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June 2016


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INTRODUCING‌ ISOCRETE SELF LEVEL RENOVATION Isocrete Self Level Renovation is a glass mesh reinforced sub floor screed designed to tackle substandard or challenging substrates. The system has been designed to renovate floors in refurbishment scenarios, where it can be installed directly onto existing floor coverings and allows for application of finishes such as vinyl, carpet, tiles and resin.





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Flowcrete UK Cements Partnership with total Protection Flowcrete UK has undertaken the extensive refurbishment of a large garage and car park area owned by Cambridge Council alongside Total Protection, its exclusive applicator partner for social housing projects in the South of England. This project exemplifies the ability of resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete UK and specialist coatings contractor Total Protection to provide clients with every product and service required for a large-scale social housing flooring project. This holistic approach includes identifying existing issues and delivering a complete package throughout pre-contract specification and inspection to post-contract maintenance and warranty. The site in Newtown consists of a 45-unit garage as well as a two-storey car park and ramp. The garages are rented to local council tenants and are in constant use. When Flowcrete UK and Total Protection reviewed the 1,580m2 site a number of issues were recorded, including water migrating from the car park’s top deck to the lower deck, cracking, leaking gullies and undulations in the concrete slab causing ponding. One of the main problems in the garage area was that a 100ml recess in the concrete slab’s centre was collecting water. Cambridge Council could source all of the various repair mortars, screeds, damp proof membranes, PU injection systems, corrosion protection and resin coatings as well as the multidisciplinary knowledge required to fix the existing problems and upgrade the site directly from Flowcrete UK and Total Protection.

“our new partnership avoids all this hassle, streamlining the route to a high quality floor finish.”

This was a significant factor behind the council choosing this supplier and applicator partnership, as it meant that the client did not have to spend time and resources finding a number of different manufacturers and contractors for each aspect of the project. The Managing Director of Total Protection Ltd, Nick DiCienzo, said: “This project really showcases the benefits of our partnership with Flowcrete UK for the South’s social housing sector, as this was a difficult task that required a wealth of specialist knowledge as well as multiple high performance products. “We always have the needs of the tenants in mind when we undertake any application. We know that the work has to be completed quickly to avoid disruption to the tenant’s day-to-day lives - but the quality also has to be

there in regards to what systems are used and how they are applied, in order to ensure that the floor provides many years of reliable, effective use.” Flowcrete UK’s Managing Director, Kevin Potter, said: “We’re excited to be working in partnership with Total Protection, as it means that we can offer an exceptional service to social housing developments carrying out a new-build or refurbishment flooring project. “Previously specifiers and developers would need to spend time assembling a variety of different suppliers and contractor teams before they could embark on a project such as the one at Newtown, however our new partnership avoids all this hassle, streamlining the route to a high quality floor finish.” The combination of Flowcrete UK products used during this project included Flowfast F1 Mortar to bring the substrate up to standard, repair the gullies and infill voids and buried joints. Isocrete Isopol SBR created a waterproof screed on the car park ramp and main garage area as well as a waterproof render band around the perimeter of the walls and Isocrete M-Bond primer was applied to protect against rising moisture in the garage area. Flowcoat SF41, a hard wearing epoxy resin coating, was applied as a wearing surface across the 850m2 garage, with anti-slip aggregates incorporated into the finish. 700m2 of the deck coating system Deckshield was installed on the car park’s top deck and ramp to create a robust surface able to withstand traffic, weather and automotive chemicals. The entire project, which was closely monitored by the council’s contract manager throughout, was completed in 2 ½ months, coming in under the client’s 3-month deadline. After the installation the site’s operators were supplied with a comprehensive O&M manual to help maintain and manage the floor area. If you’d like to find out more about Flowcrete UK’s flooring solutions for the social housing sector you can download the brochure “Transforming Social Housing Environments” by clicking here, alternatively ring 01270 753000 or email to talk to one of the company’s resin flooring experts.


World Leaders in Flood Protection Devices Preventing your home from internal flooding Unfortunately the vast majority of homes worldwide have absolutely no form of water leak prevention or detection installed, leaving them open to huge damage should a leak or flood occur. Typically, such devices are only installed after an incident of water damage has occurred, often at the insistence of insurers. It is anticipated in the future, all new properties will come with a leak detection/prevention device fitted as standard, in much the same way as electrical fuse boxes are installed now; more importantly older homes will require systems to be retrofitted, to protect home owners, investors and insurance companies from the huge costs and devastation that water damage can cause. We strongly believe that the Floodcheck® range of products (and associated services) can be deployed to properties all over the world, ensuring that they are safe from leaks or floods, providing one less stress for their owners. The Floodcheck® ‘Auto’ valve is a flood prevention device, that

monitors the water supply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, to minimise internal water damage caused by leaks or floods, protecting your property from internal flooding by monitoring the water usage and automatically switching off the mains water supply if the device detects any of the following: • A water leak (or forgotten running tap) • An excess flow of water (e.g burst pipe) • Low temperature (to prevent frozen pipes) • Zero water usage (e.g vacant property or owners away) Floodcheck® Auto is available in UK and EU 15mm & 22mm and USA 1/2” and 3/4” sizes. Suitable power supplies are also available/supplied for these countries.

Designing a house, new project? Would you build a house without a fuse box to protect it? ...Of course not. You are ten times more likely to suffer damage from a water leak than a short circuit!

So.. take our advice..


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PAVE THE WAY WITH OSMO ESCO FLOORING Since summer 2014, Osmo UK has been proudly partnered with rustic European oak flooring specialists, ESCO. The collection includes nine solid oak flooring styles that are available pre-finished with Osmo’s renowned wood finishing product, Polyx®-Oil. Ready to install from purchase, Osmo’s ESCO collection is favoured by developers, architects and interior designers. Osmo’s Polyx®-Oil enhances the floor’s performance with a durable finish that is created with natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. Based on rapidly renewable vegetable oils, the natural components used in Osmo’s Polyx®-Oil penetrate deeply into the wood to create a micro-porous finish, ensuring a flawless finish both upon application and for many years to come. Ideal for solid engineered or laminate wood floors, it is a high quality, waterrepellent and tread-resistant wood finish.

Not just Harfa floor A favourite style for many developers in Osmo’s ESCO flooring collection is Harfa flooring. This flooring surface has been designed with a rough-sawn treatment and has been enhanced with cross-wise cuts that are grooved in the surface with great care. Harfa flooring is available in a range of colours, including natural, natural white, double smoked black, smoked tobacco, smoked natural, washy grey, smoked white and stone grey. There is also the option to choose between a 2 or 3 layer parquet. As with all ESCO flooring, Harfa is finished with Polyx®-Oil, Osmo’s renowned wood finishing product.

More reach out for Moravia Another popular flooring choice is Moravia. The combination of the rustic oak and the specific brushing treatment used makes the wood’s knots and cracks appear deeper in the board, creating a stunning and unique texture. Filled with an ecological filler, the wood’s enhanced natural cracks and growth rings offer a very rustic option that adds Unleash your Bohemian side a whole new dimension to any traditional or contemporary room. Moravia is available in eight light to dark shades, Bohemia offers a strong rustic wooden style that features open ranging from honey-coloured Moravia Natural to the deep filled knots for a genuine oak style. In addition to this, the floorings Moravia Smoked Tobacco. surface lines and irregular surface smoothness give Bohemia a unique look and feel compared to other designs. Planed, filled, Those looking for a smooth and alive rustic floor need to sanded and finished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, Bohemian flooring look no further than the Bohemian range. The combination requires no additional coatings and can be ready to walk on in hours, of ESCO’s special rustic wood style and Osmo’s smooth not days, after installation. finish makes it one of the most popular flooring choices in the range. Available in eight colour options, including For more information and to full the whole Osmo Cognac, Natural white to Stone Grey, this stylish flooring ESCO range, please visit and will suit any interior scheme.

