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Sunflower House Composed of carefully oriented cubes, a seaside residence offers sweeping views of the Spanish coastline. Located in a quaint fishing village on the northeastern tip of Spain’s Costa Brava, the Sunflower House, designed by Cadaval & Solà-Morales, sits perched atop a sloping cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The house is composed of 10 cubes, each oriented toward a different vista. The Spain- and Mexico- based studio conceptualized the design for a couple who wished to take full advantage of the lush landscape of the Spanish coast and nearby Cap de Creus national park. The firm envisioned floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the diverse views, and integrated each unique landscape into the structure as sweeping interior and exterior façades. Early in the process, the architects were confronted with a climactic conflict of direct exposure to the harsh Tramontane

winds. The segmented design, composed of five cubes on each level, lines the sloped terrain to form a solar collector of sorts, and shelter the home’s patio. Two, lower ocean-front cubes house the dining and seating areas, and two side cubes contain a kitchen and television room. Five upper cubes accommodate three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a guest room. The overall white palette is accented with minimal touches of color, and accompanied by concrete floors. The home’s main space is connected to a patio via a double height corridor that allowsnatural light into the space. A green roof helps keep interior temperatures stable, and heavy-duty, commercial-grade glass keep strong winds and saltwater out. “The configuration of the house, based on the openings to the different environments that surround it, defines unique relationships with the water and the mountain - its real asset,” said the architects in a release.

Hermansson Hiller Lundberg Broad white piers create a rhythm of regular openings around the facade of this small residence near Stockholm by architecture firm Hermansson Hiller Lundberg. Located on a rural site in Nacka, a municipality east of the city, House Skuru is a single-storey house featuring a monochrome colour palette both inside and out. Rectilinear piers – supporting walls

between openings – can be found on all four sides, giving the building a uniform appearance from every angle. The rhythm of openings and piers echoes the regular column arrangements used in Classical architecture. On three sides the piers frame a series of door-size windows. The fourth elevation features a colonnade using the same dimensions, creating a sheltered outdoor space.

Hermansson Hiller Lundberg – a Stockholm studio made up of architects Andreas Hermansson, Andreas Hiller and Samuel Lundberg – designed the building as a permanent residence for a family. It is reminiscent of several projects by British architect David Chipperfield, particularly his Stirling Prize-winning Museum of Modern Literature and the recently completed Fayland House, which also reference the Classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. The architects describe it as an unconventional dwelling with a monumental appearance.


INDUSTRY news £100m London housing framework up for grabs Consultant Sweett Group is looking for new-build housing contractors to deliver a £100m programme of work for the Connected Partnership of housing associations. These include Octavia Housing, Shepherds Bush Housing Association and Origin Housing, working predominantly in North and West London and the northern home counties. The group are now looking to set up their third housing framework worth £100m to expanded on the existing stock of 13,000 homes. Sweet is running the competition to find up to 15 builders for Octavia on the MyTender website. Previous contractors signed up to the framework include Balfour Beatty, Bouygues, Durkan, Galliford Try, Higgins, Hill, Kier, Mace, Wates and Willmott Dixon

Housing approvals top 200,000 in England New home planning permissions have soared passed the 200,000 mark for the first time since early 2008. The latest Housing Pipeline report shows a 19% rise in planning approvals in England to 52,167 homes during the first quarter of this year. The jump has taken the 12-month rolling total to a seven-year high of 203,810 permissions. Many of the homes identified in the report for the Home Builders Federation by construction information firm Glenigan still have to navigate the remainder of the planning system, a process that continues to take far too long, delaying work starting on many of the sites. Measures announced by the Government in the Productivity Plan earlier this month should help to both speed up the planning process and deliver further increases in the number of permissions being granted.

“The headline announcements made in the Productivity Plan sound very positive. What is key is that the detail is now developed and the proposals implemented as soon as is possible. “Increasing housing delivery will provide the high quality homes our next generation needs, support thousands of companies up and down the land and create tens of thousands of jobs.” The report – which only measures permissions on sites of over 10 units – also shows that the number of sites consented has been fairly stable over the last 18 months, though at a higher level than previous four to five years. Increasing the number of sites on which house builders are selling homes is absolutely key to a sustained increase in actual build numbers as more sites mean more site outlets and more construction work, while also helping small and medium-sized house builders to acquire sites and expand output.

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of the HBF, said: “One of the biggest constraints on the industry’s ability to meet the new level of demand and deliver further sustained increases in build rates is the planning process. “How quickly we get more sites to the point where we can actually start to lay bricks will be a major influence on future house building levels.

Fire Island House, New York Fire Island, N.Y. is one of the most unusual housing markets in the USA. A thirty mile long strip of beach that is the summer retreat of choice for a diverse blend of New Yorkers who are attracted to either its informality or its thriving gay community (or both). Based near the island’s westernmost point, Sam Wood’s eponymous company has been involved in everything from building casual summer cottages to jacking existing structures up above the everrising flood planes. But his latest project broke the mold: “This was a whole other animal,” Wood says. Wood is standing in the front hall of the new vacation home of Phil and Lucy Suarez, a simple white-steel structure—modestly sized at 2,000 square feet—that is instantly and undeniably recognisable as the work of Richard Meier, FAIA. The architect has known the clients for so long that “I don’t remember when we met,” Meier says—though it had to have been at some point prior to the late ’60s, when the couple approached him to design the interior of their Manhattan apartment. “We really became friends on that project,” recalls Mrs. Suarez, and their enduring relationship led to this second commission almost 50 years later.

Putting together the all-glazed, beach-facing northern wall, the minimal and carefully secluded interior living spaces, and perfectly composed fireplace—complete with projecting chimney—took a full year longer than Wood estimated. Richard Meier & Partners Architects associate partner Bernhard Karpf, AIA, was charged with the logistics for completing the project, and he credits Wood’s team with surmounting hurdles that included the devastation of Hurricane Sandy to realise what is a deeply personal vision shared by architect and client. Karpf says: “It’s just a little glass jewel box on Fire Island.”

The designer offered his services after the Suarez’s original Fire Island house burned down three years ago—the conflagration having been extinguished, ironically, by Wood, who, in classic Fire Island fashion, moonlights as a local volunteer fireman. But fighting the flames was nothing compared to the problems of building in steel and glass on an elongated sandbar accessible mainly by boat:


INDUSTRY news Dresner Residence Canadian forest retreat by Christopher Steven Sivak Architects Simmonds stretches towards lake views The Dresner Residence reflects architect Steven Sivak’s interest in concrete and his client’s minimalist style. “The key word for this project was ‘alignment,’ ” says Ann Arbor, Michigan– based architect Steven Sivak. For years he was fascinated by cast-in-place concrete but never had the chance to build with it. Then he met Linda Dresner—the owner of an eponymous well-known designer boutique, in Birmingham, Michigan—whom Sivak calls a “severe, minimalist modernist.” He also met her husband, part-owner of a ready-mix concrete company. “This is my chance,” Sivak thought. In a suburb outside Detroit filled with early 20th-century houses, Sivak designed the ultimate concrete box. It sits on a Cor-Ten– sided grassy plinth that negotiates the site’s topographic changes and emphasizes its objecthood. (Neighbors tried to stop the project but were unsuccessful; aesthetics, at least in Birmingham, cannot be regulated.) Completely blank on its street-facing elevation and where the corners turn, the

two-story house appears to be a bunker. Daylight is plentiful on the interior, thanks to an almost entirely glazed rear facade and ample skylights as well as narrow incisions that conceal an entrance and windows. Sivak’s model was Tadao Ando’s Pulitzer Arts Foundation building in St. Louis, Missouri. To achieve a similar glass-smooth finish, the architect used CNC-milled phenolic-coated birch plywood formwork and self-consolidating concrete (SCC). Developed in Japan and mainly used in the U.S. for commercial projects, Sivak learned of SCC from Dresner’s husband; the mixture includes a chemical that makes the concrete pour like water. “It was not an easy journey,” says the architect, or an inexpensive one. “It took a lot of prototyping, experimentation, and uncertainty.” Inside the house, Sivak’s strategy was to be “as visually quiet as possible.” Granite flooring covers the ground level while white oak gives the second story a warmer tone. Sivak says: “Having worked on this project, I have tremendous insight into this minimalist arm of modernism. I want to do a stone house next.”


The upper storey of this forest house near Ottawa projects out from the landscape, creating a cantilevered living room offering views through the trees towards a nearby lake. The property is located in the Val-desMonts district to the north of the Canadian capital and was designed by local studio Christopher Simmonds Architect as a retreat for a family who enjoy swimming, canoeing and kayaking. The building’s lower level emerges from the wooded hillside site, and contains a bedroom and mechanical services that are partially buried in the slope. A den at the front is flanked by a full-height window overlooking the water. The upper storey houses two bedrooms at the rear and an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area that projects towards the lake. “The cottage was designed as a passage to the lakeside,” project architect Rick Shean told Dezeen. “As you approach the unassuming blank facade from the driveway, the building resembles a simple shed sitting in the forest. As you move through the cottage it gradually opens up to a full view of the lake from the cantilevered living area.” Visually the building is separated into two intersecting volumes – one that is tall and thin, and another that is short and long. The first of these volumes – which encompasses all of the ground floor and part of the level above – is clad with partially weathered steel that evokes the texture of the rocks and earth on the site. The majority of the upper level is clad in strips of eastern white cedar, arranged horizontally to emphasise the length of the building.

A narrow path meanders up the slope towards the house’s entrance, which is located on the upper level. A wooden deck on the west facade opens onto a hallway connecting the bedrooms and bathroom at one end with the living areas at the other. A unit containing the sink and integrated storage creates a natural divide between the kitchen and the dining area, which is connected to a large deck by sliding glass doors. Beyond this, full-height glazing extends around the corner of the living room – designed to emphasise the sense of floating above the sloping ground. “The linear plan and cantilever articulate the passage to the lake and the cottage’s position on the cliff’s edge,” added Shean. “The cantilever is used to create a sense of closeness to the water.” The stairwell that descends from the dining area to the lower storey incorporates large glazed panels to ensure natural light and views reach the interior on both levels. The den at the bottom of the stairs is flanked by a large picture window, beside which is a door that opens onto the gravel path that provides a direct route into the forest.

INDUSTRY news Taylor Wimpey sees 5% rise in build costs Taylor Wimpey is predicting a 5% rise in build costs this year.

