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TURNER & TOWNSEND HIRES TWO NEW DIRECTORS IN IRELAND TO CONTINUE GROWTH IN REAL ESTATE AND INFRASTRUCTURE • Cost and commercial management expert Mark Coady joins the global consultancy to further boost services in Ireland • Turner & Townsend also hires Brian Thompson as director to grow the infrastructure business • Plans to move its Ireland office from Dublin’s suburbs to city centre this summer to be closer to clients and partners

Independent professional services consultancy Turner & Townsend has appointed two new directors to help further grow its real estate and infrastructure businesses in Ireland. Mark Coady, an accomplished commercial advisor with more than 20 years’ experience in the construction industry both in Ireland and overseas, will be primarily responsible for providing cost and commercial management services. Based in Turner & Townsend’s Dublin office, he will lead the team, driving and safeguarding clients’ commercial interests from start to finish, and growing the Irish business by drawing on the consultancy’s existing local and global client base. A series of major projects includes fit-outs for technology companies Slack Technologies, Quantcast and Yapstone. Mark has experience in managing all aspects of building projects, specialising in cost and commercial management from initial feasibility to on-going advice, working with all forms of contract for both infrastructure and building projects. The second senior appointment, Brian Thompson, has been hired as a director to further establish Turner & Townsend’s presence in the Irish infrastructure market, building on the consultancy’s success with Dublin Airport, Metro North and both Irish Water and Northern Ireland Water. Starting as an engineer with Rolls Royce, he most recently

headed up Unipart’s consulting practice for manufacturing, heavy industry and construction clients for five years. He has worked on some of the UK’s most high-profile programmes such as Hinkley Point C and Crossrail on both the client and supply chain side. Covering the ROI and Northern Ireland, Brian’s key focus will be on the transport, utilities and power sectors, cementing relationships with current clients and forming new partnerships. Brian will be concentrating on helping clients ensure they are maximising the value from their assets and have true confidence that their programmes are under control and equipped to deliver. This summer the global consultancy also plans to move its Ireland office from Dublin’s suburbs to the city centre to be closer to clients and partners. Mark Kelly, Managing Director for Turner & Townsend in Ireland, said: “I’m delighted to welcome on board both Mark and Brian – both highly regarded in the construction industry. They will lead hugely talented teams with enviable client bases. “Turner & Townsend’s real estate division has been going from strength to strength in Ireland and we’ve seen an upturn in the infrastructure market. Their strategic roles will prove vital in driving further growth and improving delivery performance for all our clients.” Mark Coady, Director for Turner & Townsend, commented: “This was an opportunity to join a global player with a strong reputation in the public and private sectors in Ireland. “I have ambitious but realistic plans to grow the cost management team over the next five years, with an aim also to further expand our commercial offering.” Brian Thompson, Director for Turner & Townsend, added: “It is an exciting but challenging time for the Irish infrastructure sector. We’re seeing a bounce back in major programme activities but a bigger than ever focus on maximising value. “I’m thrilled to return to Ireland and become part of Turner & Townsend. I believe the relevance of the consultancy offering with a continued focus on regional strength, places us well to serve our clients throughout Ireland.”


FIRST GLIMPSE OF LIVERPOOL WATERS’ INCREDIBLE NEW CENTRAL DOCKS DISTRICT The team behind Liverpool Waters have revealed the first glimpse of the incredible new Central Docks neighbourhood at the property industry’s premier annual event, MIPIM, in Cannes, as well as releasing eight new plots there for investor development. The Central Docks neighbourhood will form part of this world class destination on Liverpool’s iconic waterfront and is tipped to be one of the hottest property investments around, with places to live, work and unwind coming together to form a new 24-hour community. This new neighbourhood will bring life back to the former docklands site which has sat dormant for many years. The £5 billion Liverpool Waters project will transform 150 acres of historic docklands, the biggest single regeneration project in the history of Liverpool and one of the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world.

leisure district, with over 2,000,000 sqft of mixed use floorspace including 750,000 sqft of quality office space, providing occupiers the rare opportunity of a tranquil setting in the heart of Liverpool city centre, and over 1,000 new waterfront apartments in buildings up to 44 storeys high. All of these new spaces will benefit from a 17 acre public park and views overlooking the River Mersey and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

progress has so far concentrated on the Princes Dock neighbourhood, the new home of the Cruise Liner Terminal, with the bulk of effort going on behind the scenes to secure detailed planning permissions. By the end of this year, the team at Liverpool Waters are expecting to see over £300 million of construction work starting on site.

Lindsey Ashworth, Director of Development of Liverpool Waters, said:

“Central Docks represents a watershed moment for Liverpool Waters. There has been an incredible amount of work done behind the scenes to get us to this point but thanks to the positive attitude of the people of Liverpool, Liverpool City Council and other partners we are now in a position to proceed with this next exciting phase of the project.

“Liverpool Waters is a unique opportunity to invest in a world-famous waterfront and it’s no surprise that this latest phase of the project has already generated interest from investors and developers.

The eight new plots at Central Docks are already attracting interest from investors and developers, with several parties visiting Liverpool to see the opportunities on offer first hand.

“Our ambition has always been to create a waterfront for the world, a sustainable environment with stunning views where people and businesses can flourish together. Unveiling this southern part of the Central Docks neighbourhood marks the next chapter in the Liverpool Waters story and brings us one step closer to re-establishing Liverpool’s waterfront as a gateway to the world.”

This Central Docks neighbourhood will be a world class business and

Although the masterplan for Liverpool Waters was announced ten years ago,

Ian Pollitt, Assistant Project Director at Liverpool Waters, said:

“It is great to see so many of the region’s leading developers and city leaders joining us at MIPIM to showcase the opportunities on offer at Liverpool Waters and is testament to our shared commitment to re-establishing Liverpool as a global city. “Liverpool Waters will not only transform the docklands and restore them to their former glory, it will leave a legacy of jobs and skills that will benefit the Liverpool City Region for generations to come.”




The training system within the UK demolition is the envy of allied industries. The training courses and guidance notes created here have been widely exported and adopted as far afield as the US and Australia. And UK demolition companies consistently leave the annual World Demolition Awards clutching trophies that recognise and reward their training accomplishments. All of this stems from a collaborative approach in which training and best practice is created by and within the industry rather than imposed by a higher authority that is disconnected from the very specific needs of the sector. A good example of this collaborative approach is the development of the Demolition Managers’ training course and associated card scheme. The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) recognised the need for a new card to identify the skill sets required by the modern demolition manager, and tasked its training arm – the National Demolition Training Group (NDTG) with developing a course that could test and measure those skills in a meaningful manner.

The NDTG in turn called upon the training arm of leading UK demolition consultancy C&D Consultancy to develop and then deliver the course based upon its extensive experience within the sector. The resulting course – the first of its kind in the world – has rewarded dozens of individual demolition managers, and has helped raise standards across the industry. “We have long held the belief that demolition managers were equal to their counterparts in the construction industry,” Kehoe concludes. “With the introduction of the Demolition Managers’ course and card scheme, we can now prove it.”



LOCAL SEO IN PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT Martin Calvert of property-focused marketing agency Blueclaw ( shares his insight into the most effective ways for developers, builders, architects and other property professionals can win in SEO.

Property sector professionals know that competition can be fierce. If they’re not choosing a supplier based upon an existing relationship, formal process or word of mouth, there’s a slim window to capture the attention of potential private and commercial customers when they are conducting online research.

this means it is pretty likely that the search engine user will explore your company. That’s not the full story though. The top three companies listed in this section are often different depending on the location of the person searching. Three search engine users running that same search who are a couple of kilometres apart, though still in the same locale, will very probably see a different set of three results.

2. Earn links to your site from other local websites Links pointing to your site from local media publications, blogs and even business that you are a company with local credentials, and so should be a top result when people type in looking for your services plus a geographical term. Links, citations and mentions in business directories are fairly straightforward – identify those that are of most relevant to your local area and ensure that they are kept up to date. Making sure that the contact details, address and other info you have listed with them matches up with the data you’ve submitted on Google MyBusiness is key – search engines do not like inconsistency.

In terms of the media, you can win links by making it a company priority to insist that your When it comes to making the decision to work What this comes down to is that there website is linked to whenever you get local or partner with a developer, contractor or isn’t much chance to force your way into media coverage. If coverage is a challenge, architect, trust is all important. this three-pack view unless you have a tiny Customers trust their own networks, referrals amount of competition. your services more newsworthy – partner up and – importantly – companies who can The best approach to maximise local SEO with other businesses, sports teams, councils performance is to make sure you are and more if it means you get that coverage, and and with local credibility. properly categorised as a brick-and-mortar all-important link. It’s for this reason that there has been a trend business with presence and credibility in Keeping up progress in this area will help your local region. towards a renewed focus on local SEO. increase your local credibility and increase Upon clicking the map in the view we showed above, the search engine user is shown up to 20 businesses that match the search term they used.

your chances of being seen in that valuable three-pack map-view of search results.

Getting on this extended list is the critical part of local SEO as it is from here that the What is local SEO? top 3 results are taken for the three-pack SEO is a method of winning new business by view, with the particular three chosen by taking steps to give your company greater Google based largely on the proximity to presence and prominence in search engine the search engine user. results for the search terms used by customers To be categorised appropriately as a ‘local’ looking for your services.

Technical, on-page SEO can seem mysterious and a different language but it’s really quite logical. The purpose as ever is to make sure your site is understood correctly by search engines.

In this short article, we’re going to talk about how local search engine optimisation strategies can make sure your business is found and seen as a great option by potential customers in the regions where you’re active.

Local SEO is the regional side of this type of strategy, making sure that your company is

3. Commit to Improving On-page SEO

Some key principles that will have an impact are 1.

1. Set up your Google MyBusiness profile - and keep it up to date

have elsewhere in the media or business directories.

geographical areas e.g. ‘architect Swindon’.

is free and A Showing up in the ‘three pack’ of companies available to any business – but too many that is visible at the top of search engine companies neglect it. results is the ideal outcome from a local SEO It serves as a central point of content about perspective, increasing the likelihood that your company. By adding information about you’ll get traffic from potential customers who are looking for businesses like yours in it requires to categorise you accurately, and their local area – an activity that shows clear serve up the right details to search engine ‘intent-to-buy’. users. To show what we mean, here are the results of Information like opening hours, office/ that ‘architect Swindon’ search: vehicle pictures, examples of work, reviews, contact details and more are supported, and once added, can be presented by Google directly on search engine page results. This gives people looking for companies like and more of a basis to decide to choose to work with you rather than some other their shortlist. It’s worth nothing that SEO is not just about being visible online – it’s about making sure you’re putting your best foot forward and making information available to potential customers – helping them to buy.

