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NEOLITH Zaha Stone a beautiful design in homage to Zaha Hadid See more on pages 24 & 25

The boat comes in for A 1930s structure which formerly doubled as a bandstand and public lavatories on the headland at South Shields has undergone a remarkable transformation into a striking seafood restaurant with a distinctive nautical flavour. Known locally as “Gandhi’s Temple” the prominent structure has been incorporated into the new restaurant with the addition of a new extension echoing the prow of a ship. Links with the historical Indian political leader are said to be nonexistent, although it is thought that maybe the “naming” of the structure upon its completion in 1931 coincided with a visit to the UK by Gandhi. Over recent years, the Grade II listed “temple” had deteriorated badly and it was only when Colmans, a well-known local family of fish & chip restaurateurs, looked into the possibility of saving it as part of a new development that the building’s future was secured. Photos courtesy of Fitz Architects

‘Gandhi’s Temple’

Sunderland-based Fitz Architects Ltd initially designed a smaller scale concept for a fish and chip outlet, which was subsequently developed into a more adventurous scheme giving rise to the final ship-like building with a steel framed new build bow end facing out to sea and the original 1930s structure extensively restored to provide the landward “stern” of the building. The steel-framed structure has been protected using a Parextherm Acrylic External Wall Insulation System capable of withstanding the rigours of the North Sea coastal climate. The base substrate of 12.5mm Siniat Weather Defence Board has been mechanically fixed to the frame, followed by the application of 140mm Carbon impregnated Expanded Polystyrene insulation adhesively secured using Parex Maite.

A further application of Maite was then used to provide the base coat along with a layer of Parex 355 AVU Mesh to give added reinforcement. Applicators Winlaton Plastering then applied a Parex DPR primer prior to the final top coat of Parex DPR Sand Fine acrylic render in Brilliant White, which was selected to complement the maritime appearance of the building. To enhance protection of the render, two coats of Parex Paraguard clear weatherproofing were then applied. Architectural Technologist Paul McDonnell said the choice of the Parex system was based on previous experience and the need for a through-coloured render system capable of providing adequate protection for the exposed environment.

Structural Glazing Specialists

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: In association with

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Ole Scheeren plans to radically transform Frankfurt office block into Jenga-like apartment tower These units will cantilever out at different points, giving the building an irregular silhouette. The huge concrete supports at the building’s four corners will be cut away at the top, allowing space for new loft apartments. Meanwhile, the base will be completely reshaped to create a dramatically curved atrium. The new homes will boast panoramic views of the city’s skyline and the Main river. “It’s quite a serious intervention, prompted by necessity not ambition,” said Scheeren. “When you look at the building, you will probably not even think that it was an existing building – it will look much more new-build than most of the new-build things that go up around it.”

Architect Ole Scheeren has unveiled plans for his first project in Europe, which will see him completely overhaul a 1970s office block in Frankfurt to create 200 riverside homes. Having spent more than a decade focusing on Asia, the German architect is shifting his focus to his home country. He plans to completely reconfigure a 23-storey office block in the centre of Frankfurt, to create a residential tower with a Jenga-like form. Scheeren wants the project to become a model for how tower blocks that are no longer fit for purpose can be given a second life. “After focusing on Asia, where the topic was very much the future, and everything had to be reinvented, I like the idea of coming to Europe and

being in a different situation,” he told Dezeen. “This project is about the positive reinterpretation of an existing structure,” he continued. “I think it’s very topical for Europe to look at all the things that have became outdated, and to see what we can make out of them.” Riverpark Tower will contain 220 apartments over 23 floors. These will be created by inserting modular, glass-fronted units into the tower’s existing concrete framework – only possible because the building boasts a free-spanning structural framework.

Scheeren ranked at number 161 on the inaugural Dezeen Hot List. The architect was a director at OMA and project architect for the CCTV building, before leaving to establish his own firm Buro Ole Scheeren in 2010. The firm’s completed projects include his “vertical village” The Interlace in Singapore, and he is also soon to unveil a major new arts centre in Beijing. In a past interview with Dezeen, he said he liked working in Asia because it has “a certain fearlessness and vision for the future”. Riverpark Tower is his first project in Europe. The project is backed by developer GEG German Estate Group and Scheeren expects construction to start in late 2018. The architect also recently revealed his first project in North America – a skyscraper for Vancouver.

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Taymouth Marina see Second Stage of Development Completed The second stage of the Taymouth Marina development has been complete. The £15 million redevelopment that has been planned for the area will see a range of accommodation and facilities created to make the most of the spectacular location on the banks of the Loch Tay, nestled in rural Perthshire. The total development will see the creation of a 40-bedroom hotel as well as an activities centre. Stage 2 of the development has seen the delivery of 5 new luxury shore side self-catering houses. The properties were designed by the award-winning architects’ firm, McKenzie Strickland Associates. This phase of the project has cost £1,425,000, with the 5 luxury self-catering properties in highly sought after locations on the resort. The new properties are thought to be the perfect holiday home to offer an escape from the busy city, or could be purchased as an investment, with the intention of letting it out. The properties will be fully managed by Taymouth Marina, meaning that the properties could be an ideal

investment. The Taymouth Marina resort in Perthshire already offers a wide range of facilities including the first award-winning Lochside sauna to be located in Scotland as well as a wide range of watersports to and necessary facilities, and the Crannog Centre meaning that the resort offers something for everyone. The planned activities centre is expected to offer a range of other activities in order to support their watersports offering. The idyllic and award winning resort at Kenmore near Aberfeldy is also well known for being the first location in Scotland to offer teetotal stag and hen dos. The development is an exciting time for those working at the Taymouth, and it is great to see such progress being made. With the successful delivery of the second stage, hopefully the momentum and success will continue and lead to a successful delivery of all of the work planned for the resort.

Lund Hagem installs Y-shaped cabin on a hilltop overlooking Norwegian ski resort number of summer homes along the Norwegian coast.

Pine louvres cover the glazed sides of this cabin by Oslo studio Lund Hagem Arkitekter, which forks at one end to present two large windows towards slopes in Norway’s Kvitfjell ski resort. Lund Hagem Arkitekter set the cabin on one of the highest buildable plots in the resort, giving it clear views towards the southeast, where the sloping terrain is populated by birch and pine trees. “Our design process was inspired by the client’s desire to have ‘a summer cabin in a winter landscape’,” explained the studio, which has created a

Last year, the team created another holiday cabin for Norway’s Geilo ski resort, making less extensive use of glazing than in past projects and lining the interior with dark timber. Cabin Kvitfjell combines a number of features of both. While the cabin still features glazed walls, batons of timber covering the exterior give the interior a less exposed and cosier feel. The slats, which also protect a linear terrace, have been treated with iron sulphate that will accelerate the greying process of the wood. “To continue to build on the idea of the summer cabin in the mountain, the volumes were wrapped in thin, vertical louvres,” said the architects. Given the large planes of glass behind these louvres, where the gallery is, the external walls acquired a ‘veil-like’ quality towards the courtyard.”

Inside, oiled oak boards lining the floor and ceiling contribute to this cosy ambiance, and sections of the walls are panelled in dark painted pine. The lounge occupies one prong of the Y-shaped plan and is furnished with fleece-covered chairs and a hanging wood-burning stove, while dark wood-panelled walls and light cabinetry gives the kitchen area behind a starker appearance. A metal island hosting the sink and cooking plate stands in the centre of the room, while crockery, an oven and cooking utensils are hidden away in a pair of deep wooden cabinets. The doors of these cupboards are fitted with pockets for herbs and spices, and hanging pegs for glasses and cups. They can be opened fully to line the walls of the space while cooking.

06 Industry News

Universal Design Studio builds daydreaming hub for Shoreditch workers

Büros für Konstruktivismus turns a chicken coop in Berlin into an artist’s studio

Universal Design Studio has designed a slatted-timber pavilion in Shoreditch for this year’s London Design Festival to offer office workers a retreat where creative juices can flow.

Berlin-based practice Büros für Konstruktivismus has transformed a former chicken house in the back garden of a 1930s home into a pine-lined artist’s studio.

The On Repeat structure is slotted between two buildings on Rivington Street in east London, a hub of creative businesses. London-based Universal Design Studio teamed up with The Office Group, which designs flexible workspaces, to build the temporary structure for the design festival. It follows on from their previous collaborations on office spaces, and their own personal experience, which found that it was often difficult to produce ideas in hectic offices. “We’ve been talking to [The Office Group]... about ways that we can make workspaces that help people be more productive and creative,” Universal Design Studio director Hannah Carter Owers told Dezeen. “It’s something that we think about ourselves a lot as creatives and can understand the pressure of being in a busy office and having to generate ideas,” she added. “That feeling that there is the need to look outside the office in order to get into a state where one can daydream really, take the pressure off and open your mind up a little bit.” Laptops and phones are all banned from the pavilion. Visitors are instead invited to make paper lanterns on a long workbench, which are then hung from the ceiling.

The project is named Hühnerhaus, the German word for henhouse. The coop was originally constructed just after second world war in the grounds of a Berlin villa, but after its renovation the owner now uses the building as an artist’s studio. Architects Sandra Bartoli and Silvan Linden chose to maintain the rustic charm of the dilapidated exterior. “There are two reasons for this,” Bartoli and Linden told Dezeen. “Part of the project was to legalise the chicken house’s previously unclear status. For this reason the exterior of the house had to remain inconspicuous,” they added. “The second reason is that we liked the chicken house’s slightly ruinous appearance, surrounded by lush plants.” From the outside, the gabled tiled roof and untreated exterior lends a storybook appearance to the building, but inside it has been completely transformed. There is little to suggest the former feathered occupants were ever there. The interior has been stripped out and clad in light pine. Even the original chimney and steel beams have been covered in matching wood to create a unified visual effect. “The intersection between the existing beam and the chimney, both cladded in wood, resulted in a somehow bold cross shape,” said the architects. This serendipitous geometry is their favourite part of the project. They also added a balcony to the single, open space, with storage units built into the underside of the staircase.Two large south facing windows with low sills were included in the original design for the benefit of the chickens who roosted there. Now they allow natural light to fill the studio space, reflecting off the light-toned wood. Hinged panels under the eaves to the east and west can be pulled back to reveal triangle-shaped windows. Previously the coop featured an attic, accessible only via an outdoor ladder. Pigeons sheltered in here, and their manure was collected to be used as fertiliser. The pigeons are also long gone, but the door has been converted into a window and the original wooden boards recut into a matching shutter.

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Narrow windows allow daylight into terrazzo-covered house in Ho Chi Minh City The washed-terrazzo facade of this house positioned on a compact plot in Ho Chi Minh City is punctuated by tall, narrow windows that allow natural light to enter but providing privacy where required. Local office Khuôn Studio and Phan Khac Tung designed 18 House for a couple with a young daughter, who wanted an attractive and practical home to be built on a site measuring just 18 square metres. “We approached the design with a goal to strike a balance between utilising the space to its fullest and interpreting the creative freedom we had been given,” said a statement from the project team. To maximise the limited floor area, the architects developed a proposal with living spaces spread over several levels. The house extends up to match the height of neighbouring structures, and features a street-facing elevation punctured by rows of narrow openings with varying heights. The windows, which together occupy half of the facade, are individually operable so the owners can accurately control ventilation within the building.

Spaces between the windows feature angled protrusions that protect the interior from direct sunlight and overlooking by the neighbours. To prevent the necessary circulation areas from diminishing the internal floor space, the staircase that connects the various levels was pushed to the perimeter of the building. The positioning and construction of the stairs allows spaces underneath to be used for practical purposes such as accommodating bathrooms and storage.The minimal staircase features wooden treads that extend out from the wall and are supported by metal rods suspended from the ceiling above. The painted rods form a simple balustrade that ensures the light and airy feel of the interior is not disrupted. For safety, the architects suggested adding rope nets to the staircase once the daughter is beginning to walk. A large opening at street level allows a scooter to be wheeled into an area that functions as a garage. This space is separated by a step from a compact kitchen and lounge, with a restroom tucked under the stairs.

“The exterior design was developed based on the notion of porosity,” said the architects. “These openings help maintain the privacy level whilst at the same time keep the interior space exposed to daylight.”