Peter Stutchbury house wins Wilkinson Award for residential architecture

The house builder said price rise pressures eased for labour and materials during the first six months of the year but will still jump 5% in 2015 overall. Increases saw build costs per home increase to £119,000 during the six months to June 28 2015 compared to £109,000 in the same period last year. But selling prices soared 9.2% to £225,000 compared to £206,000 last time. Taylor Wimpey confirmed that it will be returning another £300m in dividends to shareholders as pre-tax profits jumped 33.4% to £238m from £178.4m on turnover up to £1.33bn from £1.19bn. Profit margins hit 19.2% and Taylor Wimpey now has a landbank of 77,000 plots. Chief executive Peter Redfern said: “We have used the opportunity of a stable and positive housing market to make significant progress towards our medium term financial and quality objectives. “We are confident of achieving the three year financial targets that we established in 2014, and continue to invest in recruiting and developing our people and enhancing the quality of our homes. “In line with our strategy, we have proposed a cash return of £300 million to be paid in July 2016, which takes our total cash returns to shareholders since we started the programme in 2014 to £600 million.”

A strong, resilient house (tough oyster on the outside, simple soft pearl inside) clinging to Sydney’s cliff-tops and overlooking the marine world below, has won the state’s top residential architecture award. The Light House in Dover Heights by the nation’s 2015 architectural gold medallist, Peter Stutchbury, received the Wilkinson Award for Residential Architecture at the NSW Architecture Awards on Thursday. Voted unanimously as this year’s winner, the jury described it as “a remarkable and exquisite outcome on a tight, complex site - the edge of a cliff, 80 metres above the sea, with all but its ancient eastern side surrounded by suburbia”. Avoiding the usual one-hit-wonder framing of a spectacular view, the house was designed to offer multiple openings and views around its entire perimeter and roof plane, creating a home that was “poetic and investigative, and a delight to experience”. Architecture awards also went to two new homes in Marrickville and Balmoral: Nikki

Maloney’s by Drew Heath Architects, and Balmoral House by Clinton Murray and Polly Harbison. The jury described the highly-crafted Nikki Maloney house as one of the “most refreshing approaches to new houses seen this year”, with the home evoking a previous cottage on the site and reusing 30 per cent of its building materials. Of the Balmoral House, the jury said: “This house engages remarkably with its surroundings, being at once both intensely public and intensely private”. In an extraordinary act of generosity, the home was designed to reflect the owners’ desire to share both their extensive art collection and view from the street across to Balmoral Beach and the iconic Grotto Point Lighthouse with passersby. The state’s top award for residential alterations and additions, the Hugh and Eva Buhrich Award, was presented to Smart Design Studio for Orama, a stately Victorian villa in Sydney’s Woollahra now complemented by a new rear pavilion.

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Editors Choice


However crowded the marketplace, real quality will always stand out according to Schueco UK who launched their Contemporary Living Collection of aluminium façades, windows and doors in 2013.

Designed especially for the residential market, these products are examples of the quality engineering for which Schueco is renowned. Quality is particularly important with residential products such as sliding doors where inferior systems rapidly display their weaknesses.

As well as straightforward sliding ‘patio’ doors, the choice includes folding/sliding doors, folding/tilting doors, lift-andslide doors and panoramic doors. For home-owners looking to enjoy views with minimal visual interference from mullions, a sliding door such as Schueco’s ASS 70.HI door system may well be the best option. Available in single, double or triple track configurations, these 70mm deep doors look superb and glide effortlessly on stainless steel tracks. The lift-slide action is facilitated by stylish ergonomic handles.

Fortunately, this is not a likely scenario with any Schueco door since the system will have been fully tested and the fabricator fully trained. This applies to both sliding doors and to the entrance doors which also feature heavily in the Contemporary Living Collection.

The windows in the Contemporary Living Collection are equally stylish and deliver impressive ‘U’ values. The many types available include inward-and outward-opening, side-hung, tophung, tilt-turn and fixed light. All open and close smoothly and have tight, draught-proof weather seals. The Schueco Green Window even makes use of components made from natural raw materials such as castor-oil plants and sugar cane.

Specifying Schueco therefore means peace of mind for both the end-user and the architect or home-improvement specialist.

Other products in the Contemporary Living Collection include a range of stylish façades that are perfectly suited for more major refurbishment projects and for home extensions. Designed with minimal sightlines for maximum transparency, a Schueco façade is an elegantly engineered feature whose thermal performance can even reach Passive House Standard if required.

As it happens, the Collection’s range of maintenancefree, double-glazed sliding doors is comprehensive enough to provide a cost-effective solution for almost any specification.

Similarly, the conservatories in the Collection are so well insulated that they can be used not just as a sunny place in which to have breakfast or lunch in summer, but as a permanent extra space for entertaining or relaxing all year round. As such, they are an investment that can add real resale value to any home.


For full details on Schueco’s Contemporary Living Collection please email

Form and function in perfect harmony Great design is not just about looking good, it’s about performance too. Windows and façades that are perfectly watertight; secure entrance doors; sliding, folding and panoramic doors that open and close effortlessly. Schueco UK’s range of aluminium residential systems has what your home needs. Superior quality, unmistakable style. Unbeatable levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. The Schueco Contemporary Living Collection: where everything works in perfect harmony.

Sir Elton John (AKA Paul Bacon) with Gibbs Gillespie’s Co-owner James Gibbs and team members Liam Byrne and Kelly McNally.

It’s a good buy on Pinner Hill Road Sir Elton John’s Childhood home has sale agreed within 72 hours The birthplace and childhood home of musical icon Sir Elton John has been sold within just three days of going on the market. The three bed semi-detached in Pinner Hill Road, Pinner, Middlesex, was where Sir Elton, then plain old Reginald Dwight, learned to play the piano and began to show his prodigious talent. Multi-award winning estate agent Gibbs Gillespie, who are part of the Relocation Agent Network, marketed the home at £525,000 and agreed the sale of it within just 72 hours. To celebrate the sale the firm invited leading award winning Sir Elton lookalike and tribute performer Paul Bacon to pop down to the property to say goodbye to Pinner Hill Road.


The estate agency’s co-owner, James Gibbs, said: “Paul is regarded as the World’s premier Sir Elton lookalike and tribute artist so I just thought it would be fun to get him down to the house. We even got a piano delivered for him to give us a few renditions of some Sir Elton classics. When we were outside the property with Paul people were stopping and taking photos and I’m sure some of them thought it really was Sir Elton.” Paul said: “Obviously I know about Sir Elton being from Pinner but to visit the home where he grew up in was surreal. I’ve been performing a tribute to Sir Elton since the 1980s so both professionally and personally I found seeing the home really interesting and inspiring.”

Liam Byrne, the Pinner office’s Property Marketing Manager, said: “The level of interest in the property was extraordinary. Due to its historic background the property received attention from the local, national and even international media and this drove enquiries. It’s a property with lots of history and tons of potential.” Paul will be starring as the Ultimate Elton accompanied by the Rocket Band at the Leicester Square Theatre on Thursday 30th July – 7.30pm. Box Office 020 7734 2222. For more information on Gibbs Gillespie please visit: For more information about Paul Bacon visit


INDUSTRY Essentials

A guide to securing planning homes by leading structural

WHILE building your own home is an exciting prospect, navigating the complexities of the British planning process can be a real turn-off for many prospective self-builders. However planning doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Steve Mansour, Group CEO at CRL, talks you through the process and explains the types of permissions a self-build project will need. WITH government moves to encourage self-build and the influx of TV programmes like Grand Designs the UK public’s desire to construct their own homes has literally gone through the roof. The appetite for self-build is clear – with around 12,000 new homes (or between 7-10 per cent of the UK’s new housing stock) thought to be constructed in this way every year. Support for self-build projects has also been one of the government’s key housing initiatives, making loans available to community groups and releasing public land to accommodate new houses.


An introduction to self-build planning Unless you’re fortunate enough to be an architect or qualified designer yourself, after you’ve found a suitable plot of land (although you don’t necessarily need to have bought it to gain planning permissions), you’ll need to hire in some professionals. Some self-builders opt to use a project manager as a way to run the entire project at arm’s length, while others opt to pick architects, designs and surveyors themselves. This year the new Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) were introduced and came into force on the 6 April 2015. There is now a requirement for domestic client’s to understand the Health and Safety requirements of a project. However, their duties as a client are normally transferred to the contractor, on a single contractor project; or the principal contractor, on a project involving more than one contractor. However, the domestic client can choose to have a written agreement with the principal designer to carry out the client duties. So

having a professional team to guide you through the planning process is essential. Whatever route you go down, it’s in your best interest to kick off the planning process as soon as you can. Consulting with the local authority’s planning department – either yourself or by proxy – is a great way to determine what you will, and won’t, be able to do. Your local planning department is likely to have some preliminary guidance on their website, if not a full copy of the ‘Local Plan’ that informs planning constraints in the area. However, councils also offer more formal pre-application advice for a fee, although the cost – and quality – of this can differ greatly from authority to authority. This should hopefully give you a better idea of the key issues that may arise and take steps to sidestep or tackle these as necessary.

INDUSTRY Essentials

g permission for self-build l insurance provider CRL.

This guidance can be used to inform your design and when you’re happy with the plans, you can formally submit them for planning approval. This will typically cost under £200, but can differ depending on where your new home is to be situated.

Timing While central government has set a target of eight weeks for planning applications to be assessed, some councils are better than others. However, there are financial incentives in place to encourage this and even the worst performers shouldn’t make you wait an onerous length of time for a response. You will be able to track the progress of your application through the local authority’s website and find out if any problems have been identified. Local planners are highly risk averse and in some cases it can be worth withdrawing and re-submitting an application that encounters difficulties, rather than waiting for refusal.

However, we’d always advise consulting with a professional, if possible, before making any rash decisions regarding your application.


Refusal and appeals

You will still need to ensure the project adheres to UK Building Regulations, a code which governs the safety and structural integrity of a proposed building.

Having your self-build plans refused by a local authority can jeopardise the chances of your project ever coming to fruition in its current form. Given the increasing pressure local planners are under, previous refusals can fuel future ones – making a proposed site untenable in the eyes of the local authority. You can however appeal to the Department of Communities and Local Government’s Planning Inspectorate if you think the application has been refused out of hand. This comes with its own set of complications and you’re likely to have to wait for at least a year for a response after lodging your appeal. It is well worth talking to a professional consultant before deciding how to handle rejection.

If everything goes smoothly and you’re granted permission without any constraints – the paperwork, unfortunately, doesn’t end there.