Making sure that your business name and address details are readable on every page, likely on the footer. These details must be consistent with what you have in your


Getting slightly more technical, having your town/area stated in the meta descriptions (and Title, Image Alt and H1 tags) of your website’s pages will be a boost too.

One very practical result of this second step is that when your business is shown in search engine results, information about your location will also be displayed. this may look something like this: Swindon Architect | ABC Architect Ltd

Established in 1992, ABC Architect in Swindon is an award-winning architecture firm, working with all aspects of design and build. To discuss your project call 01234567891

Keeping on-page code and content optimised advice but it’s one of the fundamental ways of moving ahead of your competition – in SEO, and in business.


Lesco Intelligent Lighting Energy prices continue to rise therefore it makes absolute sense to offset this increasing cost burden by taking advantage of the technological developments in lighting and its control. With the advent of LED technology, the electronic control of fluorescent tubes, movement and intensity level sensors etc. energy efficient installations are the way forward. Well-being in the office is todays buzzword and natural light is not always there or at the minimal intensity, of 500 Lux that is necessary for comfortable working. It is crucial therefore to provide a light source that can supplement the natural or background lighting when required. If this can be supplied automatically only when needed and to suit individual work-spaces, then extinguished when no longer required then so much the better. As a company dedicated to embracing the best of science and design it was paramount to apply the above criteria and add a range of lighting to the portfolio that provided every benefit. Expertise in lighting engineering plus the collaboration of Designer Louis Jaramillo, Lesco Silhouette range of space lighting not only concentrates the best lighting technology available but also into the slimmest panel possible. The different models are fitted with electronically controlled fluorescent or LED lamps in several performance classes to satisfy every need and preference. The most sophisticated version fitted with daylight and presence sensor diffuses a light that is perfectly adjusted to every different level of natural light for every time of the day. This user-friendly light control system contributes to significant energy savings. A combination of flexibility and refinement allows the Silhouette Principle to be applied to different applications and many types of space. Available as free-standing, desk mounted, wall mounted and suspended lights the SILHOUETTE range meets all the requirements of contemporary spaces. The different models are fitted with fluorescent or LED lamps. The right amount of light wherever needed: Freestanding models that plug into any power socket and can be moved at will. Desk Mounted models concentrating the light where it is needed. They advantageously augment or replace natural and background lighting for desk arrangements. Lighting up worktops Automatic light control: These lights can be fitted with the “DALIMULTI-eco” system (OSRAM ERC model) that allows two types of application: Automatic light control: a unit that can swivel 30° in all directions measures luminosity and senses people’s presence. Controlling the light allows lighting levels to be maintained at an adjustable reference value. If natural light is sufficient or if there is nobody in the room, following an adjustable period (from 10 seconds to 60 minutes), the control unit will turn off the light.

Each function may be independently enabled or disabled by adjusting the micro-switches (DIP switches). Automatic lighting level reduction: when someone enters the unit’s field of detection, the light is set according to the recorded value. When there is nobody there, the lighting level is reduced to 50 %, 30 % or 10 % depending on the micro-switch settings and after an adjustable period, (from 10 seconds to 60 minutes). The reduced lighting level may be permanent or the light can be automatically turned off, depending on the micro-switch settings and only when twice the period set has elapsed. The “DALI MULTIeco” system allows artificial light and daylight to complement each other perfectly while also enabling energy savings of up to 70 %. Overhead suspended lighting: An additional element of the Silhouette range is the ceiling mounted suspension lamps. Their perfect design enables them to be easily installed in the highest profile rooms, such as reception areas and meeting rooms. Their refined profile combines elegance with functionality. The simple and adjustable fixing system can be adapted to all ceilings. Made of extruded aluminium sections with aluminium die-cast corners, 2 ceiling fixing boxes, 2 adjustable hanging cables, steel housing, Epoxy powder coating. They are fitted with fluorescent tubes T5 with exceptional lifetime which provide high luminosity outputs ad guaranty measurable energy savings. These suspension lamps give out harmonious light, both directly towards the floor and indirectly towards the ceiling. Wall lights The SILHOUETTE Wall lamps are as efficient as the office uplighter and complete any area’s lighting ambiance with elegance. The most sophisticated version fitted with daylight and presence sensor diffuses a light that is perfectly adjusted to every different level of natural light with every time of the day, All lamps are made from extruded aluminium section with die cast aluminium corners. The Wall lamps have a steel mounting case, steel housing and safety cover. They are Fitted with 2 fluorescent lamps with exceptional lifetime which provide high luminosity outputs and guaranteed measurable energy savings.

2 different heads • 2 lamps direct and indirect lighting • 4 lamps direct and indirect lighting or indirect lighting 3 operating modes • On / Off Electronic – E 2 lamps: one light level 4 lamps: two lighting levels (separate switching in pairs) • Dimmable electronic – ER • Electronic with automatic lighting control (daylight and presence dependant) – ERC 3 lamp ratings 26 W, 40 W and 55 W Light colour 3000°K, optional 4000° K Glare- free micro prism PMMA diffusion panel. LED LAMPS SILHOUETTE LED combines ultra-high luminosity outputs with very low energy


consumption and exceptional lifetime.

Lightweight - A perfectly adjusted light, a slim stem, a slender head achieves the perfect combination of design and efficiency. With this model a proportion of light can be project up and down for desirable effect.

2 operating modes

FLUORESCENT LAMPS SILHOUETTE is fitted with Latest generation fluorescent lamps with exceptional lifetime which provide high luminosity outputs ad guaranty measurable energy savings (up to 70%)

• Dimmable electronic – ER • Electronic with automatic lighting control (daylight and presence dependant) – ERC Light colour 3000° K, MacAdam 3.Glarefree micro prism PMMA diffusion panel. Illumination 50 % direct and 50 % indirect. Please contact: Lesco products Ltd , Unit 19 Wincheap estate, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 3RH. T:01227 763637 e-mail:


SNOWSOUND Acoustic Comfort and Control

Acoustic suppression is no longer a Technological nightmare but something that can be applied simply and retrospectively to existing and new builds with Lesco acoustic panels. It is acknowledged that 70% of workers consider they could be more productive in a less noisy environment. To be in a meeting room with undue resonance or echo is maddening, to make an audio-visual presentation by Skype impossible. There are many reasons why acoustic comfort is needed. But to have one product that can be used across a wide band of applications is a breakthrough. Background noise and resonance or echo, are all areas where sound absorption is required to provide a workable or comfortable interior. This applies to many modern buildings that are short on soft furnishing and carpet and high on hard surfaces like glass, stainless steel and cement. In effect, large surfaces that reflect sound rather than, absorb it. This applies to Offices, Conference rooms, Halls, University lecture halls, Theatres, Stairwells, Entrance Atriums, and the like. This is not to mention Recording Studios, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, music rooms and schools presenting a whole plethora of opportunity for a simple, yet cost effective system that can be retro fitted into an existing building or designed into a new build by the professional architect. The spectacular Snowsound technology uses a newly developed material that has highly efficient properties and the advantage of utilising light, thin panels with an easily cleaned visible surface. This fabric is woven from a Polyester fibre and has been molecularly engineered to be permanently fire retardant. By using Polyester fabric which can be heat bonded to the Polyester cored panel a perfect union between covering and acoustic material is made. ACOUSTIC control with SNOWSOUND technology: As with most technology a simple explanation and application is what is needed. The properties of the Lesco panel is such that it can be utilised in many situations by virtue, of its light weight, efficient performance across a wide band of frequencies, choice of colours and fitting variations. The correct evaluation of requirement can be calculated after on site or drawing measurements and materials inventory via the special software accessible on line. A free site visit by Lesco can be arranged to record this information or the professional acoustic engineer can access our software by the website entry code. In its simplest form, we can arrange a visit with sample panels to demonstrate and then measure the acoustic performance of the space. From this data, the optimum panel area required can be calculated.

Complete technical data is available together with a link to the server providing a formula to enter the parameters of the space to be attenuated and calculate the surface area required. This will aid the architect or acoustic engineer who may wish to make their own, calculations. We will also provide this service to the contract furnishing trade in-order to satisfy their clients by providing the ultimate solution. We hope this enables you to understand the method of acoustic treatment of spaces and provides the opportunity to use Lesco confidently to provide the perfect solution to your clients. Please contact: Lesco products Ltd , Unit 19 Wincheap estate, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 3RH. T:01227 763637 e-mail:


Bobby Davro livens up DHF’s 2017 Gala Dinner event! Tamworth-based trade association, DHF (Door and Hardware Federation), has held its popular gala dinner, which took place at The Belfry on Friday 3rd March. The event provided members, their partners and guests with the opportunity to get together for an evening of socialising, networking and fun, with comedian, Bobby Davro on hand to keep the atmosphere light. It’s the first time that DHF has held a gala dinner since its successful event in 2014. Back by popular demand, Friday’s black tie event welcomed more than 200 guests for a champagne and canapé reception, and delicious four course meal at the Warwick Suite in one of the UK’s most recognised venues. The event was sponsored by Robust UK, GFA UK Ltd, Novoferm UK Ltd, Door Industry Journal, SWS Ltd and Beeline Promotional Products. In addition to Bobby Davro, who delighted the audience with his very special brand of humour, guests danced the night away to popular Midlands radio DJ Ian ‘Chilly’ Chilvers, with many continuing the party at The Belfry’s on-site club, ‘Bel-Air’. Enabling companies from all industries with the opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow DHF members and their guests, the event, which was another sell-out success, is key in bringing together business associates and DHF members in an informal setting, as DHF’s Chief Executive, Bob Perry explains: “This year’s gala dinner was a tremendous success and once again, highlights the importance in coming together to celebrate the current successes across the industries we represent. We would very much like to thank all of our generous sponsors, without whom the evening would not have taken place; and of course, all of those who attended. We look forward to a successful year ahead.”


