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Glass Excellence Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units. Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base. Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass. With some of the most advanced capabilities in place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.

Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Saflex DG41 structural interlay

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding FIRMALITE electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:


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BREXIT AND THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY by John Elliott, Managing Director of Millwood Designer Homes

Now that Article 50 has been triggered, the lengthy and complex process of Brexit negotiations is underway and we will quite clearly not be aware of all of the facets that apply until much further down the line when associated matters for each item of negotiation, have also been settled. Because there are a number of over lapping polices and issues which will probably need to be decided as one rather than piece meal. One such issue is the retention of EU workers. As I have said previously in terms of the Brexit decision last June, it has had a positive effect on the UK housing market in many ways and high demand for new homes continues to keep the market buoyant. The future for the UK outside of EU bureaucracy is in my opinion, very much in our interests because we have a strong and growing home grown housing market although we will clearly need the work force to deliver the ambitious targets required by the government. In this context however, Housebuilders outside of the major conurbations such as London and Greater London have a much lower requirement for foreign labour than those that are directly involved with central London, Zones 1 and 2, this will be similar for our other major cities. In a recent survey carried out by Millwood, we found that less than 3% of our onsite workers are from the EU or from outside. It is the opinion on the RICS that unless we retain access to the single market that we could lose around 100,000 of our workers and potentially threaten infrastructure and other projects, primarily in cities. This is of course an opinion and not a matter of statistical fact, and whilst it is all well and good that they should “warn” of what might happen, the Government has repeatedly said that it will be looking to achieve the very best deal that it can for UK Plc, in this context the statistics are available to central Government for every

sector of our industry, and from a personal viewpoint, I find it absurd that one of our professional bodies should actually seek to put numbers on their assumptions when the process for negotiating our way out of the EU has only very recently begun. It seems fairly clear from the information that I have seen that the wider housing market delivered in our towns and villages outside of the central conurbations, is unlikely to be affected to any great extent, if at all.

The UK is already facing a construction skills shortage and these figures only serve to highlight how important it is that we invest in the future of the domestic construction industry and begin to plug the skills gap. We obviously need to think longer and harder about how we encourage young people in the industry and support them throughout their career.

The government has pledged to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020 and construction is one of the key areas for these, signalling its commitment to drive through this pledge. They have introduced a new apprenticeship levy, which all employers with an annual wage bill of over £3million will have to contribute. Other initiatives such as the introduction of degree apprenticeships are a way of developing a higher skills base within the sector as current provisions for apprenticeship schemes do not go far enough. So, we need a wholesale shift in the perception of construction and housebuilding as a career choice, and we need to make clear the breadth of career options and exciting opportunities that do exist within our sector.


A new website-based tool to show exactly what a new garage door will look like on a property has been launched by Garador. Garador’s Visualise your Door is a website tool that lets you upload a picture of your property, mock-up an image of a garage door and then print it off.


After speaking to customers across the country, Garador found that most customers wanted to see what their chosen door looked like on the house before they made the purchase. So Garador created the Visualise your Door tool, to help people actually picture what their garage door will look like on their property. The web based tool has been designed to be easily accessible from a desktop PC or tablet; making adjustments with a mouse or just your fingers on an iPad. Since most people have smart phones these days, they can quickly take a photo of their property, upload it, and then use the Visualise your Door tool to see what styles and colours of garage door will work well with their existing windows, front door, house colour and architectural features. In addition, they can choose from the complete range of Garador doors and colours; including Up & Over, Sectional, GaraRoll and Side Hinged garage doors.

Positioning a Garador garage door onto an image of your property is easy, and there are toggle buttons in each corner so you can accurately adjust the corners of the garage door panel so they fit neatly into the garage door opening. Once the door is in place, you can change the style and colour of the door at the click of a button from the options menu.

“We’ve been working on Visualise your Door for quite some time now” said Garador’s managing director Simon Hipgrave. “We’ve made it accessible from traditional laptops and desktop computers with a mouse, and tablet devices like the iPad. It’s taken a little while to perfect, but our web development team has done an excellent job and we believe it will be a great tool to help our customers find the best looking door for their property. “ Seeing what your property looks like with different doors and colours is great fun and picking out the right Garador garage door that looks good will help to maximise the value of your property; and this new tool is the easiest way available on the market to ensure you get it right. Find out more by visiting or call 01935 443700.


Five illuminating reasons businesses should switch to LEDs this Earth Day (22 April 2017) • Consider offset finance schemes • Replacement calculations need comparing against existing bulbs With National Earth spotlights are useful for lighting heatDay approaching sensitive items such as artworks or food. (22 April 2017), which, amongst 4. Tough: LED lighting is resistant to shock and vibration and performs reliably at other issues, aims cold temperatures (typically down to to address climate -20°C). change, Lyco throws some light on why 5. Costs: The combination of a longer LEDs are an easy way for lifespan and lower energy consumption a business to reduce its environmental guarantees a return on investment, footprint and save money. whether you’re talking one bulb or a thousand. Charles Barnett, MD of Lyco said: “Lighting constitutes a staggering twenty per See below for a running and replacement cent of worldwide energy consumption cost comparison example: and therefore a correspondingly large proposition of a business’s energy bill. Running costs: Running costs for a However, in contrast to our homes, dimming conference centre include maintaining the lights in the workplace is simply not an lighting in men’s and women’s WC areas, a option, so businesses need to seek out more conference cafe and a main bar area: a total energy efficient lighting products in order of 111 bulbs of four different types. to do their bit for the environment and also Based on a scenario where all of the light reduce their running costs.” bulbs are left on for 24 hours a day, running costs for non-LED bulbs are £5,602.90 Five reasons businesses should make the vs. £1,400.72 for LEDs. In other words, switch to LEDs: running costs are reduced by £4202.18 per 1. Energy-efficiency: LED technology is year due to an 85% improvement in energy extremely energy efficient, using up efficiency. to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting (including halogen) and 60% less Replacement costs: If the same theoretical conference centre chose to replace than old fluorescent lighting. its current lighting solution with LED 2. Lifespan: LED light bulbs last up to 50 bulbs, it could make a further saving of times longer than a traditional light bulb, £872.25, based on a 4-year period - the so businesses can spend far less time and average lifespan of an LED bulb if left on money in maintenance and can reduce permanently.* With the addition of other their stock of spare light bulbs. lighting controls such as dimmers, motion sensors and timers, energy costs could be 3. Temperature: Because LED lighting further reduced. projects little or no IR heat in its beam, converting to LEDs reduces fire risk and, Charles Barnett said: “LED lighting potentially, air conditioning costs. LED products have significantly improved since

the turn of the century and they’ve steadily decreased in price. Whilst replacement costs are often the biggest stumbling block for businesses, many suppliers offer flexible finance schemes that allow companies to offset their payments with energy savings. “We’ve spoken to many businesses who are reluctant to switch because they wrongly believe LED conversions are costly, but that’s often because they haven’t fully calculated the comparison with their existing bulbs. When this is done, it can be a real eye opener...” Charles Barnett concluded: “Businesses should select an LED lighting provider who has previously worked on major conversions as they will not only be skilled in managing the project and ensure that the work does not disrupt day-to-day operations, but also recommend the best LED lighting solutions for your business.” For the full range of commercial LED products from Lyco or advice on switching, visit or call 0843 317 7820


Our adhesive film is simply retrofitted to glass areas requiring privacy, security, cleanliness, UV protection or can also be used as a projector screen on store fronts. SONTE has also developed the installation to be a DIY solution and thus we can supply film to customers pre cut and prepared for installation with simple to follow instructions. With the option of either a remote or Smart App controller you can instantly transform your glass area into a secure private zone. Sonte Smart film is perfect for meeting rooms and partitions or areas of the home wanting to remove blinds and curtains. Sonte Smart film can also have added benefits in areas where cleanliness is paramount like hospitals or dental clinics.

SMART GLASS HAS GONE WIRELESS SONTE UK Smart Glass & Film specialise in adhesive switchable film installations. Known as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal film, this technology is based on LCD crystals sandwiched between layers of PET plastic film. When a current is applied to the film the crystals are aligned in the same direction and thus allow light to pass through but when switched off the crystals are misaligned with each other preventing light from passing through and thus the film turns opaque.

Sonte adhesive film operates with a 240/60 VAC step down transformer and uses extremely low current in the “ON” or transparent state with an approximate power consumption of less than 5 watts per hour per square metre. The film state is quickly and easily switched in less than 40 milliseconds via App, remote or wall switch and has an operating temperature range of -20 to 70 °C. Film light transmittance is between 76-81% in the transparent state and approximately 50% when opaque with a UV absorption index of greater than 95%. Film thickness ranges from 0.36 and 0.5mm, is produced in widths of 1.2m and 1.5m and can be cut to any length. Colour options include White, Grey, Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green. Sonte UK provide a full installation service countrywide backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty. The adhesive film is easy to install and does not need to be hard wired to the mains supply. It’s a simple stick, plug and play system that TRANSFORMS THE MODERN OFFICE & HOME OF TODAY INTO THE FUTURE.


Accoya® wood chosen for luxury London development Accoya, the world’s leading sustainable wood product, has been selected as the material of choice for window and door fittings in the development of 10 high-­end town houses in the St John’s Wood area of London. Chosen for its unrivalled stability, thermal properties and unique 50-­year guarantee, Accoya wood has been used in window and door fittings in the Hamilton Drive development, located near to Abbey Road. The 10 luxury properties, covering 70,000 sq. ft., were designed by architect Robert Adam, internationally recognised as a leader in the field of traditional and classical design. Accoya wood was selected for the development as the ideal material for the production of bespoke, tailored wooden windows and doors due its ease of use. The scheme, which has opened to new residents, was constructed by the Carey Group and jointly delivered by Sidra Capital and Dwyer property, with structural design by Byrne Looby. Laura Keily, Head of Marketing for Accsys Group commented: “These apartments are of the very highest specification, so Accoya wood was the natural choice to ensure a high-­quality finish with long-­lasting performance. We source our wood from FSC® plantations, meaning our product also has the benefit of offering a sustainable, yet practical, option in comparison to hard and tropical woods.” Manufactured using a proprietary acetylation process, Accoya wood is one of the most superior wood products on the market today. It performs to the highest of standards, delivering remarkable levels of stability, sustainability and durability.

Exceeding the high quality and aesthetic attributes of tropical hardwoods, Accoya wood also boasts excellent environmental credentials by using wood sourced from FSC ® certified, sustainable forests and is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified. Easy to maintain, coatings last up to two times longer with Accoya wood than when applied to traditional wood products. The high performance wood is also easier to coat with less preparation and sanding time required. This ease of use is down to the stability of Accoya wood and its stronger structure. Accoya wood is available to buy throughout the UK and Ireland. For further information and to speak to a distributer please visit


Carbon capture company secures Queen’s Award Carbon8 Systems, the Kentbased world leader in the permanent capture of carbon dioxide using industrial waste and contaminated soils, has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2017. The company, formed in 2006 and a spin-out from the University of Greenwich, has successfully put its patented Accelerated Carbonisation Technology (ACT) into commercial operation to create the world’s first truly carbon-negative aggregate.