Unlike planning permission – Building Regulations are less open to interpretation and your project will succeed or fail based on whether it meets their criteria or not. You can find out more about these – and how to go about gaining approval – at the government’s planning portal at: Finally as someone who sees successful self-build projects come to fruition regularly, I hope you are not deterred from building your own home. Constructing your own home is an exciting, and a highly rewarding, project and if the above guidelines are followed should be a relatively smooth process.


INDUSTRY Essentials

House Doctor Turns Property Professor to Tackle North East’s Thousands of Empty Homes

Country Durham House Doctor has launched her own training academy for budding property developers to help bring the region’s thousands of empty homes back into use.


There are almost 40,000 vacant properties across the North East. But with a splash of passion and will power they could be happy family homes again, says Violet Harrison. The experienced interior designer and her team of local tradesmen have already transformed hundreds of rundown properties that were blighting neighbourhoods across the country. Now Violet is turning “Property Professor” and is training up more people to do the same, while spreading the message that the region’s empty homes should not be written off. “Thousands of houses are sitting empty and I think it’s tragic,” explains Violet, who runs County Durham business Quick House Sales.


“There may be cosmetic details to correct, or the property may need a major update, but the ‘shells’ of these properties are usually good.

“I’ve employed a team of tradesmen to carry out the work. And then there are the supplies that we have to source, so that helps local suppliers.

“An elderly relative may have died and the family can’t sell the house, or someone may have moved from the area. Occasionally landlords neglect a property and it gets into a state of disrepair.

“But there are so many empty homes I can’t do it all on my own and so I’m offering people the benefit of my years of experience by training them so other people can do the same.

“An empty home can bring an area down quite quickly; rubbish will be dumped in the garden, windows broken etc., which can be unpleasant for neighbours.

One such trainee is ex Carlisle United footballer, Jason Blackburn (18,) from Hartlepool.

“But even if the house is a wreck, I have a team of guys, and we just blitz the place.” Despite 1.4 million people on waiting lists for council houses and homelessness rising, there are 218,000 homes in England alone that have been unoccupied for more than six months, according to think tank IPPR North. Violet, who also helps people stage their homes to help them appeal to buyers, believes reviving empty homes is also a way of boosting the local economy and creating jobs.

“I’ve always been interested in property development and Violet has taught me how to identify the right buildings for renovation and aspects of financing the building work. In such a short time, I’ve learnt such a lot.” The property professor is acutely aware of the task ahead of her. “The Government keeps talking about building all these new homes - but what about the ones we already have? “With a bit of enthusiasm and passion we can get these homes back into shape and get families moved back in.”

5 YEAR Guarantee

Delivers high traffic performance, prevents peeling or flaking for 5 years

Works on new and weathered wood and for recoating old applications Protects against moisture damage, with excellent adhesion and flexibility Available in a wide range of attractive colours to bring new life to any decking


A World Apart: Full Of Privilege & Class

Living in luxury at the jewel in the Spanish crown, Las Colinas is the ultimate in Mediterranean extravagance Situated in Campoamor, just south of Alicante is a hidden paradise. On Las Colinas, built into a valley running between the hills, you can find the perfect hideaway for sun, gourmet dining, golf, yachting and most importantly; decadent living. Built to the highest specification and designed by the prestigious architect Woods Bagot, are beautifully presented Villas. These aren’t just well designed villas, they are built to your exact standards. The house will be designed from the start by yourselves. Therefore, you deceide what view to have in the morning, whether it be the fairway on the 13th or looking across to the sea, you can decide. The interiors have been carefully

constructed with top of the range suppliers such as Hansgrohe and Shuco and Las Colinas have worked with Pepe Leal for some inspired design work (see over for interview). The buildings offer so much light, from the soaring Spanish sun, with the wonderful sliding glass doors and plentiful windows. The washrooms and kitchens are installed with ultimate features, giving the polished finishing touches that only top residences can offer. Once you’ve had your new house designed and are ready to move in, you can start to enjoy your surroundings. Inside the private, gated estate you will find one of the best golf courses in Europe. Designed by Cabell B.Robinson, with a 71 par course over 18 holes, this

championship venue will give you the trickiest of times and provide you with unlimited enjoyment. Finish your round and venture into the Club House, where you have a choice of eateries and the newly designed bar. UNiK CAFÉ offers traditional Spanish fayre, with the tapas starter a huge stand out. Different meat and fish delights with beautifully homemade bread. Enso Sushi Bar will provide you with a taste of Japan, delicately flavoured dishes produced with the famous eye to detail. Improving both of the restaurants are the views from the club house. With the sun setting over the sea and the lavish course surrounding you, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect end to the day.


Whether Las Colinas is your everyday home or your sunshine getaway, it’ll be a tough task to get bored. The sun, golf and food aren’t all that they can offer. Within the hills is the International School of Falconry, with the most enthusiastic instructor you could hope to meet, you’ll become an expert in no time. Providing you with everything you need, including the gauntlet and bags et al, you only have to remember comfortable shoes and your camera. Being so close to such regal animals as the Hawks, Owls and Kestrels, is an experience you’ll never forget. Individuals and parties are welcome. If you’d prefer to relax away from the pool, how about a sailing trip? Having the boat for the day, in the hands of your knowledgeable and affable captain, you can sail around the Med, fishing, sun bathing, swimming and relaxing. Food is provided on the trip, along with all drinks required, whether soft or alcoholic, as well as all the fishing and snorkelling equipment. Nothing is too much to ask for the crew. If the golf, the dining, the sailing and the falconry wasn’t enough, then lastly you can enjoy the delights of the seaside from the secluded Beach Club at Le Glea beach. With an infinity pool, cocktails served ice cold and a view of the full beach, it’s the ideal place to while away those summer trips. Having experienced Las Colinas ourselves, we struggle to find the right words to justify just how incredible this place is. It really is something to discover for yourself and no doubt, you’ll be longing to stay. For any enquiries into the purchasing of a property, rentals or any of the experiences covered, please contact us by either email ( or by phone on 01843 446212.


The Man Behind The Design Pepe Leal graduated in Art History and this degree provided him with the theoretical base in order to launch himself in the world of interior design. He continued his training in the United Kingdom where he learnt decorative painting. After studying interior design courses at London Polytechnic, he returned to Spain with new creative ideas. Since 1996 Leal has consolidated his position as one of the rising stars of interior design and decoration and he has carried out an array of high-profile projects. Home Designer & Architect: You were the interior designer selected by Las Colinas Golf & Country Club to decorate the UNiK restaurant. What was the creative concept behind the design? Pepe Leal: We were asked to decorate a restaurant that had already been built so we had to work within certain limitations or, better said, there was already a defined line to depart from … Some materials were already in place, lighting etc. So one of our challenges was to design a project that adapted to the existing framework. We opted for a Club-style restaurant, in other words, elegant, sophisticated but also understated and simple, where the cuisine was clearly the star of the show. We wanted to give it a warm feel as there was already lots of marble and stone at floor level so we added wood to the walls and wooden furniture. The result is a welcoming, timeless and elegant restaurant. The same concept was applied to all the other areas in the Clubhouse, even the toilets. HDA: Are you satisfied with the results of your work? PL: Yes, very satisfied. I think we have fulfilled the objectives and the result is that the restaurant is always full, which is what it is all about. HDA: Apart from collaborating with the resort, have you tried out Las Colinas as a guest? PL: Yes, of course. I think it’s a very special place. I have seen very few golf courses that take such pains with the smallest details. Attention to detail can be seen in the superb customer service through to the careful landscaping of the resort. HDA: And the homes you have designed? PL: It’s a very special resort and its logo “A world apart “describes it very well. It really is ” a world apart” in comparison to other golf courses in the area, especially because it is such a beautiful spot where landscaping and the symbiosis between nature and housing is exquisitely balanced. The homes reflect this sense of balance and are full of great details. I think they are excellent option for a second home as you can enjoy nature and the beach surrounded by stunning countryside, as well as peace and quiet, which is so difficult to find in today’s world. Ten out of ten!


kitchens bedrooms bathrooms

Croydex banishes rust from Britain’s bathrooms with new range of shower accessories Croydex has developed a range of specially-coated shower accessories that promise to make rust stains a thing of the past. The bathroom accessories specialist is so confident that the new formula will prevent the tell-tale orange tinge that it is offering a lifetime guarantee for products in its aluminum wire ware ranges. Product and Procurement Director, Peter Pegden explains: “Rust can ruin an otherwise spotless bathroom where high levels of humidity often take their toll on traditional wire storage.” “Our new rust free wire ware products are suitable for use within any ‘wet’ shower area, giving consumers a real confidence and reliability in the product.” Croydex has added the rust free formula to products in five of its wire ware ranges. All come with a five year, ten year or lifetime guarantee.


Both the slimline and standard new chrome plated aluminium accessories come with a lifetime rust free guarantee, with products ranging from soap dishes to shower caddies and singular baskets to tiered baskets. Consumers choosing products from the smart stainless steel range gain the peace of mind of a ten year guarantee, whilst those in the mild steel range offer five years of rust free use. Croydex’s innovative and very popular Stick ‘N’ Lock Plus range also comes with a rust free guarantee. Stick ‘N’ Lock Plus products offer the ultimate quick-fix solution when it comes to installing wall mounted bathroom accessories.

The products are secured using an adhesive pad system. There’s no drill requires – just make sure you have a clean surface and you are good to go. Both the Mild Steel and Stainless Steel ranges include Hook Over products. With no drilling or fixing required, the range provides a quick and easy storage fix.

