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MAGAZINE october 2019

Floor renovation on a budget Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of Osmo UK explains how a high-quality finish cuts costs and transforms the existing flooring to keep it looking its best for many years to come.

FLOOR RENOVATION ON A BUDGET Wooden floors are an integral part of the home, an area we use every day, but often neglect. As time passes, wear and tear is inevitable, and floors will begin to look tired and in need of renovation. et with the winter season fast approaching, the desire to brighten up our tired homes is mounting, but the cost of removing an old floor and installing a new one can be extremely high. For customers who are looking for a change, why not suggest refreshing the current surface instead. The smallest flooring touch-up can transform a dull, dark interior into a bright and spacious expanse, eliminating the need to install a new flooring altogether.


Here, Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of Osmo UK provides a solution by explaining how applying a high-quality finish allows customers to cut costs, transform the existing flooring, and keep it looking its best for many years to come.

Natural beauty For many, the reason for installing wooden floors is for the wood’s beautiful, natural aesthetics. It is a good idea to apply a light

protective finish to highlight the wood’s raw beauty and bring warmth back into the room. The wood’s attractive knots and grain will be accentuated, recreating the classic look many crave whilst also protecting the wood’s surface. This appearance can be achieved by using Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original.

Add a splash of colour Creativity in interior design is getting bigger and bolder. The trend of incorporating

colour into the home has been a key feature to the design market in the past few years. New colours and finishes help keep traditional flooring looking contemporary. Osmo Wood Wax Finish range instantly revives any tired looking room by adding a splash of colour to old outdated flooring. Ideal in any living space, this finish would be great specifically for renovation projects in spaces such as a children’s playroom or bedroom, creating an energetic and playful atmosphere.

Silver lining As well as bright colours, grey and silver continue to be at the top of design trends. Once considered drab and depressing, grey has been resurrected to lofty heights in design. Highly versatile, grey flooring adapts well in both contemporary and classic interiors. Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints Graphite 3074 brings sophistication and glamour to any room, the contrast of grey flooring with different colours on the wall or furniture accentuates the room’s vibrancy bringing the room to life.

Protect The distinctive markings and natural characteristics of wood are what make the material so popular. Even when the most natural appearance is desired, it is important to protect the wood to ensure its longevity. As a natural product, wood continues to need nourishment to ensure it stays in the best possible condition, both aesthetically and structurally. For best results, a wax-/oil-based finish, full of natural properties, will not only enhance the wood’s performance, but will also replenish the material’s natural oils to retain the wood’s integrity. Osmo Wood Protector 4006 retains all the natural properties of the wood, keeping it breathable, elastic and attractive, giving added water, dirt and stain resistance allowing you to enjoy your new summer flooring all year round.

Products in Practice Floor maintenance specialist, Conrad Park turned to Osmo UK when renovating and refreshing an existing oak floor in a family kitchen. Thanks to its hardwearing properties and aesthetically pleasing finish, Polyx®-Oil was the ideal choice to rejuvenate the room in the heart of the home.

When the client requested a timeless appearance that would refresh and protect the wooden floor in the kitchen, Conrad Park recognised that two coats of Osmo UK Polyx®Oil Effect Raw 3044 would create the desired result. Preparation of the three-day project began with 60 grit sanding, before abrading with a mesh disc on 120 grit. The floor was then thoroughly vacuumed to remove the residual of dust before applying the finish. Due to Osmo UK finishes being very viscid, and containing both oil and wax, the wood absorbs the finish to provide a smooth surface, resulting in the extra level of sanding not being required. Conrad Park applied the natural finish with an Osmo UK microfibre roller. For the hard to reach areas, including the edges, corners and under the kitchen island, Conrad Park opted for an Osmo UK flat brush. The finish was applied thinly, using just under two 2.2L to achieve the desired look. “Osmo UK is by far my favourite wood finish to use both internally and externally” explains Conrad. “It’s incredibly easy to apply, gives the floor a natural look, protects the surface against spillages, and most important, is easy to maintain.”

For more information on Osmo and its range of environmentally friendly wooden products and finishes, call Osmo UK direct on 01296 481220 or alternatively visit


PoolLock Safety Covers

PoolLock Slatted Covers


With over 30 years of experience, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic and manual safety covers, automatic slatted covers and heat pumps for swimming pools. Thousands of satisfied customers in Britain over the past 10 years bear testament to the quality, service and reliability of PoolLock products. In 2013, PoolLock opened its first UK production facility in Gatwick, London, with installation teams that are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The result: even better service and faster delivery times for our UK customers.

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Hindmans Road -Sketch Architects traditional brick detailing, a zinc standing seam roof and sleek modern glazing, give it a distinct but familiar appearance. The brickwork detailing is the perhaps the most striking feature of the external elevation and the use of different brick bonds and patterns have been used to add depth to the façade. Sketch worked closely with the bricklayers on site to realise their desired details and despite some protestation from the tradesman, they excelled themselves with what they achieved. Specialist brick slip products were also used to create brick soffit details around key openings. The zinc standing seam roofing and cladding is used as a nod to the more traditional grey slate tiles that are seen on the neighbouring Victorian buildings. The zinc has also been used to clad the front bay window of the property, again a contemporary representation of the neighbouring brick built and stucco rendered bays.

Sketch Architects have recently complete completed a new build flatted development in East Dulwich, London. The scheme involved the demolition of an existing single dwelling of poor quality and the construction of a new property containing three independent flats. The existing house was awkwardly positioned on the site and incongruous within the street scene being set back and substantially smaller than its neighbours. The client, WNA Properties, presented Sketch Architects with the challenge of creating a new in-fill property that maximised the development potential of the site.


Sketch Architects wanted to create a contemporary building that blended into the existing street with siting and scale designed to reinstate the terrace. The scale and proportions are very similar to its neighbours, but the contemporary use of

To the rear, the building is sympathetically stepped in a series of terraces that angle away from the neighbours, the form is designed to maximise the internal envelope whilst minimising the impact on the views and amenity of the neighbours. The project shows that small scale architectural development can be exciting and innovative whilst still creating a harmonious street scene. Internally the layout focuses on creating spaces which are bathed in natural daylight. The use of larger than normalsized windows in all spaces creates views through the building and increases the connection with the outside. The internal fit out was created on a strict budget and although simple, a crisp, contemporary and high quality finish has been created. The project also achieves good environmental credentials with the building fabric being designed to be highly thermally efficient, airtight and utilising MVHR technology.

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Mexican Housing Lab MOS, the New York-based architecture firm led by Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample, has masterplanned a community of prototypical low-income dwellings that respond to Mexico’s nine climatic zones. A total of 32 structures, including schemes by Zeller & Moye and Dellekamp/Schleich, are presented, with Esrawe Studio commissioned to design the furniture used throughout the interiors. In addition to masterplanning the community, MOS has also designed the exhibit’s linear welcome center. Acknowledging the proximity of its site to the United States, this proposal combines the typological characteristics of standard rural dwellings with (US) American one-level, portico-fronted dwellings toward a new hybrid type. (Local vernacular elements and building materials like rammed-earth block are maintained.) Oriented with its main entry and openings facing south and with all services concentrated along its northern face, the proposed unit is divided into two volumes, one public and one private. Progressive expansion of this unit can occur from either of these spheres, increasing private space following the birth of a child or increasing public space following successful business endeavors. A generous height of 3.25 meters expands the apparent dimension of all interior spaces.

The project’s primary element—or its main visual and spatial element—is its split wall. Planned as a compact variation of a dogtrot house, its initial unit is clearly organized into two volumes, one public/living and one private/sleeping. Placing its entry at this split, on a windowless facade, the project has a clear front; its rear, by contrast, is almost entirely open to the landscape. All growth extends this original split, or else creates another running perpendicular to the first.


