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A Parisian highlight This project in Paris makes the most of a difficult plot and involved input from three French architects. It is part of a larger development known as VISALTO, which comprises three independent but adjoining buildings, with a total surface area of around 35,000 sq m. The three buildings include an office building, including parking (architect: 2/3/4), a student residence (architect: Jacques Moussafir) and a Hipark apartment hotel (architect: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture). The development is in the 19th arrondissement on the northern edge of Paris, within an urban environment characterised by the brick buildings of low-cost housing units developed between the wars. The triangular site presented the architects with a challenge as it measures around 10,000 sq m, is orientated north–south on its long axis sloping steeply from its southern point at the Porte Brunet down to its northern point at the Porte Chaumont. Alongside the périphérique, a 6m-high acoustic barrier wall runs for some 280m, protecting the site from traffic noise. Further pressure is put on the site by maintenance access for this barrier. The architect’s apartment hotel project is on the northern tip of the plot, built as one continued line with Jacques Moussafir’s student residence. The hotel forms a sort of prow to the overall development, pointing straight towards Jean Nouvel’s Philharmonie de Paris. The building, which fills every inch of the site right up to its edges, moulds itself around urban constraints, requirements in the programme, and land restrictions, notably the buttresses of the acoustic barrier on the périphérique side and the related access routes. The various spatial and technical restrictions literally sculpted the forms of this project: the site is really very narrow, squeezed on its southern side by the student residence, and eaten into on the east by the access requirements for the maintenance of the acoustic barrier. The building had to find sufficient space for itself within these constraints to provide the required number of rooms for this apartment hotel. The resulting volume is tapered: different inclining planes allow for fire access along the eastern facade, while lost space is clawed back on the Boulevard d’Indochine side. Further along, where the hotel meets the student residence, the same crisp angles carry through to this second building; the two projects, hotel and student residences, are powerfully related to one another.


These different angled faces, of a volume that was virtually rectangular to begin with, provide very different perceptions of the building: according to the viewpoint, surfaces appear brighter or darker, more or less cambered, conferring a powerful dynamism to the entire building. The facade on the Porte de Chaumont side appears very high because of its narrow width, creating a pedestrian landmark for the Boulevard d’Indochine, and a beacon on the périphérique. The architects did not want to make the building too pale, bearing in mind the inevitable patina that would accumulate with its proximity to the périphérique. Rich and sometimes darker colours will make dirt less noticeable, as well as giving the project an air of liveliness, slightly shiny, and cheerful in its use of colour. The tones play out from the bottom to the top, with paler colours as you go higher: The lower section in a variety of quite dark greens creates a base, the darker shades reducing the noticeable effects of dirt, giving a clean, shiny, lasting look. The green tones continue the great line of trees opposite the west facade of the project. Rising up the building, successions of paler blues mix with different greens, and then white, taken straight from the facade of the student residence in order to harmonise the two projects. The colours are fragmented into long strips, which give a kinetic feel to the overall volume capturing the movement of the cars and an impression of speed.


Brexit could raise construction costs by 15%

Gagarin Square in London is spearheading Southwark Street’s revival

Galliard Homes is warning that construction costs will rise 15% if the country votes for Brexit in the EU referendum tomorrow. London’s largest private housebuilder has written to all of its clients, suppliers and corporate contacts spelling out its fears. Galliard managing director Don O Sullivan believes construction costs will rise due to a double whammy of increased materials prices and more expensive labour. The company said: “If the UK is not part of the EU then industry construction costs could rise by up to 15% since currently construction materials imported from and exported to the EU are free of duty and taxes. “Many site/construction staff working in London are people who originate from countries across the EU.” Galliard also warns that the London property market will falter as money and people flow out of the capital. O Sullivan said: “This is clearly a big decision for all, with many competing factors and issues but we at Galliard Homes strongly believe that it is better for the short and long term growth of the London economy and the wider UK for the country to remain within the EU.” You can win a £5,000 prize while raising cash for construction industry charity the Lighthouse Club by predicting the result of the EU referendum. CIS contractor Ardent Tide has linked-up with the Lighthouse Club to promote the EU Referendum Challenge as part of the charity’s 60th Anniversary celebrations. Ardent Tide is putting up a prize of £5,000 for whoever can guess correctly the majority outcome of the EU Referendum to 5 decimal places. Each guess will require a donation of £2 to the Lighthouse Club and there is no limit on the number of predictions you can make.

Developer Southwark Square Ltd has innovative plans for London’s Southwark Street revival. Multipurpose complex Gagarin Square aims to bring an enhanced cultural and educational experience to Bankside and the Borough of Southwark by introducing a new theatre, rehearsal studios, observatory, exhibition space, restaurant/café, public terrace and commercial space, all in one location. Gagarin Square’s vision has been inspired by the continued popularity and success of Southwark Street’s Menier Chocolate Factory theatre, located next door to where the multipurpose complex aims to be built. The theatre is run by David Babani, one of London’s most successful producers. Gagarin Square also aspires to bring novelty to London’s developing skyline. The structure has been meticulously designed by renowned Russian architect Nikita Yaveyn of St Petersburg’s architectural

practice, Studio 44. The design embodies Russian architectural influences and is a direct tribute to Yuri Gagarin and Soviet/Russian cosmonaut whose accomplishments are showcased by the development’s centrepiece rocket-like structure, Gagarin Tower (representative of the Vostok 1). Donald Riley, director at Southwark Square Ltd and development director for Gagarin Square, comments:“This is the perfect time to tap into Southwark Street’s multifaceted potential. Artistic director David Babani has been exceptionally successful with our Menier Chocolate Factory theatre, hidden behind a Victorian warehouse exterior. Gagarin Square’s façade will be as magnetic as those of past cinemas of the Old Kent Road. By bringing bold and striking architecture to London’s skyline, Gagarin Square will raise Southwark Street’s profile and enhance the new face of Elephant and Castle. It will boost the capital’s economy by attracting tourists, avid theatre goers, not to mention further investment in commercial and residential property for miles beyond.” Southwark Square Ltd’s Gagarin Square is currently subject to a planning appeal.



Architecture in Video Games: The Satirical Urban Commentaries of Grand Theft Auto Architectural ensemble says a lot about us, because the buildings that make up a city reflect the attitudes, beliefs and values of the people who live there. It should be no surprise, then, that the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games — some of the most commercially successful of that medium — rests heavily on its fictional depictions of real cities, a tactic that employs virtual urban design to craft a commentary on contemporaneous urban conditions. The series’ creators often take this a step further by placing fabricated advertisements, culture and entertainment products in the game’s free-range environments to satirize American society in general (most iterations are set in the US), but the real-world architectural elements chosen for inclusion are particularly notable, as they are carefully considered to convey the specific character of certain cities. Both world-famous landmarks and deep cuts abound — some of which are detailed below, listed by city — but, most importantly, they speak to the capability of virtual environments to be a critical discourse for hashing out the great debates of an urban age. Having been depicted several times across numerous titles, New York City’s environs were the genesis for the entire series. In its first 3D incarnation, the crime and grime of 90s New York, still emblematic for the city upon that game’s release, was depicted frankly and without nostalgia. In its latest version, from 2008, many of the same details previously used to convey blight and decay (aging brownstones, deteriorating ornamentation) are recast as charming character for outer-borough neighborhoods — all that really changed was the lighting. Keeping pace with the city’s recent development, notable additions to the most recent Liberty City include Foster + Partners’ Hearst Tower and an abstraction of the Time Warner Center — both allusions to the sleek, glassy, monied New York of the 21st century. In its first 3D appearance, this city was permeated with gang culture, and the low-rise, single-family homes characteristic of East and South Central Los Angeles were prevalent. In the latest version, released in 2013, urban reinvestment is evident throughout, and it is worth noting that one of the city’s tallest buildings is still under construction. Based on the Ritz-Carlton recently completed as part of the L.A. Live complex, this tower denotes a recent surge in high-end real estate development in city centers over the last decade — a trend seen across the globe. Furthermore, the building chosen to house a fake social media enterprise is modeled on a real-life skincare clinic and — besides the face-related metaphor — points to the increasing ubiquity of tech companies in large cities.


The game version of Las Vegas hasn’t been rendered since the early 2000’s, but in this case was modeled after a specific time period, giving its commentary a lasting effect. Seen here in the early 90’s, the city is depicted at the height of its embrace of fantastic escapism in the form of giant, Disney-like themed casinos. Architecturally speaking, this coincides with Vegas’ oft-cited role as an example of postmodern pastiche and includes lampooned versions of The Luxor, Caesar’s Palace and Excalibur casinos, to name a few. In the game, the city is paired with a subplot about the corporate takeover of casinos from organized crime, a notable shift in ownership during that era, which in turn stands as its own critique on a concurrent, worldwide corporatization of mass culture. For the most part, San Francisco has only been employed in the Grand Theft Auto universe to reflect the iconic qualities the city has long been known for: counterculture history, fog and a beautiful coastal landscape with a relatively dense mishmash of architectural heritage. As it is depicted in the early 90s, San Fierro is also recovering from a recent earthquake, as San Francisco was in the aftermath of 1989’s Loma Prieta quake. As such, a noteworthy inclusion beyond landmarks like the ostensibly stable Transamerica Pyramid would be the city’s lingering “damage,” which includes a few empty shells of some monolithic brick buildings and a collapsed stretch of freeway that appears strikingly similar to some of the enduring imagery from that disaster. Set in the 80s, GTA’s rendition of Miami is all about cultural nostalgia. Relying heavily on music and fashion — and made just before the series started exhibiting a preference for explicitly emulating actual buildings — the game lacks high-profile real-world architectural examples, save for a few landmark beachfront hotels. Otherwise, the setting relies on architectural abstraction to convey ambiance.


How to Win Clients and Make Money: New Business Models for Architects Architects have a reputation for being bad at business. This stereotype is not entirely unfounded: The disregard for business is systematically cultivated all through our educations and professional lives. Apart from sporadic mentions of clients at architecture schools, students are largely deprived of lessons on running enterprises and making profit. While this unfortunate state may be gradually changing, there is no way around the fact that the majority of our schools are still based on an outdated educational model that is as divorced from the reality of the AEC industry as most mainstream architectural practices are reluctant to adjust to the cultural and technological shifts taking place in other industries. The fact that the number of licensed architects is increasing, and the average age of those achieving licensure is at a record low, may seem encouraging at first, but it also means that too many of us are entering the workforce every year. We compete for the same clients who can afford good design and pursue jobs that will provide maximum creative freedom and exposure. However, most end up spending years, decades even, working for others, gaining no significant insight into how companies operate, attract clients and negotiate. When they choose to strike out on their own, architects tend to follow the outdated model of trading hours for dollars. One of the consequences of this mindset is the fact that clients continue to perceive architectural services as a cost rather than a value. Those who are open to learning from other industries realize the inherent problem in having to reinvent their services with every new client and adopt superior business models based on efficiency and speed.

have no elevators, balconies or underground parking garages and are meant to be economically viable and sensibly designed. Segal is a firm proponent of being the owner, designer and contractor. There is also a way for existing design studios to optimize their business models by transitioning from design services to becoming a design-build developer. A great example is SHoP Architects and SHoP Construction, collectively known as SHoP. Its foray into development happened with the Porter House project, for which it approached a developer with a smart, space-efficient design. The firm took out an equity interest in the building and used the profits to finance four other collaborative development projects. Since then, SHoP has developed a hybrid business model as designers and real estate developers, working on their own projects and offering design services to clients. A large part of its success can also be attributed to its innovative fabrication techniques that help cut costs and speed up construction. Product development is another big trend among architects. In the last decade, there has been a proliferation of apps and software for the AEC industry designed by interdisciplinary teams that include architects. Sometimes these products emerge organically, as solutions to internal problems of architecture firms.

They recognize the crucial role of well-defined value propositions, smart branding, differentiation strategies and marketing in the growth of their companies. Many among them automate large portions of their workflow, create efficient organization and timemanagement systems and take a proactive approach in acquiring clients. So, what are the alternative routes for architects to practice their crafts with autonomy and make a profit at the same time? In order to organize and clarify the various “archipreneurial” trends that have emerged over the last few decades, Tobias Maescher — founder of — has created a comprehensive compendium of archipreneurial practices entitled The Archipreneur Concept: New Business Models for Architects, which explores the crossover between architecture and entrepreneurship through examples of innovative firms of different sizes and profiles. One of the chapters in the book focuses on architect and developer Jonathan Segal. Trained as an architect, Segal went into real estate soon after graduation and briefly worked for a developer before starting to build his own projects. His urban infill residential developments are located on “undesirable” lots and can easily be converted into commercial spaces. The houses usually


Editor's choice

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa

Newly-opened Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa offers guests refreshing modern décor, contemporary style and awardwinning eco-design. Situated on the island of Phuket – famed for its stunning beaches, lush flora and unique culture, favoured by travellers around the world. The hotel captures the beauty of Phuket’s natural vegetation, woven seamlessly into a thoughtfully designed hotel. With natural stone walls, water features and lush greenery on the outside and impressive modern interior on the inside, the property offers well-rounded design. Each of the 174 guest rooms, suites and villas have floor to ceiling glass windows, bringing the outdoors indoors. For those seeking ultimate luxury the Sky Villas have private pools on the penthouse balconies overlooking tropical landscaping or their very own private garden. A hotel focal point, the centrally located pool is surrounded with large, white cabanas contrasting against the blues and greens of


the pool and surrounding landscaping. For those wanting to feel the sand between their toes head to the hotel’s very own beach club, Dream Beach. The multi-story club features two pools, a restaurant for indoor and alfresco dining, and four bars. Dream Beach is also one of few beach clubs with direct access to the sea, opening straight out onto the Andaman Sea. Winners of the “Highly Commended Honours for New Hotel Design and Construction” at the International Hotel Awards’ Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2012-2015 - Dream Phuket is already making an impact on the design scene. Bookings can be made online at

The real beauty is what you don’t see The quality of a Schueco glazed system isn’t just on the surface. German engineering means sliding doors with concealed frames and narrow central joins. Windows have slender profiles. Façades offer ultraslim mullions and transoms. Entrance doors deliver unbeatable security. Yet all come with insulation that can be up to Passive House levels. If you’re looking for a system that is clearly better, there’s only one name on the frame.