Parrot, the pioneer of the civil drone market, announces a new all-in-one aerial imagery and 3D modeling solution for real-estate and building professionals, the ‘Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling’ pack. The pack includes a Parrot Bebop 2 drone with Parrot Skycontroller 2 remote control, Pix4Dcapture app, which automatically captures aerial images, as well as Pix4Dmodel software to process images and create a 3D model. Easy to use, reliable and affordable, the Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling pack is a high-performance tool to develop innovative marketing content, such as commercial videos and 3D interactive models or to capture measurements for cost estimates or 3D model printing. Parrot Bebop 2: lightweight, compact and reliable The Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling pack is based on the Parrot Bebop 2, one of the most reliable and advanced drones in the market. Ultra-compact and lightweight (500gr) for easy portability it can be piloted* easily via wi-fi with a smartphone/tablet or with the Parrot Skycontroller 2, a dedicated remote control that extends the piloting range up to 2km.

The embedded, full HD 14MP, digitally stabilized camera enables precise images and videos. The Parrot Bebop 2 is robust and performs perfectly stable flights, with high-quality maneuverability, and a battery life that provides up to 25-minutes of flight time. Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling: the Pix4D expertise and power computing The Pix4Dcapture flight planning free app for iOS and Android smartphones/tablets turns Parrot Bebop 2 in a professional photogrammetry tool. Once the user defines the area to map on the smartphone/tablet screen, the app creates an optimized flight plan. In around ten minutes, the Parrot Bebop 2 flies over the predetermined zone to collect images and data autonomously. In just 30 minutes, the images and data are analyzed and converted into a realistic 3D model thanks to Pix4Dmodel image processing software.

Two solutions are available to the user: • Cloud: Georeferenced images and data are transmitted directly to the Cloud to be processed. After few minutes, a 3D model can be exported or shared online. • Desktop: Users can access advanced features including viewing, editing, measuring and video editing for: • Creation of a virtual tour of a property. • Measurement – dimension, surface, volume – directly on the 3D model. Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling is available May 2017 at professional resellers and at Price (VAT excluded): £999 Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling pack content: • 1 Parrot Bebop 2 • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2 • 3 Lithium Polymer battery (up to 75 minutes flight time) • 1 Pix4Dmodel license for 1 year (Cloud & Desktop) • 1 Parrot Bebop 2 back pack Click here for watching the video. For more info, please visit Follow @Parrot

Cushman & Wakefield Confirms Exclusive Affiliate in Romania


DTZ Echinox rebranding as Cushman & Wakefield Echinox Cushman & Wakefield, a leading global real estate services firm, has signed an exclusive arrangement with DTZ Echinox as its affiliate in Romania. The formal affiliate appointment follows the 2015 global merger of Cushman & Wakefield and DTZ. DTZ Echinox had been DTZ’s partner in Romania since 2002. From today, DTZ Echinox will rebrand as Cushman & Wakefield Echinox. Cushman & Wakefield Echinox provides a full range of services to investors, occupiers and owners across all sectors of the real estate market. Core capabilities include leasing and brokerage, property and facility management, capital markets, investment and asset management, valuation, research and project management. Mihnea Serbanescu, General Manager at Cushman & Wakefield Echinox, said: “Cushman & Wakefield Echinox represents a new chapter of the success story of the company I founded over 23 years ago. With this new brand, which integrates the history, the teams and the know-how of two market leaders, I’m confident that we’ll manage to

further deliver real estate consultancy and brokerage services at the highest level and we will expand our capabilities to consolidate our position in the local real estate market.” Jonathan Hallett, Head of Central & Eastern Europe, Cushman & Wakefield said: “Cushman & Wakefield has a very strong presence across CEE and we are delighted to have strengthened our longstanding relationship with Echinox. Together we will pursue further growth throughout the region.” John Forrester, Chief Executive EMEA, Cushman & Wakefield, said: “Our strong and long lasting relationships with affiliates across EMEA extends delivery into markets where Cushman & Wakefield does not currently have a wholly-owned presence. This benefits both local and global clients who gain access to our global network and local knowledge respectively.” Cushman & Wakefield is a top three global real estate services firm, with some 43,000 employees in more than 60 countries, recorded revenue of over $5 billion, 4.3 billion sq. ft. under management and $191 billion in global transactions.

Cushman & Wakefield has previously announced exclusive affiliate arrangements with: • Excellerate Property Services in subSaharan Africa, named Cushman & Wakefield Excellerate (August 2016). • DTZ Sherry FitzGerald in Ireland, rebranded to Cushman & Wakefield (August 2016). • Inter Israel in Israel, branded as Cushman & Wakefield Inter Israel (October 2016). • Proprius in Greece, branded as Cushman & Wakefield Proprius (October 2016). • SPG Intercity in Switzerland (December 2016). • Veritas Brown, rebranding as Cushman & Wakefield, in Kazakhstan and Georgia (December 2016). • DTZ Finland Oy, rebranding as Cushman & Wakefield, in Finland (January 2017). • DTZ Realkapital, rebranding as Cushman & Wakefield Realkapital, in Norway (February 2017)

Smith’s new Caspian FF is the perfect addition to the Caspian range Smith’s EP UK’s expansion plans, under the Swan Group, continue apace with the launch of a new product in the Caspian range of fan convectors. The Caspian FF is the latest addition to the Smith’s EP UK’s product suite. Suitable for any commercial application from churches to office buildings, the Caspian FF delivers practical and high performance heating to a variety of room sizes. The chameleon of fan convectors, the Caspian FF discretely blends in with all rooms styles. Available as standard in white, the Caspian FF is also available to special order in any colour. A matching black or white plinth can also be purchased as an accessory. The Caspian FF can also be ordered with antimicrobial or anti-bacterial paint finishes for high traffic areas where hygiene is of the upmost importance such as schools, hospitals or doctors’ offices. Sales & Marketing Director, Jim Bennett commented, “The Caspian FF is a great

addition to the Caspian fan convector product range, which is our most popular commercial range because Caspians are so versatile. There really is a Caspian product to suit any commercial application and, in the unlikely event that there isn’t, we will custom make a fan convector to suit the project requirements.” Like all Caspians, the Caspian FF is hydronic and plumbs into any wet central heating system in place in the building. Five models are available, Caspian FF 60, Caspian FF 90, Caspian FF120, the Caspian FF150 and the Caspian FF180. The Caspian FF180, the largest model in the range delivers heat outputs up to 19.2 kW at 80 degrees. Equipped with either AC or EC motors for optimum operational efficiency and compatible with all BMS, there are also a range of additional controls and accessories to support any installation project that requires further technical components. These accessories and the Caspian FF

are all available from good merchants everywhere and can be delivered to branch next day in many cases. All Smith’s Caspian fan convectors come with a fiveyear parts and labour guarantee. Smith’s has further exciting plans for their brand this year. For more information contact Smith’s on 01245 324900; visit follow @SmithsEP_UK on Twitter, Like Smith’s Space Saver on Facebook or Smith’s EP on LinkedIn; or email via


Poole Housing Partnership delivers clean, low cost energy vision with Minus7 With over 15 years of installing renewable energy technologies and more than 1100 solar photovoltaic systems in operation, Poole Housing Partnership is not messing about when it comes to leading the way in local low-carbon, low-cost innovation. We spoke to Mike Harrison, Technical Director of Poole Housing Partnership and others about the story so far. “According to government statistics, 10% of all English households were in fuel poverty in 2014, we thought, ‘this is crazy’. We wanted to lead the way in massively reducing fuel poverty and carbon emissions in Poole and encourage others to do the same. That’s when we met Minus7. We started to explore their ideas of how to utilise the best of all the renewable technologies available on the market and integrate them together to provide a best in class solution to meet our needs.” says PhP’s Technical Director, Mike Harrison. “Energy efficiency of PhP homes is a key priority and we’re constantly looking at new ways to reduce energy bills so we started with a pilot - two new-build 3 bedroom semi-detached houses built to standard part L building regulations. We started small to test Minus7’s claims of industry-beating system performance, energy efficiency and low running costs. Minus7’s team constantly monitored the system for us as part of our service agreement, and after an annual cycle we found each house had heating and hot water for the year at a cost of just £200 - We couldn’t believe it!” Mike continues, “The theory behind Minus7 when you get into it, is mind-blowing - it just makes so much sense.” “We’ve successfully proven we can eradicate fuel poverty with our technology” says Hamish Wilson from Minus7 “Having a happy tenant say ‘thank you, because of you I don’t have to choose between having dinner and keeping my kids warm’ was genuinely very heart-warming. It just brought home the reality of fuel poverty, this frightening situation that so many people in the UK are in. I was so touched that she felt Minus7 was such a big part of changing that situation for her.”

So how does it work? “It’s a unique renewable heat, hot water and energy storage solution” says Hamish Wilson, “The roof is made up of solar thermal planks that harvest energy 24/7 365 days a year, and then a clever energy processor allows the system to operate with minimal grid electricity to ensure low-cost, low carbon energy to residents. The thermal stores enable tenants to have heating and hot water whenever they want it.” he concludes. It’s not only the tenants who have recognised the importance of Minus7’s innovation in integrating renewable energy technologies, Poole Housing Partnership’s pilot was highlighted as one of the Top 60 developments in the UK by Inside Housing in 2015, and they have won several other national awards alongside big brands such as Sainsbury’s and EDF energy in partnership with Minus7. “Our objective was for residents to be able to save energy and money, so we’re delighted that the Minus7 system has helped them achieve both.” Says Mike Harrison.