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Building a modular future PVCu windows and doors manufacturer, Euramax, has released an infographic explaining modular building and the reason this construction method is increasing across the UK. Modular building is the process of pre-fabricating parts of a building offsite, before they are transported to the construction site. Modules, or individual parts of a building such as walls, windows, doors and rooms are manufactured in a controlled environment, in preparation for on-site assembly. This method of construction is becoming increasingly popular in the industry to help support the increasing UK housing shortage. “Modular construction has huge potential to revive the UK housing industry”, said Nick Cowley, managing director of Euramax. “It’s estimated that around 300,000 homes need to be built every year until 2025 to meet demand but the industry is struggling to keep up. “Prefabricating homes could prove to be the quickest way to provide the number of houses the government needs to reduce the housing shortage. Not only are modular builds up to 30% cheaper due to reduced labour and material costs, but they can also be completed 50% faster than traditional methods of construction,” continued Cowley. “With this new infographic, we want highlight the benefits of modular construction and encourage more developers to take this approach. “Chancellor Philip Hammond has committed to the UK using its purchasing power to drive the adoption of modular build technology in 2019. Modular build leaders must drive adoption by remaining ahead of the needs of the industry market and by working together, we can share knowledge, experience and innovation to support the UK economy in the future”, added Cowley. With over 65 years manufacturing experience, Euramax operates from a 205,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility in South Yorkshire, manufacturing windows and doors for the modular build, caravan and holiday home, DIY and retail sectors.


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Mosaic Apartments Colour brightens up Sydney’s historic precinct; Mosaic Building by Tony Owen Partners Typically, Sydney’s southern Sussex Street precinct is the home of historic masonry warehouse buildings. But a new apartment building by Tony Owen Partners seeks to fit in by making a colourful statement. Mosaic, just completed, is a 14 Storey mixed use residential/ commercial building. It consists of a 4 storey retail/commercial podium with 37 units above. The façade is dominated by a mosaic of angled window bays in a palette of bright colours to liven up the quiet street. This façade has an environmental purpose. The window bays are angled to maximise the light to units. The site is surrounded by tall buildings and has limited northerly aspect. TOP used parametric modelling to calculate the angles and direction of the sun at different times of the day, and directed the angle of the windows accordingly. In this way the technology makes possible a residential building which, otherwise would not have been possible on this site. The Mosaic effect is reinforced by the use of coloured side panels which frame the windows and enhance the facets. The masonry

podium is similarly uses parametric geometry to reinforce the historic streetscape. The main incorporates large areas of off-form concrete which compliments the masonry entry portals and the ceiling is made of back-lit glass to dramatically bring additional light to the space. A feature wall reinterprets the faceted geometry in illuminated sandstone. The lobby includes a café/bar which further enlivens the space. The result is a highly sculptural yet contextual in-fill building.


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High-contrast Bathrooms René Richter opened his restaurant in Stuttgart’s city centre in 2019. For the planning, design and execution of the bathrooms he commissioned Wahl in collaboration with interior designer Sabine Schneider. The client wished to incorporate the grey tones prevailing in the restaurant area into the sanitary area. The furnishings are thus characterised by light/dark contrasts. All the walls have a finely structured vinyl carpet surface from Schanbacher. Freestanding washbasins made of solid surface material from Rexa and non-contact fittings from Vola in matt black were also used. The WCs and urinals made of matt, white-glazed ceramic from Flaminia are colour-coordinated with the washbasins. The soap and paper dispensers integrated into the mirror were created in a carpenter’s workshop.

Plan for Salford’s tallest skyscraper Hong Kong-based developer One Heritage Property Developments aims to start construction next year, subject to planning. Designed by OMI Architects, the tower to be called One Heritage will be built on a car park site at Greengate near Renaker’s 44-storey Anaconda Cut. It will provide a mix of over 544 one, two and three bedrooms, as well as duplexes and penthouses and is already being marketed in China. The building will also feature a rooftop garden, pavilion, gym and a library. Extensive public realm works are also planned around the tower to open a publicly accessible route from the historic heart of Greengate to the existing river Irwell walkway. •8•

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The Solid Wood Flooring Company:

Supplying The Future The Solid Wood Flooring Company manufactured a value engineered wood floor to meet the exact requirement and specification of our client, the Manhattan Loft Corporation.

hey are the developers who brought loft living to London and behind Chiltern Firehouse and St Pancras Hotel, Manhattan Loft Gardens is a 42-storey, double-cantilevered skyscraper that is introducing a new way of hospitality, seamlessly merging short term stays with long-term hotel living.


Born from an aspiration to create a community of like-minded people interested in a social lifestyle, the building’s architecture has been propelled by a vision of social potency that is designed to encourage spontaneous interaction.


The 146-room design hotel occupies the first seven storeys followed by a fluid composition of 248 single and double-height loft apartments stretching to the 42nd floor. Individually designed by Parisian duo, Studio KO, each living space is beautifully proportioned and immaculately finished to common values of clarity, beauty and comfort. Combining world-class architecture, design, hospitality and art, it features three sky gardens with unparalleled views over London, outstanding dining offerings, Loft apartments and a hotel designed by Space Copenhagen.

Nominated for project of the year at the Building Awards, the Manhattan Loft Gardens offers an exceptional standard of living. To be a part of this project was a great honour to fulfil the requirement of 14,000 m2 of wood flooring we provided.

Design Brief for the wood floor: The design brief was to create a band sawn finished floor that looked “Unfinished” with a high-quality UV cured oiled surface for total protection. Included in this was a price point so that all budgetary constraints could be met without sacrificing quality.


The boards are unique and unusual, being cross band sawn to create a textured finish that looks natural like the old boards in loft conversions. This matched the ethos the client was trying to achieve in both look and finish. Our quotation came in 20% less than any other quote they had received, making us the natural choice to provide a balance of both quality and style at a great price. They could see how we are a cost-effective supplier for any architecture or interior design project. The code for the product used in the project is TW E781 and our images display the project in progress and then the finished result.

Please let us know if we can help with any of your projects by calling 01666 504015 ir visiting us at


Floors & Flooring

PROJECT FLOORS distils 20 years of passion into new extended collections For 20 years, project floors has offered the highest quality design flooring to architects and interior designers. t has been two decades of passion, uncompromising quality, and delivering authentic representations of wood, stone and ceramics to clients. To mark this milestone, project floors presents many new products that further improves quality, visual appearance, and both finish and installation options. Their first collection only featured 22 wood effects and 29 tiles, but now they offer the widest range on the market with over 300 finishes.


Design flooring has transitioned from a niche item to a mainstream construction product, and project floors has led the innovation. Their highly successful ‘herringbone’ collection has been extended with six patterns in the french herringbone format, chevron, which are slanted at an angle of 60º. These new installation and design options evoke the appearance


of parquet floors found in 17th century stately homes. Six new patterns with a grout line are also available, where the planks are supplied in three widths. The bevel in the planks is cut as far as its central layer to give a rustic wooden floorboards aesthetic as well as tactility. As well as the wide and almost limitless variety of designs, their flexibility of installation is another key reason for project floors’ esteemed reputation. Their hard-wearing and easy-to-clean flooring designs – available in different color combinations – can be tailor fitted to any interior project, from private residences through to office, hospitality

and more. Architects can use their personal online services to visualize options for projects in real-time. This ensures the product matches the desires of the client and completes the interior setting. First unveiled in 2018, the new ‘click collection 2.0’ Echoes the increasing demands for floating floor designs. With multiple color and texture options, the range has been extended to 32 finishes in total with 24 boards and eight tiles. The designs, available with 0.3Mm and 0.55Mm wear layers, are provided with a synchronized pattern embossed.