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POLYX® -OIL RAW: Retains the wood’s natural light colour











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RMIG perforated, embossed or indented materials provide a wealth of design possibilities and practical benefits for refurbishment projects of any size. Perforation can achieve unique decorative designs and aesthetic effects that are suitable for almost any type of building interior or exterior in almost any sector.

Chateau de Cange

While perforations involve the complete penetration of a material, patterns can also be embossed or indented, either instead of or in combination with perforation. In some cases, the embossing or indenting process and the choice of pattern can also add rigidity to the materials providing further enhancements for the building. Aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and hot dipped galvanised steel are typically the materials of choice for perforation. RMIG offer a range of finishing techniques such as bending, rolling, forming, coating or anodising that enhance the natural properties of the metal and in some cases can be used to create a completely individual look that meets the project’s exact design requirements. In Paris, for example, perforated panels played a vital role in giving a new identity and character to the Maison du Portugal, ageing student accommodation which is one of 39 buildings within the City of Paris International University. The brief was to give a new identity to the building by improving the character of the original structure from 1967 and making it more prominent in relation to its surroundings.

Chateau de Cange

To achieve this goal, the building was cladded in precision perforated aluminium sheets, which recreated the design of existing paving panels at the architect’s request. The panels were used to explore the properties of reflected light, making it possible to design a facade that creates a translucent veil around the building. A facade of this kind filters the sun’s rays during the day and produces a subtle shimmering effect when the building is lit up at night. Each of the 250 perforated panels were given a painted gold finish to enhance this effect even more. A complex sequence of perforations, using patterns with the same pitch but different hole sizes, creates a geometric design which runs through the entire facade. As the Maison du Portugal demonstrates, modern perforation isn’t limited to punching round holes. In fact, advances in computer aided design and tooling production as well as the creative capability of perforation specialists mean that the design possibilities of precision perforated shapes and patterns is broader than ever before. Complex geometric shapes, patterns and representations of photographic images can be accurately rendered, a process known as ‘picture perforation’. In most projects, images are split across a large number of panels, which

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perforated Maison du Portugal


are then assembled on site to an installation template to create the final photographic effect. This may be used for dramatic effect or to reflect a design theme, an aspect of a building’s use or its surrounding environment. For the music department of the Skansevejens School in Denmark, picture perforation has been used to stunning effect. The 200m² building for music classes features a detailed hot dipped galvanised mild steel façade showing life-like imagery of children singing, dancing and playing music to beautifully illustrate the purpose of the structure. However, the perforation doesn’t always need to be this complex in design. In addition to graphic and picture perforation, a range of standard perforation patterns, hole shapes and configurations can also be selected. Perforated metal can also be used for variety of practical building applications. As part of a lightweight cladding system and using the correct shape of hole and ratio of open area, perforated materials can significantly enhance a building’s energy efficiency for example. Certain open areas and hole specifications can act as effective sun shields, controlling the levels of UV light entering a building and providing a more pleasant internal environment.

This in turn, can help to reduce the need for high specification windows, allow natural ventilation and can decrease the need for air conditioning, saving both energy use and cost. For the Château de Cangé in Saint Avertin, France, sun screens made from decorated perforated corten steel bring a contemporary and modern twist to the architecture of an ancient monument. The screens were used as part of a restoration project on the castle, which houses a library and media centre. Featuring a rust patina, the sun shields effectively reduce the amount of direct sunlight to the open areas of the building without compromising the beauty of castle. The applications for perforated metal in enhancing an architectural environment are vast – from the simple and functional to the complex and show-stopping. However, despite the beauty that can be achieved and the benefits that can be experienced from perforation, the process and products are much more cost effective than one might imagine. By consulting with an experienced perforation specialist such as RMIG, architects can use perforation to bring their design ideas to life. Tel: 01925 839610



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Exlabesa designs, manufactures and delivers stylish high performance aluminium products to the fenestration and commercial markets. One of the UK’s foremost aluminium systems houses, Exlabesa has been listening to and working in co-operation with architects and specifiers both nationally and internationally for many years helping to develop a range of innovative products that includes aluminium facades, curtain walling, windows, doors and low rise glazing. Our impressive products are suitable for commercial, domestic and new build applications and includes the KWS51 casement window, the KWS75 casement window, rebated thermal doors, tilt turn windows, bi-folding doors, patio doors, thermal and non-thermal shop fronts and curtain walling. All products are extruded in our state of the art Doncaster headquarters, which includes two extrusion presses and two ageing ovens, and are supplied ex stock from a fully-stocked warehouse for rapid delivery times. Unlike most other aluminium systems houses, Exlabesa have an in-house aluminium anodising facility which enables us to anodise aluminium up to 6,100mm long. By carrying out the anodising process on site we can offer fast track deliveries of anodised material as well as guarantee the quality. Our profiles are anodised to AA 25, which is the standard thickness required for external applications such as windows and doors. Our anodised coatings for aluminium are covered by BS EN 12373-1:2001 and European standards are covered by the Qualanod quality scheme. Our vertical paint plant was a major investment for us and reflects our commitment to investment in our company to ensure we continue to offer excellence. It gives us the capacity to handle 10,000 lengths of up to 7.4 metres per day and means we can deal with a range of projects large or small. All our powder coating is certified to BS 6496 standard and we are an approved applicator of INTERPON D

polyester powder. Our in-house inspection processes are designed to ensure high-quality coating on products for use within architectural applications and we can also issue guarantees for up to 25 years (on application and site dependent) on our powder coating applications. Our products are supplied throughout the UK and Europe by our fabricating partners who have an ongoing commitment to providing high quality finished products that can be specified, manufactured and installed with absolute confidence. Exlabesa has continued to set the bar for product design and innovation in aluminium. What’s more, its commitment to the sustainability of its products and processes put it at the forefront of its industry in this regard. In short, architects and specifiers who are looking for aluminium products that combine style with substance should consider Exlabesa as their next commercial partner.

delivering quality through innovation

At Exlabesa we offer an innovative and fully integrated range of aluminium façade products including curtain walling, doors, windows and low rise glazing ·

In-house manufacturing


Comprehensive range of products including windows, doors, shopfront (both thermal and non-thermal), curtain wall system, bi-folding doors, patio doors, steel replacements.


Exlabesa brand known and respected throughout UK and Europe


In-house anodising plant and in-house powder coating plant


Suitable for commercial, retail and new build markets


Modern warehouse


Technical support

the #1 choice for aluminium systems

Enquire today to find out how you can benefit from our groundbreaking systems.

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Exlabesa Ogden Road, Wheatley Hills, Doncaster South Yorkshire DN2 4SG Telephone: 01302 762 500 | Fax: 01302 762 557 Email:

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A Show Full of Attractions A country fair theme give this year’s Manchester Furniture Show (17-19 July Manchester Central), a colourful backdrop to the biggest summer furniture event in the UK. The attractions include some of the biggest and most innovative names in furniture and interior furnishings from the UK, Europe and the Far East, showing new designs and launching new collections. New exhibitors including Panacea, CIMC, Devonshire Pine & Oak, Hookes Interiors, Camel Group, Global Home, Indian Hub, Heritage Furniture and Arthauss will join a whole host of returning major brands in over 100,000 square feet of modern exhibition space. The 130 plus exhibitors will display new and existing best selling collections and pieces in upholstery, cabinet, beds and decorative furnishings, including lamps, mirrors, rugs and accessories.