ArcelorMittal, to commercialise ACT throughout Europe, North America and Asia.”

The award will help Carbon8 Systems achieve its vision of creating a global portfolio of waste treatment plants that make a significant contribution to preserving the environment through the permanent capture of waste carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon8 Systems has been at the forefront of promoting carbonation as one of the most effective carbon dioxide utilisation (CCU) technologies to help manage carbon dioxide emissions; with contributions to the UN GEO6 report, the Global Carbon Initiative (GCI) report, and several reports to the UK government. The company is also a founding member of the European Association for Carbon Dioxide Transformation (ASCOT).

Carbon8 Systems’ ACT technology combines CO2 gas with industrial wastes, such as cement dusts, steel slags, oil shale ash, incinerator ash or paper ash, and contaminated soils to form new products. They can then be used as carbon negative construction materials by the building industry, thus protecting natural resources, removing the waste from landfill and promoting sustainable construction.

In 2010, Carbon8 Systems licensed the technology to Carbon8 Aggregates, who then built the world’s first commercially operational ACT plant at Brandon in Suffolk, supported by investment from Grundon Waste Management. A second ACT plant opened at Avonmouth, near Bristol in 2016, and a third plant, in Leeds, has recently been granted planning permission.

ACT was developed by Professor Colin Hills, Technical Director of Carbon8 Systems and Dr Paula Carey, the company’s Managing Director, in the School of Engineering and Science, at the Medway campus of the University of Greenwich.

Professor Hills added: “This is a huge vote of confidence in the technology which mineralises carbon, gives wastes value, and is a unique example of innovative UK low-carbon technology.

Announcing receipt of the award, Dr Paula Carey, said: “The Queen’s Awards are recognised around the world and provide customers with confidence of a company’s commercial and technological edge. “Having successfully commercialised ACT for one specific waste stream in the UK, we are now working with some of the largest businesses in the world, including HeidelbergCement, Shell, Lafarge, Saint Gobain and

“Being acknowledged globally for our innovation will now spur us on to translate this into successful international trade deals, and support sustainable construction around the world.” The Carbon8 Systems team will receive its award from the Lord Lieutenant of Kent and attend a royal reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by Her Majesty the Queen later this year. For more information see


From rural housing to high-tech showcase Unique transformation through innovative use of perforated metal.

Welcome to Väla Gård outside Helsingborg, where the innovative facade hides an exciting transformation. Skanska in Helsingborg wanted to bring together its many offices and locations in the city and chose Väla Gård for the purpose. The beautiful rural building was turned into modern and environmentally friendly offices through the use of solar cells and insulation. For the facade, the architects at Tengbom Arkitekter opted for perforated metal sheets from the RMIG City Emotion programme. Väla Gård is a well-known location and a landmark for the area. By using the creative freedom provided with RMIG City Emotion, the architects were able to design a facade that was very much in line with the architectural style and character of the existing farm buildings. RMIG has manufactured and supplied the perforated metal sheets used for the facade at the short ends of the buildings. The use of corten steel and the tree motif created using RMIG ImagePerf, help the buildings stand out and at the same time blend perfectly into the surrounding forest area. Technical characteristics Raw material: Corten Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf Thickness: 2.0 mm Finishing operation: Bending Explore all the RMIG City Emotion Case studies 01925 839600

The Eltham Loft Conversion


A simple master and ensuite, this Eltham loft conversion is a great example of our standard conversion services. From creating a new loft shell and partitioning the rooms to installing the plumbing and electrics, our clients were looking for a neat job they could finish themselves. In the neat suburbs of Eltham, this is a serious valueadder, and fits perfectly in with the rest of the houses on the street. Most of which already have their loft converted. Like many of our clients, the family in this Eltham home were thinking about the future. With growing, young children they not only wanted to add space to their house, creating an additional bedroom for themselves. But

they were thinking if one day they decided to move on, a converted loft would add some real value to the price. (And top up those college funds.)

So to the project itself. A red-brick terrace with frontside bay windows up and down, our clients were used to a space that felt airy and light. The budget didn’t allow for a juliet balcony, so we wanted to ensure the space didn’t feel dingy. This was done by strategically placing Velux windows and a skylight in the front side of the property. When it came to the bathroom, our client wanted a bit of space to twirl around in. This meant a wider room compared to what we would normally do with this amount of floor space. Installing a modern walk-in shower, basin and toilet, there’s enough space for two people to use the room comfortably. Finished with an understated staircase, complete with wooden bannister, this is an example of the more modest loft conversions we offer. For more information visit


Conservatories and Extensions – Don’t Overlook the Cavity Trays The Department for Communities and Local Government directive regarding conservatories and porches provides guidance on whether the structures must comply with Building Regulations or whether they are exempt. The guidance applies to England and Wales and qualifies when a conservatory or porch is built at ground level and covers an area of not more than 30m², in probability it will be deemed exempt subject to satisfying all of the following accompanying conditions: • Glazing complying with Parts K4, K5.1, K5.2, and K5.3, and K5.4 of Schedule 1. • The thermal separation between building and conservatory or porch is maintained. • The heating system of the building is not extended into the conservatory or porch. The decision of whether or not a conservatory or porch extension is

exempt is a matter for Building Control bodies on a case for case basis, taking into account the above conditions and the amount of glazing that makes up the new walls and roof. Construction is not exempt if it fails to satisfy all the above requirements. The Department for Communities and Local Government qualifies that should a relevant Building Control body decide an extension is no longer an exempt conservatory or porch, Building Regulations will apply. The Building Regulations in question require defined parts of a structure to be dry and free from damp. Accordingly, an extension or a porch attaching to an existing cavity wall will require measures at the roof/wall intersection to prevent damp ingress. An external flashing and wall cavitrays

will arrest permeating dampness from gravitating downwardly below the new roofline and provide a speedy solution to satisfy / regularise this particular construction requirement. Type E and Type X Cavitrays for flat and sloping roof abutments are designed for such purposes and manufactured by the longest-established specialist; Cavity Trays Ltd of Yeovil. Both tray types have been awarded European Technical Approval and LABC product type approval. Full details of these products are on the Cavity Trays Ltd website: For a free pocketbook containing a range of problem-solving solutions, request your copy of: The Latest Book of Wise Decisions – Volume 44, Best Practice Guide 2017.


What Do You Do Once the Water Recedes? Whilst the winter of 2016/17 saw most homes escape any serious flood events, for some the arrival of storms such as Doris and Ewan has acted as a firm reminder of the very real threat posed by the seemingly increasingly disruptive UK weather. For some still the events of December 2015 are also a recent, and painful memory, as a result of the havoc that storms Desmond, Eva and Frank wreaked on over 16,000 residential homes in England.

With flooding set to remain a very real threat to many UK homeowners for the foreseeable future, Toby Champion, Commercial Director at Newton Waterproofing Systems, examines how waterproofing measures can assist those who are recovering from or facing the threat of future flood events.

This 3D cross-section demonstrates a typical and full Newton System 500 cavity drain waterproofing installation


Designing an effective and achievable flood management strategy is vital to being able speed up reoccupation, and cavity drainage systems, comprising of membranes, drainage and pumps, can be a key contributor to success.

It is when the waters recede that flood victims are left with the greatest challenge – how to make flood-damaged properties fit for reoccupation quickly, and how to protect our homes from a repeat of such catastrophes in future? Frequently, the post-flood cleanup can be as frustrating and torturous as the flooding itself, and making affected properties habitable again can take a lot longer than expected. From health and safety assessments, flood damage assessments, flood characteristic investigations and future flood risk assessments, to the stripping out of irreparable fixtures and fittings, a whole host of factors can prevent occupiers from returning to their homes. However, one of the most onerous delays to the reinstatement and reoccupation of flood-affected properties is the unavoidable requirement to allow saturated structural walls to dry out, which can be as painfully slow as one month per inch of wall thickness. Furthermore, the process cannot begin in earnest until all contaminated finishes and organic materials have been removed and a ‘Decontaminate Building and Sanitation Certificate’ has been issued.

Either expediting or circumventing this part of the flood recovery process is therefore a crucial element in ensuring swift reoccupation of a property.


The High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membranes employed as part of such a system are designed with a cuspated profile, creating an air gap between the membrane and the surfaces to which it is applied. Once installed with specially sealed fixings as part of a comprehensive cavity drainage system, the membranes have two major benefits for flood-affected properties: • By providing a barrier that is completely impermeable to water, the membranes separate the damp structure from the internal environment, allowing new internal surfaces and finishes to be installed immediately. They are also permanently effective against damp, salts, staining, and moulds, just a few of the potential side effects of the drying process that can impact internal environments • Secondly they use positive vapour pressure to ‘move’ dampness out of the property. Internal vapour pressure in the air gap created by the cuspated profile of the membrane is greater than external

Over 3,000 square feet of Newton’s cavity drain system was installed to prevent water ingress in the Grade II listed Pickenham Hall, Norfolk

vapour pressure outside. The result is a vapour pressure equalisation process, occurring where internal pressure moves out to the lower pressure externally. In doing so, dampness in the external walls is moved outwards of the property

Reoccupation and Remediation By maintaining the status quo of the structure whilst simultaneously protecting internal environments, an effective cavity membrane system allows finishes to be applied with the peace of mind that the membrane will prolong their longevity and allow the walls to dry naturally behind. Most important of all though, is that in most cases the property can be reoccupied significantly earlier than if the walls were required to dry naturally to a point where new finishes could be applied directly. Furthermore, when installed as part of a comprehensive Cavity Drain System that also employs suitable drainage, the system will have additional benefits beyond just providing a solution for post-flood damp proofing. Once installed, the system will assist in future-proofing the property against further flooding, forming an integral part of an overall designed flood remediation solution. By depressurising water as it enters the structure, the system is able to manage and drain it to a sump, before safely pumping it out and away from the structure, protecting both the occupants, and their possessions, inside. 0800 357 9798

07803 071001


“World Leaders in Water Leak Detection and Prevention”



Hours a day

Days a year

Water Leak Protection For your home and business

Protect your property against floods and leaks Floodcheck® will automatically turn your water off if: there is a tap left on or water is continually running, most probably a leak. no water is used for 24 hours. the temperature where the Floodcheck® is installed goes below 3 deg Celsius. there is a sudden unusual or abnormal demand on the water supply, a burst pipe

Peace of mind for your home The Floodcheck® Auto automatically switches off your main water supply if it detects a water leak, preventing water damage, therefore preventing excessive insurance premium renewals and giving you peace of mind.

Large range of choice of product and prices to suit you budget.. From just £25.00 - £300 Give us a call.. have a haggle.. REMEMBER... Bigger orders, mean bigger discounts..You will not beat our service and price.

Forget the rest.. Fit the best. For Full Flood protection fit Floodcheck now..

