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New product design! SureCav25 Forms a 25mm residual cavity Space for additional insulation Helps to bring down U-Values 100% recycled polypropylene Option to increase floor space

We have just built this new build using SureCav25 and found it superb to use… enabling us to achieved a great energy performance result (EPC). We also found it very easy to use as it guaranteed a clear cavity throughout the build and it al us using a backing block for the stone façade, actually increasing the internal rooms sizes by 200mm. Overall, we found the SureCav a fantastic system - thanks SureCav! – Tonic Construction Ltd.

lso saved y at least

Why build the old way like this?

When you can accomplish THIS with SureCav25! SureCav25 (25mm cavity)

Stone Backing block 50mm Cavity 75mm Insulation


Stone, brick or other masonry


75mm Insulation


Internal leaf

Internal leaf Reduces the wall width by 125mm!

This feature of SureCav25, in maintaining a perfectly consistent, clean and moisture-free clear cavity, opens the way for a brick outer leaf to be specified. Ordinarily, it would not be possible to keep the cavity clean with just a 25mm gap. However, with SureCav25 the wall can be built with full confidence as SureCav25 is the only building product permitted by LABC and NHBC that allows a 25mm residual cavity - the perfect solution with a brick outer leaf! A reduction in wall thickness of 25mm will increase the ● Lowers U-Values by making room for more internal dimensions of the property by 50mm in each insulation in the cavity direction and result in an average of 1.25% increased floor space over two storeys. Already an additional 5% ● Protects against windfloor space will have been gained by removing the driven rain in any need for 100mm concrete backing blocks. This can rise exposure zone to upwards of 6% or more additional floor-space in ● Ensures clean cavities cases where random stone is that are permanently used in very severe weather zones. free from mortar contamination Now drive down U-Values! ● Maintains a moistureSureCav25 allows more room in the cavity for insulation, thus free environment, enhancing the thermal protecting the envelope SureCav25 performance of the wall! of the building SureCav50 ● Suitable for all masonry Consider this: finishes With just a 1.25% gain, this is equivalent to the ● 100% recycled material floor-space of 1 extra house on an 80 house site!


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How a Stiltz Homelift he transform the life of hom Domestic lifts specialist Stiltz Homelifts helped ‘transform’ the life of a homeowner suffering from cerebral palsy which enables her to move from floor to floor simply and easily at the touch of a button. Emma Livingstone, 42, has learned to live with CP from a young age and, although it is not considered a degenerative condition by doctors, three years ago her ability to walk became extremely difficult. The stairs became a huge challenge for her and she found it difficult to even lift her leg up and over a pavement curb.

thighbone so her hip joint was partially dislocated – a condition she was born with caused by the CP.

“I used to struggle down the stairs in the morning and then I would wait for my husband to come home from work before going up again so he could help me,” said Emma.

2016 recovering in a makeshift bedroom in the kitchen. Then unfortunately, her left hip started to suffer from a similar problem, resulting in her having a hip replacement in April of this year.

She was eventually diagnosed with hip dysplasia. This meant Emma’s hip socket did not fully cover the ball portion of her upper

Before the operation, Emma and her husband considered downsizing to a bungalow but with three children this proved


After undergoing hip reconstruction on her right hip, she returned home and spent the majority of


elped meowner hard. In the end, the couple decided to extend their property and buy a Stiltz Homelift, which is the only freestanding domestic lift available on the market. The family had the Stiltz Trio Homelift model – which can accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair - installed in a space off the kitchen where it plugs straight into a domestic power socket from a self-contained motor with the lift travelling up ‘through the floor’ on self-supporting rails to a first-floor landing area. With no hydraulics or load bearing walls required, the Stiltz team were able to install the Trio in less than a day with a simple hole in the ceiling all that was needed for the lift to be constructed and pass through between the floors. Emma, who is still on crutches, said: “We decided to prepare in advance of my last op and looked at moving to a bungalow but it was never going to be easy finding a property that could accommodate five people and bungalows are difficult enough to find anyway.

Chris Pearsall Photography

“Then when you consider the cost of stamp duty and moving costs, in the end, we decided to extend their house for more space and install the Stiltz which has transformed my life. It is not invasive, looks modern and provides me with easy access to the whole house. It is also great for transporting the washing and kids’ toys!” Emma, 42, from London, has launched her own cerebral palsy charity for adults who she feels have been left helpless by the authorities as soon as they hit 18 years of age. Emma is concerned there is no support network nor is there access to medical services for adults with cerebral palsy. This concern has led her to setting up Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub as a registered charity alongside her physiotherapist Miriam Creeger, in order to raise awareness of adults that have the condition. A further aim of the charity is to support research and lobby for much-needed services.




ust like the London studio, the new Manchester facility reinforces Latham’s single-source supplier status, showcasing an enormous range of its exclusive and semi-exclusive decorative panel and timber materials all under one roof. Established more than 260 years ago and with 10 depots across the UK, James Latham is the country’s biggest independent panel and timber products distributor.

Following the enormous success of its first Product Specification Showroom which opened in London in 2016, James Latham has just launched its second showroom, this time in Manchester. •6•

Rob Goodman, Specification Manager, James Latham said, “This new showroom really is a one-stopshop for specifiers and has been created to inspire the North West’s architectural and design community who are looking to specify materials for both inside and outside the building, providing expert advice and enabling them to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in surface solutions.”


“James Latham’s enormous product portfolio includes some of the most recognised panel and timber brands in the world and this new facility is the perfect platform to showcase the sheer breadth of our offering, all from a single source.” The fit-out has been cleverly designed to incorporate a number of James Latham’s focus products and as well as a showroom, the 60m2 studio is also being used for networking events, surface and material launches and demonstrations, presentations, meetings, training and CPD seminars.

Mr Goodman added, “As well as investing in the design and fit-out of our London and Manchester showrooms to present our products in an extremely creative and customer friendly way, we have also made a significant investment in developing, training and building our own dedicated

A&D team which are focussed on servicing this sector.” Please visit James Latham’s website for updates on forthcoming events and follow them on twitter and facebook or why not drop in and take a look around. The showroom, which is located at 31a Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1LX is open between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday – Friday. To contact the showroom directly email pssm@lathams.co.uk or call 0161 537 1185 www.lathamtimber.co.uk marketing@lathams.co.uk 0116 257 3415.



JIS Europe are proud to present the Sussex Range of Stainless Steel Towel Rails. We first introduced the Sussex Range to the market in 1998. At that time although there were ladder rails on the market we were unique in that the rails were manufactured from 100% Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and manufactured from over 90% recyclable material. It will not rust, flake or corrode. It is the ecological, durable choice and can be used in all systems including open.

Where we lead others inevitably followed, however being the forerunners has given us the experience and therefore the quality control of this exceptional material.

We offer 3 formats of rail throughout the range : Electric, dual fuel and central heating only. We are also able to offer both polished and satin finishes thereby giving you the ultimate flexibility within your heating as well as visual requirements.

Our staff are firstly and foremost polite, friendly and efficient, furthermore they are knowledgeable and able to deal with your queries. There will always be a friendly and willing person on the other end of the line ready to assist you.

The cornerstones of our business are quality, stock holding and ultimately customer service. The three work hand in hand. We offer an extensive range of sizes and accessories, and constantly strive to bring new and interesting product to the market, whilst always marrying practicality and durability with design aesthetic.

We have a large selection of gallery shots, showing the visual diversity of our rails, on our website www.sussexrange.co.uk. Comfortable in both a modern and contemporary bathroom as well as the traditional, we think you will be impressed by the diversity of the images shown.

We have always maintained a policy of stockholding and all orders are dispatched for next day delivery when ordered before midday. This added to our extensive product range only goes to further improve the service we are able to offer.


We are confident you will be happy with your purchase and are pleased to offer a 25 year guarantee. Should you wish any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01825 722988 or info@jiseurope.co.uk

The Sussex Range by JIS Europe Ltd

100% Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails Telephone +44 (0) 1825 722988 info@jiseurope.co.uk www.sussexrange.co.uk

Back to the Roots – How to create restful retreats in your home Satisfying needs instead of creating needs – that’s the central idea of the interior designs trend ‘escapism’.


lso known as ‘digital detox’ the trend from the US became popular already in 2017 and still is a guiding concept in interior design as the digital age is leaving more and more traces, making us feel stressed and overwhelmed, desperately longing for a calm space to rest.

In these stressful times, creating a peaceful retreat from the digital world in your own four walls with the help from Posterlounge can be one step towards calming your mind and improving your everyday life.

Digital detox – no time for distractions Escapism or the escape from reality is a well-known concept among digital natives. Our digital environment has a huge influence over our general state of health. And while everything is in constant motion, there is one thing we all yearn for: just a few moments of calm. In terms of interior design, this means a trending towards cosy sanctuaries without any entertainment electronics, creating a calm and safe space in an ever-changing world.


Often, it is best to start small by adding new wall art to your decor which is an easy and effortless way of introducing focal points to any room, drawing the gaze away from the screens. With a wide selection of prints and pictures that range from the soft brushstrokes of the old masters to breath-taking nature photography, Posterlounge provides the means for you to find your favourite wall pictures to help slow down a busy mind.

Analogue decorating has to be learnt Wall decor is an essential part of introducing a new and calmer vibe to any home. On the one hand, it shifts the focus away from technological devices; on the other hand, you can achieve a specific effect by choosing the right images with the matching finish. Pictures featuring tranquil motifs, little motion and little distraction work particularly well with a peaceful room design and can be properly rounded out with a matching frame in a harmonising colour. Prints on wood can help create a feeling of warmth and being close to nature, especially when you chose floral images or soothing watercolours that show the natural wood grain beneath. Low-key colour variations as opposed to crass hues are a perfect choice under appropriate lighting conditions. Nature photography and photocollages with peaceful subjects as well as macro photography with soothing light and colour play can equally make for a pleasant eye-catcher. Find soothing artwork for creating little islands of calm in your home at the Posterlounge online shop.