Four one-bedroom homes with Minus7’s integrated technology were next on the list for Poole Housing Partnership’s new-build scheme in 2015-16. Not only did this enable tenants to downsize and manage their finances better with low cost energy bills, it released larger council homes that were desperately needed by local families. Completed ahead of schedule, the team worked hard to minimise the impact of building works on tenants. Local residents were first invited to a consultation event to review the plans and talk about the proposals. Residents were also invited to an exclusive ‘open house’ event to see inside the new homes, meet the project team and offer feedback on their experiences during the build. “The continued development of affordable housing across Poole is extremely important. These properties provide a fantastic opportunity for families to move to homes more suited to their needs while at the same time freeing up additional properties in Poole for families requiring affordable housing. I must also commend officers and contractors for their hard work in completing these properties ahead of schedule.” Said Cllr Karen Rampton, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities, Borough of Poole. Cllr Xena Dion, Mayor of Poole, added: “Some of the modern features of these homes are really fantastic, and the insulation and energy efficiency will make a big difference to people’s energy bills, as well as our town’s carbon footprint. I very much hope the people moving in will enjoy living here and wish them happiness in their new homes.” Jane Holloway, PHP Tenancy Support Officer, confirmed that “the residents we’ve helped to move are absolutely thrilled with their new homes” Whilst the newest users of Minus7 are enjoying their warm homes and low energy bills, Poole Housing Partnership is already planning their next project with Minus7, including Minus7’s latest product innovation - solar thermal roof planks with discreet embedded photovoltaic cells. “Effectively we’re creating solar-powered heat and power stations that people live in, and by including storage we offer the secure, clean and consistent energy that UK housing needs” says Hamish, “some people have talked about something like this as a vision for what the future of renewable technology can achieve, but Minus7 clients know it’s achievable now.” Visit Minus7 at stand A162, entrance N4 at EcoBuild 2017, Excel London from the 7th – 9th March 2017 or call 01983 282844 to get a free feasibility study for your latest project.


Applied Streetview Aids Businesses with Turn-key Streetview Camera Solution If a picture is worth a thousand words, then streetviews are the equivalent of an entire novel. With its turn-key Streetview Camera Solution, versatile enough to suit all business types and industry applications, Applied Streetview gives organizations the opportunity to capture data and tell their own tale in 360° grace, without the need to outsource any part of the process. With its solutions available worldwide, German company Applied Streetview enters the market with a new turn-key offering entirely. Understanding a business’s desire to keep its high-volume footage secure at all times, it offers total control to companies with its high resolution, end-to-end Streetview Camera Solution, differentiating itself from the uncontrolled, ever-changing public streetview services and low-resolution products currently dominating the market. Unique to Applied Streetview is Creator, a user-friendly and powerful processing program that is included with the system, capable of handling 50,000 streetviews a day. This provides the key to keeping all data handling and final production of the streetview player in-house, enabling companies to decide what, when and with whom to share their results. What’s more, all customers are offered substantial training packages, removing the need to outsource any part of the workflow to external companies, providing a feature-rich, easy to use streetview system, covering all steps from recording, through processing, to display of the final footage in a player. Publishing to the public is optional and at the user’s discretion.

Jan Martin, CEO of Streetview Technology said, “High quality, up-to-date streetviews aid critical business decisions every day – whether that is to learn the true nature of the surroundings of a ¬new construction site, or if it is to show customers where an office is actually located. No other medium can do this better than a series of before, during and after streetviews. We’ve made our system with the business customer in mind, empowering them with a turn-key solution to capture, process and display streetviews on masse, to aid their business. Keeping the whole workflow in-house is fast, flexible and cheap, while maintaining control of the entire process.” There are no limits to the application of this kind of high resolution imagery. This includes engineering, surveying and mapping as well as documentation of wide-area infrastructure such as power lines, pipelines, fiber optic cables and existing assets. By offering a turn-key, easy to use system, Applied Streetview makes it possible for any business to reap the benefits of streetview images using one simple solution. Applied Streetview offers its superior Streetview Camera Solution with a variety of mounts, including two car-mounts and a backpack option for recording on foot. To find out more about the turn-key Applied Streetview Camera Solution, visit

14 Kitchen & Bathroom

Hattrick of new contracts for Lanzet

Lanzet, a national supplier of kitchens to the residential property market, has been awarded contracts by three of the UK’s leading property firms. The deals, totaling £877K, will see Lanzet designing, building and fitting kitchens in more than 238 new homes in the coming months. For CALA Homes, Lanzet will be supplying 75 fitted kitchens within CALA’s new Medstead Grange development of two, three, four and five bedroom luxury homes in Medstead near Alton, Hampshire. The bespoke designer kitchens will include white slab gloss doors, laminate worktops with matching up-stands and glass splash-backs to the hob, under-cupboard lighting, stainless steel extractor hoods and integrated appliances, which vary depending on the house size. Some properties will feature PVC edged matt slab doors within their furniture specification and larger family homes will also be fitted with Quartz worktops. Wainhomes has handed Lanzet the contract kitchen supply for two of its latest developments – Bluebell Walk in Blackburn comprising 79 plots and Shoreside in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria for 64 plots. Wainhomes has selected an ivory gloss door for ‘The Loweswater’ it’s four bedroomed show house within its Shoreside scheme complemented with quartz worktops and Electrolux appliances. Buyers of its four and five bed detached family homes can choose from PVC edged matt wood grain or semi gloss doors with laminate worktops as standard with upgrades available to high gloss painted slab door or vinyl shaker door designs with quartz worktops. Within its Blackburn scheme a stone grey mid sheen style door will complement ‘The Scott’, it’s four-bedroom show house. An example of the kitchen upgrade options will be available in ‘The Shakespeare’ show home including black sparkle quartz worktops.

Finally, Aquinna Homes has specified Lanzet kitchens for its 14 properties within a new development near Maidstone. Alexander Grove will comprise two bedroom apartments in West Mailing near Maidstone and Lanzet’s best selling kitchen design, handless high gloss, will be designed and fitted by Lanzet within this scheme. The appointment comes hot on the heels of another Aquinna Homes project handled by Lanzet Gunnersbury Mews in Chiswick. To complete the exclusivity of this £2m four-bed home, the Aquinna team selected Lanzet’s in-frame solid timber painted kitchen, in two shades - suede and almond. Units were topped with Corian worktops and a matching sink in silver birch with an InSinkErator steaming hot and cold water tap and waste disposal.

Sharon Wood, Sales Director for Wainhomes, said: “New home buyers have increasingly high expectations in The appointment comes on the back of terms of kitchen specifications within a long-standing relationship between new homes, and this can become a key Lanzet and Wainhomes; Lanzet supplied differentiator for our schemes. As an Wainhomes with more than 170 fitted established player in the market, we know that Lanzet has the knowledge kitchens during 2016.

to help us select the best designs and appliances to meet these ever demanding needs. Lanzet provide us with a hassle-free service even to the tightest lead times. “Feedback from buyers of our other scheme featuring Lanzet kitchens has shown that the quality exceeds their expectations – in a highly competitive market this continues to be a key factor in our selection.” Lanzet’s Managing Director, Barry Casement said: “Our ability to reliably handle the whole kitchen installation process – from designing off plan to professional installation - is supporting our ongoing success. By increasing efficiencies, our average lead time is an industry leading three weeks. “Word of mouth recommendation still drives our new business. Our experience in knowing the factors that make all of the difference within this time-and-budget pressured industry ensures that our customers go on to recommend us time after time.”

Kitchen & Bathroom 15

1100mm Slimline polymarble basin option in Hacienda Black.

1500mm Combination option in Gloss White

The Perfect Combination Combination Bathroom Furniture from Hudson Reed offers a unique range of space saving storage solutions for the smaller bathroom. The range is designed to be flexible, so you can create the look you want that fits your bathroom perfectly. The selection of Slimline and L–shaped polymarble complement the vanity and WC units, giving you the flexibility to add additional storage in even the smallest of rooms. If you have space for a run of units together, our 1100, 1200 or 1500mm sets are the perfect combination for added storage, with a choice of straight, left hand or right hand configurations. Complete the look with a choice of co-ordinating mirror cabinets and bath panels. Where space is limited we have a collection of Stand Alone units where the basin unit and WC unit are separate but can be placed together, which are perfect for confined bathroom space. For Stand Alone vanity units choose from 400mm, 500mm and 600mm basin units in both Full Depth and Compact size. Complete with co-ordinating polymarble basins and matching WC tops to complete the look. The Combination furniture range is available in 4 stylish finishes, all with fully colour co-ordinating cabinets and accessories: Gloss White, Driftwood, Grey Avola and the latest on-trend colour

Stand Alone 600mm Vanity & 600 WC unit option in Driftwood

Hacienda Black. You can customise your look with either the standard handle that is supplied or you can purchase an alternative handle to tailor your look. All furniture is supplied pre-constructed as standard making this quicker and easier to install. All our furniture is supplied with an integrated soft close system to endure less wear and tear and have a smoother, quieter action, which is ideal for ensuites. Reassurance of quality is essential, so for added peace of mind we offer a 5 year guarantee on our combination furniture. Combination bathroom furniture lets you make the most of the smallest room in the house, enabling you to incorporate essential storage, and will look stunning in any bathroom with the right styling. To request a brochure, or download a PDF of the brochure please visit or Contact us today at Hudson Reed Marketing: Tel 01422 417099.

16 Throughout the world Novellini creates inspiring bathrooms that appeal to individuals at home, via our merchant partners. Working alongside architects and designers, we create beautiful and functional bathrooms that complement the home, helping to create tranquil spaces promoting Well-being within the living environment. Based in the beautiful market town of St Albans, Hertfordshire, we have a small but well stocked Showroom with multiple displays of enclosures, trays, baths and steam cabins. In order not to be disappointed please book in advance of your visit making sure we have the product your require on display. Supported by vast stocks at our warehouse in Birmingham and serviced by experienced staff ready to support your needs. All our products are maintained by our qualified service engineers and supported by parts readily available from stock. Our products are available nationwide through our merchant partners and retailers. Please use our dealer locator link to find your nearest dealer or call us directly for more information on 01 727 229 922

Respect for environmental safety and quality Each of our products is designed and manufactured to meet the latest European standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental friendliness. The adoption of low environmental impact production processes, the total control on toxic substances and significant energy savings, are the answers to the problems of a world in a constant evolution.

Antibacterial Coatings Novellini has chosen to enrich the paintings with silver - and zeolite - based additives, in order to prevent proliferation of bacteria, moulds and fungi on the surfaces. Our paints are laboratory-tested according with the JIS Z 2801:2000 method. Compared with traditional paints grant more than 99% reduction of the most common bacterial organisms (Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and Escherichia coli).

