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May 2015

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May 2015

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Industry News Venue Profile Bed Focus Events & Shows Business Matters EPOS Hotel Bar Furniture & Design Bathroom Design


MAX 120 mm Introducing our new Anti-slip shower trays:


low profile design allowing level access, double fast flow traps allowing drainage up to 45lt per minute. The Custom trays can be cut down on site for bespoke solutions. All trays are gloss white which has been treated to give a very high resistance to heavy usage. The optional Anti-slip surface gives peace of mind where customer safety is a key factor.

Anti-slip |

Industry News Designing a Hotel Organisation for the Future – The Dorchester Collection Challenge The Dorchester Collection set the “challenge” for this year’s Young Hotelier Summit – to design a Hotel Organisation for the Future keeping in mind the view the rigid hierarchical organisation structures of hotels are

The challenge was to design a “disruptive” organisational structure that creates the internal structure and environment to be able to innovate, be creative and to continue to secure competitive advantage.

to change to be able to cope with the dynamic and disruptive environment now, and of the future.

This challenge was set following from the Dorchester Collection presentation to the summit on “Disruptive Organisational Design”.

The Dorchester Collection challenged the student groups to consider how the current “silo” approach to organising and managing hotels needs to radically change towards organic networks that supports the delivery of the guest experience while fostering an encouraging, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation throughout all parts of the organisation.

Tips for GMs & hotel 10 check points to verify leaders to increase call your hotel is safe conversions A search for “increasing reservation conversions” returns hundreds, possibly thousands, of articles and blogs posts about growing hotel website conversions. The topic of hotel call conversions, on the other hand, is often treated as a dinosaur to the modern travel era.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

Contemporary marketers seem to have forgotten that the phones never quit ringing. In fact, calls are increasingly important as travelers rely on mobile phones for their research.


A Google study; “The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase” found that 70% of mobile searchers used click-to-call functionalies and 61% of those were ready to buy when they used it. Even more importantly, 58% of travelers who interested in hotels were “extremely/very likely” to call if the call

capability was available in a smartphone search. The voice channel is not only alive and well but it requires attention as it evolves, just like any other sales channel. A reservations team can be a powerful sales force when they are supported with training, technology and systems of accountability. Ultimately, hotel leadership must be fully invested in three key aspects of a successful reservations program to capitalize on the full potential for conversions and revenues:

As far as hotel security is concerned, at night there are far fewer members of staff looking after a much higher number of guests. Here, Stefan Hiller looks at what hotels can do to mitigate the risk at night and to verify your hotel is safe. Lets say it is 2pm on a normal week day and you are in a 4-star city hotel with 200 bedrooms and approximately 150 guests are in the building plus 40 employees and 10 managers are on duty. This means there is a total head count of 200 people and in the to evacuate everyone quickly assembly point.

On the same day, but just 12 hours later the proportions between the amount of guests in-house and the amount of staff working in the hotel Built around these three have completely shifted in concepts, the following the opposite direction and so tips will help GMs and hotel decision makers responsibilities now lean on reacquaint themselves the shoulder of the Night with one of their most Manager and/or Night Auditor important sales tools. while maybe around 180 guests are sound asleep. Reservations staff Technology Knowledge

One to two employees must now accomplish what 10 or 15 evacuation helpers would have done during the day in a short period of time. This is even more a reason to ensure all employees who are working at night know exactly what to that all emergency systems are well maintained. This can only be achieved through training, training training! Are problems likely? Problems can be expected, especially when some of the positions are outsourced or have to be handled by one Night Auditor. Smaller hotels often operate with one staff member per shift and they have a much higher risk as the entire operation is linked to that one position.

Industry News

Hotels are on a roll when it comes to creating new hotel brands in a bid to connect with customers and owners. So, what does it take for a brand to be truly successful? Han Zantingh, MD Asia, Brainjuicer presented their views at the No Vacancy Conference held in Sydney recently. In a nutshell, BrainJuicer is all about expanding behaviour – consumer behaviour. We look at how people make decisions. What we think is happening is a new way of looking at behaviour – a new framework of interpreting behaviour.

System One and System Two We call it System One and System Two. It’s all based on the work of Daniel Kahneman, who wrote a book called Thinking Fast and Slow and it gives an indication of the two parts of our brain. We have the fast thinking part to our brain and the slow thinking part. So not left and right but, fast and slow.

His philosophy is that most of the decisions that we make are based on our emotional brain, our intuitive brain. So thinking is overrated and therefore marketing to rational As marketers we try and change thought may not be the right way behaviour to go – or not the only way to go. Kahneman’s idea is that we have two Marketing and sales is all about parts to our brain – we have System One brain and System Two brain. behaviour, as hotel brand owners System One is our original brain. we try and make consumers more We share it with all other animals loyal to us, to go to new places, to on the planet. In evolutionary terms go to other places, so we’re always it’s about a million years old and it’s trying to change behaviour and that’s the intuitive part of the brain – it’s not actually an easy thing to do very responsive, it’s very fast, it’s the because people don’t like change, so super computer – a few thousand you need to really understand why bits of computer power. It’s very they’re behaving in a certain way good at reacting spontaneously before you can really start to change because sometimes you don’t anything. even think about it and actions just happen. The way a lot of people have been thinking about marketing is this Feel, act, think model here – the current model is left brain and right brain. I’m sure Suppose something happens to you, you’ve seen this before. Some you have an emotional reaction, then people are more left brain and some you do something about it and then people are more right brain. You you act and then you think about have the creative people who you what happened. The thinking about can’t really get in front of clients what happened is the second part of and you have the account handlers, our brain, much newer – only about the commercial people, the money 100,000 years old – which is the people and never the twain shall rational part of the brain. meet. Our System Two brain is a little bit Well, we think that model doesn’t like a 1980’s Atari game computer – really work. There’s two things it’s clunky, it’s slow, it’s painful to use, so we avoid using it wherever we that people are half and half, left and can. We don’t think as much as we right – well that’s not true. And the think we do. We feel our way through second is that you can only be one life. of two – that’s also not true.

Hotel Jen rebrands 10 properties in 11 months: a look inside the experience Last August, Shangri-La announced it was undertaking an ambitious rebranding of its mid-range Traders Hotels to appeal to a new generation of travelers. Since then, they have opened 10 Hotel Jens in major cities around ‘‘Jeneration’ concept with soft touch points and a locale-centric philosophy. Marisa Aranha, came on board as Vice President Sales & Marketing of the Hotel Jen brand in May 2014. I sat down with to talk with her about the effort required for this aggressive rebranding roadmap and some of the lessons learned along the way. First tell us about about the scale and scope of your rebranding effort We started with the launch of the brand on September 15, 2014 with the opening of Hotel Jen Ocean Gateway in Singapore. In all fairness, we had a huge amount of publicity with the launch of the brand with that hotel – it is very Singapore because it was a new build. A week later, we re-branded Hotel Jen Tanglin, which is also in Singapore about 10 to 15 minutes away from the very iconic Traders hotel in Singapore which has had a regular following over past 15 years. Then every couple of weeks, we rebranded the next four hotels – Hong Kong, Brisbane, Penang of November with Manila – that was number six – and then we took bit of two weeks is quite exciting, but also an exhausting exercise. We started again in the second week of January rebranding the Traders Inn in Malé, Maldives. After a break for Chinese New Year, we started our marketing campaign in Beijing and Shanghai. We rebranded Upper East Beijing on March 4th. I must admit we’ve have an overwhelming amount of publicity and interest from the Chinese market and the media.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

Make my hotel brand famous! What’s in a name?


Industry News

New Heathrow hotel opens to business and leisure travellers Located close to Heathrow International Airport, Mercure London Heathrow Hotel has flown to the rescue for guests looking to start their leisure and business travel the right way. The hotel is opening under a franchise agreement with Crimson Hotels Ltd. Contemporary, modern and smart, the new multi-million pound fully refurbished 184 room hotel continues to put the customer welcome at it’s heart by combining the front desk, restaurant, bar, lounge area and business centre. Staying true to its locally inspired roots, the hotel also displays a brand wall made of different leather from various luggage in order to pay homage to the hotel’s vicinity to Heathrow. Guests will be able to enjoy spotting other individualised local touches, which can be found in the design elements that decorate the hotels interior. Starting from £60 a night, the Mercure London Heathrow Hotel is located less than two miles from London Heathrow Airport and provides easy access to Central London and the M4 / M25 motorways. Guests can indulge in some fantastic amenities including Borders Restaurant and Bar, Costa coffee, dry gym, extensive meeting facilities and a Hoppa shuttle service (chargeable), that runs guests to the airport from 4am – 11pm. There is something for both leisure and business guests at Mercure London Heathrow Hotel. The hotel offers guests a range of accommodation including standard, superior, privilege rooms and suites. All rooms offer air-conditioning, flat screen television, hairdryer, ironing facilities, complimentary tea tray, mini fridge and laptop bedroom safes as standard. Secure parking and free WiFi is available throughout the hotel. Jonathan Sheard, SVP Operations Luxury, Upscale & Midscale Hotels, Accor UK & Ireland said, “We are delighted at being able to welcome Mercure London Heathrow Hotel to the network of Mercure Hotels in the UK. Like all of our hotels, it offers fantastic services for both business and leisure guests. All of our hotels are designed to provide a quality experience for our guests from the moment they walk in and our newest hotel is no exception. The hotel’s new look reflects our commitment to providing excellent facilities in each hotel across the country.”