Wall and Door Protection







Whether you work in Healthcare, Education, Leisure or Retail our NEW 84 page brochure holds the key to protecting against damage. For a complimentary copy please call 0113 279 5854 or email


Delivery of Great Brands on the Motorway Heads South The UK’s largest motorway services provider, which operates on the ethos of delivering great brand and exceptional customer service, is extending its principle to Exeter…. Visitors to MOTO Hospitality’s Exeter Services, at the end of the M5, will find it has undergone a complete make-over. Now, not only does the venue offer a selection of the most famous brands in High Street refreshment, it also brings the best brands in accessible toileting. The new-look main building features a Changing Places wheelchair-accessible assisted toilet, which can be accessed from north or south, with entry gained by RADAR key, or, if the user doesn’t have the specialist device, staff can open it on request via a deadlock key. The Changing Places is 12m2 with a wall-mounted height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, washbasin, and ceiling track hoist, all supplied and installed by Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leader in supporting independence in personal hygiene. Moto has further extended use-ability by as many disabled people as possible by replacing a standard WC with a Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash & dry (bidet) toilet. “The Changing Places toilet at Exeter is the fifth we have installed across our network, as part of our drive to deliver even better customer satisfaction”, explained Kirsty Woods, Moto Hospitality marketing & PR manager. “The toilet, with its extra space and equipment, means that thousands of visitors who need physical or technical help to go to the toilet, can now enjoy a comfort break, knowing there is somewhere suitable for them.”

Adds Claire Haymes, Clos-o-Mat’s away from home specialist, “Potentially up to 14 million people* need the benefits of extra space, a hoist, changing and washing facilities. By providing the Changing Places, and adding the additional feature of a Clos-o-Mat wash & dry toilet, Moto is enabling many travellers to be able to continue their journey, relieved, and hygienically clean.” Under Building Regulations and British Standards, a Changing Places is ‘desirable’ in any building to which numbers of the public have access. Clos-o-Mat is Britain’s leading provider of helpful toileting solutions, at home and away, including Changing Places and their similar Space to Change facilities. Uniquely, the company can provide an in-house, ‘one- stop-shop’ complete package for ‘away from home’ assisted accessible toilet facilities, from design and commissioning, through to project management, supply and installation, and can also provide subsequent maintenance and repair. Its website is the most comprehensive resource available about Changing Places for campaigners, providers and specifiers alike, with a raft of support information including white papers, calling cards, CAD blocks, video and case studies. * Potential users of a wheelchair-accessible toilet with space, bench and hoist eg Changing Places include: - 1.5m wheelchair users - 6.5 million people who have either bladder or bowel incontinence -1.5million people with a learning disability - 1.2million people living with stroke - 62,000 amputees - 30,000 people with cerebral palsy - 13,000 people with acquired brain injuries - 8,500 people with multiple sclerosis - 5000 people with motor neurone disease - 8,000 people with spina bifida - 120,000 people with a stoma - 3.8million adults morbidly obese - 0.8million disabled children - 8.7million people with osteoarthritis - 400,000 people with rheumatoid arthritis


Housemates Matched By Algorithms, Not Ads:

Like-Minded Living Is Launched

London is defined by a unique approach to living, with many having no choice but to house-share. Some socialites even opt for co-inhabiting environments to leverage their time in the city. LikeMinded Living offers a unique service to make London life simple, rejecting online house-sharing adverts for a more analytical approach. Using unique algorithms to scientifically pair each client with compatible housemates, it ‘matches’ tenants with accommodation in affluent areas such as Chelsea and Fulham, offering luxury living to add value to the lives of like-minded young professionals.

This unique concept was developed after founder and Economics graduate, Denzel Matsaudza identified a need while undertaking a placement year at University, in a city 144 miles from home. Placed with housemates that weren’t suited to his personal or professional preferences, the experience of living in a new environment was dampened by such unsuitable conditions. The Like-Minded Living managing director explained, “The property market in London is notorious, filled with hasty decisions and undesirable arrangements. We change all of that, proud to help our customers find the highest quality living arrangement to suit their needs but at the lowest price. Traditional processes

of finding a room in a group house can lead to unsuccessful, unsuited relationships. Using my knowledge from the degree in economics, Like-Minded Living is powered by an intelligent algorithm to produce a best possible match, using the preferences given to us. Elements of this algorithm are used to match doctors to hospitals and is the technology used in some of the most powerful search engines too!” Amongst its numerous properties, Like-Minded Living has a number of housing options to suit each individual. Whether in search of a sociable house or a private home with little disruption, each of these factors are considered before any contract is signed, giving tenants control over their living situation rather than subject to unwanted surprises after they’ve moved in. Every property comes with an inclusive package of Wi-Fi, Netflix, Spotify and home essential drop ins. Mr Matsaudza said, “We act as the landlord on all of our properties which ensures we can maintain the premium

standards and offer our flexible tenancies. With arrangements to suit short-term internships, mid-length contract work or long-term lets, we adapt to the ever-changing working environment and the accommodation it requires.” Tyrone Williams – Accenture Consultant and a resident at Like-Minded Living added, ““When I was extended a graduate offer for a big job in the city I was ecstatic. However, the closer the start-date the more it dawned on me for the first time in my life I will be living away from home with complete strangers. I don’t have enough money to live by myself, so sharing a room is the only option. This is when I saw the advert for Like-Minded Living and to be honest the fit couldn’t have been better, since then I’ve really enjoyed my stay in London” Learn more about this unique, analytical approach to luxury living at Or get social at Facebook:


Creditsafe’s Industry Watchdog provides you with an insight into industry statistics, growth and decline and payment trends. Drawing a comparison of the previous two quarters, data for the Industry Watchdog is pulled directly from the Creditsafe system on a quarterly basis. Get a snapshot of the industry you are in or the industries you are dealing with from our Watchdog report.

Active Companies




336,655 Retained Profit

Net Worth






Est. Employment





Financial Health Risk Band



Credit Limit (£)

l Very High Risk


0 - 9,999,

l High Risk


10,000 - 99,999

% 83.9% 13.68%

l Moderate Risk


100,000 - 999,999


l Low Risk


1m - 9,999,999


l Very Low Risk




Based on data from the Creditsafe system.

Payments Worst Paid


Best Paid


Sports & Entertainment






Banking & Financial Activities






Worsening Improving

Construction companies are paid on average 16 days beyond terms. Construction pays its suppliers on average 14 days beyond terms.

Days Beyond Terms (DBT) are the days beyond agreed terms a company takes to pay their bills.

Companies spend on average:

Average Invoice Value (£)



Days beyond terms by invoice value (£)

£2,000 £1,500 £1,000 £500 £0



Figures based on 336,655 companies in the construction industry.



10,000 - 19,999


5,000 - 9,999


1,000 - 4,999


500 - 999


100 - 499


0 - 99


The time companies in this industry take to pay their bills by invoice value.


Construction Q1 2017 Bad Debt & CCJs The construction industry was hit with a total of £17,175,930 worth of bad debt in the last 3 months. The average amount owed to construction companies from failed businesses is £22,077.

6 6

The construction industry left a total of £89,410,203 bad debt owed to other companies in the last 3 months. That’s an average of £14,653 owed to companies from failed construction businesses.

6 6

Total Number of CCJs in the last 3 months.


Total Value of CCJs in the last 3 months.


Average Value of CCJs from the last 3 months.


5 5 6

Sector Growth & Employment Start-ups vs Failures (%)

Revenue vs Employment (%)




35 30









-20 -30

5 Jan

Feb Start-up Growth




Failure Growth

Feb Revenue Growth

The above chart shows the percentage of growth vs the percentage of failures last quarter.

Mar Employment Growth

The above chart shows the percentage of revenue vs the percentage of employment last quarter.

Foreign Ownership

Top Company Searches There were 684,879 searches for construction companies on the Creditsafe system in the last quarter.

4,537 construction companies are owned by an international company.

Company Name





Interserve Construction Limited



Virgin Isl.

Valley Heating Services Limited





Herbert T. Forrest Limited



Isle Of Man

Allenbuild Limited





Hall Construction Group Limited





Creditsafe online reporting.

9.5% 7.67%

% Based on percentage of foreign owned companies.

Company Growth


Fastest Growing companies


Biggest Failures of the last quarter


GMI Construction Group Plc


Merit Merrell Technology Limited


AFL Services Europe Ltd


Hall Construction Group Limited


BDW Trading Limited


TAL Limited


Costain Group Plc


Boshers (Cholsey) Limited


Wates Construction Limited


SHS Integrated Services Limited


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Trojan Manufacturing Group introduce Document Q compliant letterplate Leading hardware manufacturer, the Trojan Group have introduced one of the industry’s very few Document Q compliant letterplates. The new TS008 Unicorn letterplate will be unveiled at the FIT Show 2017 which runs at the NEC from 23rd – 25th May 2017. Manufactured from Stainless Steel for ultimate corrosion resistance, the TS008 Unicorn Letterplate meets the requirements of TS008 which means it can be used on doorsets that need to comply with the requirements of PAS24: 2016 or Document Q of Building Regulations. Tony Chadwick, Group Managing Director, comments: “Trojan is renowned for delivering the products that the market needs and the TS008 Unicorn Letterplate is another example of this.” The features of the TS008 Unicorn Letterplate reflect the skills and ingenuity of Trojan’s product designers. The inner protective housing has a unique concealed hinge mechanism to prevent attack. The inner flap has a positive stop feature for maximum protection from ‘fishing’ while the inner flap projection is below door handle height for added protection.

The TS008 Unicorn Letterplate has simple but elegant styling that will complement any doorface and is suitable for both composite and PVC-U doors. It is available in a full choice of external finishes including Polished, Brushed and Satin Stainless Steel, PVD Gold, Black and White. The internal letterplate can be colour coded to match the door colour. The external flap is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel for ultimate corrosion resistance (galvanised mild steel is used for painted finishes). The letterplate has a 25 year anti-corrosion guarantee on all Stainless Steel product finishes and there is a 10 year mechanical guarantee on all versions. Tony concludes: “We have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest legislation in window and door hardware and our TS008 Unicorn letterplate is another example of this commitment. The product is suitable for all market sectors and early indication from customers is extremely positive.” For more information on the new TS008 Unicorn letterplate call 01922 713933 or contact us at


Suitable for all market sectors

• TS008 accredited • Conforms to PAS 24: 2016 and approved Document Q • Suitable for both Composite and PVC-U Doors

The new patented TS008 Unicorn Letterplate from Trojan has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of TS008 accreditation. See the NEW TS008 Unicorn Letterplate on Stand C14 @ FIT

• External flap is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel for ultimate corrosion resistance • Full choice of external finishes – Polished, Brushed and Satin Stainless Steel, PVD Gold, Black and White • 25 year anti-corrosion guarantee on all Stainless Steel product finishes

Trojan Manufacturing Group Limited Fryers Road, Bloxwich, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 7LZ An ASSA ABLOY Group brand Registration No: 2096505 School Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3PW

T: +44 (0)1922 713933 F: +44 (0)1922 713890 E: W:




01484 421036 l l

/GraftSealants l



SMEs in the property industry are still struggling to access the finance they need By Richard Waldman, Group Sales Director, Ashley Finance Change has engulfed the UK in recent months. The muchanticipated triggering of Article 50 on March 29th marked the start of the country’s official departure from the EU. As well as this, the start of the new tax year brought with it new reforms for businesses. The introduction of the apprenticeship levy, an increase to the national living wage, not to mention rising business rates, have all contributed to a general atmosphere of upheaval, regardless of the sector a business functions in. June 1st promises to bring further change for those operating in the property and construction sectors, with the IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) rate rise by 2%: which is expected to hit those sectors responsible for paying multiple insurances hardest. Frustratingly, the challenges arising from these changes are being compounded by an issue that has plagued small businesses for years. Our recent SME survey found small businesses are still struggling to access the cash they need to keep their businesses running smoothly, with 73% of those surveyed revealing they find the application process to be overly ‘long and painful’. Indeed, raising capital to buy a property whilst finding a longer term funding solution has always been an issue for developers. These figures directly correlate to figures from the British Bankers’ Association that shows a dip of £1.6 billion in business borrowing from banks in February 2017[2], as smaller SME owners fail to find funding options that suit their individual needs from traditional lenders. There are fantastic property businesses out there with big ambitions, working hard every day to support the UK’s economy. But the revealing statistics make a clear case for a continued push for better access to funding for UK SMEs. They also highlight the wider barrier that many smaller businesses in the property development sector, particularly those with a less than perfect credit score, are facing when seeking cashflow solutions. It seems astounding when you consider the value of the property sector to the UK economy and workforce. According to the Government Construction Strategy the residential building and development sector is worth approximately £40 billion and employs almost a million people. When we look at those figures, shouldn’t everything be done to support such a major UK industry? A simple short-term funding solution for something like refurbishment shouldn’t be a stressful process. Many of our customers work within the property and construction industries, so we see first-hand how a quick injection of cash or bridging loan can be their saving grace, helping to relieve pressure and allow for breathing space. Faced by difficult questions and forms requiring years of backdated evidence of operation, businesses can find themselves in unnecessary and troublesome situations. Often, all they need is a finance partner with the flexibility, and a personal touch, to help them find the cashflow solution they need to keep their businesses running smoothly. Good, sound businesses should not be filled with dread at the thought of applying for funding. Regardless of where they seek it, we like to think a more constructive, collaborative approach that gives businesses reassurance, especially in the midst of change, is what’s needed to drive confidence. 1 Office of National Statistics, SME landscape and outlook, November 2016 2 British Bankers Association, Commercial Lending, February 2017 3 Government Construction Strategy, October 2016

24 Kitchens & Bathrooms

1000mm RH Cabinet in white, featuring 550mm WC Unit, 350mm Tall unit

1000mm Right Hand Cabinet in Cashmere

700mm Cabinet in Graphite

Curves in all the right places

700mm Cabinet in Graphite

Sophisticated style with elegant curves and soft edges is the Sarenna range from Hudson Reed. The Sarenna range offers stylish practical storage, whilst the subtle woodgrain texture of the furniture contrasts beautifully with a polymarble basin. Available in three distinct finishes: Matt White for a clean minimalist look, Cashmere for those who prefer a warmer tone and the latest on-trend finish Graphiteideal for the modern bathroom. This versatile range offers a choice of two vanity basin sizes, Opt for the 700mm basin unit which features two soft close drawers which is great for internal cosmetics, or the 1000mm basin cupboard unit which is great for storing towels or taller items such as toiletries. There’s also additional storage in the form of a 350mm tall wall mounted unit with soft close door –ideal for family bathrooms. The Sarenna basins are available in left or right hand size options and have been designed so that an LED lighting strip can be fitted underneath the front lip creating that wow factor! To complete the final look Hudson Reed offers a wide selection of bathroom cabinets and mirrors plus designer radiators and towel warmers. All furniture is supplied pre-constructed with integrated soft close system as standard, for added peace of mind we offer a 5 year guarantee on all our modular furniture against manufacturing defects. To request a brochure, or download a PDF of the brochure please visit Contact us today at Hudson Reed 01422 417099, or email


59mm S-Series Minimax super low-level floor gully Purus launch their brand new floor gully with a total height of just 59mm for both vinyl and tiled floor finishes

Purus, the Swedish manufacturer of floor gullies, is extremely proud to be launching their brand new product – the 59mm Minimax S-Series floor gully for both vinyl and tiled floor finishes.

Total floor drain height of just 59mm! Due to a change in screed depth requirements across the construction industry, Purus have taken the same successful technology as their Minimax 50 and made the gully even shallower: the S-Series gully has a total height of just 59mm including the combined water and mechanical NOOD trap, allowing it to fit into even shallower concrete slabs. With careful planning from the architect, the contractor can now avoid the problematic situation of having to install a vertical outlet floor gully through the slab, and can instead use the brand new 59mm S-Series floor gully from Purus. Stainless steel grates for vinyl and tiled floors are available.

e-mail: tel: 0113 289 3172 View product details and installation guides at:

26 Kitchens & Bathrooms Throughout the world Novellini creates inspiring bathrooms that appeal to individuals at home, via our merchant partners. Working alongside architects and designers, we create beautiful and functional bathrooms that complement the home, helping to create tranquil spaces promoting Well-being within the living environment. Based in the beautiful market town of St Albans, Hertfordshire, we have a small but well stocked Showroom with multiple displays of enclosures, trays, baths and steam cabins. In order not to be disappointed please book in advance of your visit making sure we have the product your require on display. Supported by vast stocks at our warehouse in Birmingham and serviced by experienced staff ready to support your needs. All our products are maintained by our qualified service engineers and supported by parts readily available from stock. Our products are available nationwide through our merchant partners and retailers. Please use our dealer locator link to find your nearest dealer or call us directly for more information on 01 727 229 922

Respect for environmental safety and quality Each of our products is designed and manufactured to meet the latest European standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental friendliness. The adoption of low environmental impact production processes, the total control on toxic substances and significant energy savings, are the answers to the problems of a world in a constant evolution.

Antibacterial Coatings Novellini has chosen to enrich the paintings with silver - and zeolite - based additives, in order to prevent proliferation of bacteria, moulds and fungi on the surfaces. Our paints are laboratory-tested according with the JIS Z 2801:2000 method. Compared with traditional paints grant more than 99% reduction of the most common bacterial organisms (Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and Escherichia coli).

Glass - Crystal Clear Treatment Crystal clear is a innovative glass treatment which is applied in laboratory conditions at our factory using state of the art machinery. First the glass is cleaned then evenly sprayed with the Crystal Clear treatment, finally thermally baking onto the glass surface. Thanks to the unique chemical reaction within one single application the glass surface has been modified absorbing the treatment, thus giving you a longer lasting protection. Hygienic , biological tests have proven that the Novellini glass has 98% less bacteria than non treated glass. Low maintenance, The water will run off the glass leaving less residue on the surface, no need to use heavy cleaning chemicals, great for the environment , with less maintenance , more resistant to every day use staying new for longer. After care , After showering Novellini recommends that you wipe down the glass using a soft cloth or squeegee, only clean Novellini products using our specially formulated cleaner “Clean it� which can be purchased through our dealers and directly with Novellini UK. We hope you enjoy your Novellini product for many years to come, please visit for more information and other exciting products.

28 Kitchens & Bathrooms

Neolith - An Extraordinary Surface Neolith is one of the largest sintered compact surfaces, and belongs to a new and revolutionary product category born in the last decade with the aim of providing an innovative response to the most demanding architectural and design demands. The sintering technology that TheSize has developed to create Neolith uses a combination of extreme high-pressure and temperature, giving birth to a surface with unique technical features. These include high resistance to scratches and abrasions, stains and high-temperatures, as well as colours that do no change with exposure to UV rays. Neolith’s exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal therefore makes it the perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wall cladding, floor tiles and façades. The modern UV-resistant colour palette ensures that designers can achieve the look they want, whether indoors or outdoors. 100% eco-friendly, Neolith uses natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. This is supported by a 10-year certified guarantee for kitchen countertops. Neolith can now be viewed at the QFD showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington. QFD stocks a large range of surface finishes in a size of 3200 x 1500mm, in 12 and 6mm thicknesses that include solid colours and stimulating designs. T 020 3457 4949 W Neolith from TheSize – distributed in the UK by QF Distribution – brings with it new and interesting possibilities for surface design.

Kitchens & Bathrooms 29

Featured image: M18, Stanmore

Chantelle Lighting provides luxurious, stunning lighting products for the hospitality industry View all our products online 01282 877 877


Chantelle Lighting

Lighting 31

Switches that light up the room By Jim Hutchison, National Sales Manager, Crabtree

The list of regulations that electrical accessories are required to meet in commercial builds can often seem endless. For wiring accessories, it’s crucial to meet Part M, IET wiring regulations and health and safety requirements. However, whether it’s an architect, specifier, contractor or installer, they’ll be aiming to do more than just satisfy expectations and regulations. They want to exceed them by sourcing accessories with progressive features and benefits that go above and beyond the basic criteria. For this reason, lighting switches and controls that combat or simplify some of the common problems of installation, optimise aesthetics or improve upon safety regulations are high on everyone’s radar. It’s clear that to catch the eyes of decision makers in today’s competitive commercial market and exceed expectations, switches and controls must include one, if not all of these benefits.

Consistent plate depth and style Part M requires that in all public installations, lighting control switches should have large rocker push pads. These should align horizontally with door handles for ease of location and operation. In the past, to accommodate these requirements, large rocker switches have differed to other accessories in plate depth and aesthetic style. However, adjacent accessories that don’t match aren’t an attractive or modern proposition in new builds or refurbishments designed to impress. To eradicate this problem, a uniform approach to appearance can set a range apart from others. In our Instinct range, even the wide rocker light switches, that are specifically designed to meet Part M, have smooth curves and a consistent plate depth to match adjacent accessories.

LED dimmer and keycard solutions LED dimmers and key-card operated lighting have always complicated things for the installer. There has long been a need for change in these areas, to simplify and ease installation time. The biggest issue with LED dimmers is compatibility. Due to varying lamp types and loads, there is potential that LED lamps might not be well-matched to dimmers and will fail to work effectively as a result. It’s for this reason that intelligent LED

dimmers are set to become an attractive feature in lighting switches and controls. Intelligent LED dimmers can gauge the load - and then learn - each individual demand. This improves compatibility, and consequently reduces potential for future complications, making the whole installation process smoother. In commercial builds, one of the most common lighting controls is a key-card switch. But, there are issues surrounding their installation. This is because a keycard switch’s current rating is typically so low that it can’t be connected directly to a load circuit. With a 20AX rating, our Instinct range combats this; it allows the accessory to be connected directly to the load without a separate control circuit or contactor. As well as simplifying the wiring process, this also makes things quicker for the installer.

Safety screws It’s also beneficial if grid mounted switches and controls are screw retained. Clip in switch modules can become dislodged over time through cable pressure behind the modules and general wear and tear, which can lead to health and safety concerns. Specifiers need a sense of security when choosing grid modules, and screw retained control modules are more secure than clip ons. They will not move from their mounting, meaning the full assembly remains functional and safe.