Flow Switches

for Domestic/Residential Sprinkler Systems • Simple and swift installation • Compact, lightweight, reliable and cost effective design • No spring fatigue due to sealed magnet paddle resetting - tested to over 1,000,000 cycles • Manufactured with 40 years of ow switch experience

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Five years after it was founded, Titlestone Property Finance has reached £2bn in drawn down facilities across over 300 individual projects. Titlestone entered the residential development lending market in 2012. At the time, the market was still recovering from the impact of the Credit Crunch. Those banks who were still active had conservative criteria, with developers in need of additional leverage having to approach mezzanine providers. Titlestone looked to disrupt that model by offering stretched senior loans providing developers up to 70% of gross development without the complications often involved in securing separate finance packages. With an experienced team of senior lenders from the likes of Close Brothers, Investec & Dunbar Bank and backed by the resources of Oaktree Capital, the $80bn fund manager, Titlestone quickly established itself as the leading provider of Stretched Senior debt in the residential development market in Southern England. Robert Orr, CEO, says that the Titlestone product is aimed at those developers who have more opportunities than their current equity pot allows them to progress. “Coming out of the Credit Crunch many developers had seen their equity base become severely depleted but could also identify that this was a great time to rebuild their businesses. I’m really proud that, through its funding, Titlestone is playing a part in helping SME developers get building again.“ says Orr. Five years on from their launch, the lending market is now more crowded and other lenders have sought to replicate the stretched senior facilities provided by Titlestone. “We have had to adjust pricing a bit to remain competitive, but our clients really appreciated the consistency of our approach alongside our deserved reputation of delivery. Being here for our clients throughout the property cycle is our aim.” says Orr. Titlestone is still focussed on residential development funding across the whole of Southern England and has been particularly active recently in the Bristol area. Of course, it has had to react to the arguably more uncertain outlook for the housing market and prefers schemes with flats selling for less than £600,000 and houses under £1.25m. “We have to look at least 18 months ahead and we made some changes in September 2015 when we saw a few clouds on the horizon for the more expensive end of the market.” Orr says. This strategy also fits well with Titlestone’s support for office-to-

residential conversions under permitted development rights where it continues to be an active lender. Titlestone also expanded into student accommodation across the UK and small scale commercial development around London & the South East. Five years on from its launch, Titlestone has reached the milestone of £2billion of facilities drawn by remaining broadly focussed on providing stretched senior loans to residential developers across Southern England. It has however expanded its product range and moved with the times to remain competitive and flexible.

To contact Titlestone regarding a funding enquiry please click here

Glass Excellence Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units. Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base. Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass. With some of the most advanced capabilities in place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.

Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Saflex DG41 structural interlay

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding FIRMALITE electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:


RINNAI’S ENERGYSAVER HEATERS IMPRESS INSTA Rinnai Energysaver fanned convection powered flue gas fired space heaters are designed specifically for use in large buildings where the range continues to expand its fan base. Schools, community centres, libraries, conservatories and churches are all benefiting from the fast warm up of big spaces offered by the technically outstanding engineering of the Rinnai units with their low running costs. The Rinnai Energysaver range delivers energyefficient and consistent warm air powered by Natural Gas and LPG options and is built with fully modulating burners so heat output and energy input is reduced as the space warms up. Rinnai has successfully come up with a solution that heats from the floor up and by modulating gas usage in relation to room temperature, provides unparalleled levels of comfort combined with efficiency. The range has recently been enhanced with the addition of the Rinnai Energysaver 559FT, along with a makeover of the popular Energysaver 309FTR. The heaters blend effortlessly into the background in line with the style demands of modern interiors.

The Rinnai Energysaver 559FT offers an 88% reduction in energy consumption when the unit is on standby and has BMS functionality as an optional component making the appliance even more flexible. The operation board is an easy to operate touch control pad sited conveniently and discreetly on top of the appliance, (rather than on the front with a flip up cover). The unit is also supplied with a child lock to eliminate any problem of small hands tampering with the controls. Add to these benefits timer function and eco mode combined with the new unit’s ability to heat spaces fast, and the advantages of this super efficient appliance really do stack up. The Rinnai Energysaver 559FT turns in efficiencies of 88% which is exceptional when you consider the effective heat generator seasonal efficiency required for UK building regulations. It has an input of 5.7kW


SPACE ALLERS and output of 5.2kW and the streamlined unit measures 582mm x 760mm x 257mm. The Rinnai Energysaver 309FTR, like the 559FT, turns in net efficiencies of 85.9%. It has an input of 3.4kW and output of 2.92kW.The streamlined unit measures 695mm x 465mm x 257mm. Natural Gas usage has been pegged at 0.31m3 while LPG consumption is 0.26kg/hr. Also available from Rinnai is the Energysaver 1004T with its impressive input of 11.6kW and outputs 10.23kW. It measures 670mm x 930mm x 315mm and it has energy efficiencies of 96% under the guidance of Part L 2014. This puts it in the top rank of space heaters in its class. Like the Energysaver 559FT the 1004T heater is suitable for BMS central timer control. This feature allows the building manager to run any number of Rinnai space heaters off a central time clock providing heat to the largest of spaces. The Energysaver Multi controller is not limited to single Energysavers as the flexibility of the system guarantees units can be mixed and matched to satisfy even the most unique building.

From the installer’s point of view the Rinnai Energysaver units are simple to deal with; there is no need for expensive (or extensive) ductwork, nor do they involve the necessity of running domestic heating circuits for radiators, or pipework to boilers. This cuts down drastically on cost and time on site. Installers also report back that the tiny 80mm flue gives a neater finish on the outside of the building, a huge improvement on large flues and the correspondingly large holes that have to be knocked into the fabric to accommodate them. Pete Seddon, Product Development Engineer at Rinnai UK, and a member of the technical team, explains that proven reliability and longevity have made the Rinnai range of space heaters popular over the 30 years they have been used in the UK. “They are so reliable,” he says, “they can easily last 20 years with no issues at all.” “All models come with a 15-year warranty on the heat exchanger. This is a strong persuader for looking at the whole life costs of a new system, which well before the minimum 15 years life span is up should have more than paid for itself on energy savings.”



As part of a £23.75m re-development project to provide visitors with an enhanced museum experience, James Latham recently supplied a number of Moralt 54mm FireSmoke door blanks which have been used in the radical transformation of the National Army Museum in Chelsea.

International architectural practice BDP - who were commissioned to carry out a complete upgrade of the existing museum – specified the door blanks, appointing the main contractors Gilbert-Ash, who in turn appointed Essential Designs, Doors & Joinery of Castle Dawson in Belfast to carry out the internal joinery work.

Steven Dennard, Group door manager for James Latham explained: “As you would expect, within the specification, there were a number of fire safety requirements to be considered. Large areas of glass characterise this modern building, enhancing the high ceilings and spacious exhibition rooms and these required correspondingly large internal fire doors. “Moralt’s Laminesse FireSmoke 54mm door cores proved to be the perfect solution offering the architect the ability to attain the requirement of high and wide double doors which were also fire rated to 60 minutes.“ The museum was officially re-opened in March 2017

by Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh and has been transformed into five bright thematic galleries - Soldier, Army, Battle, Society and Insight - that provide a space to explore and discuss the British Army and its relevance to society from fashion and films to flood defences and conflict. The refurbishment, which took three years to complete and included £11.5 million from The National Lottery, has also given the museum a front door directly on to the road and it hopes the changes will increase visitor numbers from the 247,000 before it closed to 340,000 a year. For more information on this and James Latham’s extensive range of door blanks, phone; 0116 257 3415, e-mail: or visit:




P C Henderson’s Sterlin Installed at Afghanistan – each shutter of the door weighs more than 3 tonnes. We needed a high quality, heavy duty system that could comfortably cope with the high demands of Hangar 530. P C Henderson’s Sterling 8000 sliding door hardware was quickly identified as the best solution”.

Road and Roof Construction Company (RRCC), a prime contractor for US Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan, has recently specified P C Henderson’s Sterling 8000 industrial sliding door hardware for the repair of an aircraft hangar at Kandahar International Airport, Afghanistan. Serving as the country’s second largest international airport and home to one of its largest military bases (Kandahar Airfield) the airport is capable of housing up to 250 aircrafts at any one time. The project brief required repair and restoration of the door system at Hangar 530, bringing it back to its fully functioning condition. Hangar 530 is one of the busiest and

largest hangars at the base and features a huge work shop with a total area of 2016m² for the repair of combat helicopters and aircraft. M. Khalid Hanifi, Procurement and Logistics Manager at RRCC, commented “The existing hardware was damaged due to poor quality and not being able to cope with the weight of the doors

In total, 16 Sterling 8000 products were used including 32 top guide rollers to cater for the eight leaves of the Hangar door. The requirements of the project demanded that the top guide rollers were horizontal, each with a single or double steel roller, of suitable diameter and thickness, for optimum performance under the designated load conditions. It was also important that the product had permanently lubricated bearings, was made out of stainless steel and could easily be removed for cleaning to keep the product in optimum condition. After technical approval by US Army Corps of Engineers, it was recognised that Sterling 8000 met these project requirements exactly. “Gaining the confidence of our clients in the products that we specify is very important for us. At first glance of viewing the product data for the Sterling 8000, our client accepted and approved the proposal. They were assured in an instant that Sterling 8000 was the most suitable option for a smooth and long operation at the military base. The online product data provided by P C Henderson was very straight forward and


ng 8000 Door Hardware n Military Base

easy to understand, it was quick for us to see that the product would meet the requirements of this project�, continued M. Khalid. Sterling 8000 makes up part of P C Henderson’s industrial range of sliding door hardware. The product caters for bottom rolling doors weighing up to a maximum of 8000kg and is perfect for heavy weight applications on single or multiple lines of track. To find out more about Sterling 8000 or to view the wide variety of sliding and folding door systems P C Henderson has to offer, visit or email


Out With The Old, In With The New VELUXÂŽ REPLACEMENT GUIDE HELPS HOMEOWNERS UPGRADE ROOF WINDOWS VELUXÂŽ has launched a new campaign aimed at educating homeowners on the benefits of replacing their old roof windows with VELUX roof windows to help them realise the potential of their homes. Recent research by VELUX found that 1 in 8 UK homeowners are looking to replace or modernise their existing windows this year. However, many of these homeowners will be focusing on cost rather than quality when it comes to upgrading or replacing windows. To help homeowners with the process of finding the ideal replacement for their existing roof windows, VELUX has created an online replacement guide.

17 In five easy steps, homeowners can find the perfect VELUX roof window to replace their old roof window. The five steps are as follows: 1. Identify the data plate on your roof window 2. Based on your data plate, select model and size of your roof window 3. Select your preferred method of operating the roof windows (manual or automated)

“That’s why VELUX has launched this campaign, to show people just how easy replacing old roof windows can be ”

4. Select the finish of your new roof window (white-painted, white polyurethane, or pine-finish) 5. Select the glazing of your new roof window (noise reduction, maximum energy efficiency or toughened glass for extra safety) Once these steps have been completed homeowners will be served with a list of recommended products and their delivery times. Grant Sneddon, Daylight Expert at VELUX, said: “We know that many homeowners are reluctant to go through the process of updating or modernising their roof windows. That’s why VELUX has launched this campaign, to show people just how easy replacing old roof windows can be. By going through our five simple steps online, homeowners can find the exact product to match their requirements. And having offered the same range of roof windows for the last 40 years, it is usually very easy to find a direct size match. In most cases, the work can be carried out inside the home, without disrupting the internal finishes and without scaffolding, in as little as four hours.” The four key benefits of replacing old roof windows with new VELUX roof windows are: Better insulation: When it comes to keeping heat inside your home, an old roof window, even in good condition, is no match for a modern VELUX roof window. VELUX ThermoTechnology™ features innovative high performance materials, meaning less energy is used and warmth is kept in the home. Glazing to match your needs: Homeowners can also now choose from a much wider range of glazing options, including enhanced noise reduction - ideal for getting a better sleep. We also offer things like privacy glazing which is perfect for use in bathrooms, and triple glazing for when energy efficiency is a concern. A choice of operation methods: For those difficult to reach roof windows, VELUX INTEGRA® electric and solar options have

transformed how homeowners control their daylight and ventilation, including features like automated rain sensors which gently close windows when inclement weather is on its way. Matching modern décor: Famous for its pine clear lacquer roof windows, VELUX last year introduced a new range of white-painted roof windows as standard to match contemporary tastes for bright and light interiors. The white-painted surface reflects more natural light than darker surfaces and matches other interior colours better.