Hypnos wins The Furniture Makers Guild Sustainability Award Bed Manufacturer of the Year and Royal Warrant holder, Hypnos has been crowned winner of The Furniture Makers Guild Sustainability Award 2015.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

This prestigious accolade has been awarded to Hypnos by a panel of renowned experts in the field of furniture making including, Paul von der Heyde, the Master of the Furniture Makers Guild and Phil Reynolds of FIRA. This award is recognition for Hypnos’ dedicated commitment to manufacturing and sustainability and is a symbol of excellence in waste and energy management and signals Hypnos’ commitment to corporate and social responsibility and its continuing ethical development as leaders in the furniture industry.


It is Hypnos’ strong ethical & environmentally friendly values that have helped the business scoop the honour. Every bed is created from the finest, natural materials including FSC or PEFC certified timbers that have been sourced from managed forests which means that all beds are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Hypnos’ wider responsible approach is emphasised by becoming the first carbon neutral bed maker in the country and by passing the Sedex Ethical Trading Audit. With ethical bed production at the core of the company’s values, its sustainable credentials also extend to aftercare. The business offers retailers a full disposal service for old beds, with Hypnos’ sister company, The Furniture Recycling Company, deconstructing beds

to create recycled raw materials for re-use in other industries. This responsible approach results in 100% landfill avoidance and offers a green and responsible way of disposing of old mattresses and bedding. It is this responsible philosophy and focus on sustainable design that has enabled Hypnos to scoop this award. Hypnos’ Group Managing Director, Stephen Ward explains: "We are absolutely delighted to win this award. The fact that it is judged by peers and experts from within the Furniture Industry makes it even more special. “We are now the current holders of two prestigious Industry Awards, as this win follows the NBF Bed Manufacturer of the Year award in September, which shows that our strategy and performance is now being recognised by the Industry. This is all very encouraging for our team, and will keep us energised and dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability with in the industry for even more years to come.” Paul Von Der Heyde, Master of the Furniture Makers Guild comments: “Hypnos is highly deserving of this distinction as it was impressive in every category. Highly commended in last year’s awards the company took on the challenge to raise its standards even further to succeed in 2015.”

Industry News Innside Manchester Set for May 2015 Opening: The Brand’s First UK Hotel

Wilton Carpets Commercial is star of the show at the Theatre Royal

INNSIDE by Meliá, a pioneer of the design-led business hotel movement, is moving to the UK with a Manchester launch this year. INNSIDE seeks to blur the boundaries between business and lifestyle hotels and is Meliá Hotels International’s most successful city brand.

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, a famous London landmark, has been entertaining the masses since the 17th Century. The current building dating from the 19th Century has recently been refurbished, with Wilton Carpets Commercial providing 750 square metres of high quality bespoke carpet.

Located minutes away from Manchester’s museum and shopping districts and with easy access to both Manchester’s train stations and Manchester Airport, the hotel is geared towards both business and leisure travellers. General Manager, Adam Munday, comments: “We’re very much looking forward to the launch of INNSIDE Manchester later this year. The site is looking great and all is on track for its opening in early May. The First Street Development is the perfect location for the brand’s first UK hotel and we’re looking forward to working alongside HOME to create memorable experiences for our guests.” INNSIDE Manchester’s 208 rooms, including eight studio suites, will continue to follow the INNSIDE brand’s inherent design ethos for stylish, functional and contemporary rooms, with sleek ensuite bathrooms. The new hotel will also be home to “Street on First”, a restaurant and bar offering an international menu of both traditional and contemporary sharing dishes, inspired by street food around the world. The restaurant, whose aim will be to create ‘food for a social mood’ will be open to both hotel guests and the general public. The property will also offer a selection of versatile meetings and events spaces with natural daylight spanning 300m² as well as a complete fitness suite, parking and complimentary Wi-Fi. Meliá Hotels International’s chief executive and vice-chairman, Gabriel Escarrer, said: “The new cultural outlook for Manchester is an ideal framework for the growth of INNSIDE by Meliá, a brand which originated in Germany and which enjoys a fantastic reputation among our customers. We aim to bring INNSIDE to a number of key cities in Europe and across the world in the next few years.”

Restoring the theatre to its former glory, the entrance, landing, stairways and the Grand Saloon have been fitted with woven carpet that reflects the theatre’s period interior. Working alongside interiors expert Edward Bulmer, David Bamford of D&S Bamford (Makers) Ltd was tasked with sourcing a manufacturer capable of producing a carpet that would be a fitting tribute to the venue’s heritage, reflecting the grandeur and magnificence expected of one of London’s most famous theatres. With Wilton Carpets Commercial’s renowned bespoke service, David commissioned the Wiltshire based company to produce an 11-row woven axminster construction to deliver the perfect solution with exceptional clarity in design and one that would retain its good looks despite heavy footfall. Taking inspiration from a design by the theatre’s original architect, B D Wyatt, for Tatton Park in Cheshire, Edward used his wealth of experience to create bespoke designs using Wilton’s versatile selection of stock colours in perfect combination. Edward was most enthused by the Grand Saloon, explaining, “The original plan was to install wood flooring in this most beautiful of rooms, as had been the case for many centuries before. However, we were always concerned about the acoustics of the room so sought an answer that would ensure the room remained in keeping with its history as well as meeting modern day concerns. Therefore, instead of choosing a wall-to-wall carpet, we opted for a carpet that left the wood floor exposed around the edges of the room. In effect, the timber floor acts as a frame to a beautiful piece of artwork; the design comprises blues, greens, reds and a striking gold that offset the recreated Wyatt colour scheme with green marble and architectural gilding.” Along with the more subtle beige design used in the entrance, landing and stairway, the Grand Saloon carpet was installed by Bollin Valley Flooring of Macclesfield. The carpet has received acclaim from visitors and staff alike, who have marvelled at the stunning design created by Edward, the team at D&S Bamford, and Wilton Carpets Commercial, and the whole scheme has been awarded Best Restoration of a Georgian Interior by the Georgian Group.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

The 208 room hotel will be located in the heart of Manchester in the centre of the vibrant First Street development. It will overlook the city’s international centre for contemporary visual art, theatre and film, HOME, with its two theatres, five cinemas and art gallery.


Industry News Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) Welcomes Three Stunning Hotels to Its Curated Portfolio Having welcomed a new hotel to the brand in the very first week of the new year, SLH is not taking any breaks in 2015, which promises to be the best year yet. According to Paul Kerr, CEO for SLH “this is our 25 anniversary year and we hope to welcome many new hotels to the brand from across the globe, especially in cities and destinations we don’t currently have a presence. We are thrilled to welcome the following three new hotels who all joined at the end of 2014.” The Laslett Notting Hill, London OPENING SUMMER 2015

Hotelier & Hotel Design

The Laslett Notting Hill will host 51 well-appointed bedrooms and suites, spread across five listed Victorian townhouses on Pembridge Gardens, London. It is named after well-loved community activist, Rhaune Laslett, who organised the first Notting Hill Festival. Made famous by the film, Notting Hill is also known for Portobello Road Market, the world’s largest for antiques, as well as for its fashionable restaurants and bars. Inspired by this vibrant local scene, the look and feel of The Laslett will evoke the sense of walking into a friend’s stylish home. The interior design is the work of architects and designers from Waldo Works, who are widely known for their contemporary British flair. Pieces from British designers such as Simon Day, Pinch and Earnest Race complement this design, whilst art and photography from celebrated local names adorn the walls.


The public space downstairs is part coffee shop, part bar-kitchen, part gallery and part concept store, with regular art exhibitions and a locally sourced food and drink selection that will evolve throughout the day. Offering in-room spa treatments and pop-up dining opportunities, The Laslett promises to be a firm favourite for visitors and locals alike in the heart of Notting Hill.

Chelsom at The Beaumont Hotel Working in collaboration with Richmond International, Chelsom created a series of custom designed pieces as part of the lighting scheme for the stunning 5* boutique hotel, The Beaumont, the first hotel by iconic restauranteurs Jeremy King and Chris Corbin which opened in the heart of London’s Mayfair in the autumn to international acclaim. Originally built as a car garage in 1926, the Grade-II Listed building by famed 20’s architects Wimperis & Simpson offers a pure Art Deco style, the interior of which has been impeccably designed by Richmond International to take the hotel back to its roots and in doing so encapsulating the classic glamour of pre-war Mayfair. The interior combines a rich palette of colours and materials with elegant, timeless pieces selected to emphasise the exuberance of this visual and influential period. Designed to enhance the exquisite interior scheme, all fittings created by Chelsom for the guestrooms and public areas were heavily influenced by the Art Deco era. The timeless Hub Cap desk lamp with its elegant design featuring a beautifully curved shallow canopy and sweeping arm was chosen for all of the guestrooms and suites throughout the hotel, specified in a bespoke brass finish specially created for the project. Chelsom also supplied a series of bespoke 1920’s inspired geometric wall and ceiling lights made from frosted glass with matt black steel metalwork for the public area spaces including corridors and lift lobby areas whilst decorative semicircular wall lights with solid glass rods and Polished Chrome metalwork were chosen to add understated glamour to The Lotos Room private dining area.