There are undoubtedly a variety of features that can give lighting controls an edge in a new build for refurbishment, and we all know that specifiers are always on the lookout for new innovations. From start to finish, the whole process needs to be simple and safe, whilst speed is a must. After all, it’s features that challenge previously stagnant lighting conventions that have the ability to ‘light up’ a room.

32 Windows & Doors

Quality Door Distribution PM-Mendes (International) Limited is a long-established, family owned business, originally trading in panel products, before moving into timber components and doors. Our products are now imported from the Far East and distributed to a wide range of users throughout the country. For over 20 years PM-Mendes have dealt with a carefully selected range of manufacturers with proper financial backgrounds and managements who are prepared to work to our high standards of quality. Our core belief is to do what is right and fair rather than what is expedient at the time, which also extends into our environmental beliefs. The factories that we use have always sourced their core products from managed forests, although we have since gained accreditation in PEFC, FSC and Chain of Custody, adding to our range of FSC products all the time. Both our Head Office and warehouse facilities are based in Corsham, Wiltshire, conveniently close to the M4. A combination of good location, our own fleet of vans and 7.5 tonne trucks, transport backup from selected hauliers and well-stocked warehouses means we can quickly satisfy customer demands throughout the country. As of January 2011, we opened our Northern Office, which is run by a highly experienced and competent team based in Liverpool. These two strategic geographical locations ensure that we fully understand the local economy and therefore the needs of our customers, tailoring products and prices accordingly. Our range of doors, both internal and external, are manufactured to an extremely high standard, by factories that are considered to be market leaders in providing value for money without compromising on product quality. All of our timber products are made using the preferred engineered construction. This system reduces waste, making it both environmentally sound and cost-efficient. The doors are built up using a cross-laminated procedure and then real wood veneers are applied as the top layer. This ensures maximum stability, reducing the risk of warping and bowing, whilst still allowing the beauty and warmth of a natural product to shine through. Because of this added strength, we are able to offer a 10 year guarantee from the date of delivery on the majority of our products. For more information please visit our website

Corsham 01225 811411 Northern Sales 0151 5311052

Internal Doors External Doors



Image courtesy of Pennyfarthing Homes

Visit our Corsham Showroom or take a virtual tour FSCÂŽ and PEFC Certified chain of custody timber door supplier.

We offer a 10 year guarantee from the date of delivery on nearly all timber doors.

Company Registration Number: 131119 Registered Office: 30 Leafield Way, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9SW

Windows & Doors 35

The benefits of full factory finishing of architectural timber, combined with the use of translucent coatings to bring out the lustre of natural wood, are ideally highlighted in the construction of a new-build fire and rescue station in Lymm, Cheshire. While factory finishing is becoming more prevalent, it is still far from the norm, despite the many distinct advantages shown in this project, as Graham Avery, Technical Coatings Manager with specialist paint supplier Mighton, explained: “It not only means the process can be carried out in a completely controlled environment but also of course the entire piece is coated, not just the outside surfaces. In other words, the work can be done 365 days a year, whatever the weather – and the result is significantly more weather-resistant. “More specifiers and coaters are beginning to look to full factory finishing and, to anyone who is not, we recommend they give it some consideration in an application such as this.” Similarly, translucent wood coatings are a less common choice than opaque finishes though, as the Lymm contract shows, they can show off the timber grain to its best effect while retaining all the weather-proofing and preservative qualities of a technically advanced exterior coating. In this case, Mighton Woodstain TP transparent top coat was specially mixed to the colour TR4131 to complement the natural colour of the Siberian Larch specified for the exterior cladding, while the translucency of the coating brought out the timber’s grain to best effect. The timber was vacuum-coated by Lancashire-based James Hatch & Son for International Timber of Manchester, with main contractor ISG for the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The low-build, high-solids Mighton Woodstain TP is a one-pot solution so the single product is not only applied as primer, base coat and finish – so requires no washing out of machinery between coats – but is also used for repair and maintenance, ensuring absolute consistency of colour and gloss level. The impregnation achieved by vacuum-coating also gives improved adhesion so the surface will not flake, peel or crack. The product has the added environmental benefit of being water-based. Graham Avery concluded: “Such a radical choice of natural wood cladding in this context rightly deserves to be shown off to its full potential and the specification of the Woodstain TP, combined with the benefits of full factory finishing give it a performance and ease of use to match.”



Reddiseals launches internal door furniture range to complement sash and casement window products One of the UK’s leading quality suppliers of sash and casement window components and accessories, Reddiseals, has introduced the Abberley range of internal door furniture. The move enables joiners to perfectly match handles, hinges and other furniture on doors and windows throughout a property from a single, specialist supplier. Matching the standards seen in similar window accessories, the Abberley range of internal door furniture is forged in high quality brass. It includes both traditional and modern designs in a wide range of colours to offer plenty of choice, with styling that corresponds precisely to Reddiseals’ sash and casement window components. This offers a significant advantage to joiners and property developers, who generally look to source products from a small number of reliable suppliers whilst trying to match the colours of all furniture required. The Abberley door furniture range includes eight different styles of handle including Swirl, Swirl Deco, Arch, Wedge, Dorsal, Dome, Tempo and Scroll, available on a variety of carefully chosen plates including rose, bathroom and lock plates. Victorian and beaded door knobs are also in the range,

alongside a useful selection of colour matched accessories such as latches and hinges. Internal door handles from the well-known From the Anvil® brand are also available from Reddiseals. Teresa Humphries, Reddiseals Director and General Manager comments: “Having led the sash window component market for a long time and introduced a huge range to cater for casement windows five years ago, it’s a natural progression to now focus on providing internal door furniture to perfectly match our window ranges. We’re well-established in the joinery market and known for the personable and knowledgeable service that we give joiners and developers on a daily basis. The Abberley door furniture range will be a welcome addition for our customers, making us a one-stop shop for good quality window and door accessories that will colour match precisely.”

Part of the Worcestershire based Reddiplex Group, established in 1969, Reddiseals offers a telephone and online sales service, in addition to sales via a busy trade counter on-site in Droitwich. The company’s range of window accessories is highly regarded and includes the exclusively manufactured Kensington range of furniture for sash windows in addition to the Norton collection, suitable for casement windows. An avid follower of the latest styling trends and colours, Reddiseals also provides plenty of classic designs that stand the test of time – each style designed to match across all products, even when a property includes both casement and sash windows. For further information about the Abberley internal door furniture range and to receive a catalogue, phone 01905 791876 or visit


Sustainable building with a little help from Magicman CEO Mark Henderson talks about Magicman, their services for construction clients and how they can contribute to reducing landfill. During the final phase of building work, with hand-over deadlines looming, there is inevitably a heightened risk of accidental damage to walls, doors, floors and fittings. Magicman is an innovative service that specialises in repairing damage of all types to almost any hard surface including chips, scratches, holes, cracks and burns to kitchen worktops, bathtubs, shower trays, wall and floor tiles, doors, window frames and much more. Please watch our video to find out more.

Damaged items that would normally go to landfill, can be rectified for a fraction of the cost of replacement and can be brought back into use, often within hours. Magicman’s mantra of ‘repair not replace’ is significantly contributing to sustainable building and reducing landfill by repairing hundreds of damaged surfaces nationwide on a daily basis. Magicman is a preferred supplier to most companies in the Major Contractors Group, helping them to ensure that projects are completed in pristine condition. Magicman are fully accredited -ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SafeContractor, CHAS, Constructionline, Achilles - and all technicians CSCS certified. For more information email or call 0345 458 1010.

38 Lifts & Stairways

A HOME LIFT SLOTS IN TO ANY SELF-BUILD PROJECT When David and Carol Simpson decided to move back to Devon to reconnect with their roots, little did they realise they would need to embark on their second self-build project in 20 years. The Simpsons were not new to self-building – they completed their last project in Marlow - a mock Tudor dwelling – more than 20 years ago and were not really looking to build from the ground up again. However, after only a few months of living in their two-bedroomed Devon bungalow, they discovered that the layout simply did not work for them and extending was not going to resolve the main issue which was the windows. They were not positioned in a way that enabled David and Carol to enjoy the fabulous panoramic views of the coast.

wall, using a normal 13 amp power socket so there was no need to worry about making space for a separate machine room. To compliment the streamlined and modern interior, the Simpsons installed their Stiltz Home Lift behind contemporary wooden doors in the hallway and upstairs on the landing to match the doors throughout the rest of the house. Mr Simpson said: “We decided, even before we started our initial drawings, that we wanted a home lift for two reasons. The first was to ‘future proof’ our home for when we eventually get

So the couple sketched out a plan of the type of ‘future proof’ house they wanted and took it to a self-build show. There they met representatives from Hanse Haus, builders of pre-manufactured, energy efficient houses. The Simpsons were keen for a quick turnaround, so hired the German house builder to fully project manage the scheme. Their sketches were turned into architectural plans on the basis of which, planning permission was received. Work began on demolishing the bungalow and digging in of new footings for the concrete blockwork. With all the hard work that was going to be involved, both David, 69, and Carol, 67 were adamant that they didn’t want to move again. Therefore it was imperative for them to ‘future proof’ their new home, and installing a domestic lift was the perfect way achieve this. Additionally, the plan was for Carol’s elderly mother who is in her nineties, to move in once the build was complete. Adding a home lift had obvious benefits for her too. Although Carol’s mother did not use a wheelchair the Simpson’s decided on a Stiltz Home Lift as part of their future proofing. The lift, which is a great alternative to a stairlift, travels on a unique dual rail system and worked perfectly with the couple’s original sketched ideas. Additionally, the domestic lift has an integrated drive system and simply plugs straight into the

too old to use the stairs properly and secondly for Carol’s elderly mother. “We came across Stiltz online and they provided us with a floor template so we knew exactly how much space we needed for the lift. This made it easy for us to include the lift in the sketches and plans which we handed over to Hanse Haus. “We did consider a stairlift but our stairs bend halfway up. Stairlifts also take up a lot of space in the stairwell and are a bit of an eyesore, so we are very happy with our decision. It sits behind a door in the hall and goes up to the first floor landing just perfectly.”

Lifts & Stairways 39

Choosing a Staircase for your home. Selecting the right staircase for a new build or refurbishment is an important decision to get right. A staircase is often on immediate view when entering a property creating the perfect opportunity to create an impression in a design that compliments the house. Staircase designs have really come in to their element over the last decade and are no longer viewed as just a way to get from one level to the next, but as a way to enhance a property and create a wow factor. So where do you start? With staircases ranging in cost from £500-£50,000, it is important to allocate a budget early on and work out what you can and can’t afford. Get some online inspiration - you will be able to get advice on costing through your architect or builder and any staircase company. If you contact a staircase company you will need to have a rough idea of the shape of the staircase, the floor to floor height and the materials you would like to use. Drawings or a sketch showing some basic dimensions is a bonus.