New Improvements For Reynaers’ Stylish Hi-Finity Door System

Leading provider of aluminium architectural glazing systems Reynaers has further enhanced its highly successful slimline sliding door Hi-Finity – making it one of the best available on the market. The new features mean that architects can benefit from a huge increase in glass surface, with maximum transparency and minimal sight lines. The latest version of the Hi-Finity system means that there can now be fixed panels of glass up to 1200kg and motorised vents up to 750kg. Where thermal performance is key, even larger triple glass units can be accommodated. Reynaers’ Marketing Manager Rebecca Cope said: “The architectural trend of huge dimensions together with triple glazing has led to very heavy vent weights. “For improved ease of operation


for the end user, we’ve developed a new solid and fully concealed motor for Hi-Finity, in combination with a secure, automatic spring loaded pen lock. The powerful motor can easily slide vent weights up to 750kg at the touch of a button.” With a minimised visible frame of just 35mm for a maximised panoramic view, the Reynaers HiFinity slim frame doors offer the ultimate in contemporary design and cutting-edge performance and allow a vent height of up to 3.5 metres. The new system also means that homeowners can now link their Hi-Finity door to their home automation system. Elegant Hi-Finity aluminium doors are available with double and triple glazing and ensure optimum performance, safety, and comfort. What’s more, the improved Hi-Finity sliding system with triple glazing has achieved the Minergie® sustainability label – a quality indicator for high insulation systems. The Minergie® component label for

windows and doors requires a minimum level of performance and ensures that the building components contribute to low energy consumption buildings. It is now also possible to combine two Hi-Finity doors on adjoining walls using one of a new range of innovative corner solutions. They allow architects to create a wall of glass to let panoramic views flood into homes and – thanks to the unique design of the multi-wheel carriages – even the heaviest of these doors will glide open and closed with minimal effort. All Hi-Finity doors incorporate a state-of-the-art electronic locking system concealed in the outer frame and if automated, operate via a wall-mounted button, remote control or home automation system. Further details are available from: Reynaers Limited, Tel: 0121 421 1999, or email:, website:

SketchUp 2016 is here!

Connected, refreshed and best of all....still SketchUp.

SketchUp, Connected Reference, sync, comment, report, and share: SketchUp 2016 is more connected than ever to the projects, information, and people you work with.

Simple, intuitive, just right Every day, we obsess over making SketchUp seamless and efficient. Here’s what our obsession yielded in SketchUp 2016. Enhanced inferencing and tool improvements Customiseable Utility Trays on Windows Refreshed Textures LayOut Layers

SketchUp Pro licensing is now friendlier than ever before. Every SketchUp 2016 download starts with a 30-day trial of Pro features.

Contact Elmtec, Sketchup’s distribution Partner in the UK


T: 01844 263750


INSPIRED INTERIOR DESIGN IS ALL ABOUT CHOICE With one of the biggest and most varied collections of decorative surface solutions in the UK, three of James Latham’s most popular materials continue to grow in popularity with interior designers and furniture makers, inspiring the freedom to create distinctive designs that define spaces. XyloCleaf Available exclusively through James Latham and unlike anything else on the UK market, XyloCleaf is an innovative and highly textured range of decors which includes a variety of wood grains, linens and other unique materials. With over 60 colours and patterns in MFC and more than 20 in HPL laminate, all of which come with ABS edging as standard, the sensational XyloCleaf collection is suited to high-end premium t4t

design schemes within either the commercial or residential sectors and is perfect for furniture, fixtures and wall panelling. Losan Real Wood Veneers James Latham’s new and exciting range of real wood veneers allow designers to create environments with stunning effects and finishes, bringing together a particular depth, texture and individuality impossible to achieve with artificial materials. The authentic, warm and natural beauty shines through in this new

range of veneers, highlighting the unique characteristics, grain and tone of the wood. The portfolio of veneers - which are all from FSC certified stock – include such on trend species as Smoked Figured, Crown and Rough-Cut Eucalyptus as well as Cracked Oak, Smoked Larch and Satin Walnut. Shinnoki 2.0 Shinnoki 2.0 is a range of ready to use, high quality veneered panels that are supplied already stained and lacquered, requiring no further finishing.

Shinnoki 2.0


One key aspect of Shinnoki 2.0 is its stability. The veneers are mismatched, but stained and textured to create a consistent finish that shows the natural aspects and beauty of the species. The extensive Shinnoki 2.0 portfolio is supplied in designs which are completely in tune with current design trends and includes matching realwood and ABS edge banding. The 17 designs are also supplied in separate 3-ply veneer sheets, perfect for curved surfaces, doors or other interior requirements.

RealWood Veneer

For more information on Latham’s full range of surface materials: phone 0116 257 3415, e-mail or visit


Crl Has Got It Covered For Arresting Apartment Complex FROM police station to luxury boutique flats, CRL is working with a Dorset-based developer on this venturous build. Juno Developments (Poole) Ltd turned to CRL to assist them in finding the best deal on structural defects insurance warranties for the ÂŁ11 million residential development on Sandbanks Road in Poole. The old police station, renamed The Metropolitan, was built in 1935 and shut up shop in 2009 when Dorset Police moved to a new HQ. The three storey office block, complete with cells, interview rooms and car park, is being transformed into 52 one and two bedroom apartments.


CRL was appointed to put retrospective structural defects insurance in place for this arresting development by supplying a 10-year warranty certification to protect against any future structural issues. When The Metropolitan is completed in late 2016, the 10-year structural defects insurance will be passed on to the new individual owners of the apartments.

CRL assisted Juno Developments in arranging the appropriate cover that suited their individual circumstances, allowing them to focus on this unique renovation. Eddie Hill, one of the Directors of Juno Developments, said: “We engaged CRL to work with us on this interesting development, as they are a competitive and professional company.

“Unusual and iconic conversions are a speciality of Juno Developments and we know that with CRL they have a one-stop-shop. When sourcing the appropriate cover for our developments, CRL are able to take all of our requirements on board, unusual quirks of a build and ensure they have in place the highest quality standards and cover.� CRL has worked with Juno Developments on five previous developments and is also working with the company on the redevelopment of the former David Lloyd Fitness Centre in Bournemouth, which is being transformed into 74 apartments as a joint venture with Bayview Developments Ltd. Chris Branigan, Relationship Manager for CRL, said: “Our flexible approach meant that we were able to find

structural defects insurance for The Metropolitan that ticked all of Juno’s boxes. “On completion this cover will be passed on to the new owners of the apartments, providing peace of mind to the new owner and to our client that any structural defects are covered for the 10-year term of the warranty. “It is a pleasure to work with Eddie and the team as the projects they take on are usually out of the ordinary – like CRL they have an appetite for adventure.� Formed in 1996, Juno is passionate about transforming unusual and iconic buildings into the highest quality homes. The developer has been involved in the restoration and conversion of important listed buildings and landmark properties in Dorset and Hampshire.

Every home from micro flats to luxury houses goes through a stringent design process, involving interior designers, architects and landscape gardeners to maximise the living environment. When finished The Metropolitan, which is located in a prime position opposite Poole Park, will come complete with communal space, gym, private gardens and bbq area. The eye-catching development is proving a big hit with buyers with more than half of the developments already sold. For more information about CRL please: —I\f\g-jjj!V e _!Vb` —8`T\_-Vhfgb`Xe!fXei\VX3V e _!Vb` —6T__-#+##**%&%##" ''#%#*$%*($,+


Manchester Furniture show

A Show Full of Attractions

A country fair theme give this year’s Manchester Furniture Show (17-19 July Manchester Central), a colourful backdrop to the biggest summer furniture event in the UK. The attractions include some of the biggest and most innovative names in furniture and interior furnishings from the UK, Europe and the Far East, showing new designs and launching new collections. New exhibitors including Panacea, CIMC, Devonshire Pine Cabinet & Oak, Hookes Interiors, Camel Group, Global Home, Indian Hub, Heritage Furniture and Arthauss will join a whole host of returning major brands in over 100,000 square feet of modern exhibition space. The 130 plus exhibitors will display new and existing best selling collections and pieces in upholstery, cabinet, beds and decorative furnishings, including lamps, mirrors, rugs and accessories.

Upholstery In upholstery, Essex based new exhibitor Panacea, who made a big impact at this year’s January Furniture Show, will bring a selection of their modern and retro, design led leather sofas and chairs which have a focus on high levels of comfort. Also showing modern sofa collections are Alpha Designs Upholstery, who return to Manchester for the third year in a row and will showcase new contemporary ranges having had a “resounding success” in the previous two years. ICD (International Contemporary Designs), one of the UK’s newest upholstery companies sources exclusive leather models from Italy. New at Manchester will be their Pisa and Bari models, both typify Italian design flair. Pisa offers modern comfort with a curvaceous silhouette and deepfill cushions and Bari features classic styling for a more timeless look. Keeping with leather, Hyde Line Furniture, partner to the US giant NHF Leather, is bringing a selection of its multi-action reclining sofas and chairs made in NHF’s Far East factory. The sofas and chairs are traditional in style and with distribution from a central UK warehouse. Returning UK upholstery giants Westbridge, Lebus, Buoyant, Wade, Ashley Manor, Whitemeadow, Scanthor UK, XYZ Agencies and Mark Webster Designs will all be showing new collections at Manchester. Whitemeadow are showing the cool grey trend at its best with new models Sadler and Charleston being launched at the Show. Ashely Manor also show soft greys with their Hobbs contemporary collection and are right on trend with their new Francesca collection which features pin tucks and studding.

Living and dining are also full of attractions and contrasts this year with returning exhibitors Baker, Kingstown, Bluebone, Furniture Origins, Exclusive UK, Morris, Rowico, Wood Brothers, Shankar, Value Mark, Kettle Interiors and VIDA Living all bringing new temptations for buyers. New cabinet exhibitor Devonshire, one the few remaining cabinet manufacturers in the UK are bringing new collections in dining and bedroom from their Bideford factory. They will be showing a variety of pine, oak and painted furniture ranges in traditional and rustic styles, which are continually popular with UK consumers. In complete contrast another new exhibitor Arthauss will be showing selections from their ultra modern dining and bedroom ranges, including flip down beds and sleek wardrobes. With colour choices from deep walnut to crisp white their furniture sets are imaginative and style led. A completely different style again will be on show on the Indian Hub stand. From their Surrey base they are another cabinet exhibitor new to Manchester and following on from a successful January Show, they will be enticing buyers with a great selection of their hardwood furniture. With perfect designs for anyone wanting the on-trend industrial look this is a must see stand. Regular Manchester exhibitors Kettle Interiors and Value Mark will again use the show to launch new collections. Kettle will be showcasing its latest ranges from an everincreasing portfolio of commercial and distinctive oak, pine and painted furniture, along with generous wicker storage solutions under the brand The Wicker Merchant. Valuemark’s large occasional and dining collections will again feature several new introductions including The Lewis Collection which features black apricot high gloss married with chrome and black their new compact marble dining sets.


Manchester Furniture show

Beds and Bedroom In beds and bedroom returning exhibitors Furmanc, Gallery Direct, Kingstown, Seconique, Nolte, Slumbernights Ltd, Rauch, Welcome and Corndell are all showing a selection of new and best sellers. Furmanc’s comprehensive adjustable bed collections, including the hugely commercial Hestia Motion range will be on show with new models added to the range. Gallery Direct never fail to deliver a stand full of delights and treats and this year will be no exception with new trend setting designs on display along with accompanying decorative accessories and soft furnishing items. At the end of last year’s show James Hudson, Gallery Direct’s Business Development Director said, “We’ve had a great show, Sunday was very busy with independent stores and Monday saw all the multiples. This is a good show to do business in, in a relaxed atmosphere with good time to talk to customers. There is definitely a wave from the January Show, which gives Manchester a higher profile than before. New exhibitors include Slumbernights Ltd, Heartlands, Global Home and Heritage Furniture. Slumbernights Ltd. manufacture a whole variety of fabric bed frames including storage ottomans, four posters and headboards in the UK, using velvets, chenilles and other fabrics. The German giants Nolte and Rauch both return after a very successful outing to Manchester in 2015. Both are bringing smooth engineered bedroom collections, which are specifically designed for UK homes. Nolte who showed at Manchester for the first time last year return with new designs and finishes for 2016/17.