Upholstery In upholstery, Essex based new exhibitor Panacea, who made a big impact at this year’s January Furniture Show, will bring a selection of their modern and retro, design led leather sofas and chairs which have a focus on high levels of comfort. Also showing modern sofa collections are Alpha Designs Upholstery, who return to Manchester for the third year in a row and will showcase new contemporary ranges having had a “resounding success” in the previous two years. ICD (International Contemporary Designs), one of the UK’s newest upholstery companies sources exclusive leather models from Italy. New at Manchester will be their Pisa and Bari models, both typify Italian design flair. Pisa offers modern comfort with a curvaceous silhouette and deepfill cushions and Bari features classic styling for a more timeless look.

Keeping with leather, Hyde Line Furniture, partner to the US giant NHF Leather, is bringing a selection of its multi-action reclining sofas and chairs made in NHF’s Far East factory. The sofas and chairs are traditional in style and with distribution from a central UK warehouse. Returning UK upholstery giants Westbridge, Lebus, Buoyant, Wade, Ashley Manor, Whitemeadow, Scanthor UK, XYZ Agencies and Mark Webster Designs will all be showing new collections at Manchester.

Whitemeadow are showing the cool grey trend at its best with new models Sadler and Charleston being launched at the Show. Ashely Manor also show soft greys with their Hobbs contemporary collection and are right on trend with their new Francesca collection which features pin tucks and studding.

Cabinet Living and dining are also full of attractions and contrasts this year with returning exhibitors Baker, Kingstown, Bluebone, Furniture Origins, Exclusive UK, Morris, Rowico, Wood Brothers, Shankar, Value Mark, Kettle Interiors and VIDA Living all bringing new temptations for buyers. New cabinet exhibitor Devonshire, one the few remaining cabinet manufacturers in the UK are bringing new collections in dining and bedroom from their Bideford factory. They will be showing a variety of pine, oak and painted furniture ranges in traditional and rustic styles, which are continually popular with UK consumers. In complete contrast another new exhibitor Arthauss will be showing selections from their ultra modern dining and bedroom ranges, including flip down beds and sleek wardrobes. With colour choices from deep walnut to crisp white their furniture sets are imaginative and style led. A completely different style again will be on show on the Indian Hub stand. From their Surrey base they are another cabinet exhibitor new to Manchester and following on from a successful January Show, they will be enticing buyers with a great selection of their hardwood furniture. With perfect designs for anyone wanting the on-trend industrial look this is a must see stand. Regular Manchester exhibitors Kettle Interiors and Value Mark will again use the show to launch new collections. Kettle will be showcasing its latest ranges from an everincreasing portfolio of commercial and distinctive oak, pine and painted furniture, along with generous wicker storage solutions under the brand The Wicker Merchant. Valuemark’s large occasional and dining collections will again feature several new introductions including The Lewis Collection which features black apricot high gloss married with chrome and black their new compact marble dining sets.

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At the end of last year’s show James Hudson, Gallery Direct’s Business Development Director said, “We’ve had a great show, Sunday was very busy with independent stores and Monday saw all the multiples. This is a good show to do business in, in a relaxed atmosphere with good time to talk to customers. There is definitely a wave from the January Show, which gives Manchester a higher profile than before. New exhibitors include Slumbernights Ltd, Heartlands, Global Home and Heritage Furniture. Slumbernights Ltd. manufacture a whole variety of fabric bed frames including storage ottomans, four posters and headboards in the UK, using velvets, chenilles and other fabrics. The German giants Nolte and Rauch both return after a very successful outing to Manchester in 2015. Both are bringing smooth engineered bedroom collections, which are specifically designed for UK homes. Nolte who showed at Manchester for the first time last year return with new designs and finishes for 2016/17.

Decorative Accessories Of course no Manchester show would be complete without a great selection of decorative furnishings and accessories. Attractions here include returning exhibitors Flair Rugs, Wilde Java, Wire Lamps and Keen Classics, all of whom are bringing new designs. New exhibitors CIMC and Hookes Interiors both known for their flair and unique designs, have with large stands in the Main Hall. CIMC are bringing a comprehensive selection of their home accessories including table and floor lamps, clocks, cushions, funky door stops and occasional furniture pieces. Their stand will be full of colour and sparkle and is not to be missed. Hookes Interiors will also have a notable stand full of mirrors in every shape and size, cushions, tie-backs and tassels in a variety of fabrics and decorative items including perfume bottles and picture frames. This family business will delight buyers with new treats and occasional furniture pieces from their Uxbridge location. Held in the vibrant city centre The Manchester Furniture will inspire and tempt buyers in every sphere of furniture and interior decoration. To ensure you don’t miss the latest from the best register your attendance at

Beds and Bedroom In beds and bedroom returning exhibitors Furmanc, Gallery Direct, Kingstown, Seconique, Nolte, Slumbernights Ltd, Rauch, Welcome and Corndell are all showing a selection of new and best sellers. Furmanc’s comprehensive adjustable bed collections, including the hugely commercial Hestia Motion range will be on show with new models added to the range. Gallery Direct never fail to deliver a stand full of delights and treats and this year will be no exception with new trend setting designs on display along with accompanying decorative accessories and soft furnishing items.

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Smith’s Fan Convectors has provided its new Caspian Concealed fan convectors to heat the beautiful former home of Sir William Gilbert, of Gilbert & Sullivan fame, Grim’s Dyke Hotel in Old Redding, Harrow Weald, London. The listed building was built between 1870-72 and the hotel joined Best Western in 2013.

Hidden warmth for Grim’s Dyke Hotel thanks to Smith’s!

large and can’t be double-glazed. The previous style of heating simply didn’t cope in really cold weather and with any of our regular events, the main door is continually open. The fan convectors respond to this temperature change and cope with the sudden demand easily and effortlessly. The new boilers and fan convector heating have meant that we no longer have to supplement the heating with additional electrical appliances, which has already made a positive impact on our heating costs. The combination of more efficient, new boilers and using thermostats to control the fan convectors means that we do not have to continually adjust the heating because the temperature around the hotel is always consistent.” The contractor was Bob Churchill of Keypark Ltd. He said, “Using Smith’s Caspian Concealed fan convectors in this Grade 2 listed building has meant that the heating has been greatly improved without any disturbance to the fabric of the interiors. We have installed radio frequency controllers to manage the Caspians and the hotel has been extremely pleased with the products and the high standard of workmanship involved in the project.”

The hotel’s heating system had seen better days and the owners were keen to invest in efficient heating that would maintain the listed building’s aesthetics. Keypark Ltd, the contractors, proposed Smith’s Caspian Universal Concealed fan convectors as the best-fit solution. The Caspian Concealed has been successfully installed in a number of rooms, using its inherent design to conceal the fan convectors beautifully, without compromising the internal fabric of the building or the fan convection heating. John Parker, the hotel’s General Manager explains, “One of the challenges with this listed building is that the windows are very

Like all Smith’s fan convectors, the Caspian Universal Concealed (UVC) is compatible with all types of wet central heating systems, possessing as standard the latest EC motor technology. It comes with variable speed control as standard and is also compatible with other control devices and has four different main accessories which can work together in any combination to create the recessed or concealed heating solution requirements depending on the project specification. Like the Caspian Universal, this is a versatile heating solution for a variety of applications - suitable for high, low or ceiling concealed installations; it can even be turned upside down. For more information contact Smith’s Fan Convectors on 01245 324900; visit; follow Smiths Fan Convectors on LinkedIn; or email via

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Lighting control for the Do’s and Don’ts DANLERS new range of PIR occupancy switches with SHORT VISIT MODE and COURTESY EXIT MODE can save even more energy through automatic presence based switching with optional timed manual intervention Manual option for short visits to reduce lights ON time (time lag) Manual option when exiting to reduce lights ON time (time lag) Always returns to standard automatic mode after short visit / exit functions Hence ideal for both those who DO switch lights off AND those who DON’T Adjustable photocell so lights do not come on unneccessarily Made in the UK

Lighting Control for Those who Do and Those who Don’t DANLERS New range of PIR occupancy switches with SHORT VISIT MODE and COURTESY EXIT MODE can save even more energy through automatic presence based switching with OPTIONAL manual intervention feature.