The Kent Event Centre welcomes Construction Expo back on Thursday October 5th, 2017. This FREE Expo brings together construction professionals from the South East and across the UK, combining an exhibition, conference and large demonstration areas. 2016 saw over 3,000 delegates and more than 200 exhibitors including some of the UK’s largest contractors.

Construction prospects and opportunities Allan Wilén of Glenigan, the market leading construction lead company, will be assessing the current market conditions across the construction industry and share with you the latest forecasts for the industry. He will look at the drivers for construction growth over the next two years and identify the sectors and parts of the UK that are set to outperform the market.

Other areas of focus include Digitalisation – why every firm in the construction industry must take advantage of the tremendous opportunities available. A look at the construction site of the future

• BIM – what are the lessons learned from BIM so far • Digital Marketing – why is the construction industry so far behind – come and hear why you should have a social media strategy • NEC4 contracts – how to successfully work under them. • Are you getting paid – what are your payment terms – be aware of terms and time frames. • Sustainability in the built environment – lessons learnt and looking forward • LinkedIn – making the most of LinkedIn for your construction business • How to survive Trump, Brexit and the death of hope – The future of Construction • What is the vision for North Kent – find out more from our panel of experts including the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

One of our great highlights – FREE Meet the Buyer Our free Meet the Buyer opens on the 20 September to delegates with over 600 appointments and 30 top purchasers and decision makers. This is a great opportunity to get your business in front of leading contractors, suppliers and publicsector departments. To find out more please go to Book your free place by texting “Book” to 66777 or going to If you are interested in exhibiting please call Penny on 01732 758530 or email or if you’d like to work with us please email

5 October| Kent Event Centre nr Maidstone | 8.30am - 4.30pm | FREE Conference and Exhibition

Don’t miss the leading FREE construction event for the South East attracting over 3,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors Over 600 FREE Meet the Buyer appointments Just take a look below at some of the contractors you can meet when you book your FREE place at Construction Expo. Hurry, book now we have over 600 free meet the buyer appointments available, but be quick as appointments are allocated in order of you booking. Just some of the buyers involved...


And don’t miss meeting thousands of construction professionals in one day What you can look forward to … • Find out how to take advantage of £billions of projects •

Major developments and regeneration projects update

The latest on digital construction including an update on BIM

Construction in the 2025

Find out the latest construction prospects, forecasts and opportunities, the drivers for growth and what parts of the UK are set to outperform the market from Glenigan

Improving the competitiveness of the market

What is stopping you building?

FREE Meet the Buyer with over 600 FREE appointments

£millions of business was done here last year

BOOK YOUR FREE PLACES NOW! Find out the very latest from our keynote speakers, join in with panel sessions looking at existing projects as well as new opportunities. It’s a great opportunity for business leaders to meet, network and collaborate on improving cost efficiency and sustainability.

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Safe and Sound with the UK’s Leading Gate and Barrier Specialist SECURED ACCESS SOLUTIONS



Whether you’re looking for a simple barrier, large commercial gate, turnstile, pedestrian gate or a bespoke designed solution, Newgate can help. From design concept, to manufacturing, installation, service, maintenance and spares, we provide the complete solution every time.


Pedestrian Gates


Swing Gates

Drive Units

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RMIG City Emotion Spirit The City Is Not Just About RMIG City Emotion Concept The city or any urban area is not just about buildings but a place for emotion and the aesthetic appeal requires our full attention. City Emotion by RMIG is for everyone who decides to prioritise the “beautiful” and innovative. RMIG’s City Emotion captures the passion for creative urban design by offering innovative technologies and materials. RMIG can help you realise the most ambitious architectural projects, the projects that will give the conurbation all its emotional value.

Our City Emotion Approach • takes you from conception (how can I use perforated materials?) • through visualisation (what material, pattern, appearance do I want?) • to sampling (what does it look like?) • to final product manufacture RMIG City Emotion will be your solution in the design of your facades, sun screens, balustrades, ceilings or any project where you want to utilise perforation.

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Solutions RMIG City Emotion is all about passion! RMIG offers you solutions for perforated sheets, embossed sheets or expanded metal. Beyond the standard product range, your creativity will be boosted by our enthusiasm and our continuous innovation in the production of new and intricate patterns.

Buildings... Architectural project RMIG City Emotion is all about inspiration! Taking your concept to realisation requires the support of experts who will guide you in the benefits and practicality of producing your design. The RMIG City Emotion team can, for example: • help you find an environmentally friendly solution with sunscreens of perforated or expanded metal • offer an innovative perforated design for your facade so that it is not only functional but inspirational • assist you in choosing the most suitable material for your project, whether it is a small order or a large contract

Finishing operations and surface treatments RMIG City Emotion is all about sensations! Give depth, colour and light to your architectural projects by using a range of fixings and finishes. Our perforating techniques successfully turn the vision of the designer into reality. Feel free to imagine the shape and form – we will provide the technology to produce it for you including bending, rolling, forming, coating, anodising etc.

Installation RMIG City Emotion is about peace of mind... Projects involving the installation of large numbers of perforated sheets or picture perforation require expertise as well as close collaboration with all parties involved. To make installation easier and ensure that the panels are placed in their exact location, the RMIG City Emotion programme utilises a sequencing system as well as the individual numbering of sheets. This is an essential service when working on projects of this kind.

RMIG City Emotion is all about peace of mind For further information please visit email: Tel: 01925 839610

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Neolith from TheSize – distributed in the UK by QF Distribution – brings with it new and interesting possibilities for surface design.

Neolith – an extraordinary surface Neolith is one of the largest sintered compact surfaces, and belongs to a new and revolutionary product category born in the last decade with the aim of providing an innovative response to the most demanding architectural and design demands. The sintering technology that TheSize has developed to create Neolith uses a combination of extreme highpressure and temperature, giving birth to a surface with unique technical features. These include high resistance to scratches and abrasions, stains and high-temperatures, as well as colours that do no change with exposure to UV rays. Neolith’s exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal therefore makes it the perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wall cladding, floor tiles and façades. The modern UV-resistant colour palette ensures that designers can achieve the look they want, whether indoors or outdoors. 100% eco-friendly, Neolith uses natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. This is supported by a 10-year certified guarantee for kitchen countertops. Neolith can now be viewed at the QFD showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington. QFD stocks a large range of surface finishes in a size of 3200 x 1500mm, in 12 and 6mm thicknesses that include solid colours and stimulating designs. T 020 3457 4949 W

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Island Counter, Back-splash: ESTATUARIO Polished.


distributed by


Extraordinary Surface. Interior and exterior applications: Countertop, Cladding, Flooring, Furniture, Faรงades. Resistant to stains, scratches, chemicals extreme temperatures and UV rays exposure. Large format, different thickness material. More than 50 different surfaces and models available. Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability. Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1 0QH +44 (0) 203 457 4949

Iron Corten

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GET TO THE BOWE TOILET PROVISION Toilet support is more of an issue than schools realise, according to leading campaign group ERIC: 1 in 12 pupils have continence issues, and schools have a statutory duty to support them. And its not just children with continence issues that need support: Islamic Qadaa’ al-Haajah requires washing one’s intimate parts with water after toileting, affecting a further 1 in 12 schoolchildren in England and Wales- a figure that has almost doubled in a decade . Closomat, Britain’s leading provider of helpful toilet solutions at home and away, has thus developed a solution that enables schools to meet all these needs, in one. The Closomat Palma Vita looks like a conventional WC, and has integrated douching and drying. Thus there is no need to manually cleanse with toilet tissue- by pupil or staff, and it satisfies Qadaa’ al-Haajah criteria. The shower action also cleans more thoroughly, consistently and hygienically than wipingespecially valid if dealing with a soiling incidentand the subsequent dying action ensures the pupil is comfortable afterwards. The washing and drying delivers more dignity and improved hygiene for all involved, and can play a key role in helping any of the 1.3m (15%) of pupils with special needs learn to self manage their toileting.

Closomat has devised a range of accessories for the Palma Vita that enables its adaptation to paediatric requirements, including support systems and smaller seats. Further, in conjunction with its partner Pressalit, it can equip a complete hygiene room with ceiling track hoist, height adjustable changing bench, privacy screen, shower and shower seat. “School budgets are always under pressure, so equipment that can solve several problems in one has a strong case,” says Claire Haymes, Closomat’s away from home specialist. “Not only does our equipment help address the needs of Islamic or special needs pupils; with many schools now opening their doors for community use ‘out of hors’ it means any

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ELS OF N disabled visitors can also be assured of having access to appropriate toileting- very much an issue for them when away from home.� To help schools get the toilet provision right, Closomat has also produced a useful white paper. It can be downloaded free on the company’s website alongside a raft of support information including NBS specifications, CAD blocks, technical diagrams. Uniquely, the family-owned company has the capability, in-house, to offer design advice, supply, install, commissioning and subsequent service & maintenance. For further information plase contact Closomat on tel 0161 969 1199;;

28 Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Throughout the world Novellini creates inspiring bathrooms that appeal to individuals at home, via our merchant partners. Working alongside architects and designers, we create beautiful and functional bathrooms that complement the home, helping to create tranquil spaces promoting Well-being within the living environment. Based in the beautiful market town of St Albans, Hertfordshire, we have a small but well stocked Showroom with multiple displays of enclosures, trays, baths and steam cabins. In order not to be disappointed please book in advance of your visit making sure we have the product your require on display. Supported by vast stocks at our warehouse in Birmingham and serviced by experienced staff ready to support your needs. All our products are maintained by our qualified service engineers and supported by parts readily available from stock. Our products are available nationwide through our merchant partners and retailers. Please use our dealer locator link to find your nearest dealer or call us directly for more information on 01 727 229 922

Respect for environmental safety and quality Each of our products is designed and manufactured to meet the latest European standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental friendliness. The adoption of low environmental impact production processes, the total control on toxic substances and significant energy savings, are the answers to the problems of a world in a constant evolution.

Antibacterial Coatings Novellini has chosen to enrich the paintings with silver - and zeolite - based additives, in order to prevent proliferation of bacteria, moulds and fungi on the surfaces. Our paints are laboratory-tested according with the JIS Z 2801:2000 method. Compared with traditional paints grant more than 99% reduction of the most common bacterial organisms (Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and Escherichia coli).

Glass - Crystal Clear Treatment Crystal clear is a innovative glass treatment which is applied in laboratory conditions at our factory using state of the art machinery. First the glass is cleaned then evenly sprayed with the Crystal Clear treatment, finally thermally baking onto the glass surface. Thanks to the unique chemical reaction within one single application the glass surface has been modified absorbing the treatment, thus giving you a longer lasting protection. Hygienic , biological tests have proven that the Novellini glass has 98% less bacteria than non treated glass. Low maintenance, The water will run off the glass leaving less residue on the surface, no need to use heavy cleaning chemicals, great for the environment , with less maintenance , more resistant to every day use staying new for longer. After care , After showering Novellini recommends that you wipe down the glass using a soft cloth or squeegee, only clean Novellini products using our specially formulated cleaner “Clean it� which can be purchased through our dealers and directly with Novellini UK. We hope you enjoy your Novellini product for many years to come, please visit for more information and other exciting products.



2 0 1 6


Wetrooms and trays


Bath screens, steam showers, accessories and baths

Novellini UK offers a full range of shower products including bespoke shower enclosures, wetrooms, steam rooms and much more, why not visit our website for more details. Products available nationwide. FOLLOW US ON:

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Beautiful Bathrooms by Hudson Reed

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This October sees the launch of Hudson Reed’s latest bathroom collection, which includes some exciting new product launches, perfect for the housebuilding sector. Spanning all bathroom categories, the new collection is aspirational and fashion-led, taking inspiration from the latest European designs straight off the bathroom catwalk.

Left: Fusion Fitted Bathroom Furniture - New Gloss Grey Bottom left: Sarenna modular bathroom furniture, available in a range of finishes. Below: New Grace wall-hung ceramic range – boasting beautiful organic curves and sleek lines

New product launches complement the already popular ranges in the Hudson Reed bathroom collection and continue to offer outstanding quality and product innovation, with many products manufactured at Hudson Reed’s own factories throughout the UK and overseas. New ranges include the beautiful ‘Grace’ ceramic range (pictured), a stunning wall hung suite, including a rimless w/c, with elegant lines and curves that make for a real bathroom statement. The freestanding bath range is also expanding with the addition of a number of new contemporary models in various styles. Bathroom furniture is a key growth sector, so the range has been enhanced to include some sophisticated new designs, including new on-trend colour options within the Fitted Furniture range, such as a Gloss Grey (pictured) on the ‘Fusion’ range - a cool grey gloss offering a clean graphic look.

