored suits. Those years represent the real, old-school glamour and suave style of Saville Row for me”. Avoiding 1960s Carnaby Street, pop-culture style, John’s design channels elegant Mayfair tailored style: “When designing for a five-star hotel, you the uniform needs to reflect the quality of the establishment”. Royal Lancaster London’s uniforms colour scheme ranges from Dove Grey to Mid-tone Grey, with flecks of bright teal. Hints of Mustard

Having looked at his parents’ wedding photos from the 60s, John took inspiration from memories of his father’s woollen ties and incorporated knitted wool ties for all staff, using a luxurious blend of Italian and English wool. The ladies’ tailored suits are being made by the same production company which makes Burberry garments, adding a final touch of British glamour. From the moment he heard of Royal Lancaster London’s renovation, John wanted to be design the uniforms: “It has been fantastic to be involved with such a great transformation, which is also intrinsically linked to me by name and year.” Royal Lancaster London, Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY Visit Royal.lancasterlondon.com or phone 020 7551 6000 for reservations

Uniforms PAGE 27



Joining the tapas

how small plates + technology

Exactly when did dinner start coming on small plates? No more than a few years ago – but it’s revolutionising the way people dine today.

Tapas, of course, have been popular in Spain for centuries, thanks to the way they allow groups to share a tasty variety of small dishes. It’s a sociable and informal way of eating that sits well with modern-day diners. And many other types of restaurant are now also finding the benefits of serving up small plates – for instance, the smash hit Indian street food chain Dishoom in London has a hugely popular menu that lets customers pick and choose. Tapas-style service is not just great for customers, it’s good for operations, with smaller food plates creating lower food costs, good turnover of ingredients and generally a higher spend. But with a huge menu and a real need for speed to keep customers happy, making a success of the small plate revolution needs some nifty technology. Chris Cartmell, a business consultant for hospitality experts NFS Technology Group, said: “In any restaurant, it’s crucial to make the guest experience a good one, but tapas-style places have even more refined needs. “A good electronic point of sale (EPoS) system such as Aloha from NFS provides the tools you need.”

28 PAGE Technology


= casual dining success

In particular, that includes tableside ordering using handheld devices ranging from dedicated technology to iPads, and kitchen automation technology that gets service underway immediately. Chris said: “With Aloha EPoS, serving staff can send the order straight from the table to the kitchen, where it is displayed on screens so chefs can prepare it immediately, or to the bar so the drinks can be prepared.

Jacque Ferreira is the Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Bar Iberico in Nottingham and Derby, one of the country’s top tapas restaurant chains. Bar Iberico in Nottingham was recognised in the 2016 Michelin Guide with a Bib Gourmand. Jacque says his restaurants simply could not serve the number of covers they do without their Aloha.

“That means dishes often start to arrive even while the guests are still debating about their last orders.

He said: “We expect to serve more than 700 people in the Summer when our outside area is running at capacity.

“With small plates, customers often decide they want more, and EPoS makes it easy to add new orders – or more drinks – to their order.”

“The order going straight from the handheld to the kitchen screen ensures a blistering speed of service.

At the end of the meal, bills can be easily split if required, and items are never missed off. Customers can pay at tableside using credit or debit cards, or even payment apps. Afterwards, the data captured enables restaurateurs to identify what’s selling and what’s not, improving their ordering and helping to keep stock levels under control.

“I spend a lot of time on the restaurant floor, and it is quite common to hear customers exclaim ‘Wow - that was quick’, referring to the speed the food comes out of the kitchen. “We’re looking for future locations to expand – and we’ll definitely be taking the system everywhere we go.” Find out more about Aloha EPoS technology – visit

www.nfs-hospitality.com Technology PAGE 29

Avenista Table Reservations also provide all-inclusive access to their incredible support team (awards surely coming sometime soon!) who can implement booking strategies and take care of all of the administrative duties involved in managing the software too. It’s no surprise that Avenista® customers tend to be busy, extremely well-run restaurants who are always looking for that extra bit of efficiency and want it without hefty prices attached. Unlike so many booking systems Avenista® do not operate a Diner portal and so will never attempt to sell tables from competitor restaurants or gazump a restaurant’s Google ranking.