Altfield welcomes Alcantara into the family With an unrivalled aesthetic and technical reputation, this unique material’s construction is still a highly guarded secret. This means Alcantara cannot be pigeon-holed into any product category, it is a category in its own right! Made by a sophisticated industrial process, Alcantara’s strength is that it is extraordinarily versatile. It can be moulded into endless possibilities and used to cover any shape or surface whilst still maintaining the highest industry standards. In a nutshell, Alcantara is; Beauty - elegant and sophisticated Textural - soft and comfortable Reliable - light, strong and durable Eco-friendly - 100% Carbon Neutral Colour - with a virtually limitless palette Thickness - minimum 0.4 mm to maximum 1.2 mm Technical properties - water repellent, cleanable, breathable and many more; passes IMO 652 & Crib 5 Surface options - printing, embossing, embroidery, electro-welding and many others Alcantara’s S/S 2015 collection, Acqua, is an exploration into the endless design possibilities of this unique product, using numerous decorative techniques plaiting and knitting, laser-cut motifs, beautiful laminas and prints combined with embroidery - to create articles which interpret the unfathomable transience of water, drawing inspiration from mythological figures or water related elements. The colour palette ranges from the soft tones of ivory and sand to blues and surprises us with unexpected touches of turquoise.




uropean manufacturers have always dominated style and design in bathrooms, offering products that combine shape and functionality with timeless good looks. Tutto Bagno is the UK importer and distributor of market leading products from Art Ceram, Hidra, Bongio, Artweger, Knief, Almar,

Featuring products from award winning designers such as Meneghello Paolelli Associati, Peter Jamieson, Federico Rossi and Marco Poletti, Tutto Bagno brings a unique design eye that will lift any project above the ordinary. Products such as the outstanding Sotto Sopra wall accessory system, Block, Cow and elegant Azuley from Art Ceram and talking point pieces such as Wire freestanding basins from Hidra or the huge selection of freestanding baths from Knief are just a very small sample of why Tutto Bagno stands ahead of the crowd. Product choice is backed by 30 years of impressive expertise and experience in bathroom design and installation. Family run, the company has worked on many prestigious projects and can advise on choosing the right products to suit the location and the customer.Tutto Bagno is based in the North West and has an impressive showroom where products can be seen in situ. Delivery is available across the UK.

Tutton Bagno,, 0333 666 1260

Hotelier & Hotel Design

opportunity to create unique and beautiful bathrooms. Whether you are looking for contemporary simplicity or European grand luxury, Tutto Bagno has the answer.


Venue Profiles

Las Vegas Strip Disneyland for Grown-ups

Movie makers rely on creating illusion. Any storyteller requires their audience to enter into the spirit of things, to willingly suspend their disbelief. A willing suspension of disbelief is necessary in Las Vegas at almost every street crossing as one leaves Paris to enter Caesars Palace to go shopping in the Forum, or as one leaves Arthurian legends at the Excalibur to walk to Mandalay…

Hotelier & Hotel Design

You can ride a Coney Island roller coaster in New York, or catch a gondola in Venice. “Is it really like Venice?” asked one woman, walking around the Venetian, “No” replied her companion, “this is much cleaner”. New York, Venice, Mandalay, Monte Carlo, all are part of a world of hotel developments strong on entertainment, eating and above all, selling dreams along a four mile stretch of highway, officially Las Vegas Boulevard South, unofficially ‘the Strip’.


What sets the Strip apart and makes it worthy of its own story (for as you will know Reviews are generally only of Hotels, not locations) is that it is a design triumph. Kitsch it may be, but with 14 of the 15 largest hotels in the world here, and thematic design that allows for gondola rides or a pizza in a Venetian square under a painted sky from which (I am assured) it does occasionally rain this is a booming theatrical hotel environment.

It is the scale of Las Vegas hotels that allows them to create alternative realities convincingly, and which also allows the commercial exploitation of those realties. We are not looking here at a downmarket environment either, for there are restaurants by named chefs, including a number with one or more Michelin stars. It is not just the number of rooms that are big. There is the world’s largest chocolate fountain, twenty seven feet high with 5 tons of hot chocolate circulating through it. The concepts are big, bold and design led. If ever an hotelier wanted a justification of how design can lead to money being made then they should come to Las Vegas. The common view of Las Vegas is that it is here for the gambling. In fact the town was a watering hole in the desert, then a train stop and then a construction headquarters for the building of the Hoover Dam in the 1920’s. Gambling was licensed in 1931, the casino hotels following soon after. In 1941 El Rancho Vegas opened with 63 rooms, followed by the Last Frontier and then the Flamingo. In the 1960’s the first mega hotel opened, the International (now the Hilton) with 1,512 rooms becoming the largest hotel in the world. Today the Venetian, which opened in 1999, and the Palazzo (opened January 2008) make up the largest hotel and resort complex in the

Venue Profiles world, with over 7,128 rooms over half of which are suites. Still they build with more suites (another thousand or so) under construction, and this continual renewal and extension seems to be a characteristic of the industry here. Adjacent to the Palazzo is the 215 acre site of the Wynn (see a forthcoming Review) where the current construction of a second tower, called ‘Encore’ is due for completion in December, adding over 2,000 rooms and suites and bringing this hotel up to 4,700 rooms. Huge shopping malls interconnect to provide air-conditioned shopping for everything from Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s to the USA’s only Rolex store, high fashion and low brow souvenirs. Galleries are not just

Rolled together then are mega-casino’s, mega shopping experiences, major pool complexes, Michelin starred restaurants (the city seems to have more ‘named’ chefs in a small area than anywhere I have been) theatres and cinemas (the Luxor boasted an I-Max), shows (Cirque du Soleil have a purpose build home here, and Excalibur has jousting tournaments in an indoor arena), concerts (Cher and other stars are on long term contracts here) all providing a genuine, bafflingly successful (92% occupancy averaged so far in 2008), resort environment. Is this what Victorian Britons created at Blackpool in the 1850’s? They had the ambition, vision and drive together with the engineering skills to create the railway resorts which were then breathtaking in their size – just as Las Vegas is now.

“ the 7% casino tax and an 8% bed

tax means that there are no local income taxes or company taxes, and the growth has been matched by public spending that has seen City build a new primary school every four weeks

Here the vision is 21st century and no-one typifies it more than the MGM Mirage team. Having just added a ‘boutique tower’ to Mandalay Bay which opened at teh end of 2003, called THE hotel, they are in the middle of an $8.2billion dollar 67 acre CityCenter development between the Bellagio (which they own) and Monte Carlo (ditto) which will contain ARIA, a resort Casino designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli architects, containing 4,004 guestrooms and 568 suites. In addition there will be a 1,800 seater theatre, four pools, a variety of restaurants and conferencing for 5,000 delegates – well the statistics roll on like numbers in a slot machine (oh yes it will have a casino of course). There will be two condo hotels in the complex for a four hotel total.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

commercial – the Guggenheim is here and during my stay the Bellagio hosted a show on modern American painting from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.


Venue Profile

SLIEVE DONARD NAMED AS HOST HOTEL FOR DUBAI DUTY FREE IRISH OPEN HOSTED BY THE RORY FOUNDATION Slieve Donard Resort & Spa in Newcastle, County Down, has been named as the Duty Free Irish Open hosted by The Rory Foundation. The popular hotel, set against the stunning backdrop of the Mourne Mountains, will welcome world renowned golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke, Ernie Els, Rickie Fowler, Padraig will be competing in the eagerly anticipated event at neighbouring Royal County Down, widely regarded as one of the best golf courses in the world. “We are absolutely thrilled to be the host hotel for this year’s Dubai Duty Free Irish Open as it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Stephen Meldrum, General Manager of the Slieve Donard Resort & Spa. “We have the world’s number one golfer in Rory McIlroy, one of the world’s best golf courses in Royal County Down, and now, we like to think, one of the world’s best hotels too!,” he added. “We really are delighted to be associated with the event and excited that, come the end of May, the eyes of the world will be focussing on the beautiful sea side town of Newcastle.

“For spectators, there will be nothing better after a nail biting day on the greens than to come to the Slieve Donard to relax, unwind and enjoy some delicious food as well as a warm welcome from the locals. Visitors can relax in the sumptuous surroundings and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at the Oak restaurant or Percy French Inn which is also open for breakfast throughout the tournament,” concluded Stephen. Tens of thousands of tickets have already been purchased by enthusiastic golf fans, as revealed by tournament organiser The European Tour, and many of them have chosen to stay at the spectacular Slieve luxurious bedrooms, many of which offer picture postcard views across gardens, coastline or the famous Mourne Mountains. The European Tour’s Antonia Beggs, Championship Director for the Irish Open, said:

has launched a special offer ‘The Golfers Dream’ which offers visitors a chance to accommodation.

in a classic room, full Irish breakfast, dinner in the Oak restaurant and use of the spa facilities. For anyone who would like to watch Rory McIlroy and a host of world class golfers’ in action, tickets for the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open hosted by the Rory Foundation can be purchased at Tickets

“We are thrilled to announce that the Slieve as long as they are accompanied by an

“As well as welcoming golfers, the hotel will also play host to

after an exhilarating day out on the links they can come back to the luxurious surroundings of this beautiful hotel.

from around the world and we have no doubt that the atmosphere at the hotel as well as around Newcastle will be absolutely electric.

“It’s clear to see why the hotel is so popular with locals and tourists alike with the stunning Mourne Mountains as a backdrop, delicious food and the wonderful warm welcome from staff ,” she added. To celebrate the Slieve Donard’s newfound

Corporate hospitality packages are also per person. Already sold out on Friday May admission with reserved grandstand seat

Grand Ballroom in the neighbouring Slieve by a Champagne Reception, a buffet lunch

Hotelier & Hotel Design

a complimentary bar.