For a touch of upmarket style and glamour, one of the best selling furniture ranges within the Collection, the chic ‘Sarenna’ Modular Furniture range (pictured), has been updated with new finishes. This luxurious range should really appeal to the discerning homeowner with its bold yet elegant style, and fine attention to detail with a quality finish. The selection of touch sensor mirrors has also been extended, incorporating the latest technology fusing aesthetics with great functionality - from motion sensor LED lighting features to Bluetooth with speakers. Completely brand new to the collection, is a stylish range of infrared heaters, the latest solution for energy efficient heating within the home. Consuming typically, 30% less energy than conventional radiators, this innovative range offers the latest in modern space heating, and is ideal for use anywhere in the home. With some highly competitive prices available to housebuilders and developers across the whole portfolio of bathroom products from Hudson Reed, contact the company now for further information on: T: 01422 417100 or visit the web site:

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Ludovica+Roberto Palomba Zucchetti. Kos offers designer led brassware collections with ranges of spa tubs, baths, pools and multifunction shower cabins for the home and poolside. Working together with recognised international design talent, Zucchetti.Kos has created innovative and exclusive icons of modern style from a vision that combines quality of life and fine design. In 2004, Zucchetti decided to avail of the strategic consultancy services of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, new art directors of the brand and international trendsetters in the world of bathroom design. 2007 then saw the birth of the Zucchetti. Kos project, following acquisition of Kos, a brand associated with the best production of high-level bathtubs and shower enclosures. The objective of Zucchetti. Kos is to create a bathroom world that is not merely functional but one of sensation and physical seduction. Designs are distinctive with a wide range of installation options for luxurious solutions with unrivalled flexibility. Numerous high quality colour finishes are available for brassware and complementary accessories including on trend Rose Gold PVD and Soft Touch Black. Brassware and accessory finishes can also be adapted to suit specific colour schemes or can be RAL colour matched for a coordinated look.

Designer Collaborations

A world leader in bathroom design, the Zucchetti. Ko s g r o u p offers stylish brassware collections together with luxurious bathrooms and spa products for the contract and domestic sectors. The company’s close collaborations with the world’s most renowned international designers have resulted in many award winning design concepts. Zucchetti’s exciting and brilliantly successful association with Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, continues and has produced statement collections including HIM, Wazebo and Agora. HIM takes inspiration from the key elements required; the intrinsic qualities of the metal used for the product and its relationship with the water, the beautiful brassware mixer is the result. A practical yet aesthetically dynamic single lever tap, HIM is suitable for contemporary bathroom applications. Its minimalist, architectural lines provide the perfect juxtaposition for the cascade of water it dispenses. HIM also has environmental credentials. The Zucchetti patented

concealed cartridge makes it possible to reduce to a minimum the volume of the mixer body therefore enabling a significant reduction in the amount of metal used. The cascade jet of water is carefully managed and controlled saving water without compromising on comfort of use. WAZEBO is minimal yet sophisticated, a delightful wellness pavilion that enables all the benefits of showering to be relished and enjoyed whilst in direct contact with your natural surroundings. Practical and comfortable, the Wazebo features an open tubular metal structure with a slatted wooden shower tray. A joystick single lever mixer makes it possible to adjust the flow of both hot and cold water. The large rainfall showerhead (40 cm) provides a soft relaxing spray even when used with flow restrictors to save water. Wazebo also has two elastomer foot washer hoses operated by diverter for convenience and comfort. Agorà is a complete bathroom collection and includes taps and accessories from Zucchetti and a free-standing bathtub and a washbasin from Kos. This classically elegant collection draws its inspiration from the Zucchetti archives. Based on an art deco aesthetic with a contemporary twist, Agorà brings true glamour to the bathroom. Both the bath and basin are made from Silkstone and its velvety touch and matt effect finish further enhances Agorà’s vintage yet timeless sculptured styling. A comprehensive selection of taps features a number of different shapes and finishes including chrome, bronze, polished nickel and PVD gold, adding to the versatility of the range. Stockist details - 0208 685 6815 /

Make a

Design Statement

with Vogue UK

For a wide range of finishes and colours, choose Vogue UK. We have the widest choice of towel warmers and radiators - that will enable you to create a traditional, contemporary or modern bathroom.

TT: +44(0) 1902 387000

F: +44(0) 1902 387001 E:


Vogue (UK) Ltd, Strawberry Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3RS, United Kingdom

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WILDLIFE CHANGING PLACES The UK’s largest privately-owned wildlife collection, Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens, has become the latest venue to change its accessibility for the better.

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms 35 * Potential users of a wheelchair-accessible toilet with space, bench and hoist eg Changing Places include: • 1.5m wheelchair users • 6.5 million people who have either bladder or bowel incontinence • 1.5million people with a learning disability • 1.2million people living with stroke • 62,000 amputees • 30,000 people with cerebral palsy • 13,000 people with acquired brain injuries • 8,500 people with multiple sclerosis

• 5000 people with motor neurone disease • 8,000 people with spina bifida • 120,000 people with a stoma • 100,000 people with muscular dystrophies • 3.8million adults morbidly obese • 0.8million disabled children • 8.7million people with osteoarthritis • 400,000 people with rheumatoid arthritis

installation of the facility to Cotswold Wildlife Park: “Conventional wheelchair-accessible toilets are designed on the assumption the user can transfer from their wheelchair unaided, and use the toilet without help. In reality, a large proportion of disabled people need help, whether they are in a wheelchair or not; the standard accessible toilet isn’t suitable for them. It doesn’t have the space to accommodate a carer. They may need lifting, so need a hoist- not available in a standard accessible toilet. They may need changing- only an option in a standard accessible toilet if they lie on the floor! “Changing Places gives all of those people the opportunity to do something most of us take for granted- go somewhere, knowing there are suitable toilet facilities. It’s excellent that Cotswold Wildlife Park has put such a facility in. Now, my family, and thousands like us, can go there, and enjoy the whole day out, without worrying. I hope other venues follow the Park’s example: to my knowledge only 10% of the UK’s wildlife parks have Changing Places or similar facilities!” Under Building Regulations and British Standards (BS8300), a Changing Places toilet is ‘desirable’ in buildings to which numbers of the public have access. Since their introduction a decade ago, almost 1000 have been opened across the UK. Under British Standards, a Changing Places is provided in addition to conventional (Building Regulations Document M) wheelchair accessible toilets, and provides 12m2 (3m x 4m), with additional equipment including an adult-sized height adjustable changing bench and ceiling track hoist.

The estate in Burford, Oxfordshire has opened a new Changing Places toilet. The facility means that thousands of people with limitations can now visit the Park, safe in the knowledge they can relax, and spend as long as they like, enjoying the 260 different species of animals, without worrying about being able to find a WC they can use.

compliments four wheelchairaccessible toilets already available at the Park. With equipment supplied by Closomat- the UK’s leading assisted accessible toilet provider- the Changing Places has the space to accommodate the user and up to two carers, plus a ceiling track hoist and adult-sized height adjustable changing bench.

Conveniently located between the gift shop and car park, the Changing Places toilet

Explains Changing Places campaigner Tony Clough MBE, who first suggested the

Closomat is Britain’s leading provider of helpful toileting solutions, at home and away, including Changing Places and their similar Space to Change facilities. Uniquely, the company can provide an in-house, ‘one- stop-shop’ complete package for ‘away from home’ assisted accessible toilet facilities, from design and commissioning, through to project management, supply and installation, and can also provide subsequent maintenance and repair. Its website is the most comprehensive resource available about Changing Places for campaigners, providers and specifiers alike, with a raft of support information including white papers, calling cards, CAD blocks, video and case studies.

Closomat tel 0161 969 1199;;


CRL shines the spotlight on an eco-timber house in Aberdeenshire AN ENERGY efficient, eco timber house in Aberdeenshire has been crowned as a winner of a campaign that shines the spotlight on self-builders.


is delighted to announce that “Heartwood” in Aboyne is one of three winners selected to take part in its Venturous Builds campaign – an inspiring new web series that is showcasing Britain’s inspiring self-builders and their construction achievements. Local couple Vic Kirwan, 68, and Teresa Green, 66, have been selected by the structural defects insurance specialist as being truly venturous of spirit. Vic, a retired broadcast engineer, and Teresa, a dental receptionist, commissioned Stommel Haus, a German manufacturer of timber houses, to develop a custom built, energy efficient eco timber house. The campaign, which saw CRL launch its logo into space, aimed to inspire those who have dared to be venturous, brave and unorthodox to share the details of their venturous builds. Winners have had their project filmed and featured on the online show.

The third episode of Venturous Builds is now live on the CRL YouTube channel “Heartwood” was built only using untreated Arctic Heartwood Spruce from FSC certified forests in Finland.

The stunning three-bedroom home is insulated using recycled newspaper and recycled glass. With 216 m² of living space, there is also a double height dining room from which you can see the vaulted timber ceiling, with views over the beautiful rolling hills of Deeside. The house is heated using a heat pump and ground-breaking technology “Heating with Ice”, which uses ambient heat and solar thermic energy. Vic, who lives in Aboyne, said: “It was always our dream to build a timber home that was highly energy efficient. Construction is almost complete and we look forward to moving into our new home. Thank you to CRL for recognising how unique and energy efficient Heartwood is.” Barbara Fischer-Clark, of Stommel Haus, said: “Heartwood is a fantastic bespoke home and we are delighted to be named as one of the Venturous Build winners. What sets this property apart is the owners ecocommitment, Vic and Teresa have used ground-breaking technology to ensure it achieves the highest in energy efficiency, while working with a German partner to deliver the home of their dreams.” Filming is now complete on these unique projects. All three episode of Venturous Builds are now live. The Venturous Builds web series is hosted by English designer and regeneration expert Wayne Hemingway.

CRL CEO Steve Mansour said: “We’ve been blown away by the quality of all of the entries we’ve received for our Venturous Builds campaign. You’ve proved that the UK has some truly venturous self-builders and developers. Thank you to everyone who entered.

“However, we were looking for the one-offs, the inspiring, the ingenious construction projects to feature in our Venturous Builds web series. Vic and Teresa clearly demonstrate that they have the courage, determination and an unwavering belief in their ability to create something truly unique.


“Venturous builds celebrates the pioneering self-builders who, against the odds, have dared to dream big and have created the homes of their dreams.”

for what’s on the market. Vic and Teresa clearly knew what they wanted when it came to their home and they clearly are revelling in the results.

Commenting on the winners, Wayne Hemingway said: “My wife and I designed and built our own home 19 years ago when our kids were young and it has been a true life enhancing experience ever since.

“Venturous Builds celebrates fantastic self-built homes and shows it’s about the spirit of getting on and doing it. It is truly inspiring to witness the people and the love of what they have achieved at the end of the process.”

“Designing and building your own home is about getting something you really want, rather than getting a house someone else has designed or settling

CRL does not shy away from arranging insurance for unusual projects, including new builds, complete or partially completed builds, timber

frame constructions, prefabricated properties, mixed-use projects, conversions and insolvent properties. The construction insurance experts recognise that every opportunity is different. With CRL there is no set criteria – just an appetite for adventure. For more information about CRL please: •



Call: 0808 273 2532 / 01256 6973015

A BRAND FEAST AT THE JANUARY FURNITURE SHOW Planning for the UK’s premier furniture and interiors event is already in full swing. The organisers are promising the best January Furniture Show yet with a massive variety of choice for buyers in every hall. Held at the popular NEC venue in Birmingham, the four day show will start on Sunday 21st January and run until Tuesday 24th. Major brands with more space and more new products will show alongside new and developing brands, treating buyers to new collections, new innovations and new finishes. This year’s show proved to be an immense success and over 90% of the exhibitors are returning in 2018. Well known brands including Duresta, Tetrad, ercol, Skovby and Italia Living are returning and over 55,000 new products on display in 2018. Large brands including Gallery Direct and

Dar Lighting will showcase up to as many as 400 individual new products. For contract buyers, interior designers and specifiers the show is the ideal place to select everything required to furnish upcoming projects, spot the latest and emerging trends, and choose products from major design-led UK and International manufacturers and suppliers. Across the 5 halls of the event everything from cabinet furniture, upholstery and beds to soft furnishings, flooring, lighting and giftware will be on display. Hall 5 will has strong line-up of commercial big hitters in upholstery and beds including Buoyant, Breasley and Furmanac. It will be a must for contract buyers with many exhibitors offering tailor made packages for large-scale projects or individual schemes. For those looking to furnish at the higher end of the scale, Halls 1

and 2 will offer exclusive trend-setting collections and statement pieces from long established UK and International brands including Parker Knoll, Michael Tyler, Ego Italiano and ROM. Hall 4 will boast large, leading UK and international cabinet brands including VIDA Living, Rauch and Weimann who provide well designed living, dining and bedroom furniture for modern living. For decorative accessories and interior flourishes Hall 3 is the place to go. Mirrors, art, soft furnishings and accessories will be shown by a host of well known brands including Libra, Pacific Lifestyle and India Jane. Laraine Janes, Event Director said: “The 2018 show will be full of excellence, we have an A List of returning brands showing well designed and beautifully executed new ranges. The show has grown in size and stature over the last 3 years and now has momentum as the most valuable show to attend in the UK for buyers of any kind of furniture or interior furnishings.” For more information visit

JFS 2018 logo_venue/dates whiteout

Find everything you need to furnish your next project, as 500+ suppliers reveal new collections of furniture and interiors. We’ll see you in January.