Attaching and removing panels the right way Tony Wills - Buttonfix Limited director and partner at design consultancy Wills Watson+Associates A classic dilemma: Your plumber needs to provide access to some pipework behind a panel so cannot glue it in place but as the client, you don’t want to see ugly screw heads on your expensive finished panel. Also, the plumber doesn’t want to go through a lengthy marking out process or spend time on the equally long and frustrating task of trying to locate pairs of components which are hidden from view. We faced this exact problem when designing a commercial washroom system. The same issues arise in fitting domestic bath panels, hotel or office wall panels and auditorium acoustic panels – in fact almost any panel that you might want to change or remove - or simply not wish to see the

fixing method. We couldn’t find the right fixings anywhere, so we took the bold step of designing and manufacturing our own. The principles of designing a classic product is that it must do the job well, look pleasing to the eye and be a joy to use. This looks like a simple brief but is much harder to deliver whilst making the result look effortless. Our answer is Button-fix; a range of panel fixings made in the UK from very tough polymers to meet a wide range of panel mounting challenges. The experienced product design team are all hands on ‘DIYers’, so had to be satisfied the products would meet their own exacting standards before professional fitters got their hands on them.

The secret weapons are the two marker tool accessories which attach to the Fixes and show you exactly where to drill for the screws, making the process both fast and easy. Another satisfying feature is the audible ‘click’ when the panels are pushed home. Each Button-fix version has been designed with a specific purpose in mind: Type 1: where extra strength is essential Type 1 Flush: for flush fixing Type 1 Bonded: for thin materials Type 2: For simple push on/pull off panels For example, bath panels are usually attached with Type 2 but larger, heavier panels are mounted onto walls using Type 1 or Type 1 Flush. Glass panels backed with steel sheet can be mounted with Type 1 Bonded. For this sort of application, an acrylic based structural adhesive provides impressive strength. For guidance; when using Button-fix Type 2, make sure the panels are moisture resistant, flat and balanced on both sides since warped panels are difficult to fit and hold in place. For removing smooth surfaced panels, an inexpensive vacuum lifting pad is useful. The Button-fix website has in depth instructions, useful videos, test data and a list of stockists. https://button-fix.com



Five reasons why blinds are the perfect way to keep your home warm this winter (and how research shows they are better at the job than curtains!) It’s no secret that exposed windows are one of the main causes of heat loss in homes during the winter. Glass isn’t a good insulator – meaning it allows warmth out and the cold in, in winter. It’s no secret that exposed windows are one of the main causes of heat loss in homes during the winter. Glass isn’t a good insulator – meaning it allows warmth out and the cold in, in winter. Turning your heating up is one way to warm your room but covering your windows is essential to reduce draughts and cut your heating bills. With recent predictions from the MetOffice that Britain is expecting the coldest winter for a decade and snow could arrive as early as November, now is the time to start preparing your home for the coming chilly season. Blinds don’t just look good, they are practical, cost-effective and energy efficient too. Read on to find out why blinds are an excellent choice for keeping homes warm through what might be a very icy winter. Honeycomb style blinds are probably the most effective blind to keep heat in a room. Along with being great


for privacy, honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular blinds) create a barrier between the room and the window surface whilst trapping air in the fabric’s cells. Honeycomb blinds have been proven by Glasgow Caledonian University to be more efficient at preventing heat loss than heavy curtains. Where heavy curtains can reduce heat loss by 39%, honeycomb blinds were found to reduce heat loss via single glazing by a massive 60%. When deciding on new blinds, choosing a thicker fabric and one with a reflective coating is another excellent way to ensure your space stays toasty this winter. Blinds fitted in frames (sometimes called cassettes) or with channels at the side will also help retain more heat. When you fit blinds, they can either be fitted inside or outside of the reveal. To maximise blinds heat retaining abilities, fitting outside the reveal is preferable. This is because it covers the whole window, making it

thermally more efficient as there are fewer gaps for the cold air to pass through. However, there is one exception to the rule of fitting outside the reveal and that’s shutters. Shutters are one of the most efficient choices for warmth due to their snug fit inside the window frame and because thick wood is a great insulator. To get blinds or shutters that are specifically tailored to your home, speak to a local British Blind and Shutter Association member. They will be able to inspect your space and make suggestions on the best fabric, blind style, fit and finish to ensure the blinds or shutters you choose provide the best defence against the cold weather this winter. Don’t forget to keep blinds open to harvest any winter sun and close them as the sun goes down to help retain this free energy - motorised blinds can even do this for you automatically.

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The ‘Ultimet’ Energy Saving Blind 3 Window Blinds in 1 Insulation improved – reducing heating costs Heat gain from the sun reduced – lowering cooling costs Lighting costs down – controlled levels of natural light

All in One Blind The Ultimetal fabric with the high levels of solar reflectance and low levels of emissivity afforded by its metallised coating provide industry leading levels of shading performance. The 50+ years’ experience of weaving glass-fibre based shading fabrics producing the highest levels of performance from the thinnest of materials. The Ultimetal fabric is less than one quarter of a millimetre thick, permitting a blind of over 3.0 metres in height to be stored in a cassette of less than 55mm square. Powder coated to match the window frames, the blinds become almost invisible.

Reflex-Rol supplying demonstrably scientific shading solutions. Contact us today 01989 750704 www.reflex-rol.co.uk

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Light transmission levels for the fabric in single figures can remove glare, improving workspaces and comfort zones alike. Solar reflectance (Rs) of over 70% can reduce heat gain through the glass by 25%, 40% to over 50% dependant on glass properties. The blinds also improve the insulation of the window by 15%, 20%, 30% or more, reducing temperature loss.

www.reflex-rol.co.uk • info@reflex-rol.co.uk • 01989-750704 • Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU


Schueco’s outward-opening window viewed as ‘go-to’ solution Originally launched in 2014, the AWS 70 SC outward-opening aluminium window from Schueco UK delivers Schueco’s renowned ‘build quality’ at an economical price, a formula that has led to it being widely specified for domestic projects right across the country. Its versatility and excellent performance in use means that many specifiers now view the Schueco AWS 70 SC window as the ‘go-to’ solution for projects where high quality is paramount but budgets are tight. The Q Mark product certification that it was awarded in 2017 has further boosted its popularity. The system is now widely specified for new and replacement windows in homes and apartments, light commercial buildings, local authority properties, schools, hospitals and clinics. Design and compatibility with Schueco ADS 70 doors adds to its visual and practical appeal. With a depth of 70 mm, slim sightlines from 63.5 mm (outer frame/vent) and a choice of five vent profiles offering optimum cost/size/weight options, Schueco AWS 70 SC is ideal for punched openings, ribbon windows and curtain walling.


The system can accommodate double- or triple-glazed units and achieves a typical ‘U’ value of 1.6 W/m2K with 1.0 W/m2K glazing units, which makes it compliant with Document L. In addition, a WER up to ‘A’ is an option. Fittings include a choice of standard or heavy-duty stainless-steel friction hinges, together with multipoint locking for large vents. The window has opening limiters and with a PAS 24 rating, offers a high level of security. There is a projecting sill option and profiles may be specified with different colours on the inside and outside faces. 90o and variableangle connections mean that the Schueco AWS 70 SC system can easily accommodate bay windows. For further information on the Schueco AWS 70 SC window system, please email mkinfobox@schueco.com


Richard Morton Biography Richard Morton is a practising architect with over 35 years’ experience in a range of sectors, including retirement housing and heritage projects. Previously a Partner at Sidell Gibson and currently Vice-Chairman of the Retirement Housing Group, Richard founded Richard Morton Architects in 2012. He has continued to develop his portfolio which includes central London offices, luxury residential, specialist conservation and housing for older people. He has recently contributed to the latest APPG report - Rural Housing for an Ageing Population; Preserving Independence.


Richard studied architecture at Cambridge, intermittently between singing commitments in Kings College and Corpus Christi. He achieved his degree in 1977, a Diploma in 1979 and became a qualified architect in 1981.

Richard’s first job was with Dex Harrison & Pollard, working mainly on Housing Association schemes as project architect and later as an Associate. His role at DH&P later developed to include a combined brief, doing major repairs on occupied developments for Columbus First HA whilst simultaneously providing expert witness evidence for them against the original design team. In 1987, Richard joined Sidell Gibson to take charge, at a day to day level, of their extensive programme of retirement housing work for the English Courtyard Association. The practice completed over 30 schemes for this major specialist developer over the next 20 years, winning many awards along the way. Richard was appointed to Associate in 1990 and became a Partner in 2001 with an extensive role in the general management of the firm. While at Sidell Gibson, Richard also led major commercial projects, up to 250,000sqft, in the City and elsewhere, for clients such as The Crown Estate, NM Rothschild, Starlight Investments, Royal and Sun, St George plc, the Bolesworth Estate and a number of others. On the residential side, Richard completed projects for Hanover Housing and Anchor Trust, and for the

Duchy of Cornwall at Poundbury. Another of his projects, Sir John Lyon House, close to the Millennium Bridge in London, won several major awards including the Mail on Sunday British Homes Awards and New York Times International Property Awards. Heritage projects continued to feature strongly with examples including the restoration and extension of Sir John Singer Sargent’s old home and studio at 31 Tite Street, London. Richard also developed his skill and experience in expert witness work, including cases for The Crown Estate, TfL and Magnet Properties. In 2012, Richard left Sidell Gibson to set up Richard Morton Architects, with a focus on residential projects, historic buildings, expert witness cases and smaller commercial projects, particularly in the City. With the help of his co-founder, Yarema Ronish, the practice is now well established, with offices in Farringdon and a growing workload. Richard is Vice-Chairman of the Retirement Housing Group, and, until recently, a member of the European Standard committee dealing with Sheltered Housing. With a busy practice, recreation time is limited, but Richard runs regularly, and has completed a number of half marathons for various charities. He continues his love of singing and performs both chorally and occasionally as a soloist. He is Churchwarden at the Grade I listed St Etheldreda’s Church in Hatfield. http://rm-architects.com



BRIO GETS SPECIFIED BY Brio, a global leader in sliding and bi-fold door hardware, is continuing its marketing communications aimed at architects and specifiers with a commitment to the web portal ‘Specified By’.


pecified By was created to help specifiers find and research building products and materials through modern search, comparison and information management tools. By providing well-structured, open data for thousands of products, the site is ready access to one of the most comprehensive databases of products and materials in the UK. It is designed to save architectural and specification professionals lots of time in the whole process.

product range and technical information readily available on ‘Specified By’ as it is purely for specification professionals. Our product range lends itself to adventurous architectural ideas that easily unfold into exciting reality.