Venue Profile

Cosy up this winter with Hastings Hotels at The Slieve Donard Resort and SpA

Winter Walks The Slieve Donard Resort & Spa occupies a truly stunning position surrounded by nature at the foot of the Mourne Mountains. Acknowledged as perfect wild walking territory, this is the place to get away from it all and enjoy the rugged beauty of the natural terrain. With recommended walking paths from 2-6 miles, there is a selection for both leisurely walks and those who prefer something a little steeper to take in this area of outstanding natural beauty. Make it to the summit of Slieve Donard, the highest of the Mourne Mountains and be rewarded with incredible views of the Isle of Man, Wicklow, Donegal, Wales, and on a good clear day even Scotland may be seen, as well as the long stretch of Newcastle Beach. Families can also enjoy the outdoors with shorter walks perfect for younger children such as the Dundrum Castle Woods Trail, which offers a fun and interactive nature trail for the children, whilst adults can take in the beautiful surroundings. For more information on surrounding walks, please visit

Winter Spa Day Experience at The ESPA spa During or after the hectic festive period take time to relax with this deeply relaxing and restorative day spa package to help comfort and soothe your body and mind through the long dark winter days. Offering a full sensory experience, soak those winter chills away in the vitality pools and enjoy the stunning vista across the Irish Sea and Mourne Mountains from the beauty and comfort of the sanctuary like spa. With a modern minimalistic design, the simple, zen-like feel of the spa, promotes an immediate sense of wellbeing and relaxation. The Winter Spa Day experience offers several treatments all with premium spa products from ESPA, creating a luxurious winter wonderland. Available from 1st December the Winter Spa Day Experience takes place in The ESPA Spa at The Slieve Donard. The Winter Spa Day Experience includes: t ESPA Back Exfoliation t ESPA Hot Stone Back Massage t ESPA Pro Cleanse Boutique Facial t ESPA Oriental Scalp Massage t Use of robe, slippers and towels t Delicious light lunch in our Juice Bar t Full use of all the Spa facilities Hastings Hotels (, 028 9047 1066) offers rooms at The Slieve Donard Resort & Spa from £55 per person per night including breakfast (based on 2 adults sharing). The Winter Retreat Day Spa Special at The Slieve Donard Resort & Spa is offered from £99 Monday - Thursday. £30 Supplement applies for Friday - Sunday. To book please call the Spa at The Slieve Donard Resort & Spa on 028 4372 6166.

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Hastings Hotels Northern Ireland’s finest independent hotel collection are offering a unique winter escape at the luxurious Slieve Donard Resort & Spa; surrounded by nature, this stunning winter wonderland is just waiting to be explored. Whether you enjoy getting comfortable in front of a traditional roaring fireplace with a hot toddy to keep the chills at bay or taking breaths of bracing crisp air and enjoying the crunch of fresh snow underfoot, The Slieve Donard Resort & Spa is the place to relax and enjoy.


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Ithaa 10 year annIversary creatIve Ideas


Bed Focus


Launch New Collection of Zip & Link Beds

April sees the introduction of a brand new collection of zip and link beds from HotelContractBeds, now available in seven new upholstered coloured bases and mattresses. HotelContractBeds, the UK’s specialist contract beds and mattresses manufacturer and supplier, are proud to launch their new range of zip and link beds this April. The re-styled collection features a new branded design and several new coloured fabrics, which are upholstered to the base and corresponding mattress edge. The new colours available are:

own this type of machine – which is able to embroider the company logo into the bottom of the mattress. All zip and link beds manufactured and supplied by announced the implementation of additional quality standards New-Style Headboards Will Also Launch are also launching a new style of headboards. These headboards will be available in a large range of colours and fabrics, including bespoke fabrics supplied by designers. This allows hotels chains to use their own branded colours and/or designs. About HotelContractBeds

Jamie Welch. “What’s more, the mattresses now include a new stretch-knitted top which is designed to provide an improved sleeping experience to the end-user.” to the individual shape of the guest, and is a higher quality material. This means that HotelContractBeds’ new zip and links bed are luxuriously comfortable, as well as attractive. HotelContractBeds have also invested in a brand new embroidery machine – one of the only UK manufacturers to

bespoke builds as well as a huge range of stocked products. value.

Website: Tel: Email: Twitter:

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“Hoteliers and interior designers now have a greater choice available to them, and can purchase a bed that coincides with

HotelContractBeds manufacture and supply contract furniture including beds, mattresses and sofas/sofa beds. With over


Bed Focus

Top London hotels select bespoke collection Heritage by Mitre A number of 5-star London hotels are taking Mitre Linen’s bespoke collection aimed at the luxury hotel and boutique hotel market. Heritage by Mitre is an exquisite bespoke collection of the very best quality bed linen, silk duvets, quilted pillows, mattress toppers, luxury hotel towels, bathrobes and soft furnishings. There are also beautifully upholstered headboards. The Heritage collection includes luxurious blankets and throws from Scarlet & Argent by Hainsworth, fabric supplier to the world’s royalty. The range has been designed to help leading hotels to create the perfect place for their guests to relax and unwind. Top London hotels are taking products from the range including The Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London which ordered 10,000 Hampton towels from the Heritage range. Sabah Smith, Executive Housekeeper of The Grosvenor House Hotel, said: “Our guests have very high expectations and we have had excellent feedback from them about the Hampton range. Guests love their soft and fluffy feel and some have even asked if they can take them home.” Stephen Broadhurst, Managing Director of Mitre Linen, said: “We regularly work with hotels to help them create unique spaces, ensuring that their guests’ stay is not only special but memorable.

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“We were increasingly being asked to source beautiful bespoke products so created our own Heritage Collection. The Collection is borne out of years of experience of working with prestigious establishments, including the Royal Household, as well as with top hotels across the country.”


The Heritage by Mitre collection includes: Heritage by Mitre is showcased in the company’s latest catalogue. The extended range complements t The Elegance Collection: Duvet covers and pillowcases with Mitre’s Luxury, Comfort and Essentials range to embroidery detail. cater for any hotel budget. t The Serenity Collection: White bed linen with a silky smooth feel and a luxurious look. Mitre has been proud holders of the Queen’s Royal t The Mulberry Silk Duvet: Hand-made duvets using finest quality silk. Warrant since 1955 and delight in achieving the t Pillow menu: Luxuriously soft and light pillow range. standards required to supply the Royal household t Scarlet & Argent by Hainsworth: British made woollen blankets and and extended Royal Estate. throws. t The Heritage Bed Collection: Beds and pocket sprung mattresses with best comfort and support. t The Hampton Collection: Micro cotton towels with high absorbency and luxurious softness.

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All Change


ast year, the UK’s interiors buying calendar changed forever: UBM, the world’s leading organiser of interiors trade events, announced that INTERIORS UK was doomed to decline and would close its doors after the 2014 edition.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

Following a massive fall in visitors who did not see January as the time or Birmingham as the place, and in response to overwhelming demand from extensive international market research, UBM revealed the industry’s new primary buying opportunity: May Design Series, which would take place in London


Accessories, Lighting, DX and kbb. Offering an exhibitor line-up that boasts a 50-50 split between British and international companies, names include RAK Ceramics, Roman, Two.Six, Leicht, Egoitaliano, and Structures Lighting. will also welcome the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), which will be hosting an interiors electronics event within the exhibition. Companies including Habitech and Savant Europe will be taking part, showcasing the very latest in home automation and audio visual technologies. Suzie Ager, Brand Director for May Design Series, told Hotelier and Hotel Design: “Our vision for May Design Series has always been the same – to offer an inclusive, internationally focused buying opportunity in London, at the best time of year to do business. We are constantly assessing our methods to ensure that as the industry evolves, both domestically and overseas, that we evolve the event to meet its needs.

“We’re working with a variety of different partners, associations and publications overseas to ensure that May Design Series becomes the UK event to compete with the biggest European shows. We’re unearthing some fantastic overseas companies that have never exhibited in the UK before - the response we’ve had to the new proposition has been astounding.” Ahead of the event in the spring, May Design Series recently unveiled its brand new website. In addition to detailing the latest news of the event, the site also hosts a dedicated area imparting business insights which will feature best-selling product features, industry interviews and more. Registration for May Design Series is now open - to claim your complimentary ticket to

show circuit.

interiors event, visit:

Bringing together an edited selection of British and international exhibitors, May Design Series hosts architects, developers,

more looking to purchase products

The home of innovative surfaces for the built environment

Register now Incorporating



HD Expo is the premier trade show and conference for the hospitality industry. Established in 1992 it remains at the forefront, offering the latest most innovative products and services, sharing and inspiring ideas, and networking amongst professionals. Highlights of the show include: Tools, products and services to remain successful in our changing economy. The latest designs and ideas that make doing business in the hospitality industry easier and more ingenious than ever before. Technology and artistry come together to inspire the senses and ignite the imagination. Accredited conference sessions, educational credits and expert Q&A sessions. World renowned interior designers, and internationally recognized developers. Networking opportunities to provide a hospitality conference unlike any other. USE CODE 4100 FOR FREE EXPO PASS



The abundant list of new ideas and products in furniture, home accessories and décor that will be available to see and buy at The Manchester Furniture Show 19 - 21 July continues to grow. The list which includes upholstery, beds, cabinet - living, dining and bedroom, lighting, accessories, mirrors, pictures, rugs and every other furnishing essential for hotels, guest houses, leisure facilities and homes, will be provided by some of the biggest and best names in furniture and accessories from the UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy as well as international brands from Poland and Zimbabwe. Ashley Manor, Baker, G Plan Cabinets, Kingstown, Westbridge, Vida Living, Rauch, Lebus, Buoyant Upholstery, Cappellini Salotti, Serene, Mark Webster Designs and Nolte-Mobel are just a sample of the great exhibitors who will be showing their latest designs in Manchester this July.

rushed, exhibitors take time to show their latest designs in detail and take the opportunity to listen to their customer and potential customer’s needs, aided by the comfortable surroundings of a well designed, state-of-the-art exhibition centre.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

