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Create without restraints Introducing Viiu – the sliding door sensation taking the UK by storm

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wenty-first century homeowners prize aluminium aesthetics, expansive glass and all-day-long natural light – and, unsurprisingly, that’s incentivised product designers to create windows and doors with the very slimmest sightlines possible.


In most cases, they try and achieve that much-desired ‘wall of glass’ effect by building the frame into the structure of the building. And it works. With most of the profile hidden from view, the best examples look virtually frameless. But where many otherwise excellent ‘ultra-slim’ doors fall down is when it comes to the interlock. The interlock is really the product’s visual focal point. It’s structurally vital – connecting two or more glass panels together. But it’s also crucial to understand that while minimalistic elegance is the goal, slimmer isn’t always better. Some doors offer interlocks just 20mm in width. In our view, that compromises performance. Most aluminium sections have chambers within them to help incorporate various types of hardware and increase strength. At 35mm, Viiu’s interlock is still very slim, but wide enough to house

How slim is ultraslim? Slim sightlines – they’re one of the key hallmarks of modern interior design, and the holy grail for architects and manufacturers alike. hardware including the patented adjustment system – something that allows the interlocks to be cleverly moved in any direction required, giving a perfect mix of effortless operation and outstanding air, wind and water performance. Those chambers also contain the security features that allow Viiu’s interlock to achieve the updated PAS24-2016 security standard, now much stricter than before.

The jamb locking mechanism is another element it’s crucial to get right if you want a door product to appear as slim and symmetrical as possible. Most door systems are forced to add clunky aluminium profiles to cater for their mechanical locks. With Viiu, that’s not a problem – the lock is neatly hidden in the head profile for unmatched symmetry.

And in recent years, we’ve seen more and more demand for motorised doors. When near-total transparency is your goal, that creates problems. Bulky motors don’t exactly add to a product’s aesthetic appeal. Again, with Viiu, that’s a problem we had to innovate around. The result was a drive gear that’s discreetly concealed in the door’s 100mm head profile, and a motor that can be easily accessed from below for maintenance or repair – without the need for ugly internal access panels inside the home. Ultimately, presenting a product as ‘ultra-slim’ is a big step. It suggests visual perfection – and tiny details that probably wouldn’t get noticed at all on any other type of product suddenly become extremely important. We’re confident that Viiu stands up to that level of scrutiny – and if you’re interested in learning more about the UK’s only PAS24:2016-accredited ultra-slim sliding door, arrange a visit to your nearest Viiu showroom today. For more information call Viiu Ltd on 0800 877 0077 or visit www.viiu.co.uk

Create without restraints Viiu is the ground-breaking ultra-slim sliding door product taking the UK by storm. It’s success is no surprise – few systems can match its ingenious, unobtrusive design, minimalistic sightlines, and patented, PAS24-2016-accredited interlock section. Even fewer offer all that alongside... • Trusted, experienced Viiu installers all around the country • Direct delivery to your site or headquarters • In-depth technical support • Product training

Want to learn more? Talk to Viiu today. Telephone 0800 877 0077 Email info@viiu.co.uk | www.viiu.co.uk


Image: Vicaima Dekordor SD White Woodgrain Interior Door p10


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Rinnai Enhances Global Branding with New Logo Rinnai is introducing a new global logo as the company develops to meet the future. The new logo is a contemporary sans-serif typeface which is heavier but more friendly and gentle. Since the company’s inception just about a century ago, Rinnai has developed products specifically to enrich lifestyles and now has 16 bases around the globe and operations in over 80 countries.

The company is the acknowledged leader in the manufacturer of continuous flow hot water heating units and systems. For more information visit www.rinnaiuk.com

Waterloo invests in the future with an impressive training programme Waterloo Air Products plc is investing in an 18-month professional development programme for a group of employees from all disciplines within the company. Run in conjunction with Accelerator Solutions, the initiative is designed specifically to develop the skill sets that Waterloo will require as it continues to expand, creating a group that is ready for the future challenges the business will face. The participants were selected on the basis of an initial assessment as to suitability, aptitude and potential to benefit from the programme. The content is broad-based, from analytical skills and the application of technology, through to emotional intelligence and communication. The benefits will not just be for the business. The goal is to increase employee satisfaction and generate a positive impact on customer service.


Managing Director at Waterloo, John Tiernan, says: “Customer service is the main focus for Waterloo as we move forward. We know that the key factor in delivering exceptional customer service is having experienced and happy employees. This course is designed to really support and challenge our people to help drive innovative customer solutions into the future.” Heidi Daniell, Director of the providers of the training programme, Accelerator Solutions, adds: “It’s fantastic to be working with Waterloo Air Products. We aim to not only benefit Waterloo’s employees but positively impact the organisation. Accelerator delivers high-impact training and development programmes to clients in a range of sectors. We’ve found that these programmes really help organisations to strengthen skill sets, and build a culture based on shared vision and values with team members at all levels as well as customers and stakeholders.”


VEKA Group’s core colour offering – laid out in black and white Straight-talking PVC-U systems supplier VEKA Group has simplified its Variations colour offering, to make it even more useable, helpful, and easy to understand for customers. 95% of VEKA Group foil sales will now be from stock; 27 colour combinations across 14 colours. Working out ex-stock colour availability can be a confusing and time consuming task, requiring the crosschecking of brochures, swatch books and availability charts. In reviewing their colour policy, VEKA wanted to simplify the whole process as it constantly refines its offering for the benefit of fabricators and installers. Marketing Director Dawn Stockell explains: The demand for coloured products presents a huge sales opportunity for our customers, which is why we’ve made it even easier to order coloured profile. We stock what our customers sell, so there’s no ‘chasing rainbows’ when it comes to availability. We’re committed to providing the colours our customers want, when they want them, in the most straightforward way. There are 27 colour combinations from a palette of 14 best-selling shades, and no need to wade through a big book of swatches and availability charts. All of the colours in our new brochure are exstock, sharing the same lead time as standard profile and available across our full product range. You can’t get simpler than that. The Variations colour offer also means a number of the industry’s less popular colours can be requested made to order, and these specialist shades typically have a four-week lead time. We’ve designed our new brochure with clarity in mind, and all the information is in one place. Rather than having to flick backwards and forwards, the colour swatches, colour

combination table and lamination charts are on the pages right alongside the relevant system. Laminated profile now makes up 40% of VEKA Group sales and we predict that the demand for colour is going to keep growing. 40% of VEKA Vertical Sliders are now coloured and around a third of those are laminated both sides. We’re seeing this trend across residential, commercial and public sectors and we are investing millions in the manufacture of laminated profile, to continue providing the best product and service in the industry. A large proportion of the £5M invested in the VEKA Group plant in 2018 was focussed on the lamination department, including the purchase of a building adjacent to the existing VEKA HQ. This will allow the current

380,000 sq ft site site to expand by a further 40,000 sq ft and potentially increase lamination capacity by a staggering 50%. An impressive feat, considering we extruded a record 10.2 million metres of laminated profile in 2018! As VEKA Group continues to expand its capacity to support customers with laminated product, the team recognised the need for a simple and straightforward ordering system. Our new colour offering has been put together to support customers with ease and swift turnarounds, 95% of our foiled sales are from stock. This means customers don’t have to wait, and they can build their reputation for quality, reliability and efficiency, on ours. And while our 99.3% ‘on time in full’ delivery results are something to be very proud of, we’re working to make them even better! For more information about the Variations collection, and to request a brochure call 01282 716611 or email salesenquiry@veka.com


Find the right tiles with Tile Supply Solutions

Finding the right tiles for your project can be time consuming and an expensive process as every project has its own requirements, needs and timetable. We import to order so whatever type of tile you have in mind we are able to help. We source tiles from a wide range of manufacturers at very competitive prices. Our clients can save time and effort shopping around by having all their tile needs taken care of at one place. At Tile Supply Solutions we act as an extension to your team saving you time and money by providing the perfect tiles for your project with the best price keeping the project within the budget and timeframe. For nearly two decades we’ve been providing the tiles our clients need and formed strong partnerships. Your project is our priority and

we have your best interest in mind at all times. Testimonial “Tile Supply Solutions has great knowledge within their field, is up for a challenge and is a pleasure to work with. Great results, personable with high integrity.” GRA Architecture & Interiors (London) Find out more and contact us today at info@tilesupplysolutions.com Phone: 01984 624 555 www.tilesupplysolutions.com Please note our website only shows current trends, whatever style of tile you are looking for we can help. www.instagram.com/tilesupplysolutions

T: +44 (0)1825 764737 E: info@appeng.co.uk www.appeng.co.uk Applications Engineering Ltd, 16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG

Dual port Fire Sprinkler ValVe Set • Dual ports that enable the flow switch to be mounted on either side.

• Available with optional CPVC mating sockets. • 100% pressure tested. • 1” and 1 ¼” full bore test valve • Easy access for servicing •6•


The science, the style, and the substance - behind VEKA Group’s next generation Vertical Slider Renowned PVC-U systems supplier VEKA Group has unveiled the industry’s ‘next generation’ Vertical Slider. arketing Director Dawn Stockell explains: “We’re thrilled to bring the Imagine Vertical Slider to market because we absolutely believe it is the most technically advanced Vertical Slider product out there, giving VEKA Group customers a real sales edge in an area of genuine industry growth.


“It goes without saying that the Imagine Vertical Slider meets all the expected industry quality accreditations for strength, security and weather performance, but – perhaps even more reassuringly – it has also passed the rigorous testing demanded by VEKA Group’s own in-house quality team.

“This product has been years in the planning, to ensure its intelligent design combines form and function. Along with stunning good looks, it includes a myriad of innovative features for simple fabrication, easy installation and flawless operation.

“In a relatively flat market, Vertical Sliders are positively bucking the trend. Market research shows that sales of Vertical Sliders to the home improvement market have increased by 32% to now take 10% market share of frames at 443,000, with this figure predicted to keep rising. Fabricators of the Imagine Vertical Slider will be in a dominant position to take advantage of this exciting high value, high growth market.

“I think one of the most exciting features for fabricators is the fact that the outer balance chamber is co-extruded in black, which means there’s no need to mask and paint. Time is saved, quality defects are reduced and the finish is more durable and professional. It offers a perfectly co-ordinated colour and texture for homeowners who specify combinations such as Anthracite smooth on the exterior and White woodgrain on the interior.

“VEKA Group is well known for making it simple and straightforward to fabricate and install any new product, with all the technical support you could possibly require, including four dedicated Technical Service Engineers available to customers across the country, and I’m looking forward to seeing more and more customers benefit from adopting this exciting and versatile new Vertical Slider. “I can’t wait to hear the feedback as it makes its way into ever more varied projects.” Contact VEKA Group to request more information about the Imagine Vertical Slider. Email salesenquiry@veka.com or call 01282 716611.

“The Imagine Vertical Slider also offers two choices of cill, (stub or 200mm), a new ‘invisible’ approach to coupling windows, a stunning sculptured finish on both sash and outerframe, as well the option of timber-like mechanical joints. In fact, there are more clever features than I could possibly list here, which illustrates the amount of work and valuable customer feedback that has gone into its development. “It’s available in 14 colours from stock, meaning you can offer your customers enviable lead times, and has been created to work with a choice of ERA and Caldwell hardware.