We’ve had a great show, Sunday was very busy with independent stores and Monday saw all the multiples. This is a good show to do business in, in a relaxed atmosphere with good time to talk to customers.

Manchester Furniture show

Manchester Furniture show

Decorative Accessories Of course no Manchester show would be complete without a great selection of decorative furnishings and accessories. Attractions here include returning exhibitors Flair Rugs, Wilde Java, Wire Lamps and Keen Classics, all of whom are bringing new designs. New exhibitors CIMC and Hookes Interiors both known for their flair and unique designs, have with large stands in the Main Hall.

CIMC are bringing a comprehensive selection of their home accessories including table and floor lamps, clocks, cushions, funky door stops and occasional furniture pieces. Their stand will be full of colour and sparkle and is not to be missed. Hookes Interiors will also have a notable stand full of mirrors in every shape and size, cushions, tie-backs and tassels in a variety of fabrics and decorative items including perfume bottles and picture frames. This family business will delight buyers with new treats and occasional furniture pieces from their Uxbridge location.

Held in the vibrant city centre The Manchester Furniture will inspire and tempt buyers in every sphere of furniture and interior decoration. To ensure you don’t miss the latest from the best register your attendance at t21t

A conscious

inside-outside connection

As an architect, Paul Davis appreciates how small details can So when it came to choosing folding doors for his own home, he was delighted to discover the forward-thinking features of Centor Integrated Doors – with a groundbreaking design approach that meant he wouldn’t have to compromise on quality at any stage. Paul and his wife Fiona bought a 1950s bungalow in Leatherhead, Surrey, six years ago, purely for its location. The fantastic site offered plenty of potential for them to create a stunning home that combines his architectural expertise with her ability to transform the outside space. “Fiona is a garden designer, and we were looking for a site we could really do something


with,” he explains. “We’ve got a beautiful westfacing view here. The key thing for us was maximising the outlook over the garden and the landscape beyond. “Given what we both do for a living, the whole point of making the connection between inside and outside – and blending the two – was really important to us.” The downstairs zone, where the couple spend most of their time, was a particular focus. This open plan space has a natural flow between the kitchen/diner and breakfast snug, which connect through into the living room and out into the garden.

Paul explains: “We wanted to create a series of spaces that seamlessly enable that insideoutside connection, yet are flexible enough to accommodate just the two of us when we’re on our own or 12 people if we have the family over at the weekend.” Specifying Centor Integrated Doors for the large opening into the garden was one of the easiest decisions they had to make:“The quality of the fabrication was clear to see. With other doors, the movement is awkward – they’re either too heavy or too light. As soon as we tested the Centor doors, we both said it was like closing the door of a high-quality motor car. When you close the door on an Aston

combine to create a greater overall impression of a property. Martin it feels good. When you open and close these doors, they feel good. They’re robust, but they slide really easily. And they close solidly, with certainty.

in the end reveals, they span the whole 4.7m in one piece, and when they’re not being used you don’t know they are there. It’s very clever design.”

“As an architect, I always advise my clients that it’s those things you’re going to touch and use every day– the door handles, the locking mechanisms – that are the most important design considerations. It’s a tactile experience and I still enjoy opening and closing these doors now!

With Centor Integrated Doors framing the view, Paul and Fiona can now enjoy the outside environment in the way they always wanted…

“The other thing that’s really special about these doors is the insect screen and the blackout shade. They’re neatly concealed

“I believe that the more we’re an urban population, the more that we’re wrapped up in our high-tech wifi world, the more important the connection between our man-made world and the natural world becomes,” explains Paul. “Being able to

see elements of nature is really good for us, as individuals – and incredibly important for our sense of wellbeing.” He adds:“ We’re both inside-outside all day long. It’s so lovely to just have the doors open and have that complete connectivity between inside and out. We’re now always conscious of the garden, the view, the weather, the sunlight. To be honest, it’s only when it’s absolutely pouring with rain that the doors are ever shut!”

For more information about Centor Integrated Doors visit t23t

Cubbyhole is the UK’s newest online property website which entered the marketplace in May with a fresh and innovative idea for the housing market – to provide all the tools you need to buy or sell a property locally or nationally from just £60 (inc. VAT) per week. With marketing campaigns taking place across the UK through several media platforms Cubbyhole is sure to get your property noticed! As the UK market battles the ever-growing pressures on first-time buyers, interest rates and Stamp Duty, everyone is looking for ways to save money. On a typical house sale, could save people thousands, by not having to pay the traditional estate agency fees you can control your move and control your costs. is one of the first consumer property portal where buyers and sellers can connect and communicate online – without an actual estate agent. The new property portal allows sellers to upload their images, input their own details and most importantly, describe and showcase their home in their own words. In turn, the portal then allows potential buyers to browse the market by location and have direct contact with the seller prior to viewing the property. The portal also features “Useful Tips” and “How To Guides” as well as a “Find a Pro” section which lists services and trades in local areas helping people with every aspect of the purchase or sale. Cubbyhole has entered the market with an introductory offer where sellers can receive 30 days of advertising for just £1! For further information email or call 01304 614631.


Buying and Selling property has moved on A new and innovative nationwide property portal designed to make moving affordable.

Sell your property from just ÂŁ60 inc. VAT

Platform Lift for the Dyfi Osprey Project


he Dyfi Osprey Project is a Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust flagship project, located on the Cors Dyfi Reserve near Machynlleth on the west coast of mid Wales.

The project started in January 2009 with the aim of supporting and conserving the osprey population in Wales. There is a visitor centre located onsite to allow the general public a chance to see these rare birds in their natural habitat. In order for the project to be accessible by all, the two floor centre decided that a platform lift would allow wheelchair access to the upper floor of the centre. They set up a camera and lift appeal to help raise money for the project. In 2016, a grant was awarded that helped cover the cost of the lift and installation. Invalifts was chosen to supply and install the lift, as their MC2000 Platform Lift was available with a glazed shaft at the upper level to maximise light and allow views of the beautiful scenery. Invalifts co-ordinated the installation of the lift with the centre so that the lift would be installed before the return of the ospreys. The installation had the additional challenge that the delivery vehicle for the parts would have to drop off over 500 metres away from the building, due to the remote location. Volunteers worked under the instruction of the Invalifts engineers to transport the parts by hand to the lift install area. The Dyfi Osprey Project was thrilled with the results, describing the ability to see Monty the Osprey for the first time in the feather as ‘Priceless!’. To find out more about the MC2000 platform lift, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts or visit t26t

Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web:



Residential construction specialist Lovell Homes, brought in Designer Contracts to add its interior design expertise to the four-bedroom Glenavon View show home at the developer’s Cherry Hill site in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, on the edge of the scenic Clyde Valley


he development is home to 48 two, three, four and fivebedroom properties priced from £127,500. Cherry Hill is a perfect base for both families and young professionals, offering the ideal combination of rolling countryside and modern life amenities. With a reputation for designing show home properties that respond to a tight marketing brief and deliver a rapid ROI to developers, Designer Contracts was instructed to create a scheme that would appeal to families and young professionals looking for a luxurious and elegant home environment. This has resulted in a chic, sophisticated interior design reflecting the high-quality build and featuring a neutral palette of


rich creams and taupes, highlighted with glamorous gold and pewter metallics.

the exceptional quality of homes on offer at this stunning development.”

Said Helen Dow, regional sales manager, Lovell Homes: “The show home which Designer Contracts designed for us at our Larkhall site looks amazing and fully reflects the vision sold to us during our initial meetings.

The stand out feature of the spacious ground floor of the four-bedroom Glenavon View show home is the open-plan kitchen in high gloss ivory and Orleans oak. The highlight of the dining space is a glass-topped table with sculptured base surrounded by elegant dining chairs and overlooked by dramatic crystal lighting. The light-filled garden room then opens onto the beautifully landscaped gardens.

“The focus on luxurious living, combined with the attention to detail, make a strong impression on homeseekers who love the way the property successfully blends practicality and style. We’ve seen a fantastic response to homes at Cherry Hill from purchasers, with only two homes remaining for sale from the first phase of releases. The show property has played an important part in the development’s success, providing a superb showcase for

Said Designer Contracts interior designer, Lindsey Haystead: “We designed the Cherry Hill properties with luxury in mind, attracting the target market – families with small and teenage children and young professionals wanting a tasteful and sumptuously styled home.”

The Glenavon View’s opulent living room, decorated in soft neutral shades, is adorned with subtle beaded wallpaper, velvet upholstery and chrome-detailed accessories, leading on to a stylish study area with marble-effect wallpaper and dark wood furniture. Upstairs, the spacious master bedroom includes a tiled en-suite and features exquisite beaded wallpaper with chic, silver-embossed three-drawer chest cabinets. Taking centre stage is a king size bed with button-detailed bedstead in crushed velvet, dressed with layers of different textures including crisp cotton bed linen, taupe throws and co-ordinating cushions in a mixture of black velvets, soft creams and on-trend metallics.

The guest room features a tall crystal decorated headboard and showcases stylish lighting. The third room is a twin and is designed to appeal to the younger set, styled with wood panel-effect wallpaper, pug dog print bed linen and prints on the walls. The distressed wooden bedside cabinets feature wooden tripod lamps and doggie-themed accessories. Finally, the fourth bedroom, designed to make any little girl feel like a princess, is styled with bows, hearts and crystal detail.

excellent transport connections. For more information please ring the Lovell sales team on 01698 622 028. Designer Contracts is the UK’s largest flooring contractor. As well as a show home design service, the company is an expert in supplying and installing flooring to the new build industry and control flooring to commercial and public sector industries. It also supplies curtain, blind, lighting and furniture packs. For more information please visit

Cherry Hill offers the rare opportunity to buy a high-quality, new-build home in an established community with


Doors and Windows


The project

A glazing system from Crittall Windows, pioneers of steel window manufacture for nearly 170 years, has been used as the centre-piece for an intensive make-over project, dramatically transforming an uninspiring 1920s three-bedroom former council house, in Croydon (Hawthorn Crescent).

The brief

The existing house was very fragmented. Little light was making its way into the middle of the living/ kitchen areas. The owners, Denise and Ali Ball, had also outgrown the house with two teenage kids requiring more space. Additionally, the fact they carry-out singing lessons around the piano needed to be considered. Ultimately, the brief was to increase floor area, create separate spaces maintain light and openness.


The method The owners worked closely with Jo Cowen, the project’s architect, to extend and re-configure the property to make best use of space and bring-in much-needed light. To achieve the desired end results, Crittall’s glazing system was recommended by Jo Cowen. It was decided to extend at ground floor level and apply a modular grid to the entire space.

Transformed By Crittall Glazing System: Case Study

Jo Cowen explains why she chose Crittall glazing system/internal screens for this project: “Crittall was the system originally installed into the property when it was first built during the 1920s. So there was a poetic reference back to the property’s original style. “Crittall’s system offers a unique profile and beading system that looks very elegant, whilst having the quality that comes with a steel frame system.” The project was seen on Channel 4’s ‘Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke’ programme (March 2016).

The aim was to create separate spaces that align with the grid, using the same modulation through A combination of double and single-glazed Crittall steel screens using the W20 profile was installed. the Crittall screens specified to divide the space. The slim-line steel partitioning brought elegance and a sense of airiness to the interior living spaces. Large amounts of glazing allows continuity of light and views to the garden.

The largest span to the rear elevation is 8m long x 2.6m high

A stunning, modern-looking, exterior was created with large areas of glass, echoing the company’s original steel windows.

Stainless steel handles with Anthracite Grey polyester powder coating to the metalwork were fitted to complete the overall contemporary effect. Main contractor was Buildmax of Croydon.

About Crittall Windows Crittall is the original manufacturer of high-performance slim-line steel windows – a pioneer of steel frame window manufacture for almost 170 years. Originally established in Braintree, Essex, over the years, Crittall pioneered and standardised the steel window industry, becoming the dominant source of steel windows/doors internationally,

The result

The end result delighted the owners. They were extremely pleased with the outcome, appreciating the new look and aesthetics, as well as the practical benefits, and the fact the view up to the garden was opened up so well. Also, they are now able to close doors between spaces without loss of light or sense of volume with the new, distinct, separate living areas allowing privacy with a feel of airiness. They also invested in re-landscaping the entire garden area.

About Jo Cowen Architects Jo Cowen Architects is a boutique architecture and design firm with a growing reputation for bringing a personal touch and a wealth of experience to every project. The practice offers a complete architectural and interiors service from inception, concept design, statutory approvals, contractor procurement, to management on site — all the way to completion. Founding directors Jo Cowen and Chris Wilkinson set out to bring to

with manufacturing facilities on five continents. Today, the company has a state-of-theart manufacturing/production facility in Witham, Essex, and is one of the world’s leading steel window frame manufacturers. Crittall’s polyester powder-coated, galvanised, steel windows will last 60+ years, not requiring redecoration for 25 - 30 years. the domestic market the rigour, high standards and efficiency of large-scale practices, where they both had previously worked for almost a decade. Rather than enforcing a ‘practice style’, they tailor each brief to the tastes and particular lifestyle requirements of each client — or to the needs of the developer and their target market. Chartered by the Royal Institute of British Architects, a gold standard in the industry.


