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more safety concerns the flame extinguishes itself if knocked over more wax stained linen more laborious cleaning of candle holders more smells to waft across diners as the candles burn low An extensive range of more than 50 different styles and 15 different candle colours ensures that most decorative needs are met. The lamps which are crafted from diverse materials incorporate the innovative ‘Kerzolin’ candle which is filled with a specially formulated oil to give up to 120 hours burn time depending on style. |

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Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

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A tablet for every guest

‘free to hotel’ program this is this years must have for

Hotel Services A proven revenue generator of hotel services and

Conference & Events

- bring the 21st century into your luxury hotel rooms -

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At Novellini we understand that you desire something more individual than just a shower room. That’s why we created a comprehensive Wetroom and Glass brochure that features a range of both stylish and practical solutions. Our Wetrooms offer all the benefits of a walk in shower, combined with the protection offered by a shower screen or enclosure, allowing you to create a contemporary, luxurious feel to any bathroom. Using the available space in an efficient and uncluttered manner allows you to create a truly individual showering experience, limited only by your imagination. | Click here to download our brochure

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

Introducing our new Wetroom & Glass Options


The Best of Brazil’s Spas

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

Brazil’s Leading Accommodation Booking Site Shares Its Spa Secrets


One of the best things about being in a different country is switching off, relaxing and indulging in spa treatments made from exotic, nutritious local ingredients. Brazil tops the list of hot spa destinations with its luscious rainforests, beautiful coasts and unforgettable views! After visiting and experiencing many different Brazilian hotel spas, the world’s leading Brazil hotel booking website, has revealed its handpicked list of best spas in Brazil, making the spa journey a relaxing one before even getting there.

Location decided, unveils its top tried and tested spots nationwide of where to have the most unforgettable spa experience: The Nannai Spa in Porto do Galinhas – For the Water Dweller The Nannai Spa by L’Occitane is a haven of wellness and relaxation located within the Nannai Resort & Spa. The element of water is prominent with over 6,000m2 of pools that run throughout the resort creating a soothing ambiance for every step taken within its boundaries. The theme of water and hydration runs into the Nannai Spa, the largest L’Occitane Spa in South America that offers nourishing body-hydrotherapy treatments, ideal for skin that has become dry and dull in the winter cold. The Nannai Resort & Spa is located on the beautiful northeast coast of Brazil and lies on its own beach, giving visitors the chance to take long, relaxing walks in between treatments at the spa. Sunset Visitor ( offers nightly rates at Nannai Beach Resort & Spa from £180.

Pousada Maravilha aka the ‘Marvellous Pousada’ is a hidden gem on the stunning archipelago of Fernando do Noronha, whose beaches are outstanding even by Brazilian standards. Everything about the pousada is low-key, laid back and luxurious before even getting into the spa, which itself was custom designed for relaxation and wellbeing. The modern spa is a small affair with three treatments and is renowned for its relaxing treatments and specialist chromotherapy bathtub – a colour therapy treatment renowned for its healing and energising benefits. Sunset Visitor ( offers nightly rates at Pousada Maravilha from £370. Hotel das Cataratas in Iguazu – For A Jungle Hideaway Hotel das Cataratas is one of the most picturesque destinations on earth, set in the jungle, with its five treatment rooms looking out onto the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls. The Cataratas Spa use an array of locally harvested ingredients sourced directly from the lush Brazilian rainforests.

Using the energy force of the Amazon, the spas treatments are designed to comfort, cleanse and energise. Visitors to the spa can enjoy the delicious treatments whilst being serenaded by the wildlife outside hearing the peaceful sounds of the waterfall flowing outside. Sunset Visitor ( offers nightly rates at Hotel das Cataratas from £230. UXUA Casa Hotel in Trancoso – For A Touch With Nature The luxury of local is hailed at the UXUA Casa Hotel’s Almescar Spa. Its exclusive range of spa treatments and products have been inspired by the spectacular surrounding biodiversity and different cultures that have inhabited the area. The spa’s spacious treatment areas extend to outside and there is even a space to practice capoeira. The signature ingredient is the Almsescar tree, that is indigineous only to this area. Other organic hand-made products include coconut oil, Brazil nuts, pink peppers seeds which are used in its exotic array of nourishing treatments. Sunset Visitor ( offers nightly rates at UXUA Casa Hotel from £260.

Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro – For A Coastal Gem The Copacabana Palace is an iconic Rio landmark the world over, famous for its luxury status. Its spa with seven individual treatment rooms and two dual treatment suites is no different and is in fact, the largest urban spa in Brazil and provides a peaceful sanctuary right in the centre of town. Each of the exclusive AYASPA organic products used in the spa’s extensive treatment are made from the purest Brazilian ingredients, such as super booster fruits acai and guarana and Amazonian white clay. The Copacabana Palace Spa is an urban oasis and perfect place to switch off from the buzzing city. Sunset Visitor ( offers nightly rates as Copacabana Palace from £300. is ready and waiting to help you book the spa trip of a lifetime!

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

Pousada Maravilha in Fernando do Noronha – For A Rustic Retreat


New Veuve Clicquot Champagne installation delights guests at Andaz Liverpool Street London Andaz Liverpool Street hotel is delighted to announce the opening of a new installation, created by cutting-edge designer duo, Harvey & John, that invites guests to experience the sensation of diving into a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne. Guests are greeted in the Lounge (lobby) of the hotel by a multiof effervescent champagne bubbles which guests are invited to touch, play, observe and interact with. “How would it feel if we could shrink ourselves to become so small that we could dive into a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne?” This is the question that originally inspired the latest innovative project from Harvey & John, the avant-garde designers, who teamed up with Andaz Liverpool Street hotel and Veuve Clicquot to create this unique new installation, which is bound to delight the senses. The Dive into a Glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne installation is now open to hotel guests and the public on a complimentary basis until early April 2014. Andaz Liverpool Street is delighted to be working with the British designers

hospitality industry. Keivor John of Harvey & John says of the project, “Harvey & John are always searching for interesting and exciting people to work with so this is precisely the sort of project that thrills us. Collaborating with Andaz Liverpool Street & Veuve Clicquot is a real pleasure as they truly value and champion creative people and ideas.” Offering guests the opportunity to fully engage and immerse themselves within the hypnotic nature of the piece, the Dive into a Glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne installation consists of 25 giant glowing spheres of which 5 are high pressure air.

Responding to its audience at the feel of bubbles shine brighter and radiate a glowing Veuve Cliquot yellow in colour when poked, squeezed or hugged. Ranging

Harvey & John and Veuve Clicquot who also share our inspirational vision. We hope as exciting as we do.” Each evening, Andaz Liverpool Street

catching bubbles are a cool champagne impressive 3 meters in height. The speed at which the giant bubbles rise and fall from the champagne bottle sculptures can

a complimentary beverage as part of the Andaz inclusions. Throughout the Dive into a Glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne a glass of crisp Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Hotelier & Hotel Design - December 2013

of a bottle of champagne being popped, whilst the slower speed mirrors the gentle effervescence of a fresh glass of Veuve Clicquot. Guests will be able to pluck the giant bubbles from the air and play with them as they walk around the installation,


glass of champagne.