Glass - Crystal Clear Treatment Crystal clear is a innovative glass treatment which is applied in laboratory conditions at our factory using state of the art machinery. First the glass is cleaned then evenly sprayed with the Crystal Clear treatment, finally thermally baking onto the glass surface. Thanks to the unique chemical reaction within one single application the glass surface has been modified absorbing the treatment, thus giving you a longer lasting protection. Hygienic , biological tests have proven that the Novellini glass has 98% less bacteria than non treated glass. Low maintenance, The water will run off the glass leaving less residue on the surface, no need to use heavy cleaning chemicals, great for the environment , with less maintenance , more resistant to every day use staying new for longer. After care , After showering Novellini recommends that you wipe down the glass using a soft cloth or squeegee, only clean Novellini products using our specially formulated cleaner “Clean it� which can be purchased through our dealers and directly with Novellini UK. We hope you enjoy your Novellini product for many years to come, please visit for more information and other exciting products.

18 Kitchen & Bathroom

CHANGE TOILET PROVISION TO INCREASE CUSTOM Venues, retail outlets could significantly increase the number of families visiting, and their length of stay, just by adapting accessible toilet facilities.

A survey by Firefly Community - a group of 20,000 families with children who have special needs - found that: • 97% of families surveyed said changing their child whilst out and about was a problem. • 86% had to leave a venue early because of poor toilet facilities • 100% suffer from back pain (from lifting their child) • 95% said either a height adjustable or adult-sized changing bench would make their life easier on days out • 99% would be more likely to visit a venue if it improved its toilet changing facilities. “The survey speaks for itself,” observes Claire Smyth, who runs Firefly’s Space to Change campaign, for wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities with a changing bench and hoist. “Provide a hoist, bench, and you open your doors to up to 14million disabled children and adults1 in the UK, and their families, who need space, a bench, and/or hoist to toilet away from home. “Without these, those families either can’t visit, or leave early so spend less with you: that includes everything from doing the weekly shop, a trip to the town or shopping centre, a family meal out, or a tourist attraction. And we know that venues that have made that change are seeing tangible benefits- Cornwall Services, for example, has reported its facility is used daily and it has seen an increase in custom and spend as a result.” Adds Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Clos-o-Mat, supporter of the Space to Change campaign, “Even if there is no other toilet provided, venues have to at least have a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet. Many unisex wheelchair accessible toilets are already big enough to accommodate the bench and hoist: it’s a comparatively small capital equipment spend to add them. Even if they are not already big enough, it only requires an additional 1.6m x 2m of space….” Under the Equality Act, venues to which the public have access are required to anticipate the need and make ‘reasonable adjustments’, including to the built environment, if a disabled person would otherwise be at a ‘substantial’ disadvantage.

1. Potential users of a wheelchair-accessible toilet with space, bench and hoist include: • 1.5m wheelchair users • 6.5 million people who have either bladder or bowel incontinence • .5million people with a learning disability • 1.2million people living with stroke • 62,000 amputees • 30,000 people with cerebral palsy • 13,000 people with acquired brain injuries

• 8,500 people with multiple sclerosis • 5000 people with motor neurone disease • 8,000 people with spina bifida • 120,000 people with a stoma • 3.8million adults morbidly obese • 0.8million disabled children • 8.7million people with osteoarthritis • 400,000 people with rheumatoid arthritis

Campaigners maintain having to lie a child or adult on a toilet floor to be changed because there are not suitable facilities represents that substantial disadvantage. The concept of Space To Change toilets has been developed to ensure that the personal hygiene needs of people who need changing and lifting facilities for their personal care are met when away from home, as much as possible. It builds on a Regulatory (Document M) unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet, delivering a 7.5m2+ (3m x 2.5m min) WC facility with an adult-sized changing bench and a hoist. Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading supplier of disabled toilet solutions at home and away, has been instrumental in developing the Space To Change toilet layout, and working with campaigners and Firefly Community to promote the concept. Firefly Community, an online special needs resource, is driving the movement, supporting campaigners and raising awareness of the need for accessible toilets that include a height adjustable changing bench and hoist. Full details of the Space To Change concept, plus technical support, CAD blocks etc, can be found at and the Firefly Community website.

Kitchen & Bathroom 19


New research has revealed almost 2million people have unmet accessible housing needs, giving providers an opportunity to adjust their offering to meet demand. The report*, by Habinteg and Papworth Trust, is recommending developers to review their products to deliver solutions that enable maintenance of independence in mainstream housing. Clos-o-Mat can give a single source to address prolonged independence, at least in the bathroom….. “When home adaptations are undertaken, the bathroom is the most common room in which they are needed,” explains Clos-o-Mat marketing manager Robin Tuffley. “Creating an appropriate bathroom, that includes, or can easily accommodate, certain accessibility features, from the design & build stage is therefore very relevant. “Things like level access shower, fittings that can be adjusted vertically or laterally, texture and colour, can all play a part. And under Lifetime Homes criteria, there should be an accessible toilet at entry level, bathrooms should be designed to be accessible, ideally adjacent to the main bedroom, and the structure should be of having a ceiling track hoist retro-fitted.!” Clos-o-Mat can provide comprehensive design advice, through to supply, install, commissioning and maintenance of appropriate equipment- including hoists, shower seats, support systems and the only WC unit developed specifically for disabled people, the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet. Clos-o-Mat has a proven reputation for provision of accessible bathrooms to best practice, and has worked with Habinteg on the social housing provider’s property portfolio, to deliver personal care solutions that deliver optimum independence. Further, to help architects and planners get it right, the company has produced a white paper ‘Design Guidance & Considerations for an Accessible Bathroom/Wetroom’. The document is available for free download here.

tel 0161 969 1199;

20 Kichen & Bathroom

Why Ridgeway Kitchens should be part of an architects plans New build or refurbishment, Ridgeway Kitchens and Interiors will add the final touch to your client’s rebuild or new build project. At Ridgeway Kitchens and Interiors we are passionate about creating bespoke, luxury kitchens and bathrooms. From concept to completion, we work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams, on time and on budget. Rest assured, we have our own team of trusted, experienced designers and installers. No sub-contracting out this important task. For more information, please feel free to visit our newly refurbished showroom near Junction 7 of the M40. At the same time you could meet the team who will be delighted to tell you more. Call us on 01844 279900 or email us on


A complete service from design to fitting, from plans to building

4 4

An in-house team you can trust

4 4 4

Prices to suit any budget


Superb range of German engineered and English bespoke kitchens FREE survey Visit our recently refurbished showroom

Ridgeway Kitchens, Rycote Lane, Milton Common, Oxfordshire OX9 2NZ

01844 279900

Kitchen & Bathroom 21

Snowsound® Acoustic Technology

Intelligent Lighting

• Intensity & movement sensors • Energy saving • Cost effective +44 (0)1227 763637 +44 (0)1227 763637


WILO-STRATOS MAXO: THE WORLD’S FIRST SMART PUMP. Your new partner is the most flexible pump: the WiloStratos MAXO is the perfect fit for any application and ensures optimal system efficiency thanks to its intelligent control mode. Furthermore, the pump can be integrated into all relevant systems due to diverse interfaces. And with optimised and innovative energy-saving features the WiloStratos MAXO meets the changing requirements superbly. No other pump on the market offers you more efficiency, connectivity and convenience. This is how already today we are making your life easier with the innovations of tomorrow.

WILO BRINGS THE FUTURE. Discover the future of pump technology:

WIL104a Stratos MAXO FUTURE 132x180clr_R+D.indd 1

15/03/2017 16:15


QUALIFIED 2 WORK INFORMATION BOOKLET Delivering construction NVQ’s from level 2-7 for the last 12 years Q2W LIMITED The Workshop, 32-40 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1JU

NVQ Diplomas Pearson Edexcel provide a suite of NVQ Diplomas aimed at personnel working in the construction industry. At senior management level, those with contractual, design and commercial responsibility may be eligible for assessment at level 7. Managers and supervisors may be assessed at levels 6, 4 or 3. The skill sets required for assessment include: responsibility for establishing, implementing and maintaining systems for managing health, safety and welfare; controlling project progress against agreed programmes, coordination of resources and establishing project dimensional control criteria. Advanced crafts people who can demonstrate the ability to complete complex construction techniques may be eligible for assessment at level 3. For all others level 2 will be appropriate.

Entry Requirements There are no formal entry requirements. However, potential candidates must be able to demonstrate that they can meet the assessment requirements for their chosen qualification before enrollment.

Qualification Benefits Achievement at any level provides individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate their occupational competence within their area of expertise. Formal qualification can provide individuals with increased work opportunities in the UK, Middle East and other overseas locations.

A Pearson Edexcel level 7 in Construction Senior Management provides a fast track to becoming Chartered. You can apply for MCIOB immediately, your NVQ is proof of professional competency, the Professional Review will be shorter than normal. In fact, you only need to complete a short paper focusing on your ethics and professional judgement.

How is the Qualification Assessed? Our experienced assessors visit each candidate in the workplace to evaluate competence, make observations and collect any evidence to add to their portfolio. Disruption to normal work is minimised through planned assessment. We make sure that the candidate understands what type of evidence is required for each unit, and we are always available to answer any queries or questions the candidate may have. Q2W make full use of technology, our e-portfolio enables the quick and easy transfer of evidence from the workplace, and, improves communication between candidate and assessor.

What is the pass rate? Our success rate of around 96% is largely due to comprehensive initial assessment of the candidate’s ability to provide sufficient evidence for assessment. This is a vital part of the assessment process; our aim is to provide a service that fully meets the needs of our clients and the Industry.

How long does assessment take? We would hope to complete your qualification within 16 weeks. However, this will depend on the availability of evidence for assessment. You will be provided with advice and guidance throughout the assessment process to ensure the most efficient route to qualification as possible.

Assessment fees 50% of the assessment fee is required to start your NVQ. On receipt of the first payment you are registered onto your chosen NVQ with Pearson Edexcel. Your confirmation report, will be emailed to you immediately. At this stage, you can apply for your temporary CSCS card, if necessary. You are then assigned to the assessor’s planner.

On receipt of your confirmation report you should expect to be contacted by your assessor within ten working days to begin planning for assessment. Your assessor will be in touch the week before you are due to be seen, final arrangements for assessment visits will be confirmed the day before you are due to meet. The final 50% of your assessment fee will be due when your portfolio of evidence has been approved by our quality assurance team. Q2W are a VAT registered company, all fees will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Office For any further questions, please do not hesitate to email, alexgotts@qualified2work. or call us on 01303 764 287

Corsham 01225 811411 Northern Sales 0151 5311052

Internal Doors External Doors



Image courtesy of Pennyfarthing Homes

Visit our Corsham Showroom or take a virtual tour FSCÂŽ and PEFC Certified chain of custody timber door supplier.