World Beating Adhesive Technology

For Every Flooring


THE UK’S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF FLOORING ADHESIVES F. Ball’s specialist range of industry leading flooring adhesives provides solutions for every installation from temperature extremes with the highly innovative Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS to adhesive technology for textile, resilient and wood flooring. F. Ball has adhesive recommendations for over 5000 floorcoverings from 200 leading floorcovering manufacturers. F. Ball is renowned for quality, innovation and technical know how. For videos and indepth technical information visit our website at


F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Tel: 01538 361 633 • email: • web: Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7RS, UK

Floors & flooring

Havwoods Bespoke:

A Concept, Not A Collection Bringing Art To Life, With Wood That Works Havwoods Bespoke is a premium service created to help architects and interior designers achieve their exact desired effects, without having to compromise on style or quality. The service allows customers to build their ideal floor of any size, colour or pattern. Colours, textures, shapes and widths can all be made to match any requirements, from simple changes to the Havwoods stock products to completely unique styles – almost anything is possible. From intricately designed parquet patterns and multi-tonal wood formations, to exquisite inlaid sections of brass and steel, the options are endless when it comes to creating a custom floor covering. Once fabricated, these individual panels can be used across a whole floor scheme for dramatic effect or placed as a single feature when laid with coordinating planks from the Havwoods engineered collection. Additionally, Bespoke is not limited to the floor as wood can be utilised in many ways within a design scheme, including walls, ceilings, tables, cupboards, chairs and floors. Havwoods has the wood that works. Slip resistance, light reflection, and many other specifications and certifications can also be considered when working with the Bespoke service. Havwoods encourages customers to consider their branding, as logos and other brand elements can be incorporated into the design, with dimensions specified to suit all situations and budgets.


Sublime inlaid panels provide an idea of how contemporary the traditional craft of inlaying can be, and just how customisable Havwoods Bespoke can be. Made from wenge and brass, walnut and steel, stone and wood, or any other combination, one metre square can create a beautiful wooden top suitable for a number of purposes including flooring and tabletops. Bringing art to life, inlaid panels create real talking points in stunning interior spaces. The dedicated Havwoods Bespoke team offers a fast turnaround of quotations, usually within 24 hours. Working with the world’s best producers and sourcing sustainable wood, the team is ready to take the most challenging ideas and turn them into a realistic commercial proposition. Havwoods’ innovative Bespoke solution produces the desired pattern at the mill as fully finished engineered panels; a significantly quicker and more practical process, ensuring a superior finish within a controlled environment. No design is too extravagant for the Havwoods Bespoke team, so put their creativity and expertise to the test with a unique flooring design.

WOOD FOR LIVING Floorstock Ltd are one of the most respected and recognised names in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products and brands to our customers. Available exclusively from Floorstock Ltd, we bring you Whiteriver Flooring. Selecting only the finest hardwoods and combining them with precision multi-layer construction, Whiteriver Floors are a high quality choice for your floors. The natural look of a solid wood floor with the extra stability provided by the engineered construction, you truly experience the best of both worlds with a Whiteriver Engineered Wood Floor. Available in a large range of styles and species, there is something to suit every home and design taste.

Call Floorstock at 01455 234400 to find out more about Whiteriver Flooring.

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GRAND DESIGNS LIVE PRESENTS DYNAMIC GRAND THEATRE LINE-UP FOR NEC SHOW Grand Designs Live will return to Birmingham’s NEC from 9 – 13 October 2019, welcoming an amazing showcase of the latest innovations, trends and all-new products across each of the five sectors of the show, which span Build, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gardens and Interiors. Set over 5 days, this unique event is a mustvisit for anyone looking to gather information and learn about the world of interiors, design and self-build. isitors to the show can hear from a variety of industry experts at the Grand Theatre, sponsored by Go Ultra Low, where an engaging line-up of talks will take centre stage across all days of the show; with seminars ranging from architecture to interior design, to adding value to existing homes and much more. While the Design & Build Forum will host an array of industry experts ready to advise on various aspects of every home project, from kitchen and lighting design to a guide to getting planning permission.


Daily sessions at the Grand Theatre, will include ‘Meet The Grand Designers’; presented by different home owners from the new 2019 series of the popular TV series on which the exhibition is based; visitors will be able to engage with the Grand Designers as they discuss the trials, tribulations and triumphs that their ambitious self-build projects presented. Grand Designers who will be at the show will include Angela Mastropietro, who’s cave house featured on Kevin’s Grandest Design, along with Paul and Amy Wilkinson, who’s Celtic-inspired timber framed roundhouses feature in the latest series of the TV show. Each day the Grand Designers will also take part in ‘Self Build Simplified’, where they will be joined on stage by a panel of our industry experts for a dynamic discussion exploring various aspects of their self-build projects; covering


INDUSTRY news everything from architecture, to project management, to building materials and everything in between. Visitors keen to undertake projects, whether big or small, can hear from our panel of experts including the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), hosted by Kunle Barker, as they discuss ‘Working With Architects’ and how they can add value to projects and property, and join Kunle for a step by

improvements that you can do in a day or a week. Visitors can also learn about the rising trend for electric cars and how our homes are changing to accommodate electric vehicles, in a panel hosted by Kevin McCloud; ‘Electric cars and carbon neutral homes’. For budding interior designers, ‘Meet H&M HOME’ is a talk not to be missed! H&M Home are one of the leading home accessories brands to burst onto the high street and the Concept Designer Guilleaume Vaillant, talks through the H&M Home journey with Grand Designs magazine Editor Karen Stylianides and reveals what’s hot for 2020 in interiors and where where Guilleaume and the team

step guide to Self Build in his seminar ‘Road Map to Self Build, for those with a potential renovation or extension in mind, Kunle will also head a panel to talk ‘Extensions’ and debate open plan living, kitchen design, space and value. Kevin McCloud will head up a panel of Simon McWhirter, of HAB Housing, Sally Tagg, NaCSBA representative and Managing Director of Foxley Tagg Planning along with Chartered Financial Advisor Mary Riley to discuss ‘Modern Methods of

Construction’, and how they can improve business efficiency, quality, customer satisfaction, environmental performance, sustainability and the predictability of delivery timescales, making renovation and build a more viable option for many. While an expert panel, Award winning Inside out architect Tarek Merlin of Feix & Merlin Architects and Kunle Barker, will discuss ‘Curb Appeal’, and how making a great first impression is key, discussing simple, low-cost curb appeal

go to for inspiration. Join a panel of interior design experts and industry leaders including Jenny Gibbs, Principle of the KLC School of Design, Karen Stylianides Editor of Grand Designs Magazine, and BIID President Harriet Forde. As they discuss how the catwalk has a major impact on our interiors and the influences it has on our personalities in ‘Catwalk to Coffee Table’. After this, discover the winner of the Under The Stairs competition, and hear from judges Kevin McCloud, Jenny Gibbs and Harriet Forde, along with the designers themselves about their submissions.

With more seminars and presenters due to be announced, the timetables for both the Grand Theatre and the Design & Build Forum are shaping up to be the most exciting and informative yet. Grand Designs Live will return to the NEC from 9 - 13 October 2018;

Visitors can expect invaluable inspiration and instruction on everything from renovations to home builds, decorating and much more.


Heating,Ventilation & Energy Efficiency

Rinnai announces launch of the trust partnership with installer network Rinnai, a global leader in heating and hot water units & systems for both commercial and residential sites, has announced the launch of the Trust Partnership with the formation of an installer network specifically for its domestic product range, the Zen & Zen Plus. The installer domestic partnership network will be offered to all bona fide, Gas Safe registered, installers of residential heating and hot water units and systems. The launch is complementary to the recent introduction of the Rinnai Zen and Zen Plus domestic heating hot water system. “This is our response to the advent of online direct sales platforms and companies where the installer is working to a rigid formula and facing downward price pressures on their rates. All sites and installations are unique in their own way


and we want to create a domestic installer network - a Trust Partnership - where quality and price are the criteria. Not just price being the first, last and everything about a job. “In the Zen and Zen Plus we have a quality concept backed by high performance products and we want to work with those installers who aim to work at the mid to top end of the market, rather than scramble around the price-driven lower ends of the industry,” says Rinnai Managing Director, Tony Gittings.