For Bathroom Storage Solutions

Tel: +44 (0)1264 365881


MX Group’s already impressive range of shower and bathroom products has grown even bigger following the addition of a number of new products and a move into brand new product areas for the company. Already the leading shower tray manufacturer in the UK, manufacturing the widest range of shower tray options and within that, the widest range of shapes and sizes – there has been no change there. Having invested in the latest machinery and materials, and soon to benefit from the new state of the art shower tray factory being built at its Gloucestershire base, MX manufactures 100s of different tray sizes, in 6 main product types, meaning that it can cater for the specific needs of virtually any customer. In recent months, MX has launched an impressive new range of thermostatic mixer shower valves which have proved popular with housing associations, offering its usual combination of incredible quality, great looking product, excellent warranties and keen pricing. On the accessory front, MX Group has long recognised that UK water systems are unique and require specialised products to work correctly. It has been at the forefront of this sector for many years, producing carefully engineered accessories that are used by most of the UK electric shower manufacturers. MX produces high quality shower accessories ensuring that its products meet all health and safety requirements and wherever possible uses WRAS approved materials. From July the range of accessories grows significantly with in particular an impressive additional range of hand sets and cables. MX continues to be a growing influence in the Electric Shower marketplace. Its QI– Quick installation– range of electric showers which sets new standards for simple installation is set to grow in July with the addition of a number of exciting new models. Featuring eight entry points for water and electric – these showers offer the simplest shower installation available. The range is ideal for new build or retrofit opportunities, covering the footprint of most existing electric showers making replacement as simple as it gets. The range has recently been extended still further offering a huge choice for specifiers and installers. From July, MX moves into the taps marketplace for the first time, offering a range of taps – made in solid brass with an all chrome finish. These stylish tap options have been produced in response to specific demand from customers, but will meet the needs of a much wider customer base. In addition MX is introducing its first selection of electric water heaters, a logical extension to the range of electric showers on offer. All the MX products are keenly priced but offer exceptional quality and impressive warranties. The company has just produced a catalogue of all its products and a copy of this is a must for all specifiers in the bathroom area – it’s a hefty tome but it’s a good looking, comprehensive listing of all the products available from MX and one that will provide the solutions for many designers, specifiers and housing managers around the UK. Take a closer look at MX Group – its impressive web site at is a good place to start and you can order a copy of the new catalogue from there simply by completing a request form.


The Sweet Taste of Success Celebrating in style is something BA Components are good at. As they officially marked their 25th birthday on Thursday 4th June, so did their staff and dealers. With the help of a beautifully branded gift box with a tasty cake treat inside, it really was a charming surprise to brighten up anyone’s day. As you can see, it is hard for your mouth not water when you see it! With a strawberry flavour and a cherry option, it would be hard to decide which one to choose.

Well they certainly went down a storm as Kitchen Flair in Preston posted “Happy Birthday BA, thank you for our ingredients of success.” PRO-Fit KBB Limited also shared their thoughts on the cake “ Thank you so much for your sharing your birthday cake with us, it was absolutely delicious. We’ll gladly take leftovers!.”

For more information about BA Components 25 year celebrations visit or follow us on Facebook Kieran McCracken Operations Director at and BA Components tell us why they decided to Twitter @bacomponents treat everyone; “Twenty-five years is a real milestone in any business and to celebrate and share in our sweet taste of success so far, we thought something appealing straight to the taste buds got the message across in a practical and memorable way.”

Is your mouth watering yet?


Kite Packaging Launch Nomafoam Corner and Edge Protection The foam range is the leading foam packaging in the industry


ite Packaging have officially launched a comprehensive range of foam corner and edge protection to its website, to cater for a range of industries including furniture, antiques, fulfilment, and logistics. The new range has been supplied by Nomafoam – a leading supplier of foam for the packaging industry, and well recognised as having bestin-class products. The new range includes the most popular edge protection for packaging. This includes L Profile protection, commonly used for protecting pallets, or as edge protection for products inside boxes, and U Profile protection for use with picture frames, table edges, beds, glass doors and much more. The company will also host some more unusual foam protection on their e-commerce platform including O Profile protection for cylindrical objects such as poles, chair legs and bicycle wheels, and Shock Absorbers for sensitive items like laptops and game consoles. The protection of corners has


also been identified as a huge market for Kite. Along with their edge protection range, they have also launched Nomafoam round cut corner protection, and U-Tulip Profile corner protection that have a specially designed grip, for more delicate corners. The range is incredibly competitive on price, as Kite look to be the leading supplier of foam corner and edge protection in the UK. With a highly skilled team the packaging company aim to make it much easier for customers to buy foam, with clearer information and helpful content to explain the often overcomplicated product. What’s more, the company plan to expand the range further over the next few months by adding some more bespoke designs, to cater to a wider range of customers. This will make Kite one of the few online companies offering niche Nomafoam product ready to buy online. For more information about Kite Packaging, and to purchase foam edge and corner protection, please visit

picture hanging systems ltd




YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID. 0845 500 70 35

Flow Switches

for Domestic/Residential Sprinkler Systems • Simple and swift installation • Compact, lightweight, reliable and cost effective design • No spring fatigue due to sealed magnet paddle resetting - tested to over 1,000,000 cycles • Manufactured with 40 years of ow switch experience

16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Tel: 01825 764737 • Fax: 01825 768330 Website: Email:


The Icynene Insulation System

The Icynene Insulation System is a soft, flexible, breathable, foam insulation and air barrier system. Sprayed as a liquid Icynene expands to 100 times its initial volume in seconds filling every nook, cranny and penetration into walls, ceilings and floors. Icynene’s unique formulation sets it apart from other insulation products offering many advantages over traditional insulation materials and more modern alternatives. While all materials of equal thermal resistance perform identically under laboratory conditions the same is not true in real life; some insulation materials off-gas which, over time, diminishes their effectiveness, others allow the passage of air through gaps between them and other building components. Installing


Icynene ensures no loss of performance and it will remain the same over the lifetime of the building. Minimising air leakage from a building enables the correct design of heating and ventilation systems, saving money on the initial installation and future running costs. Buildings with Icynene installed have easily reached Passivhaus standards for air leakage without the use of membranes and tapes. Needing only a short installation period, Icynene can save you valuable build time and is therefore extremely cost effective compared to other products, not only that but you benefit from insulation and airtightness in one application.

The Icynene Insulation System is 100% water blown containing no toxic chemicals. Icynene doesn’t contain any HFC’s, CFC’s, HFA or HCFC’s and it remains soft and flexible accommodating any normal expansion, contraction or movement within a building. So whether you plan to build, renovate or upgrade the Icynene Insulation System will deliver the performance you can count on for a lifetime of savings and comfort.

What sort of lift do I need? Ever wondered what the difference between lift types is? There are 3 main categories of lifts to carry people which all have their own pros and cons. There are inclined stair lifts, platform lifts and passenger lifts. What is a Platform Lift? A Platform Lift is primarily designed to give reasonably priced access to people who have difficulty with a staircase. Platform Lifts serve between 2, or more floor levels. An L shaped platform moves up and down a fully enclosed shaft (rectangular tube) carrying a wheelchair and/or people, which has smooth internal walls. The shaft can usually be constructed with either solid or glazed walls, or even a combination of both. At Invalifts, our most popular platform lift is the MC2000, offering the following advantages: • • • • •

Suitable for anyone who has difficulty with stairs Relatively low cost when compared to a conventional lift No requirement for a machine room or lifting beam Reliable, quiet, economical to own, and totally safe Requires little in the way of space or building works

What is a Passenger Lift? A passenger lift has a completely enclosed lift car that travels vertically within a specially prepared lift shaft.

Passenger Lift

Passengers are transported between floors at reasonably quick speeds and the control systems are often designed to give the most economical distribution of passengers throughout the building. Our most popular passenger lift is the very space efficient M6000 which is primarily designed for installation in existing buildings where space is at a premium, or the building is not capable of taking extra horizontal loadings. M6000 is provided complete with it's own glazed or solid shaft and offers the following advantages: • • • • •

Quick travel between floors - 0.6 metres per second Extremely space efficient Can have fully glazed shaft Little building works Little, or no horizontal loadings on building

What is a Stair / inclined Lift? In buildings, where space is at at premium, it is sometimes not feasible to provide a vertical lift therefore the only solution is to provide a lift which can be installed on a staircase. This type of lift is ideally designed for straight and curved staircases and can carry both wheelchairs and people. They can Stair Lift be specially designed to cope with mid landings and awkward parking positions at the bottom of the stair. Usually the unit requires a support wall for mounting however stanchions can be provided, on which the unit can be affixed. Our most popular unit is the InvaStair Riser which can be installed either internally or externally. If you'd like to find out which lift would be best suited to your needs, then give our friendly experts at Invalifts a call on 0845 4682543 or visit our website at

Platform Lift •29•

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THE JURA Z6 Jura, the leading manufacturer in luxury Swiss made bean-to-cup coffee technology, is proud to introduce its latest innovation yet, the beautiful Z6. This state-of-the-art coffee machine delivers a brand new standard of quality across the whole spectrum of speciality coffees, from the short, fiery ristretto to the popular, mellow flat white. Featuring innovative new technology, this machine guarantees professional quality, barista-style coffee every time and makes it easier than ever to create trend specialities. With a self-explanatory operating concept with many customisable options available, the Z6 is an impressive choice. This machine features a Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) which optimises extraction time to guarantee the perfect coffee every time. To achieve this, the water is precisely pulsed through the finely ground coffee at short intervals allowing maximum flavour to be teased out of the fresh beans. With its compact design, the Z6 looks masterful, proud and harmonious, making it a stand-out feature in any kitchen. For extra convenience, the water tank and bean container can be removed from the front of the machine, along with all other control elements and the Rotary Switch and TFT display make the machine easy and intuitive to operate. This is the first Jura model to allow all specialities to be individually programmed, renamed and duplicated. It really is as simple as ‘turn – press – enjoy!’ It’s equally as simple to care for too, with its milk system cleaning function operating at just the touch of a button and the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) automatically detecting the filter. The CLARIS water filters provide optimum water quality and also protect the fluid system against limescale. The Z6’s characteristic, simple lines combined with lovingly created details, such as the cup and water tank illumination, express this machine’s true style and status. Available in Harrods and John Lewis NOW, the new Jura Z6 retails at £1,895.


For more information, please visit

rrp £1895.00

A world first: P.E.P.© from JURA

Pulse extraction process produces the perfect espresso The new Z6 from JURA harnesses the genius of Swiss innovation to take the automatic coffee machine to the next level. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©) optimises the extraction time to guarantee professional quality, barista-style coffee every time. The machine automatically switches between milk and milk foam, making it easier than ever to create trend specialities. The water tank, bean container and all control elements can be conveniently accessed from the front, while the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) automatically detects the presence of the water filter.

Available from Harrods JURA Concession,, John Lewis and

JURA - If you love coffee

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Footstools & More F ootstools & More is a small family company based in Yorkshire. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, family has enjoyed three generations in the furniture industry. The company offers a wide, stylish range of everyday and luxury products, available in both standard and bespoke sizes. Whether you already have a style in mind, or are simply looking for a little bit of inspiration, is a great place to start. All products are customisable, with a range of sizes, fabrics, leathers and leg options. With all these options, it’s easy to see why customers love having the choice to order something that reflects their own unique taste.