DANLERS Limited, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ U.K. Tel: 01249 443377. E:

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Manual option for short visits to reduce the Lights ON time (time lag) Manual option when exiting to reduce Lights ON time (time Lag) Always returns to standard automatic mode after short visit/exit functions Ideal for those who do and those who don’t switch lights off Easy to Install and backed with a 5 year warranty Made in the UK for quality, reliability and service

POLYX® -OIL RAW: Retains the wood’s natural light colour

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your development by specifying a resin bound system

This system can meet all SUDS compliant regulations

Resin bound & bonded provides the most flexible system of decorative surfacing

Tel: 01629 636 500 Fax: 01629 636 425 Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates Ltd, Arbor Low Works. Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1JS

SUDS - DESIGN - PERFORMANCE Our large range of aggregates will suit any design requirements. Our aggregates are produced to the highest quality to give the best finish around. Contact Us today for a free sample box or to find out more about resin bound surfacing. Visit us online for our full range of colours & sizes. Internal Use


Driveways Request your free samples today

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Pedestrianised Areas

Resin bound & bonded surfaces offer the most stylish, hard-wearing & low maintenance finish Tel: 01629 636 500 Fax: 01629 636 425 Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates Ltd, Arbor Low Works, Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1JS


Celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, the University of Greenwich is one of London’s leading universities. The thriving academic institution is home to more than 23,000 students, with facilities spread out across three campuses. Thousands of new RIDI LED luminaires including ARKTIK ME, WL and F-LINE fittings have been installed at the university as part of a massive lighting overhaul, dramatically cutting carbon emissions, and improving the building environment. The work has seen complete lighting refits at the Blake, Pembroke, Nelson and Jellicoe buildings on the Chatham campus, as well as additional work at the Sparrows Farm building on the Avery Hill campus. Each of the four buildings on the Chatham Campus is approximately 15 metres wide by 100 metres long and three stories high, forming a substantial requirement for lighting, throughout lengthy corridors and plentiful offices, teaching rooms and labs. High efficiency and reliability were the top priorities for lighting at the university. The existing lighting was more than 20 years old, and had become inefficient and outdated. Following a study of four manufacturers,

RIDI Refit Helps To Slash Carbon Emissions At The University Of Greenwich RIDI was chosen for its ability to offer LED products throughout its range, and its quality and pricing. The low maintenance of the luminaires was also of importance, particularly in cases where there were high ceilings with difficult access. Jonathan Hudson, Building Services Engineer at University of Greenwich, says: “We looked at various samples from different manufacturers and some looked poorly made and some were too expensive for our budget, but the RIDI light fittings were well made and at a reasonable price. Having fitted a very large number of RIDI light fittings of different types into five of our buildings, only a tiny percentage of fittings have failed after installation, and they were promptly replaced by RIDI under warranty.” Work first began on the Jellicoe building, carried out by electrical services firm Webster Thomas Electrical. Following a successful introduction, products were

rolled out to Blake, Pembroke and Nelson, with approximately £200,000 of luminaires installed in each by contractors Oakleaf Electrical. A small section of the RIDI portfolio of products was fitted repeatedly, ensuring continuity throughout the project. RIDI’s ARKTIK-ME LED PS version was utilised extensively in classrooms and offices throughout the buildings and at Sparrows Farm, offering outstanding performance, efficiency and distribution of light. In rooms with higher ceilings RIDI’s F-LINE LED surface/suspended luminaire was fitted, with its ultra-slim profile and clean, angular styling proving a perfect fit for the environment. In the corridors, RIDI’s WL fitting was installed, with its diffuser creating a soft, subtle backlit effect throughout the lengthy arterial areas of the buildings. Circular RK LED luminaires were used in stairwells in all buildings with microwave sensor for absence/ presence detection, and EBRME LED recessed modular luminaires have been installed in the labs in the Blake building, sealed to protect against the ingress of dust and water splashes to IP54 rating. The university aims to be a leader in sustainability, with support from The Carbon Trust. As a result of the new lighting, the university should see a saving of about 800 tonnes per year of CO2. By following its stringent carbon management plan, it aims to reduce CO2 emissions by a massive 40% by 2020. With the switch to RIDI’s LED lighting currently in phase five, the work will move them a step closer towards its energy-saving ambitions. Kit list • 430 x WL (waveline), complete with LED tube • 365 x F-LINE LED • 970 x ARKTIK LED • 100 x EBRME LED (IP54 rating) • 40 x PFAMI sealed surface mounted IP65 fitting • 65 x RK LED various sizes • 11 x IHLS (Recessed sealed IP54 fitting) • 12 x EDLR recessed LED downlight For further details on any RIDI product, contact the company direct on 01279 450882, fax 01279 451169, email: or visit the website at


A CLEAR REFLECTION WITH demista™ Ad 93mm X 121mm



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Though many of us may prefer a fuzzy vision of ourselves first thing in the morning, having a mist free mirror must surely be an advantage for shaving, applying make up or styling hair. Once a demista™ heated mirror pad is installed, you will always have a clear view, no matter how steamed up the bathroom may be. The pads are available in a variety of sizes, and should your mirror be exceptionally large, they can be fitted in multiples to cover the entire area. Bespoke sizes are also available. Once fitted it requires no maintenance. Easy to install demista™ is the original and innovative heated mirror pad, introduced over 23 years ago, with proven standards of reliability, whilst providing an immediate local back up service. This is why demista™ is the first choice for both domestic and contract bathrooms, for both new build and refurbishment projects , in the UK and abroad. Tel: 01932866600 Email: Web:

Made in UK

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Wetrooms made easy


With our featured Maxxus Wet Deck Kit (the strongest on the market), easy-to-use tanking kits or membranes, and a wide selection of drains, it’s easy to install a luxurious wetroom anywhere in the home. Add on our designer grids and extensive range of stylish accessories and it’s easy to find the right product for any environment. Ask for our latest Price List today! 01629 815500



New YOUNG collection from Novellini. Designed and manufactured in Italy. All Young 1BS bi-folding screens come with rise and fall metal hinges, double seals and chrome optional anti-splash trim for a secondary seal. Equally suited for tray and tiled floor installations . *Available nationwide

IT’S NOT HARD, WITH This easy to use, flexible sealant and adhesive is the one product you need for applications inside your home. It seals and bonds, is easy to use, flexible after cure and has a 25 year mould free guarantee.

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Floor gullies and linear channels for wetrooms A range of level-access drainage solutions ideal for your commercial, domestic and industrial projects

From low-profile floor gullies to stainless steel linear drainage channels for tiled, vinyl and resin floor finishes, Purus Limited manufacture a huge range of drainage solutions for your commercial, domestic and industrial projects.