The Rinnai Trust Partnership will include comprehensive training and real-time instant-response technical support. “We will also be initiating a complete programme of benefits - including liveried work clothing, suitable for all the seasons, plus individualised marketing and business support,” adds Tony Gittings. Rinnai, global leaders in continuous flow hot water heating products and systems, recently introduced the Zen and Zen Plus home hot water & heating

Heating,Ventilation & Energy Efficiency

system which marries established and proven manufacture durability with new technologies to offer great energy efficiencies, user control and, importantly, unparalleled level of comfort.

aiming to serve a market sector previously overlooked and almost ignored - the provision of luxury levels of hot water at affordable sums to the middle and top end of the marketplace.

The Rinnai Zen and Zen Plus system will increase comfort and reduce energy usage whilst also providing a highly economic solution for today’s changing marketplace.

“Another major difference with the Rinnai Zen & Zen Plus is that the route to market is with installers. We are committed to working with installers as our route to market. The installer is still the major player and, in our view, always will be.”

“Our core expertise is the mass production of long-term reliable combustion products with advanced technologies – we are a global leader and make over 2 million water heating units every year for domestic, residential and commercial applications. We have been researching and monitoring the UK domestic heating market for several years and would only launch when we had a proven system. That time is now, and we are offering hot water heating units together with a superior performance combi boiler in 24, 29 and 35-kW outputs”, says Chris Goggin, head of Rinnai UK operations. “We are not launching into the mass UK boiler market – that is, in our view, a saturated and oversubscribed market which is in the throes of a major upheaval in its structure due to the advent of online direct sales platforms. We are offering something very different. And we are

Some of the features of Zen & Zen Plus are: IOT controller as standard; Fast heating mode; DHW pre-heat function - saving wasted water; Energy monitor function allows user to monitor energy usage; flue runs up to 30 meters, Rinnai boiler App for android and IOS; constant temperature-accurate hot water delivery at continuous flow rates. There is also smart Wi-Fi controller and App benefits; The Rinnai app seamlessly connects to the controller in the property; the user can control the boiler remotely adjusting temperature, setting weekly and daily programmes, receiving alarm functions, monitor energy usage and set limits. The Wi-Fi and boiler controller also uses GPS from the user’s mobile to bring on the heat when you are getting close to home to ensure the house is warm when you arrive.

Rinnai Zen & Zen Plus is available for use with both natural gas and LPG. Rinnai UK will be launching this innovation plus several other cutting-edge appliances during 2019. The Rinnai Corporation was founded in Nagoya, Japan in 1819 and today operates in 17 nations and regions around the world with sales of kitchen appliances, air conditioners, hot water heating & home heating units in over 80 countries. Says Rinnai UK Managing Director Tony Gittings, “The company has evolved and developed into a group that produces a diversity of products and services that directly benefit ordinary people in their daily lives. “Our policy is to help enrich the lives of people in local communities by providing optimal solutions that fit the lifestyle culture, climate conditions, and the energy situation of each country around the world. The three-year period is aiming at connecting the first century to the next one. The theme will be named, ‘Connected in passion for the next 100 years.” This follows the other significant corporate developments on the global presence of Rinnai - the issuing of a new logo and a new brand statement – ‘A Healthier Way of Living’.





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0330 300 4444

Heating,Ventilation & Energy Efficiency To alleviate the very real problems of noise, keeping sound and air pollution outside, Vectaire has three new models in its vertical whole house heat recovery range. The Midi, Maxi and Maxi Plus are now available with integral acoustic attenuation lined with superior sound deadening materials for really low sound levels and tested by BRE. Sound pressure levels are down to <5.0, <5.0 and 6.9 dBA respectively. They are easy to install – nothing extra is required other than the unit itself – they are the quietest, lightest and smallest on the market. Efficiency, performance and economy remain the same as the standard models. “BY-AT” models incorporate summer bypass and frost protection, and commissioning is via an integral LCD. Windows can be kept firmly closed while these MVHRs provide energy efficient ventilation and a comfortable environment. Products are SAP PCDB Listed and manufactured in our own factory in the UK to ISO 9001. Vectaire offers a design service ensuring units are installed in the best possible way to provide efficient, effective, low energy and very economic ventilation. Vectaire can also organise installation, commissioning and maintenance of these products and can supply all necessary accessories. All Vectaire’s residential ventilation is detailed in the latest Low Energy Catalogue.

You can have it all with Speedheat Creating an airy, open space for living calls for clean lines and minimum fuss – but you also need to keep cosy. Speedheat electric underfloor heating can help to achieve it all. Installed with minimum disruption and no noticeable build up in floor height, Speedheat’s system is invisible under your choice of final floor finish. It is ideal for new build, renovation and redesign projects and comes complete with state of the art, unobtrusive controls. Speedheat spells the end to ugly radiators or trailing cables, with nothing to spoil the view.






Switch to an Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump The Renewable Heating Alternative





The Renewable Heating Alternative An Ecodan air source heat pump upgrades freely available heat energy from the air and transfers it inside the home to provide hot water and heating for your radiators or underfloor heating.

• Receive an average of £7,000* in payments over 7 years with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. • Replace your oil system and say goodbye to: Oil price rises, waiting in for deliveries, eyesore tanks, oil smells, leaks and oil theft. • Ecodan is low maintenance, easy to install, and only requires electric and water connections.

Find out how you can switch to Ecodan

0800 852 7771 *The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI) is a Government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. People who join the scheme and register receive quarterly payments for seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat it’s estimated their system produces. Homeowners who have their Ecodan installed by an MCS-Accredited heating engineer or plumber are eligible to apply for RHI payments. An average RHI payment of £7,000 is based on an three bedroom home with a heating and hot water demand of 15,000kWh. Payments are calculated on an individual assessment basis and can be higher or lower than that stated. Search #ecodan

Heating,Ventilation & Energy Efficiency

Development of 20 New Homes in Cambridgeshire Installed with Panasonic Aquarea Air Source Heat Pumps ith sustainability and quality high on the agenda for this new modern development in popular March, Cambridgeshire, making the right choices through intensive research for all elements in the specification throughout the properties, was very important to the developer.


Marcel Cooper, Construction Director of James Developments commented, “We find that today’s prospective purchasers are far more aware of environmental issues, emissions and the need for their homes to be sustainable. Purchasers increasingly look for cleaner, greener homes and are far more mindful of potential running costs. By comparison,


Spire View, a development of 20 new executive four and five-bedroom homes in the market town of March in Cambridgeshire by James Development Co Ltd, has been equipped by Panasonic distributor Oceanair with renewable Panasonic Aquarea Monobloc air to water heat pumps to supply heating and domestic hot water to each home. we installed air source heat pumps in a development of 36 homes about ten years ago but then, purchasers were not aware of the benefits and economies that air source heat pumps offered although they were all very pleased with the way the homes functioned once they had moved in. Now, information online and in the media has made the average purchaser visiting site today more aware

that air source heat pumps are a desirable way to provide renewable heating.” Tony Holland - Southern Area Account Manager for Oceanair added, “Following the initial decision to go with the Panasonic systems, we had various meetings with all parties to agree on all aspects of choosing the correctly sized system and position of each individual