Doors & Windows

The Telguard range of telephone, GSM, and soon to be released, SIP based intercom systems are suitable for new build or retro fit. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK since 1992 we have provided entry solutions for thousands of projects nationally and overseas. The telephone based system plugs in to a standard analogue telephone socket or phone system extension and the GSM system requires a SIM card. The SIP product requires a Broadband connection and a link to the LAN or local Wi-Fi. The only other requirement is for local power and the intercom can be installed. Installation is not disruptive as the installation takes place at the entrance to be controlled and there is no need to put handsets into flats or houses as they are already in place – their own telephone or mobile. The telephone numbers of the apartments/ houses/businesses are programmed into the intercom system with any access codes required and the system is ready for use. A visitor enters the flat or house number into the intercom via the keypad and then presses the ‘CALL’ button. The receiver of the call picks the telephone and can speak to the visitor and allow access by pressing a digit on their telephone keypad. This sends a signal to the intercom that activates the door lock or entrance gate and the visitor is able to gain access. If the receiver of the call does not want to grant access they simply put their phone down to end the call. If the resident is out, the system is able to divert the call to up to 8 follow on numbers. This could be to a mobile phone or even a Call Centre where access may be granted from. Telguard benefits from an internal battery backed time clock which enables timed access PINs, timed number divert, disable the system to prevent unsociable calls, timed trade access via a ‘Trade’ button or PIN and a number of other timed features. This facility also updates from BST to GMT as required, again removing the need for a site visit. Any alterations required to telephone numbers or PIN codes can be actioned by the system installer and can be carried out remotely reducing the need for on-site attendance.


The Activity Logs provide a record of every function that the system performs backed up with accurate time and date information. The Logs also provide a ‘Dashboard’ to the installer providing operational information ie. Voltage, temperature. The Telguard system is not only quick to install compared with hard-wired systems but also extremely flexible. Calls can be answered on cordless telephones making it possible for users to answer entrance requests while going about day to day business or it is possible for a mobile phone to be called for access requests. We are able to provide systems with backlit keypads and buttons, integrated proximity access and video. The video picture can go to a dedicated monitor or into the communal TV aerial for viewing on any television in the premise. DDA systems are available with large halo illuminated Braille buttons with big letter, easy to read displays and audio and visual call progress indication. Bespoke applications are also undertaken making it possible to provide almost any style or shape of system. It may be that we have to provide a system to replace an existing installation so we are able to manufacture our panel to fit the aperture of an old, non functional system. We are able to manufacture systems in different finishes and colour schemes, we powder coat stainless steel so as to not impact on the vandal resistance of the panel.. As advances in technology arrive in to the public domain, we are always in a prime position to make the most of these advances thanks to our in-house development team. We are also able to engineer modifications to software and hardware should a specific requirement be requested. Our systems carry a 2 year return to manufacturer warranty which can also be extended.


Tel : + 44(0)1306 710120 F ax : + 44(0)1306 713769 E m ai l : s al es @t el guard. c o. uk

Telephone based entry systems using your existing phone. .

www. doorent ry . c o. uk

The ABS T-Bespoke is a high gloss black finish with a backlit silicone keypad. The backlight colour can be changed on site and remotely to 7 different colours! It looks contemporary and is extremely low profile and durable. This system is available with 1 call button and a keypad for coded access with 400 codes. The surface back box is matt black and the system connects to a Hub via a single CAT5. The platform can either be GSM or Landline, whichever suits you best! This product benefits from all of the standard features – well we call them standard! This includes forward dialling up to 8 numbers, a battery backed time clock, 9 timed profiles allowing calls to be sent elsewhere at a certain time and date, automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT) and automatic dimming of the keypad. You can even receive a text from the Telguard to inform you that a door has been opened or somebody has activated a passive device at night! (GSM Only) This product will certainly set you apart from the rest of the houses in the your area! And as ever you benefit from proven Telguard reliability and quality associated with British engineering.

S ui t e 2 , S t anl e y Ho us e , K e l vi n W ay, C r awl e y, W . S us s e x R H1 0 9 S E

ENHANCED CHOICE OF PANELS FOR SCHUECO’S RANGE OF DOORS Customers of Schueco UK can now choose products from leading German door panel specialist, Adeco, a longtime supplier to Schueco in other European countries. This option now gives UK clients a greatly improved choice of stylish, high-end design options for Schueco entrance doors. Constructed from the highest quality aluminium, Adeco’s comprehensive product portfolio includes modern, contemporary designs as well as more traditional styles, meaning that they can supply an infill door panel to bring visual distinction to any type of property. Adeco offers three panel types – infill, single sided leaf enclosing and double sided leaf enclosing, the latter two providing the most popular and visually attractive versions. These are combined with purpose-designed Schueco profiles in frame depths that range from 65 mm to 90 mm depending upon the configuration that has been chosen. Schueco doors fitted with Adeco panels take all standard Schueco fittings including handles, hinges and locks. The result is a very distinctive door which is both highly insulated and extremely secure.


A wide choice of RAL colours is available and customers have the option of specifying different colours on the outside and the inside of the doors. State-of-the-art NC technology and advanced surface coating systems ensure that the colours and finishes are bright and will be particularly hard-wearing. The depth of the company’s attention to detail is exemplified by the option of special pre-treatment coatings for doors in coastal situations. For more information about Schueco doors and Adeco Door Panels, including ordering details, please email

Glass Bending Excellence

Toughened Glass Bends Firman Glass new toughening plant includes two bending chambers which work alongside the standard flat bed. The smaller chamber will bend glass from 5mm to 12mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 1000mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 5mm, 6mm = 450mm 8mm, 10mm = 1000mm 12mm = 1200mm The large chamber will bend glass from 6mm to 19mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 3600mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 6mm = 1500mm 8mm, 10mm = 1800mm 12mm, 15mm = 2000mm 19mm = 2500mm

Working in conjunction with the flat toughening facility to a maximum flat size of 2850mm wide x 5000mm long. Firman Glass can now offer the Architect, Designer and Contractor a complete service for multiple uses such as balustrades, partitions, shower screens, revolving door enclosures, full height barriers, partitions and shopfronts. Curved Glass can be processed as with flat glass and can be decorated by sandblasting and back painting.

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

VISCOM Take Marshalls To Next Level The principals of Marshalls came to us to take them to the next level. We did a full re-brand on their image giving it a stronger feminine touch which was added as it is usually the lady of the house that instigates the move and picks the agent to view their existing property. We went on to design a unique office like no other. Massive A0 illuminated images were set into traditional panelling, a private customer area, and an amazing reception desk, LED’s set into the step along with the most unique feature of floating dividers which were only fixed to the wall even though they were nearly 3 metres long all added to this stunning office. The end result attracted a wellknown local designer to walk into the office and proclaimed it was the best office he had ever seen. t36t

Call 0845 030 4353

Call 0845 030 4353

Doors and Windows

New, Fresh and Mobile Compatible website launched by Vicaima The new Vicaima website presents simple intuitive and pictorial navigation to enable customers and specifiers easy access to a wealth information and inspiration. With product facts, latest innovations, digital catalogues and technical advice sitting alongside corporate data and even recruitment opportunities for those wishing to be part of such a modern and vibrant organisation. “Keeping pace with international trends and the strengthening of our brand leadership is the key motivation behind this latest innovation by Vicaima. The launch of the new website, with its completely refreshed and user-friendly platform, is part of our ongoing strategy to project and position Vicaima through multiple digital channels. We are now closer to our partners, customers and colleagues anywhere in the world with clear and insightful communication, “says Arlindo Costa Leite, President of Vicaima.


Leading interior door and doorkit manufacturer Vicaima has strengthened its communication strategy and user interface for all market sectors, with a complete renovation of its online presence. With the launch of a new website, Vicaima now combines simplicity, accessibility and innovative design in a platform that meets the aspirations and demands of today’s digital specifier. With responsive technology and mobile compatibility the site provides a valuable resource wherever and whenever needed. The launch of the new Vicaima website is the latest in a series of digital developments by the company and follows an upgrading of its presence on Facebook social network, increased presence and activity on the LinkedIn platform, together with YouTube and Twitter.

Vicaima offer an extensive range of innovative door design options, with fire, acoustic and security performance. For further details about these and other products from the many Vicaima collections, visit the Vicaima website alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.

Glass Excellence Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units. Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base. Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass. With some of the most advanced capabilities in place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.

Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Saflex DG41 structural interlay

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding FIRMALITE electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Doors & Windows

Whether you are refurbishing, renovating or self-building, Todd Doors has a style to complement your home. From the classic white panelled or traditional Victorian Oak to contemporary Charcoal Oak, Todd Doors has something for everyone and every project. If you would like your house to have greater “kerb appeal” consider changing your existing front door. Now is the ideal time of year to do this and as well as making your house look instantly stylish and inviting, a new front door will keep you and your family warm and dry. Todd Doors has a full range of door furniture and accessories too. Door handles can really make a statement and enhance your door, whilst frames, architraves and skirting can be used to blend or highlight your door. At the forefront of design, with an average stock in excess of 25,000 doors and with every type of timber door imaginable; including glazed doors, fire doors, folding doors, bi-fold patio doors, sliding doors, French doors, double doors, external doors and door sets; Todd Doors really is a one-stop destination for all your door needs.

Todd Doors is the UK’s leading supplier of quality timber doors. A family run business for more than 60 years, Todd Doors boasts an industry leading range of over 450 original designs manufactured using the very best timber components from around the world. Todd Doors also offers a fully bespoke service which is particularly useful for those projects requiring oversized doors or specific finishes. Door Experts are always on hand to give advice and can even work with you on a particular design you have of your own. Todd Doors is so confident in the quality and value of its doors that it is offering a price match guarantee* across all product ranges. For a full range of products and services available please visit or call 0800 633 5050 and speak to a Door Expert who will be happy to help.

t40t *terms & conditions apply, see website for details:

Denise van Outen Q&A at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club in your family does, to come here is still perfect because you still get to enjoy the clubhouse and the great sushi. For me that sushi is a thing that makes this place amazing, because to find good sushi after a game of golf is very rare. Then there are the surroundings: very calm, very quiet, very private. It’s lovely.

What are the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game?

How and why did you get into golf? How has it gone for you so far? Not one member of my family plays golf, so it was a bit of a surprise move for me. I turned 40 two years ago and for my 40th birthday I wanted to learn a new hobby. I wanted something that would be a new challenge for me. Two of my friends play golf, and they’re women, and they asked me if I’d ever thought about golf. I said ‘No, it’s never crossed my mind.’ So then they went out and bought me a set of golf clubs for my 40th! And they said ‘Here you go…now go and book a lesson.’ So I booked a lesson in the UK - and one lesson became ten. Then ten lessons became 20 lessons! Before I knew it I was playing 18 holes with my friends in the UK. I just loved the game! I played off 36 as a beginner, and then I wanted to find somewhere I could get my handicap down and break 100. I’ve had a lot of lessons and been lucky enough to play a lot of courses in the UK, but I needed to spread my wings and come somewhere where the sun shines more than it does in the UK and is easy to get to. Even when it’s winter in the UK and the courses are closed, you have reasonable weather in Spain to play


golf. So this for me Las Colinas was the perfect place to come and break 100.

What is it that grabs you about golf? It’s a number of things. I like the social aspect of it. I like the fact that I’ve probably talked more to my friends on the golf course than I have in a long time, because we all have children and work commitments. For the past five years everything has been a quick phone call with them, whereas with golf you’ve got 18 holes and five hours of conversation. So for me it’s re-ignited friendships, but there’s also the fact that my boyfriend plays. He’s been golfing for 20 years and it’s something we do together to relax and, again, talk. So it’s good for relationships. Unless one of you plays really badly, that is. Then it’s bad for relationships. I find it hard to switch off in my day to day life. I’ve got a six-year-old daughter and I work. So golf for me is like a form of meditation. The focus is there and I think of nothing else but the game. This place is my dream. To be here at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is amazing, because there’s the game that I love. But even if you don’t play golf but someone

Like a lot of beginners I focussed on the short game a lot when I started. I started on the putting green, then went to chipping, and then probably after about six months I was introduced to playing with the Big Dog, the driver, which I then got the bug for because as soon as I hit a great shot I thought ‘I just want to do this forever’. But, as you know, that doesn’t make you a great golfer, just hitting a great shot off the tee. So I’ve now had to go back to basics, and try and focus more on the short game again. That’s where I’m falling back, because I’m getting onto the green…and then I’m spending too many shots there. Chipping was always a big fear. And being in bunkers was always a big fear. But I’ve kind of got used to them because I’ve been in so many! The most frustrating thing on any golf course is water. Losing balls is really frustrating.

How has your experience as a lady golfer been and how would you encourage other women into the game? I’ve only ever been supported on the golf course. There’s a perception that it’s a man’s sport, but it’s becoming more and more popular with women. As far as men are concerned, I’ve found that if they see you’ve got a tricky shot, they always come and help you! So I think that perception about women has no place – I’ve never felt unwelcome in any golf club. I think I speak for a generation of women who are very career minded. We’ve got our own money, and if we play something we’re playing because we want to play

it. I’ve got groups of friends who play golf and we’re lucky enough to be in a position where we can get a flight and come and stay and have a girlie weekend. I always say golf’s like night-clubbing for the middle aged! It’s perfect because it’s cool and it’s social.