Christina Jesaitis, Senior Brand Manager of Veuve Clicquot, Moët Hennessy UK Limited says of the collaboration, “Veuve Clicquot are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Harvey & John at Andaz Liverpool Street. Harvey & John are some

Andaz Liverpool Street hotel’s General Manager, Tim Flodin, commented on behalf of the partnership: “At Andaz Liverpool Street, we pride ourselves on working with brands and artists that we feel align with our creative ethos. The Andaz team and I are very excited about working with

talent in Britain and Andaz Liverpool Street, with its passion for design, provides an excellent platform. The ‘Dive into a Glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne’ installation perfectly brings to life our shared values, including innovation, audacity and of course, ‘zeste de folie!’”

Hotelympia, Stand No. 3867, 28th April - 1st May 2014, ExCeL London Reiko Kaneko brings her inspirational tableware to Hotelympia For the first time, British-Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko is excited to bring her inspirational range of ceramic tableware to the UK’s largest foodservice and hospitality exhibition, Hotelympia. Influenced by her early years growing up in Japan, Reiko’s stunning fine bone china tableware exhibits a harmonious blending of Japanese and British ceramic styles. After studying at Central Saint Martins, Reiko established her design studio in London’s East End in 2007 before moving the business to Stoke-on-Trent to be closer to the heart of ceramic production in the UK. All quality management and distribution is carried out in-house, maintaining an extremely high standard of output. Reiko Kaneko’s focus on the production process has been instrumental in allowing her to push the traditional boundaries of the fine dining industry with experimental and theatrical presentation ideas. As a small company, they are able to work closely with some of the best restaurants and bars to create exceptional bespoke pieces in exclusive small runs. Previous work for 69 Colebrook Row and D&D London resulted in highly original, new ceramic shapes that were site specific or tailored to a particular dish. Reiko’s tabletop range is not about decoration but rather the uniqueness of form, respect for the quality of material and the pure pleasure of presenting them on a table to showcase the food. Durable and lightweight with a bright white translucency, fine

bone china meets the standards and expectations of fine dining restauranteurs. A uniquely English product, bone china has been produced in Stoke-on-Trent for over 200 years. The manufacturing process has not changed drastically since its inception, it still involves labor intensive processes carried out by skilled craftsmen elevating the finished product to luxury status. Bone china also has more intrinsic strength weight for weight than any other ceramic body yet this high level of strength means it can be made thinner for a more delicate appearance whilst maintaining its structural integrity. Reiko Kaneko’s simple sculptural forms highlight the exquisite beauty of this material. The Petal range consists of bowls, plates and a jug. The angular shape tapers off into a subtle lifted point resembling a flower petal; each piece looks stunning alone or several can be arranged into a beautiful symmetrical display. The smaller plates and bowls were originally created for Japanese cooking to display small morsels and pickles but they are also perfect for canapes or sharing dishes like tapas, nuts and olives. The new Rin range of tableware takes its name from a Japanese alter bowl that you strike to get a lovely resonance. When you tap Reiko’s Rin bowls or cups on a soft surface with a spoon, you get the fine bone china equivalent to this sound. The Rin pieces are defined by a beautiful curved shape which makes them a delight to hold. The foot at the bottom of the bowls and cups raises the Rin collection from the table’s surface, immediately drawing the eye to the food on display. Other highlights from Reiko Kaneko’s extensive tableware collection include the Bamboo range; a contemporary take on the traditional sake cup and decanter. The bright white bone china features a slight ridge to resemble a stick of bamboo, giving the pieces an aesthetically pleasing, unbalanced charm. The Arctic jug is a simple, handle-less fine bone china jug. The origami like spout is in keeping with the clean lines of the piece, an ideal vessel for sauces or cream as a dish accompaniment. The witty Breakfast Express design is a fun way to display boiled eggs. The fine bone china carriages can be joined and wheeled along on birch wheels; three separate carriages provide space for an egg, toast and a salt and pepper cellar.

Intelligent fire door technology designed by intelligent Fireco designers.

Michelle Bussey Operations Director

Freedor is the best selling wire-free, electrically powered free-swing fire door closer. Brilliantly simple, it allows fire doors to be legally held open at any angle yet automatically closes them when the fire alarm sounds. Available in a variety of colours and finishes – all of them life-saving. It’s yet another example of our innovative and unique approach to fire safety technology and product design.

See it at work here or call 0845 241 7474

Hotel Lighting create a boutique style bedroom. We’ve all stayed in grand hotels that are stunningly beautiful. Grand foyers with super large crystal chandeliers and beautifully lit reception area’s set the tone. Often vast swathes of marble and gloriously large light fittings greet you as you enter the hotel. You can see the bar clearly, the bar too, tempts you. You long to sit with your favourite beverage soaking up the plush cosy surroundings -all designed to make you tarry a while longer. What makes this all feel like such a treat? Lighting often is instrumental in creating the atmosphere hoteliers and guests so adore. As hotel guests we marvel at our surroundings and wonder why we didn’t do something like this in our own lounge, why we didn’t create such a wow in our entrance halls. But we all don’t have such grand budgets. We reach our bedrooms and this is the make or break for many, you want to stay or go based on the first impression of your room. Oh a hotel bedroom can be a wow! steady now! I am of course referring to the sophisticated colour pallets and stylish bedroom lighting. Addmitidley we all don’t have the luxury of interior designers to plan our space. No lighting designer! or architects to choose our bedroom lighting for us!. Having said that, we could do a whole heap better when lighting our own bedrooms, couldn’t we?, bedrooms, after all should be our sanctuary an escape to a relaxing space . A tiny bit of forward planning and a few well placed lights can create a boutique style bedroom design you’ll want to show off. The Lighting Company whom supply many hotels, the TV programme ‘hotel inspector’ and numerous interior designers have put together a ‘top ten tips for creating a hotel style bedroom’. Ands it’s really not to difficult to achieve a well lit bedroom with a lovely boutique style. Looking at lighting this is a key element but will also offer some style tips too. Along with the ‘top 10 lighting tips for bedrooms you’ll see some super inspirational hotel style lights to peruse and maybe steal the idea’s for your own bedroom. From the hotel lighting suppliers The Lighting Company the top 10 tips for creating a boutiques style hotel bedroom.

How to create your own boutique hotel bedroom is fairly simple. Lighting the bedroom will show your bedroom in the right light. A few key areas to consider:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Get really good bedside lights. Have different Lighting zones Light your dressing area Light your make up or shaving area. Allow for variation in lighting levels Task lamp or desk lamp if your bedroom doubles as your office. 7. Keep lighting (and surfaces) simple and unfussy for ease of cleaning. 8. Have a common theme, don’t mis-match styles as this can make things cluttered looking. 9. Choose the right bulbs for your lights 10. And relax….