“Life is lived online these days,” says Dave Newton, UK head of Brio, “and we wanted

The company is approaching its 50th birthday, having been established in the


“Brio is dedicated to shaping the spaces in which people live, work and play. With central operations in Sydney, Australia and subsidiaries in the UK and USA – Brio is recognised by architects worldwide as a leading design and manufacturing company.”

early 1970’s. It has consistently innovated and developed new products for the global market, producing cutting edge designs such as Weatherfold exterior folding door hardware. Brio’s R&D department continues to bring a strong design element to the business, developing and testing ground breaking concepts that continue to be at the forefront of the industry. “It’s no surprise our name Brio translates to Energy, Spirit and Vitality – the core values that drive us to always discover new solutions for our customers. We are committed to the continuous improvement of quality. That is why Brio UK is certified to Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2001”, says Dave Newton. For more information on the full range visit www. briouk.com


SUPPLYING THE FINEST QUALITY IRONMONGERY Touch combine traditional skills with modern manufacturing techniques to produce the most beautiful, quality fittings, built to stand the test of time. As well as specialist bespoke items, Touch supply over 1000 products, available in 23 different finishes to furnish high end residential and commercial properties, royal palaces, government houses, historic castles and stately homes. Olaria, available from Touch Ironmongery

www.atouchofbrass.co.uk & www.olariabarcelona.com


Knock on wood

What to look for in a front door

Whether it’s to hide behind or make a statement with, your front door is the defining element of the public facing exterior of your home. It’s the strangers’ first impression as they call on you, and it’s the portal to your own little haven after a long day. It is also crucial for your home security and can play a significant role in your home’s energy performance. As such, it needs to be robust and expertly fitted as well as looking stylish, so it’s worth taking the time to consider what you should look out for when you’re fronting up to getting a new door. Bespoke joiners David H Wright advocate that a solid wood door remains the wise choice for an Englishman to choose for his castle, large or small. Technology in terms of wood door manufacture has come a long way since the builders of the Middle Ages constructed their mighty doors - which even so have stood the test of centuries, as you can see in many of our listed properties. Today, new techniques in timber treatment mean that timber now outstrips the plastic imposter, UPVC, in terms of performance, as well as excelling in terms of aesthetic appeal. Solid wood front doors are without doubt the clear choice for home owners with period homes and for newer home owners who are interested in an environmentally superior product for their property. Manufactured in the traditional way using mortis and tenon joints, a new solid wood front door will endure for the lifetime of the property. There is plenty of scope for contemporary styling as well as traditional designs. David H Wright finds that the classic panelled door remains a firm favourite with customers. Available in a choice of woods, you can choose glass panels and stunning paint finishes to really have your door tailor-made to suit your taste and the style of your property. Sidelights, fans and arches all add character and the use of special clima-control glass helps to control the temperature regardless of the external conditions. Safety and security is paramount. The firm recommends that doors are fixed with either a traditional style five lever mortise locking system, or the European standard Multi point locking system which comes fitted with a 3 star rated cylinder providing the ultimate in security. The door furniture is as much a part of the design as the door itself. From traditional hinges and handles to state-of-the-art fixtures, there is plenty of choice for you to add the final touch.

For more information on refining your front door, contact Sharon Wright and the team on 01977 681832 or at www.dhwjoinery.co.uk •18•

SCHUECO’S NEW PANORAMIC SLIDING DOOR HAS ADDITIONAL DESIGN BENEFITS Leading sustainable building envelope specialist Schueco UK has just launched a new version of its highly successful ASS 77 PD panoramic door system. Designated the Schueco ASE 67 PD, the new door provides the same minimal sightlines with an outer frame that remains concealed in the building structure, resulting in a huge panoramic area of clear glass. However, it offers a number of additional benefits. First, the door can now be configured in a variety of opening combinations utilising two, three or four leaves, each up to 3.2 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. Depending upon the particular specification and the level of insulation required, the moving vent can be double- or triple-glazed. Using a simplified method of construction which makes it easier to manufacture, the Schueco ASE 67 PD door is available in two options with different outer frames. The slimmer of the two options, which has a 57 mm frame, is especially suitable for use in renovation projects; it offers a lower overall frame cost but without impacting on excellent levels

of sound insulation (up to 46 dB). A completely flat threshold is designed to eliminate the possibility of accidents, while still allowing the door to deliver watertightness to 300 Pa and wind resistance to Class C3. The deeper 90 mm option caters for even greater weather performance as it delivers watertightness to 600 Pa while maintaining the aesthetics and sound insulation of the 57 mm system. Both versions offer a very slim central mullion width of 31 mm and can accommodate glass widths ranging from 36 mm to 49.6 mm. A choice of two locking options, one in the centre and one on the side, ensure that this new system offers maximum design flexibility and a high level of security. For full details of the new Schueco ASE 67 PD panoramic sliding door, please email mkinfobox@schueco.com


VESTA INTERIOR DESIGN FOR FIRST TIME BUYER The days of beige and neutral interiors are over, according to leading interior design firm, Vesta Interior Design, who have noticed a shift in demand for contemporary and accessible interiors across new developments. oung professionals, first time buyers and millennials seeking a new London apartment are drawn to a new and ‘edgy’ design style when selecting their home, according to Chris, Dale, Managing Director of Vesta Interior Design. Chris notes that this is particularly true in areas such as Stratford, which since the 2012 Olympics has attracted a vast number of trendy young buyers and is seen as an urban hot spot on the rise for people more creative than city workers who tend to live in Canary Wharf or Greenwich.


As a result, the style and design of new developments in London has adapted with the perfect example being Bellway’s new Legacy Wharf development in Stratford. Interior Designed by Vesta Interior Design, the recently completed show home at Legacy Wharf, appeals to the younger first time buyer generation. More ‘edgy’ in its style, Legacy Wharf is not your usual show home, with no beige or neutral palettes in site, appealing to the creative side of potential buyers. The exterior is unlike your usual development, with an exposed brick façade and clean lines creating a modern aesthetic. Vesta Interior Design were briefed to create something that continued on this contemporary theme and that enabled it to stand out among other show homes. Chris Dale, Managing Director of Vesta Interior Design, comments: “Legacy Wharf was an exciting project for us because the brief was different from the norm and allowed us to be bold in our choices. It appealed very much to our love of colour, bold prints and luxury touches. Appealing to first time buyers, particularly in up and coming regeneration areas like Stratford, requires a good level of creativity, ensuring that there is a balance between classy and accessible, whilst also being on trend and fun.” Chris adds: “Drawing from those influences, we mixed industrial influenced finishes such as the fabrics on the beds and artwork design with timeless inspired key pieces such as the beds and


SEES TREND SHOW HOMES developers who want to provide something a bit different, which appeals to a younger and more style conscious demographic in up and coming locations. We’re working in areas such as Acton, which neighbour more expensive locations like Ealing, to deliver show apartments suitable for this buyer group.”

armchair. This combination of classic designs with modern patterns was the perfect eclectic mix to attract the new generation of buyers who are both diverse but also appreciate the finer things.” Incorporating industrial touches enabled the show home to fit seamlessly into its urban surroundings. A marble topped dining table, dressed with black and gold place settings is a bold statement, and is surrounded by plush deep

green velvet chairs. Blush pink touches add a pop of colour to the striking arrangement. Chris adds: “The combination of deep green and blush pink is very much on trend at the moment and we think they work stunningly together. The green is a theme throughout the showhome, coming out in the artwork, furnishings and we even painted a bold green stripe down the wall of the living area. Gold touches are a must have in any home, they never date and add a real touch of class to any space.”

“We work closely with developers to create spaces which combine aspirational living with practicality and luxury. We think it’s really important to design a space which is user friendly but also obtainable. Our in-depth knowledge of the property market and understanding of the end user, is key and this is reflected in the new show home at Legacy Wharf. Developers are getting innovative and creative with their design style. Grey and beige has had its day and colour is back in.” For further information about Vesta Interior Design, please contact 0800 135 7888 or visit: www.vesta-london.co.uk

Central to this project was accessibility, so items have been sourced from suppliers which are affordable and easy to find for the end user, creating a style which is replicable should they wish. This is also an excellent way to ensure viewers walk in and can picture themselves in situ. Vesta has also been working on a number of other schemes aimed at first time buyers; Chris adds: “We have definitely seen a trend among



MINI Living at China House Vision. Fourth interpretation of the MINI Living Urban Cabin concept presented at the architecture exhibition China House Vision draws on traditional Beijing forms of housing as well as developing innovative ideas for maximum quality of living within a minimum space.

Dayong Sun’s design is inspired by the hutongs common in Beijing’s more traditional districts. A hallmark feature of the city’s architectural history, these residences are made up of courtyard buildings and passageways that are particularly appreciated for the combination of private withdrawal spaces and communal living areas which they offer. This model is now gradually disappearing from the urban landscape as a result of demographic change. The MINI LIVING Urban Cabin in Beijing echoes the underlying principle of hutong while at the same time translating it to the modern age. Global network of creative residential solutions.

MINI presents the latest MINI LIVING Urban Cabin at the interdisciplinary architecture exhibition China House Vision in Beijing from 21 September to 4 November 2018. The micro-apartment concept was developed in cooperation with local architect Dayong Sun.