Never heard of Avenista®? Well, perhaps you can be forgiven. With the stampede towards basic, web-based booking systems in recent years many restaurateurs completely overlooked this unassuming UK company, attracted instead by the fanfares of the big booking operators. But one size does not fit all and having experienced high running costs or poor service delivery many restaurateurs are now looking elsewhere and finding Avenista has intelligent, super-easy software with everything they need and more for often a fraction of the cost. With more than 10 years’ experience delivering Table Reservation software the team at Avenista® know what makes busy restaurants tick and have continuously honed and polished their software to make running a Front of House effortless. These days millions of diners are seated each year using Avenista® systems. Oddly perhaps, at Avenista® their mission is for their customers to spend the minimum time possible using the booking software, yet still have the software do exactly what the customer needs, enabling them to spend more time in their restaurants on activities where they can really add value. To achieve this they worked on making Avenista® intelligent and efficient without taking away any of the features that allow restaurants to deliver really personal service to their Diners. And, so keen are they to deliver on the mission they

As Kerry Beswick (Managing Director of Avenista®) says – “We have absolutely no relationship with Diners at all. Everything we do is focused on the restaurateur. We are all about providing the absolute best tools and services for our customers to help them make the best restaurants.” With an impressive client roster, awesome features (including a new online payment feature for events and deposits – saving restaurants huge amounts of time, and reducing no-shows), and pricing lower than anything comparable, many restaurateurs are now getting the message and switching to Avenista® saving themselves time, money and headaches.

Mobile Friendly/App Friendly Bookings Marketing & Promotion Tracking Extensive Pre-Payment Features Intelligent Diary With Class-Leading Flexibility Table Management Walk-Ins and Waitlisting SMS Paging FREE Online Bookings Avenista is the must-have tool for busy restaurants still struggling with pen and paper and is also the solution most favoured by restaurants needing an alternative when existing providers prove slow, expensive or ineffective. You built a great restaurant by insisting on quality, attention to detail and customer service. Now choose Avenista to ensure you get the same from your reservations partner.

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In short, stainless steel is the standard for all kitchen furnishings and equipment for three key reasons:

1. It’s highly durable 2. It’s easy to maintain 3. Its properties make it ideal for food preparation Together, these reasons make the material ideal for catering professionals, who need the balance of high performance and low maintenance. But make no mistake, it isn’t perfect. Understanding the unique qualities of stainless steel, its benefits and vulnerabilities, will give you a good idea of how to best take care of it. And if you haven’t already invested in floor to ceiling stainless steel, here’s why you probably should.

High durability There’s a reason Superman is known as the Man of Steel. On its own, steel is already a very tough metal and its refusal to bend or crack makes it very suitable for professional use. But what about the stainless aspect? It arises when the metal is fused with chromium, which reacts with the air to form a layer of chromium oxide on its surface. This protects the steel from air and moisture, and prevents the material from rusting and staining. Also, like Superman, stainless steel is able to withstand very high temperatures, and its fire resistance makes it perfect for use near the array of cooking equipment in a kitchen. Its only minor kryptonite is its susceptibility to scratches, which can arise from poor maintenance or neglect. You’ll find out shortly how to prevent that from happening.

Low maintenance In general, the high durability of stainless steel makes it a lot easier to maintain than most other materials. More so certainly than wood or Formica, which is prone to breaking under impact. And if it does happen to show scratches, these can be removed with copper or metal cleaners. As long as it’s regularly washed, rinsed and dried, you’ll find it can last for a very long time, sometimes decades. Here are some quick tips for proper stainless steel maintenance:

1. Rinse your surfaces after cleaning. Dirty water

can leave a residue and can stain or damage your worktops 2. Wipe up spills with a towel before they have time to set. Dirt and grime can stick to surface if not dealt with 3. Avoid using cleaning solutions containing bleach, they can stain and damage stainless steel 4. Take care not to use steel wool or steel brushes on your surfaces. They’ll likely scratch them, making them more susceptible to rusts and stains 5. Scrub with the grain - Some stainless steels have a grain finish, and when cleaning be sure to scrub in the same direction as the grain. Otherwise the surface may be susceptible to streaks