BEDSIDE LIGHTS: These should be fixed to the wall. The key thing here is to leave space on the bedside cabinets, for the paraphernalia needed during the night. When you’re younger you may just have a mobile phone, but as you get older other things are more important- a book, glasses, glass of water, pills and potions. Space is gained from on the bedside cabinets when lights are mounted on the bed head wall. Often hotel bedroom bedside lights are dual switched, so you can have a soft ambient light for snuggling up, romance or watching TV. While a smaller moveable light can be used as a reading light. Often the smaller reading light is LED which is cool to the touch. This not only saves money on the running costs but it avoids the risks of burning your hands on a hot bulb when you are feeling sleepy. One rather clever twist is to have hanging pendant lights, this is a visual treat but not as practical as bedside wall lights. When wall lights remain fixed, you are less likely to bash them, but pendants are a good alternative if a focussed reading light is not required or you favour lots of light, rather than a spotlight for reading.

ZONE YOUR BEDROOM LIGHTING CIRCUIT Have different lighting in different zones, we’ve mentioned bedside lights already. Make sure they can be switched off from the bed. It’s annoying to get back out of bed when you feel ready to sleep. Light the route to the bathroom. A small bathroom light or corridor light at a lower level may be useful, failing that, there are lots of plug in night lights on the market that are movement sensitive. This is a nice idea for young and old alike, young children like the comfort of a night light, while the rest of us hate full bright lights when we are feeling sleepy.

LIGHTING YOUR DRESSING AREA Always have a good light near your dressing area, full length mirror and wardrobes. It’s often too difficult to tell the difference between colours in a dimly lit room. Navy blue and black look the same in the dark. Avoid the faux pas of a black sock and and a blue sock. Knew someone who did this one with shoes, same shoe but different colours- looked very silly all day! Your dressing area may well double as you make-up or shaving area this becomes doubly important to have a nice bright light. Applying make up is an art that needs good lighting but shaving in the dark can offers more perils- talk about ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’….ouch!

ALLOW FOR VARIATION IN LIGHTING LEVELS We mentioned before dimming lights or switching them on and off separately. You may be able to re-wire your room completely and have a dedicated system for lighting controls. Many of us are doing a quick makeover rather than a complete renovate. That isn’t a problem there are lots of lights to choose from that can be switched by pull cord or little toggle switches from the light itself as long as you have cable you can normally add a wall light fairly easily. Replacing one light for another light is a simple job for an electrical contractor, electricians can do this type of job in less than an hour. The ideal is bedside lights can be switched on/off from the bed. The centre or ceiling lights can be dimmed or switched off in banks or zones, you can see to dress and get ready in enough light. TASK LAMPS Little desk lamps are often used in hotels they nearly always point the light onto the table or desk top. This is because on of the occupants may be working and the other may be sleeping or watching TV. If your bedroom often ends up being where you work, read, draw etc add task lamps. If the room is especially large it is simply nice to have a little soft light to make the whole room feel welcoming. Add a small soft shaded lamp or maybe an unfussy uplighter to a corner of the room. This is a lovely effect washing the walls or ceiling with light. Again opt for dimmable, if you can. HOTEL STYLE CLEAN Lighting sales for hotels have clean lines which are easy to dust. They don’t have elaborate crystal chandeliers in most rooms, maybe in the grand suites where out and out opulence

is needed, but quiet underrated quality is by far the favoured style by hoteliers. Keeping the lighting clean and fresh helps promote that well cared for look good hotels have. They do this by keeping the lighting simple in style, they’ll choose good quality lighting with wooden detail to make they clean simple styling ooze quality. Fabric shades are mainly muted colours cream or natural tones are good but colour too can be used, for a bold colour shot when the room needs to have some impact. The key is keep all lighting to a similar type either the same colours tones or materials. CHOOSE THE RIGHT BULBS Light bulbs are now many and varied. Some light bulbs that may not be familiar to you are now common place whilst others are now rare as hens teeth. Be sure you opt for light bulbs that are easy to buy. Poorly specified hotel lights can be attractive yet the bulbs are rarely found in supermarkets. This means some carefully chosen lights are not useable. Many many hotels have bought lights without considering how easy it is to replace bulbs. Whilst low energy bulbs do offer lots of savings on running cost there are so many types it has caused too much confusion. Early style low energy bulbs were dedicated low energy and this type of plug in bulbs cannot always be bought off the shelf. To avoid falling into this same trap we’d suggest buy retro fit bulbs. You can have retro fit normal tungsten bulbs or low energy. Think on hoteliers if your lighting is not working it’s time to change it! Us mere mortals are getting better at re-creating a good hotel style lighting scheme, you’ll need to crank it up a bit to stay ahead in the glamour stakes.

0161 628 6622

Lines Open : Mon - Fri 9.00 am till 5.00 pm

Forum Lighting Solutions G110 Forum Lighting Solutions are designers and distributors of high quality, energy saving light fittings and lamps. Our range includes kitchen, bathroom and outdoor lighting and is complimented by high quality LED lamps. High standards of customer service are of utmost importance. This is illustrated through our next day delivery service and a superb commitment to stock.

CUL-21626 LED Kitchen Cabinet lights 240 volt , no need to use drivers anymore these lights can be connected straight to the mains.

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

SPA-19713 IP44 Bathroom chandeliers , to bring a bit of glamour to the bathroom.



As simple as it sounds

Introducing the new Director® DR8 MK2 LED, the next generation of remote controlled luminaire from RCL.

Individually adjustable in pan, tilt and dim level using a simple handheld controller, the Director® DR8 MK2 is ideal for double height spaces due to its

high output and precision floor level adjustability. Bold styling and high versatility set this spotlight apart, while its compact turning circle allows for seamless installation into troughs just 200mm wide. Available in a choice of beamwidths including a very narrow 8° with a peak intensity of 51,000cd and a colour rendering of CRI 92 as standard.

DRAMATIC LIGHTING WITHOUT THE DRAMA Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL), the only company in the world to specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality remote controlled spotlights, this month announced the Director® DR8 MK2, the next generation of remote controlled luminaire from the award-winning lighting specialists. Following on from the widely acclaimed DR8 MK1, the MK2 features bold new styling on the outside and has been completely reengineered on the inside, resulting in a more compact design and increased versatility. The DR8 MK2 is the latest product innovation from the company founded as a solution to the common problem of aiming spotlights mounted on high ceilings, which can issue more prevalent than in hospitality settings such as hotel ballrooms, banqueting halls and restaurants which regularly feature ceiling heights of 10 metres and beyond. In these environments dramatic lighting can make all the difference, but sending staff up ladders to adjust spotlights is a drama most organisations can do without. RCL developed an innovative solution that sidesteps the use of ladders altogether and has seen thousands of their remote controlled lights installed into hundreds of hotels around the world.