We offer a 10 year guarantee from the date of delivery on nearly all timber doors.

Company Registration Number: 131119 Registered Office: 30 Leafield Way, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9SW


Quality Door Distribution PM-Mendes (International) Limited is a long-established, family owned business, originally trading in panel products, before moving into timber components and doors. Our products are now imported from the Far East and distributed to a wide range of users throughout the country. For over 20 years PM-Mendes have dealt with a carefully selected range of manufacturers with proper financial backgrounds and managements who are prepared to work to our high standards of quality. Our core belief is to do what is right and fair rather than what is expedient at the time, which also extends into our environmental beliefs. The factories that we use have always sourced their core products from managed forests, although we have since gained accreditation in PEFC, FSC and Chain of Custody, adding to our range of FSC products all the time. Both our Head Office and warehouse facilities are based in Corsham, Wiltshire, conveniently close to the M4. A combination of good location, our own fleet of vans and 7.5 tonne trucks, transport backup from selected hauliers and well-stocked warehouses means we can quickly satisfy customer demands throughout the country. As of January 2011, we opened our Northern Office, which is run by a highly experienced and competent team based in Liverpool. These two strategic geographical locations ensure that we fully understand the local economy and therefore the needs of our customers, tailoring products and prices accordingly. Our range of doors, both internal and external, are manufactured to an extremely high standard, by factories that are considered to be market leaders in providing value for money without compromising on product quality. All of our timber products are made using the preferred engineered construction. This system reduces waste, making it both environmentally sound and cost-efficient. The doors are built up using a cross-laminated procedure and then real wood veneers are applied as the top layer. This ensures maximum stability, reducing the risk of warping and bowing, whilst still allowing the beauty and warmth of a natural product to shine through. Because of this added strength, we are able to offer a 10 year guarantee from the date of delivery on the majority of our products. For more information please visit our website

Visit our website

Are YOU installing resin bound aggregates yet? Find out what you can do with the Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates Daltex range of gravels for resin.

Tel: 01629 636 500 Fax: 01629 636 425 Email: Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates, Arbor Low Works, Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 lJS

SUDS - DESIGN - PERFORMANCE Our large range of aggregates will suit any design requirements. Our aggregates are produced to the highest quality to give the best finish around. Contact Us today for a free sample box or to find out more about resin bound surfacing. Visit us online for our full range of colours & sizes. Internal Use


Driveways Request your free samples today

Car Parks Cycle Paths

Pedestrianised Areas

Resin bound & bonded surfaces offer the most stylish, hard-wearing & low maintenance finish Tel: 01629 636 500 Fax: 01629 636 425 Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates Ltd, Arbor Low Works, Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1JS




HUMI-BLOCK DAMPROOF FILLER FOR WET MASONRY STOPS DAMPNESS KEEPS THE SUBSTRATE WATER VAPOUR PERMEABLE • Levels damp and wet raw surfaces • Ideal for cellars and basements • Moisture vapour permeable • Brush or trowel application

TX®110 RAPID DRYING FILLER THE ULTIMATE FILLER • Exceptional adherence • Excellent shaping qualities • No need to spot prime • Will not flash or grin • Can be painted in 3 HRS


TOUPRELITH® F Enduits de peinture - NF 446

MASONRY REPAIR FILLER EASY TO SHAPE • Fill and repair without formwork • Adheres on damp masonry • Will not flash or grin • No stabilising solution or PVA required** • Grey

TOUPRELEX EXTERIOR FAST DRYING LIGHTWEIGHT FILLER LIGHTWEIGHT • Light grey in colour • One coat fill • Rich in resin • Will not flash or grin • No stabilising solution or PVA required

MULTIPURPOSE FILLER FILL, JOINT AND FACE FILLER UK’S FINEST JOINT FILLER • Adheres to painted surfaces • Excellent coverage rate • Will not flash or grin • Taping and jointing plasterboards • Great value • Easy to sand

TOUPRET UK: 25 North Row, London W1K 6DJ Phone: (+44) 020 3691 6747 Sales & Customer Service Phone: (+44) 020 3691 6750 Accounts Fax: (+44) 020 3691 6751 Email: Please visit our website : WWW.TOUPRET.CO.UK

ALL SUBSTRATES REPAIR FILLER ROCK HARD • Exceptional adherence to all substrates • Will not flash or grin • White in colour • Paint in 24 HRS • No stabilising solution or PVA required* • White

FINE SURFACE FILLER EXTRA FINE SURFACER READY TO USE • Adheres on paint work • Enhances paint finish • No need to spot prime • No need to sand • Exceptional smooth finish

FIBACRYL® FLEXIBLE FILLER FOR CRACKS LONG LASTING FLEXIBILITY • Moves with the substrate • Will not crack • Adheres to paint work • No need to spot prime • Will not flash or grin

Premium Paint

All colours are water-based, contains no hazardous chemicals and is emissions free, with almost zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Each coat provides a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish and is perfect for a contemporary look and to hide surface imperfections. Available in 3 and 10 ltr pails and a host of popular colours.

01484 421036 | |

/GraftSealants |


Building Products & Equipment 31

Polyseam Launches a new range of interior paint that is decorative, eco-friendly and fire rated! GRAFT® INTERIOR PAINT FR-1 is a hard-wearing interior acrylic paint, formulated to the highest specification and offering unsurpassed intensity of colour. However, this is not just another decorative paint, it also offers excellent coverage and has the best possible fire classification, transforming combustible walls, roofs and ceilings to non-combustible surfaces. By simply painting over existing water or solvent based paints with GRAFT® INTERIOR PAINT FR-1, you immediately upgrade the fire integrity for up to 30 minutes, thus safeguarding against the spread of fire. FILM THICKNESS TABLE (FOR FIRE RESISTANCE): Description

m2 per litre paint

Fire classification

Between 220μ and 370μ WFT on any wood based substrate with a thickness of at least 10mm and a density greater than 510kg/m3

2,7 – 4,5

B-s1, d0

280μ WFT as topcoat on existing solvent based paint on any wood based substrate with a thickness of at least 10mm and a density greater than 510kg/m3


B-s1, d0

280μ WFT as topcoat on existing water based paint on any wood based substrate with a thickness of at least 10mm and a density greater than 510kg/m3


B-s2, d0

220μ WFT on at least 12mm thick wooden particle boards on both sides of at least 63mm deep timber tracks and studs (see details in GRAFT® INTERIOR PAINT FR-1 Technical Data Sheet)


The wood based substrate can be installed with a ventilated or a non-ventilated air gap behind, as well as without air gap. Some of the values are from upcoming ETA’s. 1000μ = 1.0mm, WFT = Wet Film Thickness. This durable paint contains no hazardous chemicals and is emissions free, with almost zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is possibly the first on the market to be CE marked and has full European Technical Assessment (ETA) approval. Therefore, painting offices, schools, hospitals or even your home does not have to be done when no one is around. With a 12-year life expectancy, this paint can be cleaned with just a damp cloth without risk of wash off. All colours are waterbased and provide a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish. Kjetil Bogstad, Chief Executive Office at Polyseam said, “We have invested a lot of time and money in the research and development of this new and innovative paint and I am thrilled to be launching this product across Europe. I am also extremely proud of the efforts put in by the different departments at Polyseam that made this concept a reality and to be able to introduce another product that is not just useful but can help save lives.”

EI 30 B-s1, d0

Initially Available in 10 colours (Classic White, Egg White, Cotton, Cream, Seashell, Beige, Coffee Cream, Magnolia, Warm Grey and Steel Smoke. However, with our state of the art tinting machines we have the ability to product up to 4 million colours to match almost any décor. GRAFT® INTERIOR PAINT FR-1: 1. Durable robust and designed to last. 2. Non-Toxic & Emission Free not harmful to you or the environment. 3. Fire Resistant protecting your homes, schools, hospitals and office buildings. 4. Excellent Coverage saving time and money. To find out more about Polyseam visit or follow Graft: For more information about GRAFT visit


Vision 2017

– The event for architects, designers, specifiers and their clients 6-7 June, Olympia London

Aimed at architects, designers, specifiers and their developer clients, Vision is the UK’s premier built environment event, with technology and innovation at its core. With a new team at the helm, this year’s event will bring together some of the best designs and leading figures from across Western Europe. The programme and exhibition is centred around three main themes: Materials Innovations, Technological Insight and Architectural & Design Evolution. Under these umbrella topics a host of talks and events will take place, helping delegates rethink the built environment and the manner in which we can shape places and spaces. The free-to-attend exhibition will take place at Olympia from 6-7 June, featuring established companies alongside the brightest start-ups. The exhibitors at Vision cover a range of products, materials and solutions, including research and development into the latest software, bringing together industry leaders to discuss challenges in today’s complex market and ways to deal with changing legislation. Partnering with key professional, commercial and cultural organisations – such as the RIBA, BRE, the London Festival of Architecture, New London Architecture and designjunction – the exhibition is designed to educate and inspire, with international solutions to local problems. A world-class seminar programme will be carefully curated to present big ideas and create a forum made up of top experts from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines.

For this year, Vision will provide a dedicated and fully complimentary matchmaking service to help facilitate meetings between companies that can work together to create better buildings for the future. Also new this year are International Conversations - a series of international partners from across Europe. Representatives from Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Latvia and the Czech Republic will exhibit at the event through a collection of pavilions, each representing a different member state. Live demonstrations and networking will provide opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with our continental counterparts. Elliot Gard, Event Director, comments: “We are very excited about Vision’s potential to shape the built environment industry by bringing together the biggest names and the brightest talent under one roof. Our aim is to ensure that our exhibitors and visitors can use Vision as their annual meeting place, to exchange ideas and make key connections. This year’s partners will help us extend our reach further across the industry and host talks and events that are relevant to today’s practitioners.” Register Today for your free ticket to Vision 2017 at

New Mint and Brown Tones available for Garador Steel Garage Doors


The Garador steel garage door range, now comprises 18 colour options, with the addition of three new colours. The new colours are: Golden Oak (solid), Rosewood (Solid) and Pastel Green (RAL 6019). These new colours are a great companion to exist mixes of browns and greens from timber features on properties and garden hedges and trees. These new colours offer even more choice in an already extensive choice of coloured garage doors. At present Garador steel garage doors, which are comprised of Up and Over, Side Hinged and Garage Side Doors, come in a selection of colours including Ruby Red (RAL 3003), Steel Blue (RAL 5011), Moss Green (RAL 6005) and various shades of grey such as Window Grey (RAL 7040), to name but a few.