To see every style of furniture and accessory from traditional to contemporary, colours from muted to bright and design from retro to funky, visit the Manchester Furniture Show, Manchester Central, 19 – 21 July 2015 this summer. It’s where you’ll find the Although The Manchester Show has a unique and relaxed atmosphere exhibitors take best new products on the market. it very seriously, as Karl Walker, Managing Director of Lebus said:


“We are delighted to be exhibiting in the main Hall at The Manchester Furniture Show again this year following a phenomenally successful show in 2014. We always view Manchester as the “spring board” to launch the start of the crucially important back end trading period. For this reason the show is very important in our exhibition calendar.” The housing of the Show in the award winning and iconic Manchester Central building, the former central rail station, which opened in 1880 with its spectacular arched glazed roof, adds to the unique atmosphere experienced by exhibitors and visitors alike. Unlike many other trade shows, this friendly, but serious show is not

For further information visit

New exhibitors aNNouNced for Natural beauty & spa 2015

A raft of natural & organic beauty products are set to hit the market at this year’s Natural Beauty & Spa Show as hundreds of companies from around the world prepare to exhibit at Europe’s largest trade event for the natural and organic beauty industry. Natural Beauty & Spa is part of Natural & Organic buyers involved with the natural, organic healthy and sustainable industry, taking place at the new venue of ExCeL London on 19-20 April. The event, which is now 97% sold out, will feature an unprecedented 600 exhibitors showcasing thousands of natural and organic brands. Health and beauty buyers (from spas, gyms, and salons) looking to increase their knowledge and offering in this growing natural health & wellbeing

Hotelier & Hotel Design

developments at Natural & Organic Products Europe in April.


Features include the International Beauty Pavilions, which are a must-visit destination for all beauty & spa buyers, showcasing the best in innovative, year is the Venus Pavilion, which shines the spotlight on start-up companies launching their new beauty products into the UK market. In addition the Eco-Luxe Pavilion is back again and 50% bigger - where you can discover luxurious and top-end natural and organic skincare, perfume and cosmetics. New exhibitors for 2015 include Lariese Purely Organic® an Australian range of products for the skin,

hair, body and wellbeing; Puresun (UK distributors of OrganicSeries cosmetics), It’s Pure Organic (herbal hair colours), Aromata Mirabilia, Bathing Beauty, Natural Spa Factory, Laboratoires Bea, Sóley Organics, North Atlantic Seaweed Products, What Skin Needs, and Pommade Divine. BRYT Skincare, Toulou Organics, and elements natural skincare for men will also be making their debut in the show’s new Venus Pavilion. From Natural Living to Organic Beauty… One of the biggest selling points for many repeat visitors to Natural & Organic Products Europe is its comprehensive array of new products across all natural and organic categories. Hundreds of new launches are with the event and visitors an eclectic mix in the New Product Showcase and across the full array of exhibitors. Eco-Luxe Pavilion to date, include Inika Cosmetics, Surya Brasil, Liv Organic Co and Antique Apothecary. Natural & Organic Products Europe, taking place on 19-20 April 2015 at ExCeL London, includes four show sections: Natural Living, Natural Health, Natural Beauty & Spa and The Natural Food Show. For more information and to register for a free trade only pass, please visit

19-20 April 2015 ExCeL | London TRADE ONLY EVENT

Over 650 companies and thousands of natural beauty, health and food products all under one roof. Discover the latest natural spa, nutrition, VMS, fitness, detox, health & well-being products available in the UK

Part of

Join the conversation...

search Natural Products Europe #NatBeautyShow


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Business Matters

Hard Days Night hotel on the market for £11m

The Hard Days Night hotel in Liverpool has been put up for sale for £11m.

Liverpool’s popular tourist destinations means that it is top choice for visitors, with the additional commercial appeal as a business, event and wedding venue.”

The 110-bedroom hotel, named after the Beatles album and song of the same name,

Shaun Skidmore, director at CBRE, who is marketing the hotel, said: “In bringing the Hard Days Night Hotel to market, we are offering a unique opportunity to acquire not only a

Concord Estates. The hotel features a grand central staircase,

Hotelier & Hotel Design

along which are hund numerous Beatlesthemed images.


Hard Days Night general manager Mike Dewey said: “The hotel was created as a unique blend of high quality hotel facilities with a subtle ‘twist’ to cleverly portray the incredible story of the Beatles. “Its unrivalled location surrounded by

successful, luxury hotel with an international client base in the best location within one of the UK’s most popular cities.

This landmark building plays a key “role in sustaining the city’s burgeoning reputation as a major tourist destination within the UK. We are incredibly excited to start entering into discussions with interested parties.

“For UK guests we believe that the minimum requirement today is to have Sky In-Room” Jonathan Raggett - Managing Director The Red Carnation Hotel Collection

Having Sky In-room appeals to 75% of 5* business & leisure travellers^ Give your guests:

08442 414 648

Terms and conditions: ^SOURCE: TNS. Research commissioned by Sky Business Jan 2014. 12 month minimum term required to get Sky TV in your hotel. £100 minimum monthly price applies per hotel premises. Premises must be in United Kingdom (excluding Scottish Islands and Channel Islands). Eligibility subject to credit checks. Content included depends on your subscription package. Further terms apply. Calls to Sky cost 5.1p per minute (plus 15.97p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy© 2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. All Rights reserved. Game of Thrones: Season 5© 2015 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO® and all related programs are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. Content correct at time of supply: 02 April 2015

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BlueSky Pensions UK is at the forefront of pension provision in the UK operating a variety of products and systems to ensure you, as an employer, meet all of your legislative responsibilities and your employees are provided with a highly governed qualifying workplace pension scheme. The BlueSky Pension Scheme, a multi-employer fees or commissions are paid to any party and

Hotelier & Hotel Design

the economies of scale, high levels of governance and an advanced investment offering which include the latest in pension developments.


The BlueSky Mastertrust is governed by a board of Trustees including representation from a union, the employers and the members with an independent Chairman. The Trustee has appointed AXA Wealth and AllianceBernstein to manage and provide strategy for investments with independent oversight being provided by Dean Wetton Associates. Further appointments included pension specialist lawyers and auditors, partners ensure the Mastertrust is run to the highest of standards. BlueSky offers an online tool, Real-Time Auto

Enrolment Solution (RAE), for employers to assess the workforce and satisfy its Auto Enrolment responsibilities. The system assesses and communicates with all employees including opting in and out tools online. The Government made a number of announcements and recommendations in and post the 2014 Budget. The requirement for members to take an annuity (pension) from their fund will be relaxed from April next year with interim changes. DC schemes, like BlueSky Mastertrust, are employer pension contributions and tax relief in the accumulation stage upto retirement. BlueSky has recently launched Crystal Drawdown the new choice for pension scheme members replacing outdated and poor value annuity options at retirement. With the requirements for mind, Crystal Drawdown will be available to any employer in the UK to participate in the Crystal Trust, a single solution, giving peace of mind that retirement income strategy designed, managed and administered by leaders in the UK Pensions market. Further information on how BlueSky can help your business, please visit, or contact

Holiday Pay in 2015: Legal Briefing

We invite Laurence O’Neill, associate Solicitors, to explain the case and its implications for hoteliers in 2015. WHAT IS THE HISTORICAL POSITION IN RELATION TO EMPLOYEES’ HOLIDAY PAY? For many years the position in UK law for any employee with normal working hours was that holiday pay was paid at the rate of basic pay only. Payments for things such as overtime, commission, performance bonuses and attendance allowances did not have to be included. should they receive less whilst on holiday than whilst working? So ran the argument. THE TIDE BEGINS TO TURN It was an argument long-resisted by the courts, but the tide began to turn in employees’ favour in Williams v British Airways 2011. In Williams, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) held that employees’ holiday pay should represent their “normal remuneration” and should include amounts in respect of all

remuneration “linked intrinsically” to the performance of tasks which employees are contractually obliged to perform.

and should include payments linked intrinsically to the performance of tasks required to be carried out under workers’ contracts.

This meant that BA pilots were entitled to receive, as part of their holiday pay, certain allowances that were previously only paid whilst they

In summary: Where the worker can be required to work overtime such payments should be included in the holiday pay calculation.

The Williams decision was followed by Lock v British Gas 2014. In Lock, the ECJ commented that workers should not receive less pay for holiday than for work, otherwise they might be discouraged from taking holiday, which would undermine the health and safety objectives of the European Working Time Directive (WTD). Following Williams and Lock several claims were brought in UK tribunals. These included the claims of Bear Scotland & Others, Hertel UK Ltd and Amec Group in which employees claimed that payments including nonguaranteed overtime, performance bonuses and attendances allowances should be included in their holiday pay. In all three tribunal cases the employees succeeded. All three were appealed to the EAT where they were combined and heard together under the lead case of Bear Scotland between 30 July and 1 August 2014. THE EAT’S DECISION The EAT gave judgment on 4

whether purely voluntary overtime should be included. Acas has commented in its guidance that ‘it may also be that regular voluntary overtime should be included if it is part of a worker’s normal remuneration’. This remains a grey area. Certain allowances comprising payment for time spent travelling to various sites (but not travel expenses) should be included. Although the claims being heard did not include commission the Judge referred to commission on sales being included in holiday pay as a ‘settled view’ of the ECJ suggesting that it should be included. The implication of the EAT’s decision is not just that employers should start including additional payments in employees’ holiday pay going forward but also that employees have been underpaid and have claims against their employers for back pay. Employer organisations feared and a Government task force was established to assess the impact of the judgment and make recommendations.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

A recent decision of Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), which held that workers’ holiday pay should include payments made in addition to basic pay, has potentially far reaching implications for employers in the hospitality sector.