Why Stainless Steel is allimportant in Commercial Kitchens The thought of Commercial Kitchens might conjure up images of sleek aluminium pans, glittering work surfaces, and busy rooms decked top to bottom in lush stainless steel. It’s such a regular scene that no matter whose kitchen you step in, you are bound to get the eerie sensation that you’ve been there before. Stainless steel is used everywhere, and it makes them all look very similar. But why is the material so popular? Perfect for preparing food The biggest reason for using stainless steel in kitchens should be no surprise; it works great with food! With all the steam produced in your kitchen there’s a lot of moisture going around. And if you were to use porous materials like wood, there’d be opportunity for bacteria to grow. Stainless steel is nonporous, and so bacteria and viruses have no place to spring up. The chromium oxide layer also makes it non-corrosive and nonreactive. That means it’s safe for preparing and cooking acidic foods. With stainless steel, the risk of contamination is far reduced. And for food serving, stainless steel is a good heat insulator and therefore ideal for hot cupboards and buffet lines.

Every kitchen surface Wherever you look in a commercial kitchen there’s shimmering stainless steel. From workbenches to sinks, storage cupboards, gantries, racks, shelves and trollies. If you haven’t already, investing in stainless steel ensures the safety and efficiency of your kitchen equipment for years to come. CK Direct provides a comprehensive range of stainless steel furnishings for your kitchen. Each product can be manufactured to your exact specification, so even amongst all the lookalikes your kitchen will stand out. Like it’s got a big ‘S’ on its chest. See the whole range at ckdirect.co.uk.






+44 (0) 1733 230 378 info@ckdirect.co.uk




Jersey Restaurant Bohemia in Top 100 of Harden’s Best Restaurants in the UK 2018 Bohemia Restaurant in Jersey has been ranked at number 31 in the UK in Harden’s ‘Top 100 Best Restaurants 2018’. Bohemia is the only restaurant in the Channel Islands to be included in Harden’s Top 100 Best Restaurants list this year.

The UK’s top 100 Restaurants are revealed in Harden’s Best UK Restaurants 2018 published today. The results were compiled based on Harden’s 27th annual poll of diners, which surveyed 8,500 participants who contributed 50,000 reviews, which, as curated by the editors, form the basis for the inclusions and ratings in the guide. Head Chef Steve Smith said: “For Bohemia to be included in the list is absolutely fantastic - it is a major achievement! We are delighted to be recognised in this list and the whole team is extremely excited.” Steve Smith has created a truly outstanding dining experience with his ingredient and flavour driven tasting menus. The 5AA Rosette Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, boasts a stellar reputation for its first rate cuisine, placing it firmly on the gastronomic map as a food-lover’s destination. Bohemia Bar & Restaurant provides unrivalled Michelin Star dining in the heart of Jersey. Head Chef Steve Smith, has created a truly outstanding dining experience with his ingredient and flavour driven tasting menus.


Bohemia was recently ranked as 11th best restaurant in the whole of the UK in the Good Food Guide 2018. Bohemia was also ranked at number 42 in Square Meal’s Top 100 Best Restaurants 2017 and is the only restaurant in the Channel Islands to be featured in both lists. Bohemia has also received the prestigious two-star award in the ‘World’s Best Wine Lists Awards 2017’, and the Award of Excellence for its outstanding wine selection in ‘Wine Spectator’s Restaurant Wine List Awards 2017.’ The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday, Noon until 2.30pm for lunch, and 6.30pm until 10.30pm for dinner. Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4UH, Channel Islands For reservations please call: 01534 880 588 or visit www.bohemiajersey.com

HTG, owner of Hubbard Systems and Taylor UK, announces major changes New management structure will help ensure continuing success HTG Trading, which owns Hubbard Systems and Taylor UK, has announced major changes to its senior management structure. Simon Aspin, currently commercial director of Hubbard, will become managing director of HTG from January 1st 2018.   At the same time Taylor’s commercial director, Pete Gray, becomes managing director of Taylor.  Meanwhile Martin Wood will step down from his role as chief executive of HTG Trading to become non-executive chair of the company.  HTG’s subsidiaries look after many of the UK’s leading foodservice equipment brands and are known for the quality of their customer service and support.  Hubbard Systems is the exclusive UK distributor of Scotsman icemakers and Comenda ware washers.  Taylor UK is exclusive distributor for Taylor frozen drinks and dessert machines and clamshell grills, Frigomat ice cream equipment, and Prática combi ovens, as well as being the principal UK distributor of ISA refrigerated displays and Turbochef ovens.   “HTG’s succession planning in recent years has been