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Panasonic Acquires UK Air Conditioning Equipment Distributor AMP Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has completed the acquisition of A.M.P. Air Conditioning Ltd (AMP), one of the largest independent air conditioning distributors in the United Kingdom. AMP has a wealth of experience in providing air conditioning equipment, mainly for commercial use, as well as an excellent sales network. The acquisition of AMP provides Panasonic with an opportunity to expand its presence in the UK air conditioning market, which is the largest market for commercial air conditioners throughout Europe. “Europe is a key region for our global air conditioning business. Panasonic is committed to being a strategic partner for AMP and we aim to expand our business in Europe through this

collaboration,” said Toshiyuki Takagi, President, Panasonic Air Conditioner Company. Panasonic sees Europe, an environmentally conscious region with strict environmental regulations for air conditioning products, as a market where the company’s energy-saving, environment-friendly and healthcare conscious technologies such as “nanoe” can be fully exploited. The acquisition is part of Panasonic’s overall strategy to expand sales, particularly of its commercial and industrial heating & cooling solutions, and strengthen its aim to provide the most energy efficient systems to the market. “With AMP’s know-how, Panasonic’s strategy is to expand our business and services to their customers and provide

The acquisition will enable Panasonic to expand its commercial air-conditioner business in the European market. even more comprehensive solutions. We look forward to welcoming AMP and its employees into the Panasonic family,” explained Makoto Takahashi, Chief Executive Officer, Panasonic Appliances Air Conditioning Europe (PAPAEU). “We see many positive benefits for AMP and Panasonic Aircon business employees as a result of this acquisition.” Polly McConachie and Martin Michaelson, co-managing directors of AMP said, “This is a great opportunity for AMP to expand our air conditioning business in the UK. With the strength and support of Panasonic behind us, we are now able to pursue an exciting growth strategy whilst at the same time supporting Panasonic in their longer term commercial goals in the UK.”

LowBoard RdB

Perfect for retrofit & new builds. The obvious choice for low build-up acoustic floor installations.

Pre-perforated foil channels

Integrated sound insulating layers

At a total height of just 26mm, LowBoard RdB panel is the perfect underfloor heating system for retrofit and new build projects.

01392 36 36 05 or visit

Completely dry system with multidirectional panels and only 26mm build-up

Works with 12mm PE-RT pipe

42 Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Learn more at

The ultimate Fast Track Solution for Damp or Contaminated Floors Don’t allow subfloor moisture or contaminated floors to delay occupation


f you’re faced with a damp or contaminated floor it could delay occupation of the building, create frustration with the client and of course be costly. Fortunately there is a solution specify one of the F. Ball range of market leading Stopgap Waterproof Surface Membranes. This range of high performance products are designed to solve problems, eliminate the risk of a failed installation and guarantee peace of mind. Stopgap F76 - a solvent free, one coat epoxy waterproof surface membrane designed for subfloors with up to 92% Relative Humidity (RH) Stopgap F77 - a solvent free, one coat application epoxy system which impedes the passage of construction moisture and rising damp up to 98% RH. Pigmented black for easy application Stopgap F77 can also be applied directly over underfloor heating screeds where readings are up to 90% RH. Stopgap F78 - a solvent free, one component system, which impedes the passage of construction moisture where relative humidity values are up to 95% RH with a two coat

application. Pigmented blue for easy application F78 is environmentally friendly and ready to use with no mixing necessary and can be resealed and stored for future use. If applied within 12 hours no priming is required when used with the appropriate Stopgap smoothing underlayment. Isolator Membrane - an impervious loose lay sheet designed to be laid over damp or contaminated subfloors. Available in 2 metre wide rolls Stopgap Isolator Membrane provides the perfect solution in any construction or refurb scenario where damp or contaminated floors are an issue. Trusted by the World’s leading flooring contractors the F. Ball range of products is guaranteed to perform in all types of situations where problem floors are an issue. As well as providing one of the most comprehensive range of products to combat damp or contaminated floors F Ball also provide an innovative Moisture Check System to remove any doubt and eliminate the risk of a failed installation. The system, designed by F Ball’s UK team of specialists has three phases Check it, Measure it, Solve it.

Check It The affordable Protimeter Aquant or Protimeter MMS2 quickly indicates whether a full test for moisture is required. Measure It The digital Hygrometer accurately measures the relative humidity of a subfloor, which tells the user precisely what solution option is required. Solve It Specify the most appropriate solution from the range - Stopgap F76, F77, F78 or Isolator Membrane.

Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Adhesive

Works in Extreme


-20 C to +60 C O


Temperature tolerant adhesive for vinyl floorcoverings • High bond strength - minimises the expansion and contraction of floor coverings in extreme temperature areas such as: conservatories, high glass areas, and cold storage. • Pressure sensitive - can be used for securing a wide range of PVC floorcoverings. • Water resistant - suitable for use in wet room environments.


F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7RS, UK Tel: 01538 361 633 • email: • web:

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Scolmore introduces cutting-edge integrated LED downlight Scolmore continues to develop its Inceptor range of integrated lighting products and its latest version, Inceptor Omni, brings to market a new and improved fire-rated downlight that combines existing technology with a number of cutting edge features – all at a highly competitive price. Flexibility and ease of installation were the major considerations in the design of the Inceptor Omni and key features are an adjustable colour temperature switch - allowing the selection of colour temperatures to suit the installation; interchangeable fixed and adjustable bezels; and an insulation support clip for use when insulation is present. It is this combination of features that Scolmore believes will position Inceptor Omni as unique in the marketplace. Colour temperature switch – the Omni features a built-in, three position switch which allows for instant change of the colour temperature. In utilising the latest Chip On Board COB LED lighting technology, Scolmore has taken the benefits of an LED light source and using a faceted front lens, has modified the single point of light to give a dichroic effect, resulting in a halogen type illumination. This is generally regarded within the industry to be the most popular type of lighting effect. Bezel options – with each Inceptor Omni there is the option for either a fixed or adjustable bezel. The Omni comes with the fixed bezel as standard in the desired finish and there are three finishes available - White, Chrome and Satin Chrome. A simple twist and lock feature means the bezel can be quickly and easily replaced as required. Insulation Support Clip – the removable insulation support clip fixes directly onto the Omni. This means that insulation is lifted away from the unit, maintaining a minimum air space and helping to dissipate any heat generated. The lowering of the temperature around the fitting can extend the life of the unit. Along with these unique, new attributes, Inceptor Omni retains all the features and benefits that have made the original Inceptor products so popular among specifiers, architects and contractors. It incorporates Scolmore’s award-winning FlameGuard system technology, offering a 30, 60, and 90 minute fire rating, and is acoustic and airflow compliant. Its high powered compact driver allows it to be fitted into a recess depth of just 65mm. It features the Flow Connector, Scolmore’s pre-wired connection system that is designed to speed up installation and to allow even faster removal for testing and replacement of components. The company’s trademark blue strip of intumescent adds an extra barrier of protection against fire by expanding to fill the gap between the plasterboard and the light fitting.

Inceptor Omni features improved ingress protection ratings with the fixed bezel now IP65-rated and the adjustable bezel with an IP54 rating. This makes it ideal for use in situations where moisture and low pressure water jets are a factor such as kitchen, bathroom and wet room installations. Part L compliant, Inceptor Omni comes with a 5 year extended warranty, when registered online. For further information visit, email or contact Scolmore on 01827 63454.

THE REAL MAGIC LAMP We grant you 3 switchable colours all in one ďŹ tting; warm white, cool white & daylight

Fire-Rated 30 60 90 Minutes

OMNI TRICOLOUR | Fire-rated LED Downlight

Includes Support Bracket Keeps insulation away from the unit.

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MIGHTON PARTNER ANKER STUY GIVES SEATING A GREAT FINISH IN ABBEY RENOVATION Mighton Products partner Anker Stuy Verven (ASV) has been selected as supplier of the colour stains and lacquers for the new seating as part of a prestigious yearlong renovation of Westminster Abbey that was finally completed in June of this year. As part of the interior maintenance works that took place at the iconic London landmark 2,200 wooden chairs, with the Westminster Abbey Arms embossed in to each of the backrests, were commissioned and have now become the new primary form of seating distributed throughout the building. The finish for these chairs carries a series of heavy demands and therefore required an exemplary quality lacquer capable of providing long lasting protection against candle wax, as well as tough resistance against scratches and abrasions. The 2-component ASV lacquer that was eventually specified complies with the EN 71-3 standard, certifying it free from heavy metals and even suitable for use on children’s toys, as well as complying with both DIN 4102 B1 and DIN 68861 B1 standards, which demonstrates its chemical resistance. However, it was not just the technical performance of this finish that was under high scrutiny but also its aesthetic appeal. Finding the right colour stain that could give the

lacquer its desired hue proved to be a challenging process with eight individual shades of brown being developed from ASV’s HD LM Color stain before a selection was finally made. Emile Stuy, Export Manager at ASV, said: “The finished Abbey Chair has an aesthetically beautiful appearance through the blunt-molded finish, making it perfect for the architecture and ambience of the Abbey. Being part of the process that made these chairs a reality, alongside Leon Volk, owner of our Netherlands based dealer Oxid Coatings, gave us the rare opportunity to work on such a prestigious and challenging project.” Mighton has been distributing Anker Stuy products to its specialist joinery customers throughout the UK since 2016 with next day delivery and a simple pricing structure which has seen a decidedly positive response. Since the completion of the Westminster Abbey project Mighton has also added the full range of specialist timber treatments, including interior finishes, to its established range of paints and coatings that are finding increasing favour with joinery manufacturers. Mighton plans to also include the addition of paints and coatings for other, non-timber, applications in the near future.

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Aerix Duet Takes Shape

The Aerix Duet sound system fulfils the desires of both audiophiles and design devotees. A rare feat in the world of technology. Twinned with the Xstage, the tailored stand for the Duet, you get creates a visually strikingly integrated audio system, complete with compact disc and music streaming features. Armed with its CD player, Duet inspires the listener to return to (sometimes overlooked, yet muchloved)compact disc collections. The Aerix system also integrates the latest DTS Play-Fi module, which works over Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Powerline networks, enabling lossless audio multi-room capability, as well as control from smart-devices. Advanced Bluetooth, lets you play from today’s favourite digital music sources, including Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, and Songza. The Duet also offers global Internet radio, as well as a dimmable display. Sound delivery excels. The Duet structure houses two high-end specification speaker horns above and below, one for high notes and another for bass. When paired with the powerful, vertical-firing drivers and tweeters, it pushes sound waves outward, evenly in a 360° halo, filling living spaces with balanced audio.

Following the Duet design team’s original build philosophy of using simple geometries to create timeless looks, the Xstage stand’s triangular construction gives a most stable structure – essential for maximising audio performance as well as providing sanctuary for the cubed music system. The result of this visual marriage is a chic, yet universal look that compliments any interior design – and the beginnings of this perfect union trace back across the globe. Aerix assembled an international team – including designers from Switzerland, France, Germany, and Taiwan – to create the Duet all-in-one audio system. Incorporating a pair of minimalist, aluminium-plated cubes, seamlessly joined to the matted chrome plate, the system unites standout visuals with audiophile performance. The Aerix Duet and the Aerix Xstage stand are available now. Email:

50 External Envelope

Garador’s Guardian Range is Secured by Design Accredited If you are refurbishing a garage or specifying for a new build development, and expect to store lots of valuables inside, then one of Garador’s Guardian garage doors could be just right for you.