Business Matters

Compaction equipment such as balers, glass crushers and bin presses reduce the amount of waste and recycling that needs to be collected. This reduces the amount of collections that need to take place saving the CO2 levels created by having less collections. Rather than having a daily collection of waste and recycling using compaction equipment a hotel can look to reducing collections to three times a week. This also helps to reduce transport charges which result in cost savings for hotels. When a hotel produces a large amount of cardboard and cardboard being a material that is traded installing a baler usually results in no charge for the hotel to have their cardboard collected. The compaction rate is very high so the collections are greatly reduced as well the CO'2 levels. A bottle crusher can reduce the amount of bins needed to store the glass as the compaction rate is extremely high, crushing the bottles actually means you are simply taking the air out of it. As the glass is then compacted the frequency of collections is lower reducing the hotels carbon footprint further. Bin presses compact at a ratio of three to one and have the footprint of the relevant sized bin so the area in which they are stored can be relatively small. So in areas where space is of a premium they can work well as reducing the need for more frequent collections. In regards to using machinery for food which seems to be a hot topic at the moment. Machines such as the IMC waste station that reduces food waste by 80% or Compactors Directs Liquid Food Composter that turns food into grey water that can be safely discharged via the even better for a Hotel. There are

Hotelier & Hotel Design

of vermin is greatly reduced and the cost savings are very high.


Compactors Direct have been established since 1987 and invest greatly in to providing the latest technology out Liquid Food Composter (LFC) reports both via the LCD screen and the cloud how much CO2 and carbon footprint a hotel has saved by not having food waste collections.


What is EPoS? Lots of clients within a range of industries still use their EPoS till system in the same way as they would an ECR but most EPoS systems can do so much more. Depending on the supplier of software and the level clients want to take loading their stock and products in to the system it can become a very powerful business tool. EPoS systems with the hospitality market can deal with on-line orders, deal with multiple methods of payment, process orders from a range of input methods and deliver business owners detailed reports and business critical information at the touch of a button.

EPoS SYSTEMS for Hospitality Pubs, Restaurants & Hotels Emperium EPoS sells a world class, industry specific software across 21 different countries, and by working with other industry partners and its subsidiary EPoS Direct it can supply a range of hardware solutions to support the varied demands of its clients. Emperium Software recognise that different business’s need different solutions. From its internal software dashboard it can tailor the functions of the software to meet the needs of its client and adapt as the clients business

model evolves and develops over time. The Hospitality software has evolved and moved forward with the industry and allows for a customers business to change and develop. Many pubs now offer a food or tab service, rather than just drinks served over the bar. For this reason they need to be able to track table orders, merge tables, and change table plans to accommodate different client events. The Emperium Epos software can deal with this. Tracking staff working hours is important as well. Traditionally this has been done with clocking in machines, this can all be done through touch screen tills, either by log in codes and passwords or ‘biometric scanning’ (finger print recognition). Restaurants may offer a table service so will need functionality to support this like the pubs, but many are now offering a take away service as well. By altering the configuration of the software setup the software can be programmed to give the very different requirements of the service through the same terminal. Hotels, particularly large hotels need additional functionality, and although Emperium Software is used in a number of smaller hotels, the demands of larger hotels are not catered for at its current level of development. This may change in the future. Emperium pride its self on providing and solid solution for its core business, which is restaurants, pubs, take away food establishments and businesses who have any combination of those three.

The Future of EPoS For Emperium EPoS, development is an ever evolving task. Over our 16 year history new functions are always being included. For the take away industry our route planning and mapping for deliveries was seen as cutting edge 1 year ago. Looking to the future integration with other systems; multi-channel systems are moving fast with clients and consumers wanting enhanced shopping facilities, so orders can be tracked through websites, text messaging and email. Payment systems are changing with new forms of payment systems coming through. Emperium programmers will remain at the fore front of development and continue to work with its client to ensure what we are developing is in-line with the industries requirements and customer’s needs. As a software company that works only with Windows as an operating system, we will continue to work on this platform so that the operating system is stable and supported ensuring the EPoS is reliable and will be as integrated and compatible with other systems that business’s use on a day to day basis, this is not just the Microsoft Office Suite, but Sage & SAP.

Hotelier & Hotel Design

What EPoS is will depend on who you talk to. EPoS (Electroinc Point of Sale) was the next level of progression from ECR’s (Electronic Cash Registers).



NEW FREE OF CHARGE DIGITAL RECEIPTING SERVICE New free of charge digital receipting service from star micronics sends copies of printed receipts direct to the cloud via secure Microsoft Azure cluster

Hotelier & Hotel Design

International POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics announces the launch of its new free of charge digital receipting service, offering the hospitality operator a low cost and fast route to providing the customer with a digital copy of the printed receipt as well as access to analytics, a customer service survey and device management tools. Star’s digital receipting eliminates the issues typically associated with email receipting including spam, taking a high quality photo of the receipt and privacy issues. The immediate advantage perceived by the customer is the choice to remain anonymous and yet still receive a digital copy of the receipt. Star’s digital receipting provides a secure driver based cloud solution that allows a digital copy of the receipt to be claimed and saved on a customer’s mobile device of choice. Receipts can only be claimed once and are then deleted while saved receipts can subsequently be viewed by date or by hospitality operator. Triggered by a traditional printed receipt, the digital receipt


is ideal for hospitality operators of all sizes looking to offer customers the flexibility of a digital receipting service at no extra cost. Hospitality operators may wish to incorporate the AllReceipts API into a loyalty card scheme allowing customers to retain loyalty information / coupons on their mobile device. This service will be available on all models of the hugely successful TSP100 futurePRNT™ series from April 2015 and will then follow through on Star’s other ranges of receipt printers, most notably the TSP654II series. In addition to providing digital receipts, AllReceipts offers a number of transaction analysis and device management tools. The AllReceipts App invites customers to respond to a suite of easily recognisable icons to acknowledge the quality of service received before claiming their latest receipt. All responses are sent to the survey dashboard for analysis, thus allowing hospitality operators to assess how many customers have claimed receipts and their level of satisfaction at the service received. With the Device Management Tool,

hospitality operators are able to monitor real time status across the installed base of printers and immediately identify any issues to be addressed with refreshed error status notification on a comprehensive cloud based dashboard. The link between the Device Management Tool and Survey tools will further allow hospitality operators to drill down to the exact POS station involved and determine any issues to be resolved. Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA, states: “Star has used its considerable expertise in receipt printing to develop a cloud solution that responds to today’s rapidly changing POS environment. Designed to accompany the traditional printed receipt, AllReceipts offers hospitality operators of all sizes an immediate free of charge, secure and easy route to digital receipting with analysis and device management tools, while providing customers with a flexible and reliable means of saving and viewing receipts on their mobile device of choice.”

Contact Star UK Tel: + 44 (0) 1494 471111


Case Study: River Cottage About River Cottage River Cottage is an award winning restaurant and deli concept led by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Stock Control – managing stock on Wet and Deli items Using pointOne EPoS, River Cottage now has total control over its stock operation. It can do individual stock checks in real time, revealing exactly what’s in stock at any one With existing venues in Axminster, Bristol, time without having to physically check its Plymouth, and Winchester due to open later whole inventory. this year, the restaurants (canteens) showcase the very best sustainable produce. Sally added “We also have a flag system

Hotelier & Hotel Design

Business case for EPoS River Cottage is growing steadily and plans to open new canteens in the future. To manage this expansion the company was looking to invest in a flexible new EPoS solution that was more aligned to the canteen side of its business and one that was web-based, so the management team could centralise control, and access the business remotely from any location.


To resolve this pointOne developed a piece of software that linked to the River Cottage website and customer database, so that when customers redeemed a voucher (whether in the Canteen or Deli) it could be put through the till at the point of sale and verified immediately.

Conclusion Sally Gale concludes “pointOne is a dynamic which notifies us of anything that needs company who really understands our re-ordering, so we now have more efficient business and we would definitely recommend stock control in the organisation making it them. PointOne EPoS is the perfect solution for River Cottage and offers a real return on less likely that goods will be out of stock”. our investment”. Centralised Reporting with remote access from any location Sally Gale continued “We pull off a lot of reports using pointOne’s Head Office facility. Previously these were collated and then had to be emailed to the appropriate person, but now we can just go straight in to the system set up a report and download it in real time, which gives us instant access to information which can help with business planning and making financial decisions. Furthermore, I can be sitting in any location yet I access all the information I need remotely, so I know exactly what’s going on with the business.”

Why pointOne? River Cottage reviewed several EPoS solutions in its quest to find a replacement for its existing system, which was more aligned to retail selling. The company decided upon pointOne as they were impressed by the company’s dynamic internal design team who could manage upgrades and provide support on technical issues in-house. PointOne aids integration to make voucher system at River Cottage more secure Sally Gale, Finance Director at River Cottage As part of its offering, the River Cottage group summed up “We liked pointOne’s EPoS has a gift voucher service for customers that solution and liked the way pointOne was originally designed for on line purchases operated, as they instantly understood our but was extended to all areas of its business business requirements”. including all the Canteen and Deli operations.

Hotel Bar

Hotelier & Hotel Design



Hotel Bar

Hotel Bar



One Hotel Bar Manager believes the foundation of a successful hotel bar is atmosphere. ”A good hotel bar should be a place where you can go to relax in warm surroundings, enjoy quality food and drink with great service, all at good value. It is important to offer a variety of food and drinks to keep things interesting, which is why we serve our popular cocktail tasters paired with mini Borough Market-inspired bites.”