Hobart Cooking Solutions Triumphs at Product Excellence Awards The team at Hobart Cooking Solutions is celebrating after winning the Prime Cooking Equipment category at The Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards. The Bonnet Precipan, an exceptional piece of kit which can adapt to a multitude of cooking methods, was the worthy winner with the judges particularly

focused on developing internal candidates for senior management positions,” says Martin Wood. “We believe that the arrangements that are in place will allow the company to continue its successful growth path.”  Wood has been CE of HTG Trading for over 18 years, during which time the business has flourished – in the last five years alone sales have risen by 86%.  His ongoing association with the company over the next few years will allow him to help with its continuing progression.  “Martin’s contribution to the company’s success has been immense,” says Simon Aspin.  “We are very grateful that we will continue to benefit from his business acumen.”  For more information on Hubbard Systems visit www.scotsman-ice.co.uk; for news on Taylor UK visit www.taylor-company.co.uk.  For more about HTG Trading visit www.htgtrading.co.uk impressed by the Precipan’s excellent functionality and myriad benefits to end users. Its compact cookline and versatility really helped it to stand out in an extremely competitive category. Iain Munro, Director, Hobart Cooking Solutions, says: “I’m delighted that the Bonnet Precipan has been recognised for the wonderful piece of kit that it is. To win the Prime Cooking Equipment category is a real achievement and one which we are all particularly proud of here at Hobart Cooking.” Competition was so fierce in this category the judges couldn’t split the top two at this year’s awards, so the Bonnet Precipan shares the top accolade with Synergy Grill. The Caterer’s Product Excellence Awards recognise excellence and innovation in food, drink and equipment products within the hospitality sector. For further information on Hobart please see www.hobartuk.com, telephone 0844 888 7777 and you can follow Hobart Cooking Solutions on Twitter at @ HCS_Cook.





The Elite Hog Roast Range Catering for up to 300 guests

The Elite Hog Roast range is designed to boost profits for Restauranteurs with its flexibility

The Elite can accommodate a hog up to 90 kilos, feeding up to 300 people in one serving and combined with the Conversion Warming Kit will keep the meat warm and succulent for hours, ideal where extended serving times are required. The added attraction of the Elite is its ability to BBQ while the hog is cooking or when combined with the new Elite Oven Lid enables the operator to cook a wide variety of food at the same time, using the same heat and labour. This all maximises profits and shows good returns from this universal piece of outdoor catering equipment. Additional bolt-on accessories also offer the restauranteur the option of cooking up to 100 jacket potatoes or any other produce again at the same time, or produce 40 x 3.5lb birds to perfection in around 2 hours 20 minutes providing up to 80 meals at the same time. The propane-fired oven delivers crispy golden crackling every time without the need for additives. A self-contained trailer is also available, supplied with a powder-coated aluminium lid to match your own corporate livery along with a full graphic design and printing service too. The trailer is large enough to take all the equipment required to a busy function and one person can easily load and unload using the remote control winch, fitted as standard. Full training and support is offered by the company and the whole package is perfect for business start-ups as well as the more experienced roasters.


Award-winning upright vacuum ‘cuts the cord’ Daily removal of grit and fine abrasive particles of dirt is a fundamental aspect of caring for hard floors. The cordless Valet Battery Upright (VBU) makes the task easier and more productive than ever as it glides smoothly and freely between floor surfaces. Powerful and effective on all floor types, the award-winning VBU is fitted with a squeegee to improve cleaning performance on hard floors. A lithium ion battery delivers 312W of vacuum motor power and a 3,000rpm brush speed. Yet this vacuum is light as well as robust. Weighing just 5kg, the VBU unleashes more than 60 minutes’ continuous and highly productive runtime. Ideal for daytime cleaning, the machine works quietly and safely around people and obstacles with no risk of trips or snagging – or interruptions to switch power sockets. Its innovative design made the VBU an award winner at the 2017 Cleaning Show. Apart from its self-adjusting nozzle for seamless vacuuming and squeegee, the VBU has an edge cleaning feature for more efficient vacuuming and maintains full suction when the machine is laid flat to clean under furniture. A battery level indicator ensures the user knows when their machine will need re-charging. A full re-charge takes no more than 2.5 hours. High filtration is provided by a HEPA 13 media bag. Replacing the dust bag is simple too. The compartment unzips and the bag seals automatically when released from the bag holder. A convenient carry handle makes it easy to transport the vacuum between cleaning jobs. PAGE