The Urban Cabin in Beijing is now the fourth interpretation of the concept developed by MINI LIVING last year. The Urban Cabin provides temporary living space with a high degree of flexibility and lots of possibilities – on a surface area of just 15 m2. One particular design focus is the local identity and culture of the specific location in each case. After stops in London, New York City and Los Angeles, the latest source of inspiration is Beijing. The central theme of the project is to explore how space can be used in an innovative way to create a new sense of community and maximum quality of living on a minimum surface area. In order to achieve this, the MINI LIVING Urban Cabin Beijing re-interprets traditional forms of urban living in China, thereby stimulating dialogue with community life in the city. MINI Living started in 2016 and is dedicated to developing novel residential concepts for urban conurbations worldwide. Developments in big cities such as space shortage and price


increases are taken into account, as well as the desire for flexibility, local identity and communal interaction. In order to address these diverse aspects, the project takes the “creative use of space” principle as developed for the classic Mini in the field of automotive design and applies it to the residential context. MINI Living Urban Cabin Beijing: visionary format with historical roots. Every MINI Living Urban Cabin consists of three formal elements. The living and sleeping sections on one side of the micro-apartment and the kitchen and bathroom on the other side are designed by the MINI Living Design Team. The third section is defined by MINI as an experiential space with the character of an installation: for each cabin, a local architects’ bureau is invited to fill out this space. The theme selected always has to be relevant to the specific location. In Beijing this experiential space was developed in collaboration with local architect Dayong Sun. He has created an open area of encounter as a homage to the courtyards of the traditional hutongs. Golden, telescope-like mirrors are mounted above this interactive space, reflecting the immediate environment but also the broader urban context. A swing at the centre of the space provides a playful shift in the viewer’s perspective. The storage and seating facilities positioned around the Urban Cabin are designed in geometrical shapes reminiscent of traditional Chinese tangram puzzles, also acting as an attractive feature for contemplation.

MINI Living is focused on forward-looking stimuli for a style of residential architecture that focuses on human beings and their need for individuality, flexibility and community. “Each MINI Living Urban Cabin creates maximum quality of living within a very limited space in a specific situational context”, explains Oke Hauser, Creative Lead MINI Living. “The result is a global network of creative residential solutions in which people all over the world feel at home, while at the same time providing a public space for innovative forms of co-living”. With their individual basic format and elaboration, the various interpretations of the MINI Living Urban Cabin concept demonstrate the creative possibilities offered by micro-apartments. This has made them the forerunner to the first co-living project in China, which is to be opened in Shanghai in 2019. Here MINI is collaborating with Chinese project developer NOVA Property Investment Co. to convert an unused industrial complex in the Jing’An district into a multi-dimensional facility consisting of apartments and work spaces as well as cultural and leisure facilities. In addition to the creative use of space, the concept offers residents maximum flexibility with residential units of varying sizes and a vibrant urban neighbourhood. This creative combination of personal privacy and opportunities for communal interaction is supplemented with an extensive range of digitally bookable services, thereby establishing a whole new level of living quality in the urban setting of a modern city.


NEW BUILD OR REFURBISHMENT CHOOSE demista™ and Cosyfloor™ House builders, developers, the self build sector, and the public are looking forward to 2018 with a great deal of optimism. The property market appears to be well on the move, and one item is proving to be of great interest to those building or refurbishing houses and apartments. Added value at minimal cost to any new or refurbished bathroom must the be the inclusion of a demista™ heated mirror pad. This pad is easy to install, and will ensure a steam free mirror at all times, no matter how steamed up the bathroom. The heated mirror pads are available in a variety of sizes, to suit most mirrors and in the case of a particularly large surface,

they can be used in multiples. Running costs are minimal and ideally, once wired in to the lighting system, they will gently warm the mirror when the bathroom is in use. The pads can also be fitted in bathroom cabinets. The range of underfloor heating products, Cosyfloor™, Ecofloor and Ecomat are designed for specific areas of the home. Both Cosyfloor™ and Ecofloor can be used in every room in the house, including areas where the floor may get wet, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and conservatories. Ecomat can be used in hallways, bedrooms and living areas. Underfloor heating means

no unsightly radiators, adding valuable space to smaller rooms, no hot surfaces for toddlers to touch especially in the nursery or playroom. The added space, especially wall space, enhances the aesthetic appearance of your reception and living areas. Whether under timber floors, tiles, slate, marble, vinyl or carpet, underfloor heating is safe, reliable, and offers gentle, comfort heating levels whenever and wherever it is needed. Temperature can be easily controlled via room thermostats to produce the most cost effective and efficient heating. The system is easy to install and maintenance free.



Pictured: CRL Quartz, clockwise from top left: Grey Reflection, Montana Gris, Grey Mist, and Regency White. Prices start from £250-£450 per square metre.

Colour blocking meets its match with CRL Quartz There is no better way to bring the touch of spring into the kitchen than with bright, bold colours. The perfect partner to strong hues in spaces large and small is to opt for a worktop in a mutual shade, such as grey or white, which works in harmony with virtually any colour backdrop.

CRL Quartz can be chosen in a wide range of colours, including several shades of white and grey, offering an option for every situation, whether combined with bright yellow or orange or more muted tones of green and blue. Available in styles that emulate the natural veining and flecking of stones such marble, yet with none of the headache when it comes to maintenance, CRL Quartz is an extremely hard-wearing and easy to care for surface so it will look as good as new throughout the seasons. Pictured above from left: CRL Quartz Grey Reflection, Montana Gris, Regency White and Grey Mist. Prices start from £250-£450 per square metre.

For free samples, call CRL Stone on 01706 863 600 or visit www.crlquartz.co.uk •24•


KITCHENAID ICONIC FRIDGE AWARDED RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2018 The KitchenAid Iconic Fridge has been awarded one of the world’s most prestigious design awards – the Red Dot Award for Product Design. The KitchenAid Iconic Fridge has been honoured with the award for invoking a sense of heritage with a beauty that is timeless. The ‘Red Dot’ is an internationally recognised hallmark for excellent design and quality, which is presented annually at one of the world’s largest design competitions, the Red Dot Awards. The Red Dot Award has a proud, six-decade, history and is organised by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. With the creation of the Red Dot brand in the 1990s, the sought-after Red Dot has gained global pre-eminence as a seal of outstanding design quality. Inspired by the timeless, instantly recognisable and world-famous KitchenAid Artisan stand-mixer, the Iconic Fridge has been conceived from the outset as a new design classic. The bold personality of the appliance is embodied by the striking metal casing. The Empire Red KitchenAid Iconic Fridge (KCFME 60150R (UK)) brings colour into the kitchen and is a timeless icon for every passionate gourmet. KitchenAid’s brand DNA is boldly expressed in the highly polished, cast-metal, handle that is prominently placed horizonatally on the door. Mounted with the iconic KitchenAid medallions, the Iconic Fridge features subtle resonance with the ‘steamline’ style that first inspired the KitchenAid stand-mixer. Lee Collett, Channel Controller, KitchenAid, says: “The KitchenAid Iconic Fridge is a masterpiece in the kitchen and a design object that rises above trends, asserting itself as a timeless icon. The Red Dot Award for Product Design is selected by a 40-member international jury of designers, leading academics and respected journalists and is awarded from among tens of thousands of products. “To receive the coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design really endorses KitchenAid’s expression of professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design and we are truly thrilled to receive such a prestigious accolade.” For more information on KitchenAid appliances, please contact your account manager or visit the website at www.kitchenaid.co.uk For more information on the Red Dot Awards, please visit the website at www.red-dot.org



The woodford 5kw and widescreen 5kw Luxury SIA eco design ready stoves that are modern classics Now in stock, The Woodford 5kw and Widescreen 5kw are premium, multi-fuel stoves that boast a clean aesthetic, meaning they are suitable for any type of installation and are designed with modern living in mind. Beautiful to look at and built to last, these elegant centrepieces will fit all standard rooms and look right at home in any fireplace opening. The Woodford 5kw and Widescreen 5kw are among the most efficient products related to fuel consumption on the market and are both certified SIA Eco Design Ready. This means that they supersede the stringent environmental regulations on emissions that are being introduced to the UK in 2022


and help to support future clean air strategies throughout the EU. Furthermore, these eco-friendly stoves have been approved by the industry’s governing body, HETAS, and are exempt from smoke control zones due to their unique clean burn technology and high efficiency ratings. Truly ticking all of the boxes, The Woodford 5kw and Widescreen 5kw are designed, manufactured and tested exclusively in Great Britain, meaning that customers are fully supported with absolutely any aftercare, parts, services or maintenance they might require. In addition, the body of the stoves are backed by a no quibble, lifetime warranty that guarantees

Features include as standard: • 100 per cent made in Great Britain • SIA Eco Design Ready • HETAS approved • Ultra clean burn technology • A&A + rating

• Multi-fuel • Direct air intake • Smooth, hidden and easy to use controls • Adjustable feet • Classic design • Next day delivery

an enduring customer service experience. They also come complete with an optional, easy to use multi-fuel kit and heatshield, if needed. With other fully compliant models to follow in due course, The Woodford Collection’s extensive range of stoves and bespoke, premium quality limestone fireplaces are exquisite both as standalone installations and equally when paired with matching hearths, back panels and chambers. Handcrafted from a selection of limestone, quartz and slate, every component within The Woodford Collection is designed to suit all fuel appliances and can be made to measure, whatever your requirement. Visit www.woodfordcollection.co.uk today to find out more about our full range of products, which are now available for speedy same and next day dispatch. You can also contact The Woodford Collection’s official distributors, Flue & Ducting Ltd, to find your nearest stockist or discover where to buy online. Simply email sales@flue-ducting.co.uk or call 0161 480 2994.