What about that 18-iron of yours? It’s a driving iron! I requested it because I am a bit hit and miss with my driver. I go through good runs with it for a few weeks, then it goes really badly and I get a fear of it. Especially teeing off in front of people! So I got the driving iron because I wasn’t playing great shots with the driver. I was getting too scared. I learned to play with my seven iron – it’s my trusty iron I go back to all the time. So in my head I always say to myself that I’m driving off with a seven-iron

Is Las Colinas Golf & Country Club a good family holiday option? Yes! I know I could have family members here and happily go off and play golf and know that the villa is lovely and clean, safe, and the security is tight. The clubhouse is lovely, the people are friendly…it’s a dream place. I’d love to have a house here and be one of the regulars.

What holiday boxes does Las Colinas Golf & Country Club tick for you? I know not everywhere is guaranteed sun all year round, but you’re far more likely to get good hours of sun here for longer periods of time than you would in the UK. There’s a lot of green space between the villas, and the quiet is good too. I live in a city so you want a bit of quiet on your holiday. And for children it’s good too. If you came here a lot you’d get to know other golfers. I mean, I’d see this as a place I’d even come on my own and get to know people. If you came out for a weekend and asked people if they’d play a round with you, I’m sure people would!

What are your golfing and life ambitions in the next few years? I want to make golf more popular with women. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to get involved here at Las Colinas. It’s the perfect place for women to come to and I want to spread the word. I’d love to do a TV show eventually, introducing golf to a generation of women who probably think it isn’t for them but would realise that it really is! It would be good to teach them the basics. I’m also writing a film that’s almost finished and doing a show later in the year in the West End. I can’t say much about the film but it’s for women…kind of like a contemporary version of Shirley Valentine.


External Envelope

How to Maintain your Three top tips for maintaining fresh and healthy exterior cladding. With its natural and unique appearance, timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for architects and builders, providing low-maintenance building protection. Read on to find out how you can keep your cladding looking its best with minimal effort.

Popular types of timber cladding: There are many variations of exterior wood cladding, with individual characteristics and maintenance needs. Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch are hugely popular softwood timbers, cedar varies in colour from light yellow to rich dark reds whereas larch is paler and


more uniform. Whilst technically softwoods, they have the durability qualities of some hardwoods and are highly resistant to decay, although they may require some maintenance to retain colour and condition.

stable. It has the durability qualities of some of the densest tropical hardwoods and is therefore relatively maintenance free.

Cumaru is a hardwood timber, which is medium reddy brown in colour and requires similar maintenance to the softwoods mentioned above. The natural colour will tend to fade to a silvery grey over time.

Like all wood, timber cladding is susceptible to weathering and eventual decay. Look out for the following problems and act quickly to keep your cladding looking great and in good condition.

Thermowood is a heat treated softwood that also has good durability properties, although the heat process weakens the structural stability of the wood. It is resistant to decay.

—Inconsistent weathering – exposure to UV radiation from south-facing buildings/ elevations and contact with moisture can lead to uneven patches on your timber cladding.

Accoya is a wood that is modified through to the core making it extremely durable and

Problems to look out for:

—Mould and algae – caused by contact with

External Envelope

Timber Cladding moisture, insects and fungus. This is often a problem on buildings/elevations which do not get much direct sunlight. —Changes in size and shape – wood is a natural, living material and can shrink and move when exposed to moisture, heat and sunlight.

Maintenance solutions: Keep your cladding in excellent shape for years to come by following our three simple steps:-

from water and UV rays – although darker colours may still fade, a UV protected paint will help prevent the timber from silvering.

timber cladding without damaging any treatments is by using a pressure washer. A simple and speedy maintenance solution.

Choose from a selection of coatings and coloured, water-based paints specifically designed for wood, or opaque coatings which offer better levels of UV protection.

3. Have a professional install your cladding

We offer a highly effective vacuum coating process that coats the paint evenly on the surface without leaving noticeable brush marks. We recommend that any treatments take place before cladding is fitted to ensure maximum protection.

1. Treat your timber cladding

2. Use a pressure washer for cleaning

Treated timber generally lasts longer than untreated timber and is far more likely to retain its colour, providing protection

Got a problem with mould and discolouration? Recent research by TRADA suggests that the best way to clean your

Call on a professional to fit your cladding, as special measures should be taken to combat issues arising from moving. Make sure it is fitted during a cool, dry month, especially if your timber is untreated, and use appropriate stainless steel fixings.

Our team are always ready to advise you on the best materials, patterns, finishes and coatings for your cladding. Just give us a call on 01472 350151 or visit Bennetts Timber at and we’ll be happy to help.


With the rising refinement in the Self-Build and Refurbishment sector, Sahtas range of bricks, tiles and clay paviours offer an unparalleled level of craftsmanship, quality and individuality. In today’s ‘One size fits all’ marketplace, our commitment to being independent enables us to offer a genuine and authentic handmade product at affordable prices. Our success is based on shunning mass production and remaining faithful to the time honoured methods of making a truly distinctive product. We still use the traditional Hoffman kilns, in place of the contemporary gas ovens favoured by other manufacturers, which contribute towards producing the mature seasoned appearance of our bricks and tiles. This is merely one reason why our competitors can only aspire to replicate our bricks and tiles. All of our products are available in a wide range of colourways – each having its own individual shade, with variations in character. This uniqueness is synonymous with handmade products and secures its continued


position as a preferred choice, not only with Self-builders and Developers, but Local Authority Building Control, Conservation & Heritage bodies too. It’s this exceptional standard of traditional craftsmanship, which will unquestionably differentiate your home as a premium product, ensuring its admiration from onlookers and visitors alike. Should you decide the only products for you are Sahtas, we can supply in quantities to suit a small garden wall, right up to a large mansion and everything in between. Why not visit our website for a more comprehensive and detailed overview: Call: 01908 311411 Email:

• Passion, Innovation & Heritage • • Bespoke Handmade Tiles & Bricks • 01908 311411


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Vista Healthcare line

The future of way-finding in healthcare facilities By: Pnina Kedar Feldman - International Sales and Business Development Manager at Vista System

Vista System, a world leader in way-finding signage systems, offers its clientele a complete variety of signs particularly designed to meet the demands of any healthcare business. Be it a hospital, a clinic, a local doctor’s office or a major private medicine treatment center visibility and orientation play a key role in directing publics through the maze of rooms and offices, pharmacies and exam rooms.


ay-finding signage is the underlying secret of a good floor plan for any clinical facility. Designed to be both directive in nature, yet blend with its surrounding and decor. Vista Lines - specific ideas for any type of project, provide architects, designers

and decision makers, with an effective tool to spec their required signage needs, to integrate with color schemes, furniture and fixtures. Vista provides all that: a wide range of 9 signage systems, that can be inter-woven into a cohesive array of solutions, fitting both indoors and the surrounding area of the building.

Vista Healthcare is a complete way-finding signage package for the special requirements of medical facilities, staff, patrons and patients. All aspects of the each venue were thought of and covered: parking lots, entrance hall, corridors, registration office, emergency exits, cafeterias, etc.

Fresh, modern and easily updateable signs were a priority and to top it all, nowadays Vista is providing solutions from various signage systems as alternatives for any decor requirements. Curved or Flat, Large or small - Vista has it all!

For further information please contact: Or login to:


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We Build It Ltd are based in the heart of some of Shropshire's most outstanding countryside. As one of the UK's largest manufacturers of domestic sewage treatment plants, we focus on high quality, affordable products. All of our sewage treatment plants are based on the successful and simple extended aeration method. We design, manufacture, install and service the BioPure sewage treatment plant for single houses, small developments up to 55 pe and larger off mains FlowPath treatment plants for rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, barn conversions and commercial applications. Our products can also be used after an existing septic tank to enable the effluent to be discharged directly to a water causeway, if your existing soakaway has failed. We offer straight forward, easy to follow advice for your

Our BioPure Range of Sewage Treatment Plant 1-55 pe


sewage treatment needs. All of our sewage treatment plants come with easy to follow installation and service manuals, as well as free telephone assistance by specialist installers. We can also offer full or assisted installations at very competitive rates. We pride ourselves on offering the best GRP products on the market backed up by proper good old-fashioned customer service - (dial straight through and speak to our specialists, no automated service or queuing system) buying a sewage treatment plant can be quite daunting, which plant is best for my situation?? What are the regulations?? What about the Environment agency?? Etc. but be assured we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you have the right solution designed around your requirements. You deal direct with the manufacturer, with over 25 years waste water experience, 24-7-365 days of the year

125 PE Treatment Plant, up to 300 PE available as standard other sizes available on request.

We also offer service agreements, our service agreements not only provide excellent maintenance for our systems, but we also service a variety of our competitor’s treatment plants.

For more information contact us at or Or Email us at Telephone 01746 781782 or 0800 7319421 t50t


y y y y y




picture hanging systems ltd




YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID. 0845 500 70 35

Flow Switches

for Domestic/Residential Sprinkler Systems • Simple and swift installation • Compact, lightweight, reliable and cost effective design • No spring fatigue due to sealed magnet paddle resetting - tested to over 1,000,000 cycles • Manufactured with 40 years of ow switch experience

16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Tel:     & Fax: 01825 768330 Website: Email:


Brochures for each product immediately available Technical Sheets and Installation Procedure Online downloads Please call Stuart on 07889048571 or Francisco on 0034669805985 Factory brochure hotline:- 01423 339163 or email

Ideatec—The very best Acoustic Décor and Acoustic Absorption We now Distribute and Supply all Ideatec Products:-

Ecotex - Ideacustic - Ideafoam - Ideamovil - Ideaperfo - Ideawave - Ideawood NOW readily available from: SOUND SOLUTION, Unit 2, Carr House Farm Ind. Est, Pool Lane, Nun Monkton, York YO23 2SY

Free Consultations & Free Estimates 07889 048571 | 01423 339163 | |

Armstrong Ceilings sets another recycling record Green Omega recycling installers help Armstrong Ceilings to record heights.


rapidly expanding network of Green Omegas (specialist sub-contractors with equally specialist recycling expertise) has helped Armstrong Ceilings break its recycling records for the second year running.

The manufacturer recycled a total of 142,000m2 last year during which time nine members of Armstrong’s 136-strong Omega network of approved installers proved their recycling expertise to such an extent that they qualified as Green Omegas. That 142,000m2 equates to 495 tonnes or more than 528 skips which would have cost contractors almost £100,000 in landfill tax. All of the returned material has been or will be used in the manufacture of new mineral ceiling tiles, saving the company (which does not charge for the service) more than £28,000 in virgin materials. And not only is the scheme saving contractors money, the Green Omega accreditation is also making them more money. Installers PFP, based in Edinburgh,


have been in business since 1997 and an Armstrong Omega since the millennium while CAP Ceilings and Partitions, based in Exeter, have been in business since 2002 and an Omega since then. PFP managing director Boyd Sinclair said of the Omega scheme: “The benefits of becoming an Omega installer were the closer working relationship with Armstrong, PFP being recommended to clients by Armstrong for projects, and receipt of project leads from Armstrong. “We can project ourselves better as a reputable installer of Armstrong products which is of particular benefit when we are competing against labour only sub-contractors as we do come across a number of main contractors trying to weigh up the choice between buying materials direct and using labouronly sub-contractors (self-employed operatives) versus ourselves to procure and install the materials. “Most labour-only sub-contractors would not be Armstrong Omega certified and so if we can demonstrate to the main contractor that we are a certified installer and a Green one at that this makes a difference. It makes a difference too against those of our competitors

who are non-Omegas. It just gives us a bit of an edge against the competition (albeit some main contractors are only looking for the cheapest price).” The £12 million turnover company became a Green Omega last year on completion of their biggest Armstrong project to date – the

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

in Glasgow – where 10,000m2 or 35 tonnes of mineral ceiling tile off-cuts were recycled over the two years for main contractor Brookfield Multiplex.