Personalised service While the website has lots of useful ideas and information, you can’t beat a phone call or email to discuss your ideas in more detail. Footstools & More offers a friendly, personal service, and is always happy to make suggestions or talk through any questions that you may have. “Along with high-quality products, providing a helpful service is the most important part of our business,” says a spokesperson for the company. “We make footstools every day so we always pass on any ideas and advice we think our customers will benefit from.” It’s clear to see that this high level of customer service pays off. The long list of testimonials on the website makes for impressive reading.


Bespoke Furniture Each and every footstool is handmade to order in a dedicated workshop, and for a particular customer. If you were to pay a visit to the workshop, you wouldn’t see stacks of similar footstools collecting dust, waiting for someone to buy them. You’d see a vibrant range of designs, colours and patterns. You might think this bespoke approach would be prohibitive, but the costs are very competitive and similar to high street stores. So whether you’re looking for a large footstool, bench stool, drum stool or coffee table stool your search is over. Each item has a two-year construction guarantee and fabrics meet fire safety regulations.

contemporary home

CONTEMPORARY HOME DESIGN Contemporary Home Design began 15 years ago from a small home based office, designing and manufacturing bespoke made kitchens bedrooms and living rooms. As the demand grew in high quality bespoke home furniture, our business grew. At the time we only had an online portfolio, we soon realised our customers wanted to touch and feel our products as well as visualising it, so we decided to open up a showroom. We travelled to Germany every year for 4 years before deciding to introduce the branded side of the business. We chose the leading high quality German brands due to the excellent customer care they provide to us as their retailer and our customers. We are now a well-established lifestyle company, offering our customers all the necessities they require for their desired room. We deal with only the top leading brands in Europe and UK and have the most up to date technology at the best affordable prices. From kitchens, bedrooms and living areas, to flooring, lighting, home automation and central vacuum system; and to complete it with kitchen essentials, mirrors and 3D wall panelling. We have it all here at CHD, come along visit our lifestyle showroom and you will be astonished with what we can do for you!

MADE IN GERMANY We design and manufacture bespoke and custom made kitchens, bedrooms and living interiors. We can make bedrooms ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall to give it a very sleek look. The designer and manufacturer work very close with the customer to come up with creative and original ideas to meet the customers’ needs. High quality German material and accessories are used in the manufacturing of the furniture. We aim to provide 18mm rigid carcasses, in a wide range of colours and wood effect finishes. Every fraction of our portfolio is inspected to guarantee our detail for perfection and to ensure that it has met all of our customers’ wishes. We have cherry picked the most well-known and best manufacturers of kitchens and bedrooms in Europe to give our customers a range of choice from design, style and idea. We keep up to date with the technology in and around Europe to make the desired living space extraordinary. We have an amazing range of German kitchen brands –Schüller, Next125, Ballerina and Beckermann. A Kitchen made in Germany is a kitchen guaranteed for life, from the day you purchase your kitchen, the German manufacturers will give you excellent service for up to 15 years and more ensuring your kitchen works and looks the part. |

•33• •4•

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The Key to a Smooth Running Business Loxta - A U.K based hardware company that produces and distributes internal and external door handles, window hardware, latches and locks could hold the ‘key’ to the smooth running of your business. Loxta are looking for hardware shops and distributors to become part of their distribution network. More and more businesses are looking for reliable suppliers in the door handle and lock industry, and now, thanks to Loxta Hardware, business owners will be able to provide a better range of high quality ironmongery products handles, latches and locks to their customers. Loxta’s concise range offers something to cater to everyone’s needs whether you’re looking for a more classic style or you’re wanting to jazz-up the dullness of the office, they’ve got it ‘locked’ down! All models are designed and manufactured by Loxta Hardware meaning that the entire process is managed by the in-house team guaranteeing high-quality finishes and a trustworthy product that will stand the test of time. Loxta design and manufacture high quality products from Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass & Copper. To deliver superior strength and touch we utilise “hot closed die forging” in conjunction with our ElectroCoat technology to deliver long lasting lustrous finishes. The new range of high quality door handles and hardware will offer tremendous value to both small traders and large scale distributors. With the support of the new website, a great customer service team and a fantastic range, Loxta are expecting tremendous sales through their distribution network. •34•

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SUMMER COLLECTION BY VOGA.COM VOGA has launched a summer collection to bring fresh colours into interiors.

V sells hand-made, beautifully crafted replica furniture. The brand makes mid-century design available to all; at the original quality, but a fraction of the price. They believe that the price of iconic design has become inflated beyond the quality and original intention of designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and Charles Eames. Their products exactly match original designs and materials at affordable prices. is driven forward by design lovers and E-commerce specialists. A full range of chairs offers a large range of chairs, in a variety of colours and materials, from glossy fibreglass to matte plastic. These are often the most well-known pieces, as they were the first items crafted by mid-century designers. Charles Eames was one of the most famous, with his range of DSW, RAR, DAW and DSR chairs made from different combinations of materials, such as wood and plastic, or fibreglass and metal. Danish designers were also very creative with minimalism. Verner Panton and his Panton collections were particularly influential. Available in a full range of colours, the Panton ‘S’ fits perfectly with every interior.

It’s summer, so how could we not mention the Acapulco chair? It evokes images of sun kissed shorelines and balmy Mexican nights. Available in a variety of colours, they will make a rainbow on terraces or in any living room. Modern lighting Customers can create the perfect ambience in any room with soft lighting and seductive shapes. will bring brightness into their interior with modern, Scandinavian-style lights in an array of beautiful colours. Rooms will no longer be ruined by harsh lighting with a lamp from VOGA. Playful accessories Accessories are the finishing touch to any interior. VOGA knows how a perfectly crafted accessory can make the difference. They offer an entire range of objects – inspired by iconic designers such as George Nelson or Charles Eames – that will perfectly fit with every modern interior. Of course, these are just a few examples of the categories VOGA offer and there is much more on the website: •35•

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ouise Abbott, Designer Contracts’ merchandise and marketing manager was also honoured with highly commended for Recycling Champion of the Year, which is for an individual who has shown commitment to increasing carpet recycling at their organisation. Laurance Bird, Director of Carpet Recycling UK said: “We are really pleased with all the hard work Designer Contracts has put in to its recycling scheme and the results speak for themselves. The company very much deserve the Take Back Partner of the Year and the highly commended recycling champion titles.” The company initially trialled a recycling scheme, spearheaded by Louise in conjunction with CRUK, at their Central Region based in Chesterfield before rolling it out to all 12 of Designer Contract’s regional offices. The scheme works by diverting 90% of its fitter’s unfitted carpet into felt underlay. What isn’t turned into underlay is used in the equestrian sector for arena flooring. This innovative scheme has already saved over 250 tonnes of fitters’ waste carpet from landfill in the last year.

Designer Contracts has been awarded ‘Take Back Partner of the Year’ by Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) at the annual awards and conference held in Birmingham.


Said Louise: “We’re delighted to have been recognised for our recycling scheme and have been pitted against some tough competition. We’re helping the environment by transforming our waste into a sustainable solution and from the customers’ point of view, dealing with a contractor or manufacturer that recycles materials is increasingly beneficial.” Fitters are supplied with a builder’s bag to fill with unfitted carpet to drop off at their nearest Designer Contracts regional depot. It is then taken to an approved recycling facility before being transformed into felt underlay. Any waste created is removed from site and recycled wherever possible. Designer Contracts does not use customers’ skips.

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New I.D. Interiors

Launch “The Designer Collection” Featuring Kelly Hoppen London Furniture and Accessories


ew i.d Interiors is delighted to launch the Designer Collection, an all-inclusive new service offering interior advice, furniture packages, delivery and installation. The Designer Collection will debut with a range of Kelly Hoppen London furniture and accessories handpicked by New i.d and will comprise of two select packages – Indulgence and Opulence - featuring stunning furniture, soft furnishings and accessories. Kelly Hoppen has been at the global forefront of interior design for 40 years. She is a multiaward winning designer world renowned for her style of neutral tones and clean lines, fused with an East Meets West aesthetic. Kelly Hoppen London furniture and accessories epitomize luxury and harmony and are made with high quality material and textures. New i.d shares Kelly’s passion for interior design, recognising the importance of quality whilst knowing the difference furnishings can make in an investment property or any living space. New i.d’s talented team of designers have built up a well-deserved reputation over the years of exceeding clients’ expectations in show home and investment property design - a desirable trait of any interior design company. By incorporating Kelly Hoppen London’s stunning, unique and practical home furnishings into the Indulgence and Opulence interior design packages, New i.d will continue to deliver beautiful and appealing show homes, investment properties and private client interiors. Managing Director of New i.d Interiors, Daniel Caplan said: “We are thrilled and very honoured that Kelly Hoppen London have allowed us to feature their furniture in our new Designer Collection, we had identified that there was a gap in the market for a much higher quality one stop furniture collection and are anticipating the new range to prove very successful, particularly with such a strong brand association.” New i.d. Designer Collections Packages start at £13,995 (for furniture packages excluding accessories). •37•

10 Editor’s Choice

What a Transformation! A housing regeneration scheme, which has transformed homes beyond recognition, has used EWI systems from Wetherby to help complete the incredible makeover. Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) has undertaken a ÂŁ1.8m project to improve the internal and external appearance of five three storey blocks of flats in Warrington, Cheshire.

The installation of EWI posed many challenges as the walls provided very little by the way of thermal properties, with the area underneath the windows consisting of a single timber panel. This panel had to be subsequently reinforced with a single skin of brickwork, meaning the selected insulation system needed to be applied to two different substrates to provide complete coverage of each elevation.

The scope of the works included new windows and doors, new roofs, solar PV, external wall insulation, new heating systems, new ventilation systems, additional parking and communal area upgrades.

In terms of the aesthetics, with the development being situated along a major route into the town centre and directly adjacent to a new health and leisure complex, it was crucial that a visually appealing exterior was created. John McCall Architects set itself the task of producing an architecturally interesting façade that provided areas of contrasting colours, shades and materials to break up the mass of the buildings and alter the streetscape.

External wall insulation (EWI) was a crucial element of the scheme and not only offered the most significant energy-savings, but also provided a complete transformation of the exterior of the buildings.