Heating,Ventilation & Energy Efficiency install at Spire View, deliveries to suit the progress of the development and full training for all the engineers working on this side of the project. This has been a team effort between Oceanair and Panasonic from day one when we witnessed the archaeological dig on site through to the installation of each system in the fully built residential estate and the final result of a very satisfied customer which we always strive to achieve and gives the most satisfaction”. Spire View consists of 20 new high end executive four and five bedroom homes, with the four bedroom homes having one en-suite and a family bathroom while the five bedroom homes have three en-suites and a family bathroom so the adoption of large, high efficiency Panasonic Aquarea hot water storage tanks is the ideal way to provide a constant and abundant supply of domestic hot water for the occupants. The Aquarea Monobloc is extremely energy efficient with a COP of 5.08 for the new 5kW range, is very quiet in operation and offers a superb and sustainable alternative to traditional boilers with zero emissions at point of use and a lower carbon cost than mains gas, oil, LPG and direct electric. Furthermore, all residents will benefit from reduced heating and hot water bills. Marcel further went on to explain “after comparing the benefits and costs of air source heat pumps with a traditional gas

boiler solution and the attendant cost of bringing a gas main into the site and installing all the service ducts and meter boxes etc., we came to the conclusion that air sourced heat pumps were more cost effective and beneficial for us, as the developer, for our purchasers and most importantly, for the environment. Furthermore, we researched air sourced heat pumps currently available, often dealing with manufacturers directly but ultimately we were guided by Tony Holland at Oceanair, whose personal and attentive service, market knowledge and in depth product awareness led us to specify the Panasonic system which offered the optimum balance of high energy performance, perceived quality, an internationally trusted brand, good and approachable technical back up, advanced technology and a fair price. Tony Holland of Oceanair further commented, “It is important, when buying a heat pump, to choose a reputable manufacturer who will provide a quality service, a comprehensive warranty and provide proper guidance about the buying and installation of heat pumps. The initial outlay of a sustainable heating system may be slightly higher, however buying from a reputable manufacturer will ensure a high-quality, long life product, low maintenance costs and the peace of mind that you’ve made an optimised investment. A reputable manufacturer will also have the confidence in their products

to offer a comprehensive warranty, such as Panasonic’s seven-year warranty*1.” Tony Lathey, Panasonic’s UK Air to Water Pre-Sales Manager further added “Up to 80%*2 of the energy generated by air source heat pump comes from the air, with electricity making up the remaining 20%, so not only is this an extremely cost-effective alternative, but it is also environmentally friendly. With increasingly volatile energy prices, an air source heat pump is a great option to reduce overall energy bills by up to 60% (when compared to fossil fuel alternatives).” The Aquarea Mono-bloc line-up can maintain the heat pump output capacity until -15ºC outdoor temperature without the help of an electrical booster heater. The range is designed and produced by Panasonic and among the technologies listed on the International Energy Agency (IEA) Blue Map, whose goal is to reduce CO2 emissions to half the levels emitted in 2005, by the year 2050. The Spire View Development is nearing completion (July 2019) with many of the homes now ready to move into. To get in touch with James Developments please go to For more information on Panasonic air source heat pumps, please visit


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RINNAI 1600i GAS-FIRED WATER HEATERS DELIVERING ENERGY AND COST EFFICIENCY Now available is Rinnai’s ErP A-rated Infinity 1600 range of continuous flow condensing gas fired water heaters, designed to deliver the most energy efficient and cost competitive hot water heating units to any UK site or application. innai manufactures over 2 million hot water heating units each year and so can offer advantageous cost savings for installers and end users. The units are probably the most competitively priced type of their kind currently available to the UK sector.


The company’s low-NOx Infinity HDC 1600i models utilise Rinnai’s patented pre-mix burner technology with a 14-1 turn down ratio – the largest on the market – of 58.4kw-4.05kw with extremely quiet operation. Integral controls on the units enable the water heater to achieve


Heating,Ventilation & Energy Efficiency high efficiencies whether locally or integrated into a building management system. In reducing Legionella proliferation, Rinnai has developed additional ‘SMART’ controls for secondary return DHW systems in the form of an advanced temperature control system which allows for safe running of water at 42°C core temperature during the day and 60°C overnight.

Another Rinnai innovation addresses an age-old industry problem with hot water delivery - lime scale build-up. The company’s integrated scale control system is an innovative solution and comes in the form of an LC (lime check) code on the display of the controller. Ultimately, ongoing use with hard water may shorten the lifespan of conventional water heating appliances and systems. To safeguard against this Rinnai units continually self-monitor for lime scale deposits around the heat exchanger. If a lime scale build-up is identified, a message is sent to the built-in interface panel on the front of the appliance. The message is displayed as ‘LC’, which alerts the homeowner to contact a Rinnai service agent to perform a lime scale flush to clear the potentially harmful deposits. The industry uptake of Rinnai’s series of low-NOx high efficiency products is that continuous flow heater systems are proven to be more energy efficient than conventional storage systems and are increasingly the experts’ preferred method of hot water provision. Rinnai units easily cater for any size projects that need high volumes of water at intermittent times of day. The Rinnai Infinity 1600i offers condensing technology with up to 107% gross efficiency, ultra-low-NOx of less than 20 ppm, a widely expansive modulation range of 54kW-4kW and high flow rates of 37/ltr/min. Add to these benefits, the peace of mind of an extended warranty, a top A-rating exceeding the demands of eco-labelling legislation, and the knowledge that the HDC1600 is future-proofed against future regulatory and legislative changes.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit



Housebuilder and social enterprise develop innovative modular housing design •28•

mbitious North East housebuilder Homes by Carlton is trialling an innovative modular house type that could have a major impact on the new homes market and the environment.


The County Durham-based property developer is currently building two of the new designs on its latest new homes site at Cathedral Gates, a mix of 14 three and four-bed detached and semi-detached homes at Chilton, eight miles from Durham City. These new-style designs – called CoreHaus – will significantly reduce construction times, build costs and have less impact on the environment than more traditional

homes. They offer the flexible combination of being part modular, with a standard, engineered core, that can then be configured to different sizes. While different in the build stage, CoreHaus, looks the same as the more traditionally built homes at Cathedral Gates. All properties are built to the same exacting standards, combining hand-built craftsmanship, character and a high attention to detail. Simon Walker, managing director at Homes by Carlton, said: “The CoreHaus looks no different to the traditional house types once fully built. Interiors can be the same and exteriors will use the same block and brick. It’s just a more modern way of building that should be kinder to the environment and have energy benefits for the homebuyer.”

INDUSTRY news CoreHaus is a joint-venture company between Carlton & Co Group, the parent company behind Homes by Carlton, and national social enterprise Fusion21, specialists in public procurement for the built environment. It is hoped that once trialled and tested the CoreHaus designs will offer a different approach to tackling the shortage of innovative, affordable housing in Britain. Simon Walker added: “It is well-known that there’s a huge shortage of high quality, and affordable homes in the North East and other areas of the UK. That’s why we recently returned to the housing market to deliver high quality homes in attractive locations around the region. “CoreHaus homes are designed to make it easier and more cost-effective for developers to deliver environmentally efficient homes with a unique design and contemporary feel. They’re larger than many new three-bedroom homes on the market and we believe offer a higher standard of finish than many traditional house types being built elsewhere.” The principles of the CoreHaus comprise a modular core including a pre-finished kitchen, downstairs toilet, staircase, bathroom and central heating system being manufactured offsite before being delivered to the development. This is then followed by the external walls and roof being constructed to reduce build time. Simon Walker added: “While these first prototypes sees CoreHaus develop the modular core on site, the long term vision

is that the core will be developed offsite as we progress with the product in the North East.” Assembled in factory-controlled conditions, this energy-efficient housing ‘pod’ can help reduce onsite construction time by 50%, increase flexibility in the design of the home and cut CO2 emissions. Two homes on the recently launched Cathedral Gates scheme at Chilton are being built to CoreHaus standards, while others are planned for future developments at other sites throughout the North East. It is envisaged that CoreHaus and other innovations will help to ramp up muchneeded activity in the housing market. England has a shortage of around 3.91 million homes, according to research from Heriot-Watt University – meaning 340,000 new homes need to be built each year until 2031. This figure is significantly higher than the government’s original target of 300,000 new homes a year. Dave Neilson, chief executive of Fusion21, said: “Currently 340,000 new homes are needed to be built each year to meet government targets. At current development rates these shortfalls will not be met. A transformational approach is required to ensure we can support this demand – and that’s where CoreHaus can help. “Our unique construction method delivers faster build times and makes it economically viable for developers while greatly reducing environmental impacts.”