Gary Mortimer, project surveyor for PFP, said then: “The sheer size and complexity of this project could have made it an extremely challenging one but the recycling element, particularly with Skipeez on board, went very smoothly. We had never used such a variety of Armstrong systems before on one project but thanks to the level of support we received from Armstrong’s local sales and technical teams and the distributor, we managed to deliver a project we are all very proud of.” CAP, who had recycled plasterboard walls before, also became a Green Omega last year after recycling 7,000m2 of old tiles

and new tile off-cuts from an office block in Bristol for main contractor Midas. Director Gary Rice said of that: “It was a very tight, congested site so the logistics were challenging.” Of the Green Omega scheme, PFP’s Boyd Sinclair said: “It is definitely worthwhile getting involved. It provides us as a sub-contractor with a very easy route to recycling our off-cuts. It also allows us to add another element to our recycling strategy as we also currently recycle our plasterboard waste on a number of projects. “Armstrong are streaks ahead of the competition when it comes to their commitment to recycling mineral ceilings within the industry. They have ensured that their distribution partners (our suppliers) are fully on board with the scheme and this allows us to work as a team to ensure waste is diverted from landfill. “As more and more main contractors are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious working with Armstrong allows us to present this as a selling point to the client which places Armstrong’s products ahead of the competition and gives us an edge over the competition. At

this stage it isn’t easy to quantify the benefits, especially not in terms of turnover, but it is definitely a strong advantage and selling point for everyone involved in the scheme.” Gary Rice added: “The benefits of being an Omega member are the recognition, being a recommended installer of the market leader. The support from Armstrong has certainly helped us to grow the business from ground zero to £8 million.” And of being a Green Omega, he said: “We are very conscious of our environmental impact so it helps us with that and it helps that we can demonstrate that to our clients. We are looked upon more favorably by clients because we have the recycling system in place. “It’s a no brainer as there are no cost implications but it helps us with cost reduction to a certain point in that we can monitor our waste more and also know that hopefully when the tiles go back in it helps to bring down the cost of new tiles.” Of the future for ceiling recycling, PFP’s Boyd Sinclair said: “The momentum needs to be kept up although with the size of Armstrong as a global player and their commitment to drive this through as

a USP for their business this should not be a problem. “The challenge, which is also an opportunity, is to get more sites taking advantage of the scheme as some main contractors are more conscientious than others. It really comes down to Armstrong and the Green Omegas spreading the word. Commonly when it works on one site that site team/company take the system/process forward to the next one and before long it is the norm or is incorporated into the way they run their sites. So with time it should become common practice.” CAP’s Gary Rice added: “It is making main contractors aware that this is available to them and that we are able to help with that. I think Armstrong have done a good job of covering it off - they are even taking other manufacturer’s ceiling tiles back now. As for the future, perhaps recycling of the grid systems should be next on the agenda and more ways of using off-cuts actually on site, perhaps for additional acoustic flanking.” The other Armstrong Omegas to become Green Omegas last year are Dancor, DV McColl, East Midlands Ceilings, Eastledge, ISEC, Oatley Ceilings and Richard Kemble.


Bathrooms & WASHROOMS

Young Bathscreens Based in Mantova, Italy, Novellini is now the World’s largest independent producer and manufacturer of shower enclosures, trays, wet-rooms, steam cabins, baths, whirlpools and accessories. All of the Novellini products are designed and manufactured with the world renowned Italian flair and passion.



in partnership with some of the World’s leading designers and architects, developed the Young bath screen to be ideally suited to the developer market for residential apartments, all domestic dwellings and hotels. Novellini Young screens include the following specifications: 1500mm high 6mm safety glass treated with Crystal clear Polished chrome profiles, with rise and fall hinges and a 180⁰ pivoting door section Twin seal technology designed by Novellini running the full length of the wall profile Supplied as standard, 2 options of bath to glass seals and optional chrome anti-splash trim, providing a secondary and final barrier against possible water leakage.


All of the above will provide you with and increased water tightness and a bath screen that will not leak. The Young bath screen will save time and money with reduced remedial visits to leaking screens. One less snagging issue to worry about. Novellini Young, a screen you can truly fit and forget whilst maintaining the modern frameless design expected by today’s demanding customer. We supply our products within 72hr nationwide via our merchant partners; please visit our website for more details: for brochures and advice email:


New YOUNG bath screen collection from Novellini. Designed and manufactured in Italy. All Young bath screens are fitted with rise and fall metal hinges, double seals and chrome optional anti-splash trim for a secondary seal. Available nation wide.

Bathrooms and washrooms

The Sussex Range

The Sussex Range of 100% Stainless Steel Towel Rails and Feature Radiators offer a thoroughly modern classic, with contemporary styling and a strong practical edge. We have recently noticed a trend within the industry toward the larger rails, to this end we are able to offer a wide range of larger rails.


ne of our largest Rails is the Beacon, a very popular offering, just recently offered in 620mm width by 1650mm high to add to the existing range at 1650mm tall by 520mm and 1650mm tall by 400mm wide. With good practical spacing and the additional height this rail is very popular with both developers and home refurbishes alike. Our latest offering is the Rye, with its striking styling, this ladder rail in every sense of the word stands at 1800mm high by 520mm wide at the base. The Arun feature radiator is available at up to 1960mm high with widths at 275mm, 360mm and 535mm. We are also able to offer a range of very wide rails as well, The Newick stands at 600mm high but comes in three different widths, 750mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. A highly practical rail should your available space be low and wide rather than tall and narrow. To this end the Alfriston our very attractive picture rail, with its mitred corners and framed styling, is also offered in 650mm high by 1000mm


wide. Again suiting a larger space but with limited height. The Brunswick with its square edged modern looks comes in a range of heights the largest being 1650mm high and is available in both 520mm wide and 350mm – a good solution where your space is high but not necessarily wide. We believe we offer a towel rail to suit your space whatever your requirements are be – from the smallest bijoux bathrooms to the large and capacious. Above is a small sample of our larger rails, please do visit our website for further details at or ring our friendly staff on 01444 831200. All of our rails are offered in three heating formats across the range, central heating, duel fuel and electric only format. We offer both Satin and Polished Stainless Steel finish across the range. All of our rails are available from stock on a next day delivery service should you order before 12 midday. Our staff are there to help you please do get in touch.

Bathrooms and washrooms

Purus Limited Purus is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of wetroom and level-access drainage solutions for the health, leisure, hotel and hospitality industries as well as domestic and social housing. Purus Limited, based in Leeds, specialises in a range of drainage solutions including floor gullies for vinyl and tiled floors, linear drainage solutions and stainless steel channels for commercial and industrial use. Many Purus products, including the Mini Series Floor Gullies, are featured on BIMobject and are also BBA Certified.

Floor Gullies A wide range of Purus Floor Gullies for vinyl, tiled and resin floors are available in plastic, stainless steel and cast iron. Purus’ most popular floor gully, the BBA-Certified Minimax 50, is the world’s shallowest wetroom gully incorporating a NOOD no-odour water trap at just 76mm including falls. The patented NOOD will not allow any foul air to leave the drain even when it dries out, making it ideal for use in health facilities, disabled access wetrooms and care homes such as the 67-bedroom Lord Street Care Home in Redcar, Cleveland, where the Minimax 50 was recently selected for installation. The NOOD is also included in the Minimax Two Part – designed for simple installation into former trays – and the Mini Brage 50/110 vertical-outlet floor gullies. Stainless steel grates for both vinyl and tiled floors are available for a premium finish. A range of Security Gullies is also available, with a choice of a stainless steel grate with anti-ligature features, or a lockable plastic grate. The Security Gullies are available with a selection of outlets and all include the NOOD no-odour trap. For any enquiries or to request further information, please visit or call 0113 289 3172, where the Technical and Sales teams will be happy to assist.



Floor gullies and linear channels for wetrooms A range of level-access drainage solutions ideal for your commercial, domestic and industrial projects

From low-profile floor gullies to stainless steel linear drainage channels for tiled, vinyl and resin floor finishes, Purus Limited manufacture a huge range of drainage solutions for your commercial, domestic and industrial projects.

So why choose Purus? Our patented NOOD No-Odour trap provides the key ingredient to our Mini Series Floor Gullies and Purusline Living linear channels, and will stop any bad air escaping even when the drain is left to dry out. It’s just one of the reasons why our drains are used in so many projects like Leeds University’s Henry Price Building student residences (pictured). With many of our products certified by the BBA and with BIM Objects ready to download, Purus make the ideal choice for all of your level-access drainage requirements.

e-mail: tel: 0113 289 3172 View product details, installation guides and much more at:

River Street Mews, Islington Combining Georgian heritage with contemporary design


rchitects Tasou Associates have recently designed six elaborate, modern townhouses in a high-class gated mews development. Situated in the New River Conservation Area in Islington, the location offers a family-friendly neighbourhood where heritage and contemporary design come together. Each house has been created with a unique sense of style and character. The first floor is comprised of open-plan living spaces with south-facing views, allowing light to flood into central areas of the property. Aside from their spectacular interior design, the attention to detail externally is also evident; the stunning brickwork beautifully complements the houses grade II listed Georgian surroundings.

Unique roof terrace space for entertainment Creating access to a roof terrace was an integral part of the property’s design, to both maximise outdoor space and create a unique quality to each individual townhouse. Floating staircases lead to decked terraces that provide a charming view of the conservation area, with a range of planting used throughout to offer colour and vibrancy to each property.


Glazing Vision’s three-wall box rooflights were specified to allow direct access from the stairwell to the breath-taking outdoor space, whilst filling the stairwell below with natural daylight. These three-wall glass box rooflights were specified in different sizes to further contribute to the unique feel of each house. Designed to be fixed within the walls of the building, with one section sliding over one fixed, an approximate 50% clear opening is created, meaning no need for additional balustrades. Glazing Vision’s skylights have helped Tasou Associates to make the most of space and light, creating a suitable area for home owners to both relax and entertain. In addition, the main benefit of the threewall wall box rooflight in comparison with a manual hatch product is that significant headroom is easily achieved, meeting Building Regulation approved document K requirements. Safety-assured manual over-rides and cut off drive mechanisms have also been installed to provide additional reassurance for each propertyowner.

Achievements from the Islington project Tasou Associates have created a luxurious, modern project by placing a true emphasis upon attention-to-detail, space and light quality.

Glazing Vision’s three-wall boxed rooflights, whilst offering functionality and ease of access, also offer a clean, contemporary design with minimal framework. The unique roof terraces as a whole highlight the type of modern living space that the architects were committed to achieving.

For more information on threewall boxed rooflights call the technical team on 01379 658 300, or request a CPD.

stronger than you’d think

secured by design part q compliant glass rooflights by glazing vision

LPS 2081: Issue 1 Cert/LPCB ref: 1347a

secure secure


01379 658300

Lighting and Lighting Design

LED Technology Should Be Viewed As Investment, Says Retailer LIGHT RABBIT LTD Householders and businesses could be missing out on vital opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills, according to leading LED light supplier Light Rabbit Ltd, which operates both & The leading online LED retailer is concerned that not enough is being done to promote LED light technology and its many benefits. “Promoting LED is not just about selling long lasting bulbs’’, commented Light Rabbit founder David Kennedy. “As an industry we need to be getting across the environmental and economic benefits of the technology, and harnessing its constant developments. “We all need to start looking at LED technology as an investment rather than a fast moving consumer good,” Kennedy added. “At a micro level we need to be educating householders and businesses about the benefits of LED and how these outweigh the initial cost of switching. And at a macro level the whole industry needs to working more closely with Government and innovators to explore how we invest in LED developments and to make sure the environmental benefits are really being promoted.” When the EU placed restrictions on the sale of incandescent bulbs back in 2012, many believed that LED technology would come to the fore. Instead many businesses and householders have turned to CFL – citing the initial costs in switching to LED as too high. “Unlike LED, CFL is unfortunately not a sustainable solution’’, warned Kennedy. “CFL bulbs are manufactured using mercury – not only are they more dangerous than LED, but they are extremely difficult to dispose of in a safe and responsible manner.” LED light bulbs can help to reduce electricity consumption by upwards of 80% and are manufactured in a ‘clean’ way, with no toxic chemicals used.


Banish dark and gloomy interiors with the world’s brightest sun tube system. Guaranteed % Delivers more daylight than either Solatube or Sunpipe* Solarspot daylight tubes are independently tested and proven to deliver more natural light than any other solar tube system. Patented dome lens systems combine with the world’s most reflective tube material to deliver more daylight from roof to room. Our one-piece, leak-proof flashings suit virtually every roof type and our unrivalled range of adjustable angles and and superreflective extensions make installation easy, even in the most complicated roof spaces. Solarspot systems can be employed singularly in windowless internal spaces like bathrooms and corridors or used in multiples to bring natural light into the heart of dark building where the daylight from windows is not enough. Specify Solarspot Daylight Systems for your next project and banish gloomy interiors forever.

Building Research Establishment (BRE) testing. Global Efficiency Figures:

Solarspot D-38 - 57% Sunpipe 450 - 43% Solatube 290 DS - 40% 2.2m systems tested in natural daylight conditions

For more information call 0333 772 0137 or visit





With the 2016 European Championship about to take place in stadiums across France this month, have looked at this year’s stars and how much money they earn. As they say, football is coming home, but just how many homes could a footballer buy with their astronomical weekly wages? And what else could you buy for their weekly pay packet… Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid’s star man is no stranger to the Euros. I think I speak on behalf of every England fan when I say that we were robbed by the trequartista back in 2004. The challenge on Rooney, the wink, the penalties: a memory best left in the past. Since that tournament, CR7 has gone from strength to strength. He is the first player to score in every minute of a game in the La Liga and the only player to score more than 50 goals in five consecutive seasons. His prowess on the pitch has boosted his wages, with Ronaldo earning approximately £288,000 a week. With this, he could purchase 4 one-bedroom apartments in the Algarve… each week. Or, the footballing fashionista could buy almost 4000 pairs of Levis 501 jeans… each week. Wayne Rooney The inclusion of Wayne Rooney in the England squad has been a hotly debated topic amongst social media users. The skipper will be competing in his third Euros tournament (let’s not talk about 2008), with some fans saying that he is losing his edge on the field. However, the 30-year-old is highly revered at his club, Manchester United, where he earns over £250,000 a week. With this budget, Wazza could bag himself 2 three-bedroom Manchester houses every week. Or, if he felt generous, his weekly wage could pay for the yearly wage of 10 NHS nurses.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Straight talking Swede, Zlatan, will be taking part in his fourth consecutive Euros tournament and is looking to become the first player to score in all four. The overly confident striker is famed for his outlandish remarks and requests, the most recent being that he would stay at his club, Paris Saint Germain, provided they removed the Eiffel Tower and replaced it…with a statue of Zlatan. During his time in the French capital, Ibra earned approximately £250,000. With these wages, he could purchase a one-bedroom apartment in Stockholm each week or he could buy over 65,000 Swedish meatball meals from IKEA. Yum!