Boosting kerb appeal with the

Olde Forge range

The front door is the first thing visitors see when visiting your home, so it’s crucial that it makes the right impression. o maximise a property’s kerb appeal, IronmongeryDirect offers the exclusive Olde Forge door furniture range, designed to complement the unique features of the traditional-style home.


This luxurious range of hand-crafted door fixtures is of exceptional quality. The products are forged from solid brass and finished in a soft antique bronze, adding an authentic and exquisite touch to any period home. For classic properties, the addition of a door knocker is a must. A stunning example is the rustic Olde Forge Ring Door Knocker. This tudor style ring knocker is mounted on a fleur-de-lis back plate and supplied with fixing bolts and an ornate striker.


Alternatively, a knob such as the Olde Forge Centre Door Knob is a timeless addition to any front entrance. This versatile octagonal knob contains bolt through fixings for a durable and solid fit, making it a great choice for heavy wooden front doors. The Olde Forge range encapsulates both stylish and classical design elements, making it suitable for a range of exteriors and requirements. IronmongeryDirect offers a wide range of door fixtures and fittings from a host of leading brands that can support your project. Visit our website to explore your options.

A letter plate, such as the Olde Forge Plain Letter Plate, is also a welcome addition to any front door. Simple in shape, with a hammered effect finish, the plate is both functional and stylish. To complete the look, consider a handle such as the Olde Forge Tudor Lever Euro Profile Lock Set. The sprung handle has a decorative curved lever and a simple rectangular backplate, making the design ideal for most doors. What’s more, matching interior latch and bathroom sets are also available to purchase from IronmongeryDirect.

With over 17,000 products in stock, IronmongeryDirect also offers next day delivery when you order by 8pm Sunday to Friday and by 4pm on Saturday. Free delivery is available on orders over £45 together with free returns. For more information, visit IronmongeryDirect.com or call their team of specialist advisors on 0800 168 28 28.




Order by 8pm* - Get it tomorrow! Visit us ONLINE TODAY for the UK’s BIGGEST RANGE at your fingertips CALL: 7am-8pm 7 days a week

0808 168 28 28 ONLINE: Shop 24/7!

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Vicaima fully glazed white woodgrain doors at Hygge Park

Vicaima add to Danish inspired design ethos for Crest Nicholson Vicaima’s innovative and stylish interior door models have been selected to compliment a new concept in housing from Crest Nicholson, at their Hygge Park development in Keynsham near Bristol, where the essence of Danish inspired design has been captured. It may be hundreds of miles from its Nordic roots, but homes on Crest Nicholson’s Hygge Park site embody a touch of Danish design prospective. Hygge, which means comfort, relaxing and wellbeing, in fact enjoying life’s simple pleasures; is evident throughout this development. Innovative interior house layouts create bright and airy spaces, where open plan living and the clever use of glazing is used to maximise light. Contemporary design and designer fittings mark this development out as a new chapter for quality UK homes Blending seamlessly with this modern and light theme are the Vicaima doors chosen by Crest as the perfect opening between selected room spaces. In keeping with Crest’s forward approach to house design, they chose Vicaima Dekordor SD White Woodgrain interior doors. These doors have hard waring


faces and a bright white factory finished face; that displays a discrete, but visible woodgrain appearance. To enhance the design even further, Crest selected a number of options from Vicaima’s extensive customisation offering. These included the incorporation of two attractive satin inlays in a vertical pattern and, where additional light was required, a full-length glazed design. Dekordor White Woodgrain is fast becoming the door of choice for modern housing schemes, offering as it does a twenty first century alternative to doors painted on site, with a durable and cost effective solution. Ideal when supplied simply as a door or as part of a complete doorset system, Dekordor white woodgrain is available in various core constructions and a range of dimensional variations.

White Woodgrain is just one in a wide selection of foil-faced finishes from the extensively specified, Vicaima Dekordor SD range. Popular for decades, Vicaima foils have recently been extended further, to include Visual Sensations. This secondgeneration foil collection provides trend-setting ideas with a whole host of new tones ranging from Pale Sand to the dark hues of Forest and Mountain and all available in either a vertical or cross-directional woodgrain design.

Vicaima offer an extensive range of innovative design and performance options, with fire, acoustic and security solutions for luxury housing and modern apartment living. For further details about these and other products from the many Vicaima collections, visit the Vicaima website www.vicaima.com alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.

As demonstrated in the choices made by Crest Nicholson, solid core interior doors from many of the Vicaima ranges can also be enhanced by including additional face embellishments, in the form of grooves and inlays. These simple but effective add-ons elevate door design to another level and present a real opportunity to realise a specific vision or design mood for any given project. Dekordor SD White Woodgrain with satin inlays

Hygge Park bedroom featuring Vicaima Dekordor SD White Woodgrain door


Your One-Stop-Shop for New Contacts & Thought Leadership in the Construction Sector Over the past thirteen years, Kent Construction EXPO has developed an enviable reputation as the South East’s most important gathering of construction professionals, contractors, and specialist suppliers. As a unique collaboration between Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, Kent County Council and Medway Council, this major annual event delivers a multi-track conference programme alongside the South East’s largest exhibition of construction suppliers: providing a unique opportunity for the industry to come together for an unmissable day of learning, networking and doing business.

This year’s event is taking place on Thursday 3rd October at the Kent Event Centre, Maidstone and brings together over 2,000 delegates to create a unique environment for sharing best practice and real-life experiences. Attendees can benefit from: •

Over 200 market-leading exhibitors

Over 600 pre-booked FREE ‘Meet the Buyer’ appointments

New ideas & advice from a range of inspirational keynote speakers

Over 25 high-quality conference sessions on new innovations & key industry developments

Invaluable networking opportunities to build and maintain business relationships

Latest updates on government infrastructure projects

Live Demo Areas showcasing the most dynamic and innovative products in the industry

Big Networking Breakfast with a focus on how the evolving digital world will affect the construction industry

Networking Gala Dinner, featuring world champion boxer Frank Bruno MBE

Exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities For the latest up-to-date floorplan and more details on pricing and sponsorship opportunities available please contact: Emily Taylor emily@revolution-events.com | 01892 820939

For more information and to register for FREE visit: www.kentconstructionexpo.com •12•

Thursday 3rd October 2019 Kent Event Centre, Detling

The South East’s largest gathering of construction industry professionals, contractors & suppliers

Produced by the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, the Expo delivers a multitrack conference programme, over 150 market-leading exhibitors, and a unique opportunity for the construction sector to come together for an invaluable day of networking and innovation. The packed programme also includes over 600 free meet-the-buyer appointments, a Big Networking Breakfast and Gala Dinner.

Exhibitors include:

Produced by

Managed by

Register for your FREE place at: www.KentConstructionExpo.com

‘the UK government announced plans to ban gas boilers in all new homes by 2025’

In a recent spring statement, the UK government announced plans to ban gas boilers in all new homes by 2025, forcing property developers, architects, and contractors to choose alternative means of heating future projects. The days of central heating systems are numbered and in today’s environmentally conscious world, a new breed of versatile, efficient, electric systems is ready to take their place… Electric Heating for New Homes

‘setting a new standard that effectively ends our dependency on fossil fuel heating systems’

The proposed 2025 gas boiler ban is set to deliver low-carbon heating for future homes throughout the UK, setting a new standard that effectively ends our dependency on fossil fuel heating systems. In the wake of this game-changing development, what are your options going forward? Intelligent & Versatile The government suggests that electric radiators used in conjunction with renewable energy provide an optimised, efficient means of creating heat, without wasting our planet’s limited resources. This setup offers controllable, independent heating that can be used in domestic and commercial spaces, large and small. Whatever your requirements, electricradiatorsdirect.co.uk stock electric radiators in a range of sizes, shapes, outputs, and designs to suit any project. Whether you’re keen to keep ahead of the curve or you’re simply fed up with the constraints of central heating, you’ll find everything you need at Electric Radiators Direct: the UK’s number one supplier of electric heating systems that can be used throughout the home as a direct competitor to antiquated central heating.

‘uses an integrated motion sensor to detect movement throughout the home’ The Haverland SmartWave (seen above), is in a league of its own when it comes to energy-saving and intelligent heating. Boasting innovative self-learning technology, the SmartWave uses an integrated motion sensor to detect movement throughout the home, creating its own heating schedule that economises when it knows you’re absent. Featuring a digital thermostat that accurately monitors temperatures to within fractions of a degree, the SmartWave manages your heating with absolute precision – ensuring your spaces are always heated to perfection, without wasting energy. WiFi controllable when purchased with the SmartBox WiFi Hub, the SmartWave can be adjusted with ease from a compatible smart device, allowing you or your clients to access their heating with a simple swipe and tap from anywhere in the world. This sophisticated electric heating system can even be used with Amazon’s assistant Alexa for hands-free heating that integrates with other smart technology. Suitable for DIY installation wherever there’s an available socket, the SmartWave simply plugs into the wall and hangs like a TV – allowing you the freedom to choose exactly where to position your heating without the need to reroute plumbing or damage your décor. Electric radiators come as separate, independent units – allowing you to consider their placement without rerouting pipework or tearing up floorboards.



0330 300 4444


Shop, eat and have fun with Schiedel Schiedel is giving something back to its customers with its new Loyalty Points System. Accrued for installs using Schiedel’s range of flues, chimneys, stoves, fire chests and ancillary products, points can be redeemed against vouchers usable at thousands of shops, eateries and attractions throughout the UK. Every time a Schiedel product is installed, customers simply need to register the project on dedicated website, www.schiedelrewards.co.uk. Points will be allocated for each install and once 25 points have been earned (easily achieved in as few as four or five installations) they can be exchanged for Love2Shop vouchers, which are valid at over 20,000 retail, food and entertainment outlets throughout the UK; including Boots, Gap, Pizza Express, Alton Towers and many more. Each Schiedel product is worth a different number of points, between 1 and 3 depending on its value. Projects using multiple products will accrue multiple points! Davinder Sangha from Schiedel, said: “Many installers have been using Schiedel’s online guarantee registration system for a number of years now. Our new Loyalty Points Scheme is a new improved version of this - much easier to use, with the added bonus of every installation now accruing points which can be converted into high street shopping vouchers.” Get rewards for your installs! To benefit from the scheme, installers need to log-in to the web page www.schiedelrewards.co.uk with an email address and password and simply enter information about completed projects. Each Loyalty Points Scheme participant’s installations are recorded so with one click it’s easy to keep track of the points earned and start planning how to use those hard earned vouchers!


To give the scheme a try, log in here: www.schiedelrewards.co.uk



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Easy building blocks to create a chimney


Made from volcanic pumice | Lightweight A natural insulator | Easy to install Isokern is made from natural pumice sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland. Lightweight, simple to install and highly resistant to temperature change, Isokern reduces the possibility of cracking and structural damage due to expansion and contraction. What's more, as a natural insulator, pumice is highly effective at keeping flue gases warm, while not transmitting heat to the outside.