So why choose Purus? Our patented NOOD No-Odour trap provides the key ingredient to our Mini Series Floor Gullies and Purusline Living linear channels, and will stop any bad air escaping even when the drain is left to dry out. It’s just one of the reasons why our drains are used in so many projects like Leeds University’s Henry Price Building student residences (pictured). With many of our products certified by the BBA and with BIM Objects ready to download, Purus make the ideal choice for all of your level-access drainage requirements.

e-mail: tel: 0113 289 3172 View product details, installation guides and much more at:

26 Bathrooms & Washrooms

An Introduction to The Bathroom Switch

It is all very well installing subtle mood lighting into a new bathroom _but how are you going to control it safely within the bathroom? Yes there are pull-cords aplenty, even dimmable ones, but when you are spending good money creating your bathroom heaven, a load of pieces of string hanging from the ceiling somehow detracts from the overall design. Queue The Bathroom Switch. Wired to small Sensor Pads, which can be placed behind most materials such as Ceramic or Stone Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even Metals, users can create switches or dimmers in virtually any shape and situation. Tiles covering Sensor Pads are adhered with silicone allowing access should it be necessary. In Bathrooms, these Sensor Pads can even be placed behind tiles reachable from the bath or shower (zones 1&2) and thus allow safe switching and dimming. These Bathroom Switch controllers can be activated from up to 12 low voltage (5vdc) Sensor Pads, so for example a Dimmer Controller can be operated from a Sensor Pad by the door and then the lights dimmed by touching a tile whilst in the bath. Most types of lighting can be operated by the Bathroom Switch; this includes incandescent bulbs, halogens (mains and low voltage), LEDs and low energy bulbs. The dimmer controller will work with most leading and trailing edge dimming LEDs and because of the method of output wiring, it is even possible to dim lights as well as switch a fan on and off using the same Dimmer Controller. The Bathroom Switch will also switch other devices (to a maximum loading of 500Watts) such as mirror demisters etc.. If a greater load is present, the Bathroom Switch will switch a slave relay or contactor.

Bathroom Switch controllers are usually sited outside bathrooms, they should be installed either in the ceiling/loft space or elsewhere outside any zoned area. Sensor Pads are connected to controllers using thin cable such as “CAT5” or “CAT6”. Operating the Bathroom Switch is simple: Touch your chosen faceplate (tile etc.) and the lights will turn on. Touch again to switch off. The Dimmer variant operation is also easy; touch your chosen faceplate and the lights will turn on at low level, keep touching and the lights will begin to ramp up to full brightness, remove the hand and the lights will stay at the intensity reached. To switch off, touch briefly and the lights will slowly dim back down and switch off. If required, a further touch at this stage will again latch to the intensity reached and the lights can then be ramped up again. In the timer variant, the delay is set within the controller and the lights will remain on and then switch off once the set time is reached Applications for the Bathroom Switch include (obviously) bathrooms and wet rooms, but they can of course be used elsewhere; Bathroom Switches have been used in various situations including in domestic situations such as where switches are required to be non obtrusive i.e. mounted behind door architraves etc, and in kitchens etc. Commercial applications include vandal proof switching, commercial kitchens, swimming pools and stairwells where wiring for multipoint switching becomes easy with just 2 wires connecting all Sensor Pads to one controller. With mood lighting becoming a desirable option within bathrooms the Bathroom Switch provides an elegant alternative to pull-cord operation.

Say NO to bathroom Pull-cords Sensors can be fitted behind most materials to suit your particular dĂŠcor! Tel: 01548 511498 ~ Fax: 01548 511393

28 Heating, Ventilation & Insulation


Panasonic provides sustainable and flexible HVAC solution to Brighton office building

Panasonic has supplied an efficient and easy-to-install heating and cooling system to a refurbished office building in the centre of Brighton. Hastings-based installer, Coolerway specified Panasonic’s innovative 3-way Multi Heat Recovery Control Boxes and VRF ECOi system to provide a solution that not only offers simultaneous heating and cooling, but is also easy for staff to control.

The new tenants of the ground floor of Lees House, leading digital marketing agency Net Natives, carried out a significant refurbishment to their two office spaces, creating a trendy, industrial-chic style. The architect, Jeremy Diaper of Chalk Architecture, was keen to leave the original terracotta ceiling tiles exposed, which meant that the heating and cooling system wouldn’t be hidden above a false ceiling. This stripped-back style helped to cultivate the industrial aesthetic, so that the piping and units of the heating and cooling system became architectural features, rather than simply functional pieces of technology. With Panasonic launching its new 3-way multi HR control boxes towards the end of 2015, Coolerway saw the benefits of the new product, and quickly identified that this project would profit from having these systems installed. Supplied

via Panasonic distributor, TF Solutions, Coolerway installed two HR control boxes, one in each part of the office, and linked the system to 8 Panasonic 4-way cassette units. For the installer, this new system cut down the project time significantly, as the new 3-way Multi HR Control Box removes the need for installing individual 3-way PCB and solenoid valve kits for each indoor unit. It also simplifies and reduces costs and timing in installation and designing processes. For the end user, the benefit is that each cassette can be controlled individually, allowing one to be in cooling mode while the other is in heating mode. “Using Panasonic’s Multi HR Box, we were able to drastically cut down the installation time on site, as we just put the box up and attached each unit, it was really that simple,” said Greg Smith of Coolerway. “It also makes piping design and installation much easier, because its features connection

Heating, Ventilation & Insulation 29

tubes for the main refrigerant circuit lines on both sides of the unit, which is another fantastic innovation. We are looking forward to using it on many more projects.” Coolerway installed 3 Panasonic VRF ECOi outdoor units to provide simultaneous heating and cooling to the refurbished ground floor office. Due to limited roof space, the installer required a space-saving solution. The Panasonic units are among the most compact on the market and take up very little installation space, so were the ideal choice for this project. To enable local control of each cassette, Coolerway linked a Panasonic CZ-RTC4 controller to each unit. This offered employees a wide range of options for controlling their environment, including changing the temperature, the fan speed and air flow direction, as

well as programming a weekly function. The CZ-RTC4 is very straightforward to use, allowing employees with no experience of heating and cooling solutions to easily adjust the temperature to suit their needs, creating a comfortable environment for all staff members. Panasonic’s efficient and flexible heating and cooling solution has proved a huge success in the refurbished Brighton office, providing a comfortable working environment for staff, and contributing to the strippedback, industrial aesthetic of the trendy office. Its marketleading technology, including the 3-way heat recovery control boxes, ensured that project was completed quickly and simply by Coolerway. For more information on Panasonic’s range of heating systems, please visit

APOLLO roma classic steel column radiators come in a wide range of sizes. Fusion welded sections manufactured in Italy with the latest technology and a 10 year guarantee. Over 150 sizes are available in white within 3 working days and a selection of 46 different colours are available in just 7 working days.

roma classic vertical and horizontal wall mounted and freestanding steel column radiators

The monza is a modern contemporary design of column radiator available in over 80 sizes, both vertical and horizontal. Delivery to merchants is within 3 days. Like all apollo radiators it is manufactured in europe, in this case Italy. The monza is ideally suited to low temperature renewable systems, incorporating heat pumps and underoor heating. Unlike most aluminium radiators it relies on waterways to conduct heat, and the design and technology is patented, and also suited to high pressure systems. The monza is less than half the weight of steel column radiators, and available at a similar price. There are 46 colour options available within 7 days, the standard colour being ral 9016 white, available in 3 days.