For further information, visit:,, and


Bathrooms & Washrooms

Demista® The®hidden Luxury

Demista The Hidden Luxury The Luxury items that first catch your eye in the bathroom

The items that firstrain catch your eye in the bathroom could be the gold taps, the amazing rain could Luxury be the gold taps, the amazing shower, the marble tiles or the creative lighting. tiles But theor hidden that lighting. But the hidden luxury that every bathroom or Enshower, the marble the luxury creative every bathroom or En- suite cannot do without is the heated suite cannot do without is the heated mirror pad. mirror pad. The unobtrusive product from demista, ensures your bathroom mirror remains steam free at all The unobtrusive product from demista, ensures your times. bathroom mirror remains steam free at all times. Often the first choice for designers, architects, interior designers and specifiers, demista has become Oftenmust the firsthave choicepart for designers, interior the of anyarchitects, bathroom or En-suite, as the system is probably the simplest and most designers and specifiers, demista has become the adaptable item available around the world via demista’s distributors. must have part of any bathroom or En-suite, as the system is probably the simplest and most adaptable item available around world via demista’s Since the idea ofthethe demista mirror heat distributors.

pad was conceived steamed up mirrors have become a thing of the past in luxury hotels, prestigious housing and apartment developments around the Since the and idea ofnow the demista was conceived world, beingmirror usedheat in pad domestic newsteamed builds up and renovation projects as a must have item mirrors have become a thing of the past in luxury hotels, prestigious housing because once the pad has been installed it saves time and money, as you do not need to keep and apartment developments around the world, and cleaning your mirror new with cleaning products. now being used in domestic builds and renovation

projects as a must have item because once the pad has been installed it saves time and money, as you do With over 400 sizes available in various voltages means the heat pad can be installed anywhere in not need to keep cleaning your mirror with cleaning the bathroom or En-suite, even on cabinet doors and vanity units. Demista has become the generic products.

name for heated mirror pads, but to avoid imitations, look for the demista trademark on the With over 400 sizes available in various voltages means product, heatinpads are completely manufactured in the UK and carry a 10-year the heat padall canof be demista’s installed anywhere the bathroom or En-suite, even on cabinet doors and vanity units. warranty.

Demista has become the generic name for heated mirror pads, but to avoid imitations, look for the demista Safety, installation, minimal energy consumption, quality, reliability, full technical advice and trademarkease on theof product, all of demista’s heat pads are completely manufactured in the UK and carry a 10-year service are the key ingredients for our customers, with our pads fully approved for bathroom use to warranty.

European and international standards, which meets all the requirements both in the UK and around the world. Safety, ease of installation, minimal energy consumption,

quality, reliability, full technical advice and service are the key ingredients for our customers, with our pads fully approved for bathroom use to European Prestige projects such as The Paris, Theboth Royal and international standards, which meetsRitz all theinrequirements in theAtlantis in Dubai, The Crosby Street Hotel in UK and around the world. New York, The Sky View hotel and residences in Dubai, W Hotel Ibiza, The Crown Plaza in St

•31• Petersburg, Burj Al Arab and other luxury hotels and homes in India, Australia, Egypt, Barbados and Malaysia can be found in Demista’s portfolio.

Bathrooms & Washrooms Within the Sussex Range collection of stainless steel modern classic towelrails, sits the Fletching family. Although more traditional in styling, these rails are still a thoroughly modern classic.

he styling may well be traditional but the lines are clean and therefore current. Being manufactured from stainless steel as opposed to chrome plated means the polished rails have a deep lustrous quality and the satin finish is really quite stunning.


The Fletching rails are all 520mm wide and come in three different heights; 1185mm, 910mm and 635mm. They are priced as follows: 1185mm x 520mm - £599.95 910mm x 520mm - £499.95 635mm x 520mm - £449.95 Additionally, we have launched the Fletching 1200 Floor to Wall. This model does exactly what it says it does and is mounted from the floor to the wall. The Fletching floor to wall stands at 1200mm high by 520mm wide has a BTU of 1858 and retails at £749.00 exclusive of VAT. All the above prices are based on central heating format and a polished finish. The rails are also available in electric only and duel fuel format, please call the office for further pricing details. The rails are offered in


both a highly polished and satin finish; there is an extra 30% charge for satin finish. All rails are available from stock.

over 90% recycled product and are 100% recyclable in themselves. All rails carry a 25 year guarantee.

All towel rails within the Sussex Range by JIS Europe are manufactured from 100% stainless steel meaning they will not rust, flake or corrode. They can be utilised in all systems including open. Small scratches and dents can be polished out. They are a durable and environmentally sound product. The rails themselves are manufactured from

Please do visit our website for further details at or ring our friendly helpful staff on 01825 722988. Thank you for your interest in our product. The team at JIS.

Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988

Bathrooms & washrooms

CABUCHON LAUNCHES THE SPACE-SAVING STUDIO COMPACT BUILT-IN BATH British bath manufacturer Cabuchon Bathforms has launched its new Studio bath, the latest addition to its range of baths which can be built into the fabric of a bathroom. space-saving tub, it is designed for modern en-suites and bathrooms where space is at a premium. Measuring 1522mm x 837mm (5ft x 33”), the Studio has a noticeably smaller footprint than conventionally designed baths.


Despite its reduced length, the Studio is built for comfort. This is because it takes some of its design cues from Cabuchon’s deep soaking tub range. In particular, it substitutes depth for length. At 505mm (19¾”) deep, it enables bathers to adopt a more upright, semi-seated posture This alleviates strain on the shoulders and neck, while the extra depth of water helps to create a feeling of weightlessness. As a result of its compact dimensions, the Studio also requires less water to fill, so it affords savings on water and energy. Designed for modern loft apartments, studio flats, aparthotels and similar settings, the Studio has a flat base, so it may be used with an overhead shower. Cabuchon supplies bath/shower screens on request. The bath can be set into a raised deck or into a floor, and it may be installed either as a drop-in bath (with the rim visible) or undermounted (with the rim set below the deck.) Optionally, the Studio may be fitted with bespoke panels that cover anything from one to four sides. Fitted with panels, the bath may then be used freestanding, set against a wall, or installed in a corner or niche. Hand-built in Britain, the Studio is made from Cabuchon’s own composite, Ficore®, which the company can produce in any colour. Within its standard pricing, Cabuchon will match most other sanitaryware manufacturers’ published colours. For an extra fee, special colours can also be produced - to match, for example, the base colour of a stone, tile or fabric. The Studio can also be produced with stripes or other decorative colour effects.


Ficore is more rigid than any non-metal or non-stone bath, and it exhibits superior heat retention. In independent tests, it has been shown to keep water hot more than six times longer than acrylic and more than twelve times longer than vitreous enamelled metal. The Studio is backed by a 25 year guarantee and may optionally be

purchased with an inbuilt hydrotherapy spa system, tailored to the size and preferences of the user. More information about the Studio, including a technical specification sheet, can be found on the company’s website - - or by calling 01524 66022.

D scover our 2019 collect ons at our factory n Italy

Novell n UK offers a full range of bathroom products; nclud ng bespoke shower enclosures, wet-rooms, steam rooms, spa baths, furn ture and much more. All our products are des gned and manufactured n Italy ensur ng qual ty and ava lab l ty. We have an extens ve showroom fac l ty at our HQ n Italy to support spec f cat ons and techn cal needs., If you are nterested n talk ng to us about future projects or v s t ng us n Italy, for more deta ls and ava lab l ty, please contact our contracts manager Steve Sh rley: rley@novell n .com. Products ava lable nat onw de v a our merchant partners. Why not v s t our webs te or contact us d rectly for more deta ls on our products and serv ces.


Info-uk@novell n .com tel: 01727-229922

www.novell n www. ott .com

Foto Project Kitchen Oak Vintage Hoboken

The ecological answer to interior design trends Exclusive to James Latham in the UK, Decospan’s inspiring collection of Querkus veneers offer architects and designers an ecological option of using Oak with a contemporary twist.