Why not see what it could do for your next project?

Speak to us about our FREE CPD

For videos, brochures and more:


No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection 2 Year Controller 5 Year Main Body Warranty

2 Year Controller 10 Year Main Body Warranty

DSR Solaris Aluminium Convector Heater with ceramic blocks. Four outputs available, 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000watts.

DSR Edge Traditional Column Convector Heater with a large ceramic core. Four outputs available, 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000watts.

Available for Android & Apple devices Control your heaters wirelessly via our free APP Anywhere, Anytime 24/7

Contact us for a quote or more information

01698 820533 www.electric-heatingcompany.co.uk •17•

UK Spares: your one-stop-shop for domestic and commercial electrical spares Call or email our friendly team TODAY... www.uk-spares.com or email sales@uk-spares.com Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: @UKSpares Unit 1155, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TF


Rinnai hot water Infinity 1600 low–NOx units & systems making economic sense for commercial & domestic sites Rinnai, the UK’s leading manufacturer of the ErP A-rated Infinity range of continuous flow condensing gas fired water heaters, delivers the most energy efficient range of low-NOx hot water heating units currently available to the UK end user. The company’s low-NOx Infinity HDC 1600e external wall mounted unit (together with the interior HDC 1600i version) utilises Rinnai’s patented pre-mix burner technology with a 14-1 turn down ratio – the largest on the market – of 58.4kw-4.05kw and is extremely quiet in operation. Integral controls on the units enable the water heater to achieve high efficiencies whether locally or integrated into a building management system. In reducing Legionella proliferation, Rinnai has developed additional ‘SMART’ controls for secondary return DHW systems in the form of an advanced temperature control system which allows for safe running of water at 42°C core temperature during the day and 60°C when a building is closed. By the time the building reopens, core temperature is 42°C for safe use.

Another Rinnai innovation addresses an age-old industry problem with hot water delivery - lime scale build-up. The company’s integrated scale control system is an innovative solution and comes in the form of an LC (lime check) code on the display of the controller. The system helps to ensure the performance and efficiency of Rinnai’s 1600, and, all of its continuous flow water heaters installed in hard water areas. Almost all water-fed appliances, including plate heat exchangers, boilers and water heaters will, over time accumulate scale deposits in hard water areas. Ultimately, ongoing use with hard water may shorten the lifespan of conventional water heating appliances and systems. To safeguard against this Rinnai units continually self-monitor for lime scale deposits around the heat exchanger. If a lime scale build-up is identified, a message is sent to the built-in interface panel on the front of the appliance. The message is displayed as ‘LC’, which alerts the end user to contact a Rinnai service agent to perform a lime scale flush to clear the potentially harmful deposits. This avoids and eliminates the adverse effects associated with lime scale build up, including lower energy efficiencies and potential product degeneration.

high efficiency products is that continuous flow heater systems are proven to be more energy efficient than conventional storage systems and are increasingly the experts’ preferred method of hot water provision. Rinnai units easily cater for any size projects that need high volumes of water at intermittent times of day. The Rinnai Infinity 1600e/i offers condensing technology with up to 107% gross efficiency, ultra-low-NOx of less than 20 ppm, a widely expansive modulation range of 54kW-4kW and high flow rates of 37/ltr/min. Add to these benefits are the peace of mind of an extended warranty, a top A-rating exceeding the demands of ecolabelling legislation, the flexibility of external wall mounting and delivery to site with all relevant accessories and the knowledge that the HDC1600 is future-proofed against future regulatory and legislative changes.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com

The industry uptake on Rinnai’s series of low-NOx



Ideal Boilers Wins Two Queen’s Awards for Innovation and International Trade Leading heating solutions manufacturer, Ideal Boilers, has been honoured with two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in recognition of its outstanding achievements in both innovation and international trade.

which eliminates potential faults during manufacture, and therefore minimises disruption for customers caused by boiler breakdowns. The success of the IPP means that boiler warranties have been extended to 12 years – built into the price of the appliance, to give customers extra peace of mind at almost zero cost. Since the implementation of the IPP, call-out rates to repair broken down Ideal Boilers have halved. Continued improvements in energy efficiency and reliability have set Ideal Boilers apart from the competition, both in the UK and further afield. The Logic System IE is the most popular domestic boiler in Ireland, where Ideal Boilers has 40% market share. Export is a dynamic area of growth for the business. Other markets where notable successes have been achieved – in both domestic and commercial sales – are Italy, Turkey and Spain.

nnounced on Tuesday 23rd April, the prestigious awards celebrate businesses excelling in four areas: innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity.


As the only boiler manufacturer that designs, develops and manufactures all of its products


in the UK, Ideal’s boilers have become renowned for energy efficiency, reliability and simplicity of use – recognised in 2013 when the business won its first Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category. The past six years have seen a continued commitment to innovation through the evolution of the Ideal Production Process (IPP),

Shaun Edwards, CEO at Ideal Boilers, commented: “Innovation, quality and value are our founding principles – and these award wins are testament to the way we live and breathe them throughout our business. “We’ve been providing the best quality boilers to our customers for over 100 years, continually working to meet their ever-evolving heating needs. We’re proud to be leading the industry in setting new standards and challenging technological boundaries, building on our rich heritage as we look to the future.” The awards will be presented by one of The Queen’s LordLieutenants at a special reception this summer, and will be valid for five years.

Heating Vectaire has three new models in their vertical whole house heat recovery range. To ensure a comfortable user experience, the Midi, Maxi and Maxi Plus are now available with advanced acoustic attenuation. They are lined with superior sound deadening materials for really low sound levels (the sound pressure levels are down to 14.4, 13.2 and 14.4 dBA respectively). Efficiency, performance and economy remain the same as the standard model. All these “AT-BY” models are complete with summer bypass and frost protection, and are commissioned via an integral LCD. Functions, including trickle, purge and boost speeds for each motor, boost speed over-run time, adjusting the time delay before the boost speed kicks in, holiday mode and night-time boost - all easily adjusted. Products are SAP PCDB Listed and manufactured in our own factory in the UK to ISO 9001. Vectaire offers a design service to ensure that units are installed is the best possible way to provide efficient, effective, low energy and low running cost ventilation. Vectaire can also organise installation, commissioning and maintenance of these products and can supply all necessary accessories. All Vectaire’s residential ventilation is detailed in the latest Low Energy Catalogue.

You can have it all with Speedheat Creating an airy, open space for living calls for clean lines and minimum fuss – but you also need to keep cosy. Speedheat electric underfloor heating can help to achieve it all. Installed with minimum disruption and no noticeable build up in floor height, Speedheat’s system is invisible under your choice of final floor finish. It is ideal for new build, renovation and redesign projects and comes complete with state of the art, unobtrusive controls. Speedheat spells the end to ugly radiators or trailing cables, with nothing to spoil the view. info@speedheat.co.uk


Aquarea J Generation with R32 Delivers Most Efficient Comfort to Date • Committed to innovative R32 refrigerant • Highest efficiency to date with SCOP up to +5% vs H Generation1 • A+++ (scale from A+++ to D) ready for new Energy Labelling Directive (from 26th Sept 19) • New chiller function provides cooling down to 10˚C



1 Highest SCOP rating up to +5% vs Aquarea H Generation

The Aquarea J Generation All-in-One has kept the essence of its popular design but with the additional benefits outlined above. There continues to be free space on top of the AIO unit thanks to the refrigerant connection port being located at the back of the unit, which allows for additional storage space in the home.

anasonic has introduced its most efficient Aquarea range to date. The new Aquarea J Generation scores highly on energy efficiency, design and comfort with new features that deliver benefits for both residential and commercial customers.


Aquarea is known for being a highly efficient solution, utilising the air as a 100% renewable energy source. Now, the J Generation features an improved heating efficiency compared with the previous generation, with a COP of 5.33 on the WH-UD03JE5 model and a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) COP of up to 3.3. From September 2019, models will be rated A+++ in low temperature operation, which is the highest energy class, according to the new Energy Labelling Directive 2010/30/EC. To support a more environmentallyfriendly approach, Aquarea uses R32 refrigerant. R32 is easy to recycle, has zero impact on the ozone layer and 75% less impact on global warming1, helping to lower the carbon footprint of a building. It is also a more economical alternative with higher efficiency2 and 30% less refrigerant used, so customers can enjoy cost savings as well as significant environmental benefits. The new J Generation boasts improved comfort even in extremely low temperatures, down to -20˚C. There are two new sensor positions available for DHW control, which can be selected to improve efficiency or comfort levels. Users can select an option for improved 1 in comparison to R410A

efficiency and the most effective DHW COP when operating in part load capacity, or for greater comfort simply select an option to reduce heat-up time when operating in full load. The J Generation includes quieter outdoor units, compared to previous models. This helps to reduce noise outside of the property, which is particularly desirable in rural areas where peace and quiet outdoors is a key comfort factor. Design has been an important consideration for the new J Generation models in order to enhance the range for both installers and end users. Extended piping lengths provide further flexibility to cater to a range of building sizes. The 3kW and 5kW capacities now have a total piping length of 25m, also providing an increased elevation difference between indoor and outdoor units from 5m to 20m. Meanwhile 7kW and 9kW units reach a higher limit up to 50m, ensuring users can adapt the system to their needs. A 30m elevation length also increases installation options for professionals.

For intelligent maintenance support, Aquarea Service Cloud is available as part of the Aquarea Smart Cloud control system. Aquarea Service Cloud will activate remote maintenance services whenever the users remotely control or monitor their heating and DHW. This remote maintenance function saves time and installer visits by connecting Aquarea to a powerful cloud infrastructure to monitor remote error codes. This enables installers to respond more quickly to faults and issues, keeping the customer completely satisfied with their heating and hot water systems. Offering capacities from 3kW all the way through to 16kW, the Aquarea Heat Pump range is the widest on the market, with an extensive range of high-quality accessories such as fan coils and tanks, ensuring a system is available, whatever your heating and cooling needs. Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, the solutions are cost-effective with minimised environmental impact. For more information, please visit www.aircon.panasonic.eu

For further installation flexibility, Aquarea J Generation can reach an output water temperature of 60˚C. There is also a new chiller function which can provide cooling down to 10˚C – the perfect solution for flexible environment control. To maximise the lifetime of an Aquarea J Generation system, models also include a magnetic filtration system. This removes ferocious particles from the water, enhancing the performance of the system.


Following the successful launch of the Black Edition towel rails, JIS has further committed to 3 more models in the range. In answer to the current market demand for matt black finish towel rails, we have decided to introduce the Black Edition by JIS Europe. What stands the Black Edition Towel Rail apart from the competition is that it is, as always, manufactured from 100% stainless steel.