Modern and Open Stairs Should your budget permit you might want to consider a more modern approach and opt for an open riser flight with exposed treads. Within staircase design there is an emphasis on light and open styles with subtle supporting structures to allow the maximum passage of light. Instead of standard structures there are now staircases supported with a single spine or indeed with treads cantilevered directly from the wall, that appear to float in mid air! The treads on these modern flights tend to be in hardwood with beech, oak and ash very popular. You could perhaps choose the same species of timber to match your new hardwood floor or new doors.


Glass is extremely popular and can look stunning in the right location. But be warned – streaks left by sticky little figures or pets will be very visible in the light. Horizontal wires and rails are also very popular but they generally don’t comply with UK regulations. This is because they are deemed ‘climbable’ by building inspectors.

It is very important you have sufficient space for the type of staircase you require. If you have an architect or surveyor involved with the work then they will be able to plot the space required for the new staircase. You can also talk to a staircase company who will very quickly be able to establish the opening required in the floor for the shape of staircase you would like. You might have an existing opening which you can’t enlarge and wish to find your best options for the space you have.

Our best advice would be to get a staircase company involved from the early stages in your new build or refurbishment. Think about how important the staircase will be in the development and set aside a proportion of your budget for it. Get some early quotations to help with this so you know what type of staircase you can and can’t afford. A stair company will be able to advise on the opening required in the floor and will be able to ensure the staircase complies with the regulations.


01794 522444

Staircases come in all shapes and sizes but are generally supplied as straight flights, quarter turns (one 90 degree turn), half turns (two 90 degree turns), and spirals. The opening in the floor and the available space will usually dictate the shape of the staircase you can have. A staircase company will be able to advise with this and perhaps provide some sketches and drawings to help.

17 & 18 May 2017 Alexandra Palace, London

Showcasing new technologies and best practice for over 23 years THE BEST PLACE TO FIND:  The largest dedicated installer series in the UK  Over 100 exhibitors from both the domestic & commercial sectors  Free seminars & training  Latest products & innovations  Expert installation advice  Show offers and discounts


PLACE TODAY! Some of the leading manufacturers involved:

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Global Consultancy Turner & Townsend to Manage Office Projects for Microsoft in Scandinavia The independent professional services consultancy will provide cost and commercial as well as project management services in Lund, Copenhagen and Stockholm The consultancy has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft, having delivered multiple projects worldwide for the tech giant Turner & Townsend, the independent professional services consultancy, has been chosen to provide project and cost and commercial management services for Microsoft across three office projects in Scandinavia. These projects form part of a global framework agreement with Microsoft, building on a well-established relationship and an impressive portfolio of successful real estate projects for the tech giant. The global consultancy will be responsible for identifying a viable office space of 2,000m2 in the Swedish capital Stockholm, which is an increasingly busy market. The office will be for video game developer and publisher Mojang - bought by Microsoft in 2014 for $2.5 billion. Turner & Townsend will be helping to collocate Mojang’s developers and technical support staff into one integrated office. Turner & Townsend will also oversee the delivery of a 1,000m2 office fit out in Lund, southern Sweden, and upgrading areas within Microsoft’s existing office in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. The latter will entail identifying areas to showcase the company’s wide range of technologies and innovations for the Microsoft Technology Center. The Lund project is due for completion in July, and the Copenhagen project is due for completion in August. Turner & Townsend has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft, having worked for them on projects all over the world including Belgium, Germany, Kenya, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, the UK and the USA.

Nima Aase, Senior Project Manager for Turner & Townsend Sweden, said: “Microsoft is a very important client of ours across EMEA and particularly in the Nordics. Turner & Townsend established the Stockholm business in 2016 in order to better support Microsoft, not only for the Lund project but for Mojang in Stockholm and further afield in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our presence in Stockholm has led to other local and international clients requesting our services in region.” “In turn, we hope to continue to grow our relationship with Microsoft throughout the Nordics by continuing to provide project, cost and move management support across their real estate portfolio.”

Felicity Brown, Project Director for Microsoft, added: “We’re determined to offer staff in Sweden and Denmark more productive and inspiring workspaces that foster creativity and innovation. “These high-tech office projects are complex. Turner & Townsend’s expertise coupled with their previous experience working with Microsoft in recent years, made the consultancy an obvious choice for us.”

British Made Gate and Barrier Solutions Since 1984 Secured Access Solutions British Designed & Built


Our cost effective and reliable security gates, barriers, turnstiles, pedestrian gates and car parking/traffic control equipment perfectly suit commercial, public or private premises. Browse our comprehensive selection of security gates, gate automation equipment, security barriers and road blockers to find the ideal solution for your needs.


Sliding Gates

Swing Gates

Road Blockers


Newgate (Newark) Limited Brunel Drive Newark NG24 2DE Nottinghamshire

By Phone: 0163 6700172 By Fax: 01636 605400 By Email: (Out of Hours): 01636 653302

Service Department Phone: 01636 704000 Fax: 01636 605957 Email:

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 7.45am - 4.45pm | Friday: 7.45am - 3.45pm | Saturday/Sunday: Closed Newgate (Newark) Ltd is a Company registered in England. Registration No. 1870156

Certificate No: 12191 ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001

British Made Gate and Barrier Solutions



We are the UK’s leading supplier of robust and reliable automatic and manual barriers, gates and height restrictors. Whether you’re looking for a simple barrier, large commercial gate or a bespoke designed solution Newgate can help. From design concept, to manufacturing, installation, service, maintenance and spares, we provide the complete solution every time

Engineering Excellence & Innovation

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Newgate is dedicated to technical innovation and we pride ourselves on our design led ethos. Our team consistently delivers pioneering security solutions and we have set the pace with our designs for the last 30 years. From our complex of three factory units we can deliver a complete solution from design concept with state of the art CAD software to manufacture.

All our products are designed and built in the UK. We are extremely proud of our exceptionally high quality engineering and the long lasting durability of our products.

Experience With over 30 years expertise within the sector we have worked with organisations from a wide variety of sectors, retail developments, business parks, airports, ports, MOD installations, education, health and leisure services, you can be assured we know what we are doing.

Product Range We have an extensive range of security products suitable for any sector designed by our dedicated design team. However, if a client has very specific requirements we can deliver a bespoke solution too. • • • •

Barriers Swing Gates Sliding Gates Pedestrian Gates

• • • •

Telescopic Gates Bollards Road Blockers Turnstiles

Safety We pride ourselves on the high level of accreditations we hold. Safety is at the forefront of our product development to meet industry standards, regulations and codes of practice. • • • • • • •

ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 OHSAS 18001 Made in Britain DHF Safety Assured Construction Line Safe Contractor Approved Gate Safe

Here to help Whatever your requirements our expert team are on hand to provide you with an outstanding end to end service. Get in touch now for a complimentary site survey and no obligation quote.

Topic: Estimating

What is the problem

builders and tradesmen face? Spending long hours on estimating

Lack of accuracy

and no guarantee they'll even win the work

Length of time to produce written quotation and other reports

High chance of forgetting items



is EASY to use


doesn't let you forget ANYTHING wins business with the impressive reports


automatically produces reports at the click of the button helps your business run efficiently - know what to order & when!


Free support for 1 year

Free upgrades

Free Live Price updates forever

Rated 4.9*

Proven to win more work

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Easiest software on the market

Cut time spent estimating by 80%

Easy Price Pro was first developed over 30 years ago and has progressed with the latest building methods and computer technology ever since. Our main focus is ease of use. The software is laid out in the order of the build. It is logical. The different sections integrate with one another to help do the thinking for you. It prices a 4 bedroom house in 45 minutes and extension in 25 minutes Including full written quotation, summaries for each section, material order sheets, bill of quantities, work schedules, payment schedules and more

03333 321502

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Topic: Estimating

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eis suEASY ot YSto AEuse si making them practical, logical Option 2: Estimating There are some very straight and realistic. The pricing forward ways that will enable Services - If you don’t want orderANYTHING you to get this often tiresome to do the estimating yourself GNIHTYNAsheet tegrodoesn't fisulaid oy teout let l t'nin you sethe od forget of a build, so the learning job done, dusted and off or if you just want a back-up curve is short. Their intuitive your desk. Better still both Pro Estimating Services can roper evisserpminature ehtwins htimeans w business sseninothing sub with sniw reports isthe impressive of the methodsstoutlined help. All types of work can be forgotten, giving you peace below are accurate fast priced including new builds, and nocan ttubassist eht foyou kcilwhen c eht tita stropeofrautomatically smind, ecudobut rp yyou llaproduces care itamalways otuareportsextensions, at the click refurbishment, of the button in control; you can see how comes to winning that job. alterations and conversions. the program is working things !nehw & redr1: o oEstimating t tahw woSoftware nk - yltneicifout helps fe nand uryour ssfine enbusiness istune ub ru yrun syour pleefficiently h - know whataffordable to order & when! it oto Option This accurate preferences if required. At - Easy Price Pro have a service provides a complete the click of a button you can complete range of estimating job cost and full set of reports generate a complete set of programs that quickly and for you and your client. With job winning reports including accurately calculate all the quick turnarounds and next plant material, labour and payment & work schedules, day delivery options available summaries, material lists hours for all types of building just send in your plans and work and trade specific tasks. and a written quote. Clients Pro Estimating Services can’t help but be impressed Can your current estimating will care ofFree the tFree nahcreM Merchant Free eciLive rP evPrice iL eerF eertake F trsupport orest. ppsoftware us eerF erFree awtfsupport os tseisaE Easiest for upgrades updates rewill vero forever f setaadp u of slinks edargpu for ayear eymarket 1 rof up tesystem kra1myear ehtaccurately no on1rthe price asknil and you have set job management reports complete extension with a Call Pro Estimating to smoothly run the build. full set of reports including Services now on 03333 a written quotation in about 321518, email info@pes. tneProven ps emitto tuwin C dRated etaR Cut niw ottime nevospent rP Proven to win Contact Easy Price Pro an % hour? Easy ltd or visit 08 ybmore gnitawork mPrice itse Pro’s * 4.9* 9 . 4 estimating krow eromby 80% more work % % New Houses & Extensions today for more info or a free live demo. Call 03333 Plus program can. gnidliub tsetal eht htiw dessergorp sa Easy h dnPrice a ogaPro s321502, raewas y 03first revemail odeveloped depolinfo@ evedover tsrif30 sayears w orPago ecirP and ysahas E progressed with the latest building dial siEasy erawtfPrice os ehT Pro .esu fprograms o esae si sumethods cof niamand Ocomputer .ecnis revetechnology ygolonhceever tor retuvisit since. pmocOur dnamain sdohfocus tem is ease of use. The software is laid pleh ot rehtona eno htiw etargetni out snoiin tcthe es torder nereffof id ethe hT build. .lacigoItl is si logical. tI .dliub The eht fdifferent o redro esections ht ni tuo integrate with one another to help are designed by a builder, setunim 52 ni noisnetxe dna setdo unim the5thinking 4 ni esuofor h myou. oordIteprices b 4 a saec4irbedroom p tI .uoy rohouse f gnikn inih45 t eminutes ht od and extension in 25 minutes









fo llib ,steehs redro lairetam Including ,noitcesfull hcawritten e rof sequotation, irammus ,summaries noitatouq nefor ttireach w llufsection, gnidulcn material I order sheets, bill of quantities, eromwork dna sschedules, eludehcs tn payment emyap ,sschedules eludehcs kand rowmore ,seititnauq


20512 3 33330 fni moc.orpecirpysae.ww 03333 whttp://www.easypric //:ptt321502 h


QUALIFIED 2 WORK INFORMATION BOOKLET Delivering construction NVQ’s from level 2-7 for the last 12 years Q2W LIMITED The Workshop, 32-40 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1JU

NVQ Diplomas Pearson Edexcel provide a suite of NVQ Diplomas aimed at personnel working in the construction industry. At senior management level, those with contractual, design and commercial responsibility may be eligible for assessment at level 7. Managers and supervisors may be assessed at levels 6, 4 or 3. The skill sets required for assessment include: responsibility for establishing, implementing and maintaining systems for managing health, safety and welfare; controlling project progress against agreed programmes, coordination of resources and establishing project dimensional control criteria. Advanced crafts people who can demonstrate the ability to complete complex construction techniques may be eligible for assessment at level 3. For all others level 2 will be appropriate.