In a unique production process, Querkus combines both FSC® certified European white Oak and reclaimed Oak timbers, which captures and enhances the beauty, colour, markings and structure of solid wood along with the many advantages of a veneered panel. A European leader in premium veneer processing, Decospan use strictly selected, slow-growing Oaks from controlled and regulated growth zones in Croatia. Timber is cut into veneers, which are glued together to produce a single, solid picture. This makes it possible to use various thicknesses of veneer, allowing flexibility and customisation for designers to select a panel that meets exactly their colour, pattern, touch and budgetary needs.

Decospan Querkus Oak Vintage

Using Decospan’s unique and innovative veneer matching techniques, boards are created that give designers unprecedented choice in a wood panel product. Wire brushing and patented “saw effect” scratching options impart character, texture and authenticity so that no matter how they are finished, Querkus panels look natural, adding dimension, depth and texture to any project. Panels are supplied untreated so that a wood stain or varnish can be applied according to taste and specification. Wood oil also offers optimum protection, while retaining the veneer’s natural feel and warmth.

Group Veneer Product Champion for James Latham, Dan Mahoney commented, “Querkus is a sustainably designed product that combines authentic materials with engineered stability. With four eye-catching and distinctive ranges in the collection, including Oak Natural, Oak Vintage, Oak Smoked and Oak Retro, reaction from architects and designers has been really positive, and we are seeing more and more specifications coming through, particularly for high-end residential, retail, commercial and hospitality projects.” As well as Querkus, James Latham’s exclusive collection of Decospan’s added value products also includes the Shinnoki, Nørdus, and Look’likes collections.

Kast Oak Retro Harlem

For full details, swatches and samples contact your local James Latham depot or showroom at:



The Award Winning Paint & Varnish Remover Tears through multiple layers of paint & varnish incredibly fast!


Barrettine Products

Barrettine Products Ltd St. Ivel Way, Warmley, Bristol BS30 8TY. St. Ivel Way, Warmley, Bristol BS30 8TY. T. 0117 960 0060 F. 0117 935 2437 T. 0117 960 0060 F. 0117 935 2437 E. E.

Gold winner of the DIY Week Decorating Product of the Year 2011. ‘The brand you can trust’ Gold winner of the DIY Week Decorating Product of the Year 2011.

coatings & paints

All things bright and breathable Not long ago, most commercially available paints for domestic use were full of nasty chemicals with high VOC content, giving off horrible paint fumes and being generally unpleasant to use.


t was considered one of those things that homeowners and decorators had to put up with.

VOC legislation for the UK paint market didn’t truly come into force until around 2010, when it was recognised that the carbon compounds given out by most paints were contributing to global warming and being potentially harmful to health. But, for many years ‘eco paint’ remained a niche market, considered by many to have poor coverage and a limited range of wishy-washy colours. Earthborn’s goal was to create a healthier, more environmentally friendly paint that stood out from the crowd, performing even better than conventional paints. Earthborn’s first product was Claypaint, which maximises the natural properties of clay to create a high performance, highly breathable emulsion that covers

exceptionally well and gives a distinctive, ultra matt finish. Made from around 35% natural clay with no added VOCs and no smell, it’s thick, creamy, pleasant to use, oil and acrylic free. Perfect for older properties and lime plaster because it is so highly breathable, it is also favoured by those who suffer with allergies, as it is free from harmful emissions and safe for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. But specifying breathable, eco paints needn’t limit the colour palette. Earthborn’s Claypaint is available in 72 shades from soft neutrals to bold, rich tones - and they’ve recently launched seven new shades that meet the current trend for overstated colour. Colin Jones, Earthborn Technical Sales Adviser, says: “Even in historic buildings there’s scope to use contemporary colours.

That’s why we keep our colour palette up to date while continuing to deliver the optimum breathability and environmental performance for which we are well known. “Our new colours give fresh takes on blue, grey, green, coral, burgundy and white. And bespoke colours can be developed through our stockists nationwide.” Earthborn’s silicate masonry paint brings breathability to exterior masonry and the Ecopro emulsion and eggshell for the trade are available in the full range of BS4800 colours. Earthborn’s paints have never and will never contain any added VOCs, and they are proud to be the first UK licence holder for the EU Ecolabel for paints and varnishes. This independent accreditation ensures a very tight control on the ingredients and all paints have to undergo rigorous testing.


coatings & paints

Latest Technology from CT1 TRIBRID® Technology and the introduction of the Ground Breaking BT1 Ultimate Bathroom Sealant and Adhesive CT1 who were and still are the pioneers in the field of sealants and adhesives, were the people that introduced the Hybrid polymer over 15 years ago, which changed the face of sealant and adhesive manufacturing and marketing. CT1 were the first to introduce a multipurpose sealant and adhesive that replaced several products in 1. This was a sealant that was also a heavy duty adhesive could work on wet surfaces and even under water. CT1’s demonstration of the product is legendary, and many competing products have tried and failed to imitate it! CT1, always leading the way in research and development, never sleeps and as a result have yet again brought the latest technology to the building industry. They have now released technology that no one can match. Now introducing TRIBRID® Technology! They have introduced this latest technology in the form of a revolutionary product called BT1. The Ultimate bathroom sealant and adhesive. It’s also the healthiest option. How? The newly launched TRIBRID® Technology combats all fungus and bacteria. It’s scientifically impossible for bacteria/microbes to survive, making it easier to maintain a more hygienic surface which is free of solvents and isocyanates. It is the ideal sanitaryware product for use in all public health institutions including hospitals and clinics.


BT1 is the ONLY scientifically developed TRIBRID® Polymer with unique resistance to mould and fungal infestation, therefore creating the healthiest environment. As with CT1 its sister product, BT1 which stands for Bathroom Technology No. 1, also has several accreditations and certificates, making it the healthiest option. Not only that but an ETAG approval for bonding shower panels without mechanical fixings. This makes it the perfect product for installing shower trays, panels, all sanitaryware with no mould or fungal growth. Mould and damp caused by bacteria growth especially in the bathroom leads to respiratory problems. Moulds produce allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances. Moulds can also cause asthma attacks. Using BT1 with the latest technology in the industry, can now decrease the risk of these attacks in the home. BT1 is the Healthiest option, it’s the only option!


Cannock Mill Co-housing project: rendering a community “Cannock Mill is all about building a sustainable community,” says Anne Thorne, founder and architect at Anne Thorne Architects (ATA). “We wanted to create natural, energy efficient and, most importantly, healthy homes.” Cannock Mill is a co-housing scheme in Essex comprising 23 homes; six flats and 17 houses. Every home within the project is built to Passive House standards. A sustainable build

Choosing the right materials

“Sustainability is core to our ethos at ATA,” says Anne. “We put a lot of work into sourcing breathable materials for the buildings’ fabric to ensure the homes built were healthy for both their occupants and the environment.

Initial work began on site at Cannock Mill in Spring 2017 and the project is due for completion in October 2019.

“As the housing is designed to be affordable, it was also important the homes were budget-friendly for occupants to run, so materials with a high energy efficiency were a must.

Anne went on to explain: “To achieve a healthy build, we chose timber frame for the walls of the homes with Lime Green’s external Warmshell insulation system over the timber frame studs. This system consists of woodfibre board insulation rendered with Prepbond WP and Finish WP.

“Ultimately, we wanted to create a community of homes which looked beautiful and performed well.”

We chose the Warmshell system as it not only promotes breathability but also delivers excellent heat control.


This has resulted in extremely low, Passive House compliant, U-Values for each of the buildings, making the homes very economic to run. The average fuel bill for the properties is estimated to cost the equivalent of a cup of coffee per fortnight. We also chose to render the homes externally with Lime Green’s coloured renders as we’d used these products previously on a school in Romford and the final result looked great. We involved the future occupants in the design from a very early stage through various workshop sessions.