With Secured by Design (SBD) accredited products in hot demand these days, it is no shock that Garador’s Secured by Design garage doors are top sellers. The Guardian range is a collection of SBD certified up and over garage doors that have been tried and tested by the UK Police to prove that they are capable of preventing an attack from a burglar. It’s equipped with lots of extra security features that when combined, help to stop burglars from breaking into your garage. So what makes it so great and why should you care? Well, there are the additional security features, with the first most obvious being the increase in the number of back braces from a comfortable two, to a rigidity inducing eight. That helps to increase the structural

rigidity of the door panel, particular along the centre points. It also limits any flexing and makes it much more difficult to pierce the surface of the panel in any significant way. The second is the extra steel plating applied around the lock, to prevent any attacks on the locking mechanism, either through removal, damage or destruction of the locking mechanism. This is important as the locking mechanism is what ultimately controls access to the locking points. The third is the improved locking security at the base of the door, with heavy-duty steel plating to protect the locking system and stop burglars getting up underneath the door. When you round this off with the choice of 18 colours, options for 4 different coloured handles and two types of lifting gear, there are lots of reasons to buy a Garador Secured by Design up & over door. See the full range of garage doors available, including Garador’s Guardian garage doors by visiting

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POLYX® -OIL RAW: Retains the wood’s natural light colour











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SPSenvirowall expands into cladding market Leading external wall insulation and render provider SPSenvirowall has announced an exclusive UK partnership with specialist cladding manufacturer Dynamic Cladding. The move marks SPSenvirowall’s first expansion into the external rain screen cladding market and brings A1 non-combustible and bomb blast-rated cladding systems to the UK for the first time. Dynamic Cladding’s glass rainscreen system has achieved the highest fire rating possible and its stone cladding is the only one in Europe that achieved a bomb blast rating. Both will now be available in the UK for the first time through the exclusive partnership with SPSenvirowall. “This is not only an important move for us as a business, but for the industry as a whole,” said Paul Winwood, Managing Director of SPSenvirowall. “We have now become a whole solution for architects and developers who want to bring all aspects of a project together under one supplier, combining external wall insulation, render and cladding; a true mix use. “The partnership is also bringing some of the world’s highest safety rated cladding products to the UK market for the first time, opening up opportunities for higher level specification. Dynamic Cladding products are ETA approved, which meets and goes beyond BBA requirements.” The products that are now available in the UK include DynaPanel Glass & Stone systems, both frameless and without face fixings, also DynaPanel Stone Veneer for interior wall linings and feature areas.

Daniel Thompson, Development Manager at Dynamic Cladding, said: “We made the decision to develop glass and stone cladding in 2015. We could see the fashion of coloured glass cladding developing, particularly in airports and rail stations. They are scratch and graffiti resistant, easy to clean and the colours never fade. We set out to create a glass cladding with the highest possible fire rating in order to give it as many application opportunities as possible. “Stone has always been a popular material but it has weight and cost limitations. Again, our priority became to create lightweight, versatile stone cladding that allowed faster installation and significantly reduced its weight. Our product is now up to 70% lighter than traditional stone systems and up to 50% thinner. “SPSenvirowall has been leading the way in the external wall insulation and rendering market for many years so it was an easy choice to partner with them to introduce our innovative products to the UK for the first time.” SPSenvirowall sells in excess of 1 million square metres of external wall insulation per year and has branches in South Wales, West Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Essex and West Lothian, Scotland. The company offers a range of environmentally-friendly external wall insulations and rendering solutions for new builds and refurbishments and now decorative rainscreen cladding, supported by expert advice, guidance and training to contractors and architects. To find out more about SPSenvirowall, visit or call 01535 661633.

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Polypipe launches Elegance Colour as more homeowners repair rather than relocate The UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping, rainwater systems and underfloor heating, Polypipe, is looking to add colour and vibrancy to the rainwater market with the launch of its Elegance Colour range. As more homeowners opt to invest in home improvements over moving, due to the rising costs of admin charges and stamp duty, Polypipe’s new eye-catching rainwater collection is ideal for brightening the exterior of any refurb home or new build development. Elegance Colour is the only high quality rainwater guttering system available in 11 vibrant colours across three collections, providing architects and developers with the chance to add an extra feature to their designs. Elegance Colour provides a choice of distinct hand-applied colours incorporating AntiChip Technology, which can be supplied in a cast iron or matte finish. The rainwater collection, which includes colours such as Chartwell Green, Brilliant Blue and Pastel Pink allow a property to stand out from the rest of the street. Each system is available in the classic Sovereign and contemporary Square profiles to cope with the level of rainwater a home may be exposed to. Furthermore, Elegance Colour is manufactured from modern PVCu, is resilient, light and easy to install and will not be weathered by heavy rain or years in the sun, ensuring high performance many years after installation. The range comes with a 10-year guarantee providing buyer peace of mind, while the guttering and downpipes are 100% recyclable, ensuring

minimum impact on the environment when they are finally replaced. Paul Jackson, Elegance Colour Product Manager, Polypipe, comments: “We wanted to bring some new thinking to rainwater systems, which are often installed as a necessity rather than a differentiator. The Elegance Colour range is simple way to add a finishing touch to new design, and we have provided a range of colours and styles suitable for any project. “Each product is manufactured to Polypipe’s market leading standards, and the range comes with a number of quality assurances for reliability, performance and longevity with a selection of quality fittings and fixtures. The most difficult decision will be deciding which colour to use to add a unique look to your design.” Information on the full range of products can be found by visiting For information on adding Elegance Colour to your projects please email:

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Let the Experts Take Care of your Let the Experts TakeProblems Care of your Domestic Domestic Waste Water Waste Water Problems

When it comes to off mains sewage many people can be blown away by all the information and differing products internet, Google “domestic sewage plant” andthe the consumer regulations?? Whatisabout the When it available comes toon offthe mains sewage many people can betreatment blown away Environment agency?? Etc. but be bombarded by plants of all shapes and sizes . by all the information and differing products available on the internet,

assured we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you products on the backed up by proper havemarket the right solution designed good old- fashioned customer service - (dial around your requirements. You straight through speak ourmanufacturer, specialists, no treatment plants like We Build It Ltd can give Do I need planning permission? dealand direct withtothe the consumer piece of mind and Do I need to inform the or architect wants to knowautomated service or queuing buying a with over 25 yearssystem) waste water his is why dealing with a confidence soak away has failed. is that they arespecialist getting the right information, the Environment agency? the product will work withsewage treatment plant can be quite daunting, experience, 24-7-365 days of the manufacturer, the right solution and the right system. long will it last? plant isyear best for my situation?? What are installer and servicer of We often getHow asked; minimum effort from themwhich during DOES IT SMELL!!!!!????? the life of the plant. the regulations?? What about the Environment treatment plants like We Build It We It Ltdthe areconsumer based in the heart ofHow somedoes it work? What does it agency?? Etc.For butthe beself-builder assured we the will right be with LtdBuild can give piece of most outstanding All of these questions can We be answered We straight you every step of the way, making suretoyou treatment plant is simple install of Shropshire’s mind and confidence they arecountryside. cost? Build It Ltdbyoffer As one ofthe theright UK’s largest manufacturersDoes of it use electric? Build It experts who knowforward, their products havefor the rightproviding solution they designed have around taken the getting information, easy toinside follow advice domestic plants, we And focushow much? out; ask a middle man withyour no knowledge of your requirements. You dealadvice, direct with the manufacturers be aware the right sewage solutiontreatment and the right sewage treatment needs. on high quality, affordable products. AllDo of I have to the industry, these questions manufacturer,some withplants over 25 years waste water need complete system. maintain it? product or process All of our sewage treatment our sewage treatment plants are based How on do I install andit? the customer is often plants baffledcome by terms experience, 24-7-365 of the yearcan add concretedays backfill which with easy to follow the extended aeration do they really need manuals, as to install costs, a well-constructed We successful Build It Ltdand are simple based in the How big is it?such as BOD, COD, NH4, but installation and service method. We can manufacture, knowit? this? All the homeowner, builder or For the self-builder the right plant plant such as thetreatment BioPure can beis heart of some ofdesign, Shropshire’s most install Do I need to to empty well as free telephone assistance simple to install providing they have taken the and service sewage treatment plant for single architect wants to know is that the product backfilled with pea gravel. by specialist installers. We can also outstanding countryside. As one of What can go into the plant? manufacturers advice, be aware some plants houses, developments, rural willto work the minimum effort from them installations the UK’ssmall largest manufacturers of industrial What happens the with waste? offer full or assisted units, campsites, hotels,plants, offices, barn during the life of the very competitive rates. We need complete concrete backfill whichnot can add Consider whole life costs, domestic sewagepubs, treatment Do I need planning permission? conversions applications. install costs, a well-constructed plant such as just the cost of the treatment we focus on and highcommercial quality, affordable Do Our I need to inform the pride ourselves on offeringtothe We Build It Ltd offer straight forward, easy to the BioPure can be factor backfilled with costs, pea gravel. products besewage used after an existing plant, in install products.can All also of our Environment agency? best GRP products on the market follow advice for your sewage treatment needs. septic tank to enable the effluent to be power consumption, servicing, treatment plants are based on the How long will it last? backed up by proper good oldConsider whole life costs, not just the cost discharged directly to aextended water causeway,DOES if your consumable spare parts, product successful and simple IT SMELL!!!!!????? fashioned customer service - (dial All of our sewage treatment plants come of the treatment plant, factor in install costs, existing awayWe hascan failed. life cycle (guarantee) and emptying aerationsoak method. design, straight through and speak to our with easy to follow installation and service power consumption, servicing, consumable charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 manufacture, install and service All of these questions be as free telephone specialists, no automated service manuals,can as well assistance spare parts, product life cycle (guarantee) and We often get asked; year guarantee on the treatment sewage treatment plant for single answered by by Wespecialist Build It experts queuing system) a installers. Weor can also offer full orbuyingemptying charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 year plant and 2 Years on the air pump. houses, small developments, products inside sewage treatment plant can be How does it work? What doesrural it cost? who know their assisted installations at very competitive rates. guarantee on the treatment plant and 2 Years on industrial campsites, pubs, out; ask a middle man with no on offering quite the daunting, which plant is Does it useunits, electric? We pride ourselves best GRP the air pump. hotels, offices, barn conversions knowledge of the industry, product best for my situation?? What are And how much? andI commercial applications. Our or process these questions and Do have to maintain it? We can design, install and service sewage treatment plant for products can also the customer is often baffled by manufacture, How do I install it?be used after an We can design, manufacture, install and service sewage single small developments, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, existing terms such as BOD, COD,houses, NH4, How bigseptic is it? tank to enable the treatment plant for single houses, small developments, effluent toto beempty discharged need tobarn knowconversions and commercial applications. Do I need it? directly to but do they reallyoffices, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, a water causeway, if your existing this? All the homeowner, builder

Google “domestic sewage treatment plant” the consumer is This is why dealing with a specialist What can go into and the plant? manufacturer, installer servicerof of all shapes What happens to the bombarded byand plants and sizes . waste?


barn conversions and commercial applications.

The solution sewage system The Bio-Pure Bio-PureSimple Simple solution sewage system Any plant up to 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to Any plant upthis to gives 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to EN12566-3, the consumer confidence they are getting the right EN12566-3,plant this for gives theapplication, consumer confidence getting the right treatment their but always they ask toare see the certificate treatment plantas forthese theircan application, but always see the and test results be manipulated andask nottoshow the certificate true and test results these can be manipulated and not show the true outcome of the as test. outcome of the test. Model

Bio-Pure 1

Bio-Pure 2

Bio-Pure 3

Sizing the plant for a single house is simple its number of bedrooms plus Sizing plantbedroom for a single house number of bedrooms plus two, sothe a three house is ais5simple personitstreatment plant, for multiple two, so a three is a 5 plant person treatment for multiple dwellings usingbedroom the samehouse treatment speak to the plant, manufacturer for dwellings the same plantrange speakare to in theincrements manufacturer the correctusing size unit, mosttreatment manufactures 1-5, for 1-7, the unit, most (See manufactures areRight). in increments 1-5, 1-7, 5-13correct etc. upsize to 50 person. Our Rangerange To The 5-13 etc. up to 50 person. (See Our Range To The Right).