Editor’s Choice 11

As a result, Wetherby’s BBA approved EpsiWall system was specified, incorporating EpsiTherm graphite enhanced EPS insulation and finished with 1.5mm K Silicone Render in bright white to create a clean, modern canvas for the buildings. Elements of pastel green and blue render were applied randomly to various elevations, as well as around windows that had been given a decorative raised profile. To complete the façade, areas of coloured Cedral Weatherboard cladding, in complementary tones, were applied to break up the design, providing interest and depth. The appearance of robust brick was also a requirement on this development, but with bricks in short supply, and cost prohibitive, Wetherby’s mid-grey brick effect render was applied to the ground floor of each of the five blocks of flats. A more cost effective alternative, the brick effect render provided the look of genuine brick, while adding another dimension to the façade.

Commenting on the project, James Nicholls from John McCall Architects said: “This scheme, which lines a major gateway into Warrington, was designed to create a visual identity for the five housing blocks. The materials and colours were carefully chosen and play a really important part in giving the buildings a new lease of life due to their clean design creating a modern and attractive façade.” Mark Moore, Energy Solutions Manager for GGHT, added: “This project has completely transformed this area and

exceeded all of our expectations. The work has completely revitalised the area, with residents now proud to say they live in the Alder Green flats. “Not only are the buildings unrecognisable, but they are significantly more energy efficient and now meet current building regulations. We have genuinely helped to bring families out of fuel poverty and, while we are still waiting for the exact cost savings that tenants will make, it is likely to be more than £250 a year.”

NEW PrimaPorcelain

The Maintenance Free Flooring Solution For Indoor And Outdoor Living INTRODUCING THE PERFECT design solution- maintenance free PrimaPorcelain flooring, the stylish alternative to indoor floor tiles and outdoor natural stone paving or flagstones from Greensquares, the UK’s outdoor living experts. PrimaPorcelain is stain, scratch and slip resistant. No sealing is needed; a wipe clean will leave tiles and paving like new. Even grease, oils and red wine spillages are easily and quickly removed. PrimaPorcelain’s stylish 1cm specialist indoor tiles are complemented by equally good looking, hard-working, textured 2cm outdoor paving, where added grip factor helps prevent slipping and promotes use whatever the weather. They can be ably accommodated in any new builds, new extensions, open out kitchen developments or bifold door improvements. On the one hand, ubiquitous Ceramics offer a limited, protective glaze that is simply not as hard wearing or stain resistant as fired porcelain. On the other, traditional natural stone collects and ingrains dirt and


is always vulnerable to accidental staining and chipping. PrimaPorcelain’s innovative construction looks fantastic but remains highly flexible and versatile to use. Its stylish elegance and stunning looks belie a tough character, durability and adaptability. Our Porcelain is manufactured in Italy from extremely pure clays and minerals, shaped by dry pressing and fired at a high temperature. This produces ultratough flooring with film star looks that is resistant and resilient, frostproof, fireproof, weather-proof and maintenance free. PrimaPorcelain is available in a wide range of stunning colours, hues and shades. Creams that reflect the sunshine of Mediterranean holidays; Beiges that set a tone of calm contemplation; Greys that project carbon coolness and sophisticated steeliness; Blacks that range from the dark side of midnight to the gloss of patent

leather and Browns that are steeped in sensual indulgence. Check out our online product selector to get a flavour of the PrimaPorcelain experience. PrimaPorcelain really does wipe the floor with the competition! Find out more about PrimaPorcelain, and order a free sample, at: or call 02920 803750

Maintenance Free Outdoor Living Solutions

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Flood and Water Defence Barriers CPLC Water specialize in the design and construction of flood defences and flood barriers for property level protection (PLP) We have a team of highly trained and experienced design and construction engineers, who are dedicated to providing the best flood mitigation measures for your requirements. In association with UK Flood Barriers, our team of BPEC accredited installers operate throughout the Wessex area and provide detailed residential and commercial property surveys to assess property level flood protection requirements. all products are PAS1188 tested and BSi Kite marked. Flood Protection and Drainage Engineering Services CPLC Water is an independent company dedicated to providing a comprehensive service dedicated to all aspects of flood management, drainage and water engineering. With over 15 years experience within the industry, CPLC Water offers a reliable and professional consultancy, design and installation service for flooding, drainage and water engineering sector. Our services incorporate: • Flood Risk Assessments • Surface and Foul Water Drainage Strategy, Layout, and Design; • Design and installation of SUDS (sustainable drainage systems) and drainage systems • Design and installation of property flood protection • Design and installation of flood alleviation schemes; • Groundwater flood protection • Land drainage • Flood Protection and Risk Assessments If you are considering flood protection solutions for your property, CPLC provide independent, expert advice for the design and installation of flood protection measures, which includes permanent and demountable flood protection products and other equipment and measures prescribed in individual flood protection surveys.


CPLC provide individual flood protection surveys for commercial and residential properties. Our assessments include a full breakdown of mitigation measures required and we provide assistance to clients in designing and sourcing the most cost effective ways of protecting your development or business.

Not just a single ply membrane… a complete system for all photo voltaics RENOLIT’s advanced product range offers a unique combination that provides increased solar efficiency and simple installation on flat and pitched roofs. RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT Brilliant white, lacquered single ply membrane. Has the highest reflectivity in the world. Improves the efficiency of solar thermal and PV panels. Significantly reduces solar gain and heat build-up across the roof surface. RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR Unique PVC and aluminium profile for mounting PV modules direct to the waterproofing. It maintains the integrity of the membrane (no penetrations) and reduces additional weight upon the roof. For further information please contactl Sheila Bevan on 01670 718283 or e-mail:


Kayospruce Outdoor Upholstery Fabric In addition to the traditional In/Outdoor Sunbrella collection there is also an environmentally friendly Renaissance collection made up with 50% recycled fibres. The new Sunbrella Renaissnce collection made up with 50% of recycled fibres, is available in 3 beautiful styles with a wide range of colours and designs that can be elegantly mixed and matched, the recycled fibres are taken directly from the factories where the fabric remnants are divided by colour batches, reconditioned as fibres and woven together with fresh,new Sunbrella fibres. This collection provides a vintage feel with a modern twist for an eye-catching, comfortable, environmentally-friendly outdoor setting.

Indoor Contract Upholstery

Dickson - Prado: FR CRIB 5

A complete collection that allows decorators to mix and match, playing up complementarities between various shades, patterns and weaves to dress up any living space from top to bottom. A Natte Construction Panama weave makes this a stylish Crib 5 Upholstery Fabric, supplied in 150cm widths, with to special order 3m width available for whole rolls only. Various colours and finishes designed specifically to furnish any room with upholstery, curtain, cushions, bedding and window shading all from the same range.


Dear Industry Colleagues

Dear Industry Colleagues

May we please introduce you to ArchitEx 2015, the Annual free-to-attend 2 day Exhibition, May we please introduce you to ArchitEx the Annual free-to-attend 2 day Exhibition, Conference Conference & Networking Reception for2015, the UK Architecture & Building Design Industry. & Networking Reception for the UK Architecture & Building Design Industry. Whether you wish to exhibit with us to sell your products and services or establish new business contacts relationships, visityour to products meet potential suppliers or partners, or attend the Whether you wishand to exhibit with us to sell and services or establish new business conference and debate the potential hot topics in UKorArchitecture & Building Design, ArchitEx contacts to anddiscuss relationships, visit to meet suppliers partners, or attend the conference 2015tooffers in the &industry. discusssomething and debate for the everyone hot topics ininvolved UK Architecture Building Design, ArchitEx 2015 offers something for everyone involved in the industry. 1. The Exhibition 1. The Exhibition For exhibitors, ArchitEx willprovide provide significant and business development For exhibitors, ArchitEx 2015 2015 will significant salessales and business development opportunities opportunities whilst also offering an outstanding networking platform. An anticipated 1,500 whilst also offering an outstanding networking platform. An anticipated 1,500 Architecture & Building Architecture & Building Design Industry professionals from around the UK will converge Design Industry professionals from around the UK will converge on Liverpool, and as such representson a Liverpool, and as such represents a rare opportunity not to be missed. rare opportunity not to be missed. Exhibitors and delegates from all the following sectors will include … Exhibitors and delegates from all the following sectors will include ...  • •  •  • • •

Architects, Construction Companies, Surveyors & Structural Engineers Architects, Construction Companies, Surveyors & Structural Engineers Town, City & County Councils Town, City & County Councils Local Planning Authorities, Town & City Planners Local Planning Authorities, Town & City Planners Housing Associations, House Builders, Suppliers & Contractors Housing Associations, House Builders, Suppliers & Contractors Commercial, Industrial & Residential Property Developers Commercial, Industrial & Residential Property Developers Banks & Financial Financial Institutions Banks & Institutions

2. The Conference 2. The Conference

fullday 2 day conference programme, with 24 24 speakers, will become the leading for the UK for the The The full 2 conference programme, with speakers, will become theforum leading forum Architecture &&Building Design Industry. It will bring delegates together withtogether policy experts, real-lifeexperts, case UK Architecture Building Design Industry. It will bring delegates with policy studies and industry leaders, and will address the latest issues in policy and public affairs, consultation real-life case studies and industry leaders, and will address the latest issues in policy and andaffairs, legislation, campaigns and and issues whilst atcampaigns the same time, highlighting the keyatsuccesses made in public consultation legislation, and issues whilst the same time, design, planning, building and housing. highlighting the key successes made in design, planning, building and housing. Availability thisuniquely uniquely free-to-attend conference is limited so earlyso delegate registrationregistration is highly Availability at at this free-to-attend conference is limited early delegate is recommended. To receive further information about how you can take part, or to tell us what you would highly recommended. To receive further information about how you can take part, or to tell us to would see on the contact us. please contact us. whatlike you likeprogramme, to see on please the programme,

3. The Drinks Reception/ Networking / Networking Evening Evening 3. The Drinks Reception Free–to–attend, complimentary 2 hour champagne drinks reception & networking evening with Free–to–attend, complimentary hundreds of industry colleagues. 2 hour champagne drinks reception & networking evening with hundreds of industry colleagues. ArchitEx 2015 is your opportunity to join the UK’s leading Architecture & Building Design event. ArchitEx 2015 is2015 yourTeam opportunity to3303 join the UK’s leading Architecture & Building Design event. The ArchitEx 0845 467

The ArchitEx 2015 Team •46•

0845 467 3303

Register now ……. Free–to–attend, 2 day exhibition, 24 speaker conference programme and complimentary 2 hour champagne drinks reception & networking evening • Architects, Specifiers, Building Designers, Surveyors & Engineers • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Property Developers • Town, City & County Councils, Local Planning Authorities, Town & City Planners • Construction Companies, Builders & Contractors • Products & Services Industry Suppliers