V PROPERTY Antoine Griezmann France’s “Le Petit Diable” is already making a name for himself at club level. At the age of only 25, Antoine has already bagged himself 90 goals for Real Sociedad and Atletico - so it’s no wonder that France gaffer, Didier Deschamps, believes he is “one of the best strikers in Europe”. He currently earns £112,000 a week in Madrid, less than half of Rooney and Ronaldo’s superior pay packets. But it’s not all bad for young Antoine. On his wages, he could buy a one-bedroom apartment in Paris each and every week, or over 23,000 bottles of fine French wine!

David de Gea What a rollercoaster season it has been for David de Gea. Was he on his way to Madrid? Would van Gaal send him down to the reserves? Was the fax machine working at the Bernabeu? Thankfully, many of these questions have been ignored or forgotten, allowing for young David to be celebrated as one of the best goalkeepers in the Premiership this season, as well as garnering him a place in the 2016 Euros squad. De Gea currently earns £200,000 a week at the Red Devils. With this, he could purchase 2 apartments in Madrid every week or 85,000 pints of Estrella Damm lager. ¡Salud!


interior design

Technogym Personal Line Design meets tomorrow’s technology to ensure wellness, wherever and whenever. The Personal Line is the result of research for a new iconic product family dedicated to Wellness in the home and marks the beginning of a new approach to pursuing physical activity in all environments suited to wellness. The award-winning line of interior design equipment is made using refined materials and top-level craftsmanship, built for places where people live in total harmony with the Wellness Lifestyle. Taking inspiration from nature and science, the Personal line’s stylish designs are born from a collaboration between Technogym, with its threedecades of research experience in developing fitness and wellness products, and world-renowned furniture designer and architect Antonio Citterio.

Rack Personal is the free weight training machine that combines sturdiness, efficiency and a compact design allowing barbells and plates to be supported safely and in style thanks to the ingenious Smart Lock and Precision Glide systems. Like the other elements in the same collection, Power Personal can be used alongside the Technogym App which acts like your own personal virtual trainer containing a rich library of over 300 exercises and multiple training programmes.

Kinesis Personal

Personal goes back to our origins where man is at the centre of our attention. Cross Personal is the ideal piece of training equipment, suitable for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. The elliptical movement is smooth and well-suited for burning calories thanks to the combined movement of upper and lower limbs. Run Personal is a revolutionary treadmill blending state-of-the-art technology with functional design. Highly innovative, it reveals close attention to the use of elegant and prestigious materials. Both performance and functional features are the result of 30 years of experience that Technogym has acquired by helping 35 million people train across the world, each and every day. Recline Personal received the 2012 “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award in the product category and represents the perfect combination of premium design and functionality. Ergonomically, the seat on Recline Personal is highly innovative with both seat and backrest designed together with Vitra and Antonio Citterio to replicate the style and features of Vitra’s new ID Chair. A blend of ergonomics and design makes Recline Personal the ideal solution for both the home environment and the office.

*NEW* Power Personal

200 Exercises in one square UNITY meter of Design

Technogym® Kinesis Personal is the C u t t i n g - e d g e start of “gentle gymnastics” taking t e c h n o l o g i c fitness and wellness at home into a interface new era.

In the wake of the current hi-performance workout and professional training trend, Technogym has created their latest addition to the collection with Power Personal, consisting of two chic elements: Bench Personal and Rack Personal. Bench Personal is the adjustable professional bench designed to carry out strengthening and toning exercises, characterised by a sophisticated design and top class materials.


As a design object or simply a work of art, Kinesis Personal is an eloquent expression and original piece of design. Perfectly suited to the home environment as well as office spaces, hotels or spas, Kinesis Personal offers 200 exercise possibilities in less than one square metre, to move your body and mind. Designed to enable coordinated movements based on resistance techniques, the graceful, compact Kinesis Personal is specially conceived for strength, flexibility and balance training.

Recline, Run and Cross Personal are now equipped with UNITY, the latest existing swipe-screen interface. When connecting to UNITY, users can access to a totally customised training experience including their own training programmes data and content, apps, websites and favourite TV channels directly from the Personal line. Thanks to WELLNESS ON THE GO, users can also access their personal data from their smartphones or from the web to keep track of their progress. UNITY and mywellness Thanks to the “Fullgravity” international cloud are compatible with third-party content apps (social patent, it stands out as a clear example networks, news, books, games) and movement tracking of innovation made in Italy. Kinesis apps (Run Keeper, Mapmyfitness, etc.).

Enjoy your wellness experience

Run Personal Designed by Antonio Citterio

PERSONAL LINE heralds the day of a more personal and connected wellness experience thanks to the new tablet-like UNITY™ console. RUN PERSONAL, the new generation of running.

Step into the future, visit

interior design

Crest Leather is a multinational producer of high quality finished leather Through our various operations across 4 continents, we use a combination of the latest technology and traditional artisanal techniques to ensure our range of leathers meet even those most demanding of requirements. We currently own and operate tanneries in Brazil, Italy and Thailand and have further operations in London, Manchester and the USA with a total workforce well-over over 800 personnel. Every year Crest Leather processes over 1,000,000 hides, sells over 58,000,000 square feet of finished leather, and moves thousands of containers across 6 continents. And we a growing‌


attention to reducing our environmental impact by maintaining strictly regulated procedures to ensure all our operations adhere to the highest level of standards in the industry. CRESTJMT Our facility in Manchester, CrestJMT, offers a wide range of finished leather in stock for order to predominantly UK customers. Currently we hold over 3 million square feet in stock at our warehouse in Rochdale in some 311 different colours across 22 different types of leather. We have recently expanded our range with 62 brand new colours using high quality European pigmented leathers produced at our tannery in Arzignano, Veneto.

QUALITY Maintaining quality is of utmost importance to us, and that is why we tan our leather in an ISO 9001 environment. However, we are very conscious of the fact that quality leather products are only part of what we provide, so we also work hard to make sure that we give the highest levels of customer service.

Our new brochure showcasing these leathers will be available soon and we will gladly send you send a copy upon request; we will also have a pdf version available to be sent over email.

Our sales teams are knowledgeable in all aspects of leather and production, and are always happy and ready to help with any of your professional requirements, however challenging. We are committed to improving our environmental stance, and are continually devoting a lot of

CONTACT For more information please contact us on: Crest Leather Head Office: +44 208 457 7129 CresJMT: +44 170 664 3121

Along with our existing range, we also offer a bespoke option to customers who wish to madeto-order finished leather.

Product information GlassTech Europes stock distressed antique mirror is generally 4, 5 & 6mm thick & the sheet sizes are 2440mm x 1830mm & 2400mm x 1200mm Our mirrors can be supplied as full sheets or cut to size & processed with polished edges, bevelled edges, drilled holes, cut outs & safety backing.

Stockists & suppliers of antique & distressed sheet mirror.

A packaging & transportation service is also available for UK, EU & Worldwide deliveries. If you would like to discuss your project requirements please email or Tel +44 (0) 1298 25338.

Interior Design

Outdoor and Contract Fabrics for the Creative Designer Kayospruce have been established for 33 Years on the South Coast, starting as a marine technical fabric supplier it quickly became apparent that materials proven in their adaptability and in this harsh environment made them ideally suited to structures, typically Awnings, Walkways, Partitions, Umbrellas etc, and the versatility of Flame Retardant, very high U/V resistance, with 5 & 10 year guarantees against fading and rotting, water resistancy made these fabrics compulsory for any commercial or domestic project or ‘Al Fresco’ Dining. Kayospruce are the UK distributor for Sunbrella Upholstery fabrics, used for shading and garden furniture. These are specialist fabrics designed not to rot or fade, 100% solution dyed acrylic, they combine resistance, comfort and ease of maintenance. Sunbrella quality is renowned in the professional world of furniture, where it has many different applications. DURABLE: Sunbrella superior pigments are added during the production of fade resistant Sunbrella fibre. The final result is Sunbrella yarn and fabric with colour throughout that won’t wash or fade away.


EASY TO CLEAN: Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned with mild soap and water. For tough stains, bleach can be used without fear of damaging the fabrics or removing the colour. Additionally a topical finish is applied to all Sunbrella fabrics to help them repel liquids making it even easier to maintain. The Sunbrella Renaissance collection compliments the Main Outdoor Collection of fabrics. Constructed from 50% recycled fibres, available in three styles with a wide range of colours and designs. The recycled fibres are taken directly from the factories where the fabric remnants are divided by colour batches, reconditioned as fibres and woven together with fresh, new Sunbrella fibres. This collection provides a vintage feel with a modern twist for an eye-catching, comfortable, environmentallyfriendly outdoor setting. Awnings and canopies to cover those outdoor areas can also be catered for by Kayospruce who are the UK Distributor for Sauleda Outdoor Fabrics, these fabrics rise to meet the challenges of industrial sectors with extremely high technical standards. Sauleda fabrics provide solar protection and high resistance to UV radiation, while taking care of the visual environment and obtaining controlled luminosity.

maximum dimensional stability, quick drying, high grade of thermal and visual comfort are in high demand for sail shades, playground shading, restaurant and hotel awning and shading, together with the Sauleda warranty of 10 years coverage for normal exposure to the sun and atmospheric agents you can rest assured you have made the right choice.

These easy to clean 100% solution dyed acrylics with exceptional colour resistance and durability,

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Upholstery Fabrics

A Comprehensive Range of Superior Fabrics for the Interior Designer

Contract Outdoor Indoor

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Interior Design


lassic interior trends have longevity because they embrace the basic form and function needed in a home, whereas some modern interior design trends tend to fade away as they reflect a current mood in society. There are certain interior design trends that can stand the test of time, but also provide an inspirational cue for the rest of the house. Here interior design specialists Baytree Interiors talk us through some of the design trends set to be big in 2016.

Colour choices Chances are that whatever colour you choose to paint your walls will be there for a long time, so choosing the right colour scheme is an important step for creating the perfect space. With thousands of colours to choose from, it can be daunting for anyone to choose a colour scheme, but our advice is to choose simple colours for the majority of the room and add a touch of bright


Interior Design Trends for 2016 The advances of technological innovations coupled with creativity create modern interior design trends that are rarely permanent. A trend that was new and inspirational a couple of years ago may not necessarily be on trend now, so it is more important than ever to create a space that is both comfortable and functional with a touch of originality. colour to accentuate key areas, which can changed more frequently to fit your mood, trends and seasons. Pastel colours allow you to move away from the clinical look of whites and magnolias while not overpowering a room. However, adding a bright colour to a feature wall creates a focal point that draws attention to a specific area of the room.

Furniture Classic country furniture is still on trend this year and provides the perfect platform to create an eye-catching design. 2016 will see a wide range of bright and colourful furniture ranges to give a contrasting look to your home. Mixing colours is also going to be a big trend this year as people look to create focal points

Interior Design

throughout the home. With a huge range of colourful furniture paints available, upscaling is set to carry on being popular as people look to repurpose instead of buying new. Noir furniture is also making a comeback in the bedroom; these French inspired designs are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Mixing furniture styles has become popular over the past couple of years and is set to continue into 2016. Antique and modern furniture can slot seamlessly into the same room, but for something a bit different try mixing mid-century furniture designs with industrial fixtures and fittings to create a minimalist theme.


Smart everything

Strategically placed lighting is a simple yet effective way to change the ambience in a room with minimal effort. Pendant lights and chandeliers are a great choice when it comes to lighting, as are filament bulbs which provide a warm glow with a vintage look. With a range of different styles available from industrial to vintage and modern variants, pendant lights can suit any theme.

Smart TVs have become the norm over the past few years, but technology is advancing at such a rate that just about everything will be smart in some way. There are already smart systems available to control your heating, open your garage door and turn your lights on and off, and as these systems become more affordable we will see them integrated into the home.

With the advances of LED lighting becoming more creative and cheaper for the mass market we will start to see LED lighting throughout the home. Mood lighting is set to become a popular choice as people move away from static standard lights and move to more complex designs.

2016 is shaping up to be an innovative and creative time for interior design as designers look to utilise technological advances to create new and imaginative products whilst still retaining some classic design traits. Julian Potter from Baytree Interiors said, “It’s great to see that even in these technological times classic designs are still the bedrock of modern home interior designs. These classic touches provide a great platform to express yourself throughout your home without compromising on form or function. “Bright and vibrant colours are rightly coming back into fashion, slowly banishing the days of magnolia walls into the past. This shows that people are once again looking for something a bit different and want to put their own stamp of individualism on their home.”