RCL’s patented system is both quick and easy to operate, and avoids the costs, dangers and delays often associated with the use of ladders, mechanical lifts or scaffolding. Using a simple handheld controller, individual lights can be aimed and dimmed wirelessly, allowing non-technical staff to pinspot tables – whilst keeping dramatic but with set up time greatly reduced, RCL’s system can also act as an additional revenue stream for establishments that traditionally charged for pinspotting services. The Director® DR8 MK2 is available in a variety of mounting options and lamp choices – including LED, equivalent – and has already been installed in the recently refurbished Shangri-La Sydney, where it joins RCL’s popular fully-recessed luminaire, the Director® DR7. Both light models can be operated using the same simple controller as well as RCL’s award-winning iPad-based system, iDirect, released in 2013. For more information, please contact: Simon Harrison-Wallace –

2-5/3/20 2-5/3/2014 Kitchens Kitchens Bedrooms Bedroom Bathrooms NEC Birmingham Register for your free ticket now at


Where smart design and inspiration drive business NEC


kbb Birmingham set for success Please quote promo code kbb43

Register for your free ticket now at

Where smart desig inspiration drive bu

The 2014 edition of the biennial kbb Birmingham show is rapidly approaching, and looks set to be one of the best shows yet. Taking place at the NEC Birmingham between 2nd 5th March, the event is the biggest gathering of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom industry professionals in the UK.

This year visitors can look forward to a whole host of features including the Global Kitchen Please promo code kbb43 area, in which quote kbb Birmingham will champion an area of internationally-designed kitchens in celebration of the ongoing interest in cultural design. What’s more, Chiltern Marble will be treating visitors to their stand to a ‘Cook-Off’ hosted by TV chef Jean Christophe Novelli, who promises that visitors will get a taste of his famous dishes, as well as a book signing opportunity. Returning to kbb Birmingham this year will be the popular Innovation Awards, held in partnership with Blum UK. This year each exhibitor will be able to nominate their most forward thinking product by highlighting it with a swing tag, which will in turn make it easier for visitors to easily locate the most innovative products at the show. Visitors to kbb Birmingham will also be treated to a top line-up of seminar speakers. The seminar series will delve into the industry from many different angles, from design to e-commerce, providing something for everyone across the four day event. Highlights include Partnered by Hannah Malein from Global Color Research, who will be giving a seminar which will examine ‘Key colour & material trends for Autumn/Winter 2014/15’, and John Lennon of PWS, who will be giving an independent focussed seminar entitled ‘How to maintain market share and grow Supported by Organised by your business as an independent specialist’. Of course, the main attraction at kbb Birmingham will always be the exhibitor line-up. The 2014 edition certainly does not disappoint, with many new names joining old favourites for the four day event. Bathroom giant Ideal Standard will return to the show for the first time in a decade, and will be launching numerous product ranges to boot. British Ceramic Tile is another brand that will be making its kbb Birmingham debut, alongside bathroom specialist Saneux and kitchen expert Rotpunkt. Returning to the show will be a smorgasbord of favourites including Franke, Caple, JJO and Blum.

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

kbb2014_297x210+10mm.indd 1


10/01/2014 10:33

On top of this, kbb Birmingham will this year be hosting its largest ever number of overseas exhibitors, proving that the show is fast becoming a very important event on the international calendar. Flying the flag for Europe will be Samet, Xey and Leicht to name but a few. Andrew Vaughan, Brand Director at kbb Birmingham, is pleased to see such a wide range of exhibitors join the 2014 line-up. “We are delighted that this year’s show will represent such a diverse rangebyof exhibitors, right through from home -grown talent to much-loved European Partnered brands that we have all become accustomed to,” he says. “I think it is clear to see the economy in the UK is picking up!”

Registration for kbb Birmingham is now open – complimentary Supported by passes to the event are available at

Heading here

Turnkey Thermo Pot

As long as the Thermo Pot is connected to the mains the water does not cool down so users can enjoy hot drinks at the correct temperature whenever they require it. There is a choice of 5 temperature settings. (91) The Thermo Pot is energy efficient due to the (100) thermal outer layer, which also ensures that the appliance

is never too hot to touch, reducing the risk of accidental burns. Using just 680 watts to boil the portable Thermo Pot can be used in situations where the power supply does not support the boiling of a traditional kettle or urn. (151) The large Thermo Pot holds 5 litres of water and dispenses 38 cups (approx) at the touch of a button, so is ideal for meetings, functions, catering events, and hotels. It also provides quick and convenient hot water for pasta, vegetables, sauces, porridge, rice, hot water bottle preparation etc. (200) The Thermo Pot comes in two sizes 5L and 3.5L. Both models are available in black/silver and the 5L also comes in white/silver. (225)

For further information visit our website and come and see us at Hotelympia Stand no. 1257 28th April – 2nd May 2014.

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

This portable, energy efficient, electric instant hot water dispenser keeps water at the desired temperature after boiling. It is ideal for making both tea and coffee when the 98° setting is chosen, and remains at this temperature using just 2 watts of electricity no matter how long the unit is in use. (52)


2-5/3/2014 Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms NEC Birmingham Register for your free ticket now at

Where smart design and inspiration drive business

Please quote promo code kbb43

Partnered by

Supported by

Organised by

Book your ticket now for the Caffé Culture Show 2014 and save £25! Thinking of benefitting from the continuing coffee boom by adding a café element to your business? Book your FREE ticket for the Caffè Culture Show and get expert practical advice about how to start boosting your profits. A must attend event for any business looking to offer a comprehensive hot beverage service, attract a new customer base and stand out from the competition, the Caffé Culture show is set to be teeming with over 200 national and international exhibitors and 5,000 trade visitors attending over the two day event at Olympia, London, 14th-15th May 2014. Visitors will gain expert advice from leading industry speakers, see the latest innovations and sample the hundreds of premium products on offer from the mix of renowned brands and small independent producers. Visitors to the show will be delighted to see a number of new additions to this year’s event comprising practical demos on artisan baking and business seminar sessions including a panel discussion on how to successfully deliver a quality coffee offering when it’s not your core business. This will be led by industry expert Hugh Gilmartin and joined by some of the UK’s leading pub, restaurant, hotel and catering groups who will be sharing their invaluable tips on how to deliver a successful and profitable coffee offering within this highly competitive market. There will also be an Artisan Food Market, which will bring a host of independent producers together, allowing you to source new products and answer the demands of your customers for locally produced food and drink products. To guarantee your FREE ticket to the leading industry event or to find out more about the exhibitors, practical food and drink demos and business seminar programmes, please visit Don’t forget to look out for the latest show updates on @CaffeCultureShw, or search ‘Caffé Culture Show’ on Facebook. Also why not use #CaffeCultureShw to help us spread the word about the event to make 2014 the biggest show yet.


At Hotelympia meet over 1,000 exhibitors displaying the latest new products and widest range of innovation to benefit your business. In 2014 the event presents a new spring dateline, an array of inspiring speakers and the latest in food & drink, catering equipment, decor and design, tabletop, technology, and waste management solutions.

REGISTER AT HOTELYMPIA.COM /HHD Image: citizenM London Bankside & ME London


A number of exciting and unique attractions feature throughout the show - all designed with the sole purpose of making your visit as beneficial as possible. Hotelympia is fully geared towards delivering innovation for your hospitality business.