Bio-Pure 4

Bio-Pure 5

Bio-Pure 6

Bio-Pure 7

Bio-Pure 8

Bio-Pure 9

Bio-Pure 10




No. of persons

1 to 5

1 to 7

5 to 13

10 to 16

14 to 22

20 to 27

25 to 32

30 to 36

35 to 42

40 to 55

Max. average daily flow

750 ltr

1050 ltr

1800 ltr

2400 ltr

3300 ltr

4050 ltr

4800 ltr

5400 ltr

6000 ltr

8250 ltr

Max. BOD/day

300 g

420 g

780 g

960 g

1320 g

1620 g

1820 g

2160 g

2520 g

3300 g

In ground depth

2.25 m

2.25 m

2.44 m

2.74 m

2.74 m

2.98 m

2.98 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.98

Outside Diameter

1.85 m

1.85 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.55 m


2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.53

Inlet invert

570 mm

570 mm

700 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

820 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

Outlet invert

670 mm

670 mm

800 mm

800 mm

800 mm

920 mm

920 mm

900 mm

900 mm

1020 mm

Weight empty

125 kgs

125 kgs

200 kgs

230 kgs

230 kgs

350 kgs

350 kgs

460 kgs

460 kgs

800 kgs

Total Capacity

2270 ltr

2270 ltr

3000 ltr

3975 ltr

3975 ltr

5610 ltr

6000 ltr

7950 ltr

7950 ltr

11220 ltr

E Range

27 w

42 w

65 w

84 w

130 w

130 w

210 w

230 w

280 w

280 w

External Envelope 55 The treatment plant you choose should be around 95% efficient thus allowing long intervals before de-sludge is required. The waste water must be cleaned to a standard meeting the usual discharge level requirement. You must apply for either an exemption certificate or permit before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, watercourse or soakaway. Thethe treatment plant you choose As system breaks down and aerates the solids, the should be around 95% efficient items such as wipes, sanitary introduction of non-degradable thus allowing long intervals products etc. should be avoided at all times in any treatment beforeThis de-sludge required. The and increase the need to plant. will clogisup the system waste water must be cleaned to empty the unit, follow this instruction and typical emptying will a standard meeting the usual be around 3-5 years, it is also recommended no medicines, or discharge level requirement, you harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and must apply for either an exemption stagger washing throughout the week. certificate or permit, before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, Simple solution sewage watercourse or soakaway.

The FlowPath

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant

A BioPure Treatment Plant


We Build it hasbreaks developed range of package As the system downitsand sewage treatment plants utilising proven SAF aerates the solids, the introduction (submerged aerateditems filter)such technology for of non-degradable maximum performance andetc. reliability, need using to theempty the unit, follow this as wipes, sanitary products most reliable energy blowers should be avoided atefficient all timesaeration in instruction and typical emptying with a prolonged integral FlowPath to around 3-5 years, it is also any treatment plant, this will clog system will be maximise effluent up the system andquality. increase the recommended no medicines, or

harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and stagger washing throughout the week.

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant A BioPure Treatment Plant



All our Flowpath treatment plants are designed in accordance with the British Simple Water Code of solution sewage system Practice for flows and loads, this range can be designed to meet your population and We Buildrequirements, it has developed consent our standard range its range of package can accommodate upsewage to 300 pe. This range treatment utilising of productsplants can be designed for larger scale proven SAF (submerged commercial applications aerated such as camping sites, filter) technology for maximum ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT FlowPath System • One service visit where all necessary leisure facilities, schools, hotels, offices and performance and reliability, using checks are carried out. This includes industrial applications. the most reliable energy efficient assessing the aeration pattern, sludge • The service agreement lasts for 12 aeration blowers with And a prolonged Maintenance, Spares Servicing levels and effluent quality. months and will also help you meet integral FlowPath system to your Environment Agency obligations maximise effluent quality. The consumer needs easy to follow advice for • All labour expenses for servicing and call regarding your Consent to Discharge. All our Flowpath treatment plants their sewage treatment needs especially when outs are covered so there are no hidden This includes keeping records of service, are designed accordance servicing theirinplant, maintaining any sewage costs. de-sludging and maintenance work for a ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT with the British Water Code of A simple Schematic of a BioPure • Emergency breakdown coverminimum treatment plant, is a very important partneeds of especially when servicing of 5 years. Treatment Plant Practice for and loads, • The cost will beIffree their plant, maintaining anyof all serviceable for parts 12 months. you have any ensuring theflows efficiency of thethis system and that BOTTOM LEFT A simple Schematic of a BioPure range can be to meet charge. rebuilding theyour air unit,Our sewage treatmentof plant, is a This very includesproblem with call Other us you adhere todesigned any operating and maintenance Treatment Plant Products include Mini SAF’s (for your population andservicing. consent pump, replacing the diaphragms alsoout and important part of ensuring the and we willand come fix it and outbuildings up to 4 persons) manual and annual offices requirements, our standard range the airand filters. efficiency of the system that free of charge. meet your Pump Stations you (standard and Environment bespoke) Septic canstrongly accommodate to 300 the pe. systemyou We advise up servicing on adhere to any operating and • One service visit where Tank all Conversion Agency regarding Units obligations (used as secondary Sludge out as required. This rangebasis of products an annual and thiscan will take on average maintenance• manual and return annualis carriednecessary checks are carried your Consent to Discharge. treatment for underperforming septic tanks) This is the removal of settled sludge fromassessing the be designed for larger scale It will also less than an hour to complete. help servicing. out. This includes This includes keeping records the outer scum ring back into the centre sludgeFor commercial such as you to meet applications your legal requirements with the aeration pattern, levels a full rangeof ofservice, our products and servicing de-sludging and be re digested treated camping sites,Agency. leisure facilities, Environment We strongly advisechamber servicingtothe andand effluent quality. visit maintenance work for a again. This helps to keep emptying schools, hotels, offices and system on an annual basis and • Allthe labour expenses for servicing or5 years. minimum of We Build Itapplications. Ltd Service Contracts periodless low. industrial this will take on average and call outs are covered so(01746 781782). call than an hour to complete. It will there are no hidden costs. Our Other Products include Emergency breakdown cover for 12 months. If you• to meet Emptying is NOT included theof all serviceable parts Maintanance, Spares And also help your legal • Theincost Mini SAF’s (for offices and you have any problem with your unit, call us and as the Bio-Pure notof charge. This Servicing requirements withagreement the Environment will does be free we will come out and fix it free of charge. require emptying for 3-5 years. Agency. includes rebuilding the air pump, outbuildings up to 4 persons) Pump Stations (standard and The consumer needs easy to follow replacing the diaphragms and advice for their sewage treatment bespoke) We Build It Ltd Service Contracts also the air filters. • Sludge return is carried out as Septic Tank Units Visit usConversion at required. This is the removal of (used as secondary treatment settled sludge from the outer for underperforming septic scum ring back into the centre tanks) chamber to be re digested and For a full range of our treated again. This helps to keep products and servicing visit the emptying period low. Stand Number • Emptying is NOT included in E217 the agreement as the Bio-Pure does not require emptying for or call (01746 781782). 3-5 years. • The service agreement lasts for 12 months and will also help

The FlowPath

Homebuilding & Renovating Show


HALF OF UK HOMEOW BELIEVE THEY COUL GET A MORTGAGE TO • Three in five (60%) people surveyed by Masthaven bank believes that they would find it hard to get a mortgage today - half (50%) of UK homeowners surveyed feel this way, indicating some may feel like mortgage prisoners. • Masthaven bank challenges the UK mortgage market to modernise itself – new report calls on the industry to adapt to accommodate societal change and better meet modern homebuyers’ needs. According to a new report by challenger bank Masthaven, the mortgage market is not in tune with modern consumers’ evolving needs; the world has changed and the mortgage industry needs to play catch up. Today the bank publishes new data which indicates that UK householders sense a ‘computer says no’ mentality from mortgage lenders. Masthaven’s Game of Loans report found many people surveyed believe they wouldn’t get a mortgage today. The poll, conducted by Opinium, reveals that both would-be and existing homebuyers are unsure if lenders would support them: 60% of the adults surveyed believe that if they were to buy a home today, it would be hard to get a mortgage. The bank is concerned that half (50%) of all adults who are homeowners surveyed feel this way; and it’s worried that they may feel like mortgage prisoners. The new study - comprising two surveys of over 2,000 UK adults, in January and July 2017 - found that almost two in three (65%) people polled believes that getting a mortgage is about ‘box ticking’ not the reality of someone’s situation. This opinion has risen markedly by ten percentage points (from 55%) since the first poll in January. It also highlights how people feel the mortgage market must adapt to appreciate their changing lives – a large majority (81%) of people surveyed believe lenders should make an effort to understand homebuyers’ individual circumstances. This view is strong among people aged 55 or over (88%), UK homeowners (84%) and parents (82%).

Age is a contentious issue Nearly three in four (74%) people surveyed said they feel that meeting repayment criteria should determine mortgage eligibility, not age. Moreover, three in five (60%) of those surveyed believes that everyone who can afford

the repayments when they retire should be eligible for a mortgage. This view has risen up from 53% since the January poll. Commenting on the findings, Jon Hall, Managing Director of Masthaven said:

Just as homes have kerb-appeal to buyers, it seems people have a perceived sense of their own mortgage-appeal to lenders. Our report highlights how many people believe they have low or no appeal to mortgage lenders; they have little faith in the market. Whether these homeowners’ beliefs are founded or not, the industry cannot ignore how customers feel – their perceptions need attention. I believe the industry can adapt, and we’re publishing the report to encourage lenders to look at the new face of home borrowing: ordinary people with normal lives. The UK mortgage industry must create products and processes that are fit-for-purpose for society today – a world that’s rapidly evolved and looks different to even just a few years ago.”

Time for change Game of Loans examines four audiences segments: self-employed, older borrowers, parents, and younger borrowers. Masthaven suggests that, despite new mortgage regulations providing a more stable framework, lenders have not adapted their approaches to cope with evolving financial lives. The bank is urging lenders to look closer at individual borrowers’ lives, so they can create products and processes that are fit for modern life. For example: •

Self-employed: Given the continuing rise of this workforce, the mortgage industry needs to take a



fresh look at how it can support them. Affordability models need to reflect the concept of self-employed income; in many instances self-employed borrowers cannot even get past the initial mortgage selection criteria and progress their case to a trained mortgage underwriter, who would have the skills to be able to read and assess their company accounts.

Other key findings

Parents: The robust affordability criteria have been set for a very good reason, but in many cases parents believe they can afford to make the mortgage repayments. Responsible lenders should be working with brokers to help find affordable solutions that are fit for modern families.

Over half (55%) of self-employed respondents believes they would find it hard to get a mortgage today; and 70% of them feel that getting a mortgage is about which financial boxes you ‘tick’, not the reality of your situation.

Respondents’ perception of their ‘mortgage-appeal’ varied across the UK. Respondents in Wales have the strongest doubts - 72% believe they would find it hard to get a mortgage today, compared to 53% in Scotland. 68% of people in the East of England feel it would be hard, compared to 50% in Yorkshire & Humberside.

While many (73%) respondents have never used a mortgage broker or adviser, over a quarter (27%) have. Among the latter group, almost one in five (19%) said it was because their circumstances were “complicated”.

Three in four (75%) respondents believes it is unfair the young are struggling to get onto the housing ladder today. This view rises to 78% among people aged 55 or over. It drops to 72% among men, but rises to 78% among women.

Many people surveyed believe the UK housing gap will grow: 61% predict the shortage of affordable homes will increase in the next five years; this rises to 64% among people aged 55+ and is felt strongest (68%) in Scotland.

Nearly three in five (58%) respondents believes the price difference between homes in the north and south of the UK will increase in the next five years, but views vary - ranging from 79% in Newcastle to 44% in Cardiff.

More than two in three (67%) people polled thinks UK interest rates will increase in the next five years; meanwhile almost a third (32%) believes the average wage of homeowners will decrease in the next five years.

Younger borrowers: Continued innovation is needed to help first-time buyers onto the property ladder. From unlocking intergenerational wealth and helping grandparents and parents with equity in their homes support their families, to boosting the building of affordable homes.