Supplying a wide range of Modern & Traditional Style Cast Iron Radiators for Electric installation or Central Heating Systems

Bohemia Retro


All Heatec Electric Radiators are Fitted with Room Temperature Thermostat Control or Fixed Temperature Controls

Imperial Victorian

Cast Iron Heights available from 430mm – 980mm. Outputs from 550 - 3000 Watts. All Radiators Manufactured in the EU


Also supplying High Efficiency Aluminium Radiators and Towel Rails Electric Radiator Thermostatic Control

Towel Rail

Forte Plus

Forte Plus Aluminium Radiators low liquid content and intelligent design give up to 40% energy savings against conventional Radiators. Available Heights 431mm – 881mm, Outputs 550 – 3000 Watts. Any RAL colours. Low level Finn (Trench) Radiators also available Full Catalogue available on request Heatec, Stoneygate Close, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. NE10 0AZ Tel: 0845 8726667 sales@heatecev.com www.heatecev.com


Chilli penguin stoves

The Future is Penguin Woodburning and multi fuel stoves are now becoming more efficient, better designed, with lower emissions and better fuel economy than ever before. Chilli penguin stoves believes that an investment in a quality stove is an investment in the future.

The High and Mighty


uring a stoves’ life, you can make the choice to burn locally grown wood, a completely renewable resource, supporting local wood growers, suppliers and woodlands. If you burn dry, seasoned wood and select an efficient stove, this will make the most out of the fuel that you put in and reduce emissions. Chilli Penguin Stoves, along with other manufacturers are working hard to reduce emissions even further to meet the forthcoming 2022 stringent emissions targets. At the end of a stoves’ long life cycle the majority of manufacturing materials can be recycled or repurposed. CPS is a stove design and manufacturing company based in Wales. They are committed to UK manufacturing and designing with quality, character and efficiency. They manufacture a range of 10 stoves available in a selection of colours. The smallest of their range, the little Chilli Billie with its round window is often found in small spaces like shepherds’ huts and garden offices. This little stove produces 3 kW of heat and you can boil a kettle or fry a sausage on its top surface. It is the stove of hideaways and holidays. The Woody is one of their 5 kW range stove. It has a generous widescreen view


The Woody

The Chilli Billie

of the fire, clean burn technology, is very controllable and reaches an impressive 87% efficiency rating. This is a stove you will want to come home to.

The biggest penguins in the range throw out 8 kW of chilli hot heat. They are designed to heat up bigger rooms, they include the Chubby 8 and the Eighty ate. The only downside to these stoves is they develop friends of their own, visitors who once came to visit you, now come to visit them.

They produce a range of stoves with cooking ovens on the top, which includes the High and Mighty penguin. This stove will work really hard to please, it will heat your home, boil your kettle, cook your dinner and look incredible. This stove will be your friend in a storm, when the lights go out around you, you will be looked after.

Whichever penguin you chose (or maybe the penguin chooses you), you are making an investment in your future.


Eco-friendly stoves - yes, really! Improving air quality and reducing emissions is a hot topic right now. Many of us are trying to be a little more conscious of the environment, and that’s where Ecodesign stoves come in. By 2022, all new wood burners must adhere to a European directive on air pollution and particulate emissions, and many stove manufacturers are now producing stoves that are exceeding the directive by as much as 75% - and they’re available now from Direct Stoves. Led by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), the Ecodesign directive aims to lower particle emissions and CO2 emissions, improve stove efficiency, and improve fuel standards and sustainability. For those who want to lower their carbon footprint, an Ecodesign stove is without a doubt the way forward.

manufacturers and government, these stoves have the potential to reduce UK carbon emissions by two million tonnes per year by 2020. Good news for everyone!

Recent SIA tests have shown that modern, clean burning stoves reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80-84% compared to an old (10-year+) stove. When correctly installed, modern stoves produce emissions of only 0.008 kg CO2 per kWh – compared to 0.198kg for gas, and 0.517kg for electricity. Some manufacturers have slashed these limits in their latest products, with new stoves producing between 50% and even 75% less particulates than the proposed limits, making truly clean-burning stoves. Modern stoves also burn the exhaust gases as well as the wood, vastly increasing efficiency, keeping your home warmer.

Ecodesign stoves are available from various top manufacturers, including ACR, Arada, Charnwood, and many others. They are also DEFRA approved so can be used in Smoke Control Areas. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with both modern and traditional designs, you’ll find an Ecodesign stove that suits any home’s decor.

With the new technology and commitments from

Direct Stoves are offering their customers the chance to upgrade their current stove and get 10% off a brand new Ecodesign ready stove thanks to their Stove Scrappage Scheme. For more information on the scheme or to see their full range of wood burning stoves, visit www.directstoves.com


Create a garage that fits your storage needs When it comes to our homes, storage is the one thing that we all need more of. Whether you live in a new build or one that’s been around for a while, most houses could do with some extra space. And if you have a garage, items get put in there to use later on, store until the right season or until you decide to get rid of them. At some point, the garage will become cluttered and difficult to find what you need. The solution is clear: Declutter and organise your garage to create a clean, tidy and organised space that fits your lifestyle. Why? • Save Time: Once you have everything organised in its rightful place, you can easily find what you need. No more rifling through boxes or piles to find your golf shoes. • More space: The cleverer you are with your storage solutions, the more you’ll actually be able to fit in. So you might even be able to free up some of the cupboards in the house if you invest in the right option. • Add Value: By installing clever storage options in your garage, you’ll add value to your home, particularly if storage is at a premium.

How? • U se the space wisely: Every garage has three walls and a ceiling that can be used for storage purposes. Even if you have pipework, metres, boilers etc., these can be worked around to make the most of the space you have. Storage accessories such as cabinets, shelves, hooks, hoists and racks can be added to your wall and ceiling to store all manner of items including bikes, sports equipment, garden tools etc. • M ake it brighter: As well as the storage options it provides, installing wall panelling in your garage brightens up the whole space and allows light to bounce around the room. Of course you’ll still need lights in there for dark days but it is incredible how much light this can bring into the garage space. • M ake your floor fit for purpose: A concrete floor is going to bring dust, why not seal it with a seamless resin or add in floor tiles to create a level surface. Not only does a fitted floor add to the look of the garage, they come in a variety of colours and they can stop trips and falls on any pits in the current floor.



Garageflex offer bespoke storage solutions for the residential garage. We offer a flexible range of wall and ceiling storage solutions, including cabinets and shelves, as well as a choice of resin or tiles for the floor. And since 2005, we’ve helped over a thousand customers create their perfect space. For more information visit www.garageflex.co.uk

UK Spares: your one-stop-shop for domestic and commercial electrical spares Call or email our friendly team TODAY... www.uk-spares.com or email sales@uk-spares.com Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: @UKSpares Unit 1155, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TF

Bathrooms Black: industrial, stylish, metropolitan. The impact of a bathroom in which strong shades of black are used is unequalled; this latest interior trend is inspired by the robust industrial look of yesteryear. Black is a


powerful, elegant and luxurious colour. It enhances shapes and emphasises contrasts. Black also radiates energy and vitality.


OPERA: ART AND WATER Clean lines and a robust structure. An eye for detail in the finish and flowing

In the picture: Opera

movements when opening and closing. Beauty and technology meet in Opera, a shower door characterised by a nice finish and a clean design. Opera is ideal for styling a modern space thanks to the smart use of the contrast between glass, the black finish and the surroundings. The industrial style of the matte black Opera results in a chic and elegant look.

DISTINCTIVE CHARACTER If the interior is all about contrast, then this is highlighted by Zephyros. A clearly present frame of the shower door with a distinctive character: a gusty design. The matching matte black handgrips and details give it a tough look that fits in perfect with the latest interior trends.

In the picture: Zephyros

MINIMALISM AND CLEAN LINES Young 2.0 is versatile and adapts to endless situations. The shower walls make maximum use of the space thanks to the slender frame and the large proportion of glass. A tight division of the shower area with nice details for an immaculate and elegant feel. In the black version Young 2.0 can be easily combined with the natural beauty of Novosolid, a shower floor that fits in with the new interior philosophy of natural materials because of the stone texture.


In the picture: Young 2.0

Anodetothesteelframesofyesteryearthatarebackintoday’slatestinteriortrend. The Kuadra H walk-in shower with the new black line pattern, which is a wonderful look-a-like of the industrial, steel frame, makes each shower area a true work of art; a striking bathroom that reflects the personality of its resident.

Discover the series, by going to: http://www.novellini.co.uk/black-collection.html http://www.novellini.co.uk/white-collection.html www.novellini.co.uk


Tel: 01727 229922

In the picture: Kuadra

INDUSTRY Essentials

INDUSTRY Essentials

Discover the Black & White video collection

Designed and manufactured in MANTOVA

KUADRA H LOFT now in stock

MINIMALISM AND CLEAN LINES With a whole host of exciting product features, such as showering height of 2000mm, through to the minimal matt black, matt white of polished chrome profiling giving the enclosure a sleek and luxurious look. Coupled with the rise and fall door mechanism and the versatility to be installed on a shower tray or tiled floor, the Young collection gives you a multitude of showering options and fantastic value for money. Combine this with our Novosolid stone shower tray with its anti-slip stone texture, stain and UV resistant, hidden 90mm fast flow waste and can be cut down to size on site to fit difficult spaces.

info-uk@novellini.com www.novellini.com FOLLOW US

Designed and manufactured in MANTOVA








Up to 10 year Guarantee

The home of Quality Designer Bathrooms

aquariss.com +44(0)333 305 2162


The new Ignite Push-button thermostatic shower shown in a slimline square design. The three outlet valve is shown here teamed with an ultra thin fixed head, a square hand held shower kit and square tile body jets.

Ignite shower valve shown in the round design with two outlet flow control options. Pictured with a round fixed shower head and arm, and round body jets with swivel. There is a wide range of shower kits and accessories available from Hudson Reed to coordinate with the new valves.