Hudson Architects thrive after adopting new visual approach to task management. Phillip Durban, Director at Hudson Architects - an award winning global architectural practice, explains how he breathed new life into the internal running of his company with a productivity tool that takes on a uniquely visual approach to task management. At the tail end of the recession back in 2012, Hudson Architects found themselves overwhelmed with new projects which each employee attempted to keep an individual to-do list for, in order to track and action daily responsibilities. “Until 2 years ago, our normal business practice was to have a full team meeting every Monday where we would go round the room allowing each person to announce what they needed to do most urgently. We would then try to assimilate this information – and within the same meeting, find the best way to achieve and resource the task. I then stumbled across something called DropTask and it instantly “rocked my boat”… So for the last 2 years we’ve had a principle that if anything is being done in the company it needs to show up somewhere in a DropTask project…” Hudson Architects now use DropTask, a uniquely visual task management tool that helps them divide their projects into separate groups for general office duties and specific building developments, whilst using custom project templates to quickly repeat similar assignments. Decoding text takes a large amount of mental energy, but with DropTask’s visual display naturally lessening the load, projects become more concise, clear and interesting – which is just what the team needed to remain fully focused on their outputs. •50•

“DropTask’s visual style not only made it very easy to explain to everyone how it worked and why we should have it, but it also made all our staff enthusiastic to start entering their own projects. …[Architects] instinctively respond better to very visual organizational tools – rather than just very long lists! But apart from DropTask’s intuitive visual strengths, there are other essential features which make it very powerful, including the ability to very easily allocate a fully defined task to any person inside or outside of the organization.” “DropTask has been powerful enough to subtly inspire new ways of working and has given us an intelligent overview of the totality of our workload – when that was otherwise very difficult to achieve!” For more information on DropTask, visit

Los Limoneros Gus Wüstemann Architects The mandate was clear: design a house that offers privacy from the outside world but opens up to gardens and terraces within its confines. The solution was a familiar one for the setting in Andalusian Spain, where inward-facing patio houses speak of a Moorish heritage. However, in conceiving a vacation retreat for a family of four in Marbella, on the palmy Costa del Sol, Swiss architect Gus Wüstemann has avoided the arcaded courtyards and red-tile roofs typical of the region. He has kept the general idea, but emphasizes the abstracted masses and voids seen in his other work, such as the muscular concrete residence Two Verandas in Zurich. While Marbella’s sunny weather, sandy Mediterranean beaches, and breaking surf account for its popularity, the picturesque village had fewer than 1,000 residents right after World War II. During the 1960s and ‘70s, it became the haven for the so-called jet set, a migratory social flock of aristocrats, showbiz people, and rich political exiles. Attracting such “beautiful people” as Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Sean Connery, and former Cuban dictator Fugencio Batista y Zaldivar, Marbella grew as others followed: today the population is over 140,000. It is good to be able to withdraw behind garden walls. Wüstemann’s plan recalls those that Mies van der Rohe developed in his elegant linear-court house projects of the 1930s and ‘40s—only here, as the architect puts it, “much of the program for the house is hidden on the periphery.” Its concrete frame with white plastered masonry infill walls gives it an implacable and impenetrable solidity. Following the

outline of the property—a parallelogram in a compact residential area—you might say the 6,200-square-foot house evokes, on a small scale, fortresses such as the nearby 10th-century Moorish Sohail Castle.

Blanca Mountains. As the spaces unfold, boundaries blur between inside and out. “We just move the furniture outdoors when it gets warmer,” says the client on a 65-degree winter’s day.

The neighbors at first didn’t see this historic connection. Since it diverged from the Spanish Mediterranean or classical-style vocabulary typical of Marbella’s villas, they asked the client if it was going to be a hotel or a department store. As the owner tells it, they even expressed concern to the local government that the design represented a violation of the residential zoning. No, it was simply a house.

Leaving the living area and walking west to the lawn and garden, you pass through an open court, a spatial void that is the center of the house. Bound on the four sides of the second level by expansive grills of slender precast-concrete brick, the court seems enclosed by modern-day Moorish mashrabiyas, which filter light into the corridors leading to the bedrooms, library, and media room.

Stepping through the protective entrance behind the thick walls enclosing the site, you are surprised to find yourself in a light-filled living and dining area contained in a glazed bar. It extends the width of the house, stretching from the entrance vestibule on the north to a minimal kitchen on the south wall—so minimal, in fact, that it is hard to find the stove (concealed by a movable counter) or other culinary appurtenances.

In boiling down the elements of both historic and modern motifs to their essentials, Wüstemann avoids obvious replications of any particular style. His unremitting approach to clean details reveals his architectural training at Zurich’s rigorous Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Yet the fact that he has offices in Barcelona as well as Zurich explains his more casual Mediterranean sensibility and underlies the house’s subtle combination of control and la buena vida.

Long sliding glass walls open the indoor living spaces to a patio and a small pond immediately to the east, and to a grassy lawn and swimming pool to the west. Looking in this direction, where the house’s receding columns and beams frame vistas and define the various interior and exterior areas, you can catch a glimpse of the Sierra


Doors windows facades

Door Entry... a day! The Telguard range of telephone and GSM based intercom systems are suitable for new build or retro fit. Telguard is a British company and we design, develop and manufacture here in the UK.

The telephone based system plugs in to a standard analogue telephone socket or phone system extension and the GSM system requires a SIM card. The only other requirement is for local power and the intercom can be installed. Installation is not disruptive as the installation takes place at the entrance to be controlled and there is no need to put handsets into flats or houses as they are already in place – their own telephone or mobile. The telephone numbers of the apartments/houses/businesses are programmed into the intercom system with any access codes required and the system is ready for use. A visitor enters the flat or house number into the intercom via the keypad and then presses the ‘CALL’ button. The receiver of the call picks the telephone and can speak to the visitor and allow access by pressing a digit on their telephone keypad. This sends a signal to the intercom that activates the door lock or entrance gate and the visitor is able to gain access. If the receiver of the call does not want to grant access they simply put their phone down to end the call. If the call recipient is on the phone when the call from the intercom is made the call will be seen on the telephone display and the user is able to hold their call and deal with an access request. Any alterations required to telephone numbers or PIN codes can be actioned by the system installer and can be carried out remotely reducing the need for on-site attendance. The Telguard system is not only quick to install compared with hardwired systems but also extremely flexible. Calls can be answered on cordless telephones making it possible for users to answer entrance requests while going about day to day business or it is possible for a


mobile phone to be called for access requests. We are able to provide systems with backlit keypads and buttons, integrated proximity access and video. The video picture can go to a dedicated monitor or into the communal TV aerial for viewing on any television in the premise. Our GSM 3g video system will send pictures to your mobile phone. Telguard provides great flexibility where users are elderly or infirm as they don’t have to get up from where they are sitting to answer an access call as they will have their telephone or mobile phone by their side. They will also be able to hear the call clearly. DDA systems are available with large halo illuminated Braille buttons with big letter, easy to read displays and audio and visual call progress indication. Bespoke applications are also undertaken making it possible to provide almost any style or shape of system. It may be that we have to provide a system to replace an existing installation so we are able to manufacture our panel to fit the aperture of an old, non functional system. We are able to manufacture systems in different finishes and colour schemes, we powder coat stainless steel so as to not impact on the vandal resistance of the panel. As advances in technology arrive in to the public domain, we are always in a position to make the most of these advances thanks to our inhouse development team. We are also able to engineer modifications to software and hardware should a specific requirement be requested. Our systems carry a 2 year return to manufacturer warranty which can also be extended, and our Technical Department provides installers with the very best in support.


Tel : + 44(0)1306 710120 F ax : + 44(0)1306 713769 E m ai l : s al es @t el guard. c o. uk

Telephone based entry systems using your existing phone. .

www. doorent ry . c o. uk

The ABS T-Bespoke is a high gloss black finish with a backlit silicone keypad. The backlight colour can be changed on site and remotely to 7 different colours! It looks contemporary and is extremely low profile and durable. This system is available with 1 call button and a keypad for coded access with 400 codes. The surface back box is matt black and the system connects to a Hub via a single CAT5. The platform can either be GSM or Landline, whichever suits you best! This product benefits from all of the standard features – well we call them standard! This includes forward dialling up to 8 numbers, a battery backed time clock, 9 timed profiles allowing calls to be sent elsewhere at a certain time and date, automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT) and automatic dimming of the keypad. You can even receive a text from the Telguard to inform you that a door has been opened or somebody has activated a passive device at night! (GSM Only) This product will certainly set you apart from the rest of the houses in the your area! And as ever you benefit from proven Telguard reliability and quality associated with British engineering.

S ui t e 2 , S t anl e y Ho us e , K e l v i n W ay , C r awl e y , W . S us s e x R H1 0 9 S E

Door & Hardware Federation

Raising Standards

Yeoman Rainguard’s XL Aluminium rainwater systems were chosen for Bridge House, a stunning new build property in Norfolk. The owners of the home, David Dunnett & Geoff Wainwright, originally saw Yeoman Rainguard rainwater systems at a London building exhibition. “We were impressed by what we saw on the Rainguard exhibition stand and we were certainly attracted to the XL Aluminium range because of its traditional appearance which was ideal for the style of house we were building.” Explained Mr Dunnett. XL Aluminium 75mm diameter downpipes along with 125 x 100mm MOG gutters, finished in a Black textured polyester powder coating, were installed on the property. The powder coating finish ensures that the pipes and guttering will offer years of maintenance free service and will not be susceptible to colour bleaching.


Style was not the only criteria on the shopping list. An easy to install rainwater system was also a consideration on this new build project. The XL Aluminium gutters with the push fix joint technology, requiring no mechanical fixing, are easy to fit helping to speed up the installation time. Choosing the XL Aluminium range will also get the thumbs up when considering the environment. 95% of the materials used to manufacture the gutters and downpipes are recyclable making it an ecologically sound choice for any building scheme. Yeoman Rainguard can offer free services to their customers such

as samples, site surveys and take offs from architect drawings, helping clients to make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing the right rainwater system for their particular needs. “We found the customer service offered by Yeoman Rainguard faultless and have been so pleased with the products and services that we are going to use them again on our next building project Broomhill Cottage.” Concluded Mr Dunnett. For more information on the whole range of Yeoman Rainguard’s rainwater systems and accessories go to or call the sales team on 0113 279 5854


NEW TX Cast Iron Soil Pipe from Rainguard

T: 0113 279 5854 W: E:

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f oo e t ’ Pr om Firs re H tu ew bric u F r N ‘Fa u e Yo os o Ch

In your mind you can see the space the light the uncluttered lines the personal touches that make it your home. We can see it with clarity and turning it into reality is what we do.