modern aluminium radiators suitable for low temperature renewable systems

32 Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

RINNAI: the times they are a’changing Chris Goggin, Associate Director of continuous flow water heater manufacturer Rinnai, looks at the fast pace of change in the industry as the Government demands ever-greater efficiencies. Change in the H&V industry over the past decade has been accelerated and the rate is going even faster as pressure builds to find better and more efficient ways of heating and conserving hot water. As soon as anybody says the word ‘change’ panic sets in. However, it is not change itself that people should be wary of, but the manner in which change is managed. In the case of change in the H&V world the race to comply with Government goals to lower emissions and conserve energy can only be welcomed as we enter a period of fuel supply uncertainty. The way to future proofing against rising energy bills and new legislation, both of which are inevitable, is to concentrate on the best available technologies for heating and hot water design and avoid the inertia that exists around simple direct replacement. Progressively, standards have decreed that building envelopes must be insulated to create greater ‘air tightness’ so that thermal insulation is much improved. Conversely, the demand for instant hot water has markedly increased and this means we need to adopt a new mindset that separates space heating from hot water provision. There is no need for a big hot water storage unit, for example, to satisfy the needs of large radiators as well as hot water. There is even guidance on the topic illustrating that considerations for separating heating from hot water should be a design consideration for energy conscious consultants. Consideration has to be given to best available technologies and how they can augment hot water supply. Consider an A-rated gas fired continuous flow hot water system, when used as a booster to renewables such as ASHP or solar thermal, an energy efficient gas powered continuous flow unit will be the modulate gas input maximising efficiencies lowering running costs and reducing emissions. However, if we take the domestic setting as a marker, even though demand has changed significantly, eight out of 10 installers will still want to install the biggest combi unit they can find to ensure hot water needs are met with the payback being heat generated for heating. It is not the best and most efficient way forward. For example, a well insulated house swapping from a hot water storage system

such as this to a gas fired continuous flow hot water system can save 3kW a day, which equates to around £220 a year. An A-rated gas fired continuous flow hot water system is a real consideration for large domestic properties when coined with a system boiler for domestic heat. Greater gains can come from commercial usage office buildings, large and small commercial premises, hotels, hospitals and care homes and on to leisure centres and caravan sites. A space-consuming and costly cylinder that has to be heated 24/7; 365 days a year to ensure hot water is always available is an anachronism in today’s energy and cost conscious world. Even if no hot water is drawn off, a standard cylinder can lose anything up to 6kW of heat a day. All cylinders suffer from this to some extent and it can equate to over a year, to 2190kW of energy wasted. If you also look at the gas saving alone it equates to in excess of 200m³ of gas used. A North Wales Council is currently in the process of replacing its stored hot water systems with continuous flow set-ups. The council has done its sums and is set to make considerable savings on running costs. When the water isn’t running the continuous flow system is not using gas which makes it an ideal solution for schools for example that shut for holidays. And, no worries about Legionella proliferating in the lay-off. Litres of stored hot water just isn’t necessary when designing a gas fired storage system the mind set more often than not is to design in a 15% overcapacity buffer. It is high time we start sizing for actual demand and optimising efficiency for what’s been used, as opposed to sizing for what might happen at worse case and paying for what! – you wouldn’t leave your can running over night. Here is an example: An installer is called on to install a hot water system to serve 14 showers at a gym and some WHBS. SMART thinking will interpret that as needing three HDC1500i continuous flow units to ensure hot water at all times. The intelligence of the system means that the water heaters will only fire when demand increases i.e. only one heater fires when up to 5 showers are in use, ensuring optimum energy usage. If you consider that an A-rated continuous flow water heater will probably not be in use all of the time it is always going to

outperform any A-rated storage system as it would by necessity be switched on at all times slowly leaking heat through the cylinder. The use of single or manifolded A-rated gas water heaters can really make a difference to running costs, but step up to a condensing system with a secondary steel heat exchanger within the unit and that is where the very high efficiency figures kick in. The other advantage of a condensing unit is that there is a greater modulation range 58 to 2.4 kW. The condensing process can deliver up to 95% thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to standard continuous flow water heaters. Controls are also a major step forward in achieving best efficiencies whether local or integrated into a building maintenance system. Finally, the implementation of the Energy Labelling Directive (ErP)* last year means for the first time there is transparency for buyers looking for the best energy efficient range of water heaters. In practice an A-rated continuous flow water heater has even more to offer in terms of efficiencies in operation as the A-rating applies only to when a unit is in use – ie when fuel is being burnt. * All water-heating products sold in the UK need to meet minimum energy performance criteria in order to be legally placed on the market, and require an energy label.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit




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34 Heating, Ventilation & Insulation Dekfloor 30 A5 ad_Dft1_Iss2:Layout 1 11/02/2015 17:52 Page 1

Isoedge 6/75


Unique System Features: Isosonic Dek 30

ISORUBBER acoustic isolation layer is a tough, durable and dense material (over 900Kg/m3) with excellent impact and airborne sound properties. ISOEDGE perimeter acoustic seal and expansion joint reduces flanking sound transission. ISOSONIC BRACKET absorbs kinetic (acoustic) energy, decoupling the ceiling from the structural floor.


Isorubber is a dense (900Kg/m3) material that does not compress under normal domestic design loading.

Cellular polymer

ISORUBBER forms the main acoustic element in 6 Robust Details compliant floor constructions.

Isosonic Ceiling Strip

Perimeter channel

Isosonic Ceiling Bracket

100mm Mineral Wool

MF Ceiling channel

15mm Soundbloc Board 12.5mm Plasterboard

ISO 14001 Environmental

To choose the right product for your project call Thermal Economics Technical Dept. on 01582 544255 For all our Acoustic & Thermal insulation products visit:

S A V E S +


Isorubber resilient layers

acoustic flooring system



The combination of Isosonic Screed Planks and Isorubber resilient layers provide versatile & easy-fit acoustic floor systems.

Suitable for use as a floating floor "dry screed" - saving on construction time and screed pumping. Suitable as a direct to joist self spanning floor.

Isosoedge Isosonic Screed Plank

Isopipe EPS Isorubber HP3 Isosonic Screed Plank

Hard, robust screed like water resistant surface suitable for all types of floor finish. Meets Approved Document Part E sound insulation requirements in both refurbishment and new build applications


Isorubber Hi Load Isosoedge

Isosonic ceiling bracket


T: 01582 450814 F: 01582 429305 E: W:

For help choosing the right product please call Thermal Economics Technical Department on 01582 544255 For all our Acoustic & Thermal insulation products visit:

Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware 35

GEZE UK tops the ‘shopping list’ Upstairs the cafe terrace Like all new supermarkets, for Waitrose is accessed via a glass Waitrose’s flagship store in door with a bronze frame Chester required good access; Flagship powered by a Slimdrive EMD-F entrances are prime positions electromechanical swing door for displays that influence buyer operator. Like the SL NT, at just 7cm behaviour and need to allow multiple store high, the EMD-F operator is extremely shoppers to enter and exit simultaneously even when manoeuvring trolleys or weighed down with bags. At the same time, entrances needed to complement the design of the building. Architectural glazing specialists Glassolutions had created a unique curtain wall system that allows the glass façades to visually float. So when it came to the automatic doors for the Waitrose building, it needed a partner renowned for elegant, integrated solutions and GEZE UK fitted the bill perfectly. Creating the gateway between the canal district and Chester’s new Central Business Quarter, the Waitrose building, which has been commended at the 2015 WAN Metal in Architecture Award, features large expanses of glass with bronze cladding to reflect the site’s industrial heritage. Six sets of expansive glass sliding doors have been positioned on the upper and lower floors to provide convenient access and enhance sustainability through the creation of two atriums. Each of the main entrances feature a pair of bi-parting automatic sliding glass doors powered by GEZE’s Slimdrive SL NT drives. Part of GEZE UK’s popular Slimdrive range, the SL NT automatic operators are ideal for elegant glass façades thanks to an operator height of just 7cm, which makes it almost invisible in elevation. Designed to be virtually silent in operation, the Slimdrive SL NT provides safe and easy access in high traffic areas, making them ideal for Waitrose’s busy entrances.