Ignites the senses Hudson Reed, one of the UK’s leading bathroom specialists has launched a stunning range of precision engineered ‘Push-Button’ showers called IGNITE. The new intuitive shower valves are the ultimate in bathroom style and technology allowing complete controllability – ‘at the push of a button’. Functions such as start/ stop activation, on/off flow controls and, depending on model – single, twin or triple valve, the ability to direct flows from dedicated outlets such as overhead shower, body jets or hand-held shower. Available in round and square button chrome options, the IGNITE showers are a slimline design with all controls hidden behind the almost flush-mounted concealing plate and are built around the innovative in-house, UK manufactured, Valquest shower valve for thermostatic control, safety, performance and durability. As featured on the front cover of the new consumer brochure, the pushbutton showers complement Hudson Reed’s luxurious bathroom collection of ceramics, furniture, baths, enclosures, showers, brassware, heating and mirrors. For more information please contact us on Tel: 01422 417100 / www.hudsonreed.co.uk

Ignite round push control thermostatic shower valve with two outlets. All Ignite valves work from as low as 1-bar pressure.


Case Study: Dee Road, Richmond Dee Road, Richmond is the latest venture for Chartered Accountant and property developer, Jay Shah. This redevelopment project saw a mixed use building converted into 4 luxury flats, 1 exquisite penthouse apartment and a modern ground floor office for Mr Shah’s accountancy firm. The open-plan luxurious living spaces, aimed at young professionals working in the city, demanded the very best interior design, “The project is in an affluent area in Surrey and required a high-end finish. Graefe doors looked aesthetically great and give a modern flat a great finish.” A great deal of care and attention to detail has been given to every area of the development, creating the perfect balance between modern and traditional. Mr Shah chose Graefe’s Classic door in American Black Walnut with contrasting white painted stepped architrave and matching skirting to feature throughout, “The doors gave a rich finish and complemented to the colours of the interiors, giving a good mix of contemporary finishes with traditional looks.” Mr Shah is delighted with the doors, joinery and overall service Graefe supplied, “The doors were of great quality and remarkable finish. The service received from start to finish was simply super. Emma was very polite and prompt in her service.” On to the next project, Mr Shah is already planning on working with Graefe again, “We are looking forward to working with Graefe in our future project as preferred partner.”

The Residential collection

The Commercial collection

Veneers and finishes

Case studies

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Kitchens designed with passion Established for over 40 years, Cameron Interiors is renowned for a product that is second to none, delivered from designers with passion, and the end result being nothing short of perfection every time. Visit our extensive Glasgow studio showcasing Bulthaup Kitchens alongside Hacker Kitchens and Silenia bedrooms or our exclusive Bulthaup Edinburgh studio and speak to one of our specialists.

Cameron Interiors 458-462 Crow Rd, Glasgow G11 7DR. 0141 334 9532 bulthaup by Cameron Interiors 31 Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 6QQ. 0131 556 2233 info@cameroninteriors.co.uk

Invalifts were recently contacted by a leading clothing retailer, who was shortly opening a brand new unit, in an out-of-town shopping centre in the East Midlands. They were looking for an easy, space efficient way to provide access between the floors of their outlet. fter a consultation with leading access provider, Invalifts, the MC2000 platform lift unit was chosen as an ideal way to provide a part M compliant lift with a platform of 1120 x 1480mm, with a capacity of 500kgs. What’s more, the lift is entirely self supporting, fitting perfectly with the mezzanine structure and easily managing the 4 metre distance between floors.


Enclosed platform lift for leading retailer

The platform lift shaft was clad with quartz grey infill panels, which had been specified in a special RAL colour to match the interior design of the shop, whilst a ramp was utilised at the base of the lift, removing the need to dig a 60mm pit. The installation of the lift was completed in just two days with minimal builders work, maximising convenience for the client. The lift doors were fully glazed with self closers, and the lift was also fitted with an intercom in case of emergency. The client was very pleased with the final product, and with a 5 year guarantee on the motor and gearbox, they can look forward to the lift running smoothly for many years to come. If you would like to know more about the MC2000 Platform Lift or other access solutions, please contact the Invalifts team on 0845 468 2543 or alternatively, email sales@invalifts.com


RINNAI: the 1200i continuous flow hot water heating unit - for every commercial site RINNAI HOT WATER – instant, continuous, limitless and sensibly economic for every type of commercial site Now available from Rinnai UK, manufacturers of the world’s leading continuous flow gas-fired hot water heater units and systems, is the HDC 1200i continuous model for use on all high demand commercial sites. It is capable of delivering in excess of 1560 litres per hour. It guarantees unparalleled levels of efficiency and hot water delivery for the end user whilst streamlining installations and guaranteeing future regulatory compliance. This precision engineered water heating unit can also be combined as multiple units into one single, easy to handle module incorporating cascade frames and common flue. Both the HDC 1200 internal and external models turn in a market leading energy performance of 107% net efficiency and offer superlative ranges of modulation as the systems internal analytical system can modulate the burner modulation range from 54kw to 2.4kw. The Rinnai HDC 1200i is engineered for minimal energy wastage and maximum energy performance. It is worth remembering that Part L of the Building Regulations 2013 has set minimum thermal efficiency levels of 90% for natural and 92% for LPG, consequently outlawing non-condensing gas fired water heaters for use in new build projects. Rinnai is the only manufacturer that can supply a complete range of internal and external ultra-high efficiency condensing continuous flow water heaters, aligned not only to comply but surpass changes on the regulatory horizon. Rinnai units and systems are now the number one choice for large buildings and businesses with a heavy demand for constant hot water or where high peaks of demand occur at certain times. Any number of modules can be manifolded, so the water handling capacity is truly infinite and there is no risk of the ‘cascade’ of hot water ever running out. The manifolded 1200i units can be delivered direct to site in one complete, easy to manage package and at a very competitive price. For the end user this guarantees considerable cost savings over other forms of hot water generation. The relatively compact footprint of all Rinnai units and systems means it can optimise plant room space and safeguard accessibility for maintenance and servicing.

There is huge potential for on-demand style water heaters such as the Rinnai HDC 1200i units to play their part in new build and in refurbishments projects alike, where in the latter there are still many old systems that need replacing. By replacing this older technology with new condensing appliances will help support the UK drive towards greener industry. The Rinnai Infinity HDC 1200i water heater uses heat exchanger technology to allow the largest capacity flow rates, thereby guaranteeing all the hot water needed, when it is needed. As well as increasing capacity, the Rinnai Infinity water heater has lower greenhouse emissions because of the new reduced NoX burner technology and as there is no storage, this scores well with BREEAM.

95% thermal efficiency, translating into significant energy savings when compared to standard tankless water heaters. With a continuous flow water heating unit, it will deliver limitless amounts of useable hot water, whatever the site - school, hospital, hotel, office blocks, leisure club etc with no fluctuations in water delivery temperature. The only time the site uses energy to heat water is when there is a demand, in other words, it is only burning gas when a tap or shower is being run. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com

Available in both internal and external versions, HDC 1200i gives end users 105.5% net efficiency as the condensing process delivers up to


INDUSTRY Essentials

INDUSTRY Essentials

See it. Feel it. Stunning natural stone and terrazzo at your fingertips. Explore our extensive range and order your free samples online.

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NEW Emission Free, Fire Retardant paint for walls, ceilings and wood.



01484 421036 l www.graft.co.uk l

/GraftSealants l

Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.



Trim Acoustics

has for more than twenty five years been at the forefront of building acoustics, supplying quality acoustic products from the UK’s major manufacturers to the building industry and domestic market. Providing technical advice, site surveys and specifications to architects and developers, Trim Acoustics can assist with projects ranging from house conversions and new build properties to bespoke designs for customers who have specific requirements. Trim Acoustics offers solutions for floors, ceilings and walls that can achieve Document E standard and with a wide range of quality acoustics products stocked at their Godmanchester warehouse they are able to offer a prompt delivery service direct to site. Distributing a wide range of quality product for the UK’s major manufactures puts Trim Acoustics in a unique position when it comes to specifications, making it very easy to choose the most suitable product to meet both performance and cost criteria

With a wealth of technical expertise and practical experience Trim Acoustics can offer a wide range of solutions via the telephone and on site. See www.trimacoustics.co.uk for more details or call 020-8443-0099. 12.5mm Fire rated plasterboard

Trim Resound board

Peel Back Self Adhesive Strip

Board Overlap Joint

Heavy Duty Resilient Bars

Resound 90 minute fire rated ceiling system is constructed of a 22mm thick board providing high performance airborne noise reduction in an easy to handle size. The board incorporates a unique self adhesive jointing system.

With more than twenty five years technical expertise and practical experience Trim Acoustics can offer a wide range of solutions


sales@trimacoustics.co.uk www.trimacoustics.co.uk

100mm 45kg/m3 mineral fibre

Tel: 020-8443-0099

Another area of Trim Acoustic expertise is the design of studios, from conversion of a garage or out building to full professional recording studios. Trim Acoustics can also advise on the upgrade of existing home studio or home cinemas.

Trim Acoustics

Resound Acoustic Board System


The domestic market has for many years been one of Trim Acoustic’s areas of expertise, providing acoustic solutions to people whose quality of life has been effected by noise problems. Offering a suitable solution in plain English often means that the noise problem can be identified and resolved on the telephone and within a few days the materials can be delivered to site.

Acoustic Board System

The addition of their new production and warehouse facility in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire which Trim Acoustics share with their sister company Coburn Sliding Systems has given them the ability to increase production and improve the quality of their range of acoustics products to satisfy increased demand.


INSINKERATOR® WINS CONTRACT WITH GALLIARD HOMES InSinkErator® is supplying its 3N1 steaming hot water taps to the brand new Galliard Homes development, Maine Tower, in London’s Docklands. The Maine Tower, a focal point of the Harbour Central development, is to consist of 297 exquisite apartments that are situated over 42 floors. Each apartment will feature an InSinkErator® 3N1 L Shape steaming hot water tap finished in Brushed Steel. Not only will this addition streamline the worktop, reducing the clutter of a kettle, the InSinkErator® 3N1 brings a number of convenient benefits to the end user. The all-private, Maine Tower,

development will be situated just minutes from Canary Wharf, boasting a library, concierge, gym and spa, business suites and cinema, promising to offer luxury living for all of its residents. The InSinkErator® 3N1 L Shape steaming hot water tap instantly and safely dispenses filtered steaming hot water, alongside regular hot and cold water. The 3N1 eliminates the time lost waiting for the kettle to boil, while the exact amount of readily available steaming hot water contributes to countless other tasks from cooking to cleaning. By offering the versatility to switch easily to regular hot or cold water, the 3N1 replaces the need for a standard mixer tap and kettle.