E N 14 LI 20 TE Y DA MA G 1 N RI RIL SP AP 26


SALON CULINAIRE This will be your only chance to see Salon Culinaire in 2014, the world-class culinary competition, incorporating Salon Display, Live Theatre, and La Parade des Chefs. Come and see over 700 of the UK’s top chefs pit their finely honed skills against each other and the resulting creations. < New salon Culinaire Chef Director, James Tanner

DESIGN STAGE Be there as some of the most respected names in the business grace the stage to discuss and debate hot-button topics and trends including an interview with Sir Terence Conran, FCSD.

Designer Sir Terence Conran, FCSD >

THE STAGE The latest industry trends with live debates, demonstrations and celebrity interviews. This thought-provoking programme includes interviews with renowned chefs Bruno Loubet, Tom Kerridge and Phil Howard. < Restaurateur and writer Bruno Loubet

CRAFT BEER TAKEOVER Sample imaginative craft beers from the most exciting new breweries all sharing a vision of better beer made with real ingredients. An exciting range of craft beer is quickly becoming an integral part of any offering. Don’t get left behind –join the Craft Beer takeover and give your business the edge. HOSPA HUB Come and see experts demonstrate how you can improve your business efficiency in our technology hub and stay up to date with the latest technology trends. Don’t miss: What is #FoodPorn doing for the hospitality industry? featuring celebrity chef Tom Aikens and Daniel Doherty from Duck & Waffle. < Celebrity chef Tom Aikens

THE SKILLERY The Craft Guild of Chefs will bring Cyrus Todiwala, Will Torrent and more than 20 of the industry’s finest chefs to showcase the latest cooking trends and offer practical information to help catering outlets become more profitable and efficient.

Will Torrent, pastry chef and chocolatier >

COST SECTOR CATERING LIVE A stunning showcase of live food demonstrations from leading cost sector caterers will see chefs linking their dishes to the health and nutritional standards pertinent to healthcare, education, business & industry, and care homes. WASTEWORKS Focusing on suppliers of resource efficiency solutions and good practice in waste and resource management in the hospitality sector, WasteWorks will help you to find cost savings and improve your environmental credentials and carbon footprint.


Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

The new Renaissance Hotel, currently under construction in the historic city centre of Kiev, will become Marriott International’s

Modern style with hints of history UK-based design consultancy, Alexander James International, was commissioned to produce the interior design scheme for the hotel’s refurbishment and extension. The design maximises the potential of the property, while highlighting the combination of contemporary styling and touches of opulent luxury reminiscent of the Renaissance era. As is typical with a conversion of an existing building of historical

public and guest room levels provided the starting point of the overall design theme. Alexander James International has utilised the property’s grand ceiling heights wherever possible, and has introduced small design details that location of the hotel. Featuring richly layered details, the interior has been designed to evoke a sense of subtlety. Incorporating sophisticated lighting, attentive use of texture and materials and a strong reference to the hotel’s location, the design has a plush yet unpretentious aesthetic.

The guest rooms also feature subtle references to the hotel’s location – from architectural photography to Ukrainian lace patterns within the carpet design and bathroom screens. Although it wasn’t possible to retain the original interior detail of the building, a conscious effort has been made to bring a sense of history into the hotel’s public areas. The use of stone provide a dramatic canvas, while bronze detailing gives a contemporary twist to the moulding and edge details Varied seating styles combine contemporary and traditional forms to create an eclectic and residential aesthetic, which is transformed throughout the day with the help of dramatic lighting. As a reference to the tree-lined avenue of the hotel’s location, stylised references to forests and trees appear in the feature wall panels. In addition, the striking feature lighting over the entrance lobby casts leaf-shaped shadows over the continued into the library, where a more

atmosphere. With the project well under way and the proposed design schemes for both guest rooms and public areas approved by Marriott International and the developer, ISTIL Real Estate, the ongoing detailed design work needed for the hotel to open late in 2013 is continuing at a rapid pace. The 173 out within the historic fabric of the building, and great attention is being paid to every detail in order to maintain Alexander James International is continuing to provide design services of the Renaissance Kiev. In addition, the company is producing concepts and design schemes for various hospitality developers throughout Central and Eastern Europe – from guest room concepts for Hilton’s Athene Palace in Bucharest, to design development for a new boutique resort hotel in the Georgian mountains. W

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Induction Hobs

UK company Cuisinequip hails from Valentine Equipment representing the Swiss manufacturer, with a heritage of more than 55 years. Over this period the market has changed vastly due to new technologies, changes in consumer eating habits out of home and trends within foodservice inspired from across the world. For hotels, there has also been an increasing focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability, with many under the lens as a key contributor to the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s overall energy consumption.

requirement for ventilation and associated running costs are negated. Gas interlocks, which can greatly add to the

With this in mind, an increasing number of operators are welcoming induction as the cooking technology of

Importantly, food quality and the speed of turnaround of dishes can also be improved, which is crucial in these times with the ever-more discerning consumer expecting extremely high standards. With less energy wasted, cooking times with induction can be reduced by up to 50%. Consistency is provided by precise temperature monitoring and quick and accurate controls. These will be increasingly important attributes in equipment for chefs in the future, pressured with rising consumer expectations and environmental responsibilities.

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

alternative methods such as gas or electric. Essentially it is a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;greenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and environmentally friendly technology, which uses energy directly to heat the pan and produces no CO2.


Unlike conventional methods, which require initial energy transference, i.e. burning gas or heating up elements, to then warm the pan indirectly, induction hobs use more than 98% of energy to directly heat the pan itself. As a result of this reduction there is an inevitable decrease in associated running costs, bringing the businesses overhead costs down. As it is only the cooking vessel (e.g. pan) that is heated, any spillages onto the tough ceramic cooking surface do not burn. This, in conjunction with a practical stainless steel design, makes the hotel kitchen easier to clean. Induction also creates a far safer and more comfortable less heat escapes into the room. This means that the

thus delivering an even greater saving. The time that it takes to clean an induction cooking range is less than a gas equivalent, which has the potential to reduce the labour required for this essential task. cleaning, determining barely any maintenance costs.

Chefs need to make sure that they use the correct pan for induction cookers. Many pan manufacturers offer products that can be used across all cooking methods, induction, gas, electric and infrared. A simple check for whether the pan is suitable to be used with induction is to see if a magnet holds onto it. Furthermore, the smallest sized pan to use with induction is one with a diameter of 16cm; the hob needs a minimum amount of steel in order to detect a pan. warranty as standard, with spares available in the UK and all backed up by Valentine service.

SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY AND SUSTAIN Cuisinequip induction hobs combine Swiss induction technology with robust design for a cost-saving solution to your cooking requirements. The complete Cuisinequip range includes single, twin and wok Counter Tops, Free-Standing, Bespoke Cooking Suites and Built-In Appliances

Cuisinequip Induction + Practical stainless steel design, easy to clean and simple to use + Hold function to keep your food at the correct temperature before plating


For more information, visit or call 01189 571344

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Essential for all aspiring Hoteliers There are many laws, regulations and codes to consider before becoming a hotelier. There is a minefield of bureaucracy to consider ranging from licensing rules to food hygiene and fire regulations. If something goes wrong in your hotel ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law. The cost to remedy breaches of the law range from criminal and civil actions against you (including fines) and even imprisonment for more serious breaches. Even the simple process of naming your new hotel does have regulatory implications. Under the Business Names Act 1985 owners of hotels must display a notice showing the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name where it is not the same as the business name. Any stationary produced for your new hotel must also have the owners name, address and any other relevant contact information. This also applies to any invoices for goods and services, business letters, receipts, purchase orders and accounting information. When producing your advertising literature, marketing pamphlets and updating your website he must ensure that you do not mislead potential guests with your pricing by advertising at one price after it has already been quoted. It is an oďŹ&#x20AC;ence to raise the price after quoting it to a prospective guest (and then failing to inform customer). Similarly under The Trade Descriptions Act 1968 (when undertaking your marketing activities) you must provide accurate descriptions of your hotel facilities that is a true and fair reflection and is not misleading in any way.

Hotelier & Hotel Design - December 2013

When implementing a booking process for taking bookings from guests


hoteliers need to be compliant with both the Credit Card Order 1990 as well as the Data Protection Act 1998. Specifically any surcharges that credit card companies asked to hotelier for payments made by credit card must be identified on the guests bill. When processing the bill and any personal data is stored such as credit card information, the hotelier must obviously protect guests privacy. Specifically any personal data held on a computer must be available at the public and the owners of such data must notify the data protection Commissioner. One of the most serious threats to your business and guests is an unexpected fire. Typically this is caused by a kitchen fire but also occasionally occurs due to an electrical appliance overheating or a guest causing some type of accident. As well as the obvious safety precautions such as installing fire extinguishers, fire exit signs, checking fire exits and undertaking regular fire drills you must also limit the ability of q potential fire to spread. Therefore if you are starting up a new hotel and in the process of choosing your fixtures and fittings for the bedrooms and other living areas you must ensure that you purchase fire retardant furniture that complies with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. Most modern furniture is compliant and will have a ready tree label attached to it confirming this. However if you are purchasing and all the hotel as a going concern you may find that some of the old furniture is not compliant and does not meet with the latest fire regulations. Most building insurance policies will stipulate that you adhere to statutory fire regulations. Continued on page 32 >>

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Likewise to protect the safety and health and welfare of guests hoteliers are obliged to ensure that all gas equipment and gas appliances meet with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994. It’s probable that your main industrial boiler will be heating the building constantly seven days a week to provide hot water and heating for guests. Failure to properly ensure maintenance of this boiler could result not just in machine failure but gas leakage and consequent safety disasters.

spread between humans and food. Germs love certain temperatures in order to multiply and spread and so understanding which types of food need to be heated or cooled and at what specific temperatures ranges is vital. With this in mind the main causes of food poisoning are as follows:t t t t t t t

Most people who run a business in the UK are familiar with the implications of forever changing health and safety regulations. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires that hoteliers must take notice of substances which may cause injury or illness to their staff. In particular employees should be provided with any proper protective clothing required to handle harmful substances. These may include some type of cleaning fluids such as chemical-based bleach for general maintenance and building repair materials. Similarly the act also provides that employees should avoid ‘the need for hazardous manual handling’ (such as heavy luggage).

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

Clearly carrying guests suitcases up and down stairs may require a sensible assessment of the risks involved. Staff are also protected under the Act in that they cannot be required to work excessive hours any unsuitable shift pattern which could result in an accident or ill-health from fatigue. Supplementing this health and safety requirement is the introduction of the recent Working Time Regulations 1998 which specific case dictates rest breaks, shift patterns annual leave entitlement and working hours for all employees. Running a small hotel can be a busy and hard-working environment and so it’s important to plan ahead for any possible absences or illnesses where cover is required at short notice. Other important health and safety regulations include a requirement to display fire exit signs that comply with The Safety Signs and Signals Regulations Act 1996.


It’s inevitable that accidents happen in public places including hotels. Unfortunately in this day and age of litigation and blame culture it’s important to mitigate the threat of being sued (whether founded or unfounded). One of them most important areas of hotel insurance is public liability insurance which most insurance providers will provide as part of an overall package deal. Similarly under the Employer’s Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 employers must adequate insurance for their employees as well as display the insurance certificate inside the hotel. If you are serving food at your hotel you have legal duties to ensure the food is prepared in a hygienic fashion and in the proper way for the safety of your guests. Many local colleges provide formal training courses on food hygiene for those new hoteliers who have limited experience in this area. Poor hygiene and food management can result in food poisoning of guests. Food poisoning represents one of the most serious threats to your business. Food poisoning can be created because germs can cause diseases and illnesses if allowed to

Failure to correctly ensure food is properly refrigerated Inadequate personal hygiene of the staff members preparing the food Heating up cold foods too slowly Undercooked food Food left at high temperatures that attracts bacteria which can incubate and create harmful germs Storage of food resulting in contamination Failure to reheat food at a high enough temperature and for enough time to kill any remaining bacteria

If an environmental health officer visits your hotel and discovers poor hygiene standards they have the right to close your hotel for the welfare of your guests. General cleanliness is also one of the top factors that guests would consider in deciding whether or not to return to the hotel they have stayed in. Therefore formal hygiene training of your kitchen staff and staff responsible for cleaning and maintenance is not just a legal obligation but good business practice. Underpinning this approach to ensuring compliance with food hygiene standards must be an overall system and procedure for quality standards. Having a written document process for checking cleanliness, food temperatures, maintenance schedules, safety and security checks are all highly relevant to comply with a whole raft of statutory obligations.

Likewise most hotels also like to provide guests with alcohol as well as food. Therefore hotels need to adhere to the Licensing Act 1964. Assuming a licence has been granted most hotels are free to source their alcoholic beverages from whatever source they see fit. However, the Act dictates all aspects of serving alcohol such as the cleanliness of optics, pipes and glasses as well as the unit measures which you can advertise and sell at. You will need a ‘public room’ to be converted into a bar to serve alcoholic beverages. If you’re planning to serve alcohol during mealtimes you will need a residential and restaurant licence which is sometimes known as a Function’s Licence. This article summarises just a few of the key statutes and regulations hoteliers need to think about when getting started. We would advise seeking professional legal advice to ensure that you are fully aware of all other laws related to your individual situation and how they may apply to your plans. Assetsure provide a range of niche property insurances for owners of hotel businesses, blocks of flats, listed buildings, holiday homes and second homes, buy to let property and many more. We are always happy to discuss your hotel insurance individual needs.