discreet and sits neatly on the frame. It provides assisted manual or automatic opening using the operating button with guaranteed constant opening and closing speed. As well as the customer entrances, three storeroom doors have been automated to allow staff easy access when moving stock. These have been fitted with GEZE’s powerful but user friendly, single TSA 160 NT automatic swing door operators. The TSA 160 NT is an electronically controlled, hydraulic swing door system that provides an accessible and sustainable solution, making it ideal for heavy doors in high traffic areas. It is extremely reliable and requires little maintenance. Kaz Spiewakowski, managing director of GEZE UK said: “Waitrose in Chester is a really imposing building. The glass curtain created by Glassolutions features few visible fittings so it was equally important that the automatic door closers provided the right combination of functionality and aesthetic design.” The building itself has been designed with environment in mind. Glass has been chosen to maximise natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting, whilst perforated bronze fins provide solar shading from direct sunlight. For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic operators, manual door closers and window technology products call 01543 443000 or visit

Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware 37

Small and Mighty GEZE UK Launches a Tiny Powerhouse It may be small but it packs a punch! The launch of GEZE’s new sliding door system is a real David and Goliath affair. The Levolan 120 belies its modest appearance – the slimline fitting can effortlessly move internal doors of up to 120kg with elegant ease. It has twice the load-bearing capacity of its “little brother”, the Levolan 60 which won the Plus X Award and was named the Best Product of 2014, in its category. The Levolan 120 shares its discreet aesthetic: with straight lines and modular composition, it’s a system which is highly adaptable. Its sleek track, which is only 50mm high, includes integrated derailing protection and can be conveniently installed from the front. This means that large panelled sliding doors – made from glass, wood, metal or plastic - which have interior design impact and a real “wow factor” can be put in place in the knowledge that their practical application can be effectively managed. Additional safety is provided by the Levolan 120 SoftStop draw-in damping device which can be incorporated into the track as an option. The sliding door leaves are gently guided into their end position with little possibility of anything hitting the frame or risk of fingers being trapped. The system has specially designed roller carriers which ensure outstanding load distribution enabling the leaves to move easily and almost silently. Its derailing protection is triggered automatically when the height of the door leaf is adjusted, ensuring that the best possible level of opening and closing is provided. The clamping roller carriage is designed for glass thickness of 10 - 12.76mm which allows the Levolan 120 to be installed with door leaves made of laminated safety glass. Its compact dimensions make is extremely versatile meaning it can

be installed on a wall, suspended from a ceiling or glass fanlight or invisibly mounted within a ceiling. The Levolan Smart fix installation system makes fitting fast and straightforward – just one Allen key and one open-ended spanner are needed to set the height of the cam – and the leaf and roller carriage can be mounted on the track and calibrated from the front. Due to its modular composition, the Levolan 120 can be provided as ready-made sets configured to the customer’s needs or as individual parts. The modular construction of the Levolan system also means that the parts for the Levolan 120 and the Levolan 60 are interchangeable – reducing the number of parts required for installing sliding door leaves of different weights and sizes. Andy Howland, sales director of GEZE UK said the Levolan 120 was a “tiny powerhouse” capable of moving large sliding doors “easily and effortlessly” “This Levolan 120 is an evolution to our existing award-winning interior sliding door system, with a phenomenal load movement capacity, modest in size and near silent in operation. We are confident that this product will be the ideal solution to large door leaf requirements which are currently very popular within contemporary interior design schemes.” For more information about the Levolan 120 and GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit

38 Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware Vicaima innovative door designs have been featured prominently in a landmark city centre project for Crest Nicholson, which sees a modern apartment complex created in a former 1930’s iconic utility building. Electricity House has stood at the very heart of Bristol City centre since its construction in the late 1930’s and was perhaps best known as the home of the South West Electricity Board. Designed by architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who also famously created the much loved red telephone box, this building has commanded attention for generations. With its Portland stone façade and magnificent curved frontage, the building embodies the grace of the Art Deco era. Now this bygone treasure has taken on a new lease of life following its lovingly re-imagined and inspired

Vicaima turn on design flair at Electricity House regeneration by Quality developer Crest Nicholson. They have created luxury living space by blending period charm with contemporary interior design. Of course inspired design requires inspirational products and so Crest chose Vicaima to enhance the apartment entrance doors with Dekordor 3D Portaro matching door and frame systems. This was further augmented by a surrounding and matching wall panelling which incorporated distinctive back lit apartment numbering. Performance was to client requirements which included certified FD30 fire doors with a roller lock and eye viewer. Dekordor 3D provides a horizontal and highly tactile grain effect and Crest selected 3D Grey finish to provide the perfect tonal contrast to the wall and floor covering. 3D Grey was also chosen for the communal areas, including the striking and visually dominating atrium area, where occupants enjoy a panoramic view of multiple floor levels, displaying Vicaima doors at every level. Inside the apartments and penthouses themselves, Vicaima Satin White doors with Easi-Fit frames were selected.

These ultra-smooth white lacquered doors provide a luxurious look and feel at every turn and fit perfectly with the superior build quality synonymous with this project. The design has been further embellished with the addition of a refined groove pattern, which was also carried through onto the architraves to add yet another design element. Overall the project is a fine example of regeneration at its best and Vicaima products are sure to grace this reincarnation for generations to come. Vicaima offer an extensive range of innovative design options, with fire, acoustic and security performance for luxury housing and modern apartment living space. For further details about these and other products from the many Vicaima collections, visit the Vicaima website alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.

40 Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware

High-performance, fully bespoke skylights in any size, for any building The precision-engineered Em-Glaze rooflight from Whitesales strikes the perfect balance between performance, practicality and elegance. The ethos behind every Em-Glaze we design is ‘minimum frame, maximum daylight’. We understand the benefits of natural light, from cutting carbon impact through to psychological and physiological wellbeing; our slimline aluminium frame lets the light flood in while guaranteeing aesthetic harmony with virtually any architectural structure. You can specify Em-Glaze in any size and shape to suit flat roofs, gable and hip-ends, as well as pyramids, ridgelights, lantern lights and even elipses. The lowprofile frames – available in any colour – feature edge detailing that gives unrivalled insulation performance. Our double glazing option more than meets current thermal requirements, while triple glazing offers the best performance on the market today. What features will matter most to your building’s occupants? You can manage heat build-up with solar control; specify clear, opal diffused or self-cleaning glass; and incorporate manual or automatic electrically controlled hinged vents for natural or smoke ventilation, wired into the building management system. We even supply custom-built upstands to ensure fast, trouble-free installation. With Whitesales, you have an expert partner for every stage of design and installation, with roof surveys and detailed CAD drawings, NBS specifications, condition reports and technical specification writing and budget costings. We expect our rooflights to last at least quarter of a century – ask about our special projects guarantee when you contact our technical team on 01483 271371 or at

Completely compliant bespoke rooflights for any building What matters most to you when you need a bespoke skylight to add the perfect finishing touch to a building? Performance? Aesthetics? Through-the-line technical support? You don’t have to choose. We believe you should have it all. For over 25 years, architects, contractors and developers have relied on Whitesales for custom-designed and engineered skylights for heritage, residential, commercial and industrial schemes.