Furthermore, the InSinkErator® 3N1 L Shape steaming hot water tap has gained approval of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), a key requirement of the Harbour Central development. InSinkErator® has also gained approval from WRAS on its hot water tank and filter unit. David Galman, Sales Director, Galliard Homes Limited, says: “One of our aims at Galliard Homes is to create functional and sustainable properties and the 3N1 steaming hot water tap from InSinkErator® ticks all the boxes. The 3N1 offers convenience to the end user, streamlines the kitchen by removing the need for a kettle and, most importantly to us as the developer, has

been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. “By achieving full WRAS approval of its 3N1 steaming hot water tap, InSinkErator® is demonstrating its commitment to compliance and the safety of our residents, encouraging the efficient use of water within the home and offering products that prevent the contamination of public water supplies.” The steaming hot water tap market is highly competitive, however InSinkErator® was successful in winning the contract thanks to the 3N1 gaining full WRAS approval and by offering a top quality after-sales service. T: 01923 375 349 W: insinkerator.emerson.com


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Maximise the light with help from Reynaers at Home As summer nights get shorter and daylight stays longer every day, large glazed areas from Reynaers at Home can help homeowners reap the health benefits of natural light.

some of us experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a form of depression linked to a lack of light, which tends to hit much harder.

Hugh Moss, Head of Marketing at Reynaers, said: “Now that the summer days are getting longer, extending the size of windows and doors is a wonderful way to let in additional light.

In addition to the design and performance benefits of Reynaers’ product range, flooding the home with natural light may also help towards mental wellbeing.

Jenny Scott-Thompson, Press Officer at the Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA), says: “Having large windows, especially in the bedroom, allows sunlight to stimulate hormone production to signal to our brains that it is daytime and wake us up without feeling groggy or tired.

Not only will this make your home look better; your family will also feel better with stimulating natural views, air-flow and sunshine. Our range of products ensures that whatever your design needs, we can help you make the space work in your favour.”

“If you prefer using blackout curtains, consider eating breakfast or getting ready in bright spaces to begin your day with as much natural light as possible. We’ve heard from many of our members who have noticed the difference in their mood after moving house to somewhere with more or less natural light.”

The superior quality of Reynaers stems from its core material, aluminium.

A range of systems including sliding doors, bifold doors and windows from Reynaers at Home can turn a room into a tranquil haven that benefits from great views, abundant natural light, and a glorious feeling of space.

This is supported by a 10-year system guarantee on all Reynaers products.

Bespoke aluminium glazing systems offering panoramic windows and maximum transparency give homeowners unrivalled exposure to sunlight throughout the day. The Royal College of Psychiatrists strongly recommends seeking as much exposure to natural light as possible to combat any negative feelings due to the changing seasons. This sunlight provides a boost of vitamin D to help stimulate the production of serotonin, the so-called ‘happy hormone’. Professionals therefore suggest having pale colours within the home to reflect light, which is helpful to combat common symptoms during the darker months such as loss of concentration and lethargy. Mental health charity Mind recognises that while most of us are affected by the change in seasons, such as feeling more cheerful when the sun is shining or ‘blue’ in winter,

In summer, this enables homeowners to fold back a wall of glass to effortlessly open home and garden into one, with or without corner elements for floating ceiling. In winter, the combination of slim frames and thermal performance mean that warmth and visibility will never be compromised.

Not only one of the strongest and most durable building materials available, it is virtually maintenance free, making it hassle free, stylish and robust.

Reynaers at Home is a premium brand dedicated to offering the very best architectural glazing products and service to the discerning householder. For more information, see the website www.reynaersathome.co.uk, email homeuk@reynaers.com or call 0121 421 9707.

16,500 PRODUCTS IN STOCK FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY From contemporary to traditional, you’ll find the right look with the UK’s BIGGEST RANGE of Ironmongery.


Rated as EXCELLENT 9.4/10 FREE DELIVERY OVER £45* CALL 7am-8pm 7 days a week


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Bringing the Outdoors In As we well and truly settle into 2017, the suspected trends are beginning to take a firm grip in the interiors world. In the modern home we are choosing to incorporate the Scandi style, in the form of pale wood furniture and clear glass lighting to give the space a clean, uncluttered feel. Bars and restaurants are adding a pop of colour to their projects, breathing life and fun into a room. A great example of this is Be At One, Nottingham who chose to use our popular LED ring fitting, yet added a twist by asking us to finish this in hot pink. Amongst all these trends, is one that has been around forever, yet is making its way to the top. Bringing the outdoors in, whether this be in the form of greenery or natural wood fittings is one way to create a sanctuary, and a feeling of calm. Creating huge windows to bring in natural light is a great way to achieve this, or why not add in a feature wall? When thinking of a feature wall, you’d be forgiven for thinking of something bright and busy. But using natural materials in a more neutral palette can be just as effective, such as marble, stone or even concrete. All suit very different tastes, but go hand in hand with a natural theme. Our bespoke wood light fittings can add a sense of craftsmanship and quality, or our handmade wicker wall lights provide a timeless ambience. For something a little quirky, have a look at our moss finished pendant lights for an earthy feel, or our manufactured driftwood feature lights can create an amazing centrepiece to catc h the eye. However you choose to make this trend your own, be it for a bar, restaurant or your home, be sure to browse our website for inspiration.


Formica Group brings pre-packed Scandi-style cladding to UK shelves • Overlap cladding available in pre-packaged planks

• A screw fixed solution means fixings are concealed for a perfect finish

• Ideal for installers, self-builders and professionals

• No pre or post installation treatments required • Available in eight colours and four wood tones

VIVIX® Lap in Chalet Oak Formica Group, a leading global manufacturer of surfacing products continues its innovative approach to rainscreen cladding, with the introduction of new VIVIX® Lap high performance exterior weatherboard cladding. VIVIX Lap is a modern alternative to wood and fibre cement plank cladding, providing great looks, quick and simple installation and requiring little ongoing maintenance.

Pre-cut VIVIX Lap planks are applied in an overlap arrangement, providing a classic cladding style, with a modern twist. Aimed at residential and commercial audiences, including installers and self-builders, VIVIX Lap planks can be applied to everything from new build housing and renovation projects, garden offices, sheds and garages, to commercial business parks and retail outlets.

VIVIX® Lap in Storm Lightweight, easy to install and moisture resistant, VIVIX Lap cladding does not require pre or post installation treatments or need to be painted during its lifetime. A simple screw fixed solution, fixings are concealed by the next overlapping plank to create, sleek, clean lines. A range of complementary colour matched finishing profiles and trims are available to create the perfect finish.

Versatile, VIVIX Lap cladding is a cost effective way to improve the look and efficiency of older buildings, as it can be installed into existing schemes and can be designed to include additional insulation. VIVIX Lap planks can also be used to fully clad new builds or create a design feature alongside materials such as brick, render or glass.

VIVIX® Lap in Diamond Black VIVIX Lap comes in packs of four, 2990mm (length) by 180mm (height) planks, in a 6mm thickness, which can be applied directly onto the cladding support frame or cut to size/site modified if required, with minimal dust or mess. Available in eight plain colours from fresh Alpino to sleek Diamond Black, as well as four beautiful


TrueScale wood decors, VIVIX Lap comes with a complete range of complementary colour matched accessories including installation profiles and trims and screws.

VIVIX Lap is a complete weatherboard cladding system.


INDUSTRY Essentials

INDUSTRY Essentials

ALTO Podium System

Overview The new Alto Podium System is fully certified to BS 8620:2016. Completely redesigned, extensively tested in-house and externally certified by a leading UK laboratory, the new Alto Podium sets new standards for safety at height and performance. The Alto Podium System sets itself apart from the competition with one podium and three boosters to cover platform heights from 0.5m to 2.25m. Podiums can be released from, or added to boosters to meet changes in demand. The platform and steps can be stowed in secure, convenient locations on the podium unit. Innovative in-built stabilisers are included in the podium frame and all booster variants. All fully-assembled combinations fit through a standard doorway, and once the podium is finished with, can be folded closed separately or left assembled for ease and convenience.

PLATFORM HEIGHTS - 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.25m, 1.5m, 1.75m, 2.0m, 2.25m SAFE WORKING LOAD - 150kg STABILISERS - Multi-position Integral auto-locking on Podium & Boosters BRACES - Integrated arms with pinlocking connection FEET - Heavy duty high friction nonmarking rubber WHEELS - Offset, non-marking polypropylene TOEBOARD - Optional aluminium toeboard set available

Key Features Unrivalled Strength - Made with 2mm thick extruded tubes, robust heavy duty non-marking rubber feet and secure fastening systems, the Alto Podium system is designed to survive in the most demanding environments. Economical Variation - The unique booster system allows maximum utilisation. Attaching a podium to any one of the three boosters gives a height coverage of 0.5m to 2.25m.


• •

SYSTEM STANDARD - BS 8620:2016 PLATFORM SIZE - 600mm x 500mm

Podium only - 0.5m & 0.75m Podium & Booster No.1 - 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.0m & 1.25m Podium & Booster No.2 - 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.5m & 1.75m

Podium & Booster No.3 - 0.5m, 0.75m, 2.0m & 2.25m

Ultimate Stability - Able to withstand side loads of up to 30kg in all configurations thanks to integral stabilisers, the Alto Podium sets new standards for podium performance. Class-leading Loadings - Although limited by the Standard to a maximum working load of 150kg, the Alto podium has been tested to loads in excess of 300kg. Flexible & Portable - The Alto Podium will fit though a standard door either folded or unfolded and the unit is highly manoeuvrable on its offset wheels.