Pictured: Beacon

The rail is then powder coated matt black. We have further added to the range; the Beacon standing at 1650mm high and 520mm wide, and a further two widths in the Ashdown, 400mm wide and 620mm wide. The Ashdown is 1250mm high. As the rail is manufactured from stainless steel rather than the standard, more common mild steel, the rail will not rust, flake or corrode. Stainless steel is the durable, sustainable choice, manufactured from over 90% recycled material and 100% recyclable in itself. In order to maintain the ethical sustainability of all of our products across the range, we chose to powder coat the stainless steel. Powder coating is highly protective of the environment, it contains no solvents and emits negligible, if any, polluting VOCs into the atmosphere. Powder coating is a clean process, allowing exhaust air from the coating booth to be returned to the plant. Powder overspray can be retrieved and reused and there is no costly waste disposal equipment as unused powder can be reclaimed and returned to a hopper.


The Black Edition now consists of the following: • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Ashdown Black Edition 1250mm x 520mm The Ashdown 400 Black Edition1250mm x 400mm The Ashdown 620 Black Edition 1250mm x 620mm The Ouse Black Edition 700mm x 520mm The Lindfield Black Edition 1275mm x 520mm The Pevensey Black Edition 975mm x 520mm The Ardingly Black Edition 1580mm x 520mm The Rusper Black Edition 700mm x 520mm The Rye Black Edition tilting rail 1800mm x 520mm The Alfriston Black Edition 1250mmx 520mm The Beacon Black Edition 1650mm x 520mm Black Edition Complementary Element Cable Cover

£298.90 £278.50 £348.20 £204.90 £293.00 £247.00 £358.50 £178.95 £448.00 £494.50 £538.60 £38.90

All prices are for Central Heating format and do not include VAT, the rails are all available in Duel Fuel, Central Heating and Electric Only Format and are available from stock.

Please visit www.sussexrange.co.uk for further details or call us on 01825 722988 Ashdown 620

Black Edition Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988 www.sussexrange.co.uk info@jiseurope.co.uk


How developers can create demand through intuitive bathroom design Rob Holroyd, contracts manager at bathroom and tile retailer, Easy Bathrooms, explains how housebuilders can create bathrooms that appeal to the target buyer… It’s no secret that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes – and it’s not really any surprise. People demand quality spaces where they can relax in beautiful surroundings – and ‘good enough’ just doesn’t cut it. Only ‘perfect’ will do. And installing premium tiles, high quality furniture, high-tech heating and modern fittings is a sure-fire way to get a development noticed.

A number of other factors also make the bathroom a more desirable place to spend time – helping clients to picture themselves living in the property. Mirrors with Bluetooth speakers, for example, are growing in demand, while soft-closing, rimless toilets create a peaceful, relaxing setting.

Of course, what a developer should fit depends on the target audience. Patterned, geometric and textured tiles are ideal for capturing the attention of millennials, for example, while grey, slate tiles with matching grout are a good solution for a busy, young family – where time for cleaning is limited. Paying close attention to the target customer offers an opportunity to install tiles which will grab their attention. There are plenty of ways to inspire buyers with creative storage options. For example, vanity units with drawers are always a handy solution for cleaning and beauty products. A wall-hung unit is ideal for creating the illusion of space in a small bathroom, while, conversely, a floor-standing unit offers more storage room. Adding a matching tall cabinet can also tie the bathroom scheme together and create a sleek space, hiding customers’ clutter and products. Alternatively, adding alcoves into the wall, next to the shower, will offer a modern storage solution which maximises every inch of space and creates a sense of calm.


Safety and accessibility are also playing an increasingly important role in bathroom design. Choosing a thermostatic shower, which reduces the risk of scalding; and installing textured floor tiles, which minimise the possibility of slipping, will show potential customers that every inch of the room has been carefully considered – and that the builder understands their needs as a buyer.

Offering a bespoke service can make the difference between securing a sale and losing it – because customers now demand breadth of choice. It can also pose an opportunity to earn more on the property. Easy Bathrooms offers trade discounts to housebuilders. Rob Holroyd 0113 451 0555


MINIMALISM AND CLEAN LINES With a whole host of exciting product features, such as showering height of 2000mm, through to the minimal matt black, matt white of polished chrome profiling giving the enclosure a sleek and luxurious look. Coupled with the rise and fall door mechanism and the versatility to be installed on a shower tray or tiled floor, the Young collection gives you a multitude of showering options and fantastic value for money. Combine this with our Novosolid stone shower tray andfast flow with its anti-slip stone texture, stain and UV resistant, hiddenDesigned 90mm manufactured waste and can be cut down to size on site to fit difficult spaces. in MANTOVA

Designed and manufactured in MANTOVA




The kitchen in a day that helps save the world! Remodelling a kitchen is the quick, cost-effective alternative to the disruption and inconvenience of a total replacement. Remodelling is fast; and the resultant dream kitchen is certainly no compromise.


ranite & TREND Transformations specialises in kitchen and bathroom makeovers which are carried out in a day as they retain the existing unit and floor layout. This saves on messy and often unnecessary installation of perfectly good units; saving time, money and damage to the environment. Less waste means less mess and debris, and less wood and natural resources heading off to landfill.


Even the existing worktops are repurposed as Granite & TREND Transformations has developed a unique quartz and granite worktop that fits over the existing worktops like a glove. Granite & TREND worktops are as hard-wearing and durable as a normal quartz or granite worktop. Because Granite & TREND Transformations coats each worktop with a special sealant, ForeverSeal®, the worktops are maintenance-free. The unique ForeverSeal® also ensures all surfaces are nonporous

and never need to be sealed – unlike traditional granite, quartz and marble surfaces, all of which require regular sealing which costs both time and money. The distinctive characteristic of the materials used is how thin they are. At under 10mm, the worktops can easily sit on the existing framework and worktop yet offer the same strength and durability of traditionally heavier and bulkier solid quartz, granite and concrete surfaces. The range of surfaces also increases not just in colour but finish also; the portfolio includes a polished concrete finish in Portland white and Portland silver. This is better than polished concrete because the material is non-porous unlike natural concrete worktops. The company employs a process called ‘sublimation’ to transfer a concrete look onto its base slabs (white or silver) so you get the benefits of a beautiful looking concrete top with the practicalities and durability of this innovative material. By using a slender profile, natural resources are saved, benefiting the environment through utilising physical products to their maximum and enabling more worktops to be made from a smaller amount of natural granite and quartz. Another environmental benefit is the ability to transport more worktops saving on road miles as many more worktops can be carried using the same weight and height dimensions of a single traditional quartz or granite worktop. The green credentials of a Granite & TREND Transformations kitchen or bathroom do not end there though. For those keen on recycling, many tiles and worktops also have up to 78% recycled glass combined with semi-precious stones, making them a beautiful and eco-friendly option. The company also supplies a wide range of replacement doors to complete the transformation with skilled fitters able to change the entire look and feel of the kitchen or bathroom in less than 24 hours. For further information on Granite & TREND Transformations, please call 0808 149 5914 or visit trend-transformations.co.uk and granitetransformations.co.uk.



CT1 100% ecological compliant product, and why CT1 is the Number 1 Choice. Andy Stevens, MD of Eclipse Property Solutions, and Fix Radio Presenter.


has been voted and largely recognised as the Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive in the UK and now Norway, Spain and widely growing in the Danish market where the marine and agricultural industry now widely depend on CT1. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer formulation, which has absolutely no solvents in this unique product, which means to the skilled tradesman it will never shrink or crack, no odours and the safest choice for the job. This revolutionary new product, which replaces several products in one. This product is also the only sealant globally to achieve a NAAF (Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Federation) certificate. CT1 is the only sealant tested to reduce asthma and allergy in the home. With over 25 accreditations this makes CT1 the safest and most ecologically friendly product on the market. In fact due to its diversity CT1 was the product nominated for the Olympic Village, Diana’s memorial fountain, London Eye, Bomber Command memorial and many more iconic landmarks. CT1 known as the Snag List Eliminator, will do the job first time every time. We investigate many interesting applications and case studies to illustrate it’s worth one such one is that from Eclipse Property Services. Eclipse Property Solutions who have won numerous awards for their service and high rated quality of work, only use CT1 on their jobs. These properties mainly consist of high value properties, and smaller projects which also demand the best service and products. http://eclipsepropertysolutions.co.uk Andy the MD of Eclipse said one which project, that or a large detached Victorian property, which required much planning, skilled labour, lots of hard graft and great products! They undertook to turn 1 large bedroom into 2 gleaming en-suites. Andy said this meant everything was out from the walls! Floors to ceilings. “There was a lot of repair work and getting the right adhesion was they Key, CT1 was the only product I felt could trust. I’ve been in construction for many years and there are many other products on the market which I have tried but I need to know products and materials


will work and I won’t have to go back to redo our work.” And Andy knows his stuff, not only the proprietors of one of the best construction companies in the South of UK, he was asked for his opinion many times at events and seminars such as The Homebuilding and Renovating show, featured on TV shows such as “Cowboy Trap” which helps stamp out unscrupulous builders , Sarah Beeney’s Channel 4 programme, won Master Builder of The Year in 2011 for Best Small Renovation project in London, Fix Radio presenter and He also sits on the board of the Federation of Master Builders! So to say we take his word for it and his word counts, is an understatement.

“We used the products in many areas, all of which proved to work well with no issues. It’s not the cheapest product on the market for a reason - it’s the best. In our industry there is one simple rule - you get what you pay for. Other companies have tried to imitate their products but have failed. I would wholeheartedly recommend CT1 as a brand and product, they won’t let you down” CT1 Does the Job First time, Every time. #Followtheleader. Go to www.ct1ltd.com to see more information.

Introducing the


Not all sealants are the same, generally they tend to be produced using one of two base materials: silicone or polyurethane. What a hybrid sealant does is simple: it combines the benefits of both a silicone and polyurethane sealant into one ‘hybrid’ product. That’s the PRO Range. New to the range is EASISEAL PRO: the ultimate alternative to traditional roof repair products. Quick and easy to use, it is applied cold, drying and curing is odourless (there is no release of chemicals) and the finished job is overpaintable with most paints: acrylic, alkyd, polyurethane etc. EASISEAL PRO can be applied to damp surfaces, is flexible and resistant to UV radiation and when your project is complete it will not crack. Part of our high performance range of PRO sealants and adhesives.

Make the

PROFESSIONAL Bond It Unit G16, River Bank Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DN Tel: +44(0)1422 315300, Fax: +44(0)1422 315310 Email: sales@bond-it.co.uk Website: www.bond-it.co.uk




The Perfect Plumber’s Mate: Maximising Efficiency and Boosting Productivity with Geocel®’s Trade Mate Plumber Range

In today’s busy and competitive plumbing and building environment, tradespeople are searching for new ways to offer better and more efficient working. Choosing the right products provides ample opportunities for boosting productivity, helping plumbers offer an extended range of services to their clients while maintaining extremely high standards. Geocel®’s Trade Mate Plumber Range includes a range of different technologies offering a selection of hard-working products that make it easier than ever to achieve a perfect finish and job well done, in good time. Including silicone sealants, silicone greases and non setting putty it is the ultimate plumber’s mate ultimate tool kit, they can all be re used boosting efficiency. At the forefront of the range is Geocel® Trade Mate Sanitary Seal. This versatile product makes sealing sanitary units and non-porous surfaces of all kinds easier than ever. Tack free within the hour, it’s quick curing easy to use silicone formula provides excellent adhesion, without the need for primers and is suitable for use on a wide variety of substrates. It can be applied to sanitaryware, ceramics and

plastics for a guaranteed smooth seal and finish. Once cured, Geocel® Trade Mate Sanitary Seal will remain totally water resistant.