THE NEW UNBELIEVABLE ADVANCE COMBINATION OVEN PACKAGE DEALS FROM FAGOR The Advance Plus , The Advance and The Concept Please contact for further details and a live demonstration at Hotelympia 2014

Please contact John Stillwell 07919 220 812

Please contact Kurran Gadhvi Corsair WholesaleLTD T/A Valera 0845 270 4321

Starwood Hotels sees mobile bookings grow at unprecedented rate Starwood Hotels & Resorts has seen a surge in mobile times faster than Web bookings did ten years ago. In addition to bookings shifting to mobile, general site Mobile accounts for 42 percent of Starwood’s site “As Tom Friedman recently pointed out in an op-ed information and the ability to use that information Hotels & Resorts, Stamford, CT, during the fourthquarter earnings call. “This is changing the way consumers interact with brands and what they expect from the companies behind those brands,” he said. “The challenge is to

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

become tomorrow’s table stakes.


Example of interface used

mobile, as the great opportunity for dialogue with changed how we work and where we direct our energy.” Mobile commitment in mobile the past few years. About two to three years ago, the company saw transactions shifting to mobile and has since made mobile a priority. In May, the company partnered with Keynote to insure that the content and functionality of its mobile apps and Web sites met corporate brand standards (see story).

the hotel and the location to get a sense of the area before booking a trip (see story). Then in August, Starwood released an Android app for Chinese consumers. The app allows guests

to better organize and coordinate their travel sensibilities (see story). That commitment to mobile has made Starwood one of the leaders in the hotel vertical.

Additionally, Starwood is experimenting with smart

Looking forward According to Mr. van Paasschen, Starwood Hotels this year.

company engaged in almost three million social Paasschen. This helps Starwood achieve its goal of

the same kind of mobile experience when they arrive at a hotel?

more personalized service.

“We’re taking digital and mobile innovation and combining it with big data offer — engines and an integrated set of reservations and loyalty systems. nine distinct brands and provide a platform for SPG. As we like to say loyalty beyond reason.”

Specialists in the field of branded products for the hotel and catering industries, as well as promotions, advertising events and product launches.

Napkins Tablecloths Beermats Coasters Cups & Sleeves

Food Containers Stirrers Toothpicks Wet Wipes and much more!

020 8886 1600

Spirit Fires

Spirit Fires has extended its range of Outdoor Heaters with the addition of Gas Patio Heaters manufactured by ITALKERO in Italy. These high quality heaters can be seen in many Bars, Hotels and Restaurants around the World. All products have unique design features and contemporary styling and the quality stands out when compared to other outdoor heaters currently on the market. All heaters have a unique torch of flame which is contained within a glass tube, over 2.2m high and manufactured from high grade anti-corrosion stainless steel and available in various colours to complement existing decor. Models are available for Natural Gas or LPG and have a wide range of accessories like tables, lights and remote control. These heaters are ideal for commercial properties where an outdoor patio area exists for customers. LIGHTFIRE: This unique, 2.2 high design incorporates both heat and light. This means the patio heater can be used outdoors all year round and eliminates the need to provide additional lighting. FALO: This 2.4m tall contemporary design is the first choice of many high end hotel chains around the World who demand quality and reliability. To receive a full brochure and pricing information please call or visit our web site

Hotelier & Hotel Design - December 2013

Hotelier & Hotel Design - December 2013

SPIRIT FIRES, 4 Beaumont Square, Durham Way South, Newton AycliďŹ&#x20AC;e, DL5 6XN TEL: 01325 301020 EMAIL: WEB:



Profile A tablet computer in every guest room under a

“Free to Hotel” business Model After successfully deploying over 5’000 units in Chicago and a further 7’000 planned in San Francisco, through its free- to-Hotelcommunication infrastructure program: HCN is collaborating with UK technology specialists ‘the Hub Group” to bring this exciting innovative program to our shores. Under the program, HCN effectively eliminates the cost of the equipment to the hotelier through developing alterative revenue streams from various stakeholders.

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

John Wells, General Manager of the Hilton Chicago, said “HCN is a breakthrough for the hotelier.” With its easy to use patented interface, guests have access to a complete up to date hotel guide, interactive room service functions, a full set of local listings of dining, tourism, night life and shopping, a business centre in the room with the ability to surf the web, access email, work on documents and in room interactive entertainment, and much, much more.


And guests do love it… with over 75% take up of hotel services reported. This is a remarkable statistic compared to information over the television (IPTV), which has an average of 7-10%. While mobile apps seem appealing, guest generally do not like to clutter their personal devices with service applications they do not use on a daily basis. And Conference/Event organizers love it even more…. With the ability to interact dynamically with delegates in their room the solution is already an indispensible and instrumental tool in obtaining and keeping business in this vital growth area of the industry. To learn how you can become part of this exciting program and see the solution for yourself please contact the hub Group at


Specialists in sliding and folding door hardware solutions

Henderson is constantly building on over 90 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience of developing innovative sliding and folding door hardware systems. Our UK based manufacturing facilities and technical team ensure Henderson

! Industrial ! Commercial ! Residential

provide you with the high quality solution for every application. To discuss your project needs, contact our technical team on 0191 377 7345.

! Automation ! Glass ! Specialist

KALDEWEI Secure Plus celebrates premiere in Kaisergarten Hotel & Spa 4-star Superior hotel in Deidesheim - first establishment worldwide to install enamelled shower surfaces with Kaldewei Secure Plus Comfort and timeless design were the primary criteria used for the interior design of the Kaisergarten Hotel & Spa, recently opened in Deidesheim, Germany. This includes the bathrooms and as a result this 4-star Superior hotel is the first establishment worldwide to feature enamelled shower surfaces with Kaldewei Secure Plus. This virtually invisible surface finish combines safety with superior design standards in the shower area. The Kaisergarten Hotel & Spa in Deidesheim opened its doors in May 2013 in close proximity to the German Wine Route (Deutsche Weinstraße) and the Palatinate Forest. Using organic materials and clear lines as defining design principles, its approach is as striking in the 80 or so rooms and eight suites of the hotel as it is in its generous wellness area with swimming pool. Experts opt for pioneering surface finish from Kaldewei The hotel’s clear stylistic features elegantly continue with the Conoflat enamelled shower surface from Kaldewei in the guest bathrooms. The floor-level shower, which has won multiple design awards, integrates neatly in the room with an understated elegance that adds to its appeal. Installed in various sizes – up to 100 x 140 cm – it allows great freedom of movement. The bathrooms were designed by general contractor Mario Arndt, who won the investor and architect over with an innovative shower solution. All enamelled shower surfaces in the Kaisergarten are covered with the virtually invisible anti-slip surface finish Kaldewei Secure Plus. Permanently fired onto the shower panel, it guarantees complete and lasting safety and comfort underfoot. “A safe

shower solution for hotel guests with great visual appeal,” Mario Arndt summarises. Enamelled shower surface and installation system as onestop solution The design surface appeals, however, not only from a visual aspect; it also makes for easy cleaning. “Unlike the grout of a tiled shower area, the pore-free steel enamel surface leaves nowhere for dirt and bacteria to settle. This saves housekeeping valuable time in cleaning and makes aggressive detergents unnecessary,” explains the CEO of Arndt Komplettbad GmbH. When it comes to efficiency, Mario Arndt likes to opt for Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm especially for the bathrooms of a large hotel. It makes sense to him since the seamless shower surfaces with their matched installation solutions reliably protect against damage from moisture penetration. “Shower surface, installation system frame, waste fitting – all components required for the installation come from Kaldewei as a one-stop solution and are accurately fitted to each other. Installation, as a result, is quick and easy while the product liability rests with only one manufacturer.” In contract business especially Mario Arndt notices a trend towards high-quality shower solutions and therefore chiefly uses products made of steel enamel. Convinced of the quality of the Kaldewei brand, he trusts the 30-year material guarantee of the premium manufacturer. Modern appearance, safety and efficiency – innovative and reliable products such as Kaldewei Secure Plus mean that Europe’s no. 1 in baths, shower trays and enamelled shower surfaces made of steel enamel 3.5 mm also is first choice for the guest bathrooms of the Kaisergarten Hotel & Spa.