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Interior Design

Welsh Slate helps a landmark gymnasium flex some new muscles

Roof slates from Welsh Slate feature on a refurbished building at the heart of the regeneration of Kings Cross.

Some 6,400 natural slates from Welsh Slate have helped restore to its former glory the roof of the first purposebuilt gym in England, albeit now as a designer restaurant. More than 600m2 of Welsh Slate’s 500mm x 300mm Penrhyn Heather Blue County-grade slates have been used on the main and clerestory roofs and flank roofs of the dormer windows of the Grade ll listed German Gymnasium - a landmark in the King’s Cross regeneration masterplan. They were specified by architects Allies and Morrison to return the roof to its former appearance after the original Welsh Slate roof (which is an important early example of the use of laminated timber to enable broad spans) was removed and the building was left with only a bituminous felt covering across the structure. They also match the slate roofs of the adjacent St Pancras Station and Great Northern Hotels. The new roof over trusses up to 20m wide was installed over four winter/ spring months by Attleys Roofing who were reliant on multiple, small deliveries due to the tight site, lack of storage and range of materials required to bring the roof up to today’s standards – insulation, vapour control layer, counter battens, felt, battens and Welsh slates. After a 17-month rebuild the renovated building was officially opened to the public by restaurant group D&D London in November (2015). Originally designed by Edward Gruning and built in the 1860s, the German Gymnasium was influential in the development of athletics in Britain. The building cost £6,000 and was funded solely by the German community in London with the intention of promoting strength-based gymnastics for men and women. The National Olympian Association held the indoor events of the first Olympic Games there in 1866 and they continued there annually until the White City games in 1908.


After the First World War the building was taken over by the Great Northern Railway and converted to offices, being sub-divided into cellular offices, with first floor, staircase and internal partitions inserted to divide up the overall single volume. It remained in the ownership of the railway operators under various acronyms until it was drawn into the overall masterplan for the redevelopment of King’s Cross. The earlier demolition of the buildings around it and the emerging context have allowed the public realm surrounding it to become a more dynamic space, the building becoming both a way-finding landmark and a destination in its own right. Allies and Morrison were commissioned by developer Argent to restore and repair the fabric of the building to a shell and core finish to enable subsequent fit out by one of three shortlisted restaurant operators. Conran and Partners established the restaurant concept design and completed the fit-out which includes a new steel mezzanine and staircases. Andrew Rixson of Allies and Morrison said: “The design of the roof is complicated by the increased depth of the new roof build-up in that the additional thickness of the roof sets the new slate tiles above the level of the brickwork details of the existing gable parapets.

“To resolve this, our design approach separates the slates from the brickwork by introducing hidden gutters, valleys and leadwork detailing around the perimeters of the roof. These details are adapted into various different forms due to the variety of conditions found within the existing roof and the deformation of the timber roof structure over time but reconcile the precisely constructed new roof elements with the unevenness of the Victorian brickwork.” He added: “Welsh Slate provided technical advice throughout the design phase through telephone consultation and product literature. The slates could be used in a consistent tile size with even colour and their fixings hidden by the overlapping of each tile. We were also able to resolve design problems using the integrated and unobtrusive service penetrations, which are pleasing architecturally and from a conservation perspective, by avoiding the need for a proprietary vent pipe protruding above the pitch of the roof.” Tina Attley of Attleys Roofing said: “The Welsh Slate has provided the aesthetics required by the client and the architect and at the same time has kept it in keeping with the area. Everyone is really pleased with the roof.”

Commitment To Workplace Health And Safety Awarded British Safety Council announces International Safety Award sector winners and health and safety champions


ynda Armstrong OBE, Chair of Trustees, and Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, announced the names of the organisations that were judged best in sector at the 2016 International Safety Awards Gala Dinner, held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel on 6 May 2016. The names of the individual winners of the Health and Safety Champion and Young Health and Safety Champion were also revealed. Congratulating all the winners of the 2016 International Safety Awards, Lynda Armstrong said: “We are here tonight to celebrate the achievements of 444 winning organisations from across the globe. All of them have demonstrated to our panel of judges their commitment to keeping their employees healthy and safe. “Our awards have a number of important roles to play. First and foremost, they recognise the achievements of the thousands of people who have contributed to your success. They also help to publicise, here and across the globe, the tangible benefits that sensible and proportionate risk management has to play in preventing ill health and injury in the workplace. In a world that is full of criticism regarding health and safety, it is good to celebrate and applaud the benefits of getting it right.” Now in their fourth year, the Health and Safety Champion and Young Health and Safety Champion Awards recognise individual commitment to health and safety. They were introduced to recognise individuals, who, through their passion, commitment and dedication, have helped make a difference by keeping their colleagues and others healthy and safe. The Health and Safety Champion award went to David Thomson of CAN Group – Aberdeen, whilst the highly commended


award in this category was presented to Greg Abernethy of ISS Facilities Services – Security – Aintree Hospital. The winner of the Young Health and Safety Champion award was Ben EaleyNewman, Cobham Antenna Systems (Marlow), whilst the highly commended award was presented to Ryan Paris of Vroon Offshore Services – Aberdeen. Those International Safety Award winning organisations that were considered by the panel of judges as outstanding in their respective sectors were honoured with the Sector Awards. This year, the Sector Awards went to the following companies: — Construction and Property Services – Bachy Soletanche Limited – Burscough — Financial, IT, legal, scientific, technical services and media – Babcock Communications Media Services – Wyvil Court — Ho spital ity and catering – Whittlebury Hall and Spa Ltd

— Manufacturing – Texas Instruments (UK) Ltd – GFAB, Greenock — Oil, gas, mining and quarrying – Bahrain National Gas Company – AL SAKHIR 985 — Power and utilities – Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd – Dounreay — Transport, distribution and storage – Delhi International Airport Limited — Local Government, Defence and Public Services – Plymouth Community Homes – Plumer House — Education – Kingston University. In their closing remarks, Lynda Armstrong and Mike Robinson referred to the forthcoming 60th anniversary of the British Safety Council. “Next year, we will be celebrating our diamond jubilee. Our 2017 gala dinner will be an opportunity for you to join with us in celebrating this achievement. It will also be a chance to reflect on the immense improvements that have been made in preventing injury and ill health over that time. And we have made progress. You, our members and award winners, have been key in delivering such significant improvements over the past 60 years.”

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Heating and Ventilation

DRU gas fires have pride of place in prestigious Belgravia development DRU Fires, based in the Netherlands, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of contemporary gas fires, wood stoves and functional gas heating appliances. The company was awarded a contract to produce and install purpose-designed gas fires into Ebury Square, a prestigious development of luxury apartments by Berkeley Homes in Belgravia, London’s most exclusive residential enclave. The Ebury Square apartments are at the premium end of the London property market. Designed by leading architects Squire & Partners and renowned interior designer Martin Goddard. They consist of one, two, three and four bedroom apartments and five bedroom penthouses where no expense has been spared in order to match their owners’ expectations. The gas fires, known as Prestige models, were selected for their contemporary design, versatile formats and high energy efficiency. They consist of single-sided and double-sided tunnel models depending on the layout of each individual apartment. They are balanced flue appliances. Air is drawn from outside the building for combustion, with waste gases expelled


outside through a concentric flue. This results in effective, comfortable heating, with no depletion of air from inside the room.

DRU PowerVent® system overcomes complex venting problem An important factor that persuaded Berkeley Homes to work with DRU was the company’s unique PowerVent® system. Due to the size of the buildings and the configuration of the apartments, the flues had to be extended up to 64 metres throughout the service ducts in the complex, with most of the fires having external PowerVent® terminals on the roof. As well as the ability to vent the fires over large distances, another advantage of the DRU PowerVent® system is that the noise from the motorised fans is confined to the roof, making the operation of the fires entirely noise-free.

Heating and Vent

DRU and Berkeley enjoyed successful collaboration During the course of the Ebury Square project, DRU engineers and product designers worked closely with Berkeley Homes’ architects and consultants to produce a solution that was fit for purpose and would stand the test of time. This included several visits by Berkeley staff to the DRU headquarters near Arnhem in the Netherlands. In total, 89 fires were installed at Ebury Square, 67 of which utilised the PowerVentŽ system and including one in the reception area on the ground floor (pictured left).

To find out more about the range of DRU Fires visit the website at


APOLLO radiators is one of the leading independent distributors of radiators and towel rails in the UK. At APOLLO radiators the emphasis is on quality, and availability from stock. APOLLO radiators distribute throughout the UK to a wide range of independent merchants, as well as the national merchant groups.

APOLLO roma classic steel column radiators come in a wide range of sizes. Fusion welded sections manufactured in Italy with the latest technology and a 10 year guarantee. Over 150 sizes are available in white within 3 working days and a selection of 46 different colours are available in just 7 working days.

roma classic vertical and horizontal wall mounted and freestanding steel column radiators

APOLLO monza is a modern contemporary design of column radiator available in over 80 sizes, both vertical and horizontal. Delivery to merchants is within 3 days. Like all apollo radiators it is manufactured in europe, in this case Italy. The monza is ideally suited to low temperature renewable systems, incorporating heat pumps and underfloor heating. Unlike most aluminium radiators it relies on waterways to conduct heat, and the design and technology is patented, and also suited to high pressure systems. The monza is less than half the weight of steel column radiators, and available at a similar price. There are 46 colour options available within 7 days, the standard colour being ral 9016 white, available in 3 days.

modern aluminium radiators suitable for low temperature renewable systems

Heating and Ventilation

PANASONIC GENERATES SAVINGS IN RESTORED An abandoned water tower on the outskirts of Harrogate, Yorkshire, has been converted into a stunning family home by Carol and Majid Nadry from Bradford. Sustainability and energy efficiency were at the heart of the project, so they chose an air source heat pump from Panasonic to provide a low-Carbon heating and hot water solution. The four-storey water tower, which was built in the 1940s to supply a nearby village, was in need of significant refurbishment, as it had lain derelict for several years. However, this offered the Nadrys a blank canvas on which they could design their home - and exactly the way they wanted it. Energy efficiency was one of the core principles of their restoration project, and this presented a number of challenges to Cumbria-based renewable heating firm Heacol, who were asked to design and install the heating and hot water system. System design has a significant impact on how efficiently it runs, as a heating system that is not designed and installed correctly will not deliver optimum performance. As a large four storey building, it was crucial that the property had a powerful water flow to provide an even capacity around the building, and that all this was achieved with energy efficient technology. As the water tower was so old and run down, the installation had more in common with a new build project than a retrofit. Heacol were therefore able to design the whole system themselves, rather than adapt it to existing infrastructure, which appealed to the Nadrys as it meant that they could ensure it was as efficient as possible. Heacol specified a Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP heat pump, which was integral to delivering the efficient solution and capacity they needed to heat a large home like the converted water tower. The T-CAP was the ideal solution as it is not just efficient and powerful, but also extremely reliable and provides advanced control options to make the system more efficient. The T-CAP also works well with underfloor heating, which was chosen as the primary method of delivering heating to the building, to increase the efficiency of the system. “We never have any problems with the Panasonic T-CAP” says Brendon Uys of Heacol. “It is one of the most reliable heating systems I’ve ever come across, in three years of installing it I haven’t had to do one repair job, I would go so far as to say it’s bulletproof. Another really important feature for me is how simple it is to install, it makes completing a project so much easier. It provides a really efficient solution as well, which is great for a family like the Nadrys who were keen to reduce their energy bills and be environmentally friendly.” Heacol installed two Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP heat pumps to provide the necessary capacity for the house. The T-CAP includes weather compensation controls as standard, so that when the outside temperature falls, the water temperature rises, meaning the system is always running at peak efficiency. Heacol also installed proportional thermostats so that when the outside temperature drops below 17°C the system will run 24 hours a day. This enables the system to run at a much lower flow temperature when providing heating and hot water, and therefore it consumes significantly less energy while still performing at peak efficiency. Heacol also installed a



thermal store, which heats the water as it flows through a pipe rather than in a tank, which not only reduces the risk of legionella but also lowers the running costs of the system. Completely restored, the Pannal Water Tower is equipped with an efficient, fully-controllable heating and hot water system. With monitoring equipment recently installed, Carol and Majid Nadry will soon be able to see the significant savings on their energy bills generated the Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP. For more information on Panasonic’s range of heating systems, please visit


Glass Bending Excellence

Toughened Glass Bends Firman Glass new toughening plant includes two bending chambers which work alongside the standard flat bed. The smaller chamber will bend glass from 5mm to 12mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 1000mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 5mm, 6mm = 450mm 8mm, 10mm = 1000mm 12mm = 1200mm The large chamber will bend glass from 6mm to 19mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 3600mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 6mm = 1500mm 8mm, 10mm = 1800mm 12mm, 15mm = 2000mm 19mm = 2500mm

Working in conjunction with the flat toughening facility to a maximum flat size of 2850mm wide x 5000mm long. Firman Glass can now offer the Architect, Designer and Contractor a complete service for multiple uses such as balustrades, partitions, shower screens, revolving door enclosures, full height barriers, partitions and shopfronts. Curved Glass can be processed as with flat glass and can be decorated by sandblasting and back painting.

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Home Designer & Architect - July 2016  
Home Designer & Architect - July 2016