The low odour, clear neutral silicone product comes ready mixed, meaning less mess and faster working time, and remains flexible even after application.

Its added fungicide and high movement capability gives it the added attraction of looking clean and tidy for longer without the risk of shrinking, cracking or discolouration.

It won’t stain copper fixtures or fittings and is fast cure meaning it’s tack free in one hour. Its sister product, Geocel® Trade Mate Plumba Thread has been developed to create an instant, lowpressure watertight seal in metal pipe systems.

Geocel® Trade Mate Plumber’s Putty is ready mixed so always ready to use - saving time and money on everything from a quick-fix repair to a new installation jobs. Stored correctly it will last for 12 months, so it’s a great tool box standby. Its non-setting pliable formula makes it suitable for use on sanitary joints for bedding in sinks,waste pipes and vanity units inside and outside the home. It can be applied to a wide range of substrates, including metal, PVC, vitreous enamels and ceramics, too. A solid, long-term choice, it won’t crack and is not affected by most cleaning products without perishing or peeling. Geocel® Trade Mate Plumba Joint is another essential part of any plumbers’ kit; offering a quick and reliable way to tackle seals and repairs to tricky threaded fittings and to fix emergencies and leaks.

Replacing fiddly PTFE tape it’s nonsetting, adhesive formula means it can be set up cleanly and dismantled with ease and speed, whenever joints have to be repaired or replaced. It comes in boxes of six, handy 50 ml tubes so you’ll never run out. Speaking about the range, Geocel’s Product Manager Mark Pereira said: “We know that plumbers and the trade in general are looking for new ways to grow their businesses and expand the range of professional services they offer. Geocel®’s Trade Mate Plumber Range has been developed in response to these needs, to provide the kind of cost-effective and easy to use solutions that plumbers want. Used together or as individual items, this Trade Mate range of products gives the professional Plumber the performance they demand on every job, every day.” www.geocel.co.uk


Scottish Apartments Receive Premium Andura Exterior Coating A luxury block of apartments on the west coast of Scotland has just been treated with a weather resistant coating from Andura.


he coastal property at Chaseley Gardens, Skelmorlie in Ayreshire, has tremendous views across to the Isle of Bute, yet at the same time is in an exposed position when the weather changes. Only 600 metres from the shoreline, the 12 year old property in roughcast rendering had suffered salt damage, water run-off and staining over the years. Andura registered applicator, Anchor Coatings, was commissioned for the project where they applied Andura Classic Smooth in the colour Polar White to the main building and Classic Smooth Autumn Cloud to the five penthouses. This highperformance coating provides water resistance from the outside, yet still allows water vapour to breathe out of the substrate. In total over 1000 litres of Andura Classic Smooth was used to cover more than 1500m2 of exterior walls of the property. George Campbell, Managing Director of Anchor Coatings, explains “You can get all four seasons in one day in Scotland and that’s why we use Andura’s resin-based products. There were a lot of challenges on the project, not least of which were the high winds and driving rain which meant that the project took twice as long to complete. Whilst we are able to put scaffolding on one side of the building, we had to use an 85 metre high lift for the other side as access was difficult and this gave us the reach we needed to cover the whole building”.


Anchor Coatings was awarded the project following competitive tendering to the property residents and their property management company, Morison Walker. Derek Robinson, Property Inspector at Morison Walker, responsible for managing this project said, “It was a unanimous decision to use Anchor Coatings and the Andura coating, not only because it’s a proven material but that it has a longer warranty of 15 years.” He continued, “The finished result looks quite stunning and has made a lot of difference to the look of the property. The whole job ran very smoothly with no problems whatsoever and there was no remedial work to do at all. Anchor Coatings has done a great job. We couldn’t fault them at all.” Anchor Coatings, which has 28 years’ experience in the exterior coatings industry, used a five stage process to achieve the final result. This involved wall preparation; masking of all doors, windows and surrounding paths and garden; restoration of any surfaces that require re-rendering; applying a priming coat to ensure adhesion of the final coating and then spray applying the final Andura Classic Smooth coating for a flawless finish. At this property in Skelmorlie, several cedar balconies had to be masked off as well as the windows, then reapplied after they’d been ripped off by the high winds. Andura Classic Smooth is the ideal solution for protecting properties where they are more exposed to adverse weather conditions. It’s a high performance, breathable




Before solvent-borne coating for protecting exterior masonry and concrete and has been formulated so that it can be applied in changeable conditions. It is typically shower-proof in under 30 minutes. This protective coating provides a smooth matt style finish and is available in 16 standard colours, with special colour matching also available. Andura Classic Smooth creates a water-resistant barrier yet at the same time has excellent breathability allowing high levels of moisture to escape from the wall.

It is a proven product and has been in use and on the market for over 20 years. Andura provides a technical support package to engineers, architects, specifiers, end-users and contractors as well as training and on-site assistance.

Further information on Andura Classic Smooth coatings is available from Andura on 01869 240374 by emailing info@andura.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.andura.com




THE MAIN STAGE Looking for texture, colour, ambience, finish, performance? You’ll find all these and more at this year’s Flooring Show which takes place from 15-17 September in Harrogate. This is where flooring in all its forms is given the starring role.

Visit the show and be the first to see…

The show is widely recognised as the UK’s National Flooring Event, and this year marks its 57th edition, a record performance for a b2b trade show, and 2019 is set to be The Flooring Shows best year with a resurgence in visitor numbers and interest in recent years. The perfect show for flooring retailers and contractors, The Flooring Show also attracts plenty of interest across the board from fitters keen to spot new products and offers, and specifiers and designers for whom the show delivers a great overview of what’s new and who’s new as well as great networking opportunities.

Lifestyle Floors return to the show for an exciting few days of networking, join the likes of Cormar Carpets’, Furlong Flooring, Cavalier Carpets, Westex, Abingdon Flooring, Gooch Oriental Carpets and Distinctive Flooring to name but a few.


You can catch up with companies from all across Europe including Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All the big names are here plus over 20 new exhibitors which will continue to grow including William Armes and its well-known Dandy brand, OneflorEurope.

Bill Beaumont Textiles Ltd, Barrentine Product Ltd, The Sanctuary Group Ltd and Dri-Tac Flooring Products, LLC will all be attending The Flooring Show 2019. A full exhibitor list from the previous year can be found on the show website www. theflooringshow.com. Show Essentials: Dates: 15-17 September 2019 Venue: Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate Register: via the show website www.theflooringshow.com Travel: Free parking at venue /25% discount off train travel https://www.lner.co.uk/hcc25

World Beating Adhesive Technology

For Every Flooring


THE UK’S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF FLOORING ADHESIVES F. Ball’s specialist range of industry leading flooring adhesives provides solutions for every installation from temperature extremes with the highly innovative Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS to adhesive technology for textile, resilient and wood flooring. F. Ball has adhesive recommendations for over 5000 floorcoverings from 200 leading floorcovering manufacturers. F. Ball is renowned for quality, innovation and technical know how. For videos and indepth technical information visit our website at www.f-ball.co.uk


F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Tel: 01538 361 633 • email: mail@f-ball.co.uk • web: www.f-ball.co.uk Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7RS, UK





Image courtesy of Cormar Carpets


15-17 september harrogate REGISTRATION OPEN IN MAY New product launches Design trends Demonstration zones


V4 Wood Flooring has opened the doors of its new £3 million design centre in Woking. The innovative and exciting 6,000 sq. ft ‘V4 World’ enables the company to showcase its luxury flooring products and wall panels to customers, architects, specifiers and designers in settings that demonstrate how the products can give homes the wow-factor. It also features the innovative and on-trend Concreate floor and wall panels and the Panneau decorative wooden wall panel collection, both of which are a favourite of interior designers. The ultra-modern showroom is the first phase of the company’s ambitious growth plans, which will also see the opening of a showroom in Clerkenwell, which is renowned for being the home of trendy design centres, followed by a centre in the North of England, with Manchester an option under consideration. The new centres will also support the dealer network with a wider range of large samples for customers to view and product training facilities, including the fitting of the various floor and wall products. Chris Vincent, managing director of V4 Wood Flooring, said: “It is important that architects, interior designers and specifiers are able to see the products in a setting that has been specially designed to bring to life the creative possibilities of our cuttingedge floor and wall solutions. “We believe we have created a unique space for design professionals and customers to visit and view everything from our latest bespoke flooring collections that deliver the ultimate palette of wood floor finishes, colours and size options, alongside the established stocked V4 collections.”


FITTING BIG IDEAS INTO A SMALL LIVING SPACE When it comes to living spaces, ‘bigger’ has long been synonymous with ‘better’. But times are changing. In Paris and London, micro-li­ving is gaining momentum due to ever-increasing housing prices. utside of the city, people choose to live in smaller spaces as well, with the tiny house movement swiftly growing in popularity. Here, living small isn’t driven by necessity, but by a desire to declutter and live in a simpler, more minimal and ecologically friendly way. But how can you fit life into a restricted space and still create a sense of personality and expanse?


SMALL YET LUXURIOUS Smaller living can be luxurious. There’s a growing realisation that having a big house can be cumbersome. The more space you have, the more useless stuff you collect, the more you have to clean, and the more energy you use. Big isn’t necessarily beautiful, either. There is a subtle loveliness in minimalist efficiency that grandeur can never achieve. But how can you make a tiny space beautiful in your own, unique way? To answer that question, Quick-Step turned to Tiny Houses in Belgium. This company, led by Arno Geunes, designs and constructs mobile wooden cabins for people that dream of a less cluttered and more sustainable way of living. THE BEAUTY OF EFFICIENCY Arno: “Every tiny house is another challenge, as you need to optimise the use of limited space to meet the need of every inhabitant. What are their needs? What will their daily life look like? What compromises are they willing to make? You really need to get down to the gritty details of every action, even those as simple as entering and leaving the house, doing the laundry, and washing up. This often results in ingenious, surprising, one-of-a-kind solutions, like single pieces


of furniture that serve multiple purposes. A stair step that also functions as a table or a hidden storage, a pulley bed that can be winched up into the ceiling when not in use, etc. These things create a unique sense of beauty, as the space becomes a direct reflection of the inhabitant’s personality.” CREATING A SENSE OF SPACE Arno spends a lot of thought on creating a sense of space despite the smallness of the room. “One important thing people tend to forget but which plays an important role in the functionality and overall feel of the room is the floor. Since the same space serves multiple purposes, you’ll need an easily maintainable floor that is stain-, scratch-, and water resistant. Laminate and vinyl are great options. But, a floor can greatly change the sense of space in your room as well. I tend to use lighter, cooler tones in my designs because they create a feeling of openness. Grains and knots should be subtle as well to ensure that the floor doesn’t look too busy. When it comes to installation, placing the planks parallel to the longest wall of the house helps create the illusion of a larger room.” “Apart from that, I mostly opt for a few big windows, instead of multiple smaller ones. Adding mirrors is also a neat trick. For the most part, we try to make optimum use of the walls, for example, by using hanging