If you have a dream of building your own home then our unique system makes that dream possible. Our service includes budgetting, design, planning permission, building approvals, materials sourcing and the build itself

Freephone T: 0333 001 5128 Individually designed and built, energy efficient homes from Design & Materials. We have over 40 years experience of turning dream homes into real homes.





1 Metre Penetration

TERRAIN AERATION  T: 01449 673783

Is the World Of Signage Turning 100% Digital? By: Pnina Kedar Feldman

Fact #1 – You’re a sign professional; Fact #2 – You’re aware of the growing demand for Digital Signs; Fact #3 – You need to decide whether or not to offer Digital solutions to your customers; Have we got at least two of the three facts correct? If you are nodding your head in agreement then this article has been written with you in mind. Unlike monsters under the bed, the demand for electronic digital signs will not disappear if you close your eyes tightly and wish it away. On the other hand, digital signs are not necessarily suitable for every project and you must give your customers the best solutions for their project requirements. This article mainly attests to the pros and cons vs. this growing trend. If it served in any way to open your eyes to opportunities and disadvantages of various solutions – then it served its purpose. According to a recent interview conducted with Mr. Erez Halivni, CEO of Vista System Group: “The world is definitely going digital, yet, whenever we think that everything has already been said and done, a new trend emerges that takes the business by surprise.” Mr. Halivni estimated that “software based navigational products for interior way finding will step forward in the next years to come; solar signage solutions will also become more prominent; accessibility laws will be strongly reinforced in developed countries and 3D printing techniques will become more widespread. Yet, it is difficult to anticipate a similar phenomenon such as the digital signage, which completely overturned the face of the signage business, as well as LED lighting which replaced the traditional Neon.” In favor of the digital trend now sweeping the market, it would be wise to acknowledge that digital signs are just another upgrade to the basic products in the industry, just like illuminated signs before them. Therefore, any signage business that keeps up with progress should continue to tweak and improve its range of products. For the right reasons, digital signs can be the best, optimal, solution. On the other hand, as Mr. Halivni puts it “when concentrating on cost effectiveness and maintenance issues, I am not so sure digital is the way to go for every project. Rest rooms signs CAN


be digital, yet it would entail unnecessary maintenance, electricity and altogether would not be functional from a design standpoint. Although we at Vista System do offer our clients digital solutions when a project requires them, I can sense that the majority of way finding signage implementations remain static and traditional.” Digital signs can be used in a variety of locations and applications: • Digital directories help developers positioning a premium property or differentiate in a tight market • Most entry areas would benefit from a screen to attract, entertain or inform. • Menu boards enable restaurants to communicate and update product offering in a clear & attractive manner. • Alternative applications including national rollouts, local network for campuses, regional retailer, etc. • Frequently updatable prices / directions / information… POP applications and more. Traditional, static, way finding systems – will most likely remain in use for: • Door signs in large buildings: the sheer quantity and function dictates static signs. • Slider signs for hospitals, clinics and government offices where offices have visiting hours – a simple “open/ closed” or “available/occupied” sign are irreplaceable. • Parking lots and exterior signage surrounding public buildings – these would mostly need LED illuminated signs or solar signs to assist directing and moving crowds through. Digital signs would not be cost effective in such an environment. • Schools and public facilities (which might use also digital signage) would still need a majority of static, vandal proof,

signs for classrooms, corridors and large spaces that cannot be all monitored and controlled. • Movie theaters, convention centers and other venues hosting large crowds, with various lighting requirements, might use some screens with digital information yet the majority of directional signage would have to be static. Finally, keep in mind that your customers live in the same world we do and we are all witnesses to the growing number of screens surrounding us. They may not think of sign shops as the first place to go to and, therefore, it’s your job to present them with digital solutions as part of your product offering. Simply let them know that you have what they need – they will welcome a conversation and a look at what you have to offer. Pnina Kedar Feldman is International Sales and Business Development Manager for Vista System International, For more information, ideas and inspiration visit


Vista's diverse product series provide a perfect signage solution for each project.

Call now to get a free media pack!

Tel: +44 080 0051 8885


The careful management of light to create comfort and style The renovation of a North London Property involved repurposing the existing floor plans in order to incorporate a large open kitchen and dining space. This included the installation of two Flushglaze fixed rooflights.

The couple’s need for a rear extension was to create a minimal, contemporary space that would drive attention to the main focal point of the newly renovated property; a centralised bespoke bocci light.

With such a large space, the challenge here was to make the extension feel as homely as possible; the careful management of light throughout the project helped to achieve a balance of comfort and style.

Structuring a large open space

The large sliding glass doors and glazing above the window seat brings in a continuous stream of natural light, whilst ambient lighting combined with LED lights helps to both warm and dramatize different areas of the extension.

In order to create this unique space, Andrew Mulroy architects suggested rebuilding the current layout and starting from scratch; this would allow them to open up the entire rear section of the house. The extension includes a large kitchen area, dining space and lounge with additional seating areas overlooking the garden. It serves as a multi-purpose living space perfect for entertaining. In order to maximise the view of the garden area beyond the extension, the kitchen was placed to one side with an island segregating this from the rest of the space. The dining area was then positioned centrally with a lounge area behind and window seating to the side. This careful layout ensured that the different sections within the space were clearly defined and that the exterior views could be appreciated from all angles. Management of natural and artificial light


Glazing Vision’s fixed Flushglaze rooflights were specified to contribute to this lighting scheme; two large panes of glass were installed side by side, with a solid section in the centre to suspend the bocci light fitting. The two rooflights, with their flush finish and minimal framework, help to illuminate the scheme by day, whilst the lighting feature at night creates colourful effects that reflect upon both sections of glass. Achievements The project has created an extension that exerts quirkiness and individuality; the client’s idea for a bold red finish to the outer frame of the sliding glass doors further accentuates the central lighting feature against the minimalist creams and whites.

The new space beautifully reflects the client’s lifestyle and provides a space to be enjoyed. To find out more about design considerations for your project, please call our technical department on 01379 353 741 or request a CPD.

Real Marble stones appear to float on a white backlit surface but are actually embedded in perfectly flat sheet glass. One of the hundreds of design ideas produced by Objects in Glass :: :: 01279 418 643

Building, renovating or improving?



A visit to the Homebuilding & Renovating Show, ExCeL London from 25–27 September is a must! Be inspired by the wealth of ideas at the show and discover the latest innovations in technology to hit the market

In-depth Daily Seminars


16+ daily informative seminars from plotfinding to adding space and value to your project

36+ focused masterclasses presented by those that know the products and systems best

Exhibiting 350+ local and national specialist suppliers showcasing 1000’s of products you can see, touch and compare

To get your 2 FREE show tickets worth £36* visit *£36 ticket value based on two standard door price tickets. Tickets valid for one day between 25–27 September. Offer expires 3pm 24 September 2015. Children aged 16 and under go free.


Retrotouch Founded in 2008 by a team of professional electrical product designers, Retrotouch designs all its products in-house to ensure that they are stateof-the-art.

The ‘Simplicity’ range switches and sockets come with a choice of interchangeable covers with sophisticated glass, brushed metal and colour options - all with concealed screws for a perfect finish, and a 10 year warranty for peace-of-mind. Simplicity also offers customisable plates for sockets - and even matching extension leads. The ‘Crystal’ range includes clever options such as ‘touch and remote’ switches and plain glass or chrome-trim finishes. All Retrotouch products can be easily installed within minutes, without the need for expensive electrical re-wiring. Products are all competitively priced, robust and have the designer edge to give that special touch to any interior.

is the UK Company that designs, manufactures and sells innovative electrical products for interior designers, architects and residential and commercial property developers. The Retrotouch range includes lighting solutions – switches and sockets; hotel solutions – thermostats, energy-saver cards; and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi audio speakers which can be used for both commercial and residential applications.

The Retrotouch range comprises three distinct design stories: SIMPLICITY rocker switches, wall sockets and wiring accessories

• • • • •

Launched in 2015, this range offers stylish designs which can be installed in minutes Interchangeable covers; hidden screws; customised plate Choice of 4 colours Prices from £3.99 for a single rocker switch to £6.99 for a double socket 10 year guarantee

BOUTIQUE thermostat controls, hotel energysaver cards/card key and doorbell kits

• •

CRYSTAL switches and sockets • • • • • •

Designer styling to suit both modern and classic interiors Glass finish - white and black options Options of rocker switch, touch switch, remote switches and dimmer switches Matching glass plug sockets Prices from £14.50 1 year guarantee

Hotel door key and energysaver cards Thermostat & underfloor heating controls for commercial and residential homes alike

For further information please contact: 01293 279426 •66•




Retrotouch offers a wide range of contemporary touch switches, sockets and electrical products. Our Simplicity collection offers something new and exciting to the switches and sockets market. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can simply replace the covers at anytime to match your colour scheme. 速

Our Crystal Glass range comes in a stylish white or black glos

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The APOLLO monza aluminium column radiator is a modern contemporary design available in over 80 sizes, both vertical and horizontal. Any bespoke size can be made up on site. Delivery to merchants is within 3 days. Like all apollo radiators it is manufactured in Europe, in this case Italy. The monza aluminium column radiator is ideally suited to low temperature renewable systems, incorporating heat pumps and underfloor heating. Unlike most aluminium radiators it relies on waterways to conduct heat, the design and technology is patented, and also suited to high pressure systems. The monza aluminium column radiator is half the weight of steel column radiators, and available at a similar price. There are 46 colour options available within 7 days, the standard colour being ral 9016 white, available in 3 days. The APOLLO roma classic steel column radiators come in a wide range of sizes. Fusion welded sections manufactured in Italy with the latest technology and 10 year guarantee. Over 150 sizes are available in 3 working days for white and a selection of 46 different colours in 7 days.

APOLLO radiators is one of the leading independent distributors of radiators and towel rails in the UK. At apollo radiators the emphasis is on quality, available from stock. APOLLO radiators distribute throughout the UK to a wide range of independent merchants, as well as the national merchant groups.

modern aluminium radiators suitable for low temperature renewable systems

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Home Designer and Architect - 2015  
Home Designer and Architect - 2015