Fully certified continuous bespoke rooflights


Outstanding light transmission and thermal insulation


Passive and electrically controlled ventilation available


Glass and polycarbonate glazing options


Thermally broken upstands, roof access, smoke ventilation, control panels and accessories


Site surveys, CAD drawings, bespoke design, build and installation.

Explore Em-Glaze, Em-Vault and Em-Line bespoke rooflights at You can also contact our technical team for free, no-obligation advice.

Visit or contact 01483 271371 or

42 Roofing & Cladding

With the rising refinement in the Self-Build and Refurbishment sector, Sahtas range of bricks, tiles and clay paviours offer an unparalleled level of craftsmanship, quality and individuality. In today’s ‘One size fits all’ marketplace, our commitment to being independent enables us to offer a genuine and authentic handmade product at affordable prices. Our success is based on shunning mass production and remaining faithful to the time honoured methods of making a truly distinctive product. We still use the traditional Hoffman kilns, in place of the contemporary gas ovens favoured by other manufacturers, which contribute towards producing the mature seasoned appearance of our bricks and tiles. This is merely one reason why our competitors can only aspire to replicate our bricks and tiles. All of our products are available in a wide range of colourways – each having its own individual shade, with variations in character. This uniqueness is synonymous with handmade products and secures its continued

position as a preferred choice, not only with Self-builders and Developers, but Local Authority Building Control, Conservation & Heritage bodies too. It’s this exceptional standard of traditional craftsmanship, which will unquestionably differentiate your home as a premium product, ensuring its admiration from onlookers and visitors alike. Should you decide the only products for you are Sahtas, we can supply in quantities to suit a small garden wall, right up to a large mansion and everything in between. Why not visit our website for a more comprehensive and detailed overview: Call: 01908 311411 Email:

• Passion, Innovation & Heritage • • Bespoke Handmade Tiles & Bricks • 01908 311411


F. Ball Gets Tough On Moisture… F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s Professional Waterproof Surface Membranes really do ‘Pack a Punch’…


he technical Experts at F. Ball know that the way to ensure the lasting performance of a new floorcovering installation is to deal with any damp or moisture problems from the outset. If not dealt with successfully at the start of the project, not only will the appearance of the new floorcovering be ruined, but the very fabric of its construction and ultimately the integrity of the installation will be compromised too. As the UK’s premier flooring product specialist, F. Ball have developed a specialist market leading range of high performance products providing a wide range of moisture control solutions. These products are tried and tested and used by the world’s best flooring contractors. Every flooring contractor knows the old maxim – time is money, so when there are products that can deliver better economy, are easier to apply, and provide time-saving solutions guaranteed to perform perfectly, they’re bound to attract a lot of attention. Moisture is a tough problem requiring an even tougher solution – something that can ‘Hit Moisture Hard’ and deliver a ‘Knock-out blow’ that will prevent moisture winning the fight… Guaranteed! Accurate moisture testing in accordance with the British Codes of Practice BS 8203, BS 5325 and BS 8201 is essential to determine the Relative Humidity (RH) level within a subfloor. Where the RH is above 75%, the installation should not proceed, as excess moisture in the floor could result in blistering of the floorcovering or complete failure of the flooring installation. This may result in expensive and lengthy remedial work, including the possibility of a costly ‘rip out’. Visual inspection is insufficient as a surface can appear dry while excess moisture is still present. F. Ball recommend Moisture Levels be checked by use of their approved Digital Hygrometers, the Protimeter Aquant or

Protimeter Moisture Measurement System (MMS)… all available from F. Ball and approved wholesale outlets. Once levels have been accurately measured and confirmed you then need apply the best Waterproof Surface Membrane available. Introducing F Ball’s ‘Damp Destroyer’, Stopgap F77… a One-Coat (two-part) Epoxy system that can be used over subfloors with an RH measurement of up to 98%! This dynamic combination delivers a ‘Killer Blow’ and guarantees to leave Moisture ‘Down and Out’ in One Round! Available in 3kg, 7kg or 14kg options, this ‘Damp Destroyer’ is worth its weight in gold as it can even be used with underfloor heating (up to 90% RH) and can be regarded as a Winning Combination in almost every situation. F. Ball’s ‘Hydro-Slayer’ Stopgap F78… Weighing in at 6kg, 12kg or 18kg options, is a Two-Coat (one-part) Water Based System that has proven to be a True Winner as an EcoFriendly – Zero Waste Contender that delivers a ‘Decisive Blow’ to moisture where RH levels are present up to 95%! Both Stopgap F77 and F78 deliver ‘Heavyweight Knockout Performances’ given their Handy Pack Sizes… and they certainly don’t ‘Pull any Punches’ and will deliver the Ultimate Blow in the battle against Moisture. Kilo for Kilo there are no better ‘Weapons of Damp Destruction’ to have in your corner. The treatment of Moisture problems is a very serious element of any flooring contactor’s daily life… The secret to a successful outcome is to ‘Fight Smarter’ and ‘Beat Moisture… Black and Blue’ with F. Ball’s specialist Waterproof Surface Membranes!

For further information on the complete F.Ball range of Waterproof Surface Membranes, moisture control and moisture measurement please visit the F.Ball website

As the UK’s premier flooring product specialist, F. Ball have developed a specialist market leading range of high performance products providing a wide range of moisture control solutions. These products are tried and tested and used by the world’s best flooring contractors.

Performance Statistics

Stopgap F77 The ‘Damp Destroyer’

Stopgap F78 The ‘Hydro-Slayer’

Pack Sizes

3kg, 7kg or 14kg kits

6kg, 12kg or 18kg pack


Black – to assist with uniform application

Blue – to assist with uniform application

Shelf Life

12 months if unopened and stored under good conditions

12 months if unopened and stored under good conditions

Cure Time

3 hours at 20c ambient

15-30 min at 20c ambient (for first coat – 30 min for 2nd coat)


One coat

Two Coats

Tools required

1.5mm x 5mm or A2 trowel and paint roller

Paint Roller

Quality Acoustic Seals for Doors & Windows Sealmaster DropSeal An automatic DropSeal which fills the gap between the door bottom and the floor or threshold plate. Suitable for new and retrofit projects the Sealmaster DropSeal provides smoke containment and acoustic sealing. Tested to BS EN 1634-1 2014 BS EN 1363-1 2012 & BS476 Part 22. Durability tested to more than 1,000,000 cycles. Can be used in conjunction with Sealmaster Delta and Double Fin Acoustic Seals. Available in a wide range of sizes.

Sealmaster Double Fin Acoustic Seal Providing excellent acoustic sealing, the Sealmaster Double Fin Acoustic Seal is durable and easy to install. Maintenance free and suitable for both new and retrofit projects the Sealmaster Double Fin Acoustic Seal is BS EN Fire Tested and Acoustically rated to 4db. Designed and manufactured in the UK, and available in Black, Brown and White.

Sealmaster Delta Acoustic Smoke Seal Quality and easy to install acoustic door seal with excellent acoustic sealing. Designed and manufactured in the UK the Sealmaster Delta Acoustic Smoke Seal is BS EN Fire Tested and Acoustically rated to 40db, and suitable for both new and retrofit specifications. The durable Delta comes with selfadhesive tape for standard single or double-lead doorsets. Available in Black, Brown, White and Transparent.

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