shelves and cupboards. This frees up floor space. A neutral, limited color palette for your walls will make your space feel less visually overwhelming. Add some subtle patterns and textures to keep the space from looking bland.” HOW TO MAKE SMALL ROOMS FEEL BIGGER Even if you’re drawn to a minimal lifestyle and ready to deal with restricted surface area, most people love to have a sense of space. Here are some tips for making a room seem larger than it actually is. 1. Colours - Different colours give different impressions of depth. Warm colours, for example, tend to pop out and advance, and thus make a room look smaller. Use light, cool tones on your walls, furniture, or floor to create a more expansive space. Contrary to popular belief, dark floors are allowed as well – as long as you balance them with lighter tones. Keep the contrast low, however. Medium or light shades for your floor should be complemented with similar hues for your walls. This eliminates the ‘horizon line’ and creates the illusion of an expansive space. 2. Flooring design - In a small space, subtle is better. Avoid excessively grained wood species and big differences between planks. This

would make the room seem very busy. Use the same flooring throughout the entire space as well. 3. Floor plank size - The size of your flooring planks should be proportional to the size of your room. That being said, however, be aware that narrower planks will make the room look busier and wider planks will make it look cleaner. Make sure you get the balance just right. 4. Plank direction - The direction in which you install your floor planks is key. If your room is rectangular, you can expand the space visually by placing the planks parallel to the longest wall. Make sure to float the floor in the same direction throughout all of the rooms to create a cohesive feel. Does your room have lots of natural light? See if you can run the boards along the axis of the light, so the joints are less noticable. An interesting alternative is to install the planks diagonally. It directs the eye outward and can create a more expansive feel. 5. Expose the floor - Think vertically. Take advantage of empty walls and install hanging shelves and cupboards to expose the floor. For further information, visit www.quick-step.co.uk



Retirement everything Profile 22’s Optima windows were chosen for the refurbishment of two tower blocks and the construction of a new low rise apartment block to create 224 oneand two-bedroom independent living apartments in Nottingham. Longstanding Profile 22 Approved Window Contractor Select Windows is an award-winning family-owned company based in Walsall in the West Midlands. As a Category A subcontractor with Willmott Dixon the company was invited to tender for a contract to fabricate and install windows and doors as part of an £11m project commissioned by Nottingham City Homes. The contract required the fabrication of windows and doors for 224 one- and twobedroom independent living apartments. The installation work consisted of two elements. The first was the replacement of windows on two tower blocks – Winchester Court and Woodthorpe Court – that have been part of the Nottingham skyline for decades as part of a wider refurbishment project that also included full external wall rendering and internal upgrades to the heating system. The second was the installation of new windows and doors on a low rise apartment building being constructed on the same site as the tower blocks as part of the project. Select Windows won the tender. Work commenced in January 2018 and was completed in July 2018.

Optima windows deliver the results needed The project was part of Nottingham City Homes’ Building a Better Nottingham programme, which is designed to transform people’s lives across the city by providing energy efficient homes that can dramatically reduce fuel bills for residents. As such, Profile 22’s Optima system fitted the bill perfectly. It is an awardwinning 70mm system that delivers cost-effective thermal efficiency thanks to features such as a 6-chambered outerframe and 5-chambered sash and unique innovations such as additional centre seals.

village benefits from Optima has to offer Alongside Optima windows, Select Windows also used PatioMaster sliding patio doors, another product from the Epwin Group’s portfolio, on Winchester Court and Woodthorpe Court.

A complex installation to a tight budget and timescale The project was a demanding one in terms of complexity and timescale, which meant exceptional project management and all the expertise of Select Windows and main contractor Willmott Dixon was required. Gary explained: “The tight timescale meant we were swiftly mobilised and needed to work hand-in-hand with Willmott Dixon to ensure everything ran smoothly. All the flats were fitted from mast climbers and because the apertures were full height we had to follow an extremely strict safety protocol which was designed and implemented by Willmott Dixon.”

The result Gary is delighted with the results of the work and says the feedback has been extremely positive too: “We have been told there have been some exceedingly positive tenant responses and our personnel received numerous compliments about their professionalism and consideration. Our thanks must also go to Willmott Dixon because our element of this contract could not have been completed so successfully without their excellent management and support.” The end result has transformed the Nottingham skyline and created high quality independent living apartments. Nick Murphy, chief executive of Nottingham City Homes, said: “The transformation of the tower blocks in Sherwood will offer huge benefits to our existing tenants and to many more older residents in the future.”1 For more information on the Profile 22 Optima Range, please visit www.profile22.co.uk or call 01952 290910.

1 https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/work-begins-11m-retirement-village-655828


Lifts & Stairs

Liz Can Stay in ‘Dream Home’ Thanks to a Stiltz Homelift in the Cupboard A woman diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease has found a way to stay in her ‘dream home’ after installing a Stiltz homelift to help her move between floors. iz Wilcox moved to a beautiful fivebedroom property in Hawkwell, Newcastle-OnTyne just four years ago with her husband, Graham.


But the former teacher was left shell-shocked after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in November, 2017. The condition occurs when specialist nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord called motor neurones stop working properly, affecting mobility. •44•

Mrs. Wilcox’s condition has progressively worsened, and she now finds it extremely difficult to use the stairs without help from her husband. They had faced the daunting prospect of putting their stunning property up for sale and move to a bungalow or ground floor appartment. However, the 69-year-old has now become one of the first people in the country to have a Stiltz Trio+ Homelift installed. The lift is located discreetly inside a cupboard in the hallway which was originally used to store coats, and travels

through the floor on self-supporting rails up to an almost identical space in a cupboard on the landing above. It also plugs straight in to a standard domestic socket making it exceptionally flexible in terms of where it can go in the home. Mrs. Wilcox says this ingenious product has ‘changed her life’ and means that the couple no longer have to contemplate leaving their beloved property behind. Mrs. Wilcox, who now uses a walker and has just started using an electric wheelchair for longer trips into town, said: “It was just becoming more and more difficult for me to use the stairs and it was getting to the stage where I would struggle down in the morning and

Lifts & Stairs

not go upstairs again until Graham got home from work in the evening. Once he was at home if I needed something from upstairs, he would get it for me. “We didn’t want to move. We love this house and are really settled here. I’m a keen gardener and although I can’t do what I used to do, I couldn’t imagine having to leave here so Graham started looking at mobility aids. “We have a turning staircase so a stairlift wouldn’t work in our house. Now we have the Stiltz I’ve got my independence back and it has transformed my life. It’s much easier and, more importantly, safer for me than going up the stairs. I can fit my walking frame in it and it looks far more attractive than a stairlift. “Stairlifts are too invasive. I didn’t want something like that in plain view that highlights my disability whereas with the Stitlz Homelift nobody would even know it was there because it is tucked in cupboard! I might be 69 but I’m young at heart!” •45•

Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web: www.invalifts.com

lifts & stairs

Abersychan School Levels Up

Abersychan School in Pontypool, Torfaen is a comprehensive school with over 920 pupils on roll, serving the local Welsh communities. he school has a strong caring ethos with a commitment to inclusion. Working in partnership with A.J Quinn Building Contractors Limited, Invalifts were contacted to provide a disabled access lift to four different levels of the school with a total travel distance of 4.8 metres.


After a site survey by one of our lift experts, we recommended the MC2000 platform lift with a standard shaft size of 1250mm x 1560mm providing a fully Part M compliant platform size of 1120mm x 1480mm. As the lift comes complete with it’s own self-supporting shaft, minimal building works were required, and installation was completed during the school holidays to minimise any disruption. No supporting walls or lifting beams were required for the installation. The lift shaft was supplied in a tough white powder coated finish to match the environment, whilst the doors at each landing were glazed to let light into the shaft area. The flexibility of the unit allowed for door openings on three sides of the shaft.

In order to comply with regulation EN81-41, the school chose to have an intercom as a means of emergency communication from the platform to the school reception area. Interestingly, the client requested that voice annunciation on the lift was provided in Welsh and English and this was duly arranged for them. The lift was supplied with a full parts and labour warranty for 12 months, with a 5 year parts warranty on the motor and gearbox and a 10 year warranty on the drive chains, providing the school with peace of mind for the future. If you would like to know more about the MC2000 Platform Lift or other access solutions, please contact the Invalifts team on 0845 468 2543 or alternatively, email sales@invalifts.com


SURFACE APPEAL James Latham has just announced the addition of three new collections to its popular high-end range of decorative panels, Xylocleaf. Combining outstanding Italian design with class-leading standards in melamine processing, for Xylocleaf, the feel of a surface is just as important as the contemporary, on-trend look. The inspirational new collections include; Mosaico, which offers a weaved leather surface, Duna, comprising a registered, embossed stone surface and Alpaca, featuring a soft cotton texture.


In addition, three new products have also been added to the Fusion collection. Fusion is totally unique in that it has linen textile bonded to its surface, with a thin layer of protecting resin, thus combining a natural surface – the fabric, with the industrial process of creating a decorative panel. Fusion surfaces were developed in Italy by XyloCleaf and it is the only manufacturer worldwide that can create them.

Xylocleaf is already extremely popular for premium commercial, retail and leisure specifications as it is strong, durable and highly scratch and chemical resistant, so as well as looking great, it is particularly well suited for high traffic areas. These features also make Xylocleaf a popular choice for residential applications as it can be used to manufacture all kinds of interior furniture from worktops and cupboard doors in kitchens and bathrooms to tables, desks, shelving, wall panelling and even internal doors. Paul Morson, James Latham’s Group Product Champion for Melamine commented, “These latest additions offer even greater choice to architects, interior designers and furniture makers who are looking to add dimension, depth and texture to their projects. “Xylocleaf has become a real success story for us and is now one of our most popular decors, particularly with our customers

in the residential and leisure sectors.” Because Xylocleaf surfaces are made in the form of panels, laminate sheets and matching ABS edge banding, textures, finishes and colours can be blended, allowing different parts of a commercial or residential design scheme to feature matching or contrasting items, creating a fluid and contemporary finish throughout. For more information and samples, contact your local James Latham depot or call into Latham’s Product Specification Showrooms in either London or Manchester. Details can be found at: www.lathamtimber.co.uk


Outdoor Living illboard decking can be seen everywhere, from stately homes to beach boardwalks and boutique hotels. Architects embrace it as a solution to the inherent shortcomings of real timber – demanding maintenance and ongoing safety issues. Millboard decking presents an opportunity to create a refreshingly low-maintenance deck, but the boards also lend themselves to an incredible range of uses. Its slip-resistance has seen it win out over stone, plastic or tiles for aquariums, pool surrounds and water gardens. Its durability has seen it used as wall cladding on award-winning gardens, bridges and iconic stadia. It also quietly takes the place of wood in office complexes, luxury apartment balconies and tourist attractions – anywhere where raw timber would fail to endure the elements and the footfall.