Welcome to the art of gracious living A tradition of quality and care has been the hallmark of the Potteries since the 18th Century. Caverswall china has nurtured the traditions, skills and techniques of those bygone generations, which are reflected in every piece of our china. Today, our designers, potters and artists continue to create beautiful tableware and giftware that is a delight to the eye, from the birth of each piece from its mould to hand decorating of the final piece. As well as the exquisite listed patterns in our portfolio, we offer a unique bespoke service. This could be monogramming or cresting, through to the design and creation of wholly customised items, from a single piece for your home or a special presentation, a single place setting to settings for a banquet. Caverswall has been privileged to produce this special work for some of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most recognisable names, including royalty, haute couture designers and celebrities. Caverswall also produce some wonderful â&#x20AC;&#x153;one-off â&#x20AC;? hand painted items ranging from a simple plate or a pair of gorgeous vases and many other items.

Tel:01782 652800 Fax:01782 652801 E-mail: Website:

Our commitment to excellence has been further enhanced since the management buyout in 2007 and it is now a family run concern with great importance on customer service and satisfaction.

Hotelier & Hotel Design - Issue 10

We are extremely proud at being awarded the Royal Warrant from the HRH Prince of Wales. This was originally awarded in 2008 and we have just heard that we will continue with the honour for the next five years.


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Heading here London Rectangular Soaking Tub £1300 Shown with Burlington Angled Bath Shower Mixer £812


Soaking tubs from Burlington Bathrooms are custom made for a relaxing wallow.

The latest baths to join the collection are the London round and rectangular models. London Round and London Rectangle both measure 1800mm long by 850mm wide and have an attractive deep rim. The baths can be used with floor or wall mounted fillers.

London Round takes 270 litres and weighs 45kg while London Rectangle takes 290 litres and weighs 50kg. Both baths are acrylic so water stays warmer longer and the surface cannot be damaged by cleaners containing bleach. “A freestanding bath is an outstanding focal point feature in any bathroom,” commented Faye Rainey, marketing manager for

Burlington. ”Freestanding baths also help to give an illusion of space as they don’t visually occupy as much floor area as a built in model. London is a style that can be successfully combined with both traditional or contemporary sanitaryware – and what’s nicer than a lovely soak in a big, comfortable bath after a tough day at work or with the family.”

Hotelier & Hotel Design - December 2013

Hotelier & Hotel Design - December 2013



Providing luxury hospitality linens for over 140 years!

Join the thousands of businesses already benefiting from our quality hospitality linen products. By joining the Hilden members club today youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll save 10% off everything! Everyday! Take advantage of the great members benefits and huge wholesale savings. Plus free delivery on orders over ÂŁ50.

Glasstrends has a wealth of experience in the AND GLASS FRAMELESS SHOWERS SCREENS DESIGNED FOR YOUR SPACE


Glasstrends provides a customized design and installation service for a wide range of frameless glazing requirements in the hospitality industry. For example frameless glass showers, steam rooms & sauna rooms, wellness and pool areas, wine cellars and hospitality areas plus many more interior architectural glazing requirements.

163a St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hill, London SW11 1TQ

Feel free to call us on 020 7223 4017 to discuss your project with one of our experienced advisors or visit



Glasstrends provides a customized design and installation service for a wide range of frameless glazing requirements in the hospitality industry. For example frameless glass showers, steam rooms & sauna rooms, wellness and pool areas, wine cellars and hospitality areas plus many more interior architectural glazing requirements.

163a St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hill, London SW11 1TQ

Feel free to call us on 020 7223 4017 to discuss your project with one of our experienced advisors or visit


Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd launches its new Temptest® 1 thermometer incorporating a rotational display

resolution and an accuracy of ±0.4 °C (-49.9 to 200 °C). The thermometer will power off automatically after ten minutes, maximising battery life. This feature can be disabled. The thermometer is housed in a waterproof IP67 case with an ergonomic rubber seal, both include ‘Biomaster' additive to reduce bacterial growth. As well as being waterproof, it is 'probably' one of the fastest reading contact thermometers on the market today. The

Hotelier & Hotel Design - January 2014

‘The manufacturers of the Thermapen® bring you another totally innovative product that can be read from any angle, in either hand - making temperature readings that much easier!’


The Temptest® 1 features a Patented automatic 360° display, which rotates in 90° increments enabling the user to read the temperature in any position i.e. left hand, right hand, vertical or horizontal. This feature can be 'locked' by the user, if required. Additionally, the Temptest® thermometer features an intelligent backlit LCD display, which illuminates the display when ambient light levels are low, making the thermometer reading easier to read whatever the time of day. The new Temptest® 1 smart thermometer incorporates a large, easy to read digital display, with a precise read-out of temperature over the range of -49.9 to 299.9 °C with a 0.1 °C/°F

true temperature of a product can be measured in just three seconds. Both low battery (icon) and open circuit indication are displayed, when applicable. Each TempTest® 1 is powered by two AAA batteries with a minimum life expectancy of 5000 hours in normal use without the backlight. Each thermometer is supplied with a permanently attached, pointed stainless steel food penetration probe (Ø3.3 x 80 mm) with fast response tip which measures the true temperature in under 3 seconds, which is typically 50% faster than traditional thermometers.

The Temptest® thermometers are competitively priced, at £50.00 each exclusive of VAT and available direct from ordering code 221-910.

Thermometers for catering & food processing

food safe thermometers, probes & data-loggers designed specifically for the food industry wide product range including our NEW TempTest® 1 smart thermometer with unique rotating display in-house UKAS accredited calibration laboratory award-winning UK manufacturer

E2W N 14 R FO 0

‘The manufacturers of the Thermapen® bring you another totally innovative product that can be read from any angle, in either hand - making temperature readings that much easier!’

visit our website or scan the QR code below for more information

“The Thermapen® is by far the most reliable thermometer I have come across...” Made in Britain

Matt Gillan - Michelin Star Chef, The Pass

2-5/3/2014 Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms NEC Birmingham Register for your free ticket now at

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