White (RAL 9016) and Terra Brown (RAL 8028) for those looking for a colour to suit just about any property, whether it’s part of a major new development, a single new build home or a refurbishment project.

When you combine the extensive colour range with the huge variety of steel panelled, steel ribbed and steel design doors, there is a variety of door styles and colour options to choose from. There are currently See the full range Of course, there are always over 30 Template steel Up &20/8/15 Over 515050 Autoslide Ltd QP:RRN Quarter Page 12:24 Page 1 of colours available on Garador’s steel garage doors, by visiting the classics such as Traffic garage door styles.

Call us on 01635 239647 Autoslide supply made to measure electrically Be in control of yourAnworking enviroment. operated sliding screens. Autoslide screen puts the operator in control of their environment. Autoslide screens put you in control at the touch of a button – At the touch of a button –


Autoslide electrically operated reception screens provide solutions for all reception areas, from simply closing off an administration office from a noisy corridor, whilst still retaining the ability Autoslidetoscreens offer theto protection of environment, quickly respond to a visitor, creating a protectiveand barrier privacy in a more challenging a fixed screen, with the versatility of electric operation without compromising the welcoming feel.

to open providing a more welcoming experience for screens can be supplied with any glass type to match the project requirements. From visitors. Autoslide all levels of safety and attack resistant glass, to fire resistant glass. Fire resistant screens can be

The screens arewith supplied assembled, withalarm all system running supplied an electronicfully control unit, linked to the building to close automatically gear housed within in event of fire. the slim profiles to provide an aesthetically pleasing and complimentary solution to any reception. The slim-line profile system reduces the impact to the sightline between operator and visitor. For high risk areas, attack resistant glass can be specified and restricted opening, this gives the operator confidence in any situation.

For a free quote, contact us on 01635 239647, email or visit


01344 868 668

m o c . s e r a p s k u . w w w RIES AVAIL



F MANUFACT O ’S 0 0 1 R E V ABLE FROM O Email: Twitter: @UKSpares Tel: 01454 620500 I Fax: 01454 620660 Unit 1155 Aztec West I Almondsbury I Bristol I BS32 4TF I UK

Wall and Door Protection







Whether you work in Healthcare, Education, Leisure or Retail our NEW 84 page brochure holds the key to protecting against damage. For a complimentary copy please call 0113 279 5854 or email


‘Have confidence in drones’ urges industrial drone consultant, ConsortiQ International drone expert ConsortiQ is today urging organisations to hold on to their confidence in the technology. This public appeal comes as rising drone startup closures and slow adoption rates have sparked reports of the sector reaching ‘peak drone’. However, the industrial drone consultant argues otherwise. Helen Cope, Marketing Manager at ConsortiQ explained, “Many people don’t have faith in drones, yet we urge the wider public not to forget about the many benefits these incredible vehicles have and continue to bring to a wide range of applications. Beyond photography and other ‘novel’ uses, drones are saving lives in direct and indirect ways. “All of the emergency services including fire and rescue, police and search and rescue (SAR) are transforming the way they operate thanks to exploring the uses of drone and the increased flexibility it gives to them. What’s more, hazardous sectors such as construction, engineering and oil and gas benefit from this improved safety, using camera drones to inspect dangerous sites and machinery, with personnel carefully controlling the vehicle rather than putting their lives at risk. This aspect alone is transforming numerous industries for the better. The need to invest in and support drone research development and implementation is integral to building a safer, more efficient future.” These reports of ‘peak drone’ come as the UK Governed has launched a wider debate into the safety of drones, sparking a public dialogue on drone usage, inviting feedback from the public as well as active drone users.

Cope continued, “This debate should not be seen as limiting the industry or marking it at crisis point, but instead it paves the way for a brighter future. Such focussed attention towards drones only highlights how integral they have come to many operations. Using the feedback and insight this dialogue is to gain, the sector is only set to drive further forward.” ConsortiQ uses its aerial expertise to aid global business clients from a variety of industries meet their professional goals with the use of a drone. Its mission is to ensure the technology and its application fits seamlessly with each client’s business needs, utilising the benefits of drones using a tailored approach. Discover why drones are a sure investment for many businesses by visiting

Longden Doors, experts in adding kerb appeal First impressions always count when it comes to properties and therefore the entrance to a hotel, residential building or golf club must be perfect. Longden Doors, the expert when it comes to handcrafted, solid timber doors, provides premium door solutions that are elegant, long-lasting and suit the needs of the property. Each door is made to order at Longden by their talented and experienced team. With an array of quality timber options and paints these doors can be as unique as the establishment they go in to. Each door can be designed with the team to perfectly

suit the properties needs and style. With a number of options such as timber stiles, rails and muntins that can be combined with profile moulds or applied mouldings the doors can be made to match existing products such as panelling, skirting or dados. True bespoke joinery combines craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques to achieve a perfect balance of style and function with performance options such as fire resistance, sound reduction and security. Established in 1838, Longden provides hand-crafted, solid timber doors for some of the finest buildings in the UK.

37 From rural housing to high-tech showcase

Northern expansion for Guardian Water Treatment

Unique transformation through innovative use of perforated metal.

Guardian Water Treatment has opened a new office in Leeds. Thanks to continuing nationwide growth, the leading provider of air and water hygiene services has expanded from its Essex-base in order to better serve its northern operations. Employing the latest sustainable technologies, Guardian Water Treatment works with facilities managers and building services engineers in both domestic and commercial buildings to provide ‘whole life’ air and water system support; from consulting and construction, to monitoring, on-going cleaning, servicing and maintenance. Steven Booth, Associate Director for Guardian Water Treatment, said: “We’re delighted to be opening a new office in Leeds, which will see the company better placed to fulfil the needs of our northern client’s. Offering water system construction, pre-commissioning cleaning, risk assessment, maintenance and water treatment, alongside our other specialist air and water hygiene services, the new office will accommodate the expansion of our customer-base throughout the UK.” Integrated air and water hygiene services: • Legionella risk assessments in accordance with ACoP L8 and HSG247

Welcome to Väla Gård outside Helsingborg, where the innovative facade hides an exciting transformation.

Skanska in Helsingborg wanted to bring together its many offices and locations in the city and chose Väla Gård for the purpose. The beautiful rural building was turned into modern and environmentally friendly offices through the use of solar cells and insulation. For the facade, the architects at Tengbom Arkitekter opted for perforated metal sheets from the RMIG City Emotion programme. Väla Gård is a well-known location and a landmark for the area. By using the creative freedom provided with RMIG City Emotion, the architects were able to design a facade that was very much in line with the architectural style and character of the existing farm buildings. RMIG has manufactured and supplied the perforated metal sheets used for the facade at the short ends of the buildings. The use of corten steel and the tree motif created using RMIG ImagePerf, help the buildings stand out and at the same time blend perfectly into the surrounding forest area. Technical characteristics Raw material: Corten Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf Thickness: 2.0 mm Finishing operation: Bending Explore all the RMIG City Emotion Case studies 01925 839600

• Commissioning and pre-commissioning cleaning • Legionella Awareness Training for engineers and managers • Water treatment, including award-winning non-chemical alternative, Wallenius AOT which reduces dosing requirement, cuts maintenance and improves environmental credentials • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring and assessment to help compliance with COSHH Regulations • Ductwork and ventilation cleaning, including specialist services for kitchens and hospitals Steven continued: “The Company is going through an exciting period of growth and expansion. Last year saw the introduction of a new-look website, a contemporary make-over of our head office in Basildon and Wallenius AOT winning an award. It feels fitting to be starting off 2017 by opening the doors to our new northern base, bringing further growth, new skilled engineers and staff and a bright future for Guardian Water Treatment.” For more information, visit:

Costain secures multi-million pound Project Controls Framework Agreement from EDF Energy Costain has won a new multi-million pound framework agreement from EDF Energy Nuclear Generation to provide a project controls managed service to portfolios and programmes of work across all of EDF Energy’s eight UK nuclear power stations for an initial three year term. The Nuclear Generation division of EDF Energy is a new client for Costain. As part of this work Costain will develop people capability in core project control skills and provide specialist support to EDF Energy’s Central Technical Organisation to improve project performance and deliver cost efficiencies. Nigel Curry, Consulting and Advisory Services Director at Costain, said: “Nuclear power is a significant part of the UK’s energy mix. It provides consumers across the country with power that is affordable, low carbon and secure. Meeting national needs is the cornerstone of Costain’s strategy and we have broadened our services to ensure we can best support our

customers. We will be working with EDF using our extensive project and programme management expertise gained from managing some of the UK’s most complex nuclear and non-nuclear programmes.” For more information visit


Homes and Buildings Industry: Integration of New Technology Drives Double-digit Growth Other developments driving accelerated growth include: • The residential LED lighting market will witness a year-onyear growth rate of 16.7 percent in 2017, largely assisted by the rapid adoption of LED lamps in India, China, South Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries. IoT-enabled LED lighting will fast-track the growth of connected buildings and their services in 2017. • The connected homes market will grow beyond $150 billion, with a revenue growth rate of 14.9 percent in 2017. Smart thermostats, Internet protocol cameras, smart door locks, and personalised mobile health services will see strong growth.