Entry Requirements There are no formal entry requirements. However, potential candidates must be able to demonstrate that they can meet the assessment requirements for their chosen qualification before enrollment.

Qualification Benefits Achievement at any level provides individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate their occupational competence within their area of expertise. Formal qualification can provide individuals with increased work opportunities in the UK, Middle East and other overseas locations.

A Pearson Edexcel level 7 in Construction Senior Management provides a fast track to becoming Chartered. You can apply for MCIOB immediately, your NVQ is proof of professional competency, the Professional Review will be shorter than normal. In fact, you only need to complete a short paper focusing on your ethics and professional judgement.

How is the Qualification Assessed? Our experienced assessors visit each candidate in the workplace to evaluate competence, make observations and collect any evidence to add to their portfolio. Disruption to normal work is minimised through planned assessment. We make sure that the candidate understands what type of evidence is required for each unit, and we are always available to answer any queries or questions the candidate may have. Q2W make full use of technology, our e-portfolio enables the quick and easy transfer of evidence from the workplace, and, improves communication between candidate and assessor.

What is the pass rate? Our success rate of around 96% is largely due to comprehensive initial assessment of the candidate’s ability to provide sufficient evidence for assessment. This is a vital part of the assessment process; our aim is to provide a service that fully meets the needs of our clients and the Industry.

How long does assessment take? We would hope to complete your qualification within 16 weeks. However, this will depend on the availability of evidence for assessment. You will be provided with advice and guidance throughout the assessment process to ensure the most efficient route to qualification as possible.

Assessment fees 50% of the assessment fee is required to start your NVQ. On receipt of the first payment you are registered onto your chosen NVQ with Pearson Edexcel. Your confirmation report, will be emailed to you immediately. At this stage, you can apply for your temporary CSCS card, if necessary. You are then assigned to the assessor’s planner.

On receipt of your confirmation report you should expect to be contacted by your assessor within ten working days to begin planning for assessment. Your assessor will be in touch the week before you are due to be seen, final arrangements for assessment visits will be confirmed the day before you are due to meet. The final 50% of your assessment fee will be due when your portfolio of evidence has been approved by our quality assurance team. Q2W are a VAT registered company, all fees will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Office For any further questions, please do not hesitate to email, or call us on 01303 764 287




Range of

Commitment to Excellence

Concealed Panic Hardware

3 Non-handed 3 Easy installation 3 tested to European Standard 3 Concealed fastening for added security 3 Positive bolt release First Choice for Emergency Exit Solutions T 01202 676262 E

F 01202 680101 W

e r ’ e w ! r e c de hoi n o C w st o r i N F

ALPRO launch their new range of

concealed and rim mounted exit devices Innovation and quality at competitive prices The Alpro Hardware Division of IEC Limited has announced the release of the new Alpro range of CE tested exit devices in both concealed vertical rod and rim mounted models.


Panic hardware is a vital and important product in the design and installation of exit doors. Designed to allow the safe and speedy exit of personnel down an escape route in the event of a major emergency.

It has been designed to enable the simplest touch of the touch bar or crash bar to operate the door and thereby allow people to escape. New European standards now govern the manufacture and installation of this equipment, as these devices are “Life safety” devices and it is therefore crucial, they are produced in line with the requisite standards and quality requirements. Surface, concealed, rim and latch models are available, but care should be taken when selecting the correct panic hardware, depending on the application required. If you are unsure of the requirement, please contact us for further advice. Alpro’s new range comprises a concealed vertical rod model, designed for use with narrow stile commercial aluminium doors. The concealed rod model adding to the security of the door. The crossbar is designed with simplicity in mind, yet will provide years of smooth, reliable operation. The rim version is fitted with the same field sizeable crossbar, enabling adjustments to be made to suit the overall width of door installation.

Extension rods are available for taller doors. These units are the perfect solution to the ever growing need for safety. Both units have been comprehensively tested to the relevant CE test requirements and test information is available upon request. Keith Parry, Alpro’s Sales Director says “The comprehensive performance specification of the units, coupled with the overall quality and innovation, enable us to offer a versatile product at a competitive price. Illustrating once again Alpro’s stated aim of offering quality and service to the industry in general. We have been asked numerous times by our customers for products of this kind. Alpro prides itself on listening to customers and their requirements, so this was a natural fit with the other products within the Alpro product portfolio.” Alpro products are available in the UK from IEC Limited and through all major security product distributors.

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Are YOU installing resin bound aggregates yet? Find out what you can do with the Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates Daltex range of gravels for resin.

Tel: 01629 636 500 Fax: 01629 636 425 Email: Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates, Arbor Low Works, Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 lJS

SUDS - DESIGN - PERFORMANCE Our large range of aggregates will suit any design requirements. Our aggregates are produced to the highest quality to give the best finish around. Contact Us today for a free sample box or to find out more about resin bound surfacing. Visit us online for our full range of colours & sizes. Internal Use


Driveways Request your free samples today

Car Parks Cycle Paths

Pedestrianised Areas

Resin bound & bonded surfaces offer the most stylish, hard-wearing & low maintenance finish Tel: 01629 636 500 Fax: 01629 636 425 Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates Ltd, Arbor Low Works, Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1JS

54 Wetrooms

CHANGE TOILET PROVISION TO INCREASE CUSTOM Venues, retail outlets could significantly increase the number of families visiting, and their length of stay, just by adapting accessible toilet facilities.

A survey by Firefly Community - a group of 20,000 families with children who have special needs - found that: • 97% of families surveyed said changing their child whilst out and about was a problem. • 86% had to leave a venue early because of poor toilet facilities • 100% suffer from back pain (from lifting their child) • 95% said either a height adjustable or adult-sized changing bench would make their life easier on days out • 99% would be more likely to visit a venue if it improved its toilet changing facilities. “The survey speaks for itself,” observes Claire Smyth, who runs Firefly’s Space to Change campaign, for wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities with a changing bench and hoist. “Provide a hoist, bench, and you open your doors to up to 14million disabled children and adults1 in the UK, and their families, who need space, a bench, and/or hoist to toilet away from home. “Without these, those families either can’t visit, or leave early so spend less with you: that includes everything from doing the weekly shop, a trip to the town or shopping centre, a family meal out, or a tourist attraction. And we know that venues that have made that change are seeing tangible benefits- Cornwall Services, for example, has reported its facility is used daily and it has seen an increase in custom and spend as a result.” Adds Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Clos-o-Mat, supporter of the Space to Change campaign, “Even if there is no other toilet provided, venues have to at least have a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet. Many unisex wheelchair accessible toilets are already big enough to accommodate the bench and hoist: it’s a comparatively small capital equipment spend to add them. Even if they are not already big enough, it only requires an additional 1.6m x 2m of space….” Under the Equality Act, venues to which the public have access are required to anticipate the need and make ‘reasonable adjustments’, including to the built environment, if a disabled person would otherwise be at a ‘substantial’ disadvantage.

1. Potential users of a wheelchair-accessible toilet with space, bench and hoist include: • 1.5m wheelchair users • 6.5 million people who have either bladder or bowel incontinence • .5million people with a learning disability • 1.2million people living with stroke • 62,000 amputees • 30,000 people with cerebral palsy • 13,000 people with acquired brain injuries

• 8,500 people with multiple sclerosis • 5000 people with motor neurone disease • 8,000 people with spina bifida • 120,000 people with a stoma • 3.8million adults morbidly obese • 0.8million disabled children • 8.7million people with osteoarthritis • 400,000 people with rheumatoid arthritis

Campaigners maintain having to lie a child or adult on a toilet floor to be changed because there are not suitable facilities represents that substantial disadvantage. The concept of Space To Change toilets has been developed to ensure that the personal hygiene needs of people who need changing and lifting facilities for their personal care are met when away from home, as much as possible. It builds on a Regulatory (Document M) unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet, delivering a 7.5m2+ (3m x 2.5m min) WC facility with an adult-sized changing bench and a hoist. Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading supplier of disabled toilet solutions at home and away, has been instrumental in developing the Space To Change toilet layout, and working with campaigners and Firefly Community to promote the concept. Firefly Community, an online special needs resource, is driving the movement, supporting campaigners and raising awareness of the need for accessible toilets that include a height adjustable changing bench and hoist. Full details of the Space To Change concept, plus technical support, CAD blocks etc, can be found at and the Firefly Community website.