Lakeside Industries Ltd Unit 19 Howard Road, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Redditch, Worcestershire. B98 7SE +44(0)1527 500577 | sales@lakeside-industries.co.uk | www.altoaccess.com

Commercial Interiors Designed to Impress with

South Eastern Interiors First impressions do count…. It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression on another human being. Here at South Eastern Interiors we create interiors for commercial properties that help businesses create desirable brand environment that leaves a positive first impression on every visit whether you work rest or play there.

Using a turnkey solution to get the job done. On time. On budget. On Point. Our team of specialist and highly experienced commercial builders and designers offer a full turnkey solution to the construction and refurbishment of commercial premises.

From the initial consultation about the project to the design of the building, from the construction work to the aftercare, SEI’s committed, professional and meticulous team of commercial property experts, will work with you every step of the way to deliver a premium commercial property designed to boost productivity and maximise your brand appeal. Our commercial property design and construction specialists listen to your objectives, take the time to understand your business, its identity and values, and create a compelling commercial environment that achieve your goals and propel your business to more competitive domains.

Minimising business disruptions Our talented, experienced and qualified interior designers and construction specialists will work around your business commitments, creating minimum disruptions to your operations and working tirelessly together to get the project done on time and within budget. SEI has experience designing and creating beautiful, bespoke interiors for hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, retail stores and other commercial environments.


Making financial sense…. We recognise the cost of making improvements and renovations to commercial property can be challenging for many businesses and can hamper a company’s ability to make improvements and upgrades to their premises and nurture the growth a high-quality, bespoke interior almost inevitably brings to a business. SEI’s commercial finance partners will work with you to find the right financial solution to cater for your unique construction requirements, whether it’s business loans, development funding, asset finance and bridging finance.

If you would like to get in touch with our team of friendly, experienced and professional commercial property design and construction consultants to discuss your bespoke objectives and requirements, give SEI a call on 0203 617 7847 or email info@seiuk.com. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form and one of our team will get back to you without delay.

DIY BUILDS A NEW HOME AT SPRING FAIR One with the biggest brands including Dulux, Cuprinol, Polycell, Armstead and Stax Trade Centres. One with new neighbours too; the all-new DIY Week Awards and the bira DIY Village.

EXPLORE DIY & HOME IMPROVEMENT FOR: • Hand & Power Tools • Hardware & Ironmongery • DIY Products • Locks & Security • Bathroom, Plumbing & Heating and more.



An update for chair 404 by Stefan Diez – how a modern classic remains vibrant

Oak replaces beech, with ergonomic enhancements – and a place in a Munich design museum For the 10 year anniversary of the successful wooden chair 404, designer Stefan Diez and Thonet decided to make a few adjustments to keep this iconic design in touch with the times. Therefore, the streamlined 404, plus the slightly wider version, the 404 F, and the barstool 404 H are now constructed from oak instead of beech. The natural beauty of the oak timber and tactile finish of the surface, which provide the chair with a fresh and inviting touch, appealed to a designer known for careful attention to materials. The colour choices have also been augmented: In addition to the natural oak version, six shades of colour stains – some more discrete, some boldly hued – are also now available. The incline of the backrest, which is now formed on three planes, has been ergonomically improved, making these popular chairs even more comfortable. The selection of the 404 chair to feature in the ‘Neue Sammlung’ – The Design Museum at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich – confirms that even a relatively young design of particular quality can meet the criteria to be considered a classic. The museum will not only add the complete chair 404 to its

collection in September 2018, but will include a representation of the entire process of its creation, including prototypes mock-ups, and a disassembled version of the design. The 404 programme, which also pays homage to the famous Vienna Coffee House Chair 214 and the bentwood armchair 209, historic models in the Thonet portfolio, is characterised by a distinctive construction principle. Diez had the innovative idea to merge the bentwood chair legs with the armrests into a kind of “knot”, and to then fix this entire section to the underside of the seat. This technique was enabled by the modern plywood and moulded wood technologies for which Thonet is renowned: The ergonomically shaped seat is thus reinforced at its centre, while towards its edges the material can be considerably reduced. This clever ‘knot’ connection then dispenses with any need for notches or screws. “With the 404, I wanted to interpret Thonet’s bentwood classics and translate the idea behind them into the 21st century. The design is based on a simple idea that is realised through modern production methods – and that’s how it was in Michael Thonet’s day,” Stefan Diez explains his approach. “The 404 was designed not to be a ‘trendy’ product, but rather to continue the company’s tradition. I think that this principle has succeeded.” Norbert Ruf, Creative Director at Thonet, is also enthusiastic: “Thanks to these latest adjustments, our customers receive range 404 as an absolutely matured product which has gained in relevance over the years.”

The renewal of the 404 programme at the occasion of its 10th anniversary also sees the changeover to regionally sourced oak wood, which replaces the beech used in the past. “Oak especially convinces due to its striking grain. I wanted the wood structure to show even with the new, bright stain shades. It fits well with the lightness of the design,” says Diez. Due to its long fibres, oak wood lends itself particularly well to the bentwood process. “Wood – and oak wood in particular – has the great property of being elastic without breaking. You can only do something like the 404, which in principle is a sculpture in space, with wood,” the designer adds. For the new version, the incline of the slightly flexing backrest was ergonomically adjusted and slightly curved out towards the back, creating a chair that does not prescribe any specific seating position, thus offers even greater comfort for today. From summer 2018 onwards, chair 404, the armchair version 404 F and the matching barstool 404 H have been made of oak wood and are available in the following colours: oak natural (lacquered or brightened), white varnished, or stained in black, dark brown, walnut, rusty red or lemon yellow. A youthful museum piece – the 404 in the Neue Sammlung München The Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich is one of the largest and most important museums for applied 20th and 21st century art worldwide. It is considered to house the leading collections in the fields of industrial and product design. Stefan Diez: “When we developed the 404, I had the desire to design a wooden chair that would fit with the Thonet tradition, which started in the mid-19th century. Having this design added to the Neue Sammlung, this wish has come true, and naturally this makes me very proud.”



TRANSFORM YOUR HOME with 3 perfectly fitted shutters for the price of 2* Control the light and shade in your home this summer with handcrafted shutters.

Thomas Sanderson have been handcrafting window shutters and blinds in the UK for more than 25 years.

Request a FREE design appointment Hand-made from superior materials, each shutter is meticulously crafted and precision fitted by the same team of professional installers who measured up. A perfect fit, regardless of shape or size means you have total mastery of the light and shade coming into your home. With a range of materials and finishes to choose from, our shutters add that touch of glamour. We can even colour match to suit your next project.

0800 688 8141 quote HD990 or visit www.thomas-sanderson.co.uk/ws

*Terms and conditions apply








here are some very straight forward ways that will enable you to get this often tiresome job done, Instead of taking enjoy dusted and off your desk. Better stillaboth of PLUS thebenefits 8 hours to price the of 4 bedroom house fast and ourcan automatic methods outlined below accurate do itare in just reports proven 45 minutes with that job. to win more assist you when it comes to winning our easy to use


Option 1: Estimating Software - Easysoftware! Price Pro have a complete range of estimating programs that and accurately Or tryquickly our estimating service first, from just £73! Email plans to info@pes.ltd for a free quotation. calculate all the plant material, labour and hours for all types of building work and trade specific tasks. Can your current estimating system accurately price a complete extension with a full set of reports including a written quotation in about an hour? Easy Price Pro’s New Houses & Extensions Plus program can. Easy Price Pro programs are designed by a builder, making them practical, logical and realistic. The pricing sheet is laid out in the order of a build, so the learning curve is short. Their intuitive nature means nothing is forgotten, giving you peace of mind, but you are always in control; you can see how the program is working things out and fine tune it to your preferences if required. At the click of a button you can generate a complete set of job winning reports including payment & work schedules, summaries, material lists and a written quote. Clients can’t help but be impressed and you will have a set of job management reports to smoothly run the build. Contact Easy Price Pro today for more info or a free live demo. Call 03333 321502, email info@easypricepro.com or visit www.easypricepro.com


Easily create comprehensive and clear report and let scribbled quotations a thing of the Instead past.of taking 8 hours to price a 4 bedroom house Estimating Software Estimating Service do it in just w.www.easypricepro.com w.www.pes.ltd with t.03333 321520 45 minutes t.03333 321518 e. info@easypricepro.com our easy toe. info@pes.ltd use software!

PLUS enjoy the benefits of our automatic reports proven to win more work!

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Estimating Software

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Option 2: Estimating Services - If you don’t want to do the estimating yourself or if you just want a back-up Pro Estimating Services can help. All types of work can be priced including new builds, extensions, refurbishment, alterations and conversions. This accurate affordable service provides a complete job cost and full set of reports for you and your client. With quick turnarounds and next day delivery options available just send in your plans and Pro Estimating Services will take care of the rest. Call Pro Estimating Services now on 03333 321518, email info@pes.ltd or visit www.pes.ltd

Estimating Service w.www.pes.ltd t.03333 321518 e. info@pes.ltd

Collecting, Grading, Promoting and Selling Great British Fleece Wool Since 1950 We established a farmer run organisation in 1950

We collect, grade, sell and promote fleece wool

We are a non-profit making organisation

Operations are carried out across the UK and We receive no financial support. Ireland

British Wool operates a central marketing system for UK fleece wool using a fully computerised auction system, with the aim of achieving the best possible net return for producers (farmers).

We are the only organisation in the world that collects, grades, sells and promotes fleece wool. We are also the only remaining agricultural commodity board in the UK.

We operate commercially, but we are also a non-profit making organisation, returning to producers the market price for their wool.

Day to day operations are run from our headquarters in Bradford. We also have smaller regional offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

British Wool welcomes enquiries from individual producers, or producer groups, who are interested in visiting Wool House. British Wool staff value the opportunity of meeting producers in Bradford and visitors usually find it interesting to learn more about Brtish Wool’s operation. Where possible visits are arranged to co-incide with an auction and also include a visit to see some processing. For further information, please contact your Board Member, Regional Manager or British Wool’s Head Office.