fter a day of exploring Jersey’s stunning landscape, spa visitors will be invited to slide on their slippers and browse the long list of relaxing remedies. Below is a list of the brand new treatments now available at The Club Hotel & Spa.

Discover CineticTM Lift Expert The perfect alternative to cosmetic surgery and the world’s first ever combination of Micro-

Brand New Treatments Launch at The Club Hotel


currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies, this treatment provides dramatic, visible results after just one treatment. The Club Hotel & Spa team recommend CARITA treatments to be taken as a course of three or five sessions to achieve maximum firming and lifting results. Thereafter, monthly appointments are recommended.

Cinetic Skin Specific Facial This brand new facial is perfect for winter time and is recommended for sensitive, dehydrated or oily skin types. The treatment starts with a deep cleanse and CARITA signature ‘La Renovateur’ detoxifying massage, followed by a sculpting massage and soothing skin mask to illuminate the skin. Luminotherapy will then be used to soften, sooth, purify and deeply hydrate the skin. Allow 90 mins, priced at £117

Advanced Firming and Restorative Peel Recommended for mature skins with deep lines and a loss of skin tone, this clever treatment instantly restores and renews all skin types. Beginning with a detoxing facial massage, the spa’s expert therapists will then perform an extensive lifting treatment with state-of-theart technology. Following this, a delicate mask will be created and applied for optimum rejuvenation. Allow 60 mins, priced at £89

Luxury Firming and Restorative Peel Similar to the above Advanced Firming and Restorative Peel, this deluxe treatment also includes a hands-on lifting massage to sculpt, contour and relax muscles. Guests can then choose from a warm oil scalp massage or heavenly hand massage. Allow 75 mins £95

Radiance Peel & Reveal Suitable for all skin types, this high-performance luminosity peel incorporates CARITAS signature exfoliator le renovateur and LED light therapy to purify, deeply hydrate and stimulate cell regeneration. The treatment boosts collagen and elastin production with the help of an enveloping mask that affects the deepest layers of the skin. A relaxing warm oil scalp or hand massage is then performed. Skin will be left feeling renewed, revitalised with a smooth and refined flawless finish. Allow 60 mins, priced at £79 Allow 30 mins (booster), priced at £49

The Club Hotel & Spa, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4UH, Channel Islands For reservations please call: 01534 876 500 or visit www.theclubjersey.com

& Spa The Club Hotel & Spa, Jersey’s premium wellness destination, has launched a brand new range of innovative spa treatments for the New Year. Hotel guests, daytime visitors and locals alike will be able to relax, rejuvenate and revitalise whilst enjoying the latest therapies and massages launched just in time for the winter season. PAGE




LG HVAC Systems

You can’t see it, you can’t hear it, but, you can feel it. A true hospitality experience How comfortable guests feel during their stay is essential to a hotel’s reputation yet at the same time hotel owners must consider how much energy in operational cost they are willing to take on. LG HVAC solution is the answer to the problem. Hotel lobbies are large spaces with high ceilings that require year round availability of heating cooling and ventilation LG ducted or cassette fan coils with HRV cool heat and ventilate large spaces effectively making comfort more accessible than ever before. When guests checking LG AC control activate the air conditioner in the room creating the perfect climate by the time they walk in the door. Guest rooms are where people really want to feel relaxed and comfortable. LG provides a total solution for guest rooms to meet the best quality of comfort and energy saving ceiling concealed duct with Heat Recovery Ventilation provide a constant stream of fresh air to ventilate the room and maintain optimum temperature thanks to LG multi V smart load control. The low noise indoor unit in the guest room has been designed to be as quiet as possible for maximum comfort. LG control interface displays temperature humidity in comfort levels with the design that easy to read and control. On Demand the LG Multi V™ heat recovery system channels the indoor unit excess heat to the Hydro Kit system generating water temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius to be used to heat indoor pool, or hot water consumption in guest rooms and kitchens without increasing energy used for the heat recovery system which allows simultaneous independent heating and Cooling by moving heat energy from one area to another. To be able to effectively manage extensive and complex HVAC system LG Controls provide the ideal solution with its Touch Central Control to manage not only the HVAC but also other ancillary hotel components such elevators, pumps, lights etc to save and control energy consumptions and maintenance locally and remotely. LG central control system provides a variety of Solutions saving running costs and efficient energy control, the peak wattage function limit peak energy usage by controlling indoor units they can also set schedules in