The colours of the renders: Ironstone, Ochre, Corfton and Terracotta, were decided by them. The natural colouring of the lime renders makes them really easy to maintain over time while retaining the breathable structure of the buildings.”

The healthy homes “We agreed very early on in the project that the homes should be built to Passive House standards,” says Phil McGeevor, a future resident at Cannock Mill. “We’d visited Passive Houses before and loved the sense of fresh

air without the presence of a draft, there was a nice even temperature throughout. This was something we wanted to achieve in the new homes at Cannock Mill. “It was very important to us that all of the materials used were sustainable and low in toxicity, creating a natural and healthy environment for people to live and visit. “Price is always a factor in decisions like this and although it did cost a little bit more to build to Passive House standards vs current building regulations initially, the resulting low

fuel bills and healthy environment will, in the longer-term, more than make up for this additional cost Leaving the last word with Anne, she says:

“I’d definitely recommend Lime Green’s products to any architect looking to deliver a healthy, beautiful and longstanding project.” Tel: 01952 728611


Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web:

he shaft was designed to accommodate Invalift’s most popular platform lift, the MC2000, with a shaft size of 1150mm x 1560mm. There were also some tricky planning difficulties to overcome, to ensure that the shaft matched the external design of the home’s stonework. The client wanted some light to enter the shaft area at each landing and so the external shaft was designed with windows at each level.


Upon completion of the external shaft, the MC2000 platform lift was fitted inside, with matching shaft glazing. The lift was supplied with automatic doors and wireless remote pushes, so that Heather could access the lift without assistance. White solid doors with vision panels were used to ensure that the lift didn’t look out of place within the home.

As there wasn’t quite enough headroom height at the top level for the standard 2M door and frame, Invalifts utilised a slightly smaller 1.9M door and frame. The building company provided a sculpted ceiling in order for the door frame to be installed and allowing free movement of the door when in use. Mr and Mrs Turner were delighted with the lift and commented, “the lift has made life so much easier, we do not have to transfer from wheelchair to stairlift and back to wheelchair when just moving between floors and it has made the top floor accessible to Heather.” With a full parts and labour warranty for 12 months, and a 5 year parts warranty on the motor and gearbox plus a 10 year warranty on the drive chains, the lift will provide access for the home owners for many years.

Home in Cheltenham adapted for 3 floor lift Invalifts were contacted by Heather Turner MBE, for advice on how to add a platform lift to her home in Cheltenham, as she has a disability which means she needs to use a wheelchair. After visiting the site, and finding there was no room in the house to fit a lift shaft, the experts at Invalifts worked closely with local building contractor, Tradecraft Construction and the architect to design and build a three floor external lift shaft.

If you would like to know more about the MC2000 Platform Lift or other access solutions, please contact the Invalifts team on 0845 468 2543 or alternatively, email



Apprentice success celebrated at Redrow’s apprenticeship awards Apprentice Bailey Holland-Knightly, a 17-year-old female painter and decorator at Redrow’s Padcroft development in West Drayton, London, has been named overall national apprenticeship winner at leading housebuilder Redrow’s Apprentice Excellence Awards, held on Friday 13th of September. he awards celebrate the hard work and commitment of all apprentices across Redrow’s business. In total, 24 apprentices from across the regional divisions were recognised for their enthusiasm and dedication to their chosen skill, with twelve crowned regional winners, while a further 12 took home highly commended certificates.


Each of the winning apprentices were nominated by their respective site managers. The overall winner, Bailey, was described by her site manager as

‘someone who demonstrated positivity and enthusiasm from day one, and treats every day as an opportunity to learn, support her colleagues and develop her skills’. The ceremony was hosted by Regional Chief Executive Chris Lilley, with the awards presented by special guest and former professional football player, Joe Thompson. The apprentices’ family and friends attended the ceremony, alongside 11 of Redrow’s subcontractors from across England and Wales, who were also presented with awards in recognition of their support and commitment to the housebuilder’s apprentices. Karen Jones, Group HR director at Redrow, said: “I would like to congratulate all of those who were recognised at this year’s Apprenticeship Excellence awards. Apprentices are not only at the heart of our business but are also a vital component for ensuring the success of our economy. This


is why we’re committed to investing in the next generation of construction industry talent, and recognising those apprentices who are going above and beyond in their role to make a significant contribution to the site that they work on, and to the business as a whole. “We received some phenomenal feedback on the apprentices enrolled across our divisions, with many nominees commended for their exceptional work ethic, dedication and positive attitudes. We look forward to seeing them continue to learn and develop their experience as they rise up through our business in the coming years.” Redrow’s award-winning apprenticeship and trainee schemes are industry-leading and currently support almost 300 people in trade, administration, technical and commercial roles. Redrow has one of the industry’s best records for training and developing its staff, and as a member


Overall winner: •

West London – Bailey HollandKnightly

Regional apprentice winners: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Yorkshire – Lewis Moorehouse Eastern – James Birley South Wales – Jonathon Taylor West London – Bailey HollandKnightly South Midlands – Luca Winkler Southern Counties – Alex Kinsman East Midlands – Luke Twigger Midlands – Alex Tracey South West – Harry Standen South East – Joe Murphy Lancashire – Lewis Cullen North West – Sam Greggans

Regional highly commended apprentices:

and patron of The 5% Club, Redrow is committed to ensuring at least 5% of its work force is made up of apprentices, graduates or sponsored students. Yet in practice, the business already goes far beyond this as 15% of the total workforce are trainees. The apprenticeship scheme at Redrow provides young people, as well as those looking to make a career change, the opportunity to kick-start a successful career in a skilled trade, administration, or a technical or commercial role, through on the job training and classroom learning. Through the apprenticeship scheme, Redrow also supports entrants in obtaining an NVQ. Bailey Holland-Knightly, apprentice painter and decorator at Redrow, and the overall national winner, commented: “Whilst at school, I was told by my teachers that I wouldn’t pass any of my exams and my career prospects were limited. It was only once I left school and started attending my local study centre that they introduced me to apprenticeship opportunities in painting and decorating at Redrow. I am therefore absolutely thrilled to be recognised in this way and am hugely excited about building

my future in the housebuilding sector.” Bailey joined Redrow as an apprentice at 16 and attends college classes once a week as part of her NVQ Level 2 qualification. During the rest of the working week, Bailey benefits from on-the-job training at Padcroft, where Redrow are providing one, two and three bedroom apartments. Over the last 13 months Bailey has also been given the opportunity to resit her Maths and English GCSEs. Despite claims from her school that she would never pass an exam Bailey already has her GCSE in Maths and is now studying for her English GCSE. Bailey adds: “A lot of my friends decided to go to university, but full-time study has never appealed to me. Not only do I now feel in a far more financially stable position than many of my friends who have graduated with lots of debt, but I also love my job and really enjoy being hands on and creative. I honestly can’t wait to get up each morning to come to work.” To find out more about the apprenticeship schemes available at Redrow, visit our careers page: apprenticeships-graduates-work-

• • • • • • • • • • •

Yorkshire – Richard Garner Eastern – Dan Mccaulskey South Wales – Ryan Payne West London – Akiel Lewis-Daniel South Midlands – Bradley Hanks Southern Counties – Josh Bruce Midlands – Dan Cottrill South West – Catherine Marshall South East – Billy Page Lancashire – Grant Parker North West – Rhys Baines

Regional subcontractor winners: • • • • • • • • • • •

Yorkshire - J N Dunn Plumbing and Heating Eastern - Steve Smith Brickwork South Wales - AJ Plumbing West London & Colindale Gardens - Wiltons Electrical South Midlands - The Harran Partnership Southern Counties - Renelec Building Services Midlands - Meer End Building Services South East - Bourne Carpentry Lancashire - M P Carroll East Midlands - AJW Carpentry North West - Ideal Electrical



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