Older borrowers: The old adage of paying off your mortgage pre-retirement simply isn’t realistic for many people today. As the Government launches Lifetime ISAs to bolster home ownership for the under 40s, it should also consider solutions for an ageing population which keeps mortgages alive for longer.

Alongside how difficult they felt it would be to get a mortgage, Masthaven asked people their views on other topics, including: the mortgage process, the UK housing shortage, intergenerational disparity, and lending into retirement.

Jon Hall added:

The audiences examined in our report aren’t niche groups on the fringes of society, they’re growing segments of the population with modern needs that a thriving mortgage market must address. It shouldn’t be ‘game over’ for many homebuyers before they’ve even put a foot on the property ladder. As a bank we need to make sure our application of the affordability rules are revisited regularly, to check hard-working householders are not being excluded from the mortgage market. As a specialist lender we put people at the heart of the solution. Manual underwriting drives our decision-making rather than technology, and we work in tandem with brokers to assess customers’ individual needs. I’m concerned to hear so many borrowers feel unsupported when in reality an experienced lender, with flexible processes and great broker partnerships, may be able to help.”


The key performance features of the CP 130 sliding door from leading aluminium systems company Reynaers extend far beyond its stunning exterior. At first glance, one brand of sliding door may appear similar to the next, but looks can be deceiving. Up close, the superior quality of Reynaers’ systems is evident, with an industryleading maximum glass size of 2.7m in height. The slimline aluminium frames can also support glass up to 43mm in thickness and 300kg in weight. These huge panes of glass command panoramic, uninterrupted views that welcome natural light into the home. By choosing a special corner solution, it is possible to open up the space without any fixed corner element for a complete removal of barriers between internal and external spaces. Not only this, but the ease of operation takes the CP 130 one step further for homeowners. Reynaers’ lift-and-slide solution has a longer handle which, when turned through 180°, lifts the door slightly, reducing the friction and allowing the door to open and close with the lightest of touches. Reynaers CP 130 sliding door is available as a single-, double-, or triple-track system with multiple configurations. It offers the highest levels of insulation, weather resistance and security, as well as hundreds of finish options and accessories to suit any design requirements. With double glazing a U-value of 1.5 W/m2K can be achieved, and 1.1 W/m2K with triple glazing. Security meets RC2, PAS24 and Secured by Design standards, as well as the system having class 4 air-tightness, C3 wind-resistance and up to Class 9a water-resistance.

Rebecca Cope, Marketing Manager at Reynaers, said: “The aesthetics and performance of the CP 130 are ideal for a recent project of ours, on Sir Harrys Road in Edgbaston (pictured). It’s a misconception that aluminium systems are only suitable for new-builds and ultra-modern architectural styles, as they can really complement traditional architecture. “On this project in particular, you can see how the vast panes of glass provide a stark contrast to the sliding-sash windows with Georgian bars. Whilst these look stunning, the sliding doors bring something new to the property and allow them to enjoy looking out at their expansive green spaces in a new way. The choice of the slim, dark frames against the red brickwork and existing white frames makes this home really special.” Not only is the CP 130 designed to perform to the highest standards, the component parts are also made from only the best materials. The stainless steel rollers, for example, have been tested to thousands of cycles, so you can be confident that you are offering a door that will keep opening and closing smoothly for years to come.

Contact 0121 421 1999, email: or see the website: for further information.



Retro-ďŹ t or New Build proven in use throughout the UK and Europe Thermally advanced, highly decorative Insulated Render Systems


11-0110 13-0480


10-4725 | Tel: 01827 711755


RINNAI INFINITY 1600E OFFERS LOWEST LOW-NOX GUARANTEED Rinnai, designer and manufacturer of the A-rated Infinity range of Infinity continuous flow condensing gas fired water heaters, supplies the best energy efficient range of low-NoX water heaters on the market. Advanced condensing heat exchangers combined with innovative down firing pre-mix burner technology ensure every cubic metre of natural gas or LPG is utilised to the maximum in the Infinity HDC 1600e. The units are renewables-ready and suitable for use as a temperature booster for solar thermal and heatpump installations. The HDC1600e is also future-proofed against future regulatory and legislative changes. The renewables-ready low-Nox Infinity HDC 1600e external wall mounted boiler along with the interior HDC 1600i version) utilises Rinnai’s patented pre-mix burner technology with a 14-1 turn down ratio – the largest on the market – of 58.4kw-4.05kw and is ultra quiet in operation. Integral controls on the units are also a major step forward in achieving best efficiencies whether locally or when

integrated into a building management system. Legionella proliferation is also significantly reduced too. Rinnai has also invented additional ‘SMART’ controls for secondary return DHW systems in the form of an advanced temperature control system which allows for safe running of water at 42°C core temperature during the day and 60°C at a time when the building is closed. By the time the building reopens, core temperature is 42°C for safe use. “The uptake on the whole series of Rinnai’s low-NoX, high efficiency product, across all sectors, has been nothing short of phenomenal,” says Rinnai UK Associate Director Chris Goggin. Rinnai Infinity HDC range offers condensing technology with up to 107% gross efficiency, ultra-low-Nox of less than 20 ppm, a widely expansive modulation range of 54kW-4kW and high flow rates of 37/ltr/min. Add to these benefits the peace of mind of an extended warranty, a top A-rating exceeding the demands of eco-labelling legislation, the flexibility of external wall mounting and delivery to site with all relevant accessories and the knowledge that the HDC1600e is future-proofed

against future regulatory and legislative changes and it is easy to see why the Rinnai brand is fast growing in popularity among H&V professionals. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit


Richard Chappell CEO TC Facilities Management

David Tilley, Director TC Security Services

TC Security Services retain Top 2% position three years in a row TC Security Services, part of TC Facilities Management (TCFM), have once again been placed in the top 2% of all SIA listed companies within the Approved Contractor Scheme in the UK. This is the third year in succession, TC Security Services has achieved this accolade. The 4-day visit by the Auditors involved full scrutiny of the TC Security Services operation visiting both the Head Quarters and satellite offices along with a mix of varied customers.

The maximum overall score that can be achieved is currently 175 points. TC Security Services’ score of 163 places them once again in the top 2% of all SIA listed companies within the Approved Contractor Scheme. It means that we are one of the very best security companies in the entire country.

The auditors mentioned that staff were very aware of the impact of good service delivery along with the high level of satisfaction by customers.

This achievement means that both potential and existing customers have the confidence that the service has been independently assessed against recognised standards and procedures. Beside this is the added peace of mind that all the security personnel have been correctly trained for the role they are performing.

“Our clients obviously benefit from partnering with an organisation that independently scores so highly against so many pillars of industry best practice. Using a full assessment of security risks, we then draw on our expertise in static and mobile security officers, reception, systems and technology to manage these risks.”

In response to the Audit score, David Tilley, Director of TC Security Services said,

Richard Chappell, CEO of TC Facilities Management added, “This excellent SIA audit performance by TC Security Services is testament to its ongoing commitment to provide the very best service to its clients needing to manage a whole range of risks.”


Polyseam will be exhibiting some new and innovative products from their GRAFT brand at HVAC 2017. Polyseam, the company behind the GRAFT brand of premium sealants, adhesives, fillers and passive fire protection products will be exhibiting some new and innovative products at HVAC 2017, stand no. H260. This is the first time the company will be attending this event and are keen to showcase a few of the new products added to the GRAFT brand. One product in particular is the GRAFT HIGH PRESSURE DUCTING SEALANT which is VOC, solvent and emission free and has an EI 240 fire rating.

Marketing manager, Olando Salina, said; “We are delighted to be able to showcase at the HVAC Show as it forms a key part of our marketing activity for the GRAFT brand. Our research and development team spent many months developing and testing the GRAFT HIGH PRESSURE DUCTING SEALANT to ensure it ticks all the boxes. I am confident that this product will make a lot of jobs easier, safer and more cost effective�. GRAFT HIGH PRESSURE DUCTING SEALANT is a low odour emission free sealant based on a unique

high performance and innovative Inert Polymer Technology (IPTtm). Designed for sealing joints and seams in low, medium and high pressure heating and ventilation ducts. GRAFT HIGH PRESSURE DUCTING SEALANT is available in 380ml rigid plastic cartridge and 200ml flexi tube for easier access to hard to reach joints. It is a Class C ducting sealant and conforms to test standard EN 1751, HVAC DW144 and EC1 PLUS. Most importantly it is solvent, VOC and emission free making it safer to work with. Background Based in Huddersfield, Polyseam has been developing and manufacturing sealants and adhesives for the own brand market for 25 years and employs over 50 people internationally. In addition, the company is also known for the Protecta Passive Fire Protection product range, which includes sealants, collars, wraps, and boards that help to ensure that both new builds and refurbished properties meet the latest requirements for air, sound and fire insulation. Polyseam operate in markets across Europe, the middle east, south America, parts of Asia and the South Pacific: Polyseam have manufactured over 150 different types of products, export to over 42 countries globally and are continuously expanding their domestic and international reach.


GRAFT® HIGH PRESSURE DUCTING SEALANT is a low odour emission free sealant based on a unique, high performance Inert Polymer Technology (IPTTM). For sealing joints and seams in low, medium and high pressure heating and ventilation ducts. FEATURES: • • • • • •




01484 421036 l l

/GraftSealants l

Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.


Snickers Next Generation Working Clothes Combine To Defy The Winter Weather Dressing right and staying comfortable when it’s cold and wet on site requires more than your old windcheater, waterproofs and wellies. Continuous, hard work produces body heat and sweat. But when your rate of work slows, the sweat cools and you’ll start to feel cold and damp. The solution is Snickers’ very latest garments that deliver advanced ventilation and the ability to control and regulate the heat from your

body. They’re great for both work and leisure activities. Snickers recommend dressing in 3 Layers - just as athletes do when they compete in extreme weather conditions. The new FlexiWork base-layer Undergarments combine Merino Wool with polyamide for warmth, durability and comfortable ventilation. The body-mapping mid-layer Fleeces and Knitwear come in a range of styles and fabrics designed to insulate

by creating a pocket of air around your body – keeping you warm all the time. Both these layers are complimented by a high quality ‘outer shell’ of ALLROUND Wind- and Waterproof Jackets that will keep you warm, dry, comfortable and a step ahead of everyone else. For more information, visit the website at alternatively, call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788.


Cambridge Man Gets a ‘Life-Changing’ Lift for the Home A 70-year-old man with an extremely rare form of muscular dystrophy has described how he discovered a ‘life-changing’ method of moving between the floors of his home after installing a Stiltz HomeLift.

Christopher Knowles, 70, from Cambridge, suffers from Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) – a slowly progressive muscle-wasting disease that mostly affects the arms and legs. Symptoms of IBM initially include the progressive weakening of the wrist and finger muscles, the front thigh muscles and the muscles that lift the front of the foot. This meant that Mr. Knowles was finding the stairs in his two-bedroomed Victorian terrace home extremely difficult to manage. Unusually, the two bedrooms were downstairs and the kitchen, living room and bathroom were upstairs so it was essential that Mr. Knowles could find a mobility solution to help him move between floors more easily. He had already decided against the idea of a stairlift after having been advised it was unsuitable for his needs. “It was taking me for ever to get up the stairs and it was very painful,” said Mr. Knowles.

“A stairlift was not suitable at all. I could probably get myself on the seat but would not be able to get myself up out of it. An occupational therapist said a stairlift was out of the question for someone with my condition. “Lots of friends suggested I move house and I did look at the possibility of a bungalow but couldn’t bring myself to leave the home I’d lived in for more than 20 years. Also, I can’t drive anymore so I didn’t want to move out of the city. Because where I live is right in the centre, it’s easy for me to get to the shops. In the end, I decided I would get an extension built and get a Stiltz home lift fitted. I’d read great reviews about them on the internet.” Mr Knowles chose the Stiltz Duo Vista Home Lift because he liked its contemporary look, it sits well with the extension, which resembles a conservatory. The lift car is manufactured from structural polycarbonate and its curved body is clear on all sides allowing natural light to flood in from the extension windows. He said: “The Stiltz HomeLift has been truly life-changing for me. I can access the upstairs of my home now at the touch of a button. The lift is also great for carrying things like bags of food shopping up to the kitchen, whereas before I would really struggle to get both them and me up the stairs. I liked the design of the Stiltz Duo Vista because it is transparent on all sides and didn’t in anyway look like an unattractive, square, disabled lift. It’s very stylish and will definitely add value to my home.”

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Refurb & Developer Update - October 2017  
Refurb & Developer Update - October 2017