Extensive range and styles of indoor units and Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery system with hydro kit using wasted heat from indoor units and generate hot water.

advance for certain times. Its energy management enables monitoring all operational details in power consumption visual Navigation show current operation status on floor plan in one view controller can be easily accessible via smartphone for your convenience moreover improve building management system connection makes the LG control solution compatible with existing building management systems. Also for hotels and resorts which are located near beaches the world’s only LG Ocean Black paint technology prevents corrosion of outdoor unit due to salty sea breeze for exceptional durability and long lasting performance. LG HVAC equipment distributed and extensively supported by Space Air 37 years experience in distributing air conditioning equipment since 1980 supported by un-matched accumulated data of over 22 GB supports the product through Architects, Specifiers, Contractors, Facility & Maintenance companies with design assistance, specifications, after sale support, logistics, spare parts and on/off site support to all customers from Guildford and Bristol sales offices.

Contact us on 01484 478 715, sales@spaceair.co.uk or visit our website www.spaceair.co.uk



Aesthetic design You no longer need to be told what your air conditioner should look like. With LG’s revolutionary ARTCOOL Gallery, you can change the look of your air conditioner to whatever you want.

Air conditioning is a system for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a building.

Choose your own design cover

Stylish design solution for all applications. Residential, Commercial, Retail, Office complex, Hotels, Health Centres, Hospitals. ( 01483 478 715 * marketing@spaceair.co.uk 8 www.spaceair.co.uk

Space Air Ltd - Official distributor of LG Electronics



Banquette Seat Woodhouse Contract Furnishers are a family-run company established since 1972. Banquette booths and bar seating are just some of the products designed, manufactured and installed by Woodhouse Contract Furnishers. Seating Woodhouse Contract Furnishers operate countrywide delivering a unique service tailored to their clients’ exact specifications. Each project is individually designed paying particular attention to the customers ideas and requirements. Combinations of traditional furniture and custom built booths can be combined to reflect todays’ contemporary design requirements “We are a family run business, established since 1972, supplying a design, manufacture and installation service of bespoke seating and contract furniture to the leisure industry. We also offer a refurbishment and re-upholstering service to bars and restaurants throughout the UK”

Tub Chairs & Cubes


Aimed primarily at the contemporary end of the market, the tub chairs can be combined with free standing or custom fitted booths to deliver flexible seating combinations to satisfy a modern lifestyle. You can choose from the samples shown here or you might prefer to upholster your chairs in a unique material. We can accommodate all requirements.

The Woodhouse Contact Furnishers choice of chairs range from the modern to traditional. All chairs are made from solid beech, are screwed and dowled and can be finished in a range of finished. Upholstered seats can be provided and finished in customers own choice of material.


ting Contractors Stools The Woodhouse Contract Furnishers choice of stools range from modern to traditional. All Stools are made from solid beech, are screwed and dowled and can be finished in a range of finishes. Upholstered seats can be provided and finished in customers own choice of material.

Tables The Woodhouse Contract Furnishers choice of tables range from modern to traditional. All tables are made from solid beech, are screwed and dowled and can be finished in a range of finishes. Table tops come in three materials: Ash MDF, Solid Ash and Solid Beech and can be cut with seven different profiles

Profiles • T.R.E. • Square Edge • Scallop • Painted Edge

• D.B.S. • Incut • Bull Nose • Wood Finishes

All items of furniture can be stained in any of the finishes listed here: • Dark/Rich Mahogany • Repro Mahogany • Golden Oak • Antique Pine • Natural Mahogany

• Rosewood • Dark Oak • Walnut • Brown Mahogany • Medium Oak • Jacobean • Yew

For technical reasons connected with the litho printing process, these colours are representative only.