Wetrooms 55


New research has revealed almost 2million people have unmet accessible housing needs, giving providers an opportunity to adjust their offering to meet demand. The report*, by Habinteg and Papworth Trust, is recommending developers to review their products to deliver solutions that enable maintenance of independence in mainstream housing. Clos-o-Mat can give a single source to address prolonged independence, at least in the bathroom….. “When home adaptations are undertaken, the bathroom is the most common room in which they are needed,” explains Clos-o-Mat marketing manager Robin Tuffley. “Creating an appropriate bathroom, that includes, or can easily accommodate, certain accessibility features, from the design & build stage is therefore very relevant. “Things like level access shower, fittings that can be adjusted vertically or laterally, texture and colour, can all play a part. And under Lifetime Homes criteria, there should be an accessible toilet at entry level, bathrooms should be designed to be accessible, ideally adjacent to the main bedroom, and the structure should be of having a ceiling track hoist retro-fitted.!” Clos-o-Mat can provide comprehensive design advice, through to supply, install, commissioning and maintenance of appropriate equipment- including hoists, shower seats, support systems and the only WC unit developed specifically for disabled people, the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet. Clos-o-Mat has a proven reputation for provision of accessible bathrooms to best practice, and has worked with Habinteg on the social housing provider’s property portfolio, to deliver personal care solutions that deliver optimum independence. Further, to help architects and planners get it right, the company has produced a white paper ‘Design Guidance & Considerations for an Accessible Bathroom/Wetroom’. The document is available for free download here.

tel 0161 969 1199;

Underlay Wet Room Kit - Rigid foam core, cement polymer faced deck - Includes tanking kit & waste - Various sizes available - Can be easily cut down

Underlay Linear Drain Wet Room Kit - Rigid foam core, cement polymer faced deck - Includes tanking kit & waste - Choice of grid tops & waste options - Various sizes available - Can easily be cut down

One-Deck Linear Kit - Rigid foam core, cement polymer faced deck - 1800 x 1200mm Single fall - Can easily be cut to any size - Includes tanking kit & waste - Choice of grid tops and waste options

Maxxus Wet Room Kit - Strong GRP Resin constructed deck - 470kg loading across joists - Includes tanking kit & waste - Various sizes available - Can be cut down

Maxxus Linear Wet Room Kit - Strong GRP Resin constructed deck - 470kg loading across joists - Includes tanking kit & waste - Choice of grid tops & waste options - Various sizes available - Can be cut down

+ Much more! Contact us for your free brochure/price list

Tel - 01629 815500

To mark our 25th year in business and the launch of our new showrooms, 
 we are having an open day on 
 Friday 28th April 2017 - 10am to 8pm. 
 Look around our newly created ‘Centre of Excellence’, a comprehensive adapted living showroom accessed via a through ßoor lift. As all our displays are operational, you can try our specialist electrically powered equipment, including a high/low bath with seat and leg lift, remote rise and fall basins with electronically operated taps, walk in hydro massage bath, wash/dry toilet, steam cabinet, body dryer and seven fully functional showering displays. Our experienced team will be on hand to take you around where we willl be delighted to demonstrate any of the wide range of equipment and answer any questions you may have. We have also recently been appointed one of the exclusive Roca ‘Inspira’ retail partners and offer the latest from their design range. This has enabled us to update our original showroom where we showcase the latest luxury wet room designs from a wide range of manufacturers. As a building company we have over 25 years’ experience specialising in improving access for the elderly and disabled where we provide future proof and family friendly adaptations to the home. Our skilled and qualiÞed team of tradesmen are committed to ensuring all of our clientÕs needs are met to assist them in maintaining their independence. We hope you will join us for a celebratory drink and light refreshments with Westaway Sausages also providing food between 11am and 2pm. If you are unable to make it on the 28th April, please feel free to visit us at another convenient time.
 16 Rydon Industrial Estate, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3SJ | 01626 332210


Le Petit Fort, Jersey Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze fixed and circular rooflights were installed within a fortress-like home, located on the shore of St Ouen’s Bay in West Jersey, which has generated in equal measure both glowing accolades and highly negative critique since its completion. The austere, somewhat secretive looking castellated exterior walls hide the two spacious, modern interior wings of the property. These wings flank a central hinge, which houses the three-storey granite entrance block or ‘keep’ and the main staircase. It is above this stairwell that Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze Circular rooflight was key to both maximising the amount of daylight falling into this pivotal central area as well as adding a modern aesthetic to the historical overtones of the ‘keep’. weathered Jersey granite. The resulting enclosure provides both privacy but also essential protection from the bracing winds and rains so typical of this particular shoreline.

Respecting history & accommodating the contemporary The client was acutely aware of the limitations of the original building on this former farmstead, and was keen to embark on an innovative and ambitious design to create a home fit for a family of five. Whilst there was existing planning on this site (drawn up by the late Richard MacCormac’s practice MJP Architects), the design - a large, glazed circular white house, was the antithesis of what the client actually wanted. Through an invited competition she selected Hudson Architects, whom she felt would be able to transform the dark, characterless farmhouse into a unique property where a mixture of both natural and highly engineered materials would add a contemporary note to the property’s historical context.

The house itself, designed as a pair of 2-storey accommodation wings rotated around a helical stair located in the granite entrance block or ‘keep’, was built using a combination of Cor-ten panels, polished micro-cement render and weathered Jersey granite, some of which was reclaimed from the original farmstead buildings. Referencing the nearby Napeolonic Martello towers, the Second World War fortifications and the slits in the 1920’s perimeter wall Hudson Architects conceived the house itself in terms of a castle with only the central ‘keep’ and the first floor being visible to passersby. Using the previous planning to their advantage – by keeping below the heights allowed for in MacCormac’s designs - they encountered no opposition from the Jersey authorities. Furthermore, the local planning officer himself was keen to promote contemporary architecture on the island and proved a useful ally when some local opposition was voiced. To complete the ‘fortification’ of this property, a fourth wall to the east was added to close the gap in the retained and restored perimeter wall, made of

Inside the perimeter walls the 2 wings and the ‘keep’ frame a landscaped pool terrace, a sheltered garden, and an entrance forecourt. Full-height tilt and turn windows on the ground floor fulfill the architect’s vision of merging the courtyard and the house into one space. Sliding doors on the first floor are used where the 2 wings meet and generous windows throughout provide for bright, airy living quarters as well as breathtaking views out westwards to the sea and eastwards to the craggy hillside landscape.

Maximising the light in the property’s central hinge The living spaces on the first floor are accessed from the feature staircase in the ‘keep’. Here the architect has


successfully interpreted the client’s brief to have synergy between the exterior and interior by combining weathered Cor-Ten steel on the cladding of the staircase with finely crafted oak timber treads and a cement lining. The stairwell is capped with a large, circular Flushglaze rooflight from Glazing Vision. Precision-engineered at Glazing Vision’s Norfolk factory to meet the bespoke dimensions specified by the architect, this circular rooflight offered a number of design benefits: no visible internal framework ensured the amount of light entering this central space was maximized and the high ceiling not compromised. The lack of visible fixings ensured a completely flush external finish. The absence of bulky capping systems meant that the rooflight will not attract dirt or spoil

the view. During the day the stairwell and central space are now bathed in daylight and have unadulterated skyonly views, whilst at night the rooflight reflects the LED lights installed below, and provides a fabulous vista of the stars above. Given the exposure of the property to the ravages of the Jersey weather the Glazing Vision circular rooflight also offered critical technical features: the double glazed unit was BBA certified, proven to resist wind and rain, offering excellent thermal performance, structural integrity and durability of paint finishes and sealants. Two rectangular, fixed Flushglaze rooflights from Glazing Vision were also installed on the property: one above the master bedroom (dressing area) and one above the master en-suite. The architect, having successfully used the Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflights on previous projects, specified them for the master en-suite and master bedroom dressing area in Le Petit Fort in order to maximise the natural light in spaces where larger openings in the elevations would not have been practical. The minimal and elegant internal finish of these units complemented the modern interior décor as well as enhanced the sense of space and height.

An award-winning, individual property From all aspects le Petit Fort exhibits diverse, often conflicting, characteristics: viewed from afar it looks very much like a historical fortress, from the front it looks vast and imposing, from the beach it is only partially visible, suggesting it is small and “hunkered down”. from the sheltered inner courtyard with its pool and garden it is welcoming and playful, and internally it offers state of the art living, with generous rooms, exquisite finishes and an expanse of light and space. Featured on Grand Design’s RIBA House of the Year 2016 TV series, and the recipient of the RIBA South East Regional Award 2016, Le Petit Fort is a bold and uncompromising architectural expression. History juxtaposed with modernity, traditional materials interfaced with highly engineered steel structures, light and space in stark contrast to heavy, intimidating perimeter walls. Controversial? Maybe, but unquestionably thought-provoking.

Find out more about Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze and circular rooflights by requesting a RIBA-accredited rooflight CPD.


Efficiency and Elegance Fit Together in London Terraced House Belgravia, the West London district southwest of Buckingham Palace, is known as one of the wealthiest residential areas in the world. Much of Belgravia’s property was once part of the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Estate. Former residents include Lord Tennyson, Lord Mountbatten, author Ian Fleming and Beatles manager, Brian Epstein. Among Belgravia’s white terraced Victorian homes sits the small enclave of Elizabeth Street, where a full-scale renovation was recently undertaken on a five-story terraced house. The owners tasked Rod Pyke of Blue Interiors with finding a modern central heating and cooling solution that would not detract from the elegance of a new interior and would maintain the architectural design.

Strategy: An online search using the words “discreet air conditioning” led Mr. Pyke to the Unico System and its local distributors, Quantum Group. Quantum Group helped to design and model the entire system in 3D to ensure a perfect fit for the terraced house’s limited cavities and spaces available for mechanical equipment. Richline Mechanical Ltd. installed two 14kW 
Unico Systems within the loft attic, and 
main plenums within the ceilings of each of
 the four floors. Ceilings were lowered slightly to accommodate the low profile 
ductwork. A conventional sized ducted system would have required lowering the ceiling by a noticeable amount. Unico System flexible supply ducts terminate in small round openings in the ceilings. Plasterers fashioned sleek, 50mm holes as the pathway for conditioned air to the various rooms. This choice would have been inconceivable with a traditional heating and cooling system.

Results: “To see a design on paper is one thing,” states Mr. Pyke, “To actually fit it in and not see it, is another. The supply outlets fit seamlessly into the space and the response of the system is extremely quick and impressive.” The owners were delighted that their original design plans remained intact, and they enjoy superior indoor comfort without having to compromise the design aesthetic that attracted them to this row house in the first place.

Benefits • Even, draught-free temperatures • Quiet operation
• Zone control options
• Discrete supply outlets • Flexible design and installation Unico, Inc. is the leader in small duct heating and cooling systems. The company is well known for extensive use in older, architecturally unique homes and buildings as well as elite, high-end custom homes. Unico products are available in 28 countries.

61 Snowsound® Acoustic Technology

Intelligent Lighting

• Intensity & movement sensors • Energy saving • Cost effective +44 (0)1227 763637 +44 (0)1227 763637


WILO-STRATOS MAXO: THE WORLD’S FIRST SMART PUMP. Your new partner is the most flexible pump: the WiloStratos MAXO is the perfect fit for any application and ensures optimal system efficiency thanks to its intelligent control mode. Furthermore, the pump can be integrated into all relevant systems due to diverse interfaces. And with optimised and innovative energy-saving features the WiloStratos MAXO meets the changing requirements superbly. No other pump on the market offers you more efficiency, connectivity and convenience. This is how already today we are making your life easier with the innovations of tomorrow.

WILO BRINGS THE FUTURE. Discover the future of pump technology:

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The Sigma




Are you having problems with false fire alarms? False Alarms are a drain on the resources of Fire Services as well as causing business disruptions, with estimated losses of £1 billion a year. * Protective covers installed over call points can amount to a potential avoidance of £167 million of business disruption in every year.*

Protect your fire system from malicious and accidental abuse with the Sigma Smart+Guard

The Smart+Guard is a tough polycarbonate hinged protective cover that can easily be installed over a range of emergency switches and other devices to provide protection from vandalism, accidental damage or misuse.

The Smart+Guard can also be fitted with an integral battery powered alarm, that when lifted emits an ear piercing 90dB, warning the user that the device is for emergency use only and should not be tampered with.

*Research carried out by BRE (Building Research Establishment) 2011 - 12


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