One general manager in Scotland emphasises the importance of interior design in helping to make a bar offering stand out. He explains that his hotel’s bar is “so heavily styled and designed, it doesn’t look like a stereotypical hotel bar”. He adds: “And as the hotel has a separate bar and reception, the customer arrives, checks in and can go straight to the bar to plan their route and visit.” It’s imvportant to play to your strengths and make the

this is all really appreciated by regulars and hotel guests.”

does just that, commenting: “With big windows looking out on to Edinburgh’s vibrant West End, there is always something to see – from the unrivalled views of the Castle to the numerous tourists walking in wonder. Even for a city resident, you never get tired of people-watching.” The location is key the ability to be accessible to on the way home and look inviting for an after work Drink or an eventing client meeting. “A quick glimpse in the window high above the concourse gives a surroundings, which are part of the offering to make sure those customers stay, and keep coming back.”

Hotelier & Hotel Design

same view that “The success of a good hotel bar is primarily about creating a great atmosphere and ensuring that you can cater for the inevitable diverse range of guests you’ll be welcoming. “It’s also important to make sure it stands out for overnight visitors and they get a sense of where they are, which is why we ensure that not only do we have an extensive drinks selection but we also offer ranges of local produce. We provide Durham gin and vodka along with beers created in the North East, such as those from Camerons and Castle Eden



Hotelier asks the Professionals Entertainment

Bar trends

Encouraging the custom of non-guests is an important are various methods for doing this, managing director

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Good pints come from good cellar management People visit their local pub for many different reasons, but one thing’s for sure; the drinks on offer are always top of the list. Sourcing the best beers, providing entertainment and getting the marketing right, will only get a landlord so far; without a good quality product, served at the correct temperature, customers will go elsewhere. The cellar is at the core of every drinking establishment, from local pub to inner city nightclub, and management of the cellar is key to serving the perfect pint.

can make sure the beer is served at the correct temperature and the Overcooling a cellar by as little as 1oC, can increase cellar energy costs by as much as 10%. Customer complaints often follow if lines have not been cleaned properly

There are a number of golden rules that must be followed if quality is to be assured. Keeping the cellar at the correct temperature is essential, as is maintaining a regular cleaning routine, methodical stock rotation and a thorough staff training programme. Not only will good cellar management keep customers loyal but it also operation by reducing energy costs and wastage.

management, helps to motivate members of the team and reduce staff turnover. Loyal members of staff, who are happy in their work, are a valuable asset to any customer-facing business, none more so than in the licensed trade. Innserve, the UK’s largest independent drinks dispense service, has a range of devices aimed at improving quality, whilst saving both time and money. For example, InnEnergy is an intelligent power socket that can deliver savings of 30-35%, approximately £600, per cooler per year. This is achieved without compromising any operation or functionality. Instead the device ‘learns’ the power usage pattern of the cooler and optimises its power consumption by switching the load off during quiet times. The arduous weekly task of line cleaning has now been transformed into an easier task that only needs to be completed

or glasses are dirty. A regular routine of thorough cleaning will prevent the build

the introduction of InnClean. The easy to clamp on device delivers a

growth in the lines, helping to reduce wastage. Methodical stock rotation, keeping within ‘best before’ dates, is important as is keeping within recommended sales times. A keg or cask should be kept in the cellar for at least 48 hours before being served. Once on

whole length of the system providing continuous cleaning power. It can typically save an outlet between £1,000 and £1,500 per year.

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The physical cellar environment is a


lighting should be installed and turned off whenever possible to limit the heat it generates. Locating any heat producing equipment, such as line coolers and icemakers, outside the cellar also reduces the workload of the cooling system. Ensuring the cellar is clutterfree will also help the cooling system to A constant temperature of between 11 and 13oC needs to be maintained. By monitoring temperature a landlord

days and a cask no longer than three. A programme of staff training, which demonstrates the importance of line cleaning, as well as stock rotation and the wider aspects of good cellar

Customers expect the perfect pint every pint. By following the golden rules of good cellar management landlords can deliver their customers’ expectations whilst reducing energy costs and wastage. For more information visit

FONK – Why today’s youth are a unique target market and how to engage them In recent surveys of youth aged between 18 and 35, they named ‘travel’ as the number one experience they desired. So how do hoteliers engage Youth in a conversation? Not surprisingly, it’s with a website built to be used by mobile phones, featuring Facebook and Instagram, according to Neil Ackland, CEO and Founder of Sound Alliance. Ackland gave an interesting presentation on this subject at the No Vacancy Conference held recently. Here are some key points with percentages that might just surprise you, all gained from surveys Sound Alliance commissioned into this demographic over the past three years: t 93.2% are using Facebook daily and a big chunk of them are using it many, many times a day. t 76% get more of their news from Facebook than from newspapers, radio or TV. t 93% valued experiences over possessions. t Travel is the number one experience desired, often overlapping with music. Ackland explained that what Sound Alliance had done over the past few years is to immerse themselves in all aspects of youth culture: “Each year we conduct one of the largest studies into youth, and we examine the trends and then apply those trends to our business and to brands that we work with,” he said. Because the Youth value experiences over possessions, they are now much more interested in travel and in sharing these experiences with their friends. Ackland said the survey information showed these young people base their identity around their experiences: “These experiences that young people are capturing and sharing through social media make up part of their identity and that’s who they are,” he said.

Matt Taylor appointed as General Manager Marketing for Choice Hotels Australasia

What do COOs want from their General Managers?

In recent surveys of youth aged between 18 and 35, they named ‘travel’ as the number one experience they desired. So how do hoteliers engage Youth in a conversation? Not surprisingly, it’s with a website built to be used by mobile phones, featuring Facebook and Instagram, according to Neil Ackland, CEO and Founder of Sound Alliance.

Beyond simply achieving their budget targets, General Managers need to help develop a clearly defined strategy for their hotel and stick to it. COOs want them to maintain discipline and not divert off course in the business model, which will ultimately amplify the values of their brand.

Ackland gave an interesting presentation on this subject at the No Vacancy Conference held recently. Here are some key points with percentages that might just surprise you, all gained from surveys Sound Alliance commissioned into this demographic over the past three years:

Dealing with owners

93.2% are using Facebook daily and a big chunk of them are using it many, many times a day. t 76% get more of their news from Facebook than from newspapers, radio or TV. t 93% valued experiences over possessions. t Travel is the number one experience desired, often overlapping with music. Ackland explained that what Sound Alliance had done over the past few years is to immerse themselves in all aspects of youth culture: “Each year we conduct one of the largest studies into youth, and we examine the trends and then apply those trends to our business and to brands that we work with,” he said.

Today’s GM also needs to have great communication skills as they deal with owners. Whether market conditions are challenging or not, owners are rarely happy with the budget. GMs need to convey what is realistically achievable and and be able to both educate and negotiate with owners. They also need to have a clear understanding of the owners debt financing structure, so that reasonable compromise can come from both sides. New openings In India, there have been many instances where, with owner’s keen to release equity in the property, new openings have come prior to full completion. It’s obviously better to confront that pressure and hold off until the property is ready. Hiring General Managers

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This sentiment was highlighted from a panel of COOs representing Accor, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and ITC at the Hotel Operations Summit India – General Managers in Focus.

The panel agreed that hiring the right GM depends on the hotel’s profile. All look for leadership qualities and people who can drive the business and not be driven by the business.


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interactive modern eye-catching furniture

Established since 1987, I-Crave Furniture limited are a family business creating bedroom accessories and furnishings in rural Leicestershire. As well as running their own extensive range of fabrics, they are also able to make any item’s in the customers own fabric – at no extra cost.

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Hand made in Britain, The Classic and LifeStyle collections are designed with you in mind. From Recliners and Motion sofas to Luxury Classic designs and Traditional chairs you will no doubt


restaurant and bar. I Craft Furniture is handcrafted in Leicseter, and offers you the best of British quality and timeless design.

and leathers sourced from the best tanneries all over the world, I For more information visit

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Steak of the Art

rug that acknowledges this amazing sculpture. Another carpet design was that of a Welsh Dragon for the Private Dining Area, this carpet fits in with the ‘stand out’ feel of the restaurant.

Newhey Carpets, a leading British manufacturer and specialist designer of innovative, high performance and sustainable commercial carpets, recently manufactured 3 bespoke designs in a heavy contract Colortec+ carpet for the quirky Steak of the Art restaurant and art gallery in Cardiff.

This design features bold colours that represent the country and draws customers into the patriotic presence. The final design was to resemble the Steak of the Art logo and to link back to the restaurant branding.

Steak of the Art, Cardiff, generates a surreal concept of a steak restaurant along with an affordable art gallery. The eatery features a range of inventive booths that owe to the psychedelic atmosphere. Newhey, who had already created carpet for their other restaurant based in Bristol, were asked to manufacture 3 designs for the restaurant. The restaurant features a phenomenal carved tree sculpture which creates a real focal point, Newhey were asked to create a small feature

All carpet designs were bespoke Colortec+ creations. Colortec+ is a carpet construction that is tufted using computer yarn placement technology. This product allows for a cost effective carpet with strong durability for areas with high footfall. Colortec+ also allowed the restaurant to develop a scheme of striking, bespoke designs. Newhey’s Colortec+ carpet is exclusively constructed using 80% wool and 20% Nylon hank dyed pile yarns to create a high quality carpet which makes a perfect solution for the private dining and main dining areas. The bespoke carpet designs fit perfectly into the restaurant/ art gallery’s special atmosphere and help create an unusual but brilliant eating environment.