Contacts Please contact us at the address below or submit the enquiry form. We value your custom and promise that none of your details will be passed on to other parties. T: 0109 565879 E: enquiries@woodhouse-contracts.co.uk W: www.banquetteseatingcontractors.co.uk Woodhouse Contract Furnishers, Todwick Road Industrial Estate, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3SH



The ultimate cleaning machine! The SEBO DART is the ultimate vacuum cleaner for all sorts of commercial locations. This upright vacuum cleaner is perfectly suited to a wide variety of floorcoverings and is easy to manoeuvre. With its powerful brush action it offers a thorough, professional quality one pass pick-up. The DART features a “Flex” neck, S-Class filtration, an on-board hose, a crevice nozzle, 4-level height adjustment and auto shut-off. Available in two brush widths – 31cm and 37cm – the SEBO DART weighs in at just 6.7kg and 6.9kg respectively. The DART’s “Flex” neck gives 90° vertical and 180° horizontal movement, providing superb manoeuvrability for swift cleaning around obstacles. In addition, its flat-to-floor design enables the DART to clean under hard-to-reach places. What is more, when detached from the power head, the DART body is transformed into a lightweight, powerful suction machine. With easy-to-replace filters and convenient blockage access points maintenance of the SEBO DART is simple. The brush roller is a cartridge design so it is quick and easy to remove for cleaning and replacement. To maintain hard floors there is the SEBO ultra high speed polisher head which uses the latest technology diamond pads to bring a brilliant shine to hard floors without the use of chemicals. Designed to meet the demands of commercial, the DART is easy to use, easy to maintain, offers brilliant performance and is cost-effective to own. For further information, please call 01494 465 533 or visit www.sebo.co.uk

44 PAGE Section Name Here

Target dirt with a DART If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s fast, powerful & easy to manoeuvre, the SEBO DART hits the target every time!

Easy to manoeuvre Low maintenance High filtration Quiet Powerful Easy to use

Professional Vacuum Cleaners • Made in Germany

2018’s food and drink landscape to be revealed at dedicated April shows The NEC will again host Farm Shop & Deli Show and Food & Drink Expo from 16-18 April 2018. Attracting buyers from the grocery, wholesale, foodservice and speciality retail sectors, the shows will reveal the latest innovations and musthave products across the food and drink sectors. Speciality food remains in high demand and the 450-strong range of exhibitors at the Farm Shop & Deli Show will cover all aspects of this sector.

the most topical issues on everyone’s minds – all designed to help visitors increase their businesses’ bottom lines.

The show will give all food outlet operators, from restaurants and hotels to delicatessens, the opportunity to source quality produce that will fuel growth throughout the coming year.

Farm Shop & Deli Show and Food & Drink Expo are co-located with the National Convenience Show and Foodex, as well as the new The Ingredients Show.

The latest in artisanal products will be covered from sweet and savoury to snacking. Exhibitors will include Arden Fine Foods (UK), which will have a stand showcasing its topof-the-range bakery products and Franklin & Sons, which will display its high-end water and soft drinks, while the trendiest and tastiest cheeses will be found at the Blacks Cheese stand.

Together they will bring together 1,500 suppliers from across the whole food and drink industry, from retailers to manufacturers. To register for free, receiving entry to all co-located shows, visit: www.farmshopanddelishow.co.uk or www.foodanddrinkexpo.co.uk.

Food & Drink Expo, meanwhile, will gather more than 600 exhibitors in one place including everything from start-ups to multinational brands with true international representation. These include Ireland-based Taste Cork, a food initiative to support a sustainable local food economy; Italian dairy producer Brazzale SPA; and healthy Mediterranean snacks company Snatts, which is based in Spain. One of the main highlights of the shows will be the live event stages, which will see a host of industry experts cover PAGE



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Restaurant Update - January 2018  

Restaurant Update - January 2018