The industry is expected to reach $1,150.75 billion in 2017, with technologies such as Internet of Things, Big Data, data analytics, and the cloud playing a vital role, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Homes & Buildings team The global homes and buildings industry is undergoing an intense evolution and accelerated growth. Transformational technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, data analytics, and the cloud are propelling double-digit growth and market expansion in connected homes and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting sectors. This is augmenting growth in the building automation market and playing an important role in the delivery of products and solutions in traditional sectors such as heating ventilation, air conditioning, and fire and safety technology. Global Homes and Buildings Industry Outlook, 2017, part of Frost & Sullivan’s Homes & Buildings Growth Partnership Service (GPS) program, finds that the industry is expected to reach $1,150.75 billion in 2017. The research provides a detailed analysis of growth opportunities, technologies, and transformation trends impacting the industry, and profiles innovative and emerging companies to watch in 2017. For complimentary access to more information on this analysis and to register for a Growth Strategy Dialogue, a free interactive briefing with Frost & Sullivan’s thought leaders, please email Anna Zanchi, Corporate Communications: “The integration of new technologies such as virtual voice assistants and IoT-enabled products will boost growth, spawn new revenue models and drive partnerships between connected home participants, device suppliers, utilities and

• Data analytics will penetrate beyond energy management in 2017, e.g. equipment management, people management, and supply chain. • The cloud’s full potential in energy management will be realised by developing a centralised data repository for customers to access their building’s energy data. • Connected HVAC systems in the commercial segment will augment predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics capabilities in 2017. • Germany, Australia, the United States, and Japan will collectively witness over 90 percent growth in photovoltaic (PV)-associated storage capacity additions in 2017. • Solar PV, LED, and lithium-ion technologies will have a high impact on the industry in the near term, with facilities management contributing the most revenue to the home and building industry. • The residential energy storage market will witness significant growth in 2017, largely driven by international rollouts and government incentive schemes. technology giants such as Google, Amazon, and Apple,” said Energy & Environment Senior Research Analyst Anirudh Bhaskaran. “The homes and buildings industry is crowded with both proprietory and open communication protocols, creating challenges related to interoperability and data security. The future industry is moving rapidly toward wireless communication protocols due to scalability and flexibility,” said

Anirudh. “To seize a significant growth opportunity, hardware manufacturers must develop products that are compatible with both wired and wireless protocol, while software manufacturers must develop vendor-agnostic, secured, open-source platforms that make all hardware work on a single platform, irrespective of the manufacturer.”


HR PROF THE ECO-FRIENDLY FIRE RETARDANT HR Prof Fire Retardant for Wood which is water based and ECO friendly, now has a comprehensive Classification Certificate from EXOVA BM TRADA for wood species assessed against EN13501-1:2007-A1:2009, EN 13501-2:2007+A1:2009 and the BM TRADA A-MARK Scheme Technical Document “Verification of FPC and classification of products with a higher reaction to fire or fire resistance requirements according to EN 13501” HR Prof certificates from: BM TRADA, BRE, TUV, MEKA Forest & Wood testing Institute and SP Laboratories of Sweden, on the following wood species: Spruce, Pine, Western Red Cedar, Scotch Larch, Siberian Larch, Sucupera Amarela, Thermowood and Oak all Euro-class B-s1-d0, Birch plywood C-s1-d1, indicative test results for Accoya B-s1-d0. The manufacturing process for HR PROF has been audited by EXOVA BM TRADA and found to meet the requirements of standard : ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

For further information on HR Prof fire retardant visit or email

HR Prof Fire Retardant treated substrates were tested at SP Technical Research Institute in Sweden and passed the rigorous NT 053 external use weathering tests, where fire retardant treated wood is exposed to 1000hr accelerated weathering by cycles of rain, drying, and UV light, before fire testing, according to the cone calorimeter.

HR Prof Fire Retardant: For use both internally or externally, easy to apply by spray, brush, roller or vacuum, specified on many large projects throughout the UK, including Olympic Stadiums, schools, universities, airports, hospitals, and many other public and private buildings.


WILO-STRATOS MAXO: THE WORLD’S FIRST SMART PUMP. Your new partner is the most flexible pump: the WiloStratos MAXO is the perfect fit for any application and ensures optimal system efficiency thanks to its intelligent control mode. Furthermore, the pump can be integrated into all relevant systems due to diverse interfaces. And with optimised and innovative energy-saving features the WiloStratos MAXO meets the changing requirements superbly. No other pump on the market offers you more efficiency, connectivity and convenience. This is how already today we are making your life easier with the innovations of tomorrow.

WILO BRINGS THE FUTURE. Discover the future of pump technology:

WIL104a Stratos MAXO FUTURE 132x180clr_R+D.indd 1

15/03/2017 16:15

40 With increasing demand and limited availability of many popular concrete roof tiles, which is creating protracted delays within the constuction market, particularly housebuilders who cannot afford to miss planned site completion dates has become a major issue for all concerned.

Imerys Roof Tiles are the market leader in France and have become a significant supplier of quality natual clay roof tiles throughout the UK for over 25 years. Imerys are fortunately in a strong position to provide alternative ex-stock solutions from our 12 production sites working in partnership with our network of stockists & distributors. The vast Imerys portfolio includes economical large format interlocking clay tiles with variable 9.5 – 10 M2 gauge are available ex-stock in a variety of colours and textures. Our HP10 & Double HP20 tiles have an attractive tapered thin leading edge which can be installed at roof pitches as low as 17.5 degrees, while the double HP20 in particular with it’s dummy bond, visually combines a small format appearance with large format economics.

All Imerys tiles are supplied with a market leading insurance backed 30 year durability guarantee for peace of mind which is over the time span of a typical mortgage. NBS fixing specifications are also provided for each project to ensure that BS5534: +A1 2015 and BS8000 part 6:2013 fixing standards are complied with.




Range of

Commitment to Excellence

Concealed Panic Hardware

3 Non-handed 3 Easy installation 3 tested to European Standard 3 Concealed fastening for added security 3 Positive bolt release First Choice for Emergency Exit Solutions T 01202 676262 E

F 01202 680101 W

e r ’ e w ! r e c de hoi n o C w st o r i N F

ALPRO launch their new range of

concealed and rim mounted exit devices Innovation and quality at competitive prices The Alpro Hardware Division of IEC Limited has announced the release of the new Alpro range of CE tested exit devices in both concealed vertical rod and rim mounted models.


Panic hardware is a vital and important product in the design and installation of exit doors. Designed to allow the safe and speedy exit of personnel down an escape route in the event of a major emergency.

It has been designed to enable the simplest touch of the touch bar or crash bar to operate the door and thereby allow people to escape. New European standards now govern the manufacture and installation of this equipment, as these devices are “Life safety” devices and it is therefore crucial, they are produced in line with the requisite standards and quality requirements. Surface, concealed, rim and latch models are available, but care should be taken when selecting the correct panic hardware, depending on the application required. If you are unsure of the requirement, please contact us for further advice. Alpro’s new range comprises a concealed vertical rod model, designed for use with narrow stile commercial aluminium doors. The concealed rod model adding to the security of the door. The crossbar is designed with simplicity in mind, yet will provide years of smooth, reliable operation. The rim version is fitted with the same field sizeable crossbar, enabling adjustments to be made to suit the overall width of door installation.

Extension rods are available for taller doors. These units are the perfect solution to the ever growing need for safety. Both units have been comprehensively tested to the relevant CE test requirements and test information is available upon request. Keith Parry, Alpro’s Sales Director says “The comprehensive performance specification of the units, coupled with the overall quality and innovation, enable us to offer a versatile product at a competitive price. Illustrating once again Alpro’s stated aim of offering quality and service to the industry in general. We have been asked numerous times by our customers for products of this kind. Alpro prides itself on listening to customers and their requirements, so this was a natural fit with the other products within the Alpro product portfolio.” Alpro products are available in the UK from IEC Limited and through all major security product distributors.


Farnham architectural design goes 3D Keeping up with the latest technology is a significant step for Lewis Visuals, as they have embarked on Building Information Modelling and creating Revit models for their residential clients. Their initial architectural design consultation is free for an hour when they help their client’s ideas become a reality. Lewis Visuals wants their customers to be able to watch the sunrise in the morning after they’ve had a shower in their new en-suite bathroom. Before ideas become a reality, the company can take their clients through a walk-through using Revit Architecture 3D models. They can even throw in some imaginary new furniture or a new kitchen; anything is possible using mixed reality models. Does the company have a magical wand? Nope, but they got design experience; near 100% approval of planning applications; a friendly team you can ask any question, and they might surprise you with ideas you never thought of or - even better - cost savings. Lewis Visuals have designed around 2000 homes, and love what they do. Hey, if you want to build an entirely new home, no problem – they can create that for you. Lewis Visuals love working with 3D models. When creating design options, the technicians work in Revit Architecture, and every wall, door, window, floor and ceiling is in three dimensions. Information may be added to the components. Technicians use an existing survey by drawing or model and model up the new options on top of this – walls can be ‘turned on’ or ‘turned off’ viewing in 3D. Imagine a walk through in your new lovely home, or seeing a rendering of what it will look like in your garden before built. Better yet, the builder can’t say “This does not work, go back to the architect”! When using a 3D model, it is impossible to attach a wall to a roof that does not fit, or by mistake put a window on a floor. Have you heard about BIM? It stands for Building Information Modelling, and we will come back to BIM in future blogs, in more detail. BIM means BUILDING the INFORMATION within/in/on the MODEL (the 3D model of your home for example). To build a model you need specific software – it is no longer lines on paper – and at Lewis Visuals, we use a software called Revit. This text was, in part, taken from our website and blog.

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WIN A VAUXHALL VAN PHEX+ and HVP have teamed up to give away a brand new Vauxhall Four chances of winning: 1. Register online for PHEX+ Alexandra Palace 2. Subscribe to HVP Magazine 3. Attend the PHEX+ Show on either the 17th or 18th May 2017 4. Renew your subscription to HVP

Terms & Conditions: To enter you must be over 18 years of age and be resident in the UK. Entries made after 5pm on Saturday 30 June 2017 will not count. The Prize consists of one Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive SWB van Full Terms and Conditions apply. Details can be found at and The organisers’ decisions are final.



17 & 18 May 2017 Alexandra Palace, London

Showcasing new technologies and best practice for over 23 years THE BEST PLACE TO FIND:  The largest dedicated installer series in the UK  Over 100 exhibitors from both the domestic & commercial sectors  Free seminars & training  Latest products & innovations  Expert installation advice  Show offers and discounts


PLACE TODAY! Some of the leading manufacturers involved:


Delivering construction NVQ’s from level 2-7 for the last 12 years Pearson Edexcel provide a suite of NVQ Diplomas aimed at personnel working in the construction industry. • • • •

96% success rate Assessment at levels 2 to 7 Workplace assessment with minimal disruption Fully meets needs of clients & industry For enquiries please email or call us on 01303 764 287

Q2W LIMITED The Workshop, 32-40 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1JU

Refurb & Developer Update - April 2017  
Refurb & Developer Update - April 2017