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Hamilton chosen to refurbish Anne Boleyn’s guest rooms Surrounded by glorious Kent countryside, Hever Castle offers luxury Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the Astor Wing of the Castle - an Edwardian annexe created by William Waldorf Astor, designed in Tudor style. This

Every suite was individually designed with continuity and Sarah was drawn to the Hamilton Range initially through her research to identify the optimum lighting control system. Hamilton’s Mercury® Lighting Control system

star gold’ graded suites – overlooking a private garden

This ambitious project took place in what was once staff accommodation and storage areas, overlooking a historic orchard and the exterior of Hever Castle. Now known as new suites and a breakfast room, all taking full advantage of the views. Nine to Eleven’, was commissioned to create an individual look and feel for each suite. All needed to encompass historical elements, modern comforts and contemporary style. In this new space Sarah was asked to retain the feel of the existing Astor Wing, which she had already and in doing so was given the freedom to introduce a unique personality to each suite. Lighting control and a relaxing and cosy ambiance within each space was a touches were the point of difference - selecting a suitable lighting control system and the perfect switch plates and sockets were a must. The Solution: The backdrop of the Castle, the angle of natural light, how the room sat within the space and the need to use some existing pieces of furniture provided Sarah with a unique starting point around which to evolve the design of each room. The theme chosen by Sarah that shone through across the project was rooted in Anne by way of a nod to the Astor family.

designed and easy for hotel staff and guests to use. Once engaged with Hamilton Sarah was delighted to discover This together with the fact that Hamilton offers a bespoke and consultative design and production service along with complete integration of lighting control and traditional circuit lighting, provided the ideal solution. Hamilton delivered a personal service, assessing the project on site project working with Sarah and her electrical contractor to deliver support at every level. Sarah selected the Hartland CFX® collection in Richmond Bronze for its intensity and depth of colour. Essentially neutral with a deep tone to seamlessly blend with the colours and textures of the fabrics and surfaces in each individually styled room. The Result: The elegance and rich heritage of this project were enhanced by the lighting control and switch plate & socket solution afforded by Hamilton. Essentially, Hamilton’s expertise in integrating smart technology environment proved to be invaluable throughout this project.

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extended to encompass a new wing.

In summary, it’s not hard to imagine Anne Boleyn, a previous Hever Castle resident, and of course the Astor family being delighted with the end result too! Sarah found and made contact with Hamilton initially at Interiors UK the exhibition stand were friendly, knowledgeable and in no way pushy. No hard sell just straightforward and informative communication!”


VICAIMA ADD TO 1930’s CHARM AT MEYERHOLD OPERA PARIS HOTEL Interior doors specialist, Vicaima, was selected to renovate the 1930’s inspired ambiance of the sophisticated Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel, one of the most recent hotel properties located in the heart of the French capital. The primary objective of this renovation and rehabilitation project; set in an historic building, located near the Grands Boulevards neighbourhood, was to improve the comfort of the guests Challenged by the Atlani family - the owner of the development and by the designer Anne Gelbard - leader of the project Vicaima presented exclusive and ambitious solutions for the development, including technical doors with high performance acoustic insulation, unique design and tailor-made details. For the room entrance, the choice made was for the Vicaima Portaro® AC42dB EI30, a solution which includes door, adjustable frame to wall thickness and accessories in one due to its adaptation to existing building structures. This

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responding to the high demands and regulation standards for this type of hotel projects.


Inspired by the hotel's setting, Vicaima door solutions were exclusively developed, in quarter cut walnut veneer with a recreated at the hotel and inspired by the Bahaus constructivism. Amongst the solutions provided are also the sliding doors in the interior the suites, with tailor-made details, which combine with the glamorous ambiance of the hotel. "Our contact with international markets enabled us to know and identify Vicaima as the one that best corresponded to the expectations of our hotel project. The Meyerhold Opera Paris

customers. Vicaima is notable for its 'savoir-faire' [experience and know-how], for the quality of its products and for always being attentive to the exclusivity that we seek, "emphasizes Mr. Atlani, owner of Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel. At the Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel, each room has its own identity and concept, in a balance between the contemporary furniture and the antique collection that the owners wanted to maintain in the overall decor. Specializing in technical and exclusive solutions for hotel renovation, Vicaima now adds the Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel to its portfolio of premium projects with acoustic performance. In other recent examples, Vicaima were responsible for two major hotel renovations in southern Portugal, including the Vila Galé Collection Hotel and a project for the B&B Hotel Group. For further details regarding Vicaima hotel and leisure market solutions or to review products from the Vicaima interior door collections, visit the Vicaima website Alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.

Furniture Giants Launch Urban Icon For Domestic Market Office furniture specialists MSL Interiors have launched their brand new sister website, Urban Icon, featuring state-of-the-art designer furniture. Urban Icon is an online retail store aimed at the chic domestic furniture market and it specialises in beautiful pieces for the home and hospitality businesses. Jonathan Spence, Co-Owner, said: “Many of our manufacturers, with whom we have established relationships with like Gallotti & Radice, Witamina D and Planika, have additional ranges of products which we wanted to bring to market for establishments such as hotels, restaurants and bars; and Urban Icon is the vehicle to do just that.� From breathtaking bio ethanol fires and versatile lobby seating to stunning lighting, we offer an eclectic range from Europe’s leading design talent.

Cloud Electronics 46-120 Series

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Reliable and robust Cloud Electronics new 46-120 series gives your venue the perfect background music solution.


Cloud Electronics is a market leader in the world of commercial audio and through a rich history of reliable products has become a byword for quality performance. All of our products are backed by a comprehensive 5 year commercial warranty. Click here for more information

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The Art of Touch Excerpt from an interview by John Constable for Architectural Digest

Made in UK

Cold but beautiful surfaces such as tiles, natural stone, marble, hardwood, laminate & carpets can be transformed simply into inviting warm floors.

Proven with a faultless track record for nearly 21 years. Universally accepted by Architects, Interior Designers & Specifiers as ‘The No1 Mirror demister’.

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Bathroom Design What links prestige hotels such as the Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge, the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hong Kong, the Burj al Arab in Dubai, the majestic St Pancras Hotel and luxury boutique hotels Blakes and The Kensington in London? They all have incorporated demista™ heated mirror pads in their bathrooms. This additional luxury of having steam free mirrors in the stylish new bathrooms, allows guests to shave, do hair and makeup, with an unspoilt, clear view, at all times. Steamed up mirrors are not just a Northern Hemisphere problem! A recent order for 87 demista™ heated mirror pads has been placed by Clearlight Designs in Australia, a company who specialises in frosted glass and lighted mirrors for bathrooms. The 87 mirrors were custom made by the Australian manufacturer for the Horizon Club rooms Shangri-la Hotel, The Rocks, Sydney Whether your style is to bomb down the black runs, or tentatively glide down the novice slopes, before downing your après ski hot toddy, you need that hot bath or shower.

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The Hotel Cheval Blanc at Courcheval have installed demista™ heated mirror pads in their bathrooms to ensure the guests have a clear view in the bathroom mirror.


The demista™ pads are available in choice of sizes, and can be used in multiples for very large mirrors. The company also offers bespoke sizes. The pads have been selected for high class hotels and home developments for bathroom and shower pods for hotels and apartments. Tel: 01932 866600 Tel: +44 (0)1732 864 101

The CONSULTO range of luxury quality baths and sanitaryware is manufactured in the UK at our factory in Kent. Each piece is made to order by craftsmen using a technologically advanced process, which provides great strength, surface quality, thermal insulation and character. The CONSULTO bath range is unique, in that it is designed and manufactured “in house”. All models are available in any colour (and can be decorated if required). Special CONSULTO premier residential developments, palaces, yachts, restaurants, nightclubs, conference centres and prestigious hotel projects around the world – a specialist service is available to Architects and Designers.

CONSULTO luxury products bring character and style to the bathroom for discerning Clients who want the best.

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Several new designs are produced each year; details of these, samples of Stonecore and other information are available on request.



NovelliNi Group iTAliAN BAThroom mANufAcTure The range is vast, extremely high quality and probably the most versatile in the market – anything is possible in terms of scale and design. Throughout the world Novellini creates inspiring bathrooms that appeal to individuals at home, via our merchant partners. And, working alongside architects and designers, we create bathroom environments that complement the home, creating a tranquil space promoting Well-being within the living environment. Novellini uK ltd unit 11 caxton court porters Wood St Albans , herts Al3 6XT Novellini_Half.indd 2

London boutique expands to Dubai in debut international move

06/02/2014 15:33

Luxury Mayfair boutique hotel, Dukes London, is set to open its first international property in Dubai, ready for launch in 2016.

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The 273-bedroom Dukes Oceana will be located on Palm Jumeirah and will mark Dukes Collection’s debut international acquisition when it officially opens its doors next year.


The new hotel will bring a “distinctly English flavour to the city’s luxury hospitality offering”, and will consist of leisure and entertainment facilities, including a private beach, indoor and outdoor pool, plus a gym and a number of restaurants. Alongside Dukes Oceana, the brand will also be launching 185 studios and 42 one-bedroom apartments adjacent to the main hotel site, which will open on 14 April this year, targeted at the regional and international investment community.

Debrah Dhuggah, DUKES managing director commented, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring the DUKES brand to an exciting city like Dubai, which is rich in culture, art, and sophistication. There is a missing piece in the Dubai hotel market for something quintessentially British and DUKES is a British gem which will certainly fill this gap.” Established in 2004, Seven Tides has developed its own portfolio of commercial, residential and resort properties in the world, including Dukes London.

Hotel Gotham opens today:

Here's what to expect from Manchester's newest five star hotel

The luxurious Hotel Gotham opens its doors to the public today, here's what to expect interiors on King Street

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