Design-Led Decking, From Millboard Millboard decking is inspired by the beauty of nature but is built to outperform it. Unlike conventional composite decking, it is moulded from selected timbers and hand-coloured in authentic tones. As a result, it looks exceptionally like real wood, but doesn’t rot and retains high slip-resistance even when wet. It also requires little maintenance other than a simple wipe clean.

Millboard’s range includes three distinctive styles – Enhanced Grain, Weathered Oak and Lasta-Grip® – available in a range of colour options to suit any deck or cladding arrangement. Millboard’s Product Development team keeps a keen eye on the latest trends to ensure that they stay truly ahead of the curve. The company’s recent additions of the contemporary Brushed Basalt colour and the Bullnose Board were both design-led innovations. The Bullnose Board, in particular, has been received with enthusiasm by architects and homeowners alike. Its bullnose profile gives a stylish finish without the need for separate edging, opening up a whole new range of possibilities – from under-lip lighting to coping for planters and seating. In-spite of its highly engineered composition, Millboard decking is easy to work with and can be cut with standard woodworking tools. No pre-drilling is required for fixings, and Millboard’s unique Lastane™ surface even flexes itself back over the heads of the company’s Durafix® screws, leaving a virtually indistinguishable mark. All the decking is made in the UK to rigorous ISO standards and Millboard is the only premium outdoor flooring company to have had its carbon footprint independently verified and UKAS accredited. For more information and samples, please visit www.millboard.co.uk


We don’t take design flexibility sitting down Millboard decking. Innovatively designed and developed to have the look of natural timber, whilst out-performing it in every way. Our 150mm Bullnose Board is no different. Like our decking, it’s beautiful to look at, yet its curved edge gives you more design freedom than ever before. Ideal for seating, planters or as a finishing touch for decks and steps; its wider profile providing the perfect space for lighting. Resistant to moisture, stains and algae, it won’t rot, warp or splinter. And, like our decking, it’s easy to fit, saving on installation time and cost. Millboard: Live. Life. Outside.

Discover our collections at millboard.co.uk



1 Swimming Pool … 4 PoolLock Automatic Covers To cover the pool surface on this very particular design of pool, PoolLock supplied one automatic slatted cover and three automatic safety covers, including a customized V4XXL safety cover system spanning an 11m width. Thanks to its many years of experience designing and producing automatic covers, PoolLock is able to work with customers and architects to create tailored solutions to cover almost any kind of pool.


oolLock’s unique hydraulic-drive system means that you do not need any electrical components near your pool. The electrical power pack used to operate the cover and drive the two hydraulic motors can be placed as far from the pool as required. Opening and closing the pool is as easy as turning a key switch, which means that the cover (and the pool) are actually used once installed. PoolLock safety covers provide a solid barrier between the water and surrounding area, effectively preventing any access to the water and making them the safest covers on the market.


outdoor Living

In addition, all PoolLock covers will reduce the amount of heat, water and chemicals lost through evaporation, which means pool owners can save money on electricity and chemical usage. In addition to the standard fabric options, PoolLock also offers HeatLock Thermofoam canvas with enhanced insulation properties. Thanks to the foamed insulation layer applied to one side of the canvas, heat transfer across the membrane is reduced by a factor of 3 when compared to standard fabrics for similar applications. HeatLock’s closed-cell foam structure ensure

PoolLock Safety Covers

that PoolLock covers are not only the safest, but also the most energy-efficient available on the market. PoolLock Automatic Covers offer you the safest, most convenient, most reliable and energy-efficient way to cover your pool. With over 30 years of experience, and installations in over 20 countries, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of automatic safety and slatted covers for swimming pools.

PoolLock Slatted Covers

With over 30 years of experience, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic and manual safety covers, automatic slatted covers and heat pumps for swimming pools. Thousands of satisfied customers in Britain over the past 10 years bear testament to the quality, service and reliability of PoolLock products. In 2013, PoolLock opened its first UK production facility in Gatwick, London, with installation teams that are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The result: even better service and faster delivery times for our UK customers.

For more information on our complete range of products, please contact us at www.poollock.com


outdoor living

JUST ARTIFICIAL Established in 2004, we have many years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality artificial plants, trees, silk flowers and related accessories, which we offer at competitive prices. e have a range of fantastic options which will set your space apart from the rest, allowing you to create an indoor Eden. Our products are highly realistic, durable, and designed with particular care and attention by our master craftsmen, all of whom are experts in their field.


We’re able to create a product which is exceptional in its rendering, offering bespoke designs to suit the needs of your space, your business, and your tastes.

What Do We Sell?

Who Do We Sell To?

Our range is always growing, supporting current modern trends as well as traditional needs, for indoor and outdoor use, tailored to complement any house, home office, or business.

Practically anyone anywhere? We handle large, bespoke bulk orders for refurbishments and refits on behalf of specification buyers, procurement management, architects, interior designers, and garden landscapers but we also handle small one-off orders from the general public.

We offer a complete product range for both domestic and business solutions including silk flowers and display arrangements, artificial plants, replica trees, topiary, plant and tree displays in a planter ready to go, hedges, fruit & veg, hanging baskets, Ivy trails and garlands, synthetic lawn grass and AstroTurf, planters & troughs, Christmas Trees and decorations etc. We pride ourselves on how lifelike our products are and you can view close-ups on many of our products to see for yourself – we’ve taken full advantage of the amazing advances in manufacture and realism that have been made over the years. Whatever your choice, we have the design experience and the tools to make your space stand out. We can make your design look incredible, wherever you choose to site it.

Sourcing and Manufacturing We can usually source what you need even if we don’t already list it. If you require a large enough quantity and your project timescale and budget fit (4-6 months or so) we can even get products manufactured to your specifications from scratch.


Whatever the case, we have the perfect solution for your décor – one which will transform your space into something extraordinary.

Who Have We Supplied? Major companies in many industries including ITV, BBC, Channels 4 and 5, Mulberry, Innocent Drinks, Monsoon, Bella Italia, Tescos, Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex, Coronation Street, Dancing on Ice, Park Resorts, Volkswagen, and more. We’ve also sold to house builders, zoos, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks, colleges and schools, cruise ships, theatres… the list goes on! We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the UK, in Europe, and across the World. For procurement managers and corporate buyers we can provide quotes and advice for bulk orders and trade, to help bring your design to life - contact Just Artificial today! 01524 858888 sales@justartificial.co.uk www.justartificial.co.uk

Bespoke Bespoke 5m 5m Bespoke Bespoke 5m 5m Ficus Ficus Tree Tree IFR IFR Ficus Ficus Tree Tree IFR IFR

ARTIFICIAL ARTIFICIALPLANTS PLANTS &&TREES TREESFOR FORBUSINESSES BUSINESSES AtAt Just Just Artificial, Artificial, wewe work work with with interior interior designers, designers, decorators, decorators, set set dressers, dressers, architects architects and and more more toto set set your your premises premises apart apart from from the the rest. rest. Our Our artificial artificial plants, plants, flowers, flowers, and and trees trees are are highly highly realistic realistic toto look look and and touch, touch, asas well well asas being being durable durable and and attractive. attractive.

www.justartificial.co.uk/psbn www.justartificial.co.uk/psbn 01524858888 858888| |sales@justartificial.co.uk sales@justartificial.co.uk www.justartificial.co.uk/WOH| |01524 www.justartificial.co.uk/HDA

GET GET10% 10%OFF OFFPRODUCTS PRODUCTS Quote Quotecoupon couponcode codePSBN10 PSBN10 checkout WOH10 HDA10atatcheckout

Online Online orders orders only, only, single single use, use, 1 per 1 per customer. customer. Expires Expires 11/01/2019. 11/01/2019. 26/06/19 31/05/19 Terms Terms apply* apply* See See Website. Website.

Have you got that sinking feeling? Mainmark gives advice about why building foundations sink and the advanced repair solutions now available Foundation subsidence is expected to affect as many as one in five homes in England and Wales in the coming years and has cost the UK economy billions of pounds, making it the most damaging geo-hazard in Britain today.1 Building foundations can sink in response to changes in the ground or movement of the soil that the foundations and footings rest upon. There are a number of reasons why this occurs. 1 https://mainmark.com/uk/residential/foundation-subsidence/


If the ground beneath a building subsides, an expert should be contacted to assess any damage to the building or soils underlying the building. Traditionally, repair methods for subsidence related issues were costly and invasive, causing financial and physical disruption. Nowadays, however, there is a range of advanced solutions available from specialists in ground engineering such as those at Mainmark. Mainmark can repair the ground beneath

a building using quick, non-invasive and cost-effective methods, ensuring minimal disruption to the property and occupants, and helping to reduce the financial burden.

What causes sinking foundations? If the ground beneath a building begins to subside, large cracks in the walls, or gaps between the skirting and floors usually develop, indicating that the structure is moving or sinking. This can happen for a number of reasons and can occur across specific areas, large or small, over a long period of time, or, as an immediate reaction to nearby activity or natural events. There are many different factors that can cause the ground beneath a building to subside and these include: Renovations or nearby construction local construction work may change the condition of the ground, particularly if excavation is taking place. Often, a poorly supported excavation can allow nearby soil to slip, causing adjoining foundation ground and footings to sink. Heavy traffic and the vibration of machinery can also move or displace the soil.

Different types of soil can also impact the structural integrity of the building, for example, gravel and stony ground is highly likely to collapse or move when nearby ground is excavated, causing foundations to shift and subside. Sandy soils are more easily disrupted by water, as the finer particles are washed out of the soil causing a bridging action between the larger soil particles to collapse. As a result of this, the building above can subside. To repair foundation subsidence, specialist help is required from experts such as Mainmark who use their advanced solution, Teretek® - a proprietary engineered resin that is a cost-effective, quick and non-invasive solution injected into the foundation soils beneath a structure’s footings.

Smart solutions Mainmark’s Teretek® proprietary engineered resin is a two-in-one solution that can improve ground bearing capacity and re-level structures, with minimal intrusion and at a significantly lower cost than traditional underpinning repair methods.

Different footing systems - these can be found in very old buildings, or in homes with extensions or alterations. For buildings built on clay soils (this soil will not change its volume unless the water content changes), generally speaking, deeper footings move less seasonally than shallow footings. An addition or extension alongside an existing home may settle differently to the original building, with most of the settlement of new footings typically occurring in the first five years after construction. Water- As water saturates the ground, soil conditions can change. This may be a result of washaways from broken pipes, poorly compacted fill or sloping

foundations, causing water to pool, weather events or even seasonal fluctuations in water level. Clay soils can swell when saturated and shrink when dehydrated. Tree root - shrubs and roots can also cause problems for house footings particularly if they are close to the property foundations. Property owners should consider the height of the tree, the number of trees close to the property, the root intrusion area, and the soil classification on the site to ensure the risk of damage is reduced.2 2 http://www.buildingconservation.com/articles/buildclay/ buildclay.htm

The process of using Teretek® is likened to key-hole surgery because it is injected through very small tubes into the ground beneath the foundation in a controlled manner, to fill the voids and strengthen the ground that has subsided, subsequently helping to raise the building back to level. Mainmark’s repair method is also an ideal solution for filling voids and reestablishing strength to weak ground and can be applied to re-support most above-ground structures from, houses and commercial buildings, to moving concrete slabs in driveways, garages or parking areas. As subsidence continues to become one of the biggest problems affecting buildings in Britain today, it is critical that property owners are aware of the advanced solutions now available, helping to effectively repair the ground to ensure the property stands on stable foundations for many years to come. For more information about the solutions required to repair the sinking foundations of a building, please visit, www.mainmark.com/uk


Ground Engineering

aking centre stage is Brett Landscaping’s porcelain paving collection. Newly extended for 2019, our Eclipse, Elegante and GeoCeramica® ranges offer a complete porcelain solution to suit all styles and budgets. The awardwinning range has already proved a hit with housebuilders and DIYers alike and is available in 10mm, 40mm and 60mm thicknesses for different applications, both inside and outside the home.


The brochure retains the layout our customers are familiar with, divided into contemporary, traditional and value sections. Presented in an accessible format, it is an easy to use guide which showcases the full breadth of Brett Landscaping’s gardens and driveways offering.


Choose Your Style with Brett Landscaping The 2019 Brett Landscaping ‘Garden and Drives’ brochure is now available online and through our network of builders’ merchants. Hard copies are also available on request. This year, the brochure has a refreshed design with even more high-quality imagery, including projects completed by our Brett Approved Installers. More technical information can be found towards the back of the brochure, including sizing, colour and laying patterns. For the skilled DIY-er, there is a guide on how to lay a patio and all you need to know about our Brett Approved Installer Scheme for those who would rather enlist the help of a professional. The comprehensive brochure reinforces the Brett commitment to providing high quality

sales support to our customers. The 2019 edition of ‘Gardens and Drives’ is sure to be an essential tool for contractors and merchants seeking to guide their clients in choosing the style that best meets their needs and budget. ‘Gardens and Drives’ 2019 is available now from stocking merchants or by request via the Brett Landscaping website.

Are your clients’ homes suffering from subsidence or cracking? You need effective and efficient innovative solutions. Our proprietary Teretek® and JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting solutions are the modern alternatives to traditional underpinning; they are non-invasive, like “key hole” surgery. We can solve problems quickly, cost effectively and most of all, provide peace of mind.

Contact us now

0800 975 0507 | www.mainmark.com/uk Leaders in Advanced Ground Engineering and Asset Preservation Technologies.

New DrainMinor from Pump Technology now with built-in carbon filter The new DrainMinor from specialist water, wastewater and sewage pumping system suppliers, Pump Technology Ltd., features some very useful developments. It is a self-contained, fully automatic, wastewater pumping system, suitable for domestic and commercial installations where gravity drainage is not possible. It is extremely compact – 380mm L x 290mm W x 322mm H and will pump wastewater from locations such as sinks, wash basins, domestic dishwashers and washing machines. The rugged tank is manufactured from recyclable Polypropylene, and can be customised to suit the required installation pipe layout. The material also lends itself to shrugging off any internal grease to make cleaning much easier.

A cutaway of the new Pump Technology Ltd. DrainMinor, floor mounted, wastewater pumping system

The built-in charcoal odour filter

The improved lid seal and fasteners mean that the latest version provides even easier access to the pump and tank interior for inspection and routine cleaning. A great new feature is the activated carbon filter, which has now been incorporated into the lid, making the installation of the DrainMinor fast and simple, since a separate vent pipe is no longer required. This feature also means that the new unit can be installed in even smaller spaces. A choice of well proven, submersible pumps with fixed float arm for reliable on/off operation are available. These have all been tried and tested for wastewater or light chemical applications by Pump Technology Ltd. for several

decades. There is also a low-level float option to virtually eliminate problems with fluid stagnation. Versions capable of pumping up to 5m vertically or 50 m horizontally mean almost all wastewater pumping requirements (even high head) can be accommodated. This makes it an ideal and extremely flexible option for homes, offices, schools, shops, pubs, restaurants, factories, hospitals and warehouses. The new unit with appropriate pump options, High Level Alarm and FlowSafe to turn of incoming water feed to appliances such as dish and washing machines, is available from stock. It can be purchased direct or via local merchants.

For more information: Pump Technology Ltd. 0118 9821 555 www.pumptechnology.co.uk



DrainMajor™ Large kitchens & utility rooms

DrainMinor™ Small kitchens & utility rooms

FlushMaster Behind toilet pump Pumps up a slope!

Booster sets For houses

EffluMatic™ Wastewater and sewage Bathrooms, kitchens & utility rooms

Shower drainage pumps For shower trays & wet rooms

PumpMatic™ For single & multiple housing

MiniMatic For house extensions & garden rooms

0118 9821 555

Wastewater and sewage pumping Rapid response & advice

In-house consultant engineer

Call our experienced team @ PumpTechLtd


56 Youngs Industrial Estate Aldermaston, Berks, RG7 4PW

Virgin Plastic or Recycled Plastic – what is best suited for the Waterproof Membrane Industry? Society today has an immense focus on sustainability and renewable resources making it hard to understand why any products are made from virgin material. What is the difference between “virgin” and “recycled” plastics? Virgin: is the direct resin produced from a petrochemical feedstock, such as natural gas or crude oil, which has never been used or processed before.

Recycled: Post-consumer is a material that has been reclaimed after it has left the hands of the consumer. For example, a plastic milk container, detergent bottle or oil bottles. Once used, the plastic container is taken to a facility where it is washed, reground and pelletized into a new post-consumer material. Post-Industrial, is recycled plastic that never left the manufacturing floor. For efficiency, manufacturers try to achieve zero waste during the production process.

Which process is the cleanest for manufacturing waterproof membranes? Neither post-consumer nor post-industrial recycled materials can achieve 100% of the mechanical properties of virgin materials. The quality of these recycled materials has a direct long-term life prediction (with some membranes made from recycled material only having a 5-year life prediction (according to EN 13252)). Delta MS 500, MS 20, PT and FM are made from virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our tested service life is over 100 years!


Membranes made from recycled materials will also have a lower safety and strength rating. Virgin HDPE membranes also offer a higher resistance to oxidation. The presence of virgin resin significantly improves the durability of dimpled membrane sheets with observed ratios in the range of 2 to 20 (depending on the tested materials). Plastic has a memory - plastic memory is the ability of some plastics to return to their original form when heated or hot. Surprisingly, post-consumer is the least “clean” of the three methods listed above for manufacturing waterproof membranes, because of the variability of the feedstock. Not to say, recycled plastics cannot be used in various other applications, but does give an explanation as to why recycled materials have lower safety & strength ratings and life prediction.

The sustainability equation It is tempting to believe that if something is recycled it is more sustainable than something made from virgin material. Sometimes this is true, but not in all cases.

www.deltamembranes.com 01992 523 523

Manufacturing Every manufacturer should manufacture products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts whilst conserving energy and natural resources. Energy efficiency: Despite growing production volumes, we have achieved a steady efficiency coefficient:

Year 2014 2015 2016 2017

MWh/d 1,01 0,96 0,90 0,90

Material efficiency: Year on Year, we manage to keep our material efficiency below our target of 1,05 t/d.

Waste efficiency: Year on Year we have managed a constant reduction of waste (special programmes such as our “lean office” campaign). Delta MS 500, MS 20, PT and FM are made from virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our tested service life is over 100 years! When a recycled resin that can achieve the same quality of life prediction is available - we’ll be first in line. Until then, we’ll continue following the EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) to evaluate, report, and improve our environmental performance, whilst choosing the right resin to achieve the most minimal and robust design with the least amount of material waste.

MANUFACTURER | DESIGN | SOLUTION Waterproofing Types A,B & C Ground Gas Protection Inspiration & Innovation Flood Resilience Pumps, Sumps & Drainage Sustainability CPD Provider Training

Delta Membrane Systems Limited provides a full range of waterproofing solutions suitable for all new, retrofit and refurbishment construction. With over 125 years of manufacturing experience Delta is an impeccable partner on every project. Our skills have been mastered through experience in the waterproofing industry. Delta’s trusted Technical Team will offer assistance from concept to completion. Our hands on approach and knowledge is what sets us apart.


Aircrete is growing in popularity as a masonry material however the perception remains that aircrete blocks cannot be used below DPC level, which means that dense aggregate blocks are needlessly specified, adding to the overall costs of the project. H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks are fully load-bearing and capable of supporting buildings up to three storeys tall. There are many advantages for housebuilders, not least their ease of use. Requiring only a single leaf of blocks, a solid aircrete block can be laid onto a strip of poured concrete to match the thickness of the wall. This method also requires no mortar at the perpendicular joints; instead they can be butted against each other.

H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks are being used in a major development in the North West. Jones Homes, a local regional housebuilder, is transforming a site once home to a local college in Horwich, Bolton. Forty homes are currently being constructed by main groundworks contractor Matthews & Leigh Civil Engineering in Phase One of the development which is expected to comprise of 139 two, three and fourbedroom homes aimed at families and first-time buyers once complete.


eveloper Jones Homes often work with Matthews & Leigh so allow them to make the decision on which supplier to use and the new development at Rivington Grange is no exception.


Company Buyer Alan Lines explained: “As we already have a fantastic working relationship with H+H, we automatically go to them for our block supply. The decision to go with H+H is based on three main factors: the technical support available, the availability of the blocks and competitive pricing.” H+H Foundation Blocks were of particular benefit for the site at Rivington Grange as Jones Homes design each of their homes with a 150mm cavity, which requires a durable foundation block that is up to the job. Matthews & Leigh chose to specify H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks (340 x 215 mm) in 3.6N strength for the two storey homes and 7.2N strength for the three storey homes. Alan said: “Even when we want the 7.2N strength Celcon Foundation Blocks, normally a special order only item, H+H always manage to find us the blocks when we need them. Although this project was a new site for us, it wasn’t a problem for H+H to supply us with the additional loads we required.”

There are also significant cost benefits to be gained from making the switch to aircrete. A recent study by independent consultancy firm Calfordseaden found that specifying aircrete for foundations alone could reduce total build costs by almost 25%. This is achieved through aircrete’s naturally quicker build speed which leads to reduced labour costs and the solid construction means that fewer materials are needed. Additional benefits of using BBA certified H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks include improved thermal performance which exceeds current UK Building Regulations, superior resistance to sulfate attack and protection from fire and frost. H+H prides itself on the levels of customer service it offers, regardless of the size of the order. Alan was frank about the reasons why he continues to use H+H: “If we weren’t satisfied with the level of customer service, we wouldn’t use them. We’ve been with H+H for over three years now and the relationship just gets better each year. “We’ve never had any problems with H+H, and I don’t envisage us having any issues but if we did, I have no doubt that they would do everything that needed to be done to solve the problem.” Matthews & Leigh have been on site since February 2018, laying the foundations for the new properties. There has already been keen interest from prospective buyers with nearly 90% of plots in Phase One already reserved.


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